The NFL and NBA Must Chart a New Path Through Omicron Panic

What the major professional sports leagues decide to do in the next few days will play a significant role in how Americans view the next stage of the pandemic.


Hours before they were scheduled to take the field on Monday night against the team with the best record in the National Football League (NFL), five players on the Los Angeles Rams tested positive for COVID-19. Among them: star cornerback Jalen Ramsey and starting tight end Tyler Higbee. Under the NFL's pandemic rules, all five would not be allowed to play in the crucial game.

"My initial reaction was, 'You got to be shitting me,'" Rams head coach Sean McVay said later that night, shortly after his team pulled off an impressive 30-23 win over the Arizona Cardinals despite scrambling to plug backups into key roles.

The situation the Rams faced on Monday was an extreme example of what teams across professional sports have been dealing with since leagues restarted play following a months-long pause at the start of the pandemic. Most players and coaches are vaccinated; testing is mandatory and regular, and players who test positive must be isolated for a period of time, or until they test negative, even if they show no symptoms (the specific timeframes vary from league to league). Sometimes that means taking the field or court or rink without a key player and with little advance notice.

By Thursday, however, the Rams situation was no longer an outlier. The NFL has seen dozens of positive tests this week—by far the largest total since the start of the pandemic. The Washington Football Team has 15 players sidelined. The Cleveland Browns have at least 13 out. The Rams' outbreak is now up to 18 players and counting. In other leagues, similar surges in case counts are happening. The National Hockey League (NHL) has already postponed several Calgary Flames games after more than 20 positive tests among players and staff. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is facing a similar mess across multiple teams:

For many Americans, the moment COVID got real was the night of March 11, 2020. That was when the NBA abruptly canceled a single game and then, just hours later, suspended its season after a positive test from Utah Jazz forward Rudy Gobert. This week, it seems like sports are once again serving as a proxy for a culture-wide reckoning with a frustrating and inevitable seasonal surge of COVID cases. What the major professional leagues decide to do in the next few days will play a significant role in how Americans view the next stage of the pandemic.

The NFL, NBA, and NHL are in some ways victims of their own success. Lucrative television contracts meant all three were highly motivated to get back to playing games during the first year of COVID, even if that meant playing in front of empty stadiums for a bit. To achieve that, they adopted testing and isolation protocols meant to protect players and coaches as best as possible—though lockdowns, as we've all learned, do not come without painful tradeoffs. When vaccines became available, the leagues and their players' unions pushed for widespread adoption. The NHL, for example, claims to have just four unvaccinated players across the whole league. The NFL has a league-wide vaccination rate of 94.6 percent, significantly better than any U.S. state.

Despite vaccination rates that are the envy of just about every corporation or community in America, the major professional sports leagues are still subjecting players to routine testing. In fact, both the NBA and NFL recently imposed heightened testing protocols—more tests, more frequently. Unsurprisingly, more positive tests have been found. Most of the NFL players who landed on COVID lists this week are reportedly asymptomatic.

More testing is, of course, helpful in containing a pandemic. But it also helps to create a perception that the current surge in cases is worse than it might actually be. If it is true that the Omicron variant is more transmissible but less virulent than previous iterations of COVID, then everyone must once again rethink their paradigms about how to respond to the increasingly endemic disease.

As they did in March 2020, America's professional sports leagues have an opportunity (whether they want it or not) to lead on this issue. It might be time for the leagues to recognize that vaccinated, healthy athletes are not at risk of serious negative health outcomes from a positive COVID test, and to adjust protocols accordingly.

"The NBA actually has an opportunity here to end the precautionary moment, or at least signal its ebb," writes NBA beat reporter and podcaster Ethan Strauss. "If commissioner Adam Silver steps forward and announces that his league is ending test protocols and treating this admittedly terrible disease in much the same way we deal with some other respiratory illnesses, that's a potential cultural shift."

Athletes play through other illnesses all the time. One of Michael Jordan's legendary performances in the 1997 NBA Finals was delivered while he was suffering through the flu.

Serious cases of COVID will still occur and players will have to take precautions when outbreaks hit their locker rooms. There will still need to be league-wide protocols to ensure competitive fairness, and teams will have to find ways to comply with local, state, and national public health guidelines—something that becomes especially tricky when it comes to traveling to and from games in different states (and, in some cases, to and from other countries).

"The basic plan," Strauss suggests, would be to test players and team officials only if they're showing symptoms—and then sit players who test positive. "The message could be simple: Look, we can't functionally operate like it's 2020; now that the disease is endemic, and vaccines are widely available, we must move into 2022."

The alternative is not pretty. High numbers of positive tests threaten to force cascading cancellations of games, which is what the NHL's Flames are already dealing with. Before this season kicked off, the NFL said it would not postpone games for COVID-related reasons. Teams would have to play no matter how badly the pandemic may have gutted their rosters, or forfeit the contest. That's admirable resolve, but if widespread outbreaks turn the league's playoff race into farcical showdowns between third-stringers, the NFL may want to rethink things.

Some rethinking of existing protocols is already happening. The NFL announced this week that it would mandate booster shots for team employees and coaches by December 27—the league can't mandate shots for players without consent from the players' union. More shots in arms can only be helpful, but boosting an already widely vaccinated population also makes the tension with the league's isolate-if-you-have-a-positive-test policy more obvious.

