Bringing Back Mask Mandates Is Pointless Signaling

The vaccines are available. The masks are beside the point.


Brace yourselves: Mask mandates are coming back.

The Biden administration is already preparing the public for the return of COVID-19 mitigation efforts, given concerns about the more contagious delta variant of the disease. The president is reportedly in talks with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to reintroduce mask mandates and social distancing requirements—and on Wednesday, Biden said that health officials are likely to recommend masks for all kids younger than 12 when school resumes in the fall. Meanwhile, Los Angeles County has reintroduced its mask mandate. Other Democratic-controlled municipalities may follow.

It's far from clear that this will do any good. The most effective COVID-19 mitigation strategy is the vaccines, which are now widely availably to everyone 12 or older. Virtually all people in serious risk of a negative coronavirus health outcome can take a vaccine that reduces their risk of death to almost nothing. (It's not absolutely nothing, but it's close.) If public health officials are worried about delta, they should put all their efforts into vaccination.

Mask mandates, on the other hand, largely function as a form of signaling. Vaccinated people who wear masks are communicating that they take the pandemic seriously, and policy makers who insist on mask requirements are associating themselves with a specific political tribe. If you've had your COVID shots, the mask is basically Team Blue's version of the Make America Great Again hat.

If officials are more concerned with health than with partisan signals—and they should be—then the era of the mask mandate must come to and end. When vaccines were unavailable and even medical experts did not understand the circumstances under which the infected were most likely to transmit the disease, widespread mask usage was likely useful in certain indoor settings, though even then it was probably driven "by factors other than mandates." But the vaccines change the calculation. If you're a fully vaccinated adult, you don't need the mask. And if you're an unvaccinated adult, you also don't need the mask—you need to get vaccinated. (If you're a kid, COVID-19 poses very, very little risk to your health.)

Theoretically, if there are places in the country where vaccine rates are very low, people who obstinately refuse to become vaccinated might get some small benefit out of widespread mask usage. But in practice, people who don't want to get the vaccine are unlikely to follow the other, more annoying mitigation strategies. On the contrary, the places that are most likely to reintroduce mask mandates and see widespread compliance are places where vaccination rates are very high.

Vaccination should not be thought of as just one tool among many: It is the tool. The masks are an insult to this life-saving, pandemic-crushing medical innovation.

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  1. They are still requiring masks at government agencies. Virtual signalling is just part of government service these days. I saw a government slug driving home in her minivan yesterday, alone, wearing a mask. At your service!

    1. Remember that condoms prevent minivans.

      1. They also prevent carjackings if you tie them to the handle of your vehicle.

        1. If ones does that, are they eligible for a safe driver discount?
          If you tie them to the exhaust and peel out you could be burning rubber.

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    2. Yep. The only people I see in masks these days, even in WA, are government employees or people riding the bus.

      1. Not even east Asians? We have very few eat Asians in my area and very few people masking full time, despite being in a very blue area. The Venn Diagram of these two groups is practically a single circle.

  2. How do you get away with spreading such misinformation? Joe Biden represents the consensus opinion of the top experts in the field, who the hell are you to contradict him?

    1. “How DARE you?!”

      1. “C’mon, man!”

    2. Intelligent.

  3. Robbie had to bring out the Trump bash by equating a face mask to a MAGA hat. He gets to keep his parking spot close to the entrance.

    1. Ironically, he’s unintentionally boosting Trump. Remember how nobody was ever forced to wear a hat?

      1. Yes, if masks are a political signal, then mask mandates are more like being compelled to wear a party symbol.

  4. While I don’t disagree that they can recommend it all they want, I will hurriedly write my reps to not introduce a mandate back.

    One can only hope the vaccine gets approved soon enough for children of all ages then Darwinism can take hold of the unvaxxed masses. No skin off my back.

    1. Rooting for unvaccinated folks to contract COVID and die? That sounds a lot like rooting for gay men that have unprotected anal sex to contract HIV/AIDS and die.


        Gay men are a marginalized group. Unvaccinated people are not.


        1. Some gay men are margarinalized.

          1. Yeah white gay mean aren’t considered marginalized anymore except compared to white cishetero normative males

            1. margarinalized

            2. “White Gay mean”? Keyboard error or Freudian slip?

        2. Gays only have about five minutes before they can enjoy white status.

      2. … but enough about Fauci …

      3. It’s OK. They associate non-vaccinated with Conservatives.

      4. They aren’t going to die.

        The growth in COVID-19 is probably entirely due to the Delta variant, with an R0 (infectivity) almost twice that of Alpha, pushing out the other variants. However, Delta has a lethality (CFR) marginally above that of the common flu, and almost an order of magnitude below (between 1/10 and 1/8) that of the Alpha variant. Cases are up, due to the increased R0, but almost none of those infected are dying.

        1. IOW it’s a cold.

          1. IOW it’s a vaccine.

            1. For something that is no worse than a cold?

              If you are the sort who is at risk from the flu, then by all means get the vaccine. But for everyone else the risk to benefit is not there.

              1. But for everyone else the risk to benefit is not there.

                What I believe Roberta is saying is it is a respiratory infection you get and you get over. You are now immune. The disease is the vaccine.

                Just like the main variant that is only a threat to a tiny subset of humanity.

              2. I have a number of people I know who would beg to differ that it is no worse than a cold. None of them are in any high risk categories, but all were in their 40s, and at least two of them ended up in the hospital.

                Now, I’ve seen the statistics, and if I had chosen not to be vaccinated my chances of dying from COVID were still very small. But I don’t want to get sick enough to get put into the hospital either. Nor the accompanying bills, that even with my insurance, would still likely be in the thousands of dollars. And the chances of that happening (even though it is small), is still many times greater than any potential risk from taking the vaccines.

                The anti-vaxx crowd is just as cultish as the mask pushers.

                1. A friend of mine, in her forties, ended up in the hospital. Why? Because the only treatment offered was Remdesivir, which must be administered intravenously over days. Since that can’t be done at home, she was admitted and spent almost 72 hours in a hospital bed.

                  No other treatment was offered. Had she been allowed access to other treatments, like hydroxychloroquine, she likely would not have been ad otter at all.

                  1. She’d be the most malaria-resistant patient in the Hospital, City, State, Nation, and the Western World.

                2. What’s your chances of dying or getting very sick from the vaccine? Very low – if you believe the people that have been lying to us all along.

      5. They’re allowed to make their choice. They’re allowed to take their risk. Same with drug users. Same with any other lifestyle.

    2. With a survivability rate of 99.98 percent, with no treatments, children aren’t at risk from Covid. They don’t need the vaccine, nor do they need masks.

