I Got a Breakthrough COVID-19 Case. We Don't Need To Panic About It.

In Virginia, the breakthrough hospitalization rate is 0.0032 percent and the breakthrough death rate is 0.0009 percent.


It started with my senses of taste and smell. I noticed, all of a sudden, the soup I was eating for lunch lacked all flavor. I thought maybe I had accidentally purchased the low-sodium kind.

No, it wasn't that: It was a breakthrough—i.e., post-vaccination—case of COVID-19.

A rash of such cases, most notably in Provincetown, Massachusetts, has prompted considerable concern from some government policy makers as well as the mainstream media. A Washington Post headline wrongly implied that the vaccinated were contracting COVID-19 at an equal or greater rate than the unvaccinated, and The New York Times claimed—incorrectly—that the vaccinated were just as imperiled by the delta variant. The media's doomsaying actually earned a rebuke from the White House, though the government itself has serially distorted the risks of breakthrough infection.

As Reason's Jacob Sullum explains, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky and the White House's COVID-19 communications director, Ben Wakana, have both made innumerate comments that significantly overstated the number of vaccinated people who are likely to become infected. Walensky claimed in an interview that one or two of every 20 vaccinated people might catch COVID-19, and Wakana said it might be one out of 10. They appear to be misunderstanding precisely what it means to say that the vaccines are "90 percent effective"; this does not mean that nine out of 10 vaccinated people are protected from COVID-19, but rather, that the risk to the vaccinated is 90 percent lower than the risk to the unvaccinated. The experts do not think that one in every 10 vaccinated people will contract a breakthrough case every time they have prolonged contact with the infected: They do not even expect that one in 10 unvaccinated people are in such danger.

All that said, breakthrough cases are certainly going to happen. But the good news is that the vaccines appear to be working tremendously well at suppressing severe disease and death. Just 0.001 percent of vaccinated Americans have subsequently died from COVID-19 nationwide. In Virginia, 2,471 infected individuals have died since January 21, 2021. During that same time period, the number of breakthrough COVID-19 deaths was just 42. This means that the unvaccinated represent 98 percent of all deaths. The breakthrough hospitalization rate is 0.0032 percent and the breakthrough death rate is 0.0009 percent. The evidence overwhelmingly suggests that the vast, vast majority of vaccinated people who contract COVID-19 will suffer only mild symptoms.

This has certainly been my own experience. After losing taste and smell, I started feeling like I had a bad cold. I tested positive for COVID-19, quarantined myself, and took to bed. Within 24 hours, I felt much better, and after a second day, I was completely fine (though my taste buds are taking their time to return). My Pfizer vaccine did not prevent me from contracting the virus, but it made my own experience with the disease an extremely brief and tolerable one.

It's frustrating that some local officials are seizing this moment of unnecessary panic and reimposing futile restrictions. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has once again subjected the city to an indoor mask mandate, though she has not bothered to follow it herself: She held a maskless birthday party just before the mandate went into effect, and participated in a maskless wedding just after. There is no good reason that we must again wear masks or live under lockdowns. The vaccines are working, and the more people who get them, the less impact COVID-19 will have on any of our lives.

On Sunday, I discussed my breakthrough infection and the media's unnecessary panic on CNN. Watch below.

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  1. >>It was a breakthrough—i.e., post-vaccination

    truly sorry for you and wish you well. i do love how they named their mistake something nice though – you’re a “breakthrough” not a “ya we shot you up with something that didn’t help”

    1. “ya we shot you up with something that didn’t help” But it did help. His experience with covid was way milder than it would have otherwise been.

      1. Wow, it’s almost like you actually read the full article and understood what it said. What are you, some kind of faggot? /sarc

        1. Except that it isnt a provable assertion so comes off as virtue signaling.

          Robbie was never in an at risk group. In his cohort half were asymptomatic. Tying the vaccine to his small symptoms has no scientific credibility.

          1. Well, until you look at the data he has presented. They show that nearly 100% of hospitalizations and deaths are amongst unvaccinated.

            I hate to come to Suave’s defense. I don’t care for a lot of his opinions and, yes, putting his case forth as an example is weak sauce.

            But he DID also include real data. And they show that people who are immune do not have bad outcomes, even with Delta infectivity. The data are extremely clear on this point. Vaccinated with breakthroughs have very, very, small chances of dangerous outcomes.

            1. So the vaccine may well have made it less bad. But most people, particularly of his age and health, would have mild symptoms even without it. So it’s hard to say with any certainty if the vaccine made the difference.

              1. The delta variant is not terrible even without vaccines.

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              2. You people are just bitching to bitch.

                It’s not about Suave. He’s just self promoting.

                But all your “it’s not the vaccine” bitching is how you get people imposing serious mandates for masking when, frankly, this shit doesn’t matter to vaccinated people.

                So let the self aggrandizing fuck tell his story on CNN. Someone has to counter the narrative the CDC and the control freak left seem to be stuck on, and a lot of those people seem way more attuned to emotional, personal appeals than the data.

                1. Bitching to bitch is what comment sections are for, isn’t it? Anyway, I don’t think I was bitching, just saying something that’s true. And not contradicting anything factual you said.

                  1. >>is what comment sections are for

                    wait I’m not changing the course of American history here?

                2. No, you get more fucking mandates when people acquiesce to the first voluntary measures/mandates.

                  Appeasement only invites more aggression.

                  1. ^this!

              3. While it’s impossible to say for certain what would have happened in his individual case had he not been vaccinated, it is possible based on the statistics of hospitalization and death from covid to say that it very likely decreased the severity of his illness. If I was much better at statistics I could give you some numbers on exactly how likely.
                And while it is true that in his age group, he probably would have avoided the hospital and even more likely death were he unvaccinated. But the numbers for vaccinated people to be hospitalized or die are about 3 orders of magnitude lower than those low numbers. If you were facing an illness and you could pick a 1 in 100 chance if dying or a 1 in 100,000 chance, which would you pick?
                Wait don’t tell me. I don’t want you to virtue signal to either the vaccinated or unvaccinated partisans here. Best keep that posturing to yourself.

            2. But he DID also include real data. And they show that people who are immune do not have bad outcomes, even with Delta infectivity.

              Which is actually more what I was referring to, although that probably didn’t come across in my previous comment since I was just making a quick joke.

              Robby’s specific experience is anecdotal, and there’s no way to know how bad his symptoms would have been without vaccination. But there does seem to be at least some statistical data (some of which was in the article) that vaccination reduces the chances of hospitalization or death in breakthrough cases. That being said, get vaccinated or don’t get vaccinated, I really don’t care about what other people’s personal choices are. I’m not interested in playing the “blame and shame” game that so many others seem dead set on doing. I just with others would shut the fuck up about it either way.

