Biden Goes Big

Somehow, policy makers slid from "never waste a crisis" to "everything is a crisis," a development that is particularly irksome during an actual crisis.


"We need to act big," declared Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in a February 4 interview with Good Morning America about COVID spending. The next day Vice President Kamala Harris took those words to heart, wielding her tie-breaking vote to push a package worth nearly $2 trillion through the split Senate, ignoring the official Republican counterproposal to spend a mere $618 -billion.

But the right was far from united behind that smaller (yet still massive) package. The same morning Yellen was on TV, conservative columnist David Brooks was in The New York Times declaring "Biden Is Right To Go Big." This, of course, was after outgoing President Donald Trump left the country with budget deficits so large that the y-axis on every chart had to be adjusted.

The stated excuse for the spending bonanza is that this is a genuinely unprecedented situation. As Sen. Mitt Romney (R–Utah) put it during a previous relief bill debate, "I happen to be a deficit hawk. I don't like borrowing money. I don't like spending money we don't have. But the time to borrow money—maybe the only time to borrow money—is when there is a crisis, and this is a crisis."

But President Joe Biden's agenda is not just about borrowing money to handle the fallout from the pandemic. Somehow, policy makers slid from "never waste a crisis" to "everything is a crisis," a development that is particularly irksome during an actual crisis.

As he announced his economic team in December, Biden went off-script to make this chillingly casual remark: "You know, the Founders were pretty smart….There's a reason why all the states and localities have to have a balanced budget, but we're allowed federally to run a deficit in order to deal with crises and emergencies, as we have in the past." That line wasn't written into his script; it was a peek at the cud the man was chewing at the moment. "We should be investing in deficit spending in order to generate economic growth," he went on.

To Biden—and indeed to nearly all of the mainstream Democratic Party, and much of the Republican Party as well—nearly every policy priority seems to be justified by a crisis large enough to win the Founders' hypothetical benediction to take on spreadsheet-breaking amounts of debt. Leaving aside the dubious historical validity of such a claim about our bewigged forebears, such statements reveal where the new president and his party are searching for rationalizations for what they are about to do.

Biden's plans are enormous and wide-ranging. His $1.3 trillion infrastructure proposal is large enough that every week will once again be infrastructure week. There's $2 trillion in spending for an environmental initiative helmed by not one but two climate change czars. A relative moderate on health care compared to the rest of the Democratic field, Biden plans merely to expand eligibility for and the amount of subsidies available through the Affordable Care Act, at a cost of about $750 billion over a decade. With student debt, the new president has already paused repayment requirements on $1.7 trillion in student loans. He is now pushing Congress to enact loan forgiveness as well, though he has so far declined to go along with more radical proposals for an executive order offering $50,000 in amnesty per person.

Then there are the plans that have less obvious price tags but represent a significant cost in terms of lost growth or hampered innovation, such as rollbacks of previous deregulation; a $15 minimum wage; and the administration's ambitious yet vague net-zero emissions goals.

All of this may well activate some small-government muscle memory in parts of the GOP. But by embracing or at least tolerating Trump's highhandedness and free spending—not to mention earlier Republicans' lack of fiscal discipline—the party traded away a significant portion of its ability to credibly object to big increases in spending and in the scope of the state. And many of the party's more consistent fiscal hawks flew the coop as the last administration wore them down, so there simply may not be the manpower on the Hill to take a productive stand on this issue. Instead, the field is occupied by a new breed of Trumpian Republicans, like Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley (see page 20), who are more than happy to spend and regulate their way to populist authoritarian ends.

Meanwhile, as Biden staffs his administration with old stalwarts, he is running into a weirdly parallel problem: It wasn't so long ago that fiscal vigilance and balancing budgets were solidly within his party's Overton window. Bill Clinton was celebrated for his presidential prowess on this front, and Barack Obama kicked off his first term with a summit on "fiscal responsibility."

Some of the people Biden initially signaled he might bring into his leadership team lost out because of their historical affiliation with such now-outdated notions. The appointment of longtime policy adviser Bruce Reed to a position of responsibility in the new administration was blocked, for instance, because of his scandalous involvement with the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform years ago.

The combination of the political economy of constant crisis and the vague cover afforded by trendy Modern Monetary Theory—which posits that an economic powerhouse in possession of a global reserve currency doesn't have to worry about deficits because it can always just create more money—makes fretting about debt seem passé and even a bit embarrassing to today's Democratic movers and shakers.

But convenient new conventional wisdom does not change the facts that debt comes due and that reversing the ratchet in the growth of government is very nearly impossible. There may well be a post-COVID economic boom. But the more the government spends, the harder it will be to grow our way out of the hole we've dug.

Libertarians, perhaps more than most, value consistency both across time and across topics. Neither major party has a clean record on debt and deficits at this point. There are still people in both parties who are old enough to remember when fiscal restraint was more than a rhetorical cudgel to be wielded opportunistically. But if old-style small-government Republicans or revivified Clintonites do find their footing in the swamp, there will still be the matter of whether there will be enough of them, whether they can be trusted—and whether there's anything they can do to turn the tide.

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  1. Is it wrong to expect inflation. Maybe I should quit shop rite and get a better job.

    1. Things have gotten strange. Normally with this much new borrowing you’d expect bond holders to demand higher interest rates, which then ripple through the economy as inflation, but that’s not happening. The old rules don’t apply anymore.

      1. Gotta put all that cash somewhere.

        1. “We should be investing in deficit spending…”


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      2. Ralph Fucetola says interest on T bills is now negative, because holders think they’ll be safer from confiscation than cash.

