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This L.A. School Called the Cops on Unvaccinated Teens Who Showed Up for Class

The students' negative COVID tests weren't good enough for school administrators.


When 15-year-old Ellah Nahum and a few other unvaccinated students showed up at Los Angeles' New West Charter School on Tuesday, January 18, after winter break, they brought lunches, backpacks, and negative COVID-19 tests, hoping to be allowed in. They'd been negotiating with school administrators since early October, when the school had announced that a vaccine mandate would go into effect in January. Prior to returning to school from winter break, they'd requested a hearing, attempting to find alternative options to getting vaccinated.

When they showed up at school around 7:30 a.m., they sailed through the first checkpoint, run by two newly hired security guards who were satisfied with the girls' proof of negative test conducted in the last 24 hours. It was the second checkpoint, run by school administrators demanding proof of vaccination, that created trouble for the teens. Several hours later, after tense negotiations between administrators, teens, and their parents, the school called Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to the scene, and cordoned the teens off, denying them chairs and bathroom breaks, according to the girls.

Nahum tells Reason she's unvaccinated for several reasons. Given her Jewish faith, she has reservations about putting foreign substances in her body, like vaccines or birth control pills (though she's received all childhood vaccines required to enter school). She has concerns about the fact that most other vaccines go through many years of testing, whereas the COVID-19 vaccine has not. Some of her friends have had their menstrual cycles stop around the same time they got vaccinated or encountered other bizarre side effects. And, all that aside, she already contracted the virus back in December 2020.

"The big thing that's been going around is that I'm an anti-vaxxer, and that's not the case," she says. The school claims its student body is 96 percent vaccinated, but Nahum mentions that she's heard through the grapevine that some students have falsified their vaccination information, so that may be a slight overcount.

Regardless, the school has taken a hard-line stance. On the day the mandate controversy transpired, parents anticipated that their kids might have some trouble and accompanied them to school, expecting to reason with the administration. The school called the LAPD around 10 or 10:30 a.m. An officer came and told the girls they weren't supposed to be on campus then, to which Nahum responded that they have a lawyer and a hearing with the school.

"If anything, us not attending school is the illegal part of the matter," Nahum says she told one of the cops (who was himself unvaccinated). For several hours, Nahum and her schoolmates were kept confined to an outdoor area with a hard concrete floor, where they were sitting on a thin pipe that was lining a wall. She likens it to doing a wall sit, but some of the girls, who ranged in age from 14 to 16, started asking for chairs. Nahum asked the police officer, who asked the administrators, who denied the request, along with another one from a girl who wanted to use the bathroom. (New West denies this account.)

"At that point it almost became comedic," she says. "They are adults doing something to 15-year-old girls…if anything this just looks worse on them."

Line dividers—the types you see at concerts—were brought over to cage the girls in, confining them to that area. ("Broski, I can just go underneath," Nahum says jokingly to me.) It felt like being in a zoo, she says. Then the bell rang and students filed out of class and began asking why the girls were cordoned off. "Because they're unvaccinated," responded an administrator, according to Nahum, which made her "furious" because the school wasn't supposed to give out her medical information like that.

Around noon, the girls received an ultimatum: If they didn't leave, they would face suspension. Nahum and the group decided to leave and haven't attended school since.

Students are already required to take a COVID-19 test weekly, and when Reason pressed school administrators on whether proof of natural immunity would be sufficient to allow them to return to school, or why their current weekly testing regime is insufficient, they didn't respond.

A lawsuit was filed January 18 on behalf of unnamed students by Let Them Breathe, an organization that has fought against mask and vaccine mandates and won a similar lawsuit against San Diego Unified School District. The suit alleges that such vaccine mandates are in violation of California law. San Diego County Superior Court Judge John S. Meyer noted that such vaccine mandates can only be legally imposed by the state legislature, not by specific school districts.

"Students weren't showing up to stage a sit-in, they were showing up to go to school," says Sharon McKeeman of Let Them Breathe. "New West is putting out statements saying these students showed up to protest and disrupt, but they didn't!"

COVID-19 poses minimal threat to young people and can be transmitted by vaccinated people as well as the unvaccinated. The school even delayed its return from winter break due to so many people in the community coming down with COVID-19. The hospitalization rate, per recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, stands at 5.4 per million for unvaccinated teens, which is roughly the same as the current hospitalization rate for vaccinated adults.

"If it's really about keeping the campus safe, you would've taken us up on the offer to test every day," says Nahum, noting that the way she was publicly cordoned off was humiliating. "I'm not expecting to have many friends when I come back."

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314 responses to “This L.A. School Called the Cops on Unvaccinated Teens Who Showed Up for Class

  1. It's rich for the government to say it's illegal NOT to go to school, while the government is also telling them it's illegal to GO TO school.

    1. Working as intended. Contradictory rules allows authorities to arbitrarily punish anyone.

      1. “There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”

        -Ayn Rand

        1. this is a police problem.

          Theres no excuse for them responding to this.

          In fact, they should rip into the school admins for making a false police complaint.

        2. Three felonies A Day/ Harvey Silverglate

    2. Sorry to burst anybody's bubbles here, but people who refuse to get vaccinated when then are able to are not only endangering themselves, but other people as well. The idea of religious exemptions for vaccines simply doesn't hold water, and never has. The school is wise to get tough on people who refuse to vaccinate and make them leave. They will infect other people, including friends and family members, especially older grandparents and parents, and people who are unable to get the vaccines due to being immune-compromised, such as people with organ transplants and other immuno-compromised people.

      One of my nephews, who is an emergency room physician, works at
      St. Luke's Hospital down in New Bedford, MA, which is the 2nd largest hospital in that South Coastal city. Over 95% of the people who end up in the hospital's emergency room and ICU with Covid-19 itself are not vaccinated. Many of these patients are either not sorry at all, or are sorry too late.

      It's also not true that Covid-19 isn't a threat to young people. Younger people, too, have been permanently damaged--neurologically, or have had permanently cardiac or pulmonary damaged. Young people have even died from it. Covid-19 itself is a threat to everybody, regardless of their age(s). People----really--get vaccinated. The alternatives are way too dangerous for yourselves, and for everybody else, of all ages.

      1. so their lack of vaccination is a threat to those who are vaccinated? If they by not being vaccinated are only a threat to those who also are not vaccinated then your concern is bizarre since they have already accepted the risk.

        and its easy to make up statistics, in my local ICU it was a mix of vaccinated and those not vaccinated with a few suffering severe reactions to their booster; usually that last group has the lowest duration but some really suffer.

      2. I'm sorry to burst your bubble here but those who drove over 25 mph are not only a threat to themselves but also others. Let me tell you some random story of a car crash involving going over 25 mph.

          1. Nice language, troll! Do you use that mouth to blow The Experts?

            1. Ha ha ha! Yeh...why?

              1. Please brush more often.

          2. Thanks for informing everyone that your anecdote was horseshit and that you're nothing more than a troll who can't stand being taken to task when discovered.
            That one 'FU' sank your line of propaganda.

      3. not a good liar.

        Troll Fail.

      4. You do know that everything you stated is wrong.
        The world would be a better place if you killed yourself

      5. It's also not true that Covid-19 isn't a threat to young people.

        Gosh, how on earth did all of my kids manage to survive the Chinese AIDS Flu with just a couple days worth of symptoms?

