Brickbat: How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?


Two firms have been fined $50,000 for leasing dogs in Massachusetts. Credova Financial and Nextep Holdings were providing customers with lease-to-own agreements for dogs, which is legal in some states but not Massachusetts. To settle a legal action filed by the state, the two companies agreed to waive more than $126,000 in remaining lease payments and transfer ownership of dozens of dogs to people who had leased them.

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  1. The finance companies broke their fido-uciary trust.

    1. Reaching a bit for that one aren’t you Fist?

      1. I think you’re barking up the wrong tree.

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      2. Yup. He should paws making dog puns.

        1. . . .and thereby hangs a tail . . .

          1. I thought it was quite fetching.

    2. Hot diggitty dawg! That dog won’t hunt! You got a dog in this fight? Doggone it, I have a bone to pick with you! Every dog-borrower has his day!

      Will Government Almighty donate my leased car to me next? Or better yet, my house that I still owe on?

      1. You mean your mom’s house.

        1. He pays rent on his mom’s basement by mowing the lawn and taking out the trash, but, per CDC guidelines, he’s stopped doing that.

          1. Damned straight! We can ALL live “rent free” now! Thank YOU, Government Almighty! Thank YOU, CDC!!!

            1. Your mom will eventually lose the house to the bank. Your new landlords will be Chinese

    3. They failed to complete the proper paperwork, specifically form K-9.

  2. This sounds like a great deal. Say your kids just like puppies. You lease one, when it gets big you turn it in for this years model.

    1. Try before you buy; great idea of children, too.

  3. Why is dog leasing illegal? The only explanation I can imagine is that the Big Kennel lobby is behind it. Leaving town for a month? Pay big bucks to a boarding kennel! No way you can lease your dog to someone who wants to have a dog in their home for a month, because that’d be against the law! Muahahahaha.

    1. Probably something to do with the dog being unable to give consent.

      My question is, can you lease cats?

      1. Surely one can lease a service dog or a working dog. How can leasing a pet dog be any different? What if you just called it an emotional support animal?

      2. Lease cats? Or leash them?

      3. But dogs don’t need to consent to being bought outright?

      4. Mark Twain did just that apparently, to give the house a “lived in” feeling.

  4. Jerryskids, who wouldn’t want an angry, clawing, shedding machine marking strange territory in your home while you get to pay for it?

  5. I’ve never heard of leasing dogs. I assume it’s run by the same type of companies that lease to own furniture and last year’s computers at stupid high prices and interest.

    Only $2000 for this $500 laptop but we’ll let you pay it off for $19.99 a month for a decade.

    Can’t imagine what puppy terms are.
    No, this isn’t a mutt, it’s a Norwegian spotted fruit hound. Only only $200 down and $25 a month for 5 years!

    1. Androids continue dreaming of electric sheep.

      1. Mercer would be proud of you.

      2. More canine than canine.

    2. I’ve never heard of leasing dogs. I assume it’s run by the same type of companies that lease to own furniture and last year’s computers at stupid high prices and interest.

      I’ve heard of what is effectively leasing a dog and it makes me wonder if trainers/breeders are exempted.

  6. I guess if can you talk people into thinking an old tee shirt across your face will stop a viral disease, it would be easy to talk them into leasing a dog.

  7. “…..illegally leasing dogs.”

    I think they misspelled “leashing.”

  8. I’m not sury why this is illegal, go to any China town in any city and you can get them for $3 a lb.

    1. Former President Obama is salivating at the thought.

    2. $3 a #? That sounds expensive for Beagleburger.

    3. But that’s sale, not leasing. The Chinese restaurant doesn’t get the dog back, I _hope_. (That is, I hope they are not straining chunks out of the sewers.)

  9. why would anyone want these over grown rats anyway…all they do is create massive indoor air pollution in your home, create a constant level of filth in your home and cause allergies, asthma, and tax your respiratory system, but idiot, weak minded Americans are addicted to them just like pot

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