The question that sports leagues—and, quite frankly, all of the rest of us—have to grapple with now is: How should vaccinated people react to a positive test? Most of us are long past the lock-yourself-in-the-basement phase. Vulnerable populations—the immunocompromised, elderly, and those who cannot get vaccinated—continue to need protecting, but elite athletes do not fall into that category. Those who choose to not get vaccinated should not get special accommodations.

Let's not relive March 2020. Nearly two years into the pandemic, it's increasingly obvious that we will never fully escape COVID-19. This is the inevitable next step of dealing with COVID as an endemic disease. It's a step the major professional sports leagues will have to take sooner or later—and the sooner, the better.

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    2. Pro sports are just the worst. Fuck em

      1. I used to be of the "I don't get it" faction. Like, I understand the interest in watching people playing at a professional level as it's fascinating to see someone throw a baseball 100mph, and the tension of win/lose is interesting.

        But I never got why people give a good goddamn about a franchise. They call it "Their" team, as though they own it or are a member or something. They will talk shit when "their" team wins like they somehow participated... I don't get this.

        But, now, I really don't get it. They've always seen fans as sheep to fleece, but now they actively hate me. Instead of having people pretend to volunteer at soup kitchens to show their social awareness, I get multi millionaires saying we're all racists while cowtowing to the gooddamned chinese communists.

        Fuck sportsball, man. Play or don't. Nobody gives a shit if you get the 'rona playing grabass in the locker room before a game or not. The rest of the nation should definitely NOT be taking any cues from these assholes.

        1. "They call it "Their" team, as though they own it or are a member or something. They will talk shit when "their" team wins like they somehow participated... I don't get this."

          They have psychological problems.

          Fantasies are for children. ID groups show a lack of personal identity.

          Have no life? Invent one thru sports, religion, bars, on line video games, be an on line Troll....

          IOW, hide from life by doing these things.
          .Hide insecurities.

          And the insane profit motive drives sociopaths to engender this behavior.

          We need cancer research more than war?

          How about cancer research instead of sports?

          Monty Pythons Flying Circus had a sketch about a man who purchased photos of other peoples lives and hung them on the walls of his home.

  2. I'd actually watch an NBA game if ALL of the players had covid (a level playing field), as that would be far more entertaining.

    And in order to complete the NFL season (as increasingly more vaccinated players are testing positive for covid), the NFL should scrap its covid protocols and just let everyone play and practice (just like if some of them got a cold or flu).

    1. They need to drop the covid requirements. And stop injecting leftwing politics into the league.

      1. Eliminate masks, washing hands, gowns and gloves etc. worn by surgeons and nurses because it is making poorly educated Republicans look stupid.

        1. Don't take your stupid out in public. It's unbecoming.

          1. Don't take your stupid on-line, it puts you alongside the stable genius who imitated Typhoid Mary spreading COVID along with his ignorance. I would also advise you not to go to any hospital because "most" of them wears masks.

            1. Sadly youre more rational than white Mike. But still extremely stupid.

            2. This idiot thinks that doctors and nurses wear a mask for 8 straight hours like the poor sod bagging your groceries.

              1. Could point out where I said they wear the "same" mask for 8 hours straight ? Your logic is even worse than "elvisisreal", even though you are probably below the average Stable Genius who let Gold Star children and parents hug him when he knew he was COVID. Haven't Gold Star families suffered enough?

                1. Can you point out where he said the "same" mask for 8 hours?

                  1. Yes,,,wear a mask for 8 straight hours. "A" literally means the same mask. If he meant different masks during the day, he would say (masks).

                    1. No. "A" is an indefinite article that often indicates a metonymic singular (i.e. a singular that represents a group of things).

                    2. they don't even wear A mask for 8 hours, let alone the same one. Just stop. It's Covid, not the black death. It's very harsh on the elderly, the very fat, people with other health issues, and anyone with a compromised immune system. That is pretty much NOBODY in either the NFL or NBA. You may have noticed that since this theater began, the worst that's happened is a positive test, player isolates and comes back, and that's it. No deaths. No hospitalizations. No nothing.

                    3. I really hope for your sake you’re a parody. And more so for the sake of the poor people around you.

                    4. Why would any rational person wear a mask if he didn’t need to? There is no evidence that they do a damn bit of good, if of adequate quality and properly worn, and most are neither. Most of the studies purporting to show that they should help assume wrongly that transmission is by droplets, and the holes in surgical walks are not that much larger than the droplets from coughing. But like other respiratory viruses, COVID-19 is primarily spread through the air as an aerosol, with particle sizes better than an order of magnitude smaller.

                      The other thing to keep in mind is that spread of COVID-19 is very often asymptomatic. Most people know to quarantine themselves if they are symptomatic - for example, when they are coughing. That is when they are coughing and expelling droplets containing the virons. Except that by that point, the fight against the virus is far enough along that patients’ bodies have greatly reduced the number of virons being cast off. The key here is to realize that the coughing, fever, etc are a result of an immune system with its defenses fully deployed, and that means that it is killing invading virons as fast as it can. It is before that, before the immune system has recognized the virus as an invader, and gone into active defense mode, that the virus can reproduce with little resistance, and then be massively expelled as aerosols. That is why transmission of respiratory viruses, like this one, is primarily asymptomatic through aerosols.