        People----really--get vaccinated. The alternatives are way too dangerous for yourselves, and for everybody else, of all ages.

        Funny, I got vaccinated and still caught COVID. Looks like the "vaccine" is utter shit.

        Take your fear porn and shove it up your ass.

        1. You're dead wrong here, Red Rocks White Privilege. At least getting vaccinated kept you the f**k out of the hospital and from dying of it.

          1. No proof .

          2. mapol, facts not in evidence..

          3. I'll sell you a rock that keeps tigers away.

          4. I also got over it in a couple days, exactly like the others in my household, one of which was vaxxed and one who wasn't.

            1. Biiiiiig deal! People who've been infected with Covid-19 itself have been re-infected. You may have just had a small cold, or an allergy.

              1. So a small cold or allergy is indistinguishable from the dread COVID?

          5. You can't prove a negative. And that is the cherry o. top of the sundae that you're nothing more than a propaganda troll

      6. Full stop.

        The jab does not prevent transmission or infection. It does not, nor has it ever, done anything but diminish symptoms.

        Now, how exactly does getting the jab protect others? And don't forget the fatties before you start to argue hospitals.

        1. Because people can be carrying the Covid-19 virus while being asymptomatic (i. e. showing no symptoms) and infect other people without realizing it.

          1. No proof.

          2. @mapol, whouldn't that be the vaccinated that lack symptoms more than the unvac'd in your argument? Or are you arguing the vac stops transmission.

            1. Mhm, why yes it would.

              Still infected + no symptoms + aerosolized virus = Covid Karen.

          3. The shots don't seem to affect whether someone is carrying or spreading the virus.

        2. The vaccine won't necessarily keep one from getting infected, but, at least if they do get infected, they'll get a milder case of it, and won't end up in the hospital being intubated, and/or dying from it.

          1. @mapol, so how does your statement ---"The vaccine won't necessarily keep one from getting infected, but, at least if they do get infected, they'll get a milder case of it, and won't end up in the hospital being intubated, and/or dying from it." -- square with you saying the unvax'd are a danger to everyone else
            (unless, per J-AZ, the unvax'd typically drive faster than the vax'd - haha)

            1. It doesn't, but progshits thrive on cognitive dissonance.

            2. That's right--because there are people who really cannot get the vaccine, due to being severely immunocompromised; i. e. people with organ transplants, and people undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatments, for example. Everybody should be vaccinated, imho. go fuck yourself, and over and out.

              1. Again, that 'FU' proves you're nothing more than a troll.
                Thanks for turning that laser beam spotlight onto yourself.

              2. Answer the question.

          2. counterfactual (ˌkauntəˈfæktʃʊəl) logic
            (Logic) expressing what has not happened but could, would, or might under differing conditions

            99.9% of people who acquire COVID will never be hospitalized, let alone intubated or die. Your chances of dying in a traffic accident, in an ambulance, on the way to the hospital are an order of magnitude higher than dying from COVID. Jesus Christ dude, even your ActBlue handlers gave up half of the shit you're spewing 9 months ago. Get with the program.

            1. Fuck you, stupid retard!

              My nephew who's an emergency room physician in a large city hospital in an urban area has it exactly right, so don't any of your fucking bullshit because I'm not fucking buying it! Over and the fuck out!

              1. That’s funny. Just the other day I was chatting with an emergency room physician in a large city hospital in an urban area….and boy did he have some stories to tell about his batshit crazy aunt!

                1. Who cares about the emergency room physician who was telling stories about his bat-shit crazy Aunt? I have no sympathy for those three little bitches who decided to leave school due to refusing to get vaccinated against Covid-19. The school will be better off without them.

                  1. They will be better off without the school, progshit totalitarian Karens like you are to blame for that.

              2. Keep up the 'FU' s and you keep on convincing everyone you;re the one full of horseshit.

          3. What percentage of people who are unvaccinated and who subsequently get COVID end up being hospitalized and also what percentage of people who are unvaccinated and who subsequently get COVID die from COVID?

        3. Biiiiiig deal! People who've been infected with Covid-19 itself have been re-infected. You may have just had a small cold, or an allergy.

          Also, if a person who is vaccinated gets Covid-19 itself, they won't get as bad a case of it.

          1. So it does not stop infections or spread, correct? As you just said, when the jabbed catch it...

   therefor it has no merit as a protection for anyone but yourself. And even that is dubious.

      7. Your "science" is a few months behind the cdc's current recommendations.

      8. "It's also not true that Covid-19 isn't a threat to young people. Younger people, too, have been permanently damaged--neurologically, or have had permanently cardiac or pulmonary damaged."

        You missed your citation there, bub.

        I am still 80% you are a parody, but just for the sake of people reading this thread, it is important to not let chicken littles ruin every bit of freedom in our lives.

        While it is true that people can be injured by Covid- even kids- it is also true that there is no such thing as a risk free life. Did mapol drive to the store this week? Well there are THOUSANDS of people who have permanent damage due to an accident driving to the store. Did mapol eat dinner yesterday? Would you believe that THOUSANDS of people have had permanent brain damage or *even died* after choking on their dinner?

        Mapol exhibits the exact neurosis that has gripped so many poor snowflakes over the last 2 years. They think that if something *can* happen, that it is realistically likely to happen. Like the crazy parents who feared for strangers in rape vans, satanic cults, and wax coatings on apples, Mapol lacks a very simple ability to evaluate actual risks.

        Mapol's statistic of "Over 95%" of people in the ICU being unvaccinated is just not true. It is the ravings of a fearful snowflake who probably is one of those thinking that you are 50% likely to end up in the hospital if you catch COVID. In fact, depending on where you are, the mix of patients is closer to 50-50. To be sure- this still shows overrepresentation of unvaccinated (since they only represent 10 - 20% of the population at this point). But 95% is just wrong.

        In fact, if you are a healthy child, you are unlikely to be hospitalized with covid (only about 45% of kids hospitalized DIDN'T have a comorbidity) and you are even less likely to be in the ICU (only 17% of ICU kids lacked a comorbidity).

        If you or your child is unhealthy to begin with, get the Jab. If you are healthy, do what you feel is right. And don't let fear-mongering chicken littles like Mopal shame you or otherwise influence your decisions with their terrible, terrible grasp on reality.

        1. Here's a suggestion, Overt:

          f**k off with your insults, will ya! It's one thing to disa1gree with me, but your whole manner s**ks---big time. Over and out!

          1. Aww- hurt feewings..

            1. Lack of strategic thinking. I've lurked here for two or three years before this most anodyne of comments.

            2. Awwww---eat shit!

              1. Go crawl back into the fetid axe wound that shat you out and cry some more you faggot bitch.

                1. Why don't you do the same, creep-o!

              2. Is Mary Stack back?

          2. mapol, he wasn't insulting you, just pointing out your poor grasp on reality and your clearly WRONG statistics... Given how even the alphabet organizations are not producing the stats you state, its fair to say you are just fearmongering and being dishonest..

            How about some links and citations to backup your paranoia?

          3. You're going to have a hard time around here if you think that was insulting. Overt was downright courteous by Reasonoid standards.

