Public Health Officials Blew Up Their Credibility, and We're Paying the Price

Vaccine hesitancy can, in part, be laid at the feet of experts who betrayed the public’s trust.


With COVID-19 still sickening and killing people even though effective vaccines have been widely available for all since the spring, it's frustrating to see vaccination rates creep up only slowly against a head-wind of widespread resistance. It's even more frustrating that much of that resistance can be attributed to self-inflicted wounds on the part of public health experts and government officials. Having effectively discarded their own credibility since the beginning of the pandemic, the powers-that-be find that much of the population no longer places faith in what they have to say.

"Why aren't tens of millions of eligible Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19?" The Economist and YouGov asked in a recent poll. "Most who haven't started the vaccination process say it's a matter of trust."

"Americans who are sure they will not get the vaccine are especially likely to say their lack of trust in the government is their major reason for rejecting the vaccine," the polling firm adds, with 22 percent of respondents giving that as their reason for refusing vaccination, second to concerns about side effects.

Critics are certain to wave off the findings as the unfounded concerns of low-information knuckle-draggers who need to be poked and prodded into compliance. But, while such dismissal may confer a warm and fuzzy feeling of superiority, it doesn't explain why health professionals also have lost faith in public-health officials.

"Trust in the CDC and FDA has decreased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic among health care professionals," WebMD/Medscape noted in June. "Out of nearly 2,000 U.S. nurses surveyed on Medscape (WebMD's sister site for health care professionals) between May 25 and June 3, 77% said their trust in the CDC has decreased since the start of the pandemic, and 51% said their trust in the FDA has decreased. Similarly, out of nearly 450 U.S. doctors surveyed in the same time period, 77% said their trust in the CDC has decreased and 48% said their trust in the FDA has decreased."

Respondents to the WebMD/Medscape poll cited concerns about politics affecting public health decisions as well as contradictory messaging about masks, vaccination, and proper conduct to avoid infection. Both of those concerns were on display last year when public health officials went from condemning anti-lockdown protests to promoting protests against police brutality and racial injustice.

"Are Protests Dangerous? What Experts Say May Depend on Who's Protesting What," The New York Times headlined an article on the whiplash-inducing change in messaging over the potential health risks of public gatherings.

"I certainly condemned the anti-lockdown protests at the time, and I'm not condemning the protests now, and I struggle with that," Catherine Troisi, an epidemiologist at the University of Texas Health Science Center, conceded to the Times. "I have a hard time articulating why that is OK."

"It's one thing to protest what day nail salons are opening, and it's another to come out in peaceful protest, overwhelmingly, about somebody who was murdered right before our eyes," New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy huffed in an open assertion that only protests with which he agreed were acceptable.

To large numbers of Americans, it's obvious that many of the people issuing public health dictates base their proclamations not on science but on their personal biases. Those seeking actual medical guidance, or who entertain different values, might feel perfectly justified in ignoring public health officials who reveal themselves as just another class of activists.

Hypocrisy also plays a powerful role in eroding trust for officialdom. Last month, San Francisco Mayor London Breed was caught partying at a nightclub unmasked, in defiance of her own orders.

"No, I'm not going to sip and put my mask on, sip and put my mask on, sip and put my mask on, eat and put my mask on. While I'm eating, and I'm drinking, I'm going to keep my mask off," Breed told a reporter. She also kept her mask off while dancing, which she defended by saying she "wasn't thinking about a mask, I was thinking about having a good time." It was a sentiment that many regular people no doubt share, but which could get them fined if they were caught acting on it.

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser also exempted herself from the rules when it was convenient.

"Despite the mayor's order, the wedding reception featured hundreds of unmasked guests served by dozens of wait staff, including a conspicuously unmasked Bowser," the Washington Examiner noted at the end of July.

Breed and Bowser are hardly alone, since pandemic rules have overwhelmingly been applied only to the little people and ignored by those who make them and their friends. It's difficult to imagine a more effective way of eroding officialdom's standing with the general public.

"Even if institutions manage to walk back their mistakes, this self-destructive behavior will have serious long-term consequences," Zaid Jilani observed last week for Persuasion on the flurry of recent own-goals scored by supposedly reliable experts. "If institutions continue to undermine their own credibility, people may start going to less reliable sources for information instead."

Jilani didn't even address the ongoing fiasco of pandemic-era guidance, but instead focused on politicization in museums, think tanks, and universities. The effect is the same, though: abandoning objectivity and substituting ideological preferences for consistent standards damages trust. It took a long time for experts and officials to build whatever standing they had with the public; too many of them seem dead-set on burning it as quickly as possible.

One end result of destroyed credibility, as we've seen, is resistance among part of the population to vaccination for COVID-19, with trust cited as the reason for that hesitancy. The fact is, millions of Americans simply distrust the people who tell them that the vaccines are safe and effective for reducing the dangers of the disease and have turned to alternative sources that echo the public's disdain for the powers-that-be while also peddling bad medical information. Yes, anti-vaxxers are making bad choices, but they've been strongly nudged in that direction by self-destructive experts.

Officials are justified in complaining about vaccine hesitancy among the general population. But, when they're looking for somebody to blame about the public's resistance to medical advice, they should look in the mirror.

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  1. “I was against the vaccine before I was for the vaccine!”

    1. I am smarter than the scientists and demand my right to be infected and die.

      1. Smarter than the scientists that had a vested interest in not tracing the virus’ origin to a lab leak?

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        2. From the article: “New York-based EcoHealth Alliance focuses on research and has been subjected to intense scrutiny since the onset of the pandemic.”

          Ipse dixit.

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        3. “With COVID-19 still sickening and killing people even though effective vaccines have been widely available for all since the spring”

          Bzzt, and Kungpowderfinger, you’re a moron.

          Have you received an “effective vaccine”? yes?

          Then why do you care what other people are doing? the key characteristic of an “effective vaccine” is that it protects you from the thing you’re being vaccinated against.

          So if you’re worried about other people’s vaccination status, it’s because you believe that you don’t have an “effective vaccine”.

          And yes,
          1: I’m far smarter than the vast majority of the scientists pushing this
          2: I don’t have the same screwed up politics they have
          3: I of course demand the right to decide what risks I’ll take

          Everyone who disagrees w/ #3 is welcome to get on the “ban pot, and imprison anyone who uses it” bandwagon.

          Because once you’ve lost #3, you’ve lost all individual freedom

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      2. You did it read the article, so I’ll ask the question – smarter than *which* scientists?

        1. Do you consider Fauci a scientist?

          1. I consider Fauci as nothing more than another sniveling bureaucrat.

          2. Fauxi has no degrees in science.

      3. Progressive strawman garbage.

        1. The straws are in another article.

      4. Or take the clot shot and die.

      5. There are a lot of folks who distrust the feds, but this is one time where they should not. The problem is that our federal govt., especially now that we have the lowest I.Q president ever, is not to be trusted about anything. Everyone should get vaccinated, but the trust in the feds, especially now that Joey is in charge, is at an all time low.If we want to get rid of something that would help American bloom is getting rid of the Electoral College. We would have had neither Trump nor Joey without it. Let the person who got the most votes be president and to hell with the Electoral College.

        1. Off topic AND stupid.

      6. Ha, well that doesn’t seem like such a high bar to clear these days.

    2. The motto of many Democrats, and many would still be against it if Trump had won re-election.

      1. This is the important point to remember. If Trump was in office the Ds would be demanding shutdowns and writing articles about every adverse reaction in VAERS.

        1. Another tragic result of a stolen election.

  2. “Everyone must get the vaccine. Even if you have already recovered from an infection, immunity can wane”

    Points to studies showing that infection confers 27-33 times the immunity of the vaccine….

    “I am not aware of those studies..”

    1. So the vaccine provides qualified immunity.

    2. Points to studies showing that infection confers 27-33 times the immunity of the vaccine….

      I don’t know where you got the 27-33 times number, but you are illustrating part of the problem with the discourse surrounding the vaccine.

      From what I have read, the vaccine provides better immunity *broadly* over *all variants* of the virus. But, natural antibodies provide better immunity *specifically* against *the specific virus* to which the individual was exposed. So it isn’t true overall that natural antibodies are better than the vaccine, or that the vaccine is better than natural antibodies, in every single case. But, people with axes to grind, and demagogues, will ignore all of the nuance and details and just use broad-stroke conclusions to push an agenda and denounce the other team.

      The vaccine is like a seat belt. A seat belt is not magic. It does not help against every single car crash. It does not prevent you from going to the hospital every single time. It does not stop you from having minor injuries if you get into a wreck. But it does greatly reduce the chance of getting severely injured or dying in most types of car crashes. This vaccine is the same basic idea. Expecting it to be magic is foolish. Expecting it to help 100% against every single infection is unrealistic at this point.

      1. From what I have read, the vaccine provides better immunity *broadly* over *all variants* of the virus. But, natural antibodies provide better immunity *specifically* against *the specific virus* to which the individual was exposed.

        Then you read wrong. Like every science, medical text, and study since about the 8th grade wrong.


          Vaccination produces *more* antibodies and so they are more *broadly* effective. But natural infection produces more highly potent memory B cells that are effective against the specific strain, but fewer of them.

          1. I’m pretty sure data from Israel was showing that natural immunity was broadly effective and more effective against delta (even for people who had been infected prior to delta being a big thing) and longer lasting.
            And I think there is too much focus on antibodies (probably because they are easy to measure). As I understand it, antibodies aren’t really the most important part of the immune response. They play an important role, but the really important part is the immune cells that kill cells that are producing virus.

          2. This is a problem with being overly specific: whether they produce additional antibodies doesn’t matter; what matter is the rate at which populations develop severe illness.

            I agree that the vaccines offer complimentary protection, but we just had a natural experiment between populations which featured lots of exposure to prior variants, and one that more successfully implemented a NPI strategy pre-Delta and had wide-scale vaccination. The former saw significantly lower rates of hospitalization and death than Group B.

            natural infection produces more highly potent memory B cells that are effective against the specific strain, but fewer of them

            This is wrong. Per your link:

            While vaccination gives rise to memory B cells that evolve over a few weeks, natural infection births memory B cells that continue to evolve over several months, producing highly potent antibodies adept at eliminating even viral variants.

            The findings highlight an advantage bestowed by natural infection rather than vaccination, but the authors caution that the benefits of stronger memory B cells do not outweigh the risk of disability and death from COVID-19.

            1. This is wrong. Per your link:

              While vaccination gives rise to memory B cells that evolve over a few weeks, natural infection births memory B cells that continue to evolve over several months, producing highly potent antibodies adept at eliminating even viral variants.

              The findings highlight an advantage bestowed by natural infection rather than vaccination, but the authors caution that the benefits of stronger memory B cells do not outweigh the risk of disability and death from COVID-19.

              It’s almost like I knew he would present data that is consistent with long standing medical science and contradicted his opinion. Like he hasn’t read a single medical text, correctly, since Jr. High.

              1. He is a radical statist, after all.

          3. Vaccination produces *more* antibodies and so they are more *broadly* effective.

            This isn’t a sensible premise by even a basic understanding of medical physiology. Shit, it’s not even that sophisticatedly stupid. More antibodies doesn’t confer broader efficacy any more than more cornerbacks confers a more generally effective defense.

            1. LOL that is well said.

          4. “Vaccination produces *more* antibodies and so they are more *broadly* effective.”


            Vaccines can only result in antibodies to the antigenic material contained within/or (in the case of mRNA type) generated by the vaccine.

            In the case of the Covid vaccines this is spike proteins and spike proteins only.

            The vaccine may result in more antibodies to spike protein, but that is narrow protection, not broad protection.

            Unlike actual infection by actively replicating virus. In that case the antigenic response will be to all aspects of the virus, including core proteins – the actual business end of any virus.

            Antibodies to all aspects of the virus would be broadly effective.

          5. I was about to chime in and tell you you were mistaken and misinterpreting the data, but it looks like others have beaten me to it.

      2. The vaccines don’t provide better immunity. In fact they don’t provide immunity at all. They are medical treatments that may prevent serious illness in at risk individuals. But the vast majority of the population is in little danger of serious consequences from Covid or it’s variants. They are in more danger from the vaccine side effects.

        1. “While vaccination gives rise to memory B cells that evolve over a few weeks, natural infection births memory B cells that continue to evolve over several months, producing highly potent antibodies adept at eliminating even viral variants.
          The findings highlight an advantage bestowed by natural infection rather than vaccination.”

          “Here, we describe the longitudinal kinetics of the serological response in COVID-19 recovered patients over the period of 14 months. The antibody kinetics in a cohort of 200 recovered patients with 89 follow up samples at 2-4 visits reveal that RBD-specific antibodies decay over the period of 14 month following the onset of symptoms. The decay rate is associated with the robustness of the response thus, recovered patients that exhibit elevated antibody levels at the first visit, experience faster decay. We further explored the longitudinal kinetics differences between recovered patients and naïve BNT162b2 vaccinees. We found a significantly faster decay in naïve vaccinees compared to recovered patients suggesting that the serological memory following natural infection is more robust compared to vaccination. Our data highlights the differences between serological memory induced by natural infection vs. vaccination, facilitating the decision making in Israel regarding the 3rd dose vaccination.”

          I could go on all day with this stuff…


            Although laboratory evidence suggests that antibody responses following COVID-19 vaccination provide better neutralization of some circulating variants than does natural infection (1,2), few real-world epidemiologic studies exist to support the benefit of vaccination for previously infected persons. This report details the findings of a case-control evaluation of the association between vaccination and SARS-CoV-2 reinfection in Kentucky during May–June 2021 among persons previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 in 2020. Kentucky residents who were not vaccinated had 2.34 times the odds of reinfection compared with those who were fully vaccinated (odds ratio [OR] = 2.34; 95% confidence interval [CI] = 1.58–3.47). These findings suggest that among persons with previous SARS-CoV-2 infection, full vaccination provides additional protection against reinfection. To reduce their risk of infection, all eligible persons should be offered vaccination, even if they have been previously infected with SARS-CoV-2.

            1. Why are you relying on laboratory evidence like COVID is some sort of rare medical condition? Fuck laboratory evidence:

              Across studies, the total number of PCR‐positive or antibody‐positive participants at baseline was 615,777, and the maximum duration of follow‐up was more than 10 months in three studies. Reinfection was an uncommon event (absolute rate 0%–1.1%), with no study reporting an increase in the risk of reinfection over time. Only one study estimated the population‐level risk of reinfection based on whole genome sequencing in a subset of patients; the estimated risk was low (0.1% [95% CI: 0.08–0.11%]) with no evidence of waning immunity for up to 7 months following primary infection. These data suggest that naturally acquired SARS‐CoV‐2 immunity does not wane for at least 10 months post‐infection.

              Natural immunity, since Feb. 2020 confered 99+% immunity for over 10 mos. at no direct cost to the taxpayer.


            Vaccination with almost all vaccines that are currently in clinical use produce high titers of neutralizing antibodies that are correlated with protection against the virus. With high titers, neutralization persists, even in the presence of emerging variants that have higher resistance to these antibodies.

            Post-infection, a single vaccine dose can cause clonally expanded immune responses, with cross-neutralizing antibodies covering VoCs as well. Vaccine-induced antibodies mostly target the S antigen RBD, unlike those resulting from infection.

            1. Of course, you are talking real vaccines, made from deactivated or weakened versions of a virus, and not the novel gene therapies being called “vaccines” by the Biden Administration.


            In the absence of vaccination, antibody reactivity to the receptor binding domain (RBD) of SARS-CoV-2, neutralizing activity and the number of RBD-specific memory B cells remain relatively stable between 6 and 12 months after infection. Vaccination increases all components of the humoral response and, as expected, results in serum neutralizing activities against variants of concern similar to or greater than the neutralizing activity against the original Wuhan Hu-1 strain achieved by vaccination of naive individuals2,5,6,7,8.

          4. As I said. The vaccine is like a seat belt. It provides another layer of protection against the virus.

            1. Thanks for posting these interesting links.

        2. See below. There’s evidence that the spike proteins are themselves toxic/pathenogenic. Imagine preventing tetanus by *inducing* live toxin *production* in vivo rather than dosing with deactivated toxoid. Just stupid.

        3. They are in more danger from the vaccine side effects.

          What is your proof for this statement?

          1. You’re taking a statement from GG seriously?

            1. CG managed to squeeze at least three untruths about COVID vaccines in a one-paragraph comment. Impressive in a way.

      3. Seems like if it’s so great, then there’d be no need to force it into people’s arms.

        1. You’d think. But partisan politics makes people act stupidly.

          1. Tyrants gotta tyrant, to be sure.

            1. And anti-vaccine freedom fighters gotta cut off their own nose in an attempt to spite the liberals’ faces.

              1. Keep throwing those strawmen on the pyre.

              2. Who’s anti-vaccine? Not me. I’m vaccinated, but don’t think forcing people to be jabbed is necessary. If the vaccine is so great, people would get it on their own.

                1. Then why are you talking about the vaccines not being so great, when you, just as I did, judged them as being a good thing to do voluntarily, and stick to speaking out against mandates.

          2. Blacks and Latinos are the most anti-vax populations. They have the highest distrust of gov.

            1. And if this were a commentariat full off black and Latino commenters that would be relevant. I’m addressing anti-vaccine stupidity among Republicans.

              1. You are doing nothing but pointing and sputtering.

            2. As they should. It’s only dumbed down whites educated in dumbed down public schools who believe everything the government tells them and quietly obeys. They also watch CNN.
              Fauci is likened to God to them. or the Pope.. both infallible.
              Ok all you worshipers of the great Fauci, just remember….NO Christmas for you! No Thanksgiving….you really have nothing to be thankful for anyway.
              So just leave the rest of us alone, mind your own f***ing business and we’ll get along just fine.

      4. The israeli study provided evidence that natural immunity was more robust than vaccine immunity, that is more effective against future variants. Go back and read it.