                2. Except people in the "real world" DO wear the same mask --- that is not N95, so it really is useless --- for hours at a time.

                An N95 mask is a type of respirator. It offers more protection than a medical mask does because it filters out both large and small particles. Only an idiot would claim these don't work against COVID

                1. Now do aerosols.

                  1. I need another Trump approved Clorox.

                    1. It could only help.

                      Seriously though, you are aware of aerosols, right? You do know that no mask on market or in hospital does anything meaningful in restricting their passage, yes? Being all of 0.3 microns or smaller, below the measurable limit (0.5microns) of what any mask is rated for.

                2. And the number of people who wear N95 in the real world?

            3. We get that you want to be a slave. Most of us don't.

                1. Yes, most. You have some fellow travelers here, desperate to kneel down to anything.

                  1. Professional players have hundreds of rules they have to "kneel down" to, most of them puts you on the sidelines or fouled out. Steroids are banned and I have never heard an athlete calling it "kneeling down". To further my point, steroids don't spread to other people like COVID. "MOST" (100%) athletes play by the rules or find something else to do.

                    1. So what's your argument here? Because there are lots of rules, this rule shouldn't be changed?
                      There is an actual discussion here about whether or not the rules make any sense as they are now and whether their costs are worth the benefit.

                    2. You have some fellow travelers here

                      BUT YOU KNEW THAT.

                    3. Don't pull a muscle stretching so hard.

            4. He also said in a thread yesterday that Sarah Silverman was hilarious and one of the top 10 comedians.

              ...there was no /s.........

              1. 21 of the funniest female comedians and where you can find them these days.

                1. Why am I not surprised that you think cosmo is an authoritative source.

                  1. now I am starting to think it is parody...

                  2. Put up or shut up. They rank Sarah 13th among 50 men and women, which is amazing since I had never heard of about 20%. Tina Fey was #1.

                    1. If Tina Fey is #1, the list is garbage.

                    2. if Tina Fey is #1, Tina Fey made the list.

                    3. "They rank Sarah 13th among 50 men and women, which is amazing since I had never heard of about 20%. Tina Fey was #1."

                      This guy HAS to be parody lol. I just wish he could sit down with Norm

            5. Why do you leftists, who typical,y have sub normal levels of intelligence, show up disparaging the intellect of their conservative and libertarian betters? You are essentially an inferior form of life.

              1. How can confuse low intelligence when they mostly go for Stable Genius? He was so proud that he tricked them into voting for him. "(The F-35 is) the greatest fighter jet in the world, as you know, by far. Stealth. Totally stealth. You can’t see it. Makes it very difficult. I was asking a pilot, 'What do you think is better: This one? This one? That one?' Talking about Russian planes, Chinese planes. He said, 'Well, the advantage we have is you can’t see it.' So when we’re fighting, they can’t see us. I say, 'That sounds like a really big advantage to me.'"

            6. I was a hospital nurse for 17 years, and unless the patient was on isolation we didn't wear a mask.

              1. Do they work when you use them?

        2. Eliminate masks, washing hands, gowns and gloves etc. worn by surgeons and nurses

          What does that have to do with football and basketball?

          1. Players can play by the rules or sit on the sidelines during the Championships. The fallout from allegations that Aaron Rodgers LIED about his vaccination status. The Green Bay Packers quarterback came under fire in early November after he tested positive for COVID-19, months after telling reporters he was “immunized.”

            1. Or the rules could change to let the players play and the fans get what they want to see.

              1. Let each of the players make their own rules? During a pandemic?
                HILARIOUSLY STUPID !!

                1. You are a parody.

                2. I don’t think that critical reading is one of your skills. The suggestion is that the rules are stupid, and should be changed. Not that everyone should be able to make up their own rules.

                  1. Published: Dec 15, 2021
                    The NFL had gotten through the first three months of its season with so few COVID-19 cases, and with so much normalcy -- full stadiums, less Zooms, fewer masks -- that it was easy to forget the pandemic was much of an issue at all.

                    But the virus has come roaring back, with around 100 players testing positive in the last three days.

                    1. How would full stadiums, where the fans aren't that close to the NFL players, play any role in COVID? Especially with the overwhelming percentage of vaccinated players?

              2. That worked well for Romans who enjoyed gladiators.

            2. Players can play by the rules or sit on the sidelines during the Championships. The fallout from allegations that Aaron Rodgers LIED about his vaccination status. The Green Bay Packers quarterback came under fire in early November after he tested positive for COVID-19, months after telling reporters he was “immunized.”

              Cool. What does that have to do with surgeons and nurses and wearing masks, washing their hands, and wearing gowns and gloves?

              1. Aaron got COVID....your Honor, I rest my case.

                1. Aaron got COVID

                  Yup. And that has to do with surgical practices how?

                  1. Masks work. I can't figure out why there is ANY argument.

                    1. Mmm'kay. I want you to hear me saying this really slowly:

                      We're talking about requirements having to do with professional sports. You're pretending that someone is arguing that surgeons shouldn't wear masks. Those two things are unrelated.

