Recent COVID-19 Trends Suggest That Initial Fears of Omicron Were Overwrought

Focusing on infections rather than severe disease is more misleading than ever.


Newly identified COVID-19 cases in the United States have "soared to near record levels," The New York Times reports, adding that the omicron variant "has moved with extraordinary swiftness across the country, from New York to Hawaii, both of which reported more coronavirus cases in the past week than in any other seven-day period of the pandemic." The Times notes that "Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Puerto Rico have also reported record caseloads."

While the Times predictably emphasizes the most alarming aspects of the current COVID-19 surge, the story also includes details that suggest the initial fears of omicron were overwrought. "Hospitalizations are up, too, although not as much as cases," the Times That's a bit of an understatement: By the paper's count, hospitalizations are "8 percent higher than two weeks ago," which is much smaller than the 83 percent increase in the seven-day average of daily new cases during the same period. The seven-day average of daily deaths, meanwhile, rose by just 3 percent.

Although hospitalizations and deaths are lagging indicators, it has been a month since daily new cases began a steep climb in the United States. According to Worldometer's numbers, the seven-day average rose threefold between November 29 and yesterday. Daily deaths, meanwhile, rose by less than 50 percent between November 29 and December 21. There has been a slight falloff since then, probably largely due to holiday-related reporting issues. Hospitalizations, which include cases where patients tested positive after being admitted for other reasons, have risen about 40 percent since late November. While case numbers are indeed "near record levels," daily deaths and hospitalizations remain far below the peaks seen in mid-January.

The experience in South Africa, where the omicron variant was first identified in November, may provide some clues about what will happen next. The seven-day average of daily new cases in South Africa exploded between mid-November and December 18 but has fallen sharply since then. As in the United States, the increase in deaths, which even at their peak remained far below the numbers reported in January, was much smaller than the increase in cases.

The U.K. likewise has seen a dramatic increase in daily new cases but only a modest increase in hospitalizations, which in turn seem to involve fewer severe cases than they did during the last surge. "[The] number of patients with covid-19 in English hospitals is definitely rising, but not precipitately so," Chris Hopson, CEO of NHS Providers, which represents British health care workers, reported in a Twitter thread yesterday. Here is how he summarized his conversations with the heads of the trusts that oversee British hospitals: "What's very interesting is how many are talking about [the] number of asymptomatic patients being admitted to hospital for other reasons and then testing positive for Covid. Some are describing this as 'incidental Covid.'" Hopson said hospitals are "not, at moment, reporting large numbers of patients with severe Covid type respiratory problems needing critical care."

These trends are consistent with the fear that omicron, which now accounts for an estimated 59 percent of current COVID-19 cases in the United States, is more contagious than the delta variant. But they are not consistent with the fear that omicron is deadlier. To the contrary, as Reason's Ron Bailey has noted, early data from South Africa and Scotland suggest that omicron infections are less likely to cause life-threatening symptoms.

Between October 1 and December 6, according to the South African study, COVID-19 patients infected by omicron were 80 percent less likely to be hospitalized than patients infected by other variants. The same study found that patients infected by the omicron variant who were admitted to hospitals this fall were 70 percent less likely to develop severe disease than patients infected by the delta variant who were hospitalized between April and November. According to the Scottish study, "Omicron is associated with a two-thirds reduction in the risk of COVID-19 hospitalisation when compared to Delta."

As the Times notes in a story published today, concerns about the speed of omicron's spread are "tempered by early evidence that the variant causes milder symptoms, with vaccinations and boosters helping prevent serious illness and death." The Scottish study, for example, found that patients who had received booster shots were 57 percent less likely to have symptomatic omicron infections than people who had received just two doses.

These early findings from other countries do not necessarily tell us what will happen in the United States, since omicron's impact depends on factors such as age demographics, preexisting medical conditions, vaccination rates, and the prevalence of prior infections. And even if omicron is less likely than delta to cause severe disease, large numbers of cases can still have a big impact, straining health care systems and adding to the death toll. But so far the situation in the United States, in terms of fatalities, looks much less dire than what we were seeing a year ago, let alone later that winter. In that respect, focusing on infections rather than severe disease is more misleading than ever.

"Experts worldwide have expressed concern that the sheer number of people likely infected could create a flood of patients, overwhelming already stressed health care systems," the Times reports. "But that concern is running up against those who argue that it is time to accept that the virus is endemic, and that countries should move away from lockdowns and toward more relaxed rules." If you're wondering when the pandemic will end, paragraphs like that in the Times seem like a pretty good indicator.