        1. Go re-read chemjeff’s comments above.

          1. I actually did, since he didn’t (and apparently you didn’t either). It’s a comparison of petri-dish data to epidemiological studies. A refutation of real world evidence with laboratory-evidence-based hypotheses. Again, completely counter to (common sense and) the way science is traditionally done.

            1. Science is done with a hypothesis….and then trying to disprove said hypothesis. Then get your findings published and get other people to repeat your findings…. You literally trying to prove yourself wrong. This isn’t being done….what we have here is literally “Political Science”….all done for the love of money.

              Why do you think they do not want to use safe drugs that are effective but past their patent date? To make new ones so they can charge a boat load of money. We no longer have science…we have an agenda.

      5. From what I have read, the vaccine provides better immunity *broadly* over *all variants* of the virus. But, natural antibodies provide better immunity *specifically* against *the specific virus* to which the individual was exposed.

        LOL that’s exactly backwards. The jab produces a specific type of protein, whereas natural infection provides the whole gamut of responses.

        1. The Delta variant is the vaxx.

      6. “From what I have read, the vaccine provides better immunity *broadly* over *all variants* of the virus. But, natural antibodies provide better immunity *specifically* against *the specific virus* to which the individual was exposed. ”

        You either read incorrectly or what you read was incorrect.

        Being infected exposes you to some 30 viral proteins (including the “spike” protein). Getting vaccinated exposes you to a single protein – the spike protein.

        Developing immunity (antibodies, B cells) to the additional viral proteins is what helps confer broader immunity. As the spike protein becomes modified by mutation (as has already happened from the original with 2 prevalent strains, Alpha and Delta) it becomes less and less like the protein produced by the vaccination. But all 30 coat proteins are not changing in each new variant, so recovered immunity is more likely to quickly recognize new strains.

        The problem with natural immunity is you have to get infected to get it. So at this point, if you’re both unvaccinated and Covid naïve, I’d recommend you get vaccinated.

        Oh, follow-up. Even your link to doesn’t say what you think it says. In fact:

        “But a new study suggests that not all memory B cells are created equal. While vaccination gives rise to memory B cells that evolve over a few weeks, natural infection births memory B cells that continue to evolve over several months, producing highly potent antibodies adept at eliminating even viral variants.

        The findings highlight an advantage bestowed by natural infection rather than vaccination, but the authors caution that the benefits of stronger memory B cells do not outweigh the risk of disability and death from COVID-19.”

      7. Where is the ‘from what I’ve read’ from though?

        Twitter, Facebook, press releases from the people who interpret what the health care bureacracy says ‘the science’ says?

    3. I love how they claim natural immunity fades while also pushing boosters……

      1. Many an elderly person’s immune is going to be less robust from either surviving a COVID infection or being vaccinated. Getting the booster that is now offered to 65 and over persons is a good idea in either case.

        1. So if the elderly is immune system gets weaker after vaccination, why use the booster shot, which would just make it even weaker? You make no sense.

  3. The way anyone blows up their credibility, they lie.

    The bigots here need to be offended. It shows that they fear truth even if they won’t accept it. That’s a useful internal conflict to gift them.

    The worst thing about this pandemic besides the deaths and permanent illness isn’t the lockdowns, it’s the lie and cover up about its US funded lab origin.

    People may lie to themselves for the brief delusion of peace of mind, but to maintain that delusion they’re going to need to lie to others, coercing them. At which point that stupidity is evil.

    1. Fact check false. Misinformation. Banned.

      1. Prove it.

        I refute what I deny. You never have.

    2. This is the exact same bile you posted days ago, fuckface.
      Prima facie evidence of trolling.
      Congratulations, you made the Mute list.

      1. You pushed the bigotry button.

        That means you’ll never troll after me again. That’s great.

      2. We’d hate to see your triggering intensify behind your capability to handle it. Bye.

    3. Its vital that Dr. Fauci is fired and subject to an investigation.

      1. Fired then investigated? It isn’t like he’s accused of abusing his power for sex.

        The entire establishment of corruption would readily throw him under the bus to give you your pound of flesh but that would change nothing.

        I think the only way to undermine the establishment permanently is to reinforce our inalienable rights, particularly free speech, to expose the corruption without censorship.

        1. Since you think that people have the right to free speech even on the private property if others, does this mean a group of Jews have a right to gather on your private property and express themselves?

          1. If I invited the public onto my private property to communicate, of course Jews could too.

            You have the opportunity here to refute anything I say that you deny. You never have.

      2. Vital, I’m not sure that word means what you think it means.

        1. Keep talking to yourself.

  4. Our elected leaders are not legitimate. They do not fear us. They do not work for us. Secession.

    1. Just political decapitation. No secession necessary.

      1. Ah, yes; but who is actually in charge, and eligible for the decapitation?

        It sure ain’t Sleepy Joe Biden or Kween Kamala.
        Actually, a well thought defense by the fascists. We know who is not in charge, but not who is actually in charge.
        The electors maybe?

  5. “We will have a vaccine by the end of the year”

    Fact check – false.

    Blocked on social media as “misinformation”

  6. Fuck Joe Biden
    and Fuck Anthony Fauci too

    1. Fuck Joe Biden

    2. Let’s go, Brandon!

  7. “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated”

    Points to study in Israel showing 60% of those hospitalized with civic are vaccinated

    1. Points the the cdc only tracking breakthrough cases if they end up hospitalized.

      Chances are the efficacy of the vaxx is much lower and the vaxxed are infecting others at incredibly high rates. But we’ll never know because the cdc thinks it’s better to gather no data, rather than data that could blow your narrative.

      1. Luckily, we have a well informed 4th estate who regularly hound officials with such questions.

        1. Until their staff cut the mic I suppose

          Also, OT, but I’m pretty sure they keep Biden masked during media appearances, not for covid, but because it muffles any dumb shit he will say and keep it off mic.

        2. Luckily, we have a well informed 4th estate who regularly hound officials with such questions.

          If only.

        3. Wow. Just wow.
          So much not true in one sentence. You must have studied under a Sith master. Darth Stelter or Darth Cortez, I’d guess. Someone with a high level of dimwiticlorians, anyway.

      2. “Chances are the efficacy of the vaxx is much lower and the vaxxed are infecting others at incredibly high rates. But we’ll never know because the cdc thinks it’s better to gather no data, rather than data that could blow your narrative.”

        Exactly. Gathering such data or acknowledging natural immunity might interfere with the political goal of universal vaccination.

        1. Same as OSHA, who are ignoring reporting requirements for adverse reactions when employers mandate vaccines.

          “DOL and OSHA, as well as other federal agencies, are working diligently to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations. OSHA does not wish to have any appearance of discouraging workers from receiving COVID-19 vaccination, and also does not wish to disincentivize employers’ vaccination efforts. As a result, OSHA will not enforce 29 CFR 1904’s recording requirements to require any employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination at least through May 2022. We will reevaluate the agency’s position at that time to determine the best course of action moving forward.

          1. I hope no employer takes that seriously and still records it. Cause you know the second the political winds change they’ll “update” and then let the employees sue the businesses.

    2. This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Even if they aren’t likely to suffer from the disease, they need to get vaccinated to protect those around them.

      1. If the vaccinated did not spread the virus this would be true. But they do, and it ain’t.

        1. If the vaccinated did not spread the virus this would be true.

          If the vaccinated did not spread and everyone generally had the same or similar susceptibility.

          Otherwise, it’s still a pandemic of the elderly and obese.

    3. “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated”Americans disobeying Top Men

      This is the real issue our betters have. They see how hard the proles are fighting the jabs. It’s literally disobeying “You’ll Take Your Fucking Medicine and Like It” decrees from on high.

      Which infuriates the evil shits.

      1. Or they have good intentions and are trying to address a public health crisis. It is possible to disagree with Democrats without demonizing them and spinning paranoid narratives.

        1. The underlying current year problem, and a great generator of political tribalism, is the lexical issues we have with social/political terminology.

          What does it mean when a libertarian says “progressive”, or “Dems”, or “fucking commie bastards”, or “liberals”?? Surely the speaker views all these as constituting a venn diagram with substantial overlap, but he certainly intends a different meaning for any and all of them than does a lefty, or woketard, or NPC.

          Problem is also present in the speech of those “on the left”. They say “conservative” and it has little of the same meaning a libertarian understands, or if they say “right-winger”, or “alt-right” or “ignorant rednecks”.

          At this point we’re pretty much using two different languages, or rather, different vocabularies applied in a shared linguistic structure. The phrase “talking past each other” doesn’t really capture it, because it implies that communication can be achieved with good intentions and improved aim. We seem to be way past that.

          Whenever I tell one of those DIE types, after their first utterance, “We have an etymological disconnect here.” and ask for clarification regarding some (or all) of the words they used, most of them understand the futility of further conversation. Mission accomplished w/ desirable outcome: No violence.

        2. Nothing coming from the left is with good intentions, except towards the Top Men and those who think the Top Men will care for them from cradle to grave.
          The left: doing the bidding of the father of lies.

          1. Oh, please. The left have a lot of bad ideas, especially in the areas of economics and identity, but it won’t kill you to give them the benefit of the doubt that they mean well.

    4. If it is just “with” COVID, not “of” COVID, I don’t think that statistic means anything. Getting infected doesn’t matter. Only getting sick does.

      Also, given how highly vaccinated Israel’s seniors are, I’d assume that 40% is coming from less than 10% of the population.

    5. That number is called Simpson’s paradox. Produced in Israel’s case by the significant age difference back then between the vax and unvax. A statistician explains what is actually happening when you account for age in the data.

      The TLDR – the vaccine works and remains effective for now (meaning a lot longer than 6-9 months). The only people who need the booster are the elderly who always needed a booster just as they need an annual flu vaccine. Under 65 or 70 or so – in reasonable health – don’t need a booster. Or at least not annual – time will tell how much less frequently.

    6. In Israel with a vaccinated rate of 84.7%, a rate of 60% of hospitalizations for vaccinated patients would mean that the unvaccinated are 3.7 times more likely to be hospitalized. It’s simple elementary school math.

      (Unvaccinated % of hospitalized / Unvaccinated % of population)
      (vaccinated % of hospitalized / vaccinated % of population)

      (.4/.153)/(.6/.847) = 3.70 (rounded to 2 decimal places)

      1. The factual import of that statistic is that hospital admissions and data collection vary between the countries.

        IOW, here, the vaccinated are told to go home and wait it out if they are not suffering severe symptoms, the unvaxxinated are admitted against the sudden development of symptoms. This produces the seemingly anomalous data that the CDC wants to produce. Note that the data is nowhere “incorrect”. It isn’t a LIE…but it does allow press and Covid tyrants to trumpet: “X% of hospitalizations are among the unvaxxinated!” followed by some non sequitur about killing Grandma.

    7. “Points to study in Israel showing 60% of those hospitalized with civic are vaccinated”

      Out of a population where near 90% at risk are vaccinated 40% of those hospitalized were un vaccinated.

      So which group has the greater risk of hospitalization. Those with or without the vaccine?

  8. Too bad Reason didn’t point this out earlierwhen all this was starting…but that wouldn’t have jibed with the “Orange Man Bad” message.

    1. Carlos Inconvenience doesn’t read Reason.

      1. Yeah, if he did, he’d have read Ron Bailey’s mealy-mouthed calls for mandatory vaccinations for Zika.

        1. It’s hard to state which Reason regular contributor has been the most self-beclowned over the last year and a half. Bailey’s gotta be a contender, since the sins of so many others have been egregious sins of omission.

          Did Bailey commit seppuku after one of those corporation-scented articles, or did I just imagine that?

    2. Translation: Orange Man goood, Senile Senator baaad.
      None of this ordure-flinging is convincing, and all of it ignores Missouri’s lawsuit against a collectivist dictatorship’s germ lab leaking weaponized viruses. China’s militarists clearly recall Comrade Jack London’s 1910 suggestion that Western nations attack China with germ weapons in The Unparalleled Invasion. Yet soi-disant free-marketeers in this hemisphere blithely prattle about last night’s newscast.

    3. Hate to break it to you but Orange Man was bad. He tried to overturn the results of a fair election, spinning lies about fraud.

      Standard disclaimer: that doesn’t make Hair Sniffing Man good.

      1. Hahahahahahaha…fair election…hahahahahah.

        1. That was certainly a cogent argument.

      2. If that election was ‘fair” then every election in Russia, Iran, North Korea etc is also ‘fair”. Every single factor normally used by the US itself in determining whether or not foreign elections were rigged was present in abundance in the 2020 US election. And guess what? The courts and other authorities in those countries will blandly assure you that their elections were perfectly honest.

  9. No. The blame lies with Republican politicians and pundits that have opposed and politicized covid protection measures from the start.

    1. You’re an idiot.

      The first step to getting better is admitting you’re a vapid fool.

      The next step is paying attention when people slap you upside the face with facts, such as a months of Dems saying they won’t get a Trump vaccines, gov reports that hesitency is greatest among minorities, that there’s a wing of skeptical scientists and docs…

      Or you can keep being a pathetic shill. I’m expecting no change.

    2. Right! Like when the President said there would be a vaccine by the fall and all of those Republican politicians and their media shills said that it was a lie.

      Or when the Democrat Governor of Florida had effective tracking, tracing and quarantine measures in place, but the stupid republican governor of New York botched the response so bad that tens of thousands of people fled south to florida, bringing thousands of cases with them, blowing up the effective firewall they had built. The evil republican Governor of new York even threatened to sue if those democrats in Florida attempted to block or test New York residents entering the state. luckily, the media saw through this and heaped endless praise on the effective measures taken by the Democrat governor of Florida and endless scorn on the Republican governor of New York, who actually killed thousands of elderly people in nursing homes by requiring them to accept covid infected patients.

      The list is just endless…

    3. “I wouldn’t trust a vaccine that came from this (trumps) administration”

      – kamala the kunt

      Black’s, Latinos, and ivy league grads are least likely the be jabbed. That’s pretty much trumps base.

    4. Two weeks to flatten the curve. Then another two weeks. Rinse. Repeat.

    5. Molly is as dumb as a post.

    6. “I want Republicans to be honest enough that I can trust them.” – MG

    7. What a coincidence: all the blame lies on the political party you dislike the most.

    8. Oh, fuck off. It was political as soon as there were any mandated closures and “lockdowns” (I still can’t believe that anyone thinks “lockdown” is something that can be allowed to happen in a supposedly free country).

      1. Remember Boston Strong? People like lockdowns. Makes them feel secure.

        Why being locked inside their homes while cops with military equipment patrol the streets makes them feel secure, I have no clue.

        1. Why being locked inside their homes while cops with military equipment patrol the streets makes them feel secure…

          …or strong.

      2. The panᵈᵉᵐic was political from the start.
        It became obvious, once the attacks on treatments were launched.
        If it could be treated by drugs like hydroxychloroquine then the economy wouldn’t get shut down and Trump’s re-election would be ensured.
        It was all about getting rid of Trump, which still took a rigged election to accomplish.
        Everything that as happened, since, has been icing on the totalitarians’ cake.

    9. Get up off of your damn knees.

      1. Some folks blew their credibility. Others, such as Molly, blew the folks that blew their credibility.

        1. Blow. They haven’t stopped polishing yet.

    10. Translation: Pay no attention to that libertarian behind the curtain. One half of The Kleptocracy _has_ to be right. It is Written!

    11. Like Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and Andrew Cuomo?

      New York governor Andrew Cuomo (D.) said Monday that it is “bad news” that a vaccine may come during the Trump administration and that he is working with other state governors to stop the vaccine rollout plan “before it does damage.”

      “We can’t let this vaccination plan go forward the way the Trump administration is designing it because Biden can’t undo it two months later—we’ll be in the midst of it,” Cuomo told George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America. “I’ve been talking to governors across the nation about that, how can we shape the Trump administration vaccine plan to fix it or stop it before it does damage.”

      Gov. Andrew Cuomo weighed in on the pandemic Thursday, questioning whether the Trump administration will deliver a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine.

      The governor says New York state will have its own health officials to screen any federally approved vaccine.

      “Frankly, I’m not going to trust the federal government’s opinion, and I wouldn’t recommend to New Yorkers based on the federal government’s opinion,” Cuomo said.

      1. Oh, yeah. Forgot about the states double checking the Fed’s work! California did the same thing and got Oregon and Washington to sign on. When the vaccine actually came out though, they approved it within hours with barely any discussion.

        Not the nation’s finest hour in terms of institutional credibility.

        1. You might remember when the vaccine was announced as being effective…it was days AFTER election day.

    12. No Republican politician has opposed the vaccine. Heck, Trump bragged about how quickly it got developed under his administration. This goes beyond a Democrat/Republican thing.

    13. I sense half a brain, overheating from the effort of repainting reality.

  10. Holy fuck Tucille, nary a thought for actual research in your article of why people mistrust, just straight into “anti-vaxers make bad choices.”

    Yeah, fuck you Decepticon.

    How many dead of the vaccine? How many catch the virus despite the vaccine? What do flu viruses do? What TREATMENT options are available in other parts of the world that don’t go full pharma boner?

    Dishonest fuck won’t even touch it. Just push the joke of a poke.

    1. Well, I don’t trust the anti-vaccine “research” either. Death-after-vaccine is just as nebulous as death-with-Covid, but has far less resources and is reduced to little more than guesswork and fear mongering.

      As far as minorities, the Tuskegee experiment left a strong undercurrent of mistrust, especially in Black America, with any experimental treatments

      1. It’s hardly remnants of Tuskegee. Pfizer’s last little fuckup involving minorities was settled all the way back in… 2011. The CDC’s experimental measles vaccine in minority children in the ’90s wasn’t all that long ago either. If you really want to have some fun, read about the anthrax vaccine that the military pushed on thousands of soldiers. This isn’t ancient shit like Tuskegee.

        1. And more generally, then there was the emergency swine flu vaccine, and the debacle that was. And after that was the H1N1 emergency vaccine, which caused a lot of damage, too.

          1. And then there are the COVID vaccines that have been given to millions of people with virtually no serious side effects.

