Cancel Culture

The Media Falsely Accused a Rockies Fan of Shouting a Racial Epithet

The man was actually calling for Dinger, the team's mascot.


Over the weekend, a short clip from a Major League Baseball game went viral on social media: It sounded like a fan in the stands of Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, was repeatedly yelling nigger at Lewis Brinson, a batter for the Miami Marlins who is black.

The incident soon attracted widespread coverage from the mainstream media. The New York Times reported that the team was investigating the matter, and would ban the perpetrator from attending any future games.

"The n-word was shouted multiple times from the stands Sunday at Denver's Coors Field during a game between the Colorado Rockies and the Miami Marlins," claimed The Washington Post.

CNN reported the story too, as did the Associated Press and USA Today. None of these articles questioned basic premises of the incident, or indicated that it might be in dispute. People were mad on Twitter, and that fact alone qualified the matter for coverage.

But it turns out the man did not shout the word nigger. Indeed, he wasn't even directing his comments at Brinson. No, the fan was trying to get the attention of the team's mascot, whose name is…Dinger. (He's a purple triceratops.)

Listen to the audio with this in mind, and it's crystal clear that he's saying "Dinger" and not "nigger." He was misheard by the game's announcers and wrongly pilloried on social media.

Thankfully, the misunderstanding was cleared up quickly enough: The man was not publicly identified, not fired from his job, not kicked out of school, not subjected to death threats, and not ostracized from society. He has been spared the full cancel culture treatment.

Regrettably, these kinds of mixups are unavoidable and our social media feeds are filled with wrongful pile-ons. But that doesn't excuse the media's behavior. Several prestigious mainstream outlets ran with this story and chose not to scrutinize it whatsoever. Importantly, their articles did not make sufficient use of qualifiers—The Washington Post, in particular, simply asserted that the slur had indeed been uttered.

"It may seem straight out of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but the supposed-racist-barrage-turned-innocent-fan-behavior this weekend in Colorado says a lot about the media," noted Drew Holden, a conservative communications staffer and freelance writer.

This happens over and over again. Newsrooms need to do a better job of actually vetting viral social media claims, or better yet, stop letting Twitter mobs dictate their coverage choices.

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  1. Better move the All-Star game back to Atlanta next year then.

    1. “No! Doggone-‘n’-dagnabbit! I said the mascot is named ‘Ding–‘” BONNNNG!

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  2. Thankfully, the misunderstanding was cleared up quickly enough: The man was not publicly identified, not fired from his job, not kicked out of school, not subjected to death threats, and not ostracized from society. He has been spared the full cancel culture treatment.

    So they got him on video and we know what seat he was in. Let’s see if ‘cleared up quickly’ is any solace for the person in the video.

    1. I guarantee you there are proggies out there who don’t care that it was errantly reported and want his head anyway.

      1. Hmm, this sames like the same jumping to conclusions the media outlets here were guilty of. Proof?

        1. Please don’t presume a high enough station to address me directly.

          And fuck off.

          1. So, no proof. OK.

            1. Proof is racist. Why do you hate dingers?

              1. I don’t, I just hate idiots.

                1. Self hate is the worst.

                  1. I see your problem.

                    1. Apparently not

                2. And everybody else in society hates sick degenerate kiddie fuckers who post child porn on the internet, shreek.

            2. “Queen” … of what?


        2. Shut up dinger.

      2. I’ve seen many arguing that he really said it despite clarification that he didn’t and audio. They even ignore that nobody in the crowd reacted like he’d said something offensive. You yell the n word out in public, you’re going to have at least a few people look your way.
        It’s mass psychosis, as these people believe the narrative so enthusiastically they will flat out reject unavoidable reality.

        1. Once it came to light that he hadn’t used the forbidden word, why didn’t Twatter and FaceCrack ban those who didn’t accept the explanation as disseminators of “misinformation”?
          Or does that censorship only go along with government-approved positions?

    2. He’s already been doxed and leftists still insist that he’s an irredeemable racist that must be “dealt” with.

      1. Cite?

          1. Hmm. I don’t see anything in that article about how he’s “already been doxed and leftists still insist that he’s an irredeemable racist that must be “dealt” with.”

            Can you quote the exact part?