Update, December 29: According to the New York Times database, the seven-day average of daily new cases in the United States as of Tuesday was more than 267,000, which is higher than the previous peak on January 11 (about 251,000). But as the Times notes, that earlier record was set "during a catastrophic winter that was far worse than this moment, when over 62 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated." It adds: "Hospitalizations have been rising, averaging more than 71,000 a day, but remain far below peak levels. While deaths have also been increasing, the daily average of 1,243 is a fraction of the record 3,342 reported on Jan. 26." The Times reiterates that "early evidence, including some hopeful reports from South Africa, suggests that Omicron causes milder symptoms than other variants, with vaccinations and boosters helping prevent serious illness and death."

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  1. It is like Reason began reading the comments section. And adjusted.

    1. They are sensing the changing tides and, like good party apparatchiks, are trying to get ahead of the shift. The Democrats are pivoting. Biden is slowly but surely backing off the heavy handed federal approach. The pandemic needs to die down before the midterms just enough to be able to proclaim victory but also remembering that some leeway is needed for a new variant to emerge to justify in universal mail-in ballots.

      1. The talking points are out, back off the omicron fear porn. Unfortunately, Reason's simping didn't get them on the A list distro, so they're behind the ball.

        1. Bingo.

          1. well its a good way to pick up on story lines.

            Two of my comments about 12 years ago made it onto both Hanity and Levins shows in one day.

            Its amazing who reads these comments.


            1. A month or so ago, there were article suggestions by the commentariat that ended up being articles.

              Some of the editors read the comments. A few participate. I surmise that some of the left-leaning posters are editors and/or staff.

              1. Thats great. Left leaning aint all bad.

                Its lock step radicalist group think thats the problem.

                The 1960s Left was anti Big Govt. Anti war.

                This now is not that.

                1. There is no such thing as 'left leaning. There is only slower and faster speed towards leftist hellscape.

                  The lock step radicalism is all pervading.

                  The 1980s left was anti American government, not anti big government. They were anti-western victory, not anti-war.

                  And they still are.

                  The only good leftist is a dead leftist.

                  1. Hehehehe....thats the response I was fishing for...

                    I didnt say it.

                    Its an Observation based on the abhorrent conduct of the Radical Left

                    And since they react so knee jerk. it admits they KNOW it and are doing it deliberately.

                    Drudge now...the Leftist media Attacking Cramer for a PICTURE ( PROOF) of an empty store shelf.

                    PROOF. Not a meme.

                    But " empty store shelves due to Omicron" is a LEFT WING MEDIA MEME.

                    It only ceases to be when they can twist it into hate towards anyone they dont like.

                    They spin the Wheel of Revolving Talking Points and go off hystetival on the days selection of hate.

    2. If only they had been reading the comments section (instead of Twitter) and writing about what we were writing about, this rag might be worth reading.

      1. Or better yet, they could fire the current writing staff and hire a bunch of the commenters, instead. It would really transform Reason into another Breitbart!

        1. Not a leftist!

        2. It would really transform Reason into another Breitbart!

          So, make them more successful then?

      2. They didn’t like the mean Tweets and some cast their vote for Brandon. The articles are just starting to include a recognition of that mistake (without acknowledging their individual contribution to this).

      3. Not happening until the still living Koch bro dies.

        1. Maybe that explains the prog spin in their articles. When Koch kicks the bucket and John Henry buys Reason, they want to keep their jobs.

  2. Here is how he summarized his conversations with the heads of the trusts that oversee British hospitals: "What's very interesting is how many are talking about [the] number of asymptomatic patients being admitted to hospital for other reasons and then testing positive for Covid. Some are describing this as 'incidental Covid.'"

    It is called "fucking with the data," and it has been happening since the beginning of this pandemic clown show.

    1. Scare the living shit out of everyone by releasing absurd models and coordinated media programming predicting mass death.
    2. Watch the hospitals flood with otherwise healthy patients that happen to later test positive for the virus.
    3. Claim the hospitals are "overwhelmed" because of the "COVID hospitalizations."
    4. Enforce draconian restrictions upon liberty in a cynical bid to prevent Step 3, above.
    5. Repeat as necessary.