            Typically you'd be met with "Fuck off, slaver" and some ramblings about woodchippers.

            1. Thats the warm greeting for pathological liars.

              Try not pathologically lying and see how it goes.


          4. "f**k off with your insults, will ya! "

            Which insults? You *are* exhibiting a neurosis. You *are* engaging in a moral panic. You *are* acting like chicken little.

            This is a well documented problem with populations- they see something happen in mass media and believe that it could happen to them. The more sensational and scary, the more they fail to internalize how statistically unlikely it is.


            Review that poll. A small percentage of the population truly understands the risk of being unvaccinated. An unvaccinated person has less than 1% chance of being hospitalized with COVID. But 41% of Democrats, 22% of Republicans and 26% of independents think the risk is OVER 50%! This over-estimation of risk is what has caused people like you to justify forcing children to get needles jabbed in their arms to mitigate a TINY risk.

            Case in point, below, you reference a 12 year old girl in your city who died. Because you read about ONE person, you are convinced that kids are dying. But in fact, less than 800 children (under 17) have died from COVID in 2 years! And the majority of them had preexisting conditions that put them at risk.

            You over-exaggerate the risk of hospitalization and the risk of death because you are either intentionally disingenuous and fearmongering or because you don't understand statistics and probability, mapol. That isn't an insult- it is a plainly obvious fact based on your own writing.

            1. I stand by everything I've said on here. Blow it out your ass.

              1. Or how about this you pathetic little pussy faggot bitch? If you can stop pissing yoru pants and get out from under your couch for 10 minutes, come outside and try to enforce your edicts. Hospitals aren't the only place you can get ventilated.

              2. “ I stand by everything I've said on here.”
                If I were you I’d stand upwind of it!

          5. 'There goes the 'FU" again. One more time, proving you're the troll spouting horseshit.

        2. You're a piece of shit!

      9. now do the flu shot you statist POS

        1. I get my flu shots every year, so kiss it the fuck off, asshole. Eat me raw.

          1. Again with the foul language! Do you suck shit from the CDC’s asshole with that mouth?

          2. One more time, you moron. The 'FU' simply proves you're the liar here.

      10. Your information is way off the mark. I've seen these stories cut and pasted from other response pages. Most Covid-19 information is fudged, incorrect and manipulated to keep pushing the processive agenda for control. Just stop this lying.

        Those who insist on subjecting and forcing young children and teenagers to have these experimental vaccines that have no long term study information and results are fiends.

        If you're and adult, and gullible - by all means get vaccinated. However, keep your dumb ideas and mis-information about vaccine safety and effectiveness to yourself. Wise up and stop acting like an obtuse little sheep.

        1. Why don't YOU stop acting like vicious, gullible sheep? I'm not gullible--you are, for fuck's sake. People like YOU are the ones who are helping to keep this pandemic going indefinitely, and are screwing the rest of us the fuck over. Thanks a pant load.

          1. People like me are the reason the pandemic will stop -- because I already got over the virus and now can't pass it on. Unlike the vaccinated.

            1. Oh...really?!? Just because you got Covid-19 itself and recovered doesn't meant that you can't get re-infected by it and pass it on to others.

              1. ...noe how about that jab again?

      11. Mapol,
        You've got to be one of the stupidest welfare rats I've ever seen attempting to regurgitate the shit you watch on TV. Look around you you fucking imbecile. People are dying in droves from this "Vaccine". Many many many Highly respected Doctors and Scientists are being treated like Jews in Nazi Germany for daring to speak out against the government / elite narrative. Get your head out of your ass and pay attention. Retards like you are why we have a drooling vegetable in the white house.

        1. Fuck you, prfd1. You're the one who's got your head way the fuck up your ass. I never was on welfare, you shit-stain. I worked my cunt off for many years, earning my own way, so don't go making the assumptions that I'm on welfare, ya dipshit. More people have died of Covid-19 itself due to people like you who are so fucking manipulative. Over and out, fuckwit! I'm done with you.

          1. Mapol,
            My apologies.
            People who have a herd mentality and are too lazy to research the subject they preach about are typically worthless collectivist welfare rats.
            I thought it was a fair assumption.

          2. Mapol,
            Please research the difference between Political Science and Medical Science.

            1. ;political science has no place in discussions about Covid-19. That's what a big part of the problem is; The covid-19 pandemic has been politicized by tons of people, which is causing a shitload of problems,

              You're somebody who doesn't know shit about the differences in medical and political science. People like YOU are the ones who are politicizing the whole covid-19 pandemic, and why we're not out of the woods, or even close to it.

              1. Whoooooooooooooshhhh

          3. If all you have is 'FU' all you have is horseshit

      12. There will be more people who will be sorry for allowing themselves to be experimented on with an experimental vaccine ...or what ever it is.
        Many of them are not sorry at all....they're dead!

        1. Wrong, JohnZ. It's people who are Unvaccinated who are dying from Covid-19 itself, and not the vaccine. My nephew's information holds true, whether you believe it or not.

          1. 50/50 in hospitals now says you're full of shit and a propogandist or useful idiot.

      13. 30 years as a professional firefighter and medic. Sorry to burst YOUR bubble, schmuck, but if the f***ing vaccines and masks work so well, WHY are you saying unvaccinated are endangering others? You obviously don't understand how vaccines or human immunity work. It's uneducated ***holes like you that popped up in the last 2 years that make it very easy to refuse to do ANYTHING. You flaunt your stupidity like jewelry. You just like telling others what to do but have no actual skill or intelligence that would put you in a position to do so. You have NO CLUE about immunity, antibodies, antigens, or anything and probably get your "info" from worthy places like "The Daily Show" and Joy Behar on "The View." Your supposed nephew doctor story is probably a lie to establish you have some kind of credibility. Please STFU and go back to being ignored. As Benjamin Franklin said, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
        That's YOU.

      14. What a complete snowflake written word salad.

        Covid-19 is a threat to everyone with severe underlying conditions and for those under 18 it is not much of a threat at all. Calm down Nancy. The CDC says approx. 4000 kids die from drowning each year. That's awful -- that roughly 8x the number of Kid's Covid deaths -- roughly 500x year.

        Look at Europe -- they actually looked at the real, relative risk to children and teachers and the FACTS show that masks are useless as children don't offer an increased risk in the school setting.

        Also -- now that vaccinated students, and teachers spread omicron, the mandate is useless. Yes, vaccination reduces the risk of serious covid and death -- but with children that is such a low risk option (except for the kids with serious underlying conditions) that it's not needed, nor justified with any data.

        If you care about kids --- get them swimming lessons, you'll save more lives. Remember, the vaccinated infect others now. Many countries are actively removing all mandates now that it's known being vaccinated doesn't stop the spread - at all.

        This school isn't wise at all, they are stupid. Uninformed and in a power control situation given the facts known today that they are ignoring.

        I'm sure this will make people pound sand -- but if those kids have had prior infection, a CDC study out last week says that is high protection than being vaccinated (2 shots) by 3x-5x.

        1. I don't blame the school for not letting the little bitches who refused to get vaccinated into the school. The girls were stupid and vicious. If I were an administrator in that school, I'd give the girls the same damned ultimatim: get vaccinated or don't come to school, or if they refuse to get vaccinated, face suspension or leave. Since the girls in question chose to leave, the school is better off without them, and so is everybody else.

