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Netflix Staff Apparently Unaware That Dave Chappelle's Comedy Special Would Include Jokes

No one is safe from Chappelle's jokes—but also, everyone is safe from Chappelle's jokes.


Comedian Dave Chappelle's newest hourlong special, The Closer, pokes fun at people's pieties, sprinkled with a tenderness that Chappelle has long supplied. It's humane and irreverent and, yes, he directly deals with the criticism and cancellation attempts he's gotten from transgender activists; why wouldn't he? He's never been one to shy away from good material.

If you were reading reviews of the special, you wouldn't know that. "Too often in The Closer, it just sounds like Chappelle is using white privilege to excuse his own homophobia and transphobia," sanctimoniously declares an NPR piece, clumsily arguing that he thinks that the plight of the black man in America trumps oppression faced by all other identity groups, intimating that Chappelle is just looking for thinly veiled excuses for his own purported animus. A Daily Beast headline reads "Dave Chappelle, and the Week From Hell For Trans People."

Chappelle's comedy exists in the liminal space between irresponsible and downright dangerous to trans people, or so his critics' argument goes. He's gratuitously edgy, pushing the envelope because he knows he can, allegedly prioritizing little glimmers of comedic payoff over nurturing a culture that's comfortable and welcoming for trans people. But he jokes about almost everyone in a manner that could cause discomfort if you're overly preening and self-serious. This man jokes about hoping "white bitches" get tear-gassed at the Women's March!

No one is safe from Chappelle's jokes—but also, everyone is safe from Chappelle's jokes, given that words don't directly cause harm, and that Chappelle is not uncaring or unfeeling. He seems sincere when he insists he's "not indifferent to the suffering of someone else" (before launching into a joke about taking a shit at Walmart and trans bathroom bills and DaBaby killing a guy, of course).

"These transgenders…want me dead," Chappelle says later on. "Every time I come out on stage, I be scared. I be lookin' around the crowd, searching for knuckles and Adam's apples to see where the threats might be coming from."

"A nigga came up to me on the street the other day, he said, 'Careful Dave, they after you,'" Chappelle says, pausing, his eyes wide. "I said 'What? One they, or many theys?'"

Jokes like these have inspired outcry from within Netflix. Lower-level employees took to crashing a company meeting of executives; media sites dishonestly declared that "Netflix Employee Who Criticized Dave Chappelle's Special Gets Suspended," neglecting to mention in the headline that it wasn't really the criticism that was the problem, but rather the unkosher practice of crashing leadership's meeting. (Many media outlets, from The Daily Beast to The Verge to NPR to The New York Times neglected to convey the appropriate nuance in their headlines.) "It is absolutely untrue to say that we have suspended any employees for tweeting about this show. Our employees are encouraged to disagree openly and we support their right to do so," a Netflix spokesperson clarified to Variety, failing to stop the deluge of misleading headlines.

Earlier this week, Netflix's co-CEO Ted Sarandos issued a careful rejoinder to his employees, some of whom were staging a walkout in protest of the company airing the Chappelle special. "Our goal is to entertain the world," Sarandos wrote, "which means programming for a diversity of tastes.…We also support artistic freedom to help attract the best creators, and push back on government and other censorship requests." Excerpted below:

With The Closer, we understand that the concern is not about offensive-to-some content but titles which could increase real world harm (such as further marginalizing already marginalized groups, hate, violence etc.) Last year, we heard similar concerns about 365 Days and violence against women. While some employees disagree, we have a strong belief that content on screen doesn't directly translate to real-world harm.

The strongest evidence to support this is that violence on screens has grown hugely over the last thirty years, especially with first party shooter games, and yet violent crime has fallen significantly in many countries. Adults can watch violence, assault and abuse – or enjoy shocking stand-up comedy – without it causing them to harm others. We are working hard to ensure marginalized communities aren't defined by a single story. So we have Sex Education, Orange is the New Black, Control Z, Hannah Gadsby and Dave Chappelle all on Netflix. Key to this is increasing diversity on the content team itself.

With this, Sarandos delivered a decisive blow to the words-are-violence crowd. Well-adjusted adults should be able to coexist in a world with people who don't share their tastes, morals, sensibilities, and convictions. They ought to be able to work for a company that platforms content that does not conform to their own personal sense of what is worthy or even prudent. You will not break, or be mowed down in the streets, simply because Chappelle said transgressive things in a Netflix special; the supposition that our world works that way is unfounded.

Chappelle's comedy is at its strongest when he's engaging with issues that are actually quite hard to stomach, issues requiring both deftness and heart. His suicide-related comedy (the Foot Locker guy/Anthony Bourdain bit, from Sticks & Stones; the bits about Daphne Dorman's plight, from The Closer), which oscillates comfortably between irreverent and humane, is some of his finest work. And his trans-related comedy indicates just how much he wishes he could opt out; he reserves his right to just not care that much about people's pronouns and niche subcultures he's not particularly interested in.

He tells us later on in the special that he's happy to have friends who are trans—provided they're not humorless—implying that he sees them as individuals, not as symbols or representatives of any one idea or thing. There's no categorical opposition to being friends with trans people expressed, not even once. (In fact, Dorman's story, which he tells right before closing out, wholly counters the idea that Chappelle has no heart for transgender people.)

But the great disappearing act that is Chappelle, who famously quit The Chappelle Show and moved to South Africa (and worse, Ohio), has announced with his latest special that he's once again dipping out. Receding from the limelight is Chappelle's specialty; he famously walked away from $50 million when he felt like it was time to stop doing his show, and he's indicated, with this latest special, that he's neither interested in backing down from his beliefs and sense of humor nor in relitigating the same things over and over in the public square.

Surprising no one, Chappelle—the man who once dreamed up Clayton Bigsby, a blind white supremacist who doesn't realize he's black—failed to make an adequately sensitive special, and he failed to make one that pleased or mollified critics. But he succeeded at making a special that was both funny and tender, if only people would stop chattering about his purported sins long enough to listen.

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  1. sanctimoniously declares an NPR piece

    Anyone still listening to NPR is doing it wrong.

    1. I don’t think they need to include the sanctimoniously part. I believe that is understood by the piece being produced by NPR.

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      2. It would be newsworthy if an NPR piece *wasn’t* dripping with smug and sanctimony.

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    2. Humorless sanctimony is their brand.

      I’m struggling to imagine the venn diagram between NPR listener and Chapelle aficionado.

      No, I got it: null set

      1. Two distinct circles with a mile long gap between them.

        1. Sorta like you and adulthood, Brandyshit.

      2. eh, not so sure about that

      3. Sorry, I guess I’m the only one.

    3. I still tune in from time to time to remind myself how bad it has gotten, and to see what normal news is like now. TV news is where I draw the line.

      1. I listen to NPR almost exclusively in the car. Rage fueled adrenalin helps me stay alert in traffic.

    4. NPR has always been left, but by Trump’s presidency it had gone so blatantly partisan you couldn’t listen during the week. Every story would be an issue and then how Trump was wrong about everything. Even Marketplace has been socialist the last decade, but it’s pure partisan tripe now.

      I used to like weekend NPR. Weird group of shows. Away with Words, Prairie Home Companion now a Music show by Chris Thile, Live from Here. A few others. Driving somewhere on a Saturday evening was fun listening to offbeat music or a stupid and funny story.

