Brickbat: Don't Rock the Casbah


An Algerian court has sentenced Said Djabelkhir to three years in prison for insulting Islam, the state religion. Djabelkhir, an Islamic scholar, has argued the animal sacrifice during the Muslim festival of Eid is based on a pre-Islamic pagan ritual. He has also said parts of the Quran, such as the story of Noah's Ark, might be more myth than history.

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    1. The Gods require sacrificial animals to be healthy and well fed. Thanks, Naomi. Baal will be pleased with my dog.

      1. To save itself from pagan sacrifice, the infidel dog should seek asylum in North Korea

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        2. Wouldn’t that be out of the fire and into the frying pan?

  2. Islam thrives on ignorance and intolerance, even to its adherents and scholars.

    This guy is fortunate that he wasn’t just killed for speaking about their plagiarized book.

    1. Salman Rushdie, Ibn Warraq, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan, and many others can attest to this as well.

    2. Remember Islam’s paragon of virtue is a murdering slave owning pedofile.

      1. Chemjeff?

    3. Islam will come around eventually. Christianity did after all. Christianity (post-Constantine) was European and Europe was a bunch of savages at the time Islam was the center of enlightenment. Even after Martin Luther different sects were busy trying to kill each other off. Getting tossed into prison for doubting an interpretation of a holy text? Christianity is full of it.

      So yeah, Islam is dominated by a region full of nomadic savages. The gulf between the wandering sheik and his bootlickers and the kings of some wealthy petro-nations is very short. Barely a generation in some cases. But other than time, how is much different from the current kings and queens of Europe whose recent ancestors were going to war againt Catholics (or Protestants).

      Oh hell [sic], it wasn’t that long ago, under the exact same religion, that nations like Iran and Afghanistan were fully modern nations with cars and educated women in dresses and tech conferences and stuff. Part of the fall I blame on the CIA, and part of it I blame on the House of Saud and its weird sect. But in the Middle East the forces of ignorance defeated the forces of enlightenment.

      We face the same problem here in the West. Both Red and Blue tribes (and their equivalents outside of North America) are splitting into Savages vs Civilized.

      1. Ain’t got 900 years to wait for it.

      2. Islam was the center of enlightenment because it conquered enlightened nations.
        It’s “holy” men soon put an end to that, much like in the fallen Roman empire.

      3. I lived in Iran when there were miniskirts in north Tehran and chadors in south Tehran. That proximity – far more than the CIA – is what caused the revolution.

      4. To paraphrase Denis Diderot, the portion of the world under Islam (Dar Al Islam) will never be free until the last King and Dictator are strangled with the entrails of the last Mullah and Imam.

  3. And yet Christians are considered the threat to freedom by the left in this country. And white guys. I’m a white male and consider myself a classical liberal . Guess that makes me alt right, what ever that is.

    1. Anyone who says classical liberal and alt right are the same or related terms doesn’t know what one or both terms even means—-or they are doing it deliberately to try to alter the meaning of words a la Nineteen Eighty-Four.

      1. “…or they are doing it deliberately to try to alter the meaning of words a la Nineteen Eighty-Four.”

        WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!!

    2. Well, Islam did crib a lot of it’s barbarism from the other Abrahamic religions, as well as their Monotheistic predecessor, Zoroastrianism, so there’s that.

      1. “Nah, this stuff isn’t getting to me, people getting their hands cut off, slavery, beheadings, old ladies and children being raped and systematically oppressed… Nah, that doesn’t bother me. But you know what does bother me? You know what makes me really sick to my stomach? It’s the cribbing of other peoples’ narratives over 2000 yrs. ago. Nobody, I mean nobody, cribs other peoples’ narratives.”

        1. Whoever says that? I say to Hell with all of these Grim Fairy Tales and the atrocities and tyranny they bring to the world.

          1. Even when called out on it, you can’t avoid prioritizing the policing of thought ahead of the policing of action. Fuck your oppressive religion.

            1. LOL Wut???

    3. The Elect were always a Remnant. Most of those who call themselves “Christian” are just members of Church Club. How many are unable to distinguish between Church and Party? Between Church and Culture? How many can state the tenets of their faith without resorting to a Sunday School song?

      “Christians” who think Jesus was a Republican are the problem. “Christians” who think the Will of God comes about through legislation and executive orders are the problem. I don’t say this lightly, as I have dear family members who fall into this camp.

      The Cultural Religious Red Right is indeed a threat to liberty. So is the Cultural Secular Blue Left. Classic liberals are despised by both camps.

