Brickbat: Bus Tragedy


A family has sued Kentucky's Jefferson County Public Schools after their then 6-year-old daughter was dragged 1,147 feet by a school bus in 2015. The girl's backpack got caught in the door as she stepped off. The driver did not watch her to make sure she safely exited as required by the driver's training. Video from inside the bus shows another student standing near the driver, another violation of safety protocol. The driver realized the problem only after the driver of a nearby car started honking its horn to get her attention. The child reportedly has had to have several surgeries and suffered severe nerve damage and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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  2. And yet the backpack manufacturers are getting off scot-free.

    1. We must mandate backpacks with breakaway straps!

      1. Why not mandate arm amputations?

        1. Breakaway arms! An even better solution.

          1. That seems reckless. I demand some sort of arms control.

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          2. Arms are already breakaway, unless you’re not doing it right.

    2. Why should they shoulder responsibility? This is not their burden to carry.

      1. I think they should be sent packing.

  3. Thought this incident was resolved. Am surprised that it is still dragging on.

    1. “Resolved”? How can the lawyers make money that way?

      1. Are they cash strapped?

    2. tee hee

  4. Starting now, all bus drivers will need 30,000 hours of instruction, and a PhD in BusDriverology, taught to them by HIGHLY degreed Uber-BusDriverologists! Backed up by “infrastructure” grants to academia, from the Feds! THAT will FIX these kinds of issues!

    1. Actually, just train the damned bus drivers. There are rules that already exist that they must follow. That a kid was standing next to the driver indicates the rules were not followed.

      Now sometimes accidents do happen. Humans are humans, after all. And bus drivers take a lot of shit from their little tykes. But this story reads like someone was a school bus driver that shouldn’t have been a school bus driver.

      1. How dare you deface otto that way

      2. Really have to wonder why buses don’t have doors like the ones on elevators, that will automatically re-open if something stops them from closing fully.

        Oh right, cost! The money that could be used to implement this has gone into “administrators” pockets instead.

  5. Thank God we had video inside the school bus!

  6. Wow. I am so glad Reason is on this important story. Reason “reporters” sure as hell aren’t going to go to Chicago and report on the kids being gunned down.
    9:00p Peaceful Tally: 11 killed, 57 wounded
    2020 weekend tally: 4 killed, 59 wounded
    2019 weekend tally: 8 killed, 43 wounded
    2018 weekend tally: 7 killed, 39 wounded
    2017 weekend tally: 5 killed, 32 wounded
    2016 weekend tally: 7 killed, 48 wounded
    2015 weekend tally: 4 killed, 36 wounded
    2014 weekend tally: 5 killed, 25 wounded