      Now even that sort of thing is mostly gone. Tune in on a Saturday or Sunday and it takes literally only minutes before some handwringing young woman will tell you how something marginalized black communities or trans communities or… someone. If you’re lucky you get the half hour of Away with Words, but mostly it’s news and human interest, like during the week, and it’s all so bad I can’t even describe it.

      1. I used to listen to KPFA in Berkeley. Parents tuned it in all the time when I was growing up, 50s and 60s. Got a subscription myself later. Had the BBC’s Goon show, lots of interesting music and interesting interviews.

        But they kept getting more and more woke, long before that was a noun, and one day in the late 1970s, looking through the monthly guide, I realized there was nothing left for me. An hour workshop once a week for gay women prisoners’ poetry workshop was the final straw. No time for anything which might appeal to lots of ordinary people, plenty of time for audiences of a few hundred. No wonder they were always begging for money. I let my subscription lapse.

        1. I used to listen to KPFA in Berkeley.

          I still listen occasionally for the humor value, but they pretty much define “unhinged.”

          1. KPFA is a Pacifica station. I used to hear WBAI from New York, part of that same small group. Pacifica makes NPR sound like the late Mutual Broadcasting System.

        2. We were in the car with the kiddos recently and said something about listening to the radio and the 8 year old said “what is a radio?”.

      2. It’s actually important to keep tabs on NPR, because they’re the Squealer to the Democrats’ Napoleon. They’re quite literally a mouthpiece for the DNC, and their reporting is indicative of what the party is filtering to them.

        Right after Soleimani got clipped, NPR ran a story on a model UN in San Antonio that was full of hand-wringing nonsense from idiot high school kids about World War III starting. One of these baboons was talking about how a buddy of his planned to join the Air Force, but was reconsidering after the air strike because he “didn’t want to go to war.” Like, what the fuck do you think a functioning, standing military is for, you moron? But that was the line that NPR was running, because it was what the DNC was pushing after it happened.

        1. Reason was pushing the WW3 thing also.

          1. Reason gets it’s news from NPR, NYT, Vox, Buzzfeed, and Twitter, so it’s not surprising.

        2. They’re quite literally a mouthpiece for the DNC, and their reporting is indicative of what the party is filtering to them.

          KCRA here in Sacramento is for Democrats who are too low information even for NPR.

          And as someone who finds the idea of listening to NPR repulsive, I was surprised at the linked NPR article about Chapelle. The guy made some good points about Chapelle’s privilege, nice!

      3. I stopped listening to NPR when they interviewed a *foreign exchange student* bitching about being insulted by micro-aggressive classmates coming up to him and asking him where he was from. The never of those college students trying to engage him in conversation.

      4. Is The Delicious Dish still on?

      5. Agreed for me the line was after Tom Ashbrook was fired from OnPoint. It was successful for 16 years. Then suddenly he was accused of creating a toxic workplace, Apparently for asking things to be done on time and correctly. I’m sure he lost his patients her and there. But the reality was he refused to dismiss the other side of the argument on his shows. This was unacceptable to the younger woke staff. They don’t view these shows as discussions, but battles in some campaign they are waging. I don’t Blame Tom for bowing out. At his age he doesn’t need that white. But for me it was the final line. NPR was no longer just left slanted it was now propaganda.

    5. Depending on the writer, the NPR piece could be smug as well. But sanctimonious is a given. As is making false assertions, confusing opinion with fact, and not understand the difference between association and causation. They are a near-perfect example of what echo chamber ‘journalism’ looks like.

    6. I read NPR asserting in earnest that a black, former crack addict exercising his white privilege as a five star review.

      1. What did they say about Marion Barry?

        1. Yeah, obviously my comment was ill-composed. It’s like the 90s all over again with the Moral Majority. Parental Advisory Stickers told you which albums were real exercises of free expression, NPR saying a black comedian is exercising his white priviledge is funny as shit.

    7. There is occasional, unintentional humor on there. Like when, during a “celebration” of NPR’s Anniversary, someone got on, I think it was the show “1A,” and was complaining of “systemic racism” from the NPR higher-ups.

      I was temped to call one of the Quarterly Beg-A-Thons and cite that program and tell them I refuse to make a pledge to support “systemic racism” on NPR. The poor volunteers operating the phones would probably be dumb-struck! 🙂

  2. … given that words don’t directly cause harm…
    Oh, really?
    Mean tweets, anyone?

    1. That’s different.

    2. Check with Brandyshit. Fried that asshole’s brain.

  3. Trans as a social and political movement does not encourage behaving like “well adjusted” adults. Their hostility to any suggestion that biological sex might be significant is what is leading to the Biden administration describing mothers as birthing persons, school boards covering up sexual assaults by alleged transgender students, lesbians being criticized for not wanting to get involved “women” with Male genitalia and well, this nonsense with entertainers like Chappelle.

    1. Transgender folks aren’t hostile to biology. They don’t deny XY chromosomes or the body parts people are born with. But there is a distinction between sex, gender, and gender expression that you’re not acknowledging. This is wherein they differ.

      1. “But there is a distinction between sex, gender, and gender expression that you’re not acknowledging. This is wherein they differ.”

        And that is where the lie lies, Keith. There is no objective truth to arbitrary self-identity.

        1. Self identity isn’t arbitrary. Someone who is gay or lesbian doesn’t choose it like they choose what color socks to wear.

          1. I think I disagree. There were suddenly a lot more gay and trans when it got popular. Overeducated bleeding hearts lacking in common sense and personal identity usually jump on the bandwagon.

            1. People don’t become gay or transgender to jump on a bandwagon. That’s just ridiculous.

              1. Oh yes they do, If you ask a group of high schoolers what they identify as, a majority will say they are bi. That is because of what they are being taught in school, there is now a hostile environment toward heterosexuality and if you don’t accept it, you will be ostracized. So yes to bandwagon.

                1. No a minority will say that. Maybe 20%

                  Teenagers don’t learn about sex in school they learn about it the way they always did. Teens experiment and same sex relationships have become more socially acceptable. So a girl who is really heterosexual tries out sex with another girl. She might answer bi at some point.

                  And so what?

                  Schools are really too involved with this. Back in the day dad left a stack of playboys in the garage which you of course found and you figured out the basics. Then when you finally got an actual girlfriend she taught you the finer points. That worked for years.

                  1. “No a minority will say that. Maybe 20%”

                    That comment should stand on its own as a condemnation of the politicization of ‘gender identities’.

      2. sex and gender are the same your a boy or a girl, I am ok with trans but they need to stick to one of the two genders were not frogs.

      3. Bullshit you lying leftist cunt. They absolutely deny the distinctions you pretend are recognized. Birth sex is regularly misrepresented as gender, trans in sports absolutely deny the actual sex differences if being trans and eligible for women’s sports requires no more than declaring an identification as a woman.

        1. Calling me names doesn’t help your argument. I can understand disagreement about transgender people in sports. But I don’t get why it’s such a big problem for people. It’s sports. Get a life. Like the transgender athletes are trying to.

      4. There’s no such thing as “gender” as you are describing it. Biology is all there is when it comes to whether we are M/F and the infinitesimal percentage that are “neither” or “in between”. That is absolutely distinct from sexual attraction, which derives from a combination of biology and emotional. True, emotion ultimately derives from biology (brain chemistry and firing synapses and all that) but there’s no way to understand it with the present state of human knowledge, and I hope there never is, because completely understanding how chemicals and processes lead to specific brain outcomes/emotions/thoughts will allow for complete control of humans, and will be the end of humanity as we know it.