            I see this part where the baseball player says “I only have the video and the video sounds like the N-word to me. But, if he didn’t, and didn’t initially mean for him to make it sound like that. I’m sorry for all the backlash coming.”

            1. If only you were this scrupulous about checking the ages of the victims of sex abuse in the pedo pornography that you post, you might not have gotten permanently banned from, shreek.

      2. Also worth noting, putting out someone’s information and (falsely) accusing them of literally unspeakable crimes doesn’t count as “harmful” content online.

        1. Everything but an apology.

          “The Rockies remain dedicated to providing an inclusive environment for all fans, players and guests at Coors Field, and any fan using derogatory language of any kind will be ejected from Coors Field.”

          Amen. No public club apologies in the copy, though.

          Not to the fan. Not to his family. Heck, not even to Dinger. Or whatever we’re going to be calling him in 2022.

          1. This is absolutely correct. They should have apologized to the fan.

            1. Yup. Lefties love their little condescending apologies after damaging someones life in their ideologicial mania. It’s the cherry on the icing.

              Here they chose to do something different though: denying the apology in favor of politically correct corporate speak, as if the victim somehow still said it. Thats another viable way to get some sadistic satisfaction out of this. You should be thrilled either way.

          2. That last sentence is perfect.

            1. Yeah. He hit it out of the park with that. A walk off dinger.

  3. Regrettably, these kinds of mixups are unavoidable and our social media feeds are filled with wrongful pile-ons. But that doesn’t excuse the media’s behavior. Several prestigious mainstream outlets ran with this story and chose not to scrutinize it whatsoever. Importantly, their articles did not make sufficient use of qualifiers—The Washington Post, in particular, simply asserted that the slur had indeed been uttered.

    Oh, this is by design. The purpose of Social Justice is to problemetize every social situation, interaction and event for evidence of systemic racism.

    Haidt and Lukianoff talk about this very phenomenon in The Coddling of the American Mind. They note 19th century sociologist Emile Durkheim who asks his reader a philosophical question about a society full of saints. He writes:

    ‘Imagine a society of saints, a perfect cloister of exemplary individuals. Crimes, properly so called, will be there unknown; but faults which appear venial to the layman will create there the same scandal that the ordinary offense does in ordinary consciousness.

    1. How many angles dancing on a head of a pin.

      1. Do those germanic people still exist?

        1. No, but I hear the Yutes are celebrated in New Jersey.

          1. dang no edit button

      2. How many angles dancing on a head of a pin.

        That’s acute one. It’s right though, albeit a little obtuse.

        1. Ogive me a break.

    2. Like I said down yonder, rational opinions can’t be manipulated this way.

      Social justice warriors deal in irrationalities and falsehoods because they can’t win otherwise.

      I’ve never seen a Twitter mob flood someone’s account with thoroughly scrutinized facts and logic.

      1. SJWs, in the finest Post-modern tradition, deny that rational thinking and logic exist. And they prove their allegation by recognizing rational thought and logic, and declaring it racist.

        1. One day, when “post-modern” has become “back in the day” it might actually dawn upon the middle aged people how they were duped into a mob mentality.

          Or maybe not, maybe they will be even more confused and living in darkness than they are now.

          1. There will not be a lot of free time to contemplate things in the labor camps.

    3. I’m old enough to remember when it was conservatives who loved themselves some ‘defining deviance down’ (or up, as the case may be).


      2. I’m old enough to remember when you posted child pornography and got your main account permanently banned from, shreek.

    4. Do you think all the journalists, proofers, editors, etc., involved were ‘social justice warriors’ trying to enforce their ‘orthodoxy?’ Is it possible that we had a few news outlets rushing to publish something they thought would be hot news (and, after one getting it up first some following, a la Stephen Jay Gould’s stuff on textbooks continuing to copy false things for decades)?

      1. The fact that is retarded episode, even if he was saying nigger, is considered by these outlets to be “hot news” is all the proof you need that they are left nothing more than mouthpieces for left wing lunatics.

        But fuck me if you aren’t trying your hardest to defend them, lefty shit.

        1. A lot of people consider a fan shouting the n-word at a black person to be ‘hot news’ because a lot of people think that word shouted at black people is a terrible thing. YMMV.

          1. It’s anudda shoah!

            1. Of course, any thing considered terrible today must be the Holocaust for those who undercut the latter’s seriousness. Why am I not surprised the same guy who would do so thinks the N word shouted at a MLB game is no big deal at all?

