The Problem With the Met Gala Wasn't AOC's Dress, It Was Pandemic Hypocrisy

Everybody has to wear masks except the rich and famous, apparently.


On Monday, the annual Met Gala brought celebrities, athletes, and politicians to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for a fancy fundraiser. This year, much attention was paid to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.), who wore a dress with the message "tax the rich" written on it.

The irony of AOC demanding higher taxes on the rich while partying with them at a celebrity-filled extravaganza that costs $30,000 a ticket wasn't lost on anyone; the congresswoman addressed the criticism by noting that it was her responsibility as a New York City official to help keep "cultural institutions open to the public," and the fundraiser helps pay for the museum.

AOC's right that the discord between the message on her dress and her attendance at the event shouldn't be making people upset. That's because the real issue here isn't inconsistency on wealth inequality—it's rank hypocrisy on pandemic restrictions.

In photos from the event, neither AOC nor any of the other famous invitees—Megan Rapinoe, Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D–N.Y.), Dan Levy, and on and on—wear masks. (The same cannot be said of the staff members attending to the celebrities' needs.) Why do the rich and famous get a pass?

For what it's worth, the museum's policy couldn't be clearer: All visitors ages two years and older are required to wear masks at all times, regardless of vaccination status. They are also expected to maintain six feet of distance from other people at all times. AOC said she was working to keep the museum open to the public, but when the public visits the museum, they are obligated to follow irritating and (in the case of masks for the vaccinated) largely pointless procedures. Yet the city's elite are exempted from such requirements.

In fact, the law treats non-celebrities like second-class citizens. Hypocrisy is written into New York City's official COVID-19 policies. The city's mandate requires vaccination in a wide variety of circumstances: restaurant customers, gym employees, and museum visitors can all be asked to show their vaccination cards. Visiting celebrities, though, are exempt. The law specifically excludes out-of-town athletes, performance artists, and their entourages. (Last year's quarantine orders similarly exempted the same groups of people.)

New Yorkers who object to the vaccine for their own reasons, or have robust immunity following a prior infection, are still obligated to obey the mandate. Nationally, the federal government has grown increasingly willing to push vaccination and masks. Most students sitting inside a classroom at present are probably forced to wear a mask, whether they have been vaccinated or not. But when the elites get together for a party, the rules appear to go out the window.

This has been a recurring theme of the pandemic, of course. California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, imposed brutal restrictions on California residents and demanded extreme social distancing, but had no compunction about attending a private dinner with lobbyists at the luxurious French Laundry. At the start of the pandemic, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot told city residents that they should delay getting haircuts. "Getting your roots done is not essential," she said. When she said "your roots," she really did mean your roots, because the mayor absolutely went and got a haircut anyway. She justified it by saying: "I'm the public face of this city. I'm on national media and I'm out in the public eye."

If the pandemic is over for the aristocracy, it should be over for the commoners too—particularly those who got the shot. AOC and her friends should feel free to get dressed up and go to the ball, but maybe the rest of us vaccinated folks don't need to wear masks in gyms, residence halls, or while walking from the entrance of the restaurant to the table.

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  1. Did attendees need to show ID to enter?

    1. Of course not. If you don't know who they are, then who are you? The annointed don't show ID.

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  2. Fuck masks, and fuck Joe Biden

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  3. Anyone who wears a mask to walk to the table in a restaurant should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. I look at it differently. Only a pure asshole will pick a fight with some $10 hostess over a policy she must enforce but can't control. Apparently, you're that guy, so congratulations. You can make a teenage girl cry. Big man.

      1. If the restaurant asks of their own volition, I will obey out of manners for a meaningless but not significant request. If they are forced to do so, I will politely decline to patronize their location.

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      2. So I can trot out a hapless waif and run over your rights without complaint?


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  4. The problem is BOTH covid hypocrisy and her stupid dress. They stem from the same malodorous cancer that has infected our society with leftism and woke politics. The "attendants" were all masked and yet there are millionaire blacks and hispanics there complaining about white supremacy. They literally enslaved these folks to work for them as automatons. Of course most of the richy rich were white liberals who claim to be antiracist and untouchable.

    If you're voting for these schmucks you are the problem.