              Personally, I got the jab mainly because it was the only way I was going to be allowed in the office where I work without a mask on because the company I work for fucking sucks. Although starting today they decided to be good little lemmings and follow the CDC’s idiotic guidance to require masks regardless of vaccination status since we’re in an area with “substantial” spread. Thanks, CDC! You fucking imbeciles…

              1. Yup. I don’t want to know if you got vaccinated or not. And I’m not volunteering that information to anyone either.

            3. Except the science doesn’t say what you say it does. The 100% number came from a study between jan and March when vaccines were less than a third of the population.

              Since then many counties have in fact seen vaccinated people in hospitals.

              Do you ever investigate your talking points? Deaths and hospitalizations are down across the board.

              100 million have natural immunities from previous infections.

              Youre blindly reporting numbers with no actual intellectual curiosity.

      2. you know this how?

      3. “His experience with covid was way milder than it would have otherwise been.”

        Maybe. But as far as we know Rico is young and otherwise healthy, and his case might equally have been no worse absent the jab.

      4. Yeah, it’s totally the vaccine. There’s no possible way the virus was fearmongered into being worse than it actually is to give totalitarians an excuse to exercise even more naked power over their subjects.

      5. Half of all original covid patients were asymptomatic… so how do you know that?

        1. If you’re going to be like that, then how do YOU know that half of original patients were asymptomatic?

          1. Because of actual fucking science based on summation data and not an anecdote.

            Not sure what you get out of blindly pushing bullshit.

            Did you even bother researching the 99% unvaccinated claims? I have. The study was from Jan to early March when the population of vaccinated was low.

            It also doesn’t remove those with natural immunities that are unvaccinated. So the number is pushed so retards repeat without inspection. So good job.

      6. Unprovable. The vast majority of COVID 19 cases are way milder than the ones reported so you actually have no idea what he might have suffered.

      7. Why does Soave credit the vaccine for making his “experience with the disease an extremely brief and tolerable one”? His disease experience sounds exactly like that of my 20-something son, way back when we had neither the vaccine nor the Delta scarient.

        1. because this is stupidly political and people will say anything in order to justify their positions. Robby is no exception. He has no idea if the vaccine impacted his symptoms, which is odd itself. Anyone ever tell a person taking the polio vaccine that the shot would make the disease more tolerable? Hell, no.

          1. Political, sure. But are people dying? No. So something has changed. Common sense tells us it ain’t the masks, the lockdowns, or the fucking new president that is dropping the death toll.

            So what’s left? Dumbasses.

      8. That’s not anywhere near the truth.
        Millions have been contracted the virus and never knew. Millions more suffered somewhere between mild summer cold to a full blown upper respiratory infection. Yes the vaccine is very effective. But to say an individual would have suffered greater without the vaccine, flies in the face of known experience

  2. How is any of this news?
    The New York Times lies.
    The Washington Post lies.
    The CDC lies.
    The current administration lies.

    1. But now they are arguing in public about who gets to lie first.

    2. Only the current admin?

      1. That is the one running the show, asshole.

      2. No. The Coolidge administration too.
        You stupid fuck.

  3. I like reading great pieces by Mr. Soave far more than I hate eating crow.

    Good work!

    1. +

    2. Just this morning Soave libeled Alex Berenson and said social media is right to censor him.

      1. Indeed. Berenson is a charlatan who claimed Covid was over and done with last summer. Lot of conservatives and libertarians outed themselves as innumerate nincompoops over the past year and a half.

  4. “We Don’t Need To Panic About It.”

    Great. Your breakthrough case puts the entire commentariat at risk. Everyone knows that COVID is transmitted via the internet.

    Thank Robby, everybody.

    1. Everyone knows that COVID is transmitted via the internet.

      I thought it was transmitted via 5G technology. COVID originated in China, much of the 5G infrastructure was built by Chinese companies… CONNECT THE DOTS, SHEEPLE!

      1. 5G?! It’s wireless! HOW CAN I CONNECT THE DOTS WITHOUT WIRES?!

        1. That’s what the nanobots are for.

          1. The nanobots that are in the vaccines? My God… WE’RE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, PEOPLE!

            1. No late Rabbits, Mad Hatters, and Cheshire Cats from my end…Although I will say “We’re all mad here!”

      2. I’m pretty sure that Facebook and Twitter are the only vectors for Covid.

  5. I noticed, all of a sudden, the soup I was eating for lunch lacked all flavor. I thought maybe I had accidentally purchased the low-sodium kind.

    Way worse than Covid.

    1. A government (and society) that can mandate vaccines is a government (and society) that can ban sodium.

      1. definitely bacon.

      2. Uh, it is an Element that exists all over the Natural Universe. Government would have a damn hard time getting rid of it all. Even then, they could only warehouse it next to The Lost Ark of the Covenant because there’s that little natural law that matter can be neither created nor destroyed.

        Perhaps The War On Sodium will be the ultimate shiny thingy that will get government out of our hair.

        1. Except soilent green. That is totally ok.

    2. I had a roommate once who ate my thick sliced premium local pork bacon and ‘replaced’ it with some generic low sodium turkey bacon.

      This arrangement was not meant to last.

      1. Perhaps the first argument in favor of gun control I have read – – – – – –

        1. You mean the ability to hit the target?

      2. There is no such thing as turkey bacon.

        1. It’s not like they didn’t try, though. The thing to really beware would be Tofurkey Bacon! That’s a real sickening thought!

      3. This is almost unforgivable.

  6. How much are the recent restrictions about bullying Americans versus actual, genuine (irrational) concern about Covid?

    It’s getting hard to tell whether these government people are being jerks because they’re neurotic or whether they’re being neurotic because they’re jerks.

    1. Jerotics?

    2. They’re neurotic jerks, the worst kind

    3. How much are the recent restrictions about bullying Americans versus actual, genuine (irrational) concern about Covid?

      It’s frustrating that some local officials are seizing this moment of unnecessary panic and reimposing futile restrictions. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has once again subjected the city to an indoor mask mandate, though she has not bothered to follow it herself: She held a maskless birthday party just before the mandate went into effect, and participated in a maskless wedding just after.

      I’d say it’s mostly the former (desire to bully Americans and assert their AUTHORITAH – which you will respect or else) than the latter. If they were genuinely concerned about breakthrough COVID, then you’d think they’d at least pretend to follow their own bullshit edicts, but they’re not even attempting to hide their contempt for us anymore.

    4. Whole lotta money involved too.

    5. Realistically,

      What does a reasonable public health response look like if some smaller percentage of vaccinated people can get mildly sick and spread it. And unvaccinated making a choice are filling up our hospital resources quite quickly?

