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D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Ending Vaccine Requirement, Mask Mandate—But Not for School Kids

"The District’s indoor mask requirements will be dialed back on March 1, 2022," said Bowser.


Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is ending the city's vaccine mandate and will loosen the mask mandate at the end of this month. This is wonderful news, but the details leave plenty to be desired: The mayor is keeping in place masking requirements in a variety of settings, including all schools.

Currently, restaurant customers must show a vaccination card and driver's license and wear a mask until they are seated. Those requirements are ending: The vaccine mandate is over, effective on February 15, and the mask mandate will lapse on March 1. The big winners under the new policy are restaurants, churches, and, at long last, gyms: People will no longer be required to wear masks while they exercise.

On the other hand, the city will still require masks in all schools and child care facilities, on public transit and ride-share services, and in public libraries. The full list is below:

These two lists are arbitrary and incoherent; they do not track with the science whatsoever. They provide D.C. residents little reason to give the city's political leaders and health officials even an iota of goodwill.

There is no reason, for instance, to think that people quietly reading books in libraries are more likely to spread the virus than people singing in church or breathing heavily at the gym. On the contrary, COVID-19 is a disease that spreads much more easily when people are making full use of their mouths, throats, and lungs. Yet these kinds of activities are on the masks-not-required list. What's the rationale for requiring masks on the Metro but not in the grocery store, or within an Uber but not in the private area of a government office building?

Note as well that merely four days ago, the city recommended an indefinite liquor license suspension for Big Board, a bar and restaurant that has refused to enforce D.C.'s COVID-19 mandates. Bureaucrats said that Big Board's "continued operation places the community at risk and cannot be allowed." But very soon, all bars and restaurants will be allowed to follow Big Board's lead. So much for the community being at risk.

Worst of all is the city's treatment of schoolchildren, all of whom will still have to wear masks in the classroom. At this stage of the pandemic, the forcible masking of children is beyond justification. Young people are not at significant risk of a negative COVID-19 health outcome, regardless of their vaccination status. Those who want to continue wearing masks can do so, but students who have trouble hearing and understanding their teachers and classmates should have every opportunity to de-mask.

Think of the logic: The city is saying that adults can go to the grocery store and the gym, and then spend all night at a restaurant or bar—maskless the whole time. But kids have to spend eight hours each day wearing masks.

There's no scientific rationale behind any of this; the sad reality is that students are up against a powerful interest group—teachers unions—which has carved out an extremist position on the question of mandates. American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten recently stated that she wanted to keep mask mandates until there's "no transmission in schools" whatsoever. In D.C., at least, she's getting her wish.

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  1. Couldnt be happier to be in a red state. Blue areas have become complete shit holes

    1. If you're not sitting in a cube, social distanced and masked, thank your republican governor!

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      2. My Republican governor enacted lockdowns. Fuck Larry Hogan. Thank god for my Republican county council that mostly allowed us to ignore Lockdown Larry.

  2. So every parent files child abuse charges?

  3. Why March 1? Why not today?

    1. Because these people will continue to torture your kids in order to save a tiny bit of political face. Period.

    2. That would take writing a new order and she's got a fundraiser to go to.

  4. These two lists are arbitrary and incoherent; they do not track with the science whatsoever.

    What about snipe? Do they track with snipe?

  5. The science didn’t change, the polling did.

  6. It's almost like it's not even about health!

    So we all know what will happen when schools lift mask mandates, no matter if they do it now or in two weeks or four weeks: nothing at all. Not only do mask-if-you-want schools in the US prove this, much of Europe NEVER forcibly put masks on children. No deadly covid waves sweeping through the halls.

    The only disruption to schools from covid was government-created. First they shut down schools and ‘went remote’, with disastrous results. Teachers’ unions drug their feet as long as possible to avoid getting back into the classroom. They demanded ridiculous covid rules that further disrupted education as students were forced to quarantine every time a ‘close contact’ tested positive. WE’RE MAKING CHILDREN WEAR MASKS TO PLAY BASKETBALL, FOR GOD’S SAKE. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE WE DOING.

    And now here we are. The winter wave is over (exactly when the seasonality theorists predicted — again), and even if we tried we couldn’t reverse the downward trend of the next couple months. Yet the ‘leaders’ are still willing to mask your children for a few more weeks to save a little political face. They can’t quite come out and say ‘it’s safe’ today when they were saying ‘it’s not safe’ yesterday. They need some sort of buffer to make it look like they know what they are doing. (For the first time in the last couple years)

    These are the people who have been wrong about everything. They shut down your businesses. They literally killed grandma. They ruined your children’s education. They violated your civil rights. And they did it all while ignoring their own rules.

    Yet these people have the nerve to stand up and demand students continue to wear masks that even the covid-crazy know don’t work.

    1. "We" isn't the right term here. I prefer to use the language of "they" instead of "we".

      For example: "They" are agitating for war in Ukraine. I certainly am not part of that.

  7. pure evil

  8. So the safest population in the world is the most locked down.

    Who the fuck was it who was challenging me when I said our nation's covid policies were "entirely" unscientific?

  9. the only reason any person should consider leaving their kid in public school is if they dont have the wherewithal to get out.

    1. I dunno, I learned all my best profanity in public schools.

  10. Bitch must have a wedding or concert to attend.

  11. "There has to be somebody we can force to comply."

  12. Putting a mask on a person is like putting a mask on a car's tailpipe. We remove toxins through our breathing - when masked these get caught in the fabric and we end up breathing them in and out all day. Not to mention the industrial chemicals in the masks themselves, our own C02, bacteria, and the bacteria and pollution in the environment all around us.

    There are also disturbing parallels between masking and losing your identity, your voice, and your sense of community. The building blocks of civilization - the comradery between men - is severely compromised with masking. You can see these effects all around you - the stitching the binds our society together is unraveling.

    Not to mention that they only ever work at all when they are used properly by trained professionals. When they are not - when people constantly touch and adjust them all day long - they tend to be worse than nothing. Consider a COVID-19 infected shopper at Wal-Mart that straightens his/her mask before picking an item up off the shelf - considers it - and then returns it. That returned item is now covered with the virus - because the mask that person has been wearing over their mouth and nose is most certainly drenched with the virus - and that item will now likely infect anyone and everyone who comes in contact with it: other shoppers and Wal-Mart staff - they themselves who are also likely employing improper mask wearing. Now consider the average Joe's level of education on proper mask etiquette...

    Here is all the evidence you will ever need that masks do not work and are extremely dangerous:

  13. The earlier you indoctrinate the children, the more sheep like they will be as adults.

  14. Why do they do this? Because they can. No other reason.

  15. even a mask mandate violates the Nuremberg Code, so fuck off.

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