        But to “circle back,” I don’t care if you “feel” female if you have a dick and balls. If you have a dick and balls, you’re a man, and it’s a violation of the non-aggression principle to make me agree with you that you’re a woman, just because you feel like it.

        1. So don’t agree. Who cares. Still is is the nice and polite thing to do to call people what they prefer. You want to be a schmuck? Ok you are a schmuck.

          1. Well, I believe trying to control what words come out of another’s mouth makes you a schmuck. So we could have a schmuck-off I suppose.

  4. “A ***** came up to me on the street the other day, he said, ‘Careful Dave, they after you,'” Chappelle says, pausing, his eyes wide. “I said ‘What? One they, or many theys?'”

    As a nonbinary (they / them) person, I’m literally shaking right now. Nobody should be allowed to treat my pronouns like a joke.

    Hopefully enough Netflix employees refuse to go to work until the service removes all Dave Chappelle content.


    1. As a nonbinary (they / them) person, I’m literally shaking right now. Nobody should be allowed to treat my pronouns like a joke.

      Silly old me, stuck being a white racist, read that as a black slang (“They’s a-comin’ for us!) joke.

      1. It was both. A play on worda if you will. But it was not plantation “theys a comin”, it was hood rat “they comin”. The punchline was he wasnt sure if it was slang or tranny. Im guessing you arent his target audience.

        1. But it was not plantation “theys a comin”, it was hood rat “they comin”.

          Talk about not getting the joke.

    2. God (or non-denominational deity or spirutal entity of your choice, or lack thereof) Bless OBL.

      I don’t know who they is, but they is pointing out the truth.

    3. Try to remain calm they/them OBL. I’m hoping you have a safe place to recover from this monstrous trauma with plenty of coloring books and crayons. Always works for me.

    4. He’s playing on the ambiguity of the word “they” as being possibly single or plural. But does he have a point beyond this ambiguity? I don’t think so.

      1. Actually, yes. It’s to point out the absurdity of transgenderism.

        1. Why is it absurd? Is same sex attraction absurd? Sexual attraction is in the brain, just like gender is for transgender folks.

          1. Because you’re playing with a bowl of alphabet soup for pronouns and pitch a tantrum like spoiled children if people don’t play along.

            Go play with yourself and stop asking me to participate and pay for it. Not interested and you’re just pissing me off.

    5. It’s a joke chill , comedy acts been roasting all types of people since the orgin.

      1. So is OBL. But it can be hard to tell until you’ve seen xczkir sctick for a while.

    6. “….. so I kicked her in the pussy!”

      Yes, that is triggering. Ownership of a pussy to kick does not define the recipient as a “her”.


    7. Perhaps the LGBTQ community should have been more open minded and listened to Daphne Dorman more instead of driving her to suicide. For Chappelle to mention the suicide of a friend in a _comedy_ special, you know he was upset about it.

      And to be clear. ITS NOT YOUR PRONOUN! The only way to make something YOURS is to associate it with an act so horrific, no one else will want to use it. The swastika comes to mind. Until then, learn to share.

      If Netflix attempts to drop or cancel Chappelle, I will cancel Netflix.

  5. I observe that every pronoun declaration that I have seen on zoom or linkedin is cis normative. (Did I say that right?)

    In a couple years we’re going to see an article on how this inadvertently shamed trans people by revealing their rarity.

    1. Actual trans people don’t want special pronouns, they just want to be the other sex. I’m pretty well convinced that the alternative pronoun crew is almost entirely ideologically driven.

      1. Basically this. It’s a really strange dynamic. I feel genuinely sorry for the several transexual people I know since they are not anything like the danger-haired psychos running amok on the internet. I have never met, in person, one these screaming retards. I’m sure they exist, somewhere, but the real harm they do to people by associate is just sad. People with gender issues need sympathy, love, and mental help, not validation and certainly not cultural cleansing.

        1. There are so many bizarre contradictions within that movement. Were you born this way, or is gender a social construction? You kind of have to pick one.

          1. People are born a particular way AND society defines specific gender roles. Both are true. It’s up to the individual to figure out how their identity fits in the context of societal defined gender roles. Or one can decide to ignore those roles entirely.

            1. Right, so why is transgender a thing? Just be how you want to be and express yourself how you want. Why insist that you are really the opposite sex?

      2. Sorry but that’s simply not true. I know transgender people and they think proper pronouns is important. And I’ve known them since way before this fairly recent controversy has sprung up.

        1. Eat shit. Die.

        2. I’m specifically referring to the made up new ones like “xe” or using “they” to refer to a specific individual.

          1. Using “they” isn’t new. It’s just that most people haven’t heard about it until fairly recently.

            1. Fuck off and die, asshole.

        3. Subject/verb agreement, not so much?

          1. “Pronouns” is the gender-neutral singular of “pronoun.”

        4. I understand a girl using the pronoun him or visa versa for a boy.

        5. Proper pronouns are not important to someone whose identity comes from within. If they were truly confident of their gender identity then such a small slight would have no effect on them. You can be called a lot worse things than your non-preferred pronoun.

          1. I don’t get why it’s so hard to address someone how they ask you. It’s a basic sign of respect.

            1. You respect someone because of their values and if someone makes a big issue out of their pronouns then their values are out of step with mine. Respect does not mean agreeing with everything someone else wants.

              1. A wise man once said “love the neighbor as thyself” the rest is commentary. He did not say anything about earning or having the same values. The NAP you cite is not based an anyone earning anything from you. Nobody is forcing you to do anything.

                1. Loving your neighbor does not mean complying with his every whim and immediate desire. You don’t give your junky friend a big bag of heroin if you love him. Not saying that that is the same as the pronouns case, but illustrates that the best way to love someone is often not giving him what he wants.

              2. To be clear, I think the plural pronoun ‘they’ is silly when referring to an obviously single person.
                I will not address someone with it because when I address someone, I use “you” or their name. If someone wants me to refer to them as “they” I will do that simply because that is what they asked me to do.
                It has nothing to do with agreeing with them, or even understanding where they are coming from. I don’t need to see a moral resume, background check etc. to make that decision.
                I confer basic respect until I have a definitive reason not to.

            2. Call me Master. It makes me happy.

              1. You’re not my friend. I don’t respect you. So I don’t have to call you what you want.

            3. I see someone who looks like a girl, I use the pronoun that fits. But some of your purple-haired whackos scream at you when you do it and demand to be called something else. Not my fault and not my problem if you don’t hang a sign around your neck proclaiming which pronouns I’m supposed to use when I first meet you.

              1. Watch it my wife puts purple in her hair. It is very cute.

            4. I don’t have basic respect for people who think gender is chooseable. Or who want to make me agree with them or to make me use grammatically nonsensical pronouns.

              1. So are gender confused people high or low on your no-respect list?
                I mean, I don’t respect tyrants, bullies, criminals – and those drivers that camp in the left lane. Just trying to figure out where gender confused people should be place – because it seems important.

      3. the alternative pronoun crew is almost entirely ideologically driven

        Are you kidding? It is not even that deep. It’s mostly just to garner attention by making other people feel uncomfortable.

        Gotta get yourself a piece of that sweet, sweet victimhood. That way when people roll their eyes at you and walk out of the breakroom you can complain to HR.

        1. Some are just bandwagoning. A number of female celebrities have recently come out as pansexual or whatever even though they still look, dress, and act like women. The truth is that being bisexual is so outre they have to bump it up to get attention.

    2. In a couple years we’re going to see an article on how this inadvertently shamed trans people by revealing their rarity.

