Anthony Fauci Is Wrong About the Need for 3-Year-Olds To Wear Masks

Unvaccinated children have as much protection as vaccinated adults.


In a recent interview on MSNBC, White House coronavirus adviser Anthony Fauci said children who are not eligible to get vaccinated "should be wearing masks, no doubt about that." The federal government has not yet approved any of the COVID-19 vaccines for kids under the age of 12, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have advised all unvaccinated people over 2 to keep wearing masks.

Fauci expressed concern that unvaccinated, unmasked kids could contract the disease and spread it to adults who might be at greater risk of negative health outcomes.

But this is rapidly becoming an unpersuasive reason to require masks, given that all American adults who want to get a vaccine are basically able to do so, and 90 percent of the most vulnerable population—seniors—are already vaccinated. In other words, it's increasingly unlikely that a sick child would spread COVID-19 to someone who would be in serious danger of dying from it, unless this hypothetical person obstinately refused to take the vaccine. And in that case, it doesn't seem fair to continue to require children—who are not themselves particularly vulnerable to COVID-19—to continue masking up.

Make no mistake: Unvaccinated children have as much natural protection from COVID-19 as vaccinated seniors do, according to Brown University economist Emily Oster, who writes that parents shouldn't be so quick to abandon their summer plans due to the delta variant.

"Twice a close-to-zero risk is still close to zero," notes Oster.

It's worth keeping in mind that just 330 Americans under the age of 18 have succumbed to the coronavirus. While even one death is a tragedy, that number is lower than the number of children who died from pneumonia, according to New York magazine's David Wallace-Wells.

"It may sound strange, given a year of panic over school closures and reopenings, a year of masking toddlers and closing playgrounds and huddling in pandemic pods, that, according to the CDC, among children the mortality risk from COVID-19 is actually lower than from the flu," he writes. "The risk of severe disease or hospitalization is about the same."

Children don't really need to fear COVID-19 for themselves. The theoretically vulnerable adults they will encounter in summer camps, on playdates, and back in their classrooms when school resumes in the fall will all be vaccinated or have had the opportunity to become so. These are strong reasons to cease requiring masks for children, even if they are not yet eligible for the vaccines.

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    1. This is way beyond well meaning but misguided. Fauci is one sick evil fuck,

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    2. I suggest everyone here watch a short video of Fauci together so you can all express how you feel. About two minutes ought to do it.

      1. I’m quite capable of being disgusted without making it a personal hatred.

    3. Fauci is a long term bureaucrat who sides with the statists on every issue. He falsely disparaged HCQ, claiming there was no evidence to support its use as a treatment, but chose to not tell us he had no evidence to show it was ineffective – playing the FDA double blind human trial standard of evidence. Yes, there’s evidence HCQ works, just not the double blind human trial evidence. Same thing with invermectin. He didn’t tell you his recommended treatment was to do nothing, because the FDA hadn’t approved any treatment for it.

      He also supported lockdowns, in spite of the scientific evidence they don’t work. If lockdowns work, why haven’t we eliminated the cold and flu with the world wide lockdown? Now he’s supporting forced masking.

      Seriously, does the government think people are so stupid as to not protect themselves during a pandemic? Seems the problem is so many depend on the government to tell them what they can and can’t do, they sought that advice from the government, who decided we might as well force it upon them. Note, they never even brought up the idea, of letting each property owner decide for themselves what their business safety procedures would be, in preference to a one size fits all approach, except that politicians can break the rules they make for others.

  1. Anthony Fauci Is Wrong About the Need for 3-Year-Olds To Wear Masks

    Could have stopped right there, Robby.

    1. Hey, this is the most/only pushback anyone at Reason has ever shown to any covid nonsense.
      Baby steps

      1. But is that baby wearing a mask?

        1. Baby’s are under 2. Even the CDC wouldn’t require them to wear a mask, you monster!

          1. Babies should still wear masks. It is for the children!

          2. Wasn’t there a case where a family was thrown off a plane because they couldn’t force their 2 year old to wear a muzzle?

          3. Do they have masks that fit babies? And is it safe for an infant to wear one?

            1. It’s not safe for kids to do so, so, no, it isn’t safe for babies either. Masks, unless changed like they do in a doctor’s office, accumulate germs at a good rate. This means increased infections for everything Worse, for kids running around, masks cause CO2 buildup, while reducing O2 intake. There are examples of youth passing out in foot races as a result.

            2. We can’t even put thin blankets and bumpers in cribs because of fear of baby suffocating. What makes a mask any different?

  2. Why is anyone still listening to this guy? Oh wait, 20% of of respondents said that post 10pm curfews should remain forever and ever, amen.

    Never mind. I guess despite being scratched off my calendar for 15 years, I keep hoping that I’m wrong about the Libertarian Moment being over.

    1. Because he wants government control uber alles. Just like the prog left.

  3. The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

  4. “It’s worth keeping in mind that just 330 Americans under the age of 18 have succumbed to the coronavirus. While even one death is a tragedy, that number is lower than the number of children who died from pneumonia”

    Now get MSNBC to point that out to Fauci. I wish you luck.

