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L.A. Teachers Union Leader: 'There's No Such Thing As Learning Loss'

"It’s OK that our babies may not have learned all their times tables," says Cecily Myart-Cruz. "They learned resilience."


The head of United Teachers Los Angeles—the city's teachers union—thinks that pandemic-related learning losses are a myth and that the thousands of students who slogged through virtual school last year are doing just fine.

"There's no such thing as learning loss," Cecily Myart-Cruz told Los Angeles magazine in a recent interview.

Myart-Cruz did acknowledge that students' achievements in mathematics, for instance, might have been harmed by virtual learning, but she asserted that the experience of surviving 2020–2021 somehow makes up for this.

"Our kids didn't lose anything," she said. "It's OK that our babies may not have learned all their times tables. They learned resilience. They learned survival. They learned critical-thinking skills. They know the difference between a riot and a protest. They know the words insurrection and coup."

Throughout the interview, Myart-Cruz acts as though she is trying to confirm the worst fears of conservative parents who worry that public educators are trying to turn their children into progressive activists. The union boss brazenly discusses her plans to politicize everything having to do with the classroom experience—and to fight school reopenings unless accompanied by changes that she claims will address systemic racism. Last year, she opposed making teachers teach virtually for more than four hours each day, but also turned down a deal to let schools reopen in exchange for $2 billion in extra funding. And she dares anyone to try to oppose her.

"You can recall the governor," she said. "You can recall the school board. But how are you going to recall me?"

Los Angeles magazine has more:

Last winter, for example, as protests mounted against Myart-Cruz's handling of remote teaching, the union leader saw it as a racial attack, not an educational dispute. She posted an article to Facebook in which a school superintendent in Chicago charged that parents pushing to get kids back in the classroom were fueled by "white-supremacist thinking." "Right on!" Myart-Cruz wrote approvingly, going on to claim that she and other UTLA staffers were being "stalked by wealthy, white, Middle Eastern parents." (One parent group saw anti-Semitism in the wording of her comments. "Based on the demographics of Los Angeles and your personal exposure to the West Los Angeles community due to your tenure at Emerson Middle School, many have perceived this statement as a thinly veiled reference to Jews, specifically Persian Jews," reads a letter sent to Myart-Cruz from the group California Students United.)

Myart-Cruz allegedly ordered a study to determine the ethnic backgrounds of her more vocal critics, presumably so that she could prove her point. One parent, Maryam Qudrat, who had been loudly pushing in the press for more Zoom time for kids, claims she received an odd email from a researcher at UTLA asking pointed questions about her racial background. "I thought it was some kind of scam," says Qudrat, whose parents immigrated here from Afghanistan. "But I reread it and realized it was real. I felt almost violated, like they were bullying me. It was clear to me that Cecily Myart-Cruz made this whole thing into some sort of racial war." UTLA doesn't deny conducting the study but later claimed in a statement, "This outreach by the researcher was not authorized."…

"UTLA is not a normal union," agrees a former district official who asked not to be identified because he's "scared" of UTLA. "They just march to their own freaking drummer."

It is brutally unfair that thousands of parents have no alternative but to entrust their kids' education to a system in which people like Myart-Cruz hold the power. Union officials who want to keep employees at home for as long as possible—and don't care how little math is being taught to students—do not have the kids' best interests in mind. They are demanding tremendous sacrifices from everyone else, and they have no reason to compromise because there's zero accountability.

This is why all families deserve school choice: If education officials simply refuse to give students what they need, students should have every right to go elsewhere—and take their share of the system's education funds with them. No educator who shrugs at the idea of kids falling behind in reading and math is entitled to tax dollars.

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  1. The lesson for me here is that, no matter how bad wokism gets in the US, it will always get worse.

    1. Give back the West Coast and Southwest you one-term hillbilly!

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  2. But how are you going to recall me?”

    By not sending their children to your shitty union run schools. I thought she said they taught critical thinking skill, guess they aren’t a requirement for a union boss.

    1. What governmental body oversees the LA school district and why are they still in office? Seems to me the people of LA are getting exactly what they deserve. Good and hard.