          1. Ignorant and bigoted reply. The girls offer no threat, and the school is dumbing down the world with actions like this.

      15. Mapol,you are one sorry,chi******it,coward.Of course this is what Covid has done to the masses at large,reduced them to frightened crybabies as intended.No matter what your political affiliation,you WILL be infected with this.No matter whether you're vaxxed or not,
        you WILL be infected with Covid.Have you not noticed that the vaccines don't work?Have you noticed that the areas of the country with highest vax rates are no better off than ones that are less vaccinated?Masks are a joke,totally useless.Heres a great mask efficacy test.Next time you're pumping gas,if you can smell gas,that mask is totally useless.Unless you're wearing a respirator,everything within 50 feet of you is entering your lungs.Covid is over,most of the planet's inhabitants agree on this.Sorry,if you keep talking about it,it's still going away.Really,Russia is invading Ukraine and were still talking about this.As my good friend Dave Chapelle likes to say"Nighty night,keep your b******e tight."

    3. Go after their wallets personnaly and individually. Watch the links. They go to videos that show how people made claims against school boards and superintendents. No lawyers are needed. The people at Bondsforthewin will help you find the info you need. The other has links to the steps he took and how he explained to the school board he was making claims against their individual bonds. When that happen, the insuarnce company will investigate at the expense of the 'defendent' He brings up state and federal laws that they are breaking. He informs them, the bond holders will settle and then drop their surety bonds. Without a surety bond, one cannot hold elected office.

      1. I have no sympathy for those little cunts who refused to get vaccinated and had to be cordoned off. It serves them fucking right.
        They refuse to get vaccinated, then they should not be let into school.

        1. **** yourself... But take two steps back first. So you can get a running start at it.

  2. "Then the bell rang and students filed out of class and began asking why the girls were cordoned off. "

    Students should have said "This is where they put the Jews!"

    1. That would've been completely out of line. The idea of religious exemption is dangerous rubbish. Had the students said "This is where they put the Jews." would've not only been totally inappropriate, given how dangerous Covid-19 itself is, but it would've been a gross misuse of horrible world history as anti-vaxxine propaganda.

      1. anti-vaxxine

        You'll have to forgive me if I don't take seriously any blathering on the subject of vaccines by someone who misspells "vaccine" because they're too dense to understand the difference between using a letter substitution as a form of abbreviation ("vax") vs typing out the entire word using the wrong letters.

        1. That was a typo, dips**t.

          1. you spelled dipshit wrong too

            1. I got vaccinated, I'm mighty glad of it, and I'll take a 4th vaccine if and when it's recommended by the CDC. You're the people who are buying into all the misinformation and the crap that the anti-vaccine people and the conspiracy theorists are spouting off, and therefore, YOU'RE the sheep, not me.

              1. I'm gonna laugh my fucking ass when you die of cancer. And come to your funeral with a "GOD HATES FAGS" banner and tell your mother she's an ugly cunt. How does that make you feel? Gonna cry little bitch? Maybe piss your little bitch diaper?

                1. I'll laugh my cunt off when you and the other idiots die of Covid-19 itself by refusing to get vaccinated against it. Hey, Chas Laporte--do me a favor--eat your shit raw. How do you feel now, creep? Gonna piss and shit in your prick-filled diaper? I'll laugh at that.

              2. I bet you wear five masks when you dare venture out into the world.

            2. Shut up, cunt.

              1. LOL. Eat a bowl of dicks, bruh.

              2. All these insults do is provide proof that all you have is horseshit.

      2. You'd be shocked to learn the nazis used disease as one of the excuses to separate out the jews. If you had any semblance of intellect you wouldn't be shocked but pretty sure you will be.

        1. I don't buy what you're saying. You're using the holocaust as an excuse for your anti-vaccine propaganda.

          1. anti-mandate dickhead (err, dickh**d) - as a libertarian I suspect J-AZ doesnt give a rats ass what you put in your body...

            1. Sharp steel would be a great start.

            2. Anti-vaccine is a perfectly legitimate term to use. I'm for vaccine mandates, unlike you and everybody else on here.

              1. The word you're looking for is "totalitarian."

                If you don't believe in physical autonomy or the scientific process, you might be a Democrat.

      3. copy/ paste is not a comment, Troll.

      4. Jews were considered dangerous at one point. It’s the same language and attitude.

        1. How on earth to MISEK miss THIS thread?! Oh well, the pollution from mapol is stinking up the joint enough…

        2. You are really, really stupid. Comparing people who refuse vaccines and aren't let into school as a result to Holocaust victims is a gross misrepresentation of a horrific period in history.

          We have a Senator here in the Bay State--i. e. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who has the same dangerous, backward and irresponsible outlook that you and tons of other people on here have. You'd get along quite well with him.

      5. At least one of the students was Jewish, so it would have been accurate.

      6. Hitler would have used the vaxx on the Jews.

        1. Oh, you're so fucking full of bullshit that it fucking stinks all the way from high heaven to hell and back again. Go shit!

          Hitler wouldn't have allowed the Jews to have the vaccine.

          1. Why are you here? With your abusive troll posting, you've damaged your viewpoint more than if you'd simply stuck to trying to submit what appeared to be factual posting. But you went off and did yourself in.

            1. Oh, screw you, asshole. Your viewpoints are irresponsible, backwards, and dangerous.

              1. Despite the fact that you have not cited a single reliable source and have ignored every actual fact tossed your way?

                Miss-information, you ought to educate yourself.

  3. Vaccine or a test. The girls had their tests. The school administrators were just being dicks. Even the ones with vaginas were being giant walking penises.

    I suspect the admins were just worried over a lawsuit if someone got infected on their watch, but they're facing an even bigger lawsuit now. This is the result of the zero risk mentality that has plagued our society for the last half century.

    1. "This is the result of the zero risk mentality that has plagued our society for the last half century."

      No this is the result of the state compelling healthy children to vaccinate for a virus that represents no statistical risk to them. It is the result that inevitably comes *whenever* government tries to mandate victimless behavior. Kids get criminal records for smoking dope. They get kicked out of school for drinking. Their parents are arrested for kids ditching school. They are designated sexual predators for sending naked selfies to their SO.

      Given how long Reason has been showing the consequences of mandates and bans, it amazes me how willfully blind vaccine enthusiasts became over this bullshit.

      1. Overt - thread winner!

    2. The point is that a person can harbor the Covid-19 virus and not have it, and are therefore even more likely to spread it to other people.

      Also, even if the girls tested negative for Covid-19, they're putting themselves at risk for a horrible disease by not getting the Covid-19 vaccinations.

      1. So getting the vaccine would prevent these girls from getting this horrible disease?

        Remind us again how many teenagers have died from COVID-19? Especially teenagers with no comorbidities?

      2. You do know the vaccinated can spread it right?

        1. It's highly untucking likely, however.

          1. Cite that, please.

      3. again, youre a liar.

        Your story changed. Now its " anyone can spread it. Before is was " only unvaccinated can spread it"

        1. You're the liar, cunt!

      4. "The point is that a person can harbor the Covid-19 virus and not have it,"

        Since the Vaccine doesn't protect these kids from getting the virus, this will be true for all children, whether vaccinated or not. You also don't understand that these kids tested, which is a better way of identifying whether they carry the virus, than a passport.

