D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Partied Maskless Mere Hours Before New Mandate Took Effect

The mayor's maskless birthday party was also attended by comedian Dave Chappelle.


When Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser announced on Thursday that she would reimpose a citywide indoor mask mandate beginning on Saturday at 5:00 a.m., some people wondered what the wait was for. (Many others wondered why the mandate was necessary at all, given that deaths and hospitalizations have both been in the single digits in recent weeks.)

Well, it appears that someone had a birthday to celebrate on Friday.

Social media sleuths have discovered pictures of the mayor and her friends partying without masks in a seemingly well-ventilated though partly indoor space. This was not a small, intimate gathering, either: Comedian Dave Chappelle even made an appearance. Bowser turns 49 on Tuesday.

The mayor's office did not respond to requests for comment from media outlets. Technically, Bowser didn't break the rules—the new mask mandate had not gone into effect yet—and as long as everyone was vaccinated, this kind of gathering is quite safe. But this is still rank hypocrisy. At the same time that Bowser was partying maskless with celebrities, her Twitter feed was imploring people to "mask up" more generally.

Whether or not Bowser deliberately delayed the mask mandate until a few hours after her party had wrapped up, this is bad behavior from a public official. There are a great many vaccinated people in D.C. who would like to celebrate their birthdays this month (disclaimer: I'm one of them), but if they party in public, in many circumstances they will need to wear masks to comply with the mayor's decree. No, this isn't the greatest burden in the world—but it is a needless burden. Despite the recent paranoia about the delta strain of COVID-19, the vaccines are holding up remarkably well at preventing severe disease and death.

Throughout the pandemic, politicians and bureaucrats have asked the citizens to make tremendous sacrifices. But time and time again, they have shown us that they are not willing to do the same. The people are expected to mask up and stay 6 feet apart, but our government leaders? Well, you only turn 49 once.

Update: Bowser also officiated a maskless wedding—and this event transpired after the mandate had taken effect. "The wedding reception featured hundreds of unmasked guests served by dozens of wait staff, including a conspicuously unmasked Bowser," according to The Washington Examiner's Tiana Lowe.

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      1. Are you running the books somewhere in Vegas? I’d make a mint!

  2. Because the plebs should realize that these were all very important and clever people, who know how to mitigate risk in ways your tiny, MAGA-addled brains cannot understand.

    1. It’s nice that “all very important and clever people” are immune from Covid and can flaunt the rules they put in place after the party. Why not party at the French Laundry – Newsom et al are “all very important and clever people” that don’t have to follow the rules imposed on the people they look down upon. Fredo Cuomo breaking quarantine, Widmer heading to Florida, Lightfoot and Pelosi going to the salon, etc. Such “very important and clever people” that are immune to such banalities as the rules they impose on others.

      Those of us that are vaccinated and careful about being around crowds and mitigating risk should be so fortunate to be “very important and clever people” that are immune from the laws of the elite.

      1. “immune from the laws of the elite.”

        Even thinking that’s traitor-talk, Kyle T. Expect one of our resident fifty-centers to denounce you as an insurrectionist, forthwith.

  3. “The mayor’s maskless birthday party was also attended by comedian Dave Chappelle.”

    Every comedian needs a big joke.

    1. It’s good to be the queen.

      1. Have you seen her posts?

    2. “… I kicked her in the pussy!” Haha.

    3. “I’m Muriel Bowser, bitch!”

      1. Power is a helluva drug.

  4. The Gov-Gods in Blue area’s are used to being worshiped.
    That’s why their sheeple think they can legislate the weather.

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      2. Josef Squirroebbels at it again.

        1. Assholes defend other assholes who defend the 1-party state! Despite ALL of history screaming to us, “don’t go there”!

          You assholes want to name ONE single 1-party state that EVER provided long-term peace and stability?

          Otherwise, why don’t you pack up and leave for North Korea? And leave us sensible folks alone?

          1. Yup. Like when you provided chaff and redirect on the resident child porn poster here. Asshole defensing an asshole. Disgraceful Squirroebbels.
            DC is a one party “state” and has been for some time.

            1. And here you are, defending one (TJJ20000 Dictatorbot) who defends 1-party states!

              What, you think that Washington DC (the city) is a GREAT success as a Government Almighty-driven entity? Really, now? Are you living there? If not, why don’t you move there?

              Again… You assholes want to name ONE single 1-party state that EVER provided long-term peace and stability?

              You can’t, can you? Like the empty-headed asshole that you are, without ANY intellectual, mental, moral, ethical, or spiritual integrity, you just throw around stupid insults at whoever pisses you off, by being a better human than you are!

              Read THIS to understand some of your stupid and MUCH of your evil, stupid and evil one!

              1. Nothing in his post suggested supporting a one party state. Keep up the propaganda Squirroebbels.

                Keep providing a distraction to the actual story: progressive DC government mandating masks but only after their leader has had her celebrity birthday party celebration.

                1. From

                  “Your 1-party dictatorship example… The USA; being dictated entirely and completely by the U.S. Constitution for 200-YEARS. The most SUCCESSFUL country ever seen…”

                  Can you READ, Chumpy Chump? None are so blind, as those who lie to themselves! What lies are you wanting to believe today, Chumpy Chump? That you are infallible, and should rule us all, or what?

                  Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot says we are already (and should be, and have been, from the founding of the nation) a 1-Party state. This word-warping serves to “grease the skids” to the USA REALLY becoming a 1-party nation! Outlaw the “D” party, and outlaw the “L” party, etc., is what TJJ2000 (and other Dictatorbots) are aiming for! If we accept this word-warping, then the NEXT step (when the Democrat Party and the “L” party are literally outlawed, or petty crimes by the wrong people keep you from running… Biden can’t run ’cause he’s got a speeding ticket, or blew on an un-prescribed cheap plastic lung flute… But OUR candidate CAN be forgiven for such things… Or any of a million other anti-democratic shenanigans prevents REAL democracy)… Then hey! Quit yer bitchin’! We were already a 1-party state anyway! THIS is where the word-warping and LIES lead to!

                  So we already know that this is what Dictatorbot wants… Now you, too, Chumpy Chump?

                  1. Are you retarded? Because it sure seems that way. Keep up the propaganda Squirroebbels.

                    1. Sarcasmic is just drunk again. Usually when he pulls out the socks.

                    2. It is the first of the month.

                  2. “Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot says we are already (and should be, and have been

                    Adolph Sqrls promoting fascism again.

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                What an assholic piece of shit you are.

              3. Wow…. I got some major whiplash reading that.

                + I believe that right now, every government on the planet is too large, and personal liberty is too small.
                – sometimes it might make SOME sense for government to do MORE, in some category, to help the poor

                + When everything “good” is mandated, and everything “bad” is prohibited, there will be NO room left for human freedom, and human individual judgment!
                – Human societies with greater income differentials have less “social capital”
                – policies in favor of more-equal income distribution make sense
                – And we need “power”

                – “Social capital” (we trust each other) is still prevalent, and so we don’t get all hell-bent on punishing the good guys.