    Friday 7/23
    2:20p 6300 S Kilbourn, West Lawn, M/36
    6:20p 7600 S State, Grand Crossing, F/36
    6:20p 7600 S State, Grand Crossing, M/?
    6:50p 100 W 125th, West Pullman, M/?
    6:55p 1700 W 79th, Auburn Gresham, M/36
    7:15p 4000 W Monroe, Garfield Park, M/24
    7:35p 7000 S Merrill, South Shore, M/19
    8:05p 7000 S Perry, Grand Crossing, M/32
    9:10p 700 E 79th, Grand Crossing, M/20
    9:10p 700 E 79th, Grand Crossing, M/33
    10:00p 2500 S Keeler, Little Village, M/44
    10:05p 1200 W 73rd, Englewood, M/28
    Saturday 7/24
    12:10a 4000 W Washington, Garfield Park, M/28
    12:45a 7100 S Ada, Englewood, M/17
    12:45a 7100 S Ada, Englewood, M/21
    1:05a I290 @ Wacker, Loop, M/27
    1:15a 1700 N Moody, Austin, M/37
    1:15a 6800 S Peoria, Englewood, M/15
    1:15a 6800 S Peoria, Englewood, M/17
    2:45a 900 N Richmond, West Town, M/23
    2:50a 8700 S Holland, Roseland, F/27
    2:50a 8700 S Holland, Roseland, F/32
    2:55a 2800 E 75th, South Shore, M/21
    3:25a 6500 S Komensky, West Lawn, M/33
    4:10a 4300 W Monroe, Garfield Park, M/23
    5:10a 100 E 79th, Grand Crossing, M/36
    7:10a 800 N Drake, Humboldt Park, M/25
    7:10a 800 N Drake, Humboldt Park, M/50
    1:15p 8600 S Kingston, South Chicago, M/19
    1:50p 5000 W Augusta, Austin, M/19
    2:05p 6700 S King, Grand Crossing, M/25
    2:45p 3200 N Lake Shore, Lake View, M/23 (maybe)
    3:50p 5800 S Western, Gage Park, M/20
    3:50p 5800 S Western, Gage Park, M/?
    5:25p 4400 W Adams, Garfield Park, F/52
    6:10p 5600 S Racine Ave Englewood, M/38
    8:15p 500 E 79th, Chatham, M/44
    10:30p 1100 W 57th, Englewood, M/34
    10:50p 11700 S Union, West Pullman, M/34
    11:20p 700 S Cicero, Austin, M/?
    Sunday 7/25
    12:10a 300 S Kilbourn, Garfield Park, M/31
    12:10a 300 S Kilbourn, Garfield Park, M/39
    12:10a 300 S Kilbourn, Garfield Park, M/55
    12:10a 2900 S State, Douglas, M/16 (CCW)
    12:30a 4800 W Race, Austin, M/23
    12:30a 4800 W Race, Austin, M/30
    12:30a 4800 W Race, Austin, M/36
    12:30a 4800 W Race, Austin, M/48
    12:30a 4800 W Race, Austin, M/50
    2:50a 5800 S Peoria, Englewood, M/48
    3:00a 100 W Kinzie, Near North Side, M/25
    3:00a 1400 S Keeler, North Lawndale, M/19
    3:15a 1500 N Luis Munoz, West Town, F/18
    4:05a 5500 W Washington, Austin, M/21
    4:10a 3700 S Hermitage, Mckinley Park, M/18
    5:00a 67 E Cermak, Near South Side, M/43
    5:00a 67 E Cermak, Near South Side, M/?
    6:10a 3200 W Maypole, Garfield Park, M/23
    12:45p 3200 W Lake, Garfield Park, M/21
    12:45p 3200 W Lake, Garfield Park, M/23
    12:45p 3200 W Lake, Garfield Park, M/30
    1:15p 1500 W Madison, Near West Side, M/28
    1:50p 6500 S Ellis, Woodlawn, M/?
    5:45p 9700 S Avenue L, East Side, M/26
    5:50p 800 N Homan, Humboldt Park, M/35
    7:00p 4000 W Wilcox, Garfield Park, M/28
    7:05p 4200 W Fullerton, Hermosa, M/65
    7:20p 800 E 83rd, Chatham, M/? (not shot)
    7:40p 5700 S Elizabeth, Englewood, F/20

    Weekend = 12p Friday – 6a Monday

    1. Racist statistics.

      1. That’s probably why you didn’t see this on the national news….media isn’t going to contribute to racism. It was far more important to cover Pelosi’s appointment of another biased congressman to the show trial about to begin in Congress.

        1. Progressives don’t want to see the consequences of their policies.

    2. They’re not “reporters”. They’re “journalists”. IOW, a reporter that has gone stupid.

      1. There are journalists who still do their job — Glen Greenwald, Andy Ngo, many more — but it is not lucrative; quite the opposite.

    3. It’s clearly my fault.

      It’s all those guns locked up inside my gun safes that is causing all of this. I don’t understand how, but hose with insight keep telling me this. Something along the lines of if 99% of gun owners, who never commit crimes, didn’t have those guns, then the 1% who do commit crimes with them wouldn’t be able to.

      1. Take all those guns then add in a little bit of old fashioned white privilege… just sayin, that’s how people get hurt.

