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Ava Antibody Explains

A timely new children's book on vaccines and antibodies


Ava, the fetching and friendly blue antibody, is the protagonist of Ava Antibody Explains, a timely children's book written by Andrea Cudd Alemanni and delightfully illustrated by Roman Diaz. Ava is a big player on the body's immune system team, a force that fights off villains such as the virus Charlie Chickenpox.

Vaccines, the book explains, tell Ava what Charlie looks like so he can't sneak past her. Because Ashley had her Chickenpox vaccine last year, Charlie couldn't invade her body: When he tried, Ava and her teammates identified and stopped him before he could make her sick. Ava also explains that "Getting the vaccine helps you keep your friends healthy, too!" Since your antibodies protect you, you won't accidentally pass bad actors like Charlie on to other kids whose antibodies don't yet recognize him.