      1. This is a union. No matter how many times they overturn the school board, the union stays the same. I’m guessing that was this bitch’s point.

        Which means… just dissolve the public school district. It’s the teachers who voted this bitch in, get rid of the teachers by getting rid of the schools.

        1. The school board is bound by the existing contract and state labor laws that favor the unions. But they can at least begin a process of opposing this kind of shit. But clearly the voters are happy with the status quo.

          1. Let’s not forget the state teachers unions pension funds and legacy costs are the largest source of debt and unfunded liabilities in all 50 state budgets.

    1. Years back, I had worked a couple years with an Alaska union – Laborers 942 – that was absolutely fantastic, and everything a union was supposed to be.

      Moved back to the main states, and fuck unions.

      1. Yeah, they are definitely hit and miss. In my personal experience, it’s been more of a miss and miss. Fortunately, they were of the “why are we paying the union to do nothing” rather than actively obstructionist like this, but to be honest, management was decent and there wasn’t much that they needed to do.

  3. A friend of mine who lived in Los Angeles just gave up. He has a daughter heading into school, and a new child on the way, and he just gave up on all the bullshit, and pick up and moved to Tennessee. And took his business and jobs with him. People will put up with a lot of shit, but they don’t put up with messing with their kids.

    1. Eh, Tennessee is pretty woke due to all the lefties moving there.

      1. So true. Nashville/Davidson County is as blue as you can get. Even more so with all the transplants from the Northeast and West.

        1. locusts always need new fields to destroy.

      2. Still not as bad as Los Angeles.

  4. “It’s OK that our babies may not have learned all their times tables. They learned resilience. They learned survival. They learned critical-thinking skills. They know the difference between a riot and a protest. They know the words insurrection and coup.”

    This is good. When they can’t hold a decent job because of their deficiencies in math, they will know whether they’re participating in an insurrection or a coup.

    1. They’ll know the correct phrases to chant to make their riot into a protest

    2. They know the difference between a riot and a protest. They know the words insurrection and coup.

      Little comfort when they show up at a bake sale and the Protestants make fun of their misspelled signs.

  5. 1. They are not your babies. They are your students. Learn the difference. You are only involved for a small fraction of their lives.

    2. All she wants them to grow up to be is cannon fodder for the next riot. That’s racist.

    1. Treating them as “babies” is have their problem. Treating them as her babies is the other half. They are not babies, they are long since past that stage. Treat them as full human beings at a different developmental stage than you.

  6. It took me about two months working in a college dining hall to learn that when the “customers” have noplace else to go, the workers have no incentive to do anything more than the bare minimum. One month and 29 days to get past my initial enthusiasm for making the place hum, and then one day to understand that I wasn’t going to be fired for anything short of literally standing there and refusing to do any work.

    School choice, i.e. competition, will make so many of the problems with public school just magically disappear.

  7. How is this possible? How can someone like this be involved in a child’s education. I’m serious. How can this happen?

    1. We stopped running people like this out of town on a rail, that’s what happened.

      If this person ever faces any consequences for this fuckery it will be in too roundabout a way for anyone to learn anything from it.

    2. The old saying, “If you can’t do be a union boss.”

  8. These are the “experts” that Jeff has stated we should defer kids education decisions to.

    1. “Local control”

    2. ^ yes.

      This is why appeals to authority are particularly bad when the “authority” in the situation has minimal education + bad intentions.

  9. The head of United Teachers Los Angeles—the city’s teachers union—thinks that pandemic-related learning losses are a myth and that the thousands of students who slogged through virtual school last year are doing just fine.

    Cool. Sounds like we could save some money on school buildings, administrative staff, and some teachers as well.

    1. Well, it’s not entirely incorrect. The pandemic had nothing to do with learning losses–that was all from power-mad tyrants creating and exploiting mass hysteria.

  10. “You can recall the governor,” she said. “You can recall the school board. But how are you going to recall me?”

    Tony Benn on his principals of political power:

    “What power have you got?”

    “Where did you get it from?”