                – Income inequality skyrockets (the rich screw the poor with licensing schemes, among other things), and the poor shoot back, by putting commies in power.

                “Please excuse my bass-ackwards order here”
                You said it……….. lol… 🙂
                Sounds like you’ve got a war going on inside your head. That can’t be pleasant.

                Sounds like you could use a good read of the U.S. Constitution.

                1. And a little more education on the USA’s foundation as a Constitutional Union of Republican Sovereign States.

                  And a self-realization that national [WE] *POWER* (you describe as the Tribe-Nation) is EXACTLY the battle of the parties (by their very platforms) of which you should also read and reference.

                  But I will say; you certainly lean on the right track and it seems the ‘battle’ in your head comes in every-time you use the cliche word ‘poor’.

                  Just a realization that ‘poor’ isn’t a birthmark that cannot be escaped would be a big step at concluding your mind battle and realizing that “commie” fans are the ‘rich’ screwing the poor with licensing schemes, among other things. Not always but just-about entirely enacted by the Democratic Party.. The Federal Reserve Act, EPA ‘environmentalists’ regulations, National Commie-Education, etc, etc, etc….

                  Your stance’s would actually put you in as a Trump fan.

                  1. TJJ2000 Dictatorbot… You have clearly stated that the USA is a 1-party state. And you are Too Perfect in Your Own Mind to EVER take it back! Yet You won’t stoop low enough to tell us lowly peons WHICH is the One True Party, and what the punishments should be for voting for, or belonging to, a “wrong” political party!

                    Do you recognize arrogance and EVIL when you see it, Evil One Junior?

                    If you ever come around to wanting to work on your affliction, EvilBahnFuhrer, start here: M. Scott Peck, The People of the Lie, the Hope for Healing Human Evil
                    People who are evil attack others instead of facing their own failures. Peck demonstrates the havoc these “people of the lie” work in the lives of those around them.

                    1. Nobody’s reading this. You know this, right sarc?

                    2. R Mac, I am thoroughly aware of the fact that you are a nobody! It has been clear to me, ever since I heard about your taking all of those “smart pills” from the bottom of the rabbit hutches!

                    3. Your obsession with eating shit won’t save you sarc.

                    4. Vulnerable narcissism is my guess.

                    5. Pretty sure even ReichsFuhrer Sqrlsy isn’t reading what he posts, R Mac.

                    6. spaz asshole gets flagged

                    7. I’ve told you over, and over, and over, and over, and over AGAIN that the U.S. Constitution is the ONE Supreme Law of the People over their Government (that 1-Party) that differentiates a USA Patriot versus a Treasonous traitor.

                      YET you keep asking JUST because you don’t like the answer.
                      IGNORANCE knows no boundaries in [WE] mob power concentrated minds.

                    8. If you don’t like ignorance (I don’t either; ignorance should be cured by explaining the facts to those willing to listen), then PLEASE explain to your readers right here… WHICH is the One True Party, and WHAT should the punishment(s) be, for those who Defy Your Sacred Will, and vote for (or belong to) a WRONG party?

                      I like to vote Libertarian… Should I be punished, and how severely?

                    9. Well SQRLSY; If you are of any sub-party elected politician of the USA-Party that swore an oath of office yet willfully and purposely violated that oath you should be impeached, removed and go through due process of the judiciary courts on charges of perjury and/or treason.

                      Because you have willfully and purposely violated the ‘Supreme Law’; the People’s Law over you. You are a Criminal Politician against the USA.

                      As a Voter willfully and purposely voting for ‘criminals’ with an ‘due process’ established ‘intent’ to take-over the USA and replace it with Nazism; you should be charged with conspiracy to commit insurrection.

                      We don’t take a democratic ‘vote’ or a representative ‘vote’ on if the USA will be taken-over or not.

                    10. That kind of Vote requires 2/3rds majority federally and State Ratification. That **IS** the law politicians are held to.

                    11. After ALL of this long-winded blather, in YOUR “1-Party USA”, we STILL don’t know WHICH party is the ONE true political party! Do you know what “1” (One”) means, or is the math beyond you? Do you know what a “political party” is? And last but not least, do you know what a “1-party state” is?

                      If you can’t answer these questions honestly, then your condemnation of “ignorance” rings pretty hollow to me! Do you think that it is a good idea for the blind to try to lead the blind?

                    12. And AGAIN…
                      But here is the real issue… You live in a world where IDENTITY is everything. It’s the exact same politics as the left where the color of a persons skin, their sex, their wealth is EVERYTHING MORE than the actual person themselves. It’s the same politics of Hitler. It didn’t matter if a person was good or evil if they had policies that worked or didn’t ALL THAT MATTERED WAS IF THEY WERE JEW…..

                      Article IV; Section 4
                      The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion

                    13. “1 party state”

                      If your obviously GINORMOUS ego is capable of parsing this… To persuade ANYONE of ANYTHING, you might learn, first, HOW to honestly use the language that they are using!

                      Sprechen zie Engraisch? Oder Sprechen zie nur Dummkopf?

                    14. This one is better:


                      A one-party state, single-party state, one-party system, or single-party system is a type of unitary state in which only one political party has the right to form the government, usually based on the existing constitution.[1] All other parties are either outlawed or allowed to take only a limited and controlled participation in elections.

                    15. Reichsquirreler Squoebbels playing his sarcasmic victim card after acting mendacious.

                    16. “HOW to honestly use the language that they are using!”
                      = “I don’t like the answer; try again.”

                      Manipulatively and compulsively trying to push the subject into the limited vision of [WE] mob power (i.e. Democracy) by means of asking a hypocritical question.

                      Then again; your whole website is full of hypocrisy (as already pointed out) so abundant they almost run into each other. It’s a Boy. No, it’s a Girl. No, it’s a Boy with a vagina!

                      And AGAIN…
                      Every stable nation is a Single entity controlled system; The party of its national government dumb-ass. You know what a country looks like with 2-Parties in control of which neither has standing? It’s called Iraq or a hundred other countries in endless civil war who fight endlessly with each other using guns and bombs.

                      THEREFORE —
                      Whatever ‘Party’ is the party of the national government with current ‘federal’ control is the Single Party; And if that Party rejects the very definition of the USA (The U.S. Constitution) they are the illegal party at that point of action.

                    17. Liars lie! TJJ2000 Dictatorbot keeps right on saying that the USA has been, is, and should be a 1-party state! And can NOT face the idea of taking BACK the lies of TJJ2000 Dictatorbot!

                      Wow, liars really DO lie! More news at 11:00!

                    18. And the *ignorance* card is on full display again.

              4. Fuck off, assholic spaz

        2. SQRLSY should be taken to a vet and put down as a rabid animal. He certainly doesn’t count as human.

          1. He’s been exposed as part of the propaganda.

      3. If you’re so worried about one party rule, it should really worry you that, in 2016, an outsider was elected to national office and saw the entire ruling regime along with intelligence/law enforcement agencies and the media spend four years trying to destroy him with obvious bullshit and deception.


