Omicron Brings Another Round of Pointless Travel Restrictions

Instead of impoverishing the world, we have to learn to live with COVID-19.


We're long past the point in the COVID-19 pandemic when politicians are doing much more in response to viral scares than engage in rituals to soothe a fearful public and enhance their own power. With the new omicron variant spreading across the world, travel restrictions seem to be the response of choice because they're politically popular. Never mind that closing borders is ineffective at anything other than further burdening already hobbled families and economies. The actual danger posed by omicron remains uncertain, but the policy response is as pointless as it was preordained.

South Africa's Health Ministry announced the discovery of the at-the-time-unnamed B.1.1.529 variant of COVID-19 on November 25. What that means is still unclear and probably will remain so until more cases are found and studied. "There is preliminary evidence suggesting that Omicron may have potential immune escape and/or possibly higher transmissibility," according to the World Health Organization, while some South African doctors report "very mild symptoms" including fatigue and body aches among their mostly young patients. Nevertheless, given the dearth of information, people did what they do best: They lost their shit.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) promptly declared a state of emergency granting her extraordinary power. More worryingly, a world already suffering severe disruptions started closing its borders in irrational ways. Following in the footsteps of the United Kingdom, the U.S. banned travelers from South Africa and seven neighboring countries, even though omicron was already in the Netherlands and elsewhere well before the variant was revealed to the world. In fact, the new variant was well-established in the countries announcing travel restrictions, including the U.S.

"The new case demonstrates that there is at least some local transmission of the Omicron variant and that it had arrived in the U.S. before the Biden administration imposed travel restrictions on Botswana and South Africa — where early cases of the variant were detected — and six neighboring countries," Stat reported of a case found in Minnesota.

Official reaction seemed crafted more to further separate families and impoverish an already troubled world than to address a bug that was already loose. Health experts make exactly that point.

"Travel restrictions may play a role in slightly reducing the spread of COVID-19 but place a heavy burden on lives and livelihoods," the World Health Organization's Africa office warned as travel bans proliferated. "If restrictions are implemented, they should not be unnecessarily invasive or intrusive, and should be scientifically based."

The warning that restrictions on movement carry their own costs and aren't particularly effective isn't new; health experts said the same thing years before COVID-19 appeared when they considered ways of slowing the spread of new varieties of flu.

"The results of our systematic review indicate that overall travel restrictions have only limited effectiveness in the prevention of influenza spread," according to a 2014 article in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization. "Only extensive travel restrictions – i.e. over 90% – had any meaningful effect on reducing the magnitude of epidemics. In isolation, travel restrictions might delay the spread and peak of pandemics by a few weeks or months but we found no evidence that they would contain influenza within a defined geographical area."

Of course, omicron has already spread to dozens of countries. Travel restrictions at this point aren't going to delay anything except the already-interrupted flow of goods and people needed to keep the world functioning. So, what's the point of closing borders when it's too late to keep the bug out? The real effect of otherwise pointless measures is to accumulate power to politicians who covet just that, and to appease a public that demands somebody do something about a virus that shows every sign of becoming a permanent part of life.

Earlier this week, 78 percent of respondents to a Morning Consult poll favored imposing travel restrictions on countries where omicron has been found. "60 percent of adults said they think travel restrictions on countries with confirmed cases of new variants will help stop the spread of the virus in the United States," the pollsters added. 

Stopping the spread of the virus in the U.S. with restrictions on travel from elsewhere would be quite a feat given that omicron is already here. But public officials gain office by winning elections, not assessments of logical reasoning. So, we get not just bans on travel from a subset of countries where omicron was detected early, but new testing requirements on anybody else who might want to visit from overseas. We'll also get the consequences of new curbs on trade and travel.

"The current round of restrictions has already reduced travel and dampened consumer confidence," Patricia Cohen noted in The New York Times. "Omicron's threat to the recovery is just the latest in a series of zigzags that the world economy has endured since the coronavirus began its march across continents last year," she added.

"We are not yet in stagflation," commented Alicia Garcia Herrero, chief Asia Pacific economist with Natixis SA, a French financial firm. "But one more year without cross-border mobility and related supply chain disruptions might push us there." 

So, what do we do about the latest, but almost certainly not the last, COVID-19 variant in a world that's grown weary of waiting for a return to normality that may never come? After all, recent months have seen protests flare up in Europe and elsewhere against lockdowns, mask orders, vaccine mandates, and the like. There's nothing about omicron that suggests people will be any happier with an extension of curbs on their lives.

"Modifying and improving vaccines to deal with emerging variants will be a perpetual challenge, but one that essentially mirrors our yearly battle with the flu," argues Annabel Denham of Britain's Institute of Economic Affairs. "At some point we'll have to stop battering our economy and accept that this is, quite possibly, as good as it gets." 

"As good as it gets" may be a hard sell to fearful members of the public and politicians grown accustomed to stretching their power. But learning to live with an ever-morphing virus must be better than continuous, impoverishing disruptions without obvious benefit.

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  1. If you're traveling back and forth across borders then you should be excluded from restaurants and other public spaces. You shouldn't be admitted to hospitals if you have COVID because you can't be taking up beds that should be reserved for those responsible enough to stay where they are. IT'S YOUR CHOICE.

    1. Sarcasm?

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    2. Nothing like mistaking one’s opponents arguments.

      1. misstating

        1. Although “mistaking” kinda works. Thanks, Siri, for trying to help me with writing comments.

          1. Fucking idiot.

            1. It does kinda make sense that Mike would be the one person who appreciates autocorrect.

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    3. … unless you’re poor. Then the US taxpayers should welcome you with open arms, shower you with gifts, and not require any medical or security screening.

    4. How about u just stay home? As your obviously just another scarred little moron. U stay "safe" at home as the rest of us get on with life.
      The Phucko Knows

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    6. You should be shot before you kill somebody. I saw you exceeding the speed limit AND following too closely, the #1 and #2 cause of traffic fatalities. Plus I just read that climate change forest fires are causing trees to not grow back but the upside is if your mask can filter out tiny virus' then I can resume smoking at the bar!
      How does a bed in a hospital cure a viral infection?
      Stay where you are, nobody wants you around here especially since you believe everything a politician says. That makes you dangerous, more dangerous than Alec Baldwin and you are just a speck on a rock that has been floating around in meteor showers bombarded by solar radiation for billions of years (look at your stupid self; dodging raindrops and lightning strikes) won't be saving anyone or anything.
      Since we have now "red flag" laws all spaces are public spaces.

  2. Omicron Brings Another Round of Pointless Travel Restrictions

    New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) promptly declared a state of emergency granting her extraordinary power.

    Well, which is it? Pointless or not?

    1. Pointless theater but not racist, since Dems can only have good intentions.

      1. And their leaders are exempt, from isolation and masking as well as from unintended consequences.

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  3. So... Those not-vaccines aren't too effective, are they, TooSilly? It's acting just like a flu and is here to stay, you say? Variants are gradually weakening in symptoms while increasing communicability, just like other flus? Learn to live with it?

    At least you're finally catching up.

    1. It's been obvious since the very first antibody test results in April 2020 that the virus was already widespread and we had been living with it for months.

      But that wouldn't get rid of Trump, so we played make-believe.

      1. Depends on your definition of “widespread”. Obviously, from the cases that have followed for months and months after that, most people had not yet been exposed and it took time for it to spread to them.

      2. I remember first rolling my eyes after seeing the stats from the Diamond Princess. I remember getting angry when seeing the death stats coming out of Italy. I lost all hope in humanity when I saw that the flu """disappeared""" in winter 2020. COVID has been 99% health mirage. I hope that I live fifty years-ish to read the books that will be written about how the world went collectively mad.

        1. no need to wait. were all extras in the movie...

  4. Idiotic article. Poor us! Try the plague you cretins when as many as 1/3 to 1/2 of Europeans croaked. And you're bitching about a vaccine and travel restrictions?

    As selfish and ignorant as babies without the being cute thing.