            1. So sure of that, you are.

              The statistics regarding vaccine injury are not being compiled correctly (and not just kungflu jab), it’s happening in the same fashion of dying of/with Covid. Why do they job the numbers?

              Long term risks, by definition unknown.

              The causes of multiple cancers, neurological disorders, immune disorders, etc.– are unknown. It’s interesting how so many people eat organic, filter their water, use natural products, it’s because they understand environmental factors can play a role in causing disease. You have no evidence vaccines or immune system manipulation do not play a role in these disorders, and yet you claim no serious side effects.

              Historical vaccine rollouts–definitely hit and miss. Historical performance of big pharma in general–billions in payouts and multiple instances where profits were taken at the expense of patients.

              Perhaps Rona jab has “virtually no side effects”, but Rona itself is rather low risk as well, depending on one’s situation.

              My personal anecdotes among family and close relations regarding vaccination are not unusual. Vaccination generally is not so smooth, a lot of nasty sickness and high temps, mild paralysis, and one mini stroke, behavior changes in toddlers.

              Vaccines are overrated, public health is overrated.

              1. Then don’t. And do not for the kiddos as well.

                I am not responsible for your choices.

              2. “Long term risks, by definition unknown.”

                What would be the mechanism of these long-term effects. The mRNA vaccines have to be specially refrigerated just to get them to remain stable long enough to inject. Once they are injected they trigger your natural immune system to make antibodies against specific bits of COVID virus DNA. There’s nothing that sticks around long term except what your own immune system creates.

                1. Wow. You have your head in the sand.

                  Not-vaccine conposed of tailed mRNA wrapped in a graphene web and bound togethet with a fat structure.
                  mRNA infiltrates your cells via induction facilitated by lipid covering, inserts itself into your DNA and orders your body to produce spike proteins for your immune system to recognize later.

                  All according to plan… Except 1) the shot does not stay at injection site. Lipid containers migrate the body and settle in ovaries, marrow and organs. Random lipids are frequently carcinogenic, as an aside.
                  2) the spike proteins are actively cytotoxic, resulting in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSAND ADVERSE REACTIONS REPORTED THROUGH VAERS. Which people are actively encouraged not to report.
                  3) previous trials of mRNA vaccines kept running into the ugly wall of actually facilitating transmission and replication of the virus they were meant to stop, as well as being indicated in activating a host of peripheral, latent illness.
                  It’s why all trials vs. SARS (another coronavirus family) stopped.

                  But you won’t pay attention anyway.

      2. Honest question: why shouldn’t all Americans, not just minorities, be distrustful of the US Gov after the Tuskegee “experiments” were exposed, let alone Pfizer’s disgusting activities* in Nigeria that KF references.

        *Naturally, this is the first I heard of this. Which is why I keep coming back to the comment section here.

        1. This baffles me as well. I saw a video of a Twitter idiot explaining that black people are allowed to be hesitant because of history, but white people have no such excuse. As if we can’t learn from the experiences of others.

          1. Gosh, it’s good there are good (white) smart (white) people willing to go to bat for black people and explain for them why they think the way they’ve been told to think (by white people).

            That’s as virtuous as marching in Selma isn’t it?

        2. If they won’t even answer the questions, I am not gonna be a guinea pig. Proven history of incompetence and vileness.

        3. It’s fine to be distrustful, but it is still stupid to turn down COVID vaccination. There are plenty of sources of information independent of government that make it clear the vaccines are low-risk and confer big benefits against serious illness, hospitalization, or possibly death.

          1. You’re a blathering fool.

            All these points on WHY to be distrustful and there’s Mike Liarson… “well gee, better take it anyway.”
            16k dead. Hundreds of thousands of averse reactions. Miscarriages. Birth defects. NO LONG TERM SAFETY STUDIES.

            FUCK OFF SLAVER.

            1. Remember – these aren’t FDA approved “vaccines”, but rather experimental gene therapies available under Emergency Use Authorizations.

      3. The absolute lack of information is a pretty strong indicator for something being shiesty.

        Given the fates of animal test subjects on the SARS mRNA vaccine, I am well hesitant.

  11. The government wanted to treat the public as children. Had they been truthful give the stats, recommend the vaccine in consultation with your doctor if you have concerns or other health issues that make it risky. That would be the high road to facts and responsibility.
    The high road is not on the map of any politicians, Fauci or the CDC.

    1. Gates figured out long ago that when you go through government you get millions of ‘captured’ customers.

  12. Well people are basically free and there’s a world of legit info out there. I’ve got no fucks to give at this point. It’s not our fault people let their hatred of govt to cloud ther judgment. And it’s not like the antivaxx disinformation was even remotely credible. Stupid kills. Always has.

    1. Yeah those idiots in the Israeli Gov showing that the Vax is useless after 9 months. I’m sure Google and facebook will be all over banning Isreal for “disinformation”

      1. They will ban Israel because they are part of the anti-Semitic elite, not because of vaccine data.

      2. They will ban Israel because…#PLO

    2. Stupid kills. Always has.

      You realize neither the virus nor the government cares how smart you think you are, right?

      Dunning-Kruger Disease.

    3. But being an unpaid functionary of the state is totes awesome.

    4. Hey, Lord Boy, how would you and your buddies have responded if the vaccine rollout had begun in late 2020? What if Trump himself had been telling you to get the Awesome Warp Speed Jab? And what if the anti-Trump media had come out with reports and tear-jerking anecdotes about vaccine risks?

      How stupid are you?

    5. It’s not our fault people let their hatred of govt to cloud ther judgment.

      How about people like you, whose desire to subjugate oneself to government clouds their judgement?

    6. Stupid kills. Always has.

      If that were so you wouldn’t have survived past your 5th birthday, Jakie.

    7. ‘Anti-vax’ information like “People who already got the bug don’t need a jab?”

    8. Does that mean you’ll finally stop pulling on Biden’s corn-pop, Strudel?

      Somehow I doubt it.

  13. The biggest lie was that the vaccines were 90%+ effective and once we got the shot we could go back to living our lives as normal. As it turns out, the vaccines were 0% effective as you can still get and transmit the virus even after getting the vaccine. This bullshit that the vaccine makes catching the virus less harmful wasn’t what we were told. If you went to a car dealer and bought a car that promised 55 mpg and you find out after you get it home it only gets 32 mpg, are you going to buy the car dealers assurances that 32 mpg is still pretty good gas mileage or are you going to threaten to sue his ass for fraud unless he takes the car back?

    1. Negative efficacy in the two week period after the shot. One line in investigation that is going on now is looking at the relationship between first shots and death rates. There is some solid evidence that death rates track with first shot rates.

      1. Cite some of it?

    2. This is the main thing. CDC keeps telling people what they think will get them to comply with what the CDC thinks they should do even if they know what they are saying isn’t true, likely to be true, or intentionally leaves out relevant information. Unfortunately the CDC’s behavior is typical of upper management, HR, and wannabe technocrats, and you don’t get into those positions if you aren’t the type to behave that way, so I don’t know how to change this issue.

      1. Exactly. By trying to message and persuade instead of informing with cautious guidance, they start to look foolish when the trajectory that the messaging is trying to accomplish turns out to be nonsense.

    3. The biggest lie was that the vaccines were 90%+ effective

      That was a true statement at the time that the vaccines were developed. It is unfair to call that statement a “lie”. The effectiveness of the vaccine wanes over time.

      1. Just how far can you stick your tongue up Joe’s ass?

      2. That was a true statement at the time that the vaccines were developed.

        No, it wasn’t. It was a preliminary number pulled from early first stage trial results and was never accurate when the vaccine was deployed population-wide. There was also no information in the 10 page list of warnings, contraindications, and side effects suggesting that efficacy would wane over time. It was a lie, told by lying pieces of shit like you.

      3. “That was a true statement at the time that the vaccines were developed. It is unfair to call that statement a “lie”. The effectiveness of the vaccine wanes over time.”

        …yet people are condemned for commenting on the lack of testing on these.

      4. People who look at medical studies with an agenda to push ignore that medical studies and accumulation of medical knowledge are inherently messy. You are not going to find clear-cut answers, but there is always something you can cherry pick.

      5. If you honestly how the studies worked you would understand that it was an assumed number. You might not call it a lie, but it certainly wasn’t the truth. I am in the Astra Zenica study. I haven’t had Covid yet, but is that because the vaccine worked or because I haven’t been exposed yet. Astra Zenica doesn’t know. I know that I have been in a few rooms with people that a few days later tested positive for COVID but I may or may not have actually had the COVID virus enter my body. AZ never even asks me about times I have been exposed. Assuming the others work the same, They only track if I have gotten it. So the 90% or whatever effective rate in the studies isn’t based on being sprayed with COVID and 90% of the time I didn’t contract it. It was based on 90% of the people we gave the vaccine to didn’t get it within the 6 month study window. Some of those people may not have ever actually been exposed. Now I know the Moderna study worked hard to get poeple that were more likely to be exposed, like health care professionals, but those health care professionals are also taking other precautions such as N-95 masks so the study really didn’t know the effectiveness of the vaccine.
        I don’t fault the trial. That is how trials work now since we can no longer affect people on purpose. The “lie” came in how the information was presented by the company and by the government at the time.

      6. That was based of laboratory research BY THE MANUFACTURERS.

        You feckless imbecile.

    4. The Chinflu “vaccine” is just like the seasonal flu shot.
      You can still get the flu, even if you get the shot, and you can pass it on to others, but the story is that, if you do get it, it won’t be as bad as if you didn’t.
      Considering the death-toll for the Chinflu, alone, without comorbidities, is 6% of the publicized figure, Chinaflu deaths are about on a par with the 40-60 thousand flu deaths, each year.
      Have we seen many mandates for getting the flu shot?

  14. “officials went from condemning anti-lockdown protests to promoting protests against police brutality and racial injustice.”

    You misspelled blm riots there jd

    1. They also were sophisticated, and at no risk of spreading Covid, as it primarily only came out after 9pm in most states.

  15. I had C19 in December of 2020 w/several positive antibody tests since. No way in hell will I get a vaccine now. I would have likely gotten one if I had not had the infection but now there is no need either for personal medical reasons or even esoteric public health concerns.

    At least I’m not one of those dirty plague rats who have only been vaccinated as they are driving the virus to escape the spike, shedding w/o symptoms so they know they are shedding, etc. So go ahead and get infected to upgrade your plague rat status to “Good Citizen”

    1. It’s nothing like the plague.

      1. In this context, plague is used generically. Vaxxed only are driving variant evolution that is a fact.

        1. He’s not wrong.

          1. True but irrelevant.

        2. What is this mechanism for their “driving” evolution?

    2. as they are driving the virus to escape the spike

      If the virus mutates so that it no longer has a spike protein, then it’s no longer an infectious virus.

      1. An very unlikely event.

      2. How do you manage to tie your shoes with that level of idiocy?

      3. By “spike”, I think he may have meant surge in cases or hospitalizations or something.

        1. You’re trying to defend stupid and making it worse.

          Jeff meant what he said and he’s an idiot.

  16. It’s all culture war and it always has been. The left doesn’t really care about saving lives, they just want to own the right as revenge for four years of the right “owning” the left. It’s about punishing those undesirable people for Trump, and the right enjoys it. The like being cast as the enemies of the left. It validates them. If Joe Biden hates it then it must be good.

    I don’t want unity where everyone just puts away their own desires to get on board with whatever I want, but we can live together, contrary to the life-and-death rhetoric of both sides. All it requires is for you to say “Yes, I care about [X], but not enough to kill/imprison/ostracize/financially ruin those who oppose me.”

    1. Joe Biden does not have the mental capacity to hate.
      Pelosi and Schumer, on the other hand –

    2. Lol. Yes, it’s Trump’s supporters’ fault that the entire media, government, academic establishment, Big Business, Big Tech and Big Pharma hate their guts and publicly indulge in genocidal rhetoric against them.

      we can live together, contrary to the life-and-death rhetoric of both sides. All it requires is for you to say “Yes, I care about [X], but not enough to kill/imprison/ostracize/financially ruin those who oppose me.

      Quite literally the only people threatening and effectuating murder, imprisonment, ostracization and financial ruin for their opponents are the leftists you’re running cover for you bootlicking authoritarian sack of fucking shit.

      No joke, I really honestly hope you die of the absolutely most lingering, painful cancer there is. Fuck you.

      1. Well, as mean as you are today, I know that tomorrow you can be a better person and I hope nothing bad happens to you and that no one treats you poorly.

        1. I hope tomorrow you can mind your own business and go to work.

          Quit supporting fascist policies and you keep your front teeth.

    3. This is right.

      We can, but won’t, I suspect.

      What your solution requires in practice is for a great deal of power to be devolved from the federal government to states and localities, such that everyone stops looking to national politics, top-down dictates, and one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to X Y and Z.

      The opposite trend is well established and likely to continue and accelerate.

      1. Sometimes when I think there’s no hope left I have to repeat to myself that the arc of freedom is long (very very veeeery long sometimes) but on the average it bends upwards. I can’t in good faith believe that the 90s were the absolute zenith of total human liberty and that it’s all downhill from there. It might be that way for the rest of our lifetimes, but in the future it will change. The children being raised in this environment will rebel. They always do.

        1. In the tiny blip of history that constitutes the United States of America, the trend of increasing centralization and degrees of government power is basically one continuous trend since the ratification of the Constitution. We were transformed slowly and at times quickly through key events especially WWII, WWI, and the Civil War. But the transformation has been continuous and thorough.

          You need a bit more historical understanding perspective of the bigger bigger picture. What’s interesting and also potentially misleading is that the progression of this regression coincides with, and in fact has a tendency to opportunistically piggyback on, more surface-level coincidental moral progress and advancement of liberty that is already underway and on the verge of being realized. Like the end of slavery for example. And you might be fortunate for a short time to have power in virtuous hands of course, but that never lasts, and the centralized structure remains. There is always an initial “greater good” justification for the imperialism. Like Jefferson said, “Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the form of kings to govern him? Let history answer this question.”

          I don’t disagree with your basic outlook. The arc is upwards. For example, the idea of self-government, decentralized republican government, is the newest idea on the scene. Its competitors are actually various regressions to much more ancient forms of tyranny. Some people say that those interested in the founding ideals and forms are stuck in the past, when actually the opposite is true and those favoring more centralized power are regressive to more ancient forms.

          1. The arc is upwards.

            Western Civilization will be a spike followed by the Dark Ages. The light is going out quickly… I give it one generation more and then it’s… Customers waiting in line for bread instead of bread waiting on shelves for customers

    4. I’m not big into masochism, I just want you fucking wingnuts off my lawn and out of my bank account.

    5. “The left doesn’t really care about saving lives”

      Oh, of course they do. This demonization of those you disagree with is harming our nation.

      1. Cuomo certainly was about saving lives. Botcher Biden checked his watch after he was obligated to receive the fallen soldiers back to the US. Defending an unarmed protester being shot in the head for trespassing.

      2. Accurate statement. The cult of Progs gives no real fucks. It’s false sincerity directed at manufactured victims they keep disempowered.

  17. This is completely a problem created by the politicization of the Vaccine. This virus represents almost no risk to healthy people under the age of 50. Less than 10% of deaths from this pandemic came from people under 50. And round 90% of 50+ have had their first shot, and 80% are completely vaccinated.

    We should be cheering the effectiveness of the vaccination process and moving on. Instead our leaders, freshly embarrassed by their failures in foreign policy and their inability agree on how many extra zeros to our federal debt, want us obsessing over the vaccination rate of people who aren’t even at risk.

    This hand wringing and wailing about the rest of the population is obsessing over margins. Less than 10% of deaths are from people under the age of 50.

    1. There’s also the permanent emergency powers that come with the Wuflu being a permanent emergency. It’s just like Afghanistan; we can’t declare victory because that would mean an end to the war and with it the sweet, sweet largess that came with it.

      1. May the war on covid last for decades. sarc off

    2. Global IFR of 0.15%, flu territory but with a bonus of being able to clearly identify the vulnerable groups.

  18. LOL, even authors of articles like these proclaim the effectiveness of vaccines and yet…

    No doubt distrust has a big part to play in all this, but where does all this distrust come from, and is it valid? Trump was sowing distrust from the beginning but here’s the thing – his distrust was a ploy. he didn’t study the words of the D=CDC and spot contradictions and then start to distrust them. No, we all know the game he was playing. He sowed distrust because it was politically beneficial. Every large organization with leadership will make mistakes and contradict themselves and appear hypocritical. That’s a sociological fact. I’m sure many of the people who yell about distrusting the government happily attend church every Sunday and turn a blind eye to the leadership of their respective church’s contradictions and hypocrisy. They don’t bail on those churches though because that’s not politically expedient, nor does it fortify their identity.

    And speaking of contradictions. Isn’t it obvious that this is a sham when critics denounce ulterior motives of the CDC and then fall for huxters who peddle miracle treatments? That’s a chronic condition over at FOX.

    Here’s the thing, all the while we have known the studies and have understood why masks and vaccines are important. While the CDC and others in leadership have muddled through this it’s not as if with this big old internet we couldn’t find the truth. That’s why it is a joke when authors like this acknowledge certain truths while pointing out that people are right to be skeptical of the same truths. Author’s like that should not be trusted because they have an angle to pitch, a narrative they want to promote because it advantages their career and obtains clicks.

    1. 100 years of study and practice have shown “cloth face coverings” are useless.

    2. Trump spent billions of taxpayer dollars financing the rush development of the vaccine, then purchasing millions of doses to distribute for “free”, took full credit for it, and encouraged everyone to take it you stupid, lying piece of shit.

      It’s also telling that you compare religious belief and practice with your blind faith in the CDC.

      Also, who is gaining financially from FOX News watchers supposedly taking ivermectin, even though the entire FOX News staff has been full-on pro-vaccine, pro-panic-porn from day 1? What’s the equivalent of Pfizer cashing in for 200 billion dollars? But yep, BOTH SIDES!!!! Pay no attention to that dark blue cock sliding up your unlubricated asshole!