      3. I actual people were buying the bonds, you would be right.
        But it the fed, who just doesn’t give a damn.

    2. Keep throwing that stimulus cash into bitcoin.

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      1. Learn to code

        1. Then code us all an edit button.

          1. I’d settle for an ignore button.

            1. Yea, we know. You should cry about it more though, someone might have missed it.

            2. It’s called scrolling dude.

              1. That is why there are those vertical dashed lines. As soon as I see certain handles, I start the scrolling.

  2. Who could have known. Reasons editors were caught by surprise like the rest of us im sure.

    1. See https://reason.com/2020/01/01/trumps-inartful-dodges/#comment-8068520 , where
      Der JesseBahnFuhrer says, of Trump, “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”

      Hey JesseBahnFuhrer! Is this statement of yours, above, now applicable to Biden? Or is only Dear Leader Der TrumpfenFuhrer qualified to be our dictator? If so, why?

      1. Youre continuing with full shit eating retard. Good for you. Amazing how after having links dating back to the 1800s regarding the language of unbound powers you still are too stupid to get it.

        Stop drinking sarcasmic. Well, at least you’ll have 1400 more dollars to get hammered. So good for you. Your bae biden worked out well for you.

        1. You never answer my question! And you NEVER apologize for, or even merely take BACK, the way-wrong, totally over-broad hyperboles (AKA LIES!) that you shit out! You are PERFECT in Your Own Eyes, aren’t You, Evil One Junior? Does your shit even, EVER stink? Even a tiny bit?

          Simple question: Is Der BidenFuhrer now “… not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed?”

          1. JesseAz isn’t interested in ideas, conversation or debate. All he cares about is “scoring points.” He will never agree with anyone he doesn’t like, no matter how right they are.

            All he will do is intentionally misconstrue your words while levying childish insults.

            Please, for the love of Pete, ignore him. He’s a troll. Nothing more.

            Every time you reply you patting the puppy on the head. Ignore it. Perhaps when starved for attention is will find another forum to shit on.

            1. Lol. Watch put buddy, you’re gonna fuck up yet again on your sock.

              Run out to the nearest liquor store. You earned that 1400 in drinks by wanting Biden in office.

            2. You are right I should do that. It is just too tempting sometimes to expose what a dishonest shill Jesse is. Plus he continually relies on the Big Lie technique, where he repeats his dishonesty so often and so frequently that after a while no one remembers the truth, only Jesse’s lying version of it. So that does have to be corrected. But the rest of it is just juvenile nonsense, you are right.

              1. Says Lying Jeffy with a straight face.

              2. The only people who believe his Big Lies are fellow trolls who want to be one of the cool kids who are only cool because they’re mean.

                Fuck ’em. If someone believes the lies then they’re not worth a conversation anyway.

                1. Won’t someone love me? I’ll even settle for a fat fifty-center like chemjeff.
                  What’s it called when you have beer goggles but for internet posters?

              3. “what a dishonest shill Jesse is”

                As a literal paid shill who actually makes his livelihood by lying on boards and news comment sections, believe me I know.

          2. Hi sarcasmic,

            I’ve finally developed the self-discipline to ignore Tulpa, who is actually a worse troll than Der JesseBahnFuhrer.

            Der JesseBahnFurher is more dangerous, in that it actually posts links from time to time, and sounds VAGUELY informed. “A little knowledge is dangerous”. For those few readers who have even vaguely open minds… Especially new readers… I like to warn them about totally self-righteous, rigid-minded assholes here, whose lies should be ignored… They have NO credibility, even when they pretend to have some! AKA, Der JesseBahnFurher, Rob Misek, and Nadless Nardless the Nasty NAZI come to mind, for examples!

            1. Youre ignorant of almost everything sarcasmic. Stop pretending you have any morals. You sold your morals for a 1400 dollar check.

              1. JesseSPAZ, as a grade-school bully, would steal the other kids’ lunch money. When confronted about it, he would say, “But there is no controlling legal authority above me”, and other oh-sooooo-deep legalese bullshit! And then skitter away, to do it again the next time!
                “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”
                Reminds me of ol’ Prez Clinton and “there is no controlling legal authority above me”. Clinton-Gore logic!
                “Gore had no real defense, so he trotted out a phony one: There was, he infamously claimed, “no controlling legal authority.” What he meant was that there weren’t many court decisions interpreting the meaning of Section 607. It was laughable. The rule of thumb for judges, as for the rest of us, is that laws are construed to mean what they say, the ordinary, everyday understanding of the words. ”

                Plain written laws and Constitutional writings don’t mean what they say, unless JesseSPAZ agrees with them. Otherwise, he’ll trot out some Al-Gore-like bullshit, and then skitter away.

                1. These Sqrlsy posts are still somewhat readable. Retarded nonetheless, but you can understand it.
                  I guess it’s too early for sarcasmic’s usual Sqrlsy drunkposting rants.

            2. What I do is before I even read the comments I scroll up and down flagging all the assholes’ comment. Then I begin to read. Granted it’s impossible to not unintentionally read some of their shit, but you’ve got to flag them all, refresh, and then start reading.


                …I’m just so very lonely.

            3. For those few readers who have even vaguely open minds… Especially new readers… I like to warn them about totally self-righteous, rigid-minded assholes here, whose lies should be ignored…

              Readers can figure that out for themselves. When someone posts something like “Fuck off and die you useless drunken incestuous pedophile!” to every one of my comments, anyone with a brain can tell that it’s them with the problem, not me.

              1. No shithead, you are the one with the problem. You and your dozen sock accounts and your alcohol problem. Also flagging doesn’t work.

                1. You resent the hell out of the fact that many other people are flat-out, better, more honest people than you are, right? More “live and let live”, and WAAAY less authoritarian?
                  From the conclusion to the above…
                  These findings suggest that we don’t need to downplay personal triumphs to avoid negative social consequences, as long as we make it clear that we don’t look down on others as a result.

