The Post Office Pension Ponzi Scheme

The USPS has overpromised and undersaved for its employees' retirements—all while losing nearly $9.2 billion last year.


The coronavirus pandemic created all sorts of new problems for the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), but the most serious financial issue the agency faces was a crisis long before anyone had heard of COVID-19—and it won't be solved with a vaccine.

Like many other government entities, the USPS has overpromised and undersaved for its employees' retirements. The pension system for retired postal workers has a $50 billion unfunded liability—that's an accounting term for the gap between what actuaries expect the system to owe current workers and retirees for the rest of their lives and the revenue it's expected to take in from paychecks and investment earnings. Meanwhile, the USPS fund that's supposed to cover health care expenses for retired workers is facing a $70 billion unfunded liability, and it has less than half the assets necessary to cover expected future costs.

With each passing year, the situation grows worse. Even though the Postal Service reported a $2 billion uptick in operating revenue during the fiscal year that ended on September 30, 2020, expenses (largely due to the pension debt) increased faster. Overall, the USPS lost nearly $9.2 billion last year, up from about $8.8 billion of red ink the year before. Since 2007, the USPS has reported more than $86 billion in losses.

Retirement costs are also the main reason the Government Accountability Office declared, in a May 2020 report relying on data gathered before the pandemic hit, that the Postal Service's current business model was "not financially sustainable."

During the kerfuffle over mail-in balloting prior to the 2020 presidential election, Congress briefly appeared to care about the USPS' problems. Democrats in the House pushed for the inclusion of a rather arbitrary $25 billion bailout for the USPS in several iterations of COVID-19 relief packages, but a veto threat from then–President Donald Trump sunk those plans. Instead, Congress extended a $10 billion loan to the USPS as part of the relief package passed in December.

On the political left, it's become somewhat popular to claim that the USPS' pension mess is the result of unique rules that do not apply to other businesses or government agencies. In a viral tweet from 2019, for example, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.) claimed that USPS being required to "prefund pensions decades out (which makes NO sense & no solvent biz does)" was the root of the problem.

This is mostly untrue. All private pension systems must prefund future benefits. Indeed, this is a wise thing for businesses to do if they wish to remain solvent. The unique situation for the USPS is that those requirements also apply to its retiree health care benefit plan. Private sector companies aren't required to do that because they could, theoretically, eliminate those benefits at any time. The USPS, however, would not be able to do that without an act of Congress—and so prefunding is not only financially sound, but politically prudent.

Despite those obvious long-term drawbacks, the American Postal Workers Union and at least 270 members of Congress support a plan to switch the USPS to a so-called "pay-as-you-go" pension system. If passed, the USPS Fairness Act would allow the USPS to use current workers' contributions to pay benefits to current retirees, rather than requiring that those dollars go into an investment fund to cover the cost of the current workers' eventual retirement.

Setting up what amounts to a Ponzi scheme instead of addressing structural issues in the current retirement system is an easy way to make the current mess go away, but it will certainly create bigger problems later on.

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  1. “Setting up what amounts to a Ponzi scheme instead of addressing structural issues in the current retirement system is an easy way to make the current mess go away, but it will certainly create bigger problems later on.”
    Hey it worked for FDR. And in all likelihood half of USPS employees are white supremacists who’ll spend their golden years in reeducation camps anyway.

    1. Still working for him too. Your average proggie would line up to swallow his seed with glee given the chance. The long term failures of the New Deal are not really faults of the New Deal but a vast capitalist conspiracy.

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      2. ITT, in an example more sociopathic than normal, De Oppresso Liber links to an article from NATIONAL REVIEW that discusses the political and professional ramifications of women from Ivy League schools not being willing to date Trump supporters, and claims it’s an article from THE FEDARALIST that says the government should force women to date conservatives. And repeats it’s from The FEDARALIST at least four more times throughout the thread. TDS might prove to be fatal after all.

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    2. “If passed, the USPS Fairness Act would allow the USPS to use current workers’ contributions to pay benefits to current retirees[.]”

      What an intriguing use of the word “fairness”.

      1. What could be more fair than forcing someone else to pay you?

        1. Critical Fairness Theory

    3. It’s Ponzi schemes all the way down.

      And with a last name like Cortez, the Congresswoman had better be planning on paying a lot in reparations to the Incas she conquered.

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  2. OT
    Official court records show that Corkins was inspired by the SPLC to commit terrorism.
    Corkins pled guilty to act of domestic terrorism in exchange for a 25 year prison sentence. During his interviews with the FBI, Corkins explained his plans and how he chose his targets:

    Once inside the FRC on the day of the shooting, he pulled the gun on the, quote, guard, end quote, grappled with him, and in the course of doing so he intentionally discharged the gun multiple times. The shooting was not an accident. He pointed the gun at the guard, and that he intended to shoot and kill the guard, and then go upstairs and shoot and kill, quote, as many people as he could, end quote.

    He was a political activist and considered the FRC a lobbying group. He committed the shooting for political reasons. He identified the FRC as an anti-gay organization on the Southern Poverty Law Center Website.

    1. Given that at least one convicted terrorist relied on the SPLC for target selection, you’d expect critical media coverage of the SPLC.
      And you’d be wrong.
      According to far-left wing website Snopes, which Facebook and other social media companies rely on as a trusted fact-checking source, the SPLC did not inspire the FRC shooting:
      “However, the implication that the Southern Poverty Law Center inspired or encouraged these acts of violence has no discernible basis in fact.”
      The claim that, “The Southern Poverty Law Center is a ‘left-wing smear group’ that incites hatred and violence against conservatives,” was rated FALSE by David Emery of Snopes.

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    2. Those right wing terrorists are getting crafty with their false flag ops
      -fbi on why this doest count as left wing terrorism

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    3. Ha, that paragon of unbiased objective reporting, Mike Cernovich. LOL

      But here is the SPLC’s profile of FRC.

      Cernovich claims that Corkins was “inspired” by SPLC to attempt murder. If you agree with him, then clearly show where in this profile you think it inspires murder against FRC employees.

      1. Corkin had a list for 4 targets he testified he got from the SPLC you ignorant fuck. It’s in the court records. Yet you still rush to defend the left with straight up lying. This isn’t even gaslighting at this point. Corkin admitted to it in testimony.

        “It was a Southern Poverty Law lists, anti-gay groups,” responded Corkins. “I found them online. I did a little bit of research, went to the website, stuff like that.”

        You are so full of shit.

      2. He identified the FRC as an anti-gay organization on the Southern Poverty Law Center Website.

      3. From the charging document:
        He committed the shooting
        for political reasons. He identified the FRC as an anti-gay
        organization on the Southern Poverty Law Center Website. He had
        been thinking about perpetrator similar violence for years, but
        just never went through with it. He purchased the gun the Friday
        before the shooting from Blue Ridge Arsenal. He converted the
        pistol from a .20 caliber to a .9-millimeter pistol to, quote, be
        more effective, end quote.
        If the police had not responded and caught him at the FRC,
        he planned to go directly to the second organization on his list
        and perpetrate a similar shooting there. He surveilled the FRC
        two days before the shooting. He initially wanted to make a bomb
        but did not have the patience to do it.
        Consistent with Corkins’s statement, the FBI’s subsequent
        investigation confirmed that the defendant did not act
        impulsively in committing the shooting. Rather, in the week
        before the shooting, the defendant methodically planned it by,
        one, purchasing the firearm; two, researching and surveilling his
        intended targets; three, receiving firearms training; and four,
        purchasing and employing other implements of the crime.

        If we can believe the charging documents he by his own admission he was inspired by SPLC.

        1. No no. Tell us where on the SPLC’s profile that you think that it inspires murder against FRC employees.

          Did this guy read the SPLC’s profile and say “holy shit, these guys are evil, time to murder them!”

          Or, was this guy, say, “thinking about perpetrator similar violence for years,” already, and didn’t need the SPLC’s alleged help to decide to go commit murder?

          1. Let’s apply your same sophistry to the Trump speech prior to January 6th. Of course there you also have to realize the protest was over a mile away and started before the speech ended. But it is amazing how inconsistent you are.

            Next up jeff says Hodgkinson was not a viewer of leftist shows like Maddow and they didn’t inspire political violence.

            1. ^ Yup. The point here is that the Biden regime has declared war on imaginary right wing terrorists. The media, social and otherwise, claim that Trump and anyone who voted for him are dangerous insurrectionists spreading “misinformation” to foment violence. But SPLC, an outfit whose racketeer owners have spent decades slandering organizations like FRC, are utilized as “fact checkers”. In this case some guy wants to murder some anti gay people so he goes to what the media tells us is a trusted source and he makes a list based on what he sees on the SPLC website. It’s not complicated.

