Omicron Hospitalization Risk Two-Thirds Lower than Delta Infection, Says Scottish Study

Also vaccine boosters reduce risk of symptomatic infection by nearly 60 percent


"Omicron is associated with a two-thirds reduction in the risk of COVID-19 hospitalisation when compared to Delta," report a team of University of Edinburgh researchers in a preprint study of COVID-19 cases in Scotland. The researchers reached this preliminary conclusion based on COVID-19 infection testing and hospitalization data gathered between November 23 and December 19.

These Scottish results are in line with similar conclusions reached by researchers in South Africa who reported in a preprint study earlier this week that people diagnosed with omicron between October 1 and December 6 were 80 percent less likely to be admitted to hospital than those diagnosed with another variant during that period. As Reuters reports the South African study also found "that people who were hospitalized with Omicron in October-November were 70 percent less likely to develop severe disease than those admitted with Delta between April and November."

In further good news, the researchers in Scotland also report that booster shots of COVID-19 vaccines were associated with a nearly 60 percent reduced risk of symptomatic infection compared to those who had received just two vaccine doses.

"Although small in number, the study is good news. The two thirds reduction in hospitalisation of double vaccinated young people compared to Delta indicates that Omicron will be milder for more people," noted Oxford University biologist James Naismith in a statement at the Science Media Centre. "In my view, there is now solid reason to favour a more optimistic outcome of Omicron in the UK than was feared."

Naismith did, however, caution, "Although two thirds reduction is significant, Omicron can cause severe illness in the doubly vaccinated. Thus if Omicron continues to double every few days, it could generate many more hospitalisations than Delta from the double vaccinated population."

His advice: Get boosted now.


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  1. Gee, how shocking that they recommended continue vaccine boosting.

    1. Get your booster for letter A today. Trust us, it totally works for letter O.

      1. They aren't asking you for blind trust. They are pointing to the (admittedly limited) study data they have.

        1. Data never changes. Science is static. Anybody that changes their mind about anything must be in on the conspiracy!

          There is no reasoning with irrational partisans.

          1. Mute the sarcasmic at 11:58 am, above, and you will see that you can still see my comment.

            Why? Different account.

            1. Is sarc running multiple accounts now?

              1. It’s the craziest thing yet.

              2. He's been caught multiple times outing himself as SQRSLY, so this would come as no great surprises. His idiocy is outmatched only by his narcissism. So long as people are paying attention to him, he does not care what he has to do.

                1. Wouldn't shock me if he thinks this will convince people he hasn't said similar shit for the last 6 months. Just checked all my bookmarks similar to that and they are all him.

                  Even below he uses the fallacy about 100%. He just ignores new data to virtue signal to his new boyfriends.

                  1. He craves attention.

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                2. That's three too many

              4. He’s spoofing himself because everyone hates him now and it’s finally sunk in. I just consider it performance art. Easier to just beat up in all Sarcasmics all the time.

          2. The irony is you and Mike haven't once changed your stance of blowing government despite all new evidence. Lol.

          3. "Data never changes. Science is static. Anybody that changes their mind about anything must be in on the conspiracy!"
            Now contrast this with Fauci saying the science can't be questioned and it's settled.......

            1. Know what else is " settled?"

              The people killed BY the vaccine are SETTLED in their GRAVES.

              I Am Fully Un- Vaccinated

      2. Thing is, if you've already had two jabs then it is extremely unlikely you are going to have any serious adverse side effects from getting a booster. There's virtually no downside to getting a booster.

          1. The voices in his head?

          2. St. Fauci said so. Hallowed be his name.

            1. Pray to Fauci and be saved!

              1. He probably has a nativity scene in front of his house with the baby Fauci in the manger.

        1. Do you have a long-term side effect study for that? Short term?

        2. People who have been vaxxed need to start thinking more about lifetime exposure to jabs and to serious covid - rather than about mere symptomatic infection from covid exposure. SARS-Cov2 is here to stay and everyone IS going be exposed to it sooner or later.

          US, UK, and Israel public health authorities in particular look like they are really inclined to just keep pimping more boosters (to the part of their population that is still listening to them) while remaining mostly focused on case panic rather than more serious metrics. So I am losing all interest in what they have to say. This Scotland study is good - and in a week or so, it will actually have valid data too.

          The risk for those public health authorities is their own credibility about the vax and public health since the more they talk about boosters, the more those who AREN'T learning anything and who have been lying all along undermine vaccine info and public health itself. We are in two different worlds of reality/facts now - and it's time to stop pretending that there are ANY universally agreed-upon facts now.

          1. The risk for health authorities has been their continuous stream of lies and misrepresented data as they try to shore up their defense of the leaky jab.

            Those of us that distrusted it since Trump announced waiving safety and liability have not had a reason to change our views on the risks and merits.

            1. Those of you who have been wrong about and lied about everything are not suddenly 'correct' by pretending that a broken clock is right every two years. Just morons in lalaland.

              1. Hahahahahahaha

              2. Smeared your lipstick a bit when you swallowed that load.

            2. "I'm still not close to being willing to skeptically question what I read online in partisan media" says Nuts. Thanks for the update.

          2. the recent Fauci admission that the vax doesnt work implies that those who got it now have immune systems that cannot generate immunity.

            IOW the vax ruined their immune systems.

            IF SO...and the virus isnt going away, THEYRE SCREWED! As they age. itll get them.

            I Am Fully Un- Vaccinated

            1. It doesn't actually work like that... Whatever other reservations I have about the jab, it does not suppress normal immune functionality.

              We may see a risk of greater infectious chance, if the jab follows the SARS mRNA test results and creates antigen receptors on white cells allowing their infection, or because it's an incomplete viral sample it won't do shit for variants.

              1. "Whatever other reservations I have about the jab, it does not suppress normal immune functionality"

                Check out the leftist fact check...

                Next you'll be saying the sky is blue.

              2. This is worth a read for those who might be concerned about potential long-term damage to innate immunity from the vaccines:


                I'm not an immunologist just a messenger.

        3. I had two doses of Moderna, the second one resulted in blood clots two weeks later, in a minor vein. It took almost two weeks for the blood clots to clear and I was paranoid the whole damn time that there may have been clots in more deadly spots.

          I am declining the booster unless it shows more conclusive proof of being effective against Omicron than just you will have 60% less risk of symptoms.

    2. Scientists in the U.S. Army are developing a Covid-19 vaccine designed to protect against current and future variants—and even other coronaviruses— and are expected to announce positive early results within weeks, a head researcher told the military news outlet Defense One on Tuesday.

      1. Explain how they can predict this vax will be effective against unknown future variants?

        1. They did tests with blood serum from vaccinated people. That's not the greatest evidence, but it's too early to have good data on hospitalizations, etc.

          1. You really do follow government blindly don't you. Despite them being wrong at virtually every step you keep claiming they are infallible.

            1. Government: carbs don’t make you fat.

          2. "it's too early to have good data on hospitalizations,"

            ...but anybody who has doubts is, CLEARLY, somebody who hates ALL vaccines and wants people to die...

            1. Let's inject it and find out what's in it!

              Dumbfuck progshit.

              1. Progshits* Reason...

        2. Sorry, I misread your question as: "Explain how they can predict this vax will be effective against omicron?"

          The answer to the question you actually asked is they can't know.

        3. statistics. nothing else

      2. >>>Scientists in the U.S. Army

        good lord let's immediately trust those guys.