      1. Sure, but isn’t saving the 0.02% worth the virtually certain lack of social development and psychological issues?

        1. Not to mention suicide rates over 0.02%.

          1. Every suicide prevents a possible (if very unlikely) COVID death!


        2. Like compulsory Gummint Skoolz attendance laws don’t warp kids already?

      2. Do you think that there is more to COVID than just the death rate?
        People can get very sick and not die but still suffer enduring health problems.
        Focusing on the death rate is only a small part of COVID.

        1. Sure, but kids are also at extremely low risk of serious illness. The death and serious illness rates in children for COVID (particularly young children) are lower than for influenza. So the point still stands.

        2. People can get very sick and not die from reading your posts. Should we worry about them too?

        3. Yeah, about that.

          My research team at Johns Hopkins worked with the nonprofit FAIR Health to analyze approximately 48,000 children under 18 diagnosed with Covid in health-insurance data from April to August 2020. Our report found a mortality rate of zero among children without a pre-existing medical condition such as leukemia.

          Director Rochelle Walensky claimed that vaccinating a million adolescent kids would prevent 200 hospitalizations and one death over four months. But the agency’s Covid adolescent hospitalization report, like its death count, doesn’t distinguish on the website whether a child is hospitalized for Covid or with Covid. The subsequent Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report of that analysis revealed that 45.7% “were hospitalized for reasons that might not have been primarily related” to Covid-19.

          Kids aren’t being hospitalized due to COVID to any serious degree. 1.4K children have been hospitalized in NJ with a COVID primary or secondary diagnosis since last March; we averaged ~2.2K hospitalizations per year from 15-18 with a primary diagnosis of pneumonia.

          We’ve been at this for well over a year now. Parents have about as much to fear about their kids getting COVID as they do from them getting strep throat. It’s an ordinary cold bug once you gain resistance from your first exposure to it, and for kids it already is an ordinary cold bug.

        4. People can get very sick and not die but still suffer enduring health problems.

          Same goes for Lyme Disease, would you make everyone wear tick collars? People don’t die, but suffer, from diabetes and heart disease all the time. Are you going to ban sugar?

          Fuck off slaver.

        5. Why do you leftists want this thing to be as bad as it possibly can be?

          1. IMO they want 2020 2.0. I can feel it coming in the air. By May of next year they will be pushing hard for lockdowns and vote by mail…just watch.

        6. My daughter was sick and missed 3 weeks of work from the vaccine (first shot – I don’t want to know what the second shot might do). Most likely this was because she had COVID before anyone outside of China knew what it was, so she was already immune – but they haven’t been testing for that.

          1. Which is a real concern. Unfortunately there are too many idiots like Jeffy that just mindlessly parrot what Biden tells them. So people are pressured into bad decisions.

    3. You’re a moron, leftie shit.

    4. You mean kids who are more in danger from the flu, pneumonia, car accidents, and lightening strikes than they are from COVID?

      1. lightening is racist.

        1. Only white lightening.

          1. “Mighty, mighty pleasin’!
            Yer Pappy’s corn squeezin’s!
            *POP!* O-O-O-O-O! W-h-h-h-ite Lightnin’!”

    5. “While I don’t disagree that they can recommend it all they want, I will hurriedly write my reps to not introduce a mandate back…”

      Surprising coming from knee-walking, boot-licking lefty shit.

    6. Yeah, give the children a bunch of side effects for a virus that doesn’t affect them.

      1. Kids are not naturally IMMUNE from the virus. It’s just that we have observed they currently have a smaller chance of getting sick from the virus. So it’s not true that the virus “doesn’t affect them”.
        With new mutations, that may change however. Already with the Delta variant, younger adults are getting sicker from it compared to the original virus. Who knows what the next mutation might bring.

        1. 350 dead from the start of the pandemic. All with comorbidities. More died from pneumonia. Do you want forced pneumovax shots? Flu shots?

          Get up off of your damn knees.

          1. Oh, so kids CAN be affected by the virus. Glad we got that out of the way.

            Do you think there is something wrong with acknowledging that simple fact?

            1. What a sorry gotcha
              So sophomoric.

              1. Sad, even by pedojeff standards.

                1. He’s been this pathetic for awhile now. Gone full sarc, he has.

              2. It’s his way.

            2. Do you understand how math and statistics work?

              1. Only when they work for the left’s side of the argument.

                1. That is true with science and history as well.

            3. Damn, you’re pathetic.

        2. Kids are not naturally IMMUNE from the virus. It’s just that we have observed they currently have a smaller chance of getting sick from the virus.

          Go doublefuck yourself and your doublespeak.

        3. Enough with the “but but but teh variants” crap, already.

    7. When can we expect these people to start dying? It’s been like 18 months at this point. Shouldn’t it start happening soon, seeing as how they have flaunted the rules this whole time?

    8. Ah, yes, the vaunted compassion of the progressive left.

  5. Have you ever taken a cranky baby out of their car seat during an endless ride through the Midwest and then tried to put the kid back into the car seat after just a few minutes? This is how it will be. People are going to have a fucking stroke. I hope so. I hope the angry denizens of the ghetto burn and loot every blue city down to the ground.

    1. “I hope the angry denizens of the ghetto burn and loot every blue city down to the ground.”

      Ugh, it appears some people actually got fooled by the right-wing infiltrators (Proud Boys, I’d wager) who tried to make Antifa and BLM demonstrations look bad.


      1. On a roll today you are.

        1. More like on a troll. It’s always fun when OBL enrages a newbie to the comments section.

  6. The party of science, doing what it does best.

    1. A quick look at the Japan situation will show the ineffectiveness of masks.

  7. Careful, Reason.

    If you dispute the official government position on anything virus-related, Google would be entirely justified in banning your YouTube channel. Maybe even itself would get taken down.


    1. If you dispute the official government position on anything virus-related, Google would be entirely justified in banning you r YouTube channel.

  8. Paranoid delusions from the senile Biden admin

  9. >>(It’s not absolutely nothing, but it’s close.)

    so is doing nothing and taking my chances.

  10. And the mask mandate won’t encourage anyone to get vaccinated. This admin is do dumb and weak. They are desperate.

    1. The masks are Tony’s kinds fault for abject terror related to believing in the equivalent of modern pomanders

    2. They’re not desperate. They push useless treatment because it drives these partisan differences. Their only goal is driving hatred so even if a left winger were to discover their economic program is a failure they still couldn’t vote for the icky people. This is what the propaganda machine is all about.

  11. Every death and hygiene measure that happens from here on is the fault of covid deniers, vaccine skeptics, and hysterical shrieking morons who went to Trump rallies at the height of the outbreak because “freedom.”

    That was most of you. At every step of the way, most of you took the wrong side for the single reason that FOX News has you trained like dogs to be against anything Democrats are for.

