Biden's Determined Humility Regarding Afghanistan Is What America Needs Right Now

"I will not repeat the mistakes we've made in the past," Biden said Monday.


In a speech from the White House on Monday afternoon, President Joe Biden expressed a sentiment that has rarely been a part of the official, stated U.S. foreign policy over the past two decades.


"If anything, the developments of the past week reinforce that ending U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan now was the right decision," Biden said. "I will not repeat the mistakes we've made in the past. The mistake of staying and fighting indefinitely in a conflict that is not in the national security interest of the United States."

Faced with widespread—and, in many ways, justified—criticism for how his administration has conducted America's military withdrawal from the nearly 20-year occupation of Afghanistan, Biden admitted that the Taliban takeover of the country happened "more quickly than we anticipated." But Biden remained resolute about the big picture: There is no military solution to Afghanistan, and keeping American troops there for another year, decade, or longer would not change that.

This is a conclusion that most Americans have already reached—if polls are to be believed. Still, it matters that a president is saying these things.

It matters because the biggest failure in Afghanistan was not what happened over the past week or two. It was not even what happened over the past few years, with the Trump administration negotiating a withdrawal and Biden mostly sticking to that timetable after taking office in January. The biggest failure was the open-ended military occupation that sought not only to disrupt the terror cells that plotted the 9/11 attacks but to leave behind a stable democracy. Failure was baked into America's Afghanistan strategy from the start, and vocalizing as much matters.

To those who believe America should have remained in Afghanistan, Biden posed a simple question. "How many more generations of America's daughters and sons would you have me send to fight Afghanistan's civil war when Afghans will not?"

None of this should let the State Department and the Pentagon off the hook for botching the final act of this two-decade tragedy. The mistreatment of Afghan civilians who helped American military and diplomatic officials only to be left behind to fend for themselves against the Taliban is a stain that the Biden administration and the United States should have to wear for a long, long time. The unwillingness to throw open America's doors to refugees from a crisis that America helped create is shameful.

Officials at both the Pentagon and the State Department, for their parts, followed Biden's remarks by outlining plans to secure the Kabul airport and continue the evacuation of Americans and Afghans with visas. That's a process that should have been figured out long ago, and botching it has caused significant suffering.

But if the end of the disaster that has been America's involvement in Afghanistan injects a bit of the humility that Biden displayed on Monday afternoon into future foreign policy decision making, that can only be a good thing. If the Biden Doctrine of not repeating the mistakes of the Bush Doctrine becomes the guiding principle for American foreign policy, America and the world will be better off.

Biden spoke Monday of relying on America's diplomatic and economic tools rather than "endless military deployments" to reshape the world. That's exactly what we need to be doing, but it requires humility for a president to say so. Heck, it takes humility just to admit that "the mistakes we've made in the past" were mistakes at all.

"After 20 years, I've learned the hard way that there was never a good time to withdraw U.S. forces," Biden said Monday. "What's happening now could just as easily happen five years ago or 15 years in the future. I'm now the fourth American president to preside over a war in Afghanistan…I will not pass this responsibility on to a fifth president."

There was never a good time. But today is better than tomorrow.

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  1. Screw humility. How about a better National Security Team?

    1. Maybe he meant humidity for the dried up old crook.

      1. Biden has much to be humble about.

        1. And seriously, go back and watch him on cspan, Biden is one of the
          most prickish assholes ever.

          1. Democrat senator Biden was an advocate for slavery and segregation.

            el presidente biden thinks he is in charge of his banana republic during civil war 2.0.

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    2. Boehm is so funny as a liar and commie propgandist.

      He really believes that americans believe his bullshit or el presidente biden. Most americans ignore unreason and any libertarian knows that unreason staff are commies, so they they ignored yet again.

      1. Most Americans would think you’re a traitor. Advocating civil war and shit.


        1. Says the dipshit who got raped by a Mormon or something

        2. The British thought the American colonists were traitors and that seceding was illegal.

          And you don’t speak for “Most Americans.”

          1. It doesn’t speak for many Americans, if the truth is told. Left-leaning and progressive types surely do like to smear folks with whom they don’t agree with traitor, insurrectionist, anti-American. Risible attempt at smear from a group that generally hates America and Americans.

            1. Left-leaning and progressive types’ smears are nothing but projection.

        3. Poor unreason commies. They side with democrats who STARTED civil war 2.0 and dont want patriotic Americans to defend themselves against the tyranny of Democrats.

          Remember when Democrats started Civil war 1.0 too?

    3. “Screw humility. How about a better National Security Team?”

      Or, perhaps a CiC with a functioning cortex?
      Brandshit hardest hit!

    4. Biden is a humble man with many, many reasons to be that way.

  2. Wow.
    That’s some enthusiastic totalitarian-dick sucking, Boehm.
    And I just read the title.

    1. Shorter Nadless Nardless: “Biden isn’t Trump; therefor, Biden wrong!”

      1. If the House Democrats hadn’t stopped Trump’s withdrawal plan back in August 2020;
        If the media hadn’t covered up the bureaucratic and military foot-dragging and insubordination;
        If Biden had kept to the schedule in the peace agreement without messing around, delaying and ignoring promises. Biden did not inherit the current withdrawal from Trump — in fact, he has deviated from the previous administration’s plan and set his own disastrous course;
        a lot of what’s occurring now, wouldn’t be.

        This mess is solely the fault of overwhelming Orangemanbad in the American Media, the bureaucrats, the House Democrats, Joe Biden and in fascist fucks like you, Sqrlsy.

        That’s right you pathetic, fascist fuck, the same Orangemanbad that you post huge, idiotic, copypasta rants about.

        Like you will in 3… 2… 1…

      2. Asshole spaz flag

      3. Shorter sarcasmic: “LEAVE BRITNEY BIDEN ALONE!”

    2. Yeah. Where’s the journalism part where Boehm juxtaposes Biden’s speech today with the one from a few weeks ago where Biden said this would not happen? It is like he had White Mike write this article for him.

      1. Boehm doesn’t do journalism.

        He’s a stenographer.

      2. Well it’s always been suspected that Dee is a sock for one of the writers.

        1. ENB, Greenhut or Boehm?

          1. I always assumed ENB because she’s a squawking bird. But maybe it’s Boehm after all.

            1. Yeah, ENB makes sense.

              1. The staff at reason doesn’t care what you backwards rubes think.

                1. Is that why Sullum accidentally outed his Lord Strudle sock a few weeks ago? Or why ENB was bitching on Twitter about how persecuted she is by the commenters at

                2. reason staff are not libertarians. you would think that might be a prerequisite to write for this company, but they know the journalism industry is 90% democrats, and they’ll lick as many assholes as it takes to climb that ladder into the corporate media/big tech social club. that invite to the next Hampton’s private party is in the mail once they read my next article!

        1. That was spot on! Too bad no one will be allowed to view it.

        2. Wow. Twitter AND msnbc? You must be very smart.

      3. The highlight was the arrival of the Kabul Skydiving team.

    3. Can’t bring myself to read it. On to the comments.

      1. Its pretty fucking terrible. Ignores the disaster of bidens withdrawal. Gives biden all credit for withdrawal.

          1. You’re right. Trump did end the war. And then the Biden regime came, started the war back up, and fucked it up so badly that even CNN can’t spin it any other way.

          2. Lol. Calm down blood libel. Getting out is correct. Biden fucking things up is not. You don’t have to choose to be a Biden cultist. Youre allowed to admit the big guy made a mistake. But you won’t. You leftist shit.

            1. No comment on your cult trying to gaslight everyone into forgetting Trump’s role in this? I don’t think it’s even derogatory, I just think it’s funny how fast you line up for that shit sandwich.

              1. Youre making no sense at all stupid.

                Again. I get your first impulse is to defend biden. But try making a coherent argument.

                1. “…But try making a coherent argument.”

                  DOL? Really?!

                2. Never mind that he is incapable. It’s unpossible.

                3. BTW, try asking DOL for a cite regarding his claim that Ken S ‘lies’. Ask for a cite to one lie; you will get muted.
                  DOL is a lying pile of lefty shit, not capable of recognizing nor stating anything near facts or reality.

                  1. So you do know where the mute is?

                    Hopefully you muted me before your senile ass forgets.

                    Hope your 12 step meetings are going well.

                    1. Hope your 12 step meetings are going well.

                      It’s hilarious that you latched onto that only after we all relentlessly mocked you for your self-admitted alcohol and drug addiction, sarcasmic. Good thing nothing in your life is ever your fault.

                4. And to think they think Trump voters cannot see anything wrong Trump did in office…

              2. Trump fucked up the withdrawal in the most thorough way humanly possible?

                1. Shows how stupid you are.
                  Trump had the election stolen from him before he could effect a withdrawal.
                  The act of withdrawing is on the head of the election thief.

          3. By the weird how you accused me of talking points then immediately post the one all over leftist Twitter. I’ve said that trump negotiated a withdrawal since last year dumbfuck. Biden fucked it up. The taliban said publicly the delays from May 1st were part of the reason they advanced militarily so quickly, the US lied about the agreement. Aka Biden. Trumps withdrawal plan also didn’t say to leave tens of millions in weapons behind other.

            But go ahead and protect biden like a good leftist shit.

            1. Biden needs to be tried for treason for arming them. But hey, we need to focus on fake fire extinguishers and making pariahs of folks choosing to pass a vaccine on to a high risk person in a third world country.