      Fuck yourself blind you stupid piece of shit.

      1. Heraclitus is indeed a lying left piece of shit. He also failed to mention that Trump got the jab, even though he had already caught the disease and so has natural immunity, and likewise publicly encouraged everyone eligible to get the jab.

        But, Heraclitus is a lying lefty piece of shit.

        So this is what he does. Because this is who he is.

    3. The CDC’s recent data suggests that mask mandates might be responsible for a 0.5% reduction of COVID infections relative to places without mask mandates. Which is it say, that if you might get 1000 infections without a mask mandate, you might get *only* 995 infections with a mandate in place.

      Cloth and surgical masks (vs N95) as worn, almost always incorrectly, by most people are not washed often enough, are not changed often enough, are touched, taken off or put on with contaminated hands, and generally are worthless for all of the above reasons.

      One study shows that surgical masks (not cloth) have a minor benefit (11% vs no masks) IF people using them are trained to wear them properly and are supplied with adequate count of masks. Otherwise the incorrect care for re-using masks in the same study indicate that there may be a slight *increase* risk factor.

      1. KB95 with a perfect fit worn new for less than 30mins had a 40% reduction in viral loads. In lab conditions.

        That still was an infectious dose.

        Yeah, masks are mostly useless. I wear one as a courtesy if I have a cough (typically allergies, don’t get many colds) or if someone makes me.

  19. A recent study looks at the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins, showing that they can cause some of the harm of COVID-19 by themselves.

    Not “Can your government hurt you for your own good?” but “How much can your government hurt you for the good of science?”

    1. Japan found the vaccine spikes didn’t stay at injection, but instead wandered the body.

      In 48hrs, the vast majority had settled in ovaries and bone marrow.


  20. Breed and Bowser could have undermined their ‘credibility’ – but are SF and DC hotbeds of the unvax? The CDC certainly has screwed the pooch but is that why Rockwell/etc are trafficking in conspiracist/antivax stuff to ‘libertarians’? I don’t think so.

    1. Hey look JFree the 9/11 Truther and panic-porn aficionado is still peddling panic porn after 2 years of being consistently wrong about absolutely everything regarding COVID-19 including his peddling of the “2 million deaths!” model even after its own fucking author retracted it.

  21. Oh for fuck’s sake- stop blaming public health officials for people being idiots. Their idiocy is their own. Maybe if they could reason their way out of a paper bag we wouldn’t be in this mess but alas, here we are.

    If you’re gullible enough to be anti-vax then you deserve what comes. Thinking your facebook feed of garbage is at all a substitute for hard data and a proven vaccine that is a result of some doctors and scientists lives’ work is pure lunacy.

    1. Who the fuck are you talking to? Almost no one here is anti-vax.

      1. Both ways. If you’re at risk of contracting hepatitis, get your hepatitis vaccine. The toxin-induction shots are not a vaccine any more than botox treatments.

      2. Not sure anyone here is anti-vax. Some of us are “pro individual decision” but have not seen a post much less posts campaigning against no vaccinations for anyone.

        1. There were a few, but I don’t think they show up much anymore.

          1. Well, I’ll bite on that. How about, If you want a damn vaccine, pay for it yourself. Enough “free” vaccine.

    2. So health officials are idiots but you should trust their hard data?

      You’re a fucking genius, shitlunches.

    3. A “proven vaccine” with 600,000 adverse events including 16,000 deaths reported and with a whopping 39% efficacy to prevent an illness with a 1 in 10,000 chance of killing anyone under the age of 70 with fewer than 4 comorbidities.

      Stick to raping children, shreek, you stupid fucking piece of shit. Although technically I guess that’s mitigated somewhat by the fact that you’re at the same level of mental capacity as the children you fuck.

    4. You mean, don’t blame them for repeatedly lying and being caught ignoring their own orders?

      Hm. Gonna have to take a hard nope there.

      What about those with legitimate concerns on the vaccine’s efficacy, design and safety? Like the guy who invented the mRNA vaccine, he’s very concerned. Japan has been wondering why the vaccine spike proteins all wind up in women’s ovaries. Israel wants to know why the vaccinated are the majority hospitalized and dying.

      But bleat louder sheep, maybe you can follow the political science better that way.

  22. What I find most interesting is that Abbott and DeSantis, the two politicians who have received most heat for their policies, followed their policies to the letter.

    It’s the classic. When you praise people for what they say, not what they do, you end up with liars and hypocrites in charge.

  23. Rules are for other people. And some people use this hypocrisy as an excuse not to get vaccinated.

    1. And some people use this hypocrisy as an excuse to avoid supporting themselves, taking personal responsibility for violent acts, and claiming the property of others.

      But that’s totes OK if you agree with them, right?

      1. Brandy likes Nuremberg rules.

    2. No one needs an “excuse” not to get vaccinated you bootlicking piece of shit. If they needed one, the fact that it’s killed 16,000 people, injured 600,000 more, and has 39% effective would be just as good.

    3. We need fatties to stop clogging up the hospital systems. Think it’ll be mandatory gastric bypass if you break established BMI index.

      Fuck off, slaver.

  24. Link between case mitigation and vaxx status is gone…

    “At the country-level, there appears to be no discernable relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days (Fig. 1). In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people. Notably, Israel with over 60% of their population fully vaccinated had the highest COVID-19 cases per 1 million people in the last 7 days. The lack of a meaningful association between percentage population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases is further exemplified, for instance, by comparison of Iceland and Portugal. Both countries have over 75% of their population fully vaccinated and have more COVID-19 cases per 1 million people than countries such as Vietnam and South Africa that have around 10% of their population fully vaccinated.”

    1. Can’t compare those case rates anymore. Portugal and Iceland are both winding down as they eliminate community transmission. But it means they are contact tracing, isolating, and testing a lot more while hospitalizations and deaths wind down. And they are opening up everything again. Israel has a big data gap – only seem to make cases and deaths public to outside world with nothing in between. But 60% of their deaths are from the 17% of peeps who are unvax (and really that means only 10% of adults are unvax) (and 65% of their serious cases, and 89% of ECMO).

      1. But 60% of their deaths are from the 17% of peeps who are unvax

        Even though 60% of hospitalizations are among the fully-vaccinated in a country with a 90% vaccination rate that is in the process of rolling out it’s 4th series of booster. Do you ever not lie about anything you fucking piece of shit? Ever? I mean your 9/11 Trutherism and Chavista apologia are driven mostly by your abject stupidity rather than any deliberate dishonesty, but since the first day that the WHO and CDC finally admitted 6 months after the fact that COVID-19 was spreading internationally from China, you quite literally have not told the truth even once, not even accidentally. I used to think people with your obvious mental incapacity were too stupid to be capable of deliberate guile. I guess stupid and dishonest IS possible.

        1. Two weeks ago Israel reported that the case rates were matching the population rates for vaxx status. So if X% had the vaxx then X% of the cases are from the vaxxed.

  25. Hey shit for brains, maybe you should look at the loss of trust in media or does that hit too close to home? You and your fellow travellers were there for every last lie gleefully supportive of every authoritarian dictate but now it’s these bad other actors that made you lie? Nah. Just like the Summer of Love versus the “insurrection” you and the rest of the apologists stood firmly for every last abuse and lie. Why should I believe a thing you say now?

  26. “It’s one thing to protest what day nail salons are opening, and it’s another to come out in peaceful protest, overwhelmingly, about somebody who was murdered right before our eyes,” New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy huffed in an open assertion that only protests with which he agreed were acceptable.

    Fuck Phil Murphy.

    And HEY JACK – Why hasn’t this made it’s way into one of your soft and fuzzy campaign commercials? YOU’RE LOSING AN EASY WIN.

    1. What commercials? To this day I’ve seen exactly one. Way to rally the base, Jack.

      He’s campaigning not to lose, which is stupid for any underdog. My wife, a teacher with the expected politics, desperately wants an excuse to vote against Murphy but he’s barely offered a single one. I doubt she’s alone there.

      1. I’ve seen a few, but they’re all the same.

        He broke even with Murphy in the first debate, Diane Allen’s nowhere to be seen (she’s influential in South Jersey), and it’s about more than “tax rate”.

        NJ’s a blue state but it hasn’t had a 2-term Dem governor since Brendan Byrne (74-82). Ciatterelli seems intent on changing that.

        1. I live in a pretty red area, but am part of the most progressive age cohort. All I hear from my peers, strangers and acquaintances both, is constant complaining over the restrictions in the schools, all the hoops that have to be jumped through whenever their 1st grader comes down with a runny nose and a little cough. I would go scorched earth on that.

          You want to get Murphy where he’s vulnerable, and it’s not taxes – the voters for whom that makes a real difference have left for Florida by now and sold their old house to New Yorkers.

  27. Since the CDC, Fauci, FDA, NIH and hundreds of DHHS funded state and local health agencies have knowingly and intentionally deceived (i.e. LIED TO) Americans for the past 20 months about natural immunity (which is why >99% of people infected with covid remain immune to this day), NOBODY should trust CDC, Fauci, NIH, DHHS or its funding recipients about ANY public health issue.

    1. And since left wing Democrats and left wing media propagandists have repeated DHHS’ most egregious LIE for the past 18 months (i.e. that people who already had covid are not immune, and should take a covid vaccine and wear masks), NOBODY should trust or believe ANYTHING said by ANY left wing Democrat politician or media outlet. They have ZERO credibility.

      1. BTW I attended the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health from 1981-1985, earned a Master of Public Health, and spent the past 35 years telling the truth about cigarette smoking (something government health agencies, medical professions and many private health groups lied about for many decades) and working to reducing per capita cigarette consumption by 70%, and reducing youth smoking rates by 85%.

        Just as government health agencies covered up (i.e. lied about) the huge risks of cigarette smoking for decades (due to lobbying by Big Tobacco), Big Pharma now controls most FDA and DHHS policies (which is why FDA, DHHS, left wing Democrats and media outlets have been lying about natural immunity for covid survivors), and why vaccines are now being mandated.

      2. Note to foreign readers: the Gestapo faction of The Kleptocracy wishes you to believe christianofascism is goood and the medical-pharma cartel is baaad now that it answers to the opposition–also, that you must never vote Libertarian.

        1. Not sure if Hank’s response is somehow referencing me, but I’ve been a libertarian atheist for the past 4 decades who disdains theocrats (i.e. most folks who identify as Christian Conservatives) and never voted for a Libertarian presidential candidate.

          1. Hank Phillips is a mentally deranged retard, you can safely ignore anything he says as it is always one of about 7 canned copy-and-paste responses and is only ever related to the post to which he replies by coincidence or accident.

  28. >>Vaccine hesitancy can … be laid at the feet of

    common sense.

  29. Excellent writing as always! In Monroe Doctrine and Roosevelt corollary banana republics, vaccination is the only ticket aboard a plane headed abroad. Naturally there is a terrible shortage of jabs. The CDC has changed from an agency for endorsing violent prohibitionism into a deaf and blind puppet programmed to pretend there is no such thing as a leaky germ warfare laboratory anywhere in communist China. Small wonder nobody believes anything it’s mouthpieces stutter.

  30. Why I don’t want the vaccine:
    – I’m in my early 40s and in halfway decent health, by the CDC’s own numbers, the people in my age group have 1 in 1000s chance of getting seriously ill or dying from COVID. There’s hardly a point for me to take precautions against COVID.
    – Almost all the people who are dying from COVID were already very old and/or very sickly. It’s sad when they die, but they would have likely died soon anyway. COVID is as good a reason as any if one is going to die anyway. And it’s not my responsibility to throw my life upside down or inject myself with something I don’t want to slightly lower their risks.
    – It’s still a free country (sorta, anyway).
    – The vaccines are causing serious side effects. And the side effects have been shown to be underreported and/or swept under the rug. So yes, because of this, I don’t trust the “experts” on how safe it is.
    – Since nowadays all news and government sources are totally biased, I regretfully have to put more weight in my own anecdotal experience. I have known several people who have gotten ill and had serious side effects from the jab. So yes, I have no trust in “official” sources about the vaccine’s safety or efficacy.
    – The efficacy of the vaccine has been shown to be so so at best. So much so that the vaccinated need to be protected from the unvaccinated? Seriously? Which begs the question, why is it so important to take it?
    – How many “booster” shots do you really need within less than 6 months if the vaccine is such a miracle? The durability of immunity from the vaccine is a joke.
    – The vaccine doesn’t stop you from transmitting COVID. Again, which begs the question, why is it so important to take it?
    – The vaccines were developed very hastily and not thoroughly tested.
    – The FDA suspended it’s own certification procedures and granted Pfizer, Moderna, etc… no liability for their vaccines. And are yet shoving this down people’s throats. Again, that sounds way too fishy that I don’t trust it.
    – It is 100% clear at this point the pandemic is the godsend of all excuses to implement hard left priorities from housing as a human right to massive increases in welfare transfer payments. So yes, I have no trust that this is purely about public health.

    1. All good points. I’m in my 30s and very fit with a resting heart rate in the 40s. No need and no point in getting the vaccine.

      They’re doing it because they want to establish more government control.

      1. They are. I also think it’s a conformity test for China style social credit. Or something akin to a trial balloon of how much the people will take (with terrifying results).

    2. The problem that many see is that there is significant, and growing, anecdotal evidence of the dangers of the vaccines. We all probably know people with apparent negative reactions soon after being vaccinated. Indeed, I know more people with apparent negative reactions to the vaccines, than I know people who have died from the virus.

      Sure, the FDA, etc are supposed to be looking for adverse reactions to the vaccines, but their current system and criteria seem designed to minimize the recording of such.

      Finally, the risk profile for dying from COVID-19 is extraordinarily biased towards the old and those with significant comorbidities (esp obesity and diabetes). Almost no kids have died from it (and those who did were mostly significantly overweight). There are most of a dozen things more likely to kill kids. Similarly, fewer that 20 of the 1.6 million active duty military have died from the virus (since their population is mostly in their early to mid 20s, and obesity is almost nonexistent), lower than some training exercises or aircraft crashes. Yet, they are being forced to be vaccinated. No one should be surprised if the vaccines killed more of these demographic groups, than the virus does. After all, one of the most reported, at least anecdotally, side effects of the vaccines, is heart damage, that seems to strike those in the best shape the worst – those with the lowest risk in their age cohort of dying from the virus. As noted above, the age groups with the highest mortality by the virus are very heavily vaccinated.

    3. You left out my lynchpin point; they were bought and paid for with my money before they were even developed. The rest is just logistical buttressing of the original sin.

    4. SierraLima, the vaccines are not showing any serious side effects that cannot be dealt with and they are highly rare. Your chances of dying or being seriously ill with possible lasting chronic side effects are much greater with Covid that waht ever BS dangers you learned on FB – might as well be your crazy uncle. Telling you.

      Yeah, it’s free country. Don’t be an idiot and get your free shot. At best it may save your ass. At worst it means you’ll be able to get certain jobs, board a plane, go to university ….. you know, all the things you want to do in a free country.

      1. “….you know, all the things you want to do in a free country.”

        “free” to steaming piles of lefty shit like this.
        Fuck off and die.

      2. Your chances of dying or being seriously ill with possible lasting chronic side effects are much greater with Covid that waht ever BS dangers you learned on FB – might as well be your crazy uncle. Telling you.

        In absolute terms, your chances of dying from COVID are incredibly small, and if that stratified by age, the younger you get, the nearer to zero that becomes.

        You chances of merely being hospitalized for COVID are also very small, between 1 and 5%, and that estimate is considered high because it only takes into account, verified, positive COVID cases, not the hundreds of thousands that were never caught, suffered few symptoms and moved on.

        So, let’s pretend for a moment, that you’re not interested in any of the proven scientific facts I’m saying, what are your thoughts about Norway, Singapore and Thailand?

        What are your thoughts about the comprehensive Israeli studies which show a vaccine effectiveness of 39%? What are your thoughts on never-ending boosters?

        1. He has no thoughts because he’s nearly as dumb and disingenuous as Molly.

          The only thing I can’t decide, is if he’s a dyed in the wool leftist, or one of the writers just trying to up click counts and comments.

        2. Diane, I don’t think a 5% chance of landing in the hospital, when the option is a shot with much lower – to almost non-existent – risk is a difficult choice.

      3. Joe Friday, I came to my senses and quit facebook last year after it shoved left wing propaganda in my feed non stop and censored when I said things it didn’t like.
        Am I wrong that my chances in my age group of early 40s of dying from COVID is 1 in 1,000s? cause that’s what the CDC’s own data says. And I can guarantee you the CDCs definition of a COVID death for statistical purposes is pretty generous.
        Again, it’s anecdotal but as I said I know several people who have gotten seriously ill from the vaccine yet I don’t know a single person who caught COVID and it was worse than being in bed for a few days. Again, I wish I didn’t have to resort to anecdotal evidence, but all major news outlets and government data is completely biased now so anecdotal is what’s left.
        Regarding long term illness from surviving COVID, I have yet to see one piece of numerical or statistics on how prevalent or severe this is. I’m sure it happened a few times, but if it was that common or that severe, there would be numbers on it and it would be shoved in our face 24/7 by the fear porn known as the mainstream media.
        And no, it isn’t a free country. If the government mandates requirements for getting certain jobs or boarding an airliner, it’s by definition not a free country. I want to restore it to a free country where the companies and the airlines make up their own minds about their requirements of employees and passengers.

        1. Sierra, you have no idea what a free country is, do you? Consideration – forced or otherwise – for the health and safety of others is a basic of any society not dreamed up by rich suburbanites with zero historical perspective.

          PS When you say “seriously ill from the vaccine”, I’m pretty sure you mean a 2 day flu. Poor babies!!