    1. Yeah I think it's OK to be indignant about / point out both types of hypocrisy.

    2. I was going to say that myself. Why can't it be both?

    3. I like the video of her talking while a badge-wearing employee stoops to straighten out the train of another woman's gown. All the badge wearers are employees; all the celebrities and rich folk did not have to wear masks. Helots all, the rules are for the little people.

      1. They had a worker carry the trail of her dress out as she got into her car.

      2. Laws are for the poor.

    4. These cunts are not against slavery. They just prefer to select the massahs and slaves.

    5. Thank you. How Rico managed to miss this is mind-boggling, it's as obvious as the grotesque virtue signaling and ugly clothes on stupid people.

  5. You know one does not preclude the other, right?

    She wore that dress to a tax deduction charity event for the super wealthy and she was invited as a pet political celebrity. The indulgence of the wealthy Left in Radical Chic in the sixties and seventies involved people who were actually dangerous, not lap dogs like AOC.

    1. Exactly this. "Tax the rich" while you attend some big fancy-pants event that allows rich people to take a tax deduction? It's not the hypocrisy, it's the fucking stupidity.

      1. a message of "tax the rich" in front of the rich, who know as well as AOC does that it's bullshit.

        1. It's feudal lords letting the middle class know they're going to be plundered, raped, and killed.

        2. It is just brand signaling as that is what she thinks her brand is.

          1. You can buy a "Tax the Rich" sweatshirt from her for 55 bucks.

            1. Is it tax deductible?

      2. "it’s the fucking stupidity."

        At least she's consistent in that regard.

      3. AOC is about as sharp as a sack of horse-faced hammers.

    2. Reports are she didn't report the gift either.

    3. The important question that should be asked is, who paid for AOC's attendance?

      If she paid, then she is still a hypocrite. But she purchased the right to make her statement.

      If someone else paid or, the Met gave her the ticket gratis, then the hypocrisy is much, much worse. There are probably even legal issues.

      Lots of explaining to do here. Can't believe the press isn't getting aggressive on this.

      1. Laws are not for the lawless.

  6. The most striking contrast in modern American politics is the enormous chasm separating the Democratic Party's economic messaging, and what actually happens economically when Democrats have power. I literally could not think of a better example to illustrate this than a rockstar Congressional Democrat wearing a "tax the rich" dress while chilling with 1%-ers while her party controls Washington DC and wealth is rapidly concentrating at the very top.


    1. PS — The "masks for thee, but not for me" attitude is just a bonus. Democrats are now firmly the party of the American aristocracy. That's why it's natural for Koch-funded libertarians to support Democrats.

      1. All hail the Kennedys. Their contributions to American politics continue to this day.

  7. You mean there's a different set of rules for people with power and money?


    1. I saw a bunch of photos from the gala (which I had never heard of before), and was deeply offended when I saw AOC and all the others doing their best Marie Antionette impressions.

      1. And yet you defend everything these types of people do.

        1. Well he is seemingly very ignorant of a lot, which probably is why he leans so far left.

      2. Lol. Mike promotes his ignorance again.

      3. Offended? Really? Oh wait. My sarcasm detector is going off the hook. Never mind.

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    2. "You mean there’s a different set of rules for people with power and money?" AOC does not have a lot of money and she has no real power, since none of the bills she sponsors go anywhere. She is just a celebrity, and only that because she says things that the people who do have money and power are eager to hear.

    3. Politicians shouldn't be among them.

  8. Who paid for her $30,000 ticket and how is this not a bribe?

    I can't give a physician a ballpoint pen!

  9. Of course they may have been wearing masks concealing the reptile people underneath.

  10. Did AOC report the ticket as $30,000 income?

    1. She did not report it at all, and in fact boasted that the ticket was given to her, as was the dress BTW. She is so fucking stupid that she is actually surprised about the ethic violations being charged against her, in the wake of this.

  11. But when the elites get together for a party, the rules appear to go out the window…This has been a recurring theme of the pandemic, of course.

    I’m starting to suspect that loyal Democrat voters don’t have a problem with their chosen leaders pissing down their backs and then telling them it’s raining.

    1. That is one of the party fetishes.

      1. Actually, the most cherished party fetish is to make popsicles out of their urine and give them to everyone that voted for them.

  12. What cost more, the ticket or the dress?

    1. The dress was apparently valued at $100k, which is absurd. It looks like an off the rack gown from the David's Bridal $99 sale. Just with some words on it.