      Yes, except for the inadvertently part. It will be seen as open transphobia deliberately perpetrated by cis-normative oppressors.

      By the same token, “People of Color” is now racist (just like I predicted twenty years ago) and we’re being told to use “BIPOC” instead. I go on record now saying that in 20 years “BIPOC” will be racist, and will be seen as part-and-parcel of the White Supremacist conspiracy.

      1. I’ve long thought that POC was racist. Or at least racially insensitive. Really, there’s a group defined entirely by non-whiteness? OF course BIPOC is even worse.
        Such a weird obsession with labels and groups. Why can’t everyone just be whatever kind of freak they want to be?

        1. > Really, there’s a group defined entirely by non-whiteness?

          Feature, not a bug.

          The idea behind separating a group off is so that you can be their leader. Jesse Jackson on black/afro-americans/african-americans, etc is the early example. Names get changed (negro-colored-back-afro-african) so slipping in African American there let him define the group and be angry at people who used older terms that are no pejorative, etc.

          But, how do you expand your power base? Now you add “People of color” so anyone can join your grievance group. Now instead of being just black, you get to speak for a much larger coalition, which makes you more powerful.

          Lots of people have used this. Everyone from the KKK to Farrakhan to political parties to academia. Pick someone to demonize, pick someone to “speak for” and then do a lot of hand wringing.

          I have Cuban friends. And Mexican friends. And a friend from Ecuador, and another from Argentina. Anytime someone says “latino” in a political context, or talks about “the hispanic” vote, the Cuban guy gets annoyed. The whole concept assumes they’re all the same. A Mexican and a Cuban have about as much in common as a fish and a turtle.

          But expanding these groups is how you expand your power base. So, everyone but one perceived demon is the biggest you can get.

          1. By the same token, various whites have not always thought of themselves as a unified group.
            (Intentional understatement)
            However, i guess it worked in the US, so why not :/

          2. “Are you the Judean People’s Front?”

            “Fuck off! ‘Judean People’s Front’. We’re the People’s Front of Judea!”
            Judean People’s Front….fucking splitter.

      2. I don’t know what BIPOC means and have decided I just don’t care anymore. If people are that sensitive about their pronouns, they should put it on the front of a friggin T-shirt and maybe I’ll notice and accomodate them.

      3. 20 years? I wouldn’t give it 20 months. It might be as little as 20 weeks.

  6. Oh baby. Beat me. Whip me. Miss-gender me, baby.

    1. They can have a Miss Gender Pageant. There will definitely be some drama during the swimsuit competition.

  7. Jokes like these have inspired outcry from within Netflix. Lower-level employees took to crashing a company meeting of executives; media sites dishonestly declared that “Netflix Employee Who Criticized Dave Chappelle’s Special Gets Suspended,” neglecting to mention in the headline that it wasn’t really the criticism that was the problem, but rather the unkosher practice of crashing leadership’s meeting.

    Just so you know, a lot of modern companies hire literally mentally ill people and give them powers of “safety moderation”. The infamous Twitch Leak revealed that.

  8. I watched it and I think his take on the trans thing is very good. And probably where most people are at if they are honest. Basically: it’s weird, and I don’t get it, but they are still human beings trying to make a life for themselves. And people who don’t agree about all this stuff can still be friends.

    1. The best comment ever made about the whole trans issue was by Dave Chappelle in an interview quite a few years ago… I believe, and he essentially said, “You have every right to identify however you want, but why am I required to participate?”

      That is the fundamental essence of this whole debate. For most people, it was never an issue of hating trans people. Trans people have been with us for decades. They were a vanishingly small percentage of the population and everyone seemed to generally get along fine, then suddenly there was this massive push to force all of society to participate in someone else’s identity which could literally change from day to day, even hour to hour, and again, based on nothing more than a simple declaration. Gone were the days of someone being trans who had gone through years of therapy (usually suffered from a condition called body dysmorphia) went through hormone therapy and even surgery etc., now we were in a paradigm where someone merely stood up, said “I’m a woman” and *poof* everyone is supposed to instantly snap into full participation mode without question or hesitation, and any question or hesitation was “transphobia”.

      Then pretty quickly shit got REALLY dark and we started forcing children into conversion therapy, and as a result people are going to be paying a dear price for that.

      1. now we were in a paradigm where someone merely stood up, said “I’m a woman” and *poof* everyone is supposed to instantly snap into full participation mode without question or hesitation, and any question or hesitation was “transphobia”.

        It’s almost as if it’s designed to cause conflict rather than standing up for someone’s rights.

        1. It’s almost as if it’s designed to cause conflict rather than standing up for someone’s rights.

          Sure. I’ll bet next you’ll say the same thing about abortion.

      2. If you want to identify as Superman have at it but I’m not going to jump on your back and have you fly me off the cliff.

      3. The Trans movement is the Left of the Left. They have infiltrated pretty much every leftist cause and converted it to their own hobby horse. I realized this when I saw a bunch of trans nonsense on the BLM mission statement.

        When I analyze the Trans ACTIVISTS from people just living a trans life, I come to the conclusion that the former are charlatan parasites- like that wasp that infiltrates a bee hive and just starts eating all the honey.

        By and large, the worst Trans Activists are white males. I don’t say that to insult them, but to point out that if they weren’t trans they would be at the bottom of the intersectional ladder. And this is why every organization is basically bullied into some sort of Uber-deference to Trans people- because it is the only way these white men can get to the top of the intersectional hierarchy.

        They have coopted the intersectional language and victim-sympathy of these leftist groups just as the wasp uses bee’s pheromones to hide in plain site among them. Over the past few years I have just seen too many stories come out about these trans activists to think otherwise. From the “Leader” of CHAZ back in 2020 who was accused of beating their girlfriend, to the several episodes of Trans bullies in Feminist literary circles.

        1. By and large, the worst Trans Activists are white males. I don’t say that to insult them,

          “Trans activism is misogyny in drag.”

        2. FYI in Pluckrose’s book Cynical Theories, the chapter on Trans is highly informative.

        3. Another thing Chappelle kind of alluded to in his last special: trans is kind of like blackface. No one knows what it really feels like to be the other sex (or any other person, for that matter). It’s just posturing and play acting. I’m willing to accept that for some people living as the other sex is their best option. But not that reality is other than it is.

          1. Many… many years ago… almost decades ago actually, I heard an interview of someone who was transitioning– like old school transitioning, they were taking hormone treatments and going with the full buffet (not some twinky hack who simply declared and barged into the women’s bathroom) and his (presumably now her) descriptions of their major changes in emotional state and worldview were very interesting. So I think that it’s possible that with enough medical intervention, you might get close. But ironically, it’s literally impossible to say.

            1. Yeah, that’s pretty much my point. You don’t know.

              It’s almost like individualism makes sense. You are who you are and that’s it. Categories are supposed to be for the convenience of other people, not to define your identity.

        4. “The Trans movement is the Left of the Left. They have infiltrated pretty much every leftist cause and converted it to their own hobby horse. ”

          Yes, this.

          “The Implosion of Boston’s Pride Parade Is a Sign of Things to Come”

          “It is clear to us that our community needs and wants change without the involvement of Boston Pride. We have heard the concerns of the QTBIPOC [Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color] community and others. We care too much to stand in the way. Therefore, Boston Pride is dissolving.”

      4. A very real case of the slippery slope. Not exactly a fallacy here.

      5. “You have every right to identify however you want, but why am I required to participate?”