    You’d have to actually believe that Democrats are always lying or wrong for this theory to work out for you.

    The masks are your fault. You are responsible for this. You need to fuck off and stop interfering with my freedom. You cunts need to do that. Shut up until you’ve read a book, how about?

    1. The masks are your fault.
      IOW, punishments for not falling in line.

      1. Tony believes in punishing groups for the actions of individuals; even though he denies it, it is self evidentery.

      2. It’s called being a dumbfuck redneck retard. If the pandemic is still going on, it’s the fault of the people who refused to fall in line. Behind hygiene.

        You people deserve to be sacrificed to Darwin, but the problem is you’re talking hundreds of thousands of other people with you.

        1. Your wording gives it away. Fall in line comrade or you get punished. God your an authoritarian asshat.

        2. You mean like the Democrats from Texas on a plane? Or like Democrat governors going to restaurants during the lockdowns? Or Democrats like Pelosi going to hairstylists? Or like mostly peaceful riots all year? Or all the accounts of other Democrats not wearing masks until the cameras are turned on?

          Does your political affiliation effect transmission?

          Or are you completely full of shit?

          1. The latter.

          2. Full of shit and a fascist to boot.

            Tony is proof of why we will never be able to achieve anarcho-any flavor.

        3. Ooohhhh, now do AIDS. Since the pandemic is still going on, and there is no vaccine after 40 years, surely you support a ban on sodomy, right?

    2. Shut the fuck up you stupid faggot. Your lack of logic is painful to read.

    3. I see you really are just fulling embracing being a troll rather than any semblance of a rational debater. Good for you for coming to terms with who you really are!

    4. GNC is actually encouraging people to get vaccinated including prime time host and anti Biden host Sean Hannity. But don’t let facts get in your way. Like you trying to argue with polling showing progressives more likely to be hesitant about getting the vaccine than conservatives. That was hilarious to see you play twister like Gumby trying to say resistance and hesitancy were two different things. Made my night.

      1. FNC not GNC fucking predictive text
        I don’t think I’ve ever used the initials GNC in a sentence ever, why did you change it?

        1. It’s a well known line of stores that sell supplements, vitamins, herbal remedies, and voodoo (homeopathic) medicines.

          They probably paid for the autocorrect entry.

          1. Aware of what GNC is, just never used it in a sentence because I am not in pseudo woo

            1. I haven’t heard it called ‘woo’ since I was debunking stupid stuff on the JREF forum.

      2. You’re giving them credit for being the last people to get behind vaccines after a year of throwing every possible conspiracy theory at the country, no matter how dumb. The worst people of all the alternatives don’t get any credit from me.

        1. Oh guck off with your holier than though everything is the rights fault, they have amygdala problems I totally don’t support genociding them or punishing them despite just saying they deserve to be punished.

          1. He’s also conveniently ignoring that for the first several weeks/months of vaccine availability, when time-sensitive curve flattening would be at its peak, Harris/Biden were openly swearing they wouldn’t get vaccinated.

            1. So you believe Biden and Harris of the past but not Biden and Harris of the present? Do you even have an original thought about any of this, or is it pretty much totally harmonious with the latest mouth feces spewing from Tucker Carlon’s mouth?

          2. I don’t think punishment serves much of a purpose. Try to keep up.

            You’re making it personal and emotional. That’s the entire problem.

            Cognitive behavioral therapy. You can get it on Youtube now.

    5. actually your freedoms are being taken away by dumb as fuck politicians (most with a D after their name) enabled by equally dumb as fuck people like yourself that vote for them.

    6. Every steaming pile of bullshit that happens from here on is a result of lying/stupid lefty assholes.

    7. Fuck off and die Tony.

    8. Irrelevant (and mildly retarded) authority.

    9. But those who went to BLM protests at the height of the outbreak were protected by the magical shield of sanctimony?

    10. So many straw men died for that post.

    11. Normally I don’t like attacking people on here, but you are a fucking asshole.

      1. Because I don’t blame myself for being right at every single turn? Grow up, useless shitholes. Adults believe in germs.

        1. You haven’t been right about anything citation please of when yyou have time bet been right about anything

        2. Ask Black people how eager they are to be first in line of a new drug?

          They remember why you don’t just take every drug the Man gives you.

          1. I’m sorry your paranoid skepticism has resulted in so many dead people this time.

    12. Every death and hygiene measure that happens from here on is the fault of covid deniers, vaccine skeptics, and hysterical shrieking morons

      People like Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and DeBlasio.

    13. My wife, I, and oldest kid got vaccinated within days of being allowed to. Covid is almost nonexistent in my area (SF bay area) more deaths from pneumonia.
      How again do you think you’ve got the authority to impose a mask mandate on me? The vaccine hesitant/resistant that you’re talking about are wrong IMO but they’re not trying to impose stupid mandates on me & mine. That’s you. Fucking own up to it you deceptive shit.

    14. I hope you never leave your mom’s basement without a mask for the rest of your life.

    15. Fuck off. This isn’t an American problem or a problem of non-compliance. Every country in Europe is in the same situation, regardless of how compliant the population has been. Your fantasy that this could have been stopped is absurd.

      1. “Your fantasy that this could have been stopped is absurd.”

        This is a point that seriously bothers me. At the onset of the pandemic, we actually had public health “experts” (Fauci included) who actually believed that we could contact trace and quarantine away a disease with an up to two week incubation period and mostly asymptomatic carriers. That’s simply next-level stupid. And some of them appear to actually believe that this is how WuFlu will disappear rather than it becoming fully integrated into the human biota.

        1. “And some of them appear to actually believe that this is how WuFlu will disappear rather than it becoming fully integrated into the human biota.”

          To act otherwise would be to admit their irrelevance.

          1. We’ve really done the best we could.

            We have quickly developed vaccines that provide protection from severe illness for the at-risk population, and made it available to the point where anyone who wants it can get it.

            Beyond that we either let it run it’s course or we cease to be a free society where individual risk is consider a personal matter.

        2. It’s not just the two week incubation period and mostly asymptomatic carriers. COVID-19 had been spreading through most of the world for at least 2 months before the Chinese and their puppets at the WHO even admitted that it was transmissible through humans. Except for a few small nations that had been very lucky, it was already too widespread for contact tracing to ever catch up. The USA specifically also had the huge disadvantage of NHS/FDA SNAFUs delaying production of tests for over a month – contact and trace with a two with incubation is difficult, but it’s quite impossible when you can’t even tell whether the patient has COVID, influenza, or any of hundreds of other causes of pneumonia.

    16. Tony, o one here interferes with your freedom. You interfere with ours.

      Kill yourself.