        1. There's Pfizer, and Moderna, and Merck, and AstraZeneca, and J&J, and Glaxo, and Lilly, and Bayer, and Sanofi, and Novartis, and a few others.

          But the best scientists always choose a career with the U.S. Army.

          1. I can’t wait for the “I am legend” variant.

        2. At least you may be able to sue them for adverse reactions.

    3. Gee, how shocking that damikesc expects to be taken seriously, in view of the past utter fascism that it has written, and will NEVER have the common decency or humility required in order to take it BACK!

      Hey Damiksec, damiskec, and damikesc, and ALL of your other socks…
      How is your totalitarian scheme to FORCE people to buy Reason magazines coming along?

      Free speech (freedom from “Cancel Culture”) comes from Facebook, Twitter, Tik-Tok, and Google, right? THAT is why we need to pass laws to prohibit these DANGEROUS companies (which, ugh!, the BASTARDS, put profits above people!)!!! We must pass new laws to retract “Section 230” and FORCE the evil corporations to provide us all (EXCEPT for my political enemies, of course!) with a “UBIFS”, a Universal Basic Income of Free Speech!

      So leftist “false flag” commenters will inundate Reason-dot-com with shitloads of PROTECTED racist comments, and then pissed-off readers and advertisers and buyers (of Reason magazine) will all BOYCOTT Reason! And right-wing idiots like Damikesc will then FORCE people to support Reason, so as to nullify the attempts at boycotts! THAT is your ultimate authoritarian “fix” here!!!

      “Now, to “protect” Reason from this meddling here, are we going to REQUIRE readers and advertisers to support Reason, to protect Reason from boycotts?”
      Yup. Basically. Sounds rough. (Quote damikesc)



      1. It is all part of the grand conspiracy!

      2. TDS-addled spastic asshole gets flagged.

    4. Heh, some dickhead on the Something Awful forms claims that he's had over 30 COVID shots. I don't know how you pull that off with how these things are tracked in state databases, but during a recent doctor appointment, they said he had "viscous blood" of a type they've never seen, and he's developed high blood pressure and kidney problems.

      Safe and effective!

      1. That sounds like a case of shit that never happened.

        1. Having read those forums off and on for a couple of decades, it's really hard to tell what's bullshit with those goons, because I really can see one of their commenters doing something completely stupid like getting a booster shot every three weeks. The forum is largely dominated by a bunch of hyper-neurotic, mentally ill leftists who are both capable of making something up like this out of thin air for attention, but also being exceptional enough to actually do it for the same reason.

          1. Bingo.

          2. I remember when something awful was good. That was circa 2005

            1. Like reddit, fark, and lot of other large internet communities, it went off the rails right around the time Obama became president, as the forums got increasingly hijacked by a bunch of left-wing jannies who went on banning sprees of anyone who wouldn't parrot leftist shibboleths.

              1. People like that should be beaten on the spot.

            2. Oh, and just as the cherry on top, the founder of the whole thing, Lowtax, actually killed himself a few weeks ago.

              1. That sucks, kyanka was halarious, and I think he has a fairly young kid

                1. or it proves the tracking doesnt work.

    5. These are not vaccines but "preemptive somewhat effective prophylactics"

      You can be symptomatic with vaccines which by definition either means the vaccine doesn't work or to provides some level of protection from more harmful symptoms. Basically a prophylactic.

    6. "how shocking that they recommended continue vaccine boosting"

      Hopefully some of you who are late to the bandwagon realizing what they've been doing with vaccines will start looking into the depth of the lies around so-called antibiotics. Embarrassing how many refuse to fully open their eyes even after claiming to have taken the red pill.

  2. At this point I am skeptical of anything I read about the numbers, cases, deaths, vax efficacy everything.

    Everything I was told from the beginning has turned out to be wrong

    This whole idea that the vaccines make the symptoms less sever and make you less likely to die COULD be true but honestly I'm not counting on it.

    1. If I posted this ^ to Twitter I'd be banned, which makes me even more skeptical

      1. What would you call the error in reasoning where someone automatically believes everything said, if that thing is censored?

        I've been deliberately making that error.

        1. First one into the camps?

        2. Is that an error in reasoning? Think of it this way: why would something be censored if it wasn't dangerous, and why would it be considered dangerous by the censors if it wasn't true?

          1. "why would it be considered dangerous by the censors if it wasn't true?"

            What a stumper. Hadn't realized this profound formal logical proof exists before.

            So if someone gets censored on American Thinker for saying Trump lost the election, we now have the proof people have been looking for that he *did* lose the election.

            However, if someone is censored on Twitter for saying Trump *didn't* lose the election, we encounter a dangerous paradox, since both must be true per the logical proof above.

            At that point does the universe split into alternate timelines or how is that resolved?

            You learn about so many interesting things online.

        3. Underdog bias?

          1. Underdog biased? How dare you!

          2. Underdog could really kick some democrat ass.

      2. In stark contrast to what The Experts have been telling us through official channels, most everything that has been banned on Twitter has turned out to be true.

      3. I doubt that. Jordan Peterson, MUCH more high profile than you, has been posting comments that go beyond anything you've said, and nothing has happened. His tweets are still there.

        1. Cite?
          You don’t really know who you are talking to.

        2. You really can't stop being full of shit can you? Twitter just announced they would ban people who said vaccinated people can spread covid.

          For fucks sake. Do you actually exert energy to be so fucking wrong all the time?

          1. They get paid to be full of shit, to dissemble, and to contradict their own prior positions at any given moment.

          2. Well, he is a sea lion...

            1. Did Jeffy change handles? I haven’t noticed too much of him lately.

              Maybe he choked to death on a ham sandwich.

          3. The best thing one can do for White Mike is mute him.

      4. If you are truly skeptical, why are you on twitter?

    2. "make you less likely to die"

      of Covid

      1. The Babylon bee was correct with their article, phiser and Moderna vaccine is almost as safe as covid for those under 18

      2. Of course they are because Jordan Peterson is very high profile. They can't censor him heavily without huge amounts of unwanted attention.

        The tactic is to cut off the lower-profile accounts with smaller followings who act as "amplifiers" of Peterson's tweets. They censor people who retweet his tweets. They've been doing it for months now.

        1. Goddamit. That was for idiot Mike.

          1. He wouldn't read it anyway.

            1. Or understand it even if he did.

            2. If he did, he’d ask for a cite.

    3. "If we had not done X then Y would have been much worse" is the logical fallacy du jour or, as the COVID faithful prefer to refer to it, the SCIENCE!

    4. This is the normal course for a virus; the extremely virulent mutations do not spread much because dead people don't go around spreading them. If less than deadly but debilitating, almost the same thing happens because very sick people do not get out enough to help spread the type they have.
      The mutations that eventually become the most common are those that are good at infection and being transmitted, mostly because they do not incapacitate the infected so much that they stay home, but instead, feeling just a bit punk, go around spreading the winning variety everywhere.

      1. From the plague if the Spanish Flu to a seasonal sniffle.

        1. But the resolution deprives Left Wing Athiests of their Armageddon scenario!

          No fun in that!

    5. Everything I was told from the beginning has turned out to be wrong [and/or a deliberate lie]

      1. Is this the point where you threaten to murder everyone that disagrees with you?

        1. Nobody loves you.

        2. And no one ever will.

      2. Agree. Everything was wrong and/or a lie.

    6. make you less likely to die

      I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess the likelihood is unchanged.