                  SQRLSY back here now… So, I do NOT want you to feel BAD about YOU being an asshole, and me NOT being one! PLEASE feel GOOD about you being an asshole! You do NOT need to push me (or other REAL lovers of personal liberty) down, so that you can feel better about being an asshole! EVERYONE ADORES you for being that asshole that you are, because, well, because you are YOU! FEEL that self-esteem, now!

                  1. Wow!

                    1. Momma’s MAD and JEALOUS because you do not understand how to post WALLS OF TEXT to annoy and irritate people who are having KKKonversations. Momma doesn’t know sarcasmic has more sockpuppets than just me and KillAllRednecks because momma is a stupid Trumptatorshit sir-I-won’t-take-my-medication-sir.

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                  2. Reaching Hinh levels now.

                    1. Wow, what literary genius! Did your Mommy help you write that?

                    2. Der mpercyBummFurher is more dangerous, in that it actually posts links from time to time, and sounds VAGUELY informed. “A little knowledge is dangerous” and my knowledge is very little. For those few readers who have even vaguely closed minds… Especially new breeders… I like to warn them about totally self-righteous, rigid-minded assholes here, whose lies should be ignored… They have NO credibility… Mickey Mouse, Uncle Screwtape, Napoleon Bonaparte, the King of Two Sicilys, my Uncle Bobby who said it was just going to be a fishing trip and then he kissed me… the taste of a warm turd on a cold morning.

          3. What question sarcasmic? That you dont understand the constitution?

            Appointment power is bound, it requires consent of the senate. It is a two step power.

            Firing political appointees is unbound, congress can not modify the capability of the president to fire someone. This was all said in the thread you linked.

            This language goes back to the founding. Anyone who has done any learning on the constitution understands the distinction.

            But you’re such a raging alcoholic you can’t.

            It is that simple.

            1. “Firing political appointees is unbound…”

              So Der TrumpfenFuhrer could have done all of the below, and no one could have called Him on it…


              JesseSPAZ comment: “He can fire political appointees for any fucking reason he wants.” With Respect to Der TrumpfenFuhrer, of course!
              Jesse’s over-archingly lusting after the super-powers of the Trumptatorshit YET AGAIN!!!
              Trump can fire them for not assigning their entire paychecks to Trump… For not licking Trump’s balls as much as JesseSPAZ does… For turning down Trump’s requests for then to perform personal murder-for-hire… For having fucked Stormy Daniels out of turn, when it was Trump’s turn… For Air Force Captain-Sir-Dude-Sir-Pilot-Sir refusing orders to go and bomb Nancy Pelosi’s house…

              Just when I was rooting for JesseSPAZ to turn from his evil ways, he doubles down on Trumptatorshit-worship AGAIN!

              JesseBahnFuhrer… Are you now “good with it” that Der BidenFuhrer should have all those same powers?

              1. JesseBahnFuhrer has SEXUAL POWERS that I desire and crave as I would eat his shit AGAIN!

                The Auschwitz Ostrich is a tale I read when I worship Hitler’s bunker with the calico cat. Supper time:

                JesseSPAZ comment: “You shouldn’t eat shit sarcasmic.” With Respect to Der TrumpfenFuhrer, of course!
                Jesse’s over-archingly lusting after the super-powers of the SQRLSYshitEATER YET AGAIN!!!

                1. Eight at once!

                  1. Some seem to be parody, or else sarcasmic/Sqrlsy just got really honest.

                    1. Not worth trying to straighten it out.

                    2. Lower case o on one.

      2. Now now Sqrlsy you know the rules. Only Jesse is allowed to dredge up old quotes and use them as a basis to mock people. When it happens to him, it’s totally unfair.

        1. It’s gotten so bad that I have to rely on sarcasmic and SQRLSY trollfests to interrupt the others when they’re making me look like a dishonest idiot.

          1. Oh look it’s my mirror-universe doppelganger.

            Why do you support socialism, when it is such a destructive ideology?

            1. Why do you support socialism?

            2. I call it radical individualism and pretend I’m not actually a common garden-verity Marxist and that I dislike socialism.

    2. “Who could have known”

      Each and every person who read the democratic party platform?

      (is there a prize?)

  3. conservative columnist David Brooks was in The New York Times

    Lol. If you ever want to know if someone is a closer liberL, you can tell by then calling Brooks, Nvarro, or Rubin a conservative.

    1. Closet liberal*

    2. Or Max Boot, or Bill Kristol.

      It’s interesting how NYT house conservatives are all just frumpy contrarian versions of establishment liberals.

  4. In completely OT news, The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) announced Friday the introduction of three new banknotes: 200,000, 500,000 and one million bolivars.

    But with inflation skyrocketing, the highest denominated bill has a value of just $0.52 cents (€0.44 cents), according to the official rate.

    The very best part of this article is the little explainer at the end:

    Why is Venezuela’s economy struggling?
    For the past seven years, sanctions imposed by the United States, European Union and other nations on gold mining, state-owned oil operations and other business transactions have battered the South American country.

    mmwaah /chef’s kiss

    1. Zimbabwe is supposed to be a cautionary tale, not a blueprint.

      1. But you got your 1400 dollars so youre happy. At least no mean tweets right buddy?

        1. So, let’s examine the mental model behind your comment. You are implying sarcasmic voted for Biden over Trump because he wanted a money handout from a liberal administration.

          Even if your assumptions about sarcasmic were true you have the inconvenient problem that Donald Trump was the one pushing for larger ($2000) stimulus checks back in December.

          1. There is not mental model behind any of his comments other than to lie about what someone said and then garnish with a personal attack. He’s a troll who has never added anything of substance to any conversation. Flag, refresh, move on.

            1. OK, I will try today.

              1. Why don’t you try it with everyone besides sarc and sqrl (I repeat myself)

              2. You didn’t try very hard. You let the master baiters make you dance like a puppet on a string. You wrestled in the mud with pigs and got dirty while they enjoyed it.