    1. None of the leaders seem to realize that if 10% of your population has a virus, roughly 10% of your hospitalizations and 10% of your deaths will test positive -- even if the virus has nothing to do with why the patient is in the hospital or is dead.

    2. They hyper- focus on small numbers.

      Then to try and create relevancy, they magnify the graphs.

      .Whered the " flattening the curve" Talking Point go?

      It was exposed as a lie.

      With regard to total population there is no curve.

      1. they also have mastered the old trick of carefully selecting the start/end dates of their reporting period.. carefulkly trimming off f at just the places where the real trend is opposite what they are hawking. They cut the date just before the trend line sinks like a stone, but present the part where it has been steadily rising for four days, stretching out that tiny four day period to show only steep upward trending.

        Like Twain so eloquently put it.. there are lies, damn lies, and statistics.

        And Phautchee Inc are absolute masters t the game.

        1. yup.

          They like time shifting. I refer to thst as anachronism....

          They choose to start looking at events only at a time that suits their narrative.

          Pathological liars!

    3. 6. Blame the unvaccinated.

      1. 7. Suffer a wipeout in midterm elections.

        1. A well-deserved wipeout.

          Sadly, the GOP will not fulfill their promise to cut spending and reduce the size of government and the cycle repeats.

        2. Ill take" jump from tall buildings" for
          $ 1000, Alex.

  3. Well thank God for omicron.
    Now everyone will get the flu and have natural immunity and the federal and state and local governments can get out of the medical business.
    Right? Right?
    What? The needs of the few (pharma companies) outweigh the needs of the many (all of humanity, and Fauci)?

    1. You just mentioned the last piece of the puzzle. Hopefully, omicron provides natural immunity against the more deadly strains, but we don’t know yet.

      Side note: I caught omicron last week, and recovered in four days. It was indeed mild as a cold; not even a bad cold, just a normal cold.

      1. You don’t know that. You said you didn’t get tested.

        1. But he feels he did isnwhat matters. He can virtue signal now.

      2. That’s unlikely. Virus variants compete with each other for supremacy. We watched Delta push out the other variants through July, and now Omicron is pushing out Delta about as quickly - it’s gone from about 0% to about 65% in maybe 3 weeks in this country, so should easily hit Delta’s 7/31 80% or so by the end of the week. Not surprisingly, it seems to be slowing up its takeover in the spacious western Rockies. Variants compete in two regards: by being more contagious, and less deadly. Despite the hype of the public health bureaucracies, pushing their novel vaccines so hard, natural immunities are far better, because your immune system ends up with a memory of most of the virus, and not just a couple spike proteins (as well as a longer term memory - which is one of the weaknesses of these novel vaccines).

      3. I had the real original covid... was feeling punky but funcitonal for two days, then pretty well back to nomral function, but VERY tired, for another week. I am guessing the mild head cold I had two days ago which did not even slow me down a bit, was actually the O version. I didn't bother to test, cause I \don't care. My natrual imminuty from the real one three months back suppressed it well enough I never missed a beat.

  4. So let's assume that at least a quarter of the people that aren't getting vaccinated are doing it for medical reasons. Wouldn't it then make sense that if we are counting those admitted to the hospital and then testing positive for Covid that a population that has medical conditions more likely to cause them to go to the hospital would lead to a larger percent in the hospital?
    My friend has a heart condition and other underlying issues that lead his doctor to tell him to avoid the vaccine. He ends up in the hospital a lot more often than I do because of his heart condition, so the likelihood of him as an unvaccinated individual ending up in the hospital and testing positive for Covid is a lot higher than my vaccinated self because I rarely end up in the hospital. I know this isn't all the cases but when you start factoring in things like that and the higher use of emergency rooms by people that are poorer and less likely to have access to or take the time to get vaccinated and you really wonder how they can just boil it all down to a single chart and say "look, it is this % effective."

    1. the virus is nothing. It gets people with faulty or overworked immune systems.

      So, not the healthy.

      And...the real Left wing sticking point....

      It stands to get the H OMOSEXUALS.

      Immuno compromised. AIDS 2

      1. It's a bit telling that one of the first things they do is put severe patients on immunosuppressants because, like the Spanish flu, a main concern is a cytokine storm which causes inflammation and fluid buildup in the lungs resulting in a lack of oxygen and a need for a ventilator.

        1. ...and odd, theyre focusing on the Unaffected of us instead of them.

