Brickbat: It Isn't Over Until We Say It's Over


Scottish police gave Maureen Hogg, 82, a £60 ($83 U.S.) fine for breaking a COVID-19 curfew by attending a friend's 70th birthday party. Hogg's granddaughter says Hogg has been vaccinated for the disease as were all of the other attendees at the party. Those people were also fined by police for attending the party.

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  1. I assume somebody snitched or are the cops driving around looking for gatherings. The U.K is is a mess. I’m tired of hearing about it.

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    1. You forget, the UK has government owned surveillance cameras everywhere.

    2. I’m tired of living in it. But it’s also illegal to leave. Reminds me of that country in Europe with the “curtain” around it.

      1. I believe that was the Republic of Iron.

  2. Suicide by COVID or suicide by cop, this grandma killer seemed intent on taking down as many with her as possible. And let’s not forget, local governments need the money.

    1. … local governments need the money.

      Kinda off-topic, but this was given (by a teacher) as the reason why 4 teachers got laid off at my son’s school. “People don’t have jobs, can’t pay their taxes, and so they can’t hire so many teachers.” Except here, the schools are all paid by property taxes: and the county always gets paid their property taxes, whether by the owner or by the big banks buying all the tax certificates with their ZIRP moneys. Sure, the lottery sales might be down, but I don’t think Florida is hurting for tax money at all this year.

      And every time you wander through the halls at the school board office, about half of the admin staff is standing around in the other half’s doorways, talking the scat over their coffee mugs …

      1. And it was probably the four newest teachers regardless of performance or qualifications.

      2. There’s never any news about 4 school administrators getting laid off at anyone’s school.

        1. There’s the old joke about a small school who hires a janitor to work part time. But you can’t have an employee without a supervisor, so they hire one, full time of course. And that requires someone to manage payroll and other HR reporting. Pretty soon someone notices how expensive this is, something needs tobe done to save money, so they fire the janitor.

          1. then they contract the work out to an outside firm

          2. You may think it’s a joke, but I’ve watched the number of people doing regulatory related work double where I’ve worked for many, many years, but the total staff size has remained the same. How’d they do that????

  3. Seems par for the course in formerly Great Britain.

  4. I have a few libertarian friends, plus one left-wing older I know, who are convinced the whole pandemic is just an excuse to get people to accept totalitarian rule.

    To date, I haven’t much bought into that—-not because I trust government by any stretch of the imagination, but because I think it’s far too incompetent, uncreative, and uncoordinated to invent and implement such a scheme. But when I see stuff like this, I start to question whether the conspiracy theories might not have some truth to them.

    1. The goverment yes, the intelligence agencies on the other hand… Look at what they did with the arab spring and ukraine. Now imagine that they had those entire country’s media and communications platforms on board with what they were selling.

      I am a conspiracy theorist and my outlandish theory is the chinese did it to seize power. The virus seems to be pretty harmless to east asians. New york had more deaths than all of east asia. CCP could pretend like the harsh lockdowns are what stopped it from doing damage to convince others to do it, then reap the economic rewards having “defeated” the virus in 4 weeks.
      My alternate theory is the US was involved for the purpose of controlling socialization and legalizing vote harvesting before the election. With the social media companies completely in the bag, eliminating in person conversations gives them much better control of the narrative. The other part of that theory is self evident.

      In reality though, the adage “None of us are as dumb as all of us”, may be the sad truth.

      1. That’s my view as well. China was up and running while the rest of the world was closed, they gobbled up Hong Kong without a word, and now Biden is in office instead of Trump.

        If they didn’t do it on purpose, they sure are lucky.

        1. I don’t know if the Chinese are creative enough to do the science on what you’re proposing (coming up with a bug that preferentially attacks caucasians [aside, what are the infection and mortality stats here in the US by genetic “ethnic” background, vs in the PRC?]), but they’ve certainly taken advantage of the situation in HK as well as with their various military incursions into ROC space.

          1. Didn’t have to do anything with a virus. Just convince the West that its people are in mortal danger. I assume those Chinese videos of people just dropping dead in the streets were shown in the US. They certainly were here in the UK, and yes, this place is as much of a nightmare as the article would lead you to believe.

            1. Not aware of any such videos over here, but I don’t watch much TV, at least of the sort that would go for that.

              Sorry to hear that the UK really is as bad as we cynics suspect.

    2. Did you know the CIA invented AIDs to kill blacks thing was started by one obscure journalist being paid off by the USSR?

      Passive measures are fairly cheap and very effective. And they have to be more so now, what with advances in psychological understanding and ease of communication in the last 50 years.

    3. No need to resort to conspiracy theory when one just needs to remember plain old fashioned human nature.

      Libertarians (and some rare conservatives and liberals) are not like other people. Most people WANT to be ruled and to rule other people. Most people WANT a government to be in charge. Fuck, half the voters picked Trump and then four years later half the voters picked Biden. People are not libertarian, they don’t want a free society. They just want freedom for themselves and the imposition of rule on everyone else.

      The virus is real, some measures to fight the virus are sensible. But government overreacts. No one cares because it’s government. The media loves government because that’s their bread and butter, so of course they never bite the hand that feeds them (only the occasional politician and only when it sells clicks and views). And then you get the people who make it into government who get drunk on their power. You see this best in small local government. Your nice neighbor lady runs for city council because there’s too much dangerous hot rodding going on in your quiet residential street. Now she got her ordinance passed but she’s still in office. And idle hands so she starts imposing rules and rules and rules because idle hands. No actively planned malice there, just wankerocracy.

      Do not attribute to conspiracy that which can be attributed to human nature.

    4. I think the reason is more basic: Trump. The one thing he was really good at was obnoxious tweets, mean tweets, and not responding to the usual political criticisms with the usual abject apologies meaning nothing — he fought back. And Hillary should have won, it was her turn, so Trump was a vote thief on top of everything else.

      The Democrats spent years trying to get rid of Trump, culminating in that first weak and rushed impeachment which went nowhere. The Democrats were tired of looking like fools in the public arena, and their media bitches were tired of trying to cover up their inept powerlessness against such a monster.

      Along came COVID, and they grabbed it for all it was worth. Absent Trump, they never would have locked down and behaved like they did.

    5. You’re thinking of it like a cheetah chasing down a gazelle. Slowly stalking it in the tall grass, circling around for the clearest path, and then sprinting after it, weaving through the scrub brush, zigging when the gazelle zigs, zagging when it zags… you need to think of it more like we’ve stumbled into a hippo’s territory.

    6. Didn’t start out that way but now it’s just a naked power grab.

  5. Somewhere there is a snitch who is celebrating their virtue; since they are all vaccinated, they cannot take credit for saving any lives, but that is not what all this is about.

    And the English are going to have to take some lessons from elsewhere in the world [N. Korea comes to mind]; they are going to have to learn to celebrate their freedoms more privately.

    1. We have church-goers meeting in secret locations, so you’re right there. It continues to be illegal for church services to take place. In fact, the police stormed into a specially-arranged Good Friday “socially-distanced” service and ordered everyone out.

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