          Here’s What We Know So Far About Russia’s 2016 Meddling

          All made-up bullshit, if it does’t agree with what you already believe, right, Brian?

          1. If the 2016 election was interfered with because Russia, then the entire Trump administration and the 2020 election was interfered with because of the deceit of the political establishment and their propaganda from the media.

            I’m sure you’re just as concerned about that as you are about Russia.

            1. I have a small fact for you: Russia is a separate nation, totally outside of the USA. Prepare yourself now, I hope that you are sitting down: Russia is NOT the same as “the political establishment and their propaganda from the media”, in the USA!

              It is a fundamental injustice to blame “Party A” for the deeds of “Party B”. What, are you one of these idiots who wants to punish Facebook for what OTHER people (non-Facebook people) post to their Facebook pages?

              1. I’m really not ok with being lied and deceived my own government, it’s intelligence agencies, and the media establishment, no matter how different it is from Russia.

            2. international interference =/= domestic politics

              1. You think BLM threats, arson, murder, riots, etc were not domestic political acts. Because you’re an idiot and a statist.

                Likewise international interference happens every year. How many articles do you see during the election year from The guardian and other foreign papers? How often do foreign leaders weigh in on the election? Hillary paid foreign agents for Russian misinformation that predicated a 4 year investigatory farce which you supported.

                1. Thanks for the link!

                  “A former FBI lawyer plans to plead guilty…”

                  Looks like the problem is being resolved (justice is being served). Any barrel of apples, anywhere, is bound to have a few rotten apples. I just wish we’d all do a better job of not ELECTING the rotten ones!

                  1. One guy getting probation isn’t really justice.

                    1. Did your tinfoil hat tell you that he’s going to get probation? What do YOU want for this offender, the death penalty?

                      Punish-punish-punish! Personally, I think that punishment should be strictly reserved for only those who cannot otherwise be corrected, and then, “the punishment should fit the crime”. What is needed, and then no more, as far as the severity of the punishment goes. Even criticism is punishment, and it, too, should be carefully rationed.
                      What have very varied thinkers through the years said about this?
                      “Beware of all those in whom the urge to punish is strong.” – Friedrich Nietzsche
                      “Mistrust all those in whom the desire to punish is imperative.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
                      “Let he who is without sin, throw the first stone.” – Jesus
                      “How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while there is still a beam in your own eye? You hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” – Jesus

                    2. PS, for public-employee offenders, I wish that it would be easy to blacklist them away from EVER holding a public-employee job, ever again! That, alone, would go a long way! As things are now, as I understand, bad cops often get fired, but just move to another city or state, and get another cop job.

                    3. “Did your tinfoil hat tell you that he’s going to get probation?”

                      He already got probation dumbfuck. You really should ask yourself why you didn’t already know this.


                    4. Thanks for the link! I am amazed that you can actually move BEYOND empty-headed insults, and post a link! Congratulations!

                      No, I wasn’t aware of this. I can’t spend endless time parsing the news, after performing all my other duties, AND trying to donate time here, to trying to educate the rubes!

                      From your link…

                      “A half-dozen Trump associates who were indicted as a result of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.”

                      Kinda doesn’t speak too well of your Dear Leader, now, does it?

                    5. We’ll, most of them were indicted of… false statements to investigators.

                      If that’s such an indication of guilt, then what does the FBI making false statements and fabricating evidence imply?

                    6. Your lack of concern that the FBI lies to judges to spy on people because they are your political enemies is telling.

                    7. Probation for this liar (manipulator of truth and justice) does seem like a limp punishment to me. Not knowing more details, I think 1 year in jail would be about right, and “send a message”. (Jailing people costs taxpayers money, and my “punishment boner” is on the small side). AND a TOTAL ban from EVER “serving” the public again! As I kinda indicated! A sentence that doesn’t seem to exist today, sad to say!

                    8. “The deal with Clinesmith does not call for him to provide ongoing cooperation with prosecutors”


                      They let him plead guilty to fabricating evidence with only probation and they didn’t even seek cooperation with the investigation. This was a reverse plea deal: they took a plea on the promise not to cooperate. When does the FBI do that? When did they do that with the Trump administration?

                      It stinks to high heaven.

                    9. Brian, squirrel, and his comrades, are not here to have honest discussion. They are left wing trolls here to push left wing narratives. Some of them are employed by left wing organizations, others are just true believers.

                      Feel free to continue to try to engage them honestly, but soon it will be clear that they are not doing the same. You can prove a point with cites of facts. Not only will they not acknowledge that they were wrong at the time, but they will completely ignore the evidence, and then days or weeks later will engage in the same argument. Only to ask for the same cites that have already been presented before. See squirrel pretending ignorance of Clinesmith getting probation. That information was presented repeatedly at the time it happened. He’s lying when he says he didn’t know that.

                      They’ve now sunk so low as to mute most of the people that post the evidence that they are full of shit, so they can feign ignorance in the very threads where their bullshit is exposed.

                    10. R Mac: “He’s lying when he says he didn’t know that.”

                      Projection going on here, R Mac is lying! R Mac is pretending that its tinfoil hat can read my mind, when it clearly can NOT!

                      Or is this some MORE projection going on? Since R Mac knows everything, then it assumes that I do, as well! And I simply have a LOT more humility than THAT! R Mac is not familiar with this strange thing called “humility”.

                  2. The larger question is: why is an unbiased FBI honorably searching for the truth making false statements and fabricating evidence?

                    When the FBI catches people doing that, they use it as evidence of guilt.

                    1. And why are you of all people, so highly concerned with truth and Justice, so eager to say “no problem here! All is settled”?

                    2. Because he’s really a left wing propagandist and he’s lying.

            3. If Trump REALLY thought the supposed Deep State was after him, why didn’t he take more robust action against it? Why didn’t he clean house, or direct his department heads to do so? He fired Comey, then he whined for 4 years about them. Why didn’t he use his power to do something about it?

              1. Can you give an example of what that would have looked like? Other than firing people I’m charge like he did?

                1. Putting his phone down for a few minutes, turning off his TV set, and having some meetings with his appointees.

                  1. I think he did that.

                  2. You’re saying he never had meetings with his appointees? Seriously?

                    1. White Mike isn’t the smartest person.

                    2. Critical thinking isn’t a weapon in White Mike’s rhetorical arsenal.

                    3. If CNN says it, it’s a fact for Dee.

                  3. top. men,

              2. One thing that I found respectable about President Trump was his UN-media-covered general actions that landed within his rightful authority.

                i.e. He often times sent legislation to congress instead of willy-nilly signed 100s of Executive Orders that ‘made’ law like … hut, hm…. Biden did.

                He did a very few; but in the big scope of things really did far better than Obama or Biden.

                1. He also respected federalist principles for the most part.

          2. “Here’s What We Know So Far About Russia’s 2016 Meddling”

            After 3-Years of “witch-hunting” the courts finally realized that ‘ads’ from Russia wasn’t such a conspiracy after all but mostly just a ‘theory’ created by the “witch-hunters”.