          Seems as if they dont want to " fix it".

          I think the recent news claiming " finally an AIDS cure" is telling.

          Finally after 40 (?) years? And how much money?

          There WAS an AIDS cure in the 1980s.

          The Feds harassed the producer of a small newspaper in NC for telling about hyper-oxygenation as able to kill the blood borne AIDS bug. Apparently it was a 60% cure tested in Germany.

          But research is costly and fun when profitable over decades instead of shutting the issue down early on.

          Recognizing CDC data of 0.2% death rate from COVID doesnt facilitate billions of currency units in PROFIT.

    2. If your friend has managed to hang on thislong without getting the WooFlew he's likely somehow developed natural immunity that won't let him get it.
      Make sure he is taking his vydieyums and zinc, along with an ionophore, sich as quercitin or resveratrol.

  5. The early and continuing reports on Omicron were that it was highly contagious, but so far no signs of being as serious in it's symptoms as Delta. That has all stayed true and it is BS to pretend that wasn't always the information reported. It is also true that the conservative thing to do is to be careful until you know the facts, but there are no conservatives here apparently.

    By the way, there is some educated fear that long covid cases may explode down the road from Omicron infected. Maybe they won't. Maybe they will.

    "Though it's long been known to linger in respiratory tracts for weeks after infection, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 can quickly spread to the entire body and remain in the heart, brain and other organs for as long as eight months, according to new research from U.S. scientists—shedding light on so-called long Covid infections as experts warn the highly contagious omicron variant could spur a surge in U.S. hospitalizations.."

    1. Why do you leftists want Covid to be worse than it actually is? I'm sure you will deny that, but the leftists on this site are consistent in pushing this talking point. BTW, if you didn't pick up on it, my initial question was rhetorical.

    2. It is also true that the conservative thing to do is to be careful until you know the facts,

      "Conservatives were right." - Joe Friday

  6. But I was assured by all the Experts that it couldn't have come from a lab inflation won't happen Kabul won't fall it was the Russians all along omicron would be the doom of us all!

    1. Bad news, dude.
      The feds and the media lied to you.

      1. Now that's just crazy talk.

  7. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

    ― H.L. Mencken

    First it was "Oh no, all these people are dying!"

    When the number of people dying ceased to be scary the tune changed to "Oh no, hospitals are overflowing!"

    Now that hospitals are doing fine it's "Oh no, look at all these new cases!"

    What will they "Oh no" about when there aren't enough new cases to scare people?

    1. What will they "Oh no" about when there aren't enough new cases to scare people?

      "There could be invisible, unknown long-term effects!"

      cf. Joe Friday, 6:39pm, above.

      1. I thought that's what the conservatives were saying about the vaccine.

        1. Ask soccer fans in Europe how invisible the effects are.

        2. God damn you are dumb. Virtually every mainstream conservative has said to get vaxxed but no mandates. Want the quotes from the VP dummy?

      2. Back to AGW.

        Something must kill us all.

    2. The purpose is to maintain power. Fear is just one of the tools.

      1. Never attribute to malice what can be explained with good intentions paired with incompetence.

        1. Well said.

        2. Again with the excusing of authoritarianism due to "good intentions." Quite pathetic lol.

          1. I wonder what the road to hell is paved with.

            1. Well-intentioned, smart grid, self-driving EV technology.

        3. So that explains your presence here.

    3. Hospitals are not doing fine sarcasmic.

      What they will do if new cases shrink significantly is what the CDC and Biden did in April - announce new recommendations that the vaccinated should only need to wear masks in close quarters with people they don't know. This stupid paranoia is essential to the stupid stories these anti-vaxxers tell each other but is ridiculous. Elected officials don't want to tell people what they don't want to hear. Haven't you all figured that out?

      1. I have three daughters that work in the Texas Medical Center in Houston. You know, Texas. Where we’re basically ignoring it now and are undervaccinated and all.

        The hospitals are doing fine. The only issues they have are that they’re understaff because they fired so many people (and that drove away a lot more who left the business). But Omicron didn’t do that. Panic did.

        1. bevis, hope I'm wrong, but Texas's time is probably coming. Omicron is exploding in the cold weather urban areas for obvious reasons (NY and DC are also national and international transportation hubs). Florida was bragging about it's low rates a week or so ago but is now one of the leading states for new cases - again. Don't underestimate how contagious omicron is.