      1. Life is 100% fatal.

        1. What??? No!!!

          I demand that the government do something immediately, and impose restrictions until they find a vaccine!

    7. I’m willing to bet that it reduces symptoms. Of course that means the vaccinated are out there, sick and spreading it because they don’t know they’ve got it or think it’s just a mild cold.

      1. Indeed. The same way vulnerable people go out in public with a cloth mask thinking they are safe.

        1. According to Mike, we can call all of them assholes, if not murderers.

      2. so it reduces symptoms so people DONT know they are ill with it.

        Feature or Bug?

  3. Get your boosters; take your pills; wear your masks; shun your family; lock yourself indoors; await new variant; repeat.

    Bailey is a massive faggot.

    1. Don't insult faggots. They at least keep your feet warm when they burn.

      1. Now that’s based!

    2. In this context he is going back to the Roman (?) interpretation of sentry that would beat people who disobeyed with a bundle of sticks

  4. This is excellent news.

    Merry Christmas!

    P.S. We still need new and better vaccines.

    1. no, better scientists that dont lie and project

  5. "Naismith did, however, caution, "Although two thirds reduction is significant, Omicron can cause severe illness in the doubly vaccinated. Thus if Omicron continues to double every few days, it could generate many more hospitalisations than Delta from the double vaccinated population."

    It could have been much worse,--considering the ineffectiveness of our current vaccines against infection from Omicron.

    1. Thus if Omicron continues to double every few days,

      ... it will infect all the electrons in the universe.

  6. If you're going to comment, try to keep up on the subject Ken, Moderna has definitively stated it's booster is effective against Omicron and Pfizer stated their testing so far indicates effectiveness.

    1. >>it's booster is effective against Omicron

      so is doing nothing.

    2. Yeah, lab tests showing increased antibody levels. Nothing targeted to Omicron specifically. From the article:

      Pfizer said last week that a booster dose of its COVID-19 vaccine may offer important protection against the new omicron variant even though the initial two doses appear significantly less effective.... Blood samples taken a month after a booster showed people harbored levels of omicron-neutralizing antibodies that were similar to amounts proven protective against earlier variants after two doses

      3 shots is good, 4 shots is even better:

      Moderna said Monday its COVID-19 booster does appear to provide protection against the omicron variant. In an announcement early Monday, the drug company said preliminary data from lab testing found the version of its booster currently in use in the United States and elsewhere provided increased antibody levels to neutralize the virus. But it also found that a double dose of the booster shot provided a much greater increase in those levels.

      1. "Get your 7th booster just to be sure."

      2. Moderna said Monday that the spending tens of billions more on its vaccine is an excellent idea. Wow, they're real fuckin' humanitarians, aren't they!

        We need a vaccine specific for Omicron. A vaccine that's only 0% - 20% effective in preventing infection--after three doses timed four months apart--is insufficiently effective. If Moderna is the company that finds it, that's great.

        Squandering more taxpayer money on a vaccine against a variant that is notable for NOT putting people in the hospital is a waste. Everyone individual Americans who wants to shell out his or her own money for a booster should be free to do so.

        1. A vaccine that's only 0% - 20% effective in preventing infection--after three doses timed four months apart--is insufficiently effective.

          . . . insufficiently effective at stopping the virus from spreading, but that's more than sufficient to justify the government spending billions more on another round of vaccines for everybody.

          Incidentally, the government also spent hundreds of billions trying to turn the Islamic fundamentalists of Afghanistan into feminists and keeping marijuana out of the hands of hipsters from San Diego to Seattle.

          1. They already paid for the boosters haven’t they? I got mine weeks ago.

            1. Only 27 to go, sealion.

              1. Sealions can live on land or in the HO2

            2. Didn’t do much good. You said you were sick.

            3. A week ago... 3 days before you said you caught covid... hmm.

              1. Pretty sure I said we should file that in the things that never happened Pile.

                White Mike thinks we all have the memory of sarc

        2. >We need a vaccine specific for Omicron


          But in Africa infections with omicron are falling. So it might be that it washes over the populace before they'd do any good.

          Here's my conjecture. It's roughly twice as infectious as Delta (I can't prove that, just read it this morning so I'm going with it). Delta was 2x or 3x OG covid, so slightly less than chicken pox but a lot more than most influenza. That means Omicron is MORE infectious than chicken pox, which is nuts. That's not Measles level infectious (which is about the perfect virus from an infecting humans standpoint) but it's more than almost any endemic virus.

          Another small study from SA said 40% were asymptomatic. It took over NYC and crowded out Delta in the sampling in just a couple of weeks.

          So, this spike is happening. We're only a couple of weeks away from the peak, and that peak is going to be fast and hard. Then Omicron numbers will crash fast and hard. So it'll be past us way before the clinical studies on the Omicron-specific boosters make it to the FDA, much less get into production in any reasonable numbers.

          Anyway, Moderna and Phizer are both testing Omicron-tweaked vaccines. But getting from here to production might take way longer than will matter.

          My hope is that it really is relatively mild. If it is this infectious, for reals, we're all getting exposed sooner or later, which should be a booster for vaccinated or recovered folks and old school inoculation for those who aren't yet. Our best hope of herd immunity.

          1. It's just like the seasonal flu shot--in that new variants are added to the next seasonal flu vaccine every year.

            Occam's razor says reason Moderna is touting the effectiveness of three shots over a four month period because they want the government to spring for another 325 million doses.

            This would not normally be considered an effective vaccine on the basis of requiring three doses over a period of months--rather than a month.

            1. When the under 5 trials failed with 3 shots they immediately began testing with 4 shots. This is the same company who said the original dosage was 95% effective.

            2. “because they want the government to spring for another 325 million doses.”

              Weren’t the boosters already paid for and distributed weeks ago?

              1. Impoverished nations are begging for their first.

            3. I don't get the seasonal crapshot either.

              Does not prevent a disease that's not serious.

            4. Yeah, they are. But the flu shot they do that BEFORE flu season, which I think is my point. Omnicron is everywhere, and it happened in a month.

              The flu they tend to see what strains are happening worldwide, guess which is most likely, then create a formula for the strains for the next season. They don't get it right all the time, efficacy can be wildly different from year to year, but it often works well. The process is proactive.

              I'm assuming that, during the actual "endemic" phase of this whole shitshow, that's what will happen. MRNA is good for that, the tweaks are easier to make if you have valid genetic sequencing of active strains. I just think it's too late to matter in the least for this particular strain of 'rona.

              And Moderna is touting effectiveness because it's at least somewhat effective. These studies are heavily peer reviewed. If you're in business you certainly want to harp on your successes, regardless of what you sell. And they're selling a lot.

              That said, I don't think they have any paucity of customer base regardless of whether the US buys more, remember the WHO is complaining that countries getting boosters are taking shots out of the mouths of starving Africans or something like that. So I've kind of assumed that they can sell as many as they can make. But of course they want people to know and they want to sell more. If there are billion dollar deals on the table, you're not going to ignore them. Occam was a smart guy.

              Interestingly, most of this section is just overwhelmed with the anti-vax 50 centers and trolls. i guess they're all getting as many posts in as possible before the holidays.

              1. 20% effective now? With the initial majority of severe cases in the vaccinated, wasn't it?

                It's not a vaccine.