                      Do you understand yet?

                    2. A doctor/nurse at a hospital pre-covid was not wearing the same mask for 8 hours. Like with eth gloves the mask was tossed after exiting the operating room. Even Dentists would regularly swap out masks. Only the vaccine/mask zealots believe this non-sense but by all means please keep wearing the same mask for as possible; eventually biological/viral realty will catch up to your mask wearing routine.

            3. What exactly was the fallout from that? People said some mean things about him? He had to sit out because of the stupid covid rules, exactly the same as his vaccinated teammates do when THEY test positive.

        3. Yeah, because whatever is appropriate for a hospital must be required for a foot ball game. Are you actually this fucking stupid? Do you think that's a clever response?

          1. ^ This is a more direct statement of what I was implying.

          2. Again...not many (maybe none) go into a hospital and ask for the "maskless" surgery. They will take you over to the Psych Ward where you can bounce off the padded walls repeated saying MASKS, MASKS, MASKS.

            1. Again...not many (maybe none) go into a hospital and ask for the "maskless" surgery.

              Which is related to this discussion about football because . . . .

            2. Go into the hospital asking for just about any surgery other than "cut my junk off because I'm the opposite gender" and they'll likely cart you off to the psych ward. And even if you ask for the "cut my junk off" surgery, they'll sympathetically cart you off to the psych ward and do a confirmation before performing the surgery.

              I can't count the number abnormalities and wounds I've had GPs and EMTs excise, abrade, aspirate, bandage, disinfect, glue, and or suture sans masks. I've probably even had one or two make a joke about not putting the mask on before doing so.

            3. That would be because when blood or other fluid spurts around the doctors REALLY don't want any of that getting into into their mouth or nose. It's not because of germs they may be exhaling.

        4. Eliminate masks, washing hands, gowns and gloves etc. worn by surgeons and nurses because it is making poorly educated Republicans look stupid.

          So, firm supporter of the "No abortion unless performed in an approved medical facility by a doctor with admitting privileges." policy then, eh?

        5. Eliminate leftists.
          This shit has to end.

    2. Could LeFlop's floor act get any more amateurish?

    3. I would watch if the loosing team gets executed

      1. try Iranian soccer

        1. And Afghan women's soccer.

        2. Where none of the players want to take a penalty shot.

        3. He meant Colombian soccer.

      2. It would make it fun.

      3. CYBERBALL!

    4. Forget that. Boring.

      Nude cheerleaders wrestling in jello.

      Now THATS entertainment!

      "Congressional Cage Match.".

      Pelosi and McConnell dukking it out in a ' two old prunes limp in, only one comes out' match.

      That would be more like Parliment.

      Thats whats wrong with Con-gress ( emphasis on ' con') fist fights.

  3. Hey Boehm, keep pushing the narrative that this is a pandemic. Maybe you should google the definition of endemic? You and the rest of the progressives. Or, you can just redefine pandemic like so many other words.

    1. They already DID redefine it. It used to mean a dangerous pathogen that was widespread.

      Now they nixed the dangerous part.

      1. The dangerous part is letting it mutate, which is a complete wildcard. The more people that are infected, it gives the virus more chances to mutate into a nightmare. I am not saying it will, just that you are giving it more chances.

        1. The more people that are infected, it gives the virus more chances to mutate into a nightmare.

          True of absolutely all viruses everywhere.

            1. Have you been vaccinated against the common cold, yet?

              1. no, they don't have effective vaccine because it mutates multiple times every year. I have never had a cold.

                1. no, they don't have effective vaccine because it mutates multiple times every year.

                  And the point goes *whoosh*.

                  1. Even if we find a cure for the cold, it probably won’t be made available to healthy people who shrug the cold off in three to four days.” A cure might not even be that useful, because most people are already recovering by the time they’re able to see a doctor. Plus, you would need to test to see if you even had rhinovirus rather than some unrelated virus that causes identical symptoms such as human coronavirus or adenovirus. Whoops, some of your ignorance is flushed away.

                    1. Whoops, some of your ignorance is flushed away.

                      You forgot what we were talking about again, didn't you?

                    2. Even if we find a cure for the cold, it probably won’t be made available to healthy people who shrug the cold off in three to four days.
             to be parody at this point.

          1. True of absolutely all viruses everywhere.

            Slight disagreement. The more *hosts* that are infected...

            And, in case I wasn't being pedantic enough, it can't mutate into a nightmare. I will still generally be unable to penetrate walls or thin plastic sheeting or travel more than a few feet without a host or mechanical ventilation pushing it. No number of hosts is going to cause COVID-22 to turn out like 28 Days Later.

            1. Slight disagreement. The more *hosts* that are infected...

              Fair enough. Point being, there's nothing special about COVID, in particular. If "OMG mutations" is the argument, we need to be worrying about pretty much all viruses everywhere, not just the one that happens to be the dancing monkey at the moment.

            2. And don't forget, with a leaky therapy they're calling a vaccine, viruses mutate into resistant forms more quickly as it infects the vaccinated and adapts to our treatments.

          2. it alao means many more immune.

            A vastly larger number...