    Here you go:

    "Patients who have recovered from severe COVID-19 have more than three times the mortality risk within the year following their illness than people who have not contracted the virus, according to a recent study by University of Florida researchers.

    An earlier study by UF researchers, published in the journal Frontiers in Medicine, found patients who had a severe case of the disease were more than twice as likely to need rehospitalization for COVID-19 complications, underscores the serious effects the virus can have on the body.

    The risk for those younger than 65 who had severe cases is higher than for those older than 65. But patients who had mild or moderate COVID-19 were not found to be at increased risk of death compared to those who did not contract the disease.

    “These findings reinforce that the internal trauma of being sick enough to be hospitalized with COVID-19 has a big consequence for people’s health. This is a huge complication

    of COVID-19 that has not been shown before,” said Arch G. Mainous III, the study’s lead investigator and a professor in the department of health services research, management and policy at the UF College of Public Health and Health Professions.

    “Our findings suggest the need for closer follow-up of patients who have been hospitalized with COVID in the same way we keep a close eye on people who are at risk for heart attack,” Mainous added. “COVID-19 is even more devastating than we thought when only focusing on the initial episode. The downstream risk for the most severe outcome, death, is definitely high enough to hopefully make everyone rethink the impact of COVID- 19.”

    The UF team analyzed data from electronic health records of 13,638 adult patients at one health system who were tested for COVID-19 using a polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, test. The researchers then followed patients for 12 months.

    Among the group, 178 had severe COVID-19 requiring hospitalization and 246 patients had mild or moder-ate COVID-19. The rest tested negative for COVID-19.

    The researchers excluded data on deaths 30 days after patients’ recovery from COVID-19 to ensure that any deaths recorded during that window were not caused by the initial illness. After adjusting for factors including age, race, gender and select existing medical conditions, patients who had recovered from severe COVID-19 were 233% more likely to die within a year after infection than patients who had tested negative for COVID-19.

    The researchers were surprised to find that among patients who had severe COVID-19 and later died, deaths attributed to cardiovascular, respiratory and clotting problems – common complications of COVID-19 infection – only accounted for 20% of deaths. The discovery that these patients died from a variety of conditions is a critical area for further study, the authors say.

    The researchers stress that vaccination is the most effective way to decrease the risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19.

    “A lot of battles are raging over whether to get vaccinated for COVID- 19,” said Mainous, also vice chair for research in the UF College of Medicine’s department of community health and family medicine. “Patients may feel that if they are hospitalized and recover from COVID-19 then they have beaten COVID-19. Unfortunately, having a substantially increased of death in the next year after recovery from a severe episode of COVID-19 shows that this is not the case. Preventing severe COVID-19 should be our primary focus.”"

    1. Given the availability of vaccines, those that want/need them have access. Anyone that needs more has the personal responsibility to take additional precautions.

      This is not the plague. Stop pretending that it is.

      1. Who should bear the onus of 'personal responsibility' here, though? The people who don't want to contract the virus, or the people who don't care if they continue to spread the virus?

        In pretty much every other case, we would say that the obligation to act should rest upon those individuals who are perpetuating a harm to stop doing so, rather than on those individuals who bear the risk of suffering from that harm to do more to prevent it.

        If a factory is belching smoke, and making the town inhabitants sick, why should it be the obligation of the residents to close their windows to not breathe the smoke, rather than the obligation of the factory to stop emitting smoke?

        If a drunk driver is swerving all over the road, why should it be the obligation of all the OTHER drivers to dodge the drunk driver more skillfully, rather than the obligation of the drunk driver to stop driving drunk?

        1. So why should things be any different when it comes to viruses and vaccines? Why shouldn't the onus of 'personal responsibility' fall upon those who aren't vaccinated to get the jab and therefore reduce the probability of spreading harm to others, rather than on those who are vaccinated, to do even more than they have already done to avoid contracting the virus?

          1. “Why shouldn't the onus of 'personal responsibility' fall upon those who aren't vaccinated to get the jab and therefore reduce the probability of spreading harm to others…”

            Because the only thing that these vaccines do is reduce the severity of the disease, and doesn’t seriously affect its spread.

            1. You forgot virtue signaling. Proving that you are on the righteous side, and not a philosophical "threat" is really what Jeffy wants.

            2. That's false Bruce. Somebodies feeding you bulls..t.

              Links to to studies in the article.

              "Studies show that people vaccinated against COVID-19 are likely to be less contagious than non-vaccinated people.
              This is because vaccinated people carry a viral load in their body that is overall lower than that of unvaccinated people; therefore, the virus cannot be transmitted as effectively.
              A vaccinated person is also less likely to contract COVID in the first place.
              Vaccination not only makes a person less contagious, but contagious for a shorter time, creating less spread of the virus through a highly vaccinated community.
              Some recent studies have shown similar peak viral loads in vaccinated people compared to unvaccinated people who contract COVID. This has raised concerns for the efficacy of vaccines for preventing transmission.

              How concerned should we be? Are vaccinated people just as contagious as unvaccinated? What does this mean for future plans for reopening?

              These studies only show a similar peak viral load, which is the highest amount of virus in the system over the course of the study.

              But vaccinated people clear the virus faster, with lower levels of virus overall, and have less time with very high levels of virus present.

              Therefore, vaccinated people are, on average, likely to be less contagious..."


              1. You pasted this circular reasoning yesterday, dummy.

                1. He’ll paste it again.

                  1. copy

                    Thats two Nickles for a Nickle per Troll

              2. What a bunch of nonsense. Science can't even prove that something called Covid-19 even exist OUTSIDE of a computer program. Which is all it is.
                Which IS the mrna shot u fool. The whole thing is but bullshit with folks like pushing the ridiculous narrative. U r but another member of the Scientism Religion of nonsense. As REAL science proves u fools wrong everyday.
                The Phucko Knows

              3. Studies from Europe in Lancet indicate that the ability to spread COVID is the same for vaccinated as unvaccinated and that the vaccinated carry just as high a viral load.

          2. So you read fist's first post right? Do you get to travel for fun or business when not explicitly needed? If you did you aren't exercising personal responsibility to do your part. It's totes cool to make personal responsibility for only things you like.

            1. Wow. Pure casuistry.

          3. jeff, why should the vaccinated fear the unvaccinated? Just get the jab and fuck those who do not.

            1. sarcsamic, because the vaccinated can catch covid from the unvaccinated and are more likely to than from the vaccinated. See article above. Though more protected and much less likely to die than the unvaccinated, responsible vaccinated people who catch it will self quarantine for as long as a month. I know someone this happened to and he self quarantined for 3 weeks though he no symptons but was positive.

              Your premise is wrong.

              1. You should self quarantine for two centuries. Just to be certain.

                1. Several hours in an airtight box oughta do it. We can take care of the rest.

              2. sarcsamic, because the vaccinated can catch covid from the unvaccinated

                Fuckin' LOL. Then it's not a vaccine, is it, you senile piece of shit?

                1. its not a vaccine, its a Charge code.

                  Adapted from " its not a child, its a govt subsidized execution."

              3. Actually, Joe, the most effective COVID precaution is an impermeable mask. You can make one at home by putting a trash bag over your head and wrapping it as tight as you can with duct tape. I suggest you try it and let us know what happens.

          4. Get a gym membership and lose weight, fat boy.

          5. Because prior restraint has never been and should not be permissible for commonly-transmitted diseases. Even though people die by tens of thousands from influenza every year.

            Because proving that a certain person X gave you a disease is typically nearly impossible to prove under a preponderance of the evidence standard, let alone beyond reasonable doubt.

            Because there is no force to subpoena in a libertarian society, it is not permissible to force a person to disgorge test results, let alone to get a test. And if subpoenas are impermissible force, unwanted medical procedures certainly are.

            Because it is the person standing outside Y's business with a gun, demanding Y not let X in for any reason, who is the criminal.

            Because it is your responsibility to defend yourself, and you may not conscript anyone to contribute to your defense.

            Because fuck tyranny.

            Because sic semper tyrannis.

            1. "ven though people die by tens of thousands from influenza every year."