        2. From the above-listed source, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio must be in on this, with your “entire ruling regime along with intelligence/law enforcement agencies and the media”! LEOs, media, Demoncrats obviously… Now IMPORTANT Republicans too are in on the whole deal!!! WHO, besides the Lizard People and the Voices and Vices in your head, can we trust, any more?!?!

          From there…

          Then in March of 2017, as the Senate Intelligence Committee was looking into Russian meddling in the election, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio told the committee that his presidential campaign was also targeted by Russians after he dropped out of the race in 2016.

          “In July of 2016, shortly after I announced I’d seek re-election to the United States Senate, former members of my presidential campaign team who had access to the internal information of my presidential campaign were targeted by IP addresses with an unknown location within Russia. That effort was unsuccessful,” Rubio said at the Senate Intelligence hearing in 2017.

          (And more…)

          1. You’ve been exposed for the propagandist that you are.

          2. asshole spaz gets three flags

          3. And Hillary Clinton, Bloomberg (later), and Joe Biden’s campaigns were targeted by the Russians… and the French, Israelis, Chinese, Brazilians, Brits and even we fucking Canadians. Every country who has significant interests in the US, spys on and tries to influence the candidate.
            And this has been going on for two hundred years.

            And the US does the same. If you thought that the US doesn’t buy inference in Russian elections, then you’re a moron who lives under a rock.

            2016 was in no way unusual in that. Only lying demagogues looking to craft a phony narrative, would pretend otherwise.

            Lying demagogues like the the three of you.

            1. Obama was very open about his opinion in Israeli elections when he was president. He didn’t need Facebook, he just came out and said it to the mainstream press.

              1. The above 2 posts are most likely both, largely true.

                What is ignored is that Der TrumpfenFuhrer and henchmen willingly benefited from this kind of interference (and even stoked it up; witness his use of Congressionally already-approved aid to Ukraine, with which to twist arms), and then lied about it. THAT (not continuous on-going meddling by some nations in the affairs of others) is why sensible and honest people have issues with Der TrumpfenFuhrer and all of His lackeys.

              2. In case any readers don’t fully “get it” here, what is going on is that R Mac and MammaryBahnFuhrer are playing the game of, “Well, everybody does it, so it’s OK if me or MY guy does it!”

                Der TrumpfenFuhrer can secretly invite his foreign-agent buddies to come and play in the USA electoral sandbox, etc., as long as, of course, it benefits Der TrumpfenFuhrer. And Der TrumpfenFuhrer and minions can also lie about their dirty secrets. Now if the foreign agents help out an OPPONENT of Der TrumpfenFuhrer (to even a tiny extent), Der TrumpfenFuhrer (and R Mac, MammaryBahnFuhrer, etc.) will be screaming bloody murder!

                This is hypocrisy of course, as well as unprincipled dishonesty!

        3. The blue pill libertarians complete ignore this and even try to aim there is no deep state. Even in the face of dozens of leaks, the continued attempts to get his tax returns, multiple law agencies on fishing expeditions, executive employees who openly flaunted orders from the president, etc.

          But the blue pills support the normalized authoritarianism. It gives them comfort. They have no true principles and don’t want to actually expand freedom. They run around calling Joe non corrupt and a moderate while crying Trump was an existential threat and traitor.

          1. “But the blue pills support the normalized authoritarianism.”

            I’m sorry, but wouldn’t the negation of elections, the basis for a free socierty, be authoritarianism?

            Have you not been keeping up with the revelations from the latest investigation? “Declare the election corrupted, and leave the rest to me.”
            Sounds very liberal, very un-authoritarian.

            Doctor, examine thyself.


            And the (((Deep State))) is just another obvious iteration of the Jewish blood libel. The newest boogeyman for paranoid anti social types to fixate on instead of self reflection.

            1. Democracy is nothing more than rule by apathetic sheep and should be abolished. Power should be transferred from the merchant caste to the traditional warrior-landowner aristocracy.

              1. The merchant class isn’t going to like that, what with the billions they spent to fortify the presidential election.

              2. Ooh, ooh, can we stop paying taxes and start paying tribute?

                1. You can rot in a ditch

                2. Fo those of us paying net taxes, we are basically there.

                  I feel bad for the driver.

                  1. I feel bad for WK’s mother

            2. You are presuming that they actually support voting rights. An increasingly large number of them don’t, viewing voting as a privilege. So when the voters vote for the “wrong” candidate, they have clearly “abused their privileges” and the franchise is further restricted.

              1. What did you think of the NYT article endorsing non-citizens voting?

              2. Do foreigners get to vote? Then it isnt a right. This isn’t difficult.

              3. And by the way jeff..

                You’ve already stated the only way you support voter ID is if the state comes to your house, finds all of your documents, provides you the ID and pays for your time.

                Your just gaslighting

              4. Lying Jeffy ignores difficult questions about his beliefs only to continue on with his left wing talking points.

            3. No I don’t think that’s fair to call “Deep State” some antisemitic dog whistle. It’s just a generally paranoid term to refer to the idea that the government operates according to some type of Tom Clancy novel.

              1. I mean just people openly defying the president. No big deal. Leaks and vocal resistance.

                Besides ignoring reality, you’re right.

                1. Also entire agencies falsifying evidence, and pursuing political procecutions

              2. It’s not a 1:1. In one place/time it’s jews, in another it’s gypsies, currently it’s the (((deep state))). It’s just an undefined “other”, an enemy and scapegoat to blame all of society’s ills and scare the paranoid anti social types into working against their own self interest.

                1. I admit, I do demonize sociopaths.

                  Outside of that, you’re making up bullshit about your enemies beliefs, so you can do to us what you accuse us of doing.

                  Like a true sociopath.

                2. Wow. You would think Misek has a lot of support here. Yet he’s consistently mocked. Dumbest bunch of anti-Semites evah!

                3. Now do “Unvaccinated”!

            4. “Four police officers who fought to hold back armed hordes”

              I’m shocked that the lying piece of shit would cite something that lies in the second sentence.

            5. Lol. You fully support the deep state. You want to be a part of it.

              And calling federal workers that identify at 80% liberal and openly resisted Trumps directions isnt blood libel you retarded fuck.

              There were zero revelations in trump russia of actual importance. There was much more revealed with the origins of the dossier you still support to this day, name it being Russian misinformation.

              1. ^

        4. By “obvious” you mean every single person in the room, other than Trump and perhaps the Traitor Flynn agreed that Trump did the things that we he did (tried to illegally use congressionally authorized funds to coerce Ukraine into helping his re-election efforts, incited a mob to attack the capitol, etc.)?

          1. every single person in the room

            A source who wasn’t even actually present isn’t “every single person in the room” you malevolent propagandist. How do you stand yourself?

            1. He’s a sociopath.

              1. Look at him praise authoritarian countries and then tell people to do what the government asks you to before they force you to.

                He is an authoritarian fuck.


                1. I’m not being hyperbolic when I say he’s a sociopath. I truly believe he is.

                  1. He’s certainly a liar. Probably a sociopath. So is Tony.

                    1. I don’t think Tony is a sociopath. Neither is Dee, Jeff, or the rest of the lefties here. They’re just stupid, dishonest, and or fifty centers.