        2. It also gets more chances to mutate into something more benign. Which tends to be the way things go. There is a reason why killer flu and corona viruses aren't rampant all around the world. Being super deadly is an evolutionary dead end for the most part.

          1. I agree, that is why I said it is a complete wildcard. I don't think it is a good idea to let the virus roll the dice with millions of people who are already unhealthy.

            1. I don't think it is a good idea to let the virus roll the dice with millions of people who are already unhealthy.

              Not your decision.

              1. yes but if it was, it would be a good decision.

                1. Maybe.

                  1. I don't even care that Trump has fooled people into thinking that COVID isn't that bad, even though he spent 3 days in the hospital with a team of doctors watching him 24 hours per day. He's back to stealing money from people, like $Billion for his Digital World merger literally doomed to failure like all of his grifts. His voluminous crimes are floating to the surface all at once and he no longer has OLC Memo to protect him or money for dozens of lawyers.

                    1. I don't even care that Trump . . . .

                      What were we talking about again?

                2. Not your decision. Fuck off, craven slaver.

            2. ...viruses do not tend to mutate into more lethal variants as that would also severely hamper its efficacy in spreading. Viruses with a high kill rate tend to kill victims too quickly to spread significantly.

              1. See the deadly Ebola virus and the 5 strains.

        3. Since the virus is going through the population regardless, it's going to have the same exact number of chances to replicate. Unless you guys manage to kill people before covid gets them.

        4. It's already jumped to animals which means likely means it will be around forever in various forms as mutations can occur in any host species

  4. For many Americans, the moment COVID got real was the night of March 11, 2020. That was when the NBA abruptly canceled a single game and then, just hours later, suspended its season after a positive test from Utah Jazz forward Rudy Gobert.

    That was the night that many Americans realized that the NBA was run by a bunch of pussies.

    1. Pussies in the Chinese government's pocket.

    2. I challange him to name a single American that is true for

    3. Given the progressiveness of The Association, it was a slam dunk they would cancel their season.

    4. You misspelled "CCP".

    5. Enough about David Stern...

      1. And now the NFL is saying that Taiwan is part of China.

  5. Nobody cares about either one anymore.

    1. Or ever did. At best raitings were around 30e6. Less than 10% of the population.

  6. "Serious cases of COVID will still occur"

    A grand total of ZERO so far for the NBA and NFL.

    1. All of the major sports leagues enacted severe COVID testing and contact tracing and quarantine protocols last year. Many players have tested positive and missed games, and some games have been canceled. In 2 years of such restrictions and precautions, only one player that I am aware of (an MLB pitcher) has had serious complications, and sat out the 2020 season. He was again this past year and played the full 2021 season.

      Healthy 20 and 30 year old athletes are at negligible risk from COVID-19, and have been been from the beginning. The protocols sort of made sense to protect elderly coaches who are not always in good shape, but a simpler approach might have been to allow them to work from home, and phone (or text) in the plays and substitutions.

      1. Which means that adverse vax jabs have caused more serious problems than covid in the professional athlete population.

  7. The Jordan flu game? We were so naïve back then, but now we know better. The flu kills as many as 60,000 people a year. Jordan probably started a super spreader event that day. Who knows how much blood is on his hands?

    It's time for Nike to sever all ties with this reckless, dangerous man. The rest of you can mail your vintage Jordan-labelled shoes and clothing directly to me and I'll take appropriate action with them.

    1. Contaminated Air Jordan.

    2. The Utah Jazz were early adopters of social distancing. It explains their lack of defense on Jordan.

  8. Let 'em play. COVID when you're already vaccinated is nothing more than a cold.

    1. Except for the people who are dieing even though they are vaccinated

      1. People who are already in risk groups. Athletes in their prime are at less risk. And you are a moron.

        1. Just ignore the athlete’s having heart attacks.

          1. Produce some data.

          2. ........from the jabs, not the bug.

              1. The virus attacks the weakest point. Bone Spurs is obese so it has a lot of places to attack.

                1. dbruce is a virus.

                  1. Not much intelligence used in that post. Stop and think a little BEFORE you post.

                  2. truth virus and quite proud.

                2. What are you on about?

                  1. ...on 10 different drugs, apparently.

                    Some appear to by psychodelic.

    2. How about just let em play.

    3. Wrong... BEFORE your Vaccination..., it was nothing more then a cold/flu. AFTER the shot..., u now have covid-19. As the SHOT..., IS..., the virus.
      The Evil scum r amused by all u idiots. One could say they find u all rather "moronic".
      The Phucko Knows

      1. It is the virus. Thats how vaccines work.

        But theres no way all the virii are killed or incapacitated.

        Getting the vax GUARANTEES getting the virus.

        Worse, the morons are still using aluminum adjuvants which are extremely toxic to the human CNS.

        Theres a recent research paper on that topic.

  9. "Most of the NFL players who landed on COVID lists this week are reportedly asymptomatic."

    In other words, they're not actually testing positive for COVID, they're testing positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus (because that's what the tests are for) and are actually perfectly healthy.

    1. I wonder what the cycle threshold is for the tests they are using.

    2. As per the INVENTOR Kary Mullis; " PCR test can not test for a virus" PERIOD!! This whole ridiculous affair is based in nothing but lies. U r but another gullible little child.
      The Phucko Knows

    3. False.

      There is no such thing as testing for Covid.