      1. The Cultural Religious Red Right is indeed a threat to liberty. So is the Cultural Secular Blue Left. Classic liberals are despised by both camps.

        The subset of things contained in Sunday School verses is much smaller and much more desireable than the subset of things not learned in Sunday School.

      2. Any time people use Biblical text for the advancement of legislation, watch out! It can end up being no different here in America than in some middle eastern Islamic state.
        What with over 40,000 churches, each one proclaiming to be the final word of God, does it not seem likely that sooner or later, one of them will become politically powerful enough to influence government?

        There have been a lot of attempts to some how place the creation of America on some invisible deity and the creation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights by someone who claimed to be that deity’s son. I mean, it gets really weird with the painting that shows the Christ figure holding the Constitution. Whoever came up with that one needs to be isolated from the rest of us.
        Religion is just another way of controlling people and feeding them unprovable history, false hopes and and unsupportable promises.
        If that’s what some people wish to involve themselves with, it’s their right but don’t try to force it on me.

  4. He was tried after seven lawyers and a fellow academic lodged complaints against him for disrespecting Islam.

    Replace Islam with CRT and you’re looking at the West’s future.

    1. Who does respect CRT these days? They’re heavy, take up a lot of room, and the screen size is basically limited by those first two factors.

      That said, CRT TVs and monitors are still a joy compared to critical race theory, which is a contagious form of idiocy. Ask a geneticist about the biological basis of race if you don’t believe me.

      1. I see what you did there. I’m old enough to remember Cathode Ray Tubes, as well as some of my Grandpa’s radios powered by vacuum tube technology. Quaint, but microchips and LCDs are best in performance and energy use and more Earth-friendly.

        1. I’m old enough to remember Cathode Ray Tubes,

          So’s my 7 yr. old.

          Quaint, but microchips and LCDs are best in performance and energy use and more Earth-friendly.

          Reative to the amount of carbon the US emitted when it started producing LCDs, it emitted about half when it started producing CRTs. LCD TVs and the chips that go into them require a clean room to manufacture, which are themselves pretty environmentally intensive. CRTs can be built and assembled in your average barn. That’s not to say we should all forego LCDs or microchips but that the assertion that LCDs are more environmentally friendly runs contra to at least good portions of the ‘we need to get our emissions back down to pre-industrial levels’ narrative.

          1. In terms of electricity used, heat generated, plus space and materials used, CRT loses to LCD, though you are right that LCD does have it’s unique trade-offs too.

      2. When I tried to dispose of two CRTs properly the guy said no one takes them find a dumpster and chuck them in.

        1. CRT’s are vacuum tubes, so take them to a vacuum cleaner recycler

          1. Hoover or Electrolux?

        2. Sounds proper to me, since, so far,everything we produce comes from the Earth and eventually goes back to the Earth.

    2. Or they could both be our future, depending on the jurisdiction. Hamtramck and Dearborn, Michigan, Islamberg, NY and Holy Islamville near Clover, South Carolina all come to mind.

      People who support the unlimited majority rule of Democracy should be very careful what they wish for, since demographics can easily change overnight.

  5. Sharif won’t like it.

    1. He thinks it’s not kosher
      Fundamentally he can’t take it
      You know he really hates it!

  6. Only three years? He’s lucky to be part of a religion that is somewhat compassionate, and lucky not to be, say, Jan Hus.

    1. He’s lucky GIA didn’t end calling the shots there.

      (No, not the people whose initials are on that piece of paper from the jewelry store.)

    2. Probably because Algeria has somewhat more Secular influence. In Saudi Arabia or Iran or any place controlled by ISIS or Hezbollah, it would definitely be like the Bugs Bunny cartoon: “Hassan Chop!”

    3. Both Christendom and the Islamic Uumah had moments in their histories when they waxed and waned on tyranny and persecution. Sometimes Christianity was sorse, sometimes Islam was worse. Religious freedom and Secularism pulled most of the teeth of Christianity, (though they still try to grow back.) Now it is Islam’s turn.

  7. At least he did not challenge the Holy Book of COVID, and blaspheme in front of the CDC.

  8. A preview of the upcoming trials for criticizing Critical Race Theory, Modern Monetary Theory, Democratic Socialism, etc.

    The religion of the rulers shall not be mocked.

    1. Mock the Casbah

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  10. what are we gonna do now?

    1. Don’t go to Algeria, for one thing.

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