              CDC data. 2018

              10-18 THOUSAND DEAD


              Fauci forgot to mention that

              1. I can’t figure out which direction the fourth walls in.

          6. Wow. That’s the most “radically individualist” thing I’ve ever heard.

        2. Indeed chemjeff, common sense which eludes many extreme Libertarians.

          1. Fat Jeff has had a slew of two-week periods to flatten his curves. Instead, he nom nom nominates draconian measures placed on free healthy folks.

            You two should get a room.

            1. what happens after everyone gets a vax and it doesn't go away what's the next personal responsibility thing we are going to here from Joe F "smartest Contractor in the World" and crew that we need to do?

              1. Between vaccinations and natural immunity (which the statists can continue to deny, but that does not change reality), many parts of the industrialized world have over 90% of people "protected". And the spread has not gone away.

                At this point, only retards and power-seeking authoritarians still talk about eliminating COVID, and imposing all sorts of restrictions so that one day we can live free.

              2. MT-man, that can very well happen but the incidents, sickness, and death will decline, the economy will increase and we'll live in a better but imperfect world. You can handle that right?

                1. The world can always be better, so the restrictions and lockdowns and power grabs and the stomping upon basic human dignity and freedom will continue ad infinitum -- because perfect is impossible but it can always be "better."

                  People like you are "better" off dead -- you know, for the rest of us living in an imperfect world.

              3. We cannot solve a problem perfectly, so let’s do nothing to mitigate it.

                1. The mitigations have failed twice in the last 100 years.

                2. Because everyone knows only one problem exists at a time and mitigation has consequences or effects and cannot conceivably create any other problems.

                  You're the type of idiot that would advocate suctioning all the air out a person's house to mitigate the risk of fire.

                  Fuck off and die.

              4. they didnt get the right kind or not enough vaccine...

                Its always the Victims fault..

          2. A lot of the commenters here are right wingers, not libertarians at all.

            1. A lot commenters here a left wing NPC progs, like you.

        3. Fuck off you totalitarian collectivist cunt. If you don't want to get sick, get vaccinated and viola, you're protected. Everything else you demand others do to protect you does not fall under personal responsibility any more than demanding bigger welfare checks would.

          1. No I get it. The drunk driver has the unlimited liberty to drive on the roads however he sees fit. If you don't want to get hurt in a collision with a drunk driver, then don't drive. The chances of getting hurt in a car wreck is just a fact of life that we all have to accept. Besides, just wear a seatbelt and - voila - you're protected, right? Personal responsibility means "everyone else gets to be a raging narcissist and I have the entire obligation to protect myself from everyone else's poor choices".

            1. Comparing a drunk driver to a person with a cold? Go fuck yourself, cunt.

              1. Be fair. Jeff is a paranoid, frightened drama queen with delusions of fascism. He is working with limited resources.

                1. Everything he has said in these comments today sound like the rantings of a reasonable libertarian with a sense of social responsibility.

                  1. No no, Mike. You know as well as I do that "reasonable libertarian" must necessarily mean "raging narcissist with a heaping dollop of paranoia".

                    1. You know, back when I was in my twenties I was as obnoxiously self-centered as any libertarian.

                      But I grew up. I’m no longer interested in a libertarianism that doesn’t encompass a sense of responsibility and civility going hand in hand with liberty.

                    2. Maybe you should out down the fork you fatfuck tubbypork.

                    3. You faggots should fuck each other. Maybe White Mike doesn’t mind fatties.

                  2. So your “sense of social responsibility” is forcing people at gunpoint to do the things you want them to?

              2. I bet 95% or more of drunk driving happens without any negative consequence.

                1. Define drunk.
                  Define negative consequence.
                  Go fuck yourself.

                2. I'm sure it's a much higher percentage than that.

            2. Now do obesity and it's costs and burdens it does to healthcare.

              1. The mirror hates Jeff.

              2. When they invent a shot that cures 90% of obesity and people refuse to take it then you might have an argument but even then obesity isn't contagious.

                1. Eat less crap. Exercise.

                2. When they invent a shot that cures 90% of obesity

                  Except the COVID "vaccines" don't even do that.

                3. Stop world hunger. Put down your fork.

                4. They're called "vegetables"

              3. Going for the personal insult is a tacit admission you’ve got nuthin’ in the rational debate department.

                1. White Mike of Meridian, Idaho thinks that the empirical effects of the US obesity rate on healthcare costs is a personal insult.

                2. Neither of you are worthy of debate. We just hate both of you at this point for all the reasons that are pointed out every day here.

            3. You may be drunk 24/7 but it is not the norm for rational people. You presuppose that all unvaccinated are sick and therefore a risk, this is a lie you repeat often.

              Responsible people should self-quarintine when sick, but you don't propose that just the most totalitarian measures you can find. Again, go fuck yourself you fat cunt. By your logic you should be barred from public facilities due to the grave threat to democracy you pose through your obesity and the outsized strain on the supply chain and healthcare system you represent. Off to fat camp with you Chunk.

            4. Is “social responsibility” code for forcing people to do stuff at gunpoint? I’m just trying to keep up.

            5. Many libertarians would would agree that the state should enforce things like DON’T drive drunk, DON’T steal stuff, DON’T punch people, etc.

              Your idea that the state should force people to take a vaccine is not in the same family as those prohibitions.

          2. Social Justice, vaccinated people can catch it and though much less likely to get very sick or die, they can then pass it on to others and if responsible will at least have to self quarantine for an extended period.

            1. So... Not really a vaccine at all. Not even a good therapy.

        4. Not sure of your point here. Vaccinations haven’t really been shown to slow the spread of the virus. Rather, they just reduce the severity of the disease in those taking the vaccine relatively shortly before being exposed enough to catch the virus. And, indeed, there is some evidence that vaccinations may aid the spread of the virus, by reducing the likelihood of people being too sick when they catch it to go outside and spread it to others.

          You seem to be suggesting that we can vaccinate ourselves put of the pandemic. But that can’t happen. Impossible. Even if this were not a respiratory virus, it wouldn’t work. If that were the case, given how leaky the vaccines are, the only way to get to herd immunity is through natural immunity. But the COVID-19 virus is a respiratory virus, which means that it mutates too quickly, and jumps to other animal species too easily, to ever be controlled and eliminated by vaccinations.

          1. My point is about where the onus of "personal responsibility" ought to lie. In pretty much every other situation, the onus of "personal responsibility" lies with the individual who is causing harm, rather than on the individual likely to suffer from that harm. Why should the situation be different when it comes to the virus?

            1. Your point is you're a totalitarian cocksucker. You'll get yours, and it will come from the assholes whose boots you are so content to lick.

              1. There's some more of that Ken-approved "facts and logic". Well done!

                1. Your sock puppeting sucks ass, sarc. The bizarre semi-sexual obsession with Ken is the give away.

                2. You faggots are really obsessed with Ken.

              2. Where is your rage against rules the require you to wear shirts and shoes in many public places? A vaccine has a benefit and it's simple once a year deal whereas wearing shoes and shirts is mostly pointless and you forced to do it every day.

                1. You're a fucking retard.

                  1. I blame gov't welfare for allowing the idiots to survive so long. Amazing.

                2. Hold on. Here’s a solution! Strudel can walk around without a shirt and everyone will stay home voluntarily.

            2. In pretty much every other situation, the onus of "personal responsibility" lies with the individual who is causing harm, rather than on the individual likely to suffer from that harm.

              you are assuming that all unvaxed individuals will cause 'harm' simply by going out and about amongst society...this is a ridiculous assertion; I would posit that the one causing harm is he who insists others cater to his personal fears and foibles...

          2. Vaccinations haven’t really been shown to slow the spread of the virus.

            Not true.


            Two studies1,2 from Israel, posted as preprints on 16 July, find that two doses of the vaccine made by pharmaceutical company Pfizer, based in New York City, and biotechnology company BioNTech, based in Mainz, Germany, are 81% effective at preventing SARS-CoV-2 infections. And vaccinated people who do get infected are up to 78% less likely to spread the virus to household members than are unvaccinated people. Overall, this adds up to very high protection against transmission, say researchers.