      Youve fallen for the medias lies that the virus is covid.

      The virus is a particular coronavirus.

      CDC says Covid us SARS 2, an immune system response that attacks the lungs.

      Covid is not a virus. It is not " tested for"

      Get educated instead if blindly leaping off the cliff with the other Lemmings.

    4. That describes almost everyone who tests positive, see Trump, he tests positive 5 days before he goes into hospital and nearly dies because he lives on diet coke and KFC. Just as the general public has become familiar with this terminology, officials have also begun using SARS-CoV-2 in connection with the recent outbreak. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, shortened to SARS-CoV-2, is actually the virus that causes COVID-19 (the disease).

  10. FUCK ANYCLIP. Seriously, that has made this site nearly unusable for long comment threads.

    1. Switch to brave

    2. Chrome and adblocker plus - no worries.

    3. What the hell is anyclip? I don't use ad blockers, but I do use Firefox+uMatrix to control javascript.

      1. Im assuming its that annoying auto player above the comments. Every so often itll snap the screen up to it and take you from where you were on the site.

        Good luck reading a Ken comment with that thing on

        1. Ahh..... I tried reading the site once on my phone, and the small screen was unreadable.

          I had thought it was some product with obnoxious ads.

  11. It is increasingly evident that it isn't a "vaccine" in the traditional meaning of a vaccine.

    1. No, that is why they 'revised' the definition of vaccine. (It appears definitions are now as fluid as gender).

      1. O’Brien got what he wanted.

      2. Right on... The powers to be r continually changing.., what it IS...,IS.
        The Phucko Knows

    2. It wasn't. That's why they had to change the definition. And that's not the ONLY definition they've changed.

  12. Eric we finally agree. Except Goodell is such a party-man he'll never give up the ghost.

  13. "What the major professional sports leagues decide to do in the next few days will play a significant role in how Americans view the next stage of the pandemic."

    I can't help but think this is getting market behavior backwards. Any time you look at a market driven decision from a top-down perspective, you're highly likely to read it wrong. Markets are driven from the bottom-up, and spectator sports are no exception.

    If you think back to the beginning of the pandemic, in the places where it first started, the government was always the last to get on board with isolation. The streets of Wuhan were deserted long before the government there would even admit there was a pandemic. The Chinese government finally relented and admitted there was a problem because they were the only people in Wuhan who were still denying the obvious.

    At first they the Chinese government went after a doctor for saying there was a pandemic on social media, but once the streets emptied, and the government decided there was no point in denying the obvious anymore, they went on the offensive, treated that same doctor like a hero when he contracted Covid-19 and died--and then the Chinese government acted like they were always against the local bureaucrats claiming that there wasn't really a problem. (We've always been at war with Eastasia!)

    The interesting observation here is that even under an authoritarian dictatorship like China, it was the people who started isolating themselves first. The same thing happened in places like Italy (Milan) and also here in the United States. The fact is that you don't need the government to tell people to leave a burning building, and people started isolating themselves long before the government started initiating lockdowns. Sure, there were some people who didn't care and would do whatever they wanted.

    But for the most part, people stopped going on cruise ships. People stopped flying to Las Vegas on an airplane and congregating in casinos. People stopped flying to Orlando and taking their kids and grandparents to mingle with large crowds of international tourists. People stopped going to live music events in large crowds, and people stopped attending live sporting events. People stopped going to movie theaters. Sure, there were some people who were still doing all those things, but those venues didn't just shut down because the government said so. Those venues were shutting down due to a lack of demand anyway.

    Point being, I'm not sure it doesn't work in the other direction as well. Whether major sports leagues decided to shut down may not influence how Americans view the pandemic. If there are far more than enough willing ticket buyers and major sports leagues decide to shut down anyway, that won't change how Americans view the pandemic. That will change how Americans view these sports leagues and how Americans view the government.

    Shutting down when 75% of your tickets remained unsold was easy. Shutting down when your games are sold out and 100% attended is a whole 'nother ball game. Whenever you have to bet on someone at the top making their decision, look at what their customers are doing. If the American people are showing up to games en masse, the leagues would be foolish to turn them away, and if they government steps in and starts shutting down live games over the objections of far more Americans than ever, that won't just impact the way Americans see the leagues. That will impact the way Americans see the government.

    1. Does NBA and NFL get the same monopoly status that MLB gets? Cause your right, they will be guided by their customers - I'm just not sure that it's their fans that will be doing the guiding. They don't own their own stadiums anymore and I'm sure that a little backroom pressing could get the leagues to make the "right" decision while leaving the government to deny any involvement *wink, wink*.

    2. It will be interesting to see how much hate this post draws. Statements like "you don't need the government to tell people to leave a burning building" will likely induce some serious seizures.

      1. Good. Strokes too?

        The gene pool needs cleaning.

    3. What the major professional sports leagues decide to do in the next few days will play a significant role in how Americans view the next stage of the pandemic."

      Something something messaging on critical race theory something lgbtqi2+

      1. They do default to that mindset. "Because of the message it sends" is a terrible reason for anyone to do or not do anything. and people who think in those terms are victims of programming.

