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After Promising To Stop Land Seizures, the Biden Administration Just Stole This Family's Property for a Border Wall

"We are utterly devastated," said Baudilia Cavazos.


A federal judge confirmed yesterday that a Texas family will have their land immediately seized by eminent domain for a U.S.-Mexico border wall—the very type of confiscation that President Joe Biden expressly promised he would put a stop to.

"We are utterly devastated," said Baudilia Cavazos, whose family owns land in Hidalgo County, Texas. "We thought President Joe Biden would protect us. Now we've lost our land. We don't even know what comes next."

The Cavazos clan has fended off similar attempts at confiscation for years. When former President Donald Trump took office, his administration sought to claim about 7 acres and divide their land—which they rent to various tenants—in two. A huge chunk of their property would thus be nearly inaccessible to prospective customers, paralyzing their business.

"I retired five years ago—I taught for 40 years," Eloisa Cavazos told Reason in 2018. "This is my income that I use for my retirement."

She may have to find a new source of revenue. "The Court already addressed many of Defendant's arguments—including the United States' compliance with statutory requirements, whether the taking was arbitrary and capricious, and whether the United States satisfied the negotiation requirements," wrote District Judge Micaela Alvarez of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas. "For the same reasons outlined above, the Court rejects Defendant's argument that immediate possession should be delayed on these bases."

The Biden administration could well have stopped yesterday's ruling, handed down by Alvarez in McAllen, Texas. On his first day in office, Biden issued a proclamation pausing border wall construction for 60 days to determine if any land needed to be confiscated. That 60 days came and went without a decision.

Yet he was insistent the decision was already made on the campaign trail. "There will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration," he told NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro in August of last year. And the land seizures? "End, end, end, stop, done, over. Not gonna do it. Withdraw the lawsuits. We're out."

He did not, in fact, withdraw the lawsuits. "Yesterday, we witnessed a betrayal of the Biden Administration's commitment to end construction of the border wall," said Ricky Garza, an attorney for the Texas Civil Rights Project, in a statement. "In federal court, the President's pause on border wall construction is meaningless without immediate action from the DOJ to dismiss these cases."

The news marks yet another promise broken by Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, both of whom cast themselves as foils to Trump's merciless immigration program. Their administration is defending Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after the agency set up a fake college, charged immigrant students thousands of dollars, and then deported them without refunds. Not unlike Biden did with land seizures, Harris in 2019 called out the ruse and declared that "officials must be held accountable." Biden has also continued the practice of separating some families at the border, and in various ways has restricted asylum claims even more than his predecessor.

The Cavazoses, including Eloisa's brother Fred Cavazos and Rey Anzaldua, their first cousin, have watched their land dwindle over the years. Descendants of 1700s-era Spanish settlers, the family began with 18,000 acres.

"Now we probably have no more than 150 acres," Anzaldua told Reason's Mark McDaniel three years back. "That's a lot of land to lose."

They're about to hemorrhage more. "We're liable to lose about 10 acres, three barns, and two houses," said Anzaldua, "so when they asked if I could help with this, I said, 'Yes, I've got ties to this land just like you do. This is our grandmother's land.'"

Despite all of Biden's promises to the contrary, it is now the government's land.

NEXT: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich Sues Biden Administration for Not Studying the Environmental Impact of More Migrants Coming Into the U.S.

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  1. We thought President Joe Biden would protect us
    Expect to hear more like this.

    1. Wasn’t there another leader named Joe who wanted to be remembered as the patriarch of his nation?

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      2. I can think of two offhand.
        One murdered many millions, the other was a drunken buffoon, but was (accidentally) pretty close to the truth.

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      3. Joe Hitler

    2. “No refunds.”

    3. The Left believes they have eminent domain over your entire life, but in particular every bit of property you “own”. “You didn’t build that.”

      The Left limiting eminent domain more than the Right? Good luck with that.

  2. They don’t have to pay for the land on the other side of the wall? Just the land under the wall?


  3. Yet he was insistent the decision was already made on the campaign trail. “There will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration,” he told NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro in August of last year.

    To be fair, he never said anything about yards of wall constructed. I’m sure Garcia-Navarro and NPR will make sure to journo-splain that to their totebag crowd.

    1. Just because the Biden admin doesn’t want to build the wall, that doesn’t mean they can’t use the land for something else.

      1. Machine gun nests?

        1. I was thinking they’d use mine fields, but sure.

        2. nah, welcome centers

          1. Winner

      2. Sure . It’s not a wall. It’s just a steel sculpture that extends from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean, symbolizing the glory of transgender toddlers.