      1. Material: $50
        Sewing: $50
        The "creativity" to embroider a well-known slogan onto a barely-different dress: $99,900

        Total: Ludicrous.

  13. The optics are the point.
    The hypocrisy is the point.
    Know your place, and serve the elite.

    1. Unfortunately, this is what it's coming down to.

      It's a feature, not a gaffe or poorly engineered optics. the point is to say, "Look at what I can get away with while you're wearing two masks, social distancing or... not being allowed to earn a living".

      It's a reminder to let you know who's in charge, and who's not. And when you clap for it, it's a confirmation that this New World Order is fully supported.

    2. Nothing more apt than masked servants scurrying about to make sure the gown trains are perfect and the masters are happy while the elite go about happy and maskless at their 30k per ticket event. The most ardent COVID lockdown fanatics out galivanting free and easy while the people they lock down serve them drinks and make sure they look great, with masks on.

      Hitting a 7/10 on the dystopia scale. Not to invoke YA trash, but this looks hilariously like the elite in hunger games. Its almost like they are trying to be blatant hypocrites because they know they can get away with it.

      AOC is interesting in this I think. She is near untouchable right now on the left as she is the whiney SJW lead representative of the squas. I dont think there is anything she could do to get her district to vote her out. Her virtue signaling to the oppressed is almost not needed at all (and doesnt make any sense in this context). It feels like the stuff white liberals do w/ the antiracist rhetoric so when the mob comes they get spared. But she essentially is the one inciting the mob, and the hardcore left retards are pretty much down for whatever she is serving. I think she could have shown up in the most expensive designer dress with a bottle of crystal in one hand, a monocle, a cane, and the queens fucking jewels and these liberals will still follow her off the cliff as she is a woman POC screeching for SJW bullshit. Maybe it was just a call for attention.

      1. Perhaps your mind jumped right over to YA dystopian fiction, but the whole event reminded me more of something else.

        "There were buffoons, there were improvisatori, there were ballêt-dancers, there were musicians, there were cards, there was Beauty, there was wine. All these and security were within. Without was the “Covid-19.”"

        1. Of course, COVID-19 is nothing like the Red Death - but sometimes Democrats pretend it is.

  14. Let us not forget Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak (D) and his flaunting of his own mandates when he is together with his elitist friends. But this guy is even more special than that. He gives his wife’s companies no bid contracts and does it with no shame or repercussion.

    1. No repercussion is our own fault. Has anyone bothered to challenge this?

      Where is the IJ? Where is the Reason Foundation?

      Get with it folks. Hand wringing and whining accomplishes nothing.

      Maybe those Jan 6th folks were actually on to something?

  15. That gleeful stalinist would lock you up in the camp while wearing that dress and smiling for the camera.

    1. She embodies this quote by C.S. Lewis:

      “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be "cured" against one's will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.”

      She really, really, really believes she's on the side of right, and will cheerfully create Hell to prove it.

      1. As Peter Hitchens has noted in many an interview, this is particularly the provenance of the left. The obvious response being that "people of all ideological stripes act in this manner". They certainly do, but according to Hitchens, it's particularly endemic on the left.

        1. It's endemic on the left because they completely, without fail, ignore their doing it.

          1. The right would first have to try to help people to be guilty of it.

            1. Holding a gun to someone's head to make them give money to someone else isn't help.

              And as recently as 2018 it was shown that Republicans donate more to charity than Democrats. But you keep doin you.

      2. I suspect our cure is rapidly approaching.

    2. The clip shows a beaming AOC in her fucking 6 figure dress surrounded by fawning attendees, with various nomenklatura and establishment media kissing her ass.

      She’ll do anything to keep that gig.
      Truly projectile vomit inducing.

      1. She’ll do anything to keep that gig.

        It's Congress or the lunch shift at Applebee's.

        1. And under qualified for either...

  16. The Problem With the Met Gala Wasn't AOC's Dress, It Was Pandemic Hypocrisy

    Honestly, I don't remember anyone commenting on the dress from most of the media I follow. Most of it commented on the Hypocrisy of a $30,000 ticket event populated by the super-rich which was purported to be about helping the poor and downtrodden. The pandemic hypocrisy is merely par for the course at this point.

    I'm not even sure I call all of what we see on television pandemic hypocrisy (although by any reasonable definition it surely is), but merely a glaring reminder of this pandemics contradictions.