  12. Did anyone really think our government would give this back?

    1. I’m gonna guess they will really wish they hadn’t. People did it at first out of fear and then habit. But like smoking or getting over the flu, you don’t really realize how pitiful you were until it stops. The idea of going back isn’t going to end well and I’m including a lot of Dems that I know. Compliance is going to be a bitch and I suspect those who do will have a strong correlation to the CNN audience.

      1. I think for than five people will comply.

  13. >>is the fault of

    lol I’ll try to sleep anyway

  14. Everything the Biden Administration does “Is Pointless Signaling”.
    The problems is that the side effects of the “Pointless Signaling” are very destructive to democracy, the republic, the economy and eventually the Union of United States.

    1. It’s not pointless. They’re training people to submit to arbitrary commands. The fact that it doesn’t make sense is central to that goal: If you issue commands that actually make sense, people obey them because they make sense, not out of mindless, reflexive obedience, which is what they’re trying to cultivate.

      What looks like stupidity actually makes sense once you’ve figured out what they’re up to. A whole range of stupid demands they keep imposing make sense if you just assume they’re trying to beat us down to the point where we don’t think for ourselves any more, just obey without thought.

      1. Which is why it’s more important than ever that we disobey and ridicule them to their faces

        1. Brett and ADL both get it

  15. What if they made a mask mandate, and nobody did it?

    1. Blues will happily do it; I still see fucktards out on their bicycles and driving alone in their cars wearing them. They fucking live for the schadenfreud of “I TOLD YOU!”

      1. There’s already video of them screaming at people for not wearing masks. There’s nothing more self righteous than an ignorant activist pumped by by idiot politicians.

    2. They’ll still take cr sit for any decline and blame any increase on those not obeying their “betters”.

  16. I’ve thought this over. If they keep bringing mandatory masks into the fray, I will begin to weigh my options and consider moving to a state that will not force vaccinated people to wear masks. I assume millions of other people will do the same.

    1. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who are incapable of associating their pain with their voting habits. I’ve been seeing these SF merchants complain bitterly about the crime wave of open theft, feces on the streets and homelessness everywhere, and out of perhaps a couple hundred interviews, not one has offered a single criticism of their local politicians or their policies. Apparently, they believe shit just happens on its own.

      1. This ^. People in my state vote for Democrats AND complain about the poor business climate here. The cognitive dissonance is strong in the blue ones.

    2. So much easier to cull the left and be done with their tyranny.

  17. It’s literally doing something for the sake of doing something. It has no basis in logic.

    1. “It’s literally doing something for the sake of doing something. It has no basis in logic.”

      I’ll bet there’s a poster with that hanging in every TSA break room in every airport in the country. “Our mission statement.”

    2. It’s an exercise in compulsion and power. That is their logic.

  18. As a straight, white, cisgender male, I’ll defer vaccination until all BIPOC, everywhere, have also had a chance to get the jab. My white privilege demands this of me. It is incumbent upon me, and white people everywhere, to save BIPOC from Covid.


    1. Vaccinating young white children is systematic racism.

  19. “The worst thing about the Biden Admin is how many libertarians it’s crazy policies have created/will create.”

    It’s amazing. Non-libertarian journalists, who apparently don’t like us, are bemoaning how the Biden administration’s and Dr. Fauci’s behavior is playing right into the hands of “libertarians”–but we can’t seem to get anyone but Robby at Reason to even bother covering these stories.

    Holden’s tweet was embedded with a Biden administration arguing online that conservative news outlets need to be held accountable for spreading misinformation on their broadcasts, so that other people can share clips on social media.

    They are openly advocating against the First Amendment. They are against the First Amendment. This isn’t supposition. I’m not reading anything into this. They want news outlets to be held accountable for irresponsibly generating misinformation.

    Remember the old days, when choosing between the Democrats and the Republicans was a question of whether preferred things like more capitalism to more free speech? Those days are over. And it isn’t just about free speech.

    Why isn’t Dr. Fauci being skewered all over these pages? He’s a laughingstock bureaucratic villain come to life. And he went to battle with a libertarian Senator on live television. If every post here were about nothing but Fauci and Rand Paul, I’d understand.

    Silence like a cancer grows.

    1. P.S. This is about the most libertarian coverage of the Fauci/Rand Paul fracas–as well as the media’s coverage of it–and it isn’t even by libertarians.

      Those aren’t libertarians. That isn’t Fox News. That’s The Hill. They’re just being honest.

      1. Sadly your example is just further evidence that pretty much everyone in media has been infected with memetic tribalism. The Hill put up a full throated defense of liberty because Biden is not Their Man. On the other hand, the folks here at Reason have found it super hard to shout about masks and the like because that would carry water for those icky MAGA tribes.

        1. I think they’re being objective.

          It’s not that Biden isn’t their man so much as the White House’s behavior on this has been objectively reprehensible.

          You can’t be both objective and defend Fauci’s statements or behavior. It’s indefensible.

          Maybe if they can’t do both sides, they just stay silent. That’s awful, too, and biased in its own way.

          1. “Maybe if they can’t do both sides, they just stay silent. That’s awful, too, and biased in its own way.”

            This. Selective silence is clearly a tool being used on this issue, and many others. What Reason is doing is not pretty just pretty obvious.

            Just like the selective outrage over certain government excesses but not others.

            They have chosen sides and very obviously their side is that of the entrenched bureaucracy.

    2. The thing is, they don’t need to actually create any laws, now, to be be anti 1A. They have largely succeeded in getting Americans of both parties to self-censor and toe the party line. I think, all that’s left to censor, really, is online content. And that is what they are doing.

      Regarding the old days, I keep telling my wife that I hope we can just get back to arguing about tax rates and such. Life was so much easier back then.

    3. I’m not reading anything into this.

      Oh yes you are, when you imply that “held accountable” must necessarily mean some official government action to punish conservative news outlets. “Held accountable” could mean all sorts of things, but of course you read into it the darkest possible meaning. Because you’re totally not carrying water for Team Red or anything. Oh no this is more of your ‘pure logic’ shit.

      1. How else do you read it? Because reading it any other way could be seen as carrying eater for team blue.

        1. Lying Jeffy is a full time left wing troll now. He barely pretends otherwise.

          1. There is nothing gray anymore. The Democrats have gone full on totalitarian. In a way they have forced his hand on every issue.

      2. Never heard of a “chilling effect”?

      3. When a government mouthpiece says “held accountable”, you don’t have to read into it. They aren’t saying their gonna be given a kitten and a coloring book, you disingenuous fuck.

      4. Like ‘dealt with’. As in “People like Chemjeff should be dealt with”.

    4. And he went to battle with a libertarian Senator on live television.

      *LIKE 6 OR 7 FUCKING TIMES!!!*

      Also, “racist origins of crossword puzzles” is fucking hilarious.