            2. Oh, you know the reason for the quick taliban advance, and it is biden’s fault. Just like you know the actual temperature record globally, and all the geologists are wrong. You’re a fucking clown.

              1. I’m sorry. Did I disrupt your bullshit about trump? The fact that I never denied he negotiated an exit. Most on here have only talked about it for months lol. But I’m sure you just know trumpnwould have done worse than Biden despite the documented evidence of Bidens incompetence. Youre such a biden cocksucker. Lol.

                1. Nice of the sociopath to acknowledge Trump’s agreement with the Taliban after Biden fucked it up.

                  1. Isn’t it funny how whenever a Democrat fucks up foreign policy it’s because of some previous Republican administration.

                    It’s not like Obama could have gotten us out of that quagmire 12 fucking years ago or anything.

              2. “Oh, you know the reason for the quick taliban advance, and it is biden’s fault…”
                In a lame attempt at sarcasm, DOL for ONCE gets it right!
                Knock a hole in the wall; it’ll never happen again.

              3. BTW, try asking DOL for a cite regarding his claim that Ken S ‘lies’. Ask for a cite to one lie; you will get muted.
                DOL is a lying pile of lefty shit, not capable of recognizing nor stating anything near facts or reality.

              4. You’d think being an elite special forces First Delta Ranger SEAL Regiment that you’d be more upset about the loss of life and humiliating military defeat orchestrated by your president, cytotoxic. Lmfao.

            3. “Biden fucked it up.”

              That’s a good summary of everything Biden does.

          4. Speaking of Talking Points, Stolen Valor, I see Nancy has just released yours now.


            Now we can have a preview of what all your sockpuppets will be posting over the next several days:

            1. I’ve been vetted multiple times, fuck-o. You’ll notice Jesse dropped the shtick after getting embarrassed badly.

              1. No I haven’t stolen Valor. You’ve just said new stupid shit like talking badly of the government is blood libel. You e never provided your name for vetting dumbass. Every medal you showed can be bought online. Multiple people have agreed to vet your service. You refuse to do so.

              2. Vetted multiple times. Fucking hilarious

              3. “I’ve been vetted multiple times, ”


              4. My other sock said I’m telling the truth.


                1. White Knight, correctly, vetted him.

              5. The fuck you were vetted, Stolen Valor.
                You created a sockpuppet and had it vouch for you.

                Seriously, who the hell do you think you’re kidding?

                1. There is a website and Facebook page called Guardians of the Green Beret, Fuckface. You can go there anytime. I’m vetted on there, you half man cocksucker. You are all invited to check me out. Bring it on Motherfucker. Stop saying the same shit over and over and contact them you closeted cocksucker.

                  1. Wrong name logged in for this comment?

                    1. Lmfao, yep. Not for the first time either.

                  2. There is a website and Facebook page called Men with Incredibly Large Penises Support Group, too. Why don’t you just post a screenshot of your Call of Duty stats page? Lmfao.

                    Excellent work outing this sockpuppet again too you phony ass faggot piece of shit. That invitation you pussied out on like a pathetic little bitch still stands btw. Name the place and time and I will show up and kick the shit out of you for as long as you feel like, up to and including the moment of your death.

              6. “I’ve been vetted multiple times, fuck-o…”

                You’re a steaming pile of lying lefty shit, and we’re to assume this isn’t a lie?
                Go buddy up to turd and get him to tell you how to make lies look real.
                Hint, TDS-addled piece of lefty shit: Neither you nor he can do so.
                Fuck off and die, asshole.

              7. BTW, try asking DOL for a cite regarding his claim that Ken S ‘lies’. Ask for a cite to one lie; you will get muted.
                DOL is a lying pile of lefty shit, not capable of recognizing nor stating anything near facts or reality.

              8. Remember when you asked me to email you so you could provide me with your ironclad proof of your military record, but you posted a fake Gmail account that immediately bounced all messages back? Lmfao. Are we counting that as one of the times you were “vetted”, cytotoxic?

          5. Please defend this.

            Julian Röpcke
            The #Taliban not only seized appr. a hundred US humvees and (MaxxPro) MRAPs at Kunduz airport, but also several US ScanEagle drones.
            Billions of US tax payer $ going to Islamist extremists, thanks to the administration’s hasty withdrawal without a peace deal or follow up mission.

          6. C’mon, Man! Obama and Biden ran on ending the war in 2008. I was standing close enough to him at the inauguration that I could hear it without the microphone. I remember thinking, “if he does nothing else”.

            1. So you weren’t in the high desert sending all of them thar sand niggers to valhalla like you previously claimed you were during the Obama administration? You should consider keeping a little dossier on your sockpuppets cytotoxic. You could avoid these embarrassing self contradictions.

        1. Because the Biden Doctrine is one of peaceful centrist non-interventionism and not the rabid neo-imperialism of populists and paleocons.

          1. Biden votes yes on the iraq war shit for brains.

            1. Or was that sarcasm icon? If so… got me.

          2. Except paleocons are anti-imperialists.
            See Paul, Ron.

    4. It’s a good thing he typed this out, I don’t think he could have spoken this with so much leftist dick crammed down his throat.

    5. Seriously. Biden’s hand was forced and he bungled the operation so badly that it almost cannot be believed, then came out and blamed everyone but himself, and ran away. Yes, what a great fucking job by President Cocoon.

  3. “America needs more blaming others and shirking responsibility for breaking your own word and fucking up replacement plans.”

    Great call.

  4. “It’s not my fault that we left thousands of American citizens undefended as we withdrew. The Afghans just didn’t have enough heart. No hustle, either. Also….Trump…something….you know, the thing.”

    1. “Trump said to leave all those weapons and vehicles! I swear!”

      1. “It was in the news!”

  5. I’m glad America is getting out of Afghanistan, it’s a move that’s long overdue.

    But Biden isn’t a hero. Since he made this decision and the situation on the ground started to deteriorate, he has been actively blaming Donald Trump for tying his hands by agreeing to leave. He has, and will continue, to run away from the negative consequences of his decisions. Apparently Boehm is perfectly content to let him.

    1. Yeah, I’ll be thrilled if we are actually, truly leaving that shithole. We’ve been there since I was in high school. But in typical Biden fashion, he has managed to do it in the most incompetent way imaginable.

      1. “If the Biden Doctrine of not repeating the mistakes of the Bush Doctrine becomes the guiding principle for American foreign policy, America and the world will be better off.”

        I promise you, this will not be the case. We’re going to need another war soon to make up for this clusterfuck of a withdrawal.

        1. This wasn’t supposed to go here.

        2. Probably, but more than likely in a red state.

          1. The FBI is already orchestrating the next white supremacist domestic terrorist plot to justify it.

        3. Bohem didn’t notice that Biden has packed the federal government with neocons.

          1. My guess is, he probably did. They all noticed, but they’re emotionally invested in “Orange Man Bad,” so they have to put themselves through ever more painful mental contortions to try and convince themselves that supporting Joe Biden was not the most colossal mistake they have ever made in their lives.

          2. Or that Biden has more than doubled the American military presence in Afghanistan

    2. “I will not repeat the mistakes we’ve made in the past.”

      “Instead, I will create entirely new colossal fuckups the likes of which you’ve never seen!”

      1. “Hold my beer and watch me do human rights!”

        1. And government spending, and the national debt….

      2. Kabul was a reboot of Saigon anyway

        1. But a soft reboot- giving Commies and Totalitarians all the nostalgic feels, while claiming to be something new.

      3. I especially loved how the Taliban were nowhere near as good as the N Vietnamese Army…yet the South Vietnamese managed to last more than, oh, four days when dealing with them.

    3. ^This.

      Withdrawal from Afghanistan was absolutely the right thing to do.

      And Joe Biden is still a soft-headed tit and a danger to all of us and the rest of the world.

      1. “Withdrawal from Afghanistan was absolutely the right thing to do.”

        Pretty sure it was “World at Arms” (Weinberg) who pointed out that the Italian government, in surrendering to the Allies in WWII, managed to do so in such a way that no one has yet found a way to fuck it up (my words) which they didn’t manage to accomplish.
        Similarly, droolin’ Joe had an admirable goal in front of him and started (months ago) by tossing Trump’s efforts and then finding whole new ways of ‘not repeating past mistakes’ by inventing new ones.

    4. “…Apparently Boehm is perfectly content to let him.”

      Boehm can’t spell “INCOMPETENCE”, keeps ending up with “HUMILITY”.

      1. Apple autocorrect again, man.

  6. It matters because the biggest failure in Afghanistan was not what happened over the past week or two.

    Pulling our forces before we had secured the safety of thousands of U.S. citizens still present in the country was an epically catastrophic failure.

    1. No generals will be fired in the making of this shit show.

      1. The remaining generals all passed the CRT exams so they must be the most competent.

  7. Yay!!! Best President in 41 years. Just think… an American President that realizes the limits of American power and the American taxpayers’ willingness to fund these imperialist adventures. Bravo, President Biden… your former colleague talked and talked and talked about doing what you have done, but you carried it out. Kudos.

    1. ^The idiot doesn’t know Trump negotiated the withdrawal, Biden fucked up the date.

      1. Yeah, OBAMA set in motion plans to withdraw from Iraq. I give credit to people that actually do and not talk.

        1. Bush negotiated the drawdown in Iraq. Obama extended the deadline and tried to renegotiate to keep them there.


          1. There’s sarcasmic-level historical knowledge in a lot of AmSoc’s posts. I wonder if this is another one of his sockpuppets, like KAR.