        "Also, even if the girls tested negative for Covid-19, they're putting themselves at risk for a horrible disease by not getting the Covid-19 vaccinations."

        You are a science denier, and irrationally spreading fear. Healthy children have statistically no risk of death from this virus. They have a tiny, less-than-flu risk of being hospitalized for it.

        Next time you go around trying to spread doom and gloom, please acquaint yourself with the facts first.

      5. Mapol,
        "Horrible disease"??? HaHaHa!!! Covid is the fucking sniffles. Grow up you pussy.
        The mystery concoction you let them inject in you for a free sandwich coupon is the real disease.
        Please, shut your pie hole and focus on knowing something... anything... just stop sounding like some old welfare rat looking for a free meal.

        1. Covid-19 is not just a cold, the flu, or just the sniffles. Why don't you shut YOUR fucking pie hole and try to realize that people like YOU are screwing this country out of herd immunity. You're the ones who don't know fucking shit from shiloh about anything. You cunts and pricks don't believer in science. and you're screwing other people,

          1. Idiot still thinks the vax stops people from spreading the virus and actually helps herd immunity!

          2. Mapol,
            Please research the difference between Political Science and Medical Science.

            1. Blow, honey! I do know the difference, so just suck suck suck and suck.

          3. Reading this, it just struck me—I hope we all haven’t been picking on a Ritalin-addled eighth grader here…

            1. Autist eco-girl got her phone unlocked.

      6. I'm sure you've convinced a lot of people here today with your eloquent rhetoric, factual presentations, and clear understanding of medicine and epidemiology.

    3. So what if those girls tested negative? They're still putting themselves at risk. You're wrong if you think that adolescents aren't at risk for getting infected with Covid-19 and possibly being permanently damaged, and, just as bad, dying from it. Moreover, they could be vectors and spread the illness to their parents, and even grandparents.

      1. The number of adolescents who have died from COVID in the United States, rounded to the nearest whole number, and expressed as a percentage is 0.

        1. Bull fucking shit, asshole! Eat it.

      2. The jab does not stop transmission. Period.

        This is stated fact from all scientific sources, including CDC.

        Revise your bullshit accordingly.

  4. the girls received an ultimatum: If they didn't leave, they would face suspension. Nahum and the group decided to leave and haven't attended school since.

    Well, at least they didn't get suspended. That would look bad on their records.

    1. "Your options are to leave and not come back until we tell you, or to leave and not come back until we tell you."

    2. They should've been suspended. Having a suspension for refusing to get vaccinated against an extremely deadly and dangerous disease (i. e. Covid-19) put on their records would've served them just right. No sympathy for these girls. They're way more than old enough to know better.

      1. an extremely deadly and dangerous disease (i. e. Covid-19)

        Remind us what the mortality rate is for C-19 among their demographic?

        1. The CDC's own data page puts hospitalizations of unvaccinated 12-17 year old adolescents at 5.9 per 100,000 currently, or about 1 in 17,000.

          I didn't see a data listing for deaths in that age group, but one could gather based on the overall numbers of deaths they list, that it's significantly lower - probably a couple orders of magnitude.

          1. And data from the UK shows that among children, 53% of the hospitalized had comorbidities. Among kids admitted to the ICU, 83% of them had comorbidities.

            The idea that this disease is "extremely deadly and dangerous" to healthy kids is the type of nonsense that should have someone mocked for the chicken little they are.

            1. Have we all been gaslighted enough to forget that the reason originally given for universal vaccination used to be to solely reduce the reservoir so we could achieve herd immunity?

              It was NEVER about the danger to the children, which was statistically negligible in the days of Delta and is significantly less now that the milder Omicron is dominant.

              It has never been "extremely deadly and dangerous" to younger people.

              Now the vaccine-only herd immunity thing is off the table. The prevailing variant is significantly milder and running fast enough to burn itself out in a month. Sooner where I live. Society needs to stop forcing this freakish scaremongering on children. Somehow they've given the keys to the cultural bus to people with severe OCD.

              1. "Somehow they've given the keys to the cultural bus to people with severe OCD."

                It is a moral panic plain and simple. not substantially different from the parents in the 80s who thought their kids would be abducted by rape vans the second they stepped out of the house or lured into satanism by metalica. they are nuts.

            2. This is not the UK, cunt. It's the United States. You're such a creep.

              1. That was a breathtakingly asinine retort, quite aside from your increasingly deranged tone. Let’s work on dividing your weekday afternoons between a therapist and a tutor.

                1. Blow it out your ass, UTKONOS!

      2. Extremely deadly? I'm more likely to die driving to the pharmacy to get vaccinated than I am from COVID-19. Teenage girls even moreso.

        1. Big Governments kill Jews. Not viruses.

          1. you're full of crap. the Covid-19 virus has killed over half a million people here in the United States. Who the hell are you shittin'?

            I'll also add that many Jews in the Nazi concentration camps also died of diseases such as typhus, tuberculosis, and other illnesses.

            1. Not even the CDC is still pushing that number. Every person who has died in the United States that has tested positive for COVID OR had respiratory symptoms without having been tested for COVID was counted as a COVID fatality. Now that the pandemic has served its political purpose The Science™ has moved on. So should you. For fuck's sake, ActBlue puts out a PDF with talking points you can copy and paste about every week or so. Try getting one from the current year.

              1. Blow it out your ass, buster. Eat shit!

            2. Incorrect. As I have pointed out several times, the actual Covid death rate is only 5.5% of reported deaths. 94.5% were WITH Covid and had multiple comorbidities.


      3. Okay. Which one of your middle school teachers put you up to this?

      4. You need to shut off the TV and stop listening to the daily fear porn.

        1. You're the fear-monger, you cunt-lapper. Don't pull your crap on me, asshole.

        2. I don't even watch TV, you shit-stain. Why don't YOU stop listening to Fox News for a change.

      5. Found the real Nazi.

  5. "I'm not an anti-vaxxer, I just have reservations about putting vaccines in my body."


    1. She doesn't care what you do with your body but has reservations about putting anything in hers. Doesn't make her an anti-vaxxer, just a personal chooser.

      1. Yeah, it's really kinda astounding that, it would seem, anything short abject compulsion to grab any needle that even remotely looks like a vaccine, jab it in your arm, and depress the plunger is anti-vax.

        I'm not anti-heroin, I just have reservations about putting heroin in my body.

        I'm not anti-bullet, I just have reservations about putting bullets in my body.

        I'm not anti-New York style pizza, no, wait, I am anti-New York Style pizza. That shit's not pizza.

        1. You lost all credibility with your anti New York style pizza comment. ????

          1. Apparently smiley faces turn into ????

            1. That's what universal masking does to us.

              1. Haha! +1

            2. YES. This SW blocks emots.

          2. I am anti NY style pizza. I don't want to eat a greese trap of chewey dough, crap ingredients, and canned sauce, that I need to fold in half just to hold. Get you NY crap out of here

            1. The roaches are a bonus.

        2. I'm not anti-bullet -- I'm more than willing to put them into the bodies of those who deserve them. That doesn't mean that I should want them in MY body.