          1. Consideration? Inject an experimental substance in your body that is increasingly being shown to cause serious side effects (and not that rarely either) or you aren’t allowed to earn a living? That’s your idea of consideration in a free country? Cause that’s what democrats are proposing.
            Again, feel free to take the vaccine if you want. But don’t be an asshole and force, compel under threat of penalties or vote for people who do to get others to take the vaccine.
            Well, my mother was in bed for a week after getting the shot, not 2 days. Another friend (in his 20s) now has swollen lymph nodes all over his neck. Have you heard about the flight surgeon in the military grounding all pilots that have taken the job until their hearts can be examined because of how often this causes serious heart problems? Again, don’t downplay the side effects of the vaccine.

      4. Here’s another piece of bullshit that I’ve noticed a lot recently.

        A younger, reasonably healthy person’s chances of having some ill effect from covid, if you become infected and get sick may be higher than the risk from the vaccine (I think we need more data before we are sure about that either way). But that’s if you catch it and get sick. Which is not a certainty. But if you get the vaccine you are definitely exposed to that risk. So you can’t just compare those two risks directly. You need to also account for the chances of actually getting a significant infection that causes illness, which is < 1 for sure and probably significantly so for many people.

      5. If you look at the CDC’s own data, for every million doses of vaccine they administer to 12 – 17 year old boys, they save 2 lives, and cause 38 to 56 cases of myocarditis.
        Unfortunately they do not disclose the fact that myocarditis has a 5-year mortality rate of 50%. So yes, for certain populations, they are killing more people than saving.

    5. Sierra, another correction to your post which is wrong on several facts, including why scientists have been working non-stop for a vaccine since last summer: Those who are vaccinated are less likely to catch Covid, and without catching it, they don’t transmit it. That means getting vaccinated does help lower transmittance.

      1. Those who are vaccinated are less likely to catch Covid, and without catching it, they don’t transmit it.

        Then why the fuck is my vaccinated ass sitting here with a motherfucking surgical mask on (which according to the CDC don’t work)? Why? Answer me. Why.?

        1. Is this at work or something? Sorry they are making you wear a mask. Your management is being overly cautious.

        2. By the way, Joe Friday was talking about vaccines, not masks, but you just went off on a tangent about masks.

          1. Paul has been vaccinated. Half the goddamn country has been vaccinated. His question is: if Joe Friday is right and vaccinated people are less likely to catch covid, why is the CDC recommendation (that his company and many other businesses have chosen to follow) that they have to wear a mask still?

        3. Because Diane, low risk and lower risk don’t mean absolute zero risk.

          Think about it.

      2. Joe Friday, fair enough. It lowers your chances of getting seriously ill somewhat and possibly lowers transmissibility. I think you’ll agree that the efficacy, durability and lowering of transmissability with the jab has been way oversold? yes? no?
        If again, if it’s efficacy is so low (even if not totally worthless) that the vaccinated need to be protected from the unvaccinated, how can you possibly justify tyrannical proposals for arguably the worst intrusion of personal sovereignty in history by turning the unvaccinated into 2nd class citizens?
        The answer is pretty clear in that people like you do not value freedom and get off telling other people what to do.

        1. “I think you’ll agree that the efficacy, durability and lowering of transmissability with the jab has been way oversold? yes? no?”

          No, because there is virtually no downside and lots of upside to getting vaccinated for COVID. And you can walk into your local Walgreens, or whatever, and get vaccinated.

          1. Downside : vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia. My dad diagnosed, after 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine. Outcome unknown as of now. Might miss seeing his grandkids grow up. There are downsides for many people. To claim otherwise is willful ignorance.

            1. Also, my dad is 67 with no health issues, plays golf 4 days a week and walks the course. Takes zero medications, not obese, no diabetes. Would he have preferred to battle a respiratory virus rather than his own immune system attacking his platelets? Yes. Hindsight is a bitch.

              1. Yup. My mother was in bed for a week after getting the vaccine. A friend of mine in his late 20s now has swollen lymph nodes. Considering the underreporting of vaccine side effects has been exposed by Project Veritas I think it’s safe to say the actual frequency and severity of side effects is far worse than what’s being reported via VAERS.

            2. Which of the vaccines did he receive?

              1. He put it in the post. JFC.


              “The incidence of VITT is not certain, but it appears to be extremely rare. A recent report in JACC found that cerebral vein thrombosis occurred in 3.6 per million people after the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine and 0.9 per million people after Johnson & Johnson vaccine. For comparison, the rate of cerebral vein thrombosis is estimated at 207 per million in patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and 2.4 per million in the general population. The risk of death and serious outcomes of COVID-19 (including thrombosis) far outweigh the small risk of VITT.”

              Your dad just happens to be one of these rare cases and you just happen to be hanging out here in the Reason comments section?

          2. Nice dodge of the first question. I didn’t say a thing about the downsides in that question. Nor did I say anything about the convenience of getting the vaccine.
            I asked about your opinion of the efficacy, durability and lowering of transmissibility of the vaccine relative to the expectations set. You didn’t answer that at all.
            And no, there are downsides. The question about downsides is how severe and how common. And long term effects are completely unknown mind you.
            And more importantly the second question I posed. The upside of the vaccine has obviously been way oversold. The side effects have been downplayed. And the dangers of COVID to most of the population with the exception of the elderly and sickly have been way way oversold as evident by the huge percentage of people who think the hospitalization rate is 10 times what it actually is. So again, how can mandates that are clearly unconstitutional, a violation of the Nuremberg code, tyrannical and set horrific precedents be justified? Unless of course I’m on the money in my answer that you and your ilk don’t give a crap about freedom and love bossing others around.

            1. No dodge. My point was that something canned be oversold, when it comes at a low cost in personal time, money, and risk.

              1. In a free society, you have a right to make your own choice whether the risk is worth it and if you trust or don’t trust “the experts”.

        2. Sierra, I don’t think you can oversell a vaccine that has been given to hundreds of millions of people with zero to little deaths which will significantly lower their chance of catching and/or spreading a virus which has killed 700k Americans so far.

          1. actually the reported deaths are at about 8,500 in the US alone. I’m not saying it’s pure poison, but STOP DOWNPLAYING THE RISKS OF THE VACCINE. And the 700,000 deaths of COVID are very heavily skewed towards the elderly and sickly, aka people who were likely to die soon anyway. So again, QUIT OVERSELLING THE DANGERS OF COVID, it isn’t remotely statistically dangerous to young and healthy people.

      3. Not to mention cutting down on the pool of hosts in which a new variant can arise by mutation.

        1. Riddle me this: Why would the virus need to mutate in an unvaccinated person?

        2. You got that backwards dummy. You know how doctors are encouraged to not perscribe antibiotics unless really necessary? The reason is is that it encourages pathogen mutations into new variants that are more resistant to the antibiotics. The vaccine has the same effect and might have been a factor in how the delta variant of COVID was formed and became widespread. “Life finds a way” -Ian Malcolm.

          1. That is nonsense. The mechanism of vaccination is nothing like use of a course of antibiotics.

          2. Please explain, in your own simple words, what the mechanism would be for the COVID vaccines to “encourage” variants such as Delta.

            1. It’s called natural selection moron. Variants of COVID that are highly blocked by the vaccine will not have the opportunity to reproduce to the next generation. Vaccine resistant strains will reproduce and become the dominant strain passing on the genes that make them resistant to the vaccine.

            2. It’s the same thing when any creature’s habitat changes. If the habitat becomes drier, individual animals who have mutation adaptations that are advantageous to surviving with less water will survive and breed at higher rates than those without, passing on the genes with those dry climate advantageous mutations.
              The vaccine from an evolutionary point of view to COVID is no different than the climate becoming drier as in the example above. Although perhaps happening at a faster rate as the vaccines were introduced much more rapidly than climates gradually changing.

    6. “The vaccines are causing serious side effects. And the side effects have been shown to be underreported and/or swept under the rug.”


      “The vaccines were developed very hastily and not thoroughly tested.”

      The vaccines have been given to millions of people all over the world, with virtually no serious side effects. As far as showing the vaccines are safe, that goes way beyond what any FDA trial could do.

      1. Look up the Project Veritas part 1 of expose on the vaccines regarding a slew of patients coming in with side effects from the vaccines and how they are being underreported.

        1. Took me a while to remember where I had heard of Project Veritas: they are the ones who authored a fake affidavit for postal worker, Richard Hopkins. Then he ultimatum confessed that maybe he didn’t witness the election fraud they pushed him to say he has witnessed.

          1. Ok, you don’t trust Project Veritas. Fair enough. It’s your right to naively buy into the mainstream narrative.
            Shouldn’t I have the right to not trust the CDC, Fauci, etc…? Especially after a year and a half of flip flopping, constant exaggerations and clear ulterior motives?
            And keep in mind Project Veritas is not pushing to turn you into a 2nd class citizen if you don’t do what they say, unlike the CDC.

  31. Maybe you can allocate 2% of the blame to public health officials. The rest belongs with a sensationalist, fact-free right-wing media, selfish libertarian zealots who won’t even consider their impact on other people, and religious fanatics who believe their righteousness protects them until they are taking up hospital space and seeking prayers and gofundme donations. What a ridiculous article.

    1. Yeah it was that dastardly right-wing media that locked down society and spent 7 trillion dollars enriching crony billionaires to distribute a vaccine with 39% efficacy in an effort to prevent an illness with a 1 in 10,000 chance of killing you if you are under 70 years old and have fewer than 4 comorbidities, the most highly-correlated of which are obesity and hypertension.

      Cool sock by the way JFree, nobody can tell.

    2. “…What a ridiculous article.”

      What a steaming pile of lefty shit.
      Fuck off and die.

    3. Reminds me of the shit-talking last summer because the ‘idiot south’ wouldn’t mask up.

      Don’t worry, you’ll be eating that shit this winter as the winter wave crashes over the whole country.

  32. Gotta hand it to TooSilly. Making a career by recycling last year’s comment section into paid articles is as Tom Sawyer as it gets.

  33. There’s no great need to get COVID vaccinated if you’re young and healthy.

    The politicians (which include the medical bureaucrats) are just trying to make political hay out of the issue, as well as boat loads of money for big pharma, and the most sinister powers that be express a deep longing desire to fully control the world’s population like a herd of cattle in every aspect of their lives.

    That’s enough reason for me to be opposed. I don’t really share the concerns many people have about the potential dangers and harms of vaccines that haven’t been tested long term from a biological and health perspective. I think those concerns are understandable and should be respected (they’re not). However some day in the future once totalitarian control is more fully established, sooner or later the means will be misused to kill people both negligently and intentionally.

    1. ML, healthy people get it and they sure as hell spread it. A co-worker of about 55 who is in excellent physical health – he does physical work – came down with it recently and will survive but at times he wished he wouldn’t. He still has symptons, and approximately 20% of those who have had it return to the doc within a couple of months with seeming chronic conditions affecting their hearts, brains, and lungs. Energy levels are very low.

      ML, you feeling lucky punk? There is no other reason to not get vaccinated.

  34. While many of these stated concerns are valid, the evidence indicates that covid vaccines pose far fewer disease/death risks than covid does for the vast majority of adults over 35 years, while covid vaccines have similar levels of effectiveness over time as flu vaccines (they’re >90% effective for the first few months, but lose their effectiveness over time).

    While I encourage everyone who hasn’t already had covid (and thus, still has natural immunity) to get a vaccine, it is outrageous public health malpractice that CDC, Fauci, left wing Dems and media outlets have been denying the existence of natural immunity, denying that Fauci funded the Wuhan laboratory that created covid, and have been advocating/imposing lockdowns, mask mandates and now vaccine mandates.

    1. I agree with all of this. Although I’m slightly opposed to the vaccine because of the mandates and everything.

      “already had covid (and thus, still has natural immunity)”

      As I understand it, antibodies won’t show up in an antibody test if you’re more than 3-6 months out from having COVID. So there’s really no way to tell if you’ve had COVID more than 3+ months ago, if you weren’t tested positive at the time. You might have had it 12 months ago and had no symptoms at all or just like a common cold. And I assume, though not certain and wonder if anyone has any insight, if you don’t have antibodies showing up in a test then you probably don’t have natural immunity any more, so it doesn’t last just like the vaxes don’t last.

      1. Antibodies are only one line of defense (and the last). Your B and T cells remember how to fight the virus and can fight it off if they see it again.

        1. Thanks.

          Any way of telling if I ever had COVID?

          1. Easy. Take a knife and cut off your Dick. If you bleed then you are an idiot. And you won’t care about COVID.

            1. You can also post stupid responses like that to remove any doubt that you are an idiot.

      2. As I understand it, antibodies never stick around for that long. You don’t have antibodies for chicken pox and measles and whatever else you caught or got vaccinated for as a child. But you still almost certainly have immunity. I think that people have been focusing on antibodies because they are easy to test for. But they aren’t what gives you long term immunity.

        1. Zeb, a recent study found as many as 1/3 of those who catch Covid without a shot DO NOT develop antibodies.

    2. False. You have to stratify by age, since the risk of death by the virus is almost exponential by age. Any risk of the vaccine to those under 18 without well known comorbidities (e.g. obesity) or active military service members, is not justified or justifiable, because their chance of death from the virus is very near zero. And there are those in those demographics who have died, likely from the vaccines, and have had heart damage (in the case of the military). The evidence is strong enough that one Army flight surgeon is grounding flight crew who are vaccinated, until their hearts can be adequately checked out. The risk there is that succumbing to those side effects while flying may end up killing dozens.

      1. Thank you Bruce – and don’t forget stratifying by obesity is just as important, if not moreso, than age.

        Covid is a highly unusual respiratory pathogen in the way it hits fat people. Influenza and Rhinovirus don’t hospitalize fat people at 8 times the rate of slender ones, but Covid does.

        When I read about the exponential increase of Covid mortality with age I’m also wondering if they controlled for obesity. Because if they didn’t, it could be obesity driving the increase. Obesity increases with age.

        1. And I might add that the reason we don’t talk about obesity more is because it’s a huge cash cow for the health care industry and drug companies. Diabetes and cancer are HUGE profit engines. This is why we’ve built dozens of large new cancer hospitals in every major city over the last 20 years. While closing traditional hospitals and eliminating regular hospital beds. Lower profit margin. Oncology has the highest profit margin of all medical specialities in the USA.

          1. we don’t talk about obesity more is because it’s a huge cash cow

            What you did there, I see it.

          2. Hold on there. There have been several commenters here telling us COVID mandates are just a warmup for the liberals outlawing being obese.

            1. I hope that is sarcasm.

          3. Even without sinister motives, the fact that obesity, diabetes, and cancer have become increasingly manageable conditions and that the cost of their treatment is increasingly socialized means that people take less and less care to avoid them.

            My grandparents assumed that any of those conditions were a rapid death sentence and hence did everything they could to maintain a normal weight and exercise.

        2. I don’t think that obesity is driving the age statistics, because the age statistics appear to be a lot sharper than those for obesity. But the scary thing is that all the lockdowns, etc have increased the obesity rate around the world, which, by itself, has probably killed at least some, if not a bunch, of people.

  35. Officials are justified in complaining about vaccine hesitancy among the general population.

    Help me figure out what the message is here, that if public officials had behaved better, then we’d be more happy to go along with the mandates with less friction?

    1. Seems like the jist. The evidence and arguments in favor of vaccination apparently don’t matter, nor does the fact that people can decide the risks for themselves, nor does the fact that the disease isn’t that deadly, and we know who dies from it, nor does the fact that many unvaccinated have better immunity than vaccinated due to natural immunity.

      Sounds like people are supposed to do as their told because someone else thinks they should, reason be damned.

      Maybe if I ask my congressman nicely to please exempt me from paying tax this year …

    2. Reason has bought into progressivism hook line and sinker. As Bernays, a progressive and the father of public relations/propaganda put it:

      “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized.”

    3. The message is, when you make authoritative pronouncements about things you don’t know (if you weren’t outright lying), then reverse yourself and make equally authoritative and equally unfounded pronouncements the other way, people won’t believe you when you say the vaccine is safe and effective.

      WHO blew it’s credibility when it pretended COVID was not transmissible between humans in Dec 2019 – Jan 2020. Fauci blew his credibility when he lied by saying masks were not even a little bit effective in early 2020, and destroyed it again in 2021 by exaggerating the effectiveness of masks, then suggesting wearing two or three masks. He and others have been helping the Chinese conceal the origins of the virus, probably because they funded very dangerous research that probably created it. Nearly EVERY public health official in the US fell for early predictions of COVID mortality in the US in the millions. Even if I was sure they’re not lying now, I know they’re fools.

      Then there are those that tell us that the vaccines were fully tested in less than a year. Normally the FDA puts new drugs – ones with technology far less revolutionary than the MRNA vaccine – through an approval process that never runs under 5 years, and usually goes about 10 years. So am I to believe they actually could have done that in 1 year, but kept lifesaving drugs off the market for another 4 to 9 years just for the sake of justifying their jobs? It’s possible that the whole FDA bureaucracy are mass murderers, but it seems much more likely that fully testing something takes several years to even begin finding the long-term effects, and anyone who tells you that the vaccines have been fully tested isn’t even giving you the courtesy of making their lies non-obvious.

      So why would I believe what they claim about the vaccine? After all the mistakes, I would be a bigger fool than they are to think that they are capable of weighing risks against benefits. And after all the lies, I cannot even try to guess at the vaccine safety or effectiveness for myself, because known liars controlled the collection and release of the data.

  36. Deaths from vaccinated people continue to rise even though they were told the vaccine would protect them.
    It doesn’t. It will kill or maim you.
    Then they tell you the vaxx doesn’t work unless the next guy has his vaxx…….. Utter rubbish.
    Far too many people has died after taking this unknown substance into their bodies. It is not a vaccine. it is something entirely different and IT IS MURDERING PEOPLE!
    So don’t allow the little Marxists attempt to shame you into taking this deadly poison into your veins.
    You and you alone have the right to decide for yourself, not some mouthy little communist.

  37. So is very gung-ho about the mRNA vaccines, as we see every day in the writing here.

    Me? Not so much. So a new drug is “effective”…that’s great, congrats to the development team. But unfortunately, “effectiveness” with corporate Pharma’s meds is often a Faustian bargain. Instead of trying to politicize “vaccine hesitancy”, how about taking a look at hard data.