              1. Cite??

              2. WORDS ARE VIOLENCE!!!

            2. Geiger Goldstaedt
              August.10.2021 at 6:27 pm

              It’s anudda shoah!

              Fuck you, Nazi.

          2. Why would it be news? Throw the fan out if he’s shouting racial slurs at players. It’s the most local story possible. “A fan was ejected from Coors Field in the fourth inning after shouting racial slurs at a baseball player.”

            1. It’s news, and national news at that, because racism in our country is so rare that incidents like this are as noteworthy as the anomalous case of a man biting a dog.

          3. Nothing will change until African Americans stop using this term as a so-called “term of endearment.” It’s not what others call us, it’s what we call ourselves that matters most.

          4. Yeah, sure, it’s very distasteful. But it’s pretty low on the list of terrible things that happen to people. It doesn’t actually harm you to hear a nasty word. It really shouldn’t be a news story.
            “Some dude is an asshole” isn’t really very interesting.

        2. Weird how all the episodes that prove how racist America is instead prove the opposite.

      2. Do you think all the journalists, proofers, editors, etc., involved were ‘social justice warriors’ trying to enforce their ‘orthodoxy?


        1. Is it possible that we had a few news outlets rushing to publish something they thought would be hot news (and, after one getting it up first some following, a la Stephen Jay Gould’s stuff on textbooks continuing to copy false things for decades)?

          1. Like with a fake fire extinguisher? Newsrooms became TMZ for SJWs.

            1. Maybe some of them reported what they were told and others copied and it was eventually reported as unsupported?

              Nah, must be a black helicopters conspiracy!

              1. Maybe they should do their own work. The local broadcast showed him clearly trying to get the attention of Dinger. Many of them exhibit zero standard of care.

              2. “It’s OK guys! Journalists are just lazy pieces of shit who don’t investigate anything! It’s not like they’re evil!”

                It’s hilarious you think this defense makes your boys look any better. Then again, you posted child pornography and got permanently banned on your main account. You’re obviously pretty fucking stupid.

              3. That’s the point, isn’t it? They all reported it as fact, for whatever reason, without confirming it was actually true.

                And you can bet your bottom dollar that some of them were trying to figure out who it was, and if they’d have published it, again without confirmation that it was true.

                1. That the player CURRENTLY whining about it did not react when it happened is pretty telling.

              4. Maybe you could go fuck off

          2. But why should this be hot news at all? “Random private citizen says mean words. Film at 11.”

      3. Only a piece of shit like you could possibly think “lazy and incompetent” was somehow better than “ideological propagandist”.

        6 of one, half a dozen of the other, shreek. It’s like comparing sick kiddie fuckers who post child pornography on the web to raging hicklibs who create dozens of sockpuppet accounts after they get themselves banned for posting child pornography on the web.

        1. Relax, the bureau will be knocking his door down soon.

      4. Yes

    5. Nightengale responded to the update by saying, “I sincerely apologize for jumping to the wrong conclusion.”

      However, Nightengale justified his amplification of the purported incident of racism by adding, “Unfortunately, after personally seeing the racism family/friends endure every damn day, it was too easy to believe it happened again.”

      Emotions. It’s like Rosseau is writing our current events.

        1. When the only example of right-wing outrage you can find after hours of furious googling is a total and complete misrepresentation of something said by a WWE personality by The Daily Beast.

          Stick to kiddie porn shreek. God knows you aren’t good at any fucking thing else.

        2. Now do Jussie Smollett.

          1. And Bubba Wallace

            1. I Can Drive Dinger!

      1. “We see racism JUST LIKE THIS every day.”

        I believe that. There’s racism constantly everywhere and this story is proof.

      2. That is interesting because in all the years I went to school with kids bussed in, all the years I worked with African Americans, all the years I played music with them, I never once heard anyone call one of them that name, never once saw a racist incident.

        This is because everyone knew that doing so would have brought on an extremely violent reaction.

        We witnessed that so-called ” reverse racism” all too often.

        The name calling and other verbal abuse, the sudden beatdowns by 2, 3 , 5, 6 on one, (the first time I saw this, it was a group third grade girls that called themselves the “horsie” gang, they would run around neighing like horses and suddenly descend upon a random child and kick the living shit out of him/her.) We also saw a kid getting urinated on because he was white. And so on and so forth.