        You don't fire Urban Meyer or Chris Cuomo because of the message keeping them or firing them sends. You fire them because it's in your best interests to do so.

        A society where people don't do anything without thinking about the message it sends is a brainwashed, fear driven society. It's like being trapped in an extremely stupid cult.

        1. plus who decides what the message sent is?

        2. I think you're a little naive here. Cuomo and many others were kept long past when "best interests" were served and on up until they passed a threshold of tolerable losses precisely for the message they and their firing sent.

          Big tech incurs tons of lost revenue precisely to send a specific message.

          1. Actually, it seems to me that they didn't get rid of Cuomo because of his unethical actions--and only did so because it was in their best interests to do so. CNN draws a quarter of Fox News' audience, and if it were the other way around--and Cuomo was drawing four times the number of viewers at Fox, Cuomo would still be on the air. CNN is being sold as part of the WarnerMedia's spin off to merge with Discovery anyway. Zucker's contract is over in 2022, and Discovery will be in charge of CNN six months from now. The news management was looking for an excuse to fire Cuomo anyway--because CNN's rating are terrible. That's also the reason CNN is being sold on the cheap. It was in the best interests of the new owners to get rid of Cuomo--so that's what they did--and ethical standards only mattered to the extent that keeping him was hurting the bottom line.

    4. Please... Attendance had been going down in sports before the nonsense of covid. Folks were pissed off at the all the politics being forced down thier throat. Your little brain is so stuffed with fear that u think life started with covid.
      The Phucko Knows

      1. You're a fucking idiot.

        1. Phuckos right.
          .Your comment shrieks " fucking idiot"

  14. Man, worrying about this season is kind of cold, what with all their players dropping dead.

  15. As they did in March 2020, America's professional sports leagues have an opportunity (whether they want it or not) to lead on this issue.

    Remember that these are highly trained professional athletes. I'm confident that they are quite capable of sucking China's dick and the US government's dick at the same time. I would advise you not try this at home.

  16. Poor docile, sheeplike Reason is still terrified to acknowledge what has become pretty apparent to just about everyone who’s not afraid to exit the gates of Fantasyland and think for themselves: these so-called “vaccines“ are a scam, as in they don’t fucking do anything.

    Are we allowed to ask the question of how much money our government and the rest of the major world governments are wasting on this scam? Has anyone in the media dared to ask? This is becoming the crime of the century. As Malcolm X once said, we’ve been had, hoodwinked, and bamboozled.

    1. In so deep they can't back out now.

    2. "vaccines“ are a scam, as in they don’t fucking do anything"

      Oh they do! Theyve KILLED 50,000 people
      ( Dr. McCullough) and come with a Free Surprise inside- blood clots!


      Fuck Joe Biden

  17. I know - ignore it.

  18. what's with the Matrix tease? no I will not pay you to read and comment.

    1. Lame movie tie-in.

      1. the movie is lame or the tie-in is lame? pretty jacked for the movie

        1. The trailers looked promising.

          1. The transition to Reason's "premium content" model, not so much.

  19. If the sports leagues believe that the vaccines work to prevent serious illness or death, why would they test players, put players in covid protocols or cancel games?

  20. Damn, it's almost like the virus continues going through the population no matter how many people are jabbed!

    1. That’s what cold viruses do. Right now big pharma lobbyists are in panic mode because each variant is becoming less deadly.

    2. This virus. 20 variants.

      This coronavirus. Other coronavirii.

      Theyre delusional pretending tgey can accurately test for and treat one virus.

      The " one" aspect is MARKETING.

      "We have one vaccine..."

  21. Vacation property owners (and year-round taxpayers) in rural Colorado county are blocked from escaping crowded city life during a pandemic by local health officer, who seems surprised when they get upset by that (but it's okay because a majority of the full time residents agree with her, hurray for democracy):

    On April 3, 2020, Reynolds issued an order that would become central to the ensuing months of conflict: People who owned a secondary property in Gunnison County shouldn’t come to town, and if they were already in town, they needed to leave. The county sent a postcard alerting out-of-towners that they could face steep fines and even jail time for coming to their vacation home. A sign went up on Highway 50 on the edge of town: GUNNISON COUNTY IS CLOSED. The decision had not been hard to make. Reynolds was responsible for the health of the county’s full-time residents, and temporarily banning the out-of-state millionaires seemed an easy way to limit community spread.

    1. "Reynolds was responsible for the health of the county’s full-time residents, " WTF, really? Well, there's your problem.

    2. Welcome to Australia.

  22. Getting more shots in arms can only be good... Except for the fully vaccinated teams getting infected. But pay no mind, get vaxxed!

    Punch yourself in the nuts, Boehm.

    1. Especially given that these players are in the low risk category for COVID and high risk category for vaccine side effects. Follow the science my ass.

      1. Political science.

        The reaction to this disease has been absolutely dystopian and my debates with family epic.

        1. The ' con side' have no debate. Only media programming.

          When they run thru their Talking Points, theyre hosed.

  23. Stop the damn pants-wetting. We've seen this sports movie: player/coach tests positive, sits out a period of time, comes back. And. Nothing. Else. Happens. Nothing.

  24. New rule, no-touch footbal. Players are required to run around on 6 ft diameter hampster balls and if they bump into eachother its a tackle.

