Brickbat: And You Smell Bad, Too


The Poynette, Wisconsin, school district has placed a high school teacher on leave after a TikTok video showed her apparently berating as student who wasn't wearing a mask at school. The student claimed to have been vaccinated against COVID-19. "I don't care if you're vaccinated, you little dink," said the teacher, who wasn't named by the media. "I don't want to get sick and die. There's other people you can infect just because you're vaccinated. You know what? You're not a special person around here. You should hear about how everyone talks about you around here. You're a jerk. You're a jerk. And you need to have respect for other people in your life. You're not a big man on campus, quit walking around here like you have a stick up your butt."

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55 responses to “Brickbat: And You Smell Bad, Too

  1. If she looks anything like the women in the pic, I’d say she needs a good spanking.

    1. That picture looks suspiciously like a Naughty America set. Not that I would know anything about that.

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    2. I’ve seen the video. She is kind of the opposite.

      1. Yeah, a real heifer.

      2. Some of us can just read “schoolteacher in Wisconsin” and get the gist. I’ve never heard anyone utter the phrase “Wisconsin bikini model’ and, even if they did, the phrase should invoke maybe a 7, certainly no higher than an 8.

        1. You apparently don’t remember the Swedish Bikini Team.

          Not that any of them were schoolteachers, but … Potential higher than an 8 in my book

      3. Like a 260-lb Melissa Click

      4. U G L U she ain’t got no alibi. She’s ugly, she’s ugly her momma says she’s ugly hey.

    3. Unlikely. Most mask nazis are OBESE. The ones who aren’t are UGLY. Both are comorbidities.

    4. You have obviously never been to Poynette WI!

  2. I assume she’s not a science teacher either. Then again…….

  3. “There’s other people you can infect just because you’re vaccinated.”

    I love how we know this isn’t true anymore, yet its been parrotted so many times by the mainstream media when we didn’t know that people still parrot it.

    1. And it’s likely still the official line of the teacher’s union.

      1. Whatever it takes to get paid days off?

    2. I don’t get how anyone with a knowledge of biology ever accepted this other than as a ‘yeah, well, maybe, under some extreme circumstances’.

      But then, few in media and even fewer politicians apparently have any knowledge of biology.

    3. Much like the ideas that masks have any positive effect and that healthy people can spread the plot device virus.

    4. virus attacks on human populations are frequent. Those attacks are defeated because humans recover and become immune non-transmitters. That’s how I know something that Dr. Fauci has said ,many times, he doesn’t know.

  4. Maybe she wasn’t named by the media, but her name is Karen.

    BTW, I think in today’s school environment, the kid’s parents can make a good case for “inappropriate sexual language” from that ‘stick up your butt’ comment.

    1. To use Karen as a derogatory term is racist, because it deliberately is used to imply the statement comes from an assertive white female.

      Similar to how Shaniqua is predominantly a female black and Jose is predominantly a male Latino.

      This person is a jerk, not a Karen or a Shaniqua or anything else.

  5. It seems that it is the day of school reviews 🙂

  6. Poor teacher has been so indoctrinated by the American Federation of Teachers that she can’t tell the facts from the lies.

    1. Lies are facts.


      1. Truth over facts

  7. I don’t want to get sick and die. There’s other people you can infect just because you’re vaccinated.

    Congratulations journalism and Fauci. You fucked people up.

    1. I was in a meeting this week and someone wanted everyone to wear masks still, I unfortunately was a bit rude and asked them why they even came to work if they were this worried. I told them to stop and either we could leave or they could if they had issues. That was the end of that conversation.

      1. This was the part they were right about at the beginning – masks would become a totemic object that would instill a false sense of safety.

        I see kids who wouldn’t DREAM of taking off their mask in a public place stick three or four of their heads together for a selfie. You hear these immunocompromised people saying it’s not safe for them because now unvaxxed people don’t have to wear masks… What the fuck are you doing in Walmart in the first place?!?

        1. Seeing the number of teenagers wearing masks religiously makes me despair. Don’t talk to me about protecting people and following science when you ignore the basics.

