Photo: Honduran Sisters


Honduran sisters Chanel, 7, and Adriana, 10, await transportation to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection processing facility after crossing the Rio Grande. The Department of Homeland Security reports that a record 15,918 unaccompanied children from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala were encountered in March 2021 along the U.S.-Mexico border. The previous monthly high for such children arriving to the U.S. from the Northern Triangle region was 10,090 in May 2019.

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  1. Should have had one of them clutching a doll or a teddy bear or something, I’d give it a 6/10 on the propaganda scale.

    1. Point on the doll where Jared’s Buttplug touched you.

      1. Wait, where’s the ‘saved from child sex traffickers’ caption? No matter, I’m sure it will turn up somewhere shortly.

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    2. That’s the thinking (and talk) that has made conservatives uncompetitive in the American culture war for five or six decades.

      Keep up the good work, clingers . . . until the last of you has been replaced.

      1. “Replaced”. Kirkland, you’re nothing but an authoritarian piece of shit. You whine that Trump is fascist, but he never referenced “replacing” people.

      2. Artie’s just mad he keeps getting smacked around on Volokh.

      3. Gecko’s gotta gecko.

      4. I still think Kirkland is Tucker Carlson astroturfing as the worst sort of prog.

    3. I gotta say, if any one of my kids trecked across Mexico to the border, their jacket wouldn’t look that nice.

  2. What a well thought out argument backed up with a mountains of facts and the solid, logical reasoning I could only expect from Reason magazine.

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  4. Remember them. They’re your future senators from NV and WY.

  5. I’m just glad they’re wearing their masks.

  6. So is Reason going to start trotting out Sally Struthers and Trapper John to make their arguments from now on?

    “Do you see poor Chanel and Adriana? We could let them into America for just fifty cents a day. Fifty cents a day! That’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee….”

  7. The world is becoming wealthier, which is a good thing but…they now have access to cell phones and information about how to get to the US and what to say and do when there. They have the cash to make the trip. They have contact with others already there.

  8. I assume the Reason staff has volunteered to house and support these little girls. No?

    1. I would but of course the government has no such program. It would be better to have community organizations such as church groups with volunteers to house them until they can have their cases heard.
      The INS could oversee the program with checks to see that they are being cared for.

      1. The best case is to summarily ship them back to their country, so they can live with their family.

        1. Often these kids got here with their families but the adults are turned back under current policy to await their application which can take months. Many have relatives here which is where they were headed.

          Some who were brought by coyotes and left at the border. There is no way the kids have the resources for a return trip.

          Asylum is a legal process and the US has obligations under treaty. Current policy with Mexico is to have the adults wait at the border but not the children. By law they can stay until their case is processed.

          If you leave your town or village and return the gangsters will kill you.

          1. Actually, the legal obligation here is to the first safe country – they’re Hondurans, that would be *Mexico*.

            Boat them down to the Yucatan border.

            1. That did not pan out.

              Trump admin put out an order yet it relies on agreement and treaty with the countries in question. In this case Mexico and Guatemala. Neither agreed. So it was never put into action.

              It fizzled out. It has never been carried out. Dead in the water. Plus there were pending lawsuits. It is doubtful that the current attorney general would even go there.

              1. It doesn’t require any such thing – simply put them on a boat, head out to international water down to the Yucatan, slip in real quick and drop them off on shore, head back out.

            2. It is called third safe country. Some were sent to Guatemala, none were given asylum, a pact which no longer exists.

  9. There will likely be a ton of unaccompanied kids in the next few months from Honduras. 2021 is a Presidential election year and the two main parties have both nominated – convicted money launderers for drug traffickers and gangs. Which means there will be a lot of violence directed to intimidate normal people. Combined with the usual violence of a narco state.

    As usual – the US supports both those main parties because the alternative is ‘communism’.

    Poor kids.

    1. Luckily once they get here, they can live in a place where political violence isn’t tolerated.

      1. Compared to there, the US is paradise re violence. But if we want to solve the migration issue HERE, we have to solve it THERE.

        1. Sorry, but our record of “solving” other countries’ political issues is decidedly subpar. How could we do this without starting another eternal war?

          1. Our record sucks. And we have always been on the wrong side as well.

            But then again we have never had the intention of figuring out how to reduce the pressures there on normal people that push them here. If only ‘things that pull them here’ mattered, then why aren’t there a lot of Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans flooding here?

    2. Poor kids.

      Indeed. But not our problem. There are two countries between Honduras and the United States that will chew up a lot less shoe leather and a dozen others just as close.

      1. One is also a narco state. The other is beginning to descend into that.

    3. So you support communism? That fits.

    4. If only there was another place they could go that’s even closer, and more closely matches their culture and language. Another place that’s closer to the problem and possibly better able to handle the issues at hand.

      1. You mean one of the other narco states?

        1. Don’t worry. Joe ‘Drug Warrior’ Biden and Kamala ‘Crackdown’ Harris are on the case. If only we’d elected someone famous for pardoning drug dealers and sympathetic to reform.