    “In whose interests do you use it?”

    “To whom are you accountable?”

    “How do we get rid of you?”

      1. It’s an appropriate slip

    1. “You can recall the governor,” she said. “You can recall the school board. But how are you going to recall me?”

      I have some ideas…..

      1. 9mm? Ohh she’s a union rep for public schools, probably doesn’t know the metric system.

  11. Seems like they could learn those “important” things without even going to school.

  12. LIBYATDS think that it is unfair that parents] take an.intredt in thier children’s education. That they might think good grades and achievement are a path to a safe place in the Middle Class or better.

    Marxist Ideology is certainly in play here, one wonders if these people want crappy surgeons, Engineers, and (pick a trade) working on thier bodies. Bridges, and Homes.

    Idiots like this should us tjier own money and only hire People of Color, and that is fine since it is thier money but don’t shove thiet rasist BS on the rest of us. Ya, minority businesses could probably use a helping hand but the TAXPAYER should not be funding it

  13. LA Unified is 8.8% White. As mentioned above many of those are Persian Jews. I suspect others are Latinos who identify as White (as they may bravely choose to do). The White % has been steadily falling for decades. Myart-Cruz should look forward to it getting down to 0% when LA Unified will be free from the oppressors. That is the final solution.

  14. First, they are not “ours” and second, they are not babies.

    They learned critical-thinking skills.
    A malicious truth leaks out – if they learned those skills, it was from NOT being stuck in one of these glorified day prisons.

  15. IS that going to be the new “spin” the libs put on this turd?

  16. re: They learned resilience. They learned survival. They learned critical-thinking skills. They know the difference between a riot and a protest. They know the words insurrection and coup.”

    They learned none of those things. Looking at the mental health statistics, they learned helplessness. Looking at social media, you don’t understand the difference between a riot and a protest, either. That’s because there sometimes isn’t one.

    re: “how are you going to recall me?”

    By breaking the union. Even the great liberal icon, FDR thought that public sector unions were a bad idea. If you want to be a political lobbyist, do it on your own nickel. Stop using my tax dollars to shill for your personal causes.

  17. “They learned resilience. They learned survival. They learned critical-thinking skills. They know the difference between a riot and a protest. They know the words insurrection and coup.’
    They did not learn resilience via distance-learning classes, nor survival. No public school with this cretin attached to it imparts anything that resembles critical thinking skills. They can likely conflate a riot with a protest, and smear the protests of their opponents as attempted coups or insurrections. Is there a rule that all progressives need to be dim racists?

  18. “There’s no such thing as learning loss,”

    So, by extension, if we completely abandon the public schools – close them all — nothing will be lost. Gee, I’ve been saying that for years.

    1. Then the competition would be on to provide real education. Long overdue in some areas like L.A.

  19. Public employee unions are really just a gang/organized crime syndicates who threaten and attack elected representatives and citizens who confront or oppose them. There is little difference between them and the Mafia, Sinaloa Cowboys, MS 13, Crips or Bloods. They are bad for everyone they encounter.

  20. Insurrection and coup? The next time a Progressive tries to tell you they do not advocate Marxism, punch them in the face.

  21. I would be so much smarter if my ‘learning’ wasn’t lost due to being insignificant and UN-used. Speak for yourself.

  22. Obviously Myart-Cruz hasn’t mastered her tables.

  23. Remember when california just fell into the pacific and died because all the geologists there knew the difference between a riot and a protest, but didn’t know anything about math or geology or fault lines? oh wait, that hasn’t happened…yet.

  24. What kind of education do you expect from someone who thinks someone else is supposed to take care of all of her problems?

  25. There is no learning loss, because the kids already weren’t learning.

  26. Even if most Hispanic immigrants are based, the more we have of them the more of these openly anti white activists we get and it’s these radical extremists that are driving policy, not the moderate majority. That’s where libertarianism fails: it only takes a few people to ruin a neighborhood or overthrow a civilization. Sometimes a group has to be judged by the size of its antisocial minority.