        1. It’s not a wall, it’s a migrant facility for traffic impediment.

        2. They could use the land for something genuinely not connected to immigration (legal or otherwise)

        3. Future high-speed border train?


    1. Biden proved they’re effective when knocked over onto the guards.

    2. No, Biden proved that walls don’t matter. Just like Bill Clinton proved that homelessness doesn’t matter, and Obama proved that endless wars don’t matter. Get how this works?

      1. Yes, I see.

        Clinton, Obama, and Biden are Democrats so the press is letting them slide for the stupid policies and wars they inherited.

        An astute observation!

        1. Turd keeps repeating the same damn lies after his face has been rubbed in them oh, so many times.
          Yes, turd is a dishonest piece of lefty shit, but it’s not because he understands his dishonesty.
          He’s too fucking stupid to understand there is a functional difference between reality and his lies.

          1. He rapes children too.

            1. Just because he posted child porn links, does not mean he has actually raped children.

        2. Wars and stupid policies they continued and expanded upon

          1. Wars normalized by the left and then nicely forgotten, just like gitmo.

        3. Clinton did not inherit the 94 crime bill. Obama did not inherit the war in Syria.

    3. turd desperately grasps for straws as Biden proves to be a disaster!
      turd’s mental abilities are not sufficient to be terminally embarrassed for linking kiddie porn, nor are they sufficient for the coke-addled piece of lefty shit to remember he’s had his face wiped with all his lies many, many, times.
      Go drink antifreeze, turd; your family, boss and dog will thank me for suggesting it.

  5. So illegal immigrants “trump” legal immigrants from the 1700’s?
    Have they done DNA tests to see if there is the ‘one drop’ necessary to be victims?

  6. It’s time for Reason to write another article about how Biden’s policies are warmed-over Dotard policies.

    1. It’s time for lefty assholes like you to get what you deserve, turd.
      Fuck off and die.

      1. Loosen up, Sevo!

        Go take your Droxy like a good little Trump-tard.

        1. Fuck off and die, turd, slowly and painfully.

    2. A first article would be a good start.

    3. You’d think the author would point out the inconsistency of seizing land for a wall Biden doesn’t want. Fits right in with Biden’s history of being on the wrong side of every major issue during his 40+ years in government. It also fits in with his bait and switch presidency “after promising to stop land seizures” and his promise to not build another foot of border wall and yet, some Democrats now talk of finishing it. Biden, the bait and switch presidency who cheated in the election IMHO.

  7. I thought all walls were cancelled on account of racism.

    1. Except for the wall around the Capitol District.

  8. >>We thought President Joe Biden would protect us.

    this guy reads way too much @Reason

    1. But not enough of the comments.

  9. The administration reason asked for.


    1. How is it different?


      1. I sense your leftist tears are coming. Poor buttplug did you get out of the halfway house yet?

  10. As Yoda might say, “LLO!”

  11. “A federal judge confirmed yesterday that a Texas family will have their land immediately seized by eminent domain for a U.S.-Mexico border wall—the very type of confiscation that President Joe Biden expressly promised he would put a stop to…”

    But, hey, he didn’t send any mean tweets first!

    1. That is all that counts.

  12. Building back better again.

    1. Nice

  13. Trump would be proud of Sleepy Joe for that Eminent Domain land grab!


    1. Why make Mexico pay for it when Biden can get Baudilia Cavazos to pay for it?

    2. Hey Kiddie Raper, your drooling idiot of a candidate usurped his way into office. Trump’s gone.

      Yet it’s still all about Trump, and no accountability. Typical democrat bullshit. This is part of why scum like you should be executed.

  14. You just gotta laugh at anybody that believes a word Biden says. He’s just as bad as Trump at just saying whatever random shit pops into his head and none of it means anything. But somehow it was shockingly bad when Trump did it and with old empty sock Joe it’s merely “disappointing”.

    1. with old empty sock Joe it’s merely “disappointing”

      Or dementia according to

      1. It’s dementia according to the slightest casual observation from anyone who isn’t a drooling progtard, like you.

  15. set up a fake college, charged immigrant students thousands of dollars, and then deported them without refunds

    I hope they got to keep their Trump University diploma at the very least.

    1. You can tell buttplug is desperate given how many times it’s posted already.

      1. He’s not intelligent enough to distinguish between his lies and objective reality; probably a coke/booze issue today.

      2. I can’t tell anymore if it’s real or a sock.

  16. Well THAT didn’t work out the way you hoped did it?

  17. No one should be a bit surprised…politicians lie. POTUS Biden is no different than his old boss, another serial liar. He is a statist. And his proposals are pure socialism, mixed in with a toxic progressive ideology.

  18. So, the options were Trump and a border wall or . . . Biden and a border wall? WTF?

    Like Obama ran on ‘not being Bush’ – and then was Bush’s third and fourth terms – Biden ran on ‘ I’m not Trump’.

    Yet you guys keep running articles where the man is directly continuing and expanding Trump’s policies.