            1. KARen and squirrel both started calling me “Mac and cheese” on the same day.

              1. Wasn’t very krafty of them.

              2. So KAR, AmSoc1 and Sqrlsy are all sarcasmic’s shitposting sockpuppets?

                Seems about right.

            2. The original AmericanSocialist (with no 1 in the name) was a shreek sockpuppet.

        2. Some folks talk about paying their mortgage but apparently fewer actually do it.

        3. trying to ‘out-lie’ turd is no easy task, commie shit, but keep trying.

    2. Biden talked about it for 16 years, and opposed Bin Laden’s assassination. And pay your mortgage.

    1. It was Trump who negotiated with the Taliban, gave them everything they wanted, and threw our allies under the bus.

      1. Sadly youre ignorant enough to believe this.

        1. It was in the news. Easily looked up. Trump himself was praising the withdraw not that long ago.

          1. Leaving Afghanistan is the right thing to do, but nobody should be praising this cluster. It is an unmitigated disaster for everyone involved.

          2. The part about everything they wanted dumbass. Biden actually did along with millions of dollars in new weapons.

          3. And which allies? Because trumps plan wasn’t to fuck everyone over with a disorganized exit like Biden produced.

            Again. Youre ignorant enough to believe your leftist shit covering.

          4. “It was in the news”

            Well, we’ve identified the source of the ignorance

            1. White Mike’s Twitter account is now considered “the news” in some circles.

            2. No, MG’s ignorance is far deeper seated than could be accounted for by its news intake habits. Inability to dispassionately consider information, utter lack of critical thinking skills, rank bias, these are hallmarks of indoctrination and a sign of activism in the education system.

              1. Remember it has a phd so mg must be listened to.

          5. “It was in the news…”

            The steaming pile of lefty shit thinks CNN = “the news”.

          6. It was in the news. Easily looked up.

            Batboy copulating with a sasquatch was also in the news. Easily looked up.

            For the benefit of your newcomers, MollyGodiva is yet another shreek sockpuppet that he busted out after several years of retirement after the 2020 election along with his old Dajjal, AddictionMyth and QueenAmalthea sockpuppets.

      2. Thank God Joe’s been in charge for seven months. What could possibly go wrong?

      3. For Trump to ‘give them everything they wanted,’ he would need to be in charge now. You continue to attempt to top your own ignorant bias, I see.

    2. Hanoi Jane approves.

  8. Team Red, who barely 6 months ago talked about how a vote for Biden was a vote for war (ridiculous!) seem very, very upset about what is clearly a great day— the defeat of an arrogant and militaristic power by a country with an honorable and long history of showing such invaders the fucking door.

    1. SleepyJoe sent in 7,000 troops.

      1. Sometimes you have to send in 7000 to remove 1000.

          1. Close, and oddly appropriate.

            2+2 = ?

            1. He tried writing a check for his mortgage payment, but the sum was higher than 20, so he couldn’t do it.

    2. “country with an honorable and long history of showing such invaders the fucking door.”

      It’s bad enough that you hate America so much that you are willing to glorify a bunch of totalitarian, theocratic, anti-women, anti-gay Taliban irregulars[1]. But you are so stupid that you don’t realize that they are puppets of Pakistan, and don’t represent shit about this country. And you are even so stupid that you think this “country” actually has a “long history” at all.

      1: And before you do your, “Hur dur, they’re just like Republicans” bullshit, can it- I have seen Twitter too.

  9. Shhhh. It’s time to stop talking now.

    1. Underrated comment.

  10. He blamed Trump for the decision during the press conference. He refused to take any questions after. How is that humility Eric?

  11. Biden won’t repeat the mistakes of the past. He will exceed them indignantly.

  12. This is comedy gold.

    Boehm talking like he’s wearing big boy pants now.

  13. “Biden’s Determined Humility ”

    This is what you got from that speech?

    1. The pants shitting POTUS voted to invade as a senator then helped oversee the occupation for eight years as the VP. Boehm is treating him like some third party enlightened moderator.

    2. No, that’s what he got from the party’s talking points email.

      1. Here are the Democrats talking points. Boehm has been a good boy.

    3. Peace with honor, peace with humility. Potato,pototah.

      1. Yesterday while on vacation, Biden had a peaceful nap during the surrender of Kabul.

        1. Well, the bedrooms at Camp David are pretty humble compared to Mir-a-Lago.

  14. See the problem when you vote in leeches that have just been in politics their entire life, or corrupt political machine hacks (Governor Newsom), then don’t act surprised when they are shown to be massively incompetent.

    You get what you voted for. Don’t act surprised. Anyone who isn’t a party hack knew this is exactly what we would get

  15. you might try weather or sports as career options

    1. Whoever is “mentoring” him into writing these articles really should be charged with abuse.

      1. Guessing ENB.

        1. Boehm, give me 600 words on why Biden should be praised for this.

          1. If you can get it to 700 words, I’ll make you a sammich.

  16. Humility? Please. Uncle Joe disregarded the prevailing exit counsel of his own experts. He played Mr. know-it-all, coin of the realm for his type ( eg, Obama). That’s light years from humility, and closer to senility.

    1. The best was the stories about his dumb cunt wife saying he could “project his power from anywhere” cuz she didn’t wanna give up vacation and leave camp David.

      That’s why he had to jump right on a helicopter to go back. His wife couldn’t be inconvenienced.

  17. “I will not repeat the mistakes we’ve made in the past.”

    Well, except for the near exact reenactment of the last days in Saigon.

    1. He’s going to make brand new mistakes!

      1. As I mentioned earlier today, they’re using Chinooks, not Hueys. Totally original.

    2. He means starting….now. No wait,….now. Wait a second….

    3. That too was a great day.

    4. He means he won’t remember the mistakes he repeated.

  18. The Afghanis are probably the same basic culture they had when Alexander the Great passed through. The majority of them want the misogynistic, violent, tribal system they have always had. In the past 1500 years they have also had selective Koranic excuses for doing rape, murder, and theft that they were going to do anyway.
    We can not nation build..

    1. Japan turned out pretty well

      1. And Germany. Maybe that’s the way to do it. First pound them into dust and get the unconditional surrender.

        Both Japan and Germany were compliant after the war. Germany had a western culture familiar with democracy, and we had the support of the emperor in Japan.

        1. Or maybe it had something to do with the quality of the German and Japanese people? Nah…

        2. “And Germany. Maybe that’s the way to do it. First pound them into dust and get the unconditional surrender.”

          Germany took about 45 years to get back to normal.

          Japan will always be the best case scenario for an occupation.

      2. Yes. Japan (and Germany) were good nation builders. I think it is time for us to learn from that. Existing nations, with a population united as a nation, will rebuild their nation even under an occupying force. They will accept that humiliation, learn from it, and deal with it going forward.

        I’m not saying that the US didn’t help. We provided stability and a backstop against Soviet meddling. But at the end of the day, if those countries hadn’t wanted to rebuild- if their vision of the future was more about their family’s wealth (or rival’s death) than their nation’s future, we would have done nothing with Japan or Germany.

        1. Or if northern X was convinced that southern X was in thrall of the DEVIL!
          Bernard Lewis makes clear: Muslims have yet to have a reformation, and it’s long overdue.

          1. Martin Luther would have been beheaded the day after he nailed his letter to the church door if he was Muslim.

    2. You can just smell the racist claptrap from likely members of the armed forces, who were dumb and gullible enough to fight for oil and geopolitics in Afghanistan. Poor you. Get over it. Stop blaming others for your problems, racist.

      1. Totally unrelated to anything he said. And pay your mortgage.

      2. No, he is right.

        The Afghan culture is primitive horse-shit. If that is racist then fuck it.

        1. If we are to judge the quality of a country’s culture by the leaders it chooses what do you think about the American people who elected Trump?

          1. What do we think about you who would glorify leaders like Ho Chi Min and Stalin? I think that is more relevant. Because you represent true evil. No matter how many times you try to paint the US as evil, one cannot understate just how truly bad you and yours have been when getting in power. When you sleep at night, do you imagine yourself with a gun to some poor businessman’s head? Does it make you feel powerful, for once, in your life?

          2. They, unlike you, are smart enough to reject the establishment and media brainwashing.
            Now tell us more about how we need to take orders from Pfizer and Moderna so we can boost their stock prices.

          3. “If I reply to my own sockpuppet that I’ve been running for over a decade, perhaps everyone will buy my clever ruse!” – shreek the child raping pedophile.

        2. “No, he is right.”
          No, you’re full of shit, turd

    3. Who were they worshipping when Alexander passed through? It sure wasn’t Allah or the prophet’s teachings.

      1. They worshipped bundles of sticks and mud.

        Then they degenerated.

        1. Am guessing that the Taliban beheads purveyors of kiddie porn. So understand Jared’s Buttplug’s contempt.

        2. turd’s well known for his lying, now we add a heaping helping of bigotry.

  19. None of this should let the State Department and the Pentagon off the hook for botching the final act of this two-decade tragedy.

    … but if somebody could go get me some knee pads while I finish Joe off that would be great.

    Please tell me you are not this stupid Boehm. This isn’t humility. It’s deflection. It’s dereliction of duty. It’s the lie you tell yourself when you know everyone else knows you are inept.

    1. He’s that stupid. And a lefty shill.

    2. Right, it wasn’t BIDEN who fucked up, it is the people at the State Department and the Pentagon.

      You hear that? Biden is to be respected because he took the responsible course. And he is to be held blameless because Teh System.