        2. Perhaps Canada could assist in thi… shit, they closed their borders. Never mind.

  10. In 2011, there were less than 1,000 asylum seekers from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras per year (combined).

    In 2012, after Congress decided to do nothing about the dreamers, Barack Obama signed an executive order that prohibited the deportation of children.

    The flow of children from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras increased on a regular basis from year to year since then–until now we’re getting 15,000 children per month.

    The Department of Homeland Security reports that a record 15,918 unaccompanied children from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala were encountered in March 2021 along the U.S.-Mexico border. The previous monthly high for such children arriving to the U.S. from the Northern Triangle region was 10,090 in May 2019.

    Three weeks ago, a federal court ruled that the Biden administration could no longer enroll new dreamers into the DACA program because it was created unconstitutionally. That does nothing to the 800,000 or so who are currently enrolled.

    Now that the Democrats are in control of the White House, the House, and the Senate–and DACA has been declared unconstitutional–the pressure is on the Democrats to do something to save the dreamers on a permanent basis. If the Democrats leave their solution open ended, without a cut off date for new DACA enrollees, those 10,000 to 15,000 children a month will become a permanent feature of our southern border.

    You cannot tell the world that we won’t deport their children without creating an incentive for the poorest people in the world to send their children to the United States.

    1. Fucking moron. Do you seriously believe those parents in Honduras are sending their kids away from home because they are making a statement about DeRp politics in the US?

      1. Ha Ha ! you don’t get it.
        At all.

      2. If you don’t think promising not to deport people’s children doesn’t encourage people to send their children to the United States to live with relatives–or bring their children to the United States themselves–then you’re a fucking moron.

        As much as 80% of the people arriving at the border are either children traveling alone or families traveling with their children.

        1. “The number of unaccompanied children picked up at the southern border by US immigration officials likely reached an all-time high in July, and the number of families arriving in the US will hit its second-highest total on record, according to a report.

          ​More than 19,000 children traveling alone were picked up by US authorities last month, beating the previous high of 18,877 in March, ​David Shahoulian, assistant secretary for border and immigration policy at the Department of Homeland Security, told the Associated Press.​

          In June, 15,253 children were encountered. ​

          The number of families picked up in July is expected to hit 80,000, Shahoulian said — just short of the record high of 88,857 set in May 2019 but up markedly from the 55,805 in June.”

          As an aside to the rest of you, have you ever noticed that the people who are most adamant about their positions tend to be the people who know nothing about the facts?

    2. Has anyone proposed dealing with the children Swiftly?

      1. stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled?

    3. “there were less than 1,000 asylum seekers”


    4. >You cannot tell the world that we won’t deport their children without creating an incentive for the poorest people in the world to send their children to the United States.

      Ok, that’s great news. We get a whole bunch of kids, the vast majority of who will grow up to be productive members of society. But surely we can do better. Their parents can contribute now, we can just not deport them either.

      It’s weird how all these other countries keep trying to give us people and we fail to take them up on it. They’re free! We don’t have to do anything, they just come all on their own! It’s like if someone was handing out free money and people were like “I don’t know, my wallet can only hold so many bills.”

      1. “Ok, that’s great news. We get a whole bunch of kids…”

        *SPB has entered the chat

      2. I’m in favor of increasing legal immigration, and I support a (constitutional, Senate ratified) open borders treaty with Mexico, which would allow travel between out two countries without a visa.

        I’m not convinced that subjecting America’s taxpayers to the expense of paying for the children of people outside our borders is likely to garner the kind of voter support we need to open our border with Mexico or increase legal immigration.

        And children from other countries abusing the asylum seeker process can only serve to harm asylum seekers elsewhere in the world who are legitimately suffering from persecution. There was an open question there, for a long time, about whether the thousands of Afghan interpreters who helped us defend the Constitution against the Taliban and Al Qaeda would be able to get their visas processed before the United States left them behind.

        The reason it was taking so long to process their visa applications was surely not unrelated to the fact that the same agencies processing their paperwork are also processing the paperwork of tens of thousands of asylum seekers from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras–more than 90% of whom either don’t claim persecution and, thus, aren’t eligible for an asylum hearing, never bother to show up for their asylum hearing, or are denied asylum at their hearing.

    1. Good riddance. Kid woulda grown up to be a Republican.

  11. Cheer up fellows, they may turn out to be fascist loving pieces of shit like so many of the Cuban ones.

    1. Lard of Studel farts out some bullshit, realizes he’s a cow turd.

  12. No need to fear; they’re not lost….

    You see that path you just took to get here?
    Now turn around and take that exact path back HOME!

    1. They are home. They’re right at the border of a place full of people willing to help them and give them places to live. If their parents were with them there would be plenty of people willing to rent to them and hire them for work.