    So we get the shit of a Progressive agenda *and* all the crap Trump was already doing.

    ‘Wrong within normal parameters’

    Good job Reason.

    1. Well, there IS a difference: With Biden you get orders of magnitude more kids in cages.

      But, on the bright side, the media don’t call them cages anymore.

  19. “We thought President Joe Biden would protect us. Now we’ve lost our land. We don’t even know what comes next.”

    Get woke, go broke.

  20. “Build Back Better.”

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  23. “We thought President Joe Biden would protect us”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha



  24. Despite all of Biden’s promises to the contrary, it is now the government’s land.

    Make that, fulfilling all of Biden’s promises to the progressive left, all property will soon be the government’s property.

  25. You Republicans should be overjoyed with the Biden administration, otherwise known as Trump’s second administration. Everything continuing as before, just a sleepier rhetoric.

    Actions, not words, show the that Biden is Trump II.

    1. Yeah, they’re exactly the same……..

    2. That’s the sort of idiotic observation I’ve come to expect from you.

      Stay stupid Brandybuck.

  26. Where’s the squeeze in this for the Biden administration? Is it just another lousy pork barrel construction project? Why couldn’t that interest just be paid off under the table for nothing, and everybody’s happy?

  27. I feel a little sorry for the family that is losing their land.

    But for the people who voted for Biden and thought the wall would be torn down…

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Fuck ’em.

    As the border crisis continues and worsens, I predict that Sleepy Joe will propose ‘enhanced border protection’ in ‘strategic areas’ within a month.

  28. Well, if the owner agrees to hire 24 hour security guards to prevent illegal crossings, then perhaps he can keep his land with no wall. If not, then it’s the federal government’s job to prevent these crossings and building a wall is a pretty effective way of doing so. I know I have a different take on eminent domain than many on Reason do. I’m just shocked that Biden is actually pressing forward with the wall.

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  30. Biden is the biggest liar to ever be elected president, and it’s not close.

  31. “After Promising To Stop Land Seizures, the Biden Administration Just Stole This Family’s Property for a Border Wall”

    So, the government doesn’t plan to pay for the land?

    1. As you know, the government will be paying the family for their land. Sometimes eminent domain is justified. The focus to make sure this is done fairly is to make sure the family is adequately compensated, not lowballed.

      1. That’s my point: The Biden administration clearly did NOT just steal their land. It was purchased.

        Yes, they had no choice about selling, but the use it will be put to is as traditional an application of eminent domain as it gets.

        This wasn’t any Kelo, let alone an uncompensated taking.

        1. But they don’t want to sell it and the government sets the price. It is theft.

          I’m taking your vintage mustang. I’ll give you $100 dollars.

  32. One issue might be that right now, cognitively, “seizing land through eminent domain” is more than Biden can handle. Maybe China can use that wording when they seize Taiwan.

  33. It’s just one voter. All of the other voters couldn’t care less. That’s how voters roll.

  34. My heart goes out to all of the thoughtful intellectuals who contribute to Reason who are stunned to learn that Biden is as bad as Trump on some things and worse on many more things.

  35. Well at least the children are not in cages any longer…wait….troops are leave on May 1st…wait…certainly we are only looking at the science now….no?!
    I give up…

    1. Where are children in cages? Children are being detained and will be placed with US relatives or foster families.
      Trump and his “best people” at DHS and HHS made a mess of the system so, yes, there is a glut now.
      But Biden’s policies are actually compatible with federal law and court settlements, whereas Trump would not.
      Because Trump essentially closed the border in 2020, the system of placing children broke down and time is needed to return to a smooth process that is legal. For example, random individuals and families can’t just call up to request an immigrant child to foster. Approval takes time for important home studies, fingerprinting, questionnaires, etc. to happen, and the Biden administration is essentially starting from scratch.
      At least Biden is not forcing immigrant children to wait in Mexico. This program was not only illegal and in conflict with obligatory international agreements, it was cruel. Irredeemably so.

  36. Humans pass freely between Texarkana, Texas and Texarkana, Arkansas; and humans have an unalienable right to pass as freely between Nogales, Sonora and Nogales, Arizona. Always remember this one absolute, that governments have no right to impose immigration restrictions on somebody who does not consent to them.

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  39. Until we have real immigration reform this sort of thing is going to keep happening. The system is broken and expensive and that is a feature not a bug. Politicians gain by kicking the can down the road.

  40. The Cavazoses, including Eloisa’s brother Fred Cavazos and Rey Anzaldua, their first cousin, have watched their land dwindle over the years. Descendants of 1700s-era Spanish settlers, the family began with 18,000 acres.

    “Now we probably have no more than 150 acres,” Anzaldua told Reason’s Mark McDaniel three years back. “That’s a lot of land to lose.”
    No context on how they “lost” all that land. Did their ancestors sell it and spend the proceeds? That’s much more likely than the government appropriating all of it. Why not tell the “rest of the story”??