      1. Look, he said “the buck stops here” (but only in reference to the decision to end occupation). Because he said it, that means he takes full responsibility, despite not mentioning the fiasco he planned and ordered or taking questions, even though all those other people were to blame, as he explained.
        Model leadership.

      2. Look, I understand (and pray that this is) an impulse to praise a leader for doing the right thing (like getting out of our land war in Asia). And maybe the actual cost in lives and material is worth getting out of Afghanistan. But Boehm should make that case. He should say, “Even though Biden fucked up, I would take that fuckup 100 times if it meant we got out of this morass.”

        But Boehm doesn’t do that. He let’s Biden off the hook for a huge fuck up. What’s worse is that this Pollyannaish minimizing of Biden’s fuckups is actually likely to deter withdrawals in the future. Biden is trying, and Boehm is helping, to paint a false choice here. Do you want a withdrawal, or do you want to prevent a Saigon photo finish?

        If the Left doesn’t internalize that this was an own goal- that the military, state department, and intelligence community fucked this up beyond all recognition- and resolve to fix it, this false choice will be set in stone. The Warhawks will forever tell leaders, “If you try to withdraw, you’ll have a Kabul moment!” Do you think a President Harris will accept those optics? Of course not. Or consider the alternative: That people start giving leaders a pass for exiting these entanglements with the worst, most catastrophic loss of life?

        I get it. When my kid cleans his room, and I find that he merely shoved all his shit in the closet, I am tempted to at least commend him for cleaning his room. But at some point children (and politicians) need to understand that “checking the box” is an evil way to get through life. You actually need to give a shit, especially when lives are on the line.

        1. And let’s be fair and note that it was a fuck-up for Trump to choose an exit date when he might not be president. If we assume arguendo that Trump really did want to leave Afghanistan, that he should have arranged to do so during his term. And it’s possible that he intended to use his plans to exit as a poker chip to get votes. If that was his intent, then a little bit of the fail is his.

          However, breaking the peace deal and extending our stay in Afghanistan beyond the original exit date is all Biden. Failing to organize the exit properly is on Biden. And if Biden delayed the exit in hopes it would catalyze activity in Afghanistan that would “necessitate” our continued presence there, that would be truly monstrous, and on Biden.

  20. Holy shit…I wish my wife was as loyal and loving to me as Reason is to Joe Biden. His predecessor starts a plan to accomplish something 73% of Americans approve of. Biden makes one correct decision to not side with only 27% of the electorate but then fucks up his predecessor’s plan in every conceivable way, lies along the way, hides at Camp David when everything goes to shit, reluctantly leaves his hole under intense media pressure, gives a 10 minute “presser” where he evades all responsibility and weakly blames his predecessor whose plans he fucked, and refuses to take any questions. Instead of writing an article on what actually happens, this Eric character praises his “humility”? That’s the kind of gymnastics that gives Simone Biles the “twisties.” Holy shit. It’s definitely shameful but in some ways impressive.

    1. Perfect summary.

    2. Trump didn’t have a plan other than “leave”, you moron.

      Trump never had a plan for a goddamn thing.

      Mr. Who Knew Healthcare Could Be So Hard? never had a replacement plan.

      Trump’s “plan” on COVID was to ignore it and hope it went away.

      Trump’s plan on the deficit was to triple it.

      Trump’s “plan” on trade was to warm over NAFTA and ignore the rest of the world.

      Trump “plan” was to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it and now 400,000 a month are walking into the US past his non existent wall.

      But his plan to shake you ignorant rubes down worked.

      1. Did you fly directly from Stupidville, or did you have to change planes in Chicago?

        1. I can prove every word.

          The problem with you Trump Cultists is that you have too much faith in a Top Man and Government.

          1. “I can prove every word.”

            The words are OK; it’s when you string them together in sentences that the lies show up.

          2. I can prove every word.

            Go ahead then.

            The problem with you Trump Cultists is that you have too much faith in a Top Man and Government.

            Lmfao. This from the chump who literally believed that Obama was going to stop the tides from rising.

            Stick to fucking kids shreek, god knows you aren’t good at any goddamn thing else.

        2. turd lies. It’s what turd does. If turd posts, there’s a lie in there somewhere turd hopes you won’t find.
          turd is a pathological liar and is stupid enough to hope others won’t notice.
          turd lied; it’s what he does.

      2. I don’t know if it would have worked but Trump and his cabinet announced a plan that involved leaving in May and, based on their accomplishments, I give them the benefit of the doubt. The Abraham Accords seemed to be working and the Kosovo-Serbia agreement Trump’s team brokered was truly impressive. It accomplished something Merkel and the EU tried to do for decades and was more substantive than anything the previous administration accomplished and they won a Nobel Peace Prize. It wasn’t covered much, if at all, because, you know, mean tweets but it was still impressive. So I believe them when they say they had a plan. We’ll never know if it would have worked or not because Biden scrapped it and fucked it. The delay between May and July was crucial since that is the war season in Afghanistan and the Taliban mobilized while the Biden administration in Kabul celebrated Pride month (see link). So, again, there appeared to be a plan, and that plan was fucked. There’s no way to argue it was improved upon. BTW, this is the first time we’ve ever interacted. No offense but you don’t come across particularly intellectual and you’re very unpleasant. If you’re going to be unintelligent, which I’m afraid you’re stuck with, at least be pleasant.

        1. OK, I will be nice.

          Spring is “war season” in Afghanistan.

          Seasonality and Conflict in Afghanistan

          As previously noted, Afghanistan’s spring surge in violence corresponds to agricultural cycles, improved weather and breaks in instruction at Pakistani madrassas. This section explores the relationship between each of these three factors and springtime fighting.

          Arguably, agricultural cycles have the greatest impact on defining the Afghan fighting season. This is the case for two reasons. First, the Taliban rely on the cultivation and trafficking of opium poppy to finance their insurgency. As such, fighting occurs around opium poppy cultivation cycles. Specifically, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reports that opium cultivation has surged from a low of just 8,000 hectares under cultivation in 2001 to a high of 224,000 hectares in 2014, before tapering off slightly in 2015. The farm-gate value of the crop peaked earlier, in 2011, at over $1.4 billion. While the farm-gate value decreased to $572 million in 2015, significant value is added through subsequent refinement and trafficking. The Taliban are heavily involved in these activities as well.

          Beyond the Taliban’s financial interest in opium poppy production, the harvest season robs the Afghan Taliban of much of their fighting force. One Afghan expert noted that three distinct classes of Taliban fighters exist. Specifically, he indicated that the ‘ideological Taliban,’ which as the name implies are those insurgents who are deeply ideologically committed, represent only a very small percentage of the groups fighting force. A second group that he termed the ‘mercenary Taliban’ constitute a relatively larger fraction of the Taliban’s overall force strength. This group is heavily involved in the opium economy and other illicit actives. It sides with the Taliban due to the opportunity to profit handsomely from opium cultivation and related activities and not because of ideology. By far the largest group of fighters, are the ‘paycheck Taliban,’ who are comprised of seasonal or otherwise under-employed or unemployed young men who take-up arms to earn a paycheck when they are not engaged in productive economic activity.[ii] In Afghanistan, where as much as 40 percent of the economy is agrarian, the bulk of these fighters are agricultural workers. In short, during harvest times, the number of available insurgent fighters is substantially lower.

          1. Wow. The fighting season lasts from April to August. It’s not supposed to be taken that literally – like they only fight for one season. The period of May – July is between April in August. That’s 2-3 months during the fighting “season” (again, not a literal season) where the Taliban got to ramp up and we were celebrating Pride month and teaching the Afghans intersectional feminism. I appreciate you selecting the pleasant option.

            1. Re-reading it, it looks like I should have said “during the war season” instead of “the war season.” Is that the point of your giant citation? You certainly have a way with getting to the heart of a matter.

          2. turd will be stupid and dishonest, still or again. Your choice.

        2. BTW, this is the first time we’ve ever interacted. No offense but you don’t come across particularly intellectual and you’re very unpleasant. If you’re going to be unintelligent, which I’m afraid you’re stuck with, at least be pleasant.

          You must be very new. Sarah Palin’s Buttplug 2 is a sockpuppet account (one of about a dozen) of a fellow who used to go by the screen name “shreek”. He was banned from for posting child pornography on his original “Sarah Palin’s Buttplug” sockpuppet account. He’s a vile, pathetic, bootlicking piece of shit whose thoughts are never any deeper than a headline from Democratic Underground or DailyKos. Hope that helps.

      3. Trump’s “plan” on COVID was to ignore it and hope it went away.

        It worked for Obama on H1N1. COVID-19 just turned out to be a little more deadly and a little more contagious.

        1. And Biden has yet to offer anything better than Trump.

        2. Operation Warp Speed didn’t exist.

        3. The best thing any government can do is ignoring things and leave them alone.

        4. Did it though?
          We had a worldwide conspiracy to blow it completely out of proportion so governments could seize unprecedented power for themselves by utilizing completely unreliable numbers.
          I’ve got a hunch that if the media covered and officials measured every flu season the way they did covid, we’d have a global pandemic that killed millions every year…

        5. H1N1 has a 1-4% mortality rate, NCoV has a 1.7%ish, so no COVID-19 is not a little more deadly. As for your first claim, bias does not make your statement magically factual.

      4. “Trump’s plan on the deficit was to triple it.”