                You will never get an honest conversation from any of them (we all know who they are), so why try?

              3. Tony is obtuse but he doesn’t throw insults and lies like these adult children.

                Tony is civilized compared to these trolls.

                Stop feeding them.

                1. “Tony is obtuse but he doesn’t throw insults”

                  He says un-ironically.

          2. $600 + $1400 = $2000. So the total stimulus is still what Trump wanted, only now Biden gets to run to the front of the parade and claim credit.

            1. Wow so you can add numbers, put that on your resume.

              1. Hey, a lot of people in our government cannot.

                1. All you lefties claimed that Trump only did that to throw a wrench in the works and keep the bill from getting passed before the election.


          3. So, let’s examine the mental model behind your comment… Donald Trump was the one pushing for larger ($2000) stimulus check

            Remember how I used to pretend that I wasn’t paid to troll and propagandize for the DNC here?

            1. Yes, Trump and the GOP shouldn’t have been so stupid as to even mildly support the stimulus. That complaint completely lays ignorance to the DNC who wrote 87% of the Cares Act. Who constantly voted to increase that stimulus.

              Then lets not forget the ignorance it takes to pretend Trump pushing for more for the people and less for the government chicken-sh*ts was still the same total amount.

              It takes a truly astonishing amount of ignorance to be a Democrat.

          4. “you have the inconvenient problem that Donald Trump was the one pushing for larger ($2000) stimulus checks back in December.”

            Less than a quarter of this bill is for individual stimulus checks. The rest is mostly pork to reward Democratic cronies. AND the reason the bill DT wanted was killed and replaced with one with only $600 was that the Democrats in the House would not consider any bill that didn’t give much more to their cronies than to the people.

      2. “Revolution transcends borders; the freedom of oppressed people and people of color is all bound up together wherever we are. In Cuba, South Africa, Palestine, Angola, Tanzania, Mozambique, Grenada, Venezuela, Haiti, African America,”

        BLM letter on death of Fidel Castro… “Fidel vive!” says BLM

    2. I have no idea why a discussion of the US spending insane amounts of money made me think of Venezuela’s hyperinflation.

      1. I listened to a podcast recently on why we’re not seeing inflation. It was interesting. I’ll see if I can find it if you’re interested. The gist of it was that people who invest in bonds normally demand higher interest rates when the government issues shit-tons of debt, but they aren’t this time around. With low interest rates we get low inflation. It’s like the old rule book has been thrown out the window.

        1. The gist of it was that people who invest in bonds normally demand higher interest rates when the government issues shit-tons of debt, but they aren’t this time around.

          Because those people are just happy to be alive?

        2. Only a god damned fool would actually believe that real investors have suddenly decided for some reason that they’re satisfied with getting absolutely no returns at all on their investments. That might apply to the Fed, who doesn’t truly count as an “investor” the way normal people think of it, but it certainly doesn’t apply to real investors. I don’t think even you’re stupid enough to actually believe this.

          The reasons why the house of cards is holding so far are primarily because much of the rest of the world is inflating rapidly right along with us, and because the U.S. dollar is still considered the top king of the global currency garbage pile. If tha latter ever changes, that’s when we’re royally fucked.

          1. “I don’t think even you’re stupid enough to actually believe this.”

            You know you’re responding to sarc, right?

          2. Listen to the podcast. I put a link to it below. Argue with it, not me.

        3. No one is buying bonds except the Fed.

          You sound like Richard Murphy

          1. That’s not true. Listen to the podcast. Unless you already know everything. In which case for fuck’s sake don’t listen!

        4. its because for now all the funny money is going to specific markets and not general goods and services.

          there’s “no inflation” if you ignore the price of financial instruments and real estate, and a few other things i reckon

        5. “I listened to a podcast recently on why we’re not seeing inflation.”

          False premise. Have you not been paying attention to the prices of what you buy? Prices of food and most other things on my weekly budget are rising sharply. If government statistics say otherwise, they are massaging them to get what they want, rather than the reality.

      2. Found it.


        Yeah, yeah, yeah it’s NPR I know. Cue the “Only leftists listen to NPR you leftist leftist!” comments from the usual retards.

        That doesn’t mean it’s not informative.

        1. My upstairs neighbor only listens to NPR and MSNBC. He’s fucking nuts.

          I don’t know if one causes the other or vice versa. It could be coincidence but I don’t have enough data yet.

          1. NPR’s opinion pieces are definitely slanted, but the news is fairly balanced.

          2. I listen to it while I’m driving because I hate constant commercials more than their obvious love for Democrats.

          3. I listen to it while I’m driving because I hate constant commercials more than their obvious love for Democrats.

            1. Spaz why don’t you wait a minute before hitting the Submit button, otherwise the rest of us will be forced to smack you twice as much.

            2. Classic rock or just nothing for me in the car. I don’t watch TV news either but my wife sometimes puts CNN on in the background because the dogs seem to like it. I guess English labradors are liberals.

              1. NPR, college radio, Pandora, or (yes I’m a dinosaur) compact discs.

                1. In the opposite order.

          4. I don’t know if one causes the other or vice versa. It could be coincidence but I don’t have enough data yet.

            Any fan of MSNBS is a terminally emotional progressive. It’s constant outrage, all the time.

          5. Does he have a “If you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention” bumper sticker?

            1. He doesn’t believe in bumper stickers, but he may have it on a T-shirt.

        2. Today on the show, when everything changed. Why the government stopped being scared of borrowing. And how we make sense of this new world.

          Any time I hear people talking about how things have fundamentally changed and why history doesn’t matter any more, the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It’s why I cancelled my Forbes subscription back around 1998 when they got fully into the internet revolution and explained why old-fashioned P/E ratios didn’t matter any more and why Pets.com was really worth 80 billion dollars (or whatever the fuck its market cap was).