          3. Vaccinations haven’t really been shown to slow the spread of the virus.

            Not true.


            People who are vaccinated against Covid-19 are less likely to spread the virus even if they become infected, a new study finds, adding to a growing body of evidence that vaccines can reduce transmission of the delta variant.

            British scientists at the University of Oxford examined national records of nearly 150,000 contacts that were traced from roughly 100,000 initial cases. The samples included people who were fully or partially vaccinated with either the Pfizer-BioNTech or the AstraZeneca vaccines, as well as people who were unvaccinated. The researchers then looked at how the vaccines affected the spread of the virus if a person had a breakthrough infection with either the alpha variant or the highly contagious delta variant.

            Both vaccines reduced transmission, although they were more effective against the alpha variant compared to the delta variant. When infected with the delta variant, a given contact was 65 percent less likely to test positive if the person from whom the exposure occurred was fully vaccinated with two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. With AstraZeneca, a given contact was 36 percent less likely to test positive if the person from whom the exposure occurred was fully vaccinated.

            1. ::ignores rising case numbers in highly vaccinated countries::

              1. Not enough boosters, ofc.

          4. Your wrong Bruce. Vaccinations do slow the spread of Covid as do masks. Google it.

            1. No, they haven't.

            2. Bullshit dude. Man your so full of propaganda crap. Omicron is but moronic.
              The Phucko

            3. Vaccinations do slow the spread of Covid as do masks.

              the facemasks generally seen on the populace have no effect on reducing a viral spread; if glasses get fogged (which they always do) while these masks are worn, please explain to me how viral particles are not emerging out into the open...

          5. "can vaccinate ourselves put of the pandemic. "

            Trademark that and sell it to Pfizer or Moderna...which evers the highest bidder.

            It hasnt happened with the flu.

            The same Cyclical Dog and Pony show...every year...

          6. A virus has never been PROVEN to jump from one species to another. As a matter of FACT...., a virus has never been PROVEN to jump from human to human. Hummmmm...
            The Phucko Knows

        5. Who should bear the onus of 'personal responsibility' here, though?

          Everyone for themselves. Throughout all of human history and the future of humankind, maybe even all sentient thought.

        6. these drugs are NOT vaccines. they don't stop transmission or infection. they only last a few months and then you need a booster. recent data from israel & the uk shows that they're not even very effective and preventing serious illness or death. bottom line is they serve no useful purpose. natural immunity is much better protection so the best thing is to just get infected. i will never take these injections for many reasons but the best reason is that there is no medical need.

        7. Your "drunk driver" character was created by the same government that you want for a doctor. Excessive speed is what kills not drinkers. Alcohol kills drinkers.
          A smoking factory got permission from local government to open where it is, the same government that is your doctor not a different one.
          You people have forgotten one thing: Verbally and physically abusing others yet China gets off scot-free? Go nag them. Radical my assjeff.

      2. Chumby, Covid is not the plague - we have a vaccine and only about 25% of us are idiots who prefer self flagellation - and rules for limiting it's spread are not Nazi oppression.

        Our society has a responsibility to enforce rules in defense of it's citizens and our economy from these ignorant fools who insist on not taking responsibility. That you think society does not have this responsibility speaks volumes about the unreal world many Libertarians inhabit in their mind and their complete misunderstanding of our species success in a hostile environment.

        1. Shutting down the economy isn’t defending it.

          I’m not sick. When I am, I stay at home.

          We have a marginally effective treatment that is not stopping the spread of covid, no matter how much you squawk about it. Unless there an actual vaccine becomes available, we will live with covid forever. You can live in fear, oppression and control. The rest of us choose not to participate in the hysteria.

          1. There is a difference between liberty and narcissism. "I can do what I want and you can't stop me" is not liberty properly understood, it is just narcissism.

            1. "I can do what I want and you can't stop me"

              Lying Jeffy continues to show he doesn’t know how quotes work.

              1. We have matched White Mike and sarc. Looks like fat Jeff and Joe are next. Who knew Reason could be a dating site for progressive bottom feeders?

                1. I feel like I need to take a shower after reading their crap.

                  1. Maybe the government will release a 29% effective vaccine to protect you against it.

            2. Yeh. Narcissistic is forcing others to accept an experimental gene therapy into their bodies to make you feel better, but with little, if any, other benefit to the rest of society.

              1. "Seat belts are pointless virtue signaling. They don't prevent you from getting hurt in 100% of the car crashes, plus most of the time driving doesn't lead to a wreck so wearing seatbelts is useless. Fuck the tyranny of the seat belt!"

                1. Are you advocating that people be prohibited from entering restaurants, public venues, or being employed unless they prove they wear their seatbelts?


              2. Bruce, the benefits are less people filling our ICUs and taking up medical attention and less people croaking and leaving their family members for ever. All this, along with the safety others feel also benefit our economy.

                "Government policies restricting business operations and personal mobility were less important than consumers' self-imposed limitations in contributing to the steep drop in economic activity during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to findings presented in Fear, Lockdown, and Diversion: Comparing Drivers of Pandemic Economic Decline 2020 (NBER Working Paper 27432). Voluntary behavioral changes occurred because of consumers' fears of catching the virus, researchers Austan Goolsbee and Chad Syverson show. They conclude that repealing restrictions is not a particularly powerful tool for restarting growth so long as individuals continue to fear infection..

                Similar businesses suffered similar declines in customer visits, regardless of whether they were in counties covered by shelter-in-place orders...."


                1. ::was fine with 600,000 people a year dying of heart disease::

                2. Ban fatties. Small-sized gurneys only.

                  1. Banning trans fats is not LGBTQ+ friendly.

            3. "I can do what I want and you can't stop me" is not liberty properly understood, it is just narcissism.

              Says the guy who ate himself into a future heart attack.

            4. Who would have guessed liberty had a moral component?

              And jeffy claims to be libertarian.

              1. Who would have guessed liberty had a moral component?

                OF COURSE IT DOES.

                What do you think the NAP is, other than a statement of moral conduct?

                1. Nominally, it's a declaration that you won't attack. It's a battle tactic.

                  Morality is irrelevant.

          2. Chumby, the more people who are vaccinated and or mask up, the safer we all are and the better our economy will function. That's a just a fact and easy to understand.

            1. Irrelevant authority.

            2. Stop confusing propaganda with fact. My GOD man u r but an all time idiot.
              The Phucko Knows

        2. Hey Joe, just the facts please. Your vaccine is not very effective and "Nazi" was an English slang term for The National Socialist Workers Party and that party ended in 1945. So drop the word already.
          'Society' only exists in the mind next door to 'morals' and your economy exists on paper that only has value when everyone agrees that it does. Did you notice zillow said your house is worth 3 times what was worth a short time ago? So you are wealthier right? Wrong. Everybody's house did the same and nobody's wages went up but your property tax did. In your "economy" class try discussing "anti-trust laws". Government is playing along with zillow and chasing everyone around with a syringe. No thank you.

    2. Try the plague you cretins when as many as 1/3 to 1/2 of Europeans croaked. And you're bitching about a vaccine and travel restrictions?

      Wait, something here seems off.

      1. Alright, let me try this:

        Poor us! Try the Great Leap Forward you cretins when as many as 100 million Chinese peasants starved to death. And you're complaining about printing off a couple trillion dollars?

      2. Second attempt:

        Poor us! Try the Holocaust when as many as 12 million Jews and other ethnic minorities were murdered. And you're bitching about Australian covid camps?

        1. Well done Moonrocks.

          1. I think I can still do better:

            Poor us! Try September 11, when over 3000 Americans were murdered in a terrorist attack. And you're bitching about shutting down domestic oil production?

    3. So, lock yourself in the basement, or maybe gather some like-minded paranoiacs and get your own island that you can try to isolate from all the scary things* in the world.

      *Just about everything in reality poses risk and can lead to death, including life itself.