        And Biden’s plan on the deficit was?
        Double spending from 6 trillion to 12 trillion, and jack up taxes as high as possible? He’s still going to end up with a deficit 3x the size of Trump’s.

        1. turd lies. Always.

      5. Trump’s “plan” on COVID was to ignore it and hope it went away.

        Or, you know, to let states do their thing and rush a vaccine through trials and approvals. Remember the vaccine that was impossible to get done before 2023 and that you were going to refuse to take because you couldn’t trust anything done by Trump that you now want to make mandatory and demand papers for interstate travel in total contravention of the constitution?

        Too bad we don’t have an inoculation for kiddie fucking.

    3. Look, Jen Psaki is not going to hold her job forever.

  21. Eric, the question isn’t whether we should have stayed in Afghanistan.

    The question is, how the fuck did you fuck this up so badly?

    That question was not answered and will not be answered.

    1. But Eric’s Twitter account won’t show up in the latest round of purgings. #priorities

    2. As someone remarked earlier today Biden parked the car in the living room rather than the garage and Boehm wants to argue about whether he forgot to get milk and eggs.

      1. Trump drank most of the milk so it really is his fault.

        1. He inherited a situation where there was no milk, so he can’t be blamed for smashing all the eggs on his way through the living room window.

        2. He drank TWO GLASSES of milk and everyone else only got one!

        3. Milk is is white, white supremacists & nationalists only like…. Although, there was a serious social media trend, much like the 2+2=5 shit, pushing for just this nonsense.

    3. It’s not lost in all this but still bears repeating that the Biden regime could have done literally nothing and taken the credit for essentially the Trump administration’s exit plan that they got handed on a silver fucking platter, and the Top Men took it, wiped their asses with it, threw it in a dumpster and lit the dumpster on fire.

      1. This guy gets it.

      2. They really could not have fucked this up worse.

        1. You credit droolin’ Joe too much; I’m sure he’s got fuckups the extent of which we have yet to imagine.

        2. Maybe.
          Let’s see if any of the thousands of American civilians still trapped in Afghanistan, in Kabul and elsewhere, start appearing on videos that’ll need to be heavily edited and censored if the media even has the integrity to broadcast them.
          If that happens, and we start begging for bodies back instead of safe passage, then yes, it would be hard to fuck it up worse.
          So: to be determined.

          1. Hmm.
            I suppose the fact that I have to say the above actually proves it couldn’t have been fucked up any worse.

      3. Apparently, Biden’s people thought having the target date for withdrawal being September 11 was somehow clever instead of handing the Taliban the easiest propaganda point in history. The Democrats on this have been incredibly stupid in their handling of it while thinking they are geniuses.

        1. The simple fact that “September 11” was even floated outside the very first conference room in which it was uttered means they are clueless beyond belief.

        2. That…would not surprise me one bit.

          Benghazi was essentially caused by PR posturing. Hillary and Obama wanted to say “See we can make regime change without putting boots on the ground” and they were going to make that stick, regardless of how many ambassador’s bodies ended up on flagpoles.

        3. “ The Democrats on this have been incredibly stupid in their handling of it while thinking they are geniuses.”

          That could apply to literally any scenario.

  22. Biden should have humility, he is presiding over a humiliation.

  23. It would, perhaps, be nice if we could fix all the countries of the wogs and nignogs who we find inferior so that they would become enlightened enough to accept American style democracy or even Euro-style Social Democracy but, alas, they continue to resist change in spite of the manifest superiority of our form of government over theirs.

    Actually, there are scholars who think that Kipling’s poem White Man’s Burden was a warning of the pitfalls and folly of imperialism, rather than a recommendation of the pursuit of Empire.

    For every Afghan woman yearning to cast off her burqa there are many more who want to be obedient to Allah, including a non-trivial number who are just fine with Taliban style fundamentalism and even ISIS style terror and subjugation.

    The plain fact is that I am not sure that the reason the
    Taliban have taken over is because the Afghan people want them.

    1. Well, they certainly weren’t fighting them, so they probably do.

      1. Or at a certain point you see the writing on the wall. Kabul’s government was going to fall because they were kleptocrats sucking off America’s teat, not rulers.

        If you were an officer charged with holding a fort or outpost, why would you fight for some leader who was syphoning off federal aid to his family’s bank account in Switzerland? Especially when the Taliban is offering you a graceful exit, a little cash and your neck un-slit?

        As for the peasantry, what are they supposed to do? Make some token gesture at the Taliban, and get killed? Great, they stood up for…a vague notion of something bigger than their little village. Will that vague notion now feed their kids since daddy is in a mass grave?

        I don’t blame any of these people choosing to roll over for the Taliban. I blame the Taliban, the Afghan government, and Biden for dithering and dithering before ripping the Band-Aid off.

        1. There’s this, and the fact that stupid Joe with his talking points about the modern equipped Afghan Army demonstrated how ignorant he and the career politicians, academe, journalists, punditry are. Equipment does not make a fighting force, particularly if there is no means to maintain the equipment. The US, as stupid Joe is entirely unaware, is the product of an insurgency, in this case a small dedicated force with ‘inferior’ arms and training defeating a superior force. Afghanistan has a long history of this, and the US has a history of losing to insurgencies when the shitty busybodies in Congress send other peoples’ children to ‘do something.’ I think the Taliban were likely to take the country, sadly. There’s not much to be done, we can’t stay forever and were there far too long. That said, this goatscrew is on Biden, the buck stops at his desk. If he is truly going to show some humility, he will publicly state that he is to blame, not Trump, not the Afghans, not anyone else.

    2. —–The plain fact is that I am not sure that the reason the Taliban have taken over is because the Afghan people want them.—-

      Maybe. Maybe not so much, anymore. Over 60% of the Afghan population is under 25. That’s a lot of minds born under a pro-west governance, for lack of a better description.

      Don’t look now, but Allah has suddenly collided with iPhones and Nike. The Taliban will, too, and I suspect its control will be less about an ideological romance than about its ruthlessness. As Stalin said, sort of, how many divisions do they ( the people, not the Pope) have?

    3. Regardless, it’s none of mine nor the US’ business.

  24. If only he had that determined humility seven months ago, we could have followed the Trump plan and been out of Afghanistan in April without the massive, embarrassing shitshow.

  25. Some of us think his resignation is what America needs.

    1. Hello President Harris!


      2. Don’t think there are not factions within the Democrats seeking to engineer the ouster of Biden.

        Likewise there are people in the deep state making contingencies to prevent this.

        One of those counter plans being some sort of false flag provocation justifying an authoritarian crack down and power consolidation by Biden’s minders.

        1. Oh, the Biden and Harris (Obama) factions apparently hate each other.
          Notice who was even more absent than Joe this whole time?
          His veep. Hanging him out to dry.

    2. He will immediately be transferred to the Andrew Cuomo Home for Retirees where he will live out his last days in peaceful bliss.

  26. President Biden? Humility???
    It has been widely reported for weeks that President Biden contradicted the advice and counsel for How to withdraw and what level of support that would be needed. He overruled the advice of State, Defense, and National Intelligence community. I don’t disagree that we needed to scale back but, that doesn’t mean we remove the service and maintenance workers for the military aircraft. That doesn’t mean that we don’t need to have the ability to have air/ drones functional. The allies from Europe disagreed about the abandonment of Afghanistan.

    1. If he is a senile old man, as many here believe, how was he able to “contradict the advice and counsel for How to withdraw?” Is he in charge or just a puppet? We can’t have it both ways. What does DOCTOR Jill say?

      1. Senile people are often incompetent. News at 11.

      2. She is not a medical doctor so she is not competent to give medical advice. Medical doctors went to medical school and had residency. Jill Biden is a PhD in Education. I don’t think that your college history or math professor/ PhD gives medical advice ????.

    2. Yeah, he showed humility not that it means much.

      Humility like a dog messes the floor and you catch him.

      1. He showed incompetence, turd.

  27. Has the last helicopter left Saigon, yet?

  28. with the Trump administration negotiating a withdrawal and Biden mostly sticking to that timetable after taking office in January.

    Did Biden “mostly” stick to the plan the way the 2020 protests were “mostly peaceful”?

    1. I didn’t bother to rtfa, and after I read that moronic quote I’m certain I made the right decision. Seriously, what the fuck is he talking about?!

    2. Wow, that was a stretch to tie in a totally irrelevant matter.

      1. Poor Dee is too stupid to know what an analogy is.

      2. This from the stupid sack of shit still blaming every failure of the federal government on Trump almost 9 months after he’s been out of office. 9 fucking months. Bush was a few weeks shy of this point in his presidency when 9/11 happened.

  29. I have to reluctantly give some credit where it’s due: whichever member of his staff came up with the idea of magically transforming him into a Ron Paul libertarian after an almost 50 year career as a standard-issue neoliberal interventionist, was kind of a brilliant idea. Probably the best rabbit they could have possibly have pulled out of a hat under the circumstances. Anyone who would actually seriously believe it for a second is a damn fool of course.

    It also does nothing to address the question of why he said all the stuff he said on July 8 in what was probably the most embarrassingly wrong press conference in modern American history. Of course Reason will more than happy to gloss all that over, as will most of their brethren in the “mainstream” media.

    1. If I had to guess, the July 8 comments were an attempt to make his previous boss’ “JV squad” comments look smart.

    2. It wasn’t brilliant, because they didn’t think like that. The standard play for them is simple, “Get him to say some vague argle bargle and the Media will take it from there.”