          1. Listened to it all? It’s cringe worthy. Before they get into a tiny bit of detail that might be informative depending on who you are, they waste 12+ minutes being staggered at the “new normal” we all must accept. First 60% also have a “bonds bad” undertone.

            1. Oh and then they conclude this was good and ain’t gonna backfire. Disgusting. “We didn’t spend enough”. God, they’re gonna have a rough awakening.

              I also now know what level of mental processing sheepcasmic really operates on.

        3. That podcast is a pain to listen to. Sheep talking about the mysterious ways of the universe that they can’t ever comprehend. That’s why THEY have to tell ME how much a Trillion is 😀

          Also they speak slowly, like they think. Where is the playback speed setting?

        4. If I wanted to help the Dems, I would spread simple minded bs like this podcast, sheepcasmic.

    3. That’s weird, I thought Venezuela was struggling because they have a bus driver turned authoritarian communist autocrat running their country. That he and his predecessor ‘nationalized’ (stole) their one profitable industry, fired all the professionals who ran it, and replaced them with their political cronies.

      1. Every now and then I catch a bit of “Democracy Now” on the local college station. These people honestly believe that all of Venezuela’s woes are caused by sanctions and capitalist interference. The show should be called “Communism Now.”

        1. Sounds like your kind of show, skeetch.

        2. That, and I think there used to be a radio show called “Latino USA” out of Berkeley. Besides all the socialists they did that thing where they talk in a plain American accent but go full, *heavy* Latino accent whenever pronouncing a Spanish word.

      2. Chavez was a populist running against what really was a corrupt unpopular government.

        Populists are generally terrible when it comes to actual governing both those on the left or right. The goal is to overturn the system but it stops there. Then they turn to authoritarian tactics in order to maintain control.

        I am glad I am not a young person in today’s world. Government is out of control and our social norms are down to banning Dr Seus.

        1. This is the dark side of populism that the Trump-MAGA crowd doesn’t seem to understand. Historically populists have been left-wing movements and it’s not hard to see why. Populism feeds on perpetual grievance that there is some cabal of assholes somewhere exploiting the masses, and that the people, through sheer strength of numbers, demand justice. That is the thinking that animates socialist revolutions, for “the people” to take back “what is rightfully theirs” from the capitalist big-wigs. What does the Trump-MAGA crowd think will happen when this populist genie is fully out of the bottle in this country? Do they think that the populist masses will NOT follow in similar footsteps and start demanding “justice” for their grievances, using sheer force of numbers as “proof” that their cause is just?

          1. We should only have professional life time bureaucrats in charge.

          2. You guys don’t seem to understand it either – hence why SJW’s are constantly doing struggle sessions.

          3. Historically populists

            That is the thinking that animates socialist revolutions, for “the people” to take back “what is rightfully theirs” from the capitalist big-wigs.

            It’s bizarre how you conflate monarchs, dictators, and capitalists through ‘historically’. Populism doesn’t necessarily or exactly attack the capitalists. There were plenty of capitalists and industry magnates that rose with and survived the Nazis. If you don’t wear their clothes or drive their cars, you probably know someone who does. The East India Tea Company survived dozens of popular uprisings around the globe and even when they lost, it’s not like the TOP MEN were rounded up and burned at the stake.

        2. Echospinner….Hope your relocation has worked out, and that you are enjoying your grandchildren.

          1. It is awesome. My son in law chopped up some firewood and we bought a new fire pit for his birthday present so we are going over there for a campfire and s’mores later.

            Thanks for asking. Hope all is well for you and yours.

  5. Wow, this place has gone to the dumps. Good job Matt Welch, you’ve turned this place to Free Republic or Red State. Funny the folks you catered to, I hope you’re proud of yourself.

    1. Lol. Look at the person who can’t criticize a 2 trillion leftist give away saying this site isn’t libertarian. Lol.

      1. Speak of the devil.

        1. Boohoo, the other commenters aren’t reinforcing my narrative like at Huffpo.

    2. Weird your name is market thugs and not government thugs; you know, the actual thugs who wield the monopoly of force and can take your shit and throw you in a cage. Dumbfuck.

      1. Critical thinking is lost on you.

        1. Because regurgitating recieved wisdom is the height of critical thinking.

    3. They did have an article criticizing fascist traitor Josh Hawley yesterday. All the Trump worshipping traitors got their panties in a bunch.

      I don’t understand how anyone who has a libertarian bone in their body could have a problem with them criticizing all the government spending on bullshit.

      1. My magic underwear is in a bunch

    4. I thought you died, Hihn?

  6. But pity our poor leaders!

    The average American responds to issues outside their immediate family circle in one of two modes: apathy or panic. A few people are stuck in one mode, but most can flip.

    Now libertarians would probably endorse apathy, especially with a matching hands-off government. But activists, by definition, want us to DO SOMETHING!, and in a democratic system, need to flip more people into panic mode. BTW, “woke” is nothing more than chronic panic.

    And don’t forget the role of media, which have their own self-serving reasons to encourage panic. It should be no surprise that the politics of media and activists align, since nobody reads the Apathy Times.

  7. It’s not real money, just numbers on paper.

    1. Sadly, it’s still what I have to pay my bills with. :-\

  8. Democrats blocked an amendment to stop these checks sarcasmic loves from going to prisoners. Dylan roof, tsaernev, and others on death row.

    Good work mean tweet haters.

    1. I could see it improving safety in the prisons.

      1. So youre just dumb.

        No way will prisoners extort other prisoners for their new funds. Could never happen.

        Amazing what you defend.