  5. This is not about the risk to children. It is about being afraid to anger the gods by appearing to be cavalier about their rage. 2000 years ago, the Greeks saw plagues as manifestations of Apollo’s anger. One day a person would drop dead, seemingly shot by invisible arrows from the sun. They did not know about viruses and bacteria and could not know that these vectors of attack played out around them.

    The sad thing is that these sorts of “societal immune responses” were important in early societies, before we came to understand the real causes of contagious disease. Embarking to clean temples, burning (possibly rotten) food, ceremonial baths, shunning the infected, and refusing to mix with long distance travelers were all evolved mechanisms to limit the spread of a pathogen they did not understand.

    The sad thing is that the very people who pride themselves as being for “SCIENCE!!!11!” are the same who have adopted this superstitious nonsense.

    1. We need to sacrifice a goat to alleviate this mass hysteria.

      1. Finally I’ll be able to cheer on Tom Brady.

      2. It is amazing to me how transparently obvious these superstitious rituals really are- from locking people in their homes, to shunning the sick as Unclean- these are all immune responses to disease.

        In the human body, most of the actual symptoms we associate with being sick are actually caused by us. Phlegm, fever, tiredness, itchy eyes- these are all caused by the body to delay the pathogen while immunity is achieved. The same is true with this lockdown. The response to the disease was far more destructive than the disease itself- the host is literally trying to kill itself to rid itself of a disease and these superstitious, medieval leech doctors and their talismask mandates are leading the charge.

      3. I’d rather sacrifice a leftist (or better yet all of them).

        1. My personal plan to reduce3 CO2 is to prohibit all lawyers and leftists from exhaling.

  6. Lovin’ the spotlight, spouting off anything the left likes regardless of inconsistencies with prior comments or what the real science shows.

  7. Blasphemer! Surely you are tempting the wrath of the gods with this sort of talk about St. Fauci.

  8. full stop at IS WRONG.

    1. fauci is just one bit of rotten deep state, tip of the iceberg.

  9. According to some of our regular commenters here, if 3 year Olds aren’t wearing masks, that makes them assholes.

    1. God help them if they’re trespassing because we all know the libertarian position on that.

      1. I suspect that some of the resident lefties would support shooting 3 year olds who aren’t wearing masks right in the face.

        1. Lefties favor only governments agents and licensed security guards shooting white 3 year olds in the face.

  10. Always Wrong Fauci.

    1. So Kruggman’s cousin?

  11. When will Fauci be held accountable for his crimes against humanity?

    1. Who’s going to hold any of these people responsible?
      It’s up to us, and we haven’t shown the willingness to get our hands dirty yet.

      1. I, not seeing another way to fix things.

    2. “When will Fauci be held accountable for his crimes against humanity?”
      Cuomo murdered 50,000 old people, and won a fucking Emmy. There’s your accountable.

  12. The sad thing is that most of these kids will grow up being conditioned to respond by unquestioned obedience to the alarms of Top. Men. Brainwash them while they are young.

    1. Raised without any critical thinking skills due to a failed public school system.

      Raised in a culture that thinks is reasonable to demand free healthcare, free college, and a minimum wage at $15/hour.

      Raised to be terrified of the very air that they breathe.

      Some voting demographic we have coming.

    2. Brainwash them while they are young.

      That’s the job of the church, and of Tucker Carlson.

      1. Yeah, like the left and the government establishment isn’t going to get in on that.

      2. The Church and Tucker Carlson aren’t demanding anything. They aren’t threatening violence if we don’t comply with their mandates. Fuck off slaver.

      3. i was unaware that the church and Tucker Carlson taught CRT. Do you have a cite for that?

  13. “Anthony Fauci Is Wrong”

    Careful, Reason. Google would be well within its rights to delete your YouTube channel if it suspects you might promote such anti-science nonsense there. Then you’d need to ask your benefactor Charles Koch for even more money to build your own YouTube replacement.


    1. #(OrTheWHO)
      #(Or Roger Daltrey)

  14. Fauci is a tyrant in a white lab coat whose corpse should be swinging from a tree. Those who still defend him should be tried for treason.

    1. Let’s be honest. Most progressives should be in prison, and some lawfully executed for the things they’ve done. When Americans get control of the IS back from democrats it will be necessary to thin their ranks. Especially of the real movement leftists.

      The most humane way will be to expatriate them to somewhere far away, forever. Expatriation will be compulsory, of course.

  15. the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have advised all unvaccinated people over the age of two to keep wearing masks.

    So why are they happy murdering infants under age two?

    the best aggregate measure of risk from covid – including all the effects of other stuff we do/did – is that the under-18’s were the only age group where overall mortality declined in 2020.

    The lockdown and school closure measures and such more than offset the reduced accident, traffic, disease, etc deaths trying to prevent increased covid deaths. Every other age group went up – and mostly by about the same % for all ages over 30. lOW – we deliberately chose to fuck with their daily living far in excess of the risks to them in order to protect older folks. Course there’s 28 trillion reasons why that’s not a surprise.

    1. and CDC said recently that teen girls’ attempted suicide rate went up 50 percent last year.