    5. ” They want news outlets to be held accountable for irresponsibly generating misinformation.” No. They want news outlets to be held accountable for revealing information that they want to conceal. Accurate or not doesn’t matter to them.

  20. Totally unrelated: Larry Elders won his lawsuit and is back on the ballot in California, just in case you oy get you it news from Reason.

    1. And news about the interrogation of Cuomo regarding his ass-grabbing seems to have disappeared entirely.
      Too, local, I assume.

      1. #MeToo is a 2020 story. You might as well be writing articles about the Ramones at this point.


        1. Teenage Lobotony

        2. The Ramones are too modern for Reason, being a late 70s, early 80s band

          Still, good point, a couple years ago my 30-something boss heard a Ramones song and thought it was by the Beach Boys

        3. Unnecessarily cruel to those of us who are old enough to have seen them. Often.

        4. I Wanna Be Sedated.

        5. Remote learning really took all the fun out of rock and roll high school.

          1. That movie was on recently. Watched a little. Goddamn, the 70’s sucked.

        6. WHO?!!

          It has been so long eating and drinking being merry
          How strange, how strange
          Taking our Great Mongol ancestors names in vain
          How strange, how strange
          Yet, would not honor our oath and destiny
          How strange, how strange
          Why the valuable ethics of ancestors become worthless?
          How strange, how strange

          Hey, you traitor! Kneel down!
          Hey, Prophecies be declared!

          You’ve born in ancestor’s fate yet Sleeping deeply, can’t be awakened
          How strange, how strange
          Blindly declaring that Only Mongols are the best
          How strange, how strange
          Born to live as nobles Yet, can’t unite as one
          How strange, how strange
          Why is it difficult to rise our nation up?
          How strange, how strange

          Hey, you traitor! Kneel down
          Hey, Prophecies be declared!

          Why it’s so hard to cherish the Ancestors’ inherited land?
          How strange, how strange
          Why priceless edifications of elders turning to ashes?
          How strange, how strange
          With the future of eternal prosperity, The Wolf totemed Mongols have the blessings of Heaven
          Born with undeniable fate to gather nations, the Lord Chinggis declares his name on earth. Would come back, Will come back
          Oh Black Banner be awakened, be awakened
          Oh the Khanate (royal power) rise and rise forever

          How strange, how strange

          Oh Black Banner be awakened, be awakened
          Oh the Khanate (royal power) rise and rise forever

          1. I’ve seen that video; they look and sound pretty cool, but it really comes down to Mongolian stuff I will never comprehend.

          2. Izzat chu, Agile Cyborg?

    2. Good news! I don’t know Elder’s positions on most things but the idea of excluding anyone from public office because they don’t disclose private documents is bullshit. Nothing on those taxes is anyone’s business except for Elder and the IRS. He even did disclose the taxes but redacted certain information and the California SoS wouldn’t even tell him what if anything was the problem.

      1. ” I don’t know Elder’s positions on most things but the idea of excluding anyone from public office because they don’t disclose private documents is bullshit.”

        It was actually worse than that: He DID disclose the documents, they decided to keep him off the ballot because he apparently didn’t redact enough private information from them. He disclosed too much.

        1. Not only that but they had the authority to make the redactions if not just have him resubmit with the required redactions noted and instead chose not to in order to try and boot him. Pure malevolence on their part.

          1. Can’t have a conservative libertarian Republican who is black and grew up on Crenshaw running for office it destroys the narrative.

            1. Don’t worry, there’s a plan B after he won this lawsuit.

              OT: What’s Anita Hill up to these days?

      2. And this from the party that says the other side is trying to destroy democracy.

  21. Bringing Back Mask Mandates Is Pointless Signaling

  22. And if you’re an unvaccinated adult, you also don’t need the mask—you need to exercise your free will and decide whether or not to get vaccinated.

  23. The vaccinated are going to be the super spreader. Someone is spreading the lie that the vaccinated can’t get infected and can’t spread it. I’m starting to see dozens of symptomatic people out coughing in public and not covering their mouths. They think it is ok behavior, because they aren’t one of the filthy dirty unvaccinated hookers.

    1. Masks and lockdowns but only for the vaccinated. I like the way you think.

      1. I realize that when I get totalitarian thoughts, I get really totalitarian thoughts. Apply the same penalties as drunk driving to people who cough in public without appropriate cover. They can lose their license to be in public without a mask.

        1. Shoot on sight would be so much more efficient

    2. If it is anywhere out west we aren’t coughing because of COVID but because of all the smoke in the air from wild fires.

      1. How can you tell the difference? Like sniffles during allergy season.

    3. You seem to know a lot about filthy dirty unvaccinated hookers.

      1. Every comebter at reason knows alot about this thanks to enb

      2. One of my favorite subjects.

    4. I’m starting to see dozens of symptomatic people out coughing in public and not covering their mouths.

      Oh, well that settles it then. Eeyore’s anecdote proves the vaccine doesn’t work.

      1. Hey Jeff, what made you decide to be a full time troll? I hope sarc didn’t make you do it. Because he’s been broken for awhile. Now, so are you.

        I win.

      2. Yes, his solid scientific methodology is impressive.

        1. Dee has never used circumstantial evidence.

      3. It is absolutely true and prove that vaccinated people can still get and spread the virus.

  24. For politicians, all signaling and messaging has a point. And the point of this latest panic is to provide a booster to public fear, show how caring Biden and the Democrats are, and prep people for the kick off of mid-term campaigns.

    1. Yeah, I was going to say that I wouldn’t call it pointless signaling.

  25. Brace yourselves: Mask mandates are coming back.

    If they do, midterm elections are going to be just awesome.

    1. Masking could the excuse for the same workarounds that made the last election so trustworthy.

      1. Hell, that could be the Dems end-game.

    2. That was my first thought too, but this might actually be about the midterms. Everyone gets a mailed in ballot [cuz covid sumpin variance] and you can even file one for anyone who has ever lived in your apartment so that everyone has a chance. I see at least 600 million ballots being cast in 2022.

      1. They could try that but I don’t know if it will fly this time around.

        1. What’s changed since last election in this regard? Who’s going to do anything about it?

    3. Newsom is starting to sweat again.

  26. Here’s another example of the Democrats’ war on the First Amendment:

    “Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D., Minn.) introduced a bill Thursday that would strip online platforms such as Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. of their liability protections if their technologies spread misinformation related to public-health emergencies, such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

    —-Wall Street Journal

    That clearly violates the First Amendment.

    “Congress shall make no law . . . .abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.”

