Brickbat: What Did You Call Me?


British Justice Minister David Wolfson said female inmates who refer to transgender inmates by the wrong pronoun could face extra prison time. Wolfson said that those who make an innocent mistake won't be punished but those whom guards believe deliberately refer to a trans woman as he/him could be punished under rules barring "threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior."

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  1. So it's not enough to expose them to further danger, they have to be punished for not celebrating the danger as well. Lovely.

    I've asked before why we bothered to save England in WWI and WWII, but I see the question is flawed. Because obviously we didn't.

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  2. In Britain, if a female innate refers to a MTF trans inmate by an unwoke pronoun, I imagine that female inmate risks being flogged with a flesh billy club.

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    1. Brits are better educated than Yankee Doodle Dandy hicks from the hinterlands. Here in the USA, you have to be a highly educated, verbose and intelligent, powerful federal JUDGE before you can mind-read, and determine if my religious beliefs are "sincerely held", or not, for example.

      In Britain, mere PRISON GUARDS can mind-read!

      1. You are suggesting Antifa is the American equivalent of English football hooligans?

        1. Actually, I don't really know... Are the religious beliefs of Antifa “sincerely held”? And, same for English football hooligans?

          I will have to find a USA federal judge, or a Limey prison guard, and get back to you!

          1. Violent collectivism runs deep in both tribes.

            For assistance, maybe consult with Squirrelock Holmes.

            1. Squirrelock Holmes tells me that violent, tribalistic collectivism has its roots in the Kingdom of Alba; see

              In Alba, everyone grew their hair long, if they could (naturally bald men were forgiven, if they otherwise got along with the tribe). But... If you REALLY pissed off the tribe... With "insincerely held religious beliefs", for example, or bringing bad luck to the tribe, by cutting your hair even a tiny bit shorter than "natural"... Then they cut off ALL of your Alba Tresses, and hung them around your neck, to shame you!

              1. Collectivism is an alba-tross around society’s neck.

                1. "My tribe's lies leading to violence against your tribe GOOD! Your tribe's lies leading to violence against my tribe BAD!"

                  In hunter-gatherer days, in times of great environmental stress, inter-tribal war was an effective method of cutting back on too many mouths to feed. Today we have nuclear weapons! We have GOT to cut WAY back on tribalistic collectivism! (As well as other forms of collectivism, if there are such things).

                  This curse is actually older than the hills! See the end-summary of ...

                  1. Boaff sidez!

                    Winter is coming. Gather more nuts.

              2. And the Star-Bellied Sneetches had stars upon thars. Until they didn't.
                And even that anti-racism book's author has been canceled.

                1. Wow, I didn't know about that... Or I just plain forgot it! Getting old here!


                  OK, then, the multi-trillion-dollar question; I MUST know!

                  Star-Belly Sneetches "R" Party or "D" Party? It ALL hangs on THAT!

                2. Thought-control folks haven't done the memory-wipe ("down the memory hole") on this one quite right, yet! Here it is!

                  1. Mike needs someone to cover for him in another thread while he looks up the definitions of some monosyllabic words.

      2. "before you can mind-read, and determine if my religious beliefs are “sincerely held”, or not, for example."

        It doesn't take mind reading to do this. It's quite simple, have you acted consistently with the claimed belief outside the present case?

        1. I don't know if this is the best link to show the abusiveness of Government Almighty power pigs deciding about YOUR religious beliefs, or not, but it was pretty bad! It stank like rotten sewage, actually!

          I read that certain sports facilities (hunting lodges for example) got exemptions, but the Amish didn't!

          I also think that those who SUFFER for their beliefs (Amish denying themselves many pleasures and conveniences) generally get more religious freedoms than those who don't. What is this Calvinistic bullshit? Why do I have to SUFFER before I am given certain freedoms? Google "Scientology slaves" also, and see that Scientologist can be enslaved, and be paid a can of dog food a day, but OTHER (non-religious, non-brain-washing) employers MUST meet min-wage and other mandates!

          It is Government Almighty saying that you must pick one slave-holder or the other... Government Almighty, or a religious cult! You are NOT allowed to be your OWN, independent slave-owner of yourself!

    2. #believeallwomen



      I have trouble believing they've gone this long without a miscarriage of justice stemming from the phrase "That guy raped me!"

      1. *female* inmates

        Seriously, it could not be more "Inmates... gaurds... judges... shoot them all and let God sort them out." inducing.

  3. Obviously the solution is the shiv.

  4. You do the crime, you do the time.

  5. What a transgression.

    1. What if the inmate is an immigrant? Nuance can be lost in translation.

    2. Maybe just transfer the offender to a different jail.

  6. The Brits keep institutionalizing woke insanity. Some of us see this as a warning; others apparently can't wait to follow.

  7. Simple. Use the word "it" when referring to them.

  8. Make them cellmates so the cis prisoner can do some hard time.

  9. Prisoners be all like, "this thing might report me and get me more jail time if... she/he/it reports me for using the wrong pronoun. I'll just stab it to death. Problem solved......"

  10. I don't understand the sheer focus on "deadnaming" in the trans community.

    There was a similar uproar about the game Deadly Premonition, where the detective refer to the murderer by her former name as a "I know who you are" jab. People were demanding that Nintendo recall the game and even extracted an apology from the director. However, they ignored the fact that the character was a detective trying to extract a confession from a murderer and drug dealer whom he suspected was involved in the murder of his parents.

    But no, referring to someone by the wrong gender is a bigger problem than murder. Obviously.

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