Novavax Vaccine 100% Effective Against Both Moderate and Severe COVID-19

And it's easier to distribute than the current vaccines, which require ultra-cold storage.


The U.S. is likely soon to have a fourth vaccine approved for the fight against COVID-19. Novavax just released the results of its Phase 3 clinical trial: Its two-dose vaccine demonstrates 90 percent overall efficacy and 100 percent protection against both moderate and severe COVID-19 disease. The doses are injected three weeks apart.

The company reports that 77 cases of COVID-19 were observed in its clinical trial involving nearly 30,000 participants. Of those cases, 63 occurred in the placebo group and 14 in the vaccine group. "All cases observed in the vaccine group were mild as defined by the trial protocol," notes the company's press release. "Ten moderate cases and four severe cases were observed, all in the placebo group, yielding a vaccine efficacy of 100% against moderate or severe disease." The vaccine's side effects were generally mild.

The Novavax vaccine uses a technology similar to hepatitis and pertussis vaccines, in which copies of viral proteins provoke the immune system to create antibodies that protect people when they are exposed to the actual viruses. In this case, Novavax employs the coronavirus spike protein that the virus uses to infect human cells.

More good news: The vaccine is highly effective against the more transmissible COVID-19 Alpha (B.1.1.7) variant first identified in the U.K., and it is somewhat effective against the B.1.351 (Beta) variant first identified in South Africa.

The next big step is to ask the Food and Drug Administration to approve the drug. Novavax plans to apply for that in the third quarter of this year. The company claims that once the vaccine is approved, it can reach manufacturing capacity of 100 million doses per month by the end of the third quarter and 150 million doses per month by the end of 2021.

Before being thawed out for administration, the mRNA vaccines developed by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna must be shipped at ultra-cold temperatures. The Novavax vaccine is stored and stable at 2° to 8°C, which makes it easier to distribute through existing vaccine supply chain channels. It could thus play a significant role in abating the ongoing pandemic in the poorer parts of the world.

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49 responses to “Novavax Vaccine 100% Effective Against Both Moderate and Severe COVID-19

  1. If it doesn’t give the person a heart condition are you really getting the biggest bang for your buck

    1. Meh, couldn’t even kill a soccer player for more than a few minutes.
      A SOCCER player!

      1. I heard a soccer play got vaccinated, and then immediately fell to the ground, holding his leg.

        1. Was the doctor that gave him the shot red carded?

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        2. But was he flailing about or just lying there.

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  2. During the study period 63 out of 15000 people acquired an infection that they have a 99.9% chance of surviving. Worst. Pandemic. Ever.

    1. Weird how the number of people who even get covid in these trials is so small. Seems like that should be the big news.

    2. Same thing with the other vaccines. So few people in control and experimental groups got infected, it resulted in miraculous efficacy numbers.

      Then, when it was pushed out in the real world and many of vaccinated people got infected anyway, the excuse was “variants” and “they let their guard down,” instead of just admitting the trials were not run properly.

      None of the trials involved challenge testing. Just community exposure, in areas were Covid already burned itself out.

      Real world efficacy is much lower than trial. More like 50%. Fortunately, Covid was so widespread, herd immunity is already present in most of the world.

      No one needs to be vaccinated, except the handful of elderly and chronically ill who didn’t die or catch it the first time around in 2020.

  3. On a serious note, why haven’t any of these super effective vaccines been used in livestock and poultry that have millions in yearly losses to coronavirus?

    1. Poultry is cheap to replace

    2. There are.

      In the UK chickens are required (well, not required, but if you don’t do it then you won’t be certified) to be vaccinated with vaccines that target things like salmonella and things that infect the chicken itself.

      In the US it isn’t but eggs are required to be washed anyway (in the US eggs are refrigerated, in Europe they are not. This is why).

      Vaccines are widely used in farms. But at some point, especially with stuff this new, it isn’t worth the cost.

    3. In part, because “coronavirus” is not a single virus but rather an entire family of viruses. The vaccine effective against coronavirus 1 will almost certainly be ineffective against coronavirus 2 (and the rest of the family). The “super effective” vaccines you mention are designed to stop the COVID-19 virus.

      So if you’ve got a pig with COVID-19, it might be worth a try (though vaccines also have to be tailored to the host species). But for your livestock with all the other coronaviruses, look elsewhere.