            5. Occam's razor says Ken is a self quoting princess who wants his perfect medicine delivered by Unicorns, and right now!, or he'll bitch and claim conspiracy.

              1. ^ Junior high jealousy.

                1. As if he made it that far.

                2. Which is why Barbie Jack; always chasing after Ken and Dianne.

              2. No, no, you’re confused. YOU are the bitch here. And everywhere.

                You got that, bitch?

          2. Omicron has largely acted liked the common cold.

            1. Which is why this shit will last forever.

        3. “If Moderna is the company that finds it…”

          Not following why you describe it as something that has to be “found”. Pfizer and Moderna have processes in place for sequencing new variants and modifying their vaccines. They both already have people working on it.

          1. “Working on it “ means they haven’t found it yet,

      3. 3 shots is good, 4 shots is even better:

        (There are 9mm pistols available with 13 to 15 shots)

        1. 4 shots good, 2 shots bad.

          1. Two in the chest, face gets the rest.

        2. (Not in some states. [California])

    3. You telling anyone to keep up on anything is almost as laughable as shrike’s economics post.

  7. Anybody else notice that they didn't mention whether non-vaccinated people were affected? IMO, that exclusion says a lot. If non-vaccinated people were suffering severely from the new variant, we all know they'd be screaming about it.

    1. Especially since they're now using previous infections to explain why the omicron wave was so mild in barely 40% vaccinated South Africa (they say they may have up to 60-70% of the pop previously infected) but why it might be invisible death everywhere else. Because nowhere else has a large percentage of their population previously infected...

      1. they 10X -ed Modernas STOCK PRICE!

  8. Merry Christmas everyone!

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      2. A merry Christmas with a happy ending?

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        1. Are they giving or receiving?

          1. Thats called " pitching and catching."

      4. Dudes with tits? Sign Mike Liarson and Sarc up right away. I don’t think Sarc is gay. Just a stupid alcoholic who makes bad decisions while binge drinking.

        1. I think he's lonely enough to blow Tony for dinner.

    2. Merry Christmas and Go Cats!

      1. emaw! hope the Texas Bowl doesn't get canceled.

  9. In further good news, the researchers in Scotland also report that booster shots of COVID-19 vaccines were associated with a nearly 60 percent reduced risk of symptomatic infection compared to those who had received just two vaccine doses.

    You mean a third dose last week provides better protection than the two doses you got six months ago? I guess that makes sense, in the same way that the peanut butter sandwich I had 5 minutes ago has cured my hunger better than the steak dinner I had last month. Let's see how that third dose pans out in about six months when they're recommending a fifth dose.

  10. I've been sick with what is almost certainly omicron since Sunday night. It has been mild and I'm almost fully recovered.

    1. You should get yourself tested to be sure, that way you can have a doctor's note saying you've got natural antibodies.

      1. Real creative, Tulpa. You know nobody is falling for the ruse, right? But, by all means, keep at it.

        1. I'm not seeing any difference at all in the 12:00 pm and 12:04 pm comments, as far as invisible or space characters in the handles.

          1. I don't know how he did it. But if you mute 12:04 sarcasmic, 12:00 sarcasmic remains. And vice vera.

            They're two different accounts.

            Guess it's up to you to decide which is which.

            1. Yeah, I can try muting each of the contenders, and then go back and look at some of sarcasmic's comments from a few weeks ago to confirm.

              1. That makes sense, too. And I see he is still at it. If you mute the sarcasmic post at 12:19 pm, below, you can still see my comment. Tulpa really did not think this through.

                1. “Shoot us both Spock!”

            2. Easiest way to tell is to look at who sarcasmic is replying to. There are people (Alphabetroll for example) I don't reply to because I have them on mute.

              1. No one cares who you mute, fag.

            3. Well, all I know is if I mute the other "sarcasmic", and not the one I am replying to now, I can see "sarcasmic" comments that were made months ago.

              1. The ironic thing is that by impersonating me in this particular manner, he is actually amplifying the substance of my ideas over rank insults. So, if Tulpa's goal was to troll me, it seems to have backfired completely.

                1. What ideas? You haven't posited an idea in months.

              2. The problem is that I do not know, and have no way of knowing, how long Tulpa has been doing this. I just happened to notice it the other day, and reported it to the moderators as soon as I could (not that they'll do anything, it seems). And, not that it ultimately matters, because this new tactic is as useless as it is childish.

                The trolls already have me muted, so I cannot see what Tulpa thinks he is achieving.

                1. Trolls don't mute anybody. That's what makes them trolls.

                  How long have you been doing this? There are times I look at the comments after not posting for days, and people are yelling at me for shitposting all weekend. Just like when you put a space in the name. So I guess it's been going on for a while.

                  1. This is like the “Two spidermen meme” only with more autism.

                    1. I dont know why sarc is getting mad. Its the same arguments he has made for months. This seems fishy, as if he is doing it to claim he has been hacked for months and never said that shit we all know he has. I checked all my bookmarks, they are him. They say the same things.

                    2. +10

                  2. Real creative, Tulpa.

                    How long can you actually keep this up? I do appreciate the dedication. It takes talent to be this stupid and pathetic. I'm actually flattered.

                  3. If you think this kind of spoofing is funny, Minadin, you are a total asshole.

                    1. It's not funny, it's hilarious.

                    2. I think the comparison to the Spiderman meme is funny. Are you familiar with it? It's a reference to a trope in comic / fantasy / sci-fi genres where our main protagonist experiences a doppelganger paradox.


                      You seem to have a tendency to comment in reaction and without understanding what other people are discussing. Then make a judgment, ignorantly based on how you feel. But I'm the asshole. OK, sure.

                    3. “You seem to have a tendency to comment in reaction and without understanding what other people are discussing. Then make a judgment, ignorantly based on how you feel. But I'm the asshole. OK, sure.”

                      I’m not seeing certain comments by muted people. I apologize and will try to do better.

                    4. Fair enough.

                      I only mute the spam bots for the most part, so I see most everything.

                    5. Also, for what it's worth, my first post on this comment section resulted in Tulpa accusing me of being Hihn, or a sockpuppet of Hihn, or some weird zombie hybrid of Hihn and muppets.

                      But I stand by my original post. IPA's are crap, but they're a particular type of crap on purpose.

              3. He's running a second spoof account now, trying to get the real me muted. Dude is relentless. I don't care anymore though. He wants to be king of this steaming pile of shit, he can have it.

                1. I have to at least give you credit for being creative, and dedicated. The only idiots that will fall for this ruse are the typical trolls, who already have me muted. So, you are not achieving anything. You are completely wasting your time.

                  I'm done with this nonsense. You assholes absolutely deserve one another. Enjoy being queen of the mean girls club.

                  1. Leaving for Glibs again?

                2. Yes, I see that there are now at least three accounts.

                  1. Let them chase Tulpa around in circles. It is what he wants, and they are too stupid to realize they are being used by a pathological troll.

                    1. Is tulpa in the room with us now sarc?
                      Could we contact him with a ouija

                    2. You are a fake account.

                    3. Everyone should mite all the non Tulsa sarcs. They say the same shit anyways.

            4. The only solution is to mute all Sarcasmic posters forever. And for Sarc to speed drink himself onto a permanent vegetative state. Which is a slightly less bitchy version of him.

