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Established in 1968 as a monthly magazine of "Free Minds and Free Markets," Reason has become the world's leading source of news, politics, culture, and ideas from a principled libertarian position. We've got a rich history to reflect on, including pathbreaking articles on everything from Love Canal (an incredibly misreported story about a toxic dump in New York that led to all sorts of bad environmental policies) to "opiophobia" (the withholding of medicine from chronic pain patients) to "The Fragile Generation" (Jonathan Haidt and Lenore Skenazy's term for the effect of overprotective parenting on millennials and Generation Z). We've produced thousands of videos on everything from Los Angeles' insane war on bacon-wrapped hot dogs to super-hacker George Hotz's attempt to make a self-driving car for $1,000 to the tragic consequences of China's one-child policy. Our podcast library continues to grow, as new episodes of the rollicking Reason Roundtable, the in-depth Reason Interview, and the sizzling Soho Forum Debates roll out without pause.

In a profound way, Reason is all about the future. How do we create a world that is more free, fair, and, dare I say it, fun? We believe in "Free Minds and Free Markets" because they are both moral and practical, producing more wealth and knowledge and distributing those things more efficiently than other ways of organizing society. But "Free Minds and Free Markets" also create a world that is filled with delight, innovation, and wonder. That's why there's a first-ever Reason NFT being auctioned off (with all proceeds going to support our work).

And that's why we collaborate with people like YouTube superstar Remy, whose string of song-parody videos (watch them all here) cover everything from the war on unpasteurized milk to the follies of war to frenzy over cryptocurrency.

Free play and fun aren't luxury items. They are an integral part of our development and they remain important throughout our lives, as developmental psychologist Peter Gray told Reason in 2017. His research demonstrates that "the gradual decline in play" among America's children has led to "well documented, gradual, but ultimately huge increases in a variety of mental disorders in childhood—especially depression and anxiety."

When 2021 started, the joke was that it couldn't possibly be worse than 2020. Well here we are. Your generous support for Reason keeps our lights on and powers all of our print, web, video, and audio journalism. It is essential to our efforts. In the new year, we'll be bringing more of our award-winning investigative work, our searing indictments of government overreach, our profiles of the people who are revolutionizing commerce and culture, and our big-picture thinking about how to make the world work better. And we'll also be bringing more fun, which is every bit as much a product of freedom as wealth and every bit as indispensable to a life worth living.

So on this last day of our Webathon, with a generous match grant in place that doubles the value of your donation, please give to help create a world that is better—and more fun—than the one we live in.