  4. It turns out that there is a treatment for COVID-19 which also acts as a preventative. I only heard about it recently, due to the Cathedral’s efforts to suppress any discussion of possible treatments, but it looks like it’s cheap, safe, and effective. See

    1. The dark horse podcast has two recent, great episodes on this. Maybe reason will cover it, but I won’t hold my breath

      1. That’s how I learned about it Ivermectin. It’s not the first time I’ve heard about attempts to find a treatment being suppressed, though. Everyone knows about hydroxychloroquin (but as far as I know, we still don’t know if it actually helps), but there was also a doctor testifying to the Texas legislature about how his paper on giving COVID-19 patients Vitamin D, and his attempts to talk about it on social media, had also been suppressed. All Vitamin D does is strengthen the immune system, but I suppose that goes against all of the CDC’s immune system-weakening dictates.

        1. If there’s an effective treatment, vaccines can’t be released under emergency use authorization. They’d have to wait for long term studies to get full fda approval.

          By suppressing treatments, billions of dollars can be made on EUA vaccines.

      2. Dark Horse got a video banned by YT. It was entirely based on clinical results, peer reviewed papers, pre-prints, and…the data.

        Censors admit to the truth of something when they censor it.

  5. Will this be the new sexy vaccine to get?

    1. If by sexy, you mean mandatory, then yes. Even for people who’ve already been vaccinated by one of the other products, because you can’t be too safe.

      Masks back on, everybody!!!

    2. Nah, this is the little scrappy upstart. The other vaccine makers are bigger and have more power to crush it. I expect soon to see media reports about people who died from simply researching Novavax

  6. This is the vaccine I’d take if my only other choice was getting on the next train for Uncle Joe’s Unity Camps. It doesn’t contain dead babies, doesn’t seem to give blood clots, and it’s not a brand-new vaccine technology that fills all of your organs with spike proteins. But still early days and I’m young-ish…ideally, I’d still wait 5 years.

    1. Well done. I will borrow “uncle Joe’s unity camps.”

    2. ideally, I’d still wait 5 years.

      *Pencils in CannedSaltyHam’s 2026 reservation for Joe’s Unity Camps.*

  7. From the article, “The vaccine’s side effects were generally mild.”

    That’s a scientific statement? Ambiguity and subjectivity are to convey conclusive qualification?

    1. Vaccine side effects are grouped into tiers depending on their severity. Generally mild means severe reactions like anaphylaxis or seizures are uncommon. If you wanted to actually do your research, not as in “yo check out what IlluminatiHunt3r4488 posted on YouTube!”, you could dig into the trial data for the exact frequency of each reaction and which tier it falls into.

  8. With 14 cases contracted in the vaccine group it cannot be claimed that the vaccine is 100% effective.

    Nor can a claim be made of a 100% efficacy against “moderate or severe disease” without definition of those limits and boundaries. However, taking the ambiguity of their claims, what they are saying is that their “vaccine” does not prevent contraction, but may alleviate symptoms, and it certainly doesn’t have any effect on transmission.

    The statements in this article being prompted by Novavax are insulting. This is why people are truly fed up with the nonsense being pushed by big pharma and so-called “scientific” experts.

    1. That’s what confidence intervals are for. But some ignorant jackass who thinks they can draw conclusions about transmission from that, and get the most likely impact on transmission wrong, surely hasn’t heard of such a thing.

      You’re fed up because you’re ignorant and unable to understand things. Don’t blame experts because you’re unwilling and/or unable to understand things, especially things that aren’t absolute binaries.

  9. Yay!

    One more thing

  10. How about a vaccine for anti-mask psychopaths? A guy just killed a cashier and shot a cop for being asked to wear a mask.

    Turn off FOX News. It won’t end well for you, and it may not end well for anyone.

    1. How about a vaccine for anti-mask psychopaths?

      I’ve watched enough Bill Maher this week, thank you very much.

      Oh, Tony, there’s a product for you.

      1. Is Tony still wearing a mask?

    2. SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. ( — All persons, including Essential Workers, within San Bernardino County, are required to wear a face-covering while driving, exercising outdoors, or anytime you leave your home.

      The order was issued Tuesday evening but actually goes into effect at 12:00 am on April 8, 2020, and anyone who violates the order could be punished by up to a $1,000 fine or imprisonment up to 90 days, or both.

    3. He didn’t shoot the cashier right away for asking him to wear a mask.

      He left, got his gun, came back, then shot her. A plausible case could be made that he just didn’t like her and it had nothing to do with masks.

      An off-duty cop shot at the guy. Of course the guy would shoot back. Thanks to Officer Busybody, a second cashier got hit by a stray bullet.

        1. #defundthepolice


  11. I’m a Phase 3 clinical trial volunteer for the Novavax product.

    Apart from just enjoying participating in research (and being reasonably well-compensated for doing so — got myself a nice new guitar out of the deal!), one thing that attracted me to it was that it was an older, more proven type of vaccine (protein subunit) as opposed to the new messenger RNA type.