    —-First Amendment

    No, Congress cannot deny companies the equal protection of the law based on their unwillingness to censor speech.

    1. They’ve pretty much gotten away with it with the 2A “… Shall not be infringed” they can now do it to the first. And people laughed at the NRA when they said this 30 years ago.

    2. I have in on the good authority of multiple Reason trolls that 1A speech protections only apply to people, even though the 1A says no such thing.

      1. Or equating Trump and his I’ll wanting to do away with section 230 because Facebook is/was censoring people, mainly conservatives, to Biden and his I’ll threatening Facebook to force them to censor more people. It’s apples and oranges neither is the correct strategy but one is definitely more of a threat to democracy then the other. Guess which one it is? Here’s a hint: it wasn’t the one married to Central European model.

        1. Before I answer that, I have to ask – Is Kammy married to a Central European model?

          1. Is she married? I don’t honestly know. Okay time to look it up.

            1. Nope he was born in Brooklyn. And now I know and knowing is half the battle (in reference to the GI Joe story earlier today).

        2. Trump never threatened the constitutional rights of American citizens. Biden does, a,one with the entire democrat party.

      2. I’ve been the employee, the manager, the owner, the vendor, and the customer of a corporation, and at no point did I ever stop being a person at any time. The idea that the people who own, manage, and work at a corporation stop being people with rights the moment they become part of a corporation is ridiculous.

        When those trolls steal from, defraud, perpetrate arson against, or embezzle money from a corporation, they should tell the judge at arraignment that they shouldn’t be charged because the owners, managers, and employees of corporations don’t have any rights–and see what the judge says.

        1. Hey, maybe you’ll get the right judge!

          1. Do members of churches have First Amendment religious rights, or is that only for individuals outside of churches?

          2. Is Soros funding judges campaigns yet, or just DA’s?

      3. I thought it only protected burning flags and looting/burning down private businesses.

    3. And of course Ken will not mention all the ways that Republicans want to monkey around with Section 230 and force platforms to host content that they do not want, i.e., compelled speech. Because his outrage over Democrats “violating the First Amendment” is selective and goes only against Team Blue while he keeps up this pretense that Republicans are the “good guys”.

      1. Ken defends section 230 all the time. He did so just yesterday.

        1. Yes I know he does. But he continually paints a one-sided view of the threats to the First Amendment. When Democrats want to tamper with 230, then it’s AN ASSAULT ON THE FIRST AMENDMENT. But when Republicans want to tamper with 230, then they are just misguided and should be given the benefit of the doubt and after all weren’t those tech companies mean to Republicans anyway?

          1. “But he continually paints a one-sided view” Hmmm…sounds familiar.

            1. Oh I am definitely guilty as charged, from time to time. But I don’t present myself as some pompous master logician claiming to prove logically and rigorously that one team or another is logically superior.

              1. From time to time? Don’t sell yourself short. You are almost always one sided. Take credit for your work.

                1. No, he isn’t. chemjeff is almost always solidly in libertarian territory. It just looks liberal to people who have swallowed the far right kool aid.

                  1. He admitted he is sympathetic yo the left and often falls on their spectrum of thinking. His own words.

                  2. You wouldn’t know libertarian territory if it not you on the ass.

                  3. You’re both leftist simps who do almost nothing but lie.
                    Most of us aren’t as dumb as you two.

                    1. Or even the two IQs added together.

                  4. “…chemjeff is almost always solidly in libertarian territory…”

                    OBL-level sarc (or 2-yo level stupidity).

                  5. You’re squarely on the left too. And as dishonest as Pedo Jeffy.

              2. Yeah we know you’re a lefty Lying Jeffy.

                1. He’s pro pedophile too.

              3. chemjeff: FWIW I think you are fair and logical in your arguments. You are NOT a mindless kool-aid drinker.

                1. And definitely NOT a “radical individualist” as evidenced by his constant collectivist, greater good, identity politics bullshit.

              4. You’re guilty as charged all the time. You homogeneously defend democrats and attack republicans.

        2. And he does this continually, painting a one-sided picture, under the guise of ‘logical reasoning’, to give a more authoritative dress to what are merely his political preferences. It’s dishonest, and Ken is smart enough to know this, and has gone so far as to mute the people like myself who point this out while lying about what I suspect are his real motivations for it.

          He wants to pretend to be some master logician “proving” in some objective way that Team Red is superior, like in some objective, Vulcan-esque exercise of pure logic. He does this with a lot of rhetorical sleight of hand that he hopes you won’t notice, and accuses everyone who calls him out as “disrupting the conversation” and “engaging in ad hominems”.

          1. His logic is generally light years more advanced than yours.

            1. Yup he’s fooled you too. Look for the hidden premises he smuggles in to his arguments.

              1. You calling others smug is the height of lack of self awareness. And when you resort to the dog whistle (hidden premises) that only you are smart enough to hear, you’ve lost the argument. Next you’ll be labeling him a racist. It’s predictable Ken’s post are above your intellectual level.

                1. A dog whistle is above this shit-pile’s “intellectual level”, as are the average 5 year old’s.

                2. smuggles =/= smug

                  1. That was just asinine.

            2. Ken’s logic suffers terribly from garbage in garbage out.

              The other day Ken went off on a rant about Cheney and Romney that lifted all his pretense of being a dispassionate logician.

              1. Whatever.

              2. “…The other day Ken went off on a rant about Cheney and Romney that lifted all his pretense of being a dispassionate logician…”

                This is an admission that WK is not capable of following a logical argument, and like sarc and jeff is pissed that he’s incapable of countering such.

          2. His logic is honest and correct. Yours is not. You lie, you move goalposts, you sea lion. You also frequently employ sophist tactics. Ken doesn’t do any of those things. I don’t even agree with Ken all the timee, but I’ve always found him respectful of others, and deserving of respect in turn.

            You aren’t fit to eat Ken’s shit, ot that you would ever he ether opportunity. As SQRLSY has dibs.

      2. One side want them to stop censoring the other side wants them to censor more. Whom is more evil here? There is a difference between those two viewpoints.

        1. Both sides have censors. Exhibit 1 is Josh “Fucking Asshole Who Needs To Die In A Grease Fire” Hawley.

          1. But which one is president? And which one has congresswomen actually introducing legislation yo punish wrong speak? Which ones Surgeon General wants to regulate speech? Hawley is a loud mouth. Trump wanted to reverse 230 because of censorship
            Biden wants to overturn 230 because not enough censorship.

        2. Both those positions are bad.

          1. Both are bad one is worse is the point dipshit.

            1. Which is why I support republicans. Even when they’re bad, and the party often is bad, they’re almost completely benign relative to the democrats.