    Fully 1/3rd of FDA-approved drugs these days – the ones that go through the full, long-term process, not the rushed process for mRNA vaccines – fully 1/3rd of new meds turn out to be extremely dangerous and lethal. That’s why smart people don’t rush into taking new Pharma meds, and stick with time-tested healthy living habits, eating and drinking the right things, exercising.

    When you’re trying to brainwash people, you manipulate and edit out facts to obscure or distort true reality. This report is something that should be mentioned by the media, including, with every article on the safety of the rushed-approved Covid meds from Pharma:

    One-Third Of New Drugs Had Safety Problems After FDA Approval

    1. That article is from 2017. The science has been resettled somewhere else.

      1. The science has been “re-settled”? That is a preposterous statement. The data of people getting sick and dying from 2000-2010 doesn’t “resettle”. The people have turned into dead bodies. They were counted. They’re dead now.

        It’s so disturbing to see people putting naive, religious-zealot-like trust in these huge pharma corporations. They don’t deserve it!!!

        1. Check out the new guy!

          FYI, Welcome to Hit&Run The Reason Comments section. If you spend more time here, you’ll eventually learn you way around, know what the in-jokes are, know who’s to be taken seriously (hint, I’m not) and who is.

          1. Definitely worth it scrolling down here.

          2. Well, I generally take you seriously, but knew that the comment you made was simply snarky.

        2. Ridiculous. Science doesn’t pick up and resettle somewhere like a pioneer.

          The science evolved, again. Into a higher life form.

          The science is SETTLED!

  38. You know you are in deep shit when Reason is bemoaning the fact that only a small fraction of the population has chosen not to get vaccinated against a disease with such low mortality rate, and despite the fact that many if those unvaccinated are already more immune than the vaccinated due to natural immunity. This is one of the most pathetic ts I’ve seen in reason. Fuck this idiocy.

  39. I can’t remember a single news story about the vaccine last year that didn’t dismiss it. Every time Trump brought up Operation Warp Speed, the media brought up a litany of doctors, scientists and experts who said he was full of shit, and a safe and effective vaccine was years away.

    I might be a little more charitable if any prominent media outlet came out and said “You know, it turns out Donald Trump was actually right, and every so-called expert we brought out to refute him was wrong. And so were we. We still hate the guy. We’re still happy he’s not President anymore. We still think he’s a deplorable racist, and so is everyone who supported him. But in this one case, he made the right call.”

    Trump is probably the only prominent figure in America today who hasn’t revised his stated opinion on the vaccine based on political considerations.

    1. Paul, that’s BS. The expert predictions for timing on vaccine availability was last spring. They were about 3-4 months early, which is a good thing, and of course it was not certain they would work.

      1. Just the facts…..not.

  40. What a crock this article is, and the proof is the ignorant comments from dumb asses claiming to be smarter than everybody else, and especially than the “conspirators” they imagine haunt their dreary goblin drivel world. Meanwhile, many of their fellow paranoids are dying in ICUs, leaving behind families who were reassured nothing would happen. They’re still selling the same stupid s..t and this author wants to blame somebody else? The CDC because they stumbled dealing with an international pandemic of a scope unknown to anyone alive today? Yeah, those SOB weren’t perfect and so it’s our fault we jumped to the conclusion they were out to get us – makes perfect sense! Hey, your shock-jock radio announcer expired in the ICU after saying it was all a hoax? Hey, nothing to see there.

    You have to be an unvarnished idiot at this point – hey, hope I’m not offending anyone here! – to look at the tally sheet and see virtually zero deaths from Covid vaccines out of hundreds of millions of recipients and then look at the ICUs in your home town and and see the dead hauled out, the rest on ventilators, and now 700k dead across the country to not know the score. No sympathy for anyone at this point but your spouse, kids, and parents. You let them down and maybe misled them big time. Change your ways and it’s hopefully not too late. That’s the adult option you have left.

    1. Fuck off and die, steaming pile of lefty shit.

      1. No Sevo, that’s what you and your buddies do in the ICU.

        1. Fuck off and die, steaming pile of lefty shit.

          1. No Sevo, that’s what you and your buddies do in the ICU.

            1. Fuck off and die, steaming pile of lefty shit.

    2. IN 1969, the Hong Kong Flu killed greater than 0.05% of the American population. COVID did less than 0.09% seasonally or annually and that’s going by the inflated deaths with COVID numbers. Our population is orders of magnitude more aged, obese, sickly and sedentary now as opposed to then (thanks big healthcare and big pharma et al!). Also, they had 10 million vaccine doses manufactured within 4 months of that pandemic.

      So, all in all, these viruses were about equal, with COVID being more deadly due to extrinsic factors.

      And yet . . . back then, there was no widespread pants-shitting hysteria. No endless hair-on-fire media coverage. No draconian decrees, no nonsensical “lockdowns” that did nothing but damage.

      So, what did they do back then? Well, the BABY BOOMERS went and held the largest music festival ever, known as Woodstock. And many more. So they did a lot of drugs and partying and large social gatherings. There was also a lot of advice to wash your hands and such, and straight forward media coverage of the pandemic.

      Holding the biggest music festival in history in the middle of a pandemic may have been taking things a bit far on the part of the young Baby Boomers of yesteryear. But overall, I’d agree more with the opinion and approach of society back then with regard to a pandemic. Today we have the same situation, but with a very different approach. Today we have very stupid people and mass insanity.

      1. There was no Dr. Fauci in 1969. That can’t be understated.

        1. Diane, so what? By all measures except idiots who think they’re smarter than everyone else and that the effort to curb the pandemic is a dark conspiracy, the vaccine program has be a huge success. The only problem is yahoos not taking it.

      2. Thanks ML, but the US estimated 34 to 50k US deaths from the HK flu, and again, primarily affecting the elderly.

        I think we should thank science for the increased longevity of Americans since then, and I don’t get where you decide those lives, as well as those younger but in not good shape, are somehow expendable. I don’t agrre.

        1. The 1968 pandemic was caused by an influenza A (H3N2) virus comprised of two genes from an avian influenza A virus, including a new H3 hemagglutinin, but also contained the N2 neuraminidase from the 1957 H2N2 virus.

          It was first noted in the United States in September 1968. The estimated number of deaths was 1 million worldwide and about 100,000 in the United States. Most excess deaths were in people 65 years and older. The H3N2 virus continues to circulate worldwide as a seasonal influenza A virus. Seasonal H3N2 viruses, which are associated with severe illness in older people, undergo regular antigenic drift.


          1. My bad – 34k to 100k: The United States health authorities estimated that about 34,000[32][33] to 100,000[31] people died in the U.S; most excess deaths were in those aged 65 and older.[34]

            1. My source is the CDC, your source is wikipedia.

              1. Diane, since they agree on the high side, so what? By the way, The CDC is one of the 3 sources in the Wikipedia article footnotes, and I thought they were in the Deep State?

                1. 100k is the number Joe.

                  By the way Joe, are you a boomer?

                  1. Just a dumbass.

                  2. Not according to USDHS ML. They say 33,800. You know we are talking about a pandemic with 700% of the deaths of your high number or 18 times the USDHS number.

          2. You don’t expect a lying piece of shit like Joe to be influenced by data, do you?

        2. “I don’t get where you decide those lives . . . are somehow expendable”

          I don’t get where you decide that 30,000 to 40,000 lives per year are expendable just so you can fly around at 70mph in a big hunk of metal. Don’t we need to outlaw cars already?!

          1. ML, I guess I missed the part where I can take Covid viruses our for a spin. Or is there some other upside to it them are describing?

            1. There are rather significant upsides to not being hindered from going about your life as normal. I’d go so far as to say that those upsides are even more crucial to our lives than being able to drive around in cars.

              1. Yeah Zeb, I’ll never get those 2 20 minute trips to get my vaccine back! And to think I could have spent them in the ICU where they probably have food and hot coffee!!

        3. Everyone’s life is expendable and will be expended some day.

          1. Well Zeb – or is it Dr Death? – that ends that conversation.

      3. The weed we smoked at Woodstock saved us from the plague, of course.

      4. The math on Covid deaths is 700,000 divided by 330 million which gives a 0.0021 or 0.21% death rate, not 0.09%.

        1. We’re into the third season now.

        2. The data collection for actual COVID deaths is fouled up beyond any chance of ever being corrected. I think that 700,000 is the excess deaths for 2020, over the usual rate. Part of it is due to the lockdown, not COVID.

    3. Do you support masking every year for the flu? You probably didn’t. There were about 100k deaths from the flu in 2018, and that’s without all the overcounting.

      So you support mandatory flu shots every year? Probably not.

      Hmm, its almost like your opinion is made up by how much scare mongering you consume from the media.

      Do you know how many old and sick people die every year? Do you know who is dying of covid? Do you honestly think that people dying in nursing homes is a tragedy of epic proportions necessitating government intervention in kids?

      My question is, well, where the fuck were you your entire life not pushing for those measures? You’ve lost all concept of context and proportion and reality.

    4. Fuck off, slaver.

  41. I’m vaccinated and still do not trust the FDA, CDC or the NIH. The FDA, CDC and the NIH are sorry excuses and fully deserve being disbanded and repudiated by us.

  42. I never buy a new car in the first (or even first few) years the model exists, no matter how much I think I really want one. Too many bugs, not enough testing , too few knowledgeable service places, etc.

    Seems wise to use the same philosophy on new drugs, especially new vaccines developed scant months after the existence of the virus came to light. It;s hard to name one drug developed in the last 20 years that doesn’t have billion-dollar settlements for adverse side effects. If it wasn’t for the vaccine trust fund, I guarantee there’d be same for COVID vax.

    Measles vax, MMR vax, polio vax, all developed over years and have decades of efficacy and few side effects. Swine flu, H1N1 vaxes developed virtually overnight had massive side effects. Same as that first model-year car…

    1. mpercy, the problem is there are 700k dead now in the US for whom waiting didn’t work as an option.

      1. PS With hundreds of millions vaccines given and virtually no deaths – those problems discovered they can deal with – the odds for safe vaccination increase exponentially.

        1. And 0 data on long term side effects cause development of vaccines barely even started 12 months ago. There is also video evidence thanks to Project Veritas of underreporting of vaccine side effects. In addition there is potential for heart problems with vaccines severe enough that military flight surgeons are grounding vaccinated pilots.
          Stop making this a black and white issue. The vaccines have already proven themselves to have a non negligible (even if not proven to be huge) risk of serious side effects. Their efficacy isn’t that good. Neither is their ability to remove vaccinated individuals from the pool of transmission vectors. And their immunity durability has been proven to be awful.
          COVID has been around now for close to 2 years. We know definitively that is a completely negligible risk for the under 30 crowd and is still pretty insignificant a risk until you are in your 50s or 60s.
          Quit overstating the vaccine’s benefits. Quit overstating COVID’s dangers. And quit understating the vaccine’s risks.

          1. Project Veritas we’re the ones who pressured Richard Hopkins to sign an affidavit they had authored for him, claiming he witnessed postal election fraud, which he later recanted.

        2. CDC: More than 390 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through September 27, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 8,164 reports of death (0.0021%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS, even if it’s unclear whether the vaccine was the cause.

          That last part seems fair, since throughout this episode any death in which COVID was present was counted as a COVID death. Even murder-suicide by gun and motorcycle accidents (where the dead people were tested posthumously and reportedly got a positive hit).

          1. mpercy, the number of deaths you are looking at are reported deaths of those who had been vaccinated, not those caused by vaccination. Given the weighting of that group toward the elderly, not a huge number, but also having nothing to do with the vaccine. IN fact, those deaths are roughly in line with and a little lower than expected deaths in the given demographic.

            1. So…basically the same as how COVID deaths are counted?

            2. The above are the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) numbers, not the numbers of breakthrough deaths. Those are different and counted separately, but it certainly could be that there is some overlap. VAERS reporting is *supposed* to be *because* of the vaccine, where breakthrough deaths are *despite* the vaccine.


              Hospitalized or fatal COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases reported to CDC as of September 27, 2021

              As of September 27, 2021, more than 183 million people in the United States had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

              During the same time, CDC received reports from 50 U.S. states and territories of 22,115 patients with COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infection who were hospitalized or died.

              Deaths Hospitalized, non-fatal*
              Total N=5,226 N=16,889

      2. Of which the average age is over 73 years old and has 2.5 serious comorbidities.
        Yes, if you are well into retirement age and/or are in poor health, you have to make a decision on where to roll the dice whether the vaccines are safe enough or whether you will get seriously ill and/or die if you catch COVID. For most of the population COVID is such a low risk taking a hastily developed experimental medical treatment for the small chance you might get seriously ill if you catch COVID seems pretty foolish from a risk mitigation point of view.
        Wise or foolish, shouldn’t whatever someone chooses be their own choice?

        1. Sierra, the odds of catching Covid at your age and the consequences if unvaccinated, are lower than for bad side effects from a vaccine. You will also be less likely to transmit the virus, if you care.

          1. You don’t know that.

          2. Considering mounting evidence that vaccine side effects are more serious and common than being reported, I have my doubts. And again, keep in mind unlike COVID itself, vaccine side effects are not heavily skewed towards older folks.
            Actually, I’m less likely to transmit the virus by catching it, being sick for a few days with a very minimal chance of dying or getting very ill and then having immunity far better than you can get with any of the vaccines.
            In fact, I’m not 100% sure but I think I already caught it earlier this year anyway. I had about a day and a half where I was very weak. Followed by about a week of having to suck down Ricola like crazy to control my cough and a diminished appetite and food tasted strange. It wasn’t fun, but I’ve actually been sick quite a bit worse in the past by other pathogens. Considering the antibody tests are not very reliable, especially if you don’t get tested immediately, I never bothered getting tested.

      3. In 2017/18, upward of 90K American died of the flu. No one said a word about masks, forced flu vaccines, or lockdowns. That was for the flu, a virus for which we had vaccines and flu-specific drugs like Tamiflu, and a population with strong herd immunity from the endemic nature of the flu.

        COVID–a novel virus–quickly killed a swath of people for whom exposure to COVID was always going to be fatal, and that group is still the predominant group who are dying as they are finally exposed to the virus. COVID is indeed more dangerous than the flu, especially among the 85+ age group with comorbidities (esp. obesity). But among most other age groups, COVID is barely more dangerous than the flu. Knowing the demographics of COVID victims, there are a lot more useful ways to go about protecting the at-risk people than lockdowns, mask mandates, and forced vaccinations with drugs rushed to the market.

        1. True. More than that, Americans need to man up and accept that old people and sick people die. It’s what they do. It’s what they’ve always done and will always do. And that’s been happening before COVID and will happen after COVID. It’s sad, but it’s a fact of life.
          Destroying the freedom and the economy of the first world however is something completely unprecedented. And we are already experiencing the awful side effects of it from crime to inflation to suicides to alcoholism and drug abuse.

          1. Sierra, yes and old people used to die a lot earlier, even in that mythical “free country” you imagine, though not as early as say in the 19th century. Part of that was because your parents and grandparents were forced to get vaccinated before entering school, and probably, so were you.

            1. Or that we have better cancer drugs now, quadruple bypass procedures, heart pills, much lower rates of death during childbirth, etc… And fatal workplace accidents are far less likely today, as are deaths by natural disasters, etc… Vaccinations are a small part of increasing lifespans.
              And you can thank the lockdowns, high inflation and economic turmoil of COVID martial law for lowering expected lifespans significantly over the past year and a half. Because there is absolutely nothing more deadly than poverty, and COVID martial law created a ton of it. And if you think I’m exaggerating about the dangers of poverty, check this out:
              FYI, I calculated how much lower the average American’s lifespan has been reduced by all COVID deaths so far using the population size, social security actuarial tables, etc…. To the average American as of early September it was about 10.5 days. Now it’s probably 11 if I update the numbers. I’m happy to send you the spreadsheet with calculations if you want.

      4. Yeah these 700k were healthy as horses, young people with many years to live. Except by and large they were not. Thankfully. Your hysterics distort reality and you’re being played like a fiddle by media and politicians’ fear mongering. It’s working out nicely for those groups though, money and power and nice, especially when it’s so easy to take from people like you.

        1. bobbyj, you might be lucky enough to be 75 some day, and the odds are, that through science and medicine you won’t be spending your days drooling into a bowl of oatmeal. If true, I doubt you’ll think your life is not worth living, though it’s true that no one will want to receieve any dick picks from you anymore. I hear they are all the rage with the chippies.

      5. In our population there exists a subset of people for whom infection by COVID is a death sentence.

        I’ll call them Group A. Once exposed, there is no amount of medical assistance that is going to save them.

        Short of magically knowing who those people are before they are exposed and placing them in sterile bubbles for the rest of their lives, there is likely nothing that we can do to prevent their deaths. The virus is out there, does not get tired, and is not going away, so these people will be exposed eventually (short of the sterile bubble option), and therefore will die.

        There exists another subset of people for whom infection with COVID is going to cause severe illness–flirting with death–but with the miracles of modern medicine, ICU care and ventilators, they will eventually recover. But without access to that extreme level of care, there’s a likelihood that they die. Call this Group B.

        There are other, much larger, groups: those for whom COVID infection results in virtually no detectable symptoms (may be upward of 50% of infections) [Group E]; those for whom COVID infection causes mild flu-like symptoms that they recover from without medical intervention (may be upward of 40% of infections) [Group D]; those for whom COVID infection results in severe illness, perhaps requiring hospitalization but not extraordinary care (no ICU, no ventilators) [Group C].

        Let’s ignore these, because except for people in Group C, they resolve on their own and those people are presumably immune going forward (I know, this is an open question, but the money seems to be on a chicken-pox-like immunity, you *might* be able to catch it again but that would be rare).

        So let’s focus on the very small minority of people in Groups A and B. Because we really–by definition–cannot separate Group A from Group B until after extraordinary care fails to save them (must have been Group A) or they recover (must have been Group B), we tried to slow down the rate of infection so that we did not overwhelm the hospitals all at once with all the Group A and B people at the same time. Because if we ran out of ventilators, the next person that needed one might be from Group B and might die as a result of not having the ventilator.