      Because regardless of how you slice it, we need ICU capacity. And also, we aren’t going to violate peoples body anatomy regardless of how dumb their uninformed decisions are.

      So what do you do?

      1. You look at the actual data in the actual real world and you see that there’s plenty of ICU capacity everywhere.

      2. What Elvis said. You have any evidence that unvaccinated people are filling up the ICUs? A friend at the Portland VA hospital tells me that they have one (1) Covid patient at the moment. And he has no idea whether the individual was or was not vexxed.

        1. Oh, a lot of us are vexed by the vax at this point.

  7. Robby: I am glad you fully recovered, and quickly.

    1. NO! Don’t enable him. He just got COVID for the attention. He’s from that generation.

  8. If Wallensky had a Y chromosome, she would have been fired by now.

  9. Yes, glad you’re feeling better Robby.
    I got the J&J vaccine back in early April and have worried that it might be less effective and if I should get another Pfizer or Moderna shot, but it sounds like the virus is gonna do what it’s gonna do

    1. What a concept. A virus acting like every other virus ever.
      A vaccine will help most people, but not everyone.
      Vaccine or no, a few people will get infected.
      Of those infected, a few will get very sick.
      Of the few that get very sick, a few will die.
      This is called medical science.

  10. The only appropriate thing to talk with Brian Stelter on his show is how he is one of the worst mainstream media shills, a gaslighting, lying, piece of simpy garbage. He is the embodiment of the trash the media has become.

    And a fat fuck.

    1. (Facetiously )We should mandate him to lose weight, he’s put my health at risk for taking up valuable money, time, and resources that wouldn’t be spent if he was just mandated to lose weight.

  11. Good that you’re recovering and yes, seems all a bit overblown.

    One can only hope they EAU it for kids (all) soon so we can put it behind us sooner than later. If you are willingly unvaxxed, oh well, reap what you sow be it nothing or something all the way to death.

    1. Why? Kids don’t need it. There is no justification for emergency use authorization for kids because it is absolutely not an emergency for kids.

      1. +

      2. Surely you’re not suggesting that we should “follow the Science?” Not when there’s feels involved.

    2. They better start injecting the hell out of kids or we’ll all die. Since less than 500 of the 70,000,000 kids were killed by covid, we better vaccinate them tomorrow so we are able to carry on.

    3. You should probably check out who is unwillingly not vaccinated.

      I suspect you’re going to look in the mirror and see what a fucking bigoted pile of garbage you’ve become. Like all the left.

      1. I said elsewhere, the media/left is going to have to do a hard 180 when they realize they are arguing to mandate a vaccine on people and their children, many of which are poor black and hispanic people. Then very quickly they will be OK with not forcing them, because Tuskegee, and racism. The upper middle pajama class white liberal is going to shit their pants when they realize some of the people they are talking down to and forcing their will on are *gasp* oppressed BIPOC / LatinX(lol) people.

        Of course the reason they really shouldn’t be doing it is we arent a communist shit hole. But that wont be the lesson they take away from it.

        1. The upper middle pajama class white liberal is going to shit their pants when they realize some of the people they are talking down to and forcing their will on are *gasp* oppressed BIPOC / LatinX(lol) people.

          Nah, talking down to the “oppressed minorities” that they claim to care so much about is one of their favorite past times. They’ll just power right through any cognitive dissonance they experience when or if that realization ever even occurs to them. They probably won’t even realize they’re condescending to the very people they claim to want to help when really they’re virtue signaling to make themselves feel better. Which is another one of their favorite past times.

          So really this is “two-fer.” They get to talk to down black and brown people and tell them what’s in their best interests (the poor dears are too stupid to figure it out themselves, you see) while simultaneously virtue signaling to their peers how righteous and caring they are.

    4. I come here solely seeking your empathy

      1. You are going to need a bigger lamp – – – – – – – – – – – –

    5. EAU for kids is absolutely inappropriate. Kids get much more of a mild course, if they get it at all.

      Pushing emergency use for something that not only isnt an emergency, but especially for children, is a hard no-no in medicine. There are drugs in medicine that have been around for a while, that we STILL dont have approval for in kids because its so hard to do testing similar to adults (no one want their kid signed up for the study where they get the experimental new treatment). We have stuff thats been used / tested safely in adults that doesnt have FDA approval in kids because there still isnt enough data.

      Also the virus has almost no chance of killing them, therefore there is no emergency.

      1. Listen denier, there was an increase in the rate of pediatric hospitalizations in Indonesia so we need to keep kids in masks forever.

        1. Was that the fake Indian study or a real different study?

    6. If you are willingly unvaxxed, oh well, reap what you sow be it nothing or something all the way to death.

      How about this; I’ll reap what I sow if you reap what you sow?

    7. “reap what you sow be it nothing or something all the way to death.”

      Agreed, and you’re not going to be around much longer

  12. This sero-covid nonsense approach has to stop. With the vaccines, the risk seems to be down to levels that people have always accepted. It’s just another cold/flu thing now and people need to start thinking of it (or not thinking of it) that way.

    1. Works for me. I don’t usually get the flu shot.

    2. “It’s just another cold/flu thing now”

      Always was

      1. Only if one believes that there was some other pandemic illness causing the roughly 560,000 excess deaths during COVIDs first year. And that deaths from this mystery pandemic appears to be largely preventable with COVID vaccinations.

        Seasonal flu kills between 11,000 (95% confidence interval on the low tail) in the best years to 95,000 (95% confidence interval on the high tail) in the very worst year of the past decade. Average is 36,000. The official count for COVID was just over 502,000. 14 times higher than seasonal flu. Making COVID the third leading cause of death this last year.

        Of course the hand-wave used to dismiss COVID death numbers if to claim they were exaggerated for financial reasons and those were really deaths from other causes. So of course all the other causes of death would see drops equal to the COVID numbers. Except that they didn’t. COVID deaths were on top of the usual numbers of other deaths. Actually it looks like the official COVIF numbers are a bit lower than the actual number of COVID deaths.

        So if COVID didn’t cause those deaths and it has always been no worse than seasonal flu, then we better fucking get on the ball because there is something out there that has killed half a million Americans in a year. If that isn’t COVID, then why are the people claiming it is not so nonplussed about it? They should be up in arms that nothing is being done about this mystery killer. Half a million extra deaths in a year works out to a 9/11 worth of dead American’s about every 36hr for the past year. And we know what the reaction if many of the very same people was to just one 9/11 worth of deaths

        The politicalization of the pandemic and vaccines for it is one of the stupidest, most self destructive circle jerks imaginable. Rising covid rate enable control seeking politicians to push restrictions. People worried about politicians seeking control prove their point by pretending COVID isn’t real or is no big deal and have made avoidance of anything that could cut those death numbers a badge of virtue to “not comply”. Thereby increasing deaths, thus giving control seeking politicians more ability to push through more controlling measures. Strong work! Helping that power grab along that is.