        But Chapelle did indeed participate in the life of this transgender woman. He said she was a friend. But then he doesn’t try to understand her. Isn’t that what friends do for friends? Out of basic respect?

        1. Do you have any conservative friend you try to understand? Ever agreed to disagree?

          Fuck your groupthink and fake diversity.

          1. Yes I do have conservative friends. We have conversations where we learn about each other.

            1. Fuck off and die, asshole.

        2. I have a friend who identifies as super man. I still enjoy being his friend and respect him as a person who deserves all the rights and privileges that I do.

          But, every time he offers to fly me home I politely decline.

        3. He didn’t say he would always refuse to participate at all. Just objected to the idea that everyone is obliged to participate in validating everyone’s lifestyle choices.

        4. You don’t have to try to understand everything about someone to be a friend. You just accept them for who they are. Really sexual identity and sexuality does not need to be a community discussion. There are some annoying loud voices out there but they are easily ignored.

  9. Lower-level employees took to crashing a company meeting of executives

    And were immediately dismissed?

    1. Haha! Maybe you should be a comedian!

    2. One was suspended and then the media claimed it was because Netflix was attacking their community.

      1. It was a couple of them, and they were reinstated the next day.

        1. They claimed not to know the meeting was for senior staff only.

          Yeah right.

    3. If Jeffy had his way, security would have shot and killed them.

  10. Earlier this week, Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos issued a careful rejoinder to his employees, some of whom were staging a walkout in protest of the company airing the Chappelle special.

    Plenty of people would like to work for Netflix. Sarandos might want to say that part out loud.

    1. My sympathy for this shit is getting very thin on the ground. These companies created the environment they’re now laboring under. They directed their HR departments to push morality messaging vis a vis diversity and inclusion at every turn, and now they’re surprised when people take it to heart. They’ve aggressively introduced programs where they’re literally teaching their employees WHAT to think and then they’re surprised by this shit.

      1. I have always worked for small companies, some of which go broke, others get successful and I leave when they get to 100 employees. So I have little direct experience with employer burrocracies.

        My first experience with snowflakes in a long time was at around 80 employees a few years back. I like peaches, but when they are ripe and sloppy and especially tasty, you cannot eat them at your desk. The best way is over a sink so the drip mess is easier to clean up. I always stand to the side and move away when someone comes up to use it. One day the HR queen bee sent me an email (she couldn’t walk 50 feet?) about hogging the sink. Seems her intern saw me eating a peach, was afraid to go near me or ask me to move, and complained to her boss, the HR queen bee. An official reprimand for eating a peach!

        This HR queen been was also responsible for stocking the kitchen, etc, and probably complained twice a month that people should stop loading, unloading, or starting the dishwasher. That was her job, everyone else was doing it wrong. A real drama queen bee. Her intern was learning too well.

        1. Turn the HR Queen in for creating a ‘hostile work environment’.

        2. I worked in a number of large companies for 30 years. There was only one HR executive who wasn’t intellectually challenged.

          1. My employer has now changed HR to “Chief People Officer.” And as you can probably imagine, the “People Department” is even more useless and superficially woke than the old HR department.

        3. HR people are the absolute worst. At business schools, those who are focused on HR (everyone gets the same MBA) are viewed much like communications and education majors are viewed in undergraduate programs. I think even the marketing students look down on them.

  11. Fuck You money is the best.

  12. The thing that pissed the trans community off the most was the final 15 minutes. Where Dave told a story of helping a trans comic and then the trans community pushing them to suicide after they defended Dave after the last special.

    You can tell because each negative story says they shut it off before that last 15 minutes.

    1. And, of course, that was THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! He spent roughly 30 minutes talking about how wonderful this person was, and PEOPLE ON HER OWN ‘TEAM’ WHO DIDN’T EVEN KNOW HER drove her to suicide. With friends like that………

      1. Except that he has no idea what drove her to suicide. He merely speculates. But WHY does he speculate? Because he’s using this friend to defend himself. Instead of honoring her memory, he exploits her for his own self-interest.

        And then he says he doesn’t understand her. And he doesn’t even TRY. That’s quite clear when he says that gender is a fact, without even CONSIDERING a distinction between sex, gender, and gender identity, which is PRECISELY what it’s all about.

        With “friends” like these…

        1. What it is about is the discrepancy between what these people say about themselves and what they do.

          They say that their gender identity is defined by themselves and yet they expect others to go along with and to affirm their gender identity. If they are what they say they are then why do they need any confirmation of that from others?

          It is obvious from their behaviour that they are not confident in their gender identity and this lack of confidence is what opponents home in on.

          You cannot claim your identity is entirely up to you and then go looking for confirmation from others about your gender identity. You simply cannot have it both ways. No human being can.

          1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I dont go around telling anorexic teens they are fat slobs.

          2. Because people need validation from their friends. I’m gay. So why would I want to be friends with someone who doesn’t accept that part of me? It’s about basic respect, trust, etc.

            1. If they need validation then their gender identity does not come from within and they should not claim it does.
              So your friends have to accept everything about you or they cannot be your friend? Who would want that kind of friend?
              A friend is someone who is there for you when you need them and no one needs their identity to be affirmed by others.
              If someone is that needy then I would look elsewhere for friendship.

            2. I suspect that the reason you have few friends has nothing to do with your gayness.

              1. You have no idea how many friends I have. F&@k off.

                1. Seems to be a sore spot for you.


            3. Your lack of confidence and self-esteem is not my fault or problem. Sack up and do something productive if you have time to cry.

              1. It has nothing to do with confidence. I go into a lot of situations with people hostile to me with confidence. Like I’m doing right here.

                It has to do with respect. If you don’t respect me, I won’t be friends with you.

              2. You are clearly trolling me here. Go f$&k yourself.

                1. Fuck off and die, asshole.

            4. If validation is why you have friends, I’m not sure you are doing it right. Tolerance and acceptance is something else and I think you probably should expect that from friends for the most part.

              1. What does a friend mean?

                There are people you may have liked or hung out with. There are few who are a real friend. The first is a passive relationship. We have lots of those. The second is an active one.

                So you make a friend if the other is willing to do the same.

                You are right tolerance and acceptance are not the same thing. I can get that from people like co workers who are not friends. We just have a job to do. Getting along is not friendship and does not need to be.

              2. I don’t have friends for validation. But I do require friends to have basic respect for me. If someone thinks it’s wrong to be gay, I won’t be friends with them. I might engage in civil conversation, but I won’t be friends with them.

            5. There are two kinds of friends. There are people we like and hang out with. There is a deeper level. Something I always foung meaningful was this quote:

              Reuven listen to me. The Talmud says that a person should do two things for himself. One is to acquire a teacher. Do you remember the other.”
              “Choose a friend,” I said.
              “Yes. You know what a friend is, Reuven? A Greek philosopher said that two people who are true friends are like two bodies with one soul.”
              I nodded.
              “Reuven, if you can, make Danny Saunders your friend.”
              “I like him a lot, abba.”
              “No. Listen to me. I am not talking about only liking him. I am telling you to make him your friend and to let him make you his friend.”
              ― Chaim Potok, The Chosen

        2. Yeah. Coincidences like less than a week after she was buried by her community. Do you even listen to your bullshit?

          1. I know that when a gay college kid commits suicide only weeks after being outed involuntarily, nobody in the LGBTQIA community insisted that we withhold judgement against the person who outed him, since we know not the chain of causation. Quite the contrary, they insisted that he be prosecuted for murder.