    6. Backing up Diane Reynolds (Paul. ), see again:

      “It is noteworthy that prejudice-denoting words are markedly increasing in prevalence alongside long-term decreases in overt expression of prejudice [6]-[9] yet recent increases in the perceived prevalence of such prejudice among the general public.”

    7. There’s only one problem with this book title: “The Coddling of the American Mind.”

      Ain’t no coddling going on. It’s “poisoning.”

  4. It gets worse – Dinger was involved in a love triangle with the San Diego Chicken and the Philly Phanatic.

    1. So Dinger was actually a chicken choker?

      1. It was consensual! The chicken didn’t say no!

        1. That’s not how consent works REEEEE!

      2. He prefers the breasts and thighs.

    2. Santorum was right?

      1. When your cultural references are as old as your sockpuppet…

    3. Makes sense-that ugly thing that pretends to be the Atlanta Braves’ Mascot is clearly some sick love-child of the Chicken and the Phanatic.

  5. It sure is odd how people keep hearing that word.

    1. Word, dinger. Word.

      1. Would be super hilarious if this turned into the new n-word.

        Like “Nagger Man” all over again.

        1. So “dinga” is ok if spoken by dingers but “dinger” is not ok?

          1. What about humdinger?

    2. The dude said in an article he keeps hearing the N-word. He basically said he doesn’t believe the Rockies or anyone else. He was ambivalent but pretty much said he keeps hearing it.

      Now he and some other black players are saying they are getting racist DM’s and Instagram posts. Ok let’s see them, let’s have it looked into and see where they are coming from. It’s possible this is happening but in this day and age you’d think people would assume they’d be found out.

      The dude was just a regular guy at a baseball game having fun yelling for the mascot of all things. Yes some rando white dude just built an N tower at a baseball game, one more thing that never happened.

      Dude should sue.

      1. Absolutely should sue.

      2. And, of course, after he said that he still hears that, someone told him “Fuck off because what you heard doesn’t matter. It’s not what he said.”

        1. Denial that imaginary racism is real is racist.

      3. My first thought reading through the article is that we’re lucky that we didn’t call black people ‘laurel’ and name the mascot ‘yanni’.

  6. >>But that doesn’t excuse the media’s behavior.

    as though there’s any recourse against those assholes

  7. They need to doxx whoever named the mascot something that could be mistaken for the n-word.

    And, no, that’s not cancel culture, either. That’s being held responsible for your actions.

    1. All two syllable words that end in er?

      1. ma Bigger!

      2. Words to ban (white folk only):
        klinger (Jamie Farr not happy)

      3. As I pointed out above, it doesn’t even have to two syllables or end in ‘er’ but be perceived as having “n” and “ger” in sequence, at virtually any pitch, and over any any amount of background noise. Can’t have low baritones (de)nigr(ating) black people by shouting ‘nickel’ or ‘niggle’ out in public.

    2. In today’s world full of psychotics, literally anything could be mistaken for the n word.

      1. 2 + 2 = N word

  8. I only ever heard the correct version. But that damn media bro. They’re all the same!

  9. This is why it’s important to use our critical thinking skills whenever something is reported in the news–especially when so much of what we see in the news these days amounts to outrage porn and political propaganda. Nothing is true just because it’s reported in the news, and no source of news is so reliable that it should be believed just because of its source.

    Meanwhile, there aren’t any valid opinions to form on the sole basis of any one news story.

    For instance, whether going to war in Vietnam was in the best interests of the United States never depended solely on the validity of the second Gulf of Tonkin incident.

    It’s great when you get an example of something like this being wrong, when no stupid national policies are at risk of being imposed because of a false story, no foolish war is being launched because of this, no funding is continuing to a Chinese lab with a horrible safety record, etc. We all remember when the press sicced social justice mobs on a child with their false reports. Thank goodness no one’s reputation was senselessly destroyed by this one.

    We can just file this away and remember that the press often gets things wrong. Every piece of data we receive tomorrow can be revised or contradicted the day after that–and it happens all the time. Reason requires us to form our opinions out of data that has been thoroughly scrutinized.

    There isn’t anything that can show up in a story tomorrow that should cause us to forget the lessons we learned from data scrutinized over the course of decades.