      2. No, but not getting vaccinated puts others, as well as herself, at risk.

        1. How? The virus is almost completely safe for kids and the jab does not prevent infection or transmission.

          1. You're wrong, Salted Nuts. Not that long ago, here in my general area, I read about a 12 year old kid dying of Covid-19. Also, even if young children don't show the symptoms, they can still carry the virus and be vectors--inotherwords end up infecting parents, grandparents, and other relatives,

            1. You have got to be a troll.

              "I read about a 12 year old kid dying of Covid-19. "

              FFS. Really? You read about a 12 year old kid? Wow, we better mandate all children stay inside bubbles for the rest of their lives because a 12 year old in your city died.

              1. This is most likely shreek, so the the reading about 12 year old kids thing is probably accurate, just not the dying from COVID part.

            2. Okay, let's do math.

              Starting with, CDC has revised death rates OF Covid to merely 5.5% of the reported totals. That means 94.5% died WITH Covid and had multiple conditions that could have killed them without Covid. Per CDC.

              Thus far, since the start of the pandemic, about 12,300 children under 18 were reportedly dead involving Covid.
              That would be 677 children dead OF Covid.

              In 2018, 4,074 children died in crashes, 3,143 in firearm-related incidents, 1,853 died to malignant neoplasm, 1,430 suffocated, 955 drowned, 982 overdosed on drugs, 979 finally succumbed to congenital anomalies and FINALLY, Covid would have killed more kids than died of heart disease, 599. (NE Journal of Medicine Dec2018)

              I believe we can agree, Covid is not the leading cause of child mortality, yes?

              Now, we also agree that the jab does not prevent infection or transmission, per CDC, right?

              Therefore, injecting children with an experimental therapeutic for a disease they have minimal risk from, and which will not prevent them from sharing it with grams either way, has no merit in mandatory enforcement, correct?

              1. No vaccine is 100% affective, but vaccines, including the Covid-19 vaccines do save lives, because they prevent one from getting as sick as they would without the vaccines.

                1. Staying at home also prevents 99% of fatal car crashes.

                  Go live a long life.

          2. that's bullshit.

    2. "I'm not anti-gay, I just have reservations about putting cocks in my body."

      Make sense now?

      1. "YOU, on the other hand, are free to choke on a bag full of dicks . . ."

        (if you so choose)

      2. Didn't you know you are now a homophobe if you refuse to have gay sex?

        1. Yes, and faggots like Tony would have us believe that. As he’s so desperate to indulge his unholy lust. Soon the democrats will push for the same with our children. Especially Buttplug.

          1. Tonys a heterophobe.

        2. Your also a transphobe if you get raped by a guy who identifies as a woman, and call him a guy

    3. There's a distinction to be made with being willing to take say the MMR vaccine, which is extremely well tested, understood and effective vs. taking the COVID vaccine which is none of those things.

      I'm vaccinated but I can't blame anyone who decides not to go get it, especially if they're young and have almost no risk of serious illness.

      1. There's a distinction to be made with being willing to take say the MMR vaccine, which is extremely well tested, understood and effective vs. taking the COVID vaccine which is none of those things.

        And even if it were well tested there's still a distinction that when the MMR vaccine came out, the vaccine was generally recommended for all types of things, but not required or was required with pretty much at-will exception. It's still only just recommended. Adults who contracted measles as kids didn't have to run out and get the vaccine to board an airplane (ah, the days of buying tickets at the gate) or go into a restaurant. We didn't hunt down every last person who didn't have the vaccine, whether they'd had measles or not, and make them provide daily tests for measles to confirm they weren't carriers.

        1. The government also isn't mandating students get vaccines that expire after certain periods, like flu shots. If you're not on a sports team, you're probably not required to renew your tetanus shot either.

          Additionally there's tons of exceptions for childhood vaccines as is. If a student has health conditions that prevent from getting the smallpox or polio vaccine, they can still attend public school. It's only the COVID vaccine, which has very minimal danger to children, imperfect protection against infection, compounding health risks for younger males, and an expiration date on its usefulness, where compliance is 100% required.

        2. That's because, unlike the Covid-19 vaccines, the polio, the MMR, the chicken-pox, and the Shingles vaccines, as well as the DTP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (i. e. the scientific name for whooping cough) were made mandatory, on a national level. Had that been done with the Covid-19 vaccines, we would be out of the woods and back to normal, or at least close to it, by now.

          1. "were made mandatory, on a national level."

            You just blow in from stupid town?

            1. I dunno, considering I said they're recommended and, to this day, I can name over a dozen people who've never had a measles vaccine because they contracted it as kids, I'd say stupid town tossed him out on his ear and he landed here.

            2. Where did YOU blow in from, you cunt-prick? I stand by what I've said, so blow it out your ass!

          2. They aren't mandatory anywhere dummy.

            1. Well, they should be, you cunt.

              1. Honey, your behavior and lack of cognitive coherence on this thread indicates an adverse reaction to your Ritalin prescription. Please tell Mommy to schedule an appointment with your doctor this coming week.

                1. Screw you, cunt/prick. Eat it raw!

          3. "That's because, unlike the Covid-19 vaccines, the polio, the MMR, the chicken-pox, and the Shingles vaccines, as well as the DTP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (i. e. the scientific name for whooping cough) were made mandatory, on a national level."

            So in addition to being scientifically wrong, you are also historically illiterate. These vaccines were never made mandatory on a national level. What the fuck have you been smoking?

          4. The only other difference is those other vaccines work. You are a troll

          5. Does. Not. Prevent. Transmission.

            Why do we have to keep repeating this?

          6. Not one of those vaccines is mandatory at a national level, because the federal government does not have the constitutional prerogative to make them so. They are not even mandatory on a state level. Every state that requires vaccination for school attendance (hint: that number is less than 50) allows rather generous exemptions. Those vaccines were also not required for school attendance in any state until they had been approved by the FDA and available on the market for well over a decade.

        3. Covid-19 is far more deadly than the measles. The fact that over a half a million people here in the United States have died from Covid-19, alone, says something right there about how the United States, under Donald Trump handled the whole thing: Laughing off Covid-19 as a hoax, lying to the American people in that respect, and then refusing to do anything to contain and control it, until it was too late.

          1. You make white Mike sound intelligent. Holy shit.

          2. Guys...stop the socking. You had me above, but this is too much of a stretch. You outed yourself as a parody.

          3. man, mapol, you are right, if only trump had stopped people from flying into the USA from other countries... wait....err, something something racist right?

          4. Actually, only 5.5% of Covid deaths were actually OF Covid. Per CDC.

            Most everyone died WITH, and had primarily obesity related comorbidities.

            1. That's not true, at all, Salted Nuts. I don't buy that.

              1. Nobody gives a shit what you do or don't buy, shreek.

              2. Since internet searches are difficult...


        4. those vaccines are PROVEN to work and have been thoroughly tested.

          This one? Not.

          1. The Covid-19 vaccines DO save lives! knock off the bullshit.

            1. Why does my chance of myocarditis, which may kill me, need to go up more than 100x to reduce symptoms of a disease that has a 99.8% chance of not killing me?


          2. I'm glad I took the vaccines, because the alternative would be way too horrible!

            1. Than what, getting a cold for a few days?

        5. All of this is true and important, I'm mostly just attacking the idea that someone not wanting the COVID vaccine inherently makes them an anti-vaxxer. The COVID vaccine is not an apples-to-apples comparison against any other vaccine available to us.