                      DOL is a different animal. When he posted about mowing down citizens with an Apache Helicopter, I think he really wants to do that. And nothing he’s posted since contradicts that. Jeff, Dee, Tony and sarc say that Ashley deserved to be murdered for trespassing because they don’t have a choice. It would fuck up their job/narrative. DOL says it because he wishes he was the one that did it.

                2. Where is the praise. I am telling you simpletons how the world works, because from you comments I am left to believe you have no clue.

                  1. It’s cute that you think you’re smarter than anyone here.

                  2. “Where is the praise. I am telling you simpletons how the world works”

                    So you’re like a shaman?

              2. He’s a stasis wannabe who will destroy your life if he isn’t stopped

                  1. Could put him in stasis.

                    1. Statist Stasi for Stasis!

          2. Also;
            “Trump incited a mob to attack the capitol”
            “The iNsurrEction was meticulously planned using Lego and Parler”

            Pick a lie and stick with it, you fascist fuck.

            1. When you’re a sociopath, you don’t need to stick to just one lie, going from one to the next is SOP.

          3. Youre still telling the Vindman lies? Are eyou Vineland? Two persons on the phone call disagree and leaked classified information. That was Vineland and his brother.

            The transcript was released dumbass. You can stop telling lies now.

            1. Vindman, not famous enough for Autocorrect.

              Also remember when social media banned mentioning the leakers name? Lol.


            2. “You can stop telling lies now.”

              I don’t believe he can.

            3. Vindman, who had nothing to gain, has no history of lying, and has volunteered to serve his country in combat, vs. donald trump the overweight trust fund baby with the same resume as paris hilton, conman, liar, cheater, rapist, and has never shown one shred of evidence he cares for anything other than himself.

              Who to trust?

              1. Vindman, who wasn’t even present, and everyone who was, including Ukrainian’s leader, said was lying, was probably lying.

                Soldiers lie. Especially shitty, valor-stealing frauds like you.

              2. Your massive bias is showing.

              3. Your bias towards Paris Hilton is noted. Your sociopathy having something to do with a rich family from your past is a possibility.

                Was your family treated poorly by a rich family from your home town? Was your father fired by a successful businessman when you were young?

                1. Ms Hilton, at least, has the “I was molested” excuse.

            4. And no actual transcript was released, jesse. That was the crux of the contention. Stop lying, please.

              1. No it wasn’t, it’s SOP to keep condensed notes of phone calls. This came out early on, admitted by those who work in the govt. It was only until the transcripts were released and didn’t show what Too Fat For His Uniform alleged was said did the Corporate Media and leftists like you shift the goal posts and came up with this conspiracy theory that the condensed transcripts were altered. But you know this already, hence the shit posting.

                1. DOL needs actual audio to be convinced his narrative is false.

                  Evidence that his narrative is true? Unnamed sources from CNN or the Atlantic will do.

                  Are you starting to get an idea who DOL is?

      4. fuck off dumb ass, no one reads you retarded shit

  5. Paging Marion Barry. Marion Barry, please pick up the red courtesy phone.

    1. ++

    2. …paging Marion Barry

      I wouldn’t expect ‘French Laundry’ levels of fallout from this. The Democrats may own California, but they own DC. Zero consequences from their loyal, obedient constituents for this, a 1/10 on the Barry scale, who put another 20 years in political office after his prison sentence.

      1. Absolutely correct.

  6. Happy birthday, Robby.

    1. So, he can legally drink now?

      1. Depends if you think Berry Sangrias, pink lemonade cosmopolitans, and sweet orange shandy, “drinks”.

        1. Those are perfect acceptable drinks.

          If you belong to a sorority anywhere south of the Mason Dixon line.

        2. Or if you’re a girl drink drunk…….

        3. That’s on the weekends. On the weekdays he butches it up by drinking a half-glass of rosè with dinner.

  7. Don’t know if this has been posted here but well worth reading.
    Daryl Cooper AKA MartyrMade.

    1. And while I’m at it, here’s Greenwald on Nancy’s show trial.

    2. “For two years, Trump supporters had been called traitors and Russian bots for casting ballots for “Vladimir Putin’s c*ck holster.””

      Hey, that sure sounds familiar around these parts. More evidence that some commentators are paid trolls.

    3. That is an interesting story. Thanks.

      So is it the prevailing belief among MAGAworld then that the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians was a complete setup? Directed by Hillary’s campaign and with Obama’s knowledge?

      1. Fusion GPS wasiterally working with the Russians involved you ignorant halfwit. Likewise you continue to ignore the source of information for the Steele Dossier which had far more impact domestically than a 15 minute meeting about adoption rights in Russia.

        It is amazing how big of an ignorant hypocrite you are.

        1. He’s just going to continue ignoring all that you know.

      2. You only hate Russians for the color of their skin.

        1. Umm I don’t hate Russians as a group.

      3. No.

        It’s not Trump colluding with the Russians to commit crimes in the United States, even though the media said so for years, and the FBI investigated for years based on opposition research funded by the DNC

        Hell, we had the FBI treat piss stories as credible evidence to commit surveillance against an incoming presidential administration, while the Hunter laptop was censored from public view, even though it was completely true.

        The way the media and the FBI treated the Trump administration would have been the biggest political scandal of the last 50 years if all the facts were the same except it happened to the Clinton presidency.

        He makes it pretty clear what’s obvious to anyone who wants to see: we have a regime that runs the country and they’ll make sure outsiders stay outside.

        That should concern anyone who truly cares about democracy, and the fact that so many claim to worry about democracy, yet downplay and make excuses for this, is quite telling.

        1. Look at how quickly the newly discovered email from a few weeks ago that Jeff posted fell put of cycle. They still believe it. Nobody else does.

          1. He makes another great point: half the country thinks Trump wasn’t charged with collusion only because he was the sitting president, even though Mueller, when specifically asked, said that he didn’t have evidence of any crimes.

            The local regime fans were telling me the very same fake news a week ago.

            They know so many “facts” that just aren’t true, and they all go one way. That’s not a coincidence.

    4. That may be the most sober analysis of the last 5 years I’ve ever read.

    5. GOP propaganda still has many of them thinking in terms of partisan binaries, but A LOT of Trump supporters see that the Regime is not partisan. They all know that the same institutions would have taken opposite sides if it was a Tulsi Gabbard vs Jeb Bush election. 12/x

      This can’t be stated forcefully enough.

      1. This is profoundly disorienting. Many of them don’t know for certain whether ballots were faked in November 2020, but they know for absolute certain that the press, the FBI, etc would lie to them if there was. They have every reason to believe that, and it’s probably true. 16/x

        This is my exact stance on the 2020 election. There are hints of fraud. There are clearly widespread irregularities. But I know I’ll never get a truthful accounting because the press and our institutions will lie to me if it was there. And we know for a fact that the social media companies will block any information that provides such an accounting.