          2. No no. Tell us exactly the spot on the SPLC’s profile that you think that it inspires murder against FRC employees.

            1. That’s not the same profile as from before the incident and you know it. Who do you think you’re fooling with this middle-school level sophistry?

            2. Asking us to pick a specific line is a cheap attempt at a reduction fallacy. You’re really trying to hit every fallacy ever in your career here, huh.

            That said, even this new version is still a mass of slander, ginned up to infuriate your average orthodox prog. As written, I can still see most lefties being inspired to kill by it. It’s a dishonest hit piece crafted to engender hatred.

            So to answer your question: all of it.

            Of course this is the SPLC’s stock-in-trade as a Democratic party Super-PAC masquerading as a human rights organization. Inspiring hatred and fear of the hoi-polloi and those opposing the Democrats class war on them, has been their modus operandi for a generation.

            1. Chemleft is paid to post DNC propaganda, just like the SPLC. He defends them out of professional courtesy.

              1. He’ll, maybe they’re the ones signing his paycheck.

              2. Seems Mike laursen and echospinner are too.
                I mean, even George Stephenapolous wouldn’t be this flailingly craven.


                1. Echospinner is just one of Jeff’s innumerable sock’s.
                  White Mike is probably a fifty-center or else ENB’s hubby. Seems more overly invested in Reason, beyond just ordinary white knighting. RMac thinks it’s Dee, but I’m not so sure. Queen Anathema is one of Mike’s socks.

                  1. “RMac thinks it’s Dee, but I’m not so sure.”

                    You know in your heart she’s Dee. Who else in the world is such a squawking bird?

                    1. And chumby agrees with me.

                    2. White Mike is either Dee or Rerun.

                    3. Lol. She’s too young to be Rerun.

          3. As soon as you tell us what in Trump’s speech inspired the storming of the capitol (during the speech)

            1. I am glad people are realizing what a dishonest hack you are, and always have been.

              1. criticaljeff racial theorist is new around here.

          4. If I didn’t believe in not muting people, you would have earned it in spades with this thread you disingenuous fuck.

        2. And by the way. Before you all start whining “THERE HE GOES AGAIN, DEFENDING THE LEFT’, what I am actually doing is defending the *principle* that individuals are responsible for their own actions. No one forced Corkins to go try to murder people, despite what he read anywhere, he alone is responsible for what he did.

          But too many people around here want to believe in double standards instead.

          1. Of that is your principle, why have you blamed Trump for January 6th you sophist fuck?

            1. “Principles” can be flexible for steaming piles of lefty shit like jeff.

              1. Principals before principles.

          2. Asp, isnt the SPLC then guilty of slander given the numerous lawsuits they’ve lost? Why are they still being used by government and silicon valley ventures as evidence eof hate speech?

            Yes, you’re a leftist because your principles you only apply to the left.

          3. “what I am actually doing is defending the *principle* that individuals are responsible for their own actions.”

            Lol, you lying posturing fuck. If that were remotely true you wouldn’t have been squealing here for months that Trump’s innocuous January 6th speech caused a insurrection.

          4. Defending the principle – when its a leftist organization being talked about.

            Otherwise, like with the Jan 6th protestors, its Trump’s fault.

            1. No one forced the rioters to break into the Capitol either.

      4. You realize the world would be a better place if you committed suicide

        1. Who would be at sarcasmics next BBQ if he did?

          1. The same imaginary friends as always.

            1. Hey now. Sarcasmic would send you to the hospital if you said that to his face.

              1. Sarcasmic got all his fighting practice beating on his ex-wife. He’d get his ass kicked fighting an adult male.

                1. I giggled when he used the term “hit her” in regards to his daughter yesterday.

      5. If you’re going to throw around the term ‘unbiased,’ don’t use SPLC to prove whatever point you are trying to make. They find what they are looking for because there is money in the venture, period.

        1. Millions.

      6. Hey look, it’s Lefty Jeffy rushing to the defense of the left.

        1. More ‘Democrats’ specifically, than the left in general. Tom Perez could eat a baby alive on the steps of the capitol, and chemleft would justify it.

          It’s what he’s paid to do.

      7. Ha, that paragon of unbiased objective reporting, SPLC. LOL

        *pssht*Kettle, this is Pot, you’re black, over

    4. Ok, so “.9mm caliber” is obviously a fuckup of “9mm” but seriously, what was “.20 caliber” even originally supposed to be? .22?

      1. I think 0.2 inch can be necked down to 0.9 millimeter. Maybe he was talking about his dick size.

        Anyhow, if it was a .22 not sure I’d want to bore it out to 9 mm. Even if there was enough metal to do it would expect a kaboom when firing. Then there would be the magazine size. Extractor. Etc. 2+2 =/ 5.

        1. I don’t expect it was bored out. I’m thinking it may perhaps have been a .22 caliber pistol which shared a frame with some 9mm version and he bought a conversion kit. Which would be odd, because why not just buy the 9mm to begin with?

          I know that there are a number of Glocks for which companies (and perhaps Glock themselves) make .22 conversion kits so practice can be cheaper. I think that I recall seeing something like that for the Springfield XD as well. Maybe this went the other way. Still “.20 caliber” is an error I haven’t seen before. I wonder if that was a court reporter making the error?

          1. I have an aftermarket .22 conversion kit for a Glock 32. I’m not aware of a a reverse kit to go from .22 to 9 mm (or other centerfire handgun caliber). There might be some platforms that share the same frame but would be odd to start with the .22. Not impossible but just odd.

            Either poor reporting or sloppy re-reporting by the OP. Like if a Miata ran over someone and it was reported as “SUV mauls pedestrian.” At least we didn’t see a “high capacity clip” reference.

          2. You don’t, as far as I know, buy .22’s and then convert them to full-power calibers.

            You buy a full-power caliber and then get a .22 conversion kit.

            Going the other way, well you’re cramming 5lbs of explosive in a 2lb bag.

            1. The Sig Sauer P250 was available in .22 as well as typical semi-auto handgun cartridges. And its modular design allowed for getting different uppers for a common lower and fire control unit. Not sure if the .22 was interchangeable with the others. I have purchased a few uppers and turned a .380 into both a .40 and a .357 Sig. That is the only factory handgun I’m aware of meeting the info reported (IF the .22 is convertible to centerfire cartridges).

  3. If passed, the USPS Fairness Act would allow the USPS to use current workers’ contributions to pay benefits to current retirees, rather than requiring that those dollars go into an investment fund to cover the cost of the current workers’ eventual retirement.

    Isn’t that exactly how Social Security works? I don’t see a problem with that, Social Security is perfectly fine isn’t it?

    1. Absolutely! Nothing beats the prudent and sound accounting principles of government.

    2. Actually, most so-called experts argue that the excess of social security taxes since inception HAVE gone into an investment fund – US Treasury securities. So the federal government put the money in a different pocket, where it was then spent, and this is considered a funded arrangement!

  4. “n a viral tweet from 2019, for example, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.) claimed that USPS being required to “prefund pensions decades out (which makes NO sense & no solvent biz does)” was the root of the problem.”

    That we have elected ignoramuses who do not understand why things are set up the way the are and get offended over differences in treatment that their predecessors created for political reasons.

    1. Note to all HR departments:
      AOC has a degree in Economics from Boston College. Consider that when other graduates from that indoctrination center apply for jobs.

      1. Had an Econ professor that had lived in Cali and spent several classes mixing in how great rent control was.

        1. My econ prof told us how rent control led to tenement slums and how farmers were the biggest welfare bums of all. He was great.

          1. He sounds great. The other class was taught by a TA getting his PhD. After one exam, a student asked why there wasn’t a curve. He didn’t like the 72 he got and thought he deserved more. The Ta explained that several students got 100s so there didn’t need to be a curve. Woke butterfly kept complaining. So the TA decided there would be a +10% curve. I then if he wanted to do that because those of us with 100s would get 10 points and those with say a 70 would only get 7 points. He smiled at me and I understood then what he did. Nobody else seemed to catch what had happened.

      2. Boston University.

    2. AOCs tweet is known as “disinformation” and “misinformation.”

  5. Oh terrific.
    Social Security ‘math’ applied to USPS. Yeah what a brilliant idea. /sarc

    Just turn the whole thing into a proper 401k/403b style of retirement plan.

    1. You forgot to mention that the USPS should definitely make all its employees take critical race theory classes. I know I’d feel better about my letter carrier if he or she or they attended a reasonably priced online lecture by DiAngelo or Kendi.