      1. Earth based, I'm in favor locking the unvaccinated in the basement.

        1. This is not surprising.

          1. Little brown shirt cunt, is Joe.

        2. I’m in favor of locking democrats out of America to protect the ongoing liberty of Americans.

    4. Screech harder anf follow your scientism.

    5. “But patients who had mild or moderate COVID-19”

      Hopefully, the anecdotal reports that omicron is mild are true, because omicron is already here. Last night I was reading about cases in California, Hawaii, New York, one more (Michigan?). Haven’t read the news this morning, but there are probably more.

      Let’s face it. There are a ton of people in this country who will never be convinced to get vaccinated. Many won’t get vaccinated for political reasons, which is the dumbest reason possible not to get vaccinated. If they can catch a mild variant of COVID, and gain some immunity, that’s actually a good development.

      1. Good point and that would be silver lining. Incidentally apparently Covid vaccine also protect against some forms of the common cold. These vaccines are badass. I want more. Fuck getting sick.

        1. That’s one of the things that leads me to heap sarcastic derision on the stupidity of politically-motivated anti-vaxxers. We have this amazing medical breakthrough of mRNA vaccines, which will end up preventing all kinds of human maladies — and they are continually digging to try to cherry pick lame arguments about them.

          The dumbest argument being “they changed the definition of vaccine”.

          1. We have this amazing medical breakthrough of mRNA vaccines, which will end up preventing all kinds of human maladies

            Woof, talk about an assertion not in evidence.

          2. the injections are not vaccines. not by any definition.

            1. Not by any pre-2020 definition. Now the definitions are being changed to accommodate the fascism.

            2. Baloney. Vaccines are safe substances injected to cause an immune reaction to an unsafe disease. The mRNA vaccines do exactly that.

              Also, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a straight-up traditional vaccine.

              1. not true. from the j&j website. this is NOT how a traditional "vaccine" works.

                the Johnson & Johnson vaccine uses a disabled adenovirus to deliver the instructions. This adenovirus is in no way related to the coronavirus. It is a completely different virus. Although it can deliver the instructions on how to defeat the coronavirus, it can’t replicate in your body and will not give you a viral infection.

                1. I stand corrected on the J&J vaccine. It’s still a vaccine, though.

                  1. from the oxford dictionary, definition of the term vaccine: treatment with a vaccine to produce immunity against a disease. clearly the current covid injections do not provide anything that even resembles immunity.

      2. If they can catch a mild variant of COVID, and gain some immunity, that’s actually a good development.

        That's been the case for basically 99% of the population since the start of the pandemic -- so, nothing has changed, pussy.

    6. Patients who have recovered from severe COVID-19 have more than three times the mortality risk within the year following their illness than people who have not contracted the virus, according to a recent study by University of Florida researchers.
      LOL now do the jab

    7. I’m pro-vaccine and am scheduled to get my booster this morning. I’m going to go through with it, but even I have considered delaying it since they’ll probably come out with another booster for omicron.

      1. See? Even the dummies are starting to see the futility of it all.

        1. "Wearing a seatbelt doesn't protect you 100% from getting hurt in a car wreck. So, don't wear a seat belt and drive 150 mph while drunk!"

          1. Comparing a seatbelt to a vaccine is to be expected from a fat piece of shit who thinks parents should shut up about what teachers are teaching in the classroom.

          2. Jesus fucking christ! get off your drunk driver jag already.

          3. I think you should be perfectly free to go without seat belts, and you ought to be on the hook for the bill for your facial reconstruction when you kiss the windshield.

            Why the hell is it my business if you wreck yourself?

      2. I got a booster and flu shot at the same time without any real reaction other than a slightly sore arm where the Covid vax went in. It took 10 mins. I didn't even wait after getting the shot. Just walked out feeling like a champ.

        1. Yeah, I got the flu shot and my shoulder was sore for a long time afterward. For the second COVID-19 shot, I just got a headache for an hour or so.

        2. LOL

          Feds pushing vaccines on internet forums is hilarious. Reads like a cheap NPR advertisement.

        3. Literally just got the booster jab as I write this. Decided to get the Moderna, to mix and match with my precious Pfizer shots.

          Just to completely disgust the anti-vaxxers, I got a Bugs Bunny bandaid. And a pink unicorn sticker (I asked if I could take a sticker to give to my daughter).

          1. I know feds were faggots, but this is taking it to a whole new level.

          2. Medical procedures are now hip and fun!

          3. What is an "anti-vaxxer"? What exactly are you shooting up? How much does it cost? There will be a bill to pay soon not counting the new "green" trillion dollar budget or the importation of foreign oil or the climate deal Trump got us out of but biden shoved it right back up your ass. There is no immunity to stupidity in the party of Democrat, your cartoon band-aid will not stop the hemorrhaging. Al Gore got the carbon tax rolling while China and Russia did not show up for the signing of the deal to allow us to pay for it all but biden thinks it will all pay for itself. The Fed is printing and loaning and collecting interest from you right now. biden has fleet of toy electric cars you are paying for but cannot drive one.

      3. once you sign up for the injections you're on the injection train for life. the definition of "vaccinated" is a moving target and will certainly require you to have the latest booster. so you're signing up for your government injection every 6 months until the day your die.

        1. Guess so. You describe vaccines as if they are a burden, instead of a blessing of modern medical technology.

          1. i'm not describing a vaccine, that is my point. these injections are not vaccines.

    8. Try the plague you cretins when as many as 1/3 to 1/2 of Europeans croaked.

      EZPZ, can/could do standing on my head. What's next? Gonna scare us with threats of the Toba Catastrophe? Ooh, I know, threaten us with the ills of the 'War Of The Worlds panic'!

      Please, oh please, Joe Friday, tell us how we would possibly survive in the modern age without being government vaccinated against a radio broadcast!

      1. Just wear a mask so I can smoke indoors again.

    9. You've really gone completely off the rails. If you're so terrified, get the vaccine, get your steady supply of boosters and remain inside your bunker, wear four masks and have misters spraying isopropyl alcohol.

      1. ... And die of IPA poisoning.

    10. So, people whose body couldn't fight off COVID on its own are more likely to die of something else later? Yeah...that checks out. Unless they have a way to prove causality, I'm deeply unimpressed by the correlation.

    11. All that nonsense and u never mention WHO is having the same issues as those who lose out to the YEARLY flu. Old folks and unhealthy folks. All who already have one foot dangling over thier graves. The overall yearly death rate has not risen above expected norms in any country throughout the world. The hospitals r not over run. Medical supplies were down over 26% in 2020. The ICU units r the smallest areas in every hospital. If the hospital doesn't run a Kungflu case through them.... They don't get paid. So a hospital with 10 ICU beds get 10 folks to walk through the door and test postive with a test that can't test for a virus...., and walla..., with a straight face..., they can now say they r over run. R WALL STREET owned hospital's r nothing more then money chasing whores. Which IS WHY every step in the hospital admitting process has been incentivized for a buck. What is going on is but mass induced hysteria. A 24/7 evil "spelling" of the human pawn. Yes... I'm talking about fools like u. Harvest time has arrived. Maybe upon your next visit u will get this world correct and stop being the counted own pawn.
      The Phucko Knows

  5. "Instead of impoverishing the world, we have to learn to live with COVID-19."

    More importantly from a Koch-funded libertarian POV: Instead of cutting off our benefactor Charles Koch's supply of cost-effective foreign-born labor, we have to keep our borders open during a pandemic.


  6. Here's another study, hidden by GOP politicians in Missouri after that asked for it and it didn't support their "freedom" nonsense.

    "Mask mandates saved lives and prevented COVID-19 infections in Missouri’s biggest cities during the worst part of the delta variant wave, an analysis by the state Department of Health and Senior Services shows.

    But the analysis, conducted at the request of Gov. Mike Parson’s office in early November, was never made public and was only obtained by The Missouri Independent and the Documenting COVID-19 project after a Sunshine Law request to the department.

    The study compared infection and death rates in St. Louis, St. Louis County, Kansas City and Jackson County with the rest of the state. New state health Director Donald Kauerauf wrote in an email that the study’s findings showed the effectiveness of mask mandates and forwarded it to Parson’s office.