          By the way, New York's new cases and hospitalizations are being led by their unvaccinated.

            1. Nigh sweats Diane?

            2. Poor Joe "World's Greatest Contractor" has been triggered. Good work Diane!

        2. They fired 153 out of 24,947 workers. That’s 0.6 percent.

          1. Okay. It was a lot more than that. Several hundred according to the news down here at the time. At one hospital.

            And you’re ignoring those that quit in disgust over how their peers were being treated. My mature stable daughters who are in the situation tell me one thing (how short staffed they are and why) and you from nowhere near here say something different. Who to believe?

            1. Blame it on Trump, asshole.

            2. I looked it up. I’ll try to come back later and cite my sources.

              1. The number is inaccurate wherever it came from. Methodist Hospital has at least two lawsuits filed against it for wrongful termination. One has 117 plaintiffs and the other has 62. That’s more than your number and that’s just a couple of the many lawsuits and it’s only one of many hospitals in there.

                Methodist is very PR sensitive so if the number came from them it’s probably spin. At any rate, it’s obvious by inspection that it’s low.

                1. You specifically mentioned Texas Medical Center, and now you are taking about Methodist Hospital.

      2. Hospitals are doing fine, at least in Ohio. The multi-million dollar field hospital setup in the Columbus Convention Center never saw a patient. Healthcare workers were being furloughed in the western part of the state because there wasn't enough work to be done (when all elective surgeries were cancelled).

        But the hospitals keep pushing the fear. Just a few months ago, the head of a major healthcare system in central Ohio claimed she had "never seen anything" like the amount of patients her hospitals were admitting for the virus... despite the fact that she headed the same healthcare system back in January, when hospitalizations were three times higher and deaths were nearly 10 times higher. To this day, they keep hyping "record numbers" that are easily disproved by the figures the health department publishes.

        1. There was an article out of NY that one of the primary causes for hospital usages is idiots like Mike testing positive abd rushing to the hospital despite no or mild symptoms. They had to ask people to all their primary care if their symptoms were mild.

          The news and the left has scared people so much that they are overloading the ERs due to irrational fear.

          1. Jesse, the overwhelming numbers of hospitalizations nationally are from the unvaccinated, but also in places like NY.

        2. "The multi-million dollar field hospital setup in the Columbus Convention Center never saw a patient"

          1. OH govt is a historical cluster F______

          2. Why DIDNT it see any Patients?

          More fun to spread it via the building HVAC systems...

          1. While it was still considered a field hospital, they used part of it to stage a basketball tournament for a week that was broadcast on ESPN.

            1. so NB is more important.


              Ohio...lost State Pension fund to a coin dealer in Cleveland.

              Who the hell pretends thats an investment?

  8. The experience in South Africa, where the omicron variant was first identified in November, may provide some clues about what will happen next.

    They'll probably keep the unvaxxed apartheid from everyone else.

    1. Puns aside, I've read that South Africa is more resistant to vaccine mandates than many other countries specifically because of their past experience with apartheid.

    2. Phailing Phil is nowhere to be phfound. What a phucking chump.

  9. Who would have guessed that the corporate news media might engage in a little hyperbolic fear mongering? Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go watch CNN, they're running a 4 hour special on the recent surge in shark attacks and their connection to global warming based on that one guy in California.

    1. they're running a 4 hour special on the recent surge in shark attacks and their connection to global warming based on that one guy in California

      It was a 100% surge in one day! At that rate of increase, we're all in serious trouble.

      1. Even in Kansas

        1. Land sharks

      2. Yes but whats a 100% increase on 0.01%?

        0.02%. Both are zero.

      3. "At that rate of increase, we're all in serious trouble."

        Right? Given the scary contagion numbers that are always being thrown about, everybody in the USA should've had covid multiple times over by now.

        Also, I've heard that the rocks that repel tiger attacks also work on sharks (at least tiger sharks). So, if you haven't got one of those by now, you should consider it (you'll still need to mask though).

        1. When the raw numbers look scarier, that's what is reported. When the percentages look scarier, that's what we get.

  10. The " trend" is what it is. Thats not so remarkable esp. since its going down.

    The real take was the hysterical LIES that
    Dr. Fuckey et al spread.

    Fool me nine times, shame on them.

  11. Overwrought? They've been wroughting covid for damn near two years which means that it's all been overwrought for at least 16 months, likely more.