      2. Could buy a whole lot of Little Debbie’s snacks with that.I hear those are like gold in prisons.

    2. This is typical political behavior by both teams to use amendments on budget reconciliation to try to embarrass the other team. Team Blue did the same thing to Team Red when they tried Obamacare repeal in 2017 via reconciliation. That’s because the reconciliation procedure itself permits unlimited amendments. There were almost 200 amendments proposed in 2017. So they are all just stunts for the purposes of generating negative campaign ads in the next election. “Senator Bumblefuck voted to send taxpayer money to CRIMINALS!!!! You should be OUTRAGED!!!” It’s cynical and stupid, but that is what is happening.

      1. Seems like a reasonable amendment to vote for in this case though, no?

        1. Why don’t you explain your thinking behind why you think the amendment is a good idea. It might help if we knew exactly what the amendment was, as well.

          1. Gee what a surprise, R Mac isn’t going to bother engaging in a constructive dialogue on the subject. The only reason he asks me a question is to try to use the answer in an attempt to troll me. He won’t provide an answer himself because he doesn’t care about the answer or the conversation, only about the trolling.

            1. I wasn’t aware there was a 20 minute time limit on responses. Meanwhile you responded to my question without answering it, put words in my mouth, and then threw a fit I didn’t answer YOUR question fast enough.

              Yet I’m the one not trying to have an honest conversation? You’re fucking pathetic. Now cry more.

              1. Of course I didn’t answer your question because I know you, it is not offered in good faith. This is you being Lucy daring me to kick the football yet again. “Oh here is R Mac, pretending to ask a question to elicit a sincere response and generate a discussion, but – surprise – it ‘s just to troll you!” Well fuck off I am done playing your games. You responded exactly as I expected you to.

              2. Yet I’m the one not trying to have an honest conversation?

                When was the last time you actually made a sincere argument about anything around here?

                1. https://reason.com/2021/03/07/biden-goes-big/#comment-8796044

                  This was a legit question, and you responded like a spaz.

            2. Because R Mac not responding to me within 20 minutes of my posting here obviously means he’s dodging my question.

              No, I’m not very honest. Why do you ask?

              1. Wow, that’s some timely coordination between the right-wingers around here.

                1. Or it was obvious to everyone that crying about someone not responding in 20 minutes was just you trolling while also playing the victim so two people pointed it out.

                  1. Notice how I deflected from my own fuckup to criticize others pointing it out.

        2. As was the amendment that stripped out all non COVID-related items (leaving a $650B bill). We can certainly argue even that was not needed, but none of the extra $1T is even tangentially COVID-related, certainly not any need for crisis spending.

          Saw where some fact-checkers are saying “But the Pelosi subway and Schumer bridge was first proposed in Trump’s term.” As if that somehow justifies it. If it was proposed in Trumps’ term, it can certainly wait for normal order of business and not get rammed through (* yes, it seems these two things got removed); the same argument can be made for $15 minimum wage and all the other crap that Democrats insisted on cramming into the POS bill.

          1. It’s all crisis, all the time now.

    1. You need to get off Twitter. It’s rotting your brain.

      1. What, he might turn into a closet leftist like you?

        1. With your help I could see that happening. You guys are assholes.

          1. Lol. Which side is advocating re education camps again?

            God you people are so self unaware.

      2. It really is like crystal meth. I can’t even have a conversation with my son about anything political anymore because he picks up so much crap from Twitter.

        1. All you do is preach submission to leftism and the gospel of “progress”.
          You’re passive aggressive totalitarian trash who consistently lies.
          Die soon.

        2. Calmly and methodically debunk every retarded thing he’s being fed from that cesspool of useful idiots, it’s what I’m having to do with my teenage son as well. It’s frustrating but needed, they’re minds of mush.

          1. He is an adult now but it’s not worth arguing about. Look I’m a libertarian which makes me a kook to most of the population anyway so who am I to argue.

            1. Yes this! REAL libertarians learn this over the years, that we MUST roll with the punches! Our kind of thinking will take over when, if ever? Maybe after the whole current system falls apart, or they genetically re-program us to actually THINK instead of reacting to our instincts and emotions from our lizard brains and monkey brains and hunter-gatherer brains… I just don’t know any more!

      3. Lol

        Let’s not pay attention to corporate racialist psychological warfare, because…?

        1. “Modern nazism is no biggie!”

          1. He has done everything he can to excuse his behavior last year.

          2. “Everyone I don’t like is a Nazi!”

            -the wacko left, and Nardz

            1. “I can’t refute that critical race theory is updated nazism, so let’s try to deflect!”

              1. Why don’t you explain why you think critical race theory is “updated Nazism”?

                1. Nobody believes you really want him to explain it, liar.

                  1. I love how you start your comment with “Nobody believes…”, as if to project a false consensus about what the truth of the matter is. You lie from the very first phrase. True to form you offer nothing but trolling. Because you are a COWARD. You are too afraid to offer your own ideas because that would invite criticism of them and you cannot stand that.

                    1. No, sorry, nobody believes you.

                2. Did you come back even after you were forced to admit you lied about what you’ve said in the last month yesterday?

                  1. Look at Jesse, spreading more Big Lies. Maybe if you repeat it 500 more times, the lie will eventually replace the truth.

                    1. People with half a brain should be able to figure out he’s full of shit when all his comments are punctuated with some personal insult.

                    2. “he’s full of shit when all his comments are punctuated with some personal insult.”

                      He says un-ironically.

                3. Critical race theory requires one to define people by race and intrinsic values. Are you this dumb? They literally used the example of being colorblind as being racist.

                  You are a work of leftist idiocy jeff.

                  1. Why don’t you explain where you got this information so I may judge the reliability of it for myself.

                    1. Is this really the first time you’ve heard of critical race theory, and you don’t know what it is?

                    2. It’s been over half an hour with no response. You must be afraid of the question.

  9. https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1368562874776485894?s=19

    I have never even heard of a word being banned from @UrbanDictionary before they banned Blue Anon

  10. Holy shit. Biden trying to explain the bill.


    Guy is not healthy and he is wrong and lying.

