Brickbat: School Daze


After Timothy Christian Schools, a private Christian school near Chicago, indicated it might begin the school year mask optional, the Illinois State Board of Education quickly revoked its accreditation. The move meant the school's teams and athletes could not compete in the Illinois High School Association, students would not be eligible for taxpayer-funded scholarships, and seniors' high school diplomas wouldn't be recognized. The school said then that it would abide by a state mask mandate, and the ISBE reinstated its accreditation.

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  1. Obey or else!

    Illinois government is known to be an over-taxing, over-regulating socialist bucket of idiots, though…

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  2. Bunch of worthless cowards.

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  3. What the fuck do mitigation efforts have to do with academic accreditation? Talking about masks, the establishment’s is slipping.

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  5. Although the developers themselves have not announced a version of the ThopTV for PC.

  6. End the education industrial complex and the school masking issue largely resolves itself. Same with CRT.

    1. Perfect idea. Just ask a bunch of power mad sadistic fascists to give up all their power. What could go wrong.

  7. Sounds like extortion to me.

      1. Rod Blagojevich must have fucked up following the instructions.

      2. Thanks for the link. That was really eye opening.

        They avoided stating the logical conclusion out loud: there must be a lot of extortion being run out of the legislature.

        1. They avoided stating the logical conclusion out loud: there must be a lot of extortion being run out of the legislature.

          I keep forgetting that people live outside Illinois and need “There’s a lot of corruption in IL politics.” stated out loud for them.

      3. Look, you want a pound of cheese on your pizza, you’ve gotta twist a few arms.

      4. Extortion is legal under Illinois law

        Behold the advantages of single party politics.

  8. seniors’ high school diplomas wouldn’t be recognized

    Wait, the BOE can force you to go to school for 11.9999 yrs., revoke the school’s accreditation making your diploma worthless at literally the last minute and not have the everloving shit sued out of them?

    Yeah, end *all* QI. Burn it to the ground.

    1. I don’t know if it’s still the case, but for years, NY state didn’t recognize NYC diplomas.

    2. The school could just not take taxpayer money to avoid being beholden to the public. This is a private school but they accept tax dollars requiring oversight by the representatives of the taxpayers.

      Story here is educators not quite bright enough to maintain own liberties.

  9. Just a reminder of who is really in control. And that of course is government.

    Hey, “it’s for the children,” right?

  10. That seems like it would be pretty easy grounds for a lawsuit challenging the de-accreditation. Wearing masks has precisely nothing to do with the academic standards that accreditation is supposed to measure.

  11. In the stock photo, the students aren’t wearing masks. They’ve been drawn on.

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