      1. How about this instead:

        All citizens should get a broadly liberal education at a quality high school where critical thinking and logical reasoning is stressed, and controversial ideas are free to be discussed in a respectful and age-appropriate manner.

        But, that would piss off too many people, particularly on the right, who, when they don’t want school to be narrowly focused on ‘job training’, instead want school to teach Patriotic Correctness.

        1. And yet you promote CRT, post modernism, and 2+2=5. Meanwhile the party you openly support seeks to reduce training in the classics, remove white authors, reduce testing, attacks right answers as white supremacy, etc.

          Your definition of what the right wants is ignorant and more proof youre a leftist gaslighting here.

        2. “controversial ideas are free to be discussed in a respectful and age-appropriate manner”


          Because then we might have teachers present triggering ideas like “The United States should enforce its borders” or “It’s time to get rid of affirmative action.” Such hateful material — if it’s mentioned at all — must be analyzed through the lens of CRT. IOW students should be taught that only racists believe such things.


          1. Nope!

            Then this is where we disagree.

            It’s sad that I have to point this out to a parody account, but a lot of you actually think I believe what OBL is saying.

            1. Lol. The fucking irony. Obl is parodying your side you fucking idiot.

            2. It is known.

            3. “but a lot of you actually think I believe what OBL is saying”

              I definitely think that.

        3. I attended both private school and public school in Chicago. There is no comparison at all. The public school educated kids are years behind unless they are taught at home. Most of my classmates could not read at a third grade level. They should not be teaching anything other than the basics. They can learn all about hating other races where they usually do, on the streets. They are teaching CRT to a kid that will go home to his neighborhood and listen to his own race kill each other all night.

          1. So what do you propose to do about it?

            1. And Jeff retreats to the perfect solution fallacy. You can’t tell him facts without having a perfect solution in response.

            2. Probably step one is to stop expecting other people to fix your problems.

              1. *My* problems? I’m not in school anymore.

                  1. I chuckled.

        4. Dude, stop. Even for you, this is idiotic. People on the right would settle for kids who are taught to read, write, do basic math, and have a fundamental understanding of history and civics.

          1. Like puff daddy he won’t stop, he can’t stop.

          2. Yes, the mere basics. Just “facts”. But once we get to the “controversial ideas” part, I think you would see a lot of Team Red opposition to that.

            1. Hmm, no Team Blue opposition to ideas they find controversial? For instance, questioning pedagogical status quo’s failures, the reasons for these failures, specifically the laws and policies that created the failures. And, opposition to skepticism of any of Team Blue’s beloved in-group biases or ‘knowledge,’ none of which may be questioned on social media, in the workplace, et cetera. By which I mean: adulation of the power + privilege model of racism; blind acceptance of anthropogenic climate change based on biased modeling without any acceptance that there are other possibilities; I can go on but the list is long.

              1. For instance, questioning pedagogical status quo’s failures, the reasons for these failures, specifically the laws and policies that created the failures.

                Who is opposed to *discussing* school or curriculum reform?

                1. The AFT. Most democrats.

            2. There are facts and then there is the truth.

              You teach your kids what you want on your dime. Or pay for them to be taught by someone else. And I’ll take care of mine.

              1. Do you think that there is an element to education that is a public good – i.e., we all benefit (at least to some degree) if all citizens have enough knowledge to be functional adults?

                1. We all benefit the most when the market figures out what turns out the most functional students. The current public education industrial complex’s goal is to expand itself. Tweaks to this system or proceeding faster in the same direction is going to result in similar of not worse results.

                2. Students do better when parents are engaged and active in their education. There’s no better way to spur parental involvement than to charge them tuition.

                  Of course some families are genuinely too poor to pay for a first rate education, but there are so many people concerned about it that funding charitable scholarships for them should be no problem.

                  1. It seems like forced home schooling and CRT being revealed motivated a lot of parents.

                  2. This response didn’t really answer the question.

                    1. I’m not a collectivist like you so the premise was like: why is a squirrel when he spins?

                      But if you mean a public good such as not being a burden on society or providing a good or service desired by folks then I did answer the question.

          3. People on the right think that evolution and the concept of co2 composition creating atmospheric warming are controversial. Increasingly, the right is the home of People who deny very basic and fundamental knowledge that the rest of humanity quit struggling with a century or two ago.

            1. This is an argument you, and left-leaning folks like you have created. There are some right-leaning folks who do think this. But many more simply think that, as has been brought up here, that locking onto a single explanation and claiming that the science is settled is cultish and far from having a basic and fundamental grasp of how the scientific method works.

            2. Do you think increasing carbon emissions are a big problem? If so, are you carbon neutral? If not, why not?

              1. Imagine if he ever investigated gas make up in the atmosphere prior to the 1870s.

                1. If you aren’t a Christian creationist, one can look back to the time of the Siberian traps erupting.

                  1. DOL blames the Great Oxidation Event on White supremacist cyanobacteria practicing colonialism.

            3. And then there’s the other side that thinks objective knowledge is racist.

            4. How many people on the right don’t believe in evolution? Because that sounds like more bullshit from Espresso.

              1. He is mixing up a guided evolution vs creationism. Creationism is not well supported, but some polls do use less direct words like “evolution was guided by god” as there is a decent subset of Christians who believe evolution happened but was guided by God. 5his view is even supported by 20% of religious democrats

                But DoL doesn’t bother with learning his opponents arguments, instead using the strawman leftist characterization of them.

                1. I’m shocked he didn’t answer my question.

                2. It always comes down to hating religious people for our resident lefties.

                  The fucked thing is that they barely know anything outside of a smattering of received wisdom, and some memes they read on IFLScience.
                  I remember arguing energy production with Tony, and he had no clue what was involved with creating a liter of gasoline, or how solar panels worked. His ignorance was greater than some random primary school girl.

                  But here they are bitching about creationism.

            5. DoL has to mischaracterize opponents arguments and while doing so proves he doesn’t understand the argument.

              You want to discuss climate. I’ll start simple. If you assume perfect gas laws and no atmospheric volumetric changes, how much warming would a doubling of carbon cause. Assume perfect energy absorption.


              Trump Supporters Score Higher on Verbal Ability Tests
              And they do better on most science knowledge questions, too.

              1. Don’t shit all over DOL’s beautiful narrative with your horrible facts.

            7. Tell us what percentage of the atmosphere is co2, and what it “should” be.
              Then also explain how a person with xy chromosomes can actually be female, and how 2+2=5.
              Show your math.

        5. “All citizens should…”

          1. Yes, “should”. I didn’t use the word “must”. It is called a recommendation, not a mandate.

            Are you now going to insinuate that making mere recommendations is ‘fascist’?

            1. Irrelevant authority fallacy.

        6. That would piss off the particular left.

        7. It sounds good, but would definitely piss off too many people, on both the right and the left.

        8. Yet you support public schooling.

          1. I have advocated for privatizing the schools for a while now.

            1. Yet claimed the left is not regulating schools when they actively block school choice.

              Youre doing terrible with your lies today.

  6. “The USPS has overpromised and undersaved for its employees’ retirements—all while losing nearly $9.2 billion last year.”

    Whatever. I just can’t get too upset about a $9.2 billion loss from the USPS when the really important aspects of the Biden Era are going even better than we Koch / Reason libertarians could have hoped:

    The 10 richest Americans have gained a combined $201 billion this year.


    1. Hey! How convenient! That would solve *both* of the Post Office’s underfunded plans!


  7. Clyburn says the quiet part put loud as he admits democrats will lose 2022 without passing the election takeover bill and “fortifying the election.”

      1. I had no idea so many Americans were inveterate racists like that… :'(

        1. That’s how the racism becomes systemic.

        2. Jim Crow 2.0

          1. That’s practically Jim Eagle.

    1. Pretty amazing they don’t even attempt to hide their bald faced attacks on our “beloved democracy” once they’re in power. Meanwhile Reason thinks USPS is the biggest issue facing libertarians.

    2. Wow, doubling federal spending, going uber woke, jacking up taxes and sending tens of thousands of new IRS agents against the citizenry are unpopular, who would have guessed?

      1. If you like those things, you’ll love the door to door searches for the unvaccinated.

  8. Feds are spending millions on a database for video and online statements about jan 6th and still completely ignoring the blm summer of riots. The prior ended with one unarmed veteran shot, the other with multiple people killed, 2 billion in damage, assaults, rapes, robbery, attempted arson on a federal building with people inside, etc.

    The prior includes 23 hour a day no bond solitary confinement, the latter is having cases dropped monthly by the DAs and feds generally failing to charge with federal crimes.

    Equitable justice is real.