    1. cant resist....

      "... thats the most foul, cruel and bad tempered virus you ever laid eyes on..."

  12. Ensuring public safety is a legitimate function of government. Why the pushback? Perfect information does not exist. Why hold our elected officials to impossible standards? They are trying their best.

    1. Sometimes dogs get shot. Sometimes they grab their guns instead of their tasers. Mistakes happen. They're doing their best.

      1. lying is not a comment asdhole.

        They carry gun and taser on OPPOSITE SIDES.

        If they cant tell right from left theyre big a liars as you

    2. Nobody would care if government were simply providing information and allowing people to make their own decisions. It's when they use their dodgy data and/or models to force compliance with measures that don't even work that we have a problem.......

    3. Covid policy is not public safety. Covid is not a statistically significant threat to all but the very old and already very sickly, so it's not a threat to the general public. Doubly so with the even milder omicron variant. Covid policy is delaying the inevitable by a few months for the death of someone who was close to the end as is. And we severely damaged western civilization for it, probably beyond repair.

    4. Ensuring public safety is a legitimate function of government.

      No, it's not. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. Public safety isn't one of them. You might extrapolate it from one of those, but you might also extrapolate an apple from an orange; illegitimately.

  13. The proper way to cut the number of hospital admissions attributable to Covid, and to reduce the costs associated with such care, would be deny hospital treatment to unvaccinated persons.

    It may be difficult to think of a downside with respect to such a policy.

    Carry on, clingers. Without help from your betters, ideally.

    1. If implemented and successful, surely the same policy would not trickle down to the obese. Or non party members.

    2. the idiots shouldnt admit ANYONE that is so infectous.

      Criminal stupidity. Thats it, spread it to hospital patients and staff.

      This Cluster fuck sounds Democrat- run...

    3. The proper way to cut the number of hospital admissions attributable HIV, and to reduce the costs associated with such care, would be deny hospital treatment to anyone engaging in risky behavior.

      It my be difficult to think of a downside with respect to such a policy.

      Carry on, clingers. Without help from your betters, ideally.

  14. OT
    @Sevo, is the Millennium Tower going to fall?

    1. Nah. It's going to be an expensive 'fix', but it's not going any place.
      Have a 'geologic engineer' (I think that's the profession) acquaintance who has been involved to some degree; the tax payers are on the hook for a lot of the costs. The city built the 'transportation center' right next door, and disturbed the soil for quite a depth, digging a hole in the ground where moon-beam's choo-choo will never get. Plays hell with the calcs regarding the friction piles of surrounding buildings.

      1. Oh, and the original calcs were approved by the city, which then made them worthless.
        Probably go to bed-rock pilings and that's where the costs get big.

        1. Wow...just read about it. Holy shit are the SFO engineers blindingly incompetent!

      2. Saw a news story from a few days ago regarding the building. They said it recently shifted more during soil borings as part of the remediation project.

        Yeah. Pilings into bedrock is the way to go. Won’t be fun since the building is built.

  15. Scientific Study: “[P]atients who had received booster shots were 57 percent less likely to have symptomatic omicron infections than people who had received just two doses.”

    Democrats: According to The Science™️, we must mandate that everyone get 4 doses.

    1. I thought we weren't doing "boosters" anymore. I thought the newspeak was that it was always meant to be a three-dose vaccine.

      1. The vaccine was always a three dose vaccine.

        1. Recent data puts boosters at a 10 week effective rate so it is a 5 dose yearly shot.

          1. It’s very hard to keep up with rightthink.

            1. yes its complex, based on education and reasoning and facts.

              Leftist Group think sinking to the Lowest Common Denominator appeals to stupid people bc its easy.

  16. Recent COVID-19 Trends Suggest That Initial Fears of Omicron Were Overwrought

    As anyone with a shred of common sense knew immediately...

  17. At this point you'd have to be a fucking idiot to be worried about the Chinavirus unless you're quite obese or over 80.

  18. It is remarkable how quickly these variants seem to spread through the population. I am wondering though, if the new "variant" really comes from a single mutation or if there is some sort of convergent evolution of the virus(es) that then show enough similar distinguishing characteristics such that tests indicate the same variant.
    For example, say "omicron" developed in Africa but then because of the sames sorts of evolutionary pressures another "omicron-like" variant came out of Indiana.

    1. divergent evolution.