        1. Rolling the above two posts up together, wouldn’t it be hilarious if a political outsider like Jorgensen got another 100,000 votes but, not being enough to change the outcome, no one gave a shit?

      2. Time Mag told us that during the 2020 riots, there were weekly conference calls involving, among others, leaders of the protests, the local officials who refused to stop them, and media people who framed them for political effect. In Ukraine we call that a color revolution.

        Small local story. Reason didn’t even mention it.

        1. Reason was in on it.

          1. (From other than your tinfoil hat, I mean).

      3. Forget the ballot conspiracies. It’s a fact that governors used COVID to unconstitutionally alter election procedures (the Constitution states that only legislatures can do so) to help Biden to make up for a massive enthusiasm gap by gaming the mail-in ballot system.

        Small local story. Reason wouldn’t cover it.

  8. You’d think that at some point _someone_ at Reason would be willing to suggest that maybe this means that the ruling class knows perfectly well all of those rules have no medical value.

    1. That’s a good one!

    2. I need some OBL level sarcasm here…

      Reason being… Reasonable? Too soon. Bad orange man still fresh.

      1. He’ll be around.

        1. Different parody account showed up just below. V

      2. Bad orange man?

        Orange Man bad?!? He BAD, all right! He SOOO BAD, He be GOOD! He be GREAT! He Make America Great Again!

        We KNOW He can Make America Great Again, because, as a bad-ass businessman, He Made Himself and His Family Great Again! He Pussy Grabber in Chief!

        See The Atlantic article by using the below search-string in quotes:
        “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet” or this one…

        He pussy-grab His creditors in 7 bankruptcies, His illegal sub-human workers ripped off of pay on His building projects, and His “students” in His fake Get-Rich-like-Me realty schools, and so on. So, He has a GREAT record of ripping others off! So SURELY He can rip off other nations, other ethnic groups, etc., in trade wars and border wars, for the benefit of ALL of us!!!

        All Hail to THE Pussy Grabber in Chief!!!

        Most of all, HAIL the Chief, for having revoked karma! What comes around, will no longer go around!!! The Donald has figured out that all of the un-Americans are SOOO stupid, that we can pussy-grab them all day, every day, and they will NEVER think of pussy-grabbing us right back!

        Orange Man Bad-Ass Pussy-Grabber all right!

        We CAN grab all the pussy, all the time, and NONE will be smart enough to EVER grab our pussies right back!

        These voters simply cannot or will not recognize the central illusion of politics… You can pussy-grab all of the people some of the time, and you can pussy-grab some of the people all of the time, but you cannot pussy-grab all of the people all of the time! Sooner or later, karma catches up, and the others will pussy-grab you right back!

        1. Huzzah!

        2. Fuck off ReichSquirrelerOne.

        3. He didn’y say he grabbed them by the pussy he said they would let him grab them by the pussy if he wanted too which he didn’t.

          1. Where did he say ‘he didn’t?’

            1. You steaming pile of lefty shit, where did he say he did?

            2. “They let you” is from the quote. Need an English primer?

            3. I know you know what Trump actually said? Why do you lie about it?

          2. “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful—I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.”

            I don’t see where he said he didn’t grab them by the pussy.

            1. I don’t see where he said he did, steaming pile of lefty shit.

            2. BTW, steaming pile of lefty shit, I don’t see where you say you don’t fuck the neighbor’s dog or chicken. Why is that, steaming pile of lefty shit?

              1. Anyone who isn’t keeping their dog away from QA isn’t paying attention.

            3. Sort of a general statement as opposed to an admission to a specific act. Not like Biden and his rape of Tara Reade, or his ‘inappropriate showers’ with his ten year old daughter Ashley.

            4. “they let you do it.”

              1. Just like hapless Americans will “let conservaturds do it” when conservaturds revoke democracy and replace it with a Trumptatorshit… Because our other choice will be “re-education camps”!

                1. You sure love your phony narrative, don’t you Herr Sqrlobbels.

                  1. Sarcasmic can have a direct quote provided by another retard leftitarian in this thread and then ignore the tenets of the English language. It is amazing.

                  Trump’s Big Lie and Hitler’s: Is this how America’s slide into totalitarianism begins?

                  So MammaryBahnFuhrer… You, personally… Are you in favor of totalitarianism, or totalSLUTtitarianism? (Think carefully now! If you get it right, your DREAMS may cum true, and Der TrumpfenFuhrer will PERSONALLY cum up there to Islamic Inner Canuckistanistanistanistanistan, and grab your pussy, good and hard! ‘Cause I hear that He’s getting tired of Stormy Daniels these days! She charges a LOT more than you do, ass well. Get it right, now!)

                  1. Reichsquirreler Squirroebbels linking to a Salon article then attempting to threaten an invasion of Canada with his Rechsquirrelgruppen.

                    1. Can Chumpy Chump refute ANY of the LONG list of FACTS in the Salon article?

                      How about you, Chump Chump? Are you in favor of totalitarianism, or totalSLUTtitarianism?

                    2. Squirroebbels, I’m not wasting my time reading Strawlon.

                    3. Chumpy Chump trumps ALL arguments, by NOT reading them!

                      How will you feel when the judge and jury convicts and sentences you, and explains to you, that they did that to you, because they already KNEW you were guilty, but couldn’t be bothered to study up, in any way, on the case evidence?

                    4. Reichsquirrel Squirroebbels, the Poop Nazi. If you want to eat shit, have at it. But wipe your face before you come in here.

                      A historical super majority control of a city, essentially a one party system, is effectively a one party system. And instead of railing against abuses, such as what the actual Reason article discusses, you chaff and redirect. Just like you have done protecting the kiddie porn poster. If you are like this in real life, your ex wife should get full custody.

                    5. Chumpy Chump, THIS is what a 1-party state acts like!


                      But you’ll refute the link by not reading it, right, right-wing moron?

                      Tell me… WHEN was the last time that a person was punished in the USA, for voting for the wrong party, or other totally peaceful, purely political activity? Citation?

                      Whiner-crybaby, if you want to call the USA (or parts of it) “1-party”, PLEASE emigrate to North Korea, for an education about what a REAL 1-party state acts like, and leave the rest of us free from your LIES!

                    6. Reichsquirrel, you missed the plot. And again you fail to address the article or the effective single party system in DC that lead to a progressive treating the people that put her in office like peasants. Choose to ignore actual abuses because it is team blue and post some more fantasy land nursery rhymes.

                    7. Why do all the ignorant leftists link to Salon and The Atlantic while crying they aren’t leftists? It is amazingly consistent.

                    8. Tell me… WHEN was the last time that a person was punished in the USA, for voting for the wrong party, or other totally peaceful, purely political activity? Citation?

                      Chumpy Chump is WRONG and admits it, by NOT answering a plain and simple question!

                      DC sucks, yes… It is the fault of the voters! NOT the fault of the DC government for OUTLAWING the “wrong” parties!

                      WHERE did you go to stupid-school? Maybe you could get remedial instruction on the meanings of “1” (One), “political party”, and “1 party state”. THEN you could hold your own, MAYBE, when discussing things with honest grown-ups!