        In other words, “flattening the curve” was, by definition, NOT trying to save every life–we know those in Group A are dead anyway–but to hopefully ensure there were enough resources available to save as many Group B people as possible. Maybe a little bit of trying to keep from flooding the hospitals with Group C folks, again to save the Group B people by not overwhelming resources.

        Sadly, the folks in Group A will die from COVID sooner or later, because the virus is in the wild and those folks in Group A will eventually be exposed and they will die from it. Period.

        The only way we reduce the size of Group A is when they die from something else before they are exposed to COVID.

        1. Thanks mpercy, but fortunately it’s not up to you.

          1. Please understand, I am not saying we stop trying to treat people, nor is it that I don’t care about the people in Group A. Because we cannot–again, by definition–know if a very sick COVID patient is in Group A or B until they either die or recover, we MUST treat them all as if they are going to recover and make the best effort we can that is also in accordance with their wishes (i.e., we must honor DNR and similar requests).

            I am saying that, while the loss of life is tragic, it really is not more tragic to me than the 8000 people who died yesterday of causes NOT named COVID.

            That is, if my friends or family die for any reason, it’s a personal tragedy and COVID or car wreck I will be affected the same emotionally. OTOH, a stranger dying of COVID 2500 miles away from me is not any more tragic or impactful on me than the same stranger dying of lung cancer or falling off a ladder or drowning or the flu, which is also a contagious disease that kills thousands and sometimes tens of thousands (perhaps 90k in 2017/18) of Americans every winter, which is by the current numbers only slightly less deadly than COVID for people under age 65 or so (albeit COVID is maybe 10x for over 65).

            COVID is not airborne Ebola, but we’ve been conditioned to treat it that way (Ebola has about a 65% fatality rate). I’m sure the people who are arguing for continued lockdown are earnest, but I wonder where their concerns were when 60k people were dying from the flu in 2017-18? COVID-19 is clearly, at this point, at least somewhat more transmissible and lethal than influenza, we know that 10k, 25k, maybe 50k people die every year of the flu, even though we have herd immunity, vaccines, and are almost never overwhelmed by victims such that people die who might have been saved but for the lack of equipment or personnel.

            If all *this* is deemed good for COVID-19, in a “no death is acceptable” world, why are we not shutdown permanently to save those 10-50K people EVERY YEAR from the flu?

        2. The people in Group A and to some extent in Group B are almost entirely effectively dead men walking (or rather, largely rolling around in rascals or wheel chairs). Without COVID they will likely be dead within they year from more common causes than COVID. It’s sad when they die, but taking any precautions that seriously hinder the rest of society is lunacy. Over 55% of all COVID deaths in the US are over the age of 75. 29% are over 85. 78% over 65. These are not fully mobile, people in their prime with many good years left to live. I wish there were available stats on the preexisting conditions of COVID victims by age group, because it would certainly show that COVID victims in early retirement age and especially even younger had below average health for their age group prior to catching COVID.
          I’m not saying take grandma out back and shoot her behind the barn. But since there seems to be some communist trend to address COVID at a societal instead of individual level, the death of an 80 year old isn’t an untimely tragedy for society. It’s just a sad fact of life.The poverty stricken, dystopian reality we are creating for 100s of millions of Americans who have many good decades of life left by bending over backwards to protect those who largely already have one foot on the banana peel is absolutely a tragedy.

      6. 700k would be dead no matter what.

    2. Agreed. Early adoption on cars can lead to serious buyer’s remorse or dealing with recalls. On medical procedures and products (especially hastily developed ones such as the vaccine), it’s pretty foolish. To mandate taking an experimental vaccine or compel people to take it under fear of becoming a 2nd class citizen is tyranny and a violation of the Nuremberg code.
      And all this over a virus that isn’t a significant threat to 99% of the population below retirement age.

  43. Duke University, the highest vaccination rates in the solar system.

    As of Aug. 30, Duke reported 98% of students and 92% of employees are fully vaccinated.

    Unvaccinated students have to participate in surveillance testing two times per week, and vaccinated students have to get tested at least once per week.

    Duke tested more than 15,000 individuals in the past week and reported 364 cases, with a positivity rate of 1.59%, according to its COVID-19 testing tracker dashboard. The university reported 610 total cases this month, mostly among students.

    University leaders have said the rise in cases among those who are vaccinated is in line with the rapid surge of COVID-19 cases locally and nationally as a result of the delta variant.

    More than 600 people signed an online petition Monday calling on Duke administrators to “reverse this unreasonable and illogical policy.”

    “This recent guidance goes against the CDC’s current recommendations for vaccinated individuals and demonstrates an utter lack of trust in the developed vaccines,” the petition says.

    It also criticizes the university for being “dismissive of the severe physical and mental effects of their continued restrictions” on the student body.

    1. How many times did you sign the on-line petition Diane?

      1. If I were a Duke student, I’d have signed it aggressively.

        1. You’d be on the men’s lacrosse team too.

    2. Fuck Duke. The most over-rated university in the country.

  44. I don’t understand why people are shocked there is vaccine hesitancy. Go look around a grocery store. You have to work to pay less for non-organic food. People buying organic food have bought into the idea that also those chemicals are bad for us. The logical conclusion if that is believed is that means the FDA lied to us about things they said were safe for us.
    We have reached the point where I saw popcorn advertised as plant-based and NO GMO and yet somehow people are shocked when not everyone lined up to get a shot of a rushed drug that mentions RNA in it.

    1. Just accept the science! No if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment with my chiropractor.

      1. I am both vaccinated and have an appointment with my chiropractor because I understand the advantages, the possibility of side effects, and the limitations of both.

        But thanks for getting my point.

    2. Ve-Ra:

      “SAN FRANCISCO — Genetically engineered crops are safe for humans and animals to eat and have not caused increases in cancer, obesity, gastrointestinal illnesses, kidney disease, autism or allergies, an exhaustive report from the National Academies of Science released Tuesday found.

      Work on the 388-page report began two years ago and was conducted by a committee of more than 50 scientists, researchers and agricultural and industry experts convened by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. It reviewed more than 900 studies and data covering the 20 years since genetically modified crops were first introduced.

      Overall, genetically engineered (GE) crops saved farmers in the United States money but didn’t appear to increase crop yields. They have lowered pest populations in some areas, especially in the Midwest but increased the number of herbicide-resistant weeds in others. There’s also no evidence that GE crops have affected the population of monarch butterflies, the report said…”

      1. So you’re in 100% agreement with Ve Ra.

      2. This is why I actively work to payless for non-organic or make it however the hell you want food. I eat Oreos.

        I am commenting more on the fact that despite this massive push over the last decade to fight GMOs and have everything Organic society is somehow shocked that people have bought the belief that putting chemicals in you is bad.

        1. All food is made of chemicals.

          1. I understand that. I also get that all bananas are genetically modified. I also get the stupidity of advertising popcorn as plant-based like that makes it different from other popcorn.

    3. Great point.

      Whole Foods is a $16 billion/year company in a much larger industry. And all of it premised squarely the notion that the FDA if full of shit when it says, Yeah this product is fine.

      Jus think. For food, the FDA’s determination has to do with a chemical that has been around for a long time and is applied in the field, with virtually undetectable, trace amounts actually remaining on your food by the time you eat it. Not something being injected directly into your bloodstream.

  45. DIane, I’m in 100% agreement with the National Academies of Science, though they din’t ask me my opinion.

    1. It appears you misunderstood the point of Ve Ra’s comment.

      People who screech “trust the scientism” are not to be trusted or likely to know what they’re talking about, because more often than not, the person screeching it “only eats organic” and is rushing off to their Acupuncture appointment.

      Not trusting a hastily made vaccine when… according to The Science, 1/3d of all FDA approved medicines turn out to be dangerous is not an irrational position. It may be unfounded, but it’s not irrational.

      1. Yeah, Diane, good thing that’s irrelevant to these vaccines, huh?

        1. It is relevant. Many medications have been found to be ineffective or dangerous years after they were first released and removed from the market.

          1. Put another way Joe, Zeb is telling you that you are one of those people “not to be trusted or likely to know what they’re talking about.”

          2. Name some of these, “Many medications have been found to be ineffective or dangerous years after they were first released and removed”.

            1. Thalidomide, for one.

              Watch late-night TV for a day or so and you will see approximately 10 million ads for medical lawsuits, most for class-action against recalled drugs.

              Bextra, Accutane, Darvon, Posicor, Quaalude, Redux (part of fen-phen), Seldane, Vioxx.

              Seriously, 10 seconds with google can produce multiple such lists. Those are just the drugs actually recalled, versus drugs that are litigated.

              1. Accutane was on the market for 27 years before being recalled. Vioxx for 5. Darvon was sold for 55 years.

              2. Quaaludes!! That takes me back. Wish we had those now.

          3. Indeed Zeb, and thank god the feds stepped in and stopped “medical research” from continuing. I know I prefer my aflatoxins naturally.

  46. Public Health Officials Blew Up Their Credibility, and We’re Paying the Price
    Vaccine hesitancy can, in part, be laid at the feet of experts who betrayed the public’s trust.

    Tuccille: If only our intellectual superiors could properly indoctrinate and propagandize the American people, we would all be better off! Spoken like a true progressive.

    The fact is, millions of Americans simply distrust the people who tell them that the vaccines are safe and effective for reducing the dangers of the disease

    Or, alternatively, millions of Americans are simply making rational decisions for themselves based on the available data. For example, people decide that if they are healthy and under 50, they don’t need the vaccine. If they have had COVID-19, they don’t need the vaccine. Etc.

    And “officials” didn’t just blow up their credibility in the past, they keep lying to Americans, for example by insisting on vaccinating people who have natural immunity, by insisting that 70%/98%/whatever will give us herd immunity, by insisting that young kids be vaccinated. We know that American officials are full of it because even regimes abroad don’t impose such stupid policies.

  47. While I don’t agree with the spin placed at the end and the authors use of the term antivaxxer- but there is enough good information in this to share it! The survey of healthcare professionals and their declining trust levels is golden. Thanks Reason, for publishing something usable. Repeating a previous request emailed to Reason- redo your 2014 article, but get Ronald Bailey to respond to and refute the data presented by Sandy Reider questioning vaccines. If the evidence presented can’t be refuted, maybe you should reconsider your stance on those who selectively choose what to put in their bodies and when.

  48. Great points. A disclaimer: I am fully vaccinated and I am not in a high risk group. So my opinion is not from a biased political point of view. So we already have a problem. I needed to type that.

    The political health “professionals” have been wrong from the start, have done way too much lying and have done a pathetic job of selling the vaccine. There has been a vacuum of leadership from the very beginning. The Faucci character has changed his story so many time we have all lost count. No mask-mask-double mask was a lie. Flatten the curve was a lie. The list goes on. Trump didn’t do well and Biden has done worse. Governors and other rule makers have gone maskless yet mandated masks on their subjects. Large events are OK, if you are a celebrity, ex-President of lawmaker, but to everyone else you need to stay home. This is mass authoritarian rule and almost all of it is coming from the left. This does not mean that conservatives are blameless but on this one the mainstream democrats are embracing totalitarianism and the progressives are just outright fascists. Getting most vaccinated is important but we aren’t going to do it without encouragement. No better place to see this but California where the governor jus mandates the vaccine for students while the teachers don’t have the same requirement. Yeah, that might change but it doesn’t change the fact that the halfwit dictator governor waived his anti-science wand and is forcing a group with an extremely low risk rate to get a shot.

  49. Yeah the link is through an antivaxx organization, but the footage of the Senator in action is real- YouTube censored it of course. Hell Reason, just follow Rand Paul a bit closer. The information is OUT THERE I am not making it up. Damn antivaxxers wanting you to look at the science all the time instead of defending the fact that mandates have been around for a long time! Yep, tyranny has been the norm for most of human existence- that doesn’t justify it.

    1. You’d think Reason would be featuring Rand Paul every day. But, alas, Reason is no longer libertarian or even thoughtful. Thanks KMW.

      1. Why are you here then?

        1. For the occasional good article and the always entertaining and informative comments.

  50. I’d appreciate if the editors here would make an effort to distinguish between “antivaxxers” and “anti vax mandates”.

    Personally, I’m vaccinated, and while I had reservations about getting vaccinated, I’ not anti-vaccines or even anti-COVID vaccine. But I am against the vaccine mandates being handed down. That’s an important distinction that should not be glossed over.

    A similar case should be made for “anti-mask” and “anti mask mandate”, although the case for masking is a lot weaker (practically non-existent) relative to benefits of vaccine (weak sauce that it is, it seems to provide measurable benefits esp.vis-a-vis severity of a COVID infection).

    1. if people cannot be bothered to make a distinction between “illegal immigration” and legal immigration, how in the world do you expect them to handle that level of nuance?

    2. Indeed mpercy, the weakness of the vaccines is seen in the explosion of ICU cases in the highly vaccinated blue states and the prevalence of vaccinated patients in those beds.


  51. COVID panic-porn having an effect…

    41% of Democrats said a person who contracts Covid has a 50% chance of winding up in the hospital, while another 12% think the risk is 20% or higher.

    The actual number? Less than 1%.

    “Using these adjusted figures, we calculate that the hospitalization rate for the vaccinated population is 0.01% (or 1 in 10,914), and the rate for unvaccinated adults is 0.89% (or 1 case in 112 people).”


    For both vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, very few adults reported a correct answer, which is less than one percent. See the discussion in the appendix for details about the correct hospitalization rates and efficacy estimates. Only 8% of U.S. adults gave correct answers for the unvaccinated population and 38% for the vaccinated population.

    Partisanship was a strong predictor of accuracy, but party accuracy varied by whether the respondent was assessing the risk of the vaccinated or unvaccinated populations.

    For unvaccinated hospitalization risk, 2% of Democrats responded correctly, compared with 16% of Republicans. In fact, 41% of Democrats replied that at least 50% of unvaccinated people have been hospitalized due to COVID-19.

    By contrast, Democrats were more likely to estimate hospitalization risk for the vaccinated population correctly: 42% of Democrats compared with 33% of Republicans correctly reported that less than one percent of vaccinated people have been hospitalized. Very few respondents thought the risks exceed 50% (only 2% of Democrats and 7% of Republicans).

    Democrats are more likely to overstate hospitalization risks for unvaccinated people, which may fuel efforts, often led by Democratic Party leaders, to enforce both mask and vaccine mandates.

    1. Well I am proudly in that less than one percent, and I get bonus points for being in TWO of the designated “high risk” categories: 75 years old, and have had asthma since about nine. I got it, and it wasn’e even as bad as the worst of the viral seasonal flu bugs I used to catch back when I was stupid enough to eat like most Yanks do. I was extremely tired for two days, and pretty weary but fully funciotnal for another four. Total time symptomatic was about 15 days. Doctor verified typical symptoms, took test which waspositive 9not a PCR test, I refused that as junk). Interesing. she gave NO advice or scrip to help me kick it. I just did what I always do and recovered quickly. Not a big deal, thuogh my fresh memory of aching all over isn’t fun. I have lifetime immunity agasint ALL strains or variants ot of covid.

      and no, they can KEEP their shots. I’ll not be needing them

      1. ” Interesing. she gave NO advice or scrip to help me kick it. ”

        Well, it’s a virus, so there’s not a ton of drugs that are effective anti-virals and so far no COVID-specific anti-viral. If you didn’t have symptoms requiring drugs, the common sense and general advice used for the flu for decades of aspirin and rest, stay hydrated, monitor symptoms, go to doctor if fever gets too high or other complications arise…but so long as your symptoms are relatively mild, medical intervention is not needed.

        1. Merck has a Covid specific antiviral completing clinical trials right now. They have released preliminary results which are very good.

          What you are suggesting is already what happens. The recommendation is to get one of those pulse oxygen things and only go to the hospital if it drops below a certain level. Walmart sells them for $15.

          And of course chicken soup is good for you when you are sick.

          You can also get one of those home Covid tests. They are not as accurate as PCR but good enough to give you an idea.

        2. Also the Merck drug is a pill so you could get an Rx and take it at home.

    2. mpercy, 95% of Reason readers think that Covid vaccines kill 1/2 of those who receive them and sterilize the other half.

  52. There are tens of thousands of government officials, so yes, one can find dozens, maybe even hundreds of instances of hypocricy. Survey 10,000 parents and how many instances of “do what say, not what I do”. None of this negates the science or the fact that mask mandates, closures and vaccines save lives. The author must believe that because his father got a speeding ticket, it is fine for him to drive recklessly. I hope not, but given his arguments here, I don’t feel safe on the road with him and certainly not safe in any confined spaces. The countries that took this pandemic seriously have death rates as low as 1/70th of ours. If we took it seriously we could have save hundreds of thousands of lives and trillions of tax payer dollars.

    1. Saving lives cannot be the only justification. If saving lives was the rule, we would have been masking for decades, locked down forever, and forcing people to get flu vaccines. Every year 10k, 20k, upwards of 90k in a bad year, die from the flu.

      If saving lives was the rule, we would ban automobiles, swimming pools, and chicken nuggets. If saving lives was the rule, and saving healthcare dollars was important, we’d have mandatory BMI checks every 3 months and fine people with BMI over 30 (would help save people from COVID).

      Instead, society has always accepted that there are risks. That people die. Heck, normally 8,000 Americans die every day even before COVID.

      COVID is going to become endemic, like the flu, and some number of people will die from COVID every year going forward, like the flu. The question is will we continue to pretend that COVID deaths are somehow more tragic than the thousands, tens-of-thousands of flu deaths every year? Somehow requires all these tyrannical measures that the flu never has?

      1. It is estimated to be 4-6x worse than current flu strains in serious outcomes or deaths. We have had around 700,000 deaths here from Covid. Flu data are estimated as not all cases are reported.