  7. The wheels of the bus go round and round.

    1. The wheels of the bus go *thump thump thump*.

      1. Dark humor is like food: not everyone gets it.

        1. He was just kidding around. Some may tire of this kind of humor.

    2. Hail to the bus driver, bus driver, bus driver, bus driver,
      Hail to the bus driver, bus driver man.

      He drinks and he cusses,
      And stinks up the busses,

      Hail to the bus driver, bus driver man.

      1. The driver was a woman. So, is anyone surprised this happened?

        At least, I think it was a woman… so hard to tell these days, without even getting into what they “identify” as.

    3. Have mercy! Been waiting on my bus all day …

  8. In my hood there would be a pack of feral mommies waiting at the bus stop for the 6 year olds to get off the bus.

    1. Feral; that evokes some interesting imagery.

    2. seriously it’s not the 70s here people. be at the stop for your 6 year-old

      1. No, it’s not the seventies—kids are a lot safer on the streets now than they were then. I walked to school when I was six. Most kids did.

        1. Only in instances where the bus driver doesn’t close the door prematurely on a child. Then accelerate to highway speed for 6 or 8 city blocks.

        2. yes me too.

  9. In my state, 20 years ago a young kid was killed when he dropped something under a bus and went after it like a genius, the bus driver didn’t see him go under the bus, and drove off, running over the kid. Following this, every school bus, including high school busses, had to have a monitor who would get off the bus with the kids, watch them walk to safety, then walk completely around the bus, looking under the wheels periodically while she (100% always a woman) looked under every wheel. Then she would finally get back on and the bus could drive away. This happened at every single stop. Meanwhile, the line of cars behind the bus grew and grew to enormous lengths. This probably increased the time of morning commutes a bit, but with every single school bus doing this for years, this increased commute time probably added up to millions in lost economic output here. Some municipalities are still engaged in this safety theater decades after. May Kentucky have the wisdom to avoid this ridiculous overreaction that resulted from a single Darwinian occurrence.

    1. I’m thinking you’re in RI? I had the misfortune to get behind a bus one day making its afternoon run. I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry.

      Of course, what would you expect in a state with a law that no one under 16 (I think) can be left alone with out a parent or supervisor.

  10. Hard to justify any “reason” why this tragic, local story made it to this largely political forum, aside from the requisite clickbait.

    1. for the lampooning …

    2. I think you know why…

  11. I am failing to understand why this is a brickbat. No question this is a horribly tragic story, but what is the author suggesting. Here in my state (Georgia) it takes 5-10 minutes per stop to allow a handful of children on or off the bus, and that’s on private property, not city roads. This is a story of one person not doing the job assigned to her and one victim, no matter how sympathetic the victim. The only solutions are more rules and regulations and more government dictates. How is that Libertarian?

    1. What’s libertarian is being against making a literal federal case out of every accident. Not libertarian is believing you’re entitled to a huge cash payout every time you suffer a tragic accident.

      1. Yeah, but it’s not anti-libertarian to think someone should have to pay the medical bills after they drag your kid a thousand feet due to negligence.

        1. The lawsuit is not against the driver. The taxpayers of the Jefferson County school district are not responsible for the alleged negligence of the driver. And you can be sure that the damages demanded will greatly exceed the medical bills.

          1. The taxpayers voted for the officials who hired this incompetent driver. But that’s not the main reason they should be responsible: this was their employee. Only governments get to avoid liability when their employees screw up. That might be one reason they screw up so often.

            If you don’t want to be responsible for such negligence – and for all the actual abuse that goes on in schools – don’t have public schools. Cut the government back to a bare minimum of functions, and closely watch the persons performing those functions. Never sign a union contract, in which every union attempts to protect incompetent employees.

            1. It’s not at all clear that the driver was incompetent. Accidents happen.

  12. Lost a good friend back in ’98. A school bus driver made a right turn from the left lane. Unfortunately my friend was on a motorcycle in the right lane. He too was dragged, and it took multiple cars honking and flashing their lights to get the driver to stop.

    Even so I’m still not sure what the purpose of the this article was. Other than meeting a deadline, that is.

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