Brickbat: Segregation Today


Kila Posey has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights after finding that Atlanta's Mary Lin Elementary School was segregating students in classrooms based on race. Posey, who is black, said she found out when she asked that her daughter be assigned to a teacher she thought would be a good fit and was told that teacher didn't teach in one of the black classrooms. She said she was stunned to find out that policy was put in place by the school's black principal, who thought it would be good for black students. In a statement, Atlanta Public Schools said that it does not condone assigning students to classrooms based on race, that it has investigated the matter, and that "actions were taken." It did not say what actions the district took.

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  3. So MAGA is racist but an actual return to Plessy is woke.

    1. MASA – Make Atlanta Segregated Again

      Segregate the schools like MASA says.

      1. Nicely done.

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      2. love it.

  4. Hmm. A careful reading of Brown v Board would seem to indicate that the main problem with “separate but equal” was the way it made the students *feel*. “To separate them from others of similar age and qualifications solely because of their race generates a feeling of inferiority as to their status in the community that may affect their hearts and minds in a way unlikely ever to be undone.” Although the holding obviously applies here, the logic doesn’t seem to.

    1. Dave, don’t forget that Brown Vs Board was a specially chosen situation. Topeka actually WAS separate but equal, which was certainly not the case for the majority of situations. The NAACP chose its battle because they didn’t want a “you need to be equal when you are separate” verdict. Brown vs Board ruled that even if it was equal in treatment, it would still be damaging.

      1. I didn’t realize that Topeka was picked because the schools were separate but _actually_ equal. Was there another school district anywhere in the country where this was true? But winning there with the psychological stuff meant the court didn’t have to confront the real problem with Plessy – that the SC majority were all damned _liars_ with no intention of even trying to enforce equality.

        If that was even possible to enforce through the courts.

    2. SCOTUS went with the psych nonsense so they wouldn’t have to admit they were wrong in Plessy vs. Ferguson.

      Dr. Thomas Szasz wrote quite a bit about the “reasoning” for Brown, possibly even in the archives of this magazine.

  5. Racial segregation is back in vogue with the great thinkers.

    1. It’s really hot right now!

    2. What is old is new again, again.

  6. Whoever at Mary Lin Elementary School decided to segregate students by race really bidened things up.

  7. And this is what the influence of CRT is doing in public schools. Even if it is not the strict academic version of it, the Education School grads are interpreting it this way.

    1. You need to read more chemjeff comments. Then you’d know CRT in public schools is actually a good thing that all principled libertarians should support.


      1. Jeff is our CRT princi-pal.

        1. “Disregard the fact that CRT applied praxis keeps resulting in racism and segregation from those 100+ pieces of evidence we have…the important distinction is its not the gold standard law-school level CRT, so its fine!”

      2. Are you sure CRT even exists?

        1. They’d teach it to Antifa, if there were any.

          1. You cannot teach an idea to an idea. Use your brain!

            1. Idea + idea = reality

              Democrat playbook 101.

  8. It’s been said many times, but the CRT neo-racists are doing what the KKK grand wizards never could. Getting open racism and segregation to not only catch on, but for people to openly seek it out and looking on it as a good thing for society.

    1. CRT neo-racists are doing what the KKK grand wizards never could. Getting open racism and segregation to not only catch on, but for people to openly seek it out

      Back when the KKK was the Democratic party’s militia, they had no problem. Wilson had just segregated the civil service and the party was passing separate but equal laws like mad.

      Now that The Party has Antifa stormtroopers and CRT as a philosophy, it can get back down to business just like in the ‘good old days’.

  9. Anti-racism is the new racism.

    Only by strong anti-racism moves like this can they eliminate racism.

    1. It’s a symbol of status, like all woke ideology. You show you belong in the upper ranks of society by affirming the ugly, counterintuitive platitudes with a smile on your face. This shows an aristocratic disdain for common sense and basic decency, and thus that you deserve a place among the ruling class. It’s the juvenile viewpoint of Brittany O’Grady’s character on The White Lotus, only delivered with a shiteating grin instead of a pout.

  10. Bullshit the wider school district didn’t know this was going on. Good betting money that the internal actions taken by the school district was just making sure there were no offical memos proving they’d known about it already.

    1. The only way they could not is through deliberate negligence.

      1. Sheer incompetence is also a possibility. Of all college majors, two are tied for the worst test scores both entering college (SAT) and at the end of 4 years (GRE): social work and school administration. But that’s not the only reason I think school administrators are abysmally stupid: I’ve met several of them.

  11. Funny or sad that this was already covered weeks ago in the comments section?

    1. I’m convinced Reason does read their comments, and often uses them to pick stories… and sometimes arguments

      1. …counterarguments anyway.

      2. “No, Reason Does Not Read the Comments and then Uses them to Create Arguments”

        — Upcoming Reason headline

  12. “…actions were taken.”

    I smell a paid vacation for the principal.

  13. *trowel in one hand, crowbar in other*

    So do we build or tear down statues of Mary Lin (whoever the hell she was)?

    1. Pretty disgusting that you assume Mary Lin is a she. It’s 2021.

      1. So build it with a penis and then tear it off in the name of racial equality?

  14. Posey, who is black, … said she was stunned to find out that policy was put in place by the school’s black principal

    That’s impossible. We’ve been repeatedly reassured that Black people are unified in their thinking.