        Now we have vaccines with amazing effectiveness, that could permanently kneecap the ability of politicians to use COVID to seek more power. The vaccines rightly pushed for by their hero Donald Trump. But avoiding these vaccinations has become a sign of partisan virtue among people who claim they are concerned about these power grabs, so much so that they actually cheer people not getting them.

        Whether such restrictions are justified or not, the fact is that without the increase in COVID hospitalizations, and deaths right now due almost entirely to unvaccinated people, a politician wanting more COVID related restrictions would have trouble getting the time of day. Further COVID related political power grabs are 100% under the control of the control of those claiming to oppose such grabs. And they choose to do everything they can to help them happen. There is a word for this. Two works actually. “Fucked” and “up.” Although “self” and “defeating” are also accurate.

    3. It would help a lot if the people on the right avoiding vaccination for political reasons decided they were done enabling politician’s COIVID excused power grabs, cut it out with the make believe stories, and got the shots. It is the high level of unvaccinated people in many parts of the U.S. that are producing the hospitalizations and deaths that keep COVID restrictions politically viable.

      In the UK, where they have a much higher vaccination rate (70% of adults have had both doses and rising) the death rate due to COVID has reached the typical death rate for seasonal flu. However, COVID especially the delta variant is much more easily transmitted than seasonal flu, so you have to knock down total cases further to get the same totals for morbidity and mortality as seasonal flu. But picking up more adults or kids between 12-18 should do it. They are on track, but we are a lot further away from this being the same as seasonal flu. If the people on the right keep opposing vaccination, we might never get there in large parts of the U.S.

  13. ‘I don’t have any unvaccinated children or immunocompromised family members, so why can’t we appease the lethally reckless, belligerently ignorant, virus-flouting, anti-social clingers’ is roughly what one would expect from a mouthpiece for disaffected culture war casualties.

    1. Shut the fuck up, Artie.

      1. If I were substantially concerned with the opinions of clingers, I would have (1) stayed in my desolate hometown, (2) refrained from attending college, (3) refrained from getting a professional degree, (4) not paid the cost of a home in a successful, modern community, (5) avoided any professional career, (6) attended a slack-jaw church, and (7) joined the Klan when I had the chance.

        1. See, this has to be parody. Not even OBL is this obvious.

        2. @RALK – stawman much? RALK is a parasite killing the societal host..

  14. Many millions of people had similarly mild symptoms of Covid without any vaccine.

    1. Yep. Probably is what happened in most “cases”. This is a mild disease for most people who develop symptoms (and lots of people with positive PCR tests don’t even have that) and always has been.

      1. Let’s be realistic – it’s a little worse than a mild cold. I got it – it was the hardest I’ve ever been down. Thought I was a goner there for two days. Seriously, went to sleep not knowing if I was gonna wake up. And then waking up and shoveling every different food and vitamin I could grab in five minutes down my throat, only to go back to sleep for another 24. It was the strangest fucking illness man. What a trip.

    2. Quite true but not the whole truth. The vaccine converts many of those who would have gotten mild symptoms and gives them no symptoms and little ability to infect others. And more importantly, it takes almost everyone who would have gotten serious or deadly COVID and turns them into people who have mild symptoms.

      The problem with all the ‘but most people get mild covid and are alright’ argument is not that it isn’t true. It is true. But it ignores the reality about large numbers and probabiity. While COVID doesn’t have a very high death rate, a fairly tiny percentage, it is very transmissible producing a gigantic number of people who will get infected. And a gigantic number multiplied by a tiny percentage is still a huge number. Many millions of people with mild symptoms of COVID without vaccines mean many hundreds of thousands of deaths. Now mostly preventable with vaccines.

  15. Robby glad you feel well but how was this out for sure better than no vaccine? This is not a no vaccine endorsement – please don’t argue that saying not to get that’s a personal choice. I’m just asking a question that the folks and family members who got it around me had the exact same scenario last year no vaccine.

    1. * your outcome not out in the first sentence.

    2. It’s statistically likely that his outcome was far better. But your point is valid– for a single individual, it’s not really knowable, and never will be.

      1. Quite true, although you can get some probabilities of how likely it was that it was that his outcome was better due to the vaccine, you can never know for certain. But the inability to be certain is true for the other side: unvaccinated people can’t make claims that vaccination would have made no difference in their case. And at least in the case of claims that vaccination made their outcome better, the population statistics make the claim likely, unlike the reverse.

  16. There’s nothing “panicky” about advocating a return to mask mandates and lockdowns. The only strategy I’d consider unacceptable would be closing the border — but we know that’s the one thing the Biden Administration would never do.


    1. I’m concerned that your #ImmigrationAboveAll hashtag is just too provincial all in English. Immigration in English is fine, but maybe the other two should be in a different language, just for that cosmopolitan flair.

      Maybe German?

      1. Libertare fur Biden!

        1. Demokratische Partei über alles.

          1. no idea how to make the umlauts.

  17. Have we won? Well considering that both Pfizer and Moderna were claiming their vaccines were 95% effective, and the media naysaying it down to only 80%, turns out that 125,000 fully vaccinated Americans testing positive for COVID, out of a total of 164,757,423 fully vaccinated Americans, for a whopping 99.924% effectiveness.

    That’s a win!

    The 125,000 infected is a number the media can use to keep us all negative, but that’s just infected, how many hospitalized? Only 6,239 out of 164,757,423.


    So go get your vaccine if you haven’t. The longer you yokels sit there without getting vaccinated the longer Biden gets to impose arbitrary COVID rules. Get vaccinated and tell him to shut the fuck up.

    Because if you think you can just hold out until January 2026 when Trump can came back and reverse everything, you’re an idiot. Even Trump got vaccinated, so why haven’t you? Don’t give me that bullshit about microchips.

    1. Brandy the only disagreement i have with the above should be Get vaccinated and tell him to shut the fuck up.>/i>

      1. Thereis always the option of both/and. If you get the vaccine, you can tell him to shut the fuck up longer, not to mention tell future Administrations to shut the fuck up as well. Floor wax and dessert topping at the same time!

        1. Yes, appeasement is the best way to stop future tyranny.

          1. I guess George Washington was an “appeaser” when he mandated that the Continental Army get variolation for smallpox, never mind that it cut deaths of the infected from 50 Percent to 1 in 60 and helped the Colonists win the Revolution against the largest Empire on Earth at the time.

