Brickbat: Foul Call


California's John Burroughs High School has suspended the entire varsity baseball team from practice after a photo was shared on social media in which team members were shown not wearing masks and not observing social distancing. The school suspended seniors for two weeks and the other team members for one week. The photo shoot was organized by players' mothers for the annual team photo for the yearbook. "The district and board members decided, or they tried to cancel the whole varsity season as a result of the pictures," said Rory Freck, a senior on the team. "But our athletic director and coach fought for us, and they compromised on a two-week suspension instead."

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  1. Apparently this kids haven’t been indoctrinated enou, er, listened to the science enough. Bet their not woke either. The may need to go to a ‘summer camp’ for some reeducation.

    1. Gives one hope for the future.

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    2. This just goes to highlight how pernicious ideas like “freedom” truly are. All it took was one year away from the indoctrination camps for these punks to get all kinds of weird ideas in their heads. Next they’ll start posting unapproved opinions online like that even “nazis” (defined as anyone to the right of Joseph Stalin) have free speech rights too, or that it’s not right to hate people because of differences in political opinion. I’m sure some of these little shits might even think The Last Jedi was a bad movie. I hope The State rectifies this situation ASAP. /sarc

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  2. Take me out to the ball game. Take me out BUT WITH NO CROWD.

    I’m beginning to suspect officials don’t understand the mechanics of team sports.

    1. In baseball all players need to be at least 60 feet apart.

      1. 60 feet 6 inches.

    2. If they understood the mechanics of team sports they wouldn’t have become nerds.

  3. And do you know who else demanded a piece of cloth be worn at all times?

    1. My local convenience store. The sign said “shirt and shoes required”. No mention of pants. Go figure.

      1. As a rebellious yout, my buddy and I went into BK without pants on, the manager was amused and we were allowed to eat in the dining room.

        1. Now you’d probably have the cops called on you.

          Because there will be no joking around! You WILL take everything super, duper, seriously and sarcasm like that will NOT be tolerated, OR ELSE!

        2. Yah, probably about 18 months old, amirite?

  4. There are literally dozens and dozens of rules these players have to follow in order to play a game. They have to wear uniforms. They have to follow the rules of baseball. They havw show up on time, etc. None of those rules have anything much to do with life and death. But they follow the rules and I would imagine they wpuld be pissed if other teams weren’t following the rules. These same people would probably demand suspensions and game forfeitures if the other teams weren’t abiding by the rules. And them there are the informal rules of baseball like not shit talking after jacking a homerun. So I’ve got not much sympathy for these mfers. I’m glad they weren’t punished too severely is about all I can say.

    1. I kinda like the informal rule about not taking a shit on the plate after jacking a homerun and I would definitely call “foul” if antone did that.

      But seriously, what part of “team photo” do you not get? It’s hard to take one while (anti)social-distancing and kind of pointless if everyone is wearing a mask.

      Oh that’s right, you’ve never been on any teams. The only team you like is the one that photoshops individual photos into a group pic (mostly because at least half of the players in the photo have already been shot or sent to a gulag).

      1. antone = anyone

        Sorry Antone, didn’t mean to cast any aspersions upon you.

    2. Those arbitrary rules are imposed on the field and by the umpires. That makes them categorically different from arbitrary rules imposed retroactively by school bureaucrats.

    3. A rule exists, ergo, the rule is good. Everything you say, on any topic, is a whole hearted endorsement of authoritarianism. Your reckoning cannot come soon enough, motherfucker.

    4. What a piece of shit.

    5. Wearing masks doesn’t have anything much to do with life and death for 14 – 18 year olds either.

      1. But , don’t you understand, it’s a rule, and must be followed blindly.

    6. This does illustrate a significant difference among us:

      Progressives, most Democrats, and authoritarians:

      People do not behave as the “should*”
      There need to be rules
      They need to be made to follow them.


      I won’t fuck with you; don’t fuck with me. Beyond that just mind your own business.

      *they’ll let you know

    7. Build your own baseball team!

  5. Well, that ought to teach them a valuable lesson: always follow the demands of your Betters no matter how ridiculous they sound, and never ever question The Science.

    You’d think the previous 12 years or so of indoctrination, err, I mean “schooling” would have taught them that but apparently not.

    1. So there is hope…

  6. In all fairness, the catcher should have been wearing a mask.

  7. Time to start smashing shit with the bats you no longer need for sports.

  8. No irony lost on the administrators that the namesake of their school, John Burroughs, would have taken a very dim view of such nonsense.

  9. Me personally the 2000s was the most balanced league when it comes to officiating. I know people are going to bring up the Sacramento and Lakers series in 2001 however, from a totality perspective it was balanced. Defense was physical and getting basketball were alot harder. I think that the NBA commissioner has fallen in love with this new style of play that steph revolutionized and has made it more appealing for those types of finesse players.

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