          "Anti-vaxxer" is also typically used to describe people who have some more extreme beliefs about vaccines. They have nanorobots that give you 5G reception, or they give you autism, or some other such nonsense. I know a lot of people who refuse to get this shot and none of them believe shit like that; they just don't have faith it's been tested very well and maybe the risk/reward calculus doesn't work for healthy people.

          1. The fact is that these people with such extreme viewpoints on vaccines are helping to screw everybody else over. Had they been stopped in their tracks and the Covid-19 vaccines been made mandatory, nationwide, we'd be out of the woods, or close to it by now.

            1. ...except the jab does not prevent transmission, but don't let that impact your totalitarian fantasies.

      2. You're wrong if you think that younger people can't get Covid-19 and even die from it. There have been younger people who've gotten seriously ill, have had what's called "long" covid--meaning having long-lasting, if not permanent cardiac, pulmonary, and even neurological damage from Covid-19 itself.

        These anti-vaccine people and conspiracy-theorists who deliberately and knowingly spread misinformation and therefore whip vulnerable and stupid people into buying into what they have to say.

        To all the people who refuse to take the Covid-19 vaccines: they're safe, they save lives, and they work, and, more to the point, they help protect people who are immunosuppressed (such as people with organ transplants, or who are undergoing chemotherapy or other cancer treatments), but not people who are able to get vaccines and are stupid and vicious enough not to.

        1. Hello, slaver. I'd like to invite you to fuck off.

          1. MAPOL.

            Tied with a rope and getting its balls hit?

            Sounds appropos.

            1. I happen to be a woman, you fuckwad!

              1. You're a bitch and a cunt, shreek, we'll give you that much.

                1. You're a real ass-biting, cunt-lapping prick! That's what YOU are!

          2. If you're talking to me, why don't you do the same--fuck off yourself.

            1. If you want some more steel shoved into your body, let me know, I'm free any time to help you.

              1. Fuck you, asshole!

    4. When the cognitive dissonance is loud enough, there is only blissful silence.

      1. Choosing to take one drug but not another is not an example of cognitive dissonance, but when the ignorance and deliberate bastardization of language is severe enough, words do not matter.

        You should do like your butt buddy sarcasmic does and reply to your mapol sock to prove it's not you, btw.

  6. Neither chairs nor allowed to use the bathroom; nothing says doctrinaire petty tyrant quite like this.

  7. What team D has done to schools and children should be a warning to never let them have power, ever.

    1. And an even bigger warning to keep your children out of their indoctrination centers.

  8. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    1. You realize you're effectively saying "She was asking for it." about minor girls, right?

      1. Administrator: It wasn't my fault! Did you see how she was dressed?

    2. Nobody is allowed to think.

    3. But enough about how your army of the intelligentsia got ventilated by a 17 year old cherubic little boy. Carry on, Artie. Until you get lead poisoned by a child.

  9. Daily comprehensive health examinations for all students before entering the classroom. To include looking up parents/guardians voter registration status to make sure no GOP insurrectionist mental health issues have been passed on to the kids.

  10. When 15-year-old Ellah Nahum and a few other unvaccinated students showed up at Los Angeles' New West Charter School on Tuesday, January 18, after winter break, they brought lunches, backpacks, and negative COVID-19 tests, hoping to be allowed in.

    Charter schools are the future.

    1. Vouchers!

      1. thats rearranging the deck chairs.

        You think another method if stealing taxpayer money then redistributing it will change anything?

  11. Once again, this should serve as a reminder for all those who technically didn't support mandates but couldn't be bothered to actually criticize them. These people said, "meh, it's just a little jab, so easy...I don't support this, but it isn't a big deal".

    Well, it is a big deal because now we have cops being called on minors. We have businesses conscripted to check papers. We have central databases to confirm whether the databases are real. And in the future, cops arresting people with fake papers (or suspicion of fake papers). And raiding businesses suspected of allowing unvaccinated in (and in some cases invading innocent businesses because of oversites and mistakes made, processes not followed). Dogs shot, kids flash banged, chokeholds, etc.

    This is what happens when you criminalize victimless behavior. It isn't just some person being forced to do behavior YOU want them to do. It is *all of us* losing freedom to make enforcement of the behavior more convenient for the government.

    Forcing children to stick needles in their arms *is* a moral outrage. But even if you don't think so, what comes next is outrageous. You would think these people, who see this shit so easily with the War on Drugs, could have figured this shit out, but they are willfully blind.

    1. They also tend to be stupid.

    2. And as I noted above, it's only for the COVID vaccine that these rules are being enforced. Students who, for various reasons, haven't received the polio or smallpox vaccine are allowed exemptions that let them attend public school. We also don't require kids get flu shots. You probably don't have to renew your tetanus shot to enter high school.

      It is literally only this particular vaccine, which isn't a perfect vaccine and has expiration dates on it anyway, in which 100% compliance is being expected.

      1. polio and pox arent immuno disorder related like this and so arent a HOMOSEXUAL flame issue.

        Whom in the population are susceptible?

        Elderly, ill and AIDS/ HIV.

      2. I think my (private) high school required or requested that students be up to date on tetanus as a condition of playing sports, but not attending school in general.

        (in the '90's)

      3. What you're saying about children not receiving polio vaccines more recently is because polio was wiped out, thanks to the fact that the polio vaccines, both the kind that are injected, and the oral kind, which people drank, were made mandatory nationwide, and not just left up to the individual states to implement. The fact that Covid-19 vaccine mandates were left up to individual states, rather than being implemented nationwide and made mandatory for everybody of all ages, who was able to have them is why polio was wiped out, as were other deadly but preventable illnesses.

        1. No shreek, you dumb piece of shit, there has never, not once, ever, been a nationally mandated vaccine in the United States of America. Not only that but the polio vaccine was about half a century old by the time it was ever required for school attendance in any US state. We know you spend a lot of time fantasizing about children, but keep it in the realm of your deranged sexual deviancy rather than public health.

          1. Yes there have been, you stupid-assed cunt lapper. Fuck yourself.

            1. Honey, remember to tell Mommy that you’re experiencing adverse side effects from your Ritalin and need a doctor’s appointment next week. Also, it’s spelled “Maypole.”

              1. Oh, shut up! You're the one who needs a doctors' appoint and medication.

                my moniker on this website is what it is, and it's spelled correctly, honey-ass.

                1. Maypole, you're such an idiot you should probably take any advice people are kind enough to give you.

                  Here's one, 'talk less and listen more.'

    3. How can people not understand that this is how you get the Handmaid's Tale. Not forced upon us by a small faction through violence, but by the majority just handing over their freedom.

      1. Because "And then, for no particular reason at all, the German people decided to elect Adolph Hitler." and we're Americans with the benefit of history, we practically can't commit the same mistake.

    4. Oh, come on now! High school kids are more than old enough to realize why the vaccine mandates have been in place. Putting children at risk for deadly but preventable illnesses is what's criminal, not making them get the life-saving vaccines.

      1. We don't arrest kids for failing to wash their hands, despite them being old enough to take steps to prevent spread of disease.