              1. I recommend Graves grain alcohol, straight. Until liver, kidneys, and portions of the brain fail.

      2. I looked into it, but there doesn't seem to be much value to me in getting tested.

        First of all, when I was at the worst, all I wanted to do was laze around home and be sick -- not run out in the cold weather to have someone stick a thing up my nose.

        Then I found out my state doesn't have anything set up yet to distinguish and report omicron variant in PCR test results. If they did, I'd get tested just to help out with medical statistics in our state, where omicron is being vastly underreported because of testing limitations.

        1. For me the value would be a piece of paper from a doctor that I could use to say "Fuck you" next time someone tells me to get vaccinated.

          1. Not sure if you are the real sarasmic or Tulpa, but I don't care if someone asks me to get vaccinated. I appreciate that the vaccines exist, and have no problem with getting vaccinated.

            1. I have a problem with people telling me what to do. It's an American thing. As much as I wanted to say "fuck you" to my employer I ended up getting the jab because it's easier than replacing the job I've had for 16 years.

              1. If you mute the sarcasmic at 12:16 pm, right above this comment, you will still see my post.

                Please do not feed the troll.

              2. I don’t like being told what to do any more than the next guy, but it would be letting that bossy person control me if I didn’t independently judge the merits of doing the thing in question.

              3. LMAO

                Love how sarc tries to play himself off as an American loving patriot all of a sudden.

                If he is being spoofed, this one here is a dead giveaway.

                1. There are now at least two sarc spoof accounts.

                  1. There are at least two sarc personalities.

                  2. This dingus has been multiple running socks for as long as I've been posting here -- chief among them being that worthless asshole SQRSLY. The fact that he is running additional socks to false flag a victim narrative does not surprise me. He is an attention starved lunatic.

            2. How do you know that they’re not both Sarc? This could be his plan to convince people that Tulpa makes all the posts that are irritating. Which is the kind of plan his booze soaked brain would come up with.

          2. This one's a miss, sarc likes the taste of shoe polish too much to say 'liberty' without flinching.

    2. Suck to hear that. Fortunately, the vaccines are saving you from a lot of unnecessary misery. Imagine being so committed to the cause that you would actually think you are "owning the libs" by making yourself ill. It is sad to watch people in the throes of partisan insanity. Unfortunately, that is our reality these days. Stay healthy.

      1. Suck to hear that. Fortunately, the vaccines are saving you from a lot of unnecessary misery.

        Based on what's coming out of South Africa and other African nations, that's a big assumption. Omicron is looking more and more like a common cold, vaccinated or not.

        1. The risk of the vaccines in minimal. Adverse effects are exceedingly rare. The risk of contracting the virus is that you are facing potentially hospitalization and death. Is it really worth not getting vaccinated? Look, I'm against mandates, but I am not against common sense. That's all I can say. If people want to risk their lives to make a political point, that's on them.

          1. Peer reviewed cite please.

            1. Ron Bailey said so. He's a libertarian. That's all you need to know.

          2. The risk of contracting the virus is that you are facing potentially hospitalization and death. Is it really worth not getting vaccinated?

            I got the shot months ago, and I literally don't give a shit if I catch it or not at this point.

            The only risk of death I face at the hospital is if they put a vent down my throat and kill me from sepsis or ventilator-induced pnuemonia, not the coof.

            1. For a second I thought maybe, just maybe, we could have a good faith discussion but you just could not let go of the conspiratorial thinking, could you? The one sad thing about the state of contemporary politics is the prevalence of conspiracies. They truly rot people's minds and it's a shame.

              1. And right back to trolling. What ideas we ask?

                  1. Or pure sarc?

              2. For a second I thought maybe, just maybe, we could have a good faith discussion but you just could not let go of the conspiratorial thinking, could you?

                Uh, that's actually what's caused a lot of these "died from COVID" deaths to begin with--because the problem isn't that the person can't breathe, it's because the tissues are so inflamed that oxygen can't get through them to be processed. So people end up gasping for breath and the hospital crams a vent down their throat.

                Keeping people on vents for more than 48 hours at a time, which a lot of these hospitals are doing because they laid off or fired their staff over the last year and a half, increases the patients risk of getting sepsis infections as well as ventilator-induced pneumonia.

                1. Dude, is it so hard to think that the people who are really sick get ventilated? Why on Earth would you think that the ventilators are causing pneumonia?

                  Now, secondary infections are a problem in hospitals. However, again, you have the problem that the extremely sick are the ones who get infections.

                  You are confusing cause and effect in the most bizarre way.

              3. As for conspiracies, have we forgotten how many people would die prior to the pandemic from fuckups by hospital staff? Do you really think this ratio would improve in the last two years after a plunge in the medical workforce?

              4. You don't know the first fucking thing about good faith, faggot.

          3. Well said, Tulpa.

            1. Nice try, Tulpa.

              1. It’s Tulpas all the way down!

                1. LMAO

                  I bet a week or two from now he will pretend that this entire all too familiar episode of split personalities did not happen. Broken beyond repair.

                  1. It’ll be like it never happened.

                  2. To be fair, I tried muting one of them and the others were left, so it’s definitely multiple accounts.

                    I just can’t tell which is the real one.

                    1. They’re all real. That’s the con.

          4. Did the same people who said it was 95% effective at preventing symptomatic infection tell you that?

            1. So just because something is not perfect, it has no value?

              1. This is stupid everyone you say it. It isnt anywhere close to perfect and you seem amazing ignorant on the actual risk to kids vs the vaccine.

                You live in a world of ignorance.

              2. Judging by the gray bars, I can see that I have triggered the usual suspects.

                1. Faggot.

                2. So your goal is to troll. Thanks for the admission.

                3. You mean, ran away from getting spanked with actual science and history again?

                4. This is another fake sarc.

                  1. Purist sarc is best sarc.

                  2. The only person that would run sarc socks that coincidentally sound exactly like sarc, is sarc. No mysteries here. He's a fucking retard that likes to lecture people about civility and the evils of trolling, as he literally spends every waking moment of his life trolling this comment section, being an uncivil douchebag.

                    1. "The only person that would run sarc socks that coincidentally sound exactly like sarc, is sarc. No mysteries here."

                      The man is an enormous attention whore. Everything he does is for attention.

                    2. Yup. No mystery at all, they are both him.

                5. Not triggered, just pointing out the fallacy of that specious reasoning.

          5. I mean except for the fact we will have more cases of juvenile hear inflammation from vaccines than we do serous cases of covid for the cohort.

            Again sarc, you rely on ignorance and bullshit to avoid facts.

            That's why you mute people. You are a living form of cognitive bias.

            1. There are times I think he’s performing some kind of performance are thing, then I wise up and realize he’s just a drunk fool.

          6. Here comes sarc to simp for the establishment.

    3. How many boosters you had?

    4. werewe're going to file this in the "things that never happened" pile

    5. Mike is so anxious ti virtue signal he doesn't even need tests. He just knows.

      Like most of the rest of his bullshit why use facts when he has feelings.

    6. Oh, cool. I’m at that final stage of being sick where I’m coughing up green stuff.

      1. Green phlegm is typically a sign of a bacterial infection. Yellow tends to be viral.

      2. You probably have an bacterial upper respiratory infection. No ChiCom Flu.

  11. “The ones who get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones that don’t take the vaccine. … if you do get it, it’s a very minor form. .. People aren’t dying when they take the vaccine.” -Donald Trump

    1. Nice of the Don to admit that it's mainly a therapeutic and that it doesn't actually prevent you from getting infected, unlike other vaccines.