    The analysis wasn’t included in material the department prepared for cabinet meetings, the emails show. Neither the health department nor Parson’s office responded to requests for comment asking why the data has not been shared publicly.

    The comparison showed infection rates in “masked” jurisdictions were higher than the rest of the state in the six weeks prior to the emergence of the delta variant. Case rates then fell below other regions as the surge gathered force in late May and have remained lower since that time.

    The statewide data shows that, from the end of April to the end of October, jurisdictions with mask mandates experienced an average of 15.8 cases per day for every 100,000 residents compared to 21.7 cases per day for every 100,000 residents in unmasked communities.

    The four jurisdictions imposed their mask mandates in late July and early August, as the delta variant wave was peaking...."

    1. Do us all a favor a don a 95-mil poly mask.

      1. That's probably not safe enough. I would recommend triple air-proof masking, inside a full body condom (improvise with a 100 gallon trash bag, closed and knotted)), inside a room sealed with plastic sheeting and duct tape.

        Oh, and since wifi can carry viruses, total radio isolation, too.

        1. Maybe pump in some carbon monoxide to kill all the pathogens.

    2. Very weak. But keep trying.

      There are just too many variables to control, in a study of this size, that slight advantages may easily be a result of different underlying circumstances.

      Keep wearing your stupid face diapers, and we will continue to laugh at you for being a Karen, overly worried about spreading a virus with such a low fatality rate, and esp for the young and healthy.

      1. Bruce, Covid killed more than yearly deaths from heart disease or cancer in the US. By your viewpoint I guess we should stop spending money on minimizing those diseases. Hey, mostly old goats anyway. Who GAF?

        1. So? Masking doesn’t appreciably change that, and right now, vaccines do not appear to do anything for the public good. Yes, they appear to keep more people alive. But that is a private good. I am old enough to benefit from being vaccinated. I was. But my kid is far from it, and esp our 5 teenaged grandkids. None of them have comorbidities, which means that they are probably more likely to die from lightning strikes, or for the oldest two, esp, drunk drivers. Forcing them to be vaccinated endangers them without any public benefit b

          1. "Kids are more likely to die from lightning strikes than COVID. Therefore, take zero precautions whatsoever regarding COVID."

            If p1 = probability of being killed by a lightning strike
            and p2 = probability of being killed by COVID, then:

            If p1 > p2, then assume p2 = 0.


            1. Yes, but not standing under tall trees works for lightning. What comparable are you suggesting for COVID-19? Masks? They collect viruses and bacteria, which kids rebreather, sometimes at least making them sicker. Vaccines? Definitely not them - the danger of vaccines appears to increase greatly as the age of recipients drops, just ad the threat to their lives with COVID-19 approaches zero.

              There are a number of things more dangerous to the 5-18 demographic than COVID-19 (and most of those who have died from it have had well known comorbidities, such as significant obesity). Such as drowning, drunk drivers, vehicular travel, drive by shootings, domestic violence, etc. we could prevent almost all of those deaths. We don’t, because there is a point of diminishing returns. We could prevent drunk driving deaths by making it impossible for anyone to drive drunk (or affected by other substances). Where do you draw the line - for example, how do you prevent a narcoleptic from drinking diet soda and blacking out from the effects of aspartame, and killing the kid walking down the sidewalk?

            2. live your life in constant fear while everyone else will live our lives as free people. every action we take requires risk assessment. i know for me that i engage in many other activities that have way, way more risk than covid. i really could not give a single shit about covid. i have not changed my life one bit during this charade of a pandemic and i'm just fine. i will not wear the obedience mask and will certainly never take the gov covid injections.

    3. Yeah, that’s the level of scientific illiteracy found among Democrats. It’s the same kind of approach to science that brought us eugenics, forced sterilizations, death camps, and Keynesianism.

      To be crystal clear: the data does NOT show that mask mandates work.

      1. Bulls..t NOYB. Besides for the Missouri study cited above that the GOP Gov asked for and then hid when the results didn't fit his "freedom" bulls..t, you have this and more:

        1. As for the second study - masking probably only helps where the subjects are symptomatic. That is because they can reduce droplet dispersal. But the asymptomatic much more likely spread the disease through aerosols, which the masks don’t really hinder the spread of. So, the study should have just said up front that it showed that people showing symptoms of COVID-19, esp coughing, should wear masks in public.

          1. Instead, the authors of the study talked around the weakness of the study to their conclusions, by explaining away why they studies the symptomatic, and not the asymptomatic, without addressing the ramifications of that weakness to their findings. It’s fairly clear cut - the sizes of holes in surgical masks are of a similar order of magnitude to the droplets expelled through coughing, but are well over an order of magnitude larger than the aerosolized virons exhaled by the asymptomatic.

          2. You've brought up an important point: mode of transmission.

            The authorities keep repeating that Covid is spread mainly or entirely through droplet expulsion, which is literally spitting into other people's mouths. However, a large group of prominent scientists have found that the evidence points principally to airborne or aerosolized transmission - particles that remain floating in the air.

            Face coverings are meant to stop droplet transmission. There's evidence that surgical masks can filter out some amount of aerosols, but not enough to be considered effective protection.
            Only people who are symptomatic - in other words, coughing - are going to produce enough ejected sputum to be a potential threat to others. This is especially the case since it requires several minutes of exposure in order to get infected. It makes sense to cover your face if you have symptoms and must go into public.

            The reason asymptomatic people are asked to wear face coverings is the understanding that they could be infectious. But since such people are producing mostly aerosolized infectious particles, and those particles easily escape the face coverings, where is the good?

            1. even if trapped theres

              " re- entrainment"

              Seen ANYONE with a WET mask?

              Nope. Thus they stop NONE of the droplets

        2. You can produce an endless stream of papers like that and it still doesn't show what you claim it shows.

    4. A recent study by the University of Louisville found that state mask mandates did not help slow the spread of COVID-19.

      The researchers found that “masks may promote social cohesion as rallying symbols during a pandemic, but risk compensation can also occur.”

      Among the risks:

      Prolonged mask use, more than four hours a day,
      “promotes facial alkalinization and inadvertently encourages dehydration, which in turn can enhance barrier breakdown and bacterial infection risk.”

      *drops microphone*

      British clinicians have reported masks to increase headaches and sweating and decrease cognitive precision.
      By obscuring nonverbal communication, masks interfere with social learning in children.
      Likewise, masks can distort verbal speech and remove visual cues to the detriment of individuals with hearing loss.

      1. The surgical mask (which doesn't work)

        Disposable medical masks (also known as surgical masks) are loose-fitting devices that were designed to be worn by medical personnel to protect accidental contamination of patient wounds, and to protect the wearer against splashes or sprays of bodily fluids (36). There is limited evidence for their effectiveness in preventing influenza virus transmission either when worn by the infected person for source control or when worn by uninfected persons to reduce exposure. Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.

        Is nothing more than a symbol of compliance.

        1. 10000000000 ^^^^

    5. I feel like I must be misreading this chart.

      The blue line is the average case rate for the urban areas, while the orange line is the average case rate for the non-urban areas. The non-urban areas' average case rate overtake the urban areas' case rates on May 24, but the mask mandates are reinstated end July/early August. After the mask mandates are reinstated, the urban areas continue to enjoy a lower average case rate, but their case rates spike and come down in the exact same pattern as that of the non-urban areas.

      The chart does not show a change after the mask mandates are reintroduced, which is what should be the case if it's used as evidence of the effectiveness of mask mandates. The mask mandate does not seem to prevent a spike in delta infections in August.

      Since this is case rates, not deaths, there should not be a "lag"; if masks are effective, then they we should see an immediate benefit. If something changed, it happened in May, not July. I'm curious as to what that might be.

      1. your analysis is totally baseless.

        Masks do nothing. Youre starting with a flawed initial premise

  7. Covid has one definite benefit, it is much easier to identify who the fearful, superstitious morons are as well as who in governments across the world should never be in power ever again. The NPI's just do not work to the degree that some assume. It is entirely possible that this strain popped out of an animal reservoir with its long lineage to a previous type with no mutations until they suddenly piled up recently. Omicron has been cooking somewhere, somehow and nobody noticed until recently.