    The sinking of the Maine, the sinking of the Lusitania, the second Gulf of Tonkin incident, the story about Saddam Hussein looking for yellowcake in Niger–the legitimate arguments for and against those wars were always independent of the incidents themselves–never mind the accuracy of the details. Invading and occupying Syria was a stupid thing to do regardless of whether Assad really used WMD.

    When we form our opinions based solely on the details of any one story, we make our opinions highly susceptible to manipulation, and there are plenty of people in the world seeking to manipulate us by manipulating the details of stories as they’re reported in the news.

  10. Imagine a world where “White Guy Says The Word Nigger” is a headline worthy of national news. Now imagine a world where that is apparently so vanishingly rare that a mistaken case of that is worthy of national news.

    “White Guy Says Something That Kinda Sounds Like The N-Word If You Aren’t Listening Too Closely” –CNN, Apparently

    1. Unfortunately we live in a world where it happens, but I don’t know if we live in a world where it’s worthy of being news. If it happens, throw out the offensive fan, move on. Local news, desperate for things to talk about, can briefly mention it.

  11. It would be cool if a pro team really did have a mascot named Nigger. Maybe the Detroit Pistons.

  12. Hi I’m Big Al and I hit ni…dingers!

  13. Here’s Dave Chappelle telling us not to believe everything we’re told in the news.

  14. Robby, It’s called race baiting. I’m sure the media doesn’t engage in it for some bleeding heart, kumbaya, cola jingle perfect harmony motive.

    1. Is it race baiting or that ‘the news*’ in a 24 hour news cycle era is going to sometimes rush to publish a sensational story sloppily now and then?

      *meaning ‘a few outlets among hundreds (thousands?)

      1. Your boyfriend left you for a dinger, didn’t he?

        1. What? You know your mom is my boyfriend! I pat you on the head every night I go in her room.

          1. Leftists can’t do humor.

            1. Leftists aren’t even conscious.

              1. Even your mom is conscious when I’m done with her. Barely, but still conscious.

                1. You have more free time for these activities now that you’ve resigned.

                2. Do you like strap-on dingers?

            2. Oh, I can, I think you’re mom is hilarious.

              1. You also thought it was hilarious to post child pornography and get your main account permanently banned, shreek.

      2. It’s race baiting

      3. Yes. There’s no reason anyone should give a shit if one local fan said something racist one time. This is not of pressing interest to the average citizen.

      4. Is it race baiting or that ‘the news*’ in a 24 hour news cycle era is going to sometimes rush to publish a sensational story sloppily now and then?

        Rushing to publish a sensational story without bothering to verify or even question any of the allegations involved has been…and continues to be…SOP for the major “news” outlets in question for quite a few years now. That is, so long as the allegations are consistent with and serve to bolster the preferred narrative. Were that not the case it would be pretty difficult to explain the Covington story, the Smollett story and the long list of other lesser “hate crime” allegations that have been breathlessly and unquestioningly repeated by the press only to have them proven to be hoaxes or other sorts of bullshit. Well, I suppose there’s the possible explanation of them being utterly unwilling to observe even the most fundamental tenets of journalistic integrity, or so profoundly stupid that they’re utterly incapable of learning from mistakes.

  15. You are denying Lewis Brinson’s lived experience.

    Victim culture breeds paranoid victims.

    1. It was real in his mind.

  16. Looking forward to 4chan making dinger the new OK sign.
    Fucking dingers

    1. Dinger, please!

  17. I don’t have a problem with dingers, I just don’t want one marrying my daughter.

  18. I don’t hate black people, but I do hate dingers.

  19. Finally, a story that gives right-wing bigots a brief respite from all of the legitimate racist-bashing aimed at our vestigial conservative bigots by better Americans.

    1. Fuck you, dinger lover.

      1. He wanted to say ‘cuck’ so very, very bad.

        Every accusation is a confession with these people.

        1. Retarded, and also not funny.

          1. Hat trick!

            1. Is that when you post kiddie porn on three separate socks, shreek?

            2. Two anime names in one post!

    2. Reverend sodomite.

  20. Oh, FFS, can we PLEASE just get back to having no fans in attendance? This wouldn’t have happened last summer!


  21. Say what you will about this kerfuffle, but at least for 5 minutes there was something more interesting going on at a Colorado Rockies baseball game than a Colorado Rockies baseball game, and for that you should be grateful.