    1. Hah. Ironic line from that article.

      “No less than 535 people have been arrested thus far[.]”

      Too bad it was the wrong 535…

      But seriously, there wouldn’t be any point in making an Antifa / BLM database, because it’s impossible for them to put things into a database that they didn’t bother to record.

      1. It’s more of an idea than violent movement. How ya gonna put an idea in a database?

  9. White nationalist Nick Fuentes banned from annual gathering of top US conservatives but other far-right extremists were welcomed

    Far-right white nationalist Nick Fuentes was removed from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas on Saturday.

    Although organizers removed Fuentes from the event, a range of far-right figures have been seen attending the conference, including members of the Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, and believers of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

    CPAC is an annual gathering of top US conservatives, with former president Donald Trump due to speak on Sunday.

    The video shows Fuentes and his supporters walking into CPAC while chanting “America first” and “white boy summer.” Fuentes briefly gained access before being kicked out.

    Although the 22-year-old agitator was barred from the event, members from other far-right groups were seen in attendance over the course of the weekend, including Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the Oath Keepers militia, and at least two members of the Proud Boys.

    1. You seemed very focused on a guy who doesn’t have a lot of pull in any party and hasn’t been elected to office… yet ignore all of the race baiting bullshit from the left, even their politicians… why?

      1. Prominent leftist race-baiter Al Sharpton has kept a low profile recently.

        1. No he hasn’t. He was at every blm riot last year. Antifa and the socialists AOC back have been very loud. Then there is the squad. Biden just promoted an eCo terrorist to head BLM. His ATF nominee is against all semi automatics including handguns and lied about Waco. Kerry is jetting around the world about climate change and how people need to stop traveling, just not him. Various antifa and eco groups are all across the globe doing the same. Cdc is still forcing masks on the vaccinated. AFT is openly supporting CRT along with most liberals. Clyburn is talking about needing massive voting changes to keep power….

          But you keep talking about somebody with zero power in either party.

          1. “He was at every blm riot last year.”

            Oh, c’mon… That’s not physically possible, some of them were simultaneous. 😉

            1. Almost as if they were coordinated.

              1. Now that’s just conspiracy talk. And everyone knows that conspiracy theories are ridiculous. What are you, some kind of insurrectionist? Were you part of that insurrectionist conspiracy?! HRMMMM?!

                1. I believe in UFOs too. The Truth is Out There. *whistles X-Files theme*

        2. Prominent leftist race-baiter Al Sharpton has been supplanted by other more race-baity types.

        3. I just checked and he is not laying that low: in the past two days, he has had a meeting with Biden and campaigned for a New York City mayoral candidate.

          1. Hey something honest from white Mike. Kudos.

    2. You should be worried that people in the military saying they will uphold their oath and not follow an illegal unconstitutional order concerns the democrats.

      1. yeah, and the Dems are labeling them “extremists”.

    3. Um Oath Keepers were infiltrated by the FBI prior to the “insurrection” and a lot of them are in jail. Their leader Stewart Rhoades on the other hand is walking around a free man. A pretty good case has been made that he’s paid and protected by the federal government.

      1. Good Lord. That place makes Michael Hihn seem sane and rational.

        1. You post from DailyKOS which was home to 9/11 couldn’t happen because lighter fluid didn’t melt chicken wire….

        2. Notice you didn’t actually challenge any facts that, by the way, are all in the public record. Why do you think one insurrectionist is walking the streets while his minions are rotting in jail?

    4. shrike is still here? that’s sad.

  10. 4 arrested at Maven Hotel, police feared a ‘Las Vegas style shooting’ during All-Star Game in Denver
    Sources tell Denver7 16 long guns, body armor and 1,000+ rounds of ammo found inside hotel room

    This is why the FBI is monitoring right wing groups – this was no doubt going to be retribution for MLB moving the All Star game out of Georgia due to the voter restriction law.

    1. Nevada is well known for shooting ranges and gun shows. There is zero evidence the target was the mlb game. That is pure supposition meant to link it to right wing groups, which no evidence exists of.

      Weird weren’t loud about the black nationalists who took over a freeway the other week. Odd.

      1. Read initially las Vegas. Colorado is also a pro gun state. Or was until recently. They even voted in a pro gun senator.

      2. Yes. The Free Moors from Rhode Island stopped in Massachusetts on their way to a shooting facility in Maine.

        1. I hate how you can’t get to New Hampshire without going through either MA or NY. Talk about trapped behind enemy lines.

          1. NH is prophylaxis against Massholes going farther north. Not 100% effective but better than nothing.

        2. Maybe responded a bit too soon now that we have more information.

          1. They posted on their YT account while being detained but prior to incarceration. There was this “news” channel I watched about the Miami condo collapse that also covered it. Think it is called Agenda Free Media. Looks like just one guy with a few moderators that screen livestream questions. Mass State Police seemed to think the group was trying to make a statement. Mass has strict gun control laws…unless you are a convicted felon then they let you out on a tiny bail so you can travel to Maine and murder a Somerset County sheriff.

    2. How do you know they are right wing? You don’t of course. But instead you jump to conclusions like a little whiny left wing bitch because you’ve been ass fucked hard all your life and you desperately plead for attention.

      1. Profiling. I have no issue with it.

        Leftists hate profiling.

        1. CRT is profiling in every aspect of one’s life….

        2. Now do gun crime in general from a profiling perspective.

          1. Disproportionally young black male – by many pct points.

            You wrongly thought I was PC. I Couldn’t be farther from proggy/PC. I haven’t gone off on a certain MidEast religion in a while. Those people are fucking nutjobs and no one is making them believe that shit.

            1. Methinks certain ME countries also behead kiddie porn purveyors.

            2. I didn’t know you were anti-Semitic. I appreciate your courage.

    3. Shooter admits to targeting whites in another shooting.

      So please keep making up instances of white supremacist violence. I’ll keep pointing to actual killings.

    4. Even Canada understands the racial aspects of the knock out game.

    5. Hahahahhahahahha.

      The names were released.

      Gabriel Rodriguez (48): Investigation of Possession of a Weapon by a Previous Offender, Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute.
      Ricardo Rodriguez (44): Investigation of Possession of a Weapon by a Previous Offender.
      Kanoelehua Serikawa (43): Investigation of Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute, and a warrant from another jurisdiction.
      Richard Platt (42): Investigation of Possession of a Weapon by a Previous Offender, Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute (two counts), and a warrant from another jurisdiction.

      Just reeks of white supremacy huh pedo?

      1. Those are White Hispanics. And a, uh, White Hawaiian / Japanese.

        And if I learned anything from living in Hawaii as a white kid, it’s that Hawaiians fucking *adore* white people.

        1. George (Jorge) Zimmerman was a white-Hispanic.

          1. A “white Hispanic” with one black grandfather. Who mind-controlled a high-school football player whom he could not possibly catch up with, and who had gotten out of Zimmerman’s sight and arrived at home, into doubling back so Zimmerman could shoot him.

        2. Also charging makes it look like it was a drug dealer, not a baseball hater.

      2. I’m sure dildo will be along shortly to apologize for getting this story wrong.

    6. Funny, because the Las Vegas shooter was a postal worker

    7. Uber-woke MLB moved the All-Star Game from a majority minority city (Atlanta) to a majority White city (Denver) in retribution for Georgia passing common sense voting laws similar to the ones in Colorado.

    8. Have you stopped to ask why a guy planning a mass shooting would stock up 16 guns beforehand?

      You can only use one at a time. I could see two or three – in case one jams. But 16? C’mon man!

      And a whole 1000 rounds of ammo?

      Ive got 10 guns (8 different calibers) and 2k rounds sitting in the house right now.

      I bet the guns – and the ammo – weren’t even of the same caliber and that the guy was going to one of the many, many, many ranges in the area.

      1. And how did you think this MLB scenario would play out in your fantasy? That he’d walk in with 16 guns in a bag like Neo?

  11. What is the Post Office anyway?

    A. A government-run service to deliver mail with efficiency.

    B. A government-run service to provide employment to people, regardless of efficiency.

    Which of these models comes closer to how progressives talk about “jobs”?

    1. Well, it’s certainly not A…

  12. Fuck the USPS. It needs to die – the sooner, the better.

  13. I know a few mail carriers. According to them the Post Office will shut down locations to supposedly save money, but all the managers stay on the payroll and eventually get pensions. For literally doing nothing. Don’t know if it’s true or not.

    Commence the shooting of the messenger by the trolls.

    1. They shut down a major Processing and Distribution Center here. Not sure if it saved any money but add a day or two for in-state mail delivery. Two weeks ago we overnighted (overnighted!) a sample that has a 24-hour hold time. Took four fucking days to arrive. Had the guy collect another one and drive it the three hours to the lab.