    1. I got some news for ya, bubba. The Met ain't for the poor and downtrodden.

    2. Here's an example of the contradictions.

      Proposal: We're in the deadliest pandemic in modern history.

      Solution: Lockdowns, social distancing, masks to be worn at all time. No large gatherings.

      Situation: Large gathering must take place. It's important. Dinner will be served.

      Proposal: Ok, masks must be worn at all times, except once seated for dinner.

      Declaration: This event is "safe" and following reasonable "safety protocols".

      Observation: There are 300 people, unmasked, sitting shoulder to shoulder. How is this safe?

      Retort: Don't be ridiculous, people can't wear a mask while they're eating.

      Conclusion: It this really were the worst pandemic of the modern age, the event shouldn't have been held at all yet we told ourselves that for 45 minutes, people were "safe" to sit, shoulder to shoulder and breath on each other, with no masks.

      1. We are passed the pandemic, COVID is now endemic. But politicians like AOC are loathe to relinquish pandemic era power. Rules are for other people.

        1. Fuck you, you've been shilling for it for almost 2 years

      2. When people who say it is a crisis but do not act like it is a crisis, stop believing them. This event. DC mayor’s birthday gala. Obama’s oceanfront home. John Kerry’s private plane world traveling. Fauci’s baseball game no mask nor social distancing.
        When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

      3. Masks do nothing to prevent transmission of airborne viruses.

        1. But if you believe they do (even if that belief were misguided or flat out wrong), then wouldn't it make sense to... you know... wear them?

          1. That requires a degree of self awareness these types tend to lack. They're comfortable in their cognitive dissonance and don't need to make silly gestures like practicing what they preach.

  17. The Problem With the Met Gala Wasn't AOC's Dress, It Was Pandemic Hypocrisy

    I don't care what kind of dress she wears. She still looks like she ought to be saddled and bridled.

    1. She does.

      She also has big teeth like a horse.

      1. What you did there, I see it.

    2. She's no beauty, but, gun to your head, you have to fuck someone in congress. Who's it gonna be?

      1. Does it matter?, we’re the ones getting fucked. In regards to AOC I wouldn’t fuck her with Hunter Biden’s dick and Joe Biden pushing. I can’t get past her flat dick shaped nose and her donkey chompers. Yuck.

      2. Never stick it in crazy.

        1. Fuck. I thought it was "always stick it in crazy". Explains a few things about my life.

        2. "Never stick it in crazy." That pretty much eliminates congress then.

      3. Rand Paul!

    3. Don't insult our equestrian friends. Either the real ones or the ones with cutie marks.

  18. If the pandemic is over for the aristocracy, it should be over for the commoners too...

    I'm beginning to wonder if any of this was ever about public health.

  19. Poor Robbie would have been there with 4 forms of Vaccination proof and 3 masks if he had been allowed in. After the last year and a half of Orange Man is literally murdering hundreds of thousands of people, we're being told that the Democrats don't give a fiddler's fuck about them, and that we won't all die if we go out in public? I'm lost. I just wish I had OBL's money to thumb my noses as everyone while being a Koch Reason Billionaire.

  20. If there are any exceptions (say an arbitrary limit like 100 employees?) then it is not about medical science.

    1. Quick!

      Name one rule or law or edict on the books today that does NOT have exceptions.

  21. Long time lurker, had to create an account and ask this question on my PC.

    Why can I not expand and read the comments on my phone using Safari? I also tried it using the Duck Duck Go app and have the same issue?

    1. I’m using Safari on my iPhone now. It does work most of time, more or less, but the site does have performance and programming problems.

    2. Oh, good. I thought my phone was jacked up.

    3. I have the same problem when I use the Wi-Fi at work.
      I’m allowed to read the articles at reason, but the Wi-Fi filters block the comments.
      If I turn off the Wi-Fi, and just use the phone then I can read and make comments.

  22. Rules are for other people. Sheesh.

  23. Glen Greenwalds article on substack today was much more pointed and well written.

      1. From the article:
        "[According to her defenders]...This was not, contrary to the grievances of her small-minded and jealous critics, AOC reveling in one of Louis XVI's court festivities. Instead, she was storming the Bastille: not with weapons or fire but with the graceful designer elegance of the insurgent Marxist renegade, which made her presence all the more deceptively disruptive."

        I have no special animus towards Soave, but his writing cannot hold a candle to Greenwald.