    1. Sets of three players from each team are allowed to roam opposing sidelines and redirect playerballs that come into their zone.

      Penalties now include glue.

    2. Meh.

      Womens full contact Roller Derby.

      1970s style. None of this pussy footing around modern kind.

      Rollerball. None of these idiot football players grabbing each others asses.

      Chicks out for blood and mayhem.

  25. The NBA and NFL must be living off subsidies by now. I doubt they have a big enough fan base at this point to stay afloat unless the players and coaches are making minimum wage.

  26. Once pro sports got "woke", I no longer gave a flying fuck about them. They can do as they please with this bullshit Chinese Flu. Nobody with a brain cares any more. Just declare victory and prepare a yearly Chinese flu vaccination, just like the vaccination people get for the "regular" flu.

    As an aside, people get all concerned about 800,000 lives lost in nearly two years to this disease, but don't seem to care about the 2.400,000 Americans who have died of heart disease and cancer during this period. Wonder why.

  27. The various pro-sports groups need not do a damn thing b/c of omicron; the least lethal variant yet and still marketed like as if its the next Black Plague!
    Is it just the bigs guys (owners of who have stick in one or more of these pharmaceutical giants or does most of the upper level staff at Reason have stock too? You guys look more and more like a propaganda joke with each issue you publish.

    1. It mutated to a less lethal variant BUT doubling every DAY. A penny doubling every day. Day 30: $5,368,709 5,351,309 people have died so far from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of December 16, 2021.

      1. Eat shit, nazi fuck.

      2. With or of?

        1. Trolls cant handle words that complex nor the Binary Choice you present.

          They are unary- programmed.

  28. Consider the irony that these two leagues have been kowtowing to the CCP, whose incompetence released Covid in the first place.

    And that this whole story is banned from Twitter, because their Ministry of Truth won't allow mention of vaccinated people catching or spreading Covid.

  29. This rag is freaking joke. Can't tell if I'm reading articles in the ludicrous Guardian or Reason. Libertarian my ass. Even the comment section is litered with these phony ass libertarians.
    The Phucko Knows

    1. The UK Sun, more like it.


      Guardian cones out with some meat now and then.

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  31. "More shots in arms can only be helpful"
    Really? Where is your evidence?

    Vaccinated persons can still get COVID-19 and pass COVID-19 on to others.

    These vaccines are not fully approved by FDA (only Emergency use). There is a growing pool of data about the potential dangers of the vaccine (Particularly for young, healthy males). There are no studies on the long term impact.

    There is a possibility that more shots in arms decreases efficacy and/or increases possibility for side effects.

    1. "Vaccinated persons can still get COVID-19 and pass COVID-19 on to others".


      CDC said Covid is a lung disease caused BY THE VIRUS.

      It is not the virus.

      You being illiterate and uneducated isnt a basis to correct others.

      Youre just spewing media talking points.

  32. I think this is a tricky situation for the leagues, especially because they are role models for society. The problem is that they are not a real model of society. Players in the leagues are going to be in good medical condition making them better able to handle the disease vaccinated or not. Second players get first rate medical care. When Aaron Rodgers had covid a lot of focus was on the goofy things he was doing. What people may not have noticed was he was also getting antibody therapy, something the average person might not be able to get.

    So how does the league say we don't have to abide by rules that seam better tailored to the general public. I don't care if the player on my TV set has tested positive for covid, I do care if my server in the restaurant has tested positive.

  33. It’s not a pandemic; it’s an endemic - like cold an flu season. It is not going away no matter how much you vaccinate, test, mask or lock down. We need to learn to live with this and the first step is to admit we can do little to nothing to stop infections (like the ‘vaccine’) and get on with our lives. The second step is to stop the protocol theater and admit that asymptomatic cases in healthy adults and children is not a big deal requiring a new round of panic.

  34. A little trivia. The Washington Football team were formerly, proudly known, and it still can be found printed in millions of books and magazines, as the REDSKINS.

  35. How long is sports league (and society at large) going to do this?

    Let's imagine it's 2027. Three players test positive for covid. Postpone every game involving any player or staff who had the slightest contact with them? We'll keep on doing this 6 years from now? 8 years from now? 12 years from now?

    This cannot be the normal. 4,000 - 5,000 daily cases might be an irreversible reality in states like CA. Covid is here to stay. If that rockets to 8,000 following a mild spike, we have to shut down or revert back to restrictions on cue?

    Your motherbleeping country is not going to survive doing this for the next 10 years. There are 380 mil people here (with more flooding the borders) and the industries and economy that has to sustain them is already showing signs of cracks. There will be always be vaccine holdouts, and their rank with only swell as peole balk at getting jabbed 3 times for the rest of their lives.

    The country is being ran by people who fight covid and vaccine holdouts like we fought the Vietcong. It's a losing game in the long run, but unlike Vietnam we can't just ditch Saigon and say "ok let's cut our losses". We're being a bit too cute for our own good here.

    Gas is $4.50-4.75 per gallon in LA. Eating out is highway robbery. There's no way disposable income can last in CA, and if and when some tech companies begin to file for bankrupcty, dominoes will start to fall. At least crime is being managed - NOT.

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