          1. With all the video surveillance and victimless crime laws nowadays, maybe going around wearing a mask all the time is not a bad idea.

          2. For some, it helps hide their imperfect faces and gives a bit of confidence by hiding blushing.

    2. Fauci’s been an idiot for a long time. I had heard rumors on him during the AIDS epidemic that were so ridiculous, I had to look them up. Using DuckDuckGo (Google is clearly masking negative info on Fauci), I found this:

      Noting that the same issue of the journal contained an article documenting one of the first cases of the immunodeficiency disease’s appearance in an infant, the author sounded an alarm about “the possibility that routine close contact, as within a family household, can spread the disease.”

      The author of the article has since attained widespread familiarity. It was Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, a rising star within the NIH bureaucracy.

      1. Also 8nteresting that Pat Buchanan ran with Dr. Fauci’s nonsense as well, yet he still has credibility among the Establiahmemt Commentariat.

      2. Good information

    3. Dumb people are gonna dumb. Not surprised at the vocation.

  8. Wrong as the teacher is we have to accept that kids are in fact jerks. ESPECIALLY the ones that think their hot shit.

    That this teacher even has tiktok should probably be grounds for termination itself, it shows a significant mental lapse.

    1. Haven’t seen it personally but I’m pretty sure the video was taken by (and therefore the TikTok account owned by) another student, not the teacher.

  9. Is the teacher not vaccinated? If she is, she’s a double-moron.

  10. Good thing that student isn’t black.

  11. This one should have taken a lesson from my HS bio teacher’s reminder: ‘Half of what I’m teaching you is wrong, unfortunately, I don’t know which half’.

  12. “You’re not a big man on campus”

    He just got your ass put on leave. He is now.

    1. +++

  13. It’s simple. No shirt, no shoes, no mask, then go home and get them before coming back to school. No need to flip out like think twat did, just calmly point to the rules.

    My guess is that she had pre-existing issues with this student. Maybe secretly fantasizing about him or something.

    1. You are being generous.

      Fact [or “truth,” if you prefer] is that for a substantial number of Blue Team members, the mask has indeed become their “MAGA” hat. All of that virtue cannot signal itself, without some visible badge.

      And how dare their agency [the CDC, up till now] take that away from them.

    2. My guess is that she had pre-existing issues with this student. Maybe secretly fantasizing about him or something.


      Think back to your school days. Some teachers were just assholes looking to wield power over others.

      1. Noticed the same when my girls were young; you could tell from the first conference if they hated what they were doing, and/or just life-ing it out to retirement. Either way they made miserable teachers who more often than not tried to take it out on their students [an attentive parent being the best deterrent]; fortunately a few seemed to be meant for their role and were very good at it; those were the ones you actually learned from.

        I used to think I would like to spit on my 5th grade teachers grave; now, many years later, I would prefer to shit on it; she was that bad.

        1. This is intimately related to the rapid aging of the modern millennial female. I can’t help but wonder, is that because they’re taking dozens of loads of different men in 1970s San Francisco style and thereby confusing their immune system?

          1. Find something to do.

          2. Dont find something else to do. Your crazy ass is pretty insightful and interesting. Kinda like Uncle Ted.

            My theory is that it has something to do with fucking with their hormones before they even make it out of puberty.

        2. One thing that has always bothered me is when people say off the cuff that there are a lot of good teachers, no there are a lot of bad teachers, there are a lot of so so teachers but there are only a few good teachers. When you make comments like that is devalues those who are really trying to teach.

          1. ++

            There is an inverse relationship between tenure and quality.

  14. What a wonderful advertisement for the government schools: “Come to us and get publicly berated by ignorant authority figures!” I’m happy for her; she has helped families find alternative schooling for their kids.

  15. If you can still get covid and infect others, what is the point of the vaccination?

    1. Reducing the chance of an 18 year, million dollar commitment is a good reason to use birth control, even if it’s not perfect.

  16. She’s not wrong…

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