      1. That's both wrong and stupid Red.

        1. Joe knows about "wrong and stupid" because he sees it all the time. It's called a mirror.

          1. Good one Red
            How are you doing in junior high?

            1. Better than you in a midlife crisis.

            2. Compensating for your kindergarten wit and infant microdick?

    2. And that makes it any less bullshit? It's fucking Trump - if his lips are moving it's hot air. I can see why you are finding a suddenly comfortable camaraderie.

      1. Amazing how Joe turns into a Trumptard when he says something that he likes.

        1. Bloviates unite!

  12. The rate of new covid cases (i.e. virtually all omicron) in South Africa peaked at 390 per million on December 17, and has steadily declined to 290 per million on December 21 (a 26% decline).

    Although cases of increased in several European countries (which have received lots of fearmonger media coverage), the rate of new covid cases has sharply declined this past month in Chechia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Belgium and Netherlands, while modestly declining in Germany and Switzerland.

    So it appears that omicron is not as infectious as the mass media propagandists and left wing Democrats have repeatedly claimed during the past month to scare more sheeple into confusion, depression and submission.

    1. The data I cited above came from

      1. Note to trolls, Bill is citing his post with actual data, not just opinion.

        1. Indeed Jason, that is true and the opinion he offers his his own f..ked up summary. I know the data is correct because you can read it in the NYTs, WSJ, WaPo, etc. where i saw it, though the conservative response isn't his Alfred E. Newman "What, me worry?", but "better safe than sorry". Hospitals are indeed filling up again

          1. Joe, you claimed a graph with correlation data was confusing to you so you didn't trust it, even though it was from the CDCs own data. Lol.

            1. Racist numbers. So racist.

            2. Joe needs the coloring book version.

            3. It's only true if a CNN anchor interprets it first, right?

          2. What is wrong with these guys? Can't read either? None of these responses to mine make any sense. Bring irrelevant is maybe an improvement over being stupidly wrong - what I'm used to from these simpletons.

            1. When talking to idiots, one is left with few options for reasoned discourse.

              So I say unto you, "caw caw goes the sealion."

    2. Wait, you mean another seasonal surge? When are we calling it flu season again?

  13. Since China imposed a zero tolerance policy towards covid (in China) and has a very low rate of immunity to covid (both natural or via vaccines), it appears that many or most athletes and countries that were planning to participate in the Winter Olympics will be no shows six weeks from now.

    The NHL has already decided to not participate, and China is still imposing a 10 day quarantine for all participating athletes.

    The Olympics Are Coming to China. So Is Omicron.
    Beijing organizers are suddenly facing the challenge of a new variant—and the Winter Games are only six weeks away.
    By Louise Radnofsky, Rachel Bachman and Ben Cohen
    Dec. 22, 2021

    The Winter Olympics in China in six weeks have problems. They’re in the winter. They’re in China. And they’re in six weeks.

    The explosive spread of the highly contagious Omicron variant of the coronavirus is quickly presenting one of the most complicated possible Covid-19 scenarios for the 2022 Beijing Games. Thousands of athletes from dozens of countries are on course to head to the place where the pandemic began almost exactly two years ago but which has yet to experience this wave.

    Hundreds of those athletes could contract the variant by the Feb. 4 opening ceremony, in spite of being vaccinated, previously infected or both. Few will likely be seriously ill. But their positive test results stand to upend training and selection for the Games—and could prevent some of them leaving at all for a Games built around a “Covid zero” approach to snuffing out all traces of the virus.

    What was a challenge for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo has suddenly become a high-wire act for Beijing. A strategy meant to intercept positive test results at a global event is now at odds with many of the realities of the new variant facing Olympians.

    “Not just Olympians,” said Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security. “Everybody has an appointment with Omicron.”

    Many of the European and North American countries that dominate the Winter Games are swimming in Omicron cases, and holiday celebrations over the next two weeks are expected to accelerate the variant’s spread.

    The virus has already caused enough havoc in sports that the National Hockey League decided on Tuesday to pull its players from the Olympics. The league’s shredded schedule is a potential harbinger of more Omicron fallout, particularly after some players openly fretted about the risks of quarantine in China.

    International Olympic Committee and Beijing organizers deflected questions about their ability to handle Omicron by citing the latest iteration of their virus protocols, which were crafted before the emergence of a variant capable of reinfection that could yield large numbers of breakthrough cases.

    “The IOC is working with its Chinese partners to ensure safe Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022,” an IOC spokesman said. “We draw on the experiences from other international sports events, including the successful Tokyo 2020 Games, and the COVID-19 policy currently in effect in China.”

    1. The variant hasn’t wreaked havoc in China yet. Beijing reported a single case of Covid-19 on Sunday, according to the Chinese state-affiliated media outlet Global Times. New York City, one of the most highly vaccinated in the U.S., reported nearly 20,000 on the same day.

      But beyond the NHL, the U.S. has already seen how quickly the variant can spread through a vaccinated, regularly tested sports league, ensnaring large numbers of athletes and forcing the postponement of games across the National Football League and National Basketball Association as well. With many athletes who tested positive remaining asymptomatic, the NFL became the first major sports league to drop testing for the vaccinated.

      The problem for the Olympics is that China remains focused on cases as the most important metric, at a time when the Omicron variant is almost certain to increase the raw number of infections around the world.

      “I do think China needs to revisit its Covid-zero policy because that’s not a sustainable approach,” Dr. Adalja said. “It’s one that’s going to be overcome by events pretty quickly.”

      It’s also not clear if it can even hold off the virus until then. China appears to be uniquely vulnerable against Omicron because of its low levels of existing natural immunity among more than one billion people and its heavy reliance on a vaccine that research suggests will be ineffective against this extraordinarily contagious variant.

      “They’ve been able to act very decisively, but this is going to be a whole different ballgame,” said Larry Brilliant, an epidemiologist who put it another way on Twitter: “If there is a tidal wave elsewhere, it will be a tsunami in China.”

      The planned Olympic measures include building a closed loop that people cannot enter or exit without Chinese permission, pre-departure and daily screening at the Games with highly sensitive tests that can detect trace amounts of virus, and potentially lengthy quarantines for anyone who tests positive within the restrictive bubble.

      The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee’s chief medical officer, Jonathan Finnoff, acknowledged that winter athletes who test positive in the coming weeks could find themselves unable to go to Beijing because they can’t get past the departure requirement to generate negative test results, even if they’re not actually infectious.

      1. It’s possible for Olympians to test positive several weeks before the Games, isolate for 10 days and feel healthy while continuing to shed low levels of virus and test positive. Scientists say they would not be threats to others in that case. But there currently appears to be no exemption for them in that case.

        For now, the remaining Olympic preparations are proceeding as planned in the U.S. and other juggernaut countries, like The Netherlands, where speedskaters are expected to continue practicing through a national lockdown.

        The U.S. Olympic training centers, where many top contenders eat, sleep and train, remain open. U.S. Figure Skating has not announced changes to its national championships in Nashville in early January, for which tickets have been sold and no sequestration for skaters had been planned. Dr. Finnoff said he was not imposing requirements on the skating championships, which are not a USOPC-run event, and he did not imagine closing or limiting capacity at training centers before the Olympics.

        “We have a highly vaccinated population, both from a staff standpoint and an athlete standpoint,” he said. “We’re coming into a challenging time with Omicron. But I’m feeling actually very confident.”