    2. They declared my zip code a rural route by mistake several years back. It’s a central suburb of St. Louis. 8,000 people living in approximately 1.5 square miles, gives us more population than many of the rural counties in Missouri. And similar density to Seattle.

      Top men know their stuff.

      1. I moved to this little town in 2009. There’s no mail delivery to half of it *still*. And I don’t mean there was no mail delivery and now they hit half the place. No, the places that got delivery a decade ago still do, the ones that didn’t still don’t.

        Before I bought my house outside this town, I lived on a street on the edge of town. We didn’t get mail delivery. 100 yards down the street was outside the town borders though – they got mail delivery because they were ‘rural’.

    3. According to them the Post Office will shut down locations to supposedly save money, but all the managers stay on the payroll and eventually get pensions. For literally doing nothing. Don’t know if it’s true or not.

      Yes it makes perfect sense that that is what they are going to do. Along with sell a ton of post offices to fund the pensions/healthcare. And that is EXACTLY what Reason is implying that they SHOULD do as well.

      Once retiree obligations are fully funded, then existing employees have a reasonable ‘right’ to receive those benefits. It basically eliminates the ability to make big decisions about managing the workforce. Which is what Reason/R’s are EXPLICITLY arguing re privatizing the PO. Fully fund those plans – sell the PO facilities – so those private entities can raid the fully-funded pension plan (and begin eliminating the entire ‘constitutionalness’ of infrastructure – first PO then roads then natl parks – so eventually govt is a tenant and taxes are merely rent to private landowners) while Reason/R’s argue that that is exactly what those entities should be free to do.

      1. The facilities are not the Post Office.

        1. That was mostly what they were until 1893. Only when delivery becomes a requirement does the labor force to do those deliveries get hired. Guess who gets the pensions and retiree stuff? Hint – It’s not the facilities

  14. Just like any government pension plan. Idiots got to invest it in politically correct ways, base figures on wildly optimistic tax revenues and then guarantee iron clad pension payments. Payments 25% or higher than the equivalent pensions for private sector salaries. With rules allowing gaming to the system for the less scrupulous few to earn two hundred thousand dollar pensions after an early retirement. The idea being if they’re wrong they can just extort/tax more money. Until bankruptcy happens and shit hits the fan.

    We seen it with police pensions that have literally bankrupted cities. The Feds can just print up more money for the post office any time they feel like, so no danger of bankruptcy, we’ll just inflate the nation into collapse to keep the fuckers going.

    I say fuckers because god damn has the post office been wholly inept in the bast few years, especially last year during the pandemic. I would normally stand up for the hard working postman, but damn, that’s a myth. Trump could have drained that swamp but chose not to. No president dares stand up to the post office.

    Privatize the fucker! Sell it off the highest bidder. Once Bezos is back from space maybe he can bid on it.

    1. If the post office was privatized, people in Alaska would have no access to mail. That’s not a judgement. Just a fact.

      1. That seems like an excessive claim. There are plenty of things that end up making it to the people of Alaska. They just cost more. Which is a thing that people who choose to live in a place that sparse are kinda signing up for by moving there.

        1. But they still pay a mere stamp to sent a letter that will likely cost hundreds of dollars to deliver. Only government would do that.

          1. Federal government subsidizing people to live in Alaska. Just charge more to deliver/pickup mail in extremely remote areas. Constitution says we gotta have postal roads (Juneau doesn’t have one, btw), it doesn’t say we gotta have a one price fits all delivery service.

            1. You may want to look into the taxation clause since you opened up your constitution for the first time ever. Something about apportionment….

          2. Because only government can stick a gun in your face and make you pay for their letter delivery.

            Oh, and we have this thing called ’email’ nowadays.

            1. The only thing I get from the USPS is junk mail.

              1. Am thinking about getting a Return to Sender stamp for junk mail.

              2. I get more than that. But it’s still 90% junk. Which in a way is good, it means junk is subsidizing the mail. I do get a few non-junk items. Iike tax assessments, and Netflix DVDs (actual content, gosh what a concept), various notices of various types. Plus political mailing. Where would the Democrats and Republicans be without boxes to stuff their rubbish?

      2. Or Alaska would come up with a local solution to hand written correspondence.

        I recall the post office facility design blunder in Alaska. Where USPS would use cookie-cutter designs and tried a slab on grade structure on top of permafrost. The locals told them it was stupid but USPS knew better. The heat from the building went into the slab and melted the soil below. And the building sank into the muck.

        1. According to someone I know who delivers mail, all of those stupid box cars are rear wheel drive except the ones in Hawaii. They get the 4WD. Not sure if it’s true or not, never bothered to google or snopes it.

          1. Think they are called the LLV. Made by Grumann.

      3. Yeah, absolutely no market for delivering things to 750,000 people. How would we get anything without the government?

      4. State of Alaska doesn’t like it? State of Alaska can set up their own post office. The idea that ONLY the Federal government can do something is stupid.

      5. People in Alaska should pay for their own mail delivery service then. They choose to live there.

        I don’t expect people to pay me extra so I can get good internet where I live – I knew what I was gonna lose when I moved here.

        1. No no no no no.

          Where have you been? The purpose of government is to supply what people want, no matter where they live, what they have done, or how much they want to pay.

    2. Get an amendment then. You do know how our government works right?

    3. I would be fine if the Post Office just stuck with what it was originally supposed to do, deliver first class mail. Leave all the rest of it up to the private sector.

      But, this also should come with a realization that the real purpose of the Post Office is not to be a profit center for the government, but to serve a public need – to make sure every citizen has at least one means of communication available to them to do things like send and receive official documents. Such as tax forms, court summonses, ballots, etc. It doesn’t exist to deliver packages overnight or whatnot. Or, even more ludicrously, to offer money orders or quasi-banking services. Which some on Team Blue want the Post Office to do even more of.

      1. to make sure every citizen has at least one means of communication available to them to do things like send and receive official documents

        I never thought of it that way, but you’re exactly right.

      2. Junk mail helps keep the USPS afloat… or helps keep it sinking at a slower rate.

        What is the penalty for not having a govt approved and confirmed means of communication?

      3. Although, I wonder how much of their Constitutionally-mandated services they could provide cheaper using Internet, printers, and fax machines instead of transporting physical letters.

        1. May want to learn what the road part of postal road means. Also may want to learn how much running a fiber optic to a low density rural area costs.

      4. You can do all that online now. Shut it down.

        1. Not everyone is online.

      5. Acshually, the original post office was intended to be a source of patronage. And that’s how most people thought of it for about a century and a half.

      6. I would be fine if the Post Office just stuck with what it was originally supposed to do, deliver first class mail. Leave all the rest of it up to the private sector.

        That is not what the PO was originally supposed to do. Ben Franklin understood what it was supposed to do – and for the first hundred years that’s what it did. Deliver mail to/from post offices – via post roads (and other forms like rail once that happened). That’s pretty much what the Postmaster General did – negotiate and manage a ton of those delivery services (mostly private), manage the sorting stuff (govt employees), and set up a ton of post offices so every one could be near a post office. Those operations didn’t even require stamps until 1847. That’s just a govt operation.

        Delivery to homes or businesses was entirely up to individuals or businesses – or the individual postmaster. In urban areas, the postmaster would negotiate that and delivery was profitable enough so that ‘other mail’ could be dropped off on that route. In rural areas, not so. People had to rent a box and pop in every so often unless they wanted to negotiate some delivery themselves.

        Once stamps came along, then people gradually began to have the idea that everyone should be able to have delivery to their home for the price of a stamp. Which became an obligation in 1893 with the Rural Free Delivery Act (free meaning – the price of a stamp includes delivery for free to everywhere)

        1. Oh – and the money/banking function at Post Offices has always been part of it. It’s why ‘the mail’ was always a target for thieves. There was always a conflict between the Post Office itself trying to prevent that thievery and private banks welcoming the increase in postal thievery and thus obstructing attempts to reduce that thievery. Not just that – but the Treasury Department used to see the advantage in selling public debt through channels like – the post office – rather than solely to a dozen primary-dealers at the New York Fed.

          Early on in Franklin’s time the only innovation to reduce thievery was making that a federal crime. Money orders came along during the Civil War. Postal money notes in the 1880’s. Saving accounts in the 1910s. Savings bonds during the Depression/WW2. At core – a large part of the population never needed banks at all. I’d argue that the knowledge of that element of the PO is one consequence of ‘home delivery’.