      The problem is that there are these groups of evil gangsters called ICE and the Border Patrol that are trying to stop them. These gangsters are supported by groups of economically ignorant crazy people who think having more people in a country will somehow make it worse. They think this even though the world has got progressively richer as the number of people in it grows.

      If we get rid of the gangsters, the problem will be solved. These people can peaceably go about their business. Hopefully enough decent people can band together to stop all the gangster fanboys who are empowering these criminal gangs.

      1. adopt/sponsor all you can, asshole.

      2. I’m sure when people show up at your house uninvited they’re “HOME” too.

  13. Thank you Reason staff. I too am outraged that irresponsible adults would dump small children in a foreign country.

    1. I’m outraged that Mexico hasn’t noticed these children wandering through their country.

  14. What’s funny about Southern Illegal Immigration.
    Its the same as CA emigration.

    The Mexico Constitution gives the National Government of Mexico the authority for ?free? house and ?free? universal basic income.

    1. “The Mexico Constitution gives the National Government of Mexico the authority for ?free? house and ?free? universal basic income.”

      Free for Mexico because they send the people to the US where American taxpayers foot the bill.

      1. Until all the *earned* wealth gets drained and we can be just another Mexico…

  15. Honduran sisters Chanel, 7, and Adriana, 10, await transportation to a US Customs and Border Protection processing facility after crossing the Rio Grande. The Department of Homeland Security reports that in March 2021 a record 15,918 unaccompanied children from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala were found along the US-Mexico border. The previous monthly high for those children who came to the U.S. from the Northern Triangle region was 10,090 in May 2019.

  16. Honduras suffered back to back hurricanes in 2020 and 2021 which wiped out many farmers. The gangs take what little they have. If you don’t pay up they kill you.

    Since the future is so bleak many of the children will eventually have little choice but to join with the gangs.

    There are organizations such as Catholic charities who will help to resettle, find sponsors, and legal help. The process is often long and difficult.

  17. I wonder if there was some policy, or public messaging that led people to send their unaccompanied children to the US, leapfrogging several countries along the way.

    Followup question, what’s Mexico’s disposition on a large number of unaccompanied children moving through their country? Ie, how hard do Mexican officials have to press their backs against the wall to make sure these children pass through Mexico to the US unhindered?

    1. If they are unaccompanied they are likely brought in by coyotes who smuggle them. Sometimes the deal is they are to be brought to their destination in the US but the coyotes just dump them at the border.

      1. So the subtext is that Guatemalan and Mexican officials have to press their backs against the wall pretty darned hard.

        1. Smuggling of people and stuff happens everywhere. You can’t catch them all.

        2. Also it is not Mexico’s job to guard our borders or enforce our laws.

          They have been pretty cooperative seeing as we are neighbors and all but you can’t blame them for this. It is like drugs. You can have all the laws you want and sometimes catch a shipment but that meth is going to get here anyway.

          1. At the same time, when you(r predecessor) negotiates a crackdown and ‘safe country’ agreement with them and a record number show up 6 mos. later, WTF? is a fair question.

            1. That executive order has basically broken down. The agreements with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras are a sham because those are the very places the immigrants are coming to seek asylum from because they are not “safe”. It was suspended anyway when Covid hit and I do not expect Biden to continue the policy.

              We do have an agreement with Canada which is more sensible.

              More people are coming because those places are getting worse. The gangs rule the streets. The governments are corrupt and worthless. Also the two recent hurricanes destroyed much of the farmland and infrastructure.

  18. So – ‘wrong, but within normal parameters’ then?

  19. I wonder how many of the people talking about how immigrants need to obey the law are the same people who refuse to wear a mask when the law requires it.

    1. I wonder how many of the people talking about how U.S. citizens should obey government dictates regarding masks are the same people who refuse to recognize that laws are in place that say illegal aliens are not supposed to just cross the border and take up residency in the U.S. without going through proper procedures.

      1. ^

      2. There are lots of laws libertarians oppose such as asset forfeiture, drug laws, and eminent domain.

        A sensible approach to immigration would be to replace the Byzantine, expensive, time consuming system we have with a more efficient approach. I would favor granting temporary renewable work and residency permits. The process should be no more difficult than getting a drivers license. You could have a pathway to citizenship at some point. Hire some folks from Amazon or something to design it.

        We could save a lot of money spent on the legal system, border enforcement, detention centers, and INS. If people could just come here legally there would be very few border jumpers. Also those already here could work and pay taxes. You do not need to offer any welfare benefits other than those mandated by the individual states. You will need much less of those such as Medicaid if people could work legitimate jobs.

    2. CDC guidelines are not laws voted on by legislatures and signed by elected executives. But you knew that.

      1. state and local governments can. I think it should be voluntary. I have noticed a change where I live. A month ago 90% of people at the grocery were not wearing them. Now the opposite is true. We do not have a mandate.

        It is a weak defense in any case. Best thing we have is to get vaccinated.

  20. It won’t matter because Biden and the democrats have no more interest in real immigration reform than the republicans. It benefits both parties to keep kicking the can down the road.

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