    2. oh and drug overdoses increased 30 percent in 2020 from 2019

  16. Poor unreason pussies. Everyone under 65 years old has nothing to fear from kungflu. Nobody should be wearing a mask as it does nothing to spread a coof virus.

    Georgia had no lockdown nor any mask mandates. Were doing great! Business and real estate are booming.

    1. Everyone under 65 years old has nothing to fear from kungflu. Nobody should be wearing a mask as it does nothing to spread a coof virus.

      The people that cried out about supposed “death panels” that would let grandma die to save money are happy to let grandma die now so that they can still go to bars, don’t have to wear masks, or get vaccinated?

      1. and how did Grandma die under Cuomo’s watchfull eye while left alone in a room with no visitors for year. one town masked multiple deaths one town not masked a few deaths

      2. Such a dishonest, bad faith, straw man deflection.

      3. Uh, those things are almost entirely unrelated. Grandma died because she got infected in a hospital or nursing home, for the most part. Restaurants and bars were not hotspots of transmission. Just fucking stop with this nonsense. Most people could have lived fairly normal lives if we had not pretended that everyone was at similar risk and therefor failed terribly at protecting the people who were really at risk. You fucking people who wanted everyone treated the same regardless of actual risk have a whole lot more grandma blood on your hands than those of us who tried to just live our lives like normal people.

  17. “In other words, it’s increasingly unlikely that a sick child would spread COVID-19 to someone who would be in serious danger of dying from it, unless this hypothetical person obstinately refused to take the vaccine.”

    Obstinately? They are exercising their freedom, which needs to be respected. To do otherwise, as Alex Berenson says, is to be suckered.

    Children under 12 don’t wear masks very well, so the debate about that can end right there.

    A large percentage of those who have refused to take the vaccine are unlikely to be convinced by any argument.

    Protecting these people is worth doing, even if indirectly, by allowing the already vaccinated to get booster shots (with delta customization) as soon as possible. Even if the already vaccinated have a low chance of serious illness or hospitalization, they still could have a 1 in 3 chance of becoming infected with the delta variant, which is the predominate variant. If a booster vaccine reduces the chances of the the already vaccinated becoming even infected (which allows for spread to those refusing to get vaccinated), then it helps the entire community.

    It appears that we’re on the cusp of a new surge in regions of the US, including increased hospitalizations of younger people. How this surge plays out over the next couple of months will determine whatever nutty response comes next.

    Give that it’s intractable to vaccinate the large number of unwilling, the willing should have the highest degree of protection against even getting infected, in order to protect everyone else. The boosters need to be made available as soon as possible, before the new surge peaks.

    1. Israelis are on their third shot in just six months

      1. The shots are causing mutations.

    2. “A large percentage of those who have refused to take the vaccine are unlikely to be convinced by any argument.”

      Or maybe, just maybe, they are waiting for a vaccine to be approved by the FDA. Really, actually approved, not just for emergency use by adults.

      1. That’s what is so stupid—many people believe it’s irrational to want more safety data on brand new vaccines that only have emergency use approval.

        The VAERS data is interesting on the vaccines, to say the least and should lead to honest discussion surrounding the safety of the vaccines, especially for kids.

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  19. Fauci The Fraud

    Articles in recent scientific journals document the quality of the evil that Anthony Fauci and his lackeys have perpetrated upon this nation and the rest of the world. .

  20. lets not forget that there is almost no transmission between kids and adults but hey who cares about science

  21. Thanks for pointing out the fucking obvious, Soave. I and other commenters here have been saying this for weeks and months, and it’s not a surprise to people that have been paying attention to the actual science. All the Karen’s can get fucked.

    1. Karens? What are you, twelve?

  22. Gee, another expert in disease and immunology heard from. There are so many who know so much more than people who have spent there career at it. Why do we even need to bother with doctors and experts anyway…

    1. Yes, the government would never lie to us. Questioning the word of bureaucrats is insane.

  23. How about the govt. tell all the fat fucks to shape up, and they should be taxed heavily until they do.

    Get to a healthy weight, plenty of vitamin d, and as long as there are no underlying serious health problems you should be good to go. That’s what the science says.

  24. i have held since vaccinations were open to all, and easily available….. that it should all end…. i was always against the government mandating anything, but even the voluntary action and private business initiatives that were appropriate no longer are. covid has extremely low impacts on the young, and everyone else who wants the vaccine has gotten it. we are now only protecting people who have made a deliberate choice to not protect themselves.

    1. It did for me. Once we all were vaxxed I stopped caring about public health measures. There is nothing else you can do.

  25. My daughter continues to wear her mask at work. Two reasons : her boss can’t see that she is not smiling at customers. She can also make faces at the customer’s. (She works in retail customer service.) I guess it is as good as any other reason.

  26. Where is the evidence that masks are beneficial? Where?

  27. The masks are really working well in Japan, right?

  28. Anthony Fauci has been wrong about practically everything. It’s stunning how incompetent this bureaucratic bot is.

    1. And his incompetence has been tragic for decades, starting with the AIDS outbreak.

  29. Whatever Fauci says do the opposite.

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