      7. Even that rationalization goes away in the days of email and cell-phones.

        1. Not everyone has email and cell phones.

          1. So what? Not everyone has an address to which the PO can deliver either.

          2. Not everyone has an address.

            And if you don’t have an email – well, they’re free. And there are publicly available computers with internet connections you can rent. Hell, many places we’re already paying for the libraries to have.

            And what is it with leftists and this ‘well *someone* might not have it’ as an excuse for why national programs to provide something should be rolled out.

            I just had a Twatter argument with someone who’s whole justification for the removal of id for voting was ‘well some people can’t get to the DMV’

            1. It is not “leftist” to insist that there are some basic civil rights that citizens are entitled to regardless of their ability to pay. Such as, for example, the right to a trial if accused of a criminal offense. That is very mainstream civics.

              Also it goes into the argument about infrastructure generally. At some point, some level of infrastructure is necessary to have a functioning civil society. For example, I can’t sue someone who has wronged me if I have no way to access the court system, and I cannot defend myself against a lawsuit if I have no way of even knowing if I’ve been served a court summons. I cannot pay my taxes if I have no way to deliver the tax forms. I suppose you could respond “too damn bad”, but then it turns civil rights into privileges instead.

              Are there any publicly funded civil entitlements that you think citizens ought to have, of any nature?

              1. The Obamaphone comes to mind. And funding the Climate Tsar to fly around the planet belching out carbon to attend meetings where he can discuss how Americans will be coerced into reducing their carbon footprint. Paying people to stay home instead of work. And paying people to access private health records so they can go door-to-door to convince unvaccinated people to get vaccinated. These are civil entitlements I support.

              2. Poor Lying Jeffy doesn’t know the difference between negative and positive rights, and compares the right to have a jury trial before the government throws you in a cage to the right to have mail.

              3. If you insist on calling forcing people to provide other people things – then you are a leftist.

                Rights can not be things that other people have to be coercedto provide you.

                None of the things you list require people to be forced to provide them – there are actual historical examples.

              4. No. I believe in paying for services I need, not ‘entitlents’ decided by some apparatchik and paid for through force.

    4. Is Bezos going to try to beat Branson?

      That’s ballsy, I have to admit. I wouldn’t get on a Blue Horizon rocket.

      So… *if* Bezos gets back from space in one piece…

      1. Branson’s flight was a 10 minute long high altitude airplane ride.

        1. I have to admit that I was expecting more. That was more of a “technically now I have been in space” thing. :-\

          I still wish I’d been able to go watch the launch. It was less than 100 miles away and I drove right past the spaceport on Friday.

          1. Yeah, go look at a globe. Now look at the distance from San Francisco to San Jose, then imagine flying that high above the surface. You’re barely out of the atmosphere.

            1. Yeah, but when you’re stuck in gridlock traffic, it seems a lot higher up.

  15. The lego set that proved there was prior planning to the jan 6th assault…. wasn’t even built.

    Julie Kelly ????????
    Update on man with legos. “In original detention memoranda, the undersigned stated that law enforcement found a ‘fully constructed U.S. Capitol Lego set.’ That statement appears to be inaccurate. The Lego set was in a box and not fully constructed at the time of the search.” ????

    At this point it is apparent the federal prosecutors are just straight up lying to the media as the constantly amend their evidence and charging down. Almost like this is a political prosecution….

    Bet the lego theory still ends up in Pelosi report.

    1. Nefarious planning via potential mock-up with Legos! I could do this all day. Hell, I used to do this, though not all day. To my credit, I never went beyond justifying requirements for equipment based on survivability and safety, versus painting those opposing viewpoints as traitors and terrorists.

      1. So, if this Robert Morss guy chose to use a LEGO model of the Capitol to plan his activities, it doesn’t count because you find it silly and child-like that he used LEGO. Got it.

        1. True masterminds use popsicle sticks.

          1. Dee struggles with Duplo blocks.

            1. If those Duplo blocks were still in a box they’re practically blueprints for insurrection.

              1. Imagine a Duplo block fire extinguisher!

        2. Too bad you choose ignorance and didn’t read the part about the legos still being in the box.

          So one honest comment. One retarded comment.

          Better ratio than usual.

        3. I mean… the basic blue prints are on pinterest. We should arrest all house moms.

        4. “So, if this Robert Morss guy chose to use a LEGO model of the Capitol to plan his activities”

          Here White Mike let’s the “if” do all the heavy lifting.
          He’s not illiterate, he knows that the Legos were unassembled. He knows that the Lego interior isn’t accurate. He knows that actual virtual tours are available online.
          This is how a propagandist operates folks.

          Also, note how White Mike simultaneously holds two opposing viewpoints:
          1. Trump whipped up fervor and incited the crowd to spontaneously attack the capitol.
          2. The iNsurrEction was carefully planned weeks before using a box of Lego.

          1. “2. The iNsurrEction was carefully planned weeks before using a box of Lego.”

            These people have lost their fucking minds. Not Dee, mind you. Hers is already just a bird brain that parrots what she’s told. But the people that actually report on this. Fucking legos.

        5. How did I miss this glorious squawking earlier!!?? This might be my favorite Dee quote yet!

    2. This is even worse! After planning the attack using the pieces, he then put them back in the box to destroy the evidence!!!

  16. Looks like the retired mailman is taking a pay cut.

  17. OT:
    Problem: No One Wants to Date Conservatives

    Solution: Make Conservatives a Protected Class. Help, daddy government!

    Fucking pathetic. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. You guys just need to realize that no one likes you. Read a book on human relationships, how to win friends is a classic. But asking government to violate your own principle of free association because you can’t get dates is the height of hypocrisy and is just sad. You can’t force people to be your friend, or lover, weirdos.

    1. Women want to date successful men. They will settle for sniveling beta providers that let them walk all over them but end up fucking the pickup driving guy that has his shit together and can pick up heavy objects. I have encountered prog women while dating. Some are smart. Sexy. But they have little emotional control. They are miserable. The one I couldn’t bring home because of her 20 minute diatribe about how if she was ever near a firearm she was certain she would use it to kill herself. I’m not childproofing my house for an adult. She complained about her previous woke boyfriend. Her words. The relationship matriculated into her inserting dildos into his rectum so he could orgasm. I think she found a few more like that after I told her I’m going in a different direction.

      1. Keep on getting that ass on your own terms. I applaud go getters like yourself who get it instead of trying to justify getting the government to force people to be their friends.

        1. There are some women that have profiles that include something to the effect of “Trumpsters please swipe left.” I didn’t vote for Trump either time but I thank those women for putting that. I won’t enjoy their company and my limited experience with them is they don’t enjoy their company either. Some are defeminized and that fucks up romantic polarity. There are 3.5 billion women on this planet. I’m not going to dinner with one of them that insists on talking about Roe v Wade or how the fed govt needs to do X, Y or Z.

          1. I am married, but would likely follow a similar strategy if I was out and about in the digital dating scene.

            1. What’s sad about this whole situation is that the very fact they’re putting ‘Trumper’s swipe left’ means that even if you’re the sort of person that agrees with them in these matters (you really, really hate Trump) they’re just broadcasting that they’re miserable people to be around.

              And that would apply to anyone who thinks its important enough to put a political statement in their ad.

    2. From the article:
      “ While people are free to discriminate however they wish in dating, this attitude bleeds into problematic spheres such as hiring and social toleration.”

      1. Which is where the author starts pleading for big daddy government to the rescue!

        Get your own dates. Try a few self improvement techniques before going full handmaid’s tale with it.

          1. And yet are a dying minority in need of government mandates to get a date, according to the federalist.

            Lol. Maybe this will encourage you to read right wing media a little more critically.

            1. 4 times now you’ve gotten the site name wrong. Holy fuck youre an idiot.

        1. So you ignored the last half of the sentence? Dumber than usual.

          1. Hit closer to home than usual? Lol.

            1. Nope. I read full sentences. Married. So not close to home at all.

              So back to my question…. did you miss the 2nd part of the sentence?

            2. You’re bad at this. You should go back to simple lying.

    3. Isn’t it ironic that they now believe in the concept of ‘structural racism’ when they are the purported victims of said discrimination.

      1. Like so many pieces in the federalist, I’m left wondering if this is the all time greatest parody ever made.

        But, no. The authors and their readers really are that self unaware.

        1. Hey, DOL piece of shit! Still waiting for that *ONE* cite of Ken lying, asshole!

        2. Says the guy refuted by virtually every other article. Do you know what cognitive bias is?

          1. DOL claimed that Ken was spewing lies a couple of weeks ago, and I asked him for a cite.
            Pretty sure the cowardly piece of shit has muted me now, so he doesn’t have to be reminded of what a lying piece of lefty shit he is.