    1. It was all a publicity stunt to get the Washington Post to notice them. Smart play, they knew exactly what would interest the typical WaPo reporter.

      1. “Someone, somewhere in America uttered the N-word”

        “I need to book a flight and hotel to Denver immediately, first class.”

        1. “I will buy the carbon offsets later. On expense account.”

          1. Can you buy nigger offsets?

      2. So now the Rockies are the SJW puppet-master here? Jesus.

        1. Look, it’s not like a noose was found at a NASCAR garage leading to parades of… oh shit… that happened too. NVM.

          1. So now NASCAR are the SJW warrior puppet-masters? Holy shit.

            I mean, at least be sophisticated enough to say NASCAR was too easily cowed by the SJW set atmosphere.

            1. Hey shreek, remember how you posted child porn at and got your account permanently banned? Man, good times. Shit, you’ve been running this particular sock since before you welched on your bet. What’s it like to be a kiddie fucking sack of shit who welches on his bets and doesn’t pay his mortgage? Gives you plenty of time to shitpost on 10 year old socks I guess, huh?

        2. So now the Rockies are the SJW puppet-master here?

          The SJW crowd is so easily duped into automatically and unquestioningly believing any outrage allegation that pretty much anyone could be their puppet-masters. To paraphrase Andy Warhol:

          “In the future everyone will be an SJW puppet-master for 15 minutes.”

      3. And by “interest” you mean “trigger”.

        1. Hey did you just say…..oh no it wasn’t that.

        2. It’s “tregro”.

  22. From here’ on out, D***er will now be referred to as The D-Word.

    1. I doubt it.

  23. Social justice for toddlers: These new books and programs start the conversation early

    In the era of Black Lives Matter and #MeToo, many parents are wondering when the right time is to talk to their children about social justice. Experts say it’s never too early, and a new wave of tools and resources can help start the conversation.

    Washington post “on parenting” section.

    1. Because it takes a village to raise a child. And by village, they mean a government-run indoctrination camp, where parents will surrender all children on their second birthday.

      (Because this time, the right progressives are in charge, not like the progressives who instigated and ran those nasty American Indian schools.)

    2. “Experts”, eh? I’m thinking that’s experts on SJW bullshit and not experts on child psychology.

  24. Am guessing he is as white as Richard Jewell was.

    1. Er, the real guy in that case was pretty white…

      1. The fan should litigate any news story that does not include “alleged” or “apparently.” Jewell’s went after several media outlets, who felt compelled to settle with him and did.

  25. This happened to a faculty colleague of mine about 15 years ago. It was NCAA basketball tournament time and he was a big fan. In discussing a case in class, he referred to one lawyer “juking” another out of position, i.e. deceiving him. Someone in a back row thought he said “Jewing” him out of position, which would have a completely different meaning (i.e., to drive a hard bargain). After a threat to his position, a faculty hearing, and getting testimony from almost every student in the front 5 rows as to what he actually said, my friend kept his job. So cancel culture is not exactly new. Scary, but there have always been some angry idiots and there always will be: things like Twitter just make them worse.

    1. And there always have been people eager to find offense (and be offended), even if they have to invent reality. Unfortunately we have allowed a victim culture to become a viable part of our society.

      1. Cry bullying culture

    2. Its ok if he made some “mafia” have to understand you can demean certain groups but others are protected by the media and liberal estab…go ahead and say Irish are drunks..its ok..Italians are all crooks..hell Jimmy John is using a Jewish Actor to be a Mob boss in their commercials now (you get the New Jersey Italian accent, the gold chains and so on) and not a peep..

    3. Well he was talking about lawyers.

    4. Understandable mistake since jews are terrible at basketball…

  26. Translation: “These idiots should have stopped when Biden was inaugurated.”

  27. How to have a bar fight (or revolution):
    1. Spend years winding yourself up to really hate some people, preferably based on some superficial characteristics and violations of your bizarre morality.
    2. Deliberate look for an opportunity to confront said people.
    3. Also deliberately misunderstand and misinterpret whatever you see and here, in order to support your narrative about how despicable they are.
    4. Avoid every opportunity to deescalate the situation–in fact, do your best to make things worse.
    5. When you achieve peak rage, start swinging or shooting.