        1. Failing to wash one's hands is not the same thing as deliberately refusing vaccines that save lives and at least reduces the risks of contracting deadly but preventable illnesses.

          1. Mute.

            1. @mapol has got to be a sock...

          2. I'm sorry your mom's abortion was a failure.

            1. Fuck you! I'm equally that YOUR mom's abortion was a failure.

              1. Neener neener neeeener! Honey…..Doctor… week….Ritalin NOT working. Tell Mommy before you forget.

                1. Suck suck suck suck suck suck your shit, babe You're the one who needs ritalin. Go figure, cunt.

          3. Washing your fetid axe wound would also prevent disease, but clearly nobody is forcing you to do so.

            1. Hey....bite me!

      2. Children are at a statistical zero risk per pfeizers own application.

        1. You're dead wrong, asshole. Children and adults alike can carry the virus without showing symptoms, and they can be vectors--inotherwords, they can spread it to other people of any age.

          1. Those are the jabbed.

            Reduced symptoms + still a carrier = ?

      3. Putting children at risk for deadly but preventable illnesses is what's criminal

        "Test kids for HIV, make them go to separate schools." - mapol

        1. You give me the creeps, mad.casual. Go. and. fuck yourself.

          1. Do something about it shreek.

            1. Hey---bite me, ya cunt-lapper.

      4. I'd agree with you, but Omicron is neither deadly nor preventable.

        Vaccines are great. But for a teenager with no comorbidites, it's nothing more than the flu for a couple days. Actually, some flu seasons are way more dangerous for children.

        And with Omicron it most certainly won't prevent spread, regardless of how effective it might be for people at risk (those are the key words, at risk, which healthy teens are not) of hospitalization. It's wonderful at preventing hospitalization, but Omicron is too infective, and different enough from Delta, Alpha, and OG covid that neither prior exposure nor a vaccine stops you from getting or spreading it.

        You're obviously trolling since you're on message and just copy pastaing the same message over and again. But I figured I'd make the point normal, rational humans make before I mute you.

        1. What you're saying about the Covid-19 illness itself not permanently damaging or killing younger people, including children and young adults is not true. All the colleges in our area are requiring both students and faculty alike to receive the Covid-19 vaccination, because even healthy young adults and teens have been permanently damaged, neurologically, have permanent cardiac or pulmonary damage, or have what's called long-haul Covid-19, in which these symptoms remain for a long time, and young people have even died from Covid-19, as well. There was even a 12 year old kid here in the Bay State who died of Covid-19, as well.

          1. The vaccine has also caused permanent cardiomyopathy, neurological damage, and death. If we're obligated to forcibly give children experimental drugs because you imagined an anecdote of one 12 year old child dying, then we are equally obligated to suspend all COVID vaccinations.

            1. That's very rare. The Covid-19 disease, itself, has caused permanent neurological, pulmonary, and cardiac damage, even in young people.

      5. Forget it guys. It's a parody troll.

        1. mapol... may pole? A Canadian crossdressing as a member of the Soviet proletariat? Mother?

          1. Did I f**king say that, a**hole? You're so full of crap that it's unreal.

            1. mapol - spelling words incorrectly again... (pro tip, the english language does not use the asterisk as a letter, for example, you are a trolling dipshit.)

              1. You're a nasty, ass-biting creep.

                1. You're a pathetic faggot bitch who fucks children and got banned for posting child porn, shreek.

                  1. Blow it out your ass, retard! Eat it.

                    1. Now you’re trying to force your diet on the rest of us?

  12. >>(though she's received all childhood vaccines required to enter school)

    That was her first mistake

  13. The kids really should be thanking those schools from allowing them in. This is like not being able to spend a weekend with Joe Friday due to being unvaccinated.

    1. If it were not for Chumby, I would have abandoned the comments months ago.

  14. Fuck you! I think I provide some levity enough tk keep you engaged!

  15. Papers, you must show your papers!

    1. Deine papieren, bitte.

  16. This "school" needs to be closed. These students would get more actual learning through home-schooling now. Hope the "school" never expects a contribution from the students they mistreated and the families of the students. Being a CA public school, the students have missed no learning during their time away from the indoctrination center. Trust the lawsuit goes well.

  17. Why the heck are administrators demanding that 15 year olds be vaccinated, when there isn't an approved vaccine for them? I remember when there was debate about whether private employers could compel vaccination with an EUA vaccine, and it being pretty unsettled. Governments compelling it is absurd. It makes a mockery of the whole drug approval process. Why should cancer drugs have to go through a year long approval process before patients are even given the option of treatment, when a vaccine can be compelled after a few months of study? I mean, yeah, cancer isn't a public health emergency, but it sure as heck is an emergency to the patient. If even the government isn't going to respect the approval process, let's just scrap it for every fatal illness. Get those cancer drugs into arms in under 2 months if we are so certain EUA drugs are safe and efficious.

    1. The only group where an approved vaccine for covid-19 has not been administered are for children who are 5 years old, and under.

      plenty of children who are 12 years and older are getting the covid-19 vaccinations.

      1. The Pfizer vaccine is authorized for 5-15 under an emergency use authorization (EUA). The vaccine has not received full approval in that age group. It has received full approval for 16+.

  18. Impfungen machen frei.


  19. Missing from this discussion is the fact that the current COVID vaccines don’t even work against Omicron which is responsible for almost all COVID case in the US. This is a akin to requiring measles vaccine to combat a chicken pox outbreak. It is simply stupid from the jump.

    1. the people who've refused to get vaccinated are the ones who're causing mutations of vaccine-resistant Covid-19 variants to emerge. To all you conspiracy theorists and anti vaccine people: Thanks a big, steaming, stinking pant load for screwing everybody else over.

      1. Very little evidence of that. Omicron looks like it sprung up around South Africa, which is unable to vaccinate is high risk population because the rich counties keep putting shots in arms of people at minimal risk.

      2. Honey, is your real name Greta? Do you enjoy screaming at adult strangers? You can tell us…..And once again, tell Mommy you’re suffering SEVERE adverse effects from the Ritalin and need a doctor’s app EARLY next week.

        1. Hey, are you a female? If so, suck your cunt.

    Cholesterol is one of the most well-studied lipid moieties. It's the part of membrane as it contains 15%-30% of cellular membranes and it is also transported into cells by LDL and HDL,
    Cholesterol-siRNA Conjugate service

  21. Phytochemical Compounds
    CAS Number: 88495-63-0. Empirical Formula: C19H28O8. Solubility: acetone: 33.4 mg/mL.

  22. I simply cannot believe there are people who are so brainwashed from the fear porn disseminated on a daily basis in the form of news. There are always going to be those so paranoid and disturbed they literally lock themselves in and refuse to live life. Instead they tremble in fear and hide themselves away from the outside world.
    What a miserable way to live.
    The parents of those teens who were discriminated against have a simple solution: start a charter school of their own or home school.
    Forget the institutional failures called public schools. The will do nothing for your children except brainwash and indoctrinate them into leftist/ woke politics. This will cause them more harm than if they stayed away from school.

    1. Oh, come on! This has nothing to do with politics of any goddamned stripe. With rare exceptions, the public school systems here in the United States, whether they are in urban, suburban or rural areas, are that good, anyhow. They haven't been for decades.

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