          2. Which of my biases is causing me to laugh at “conservatives” who will do a 180 on their small government values because they can’t get laid on their own?

            1. You should try to understand the arguments you are attacking because you clearly have no idea what words actually mean.

              1. Is the argument “Yum yum Trump cock give me some”? Because that’s pretty much all you ever say.

                1. You and dol should hook up.

            2. Hey, shit-for-brains! Still waiting for the “Ken lies” cites, asshole.

        3. Why did you mention the federalist when you linked to NRO?

          Can you even read your own links before posting?

      2. I would call it “structural ideological conformity.”

      3. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

    4. “…Problem: No One Wants to Date Conservatives…”

      How about lying pieces of lefty shit DOL?

    5. Do you even try for thinks like basic facts?

      Conservatives have higher marriage rates. They have higher long term relationship rates. They have higher family rates.

      But you’re probably an incel stuck swiping right in hopes one of your 20 swipes also swiped right. Lol.


      Liberals were significantly more likely than conservatives to report a decline in their sex lives since the start of the pandemic. They reported less desire for sex in general, a lower frequency of sex with a partner and a lower likelihood of experimenting with new sexual activities at the time when most of the country was locked down. Conservatives, meanwhile, were significantly more likely than liberals to say the pandemic hasn’t affected their sex lives at all.

      Almost like your entire life is based on ignorance.

      1. Less chance that they’ll reproduce. On balance it’s a win for the planet.

        1. You can’t get anyone pregnant where Tony and DOL like to stick it anyway.

      2. Take it up with the federalist, hunnnnie. You seem to swallow everything else they write (as long as I don’t present the implication first) whole.

        1. ???
          Politico is as left as you.

          1. I quoted politico and wapo. He has twice gotten wrong the site he linked.

            I’m pretty sure he’s fucking retarded.

        2. You linked to NRO you illiterate fuck. And it doesn’t even demand much government action but warns of political social isolation.

          If you weren’t a fucking retarded lefty you’d understand how regimes like the SS, communist russia, and the Red Guard of China utilized social stigma to impart their authoritarian rule. Teaching children to turn in their parents as an example.

          But you are so uneducated you don’t understand that issue.

          So please. Keep applauding the social credit score you seem to be in favor of. The left is also applying it to markets and now wants to apply it to banking loans and the finance industry.

          Try to not be ignorant. Read a book.

          1. You’re an angry, ineffective statist who wants government to force people to associate with trump supporters. You are a fascist water boy for a fat conman who had the same resume as Paris Hilton.

            Doesn’t demand government action, you say? Read the article, angry boy.

            “To counteract the rising threat that progressive authoritarianism poses to freedom of expression and conscience, conservative policy-makers will need to lose their 1980s libertarian blinders and embrace government-led, civil-liberties-focused intervention in the elite institutions of society.”

            There it is in black and white. Anyone who fails to deride this is a pathetic statist who is admitting they need the government to force people to spend time with them. How fucking pathetic can you get? And where are your principles, like free association and free markets? Completely incompatible. Moron.

            I get the argument. You fail to explain how making trump supporters a protected class is anything other than authoritarian.

            1. Did I miss how the federalist has anything to do with this story?

            2. Wow. So you are an idiot. Nothing you stated is in any of my posts. You lie about the article, get the site name wrong, then when presented with an argument explaining the article you lie about it again.

              You’ve proven you are historically and politically ignorant to the issues.

              I get the article you linked to was more than a paragraph so you freaked out and didn’t actually read it, but maybe next time you should.


      Racism thrives in the online dating world
      Racial preferences on dating apps “reflect the shameful roots of racism in the United States.”

    8. How about dating equity? Why should confident, successful, good looking people get all the hot dates? Share the wealth.

      1. Basically the gist of the federalist piece. Add a little civil rights act dressing, and you’re all the way home.

        1. 3 times. Can you read your own fucking link?

          1. This is an asshole who claimed Ken was constantly lying and when asked for a cite, offered none.
            Now the cowardly piece of lefty shit seems to have muted me to avoid being reminded of his bullshit.
            If someone (not muted) copies and pastes this he’ll have to face the reality that he’s been busted as a lying lefty asshole.

  18. If you have any experience with DHL, you’ll think twice about the idea of privatizing the USPS. Besides, the constitution actually calls for its existence.

    1. This simple point is lost on half of the posters in this thread.

      Getting rid of pensions is fine. Getting rid of the post office requires an amendment.

    2. The Constitution in Article I, Section 8, Clause 7 says “To establish Post Offices and post Roads”.

      There is no requirement stated for the government to actually run the thing. They could set it up with appropriate legislation and let the private sector run it.

  19. Just more bullshit from Reason. Underfunded because yes, they do have to play by rules different according to a 2006 law passed by jackass Rs-

    And also- who the fuck cares? Government exists to provide SERVICES, not turn a profit. I haven’t seen the military once turn a profit but hey, we don’t seem to care about 700 billion yearly now do we? Where are the scathing “they’re burning money” posts on that?

    Turns out Reason, just like the corrupt DeJoy, just want it privatized to get whatever scraps they can. I bet even all those rural people who vote R would hate to see it up and evaporate while they have to pay enormous costs to get even a simple parcel in the future. It’s one of the most popular government programs for a reason.

    But hey, wouldn’t expect Reason writers to have the integrity to call out the malfeasance that their owner espouses when they control arms of govt behind the scenes.

    1. “…Government exists to provide SERVICES, not turn a profit…”

      Your cite fell off. Because you’re full of shit.

    2. They can take my post office from my cold, dead hands!

    3. The pension mess that currently exists in government proves why it is necessary. But why let reality invade your beliefs.

    4. The Constitution only authorizes the Army to be funded for 2 years at a time. They burn plenty of money with tens of thousands of troops in the UK, Korea, Germany, Japan, Italy and elsewhere. Those wars ended over 60 or 70 years ago.

      1. Maybe the US troops posted there are what keeps those wars from starting again. When I was in South Korea 30-some years ago, they certainly believed that the US troops in their country and the support staff in Japan were all that held the North Koreans back from another invasion, and the Kim family certainly hasn’t become any saner since.

        The troops in Germany began as an occupation force (basically to assure France and the other neighbors that the Germans couldn’t invade again), and turned into a guarantee that a Soviet invasion of Germany would bring an American response. Now, the Russians might still be a threat, but mainly to countries east of Germany. I doubt the French worry about a 4th German invasion anymore; it appears that the Krauts no longer even know how to pee standing up…

    5. The usual blather from a brain dead leftie who cannot stop sucking the tit of government. And no, government does not exist to provide services you fucking moronic idiot.

    6. Government exists to provide SERVICES…..
      Funniest thing I read all day.

      1. It’s simply true. Every organization either provides products or services or both. Or they aren’t doing anything at all.

        Courts are a service. Military protection is a service. Border control is a service. Etc.

        No services, no property rights.

        1. Asshole pedant tries weaseling!

        2. Like when you applied for PPP?

    7. 100% Koch flavor

    8. buckle up, because I agree with you here.

  20. Hamilton, Ontario, July 9, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Paul Elias Alexander, PhD, a former COVID-19 advisor to WHO-PAHO and to Health and Human Services (HHS), United States, has written the following testimony. He has presented his and his colleagues’ arguments against the idea that asymptomatic people who are positive for COVID-19 are “drivers” of the pandemic. Alexander also vigorously rejects the use of COVID-19 vaccines on children and condemns the harms the lockdowns–which he believes were unnecessary–has done to so many people.

    We will start this discussion on the notion of ‘asymptomatic spread’ by stating that there should be no vaccination of children with COVID vaccines. Zero.
    These vaccines have no long-term safety assessments, and they do not work like standard vaccines.
    Today we talk about vaccinating millions of healthy infants, children, and adolescents, and we know they do not have a substantial risk of acquiring the infection and becoming severely ill or dying. The risk of severe outcome in infants, young children, and young adults is very low: essentially statistical zero (to be precise, the rate of survival in persons aged 0-19 is 99.997%). The risks of these vaccines to children, however, can be catastrophic.

  21. Why Is The Mainstream Media IGNORING the BIGGEST PROTEST for a generation???

    UK government wants to expand police power to restrict protests. Thousands of protesters of all descriptions, left right and otherwise, show up to…protest. But the nations premier libertarian publication thinks the USPS is the top story. To be fair this probably didn’t show up on ENB’s twitter feed.

    1. Not to mention all the mainstream media Op-Eds pushing the USA to invade Haiti.

      1. Can you link to one?

          1. Biden still has his finger in the wind. If there’s a political advantage we’re going in. Running the focus groups as we speak.