    1. COVID has revealed the degree to which much of the world has gone pussy. The woke elites have always had an exaggerated need to be "sensitive", and now exhibit hyper-caution as a virtue. The problem is the establishment that has turned such paranoia into policy, and reinforced the coddled delusions.

      1. Love internet tough guys like Earth-based. We all know he'd be crying for Mama before they put the ventilator on him in the ICU. We all would.

        1. We all know

          Nope. Keep projecting and thinking wishfully.

        2. Not all of us are fatties.

        3. Project much?

          Maybe your mommy never told you, but you are going to die. And at the time, there will be nothing you can do about it. So live your life in fear if you choose, but fuck off with trying to make the rest of us pretend to keep you safe.

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  9. Pointless? Don't you even panic-industrial complex?

    1. Can I get an hallelujah for midterm fortifications?

  10. Yeah yeah. These measures all work fantastically. But forget about ever getting back to normal.

    Apparently the definition of "work" has been changed.

    1. Dude, work cannot equity.

  11. The problem here is panicking over something that is probably beneficial.

    Viruses mutate frequently and constantly. In the case of respiratory viruses, like that causing COVID-19, variants caused by the mutations compete with each other as they spread through a population. We watched Delta expand from maybe 20% to 80% of the US population over the month of July this year. It is holding, right now, at >99.9% of all COVID-19 spread right now, in this country. The competition is very Darwinian. One variant has to have an advantage to beat out other variants in spreading to push them out (as was done by Delta in this country). The two advantages that most often can cause one variant to push out others is either to be more infectious (>R0) and/or less deadly (<CFR). Delta was successful primarily for being roughly twice as infectious as the ancestral variant, and maybe half again as infectious as the other variants at that time. And, it’s mortality seems slightly lower. But the rapidity of its pushing out other variants seems mostly a result of it’s greatly increased infectivity.

    How does Omicron fit in? If it outcompetes Delta, and takes over in this country, it will be because it is more infectious (unlikely because the infectivity of Delta is so high already, and there isn’t a significant amount of room for improvement there), or less deadly. So far, that seems to be the way that it is competing - by being less deadly, and killing or at least causing more patients to be bedridden, than competing variants. And if that is the case, we should welcome it with open arms.

    1. Bottom line then, is that Omicron in this country is trying to compete with the Delta variant. It won’t make much headway, if any, if it is more deadly. It’s only realistic hope to dominate over other variants is to be milder and less deadly. That would leave fewer of those infected bedridden or dead, and limited, compared with other variants, in the number that one host can infect. The milder a virus is, the better it tends to spread, because of that factor. Best, of course, is almost complete asymptomatic spread.

      That means that it is highly likely that either Delta will continue to rule supreme, or any virus that pushes it out (such as Omicron) is milder and less deadly.

    2. But does it blend?

    3. ...and open legs....

    4. Not just less deadly, but less severe overall, since people with very mild symptoms are likely to go out and spread it instead of staying in bed. The endgame for covid is likely to become a new version of what is basically the common cold.

  12. The point of these policies isn’t to protect our health, it is to turn Americans into compliant serfs and to accept totalitarian rule without question.

    1. Republicans have always been the kind of people most concerned with pointless conformity like tucking in a shirt, wearing a collared shirt, covering up tattoos, short boring haircuts.

      1. Dems are fine with whatever you wear, but wrongspeak is verboten. Totally kosher.

      2. Yes, Republicans want voluntary social conformity and order, as opposed to government-imposed order at the end of a barrel.

        Your problem with that is...?

    2. Sure NYOB, that's why Biden and the CDC announced a loosening of Covid recommendations in April before the Delta variant and the moron GOP anti-vaxx campaign started slowing vaccination rates.

      Real Nazis, huh?

      1. You mean when it polled badly? And Trump's not-vaccines ain't doing much.

      2. Sure NYOB, that's why Biden and the CDC announced a loosening of Covid recommendations in April before the Delta variant

        And then they miraculously found a justification for reimposing restrictions.

        and the moron GOP anti-vaxx campaign started slowing vaccination rates

        You're confabulating again: there is no "GOP anti-vaxx campaign". Furthermore, the vaccines have had no discernible effect on spread, all they do is partially protect individuals who choose to take them from the most severe forms of the disease.

    3. "When MY team enacts a policy, they have the best of intentions. But when THEIR team enacts a policy, they have the worst of intentions."

      1. chemtard radical deathfat always supports the policies of his lefty boos.

        1. what chemicals is Jeff on?


      2. Authoritarianism and the destruction of liberty (1A, 2A, etc.) is the declared objective of the American left, so I don't see what that has to do with "teams".

  13. Why was it when President Trump imposed a travel ban, it was xenophobic and racist, but when President Biden imposes a travel ban it's all good?

    Something something Let's Go Fuck Joe Brandon!

    1. Also should this variant be called the Omicron or the O'm'gawd variant? Pander or panic?

      1. Ermergerd variant

    2. Because it’s a Democratic rhetorical strategy to accuse Republicans of racism at every opportunity. We all know that.

      The question is why does anyone hanging out a libertarian website get their knickers bent at observing Democrats and Republicans engaging in their usual rhetorical b.s. Aren’t we all libertarians with no affiliation with Team Red or Blue?

      1. We know you aren’t.

      2. You're so far left you do a one-man daisy chain.

      3. Aren’t we all libertarians with no affiliation with Team Red or Blue?

        You aren't.

      4. I can still get bothered that team blue has cried wolf so many times that it will desensitize us if actual racists ever show up. Heck, the desensitization already happened. Team blue had to start calling actual racists 'white nationalists'. And now they are accusing everyone of being a white nationalist, so I suspect that the cycle will continue.

    3. Because when Trump did it, he did it for xenophobic and racist reasons, the same way he ate his breakfast.

    4. Finally! The Kleptocracy Pot calling the Kleptocracy Kettle black. Never let a day go by without tu quoque and nanny-nanny-boo-boos from the playground looters.

  14. Reason continues to conflate social responsibility with slavery. This is just good policy.

    1. Conflating social responsibility with slavery is good policy? The referent of your “this” is not clear.

  15. Libertarian commentary on the Omicron variant.

    "A government that's gone within the last 24 hours have gone from 'everything's fine, it's just a few masks, don't panic' to 'no, you can still have your Christmas party', to 'don't kiss under the mistletoe' to 'a big Christmas party isn't sensible'."

  16. Breaking news is omicron has been detected in Nebraska. If it’s already cropping up in Nebraska, might as well cancel any travel bans — the horse is out of the barn.

    1. It's fascinating how you people respond to a deadly virus by diving headlong into it.

      That's not how you did it with AIDS, right?

      1. Didn't stop your kind from avoiding the bathhouses.

        1. Never forget that fauci was involved in the AIDS debacle as well.

      2. Not seeing how acknowledging the horse is out of the barn is “diving headlong into it”.

      3. Isn't it an odd coincidence that troops from BOTH of the Great Satan armies invading Afghanistan and shooting smack suddenly came down with a monkey virus from Mohammedan Africa? Conservatives were quick to blame queers, not militaristic murderers, reprisals or sharing needles. But in Africa proper the epidemic radiated outward from the former German colonies--the ones that were dumping-grounds for surplus heroin during National Socialism's interwar rearmament.

  17. Omicron Brings Another Round of Pointless Travel Restrictions....but a very pointed round of government overreach and repression.

  18. Always remember,

    "Hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to help."


    "Never let a crisis go to waste"

    That is government summed up for you.

    1. Ask the Indians about trusting the US Govt.

  19. Simple solutions: Wear masks; stay six feet apart; elbow bump instead of shaking hands; cough into your elbow; don't touch any surfaces; limit capacity in all public establishments; let only elderly shop from 6AM to 7AM; spray your take out food with Lysol; wash hands frequently; hang plexiglass between all work stations and between customers and cashiers; rope off all playgrounds, remove rims from basketball courts, drain ice rinks and disable skate parks; impose directional aisles in big box stores; move all schools to online classes; mandate daily testing for all Americans; and hand over all health regulatory authority to unelected experts.