                    9. Poop Nazi, maybe you need to wipe your eyes too. You keep strawmanning. Please stop.

                    10. “Why do all the ignorant leftists link to Salon and The Atlantic …”

                      High school dorp-out JesseBahnFuhrer keeps right on dorping out! If it disagrees with BreitFart, Der JesseBahnFuhrer will dorp out and “refute” it, whatever it is, with, “But… but… but that’s not from BreitFart!”

                      Got any MORE “wisdom” for us today, one-hit Wonder Dorp-Out? One-Trick Puny-Headed Wonder Child?

                    11. Imagine how bad squirrel’s breath must be after eating shit?

                    12. Not only does it go in his mouth but a lot of it comes out too.

            5. “I don’t see where he said he didn’t grab them by the pussy.”

              Reading comprehension, 4th grade.
              And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything
              He doesn’t say he did or didn’t. He is not describing an action. He says, because I am a star it is available if I want it. True of many stars. D and R.
              But put the pink hat on and join the rest of the misinformed at the next big rally.

        4. Fuck off, spaz.

        5. Seriously. Science here, wanting to know what chemicals you regularly use.

          1. I’m addicted to living in reality. You should try it some time! It gives you a buzz or two from time to time, and you actually function BETTER!

            1. Yes, drugs obviously are a large part of your reality. I’m asking which ones in particular because they seem potent.

              1. Probably liquor and not taking his Ritalin.

            2. fuck off, spaz

          2. Here you go.

            July.10.2021 at 9:23 pm
            Flag Comment Mute User
            About the only thing I miss about working in restaurants was access to drugs. There’s always a dishwasher slinging weed and a waiter with nose candy.

            1. Just not restaurants that serve Cuban sandwiches.

    3. “You’d think that at some point _someone_ at Reason would be willing to suggest that maybe this means that the ruling class knows perfectly well all of those rules have no medical value.”

      It seems to me that the word “needless” has that sort of, you know, covered:

      “No, this isn’t the greatest burden in the world—but it is a needless burden.”

      1. Whether it’s a burden or not is obviously up to the individual. But it’s clearly tyrannical. Seems like Robbie should be more worried about that.

        1. I agree that is entirely up to the individual. I sorta think Robbie would agree with this. But then, that’s just my impression.

      2. It isn’t needless though. They have a need for it. It just isn’t medically related.

        1. Nice.

      3. Democrats never do anything that isn’t politically motivated.

        1. POLITICIANS never do anything, at least publicly, that isn’t politically motivated.

          1. bOtH sIdEz!

          2. Democrats, elected or not, are instinctively political creatures. The Larry also attracts a disproportionate percentage of sociopaths like DEL and Tony for that reason.

            1. It is true, that the Republicans I have worked with over the years, are more likely to have a “live and let live” mentality. But that seems to have changed a bit over the years.

  9. Too bad the elites follow political science instead of medical science. Rules for thee, not for me.

  10. Looks like cooler heads may prevail in Mexico.

    In remarks made earlier this week, the Mexican leader said his government was still waiting for the scientific community to demonstrate the benefits of vaccinating minors.
    Until conclusive evidence was provided, AMLO told the audience (in what has now become a viral, if not very under-reported) speech, that Mexico would refuse to purchase jabs for children; adding that pharmaceutical firms seemed to be focused more on making profits than on ensuring medical necessity as they rake in record sales from Covid-19 vaccines.
    “We need to be careful, because, as it is obvious pharmaceutical companies wish to make a profit… and would like to keep selling vaccines for everyone.
    But we need to prioritize; we need to know if they’re needed or not.
    We need to not be subordinated to Big Pharma dictating to us… ‘we need a 3rd dose’, ‘we need a 4th dose’, ‘we need to vaccinate children’…”
    Speaking on the same topic, Undersecretary for Health Hugo López-Gatell claimed there was “no scientific evidence” showing the jab was “essential” for minors.

    1. Questioning big pharma = antisemitism

      1. Traitorous too.

        1. And anti democracy

  11. NHS Nurses tell high risk expectant mother that they WILL be P C R Testing the baby once born, that the baby isn’t “The mothers property” once out of the abdomen & that the Safeguarding team (Social Services) are being notified because of their refusal.

    1. A small price to pay for compliance.

      1. DC has, by accident, elected exactly one republican mayor in the 48 years they have been electing their mayor. So even now, Bowser could do bong hits and make out with everyone at her party and not face any real opposition.Meanwhile, across the Potomac, governor Coonman said he will not mandate masks because he knows doing so will mean the dems will be toast in November-they likely will be anyway, but masks will mean they’ll be burnt toast.

        1. Well, you’re ‘Coonman’ comment kind of says what needs to be said about where you’re coming from, but I’d also add that lots of DC mayor incumbents get turned out, they just get beat in the Democratic primary.

          1. He’s referring to the fact that the racist piece of shit in the governor’s mansion is a known wearer of blackface.

          2. He blackfaced while in medical school and his nickname at the time was Coonman.

          3. Haha. Queenie is on high alert for racial outrage.

            Poster is talking about a white dude, queenie. Don’t worry, you’ll find another opportunity to virtue signal soon enough.

            What a doosh.

            1. Yeah. Queen missed the plot with this one. Her team going ultra racist and she’s trying to BLM march on the messenger.

          4. Race-baiting fool.

          5. Are you really that ignorant of Northman’s past, or just pretending so you can call NoVaNick a racist?

    2. That is infuriating. The usual blue libs here most likely support it.

    1. Was it a decisive voctory?

      1. Fuck off and die, steaming pile of lefty shit.

  12. I don’t think there’s much risk of spreading the ‘rona at a party where everybody’s drinking, the alcohol acts as a sterilizer. You might even say it’s like drinking a disinfectant or something.

    1. Works even better with a pack of Marlboros.

      1. Or a BLM sign or two?

        1. Fire is a wonderful sanitizer.

        2. Or rainbow flag?

  13. Why test a baby? I’m curious as to thier reasoning.

    “You had the chance to abort it while it was still a clump. It belongs to the state now. “

  14. As i still wonder why trumps supporters has been called traitors for years

  15. On what grounds did progressives suppose that power must be shifted to experts because the people cannot be trusted to identify their own interests, much less the public policies that would advance them? “The Social Contract,” a 1762 treatise by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, gave classic expression to the idea that the will of the people was something other than what the people said they wanted or for which they voted. His point of departure in search of “some sure and legitimate rule of administration” was the proposition that “[m]an is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” Rousseau had in mind the chains of custom and tradition which, he believed, corrupt minds and hearts. A properly organized government, he argued, must see to it that each citizen “shall be forced to be free” of inherited beliefs, practices, and associations. Such coercion, Rousseau emphasized, must only be undertaken by those capable of accurately discerning the “General Will,” which reflects the people’s true interests and is “constant, unalterable, and pure.”