        1. Not a bit, Greenwald skewered her for both the dress and the masks. And did it with style.

          1. That's why I pay GG $60/year and Reason $0.

      2. Great read.

  24. Hope AOC is paying the income tax on this $30,000 gift.

    1. Ethics complaint already filed.

    2. why? Fuck the federal government

    3. They don't have to report gifts as income. And there are plenty of exceptions to acceptance of "gifts" by congressional folk.

      Public shaming would work wonders. If it WEREN'T AOC!

      If we go down that path now, the press and progs would turn this into a Cinderalla story.

      I can hear it now:

      "White supremacists picking on POC congresswoman for getting her due". "It's O.K. for white pols to attend the Met Gala, but some aren't so forgiving for a brown woman".

      1. Imelda Marcos pulled that crap too

  25. It is possible for two things to be true. Yes, there was the mask thing. There was also AOC wearing a dress with the tax message at a gathering of the 1%, all of whom know the message is bullshit. Yet, they keep supporting the likes of this vapid creature.

    1. Do you mean Reason writers or leftists in general?

      1. Rich leftists in particular, I think.

  26. The dress and the un-masking are the SAME THING. If Soave doesn't get that, he needs to sit down and put on his thinking cap.

    AOC is sitting there forcing the working proles to suffer the humiliation of masking while she puts millions of taxpayers on notice that she is coming for their wallets. Her dress isn't for the super rich- it is for those of us working stiffs with businesses and good jobs who she is going to soak.

    Here's a news item for you, Soave: "The Rich" who AOC would like taxed weren't at this fancy dinner. You probably see a "One Percenter" every day walking down the street because there are millions of them out there. Doctors, small business owners- these people aren't attending $30k-a-ticket dinners. They are working late nights to keep their business afloat.

    When the Elite stand maskless in front of the working proles, they are sending a message: "We can force you to wear a mask while we party." When AOC shakes her bedazzled ass at the cameras, she is sending basically the same message, "We're gonna tax the shit out of you while we party". AOC isn't going to pay those taxes. Warren Buffet isn't going to pay those taxes. The rest of us will.

    1. Very well said Overt!

    2. +1

    3. Musk had people watching from space!

  27. If only we would tax political hypocrisy, we could soon retire the national debt and go on to build a rainy day fund for the future.

    1. Unfortunately, tax is a percentage of value. 5% of 0 is still 0. Now a FINE on the other hand....

      1. Penaltax. Hey if it worked for Obamacare...

  28. AOC is nothing more than a political Instagram influencer.

  29. If one rejects live-and-let-live, as the branch covidians/leftists do, you put everyone else into a kill-or-be-killed situation.
    This is direct aggression against you, and you've the inherent right, not to mention moral duty, to defend yourself to the fullest extent.

    1. Yet again, Nardz advocating for killing his fellow Americans.

      R MAC? Anyone?


      No one cares?

      Then I no more fainting when I call someone a dumb ass or whatever.

      1. So you unequivocally accept my, and everyone else's, right to live without having our assets seized, medical procedures forced upon us, our movements dictated, and defend ourselves unimpeded by The State?

        My first principle is to live, and let live. You do you.

        But espresso and its ilk will not accept that. They claim there is no such thing as individual rights, and that their collective will do with us as they please.
        Thus espresso and its ilk have put us into a kill or be killed situation not of our choosing, but forced upon us.

      2. The problem with saying that aggression should be met with aggression is...what?

  30. Do her panties say "Fuck the Poor"?

    1. Disguise yourself as a young Che Guevara and find out.

      1. Puerto Ricans don't get along so well with Argentinians.

  31. Embrace the power of both/and. Or rather everything/and. Everything about this event sounds like hypocrisy - to such an extreme that it can't be accidental. Like a true socialist, AOC wants to be in the nomenklatura and sees no problem with enjoying the privileges.

  32. Count me in on the and/both camp. As others have pointed out, it’s part of the same presumption.

    For most of human history the rulers, the political class, lived in ostentatious luxury that would make even the most bloated robber baron blush. Because they had the state to tax away resources from the public that no honest business could ever hope to acquire. And they could justify it as the property of the state. You can bet Louis XIV and the courtiers of Versailles were also eager to “tax the rich”. And the modern socialists are mostly seeking to recreate that world. You can bet the Castros, the Kims, or the Soviet or Chinese apparatchiks live in a style that would put the American rich to shame.