            It’s called living to fight another day. If the price of Liberty is eternal vigilence, then getting closer to eternal is a start.

            1. Comparing smallpox to covid is pretty silly.

              1. But their vaccination efficacy is comparable.

      2. So you agree with the numerical argument about how effective COVID vaccines are, agree with the observation that vaccinations lower case numbers and hospitalizations even at the current vaccination rates (and by implication that more vaccinated people means even lower rates), and that the ongoing cases and hospitalizations are used by Biden (and by implications other politicians) to push arbitrary COVID rules.

        But then disagree that getting vaccinated will kneecap Biden’s ability to push arbitrary COVID rules. Which is exactly the opposite of the logical conclusion.

        Are you sure you didn’t mean to say you disagreed with everything he said except telling Biden to shut the fuck up? Because it seems that way. Which is pretty self-defeating as his premises and conclusion are both solid.

        One of the most effective things one can do to oppose ongoing COVID restrictions is get the hospitalization and death numbers down. That cuts public support for restrictions politicians need. And by far the most effective way to do that is vaccination. If you want to kick Biden and others who want more restrictions in the nuts, the fastest and most effective way is to roll up that sleeve.

    2. >>Get vaccinated and tell him to shut the fuck up.

      compliance first. belligerence later.

      1. Free speech for those who do what we say first.

        Libertarians: (sarcastically) We should restrict the 1A under the guises and conjectures used to abrogate the 2A.
        Leftists: Hold my syringe.

        1. (also) free speech for those who say what we say.

          1. Free speech for some, tiny rainbow flags for others.

            1. lol don’t blame me…

    3. The longer you yokels sit there without getting vaccinated the longer Biden gets to impose arbitrary COVID rules

      HAHA! You think .gov needs a reason to put its boot on your throat.

      1. If there’s one thing people should have learned from, oh I don’t know, all of human history it’s that governments don’t need a reason to its boot on you. I suppose it’s “nice” when they have an excuse but really the excuse is just to assuage their own guilty consciences (assuming they have one) and to appease the rabble into thinking it’s “for their own good.”

      2. Nope. but in a republic they do need popular support to be able to do it effectively. And this is a powerful way to undermine that support.

        You are welcome to disagree that they need public support, and say they need nothing. In which case what people are doing to oppose it now isn’t going to do a rats ass worth of good either and is just as pointless. Because the boot will be on your throat regardless.

    4. And of course, you assume all positive tests are actually an infection, something the accuracy results of the test deny.

      1. Or not something else entirely. Take the Provincetown group. What happens when a bunch of people that have been cooped up for the last 18 months gather en masse? Could we potentially invite many other microbes to the party? Influenza perhaps, with its many similar respiratory symptoms? That pesky common cold with its runny nose? Fever? Others aches and pains? Some headaches? It’s almost as if everything out there that could attack our systems has been funneled into one, highly focused, myopic diagnosis?
        But that couldn’t really be true, right?

        1. Sure that is reasonable, right up until you test positive via RT-PCR based methods for a specific viral RNA. Then no, it isn’t at all reasonable. Within the limits of Bayes theorem of course. Which in the scenario you describe, increases rather than decreases the positive predictive value of a positive test over a randomly given one.
          Could be multiple viruses though. Fortunately we are moving to multiplex testing for several respiratory viruses at the same time. But that development has already been turned into ideologically motivated misinformation about the accuracy of past tests rather than good news about future ones.

      2. Or that all positive tests are Covid. CDC just pulled most popular test because it turns out that it doesn’t distinguish between Covid and influenza. Which might explain why there have been essentially zero deaths from influenza over the past year and a half instead of the normal 100,000 or so in the US.

        1. And you Heresolong are trying to outdo a well used manure spreader. That claim is complete and utter bullshit. And easily disproven bullshit too. The CDC pulled their old protocol in favor of a multiplex test that can test for multiple viruses, the old one only tested for COVID. It never tested positive for influenza. That was a motivated misunderstanding of an easily understood CDC statement. And anyone who knows jack-shit about how reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) works could tell just from the claim that it almost certainly was compete nonsense. And they would know how to eliminate the almost in that statement easily. Seeing as my molecular biology PhD. thesis was about 2/3rds based around using quantitative RT-PCR methods, I know a little more than jack-shit about RT-PCR. And certainly more than the New Jersey gym owner pushing this stinking pile of crap to be eagerly devoured by people who want to believe it is true. Because it simultaneously allows the claim that COVID cases are not COVID, and allows them to explain away the near absence of an influenza season. Without having to acknowledge that influenza is less infectious than COVID and the steps like masking and social distancing that were modesty effective against COVID obliterated the ability of influenza to spread. So tidy theory but one that is easily disproven.

          For the claim that the test can’t tell influenza from COVID to be remotely possible, there would need to be two regions on both viruses each beginning and ending with a near identical, specific 20 base pair sequence. These would also have to be the same distance apart in both SARS-CoV2 and influenza not just present in both. And guess what, none of the four 20 base pair sequences are found at all in influenza, let alone the same distance apart. In fact there is nothing close to the required sequences in influenza. Only in SARS-CoV2.

          How do I know this, because I bothered to search the fucking genome databases that’s why. Just to make absolutely certain I wasn’t missing something or making an unwarranted assumption. And to provide another independent assessment along with the usual lay press fact checking that had shown this to be false.

          To do more than this poorly thought out fact-free hypothesis deserved, but to make absolutely certain it wasn’t possible, I also bothered to check to see if the most critical parts of the 20 bases in question were found in any influenza virus in the vast library of them. Nope. Not one. Let alone all 4. Sure as hell did pick up page after page of the SARS-Cov2. There is no chance influenza can give an identical result with the test designed as it was and is.

          All of which is vastly more thought and effort than the people spreading this pap around bothered to even think about doing.

          But let’s face it, it was never about the truth of the statement. The people quoting it like Heresolong and possibly those implying it (yes I am looking at Longtobefree and Outlaw Josey Wales, though I’d like to believe otherwise) will most likely just keep making the same claims when it serves their needs. The post-truth alternative-fact right is fundamentyally little different in their thought process and view of objective reality than their soulmates in the critical theory intersectional left. They are just two different sides of the same post-modern, anti-objective-truth coin. As if silly things like objective facts actually matter. Or even exist. All that matters if agrees with what we already believe. If it does, then it is true, if not then it is a lie. It’s what all the kids are doing these days. Why believe something about a molecular biological diagnostic test from a molecular biologist who tells you something you don’t like, when you can believe a gym owner from Jersey who tells you what you want to hear. I’m willing to be wrong in this uncharitable assessment, I just doubt I will be.