    Side effects: After the second shot, I had a day or so of noticeable fatigue. Not debilitating, but I was definitely more tired than I should have been. VERY mild injection site tenderness for a day or so from both shots. I developed a case of De Quervain’s tenosynovitis in my right hand after the first shot, it got worse after the second, and then slowly receded. I don’t know for sure that it was related, but I did report it to the trial doctors. My (completely non-professional) hypothesis is that the adjuvant in the vaccine may have triggered my immune system to attack a weak point in my body (that’s the hand I use my computer mouse with, and I have an old wrist break right next to the affected thumb). The whole point of the adjuvant is to create an immune response.

    1. Nonsense.

    2. Good hypothesis. My sciatica kicked up the day after my second dose of Pfizer, among other minor symptoms. It went away by the next day.

      The whole point of a vaccine is to induce an immune response. That is what you feel the next day. It means it is working.

  12. We are in clean up mode now. It is going endemic in most places. It’s basically over.

  13. Mr. Bailey? First of all the three vaccines you speak of, are not. That is a lie and misinformation. An EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) is not an FDA certification. What we have here is an experimental gene therapy utilizing nanotechnology to alter and manipulate human DNA. By design, according to actual medical professionals who happen to know something about the genetics & the chemistry involved, this will in its own use of spike proteins will ultimately destroy the human immune system. All of this was paid for by Bill & Melinda Gates. When viewed from its complete perspective, it is a crime against humanity which is now a legal case in Germany. Big Pharma may not be liable but those who insist their employees must have this shot (‘vaccine’) will be.

  14. Mr. Bailey? First of all, an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) is not an FDA certification. Secondly, none of these ‘vaccines’ you speak of are not. According to actual medical professionals, and those who understand Genetics, Chemistry & the human immune system, the current three shots (not vaccines) being offered by Big Pharma are experimental gene therapies, using nanotechnology and a portion of what is called a ‘spike’ protein that produces a cascade effect. Additionally, it violates what is called informed consent and the Nuremberg Protocols. No one knows what this particular therapy will do but the ones being offered now by design destroy the human immune system permanently. This bought and paid for by Bill & Melinda Gates. Placing yourself in the arena of human guinea pig is somehow very offensive. In some legal circles, now in Germany, it’s called crimes against humanity. There are over a thousand attorneys in Europe who are pursuing that particular legal case. Any employer who insists their employees take any of these drugs will be brought up on charges.

  15. Slightly OT,

    Quoting from their paper:

    “In support of this hypothesis, we found chimeric transcripts consisting of viral fused to cellular sequences in published data sets of SARS-CoV-2 infected cultured cells and primary cells of patients, consistent with the transcription of viral sequences integrated into the genome. To experimentally corroborate the possibility of viral retro-integration, we describe evidence that SARS-CoV-2 RNAs can be reverse transcribed in human cells by reverse transcriptase (RT) from LINE-1 elements or by HIV-1 RT, and that these DNA sequences can be integrated into the cell genome and subsequently be transcribed. Human endogenous LINE-1 expression was induced upon SARS-CoV-2 infection or by cytokine exposure in cultured cells, suggesting a molecular mechanism for SARS-CoV-2 retro-integration in patients. This novel feature of SARS-CoV-2 infection may explain why patients can continue to produce viral RNA after recovery and suggests a new aspect of RNA virus replication.”

    Why did these researchers bother to investigate whether viral RNA could become hardwired into our genomic DNA? It turns out their motive had nothing to do with mRNA vaccines.

    The researchers were puzzled by the fact that there is a respectable number of people who are testing positive for COVID-19 by PCR long after the infection was gone. It was also shown that these people were not reinfected.

    Turns out viral RNA can and does get permanently incorporated into the human genome and COVID RNA (real or synthetic) is no exception. Who knew (besides anyone who completed undergraduate level biochemistry molecular biology)?

    The US just serendipitously executed the fastest and largest scale human genetic engineering project in human history (at the behest of the Chinese). Old school Nazi-style ethnic cleansing is for chumps.

  16. From your open source non reviewed blog citation.

    “Again, this is a theoretical exercise I am presenting for consideration. I am not making the claim that an mRNA vaccine will permanently alter your genomic DNA, and I didn’t make this claim in my first article, although it appears that troll sites made the fallacious claim that I did”

    Mmm hmm

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  18. The body’s ability to harness multiple parts of the immune system following immunization against the original strain of COVID-19 is still leading to robust protection against multiple variants. From the evidence so far, the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted in all areas, including areas with hot and humid weather. Regardless of climate, adopt protective measures if you live in, or travel to an area reporting COVID-19. The best way to protect yourself against COVID-19 is by frequently cleaning your hands.

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