  27. What is happening where I live is that any parent who cares even the slightest about their kid’s education and has the means to do so has put them in private school. With school choice and charter schools, other parents who might not be as wealthy will have that opportunity too, which will turn public schools into last resorts for the parents who don’t give a shit. The unionized public school teachers deserve no less.

    1. I have to disagree on one point. The teachers who do care are the ones being hit the hardest, the ones who genuinely went into teaching to help children. I am talking about high school teachers getting kids who can’t read and who struggle to get them to care when the kids have been told on one hand their entire lives that they don’t matter and aren’t worth investment, but on the other hand that the man is out to fail them and nothing they do matters. Then, the district removes testing requirements and forces you to pass kids with single digit grades.

      The teachers who care hold out for as long as their sanity and blood pressure will let them until they break.

  28. Looking at what she’s wearing, and I’m no fashion expert, but a fork jammed in her forehead would really complete the look.

  29. In other California news….. San Francisco to pay people not to shoot other people.
    Sevo, make sure you apply for back pay!

  30. And this is why my kid is going to a private school I agree with or, more likely, is going to join a local homeschool network.

    With the amount of free, quality academic courses available to download, it is not hard.

  31. no they didn’t learn “critical thinking skills”…that’s what they DIDN’T learn you fat over-indulged moron. you go ahead and pretend that you’re doing ANYONE a favor with your half baked bullshit. you and yours are destined to the ranks of the wage slaves.

    1. No, they’re parasites that will latch onto the wage slaves and demand more free shit.

  32. Also further evidence that the left “Cares About Minorities (TM)” while not actually caring about minorities at all. Propping up these corrupt unions that care nothing but being able to push their propaganda and empower themselves at the expense of actual students learning.

    The kids that by far will be the most fucked by this pandemic and virtual school (or no school) are the minority students that need it the most. Some of these kids have minimal access to a PC, to good internet, and a parent at work that cant ensure they are doing their assignments. The blue school in my county that did virtual school all last year has multiple stories of kids that “just never show up” to their virtual zoom classes, and have had a year of doing no actual work or thinking. What do you think these kids do when their parents are at work to put food on the table, and they have no responsibilities, lesser access to educational information, and are in neighborhoods that have more troublemaking opportunities. Idle hands and all that.

    It is truly sad, kids that were already behind are going to be completely fucked and essentially stuck in minimum wage serf jobs for the rest of their lives due to the decisions being made by these benevolent teachers unions.

    1. My child had it hard enough with educated, involved parents and a dedicated computer. It’s simply harder to learn remotely than in a classroom setting.

      The STARR test results were devastating. My kid’s grades went down. However, the school, district, and state all went in a nose dive.

  33. I interpret that to mean that the teaching methods really don’t matter because they are so badly done. So kids can do just as well not having formal teaching.
    Which would explain in a poll a few years back why 99% of California’s could not answer correctly why we celebrate the Fourth of July.
    Sad. really really sad.

  34. If LA’s public schools were ran by white supremacists (who make known their intentions to indoctrinate, and they also ran state government, your one and only solution would be “more private schools”?

    Private schools only address the symptom, not the disease. What if you don’t have the money and resources to send your kids to private schools? How do you stop teacher’s unions and their pals in government from collaborating to make enrollment in those schools as difficult as possible?

    Permanent stasis is the downfall of the libertarian movement. How do you solve the crisis in the middle east? Just import more of their refugees. How do you solve police misconduct? Strip away liability protection, ignoring market principles. What’s the answer to government trying to eliminate contract work and imposing repressive covid lockdowns? Vote for libertarian friendly republicans even if they differ on immigration. OH NO, that’s actually the one thing you can’t do.

    You have to address the root of the problem. Civil rights activists did not say “just give us our own separate space” Unlike the market, obsolete, inequitable things can still endure in government via brute force.

    1. Are you having a stroke?

  35. Spoken like someone who doesn’t value education.

  36. The head of United Teachers Los Angeles—the city’s teachers union—thinks that pandemic-related learning losses are a myth

    Given the sorry state of LA’s public school system, I agree: missing a year or two will have no impact on students’ educational attainment.

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