          Which is why I’m not bothering to go into the fine details of how RT-PCR works. Nor am I doing what I might otherwise and see if it is even possible to design a RT-PCR based test that could confuse influenza and SARS-CoV2. Anybody who believes past RT-PCR based tests for COVID couldn’t tell it apart from influenza at this point is not going to be convinced by any of those things either. They’ll just come up with an ad hoc reason to be dismissive, or claim I’m a shill or a stooge or whatever story they heed to tell themselves to keep on believing what they want to believe.

      3. You can never assume a positive result is always a true positive for any and all lab tests. If you want to dismiss the COVID test on that basis go ahead. But don’t bother ever getting a lab test again ever because they all have that fault. In fact, take enough lab tests, any lab tests, and you are going to get some abnormal results.
        Even so, the RT-PCR based CIOVID tests are extremely accurate and specific for SARS-CoV2 due to the particulars about how they work. When used in combination with symptoms, the effect of prior probability on positive predictive value just makes the result more likely to be true (from Bayes theorem).

        They do have the flaw they can’t tell if you just have fragments of viral RNA or infectious virus. And they are so sensitive that they may detect viral shedding low enough that it might not to meet minimum infectious dose needed to infect others (the MID for COVID is low, but we don’t know how low). But if you test positive in these assays you almost certainly are or were shedding SARS-Cov2 RNA due to current or recent past infection. Especially if you test positive more than once. Claims otherwise are wishful hand waving at best, willful denial of reality at worst.

    5. Look at you being all optimistic and shit.

    6. Fuck off and die, you passive-aggressive piece of shit vicarious bully.

    7. That is not at all how the math for vaccine effectiveness works.

      1. He’s not using vaccine effectiveness numbers entirely correctly so his numbers are off, but he is getting the trend correct. Considering that the people opposing him are doing an even worse job with the numbers (and what the numbers actually are measuring) on the rare occations they use numbers, to the point they can’t even get the trend and directions correct. The fact that this is being done in a very rough back of the envelope style comes out as a pretty weaksauce critique of what he is saying under he circumstances.

  18. My Pfizer vaccine did not prevent me from contracting the virus, but it made my own experience with the disease an extremely brief and tolerable one.

    And what were your previous experiences with the virus like? Do you think it’s maybe the immunity you’ve built up from your previous bouts of coronavirus that account for the briefness and the tolerability of this latest episode? I mean, you have had the coronavirus before, haven’t you? Otherwise, how could you credit the vaccine with making your latest experience brief and tolerable? How do you know the vaccine didn’t do shit and what you experienced was just the normal experience with the coronavirus that millions of other unvaccinated individuals who aren’t fat and old and sick have experienced?

    1. Completely anecdotal non-scientifc garbage. It is the ‘I am not racist cause I have black friends’ covid equivalency. I had Covid in 2020 with no vaccine. Sick a couple days then fine. Didn’t lose my sense of taste, but based on Soave’s ‘reasoning’ that would seem to be a side effect of the vax.

    2. Obviously Robbie’s individual experience is purely anecdotal, but the much lower hospitalization and death rates of people who do get breakthrough infections compared to infections of unvaccinated people makes it safe to assume that the vaccines are having some positive impact. It also makes the panic that government and media shills are attempting to stir up seem even dumber and more idiotic than the initial pandemic panic of last year.

      1. Or natural immunities have cause the disease to decrease its incident if bad outcomes like most viruses do. Viruses generally trend to being less deadly over time.

      2. They run fewer cycles on PCR tests for vaxed vs more for unvaxed.
        Might influence numbers.

  19. Soave….Fire your hair stylist. You need a better fuckin haircut.

    1. Soave and Blackman . . . don’t change!

  20. Just 0.001 percent of vaccinated Americans have subsequently died from COVID-19 nationwide.

    Total number of vaccinated Americans: 158M
    0.001% of 158M: 1580
    Estimated number of breakthrough cases: 125,000
    CFR: 1.4%

    Go ahead Robby, tell me a estimated CFR of 1.4% is nothing to be worried about.

    1. People like Robby have absolutely no qualms talking out of both sides of their mouth

  21. Robby, hoping for a speedy and full recovery.

  22. I am really disturbed that a COVID outbreak in P-Town during “Bear Week” would be used to influence nationwide policy. I did some basic statistical research on HIV and discovered to my shock and dismay that nearly 90% of gay men are HIV positive. It is very likely that COVID in P-Town was transmitted between men with HIV, even anti-retroviral treatments don’t fully restore the immune system. Also the behaviors during “Bear Week” are certainly not typical in the general population. I have nothing against gay people and I believe that everyone should live their life as they choose, but to overlook basic facts in order to enforce draconian mandates based on this incident is ridiculous and perhaps evil.

    1. I had never heard of Bear Week (even during the past week when the Provincetown outbreak received huge new coverage), but a google search lists lots of events and shows lots of photos where lots of gay men are/could be in very close/intimate contact.

      1. Don’t expect the Biden administration, and certainly not the media to say a thing about gay behavior/sex being a possible transmitter of COVID. That wold be homophobic!

    2. Overlooking basic facts to impose draconian mandates is the essence of progressivism

      1. You spelled fascism wrong

        1. Potato Tomato

          1. Stelter Tomato? What does that even mean?

        2. Fascism is a type of progressivism.
          More accurately: it’s a tactic inherent in progressivism

    3. “Bear week”. Sounds a bit gay to me.

  23. A Washington Post headline wrongly implied that the vaccinated were contracting COVID-19 at an equal or greater rate than the unvaccinated, and The New York Times claimed—incorrectly—that the vaccinated were just as imperiled by the delta variant.

    AKA medical “misinformation” and yet their social media accounts are in good standing.

  24. “In Virginia, the breakthrough hospitalization rate is 0.0032 percent and the breakthrough death rate is 0.0009 percent.”

    According to a website that has been tracking (and confirming) cases of covid reinfection, just 14 Americans (and just 169 people worldwide) who were infected with covid got it a second time.

    Since the CDC estimates that about HALF of all Americans have already had covid, that’s a reinfection rate of just .000000086, and a natural immunity rate of .9999914%.

    But the WHO, CDC, state and local health departments (that rely upon CDC funding), Fauci and other so-called experts continue to deny the existence of natural immunity (in order to expand vaccinations to profit Big Pharma and to control the sheeple).

    1. Correction, the natural immunity rate in the US for covid is 99.9999914%.

      1. We know, math is hard.

        1. Expecually when dealing with that many decimal points. There once was an article in a physics journal that had tk be retracted, but the authors said they were “only off by 39 orders of magnitude”

  25. The virus is going through the population. We’re all going to be exposed, likely multiple times. Once you have the balls to admit that, everything we do looks like the madness that it is.