      Odd that the Lying Left who swear by Evolution REJECT evolution when it happens to this virus.

      Pathological liars, they are.

      The more it spreads, the more times it can morph.

      The more deadly strains fail to spread as they kill the host. That happened with MERS. 50% fatal but didnt spread.

      So the less dangerous variant does spread.


      But NBC ( Nationalists Broadcasting Communism) wont admit it.

  19. But how better to get people to get their boosters, than to prove to them that the first two doses weren't as effective as promised? Just 10 more weeks to slow the spread, before the next booster.

    1. the "89 day booster"

      thats like the " 90 day warranty" where the thing breaks down on the 91st day...

  20. Article suggestions for 2027:

    Were coronavirus deaths overcounted? A soho forum debate.

  21. How many deaths have we had without a vaccine vs with a vaccine?

    1. 750, 000

      800 K from virus

      50, ooo from the " safe and effective vaccine"

  22. 2020 Joe Biden " I will shut down the virus".
    2021 Joe Biden "There is no Federal solution".
    Well liberal trolls, make your excuses now!

    1. Orange Man Bad!!! Mean tweets!!! 🙂

      1. Senile Fool!!!! Incoherent tweets!!! POTUS can't remember who the President is!!!

        1. Fucking scary, is what it is.

    2. We just need more BLM marches which stop the spread.

    3. Monday Joe Biden: There is no federal solution to COVID.
      Tuesday Joe Biden: Here is my federal plan for COVID.

      Senile Old Fool can't remember which way is up. Do you miss Orange Man yet?

      1. Groper Joe also played Bowf Sidez on school masks...

        Safety bet...the senile fool can claim victory no matter what damage it causes.

        1. And the tax payers cover the vig.

  23. Hindsight is 20/20.

    The next mutation variant of this engineered plague could be the worst.

    But hey, that’s the profit motive. Fill your boots.

  24. I have a better idea, instead of kicking the unvaxxed off planes, let's kick little lord Fauci off a plane....from 35,000 feet.
    Just pretend your DB Cooper, Tony and enjoy the ride to retirement.

  25. Omicron is the vaccine.

    1. Yep. Now we just need a natural immune-response vaccine for the intervening authoritarian government shitheads who will insist that it's still not over.

      1. No, we need a bank of Wood Chippers.

        Thats the Solution.

    2. ^^^ this. exactly 100% correct, but have you heard a single news report saying this? nope. and you won't because "vaccines".

  26. The tribe will never drop this, as it allows them to transfer white money to themselves.

  27. Covid has been a joke from the start. I'm sorry but very old people, extremely morbidly obese people and people with serious preexisting health conditions have a tendency to die, it's what they do. Covid is simply the catalyst for them to die, not the main reason. From the very start this has been a negligible risk to anybody below retirement age unless they have far below average health for their age group. Now with omicron the negligible risk is even less, yet society is doubling down on lockdowns, vaccine mandates and other forms of disgusting medical tyranny.

    1. The 2018 flu hospitalized 800,000 and kilked an estimated 10- 17,000 from CDC data.

      But no such hysteria.

  28. Very true on case numbers being misleading. I hope that the next article will be on the overall vaccination rate being misleading. 62% overall vaccination rate is irrelevant. An unvaccinated 16 year old is incredibly unlikely to be hospitalized for COVID. We are at ~88% vaccination rate 65+ which is the only relevant vaccination rate given how much age matters (the 88% is likely an underestimate). It would be even better if we could include natural immunity, but if we are going to talk about vaccination rates, let's at least talk about the right one.

    (Against the original disease, the overall vaccination rate might have been relevant as a measure of when we hit herd immunity. However, against Omicron, the vaccines' effectiveness against spread isn't strong enough to push the replication factor below 1: Omicron would spread even in a fully vaccinated population).

    1. Showing, again, that " vaccine" and " spread" are not related.

      Too bad Journslism majors are too stupid to get it...

      1. Most people responsible for communicating and creating policy around the pandemic have been remarkably stubborn about holding onto old beliefs:

        1. It took WAY too long for them to accept that it doesn't spread through contact. Even the CDC's guidelines for summer camps this year (published nearly a year and a half into the pandemic) discouraged sharing of items. Heck, they are still telling us to wash our hands (to be clear: hand washing IS a good thing that can help prevent the spread of many just so happens that COVID is not one of them). It drives me nuts that I still see people do the elbow bump instead of the handshake, even though the elbow bump causes you to get closer to the other person.