      And here we are. He got out there, gave some sound bytes, and the rest of the media (including Boehm disappointingly) are now crafting what he said after the fact. It was humble. It was direct. It was just what we needed at this time. argle bargle bargle.

  30. Guy in elected office for nearly 50 years sputtering about not repeating mistakes of the past, mistakes that he was ass deep in, and the stenographer accepts it without question.

  31. I really dont know why they did those moves…and why they leave…

    mp3 download

  32. Hey, Boehm, does Biden have spiky hairy old man pubes, or is his sack shaved and smooth like a baby?

    1. All Boehm remembers is when Ol Joe finally blew his load, it was just a puff of dust and it made him cough.

  33. We should just fucking stay there another 10 years so that the optics of a militaristic power having its arse handed to it are better. Hey, sending men and material to the meat grinder so that the politicians and generals look good is what geopolitics is all about.

    1. “…Hey, sending men and material to the meat grinder so that the politicians and generals look good is what geopolitics is all about.”

      Your BFF Stalin was awfully good at grinding up the meat.

    2. Killing rural white men and bankrupting their parents is what the last two decades’ worth of American foreign “policy” has been about.


    Ron Paul

    This weekend the US experienced another “Saigon moment,” this time in Afghanistan. After a 20 year war that drained trillions from Americans’ pockets, the capital of Afghanistan fell without a fight. The corrupt Potemkin regime that the US had been propping up for two decades and the Afghan military that we had spent billions training just melted away.

    The rush is on now to find somebody to blame for the chaos in Afghanistan. Many of the “experts” doing the finger-pointing are the ones most to blame. Politicians and pundits who played cheerleader for this war for two decades are now rushing to blame President Biden for finally getting the US out. Where were they when succeeding presidents continued to add troops and expand the mission in Afghanistan?

    1. Politicians and pundits who played cheerleader for this war for two decades

      Politicians like Joe Biden.

      1. Lol. Amazing how the biden cultists ignore that.

        1. You hate Ron Paul too.

          wow, you really are a Trump cultist

          1. You hate Chris Hansen.

          2. I think Ron Paul is saying there’s a lot of blame to go around, and he’s right.

          3. turd hates honesty; never gets near it. turd lies. If turd posts , it’s a lie.
            turd lies, period.

          4. Hey remember how you’ve spent literally the last 15 years calling Ron Paul a racist gold bug? Kinda like how you called Mittens Romney a white supremacist Nazi before you decided he was a kind elder statesman for opposing Trump. It’s almost as if you’re a lying, stupid piece of shit. Of course that’s nothing compared to being a child rapist who got banned from for posting illegal child pornography.

            1. “…It’s almost as if you’re a lying, stupid piece of shit. Of course that’s nothing compared to being a child rapist who got banned from for posting illegal child pornography…”

              You’re too kind. turd is nowhere near that decent of a human being. He’s worse, far, far worse.

    2. I don’t know if one “hates” Ron Paul if they simply point out a couple giant trees he missed while he focused so much on the forest. 1) Biden, through his time with the Obama administration, is certainly one of the politicians he says to blame. 2) While getting out of long, stupid foreign wars will always be painful, it didn’t have to be THIS painful. It’s inevitably going to be bad but not THIS bad. It took a lot of baffling, off-the-charts incompetence to withdraw this badly. This horrific result will make withdrawing from Iraq more difficult. A libertarian argument should be if we doesn’t have to be this bad if we don’t have a senile President leading the least libertarian cabinet perhaps ever.

    3. “…Many of the “experts” doing the finger-pointing are the ones most to blame. Politicians and pundits who played cheerleader for this war for two decades are now rushing to blame President Biden for finally getting the US out…”

      Mr. Paul is full of shit right here. No one is griping about getting out; everyone is griping about the colossal fuck-up that droolin’ Joe has managed to make of it.
      This isn’t a “withdrawal”, this is a “getting your ass kicked out the door with all your goodies lefty behind”.
      I think is was Weinberg (“World at Arms”) who commented regarding the Italian government’s surrender to the Allies: “if there was something they could have screwed up and didn’t, it has yet to come to light”.
      Mr, Weinberg, please meet droolin’ Joe.

  35. Wait, this isn’t the Babylon Bee? I could’ve sworn the exit said Babylon Bee…

    1. Much like Political Humorist Tom Lehrer did after Kissinger got the Nobel Prize, the Babylon Bee may have to call it a day.

      1. But has there ever been a Nobel Peace Prize awarded that wasn’t just the global political establishment patting itself on the back?

  36. “Biden’s Determined Humility Regarding Afghanistan Is What America Needs Right Now”

    JFC, I haven’t seen anyone here fault Biden for pulling out of Afghanistan yet. Everyone I’ve seen has just criticized the way it was done.

    Almost all of us are glad to be leaving Afghanistan behind, but Biden’s humility for the incompetent way he handled the transition of power is insufficiently humble.

    1. Senator Biden voted for the invasion. VP Biden helped oversee the occupation for eight years. And now POTUS Biden took a vacation while this happened.

      Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned. Biden would have taken a nap.

      1. I’m seeing more and more parallels between Biden and the declaration of Claudius by the Praetorians as princeps.

  37. “Humility”?
    It seems that word doesn’t mean what I thought it meant.

    1. Stupidity?

    2. It apparently means strawman fallacy and not taking questions from the press corps.

  38. It may be up to us Libertarians;
    Will someone make a note that you need forces on the ground as you withdraw, ‘collapsing the pocket’ so to speak?
    Oh, yeah, and during a withdrawal you still need lots and lots of air cover.
    Another note to make is something about blowing up the stuff you aren’t taking with you.

  39. Does Biden even realized what happened over the weekend? He addressed the need to get out of Afghanistan, but he didn’t address the actual f’up of the withdrawal.

    This was a planned withdrawal of our troops. How can a plan not make provisions for removing/destroying sensitive documents before the Taliban is marching into the city? How can a plan not have provisions for removing Embassy personnel before the Taliban is at the door? How can a plan leave high tech weaponry on site for the terrorists to take control of? Who was in charge of this total cluster-fuck?

    We can all agree we needed to be out of this useless “war”, but for something that was planned over several months, this operation of withdrawal sure seemed as if no one but the Taliban was in charge.

    1. Also, it appears that Google maps probably had a better idea as to where the Taliban was marching than our “intelligence agencies”. How could they be caught so unaware? Or, was it a deliberate failure?

      Anyway, no matter who he tries to blame it on, this is all on Biden and his military and intelligence advisors.

      This was a cluster-f*ck from beginning to end, but the end is on Biden.

    2. Or each of those things noted as something “not” done was not done intentionally. I think too often we assume incompetence when another alternative is equally likely. Any one of those things not happening can be ascribed to failure or poor planning, but not all of them.

      1. Disagreed.
        Never assume cupidity where stupidity will suffice, as in this case.
        Trump had a schedule and a treaty with Taliban; Biden tossed it because orangemanbad, and proceeded to fuck it up out of plain ignorance.

        1. How naive.
          Can’t conclude anything, but innocent incompetence is not necessarily the most plausible option here.

          1. Sorry, this level of incompetence requires too much competence to be planned.
            This is stupid, squared, and that is an entirely adequate explanation; tin-foil hats on aisle 6, blue-light special.

    3. Also, there was no “humility”. There was a lot of “I don’ know what happened, but it’s not my fault” bullsh*t. That’s not humility. That’s admitting you are way out of your league while just appearing to read the teleprompter.

      How in the heck anyone can think this half-brain is in charge of anything other than what time he gets to put his slippers on is delusional. And, Jill has a timer to let him know his slippers are heated and ready.

    4. Yeah, but… humble.

    5. “…This was a planned withdrawal of our troops. How can a plan not make provisions for removing/destroying sensitive documents before the Taliban is marching into the city? How can a plan not have provisions for removing Embassy personnel before the Taliban is at the door? How can a plan leave high tech weaponry on site for the terrorists to take control of? Who was in charge of this total cluster-fuck?…”

      Droolin’ Joe; expect nothing other.

  40. President Biden is a leader. He made the decision and took the hit that came from it. He did what others promised and he did what the American people wanted.

    1. “President Biden is a leader…”

      As is obvious from this example, a raging case of TDS makes asshole stupid beyond measure.
      How stupid? Stupid enough to post that.

    2. He made the decision and took the hit that came from it.

      Do you and Boehm use the same brand of ball gargle? Asking for most of the rest of the writers here.

    3. Could have sworn he said today trump made the decision first. And then tried to blame trump for how badly Biden fucked up executing said decision.

      1. LEADERSHIP!

    4. Yeah no. Actually Trump did what the American people wanted. Biden almost entirely fucked it up.

    5. I appreciate your consistent effort to prove me right that you are, in fact, the dumbest commentator here.

      Or a parody.

      1. No matter how hard he tries he can never out-stupid sarcasmic.

    6. Would you have said that if Trump was still president and did this? Seriously would you? Be honest..

      1. “…Be honest..”

        Ha, ha, ha. This is M4e, for pete’s sake. Any hint of honesty, or intelligence he might once have had yielded long ago to TDS.
        This raging asshole wouldn’t recognize honesty if it bit him on the ass.

    7. He blamed the Afgnan people, the people now suffering. He did what you are doing with you’what others promised’ bullshit, attempt to pass the buck. This is not taking a hit, nor is it leadership, it is immature selfish behavior.

  41. Any time I read an EB post about Biden, I can imagine him getting the same thrill up his leg that Chris Matthews got over Obama.