  26. These numbers would be meaningful if, for example, when reciting the number of people infected they included the total number of people tested. And of those, how many are the same person being tested over and over and over because they go to the hospital a lot vs being tested once? As it is the numbers don’t mean a lot because they lack context.

    Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.

    1. And the testing regimen, and values on the tests, cycle rates etc. you know, so we can regression test this pandemic ten years from now.

  27. Unless you are old or really fat, your experience with breakthrough Covid is pretty much the same as if you weren’t vaccinated. I was cold like (not flu like) sick for maybe 3 days.

    The whole thing has been oversold.

  28. While whites have higher covid vaccination rates than blacks in 46 of 50 states (i.e. Maine, Oregon, Idaho, which have very few blacks, and Mississippi), a recent Bloomberg article entitled “White Vaccination Rates Lag in States Where Covid Is Surging: Covid-19 Tracker” falsely claims Republicans and White evangelicals have lower vaccination rates.

    But a chart at the bottom reveals the actual data, contradicting their false narrative.

    During the past two weeks, I’ve seen/read dozens of news stories/articles that falsely claim unvaccinated whites (especially white Republicans) are the reason why covid cases are surging nationwide.

    1. You thought the manipulation ended in 2020?

      1. It is almost like the 2020 election period was a proof of concept exercise.

      2. Until Jan. 7th, yeah.

    2. That’s a lie! I polled all of the black people in Maine, Jerry, Ashley, and Jamal all said they got vaccinated.

  29. …I was completely fine (though my taste buds are taking their time to return).

    Welcome to Long Covid. My LC lasted over a week (on and off).

    1. Oh, and do nasal lavage, you fool!

    2. I’m so sorry for you! That sounds horrible.

      I hope you quarantined for six weeks and wear N95 masks whenever you’re within 6 meters of anyone now. You know, so you don’t kill grandma or something.

      More seriously, I had a bout of what I thought was allergies Saturday. Skipped a concert Sunday so I didn’t make people uncomfortable with sniffles. I have nothing now, feel perfectly normal again, totally clear, no fever, no tiredness.

      I wonder if I got the 24 hour ‘rona. I kind of hope so. That’s pretty much like a booster shot for Delta.

      1. I quarantined. I hate people anyway so that was fine. By the time I got my test result back (positive!) I was already past being contagious. Always get tested. Finding out I was a COVID survivor (and this was in the days before Trump had even put the finishing touches on his vaccines) I was COCK OF THE WALK, basking in my immunity.

        I will admit the inability to taste is no picnic. Seriously, people need to wash the nasal passages (COVID, allergies or general sniffles) more often.

    3. My sister’s lasted two months.
      When her taste finally came back she found everything too strong.


  30. Update to Robbie – well my mom just texted me her two week sickness turned out to be Covid, she was vaccinated in March but seems to be doing ok besides a two week bout

    1. That’s good to hear. I hope she has a full recovery.

  31. I’m not sure if you misunderstand the danger posed here, or are being intentionally obtuse.

    You are correct that the risk of death or hospital to vaccinated people are minimal for the Delta Variant. However, evidence is mounting that breakthrough infections can also *spread* the virus – which is new.

    The actual danger to “us” (the vaccinated) is not the Delta Variant – it’s Zeta, or Eta, or Theta – that *will* come, and are only able to develop and spread here because of the high percentage of people who refuse vaccination – along with the rank idiocy of people like Greg Abbot, and his attempt to prevent Hospitals from implementing masking or vaccination policies.

    Each subsequent successful variant will – by definition – be more infectious, and more dangerous, and more likely to develop traits that make it easier to infect around the vaccine, and/or increase the risk of dangerous infections. This is basic evolution in action.

    As much as I want to celebrate a bunch of self centered, ignorant morons earning their richly deserved Darwin awards – I have family in critical care medicine, and (others) who are immunocompromised, and these idiots are putting THEM at risk, too.

    1. Each subsequent successful variant will – by definition – be more infectious, and more dangerous, and more likely to develop traits that make it easier to infect around the vaccine, and/or increase the risk of dangerous infections. This is basic evolution in action.
      Except for the more dangerous part.

    2. The real threat to you isn’t covid, no matter the variant. It’s Americans who value freedom finally losing their immense patience and watering the tree of liberty.

  32. Reporters who draw conclusions about Covid based on their own personal experience with the virus, are scientifically ignorant. Many politicians are similarly foolish. Soave’s experience is not a lesson in anything other than his desire to be part of the story. It is just one more anecdotal story where the media do not deliver any substance.

  33. I too received a breakthrough infection — about a week ago — despite my best efforts at remaining safe. I’m glad Robby recovered quickly, but it was much worse than a “bad cold” for me… More like a “bad flu”, and about three days of heavy fevers, chills, and misery before it started to break.

    I’m very happy I have so far not required hospitalization and almost certainly won’t die from this if I do (unless it’s because the ICU is full with unvaccinated folks). I’m not looking forward to the roughly 7/40 chance I have of “long Covid” symptoms, or having smell and taste gone for half a year, or being winded due to lung scarring for the years to come.

    Vaccination is absolutely crucial for getting this pandemic under control, but there’s a strong libertarian impulse still that walking around in a YOLO mindset, unvaccinated, unmasked (preferable an N95 one), and ignoring or fighting social distancing requirements and vaccination card honor-system requirements and rationalizes it as only putting themselves and their families at risk.

    THIS IS BS. People who have gotten vaccinated and do NOT want to get infected deserve to be able to get on with their lives. Herd immunity provides that ability, and those who aren’t working to prevent the spread are getting in the way of the rest of us trying to effect a return to normalcy in a responsible way.

    Highlighting the low chances of hospitalization is important in encouraging people to get vaccinated. But how vaccinated folks should be respond to contagious, unvaccinated idiots asserting their “right” to violate local health others and force others to wear respirators in defense is orthogonal.

    1. Suicide seems to be your best option.

    2. So you got vaxxed and still got sick, then you claim that we need to get more people vaxxed so they don’t get sick, and the people who are working to SLOW THE COURSE THE VIRUS DOWN are the ones trying to get us back to normal?

      Okay then.

      1. A room full of vaccinated folks who have been acting responsibly largely *can* get back to normal, and not worry about high chances of infection.

        It’s people who aren’t vaccinated, and clearly aren’t taking things seriously, who are causing *us* vaccinated people (who have done our part in trying to get to herd immunity) to have to remain cautious.