  27. Biden: Close the Borders!

    Wednesday’s announcement barring nonessential travel for at least another month threatens to make another summer a bust. The decision drew condemnations from Washington state leaders and Point Roberts business advocates.

    “It’s devastating, it’s unnecessary, it’s inhumane and it’s willful blindness,” said Brian Calder, president of the Point Roberts Chamber of Commerce, who described his community as “a ghost town, economically.”

    1. One border virtually open and another closed. Why is that?

  28. What’s this Ivermectin stuff I’ve been hearing about?

    1. He was a shooting guard for the 76ers for most of his career. I Don’t know what he’s doing now.

    2. If you’ve been hearing about it expect a no knock from the FBI as their Google gatekeepers clearly aren’t doing their job.

    3. Antiparasitic drug. There is some evidence it may have antiviral properties as well.

      1. “There is some evidence it may have antiviral properties as well.”


    4. There was an Ivor Bigbutty who wrote a protest letter to the BBC regarding a Monty Python sketch, but I can’t remember which one.

  29. Whatever else “the experts” might say. it’s clear Fauci has got to go.

    When this whole thing started, Fauci said this was mostly a thing affecting China and Americans shouldn’t be overly concerned about it. Later, he said he knew how dangerous this was but lied about it to avoid panicking the public.

    Once this thing started ramping up, Fauci said masks were useless and people shouldn’t be wearing them. Later, he said he knew all along how effective masks were but was lying about it to save the limited mask supply for the healthcare workers who needed them most.

    Once discussion of the vaccine started, Fauci said we needed at least 60% (IIRC) of the population to be vaccinated to reach herd immunity. As he kept raising the percentage figure, and later admitted that he didn’t think herd immunity was even relevant, he said he knew all along these figures were nonsense but he lied about them to keep the public from getting discouraged about how many people were going to have to be vaccinated before we could relax.

    So here we have Fauci admitting he has repeatedly lied to the public – so how can we trust that he’s not lying with any given statement he makes?

    But here’s the thing – I don’t think Fauci was lying about those statements when he made them, he is lying about lying. The fact is, Fauci didn’t know. And it is easier for Fauci to say he was lying than for him to admit he didn’t know. Think about it – what sort of person has an ego so large that he will say he was lying rather than to admit he didn’t know?

    1. And Fauci (or someone) created a new definition of herd immunity that herd immunity can only be reached through vaccination.

  30. Pandemic management tips from downscale right-wing mouthpieces (by and for disaffected conservatives masquerading in unconvincing libertarian drag) are always a treat.

    When America’s liberal-libertarian mainstream needs help from virus-flouting, lethally reckless, belligerently ignorant clingers, we’ll let you know.

    1. At least half of those vaccine hesitant or resistant are not white nor are they republican, you ignorant bigoted fuck.

    2. Well said, Art.

      It’s not a coincidence that Andrew Cuomo — who literally wrote the book on pandemic management as he guided New York to its best-in-the-nation results — is a progressive Democrat.


  31. Every politician calling for mandatory masks is screaming that vaccines DON’T WORK!!!

    1. Which is misinformation.

      1. So all those politicians should have all of their social media accounts cancelled for life.

      2. Adam Schiff is on Pelosi’s January 6 truth commission. She rejected two Republicans from being on the panel for spreading misinformation.

        Schiff lied to the American people about having evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians. He lied, and all the transcripts show that he knew he was lying.

        The Democrats are lying liars who lie about their lying, and to make matters worse, they lie about misinformation, too. “Misinformation” seems to be their word for something that isn’t consistent with one of their lies.

    2. Their message is so muddled it’s almost like they’re doing it on purpose to keep people from getting the vaccine so they can keep playing dictator. But people are over it.

  32. If officials are more concerned with health than with partisan signals—

    No need to read further.

  33. The dangerous vaccines Reason push don’t stop you from getting Covid, spreading Covid, getting sick, or dying. Vaxxed people should wear masks because they often spread it without realizing they are sick. Unvaxxed people feel unwell and stay at home.

    1. Are you seven?

      1. Bot alert

        1. Always funny when they forget to include the link. Do they still get paid for that?

    2. That’s nuts. They do prevent you from getting COVID-19.

      1. Are you fucking serious?

        That’s just one story, you lying piece of shit.

        1. COVID vaccines aren’t 100% effective at preventing COVID. But you’re much, much, much, much less likely to get COVID, spread COVID, or die from COVID.

          Tons of published data from many vaccine manufacturers, health agencies, universities, etc. back that up.

          Are people seriously too stupid to understand that even if something isn’t 100.000000 % effective it can still be worth doing?

          1. As far as I know, no vaccine completely prevents you from catching something. This was not an argument about whether to get it or not.

            White Mike straight up said that it does prevent you from getting it. Which is a bald faced lie.

            1. Mike’s statement was truthful. You have a grossly unreasonable definition of the word “prevent” which is “prevents with 100.00000000……ad infinitum% certainty”. By any reasonable interpretation of the word “prevent” Mike’s statement is true.

  34. I just glad the MAGA hat mandate is over. I tried to walk in a gun store w/o a MAGA hat to buy a rape whistle for my wife and they threatened to call the cops because I wasn’t wearing one.

    1. OK, this is Borat-level stupidity such that only TDS-addled assholes like jeff, sarc, turd, Brandy and other so brain-damaged would find it “hilarious”.
      The rest of the world would find jeff as TDS-addled lefty piece of shit for claiming such.

    2. Thanks, now we get to hear people talk about the MSM ballot destroying secret for two weeks.

      1. I’m sure you have a lot of poorly thought out, stupid lies to puke out on us.

  35. Don’t see many folks wearing masks around here anymore except for the occasional old person and some kids. The Fauci cult will gladly put their masks back on ( for those who have taken them off), but all those vaccinated college kids and 20somethjgs who thought the vaccine was their ticket to partying will raise a stiff middle finger

    1. In California they never stopped wearing them.
      I guess they figure they didn’t work last year, maybe this time they will?

    2. People wore them for about a week and stores even put out masks for people to wear. After about a week everyone started ignoring it and the stores stopped enforcing it. And our rate of infection didn’t change one bit.

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    1. Business2Business massage? So wholesale vs. retail? Wonder what the “happy endings” look like for that?

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  38. “Mask mandates, on the other hand, largely function as a form of signaling. Vaccinated people who wear masks are communicating that they take the pandemic seriously, and policy makers who insist on mask requirements are associating themselves with a specific political tribe. If you’ve had your COVID shots, the mask is basically Team Blue’s version of the Make America Great Again hat.”