    Biden has been a fuck up of epic proportions and as he shows here, even when doing something that is right and long overdue, he fucks it up beyond all belief. What a clusterfuck.

  42. I really don’t like Biden but I agree with ending the futility there. Its suspicious that he’s showing some conviction in making a tough decision but folds so easily to party pressure for everything else. Maybe the military-industrial masters have a new mission in mind…

    1. Like an excuse to go back in?

  43. In this case, humility is spelled I-N-C-O-M-P-E-T-E-N-C-E.

  44. I think it’s time to cancel my subscription to this rag. Confusing being an absolute dumb ass with humility is inexcusable. Even if you disagreed with this was from the get, not planning for an orderly exit and throwing out own citizens still in the country as well as our Afghan partners under the bus with no warning is inexcusable. Biden owns this disaster just like he owns all the other disasters he’s imposed (crime bill, crime czar,) eviction moratoriums etc etc on this country.

    1. Please leave forever.

      1. You first

      2. jcw,
        Please make the world a better place: Fuck off and die.

      3. No, jcw. You can fuck off first, please.

  45. The now fully developed Reason narrative is that wise old Joe listened to the nation and bravely withdrew despite the inevitable negative consequences. Anyone criticizing would have us in Afghanistan forever. Very few here disagree that the occupation needed to end. I was one of the 5 percent who apposed the invasion 20 years ago. For the record I am very happy to see US troops leaving and i hope never to return. I am very happy that Biden did not completely abandon Trump’s withdrawal efforts. But the idea that he’s some great statesmen with a shred of humility is absurd. He is personally responsible for the occupation. In 40 years he’s never seen a war he didn’t like. He’s covered with blood. He’s packed his administration with neocons. The military industrial complex is back in business. That’s why they pulled out all the stops to rid themselves of Trump.
    Trump left him with a functioning agreement that would have been done by May 1st. But he unilaterally violated the terms of the agreement only to pander to the TDS infected. He tried to create a photo op by scheduling the withdrawal for 9/11 then unilaterally changed the date again. The shitshow we are witnessing is entirely his responsibility and once again innocent people will die, not that humble Joe gives a shit. I’m not happy that this is happening. It’s tragic. But for “libertarians” to sing praises to Joe Biden is really beyond the pale.

    1. “The now fully developed Reason narrative is that…”

      They didn’t exactly develop it. They just copy and pasted straight from the Democratic Party’s talking points memo, like good little JournoListers.

  46. “”I will not repeat the mistakes we’ve made in the past,” Biden said Monday.”

    No. He’ll just make new mistakes, like sending troops to DR Congo to fight Islamic State insurgents.

  47. Is this a fucking joke?

    1. Reason Magazine? Yes.

  48. Oh, he’s definitely getting humbled. More so in 2022.

    But it’s still the right decision, even though the process was botched.

    1. Joe Pisarcik failing to safely run out the clock was a botch. Biden’s bungle is a disaster.

      1. I think Cuomo’s on the hook for 15K lives; pretty sure droolin’ Joe’s gonna top that, easy!

      2. Jersey Joe….yeah Corn Pop has many of the same qualities..

  49. “I will not repeat the mistakes we’ve made in the past,” Biden said Monday.“

    Alas the video of the chopper lifting from the roof of the US embassy declares otherwise. The young writer of the article is too young to remember Saigon.

    1. Nah, he’s just a lefty hack whose paid to write propaganda for Democrats.

      1. Rich Uncle Charles’ brown envelopes are thick and meaty.

  50. Are you out of your fucking mind? Did we watch the same speech? That was not humility. That was blame-gaming, accountability-dodging lunacy. Reason is completely whiffing here…

  51. Well Ron Paul said 10 years ago it was time to come home and if we didn’t we would be there 10 more years..I’m sorry who was VP then? And who was VP in the Libyian Operation? Yemen?…

    Man if Trump did this just think how the Reason Wokes would be supporting sending in 50K more troops to protect transvestite Afganis…

    Yes we need a new foreign policy but one that doesn’t rely on “diplomatic or economic” pressure but one that is based on friendship and trade with all…as our founders said. EB is just another warmed over neolib at Reason with a hard on for getting a gig at Salon or Slate or the Atlantic or the NYT…

  52. “It was everyone’s fault except mine,” is not humility, dumbass.

    1. The commie staff at unreason wont address that us pilots had to run over afghanis to get their planes of the airfield and into the air.

      At least 3 afghanis held onto the planes until takeoff and fell to their deaths.

      unreason staff are pieces of shit. Trump tried to withdraw us troops and unreason commies sided with the commie democrats who denied funding to withdraw.

      Now unreason staff are sucking bidens dirty dick. It was bad enough when unreason commies sucked hillarys dirty dick.

  53. Wife turned on CBS and the actress acting like a news-person is claiming that droolin’ Joe is “defending getting US troops out of Afghanistan”.
    Haven’t heard anyone griping about getting out; he should be admitting he terribly fucked up the execution of his first real mid-east policy move. No one is griping about getting them out; they’re griping about how fucked-up droolin’ Joe has managed to make of the move.
    We’ve already got turd, Tony, commie-shit, Mike, M4e, pod and other low-watt TDS-addled lefty pieces of shit claiming ‘it’s Trump’s fault!’ in open ignorance of the record, so Biden has a fair chance of convincing a sizeable number of the electorate. But that’s an embarrassment, not something to applaud.

    1. I never said the Afghan War was Dear Leader’s fault. I put the blame on GWB. He’s the one that started this calamitous war. I just said Dear Leader was a fucking lying windbag who dithered around for 4 years and didn’t do shit. It takes a real leader to execute and that leader isn’t Team Red’s sack of crap leader.

      1. “…I just said Dear Leader was a fucking lying windbag who dithered around for 4 years and didn’t do shit…”

        Hmm, tax cut, two decent SCOTUS justices, an agreement with Taliban to leave without this sort of FUBAR.
        Yep, did things right, compared to droolin’ Joe who can’t complete a coherent sentence.
        Commie asshole,
        Pay your mortgage, and then piss off and die.

      2. Weird that the peacebringer couldn’t end the war in 8 years. Weird also that the anti-war, Code Pink, Cindy Sheehan party passed a fucking law to prevent Trump from withdrawing troops on the timeline he negotiated.

      3. Oh, also, you’re a kiddie fucker, shreek. Never forget that. Never forget that you got banned from for posting illegal child pornography. Because you’re a kiddie fucker. Don’t forget.

  54. Reason editors: We need someone to write a stupid and futile article using the approved DNC narrative in support of Joe Biden.

    Boehm: I’m just the regard for that.

    1. The commie staff at unreason know that their future is bleak, so they agreed to destroy a Libertarian dissent outlet as long as the money flows.

      Commie unreason staff will answer for their crimes against Americans.

  55. I disagree in the strongest possible way. WE HAD WON. The last combat death we had was way back in Feb 2020. The Afgans were fighting for their country. The Taliban was relegated to hit and run attacks. We were gradually drawing down our troops, but things remained stable.

    However, the Taliban had a huge propaganda advantage. They kept telling people that America would cut and run. The worst thing that could happen to you if you joined the Taliban was you would get droned. The worst thing that would happen to you if you fought the Taliban is that they would slaughter your family as soon as they overran the country. So, yeah, as soon as the Afgan army learned that their main source of intelligence and air support was cut and running and they started taking some battle losses, they obviously lost all will to fight. We played exactly into the Taliban’s propaganda.

    Far from demonstrating the limits of American power, Afganistan showed the extent of it. 8,000 troops was all it took to keep the Taliban at bay. They didn’t even have to fight. Just do the logistics and intelligence at a level that only the top militaries can replicate. Keep the Taliban guessing when the next bomb will drop on their heads. Force them to keep a wary eye on the sky…wondering just how good America’s spy satellites are and how much of the country is watched from high altitude drones. Eternally wondering any time they are outside their caves whether they were being marked for death in some remote air conditioned command center and what form it will take: Drone? Bomb? Or getting flash banged in the middle of the night by fellow Afgans wearing top of the line night vision and transported close by in a literal black helicopter.

    We signaled to the world that we didn’t care about Afganistan. And so, the Taliban got bolder. As it turns out, our attention was actually elsewhere. Our ability to respond degraded by the distraction of demobilizing at a rapid rate. The Taliban was emboldened by the rhetoric of America’s leaders, the Afgan army’s morale crushed. And the smaller but more cruel force won out in the end.

    A ridiculous end because America demands closure, except in Germany, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea, and any number of other former battlefields turned permanent garrisons.

    1. I meant Kuwait not Pakistan.

    2. “…A ridiculous end because America demands closure, except in Germany, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea, and any number of other former battlefields turned permanent garrisons.”

      I’m sure you are convinced there is a point buried somewhere in there, but start here:
      The government or war-lord tribes which the Afghans choose are their business, not yours.
      Are we good with that?

      1. The Afgans chose their government. That government wanted our help. Civilians don’t choose to have warlords rule over them; that go along with it because they are terrified of the consequences if they don’t.

        1. I’d suggest you look up ‘revealed preference” and further suggest you do some reading regarding Afghanistan; it is not a ‘country’ as understood here. “Battle Grounds” by McMaster (a war monger of the first water) has horrible recommendations, but very good research.
          Perhaps 300 sq. mi. are actually under government ‘control’ (perhaps ‘influence’ is a better term), and the government is understood to be corrupt as can be.
          The rest are tribal lands with people quite content with their local warlords.
          I repeat; it is their country, and they choose (by their actions) what governmental arrangements they prefer.