    1. Minor stuttering problem.

  11. Well Trump was the clearly better choice if you didn’t want all this Biden Harris left wing nonsense. But you pimped the democrats and now it’s worse than before. All for open borders. Hope that doesn’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

    1. Like all populists Trump had no problem spending other people’s money. The only difference is what they spend it on.

      Republicans and Democrats both want to grow government.

      Libertarians offer another choice but it is tough to be heard in this environment.

      1. You boast that your entire family voted for leftist totalitarianism because your religion is resentment.

      2. When have you ever advocated libertarianism. Yelling both sides when democrats do something like this isn’t liberty dummy.

        1. That’s right. Real Libertarianism is marching lockstep with Team Red.

          1. Lockstep? I’ve criticized most of republican congress for their spending. O called put trump for his as well. I’ve attacked Paul Ryan, Sasse, and others.

            When have you ever criticized the left? Yohre defending 2 + 2 = 5, CRT, and not even criticizing this piece of shit spending.

            Youre such an ideologue posing as a retard. Wait no, you’re a retard. Sorry.

            1. LOL you called out Trump for his spending? You berate anyone who dares to suggest he shares any responsibility for spending in his tenure. Remember “veto-proof bills”? You just did it below.

              1. Why do you keep engaging with someone who is a patented liar, who never argues in good faith, and rains personal insults like an adolescent? Are you really that bored?

                1. You know you’re talking to Lying Jeffy, right?

      3. By the way, here is the idiocy of you and other biden defenders.

        You attacked trump for veto proof budget expenditures. Here we have a 50-49 vote that wouldn’t survive a veto yet you aren’t blaming biden or democrats. You are yelling both sides.

        1. Why shouldn’t Trump be blamed for signing huge bloated budget bills, even if they were veto-proof? No one forced him to sign the bill after all.

          1. See the NDAA you fucking retard. You would rather waste time on fake virtue signaling than anything else.

            1. He vetoed the NDAA for reasons that had very little to do with spending. It was about Section 230 crap.

            2. And there you go, criticizing Trump for signing bloated spending bills even if veto-proof, is “fake virtue signaling”. And then you say you call out Trump for his spending? You’re trying to have it both ways because you are not very bright.

              1. STOP ENGAGING!

                1. Okay you are right.

                  1. He’s a master baiter. He baits you with lies, getting you to want to clarify, but he’s just going to respond with more lies. Then he giggles like a little girl because he’s making you dance like a puppet on string. Don’t be his puppet. Take away his power. DO NOT ENGAGE.

                    Don’t wrestle in the mud with pigs. You get dirty and the pig enjoys it.

                    1. “because he’s making you dance like a puppet on string.”

                      Well this part of your comment is true, lol.

                  2. The same goes for GG, Big Mac and the rest. They enjoy this because they make you dance. Don’t dance. Don’t give in. Just flag and refresh.

                    1. You’re pathetic.

                    2. “Big Mac”

                      I told your wife to keep that nickname between us!

                2. And well I am procrastinating to a significant degree as well.

                  1. Easy to do when you’re unemployed.

                  2. Get that. I’m work on filing taxes.

                    1. Ugh. Don’t even get me started on taxes.

  12. OT, but: Our favorite Reason field correspondent, Nancy Rommelmann, was on the Rubin Roundtable on Friday:


    1. Thanks, I’ll check that out later.

  13. Citizens were horrified when the Federal deficit under President Buchanan ballooned to $17 million! That’s back when $15 was a good monthly wage. Inflation? Fast food clerks will be earning a $1,000,000 per year before we know it.

    1. Except that inflation is linked to interest rates on bonds, which are staying low. Check out the podcast I linked to above.

      1. You are honestly defending this bill as not that bad. Lol.

        Last year you said you always attacked the majority. You have not done so. Amazing.

        1. He’s just waiting for Biden’s first press conference.

      2. And you’re discussing bond prices on a Sunday after a Saturday vote to defend the vote… God damn clown.

      3. Except you have it backwards. Inflation isn’t caused by interest rates on bonds, interest rates on bonds are impacted by inflation. If I loan you one million dollars for 10 years, I won’t ignore inflation. I’ll expect the interest rate we agree upon to make up for the purchasing power lost due to inflation, as well as paying me some return for giving up my money now and taking on the risk that you won’t repay me.

        So either bond purchasers are expecting one heck of a deflationary recession, or the Fed is driving interest rates down below market value by printing money. Neither option is a good sign.

        1. Look at the price of gasoline in the last month if you don’t think we will have inflation.

          1. That’s more rising demand than inflation. People are driving more.

              1. On January 21, everyone decided it was time to start driving more, which accounts entirely for the sharp increase in gas prices.

                I’d love to see some actual numbers on how many more people are driving today, than were driving in December. But I guessing there probably aren’t any that could reasonably account for the increase in prices. I fully expected gas prices to increase over time, as more people went back to work. But around here, it’s jumped about 60 cents a gallon, in less than two months.

        2. You wouldn’t have made that statement if you’d listened to the podcast.

          1. Are they paying you per mention? Because Jesus.

  14. Where’s my check, you racists!?!

  15. “conservative columnist David Brooks”


  16. It seems like practically every day now more allegations come out about this scumbag Cuomo, and not in right-wing media outlets, but in the venerated New York Times and Washington Post.

    And still, the pathetic sorry-ass fake libertarian cretins of Reason have no reaction to any of it except to wring their hands and go “Ooooh nooo, we should only remove politicians for the ‘right reasons’!!” What a contrast from how they talked about the Brett Kavanaugh situation.

    1. I don’t even care about the sexual harassment allegations, because they’re just being used as cover for the fact that Cuomo sent sick people into nursing homes so the left could inflate death numbers to scare the populace into accepting their seizure of power.