  41. That horrible terrible no-good Biden administration.

  42. Voted for the D.C. Lifer? H8T to say we told you so, but we told you so. Gotta stop voting for anyone who would put their name on that despicable party that should have been disbanded after they lost the Civil War. Germany disbanded & banned the Nazi Party, why didn’t the USA disband & ban the Democrat aka slave party?

    1. oh, and the idea of Imminent Domain & takings is one of the failures the founders dragged from the old country. Instead it should have been citizens can take “government” land for good use if they give the same compensation (ie way under market values).

    2. Of all the really dumb stories Republicans repeat ad nauseam (does ANYONE in the GOP have any original thoughts anymore?) about Democrats, this is one that kills brain cells just by reading it.

      Have you no concept how totally bananas it is to argue the Democratic Party has not changed one iota in 160 years?

      And for your story to stick, you have to ignore the historical record, especially President Kennedy’s and, even more so, Johnson’s deliberate effort to integrate the federal workplace by appointing and hiring Blacks into top-level government positions, including solicitor general and Supreme Court justice. Johnson personally pushed hard for the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act, among others, to get passed by Congress.

      Plus your claim ignores that back then there were conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans and northern versus southern politicians in each party. Dixiecrats were racist, but northern Democrats were less so (everyone was racist back then, Republicans too: some more, some less).

      The Republican Party isn’t remotely what it was just a decade ago, back when GOP politicians actually did their jobs : they legislated by recognizing compromise and negotiating are the art of politics. Now these principles of good governance are verboten to the GOP, seen as “weak” and “caving.”

      Nowadays Republicans’ effort “to form a more perfect Union” comprises only attacks on Democrats and the media, lies, childish insults, conspiracy theories, and/or transgender girls-bashing.

      That’s no way to run a government.

  43. I thot walls didnt work?

    I know Democrats dont.

    Send the Inner City Gang Bangers to the border. Give them something real to shoot at!

  44. I never though this would be the case with Biden.

  45. I have no patience for dishonest reporting, especially when it’s purposeful, spiteful, and done solely to attack Democrats, which evidently is all Republicans are capable of doing nowadays.
    Biden “stole” nothing.
    Let’s recall that Congress refused to appropriate the obscene amount of funding Trump demanded for the Trump Wall®️. People who actually don’t want to destroy the government explained to Trump that all budgets arise in the House, which was Speaker Pelosi’s domain, and Congress, not the president, controls the power of the purse.
    Trump acquiesced.
    Till Fox News entertainers expressed their extreme dissatisfaction with how the Democrats were making Trump look “weak.” (That’s what separation of powers will do to a guy, I guess.)
    The Trump Shutdown®️ turned out to be the longest ever and caused the GDP to drop. Trump finally relented — temporarily. If Congress did not amend the budget shortly to provide him Trump Wall®️ funds, he would declare a national emergency and grab funds Congress had appropriated for other purposes.
    Of course, common sense says a person cannot plan to experience an emergency in a fortnight. But that’s what happened.
    So Trump grabbed funds desperately needed for military housing, et cetera, which defeats the separation-of-powers-power-of-the-purse model in the Constitution.
    Stolen money in hand, Trump’s “best people” demonstrated their antipathy for the environment by having the not-actually-acting secretaries of Homeland Security (did ANYONE legally hold a position in DHS administration as the years passed?) opt out of important environmental and endangered-species studies as they used eminent domain to seize land for the Trump Wall®️.
    Glaringly absent from all of this is Joe Biden, as a reminder.
    Many lawsuits ensued.
    In this specific case, the Biden Justice Department filed a motion for a continuance till April because the new administration had a LOT of work to do to go through the myriad upon myriad cases Trump had left behind.
    The judge granted the continuance. Time passed. And then with no new motion or response from the Biden administration, the judge ruled in favor of the government (ie, Trump’s eminent domain rampage).
    This article is one lie after another.
    Biden didn’t “steal” land. He didn’t ask for it in the first place.
    And the issue is now moot. Biden won’t be seizing this land because he has no interest in further wasting precious dollars given the importance of many other issues.
    The Trump Wall®️ was ALWAYS about meant to be a Trump vanity piece. He has his name and image all over it — because of course he does.
    The whole situation is a disgrace, and it has NOT stopped anyone from crossing the border. Anyone with a nearby Home Depot can buy tools to cut through steel. And they have. Others climb over the wall.
    And, of course, taxpayers are now saddled with the outrageous price tag of maintaining the Trump Wall®️. Already strong wind storms have caused sections to collapse. Eventually steel slats will crash down on top of someone, which will be a greater expense, if people are even allowed to recover damages from future Trump Wall®️ disasters.

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