    But it goes beyond mere money. Both the aristocracy of old and the socialist of today could revel in the notion that they owned the people. If I ran across Jeff Bezos, I could tell him to go f**k himself and there’s little he could do. A king of old could lop off my head for such impertinence. While the modern socialist doesn’t aspire to quite that, they aspire to a world perhaps crueler. One where they can destroy your life at a whim. Where you’ve no choice but to work for the state on the terms they set.

    1. "the modern socialists are mostly seeking to recreate that world. You can bet the Castros, the Kims, or the Soviet or Chinese apparatchiks live in a style that would put the American rich to shame"

      Reminds me of the old Soviet joke:

      General Secretary Brezhnev shows his mother his palatial apartment in Moscow, his fancy dacha in the countryside, his chauffer-driven limousine, his personal helicopter, etc. and says “See mama, I’ve really made it. Aren’t you proud?”

      “Very much so,” she says. “But I’m worried, too.”

      “What are you worried about?” asks Brezhnev.

      “Well, Leonid — what if the communists come back?”

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  34. when the public visits the museum, they are obligated to follow irritating and (in the case of masks for the vaccinated) largely pointless procedures. Yet the city's elite are exempted from such requirements.

    Why be a part of the elite if you can't rub it in the faces of the hoi polli?

    Our transnational elite should be racing its way to a revolution. ​It's an insular, culturally radical group, alienated from, and contemptuous of, the supposedly bigoted and backward people they govern.
    This should be a recipe for a bloody revolution, but they never quite push the proles to exasperation.

    1. Why is nobody bringing suit about this and pointing out the hypocrisy? If the people demanding you do it won't do it themselves, how can they argue it is necessary?

    1. There's an entire internet out there, and somehow you manage never to stray from right-wing fucktard sites.

  35. Is there ever a picture of AOC where she doesn't look like she's smirking?

    1. It’s called smiling for pictures. Lots of people do it. I think you should take a step back and ask yourself if your projecting a sinister nature onto every single picture of someone might be related to propagandist brainwashing. I’m being serious — your point is insane.

      1. If you think AOC is a pleasant lady, you may also enjoy photos of Pelosi when she was younger.

    2. It's really more a simper than a smirk. And yes, every time I see one plastered on her equine mug I want to smack it off her. She epitomizes everything I hate about smug urban elites.

  36. Who's her friend with the amazing cleavage?

  37. Vaccines exist. That’s the difference. Continuing to call out unmasked gatherings as “hypocrisy” is pathetic. The only reason masks are still being encouraged for public at large is because so many idiots refuse to help themselves and others by getting the vaccine.

    1. And that the vaccinated can catch, transmit and still die from the virus has no relevance, of course.

    2. It is called hypocrisy because the same people calling for masks are not masked at their event while the workers are. How many of these folks showed proof of vaccination prior to entry while I am expected to do the same in the very same city to enter a bar?

      The vaccine is irrelevant to this story.

    3. Encouraged? Masks are required in California, and at all airports nationwide, even for the vaccinated or the recently tested.

  38. Have a bbq unmasked in the park. When the police show up, just tell them it is an extension of the Met gala; sort of like the technical awards for the Oscars. If they cite you, sue them under the ‘equal protection’ clause of the Constitution.

  39. Does anyone else see the irony in her flaunting her nicely shaped ass and cleavage in that dress? Standard issue lib. I'm gonna dress like a pole dancer but you'd better not be caught looking at me.

    1. You'd be much more generous to her if she looked like a fat cow, I'm sure.

  40. What you can't see is the back of her escort's tux which reads, 'Tax The Bitch'.

  41. I think you had to prove vaccination and recent negative test to attend.

    Stop looking for hypocrisy under every doily and start contributing to a solution to the problem. Useless assholes.

  42. "Tax the Rich" at the Met Gala? Why didn't it just say "Tax You Guys"?

  43. And now she's announced her openness to expanding restoration of the SALT deduction, even if it results in a net reduction of revenue.

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  45. “Pandemic Hypocrisy”. I like that. Leaving the whole COVID issue aside, you may just have summed up the entire history of the Progressive movement.

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  47. If I were a rich and powerful narcissistic a****le, I'd want the serving staff to always be masked - with the mask attached strongly enough that they could not lift it to spit in the soup.

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