        What needs to happen is states need to repeal laws banning businesses from requiring a vaccination card (something any Reason supporter should support). Let the vaccinated, responsible folks party and live their lives away from the morons who still aren’t getting vaccinated and are still highly contagious.

        1. If you can’t survive without the whole world collectively taking care of you, you don’t deserve to survive

  34. well, since the rate of contracting this disease is not signficntly different between those who have pulled up their shirtsleeve for the poke and we who have not, why bother to get the controversial experimental shot? Until there is a far more extensive and more positive track record, why take the risk? Mind your lifestyle, take yer videy-yums, stay physically active, and your chances of getting any more than a bad cold or seasonalflu is minimal anyway. WHY are everyone going full monte on this silly disease, anyway? It is far more than a disease……

    1. From the article above:

      Walensky claimed in an interview that one or two of every 20 vaccinated people might catch COVID-19, and Wakana said it might be one out of 10. They appear to be misunderstanding precisely what it means to say that the vaccines are “90 percent effective”; this does not mean that nine out of 10 vaccinated people are protected from COVID-19, but rather, that the risk to the vaccinated is 90 percent lower than the risk to the unvaccinated.

      1. Walensky also claims to be female

  35. This is the most unlibertarian comment section. As expected. Continue along…


    Just saw a chyron on NBC Nightly News that read “Pregnant Women Urged to Get Vaccinated as Cases Surge”

    1. Some replies:

      Was just telling my husband this morning that when I got pregnant the 1st time, my Dr sent me an info packet. It had 4 “Do’s” on it and 3 PAGES of “Don’ts”. They tell pregnant women not to eat lunch meat, certain fish, or clean litterboxes all based on very miniscule risks. 1/2
      2/2 With that being the case, I have a very very hard time understanding the justification for putting an untested “vaccine” into a woman with zero long term safety studies. I can’t even take my xarelto while pregnant because they still don’t know long term affects of it.”

      I can’t take an Advil for my headache because not enough information about potential long term and short term harm is available but I can take an experimental mRNA injection that’s been around for four months, not FDA-approved? No thanks I’m good lol

      Can’t eat unpasteurizing cheese, most sushi or packaged sandwich meat either. If something we eat might hurt our babies, it’s not crazy to think a brand new vaccine might as well.”

      In the Pfizer trial they literally told them to report any contact with pregnant or breastfeeding women. But hey, this is a virus that kills 0.01% of people under 80 so let’s be on the safe side”

  37. Wish I could be as optimistic. Thing is the more this virus circulates the more variants evolve and the likelier one will emerge that is more resistant to the existing vaccines than delta. It will be like the constantly evolving flu virus except deadlier. We will obviously have to learn to live with it but will probably have lower life expectancy.

    1. Why has that not yet happened with the swine flu?

  38. The numbers various agencies are spitting out do not seem to add up.

    There sure do seem to be a lot of vaccinated people coming down with covid. The number on that Texas Democrat plane were really, really high for a completely vaccinated group.

    I wonder if there have not been. Some bad batches or some mishandled vaccines that have rendered some people’s vaccine useless?

    Is the CDC even looking at this?

    1. > There sure do seem to be a lot of vaccinated people coming down with covid.

      It comes down to exposure. If people were vaccinated and we retained basic social distancing and masks until the point where we got to something approaching herd immunity (which is what’s happening in the UK), we’d be in a much better shape. Unfortunately, 63% uptake is not “herd immunity”, so both vaccinated and unvaccinated are getting exposed to the more contagious Delta variant.

      People think vaccination makes you immune to infection; it doesn’t. It reduces your chances of infection by 65-95%. But if you’re going to a packed bar with a bunch of people, plenty of whom probably haven’t been vaccinated and are thus much more contagious to begin with, it’s really just a matter of time until you get infected. It’ll take longer; it doesn’t mean go swim in the virus.

      The CDC, under both Administrations now, remains a cluster-f in terms of proper public messaging.

  39. ‘….It’s frustrating that some local officials are seizing this moment of unnecessary panic and reimposing futile restrictions….’ Well if you tell people not to panic or get mad as hell and say we are not going to take this anymore, your frustrations will continue until you are no longer allowed to be frustrated.

  40. There have been a number of recent reports of fully vaccinated people testing positive for the coronavirus — at the White House, Congress, the Olympics and Major League Baseball. And with the fast-spreading delta variant driving up infections, hospitalizations and deaths, a lot of people are wondering whether the vaccines are as protective as we thought.There have been a number of recent reports of fully vaccinated people testing positive for the coronavirus — at the White House, Congress, the Olympics and Major League Baseball. And with the fast-spreading delta variant driving up infections, hospitalizations and deaths, a lot of people are wondering whether the vaccines are as protective as we thought.

  41. This is complicated, the facts on the ground keep changing and as learn more and we have to keep updating recommendations based on imperfect and incomplete information then try to convey that to the public in a way they can understand.

    Meanwhile RW figures and media have been producing and promoting grossly false information, propaganda really. I wonder if this site holds them to account. I doubt it, and that would make this site fake news, wouldn’t it.

  42. The writer’s personal experience means nothing. But he does provide data that supports his position.

  43. Dear Mr. Soave:
    Sorry, but not surprised, about your infection.
    I write to inform you your infection was not a “breakthrough” but rather normal and expected.
    The vaccinations do not and were never expected to, give you a shield or immunity from infection with COVID-19.
    Vaccinations are to sensitize and train your immune system to act quickly and properly upon your expected likely inevitable infection. YOU ARE EXPECTED TO BE INFECTED, and due to the vaccination also expected to have fewer and milder symptoms. Many persons will be close to asymptomatic, will not get tested and therefore will not be reported.
    The infection rate of COVID-19 is such that essentially every living human will be exposed and most probably infected. More will survive and have milder cases because of the vaccines, but that is the only difference,
    The present panic is a continuation of the “scamdemic” and the desire to strip (and never return) many freedoms using fear, the most powerful of motivators, as the means to an end which is not simply maximizing public health.
    Please, use reason when writing REASON.

  44. If our irresponsible and incompetent former “President” (Trump) had dome his job and dealt with COVID from the beginning, we would not be going through this now. Instead, he and other politicians ignored the facts and used the situation and the U.S. citizenry for political gain. Now we have a resurgence of COVID along with the Delta variant and some “breakthrough” infections, and at least SOME people are finally waking up and doing what they should have done months ago–getting vaccinated.
    If the “panic” you refer to motivates the unvaccinated to finally act like adults and get the shots, while seeing through the misinformation put out by Trumpers and the right wing media, then we will all be better off. Personally, I think it is just formerly ignorant and uninformed people finally getting a clue.

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