Brickbat: You Really Shouldn't Say That


Tarrant, Alabama, City Council member John "Tommy" Bryant is under fire from citizens and other council members after using the n-word during a public council meeting. "Do we have a house n—– in here?" Bryant said. "Do we? Do we?" Bryant claims he was repeating what Mayor Wayman Newton had called City Councilwoman Veronica Freeman in private. Both Freeman and Newton are black. Bryant is white. Newton denies he used that term to refer to Freeman.

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  3. Dude thought he had something over on his political opponent, ended up handing his opponents all kinds of ammunition. He’s not fit to serve. Not because he’s racist (no idea if he is or isn’t) but because he sucks at politics.

    And, yeah, the mayor probably said it.

    1. Yes, it does not sound as if he thought using that word was a good thing.

    2. If he’s just repeating what they mayor said, that’s not using the word in the disrespectful sense, and I say he’s fit to serve. Black people don’t get a pass for using the n-word either, and if they don’t want it used, they should stop using it. Just look at the hip hop lyrics of Apple Board member Dr. Dre:

      1. That’s just Black Privilege.

    3. He needed to have video of it, play the video at a council meeting, then ask the attendees if this was true.
      His fault was that he was being niggardly with evidence of utterance.

    4. Watch the video in the linked news story.

      Just like any other dummy who thought he could say stupid shit because “I’m not the one that’s being racist!”. And on camera, no less.

    5. He’s not fit to serve. Not because he’s racist (no idea if he is or isn’t) but because he sucks at politics.

      And, yeah, the mayor probably said it.

      His ineptitude at politics makes me think the council member is likely a better administrator and a better person in general than the mayor.

    6. agreed….. if you ever find yourself thinking this is a good idea, you do not belong in politics.

  4. Another brickbat that’s not a brickbat. It’s assholes being assholes to someone who said a word they didn’t like.

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    1. Fuck off bot. Nobody likes you.

  6. If you made the use of that word mandatory, the pain that it causes would quickly dissipate.

    1. Irony defined: If NIGGER was used as frequently as RACIST, on cable news, both words would be equally meaningless.

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