        3. And then he says he doesn’t understand her. And he doesn’t even TRY.

          My sister has abused drugs her entire adult life. I don’t understand. I don’t even try. That doesn’t mean I don’t love her and value her companionship.

          The idea that others have a responsibility to understand you is delusional. The idea that language requires consistency for anyone to be understood is not. Clarity should trump feelings.

          1. But drug abuse harms people. What harm is there in someone being transgender?

            1. That girl in Virginia probably has some input for you.

            2. Both are not my fault, none of my business and should not be knocking on my door demanding money.

              1. Who’s demanding money?

            3. Keith he is saying he doesn’t understand that part of her. My best friend who just passed away was bipolar. At times he would be barely understandable and hard to deal with. I just accepted that about him and loved him very much.

              It is not at all the same thing. Some people are not your friend. Those who are will accept you for who you are not what you are.

        4. I see we have a new 50 center.

        5. Couldn’t possibly be the relentless and hateful attacks from her own community…nah. Fuck off and die you leftist shill.

        6. “Instead of honoring her memory, he exploits her for his own self-interest.”

          Are you serious?

          She kills herself only a few days after this bullying campaign and he explicitly said that he doesn’t know for sure if this is the cause of her suicide. He had her support, he has the support of her family, and he actually put his money where this mouth is by creating a trust fund for her daughter… and you still dare attacking him without a word against those who did attack her.

          Let me remember you that on the other side trans activists never hesitate to exploit the suicides of trans people all the time for their cause, to the point where many of them blame Chappelle for this one (some people are shameless).

          You don’t want him to “honor her memory”, you want him to be silent because this story does not fit with your political views.

      2. It was “I can’t hate trans people because I have a trans people.” It was lame. It was also accompanied by “Actually I do hate trans people because of the mean stuff I hear on Twitter, which I don’t even use.” It’s just sad and stale. He’s a victim of the social media mobs (and trans mobs can be absolutely horrific in their bullying) except he’s supposedly not even on social media.

        It feels as if he hasn’t left his Ohio bubble all this time. He’s speaking “comedic wisdom” that’s several years stale.

        1. Wow, you of all people shouldn’t accuse others of living in a bubble.

          1. I of all people get to claim that I don’t. I’m here aren’t I?

            1. Amd hasn’t the gay community traditionally been nasty towards trannys? Which is something I didn’t even know existed until I saw it firsthand.

              1. Some gays are nasty towards transgender folks. Makes no sense to me. They’re in the same boat. But gays are on the whole less likely to be anti-transgender than anyone else.

                1. “They’re in the same boat.”

                  Yup. The victim boat. Have fun with that.

                  1. No, the same boat where who you are in your mind goes against societal expectations based on your gender. I’m not a victim.

              2. I had a housemate some years back who was gay, and he was tremendously offended by drag queens. He thought they were like blackface minstrels, basically. He told me about it, but I don’t think he mentioned this to his gay friends.


        2. You should actually watch it. His message would do you some good.

          And no, your analysis is not correct. That is not at all what he is saying.

        3. Sometimes I pity you humorless SJWs, and then I remember that you deserve all the misery you wallow in.

          The show was brilliant. How sad that you are incapable of appreciating it.


    2. Yes, very telling. I haven’t read any of the nasty responses, but I watched the whole show and the end was very moving. And shows the trans activists to be some nasty fucking people.
      I really liked her response to people accusing Chappelle of punching down. SOmething like “he would have to consider trans people as lower than him for it to be punching down”. I like that.

      1. *Some* trans activists are nasty fucking people.

        Many trans people wish those ones would stop making them look so bad. Many just want to blend in and not be bothered, like most people.

        The problem, you see, is targeting an entire group for stereotype and scapegoating. The problem is the people who will die because D.C. gave violent bigots what they perceive as permission.

        It’s not like conservatives have been calm lately.

        1. “….people who will die because D.C. gave….. permission.”

          Jesus fucking Christ, dude, what is wrong with you?

        2. Sure and some New Yorkers, Trump supporters, liberals, Catholics, any group you can name are nasty fucking people.

          Which is why I stopped caring about it. That was a great weight off my shoulders.

          I do not know why some people make such a fuss about this small thing in life.

    3. Are you sure they don’t mean that they shut down for the last 15 minutes? NPCs trying to run contradictory scripts simultaneously instead of sequentially like normal.

  13. Well-adjusted adults should be able to coexist in a world with people who don’t share their tastes, morals, sensibilities, and convictions.

    Well-adjusted adults CAN coexist with people who don’t share their views. It’s a defining characteristic of a well-adjusted adult.

    If you whine and bitch about people who don’t share your tastes, morals, sensibilities or convictions, you’re a whiny bitch.

  14. Clayton Bixby always my favorite. Got a few votes from me also.

    1. His best are his stories about his friend Chip.

  15. “which means programming for a diversity of tastes…”

    Hey, we said diversity is an imperative, but we didn’t mean LIKE THAT.

    1. That was my favorite bit on the response.

  16. Netflix CEO: “…programming for a diversity of tastes”.
    Me: shorting Netflix stock as it gets cancelled.

    1. Netflix represents a diversity of leftist views.

  17. Crashing a business meeting is a good way to get fired instead of merely suspended for a day. Trans people don’t get extra rights above and beyond everyone else. Also, I think most Trans people get that the whole Trans things is confusing to most of us, and can handle some joking not coming from a place of hate. The militant people of any form are the ones that the media acts like they speak for the whole group when they usually isn’t the case.

  18. Transgender wokeholes are some of the most foul, stanky, mean and narcissistic wokeholes of all!

    1. I think transgenderism is weird, but it doesn’t make them nasty. Being a leftist wokescold makes them nasty.

      We just need to get rid of the leftists. I’m fine with the trannys as long as they aren’t communist traitors. I’m just against reorganizing our society for them.

  19. Maybe someday a black man will become president and then all this crap will end.
    – If I say “N-word” and the listener thinks “nigger”, did I use language?

    1. The closest thing we had was a caramel coated pinko.

    2. Bill Burr has a great bit about that.

  20. Hey Liz, fuck off.

    Sincerely, the great state of Ohio…

  21. To say that “words don’t actually hurt people” is stupid and wrong. Congratulations, you’ve just invalidated the existence of verbal and emotional abuse as well as more or less dismissed mental health counseling entirely. You have additionally dismissed quite a lot of scientific research that says, in fact, that words DO lead to violence and even murder. It’s no ACCIDENT that Asian Americans are facing an incredible jump in violence after Donald J. Trump called coronavirus “the China Virus,” nor that we have huge amounts of unrest and violence over masks and over elections after the same jackass told people they should be upset. Our society DOES work that way, and the people who deny it are the ones who don’t want to have basic human consideration and just selfishly want to be able to say whatever they want and whine when there are consequences.

    Get OVER yourself.

    1. … this guy is a parody right? I actually can’t tell.

      1. I can’t either, but if it’s not a parody, it needs to be told to fuck off and die.

      2. People do realize there was unrest about masks and restrictions before Trump made it part of platform, right? I was right here in April of last year and there were lots of people mocking the
        ‘flatten the curve’ crowd while Trump was still claiming he could do whatever he wanted and didn’t need the governors to pass restrictions.

        The idea that every objection to the public health debacle comes from Trump worship is an insult to everyone’s intelligence. And a condemnation on the intelligence those who espouse it.

