The Lamp

The new Catholic publication's editors declare up front that they "reject the progressive left [as well as] the libertarian-conservative right."


The Jesuits at 112-year-old America magazine must have been surprised to learn there were "no Catholic magazines" in America. That claim appeared in the publisher's statement of the inaugural edition of The Lamp, a Catholic journal launched last spring to fill the stated void.

If you can stomach hubris at such a pitch—and if you're not turned off by a publication declaring up front that its editors "reject the progressive left [as well as] the libertarian-conservative right"—there are insights to be gleaned in these heavy-stock pages. My sense of the world is richer for having read about how Europeans see private firearm ownership and citizen militias not as bulwarks against tyranny but as reminiscent of "the paramilitary units that facilitated not only Mussolini's rise to power, but Hitler's also."

But as in the agricultural context, the gleaning will have to be followed by winnowing, as chaff in the form of throat clearing, smug asides, and tiresome essays on the demonic nature of market capitalism are discarded on the way to the sustenance. Be prepared to work for your bread.

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  1. There’s also US Catholic, but it’s debatable that it’s a Catholic magazine since it promotes American Catholicism – AKA “Liberation Theology”. It’s quite possible that they believe the Holy Trinity consists of God, Jesus, and Karl Marx. (Recent article: “Why CRT and Catholicism are a natural fit”.)

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    2. Breaking News: Both major parties are corrupt and suck!

    3. You’ll notice there is no link to The Lamp in Stephanie’s article. It must be a real embarassment even for already bad Catholic apologia.

  2. There’s also First Things. And Crisis.

    Could also make the case that for most of its existence, National Review was pretty Catholic if not expressly so.

    1. Under William F. “Lizard Tongue” Buckley, The National Review was most indubitably and indefatigably an ideolith second only to Saint Peter himself for the Nicene Credo and it’s corporeal Terran expositor!

  3. Real Catholics — Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, etc. — support access to abortion care throughout all 3 trimesters.


    1. Why limit it to the first 3?

    2. It’s time they start supporting a transgender woman’s right to an abortion. This is critical.

  4. We are objecting to throat clearing and smug asides? At Reason?

    1. Yeah, that’s pretty rich. Has she never read a Welch article?

  5. I’ll stick to the Catholic Review of Baltimore:

    Here’s a sample from today:

    WARSAW, Poland (CNS) — Ten Polish nuns have been approved for beatification as martyrs 76 years after they were killed while resisting rape and facing other atrocities by Soviet soldiers in the final months of World War II.

    Meanwhile, a leading Catholic historian said the mass beatification would highlight a little-known historical period, and recall the “terrible sufferings” faced by religious orders during the Soviet army’s presence in Poland.

    “Contemporary opinion still has trouble grasping the parallel criminality of Nazis and communists, and isn’t much interested in martyr stories,” said Jan Zaryn, director of Poland’s Roman Dmowski and Ignacy Jan Paderewski Institute for the Legacy of National Thought.

    “Poles experienced both totalitarian systems, and remember how the Soviets brought terror, rape, arson and captivity with them, arresting and murdering priests and nuns in a bid to prove only lunatics believed in God,” he said.

    1. “Poles experienced both totalitarian systems, and remember how the Soviets brought terror, rape, arson and captivity with them, arresting and murdering priests and nuns in a bid to prove only lunatics believed in God,” he said.

      Or as Reason writers would style such activities – peaceful protest

      1. If the target is capitalism and rule of law, then definitely peaceful.

    2. Russian rapists in 1945? Just how long has Trump been abusing women?

    3. The Commissar Order was the most authentically libertarian policy ever enacted.

      1. Izzat chu, Misek?

    4. Do they answer the question of where was an Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnibenevolent God in the midst of a war between two equally brutal totalitarian powers that plundered from, tortured, and murdered millions?

      1. What kind of moron has never heard of Free Will, or the Fallen Nature of Man?

        1. You can’t have both Free Will and Original Sin in the same person or the same human species, nor can man have Free Will and God have Omnipotence. Nice try.

  6. “My sense of the world is richer for having read about how Europeans see private firearm ownership and citizen militias not as bulwarks against tyranny but as reminiscent of “the paramilitary units that facilitated not only Mussolini’s rise to power, but Hitler’s also.”


  7. The Catholics also have a daily called “Altar Boy”. It is filled with “How to” articles for new priests that are just getting started manipulating families and raping boys. There are classifieds to let priests know where the action is, and there is always an article that touts the retirement home in Missouri where the Catholics hide all the pedos from prosecutors all over this nation.

  8. Citizen militias don’t really exist in this country. There are a few clubs that go on on weekends and crawl through the mud, but that’s not what a militia is.

    If we actually had significant paramilitary units here we would all be freaking out. People in Europe may thing that’s what we have here, and the domestic media likes to pretend we do. But all we have are a scattering of tiny gun clubs who wear camo as an affectation. Which is not the same thing at all.

    1. But imagining something scary is violence. And therefore justification for massive government response.

    2. Agreed; though politicians like Feinstein have often lamented to “militarization” of the populace, it is a false menace. We do not have storm troopers here.

      As for European history, it is my understanding that Mussolini did not take over by force [and guns were not an issue], and Hitler allowed German citizens to keep arms but focused on disarming Jewish and other people he deemed a threat.

      Generalization like this should be expected, but they still piss me off.

      1. Allowing Jewish people to arm themselves is how you get “politicians like Feinstein.”

        1. No, Jews armed with a Mauser and 1000 rounds per Jew is how the Nazis would have either not rose to power or would have ended up as the ones in the gas chambers.

          By the way, your name’s a tip-off.

    3. Time to watch Red Dawn again (the first one).

      1. Hey those guys were happy playing football and hooking up till the Nicaraguans showed up. Guns behind every blade of grass, but only when you [really] need them.

  9. Of course Catholics reject the progressive left and the libertarian(?)-conservative right. Good Catholics don’t want sex and gender freedom, free speech, free markets, or entrepreneurs. They offer the “best” of the left and right: authoritarian socialism with strict gender roles, run by a bunch of old men in funny hats.

  10. tiresome essays on the demonic nature of market capitalism

    This is rejecting the progressive left?

    1. At first I wondered if they were proposing a third tribe, but given statements like that it seems more like a nuance of progressivism, only with a greater degree of moral superiority [apparently the Pope thinks it is wrong for there to be disparities, so it would be much better if we were all equally poor; pretty much the same outcome].

    2. That was my reaction, too. Perhaps they’re rejecting the progressive left for being too right-wing?

  11. So, sort of like Reason, except for the part about rejecting the progressive left.

    1. Lol

  12. Why can’t this criminal enterprise calling itself a Church finish going bankrupt, sell it’s assets with proceeds going to it’s victims, and just go away? And will the last one out please blow out The Lamp?

    Hey, Steffie! Come to The Dark Side of Secularism! We have cookies instead of wafers and a whole assrtment of non-bloody libations!

  13. That’s a whole lot of vitriol from a libertarian organization about a religious publication. Must have run out of things to complain about the Republican Party while faithfully ignoring the serious abuses of Democrats.

    1. You do understand that we and anyone else can criticize all of it, right? Have Catholic Apologists taken to Whataboutism?

  14. I forget — do I not give a shit what the Catholic Church has to say because they say I’m going to Hell, or because they say pedophiles aren’t?

    1. I would hope the answer to both is “yes.” I don’t care either, I’m just very vociferous about it, because they do have a flock of sheep who can make life miserable if not cattle-prodded to a safe distance.

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