  56. “Biden Doctrine” — hee-hee, yeah.

    1. That’s “try to string together two coherent sentences”
      So far, not good.

    2. ‘Call a lid on it.’

  57. Joe Biden: “I’m not going to make the same old mistakes that previous presidents have made. I am going to make bold, creative new mistakes.”

  58. Wink, Wink Boehm. I get what you are doing.

    You see, if Biden takes it too tough on the chin for withdrawing, no Democrats will never again risk looking weak. So they need to act like mom covering for dad- the makeup barely hides the black eye, but she is smiling, and blinking back the tears. This is a happy family, and she is going to make sure everyone knows it. The Libertarian-Democrat synergy is perfectly functional- not like those icky Goldskins down the block.

  59. Biden’s Determined Humility Regarding Afghanistan Is What America Needs Right Now
    “I will not repeat the mistakes we’ve made in the past,” Biden said Monday.

    What the fuck are you smoking? Humility? The guy who blames it all on everyone else? ‘Not repeating the mistakes of the past’ – except for the moral relativism, and absolutely not cleaning house of the people who made a total dog’s breakfast of this whole mess – the people who lied about the intel, the people who didn’t have the evacuation support, the people who left our Afghan helpers in the lurch because ‘well, *some* of them didn’t want to leave’.

    Biden is absolutely going to repeat the mistakes of the past because he’s going to leave the same fucking people who made them – some of them with WHOLE CAREERS BUILT AROUND MAKING THEM after 20 years – in place.

    There will be no review of the intel community. No review of the diplomatic community. No review of the military community.

    And say goodbye to Taiwan. China is the new world power because we’ve shown we can’t do either hard or soft power worth shit.


    Thousands of U.S. citizens are trapped in Kabul with no ability to get to the airport. As Taliban soldiers go door to door, searching for Westerners, these U.S. citizens are now reaching out to Washington for help.

    “We’ve been screaming at the State Department over this issue,” one senior GOP Senate staffer told me. “This is a s—show everyone saw coming, and they didn’t do a damn thing about it until about 24 hours ago, after days of pounding on them by the Hill.”

    State Dept and DOD have two options: negotiate safe passage for American citizens with the Taliban, if possible, or send the military into the city to bring Americans back to the airport before the Taliban gangs find them.

    The blame game can wait. Thousands of Americans could become hostages or worse. Every hour that goes by without action places them in greater danger. Rescuing them is the most important thing right now.

    1. Remember when the Iranian-Iraqi militia vandalized our embassy so Trump droned Iran’s top general into non-existence?
      That kind of response tends to make adversaries slow down and think twice about further aggression. It has a deterrent effect.

      Don’t know that Joe has the loose cannon street cred to keep the Taliban from chopping off colonizer heads. And the way we’re withdrawing is pretty much the exact opposite of a deterrent.

      1. This could get even worse real fast.

    2. No. Please stop trying to get us back to Afghanistan. What we have here is a failure to communicate. You need to respect Biden. Respect his humilitah.

      1. I don’t think me pointing out the possibility that Americans will be executed is going to have much influence on whether we’d go back into Afghanistan in response or just sit back and let it be known that Americans are fair game in any part of the world

  61. We need M4e, the TDS-addled lefty asshole to once again explain to us how droolin’ Joe ‘took a hit’ for being a fucking ignoramus regarding foreign policy.
    M4e? Stuff it up your ass – your head needs company.

  62. Looking for the sewage-treatment rejects trying to deflect blame from droolin’ Joe for this disaster; looks like even those TDS-addled assholes have given up.
    Brandyshit has yet to be heard from; that TDS-addled piece of shit is always good for some “orangemanbad” assholery,

  63. While it’s hard to say Afghanistan was a success before the pull out, look at S. Korea. It wasn’t really until the late 90s that it became a truly modern country.

    That was basically 40 years of occupation before it paid off (though admittedly, N.Korea is still a problem)

  64. He’s definitely responsible for this part.

  65. Sweaty old man balls in your mouth, Boehn. It’s a good thing you’re a writer because nobody could hear you shill around that mouthful you’re sucking off so furiously.

    Fucking humility… Yeah, definitely it. Goddamned clowns.

    1. +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  66. There was never a good time.

    Yes there was, and it was always “immediately.”

  67. “”I will not repeat the mistakes we’ve made in the past,” Biden said Monday.”

    Heck no. He’ll come up with a whole new set of mistakes.

  68. Absolute lies. The industrial complex will force more wasteful spending.

  69. Biden has never once in his career displayed humility, Boehm. He’s a self-aggrandizing braggart and bully; there is 40+ years of video to back this up/ Wishful thinking does not make facts, and you missed the bit where he shifted blame to the Afghans ‘civil war’ strawman. Humble, in a completely dishonest sort of way.

  70. Really?

    He went over all the predictions he made over the last several months about the results of his policy, and pointed out every one he screwed up?


    Then your headline is asinine, and your article is 100% BS.

  71. Does this mean conservatives want to occupy Afghanistan for another ten years? After all, Biden has to be wrong about everything, which means withdrawing is bad, right?

    1. Do you enjoy making a public ass of yourself daily?

    2. Did it mean that you wanted to occupy Afghanistan for another ten years when you shit a brick about Trump’s withdrawal timeline and clamorously stuffed as much Democratic Party cock into your gullet as you possibly could when the Democratic-controlled congress actually passed a fucking law to prevent Trump from using a thin dime of appropriated funds for withdrawal?

      No, of course that couldn’t be. You’re a neutral fighter for libertopia and definitely not a piece of shit Democratic Party shill who does nothing but run interference and deflect any and all criticism of Democrats as some kind of Trump cultism.

  72. It would be an understatement to say if this happened under Trump, Biden (and the media) would not have credited him for any sense of humility. And Trump would make statements about “not wasting American lives in AFG” with extra emphasis on MAGA.

    None of this is humility. This is just politicians sticking to popular talking points. Biden dropped bombs and stuffed more kids in cages than any other president a few weeks after inauguration. A mark of humility, hardly. And he’s sending in reinforcement that dwarfs the original force, so no one should buy his line about saving American lives.

    All American politicians knew AFG war was losing favor among Americans. Trump was the first to disregard objections to set the plan into motion. That provided a cover for Biden, who obviously intended to reap all the glory if the transition went smoothly (as he did with vaccine rollouts that started under Trump) and blame Trump if things went wrong. Again, not humility. Again Trump would have done the same thing.

    You can do away with any illusion of peace in that country. Even if we totally withdraw, as soon an ISIS resettles there and starts to launch terrorist strikes on the west, we’ll be bombing the heck out of the country. Any notion of Afgani mass resettlement dies. Less of our side will die because we’re not physically there, but more of them would die.

    “Better them than us” That’s the best alternative, which is like saying Superman 64 is slightly better than cyber punk 4077 or vice versa. No one wins.

  73. Biden can “express humility” all he wants. we know he doesn’t mean it, so what’s the point?? humility in our public policy debate, and especially in our foreign policy would be wonderful. I guess it is a step forward for him to claim that he’s proceeding in that vein, but his track record does not lend a warm fuzzy. he’s been one of the most arrogant and least likely to admit error among the many such pols of the last 50 years. why should one speech convince anyone that this leopard has changed his spots??

  74. “I will not repeat the mistakes we’ve made in the past,” Biden said adding, “I promise to make new and ever more spectacular mistakes, mistakes so mind-bogglingly insane you can’t believe them, or my name isn’t… uh… oh my… you know.”

  75. Eric Boehm? Is that a pen name for Jen Psaki?

  76. This humility is fine but should be combined with robust threats against renewed terrorist threats. I’m happy to leave Taliban be but they should expect to be vaporized if they ever host our enemies again.

  77. Eric Boehm, Nicole Wallace, and Nancy Pelosi all agree Biden did an awesome job surrendering Americans and American allies to the Taliban.

  78. Biden wants credit for the good part but immediately blamed Trump when it went bad in Kabul. Ol joe has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue he has been involved in and this is no different. His fiascos and mistakes are piling up and we are only 6 months in. He has had over a year to plan a strategy to handle a pandemic and even criticized Trump and bragged he would never allow a virus to over whelm the country and now here we are with a worse one. Humility certainly is not something Biden is associated with. This article is hilariously attempting to cover the fact Biden was involved with Afghanistan for a longer time then any other administration as VP and as or more guilty then anyone else involved. He had 8 years between Bush and Trump and if anything made it worse. The same goes for Iraq and the other 100 countries where we have special forces and military operations on going.

  79. It’s not he did the right or wrong thing. In the middle of performing a quadruple coronary by pass operation, Dr. Biden took of his mask, sneezed into the open cavity, and then walked out of the operating room flipping off the lights as he exited the room.

  80. Biden is a disaster who offers NOTHING. He’s SO weak that our enemies are using HIS FAILURE to demoralize our allies and scare countries like Taiwan. They are telling our allies that America will abandon them just like we abandoned people in Afghanistan! No thanks, Biden’s empty speech did NOTHING for me, except to make me realize that he has NO IDEA what he’s doing! All he did was blame others! He is NO LEADER!

  81. Humility huh?
    But not humble enough to admit him and his assholes made a big-time fuckup.

  82. Humility? He’s either too proud to admit that he has any part in this debacle, or he’s not cognizant of the problem. But Humble… that’s a laugh.

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