        2. It took forever for them to admit that COVID is aerosolized. And they STILL have not thought through the implications (except to advise people to open a window during the winter, which... isn't going to happen in the northern half of the country). Can changes in HVAC systems help? No idea. Do those noisy standalone HEPA filters help? Sure would be nice if they investigated that. How much does social distancing actually matter if COVID floats in the air? How long after a COVID positive person is in a room do you have to wait before it is safe? No idea. Close contact is defined as time within 6 feet, but is that actually much higher risk that merely being in the same room? Do those absurd plastic dividers they were putting into schools actually help more than they hurt?

        3. With Omicron, it is increasingly clear that vaccinated folks are nearly as "dangerous" as unvaccinated folks to be around. So, why the mandate? If it is to protect the unvaccinated from the vaccinated, then why is testing the unvaccinated weekly offered as an alternative? Getting tested doesn't prevent you from getting COVID or suffering from the consequences of catching COVID. And if the policy is to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated, first off, who cares? The fully vaccinated working age population is at incredibly low risk of having a bad time if they get infected. And the vaccinated are nearly as likely to catch Omicron from a fellow vaccinated as an unvaccinated colleague. Also, the policy doesn't do anything to protect any employees from customers.

        4. Why aren't we totally rethinking the pandemic in light of a 90% effective pill? Public health officials can save way more lives by stopping worrying about stopping the spread, and changing direction to figure out how to ensure that people can get tested, visit a prescribing physician, and get to the pharmacy within 5 days of symptom onset. Are general partitioners ready for the flood of COVID positive patients who are going to need appointments within 48 hours (including weekends)? I really feel like the answer is probably not, but I have seen no movement to fix it. Could we allow pharmacists to prescribe to anyone with a verified PCR positive? Should county health departments setup drive through doctor visits like we had for vaccines? Can the monoclonal antibody centers be repurposed into one stop shops that prescribe and dispense in one place? Should we allow the first dose to be given for a positive rapid test, and then mail the rest after the PCR test comes back positive? Why aren't we mobilizing and preparing when we know that Pfizer is going to flood the country with doses in a month or two and we have a health system absolutely not setup to handle urgent but not yet emergency care?

        1. ". Can changes in HVAC systems help? No idea. "

          Having HVAC enginerring experience,
          I do.

          The head of ASHRAE said it does.

          Building air needs to be ventilated ( the V in HVAC) to discharge virus laden air.

          He said so publically. It ran in the Lame Stream Media briefly.

          But it would cost money instead of making money.

          The plan so far is to only "implement measures" FOR PROFIT.

        2. Spot on.



    It was started when Ozzy Ozborne bit the bats head off in a concert.

    So, Liberals, thus exonerates your CCP Masters. Rejoice!

    The first mass outbreak being in Wuhan China near the lab that Fauci funded to do virus research was purely a coincidence...

  30. You mean kind of like the overwrought hysteria surrounding the original strain and delta? Who could have guessed? Americans have moved on despite the bleating from msm and democrat fear mongers.

    1. AFTER ...3 years.

      Its over.

  31. Recent Reason Editorials About COVID-19 Trends Suggest That Its Writers Are Full of Shit

  32. Whats missing in all of this?

    Besides Bidets mind?


    THAT is the failure here. Socislized medicine.

    We DO have shortages and rationing they lied about not having.

    That un-Constitutional clusterfuck cost us $ 8.2 TRILLION plus unlumited amounts for some line items in the Bill.

    Down the Loo.

    1. Jews in Israel have universal healthcare. All Jews were fully vaccinated by January 2021 before the first 5000 doses were sent to any Palestinians living there.

      Jews ensure that the Jewish universal healthcare is at least 10 times better that what they allow for the occupied Palestinians.

      Poor persecuting Jews.

  33. "The trends suggest . . .". Sure. But the facts and the science (actual science, not the political crap that's passed off as science) proclaims from the rooftops that the entire C-19 panic has been a man-made panic over a relatively harmless disease. And just about no one wants to hear that. Absolutely, medical professionals need to be on top of it. But the rest of us? There's a life to live. Let's get at it.

  34. As usual, the advice holds:

    "Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst"

    It is nice that Omicron is milder. But it would be foolish to bet on it until more was known. Because what if the opposite was true?

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