        Beijing’s no-tolerance infectious-disease controls aren’t just a logistical fear for competition. Many of the countries participating in the Winter Olympics are sending delegations in the face of political objections that include fears for athlete safety in China. Now they face an increased probability that their athletes will be placed under Chinese restrictions due to a positive result on a sensitive PCR test.

        “If you’re a statistician rolling the dice,” Dr. Finnoff said, “it would be incredibly unlikely that nobody within our delegation that’s quite sizable tested positive.”

        The USOPC has secured commitments about the welfare of athletes placed in isolation, including their access to video conferencing while they are in identifiable hotels, he said. Asymptomatic people in quarantine will have daily opportunities to take the test in Beijing, increasing their chances of release, and vaccination could help them secure a negative result early.

        Crucially, people who can’t pass the test after 10 days but are otherwise healthy may be able to seek release from an advisory panel that includes both Chinese and international experts, Dr. Finnoff said.

        “We’ve received significant reassurance that that medical expert group will be empowered to help make the right decision,” he said.

        —Laine Higgins and Joshua Robinson contributed to this article.

        1. I have no doubt that the quarentien in China would come with a single room where the olimpians can't work out or train.
          And what happens to the athletes that have been criticle of the chinks?

        2. Well, let's be honest. I don't trust the infection numbers from China.
          AT ALL.

          A single case in all of Beijing? While their closed borders would have some isolation, this is not a believable number. If nothing else, the black market and smuggling would bring it in, and China's famous poor sanitation and lack of personal space would cause infectious diseases to run rampant. The only answer is that they are deliberately not reporting.

  14. If it is not a Scottish study, then it is crap.

    1. "I'm giving it everything she has Captain..."

    2. Well, you've kilt off most of our options there.

    3. No true Scotsman would make a study like that.

  15. I got the booster Tuesday, and on Wednesday I felt sort of sick, and then got sort of half drunk and cried while watching a Charlie Brown Christmas.

    Coincidence? Or is this what "Pfizer" (or whatever you call it?) wanted all along?

    1. Definitely not a coincidence. I always cry while watching a Charlie Brown Christmas too.

    2. Pfizer is in the pocket of big peanuts

  16. More than 20,000 dead from the jab so far. Untold damage to a majority of the populace in the biggest experimental drug trial in history.

    Because you don't want to catch the China coof. Think we can sue in 55 years when we find out what's in it?

    1. I'm actually really curious about the process they use to mass produce it. If they use different processes at different facilities. If the 2 companies use similar methods or not.

      1. Giant vats full of Uighur blood.

        1. Uighur children work best?

      2. Last checked, Moderna had a single site to produce their stuff, but were looking at expanding production. The process itself is not disclosed.

  17. See? I told each and every one of you liberal pukes on this comment board that Alex Jones was 100% correct. That a.) this is a Chinese bio weapon and b.) to our good fortune the Chinese didn’t consider that muscle mass— of which they have none— protects you from the Ching Chong Wuhan virus. Epic fail CCP.

    1. This one's new. Please link me the muscle study, I am curious to know more.

    2. Except that the vaccines seem to adversely affect the enlarged hearts (muscles) of elite athletes. What appears to happen is that the spikes generated by the vaccines often migrate to inconvenient and unanticipated locations in people’s bodies, and then their immune systems, recognizing the spikes as a massive viral invasion, proceed to destroy the cells with the spikes (in their heart muscles). So, we just had 4 top ranked soccer players drop dead soon after their third jab…

  18. From WSJ: The U.S. economy will likely grow by around 6% in 2021 and 4% or more in 2022, the highest rates for decades, analysts say. Strong U.S. growth momentum is expected to push the unemployment rate to the lowest level in almost seven decades by 2023..."

    Ugh… the calamity that was the fake election of 2020, which Trump won by 82% continues today. Yet more evidence of the Biden Depression caused by his communistic economic policies.

    #We_Now_Officially_Live _In_A_Dictatorship_Of_The_Proletariat

    1. Sorry Buttplug, your OBL knockoff just isn't up to scratch.
      And, hopeful crystal ball predictions by DNC agitprop funktionshäftlings aren't actually tricking anyone.

      1. Also, post the link because I bet you're misrepresenting the article too, as is your wont.

  19. So, how many times am I going to have to mute sarcasmic?

    I figured if someone was impersonating they'd be silly or funny or poignantly too close to the Poe's Law line like OBL... it's just another troll. Shoulda muted it the moment I saw it.

    1. I still didn't see the difference between the 2 names. I must be getting slow.

      1. There are at least three of them. The original and two confirmed doppelgängers.

        1. The more sarcasmics, the better.

          1. One sarc is two too many.

            Five year olds posting garbage that then get copied by cheap imitations with stinkier dog shit.

            1. But watching saec scream and gnash his teeth always is amusing.

              Go Tulpa!

    2. It is a dead on impersonation if you ask me.

      1. There's only been one or two messages when I was sure it wasn't sarc. The rest way par for course. Great stuff.

    3. "So, how many times am I going to have to mute sarcasmic?"

      We're not supposed to mute sarcasmic. That's a hate crime. Only he is allowed to mute people. He's explained this many times here.

  20. Somebody is going to have to take Applesauce-For-Brains Biden aside and beat him with a goddamn stick until he learns what "endemic" means. "The vaccine" isn't going to solve the problem of Covid for the exact same fucking reason we still don't have a vaccine for the common cold or the flu - the goddamn virus keeps mutating and you're fighting a different virus every few months. Stop pushing "the vaccine" as a cure-all that will let us get back to "normal", it's never going to happen. We are going to have to wait until the virus mutates to something like a cold or the flu and just learn to live with it, you fucking retard!

    1. its a virus so small they cant see it with an electron microscope.

      120 nM. The size of a small room compared to the EARTH.

      They can only observe/ test it indirectly.

      IOW theyre GUESSING!

      Thats... " settled science!"

      1. You can see 100 nm viruses with an electron microscope. That's a fairly normal size. Heck, way back in elementary school I used photographs on that scale to compare the appearances of the different poxes, so it's been possible for a very long time.

  21. The highest rates of new covid cases are now in DC, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Delaware, which also have among the highest covid vaccination rates.

    Seems like the highly touted vaccines that totalitarian Biden is trying to force tens of millions of Americans to take (or face job and career loss) aren't very effective at preventing the spread of covid, especially the omicron variant.

    1. The states with the highest rates of new covid cases are controlled by Democrats, who also imposed economically disastrous lockdowns, ineffective mask mandates, and hateful and discriminatory vaccine mandates, non of which were based upon scientific or empirical evidence.

      1. They will blame red states like with gun related crime.

    2. That's bulls..t Bill. The grades numbers by state follow the state populations, i.e. California, Texas, Florida, NY, etc.

      Per capita is all red:

      North Dakota 22,079
      Alaska 21,083
      Tennessee 19,679
      Wyoming 19,587
      South Dakota 19,527
      Rhode Island 19,479
      Utah 19,201
      Kentucky 18,370
      Arizona 18,190
      Montana 18,189
      South Carolina 18,136
      Wisconsin 17,925
      Arkansas 17,911

      1. PS Your link goes to vaccination rates, which indeed the blue states excel at.

      2. While I cited rates of new covid cases during the past week, Joe Friday posted cumulative case rates (i.e. since the pandemic began in 3/2020).