    1. Don’t worry. Once the principle is done with her kid this wrong think won’t have a chance to spread to another generation.

  15. This story has been widely repeated, but it’s a little too perfect a brickbat for people who want to point out the hypocrisy of liberals.

    It is all based on the mother’s version of the story, with no verification from any other parent or student at the school. The school board says they took action to correct whatever was going on, but the mother, if I understand the reports I have read, is still claiming the segregation is ongoing, which would mean it is ongoing with full knowledge of the school board. Unlikely.

    1. I don’t think anyone’s pointing out the hypocrisy of liberals here. Rather that progressives in 2021 are fully in support of racial segregation but just don’t want to be caught in the act.

      1. So, is your reply all about my using the word, liberals, instead of the word, progressives? I thought of using the word, progressive, instead.

        However, my main point is the story shows signs of being poorly reported, and then repeated a lot because it’s so perfect an illustration of the hidden racism of progressives.

        1. Because you frequently use ‘liberal’ here for people who are anti-liberal, and are in fact progressives and often authoritarian. People like you.

          Also, insinuating it didn’t happen because it too obviously illustrates your enemy’s point, is a blatantly obvious attempt at gaslighting.
          Who do you imagine that you’re tricking?

          1. “Who do you imagine that you’re tricking?”

            Anyone who is stupid enough to listen.

            1. So himself and perhaps Jeff and Sarcasmic.

        2. “hidden racism of progressives.”



          Progressives are the most blatantly, explicitly racist people in America.


    2. “This make liberals look insane, ipso facto, I am going to pretend it isn’t happening.”

    3. Get a load of this. White Mike thinks “anti- racist” segregation is a liberal viewpoint.

      The progs leading the progtarded.

    4. You don’t understand reports, if you read them.

      The mother isn’t satisfied that the district says that the behavior has been halted. She wants people punished / fired and policies put in place to prevent stuff like this in the future.


      “All anyone has to do is pick up a yearbook from last year and previous years to see that that any claim of grouping Black students together is obviously ridiculous,” a group of Black families from Mary Lin said in a statement obtained by CNN.


      “Other parents say Posey’s allegations do not match their children’s experiences at Mary Lin.

      “The AJC interviewed six Black parents in six phone interviews, none of whom wanted to be publicly identified out of fear that their families could be targeted.”

      1. Parents who spoke to the AJC said the racial makeup of their children’s classes has varied, and they haven’t heard school leaders cite race as a factor in class placements.

        Several said they also don’t want their child to be the only Black student in a room.

        Sounds like other parents are OK with dividing up the classrooms racially as long as it’s done the right way.

        In a recording of a March call provided to the AJC by Posey’s attorney, a person identified in the complaint as an APS administrator states that the district found the allegation about how Black students were assigned to classes “to be true” and states that the district made it clear that the practice cannot happen.

        If it’s a hoax, it’s an elaborate one and if it’s an elaborate hoax, that’s not really any more comforting (and still abjectly destroys the pro-CRT narrative).

    7. Let’s be real. If what is being alleged, or something similar, was not happening then the school board would quickly and clearly deny it. And there would be no need for “taking appropriate action.” But yes, there are details we don’t have.

      1. Agreed that we’re not getting both sides of the story. Agreed that the school district wouldn’t take corrective actions for something that didn’t happen. I would only add that it’s been a week and the DOE OCR wouldn’t sit on a case, leaving a school and the school district in the wind, that was obviously a hoax.

        Regardless of facts on the ground, as I said above, the simple conjecture completely obliterates the ‘teach CRT’ narrative. No one, black, white, red, yellow, green, or purple can teach anything, including CRT, without unconsciously contributing to/perpetuating systemic racism.

  16. The KKK is thanking Atlanta for doing a better job than they could have.

    When you can convince people of color to do racist things, you have essentially won.

    Get your sheets and dunce caps out; time to do a victory lap for the KKK.

    1. the terrorists won?

      1. When have they lost?

        This country was founded by terrorists who still to this day continue their reign of terror on everyone; esp. black, brown, red, and yellow people.

  17. Off topic but I’m wondering how this current administration can do this while leaving 1000’s of Americans behind?

    1. Do what? What is “this”?

      1. The refugees have already landed in Pittsburgh.

        1. Re-read the story carefully. Noorulhaq Fazly didn’t just get out of Afghanistan. He’s been in Philly for a while.

      2. You know exactly ‘who’ and ‘what’ Dead inside is referring too. Stop trying to play such obvious, stupid little tricks.

  18. Soooo….you know what would be nice? Morning Links….

    1. They showed up two minutes after you asked for them. That’s the kind of pull you have around here.

    2. waiting for you or Ken to put something up. chop chop.

  19. It’s past time to stop tolerating leftists.
    Reach out and touch somebody.

    1. It would be interesting to see the legal outcome of Posey punching Briscoe in the face.

      Also interesting, Briscoe is not named in the article.

  20. how did the principal know which kids to put in each room?

    1. White kids in one classroom, poor kids who are just as bright and talented as white kids in the other. Duh.

  21. I think it is wrong to divide children into races. This division is already built into them from childhood. Although all people are the same, even at a young age there is a trauma that “I am not like the others”. Then a teenager or already an adult needs help from a psychologist, therapy. As for me, it is better not to separate children, they should learn from an early age to accept children of other races.

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