    I can’t agree because:
    1. Vaccination prevents serious illness, not all illness.
    2. You can carry the virus and shed the virus for days and not even feel sick.
    3. There are people around who may die from exposure to this virus; that includes those with immune problems through no fault of their own.
    4. Until we can get about 90% of the world fully-vaccinated, this thing will continue to circulate. When the virus infects your cells, it turns them into little virus factories. Your cells can’t make a whole virus in one piece; instead, they make a lot of virus parts and assemble them, like a car factory.
    5. Mix-ups happen in the best-run factories. Most of these mix-ups produce lemons, but a few turn into supercharged versions.
    6. The current super-charged version, known as the delta model because we didn’t want to call it “the English disease”, is much better at spreading from one person to another, and is currently killing a lot of people in the U.S. and elsewhere.

    Being against mask mandates on general principles is a lot more like a MAGA hat than following the advice of the experts would be.

    1. Being a little bitch about a virus that isn’t nearly as deadly or contagious as advertised is a lot more like being a neurotic cultist than using rational thought would be

    2. ” Until we can get about 90% of the world fully-vaccinated…”


    3. 4. Until we can get about 90% of the world fully-vaccinated, this thing will continue to circulate.

      It will continue to circulate even after. Just like the other handful of endemic strains of coronaviruses, as well as multiple endemic strains of rhinoviruses, noroviruses, etc.

      Moreover, the only way you make this assumption is if you assume the virus was lab-borne. Otherwise, there are massive pools of wild mammal populations that would need to be vaccinated as well.

      1. Yes probably we will need boosters on some schedule. Maybe annually or something. The main thing is getting life back to normal. It has been very close the past few months but I am concerned again now.

        90% will never happen. We are just around 50% and it couldn’t be easier here. They are throwing doses away.

        1. 50% uis twice the rate of swine flu vaccinations.

    4. “Being against mask mandates on general principles is a lot more like a MAGA hat than following the advice of the experts would be.”

      Fuck off, slaver.

    5. 1. Then why haven’t we been wearing masks for the last 50 years to prevent influenza – which is much more likely to kill a vaccinated person than COVID (despite COVID’s higher mortality and contageousness because flu vaccines typically aren’t nearly as effective as the COVID vaccines)
      2-3 Tiny numbers of cases. It’s like banning the sale of peanuts because a tiny number of people have a severe reaction. That’s not reasonable.
      4. Herd immunity is based on what percentage of people are immune – whether through natural immunity or vaccination. We’re at or pretty darn close to that level in the US now except for pockets of anti-vaxxers.
      5. ?
      6. Almost all of whom are anti-vaxxers. Their choice.

      1. Given their youth compared to the general population, they chose a 0.001% chance of c omplications.

    6. Cloth masks are almost completely ineffective. So stop with that.

  39. There is not much left to talk about. We have all been over this time and again. Like it or not there will be some mandates and the poor kids will have masks at school again.

    There is only so much you can do. Looks like we may need boosters in the fall. I saw they were working on one to be more effective against delta.

    1. “There is only so much you can do. ”

      Not in CA. RECALL NEWSOM!!

  40. And if you’re an unvaccinated adult, you also don’t need the mask—you need to get vaccinated.

    Fuck off slaver!! I’ll decide what I need.

  41. If they’re going to be tyrants and make people wear things I was thinking they should at least have some fun with it.

    Monday could be “blue mask mandate day” Maybe on Tuesday they could make people wear pink cowboy hats, on Wednesday they could make people wear orange tennis shoes, etc. That would hardly be any more ridiculous than making vaccinated people wear masks but it would be more entertaining.

  42. How about kids who have not been vaccinated attending school wearing masks? I know mine are. It’s the only way I would send them to school.

    1. The pediatric clinical trials are underway. It will probably be at least six months to get results.

      Chances are though it will probably be the same participation rate or less than adults. So we will still have issues.

      It is even worse in Russia. Only 12% have had the vaccine. They have plenty of it. They are in the midst of another wave. The Russian vaccine has been reported to be very effective.

      It looks like both natural and vaccine immunity begin to drop off after 6-9 months. Pfizer is working on a modification more effective against delta.

      Just wait and see what happens when fall and winter come around this year.


    92 fully vaccinated people in one place. Six cases. Yes, it would have been a lot more without the vaccines. 93% didn’t get it. It would have been a lot less with vaccines plus masks.

    I wear a mask indoors with strangers because I understand that 93% is not 100%.

  44. A few months ago, Reason was telling us that vaccines prevented hospitalizations and deaths in all cases. Now they don’t. Cases and hospitalizations are rising, when they should be falling in summer. What’s going on?

  45. I’m vaxxed and have been unmasked since May. (The job required it and I wore it nowhere else but other stores.) I’m good and no one has dropped dead in my presence, so I’m double good. Gotta problem with that, anybody?

  46. The irony is that the return of mask mandates – which I oppose – is the product of more onerous restrictions being politically impracticable.

    We want the economy to reopen. But not enough people are vaccinated in order to avoid surges in infections and pressures on our healthcare system dealing with hospitalized cases. So, normally, with a surfeit of apparently safe and proven effective vaccines available, the way to proceed would be to mandate vaccines and require vaccinations in order to enter indoor spaces where people are unmasked.

    Much of the country would reject that. As would many businesses, for the simple reason that they’d rather remain open to all rather than turn away unvaccinated customers and employees.

    So, the next best solution for actually controlling the spread of delta and other variants would be to return to the shutdown strategies of last year – no indoor dining or bars, limited capacity, etc. And obviously no one wants to do that, either.

    So that leaves mask mandates. No, they are not likely to be effective or sufficient. Yes, they will be broadly resisted, including by many people who wore masks dutifully for most of the pandemic and got vaccinated at their first opportunity. But it is the only tool left for policy makers, given the political appetite for the better options is nil.

    The only other alternative is to let the virus run its course, regardless of the consequences.

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  48. Yes, the non-vaccine “vaccines” are “available but whi is foolish enough to take them?

    And the “mas mandates
    were beside the point back in January.. 2020. HOW can a mess of tjhirty micron holes stop a bunch if viral particles that measure point zero two five microns? Oh wait, I was wrong.. the viral particles are point one two five microns…. ten times bigger than I had thought. YU work the maths and tell me how those filthy impropery fitted fouled worn all day long maskes are going to stop that virus,

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  50. Pointless signaling is the backbone of Leftist policy. When you can’t do effective, efficient and sustainable, you virtue signal.


    Been fully vaccinated . Not wearing a mask again because I trust my President.

  52. The vaccines are failing. You haven’t picked up on that yet or are you just in denial?

  53. While I find your arguments solid, I do believe you’ve completely left out a large piece of the COVID “solution” – actual medical treatment with therapeutics, to bolster one’s immune system and aid healing. Vaccines are not the “only” viable means to “stop the spread”

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