Brickbat: Traffic Safety Matters, Too


The Atlantic City, New Jersey, City Council has voted to spend $36,000 to repave and repaint a section of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard covered by a Black Lives Matter mural. The huge yellow lines that spell out "Black Lives Matter" obscured the yellow center dividing line as well as the white lines marking individual lanes. The mural violates state Department of Transportation Guidelines, and acting Police Chief James Sarkos said it has left motorists so confused about where they are supposed to drive that police had to close that section of the street to traffic. The street will have to be repaved because the type of paint used in the mural can't be painted over, according to officials.

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  1. …acting Police Chief James Sarkos said it has left motorists so confused about where they are supposed to drive that police had to close that section of the street to traffic.

    Pretty racist to drive on the mural in the first place.

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  2. And the city used all resources avalible to track down those who were at the riot that day in order to fine them and have them fix the pavement? Right, right?

  3. Is the brick at that pandering to mobs has bad consequences?

  4. So the mural was illegal, left people confused, obscured the intent of the original purpose of the road, caused problems, generally failed at its intent and wound up being more of a pain in the ass than it was worth? Sounds like the perfect symbol for BLM.

    1. No, the mural was approved by the city, so it isn’t surprising that everything else you said is true.

  5. The street will have to be repaved because the type of paint used in the mural can’t be painted over, according to officials.

    I call bullshit. Either the paint is crap, and can be media-blasted off, or the paint is permanent, and can be painted over.

    Not even counting, there is a specific machine to drive along, grind up the road stripes made of the thermoplastic road paint, along with a margin on each side, so you can paint a new stripe over it. You see it done on the interstates all the time in the south.

    So, the crap about having to repave the road, that’s just corrupt new jersey politicians gotta corrupt.

    1. That being said, I would LOVE to see a Tesla on autodrive come up against that crap, restriped or not.

      1. It would probably treat the whole area just like a large space with yellow striping, in other words, “do no enter”.

    2. Blacktop lives matter!

  6. Mural?

    mu•ral myoo͝r′əl►
    n. A very large image, such as a painting or enlarged photograph, applied directly to a wall or ceiling.
    adj. Of, relating to, or resembling a wall.
    adj. Painted on or applied to a wall.

    Pretty insulting to both black people and Banksy to assert that it’s a mural.

    1. That definition clearly is Euro-centric colonialist racism!

    2. I don’t think that ‘mural’ should apply to ceilings either, but that’s just based on the etymology from Latin.

  7. It would be halarious if someone painted a question mark after that.

  8. I suppose they are going to use black asphalt?

  9. Just make it another George Floyd Memorial Square; let the drivers figure out their own way around it. Perhaps it could be another autonomous zone sans police.

    [Disclaimer: we have to let such places descend into ruin before life can begin to make sense again; this goes for Baltimore, Minneapolis, Portland, et al]

  10. Are New Jersey drivers so bad they can’t see the remaining white stripes? Wait, don’t answer that.

    Was it impossible to just grind away the paint and repaint the stripes?

    I’m not for or against the mural. I don’t care either way. The original artists probably ought to have reduced the font just a tad to fit inside the lines but whatever. At this point, shouldn’t the question be “what’s the cheapest and easiest way to make the road safe to drive?”

    Oh, wait, it’s Jersey, I’m sure that’s not the goal at all.

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