        1. Joe is a shitposting troll who has a disturbing fixation on Ken.

          1. Chumby is a content free poster who's comments are limited to gossip about the personalities on this board, including the love of his life, Ken.

          2. But Ken is so dreamy!

          3. It's also painfully stupid. Almost comically so.

        2. Bill, NY according to the state government site:

          Week of Dec 13 2021
          Vaccinated per 100,000 = 67. 1.33
          Unvaccinated per 100,000 = 280. 16.25

          You can see these numbers here -

          Hospitalization per

          1. Still surging primarily in blue states. Still markedly infectious vs the jabbed.

            Do you have anything to actually rebut Bill, or are you gonna try really hard to change the subject again?

            1. The subject is Bill trying to blame the surge in vivid cases on Democrats, Doofus. I just proved that even in the hottest state, it is the stupid anti-vaxxers, like many on this board, driving those numbers, along with climate and urban conditions.

              You are obviously to dumb to follow the discussion and should just shut up before you embarrass yourself further.

              1. Cite?

                Are the highly vaccinated Dem run states surging or not? Are the rates there high or not?

                Barbie Jack, stay on subject.

                1. I just focused on the state with highest new cases, and mentioned by Bill and showed you the data proving the new cases - and hospitalizations - were due overwhelmingly to unvaxxed idiots.

                  Do you need my capitalize my entire posts, you clown?

                  1. And again... Do you actually have anything to refute Bill besides stale herrings?

                    Covid is seasonally returning and blue states are bearing the brunt right now. DC is leading the pack with California close behind.

                    I need you to work on your reading comprehension more than any punctuation, Barbie Jack.

          2. Hahahahahahahahaha

            Joe is so fucking stupid that he’s trying to refute NPR numbers with completely unrelated numbers.


            1. Another zombie. Dude, you don't get it an apparently never will. Don't keep embarrassing yourself.

              1. "Another zombie. Dude, you don't get it an apparently never will. Don't keep embarrassing yourself."

                Why do you hate yourself so much?

  22. Bill, new cases are correlating with urban dense populations and cold climates, both causing people to gather inside and in greater numbers in close quarters. NY and Washington DC are also major destinations for international and national travelers. Deaths are not high per capita in these places as they are in red states, and especially red counties, though omicron may relieve those numbers if it displaces the more deadly delta variant.

    1. At least they're not superspreaders like Florida. All out in the sunshine, no masks and enjoying life.

      The murderers. Florida must be absolutely swamped.

  23. Being outdoors lessens the chance of catching vivid, you idiot. Even with that Florida was leading the nation in cases, and maybe deaths, for awhile with when the Delta variant was spreading.

    1. Joe, you know you're a little bitch, right?

      1. Compelling argument Salted. No doubt on a debate team in high school.

        1. I'm glad you concur with my assessment. Did you learn how to suck authoritarians off while in the LAPD or during your building career?

  24. As an academic endeavor, all of the handwringing about the latest cold virus floating around and which big pharma treatment may or may not be effective, is of some minor interest to those who still give a shit. To real people with real lives it's just background noise. It's possible that in the decades to come there may be some benefit from the global hysteria over a disease that poses an actual threat to a tiny minority of the population. That is if scientists start doing science again. It's more likely that we will see an endless stream of crises that our rulers dare not let go to waste.
    And Fuck Joe Biden. And while I'm at it, Fuck Ron Bailey.

    1. I feel your pain, loser. Better luck next election.

      Covid has killed more already than either heart disease or cancer do in a year, and of this who survive a serious case, about 20% have chronic conditions affecting their lungs, heart, or brain. It has killed more than any war and l we've been in a well. By your reasoning, we are just wasting time seeking solutions to the two main killers of our era and those lost in war not consequential. I'm not sure what planet you came from, but earthlings do care about other citizens felled by avoidable causes. Many of us know personally some of them and almost all of us have relatives or good friends either aged or compromised who's time has not yet come, and we want to keep it that way as long as reasonable.

      Fuck Gaear.

      1. Died with or of Covid?

        Because OF Covid is about 3% of the WITH total for those nations that actually check.

        1. You morons always have a talking point. You can believe whatever you want. You can believe in oompah loompahs as long as Laura Ingraham supplies you with a 7-word thought-stopper.

          You never die "of" anything but oxygen deprivation in the brain. Is your contention that COVID is not dangerous at all? Mildly dangerous? What is your point? And why are you more of an authority on this than the global medical community?

          1. Why do you lefturd pinheads believe that mentioning the name of anyone you dislike somehow negates a fact that you don't like? Is that a commie thing or a more general moron thing?


      2. Also... NOW DO FATTIES.

        Obesity is responsible for far too many early deaths and lifelong ailments. In fact, the obese, along with the elderly and chronically ill, make up about 90% of all Covid fatalities.

        Totally avoidable, Barbie Jack.

        1. Indeed Salted, and no doubt I'm sure you were a big supporter of Michelle Obama's initiatives as first lady to encourage healthy eating among children, and then there was Trump's leadership by example on that cause.

          1. So body positive image is bullshit, yes?

        2. Link please Salted. Nothing from Mike Lindell or Tucker Carlson, OK?

            1. Link your false claim on challenging how many deaths please.

              1. Barbie Jack, there's a limit to how much homework I'll do for you.

                Public death figures by age and comorbidity have been available for ages. You've even linked several, though you failed to comprehend a damn thing, I note.

        3. thats bc by itself its not particularly dangerous.

          So the answer is pigeonhole people at home without fresh air and sunshine so their health declines so Fauci and Biden can scream " we told you so."

        4. Just lose 150 lbs in a month so Salted Nuts doesn't have to practice hygiene.

      3. Only if you’re so fucking stupid you are counting deaths over two years and comparing them to deaths over one year.

        1. I made that clear in my post dummy, but with heart disease and cancer deaths at under 600k a year, covid matched them last June at about 1.33 years. The point was the significance of the numbers, an irrefutable fact.

          1. With or of?

      4. Joe:

        “We are wasting time seeking solutions….”

        No one is saying that joe. Your solutions are ineffective, far too costly relative to the problem and fucking fascist.

        “….. avoidable causes….”

        Funny you should mention that, joe. The loss of businesses and the fear mongering are totally avoidable.

        1. Your first point is too ridiculous to bother with.

          As to your 2nd, vaccines keep businesses open.

        2. You'd prefer to spend $0 developing a vaccine and using the full force of the US government to compel people to go to work during a pandemic.


    2. Note- the recent UNUSUAL COLD VIRUS coincided with this coronavirus.

      Smart moneys on " faulty tests"

  25. Merry Christmas to the 4,000 Americans Joe Biden left Abandoned in Afghanistan.

    You can vote Biden 2024 by mail.

    If youre still alive.


    1. Easier to vote Dem if you're dead. They drop off, pick up, fill out and mail in your ballot for you!

      1. hell yeah you dont even have to leave the cemetary!

        Thats Change!

    2. It only took you 20 years to care about Americans being in Afghanistan.

  26. If we'd had omicron two years ago, it could have been used as the vaccine, and saved a whole lot of lives.


  27. "Although two thirds reduction is significant, Omicron can cause severe illness in the doubly vaccinated.

    So get boosted?

    With what?

    There IS NO vaccine.

    If you can still get it and spread it, you're not vaccinated.

    Words have meanings.

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