    In line with Rousseau’s thinking, his intellectual and political minions through the centuries have believed that imposing on people what they ought to want reflects the highest expression of freedom and the purest form of democracy. However, these closet — and often not-so-closet — authoritarians tend to overlook Rousseau’s stern insistence that identifying and executing the General Will require exceedingly rare intelligence and character.

    In “If you hate the culture wars, blame liberals” — a short, perceptive essay to which Andrew Sullivan refers in his analysis of the left’s intensifying illiberalism — progressive Kevin Drum provides evidence that his colleagues on the left would do well to take Rousseau’s stern insistence to heart. “It is not conservatives who have turned American politics into a culture war battle,” writes Drum. “It is liberals. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise: Almost by definition, liberals are the ones pushing for change while conservatives are merely responding to whatever liberals do” [emphasis in the original]. Left-liberals, however, are a peculiar sort of aggressor. While, as Drum observes, “Democrats have been moving further and further away from the median voter for years” on issues such as crime, immigration, and race, they also have been demanding greater and greater submission on the part of the public to progressive moral judgments and policy prescriptions. In other words, the left has adopted the quasi-Rousseauian view that the public is not merely mistaken but must be emancipated from their errors — in the contemporary case through the regulation of speech and the redistribution of privileges and punishments based on race, sex, and gender properly understood.

    1. Dianne, this is amusing enough in itself, but posted on a *libertarian* site? Well, that’s just precious!

      1. Fuck off and die, steaming pile of lefty shit.

        1. That does cover all bases.

          I would honestly love to debate a liberal if they were actually open to other ideas, but the end result always is that I’m a racist so… Yeah, go with the ‘steaming pile of lefty shit’ argument and skip the frustrating bit.

          1. Yeah, but Sevo does to much of it.
            I wish he’d constrain it more to posts where they’d been particularly dishonest and douchey, for stronger effect.

            1. Not too much, just doesn’t use it wisely. He owes Tony one for every post, but he only gets Tony a few times a week.

    2. The goal of Rousseau and his spiritual descendants has been to punish the wholesome European gentry through progressively escalating ideological and economic warfare. The absurdity of the moral precepts one must support to advance within the Cathedral — transgenderism, modern art, open borders — evinces the ruling caste’s illegitimacy and malevolence.

      1. Really, apart from cannibalism, human sacrifice and child rape, where will they have left to go after this?

          1. Yeah, pretty sure they’ve already reached child rape. Roman Polanski showed that to the world.

            1. Which is probably why espresso shills for them

  16. Hope you get your happy birthday Robby. If they keep you down don’t be afraid to take a drive down to the free states. NC has good BBQ and is close.

  17. What’s the point wearing a mask if it burns up every time you need to breathe fire?

    Or have I got the wrong Bowser?

    1. Your princess is in another castle.

  18. Let’s stay in this together, DC. By masking up, we can protect our community and keep DC open.

    Why would we want to keep DC open?

    1. That’s my question every-time there’s a budget held up in congress.
      Leave it SHUT-DOWN!

      1. Greateat danger of gov’t shutdown is people realizing it’s not a real issue.

  19. This is insane. I went to buy a new mattress today, and the AFW I went to didn’t have it in stock, even though their website said they did. So I went up to the AFW in Thornton but it may have been technically in Denver. I drive into the parking lot and was back in 2020. They had me drive to an out building to show my receipt, then had me pull into a parking lot and wait until they called me at which time I could pull up and get loaded. My google maps told me I was required to wear a mask in public! What is this bullshit and how long until people start fighting back?

    1. When life gets actually inconvenient. Figure that the revolution is on hold until Netflix goes off air

    2. When people realize a certain Austrian painter was right about everything.

      1. Gustav Klimt?

  20. Also Reason mobile sucks. If I scroll I often hit “reply” accidentally, then when I hit “cancel reply” it sees a double tap and flags the comment for review. Come on Reason! Fix your site!

    1. Just step 2 in shutting down the comments. See the whole mute button feature to allow intellectual bubbles here lol. Sullum and crew are tired of being called out

  21. Well, it appears that someone had a birthday to celebrate on Friday.

  22. Cannot wait to see how many people get COVID from her party. The 6 positive tests from one plane filled with Democrats showed us that Democrats don’t believe in getting vaccinated but will accuse others of trying to kill grandma.

  23. Greatest*

    1. Agh. Fuck you Reason. You and your shitty reply buttons.

  24. Bowser yesterday performed an in door wedding for 100 guests with no masks.

    1. We can see this sort of low level compliance based brainwashing in the procedures of the Red Guard, the SS, or PoW camps. They want the masses to constantly concede on small increments. Then they focus on turning children against the family, such as CRT does with teachers telling students to not tell their teachers. It is a slow type of conditioning.

      Hey its just a mask.

      Hey its just a vaccine.

      Hey put the mask back on.

      Hey shame those ones that don’t have masks.

      Hey support this business paying attention to your health with vaccine passports.

      Hey ignore that guy talking about the studies that don’t support us.

      And on and on.

      It is breaking the will of a society.

      1. Hey put the mask back on after I have my birthday celebration.

  25. Democrats blow, the DC Mayor is a hypocrite, but this article is Nanny Libertarianism. It was legal. She was in her own house. Who gives a fuck? By the way, as has been pointed out millions of times, Reason’s commenting setup is perhaps the most useless and annoying one on the entire Internet. That should be your lead story Reason — how a libertarian magazine supposedly dedicated to free speech does everything it can to make the practice of free speech as cumbersome as possible. It’s 2021. FFS.

    1. Hypocrites in government should constantly be highlighted. Make them play by their own rules.

      1. I’m inclined to agree that this is kind of nit-picky hypocrisy highlighting, when there are bigger stories to be covered.

        1. This is how Reason maintains its supposed rep without offering any real opposition

    2. EXCLUSIVE: Not 24 hours into the indoor mask mandate she imposed on DC, Muriel Bowser officiated an indoor wedding in Adams Morgan and stayed to fete with *hundreds* of fellow maskless guests.

      This one is not ‘legal’. NOW are we allowed to say anything?

      1. Some animals need those apples and that milk because they are deep thinkers and need more energy in order to tell the others what to do.

    3. The issue isn’t that libertarians think masks are warranted. The issue is that this OberKaren is making mandatory masks the law of the land but only after she gets to have her party.


    If this had happened to LGBT protesters in Russia, it would be an international news story.

    Anti-lockdown protesters have been so thoroughly demonized by the media, such behavior is barely even covered. [Video]

  27. If anyone at this point is surprised that those in political power adhere to the same regulations they dump on us.

    At the very least they are telling you that masks don’t work in their own odd way. Like they did way back in early 2020, before that became a way to fuck you up.

  28. If anyone at this point is surprised that those in political power adhere to the same regulations they dump on us.

    نتيجة الثانوية العامة 2021 بالاسم

  29. “But this is still rank hypocrisy”

    No, this time it’s corruption. When you craft the rules for your personal benefit, that’s corruption, not hypocrisy.

  30. I’m shocked, SHOCKED to see that black Democratic politicians from DC are corrupt.

  31. In other words no laws or regulations were broken.

    Thanks for the confirmation.

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