        “Preliminary CDC estimates for the 2019-2020 influenza season indicate that, as of April 4, 2020, between 24,000 and 62,000 lost their lives “

        So we have a flu vaccine. It is required in certain occupations. It is not as effective as the Covid vaccine. Somewhere around 50-60% in a given year. Yet there is not all this fuss about it.

        The flu vaccine changes every year as it is modified depending on which strains they think will be around this flu season.

    2. “…The author must believe that because his father got a speeding ticket, it is fine for him to drive recklessly…”

      Lefty shits drag all sorts of strawmen around, lefty shit.

  53. “… it’s frustrating to see vaccination rates creep up only slowly against a head-wind of widespread resistance.”

    If it’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated, and you are vaccinated, why do you care?

    1. Because he wants to control you. For your own good of course!

    2. Two reasons, which have been explained many times:
      – Unvaccinated people are taking up valuable hospital ICU beds.
      – The larger the pool of potential COVID hosts,
      the greater the odds of a new variant arising by mutation within one of those hosts.

      1. Regarding hospital beds. Remember two weeks to lockdown to “flatten the curve” and build up medical facility capacity? It’s been a year and a half of COVID induced martial law. If that was a real problem it could have been solved a while ago. Hospital capacity is a problem because the dangers of COVID have been so oversold that huge parts of the population who will buy any crap they hear on CNN go to the hospital for minor symptoms if they even suspect it’s COVID as opposed to just staying at home for a few days in bed which is sufficient in 95%+ of COVID cases.
        You’ve got that backwards, vaccines cause mutations as it forces pathogens to evolve into vaccine resistant strains in order to survive. Look up the dangers of overperscribing antibiotics, it’s the same idea. And why the exact content of flu shots change from year to year as new strains of flu are forced to evolve.

        1. Not exactly. Viruses evolve either through recombination or random mutation. They need a host and replication to do that. If there are more of them around there are more chances that mutations will occur.

          Vaccines do not cause mutations. The most virulent strain we are now seeing evolved in India which had a very small number of vaccinated individuals. The mutation does not confer immunity. It allows the virus to bind more efficiently to host cells resulting in more infections thus an advantage to the virus.

          This variant has become dominant because it outcompetes others in host selection not because of external pressures.

          Thus far no strains have become resistant to the vaccines we have.

          What you are talking about is selective pressure. This can be due to different factors. Control measures can be one of them. So some bacterial strains have evolved with antibiotic resistance. The antibiotic did not cause the mutation but non resistant strains have been selected out. Nonetheless we still treat infections and humans adapt by inventing newer antibiotics to overcome the resistance.

          It is possible for evolution to go either way. It can cause more or less severe disease. There is an advantage to causing less severe disease as there will be more hosts around in which to replicate.

          There is no evolutionary advantage for humans to not vaccinate or treat contagions. Our ability to do so is a powerful advantage.

          The reason to vaccinate is because on an individual level it greatly reduces the chance of serious disease or death. Not because of evolution. A recent study in the UK demonstrated a 70% decrease in transmission rate by vaccinated individuals.

          1. Thank you for your sensible, factual comments. It’s like a breath of fresh air against all the baloney.

          2. Vaccines don’t cause mutations, but they select for mutations. When the unmutated virus cannot spread, it leaves more opportunity for mutated virus to spread (assuming the virus can readily mutate so an exposed immune system no longer recognizes it, like influenza and unlike smallpox and measles). Of course, widespread immunity due to surviving the virus generally has the same effect; for example, a new variety of influenza appeared every year before there were any flu vaccines, and this still happens with the vaccines, but with fewer people being hospitalized or dying from flu.

            But it’s possible that the MRNA COVID vaccines will be far less effective against mutant viruses than natural immunity from surviving the disease. Surviving a disease gives you some immunity to many of the viral proteins, and so did the traditional killed virus and attenuated virus vaccines. It takes several mutations for a virus to evade such immunity. The MRNA vaccine exposes the immune system to a single viral protein; it gives a very strong response to the spike protein, which is the most prominently displayed protein in the virus. The MRNA vaccine should work very well initially, but just one viral mutation in the right place and the vaccine becomes ineffective.

    3. A majority of covid hospitalizations are among the vaccinated. Add in the partially vaccinated and it’s nearly everyone. They are in a death cult. We must all drink the kool-aid.

      1. Simply not true.

        For example in Pennsylvania

        · 95 percent of reported hospitalizations with COVID-19 as the primary diagnosis/cause of admission were in unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated people. Among a total of 34,468 hospitalizations with COVID-19 as the primary diagnosis/cause of admission reported in Pennsylvania, 1,820 were reported to have occurred in fully vaccinated people. These figures account for data from 55 percent of all hospitals and 69 percent of acute care hospitals in Pennsylvania, representing approximately 80 percent of acute care beds in the state.

      2. “A majority of covid hospitalizations are among the vaccinated.”

        May I ask where you got this information? It is 180 degrees off from the facts.

    4. Sam, they get their cooties everywhere and keep our social life and the economy stifled.

  54. still sickening and killing people even though effective vaccines have been widely available
    Nice way to try and earn MY trust and confidence.. start out the piece with a blatant lie.

    ALL the injection manufacturers and the CDC all plainly state that this “vaccine” (it is not a vaccine) does NOT confer immunity upon those who receive it , nor does it prevent them from transmitting it to others should they get it. This does not fit with the “effecive” claim.

    Next, have you noticed the cutely little word game CDC are playing? they do NOT count anyone as “vaccinated” until TWOWEEKS after they recieve their injuecpn/booster shot. In other words, I gen take the poe tomorrow morning but not be counted as ‘vaccinated” for two more weeks. How convenient. Amnyone want to guess at the length of time it takes for 80% of the adverse reactions to take place? How convenient.. in the first week after getting the injection. This the UNACCEPTIBLE numbers o devere adverse reactions that htake place in that first week are NOT happening “amongst the vaccinated”.
    ANd they want us to RUST them?

    Nor do they say anyting about the risk, several multiples higher, for wew who have HAD the disease and BEATEN IT, thus have lifetime immunity (which none of the shots can confer.. hah, they don’t even claim they provide even short term immunity) agasint ALL present and future strains of the WooFlew.
    You wanna discuss TRUST? Let’s start with these items of discussion.

    WHY do you think so many medical proffessioinals are refusing the shots? Simple… they have the MEDICAL background and experience to understand what thiese injections are, and their possible/probable undesirad results. I had founr years of premed biology some decades back, and I still rememeber more than enough to KNOW why I will continue to refuse these evil injections. These guys are a few truckloads smarter and better informed than I am, yet I STILL will refuse it. Note, I am NOT “hesitant”. Nope. I am fully informed (which EVERYONE receiving this shot is, by law, supposed to be), but fewer than one percent know anything more than the name “covid” and that the hole goes in your upper arm muscle. No I am fully informed and thus competent to make MY decision which is NO. I will go into hiding, disappear, find counterfeit “papers please”, “

    1. And you can’t sue the vaccine companies still! They make you sign a waiver. But its totally cool to require a vaccine that the manufacturer won’t stand behind to live and work.

      Thats the parody

  55. Read what people like Senator Ron Johnson and Alex Berenson are saying. The vaccines have killed people who would have easily survived covid. They don’t stop spread, hospitalizations, or death. Whatever protection they offer runs in about 6 months.

  56. One of the reasons for lack of trust in the medical authorities is the rather silly (not to say moronic) mandates that require vaccinated people to wear masks. If we’re going to wear masks, which never did much good anyway unless the wearer was infected, why get vaccinated?

    Full disclosure: i got vaccinated as soon as I could. If you haven’t, you’re making a mistake.

    1. No one should trust or believe anything the government says and especially those who call themselves authorities.
      They are all corrupted to the core.
      Liars all.

  57. The vaxx is so safe , why people are lining up and demanding to be jabbed. Not
    People are dropping dead from it. People are being permanently injured from it. There is no proof the vaxx actually prevents one from the illness, in fact many new cases involve those who received the kill shot. Just ask the Israelis.
    So the vaxx is utterly worthless except to fatten the bank account of Pfizer and Fauci. Pig pharma doesn’t care how many people it injures or kills as long as their bottom line is unaffected.
    Another good thins is that it has created a second tier of citizenry: the vaxxed( soon to die) and the unvaxxed(soon to be shuffled off to the FEMA gulag).
    Civil war is coming to America.

    1. In Israel 40% of hospitalizations and a much higher number of deaths were in unvaccinated people who account for 10% of the adult population so do the math. There does seem to be some waning of protection in the two dose Pfizer schedule so they are now giving boosters in a large scale program.

      Nobody ever claimed that the vaccine gives 100% protection. So you are going to get some breakthrough cases.

      From a recent article in the Lancet:

      We estimated that Israel’s vaccination campaign averted 158 665 (95% CI 144 640–172 690) SARS-CoV-2 infections, 24 597 (18 942–30 252) hospitalisations, 17 432 (12 770–22 094) severe or critical hospitalisations, and 5532 (3085–7982) deaths. 16 213 (65·9%) of 24 597 hospitalisations and 5035 (91·0%) of 5532 of deaths averted were estimated to be among those aged 65 years and older. We estimated 116 000 (73·1%) SARS-CoV-2 infections, 19 467 (79·1%) COVID-19-related hospitalisations, and 4351 (79%) deaths averted were accounted for by the fully vaccinated population.

      Without the national vaccination campaign, Israel probably would have had triple the number of hospitalisations and deaths compared with what actually occurred during its largest wave of the pandemic to date, and the health-care system might have become overwhelmed. Indirect effects and long-term benefits of the programme, which could be substantial, were not included in these estimates and warrant future research.

      1. All of this suggests the if you are not high risk maybe skip the jab. You should have that choice.

  58. I actually had to produce my vaccination card this week for the first time. The company I work for has a contract in another state and I am listed as a provider there although I do not physically go there.

  59. “Yes, anti-vaxxers are making bad choices…”

    How so? Most of us have had the Chinese flu, why take an unproven shot with over 570,000 adverse responses in VAERS when we have natural immunity.

    Funny how the naturally immunized – the overwhelming majority – are never discussed or are ripped on… GFY.

  60. VAERS is a passive collection system. It says right on their web page that the raw data cannot be used to make any conclusions

    “When evaluating data from VAERS, it is important to note that for any reported event, no cause-and-effect relationship has been established. Reports of all possible associations between vaccines and adverse events (possible side effects) are filed in VAERS. Therefore, VAERS collects data on any adverse event following vaccination, be it coincidental or truly caused by a vaccine. The report of an adverse event to VAERS is not documentation that a vaccine caused the event.“

  61. Natural immunity to Covid works. Vaccines provide humoral (waning) immunity and adaptive T-cell and macrophage immunity that is long lasting. But THAT takes up to 30-48 hours to kick in.

    Those who are at greatest risk have a BMI greater than 30. Look it up. It’s all there on line.

    Vaccines were over-sold in an effort to get everyone to take them, including people with existing immunity.

    Other anti-virals should have been granted open arms, like HCQ,ZN, Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, colchicine, melatonin, Quercetin, Vit C, VITAMIN D, Mg, Luvox, etc.

    President Trump won the election. Our Country is now heading into one of the darkest times in its history. Leftist Democrats, who have no moral center is causing its collapse.There is a war against men and boys.

    I have no grandchildren. I pity yours if you have any. I am old and my time is short.

    I will not see it.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)
    Retired surgeon

    1. Of course natural immunity works. If it didn’t this would be a potential extinction event. It’s clear it is not because many third world countries are mostly unvaccinated.

      Also how in the world do the Amish survive?

      1. How do the Amish survive? Part of it is that they have mostly cut themselves off from the world, so they have much less exposure to infectious diseases. (OTOH, they have a rather high rate of the genetic defects that come from inbreeding.) They don’t smoke, don’t drink excessively, and get plenty of fresh air and exercise, so in many ways they’re healthier than most of us.

        Second, medical care is NOT against their religion. They pay directly rather than through an insurance plan (which takes part of the money for itself), with the community helping families with especially large bills. They are not wealthy, and I’d expect them to refuse especially expensive and high-tech treatments – but most of those are either desperation procedures with little chance of success, or a way for hospitals and doctors to milk a lot more money from old, dying people for only a few more months of life. But I’d expect them to get the 20% of medical care that does 80% of the good, such as well-proven vaccines against especially dangerous diseases, and antibiotics when they’re really needed.

        Finally, vaccines were only the second-biggest life saving advance of the 19th century. The biggest was hygiene: Keeping sewage out of the drinking water stopped cholera and many other diseases, frequently changing and washing clothes nearly ended body lice and the typhus they carry, controlling rats ended the Plague, etc. The Amish that I know keep themselves and their places as clean as you’d expect from Germanic religious nuts.

  62. Doctor Performs Blood and Immune System Test Before and After COVID Vaccination, The Alarming Results Motivate Him to Share This Video

    To summarize, this doctor did a detailed testing of a patient’s immune system before he was “vaccinated”, then after the first jab, then after the second. The patient had gotten his system in good shape with a lot of diet and exercise. After the first jab, his immune system crashed some, and after the second, crashed significantly, making him much more unlikely to be able to fight off viral infections, cancer, etc.

    Yes, this was one doctor and one patient, BUT it is suggestive. More research needs to be done, but I am not looking for the FDA, etc to do it.

  63. There is no evidence that the vaccines work. From May to June we were on the back end of another wave of infection and everybody credited it to the vaccines. Israel, the UK, the South was hit with another wave were the vaccinated just as likely to get sick as everyone else. Taking data from July to present it would appear the vaccine does not work in a society with high prevalence of the virus. If the vaccine doesn’t work when it needs to… it doesn’t work.

  64. Another article on effectiveness. They looked a Pfizer.

    vaccine effectiveness against infections of the delta variant was high during the first month after full vaccination (93% [95% CI 85–97]) but declined to 53% [39–65] after 4 months. Effectiveness against other (non-delta) variants the first month after full vaccination was also high at 97% (95% CI 95–99), but waned to 67% (45–80) at 4–5 months. Vaccine effectiveness against hospital admissions for infections with the delta variant for all ages was high overall (93% [95% CI 84–96]) up to 6 months.

    So the jury is in. Now we see what happens with the boosters over the next 6-12 months.

    1. Isn’t the lancet the publication that refers to women as “bodies with vaginas” now?

      1. Ha ha I think they were also the organization that had to pull back previous studies that were not exactly honest.

      2. How transphobic to say that “bodies with vaginas” means “women”!

  65. “It’s one thing to protest what day nail salons are opening, and it’s another to come out in peaceful protest, overwhelmingly, about somebody who was murdered right before our eyes,” New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy

    Yea these people are literally clowns. Also, the vaccine effectiveness is quietly being reported as no better than 60%. What happened to the 95%. I think Fauci (super clown) once proclaimed 100%.

    Maybe just let folks make their own decisions. That would seem libertarian

  66. If you’re vaccinated with the 95% + effective vaccine against a disease that you have a 99.5% of surviving why do you care who is unvaccinated? Do the math you are in lightening strike territory as far as dying from it.

    Why are you so concerned about my mask. If you must have double protection go ahead and wear two.

    Then we can all just get back to loving normal

    1. Did you read the quote from the lancet article I just posted? Let alone click on the link. It is a very impressive retrospective study.

      It is 95% percent effective at preventing infection but that drops to 53-67% after six months. It is still 93% effective in preventing hospitalization at six months.

      They are finding this out because we have only been vaccinating people for about six months.

      It is not quietly reported. We are just now finding this out. I picked it up from an article on Google news.

      It is not a disaster. You still are protected from the worst of it. Israel is giving boosters and early results look promising.

      You made those numbers up the case mortality rate in the US is 1.6% according Johns Hopkins.

      For severe Covid pneumonia you have less than 50% chance of surviving.

      It is now the third leading cause of death in the US.

      Mild cases suck. The more moderate to severe cases are a nightmare. Your body is on fire. Everything hurts. You can move your chest but you can’t get enough oxygen. Your lungs are filling up with gunk and fluid. You are drowning. You are placed on increasing levels of ventilatory support which can end in intubation if the other methods fail. At that point there is not much more they can do to help.

      I am not making this up.

      If you do survive you may have symptoms for months or permanent lung damage. My sister had a mild stay at home case and couldn’t get off the couch for two months.

      So yes. It is a big deal.

      Your objection is why should I care about my risk. I don’t. That is not my concern.

      You and everyone certainly have autonomy to decide.

      1. OK then just leave it up to the individual right? But that would not involve a mandate

        1. Well it is always up to the individual. Your choice your consequences.

          Had I refused to be vaccinated and been removed from the roster from a client it would be a breach of contract and it would be within their rights to fire me.

          Gospel? That is a facile way of waving away evidence. Just call it bullshit and that is your argument.

          I have never been in favor of government mandates. If anything they are counter productive.

      2. According to John Hopkins. Well then its Gospel

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  71. Here we have a “libertarian” journalist who is frustrated people aren’t eager for government intrusion and sweeping mandates. For a treatment with abbreviated testing and no long term data. For a disease that disproportionately kills the the old and unhealthy.

    Where is your skepticism, your distrust of government, your inquisitiveness into why just one solution was funded and pushed so heavily?

    No, this isn’t solely caused by bad actions. Public health officials only piled more dirt onto what was already a situation that warranted serious questioning.

    Speaking of serious questioning, you know that other journalists are actually out there digging for information, while you write derivative drivel like this? I guess kudos to you for sticking to this bold step into authoritarianism?

  72. First of all, quit lying and calling these mRNA poisons vaccines, they are not anything close to it. They are gene therapies which are going to scramble your immune system with the same spike proteins that are in CoV-2. And secondly, I am not hesitant because there was never any consideration to get any mRNA injection no matter what. Call me an anti-vaxxer all the way and not a “hesitant”…get your crap straight. The only price that is gonna be paid is by those who mistakenly got their mRNA nano-particle poisons who will now find their futures compromised by the extreme probability of an ADE event as well as other health disruptions. Live on all you non-injected, live well and prosper!

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