            1. Yep. Gotta pick at least one country, might as well be Haiti.

              1. Same hemisphere. Convenient.

        1. Poor Dee still hasn’t learned how to do an internet search.

          1. White Mike hates it when he gets the link he asked for. Ruins his “implying” strategy.

            1. Google is complicated.

            2. “White Mike hates it when he gets the link he asked for. Ruins his “implying” strategy.”

              If guilt-by-innuendo weren’t available, the asshole would have none at all.
              BTW, it’s obvious that the shitstain Tony has not muted me. If anyone is muted and wants something slammed in his face, post here and ask. I’ll copy-paste in a post.

    2. And if it did she is spending her days tracking down people asking her to make them a sandwich so she can post their personal information.

  22. In a viral tweet from 2019, for example, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    She should be quarantined. For the national good.

    1. She’s a Cortez. Eventually the reparations crows will track her down for what her ancestors did.

      1. Burn the ships becomes burn the shit.

  23. If passed, the USPS Fairness Act would allow the USPS to use current workers’ contributions to pay benefits to current retirees, rather than requiring that those dollars go into an investment fund to cover the cost of the current workers’ eventual retirement

    Sarah: That’s not fair!

    Jareth: You say that so often, I wonder what your basis for comparison is?

    1. Everything Is So Terrible And Unfair! ™

      No need for comparison.

  24. Assange To Be ‘Moved Around’ Sine Die
    The UK High Court just announced it will hear the US appeal of a lower court decision against extraditing Julian Assange.
    Godot is likely to arrive before the US/UK finish the legal pantomime denying Assange his freedom.
    The High Court decision solidifies Britain’s status as a US vassal state – the 800-year legacy of the Magna Carta be damned. Giving obsequious hypocrisy a bad name, the High Court’s announcement comes a week and half after the prime witness for the latest indictment of Assange recanted his testimony.

    Here’s Javert – I mean Burton:
    “Move him [Assange] from country to country to face charges for the next 25 years. But seize everything he and his family own, to include every person linked to Wiki.” [my comment: “country to country”, or – equally effective – court to court]
    “Pursue conspiracy and political terrorism charges and declassify the death of a source, someone which could link to Wiki.”
    “Assange is a peacenik. He needs his head dunked in a full toilet bowl at Gitmo.”
    “Take down the money. Go after his infrastructure. The tools we are using to nail and de-construct Wiki are the same tools used to dismantle and track al-Qaeda.”
    “Bankrupt the arsehole first; ruin his life. Give him 7-12 years for conspiracy.”
    “Assange is going to make a nice bride in prison. Screw the terrorist. He’ll be eating cat food forever … extradition to the US is more and more likely.”

    OK I know Assange was mean to Reason’s favored candidate in 2016, HRC. But It wouldn’t be unReasonable for the nation’s premier libertarian publication to give the guy a mention once in a while. I know the majority of column inches have to be devoted to national emergencies like the current debt of the USPS. But a link or a footnote wouldn’t cost much.

    1. I was hoping for more but reason gave up long ago. Steyn on Fox this past week got in some words about Assange and interviewed his family. And made the point that Assange is Australian and owes the US government nothing.

      1. If you mean Reason gave up on any pretense of being a libertarian publication I would agree.

        1. So what would you expect from a ‘genuinely libertarian’ magazine, in your view, that isn’t just ‘be a cheerleader for Team Red’ or ‘be anti-Blue reactionary idiots’?

          1. Assange is team red? WTF?

            1. I didn’t say that. I asked what you would expect from a ‘genuinely libertarian’ publication.

              1. The topic is Assange Lying Jeffy. Stop making everything tribalistic between red and blue.

              2. Keep ducking and weaving, you pathetic piece of lefty shit.

  25. Without the USPS the backwards hicks in rural shitholes would be isolated!

    1. But the Mormons in SLC will still be able to spread their evil via the US mail.

      1. I don’t get it

        1. asshole gets flagged

    2. Unlike the urban sophisticates in KARs utopia. Shit in any mop buckets lately KAR?

      1. I’m sure Red, Chuck and Mormon Bob would love for you to get rid of me. If you can cite me being anti Semitic I’ll quit posting.

        Balls in your court ya lying fascist.

        Also are you Catholic?

    3. asshole gets flagged

      1. Cancel culture much, snowball?

        1. Shitstain seems to think flagging assholes is ‘cancel culture’, shitstain really isn’t too smart.

          1. It’s literally that.

            1. Shitstain seems to think my flagging an asshole is somehow equal to ‘canceling’ said asshole.
              Shitstain really is stupid; he hopes to find others stupid enough to agree.

              1. I don’t think you know what canceling is. I don’t think you can even start a sentence describing it.

          2. Hey Sevo: if you’re such a far right kook why do you live in San Francisco?

            I know you’re a senile drunk, but it was the hippie capital. Also according to Starship the city was built on Rock and Roll. A fascist like you hates Rock music?

          3. Righties usually like country. I like country, but not the shitty country that’s popular with the rubes down south.

            1. Asshole gets flagged, twice

            2. You like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

              1. Why would I like them?

  26. Prefunding (for SEVENTY FIVE YEARS in the future) was obviously a shameless Republican attempt to destroy the Post Office, and everyone knows that, and Trump’s administration continued the work with the overtime cuts etc.

    You should just say you have no problem with legislators sabotaging government programs to get the destruction they can’t get through honest democratic means.

    How else are you going to prove to people how much government sucks? Not by running government programs well and on budget! You must run it incompetently and destroy it deliberately, or how else are the people going to get the message that government is always incompetent and destructive?

    1. Shitstain thinks the S/S model is just fine. Shitstain is pretty fucking stupid.

      1. This coming from a senile ol rummy who’s too out of it to find the mute button.

      2. I just explained that the “model” was tampered with so that it would be dysfunctional.

        Government can find the money if it wants to, since it prints it all.

        1. Shitstain hopes another pile of lefty bullshit will somehow suggest he isn’t the fucking lefty ignoramus he is.

        2. Based on my current portfolio: print all the money you want.

          1. So as yet, shitstain hasn’t found one.

          2. Yeah but who invests in money?

              1. Stupid poor people, if only they pulled themselves up from their bootstraps and learned about grown-up investing, such as in equities and rich parents.

                1. Inflating their value away wasn’t my idea.

    2. The 10 year period to fund 75 years of medical benefits ended 5 years ago.

      Does the post office have another excuse?

      1. Which business funds 75 years of medical benefits for current employees again?

        1. None, but, then, no business guarantees medical benefits for employees or retirees the way the post office does.

          Have you looked at the budget for the post office in 2020, and made sure that the fiscal problems of the post office are due to medical benefits?

          Because I have, and what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense when you look at the numbers.

          You’re just parroting a left-wing talking point that’s easily debunked by the slightest fact checking.

          1. But we’re swimming in different logic pools. You’re talking about the post office in terms of how it’s succeeding as a business (then, for some reason, you impose farcically draconian top-down rules to hobble its chances).

            But in principle, since it’s not a business, its funding problem doesn’t have anything to do with its profitability. Not efficiency, not market demand, none of that. It has to do with Congress not giving it enough money.

            We build public infrastructure because we want it, and we can pay whatever we want for it because our government makes all the money out of thin air.

            Republicans have not only stated their philosophy of dismantling well-loved public investments, they’ve been pretty specifically clear about what they’re doing to this specific one.

  27. Proposal:
    Lefty shits as yet uncounted have ‘muted’ those who point out that they are lefty shits.
    The lefty shits have yet to ‘mute’ all those who point out the are lefty shits.
    I have been ‘muted’ by several, but not by, for example shitstain, aka Tony.
    If you have been muted by the shitstain Tony, please post and ask it be forwarded. I’ll be more than happy to jam your comments in the face of shitstain, aka Tony.
    I would ask it be reciprocal, until lefty shits understand that ducking from reality means they end up talking with themselves only.

    1. You’re precious like a china puppy.

  28. Meanwhile someone is trying to get the USA to invade Haiti and Cuba….

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  30. relax everyone…we have alexandra ocasio cortez to the rescue with her rock solid management and financial acumen. every time i look at her all i can think is…good thing she has a nice rack, because she’s as dumb as a post

  31. I am old and naive of course but, can no one see, due to its size, that capitalism, in and of itself, is a Ponzi scheme? I only hope for my natural and peaceful passing before it can no longer sustain itself. (Erstwhile please define the differences between ‘Ponzi Scheme’ and ‘Capitalistic System’.)

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