      3. I think so? The inflections are a little too perfectly deranged.

    2. Verbal and emotional abuse are not the same as a comedy special. You understand that, right?

      1. People say “that’s-a spicy meatball” and now I’m one-train-to-NJ away from killing myself.

    3. Indeed. Get over yourself.

    4. Who bitch this is?

    5. Sticks and stones will break your bones but words should never hurt you. Quit getting offended.

  22. I believe in what I would call the “Emperor Norton” approach. He was an eccentric guy (I’m being euphemistic) who believed he was emperor of America. In some countries he’s be tried for treason. In this country he found some friends who humored him and even circulated his “currency.”

    That doesn’t mean they actually *believed* he was emperor of America. They just found a way to humor him and be friendly.

    If trans activists aren’t content with that – if they want to mandate that people lie about sexual identity – then I’m not willing to humor them or be friendly. I’d tell them (them!) to back off, or I’d mock them.

    So to cut through Wolfe’s verbiage, Chappelle (based on his earlier show, I haven’t seen this one) mocks mockable people and performs a public service in doing so, because it seems he’s some kind of ultra-rich guy who can get away with stuff normies would get punished for. So the normies at least have a chance to laugh at someone expressing the forbidden thoughts they have.

    If you want to talk about marginalized identities, consider the trauma and horror of having to accept lies about sex and gender if you want to keep your job. Though my advice is deal with it without freaking out like one has to deal with other crazy situations in life.

    And if normies to have to deal with their marginalization for believing the truth but facing penalties for expressing it, why should I worry about the trauma of some guy with a dick who from time to time is described as a man?

    1. There are no lies about sex and gender. You simply refuse to learn. It’s baffling, considering how many times it’s been explained.

      Yes, we all understand biological sex. It was thoroughly explained by a kindergartener in the film Kindergarten Cop. Science and medicine still refer to it for necessary reasons.

      Gender, however, is entirely a cultural construct. There is no DNA that instructs people what clothes to wear. You tell me where that gene is if you think otherwise.

      (Sex is also entirely a cultural construct, but that’s in the spring semester.)

      1. Gender isn’t a cultural construct. That’s bullshit made up by soft headed leftist idiots like you. And make no mistake, you are consistently a silly, idiotic, toxic bitch.

        The fact is that there is no biological science to back up a goddamn thing you say. You are not worth listening to. I’m sure everyone you encounter in your life is largely dismissive of you and your inane bullshit.

      2. Why do the clothes you wear define your gender? Gender comes from within. You think you are male or female or whatever. That is all the information you need. What you wear does not change that reality one iota. What toilet you use does not change that one iota either.

        Because others do not agree with your choice of clothes or toilet does not change anything unless you are very insecure in your opinion about what gender you are.

        It is the imploring behaviour of transgender people that makes everyone doubt their fundamental assertion that gender comes from what you think you are. If that were true they would not need the confirmation that they desperately seem to crave.

        1. Look, these are just words, and they are as imprecise and open to redefinition as all the others.

          When people use “gender” (as opposed to biological sex, something transgender people understand with intimate exactness), we mean exactly the cultural constructs of gender. What clothes you wear, mannerisms you have, toys you play with, pronouns you use, etc.

          Obviously these are constructed, because different cultures in time and space have totally different ways of respecting gender. Some cultures have more than one genders or fewer than two.

          Pronouns are just mouth sounds.

          Gender is just a cultural story we tell ourselves. If you can’t get that through your head, you’re not understanding the basic definitions in this argument.

          But my opinion is that this is all a totally pointless subject to be discussing if you’re anyone but a bloodthirsty fascist who wants to kill transgender people.

          Freedom means people wear what they want, right? Use the pronouns they want? Are we libertarians?

          1. Freedom means the right to criticise what people wear whilst acknowledging they have the freedom to wear what they like. It also means the right to use what pronouns I like to use. You have the right to use whatever pronouns you want but insist that I use the ones you want me to.
            Doesn’t sound like the same kind of freedom for me as for you.

            1. Nobody ever said you didn’t have a legal right to be a rude asshole. If you want to spend your life going around arguing for why it’s OK to be rude to people, you can be my guest. If you come out the other end with no friends, I’ll be happy to explain how that’s a natural consequence of being defiantly rude to everyone.

          2. You completely misunderstand what the Trans community means. Perhaps you shouldn’t declare yourself their spokesperson.

      3. The way gender is expressed may be cultural and a social construction. But the fact of gender, and that it almost perfectly correlates with biological sex, suggests that it is not only a social construction.

  23. Obviously this shouldn’t be taken from Netflix. That’s bullying and censorship of a discussion that, by the way, happens to reflect a pretty mainstream view of things. That would be sick, and it would give The Right yet more tedious martyrdom points.

    Speaking of tedious, Dave Chapelle torpedoed his legacy with this special. I was with him until the last “preachy” bit.

    Hey Dave. Hey Bill Maher and various other whiny, boring, sad old male comedians who never leave their goddamn navel-gazing bubbles: You’re comedians. You’re supposed to make it funny all the way through, unless you’re that Nanette person, and you probably make fun of her. If I want to hear some civilian’s retarded-ass hot take on politics, I will come to the Reason comments.

    He would have been fine keeping it at his usual edge-lord material and chopping off the last 20 minutes. I thought it was brilliant, the way he was walking right up to that line.

    The “alphabet people” joke is one of my favorite of all time, but it worked because it illustrated a deep knowledge of the community and its culture.

    It’s called walking a fine line for a reason, though, and if you’re going to be edgy, it means you’ll walk off the edge sometimes. I don’t give a shit about any of the tacky, tired body-focused trans material. It’s dated, but it’s his thing. I’m mad because he decided to become a pundit. And it did more damage to him than it might have. It renders all his previous material a little more hateful than we all supposed when we were giving him awards.

    Your hot take on trans people is just so fucking boring, folks.

    1. Aside from a couple of medical oddities, there’s no such thing as trans people Tony. They’re either head cases or perverts.

      They need a psychiatrist, not validation.

      1. That’s what you said about gay people when they were marginalized. It’s what you always say when confronted with something you don’t understand: “New thing bad!”

        You’re just a sad, stupid conservative. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. A lot of people are below average on social progress. I’d say about half.

        I’d say you should read some more books, consult some more articles, and evolve your understanding, but *my* understanding is that your condition is largely genetic.

        1. You do understand that the removal of homosexuality as a personality disorder was based solely on political pressure? Not any kind of scientific study, right? There was a book written about this. It was written by a homosexual.

          You base everything on politics, not science. There is no medical evidence that trannys are anything other than the gender determined by their chromosomes, who are afflicted with a severe form of body dysmorphia. This is why you respond with ‘sad old conservative’ as opposed to a real science based argument.

          You simply can’t. This is typical of you and your Marxist friends. You just decide something, and bully anyone who disagrees with you like a virtual lunch mob. Which is exactly what Chappell is talking about.

          1. If the scientific authority on mental disorders says it’s not a mental disorder, where are you getting your science? I think your feelings are having a pout all over the facts.

            “My backward reactionary cultural assumptions are science!”

            At least you guys are talking about science now. Well done! Maybe one day you’ll be worthy of democracy.

            1. Well you know “there was a book written about it by a homosexual”

              A talented comedian can make jokes about butt sex because you know he doesn’t mean it. It is just a joke. The real joke is on people who think like that. A good comedian is also self depreciating and reflects honesty. You don’t see that often.

          2. Well patriot there are two sexes as there are in all animals. Gender is actually a grammatical term but that distinction went away a long time ago.