  28. “Dinger”

    How is it there are 100 messages and no Blazing Saddles reference?

    “The sheriff is a ” Dinger!

    1. Up yours, dinger!

  29. Brief reminder for those of you who are either too new or too demented to recall, but Queen Amalthea is a well-known decade-old shreek sockpuppet that he just recently took out of a lengthy retirement after the election.

    Hello shreek you disgusting kiddie-fucker who got banned for posting child pornography on, always good to see you! Fucked any children recently?

    1. Lol, no it hasn’t.

      In fact neither that article, or the AP article it quotes as it’s source, actually debunk anything.
      Instead they claim “experts” (lol, “election experts”) have debunked it by quoting Harvard University political scientist, Gary King and pollster Trey Hood, who basically said “That’s crazy talk”.

      No analysis, no rebuttals of the claims or evidence, no systematic examination of events, nothing. Just one idiot, quoting another idiot, quoting two guys (one who works for the fucking Biden campaign) who said they don’t believe it.

      This isn’t debunking jack-shit, you stupid fucking shill. Who the hell do you retarded clowns think that your fooling with this blatantly obvious gaslighting?

      Seriously everyone, read chemjeff’s link, and it’s source link, and marvel at the level of retardation these sophists must have to think anyone would consider this “fact checked”.

      If I were your boss at the fifty-cent factory I would can your lazy ass over this.

    2. LOL

      I’d never even heard of that guy or his theory.

      “The article, which accumulated nearly 13,000 shares within four days, cites an Aug. 2 post from Keshel on Telegram, an encrypted messaging app popular with far-right extremists.”

      Oh, so USA Today and election “experts” saying this guy’s post from a week ago on a messaging app full of “far-right extremists” has no evidence (that they’ve seen) to back up his claim totes proves there was no fraud, and somehow magically applies to all those things I listed in today’s roundup.
      Literally every claim in your article is “bro, trust us, there’s no evidence.” There were 30 million more votes than in any previous election, and the article doesn’t even mention it.

      Just keep shrieking “nO eViDeNcE… no, no, that’s not real evidence!”, fatass. Don’t address the suspicious behavior, unrealistic ratios, or any of the numbers involved. Keep claiming that Trump lost because he was hated so much, despite gaining 10 million votes (+16% from 2016) and improving Republican performance to the best it’s been in a half century among every demographic except the one you, and the media you slavishly parrot, say he appealed exclusively to.
      You should read Ken’s post above, but be prepared to get triggered. It directly contradicts your belief that critical thinking is taking as gospel truth whatever mainstream press, experts, politicians, and institutions say without thought to their dismal record of veracity.

      1. Yeah I’ve seen it but dismissed it because you don’t actually know the number of “expected” voters. The whole thing is meaningless, but the ‘debunking’ does nothing of the sort.

        1. 30 million more votes than ever, and the results of every metric (demographic gains for Trump, 18/19 bellwether counties for Trump, 27/27 for the Rs in the toss up house races) went the opposite way from what media predicted, except the DNC talking point media endlessly repeated in the final week before November 3rd that Trump would look like he won but they’d find the votes from mail in to throw it to Biden.

          They were so discouraged by their internal polling that they finally gave up trying to trick anyone and just came right and said how they were going to steal it.

  30. I heard this guy was also looking for a tuna sandwich at subway after the game and someone who thought they saw him can swear he used “bad” entitled liberal prog who works for the NY Times let us know Obama and his party goers were sophisticated Ivy League wokes like her and couldn’t possible get covid..they are too smart too…I looked her up..exactly what I would expect from a NYT “reporter”..

  31. “The sheriff is dear!”

  32. “The media” is a collection of private businesses practicing their unlimited freedom. Stop whining about what they’re doing. You’ll spend all your time doing that.

    1. Stop whining about what they’re doing

      Lol. Tony infers it’s unlibertarian to criticize the clerisy and the nomenklatura. You seriously can’t make this shit up.

      1. But I do. You want to make me live with whatever horrible pollution other industries want to shit on me.

        1. You pollute.

          1. My diet is largely vegetables and Metamucil, and it’s better than the alternative. Well, not for you.

            1. CO2 exhalation. More CO2 from food miles. Chemicals used in cultivation…runoff into surface waters and leaching into groundwater. BOD waste. Burning of fossil fuels for electrons – more CO2 and waste heat. And all the pollution needed to maintain this supply chain.

