Brickbat: The Long Arm of the University


The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, has suspended three students after someone reported a photograph on social media showing them at an event not wearing masks. The event was off campus and outdoors. The school barred the three from taking final exams, which means they gained no credits for the semester and lost their tuition.

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  1. Was the snitches name Karen? I don't use a smart phone or antisocial media. I think I made the right choice .

    1. The lesson here is "stop surveilling yourself."

      1. Karen: *pins victim to the ground* Stop surveilling yourself! Stop surveilling yourself! Stop surveilling yourself!

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  2. That's strange. I've been assured by Reason's resident Real Libertarians™ that vaccines and masks are entirely voluntary and that failure to be a good little sheep is proof that you're a selfish cunt. It's hilarious how quickly RESISTANCE went from a patriotic duty to a thoroughly detestable display of unmutual behavior among 400 pound couch zombies who fancy themselves modern revolutionaries.

  3. I’d be disappointed if situations like this lead to massive acts of violence, as some young persons are pushed and pushed by these leftist, statist, controlling bullies.

    But I wouldn’t be surprised.

    1. Are you kidding? People 18-30 are the most terrified of COVID despite being in the lowest risk category and the most supportive of masking and lockdowns. It's the piece of shit zoomers and millennials perpetuating this stupid shit.

  4. The families have hired a lawyer and plan to file a lawsuit.

    I hope the lawsuit includes the requirement that everybody involved in this decision take remedial classes in keeping your nose out of other people's business. Where the hell does the university get the notion that it's any of their business what students do off-campus and on their own time?

    1. Where the hell does the university get the notion that it’s any of their business what students do off-campus and on their own time?

      Don't worry, as long as it's private fascism it's totally OK.

      1. It’s not private. UMASS is a state university.

  5. Massachusetts is one of the most, if not the most, restrictive members of the Warsaw Pact states.

    1. "Everything is illegal in Massachusetts."

      1. Be fair. Some stuff is compulsory.

    2. MASS, NJ, CT, DL, RI, NY, MD, for the East Coast

      CA, WA, and OR for the Northwest

      HI goes with that bunch

      Chicago is like their East Berlin flyover

      Have I missed any?

      1. The entire state of Michigan.

        1. I'd agree with much of the lower penninsula. IME, the UP, while still politically obnoxious, is not culturally in line with Chicago, MA, NJ, NY...

        2. I live in a red county that also happens to be a 2A sanctuary [yeah, I know, symbolic but still]; the SE section of the State [Flint, Saginaw, Pontian, Detroit, and--politically--Ann Arbor] is a Democratic waste land. Very difficult for anything but to win a State wide election, but us irredemables fight on.

          1. What county?

        3. Nah. You're focusing too much on Whitmer during Covid. Michigan is a middle-of-the-pack state in terms of tax burden -- nothing like CA, NY, IL, etc. It has moved most state employees to a 401K, so there's no pension bomb about to go off. It actually is now a right-to-work state and has Republican majorities in both houses. It also has the advantage of its biggest, bluest city making up a only a small fraction of the state's population (at ~600K, Detroit makes up about 6% of the total), so it's no longer terribly influential, unlike Chicago in Illinois. In terms of Great Lakes generally, from blue to red, I'd rank them this way:

          NY > IL > MN > PA > MI > WI > OH > IN

  6. That will teach them not to wear the St Christopher medal magic mask.

  7. “Maybe a little harsh but like I understand it because you’re not supposed to be doing that,” one student told WBZ Friday night.

    “The town of Amherst made it really clear they don’t want any big parties,” another student said.

    The nation's future.

    1. First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because, like, I understand that people shouldn't be congregating in groups like that.

  8. Well, the message got through, cause I saw a runner on the beach in Massachusetts this AM with a mask on. She was running alone, in the wind.

    Hey, at least she was being safe.

    1. People outside of the northeast and west coasts really have no idea what it's like here.

    2. Running while wearing a mask on is NOT safe. People have died from it... not to mention that female track runner who collapsed last week in Illinois.

      1. IL? I saw one in OR, was there one in IL too?

      2. Even the CDC says you should not exercise with a mask on. These people are nuts.

        1. Even the CDC says you should not exercise with a mask on. These people are nuts.

          1. (People in Massachusetts, I'm referring to [at the moment].)

    3. I'd probably run into a tree if I tried to run with a mask. Those little wires threaded through the top of the mask are quite inadequate to seal around the bridge of my nose, so my breath escapes there and my glasses fog up.

  9. You have to watch what you sign. Colleges and Universities have "Student Codes of Conduct". When you sign one you agree to obey the institution's rules at all times in all places. It isn't only colleges and universities, school districts have them as well. When your kids start back to school tell them to not sign anything that they can't bring home for you to review. If the school gives them a hassle have them notify you. Students have been punished for doing things that were perfectly legal, during Summer vacation because it went against the School's "Code".

    1. The only way any of this is going to change is that if the cost of the "wokeness" or whatever you want to call it, exceeds the sense of virtue and moral superiority [and of course power] the administrators derive from it. .

      As one of my favorite college professors liked to say, "everyone has a price." Find theirs and make the sons of bitches pay.

      1. I agree, it does not matter if you win or lose, use their favorite weapon against them…sue sue sue. When the lawyer fees start piling up the board of trustees will step in and start quashing this crap. Until then they will see no downside to doing this to the students.

    2. Unfortunately, I know from my experience in college, that if you refuse to sign it, they will kick you out. I held out for a week refusing until I was informed of such.

      My refusal was based on the fact that they could kick me out for breaking the rules regardless of if I signed it, so it was nothing more than some odd forced compliance exercise.

    3. The university also signs though. If they don't let you take the tests to get credit for your classes, they need to refund your tuition.

  10. Skip college loan debt.
    Become a long distance truck driver.
    Money's just as good (over $100,000/yr with good credentials), no debt, no indoctrination.
    Only down side is a bunch of regulations from the feds, but you get that everywhere now.

    1. One of my neighbors is an independent long haul trucker; I call his truck "the money machine."

  11. Social media is just societal corrosion - if you continue to use it you're feeding the beast and the amoral billionaires who run it.

    Also, let's note something here, that these corporations might seem like American companies to the gullible, but they are not and their interests don't align with yours.

    1. True, and true.

      They are not your friends.

  12. It's called ZooMass because students like to party.

  13. Holy shit

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