            I really don’t understand all of this fuss about transsexuals and people giving them diagnosis. So what? It is nothing new. In some cultures they are just seen as a third sex and nobody cares.

            And it is not related to homosexuality as you know.

        2. Sucking cock isn’t a new thing Tony, and for fifty year’s the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders listed your favorite peccadillo as a paraphilia. And it was only an actual, physical, honest-to-god hijacking of the conference by gay activists that got it knocked off the list. Not any actual research.

          Two dudes buttfucking should be solely the decision of the participants and shouldn’t be illegal, but I shouldn’t be forced to pretend that you’re not a pervert either.

          1. So if a man butt fucks a woman it’s normal, but if he butt fucks another man, it’s perverted? Or if you think they’re both perverted, why? Because it’s not procreative sex? Because it’s not what God wants?

            1. Yes Keith, I’m a great big religious poster so run to your god goto right away.
              Fucking idiot.

              But yes, man or woman that hole didn’t evolve to take a dick. Now if you want one up there voluntarily, that’s your business. But you shouldn’t force an endorsement from the general public either.

              1. It is obviously capable of it however. The mouth did not evolve to suck on a clitoris but she seems to like it. Evolutionary arguments won’t work. Evolution is not a set of rules for us to follow.

              2. Why are you calling me names? I’m new on here, so how am I supposed to know why you see the act as perverted? Expect me to be psychic?

          2. I can’t count the number of pedophile priests who have called me a pervert.

            1. Zero. Because that situation only existed in your childhood fantasies.

      2. Why do you care? They are what they are. I don’t see it as anyone’s business to define them or tell them to seek medical attention. Ask yourself why does this bother me? Does it do you harm?

        Psychiatrists only care about something if it is causing the person distress or harm to themselves or others.

        And obviously it does bother you. You brought it up right?

        1. Haha. Ok dude. (Can I call you that?)

          Anyway, it’s seems that the people who are most “bother(ed)” by this are the ones who are all butt hurt by Netflix producing this comedy special.

          Why does this bother them? Are they that fragile?

      3. “Aside from a couple of medical oddities, there’s no such thing as trans people Tony. They’re either head cases or perverts.”


        And your little dog too.

    2. Dave Chapelle torpedoed his legacy with this special.

      Wishing doesn’t make it so. Go ahead and boycott him all you want, millions of people who like to laugh will still watch.


  24. Chapelle’s not a serious person when discussing issues, he’s a narcissus using them to nurse his grudges and burnish his self image as a tough guy truth teller. He’s just an a.shole promoting crude and mean behavior, and of course with required infantile fascination with bathroom functions, as if honesty required that.

    F..k him and the morons he rode in on.

    1. You sound racist. Why do you hate black people Joe?

    2. You spouted a bunch of nonsense. Admit it, you have no argument. You just hate him for disagreeing with you. Which is something I’m sure you can’t handle.

    3. I feel your pain, racist.

    4. Chapelle’s not a serious person.. should have stopped there.

      He is a comedian you never know when he is just riffing. I think he is very smart and has great insight. You have to be that to do his style of comedy. If it is not your thing than don’t watch it.

    5. he is a comedian saying what he thinks is funny. nothing he said was hateful, and certainly not “dangerous” to anyone. If you dont think it is funny, dont listen. that’s what I do with comedians I don’t like.

      1. It was the 1st and last time I’ll listen to him, so I’ll take your advice. I’ll also add what I think of him to those who disagree and sing his praises. I think he’s a self obsessed p….k who sucks s..t thru a straw. I wouldn’t go see him if he paid me.

        1. Fuck off and die, asshole.

    6. Fuck off and die, asshole. A slow and painful death.

  25. Sounds like a long litany of ‘not my fault, none of my business but still trying to pick my pocket and tell me what to say.’

    Earns a hearty ‘go fuck yourselves’ in return.

    I find Chapelle is pretty funny most times, and equal opportunity humor is a vanishing thing. And again, it’s none of my business what jokes he wants to make. Appreciation or disdain are solely my own choices to make.

  26. Gotta love Dave, the black Rickles!

    1. I was thinking that too. The only other comedian who could get away with it.

      Don could because his inner warmth came through. You knew it was a joke. Dave has the chops to pull it off. You know he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

      It is a rare talent.

      You can still find the old Dean Martin roasts. Rickles is just merciless and hilarious. They did Reagan on one.

      1. Yeah, what a riot and what warmth in joking about threatening to kill a woman he’s alone with, beating up lesbians in bars, and joking in mixed company about toilet practices – how revolutionary and honest! Hey, I like jokes about lynching black men caught alone on dark roads and beating up their mothers. Great stuff!

        1. Lol. I’ll bet you’re fun at parties.

          What a doosh.

          1. Well, I don’t threaten to murder women and put them in my trunk or beat up lesbians, so I guess boring.

            1. Fuck off and die, asshole.

  27. Comics have lead us out of the woods and back to civilization many times and they’ll do it again. Thank you Dave Chappelle

  28. When one group of people tries to tell everyone else what they can say, and what they can think, whats the truth and whats funny, we are not in a good place. How do progressives not see the irony in their edicts and proclamations?

    1. A) they’re not very smart, and
      B) they are utterly confident in their belief in the cause

      They are dangerous.

      1. And C) they’ve been spoon fed information their whole lives and told that they’re smart because they can vomit it back on command.

    2. Who’s trying to tell everyone else what they can say and what they can think? You made that up.

  29. I draw a distinction here (which, I’m sure, Reason understands). I have not seen Mr. Chappelle’s video. I probably wouldn’t be bothered by his trans jokes. However, I read his jokes about “Space Jews,” and . . . no thanks. Everyone should be free to listen to Dave Chappelle and everyone else. If you don’t like a performer, don’t listen to the monologue. I have no interest in Chappelle monologues, but this is my choice.

  30. I dunno. Jewish comedians like Rickles have always included jokes about Jewish stereotypes in their comedy. It wasn’t his best joke but coming from Chapelle I don’t think it was anti Semitic. It reflects a standard stereotype and I am Jewish.

    Here is just a standard Jewish joke I saw.

    How many Zionists does it take to replace a light bulb?
    Four: One to stay home and convince others to do it, a second to donate the bulb, a third to screw it in and a fourth to proclaim that the entire Jewish people stands behind their actions.

    1. Ha! It only takes us pollocks 3. 1 to hold the bulb, 2 to turn the chair he’s standing on. Waaaay more efficient. And union approved!

    2. Chappelle told the Space Jews jokes because he likes to push buttons. That’s it. It wasn’t a particularly creative joke. But he used it anyhow because that’s what his whole shtick is about. Pushing buttons. It’s why people love him. He’s “edgy”. And he makes a ton of money doing it.

      1. If only the jackasses who love ot push buttons and still tell Bush and Trump jokes could learn.

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  33. I find Dave Chappelle funny and edgy and one of the few remaining comedians.

    I also understand that there are a lot of humorless Woke types out there. Perhaps these humorless Woke types should stick to the humorless Saturday Night Live so they will feel safe in their Wokeness.

  34. Two things here:

    1 – I wonder if the alphabet community at Netflix seriously goes in and watches every show, movie, etc. to validate if it will be “harmful” to them.

    2 – This same group that touts that these types of shows can be used as real world harm are the same group that scoff (and rightfully so) when the religious reich puts the blame of gun violence on video games and movies.

    Fukn Hypocrites.

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