    Follow these common sense suggestions and the omicron emergency will be over in about 12 to 18 months.

    1. itll end when drug company vaccine sales start declining....

      To quote Church Lady..." how CONVEEEEEEENIENT!"

  20. Agree and disagree. Yes, travel restrictions are a little like closing the barn door after the horse is out. The ONLY action that is going to stop the pandemic is fast, mandatory vaccinations and supplying poorer countries with the vaccine. Otherwise, we are going to be hopelessly chasing it for years to come, dealing with on and off again restrictions and economic chaos.

    1. a Little?

      Its delusion.

      1. I would not go so far as to say "delusion" but certainly not the most effective way to control the virus. Unfortunately, it is one of those "damned if you do and damned if you don't" actions. If you don't restrict travel and the virus surges then you will be blamed for not restricting it. Mandatory vaccines is the only effective solution.

    2. There should have not been even speculation of mandates before everyone around the world who wanted one had gotten it. It is bad enough that the rich countries were letting their 16 year olds get the vaccine before poor countries could vaccinate their immunocompromised 80 year olds, when the latter can get 10,000 times the benefit as the former, and to your point about variants, the vaccine is far more likely to stop a variant in an immunocompromised person than a healthy young person.

      It is simply unconscionable that not only do rich countries not allow the vaccine be put to its best use, they also won't even allow the 16 year old to make the personal decision to defer vaccination.

      The world isn't going to have enough vaccine for about 18 months after they first became available. If countries had just left people alone (maybe done some more vaccine lotteries) a fair fraction of the hesitant would have come around and gotten comfortable, just as they have with over a dozen other vaccinations. Instead, we have mandates getting announced within a month of vaccine approval, and that is hardening the stances of the hesitant. Honestly, what is the hurry? If some kid doesn't want their vaccine, there are plenty of folks around the world who would be happy to take it.

  21. I'm beginning to think we need covid to mutate as fast as possible so more people should be exposed to it instead of trying to spare people from it. Sure, it sounds bad but highly deadly and virulent diseases generally don't survive beyond temporary and localized outbreaks like ebola. For the virus to survive it needs to mutate and be as subtle as possible. It was off to a good start until it wound up killing a bunch of older people drawing attention to itself. If allowed to mutate it may become far less deadly to we 'olds' and even if it becomes marginally more deadly to kids and it will be just like the common cold, flu, etc. and nobody will care.

    1. the weak will die.

      Thats EVOLUTION. Survival of the fittest.

      Odd how the Left dont admit that.

      1. The 1918 pandemic killed mostly young adults. This one is killing mostly unvaccinated Trumpers. So it depends on your definition of weak.

        1. And Kyle Rittenhouse killed your lefty boos.

          1. One day you may wake up from this haze of violent awfulness Trump put you in and have a very bad hangover. When you leave a cult, it hurts.

            1. Just admit you want daddy Trump to dominate you Tony.

              1. He has no sexual prowess and probably won't even spring for a nice meal.

            2. Nah, I despised white leftists long before Trump came along.

    2. The problem is that COVID rarely infects the same person more than once. So, in evolution terms, COVID couldn't care less whether we live or die,we are a dead-end to it regardless.

      For diseases like Ebola which can only spread after symptoms show up, it can be useful to minimize to the virus to minimize those symptoms, so people continue walking around infecting others. What makes COVID so weird and difficult to control is that it has such a long presymptomatic period, and spreads quite well with no symptoms or very mild symptoms. COVID takes as much advantage of that 1-2 week window as possible. After that? Either your body fights it off or you end up with serious problems with your lungs that make it impossible for you continue your everyday life. Either way, you are equally useless to COVID, so it doesn't have much incentive to NOT put you in a respirator.

      1. Except that when you are on a respirator or ventilator, you aren’t spreading the virus around. It’s the asymptomatic spread that makes it hard to fight the virus, esp with quarantines. This is one of the reasons that respiratory viruses, in particular, tend to mutate towards being milder over time. To beat out other variants, a variant needs an edge. I mentioned above that the competition is very Darwinian. A mutation causing more deaths, and worse symptoms, almost always dies out fairly quickly, because those of its patients on ventilators, etc aren’t passing it on to anyone. It’s also highly visible then. Much better, for a variant to be able to hide and spread in plain sight, through asymptomatic (and presymptomatic) spread.

        We are seeing the Omicron variant popping up all over the country, and the world, right now, seemingly out of nowhere. That means that it is spreading asymptomaticly, which is, truly, a good thing. Good because it means that it is probably less deadly than Delta (in particular, here in the US, at 99.9% of new cases). The reality is that natural immunity is significantly stronger and longer lasting than that provided by the experimental gene therapies being given as vaccines. If herd immunity is even possible (questionable because it is a respiratory virus disease), we will only get there with a combination of natural immunity, and traditional vaccines made from deactivated or weakened strains of the virus. And the more people who get the virus, then get over it, without showing real symptoms, the better.

    3. I nominate your screen name for the next variant.

  22. It's not pointless at all, Jerome. The apparent stupidity of all this is only an illusion - one based on you believing people like Gates and Fauci and all their powerful collaborators -- are innocently struggling to achieve some public good.

    The point of all this apparent b.s. is the creation of an authoritarian society - and a massive transfer of wealth and assets - with our elites in command. Nothing whatsoever to do with a mild or possible non-existent virus.

  23. We "learn to live with" deadly pathogens for which vaccines exist by getting vaccinated. Did polio and smallpox have this many fans, or were people less addled by the internet back then?

    Did you know that there are 10^31 viruses on earth? If you don't get how absurdly large that number is, if you stacked every virus on earth end-to-end, they would stretch 250 million light-years.

    1. Dude, you didn't know that the American West has been an arid region for millennia. You're hardly one to be lecturing anyone about science.

      1. I'm not sure what you're referring to, but I can guess it's something about the fact that there are more wildfires than in the past.

        The only reason I know about climate change and the increase in wildfires is because I try to keep up on current science. Otherwise, why would I make such assertions? The Soros conspiracy?

        You've been reading reactionary right-wing propaganda instead of current science, so perhaps that's why you're so very confused about everything.

        1. You've been reading reactionary right-wing propaganda instead of current science, so perhaps that's why you're so very confused about everything.

          No, a cursory reading of the history of the American West, and your home state, is sufficient for that.

        2. Tony has never seen fire data. There are comprehensive charts easily perused at
          The biggest surge in American forest fires occurred when a heat wave coincided with the Methodist White Terror's National Prohibition. Moonshiners fired up stills in the woods, and setting them afire was a quick way to destroy evidence during a raid.

  24. I’m pleased that someone (Joe Friday quoting the University of Florida) is looking at the long-term effects of Covid-19. Next step: the long-term effects of the vaccines. Because what frightens me most is making the vaccines mandatory for people who are young and healthy, and so are at least risk from Covid-19.

  25. Why on EARTH would you quote Tedros from W.H.O. On ANYTHING? His position was bought by the Chinese, beating out far more accomplished actual medical professionals rather than an Ethiopian Communist politician, and he was the one who told the world on January 12, 2020, that COVID was not communicable to humans, despite all the evidence to the contrary. He cared NOTHING for the Western public. Still doesn’t. And now that we have re-established their funding, why should he? Biden has squandered any leverage we had, and is allowing all the wrong people into this country. He has already tanked the economy, too, and demands that WE obey mandates but no one else, so now Americans are supposed to just throw up their hands and give up their arms and listen to the “people in charge”? PFFFFFT. That horse has left the barn.

    1. The Good Lawerd created Tedros to make Libertarians think less harshly of Mussolini.

  26. Tuccille is right about those travel restrictions. I'm stuck 11 miles from Antarctica, and trying to get on a plane is a bureaucratic nightmare. Thank The Almighty Dollar it's summertime!

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