              1. Tony has made it abundantly clear on several occasions that he doesn’t actually know what supply chains are, or how they work.

              2. I’m glad we agree that this is a collective action problem. If even the most climate-sensitive progressive can’t live a life without polluting, then it’s really a problem, huh?

                The problem with the conservative brain is that it turns every single thing into a morality play. It’s not about what we do as individuals or how good or bad we are as people. You’re only a bad person if you stand in the way of the necessary action to fix the problem, and that would be you people.

                1. No. Progressives are users and consumers. They just want to take from successful people to fund their consumption.
                  I have a net zero carbon emission. I believe many people that actually want to achieve that could. But this isn’t about what they say it is about.
                  Keep polluting. The comments and the environment.

  33. And the Rockies were totally happy to throw one of their fans under the bus to win woke-points on social media.

  34. Man, how racist is MLB to have moved the all star game from a majority black city to Denver, where fans shout the name of the mascot, which has the same middle vowel and last two letters as the n word?

    1. MLB felt that Georgia was being niggardly with its voting requirements.

  35. As in the Covington case, both the reporters and editors responsible for repeating the the story should be fired. Not on the grounds that they got it wrong, but on the grounds that they thought the original version of the story was newsworthy. “Sorry, you’ve proven you have no news judgment at all, and if you ask for a reference we’ll tell them that.”

    1. And in both cases, the truth was already available if they had bothered to look.

  36. …our social media feeds are filled with wrongful pile-ons. But that doesn’t excuse the media’s behavior.

    Today’s journalists are heavy Twitter users.

  37. I find those going around looking for reasons to be offended, and then publicize their being offended, to be more offensive than people who are openly bigoted. The cancel culture warriors want to bully you regarding how you act and what you say. At least most bigots will just choose to not associate with you and not be in your face about their bigotry.

    1. People could just not treat Twitter as real life.

  38. Thankfully, the misunderstanding was cleared up quickly enough: The man was not publicly identified, not fired from his job, not kicked out of school, not subjected to death threats, and not ostracized from society. He has been spared the full cancel culture treatment.

    We should probably go ahead and cancel the guy anyway, just to be “safe.” Especially if he’s a cis-gendered heterosexual white man. In fact, let’s just go ahead and cancel all cis-hetero white male shitlords.

  39. Holy crap are people nuts. He didn’t say it but if he did he could say he was identifying as a rap star?

    Talk about snow flakes.

    Who gives a crap. We have more important things to do like get rid of racist rocks!

  40. Good thing he didn’t give the “OK” sign.

  41. The next step is banning any 2 syllable words that start with a consonant + i and end with an er.

  42. Black people use the n word A TON, with a clear intention to denigrate another black person. And I’m not talking about some slang versions of the word like “nigga”. It’s such a ubiquitous part of their urban vocabulary that it defies all logic to suggest that the usage of the term by white people is sacrilegious under ANY context.

    I guarantee you that racist slang of all kind was the used in ball parks. Remember Yuli guriel was suspended for like two games for making slanty eyed gesture on darvish. In the post blm world it effectively become acts of witchcraft.

  43. A fan said a ‘bad word’ and I need to find that out, in Reason magazine?

    You scooped the NYT!

  44. The Sheriff is near!!!!

  45. MLB is already suffering a decline in attendees and viewers, because of their woke campaign.

    Now they automatically went after someone who actually gave them money to watch a game, and was enthusiastic enough to be trying to interact with the foam costume that a worker was wearing.

    Wonder how many people who would have gone to the next game will decide that they don’t want to be the next target of misplaced outrage?

  46. Nothing demonstrates the insidious hold of white supremacy on our country than the fact that the media bothered to correct this story. Surely a mere accusation of racism is sufficient for conviction.

  47. I’m getting tired of windups like this: ” Newsrooms need to do a better job of actually vetting viral social media claims, or better yet, stop letting Twitter mobs dictate their coverage choices.”

    Memo: newsrooms aren’t going to do anything of the sort. Journalists are mostly idiots who push a narrative. So why the weak tea appeal? It’s just wasted syllables.

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