    2. What are you taking about? Go listen to last week’s Reason Roundtable. Half of the podcast is nothing but the Reason editorial staff dissing Cuomo mercilessly.

      1. And now defend them for waiting until last week to do so. This should be good. They got the okay since other mainstream media entities began to attack. They are sheep. And so are you. Lol.

        1. That’s right WK, once you are done submitting to Jesse’s latest demands, then he will have some more demands for you shifting the goalposts somewhere else. Because nothing that you actually say matters, he hates you on a personal level and just uses your words as a platform to vent and throw insults at you regardless of what those words are. You could agree with him 100% and he will still fling more insults and poo at you. Because Jesse is not a rational adult, he is a an immature child who never grew out of the sixth grade playground mentality.

          1. It’s been about a month since the zoom call with one of his staff admitting that they lied about nursing home numbers because of Trump. While apologizing to Democrat politicians for any political blowback.

            No matter how much you and Dee cry about it, the contrast in how the different sides of the isle are treated here is stark, and becoming more so.

            1. Oh look, it’s been 40 minutes and Fat Jeff hasn’t responded! He’s not even trying to have a conversation!

              1. Coward.

                1. No cogent response, eh?

                2. So you don’t think the zoom leak should have been covered when it happened? You don’t think Reason ignoring the nursing home scandal for months before that, particularly before the election while most of their coverage was negative towards Trump’s handling of the pandemic is noteworthy?

                  You call me a coward for not discussing issues, but whenever I do, you don’t actually respond to what I say, you just cry about other times that I didn’t and ignore what I’ve said. It’s one of the many ways you’re a dishonest piece of shit.

                  1. That’s what I thought, coward.

                  2. https://reason.com/2020/07/17/andrew-cuomo-coronavirus-response-new-york-failure/

                    “Let’s start with his most egregious misstep. In late March, when COVID-19 measures were still in their nascent stages, not much was known about the virus. One thing that was known, though, was that the elderly were significantly more at risk to die should they contract it. Yet Cuomo issued a mandate requiring nursing homes to accept residents who had tested positive for COVID-19, including those who were still at risk for spreading the disease to others. Since then, around 6,500 people in those facilities—about 6.5 percent of the state’s nursing home population—have died of COVID-19. That’s more than any other state’s total death toll, save for California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Massachusetts.* Cuomo has declined to share which nursing homes were affected. The directive was not reversed until May 10.”

                    1. *counts on fingers*

                      Four months before the election, 8 months later a month after the leak. I appreciate you continuing to do my cites for me on this issue.

                    2. Yes, I’ve helped prove you are full of captiousness.

              1. The leak occurred in early February, so thanks for supporting my point that Reason waited about a month.

          2. What shifting goal posts. What goal was I preaching? Do you even understand the idioms you fucking use?

            Just like yesterday denying what you’ve fucking said the last month.

            Youre such a dumb piece of lefty shit.

          3. Mother’s Lament has ruled that we are not allowed to call that “shifting the goalposts” unless Weigel’s Cock Ring changes the goalposts.

            He says I was using the idiom incorrectly, and it is a sign of how stupid I am. Since he said that, I’ve seen at least two people use the “shift the goalposts” idiom exactly as I did.

            But when Mother’s Lament declares a rule, we all have to follow it. Like, did you know we are not allowed to coin acronyms.

            1. Fact check: false.

              Everything Is So Terrible And Unfair, but it ain’t so bad that I have run my acronym by a damn Canuck for approval.


            2. Yeah, he’s said repeatedly you’re allowed to coin your own acronym. The point you keep missing is that the acronym you coined is dumb, and we’re just mocking you for it.

              So please, do keep using it Dee.

          4. Also, it’s funny because the editorial staff has been ragging on Cuomo for a long time on the Roundtable podcast. Not just last week.

            1. I don’t listen to the podcast.

  17. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/there-no-such-thing-white-math

    Math, with its seemingly unbiased tools — 2 + 2 always equals 4 — has presented a problem for an ideological movement that sees any inequality of outcome as evidence of systemic bias. The problem cannot be that some kids are better at math, or that some teachers are better at teaching it. Like so much else, the basic woke argument against math is that it is inherently racist and needs to be made antiracist. That is accomplished by undermining the notion of right and wrong answers, by getting rid of the expectation that students show their work, by referring to mathematical testing tools as racist, and by doing away with accelerated math classes.

    1. LOL. You CACLLs make comments here all the time that the only people who pay attention to QAnon are liberals.

      This 2 + 2 != 4 meme is the mirror of that.

      1. It is pervading colleges you retarded fuck.

        1. What the hell would you know about what happens at college?

          1. Right? It’s become like a dead zone of communication, and professors and students never express their beliefs anywhere but directly on campus. Truly a mystery!

            1. And we can totally trust right-wing news sources to accurately and fairly report on what happens on college campuses.

              1. Please call people like professor Haidt right wing news sources, lol.

                All you do is defend far leftist beliefs day in and day out.

              2. I don’t need right wing news sources, they communicate themselves. I just take them at their word. It’s really all out in the open if you want to see.

                1. He doesn’t want to see unless it’s some conservative professor running their mouths about leftist conspiracies so he can try to mock them.

          2. Is this even an honest question? Do you think colleges are in isolation bubbles and their papers aren’t published at major sites? That there aren’t groups looking as to what is being taught? That professors like Haidt haven’t published books?

            Man jeff. You say really dumb shit even for you.

            1. So all you know about what happens on colleges is what you read from right-wing sources, and what one professor says. I get it. That must be why you must think that critical race theory is taught in every classroom in every college in America.

              1. “That must be why you must think that critical race theory is taught in every classroom in every college in America.”

                Well it’s your lucky day, Jeff! I didn’t know he said that, so if he did, I disagree with him and agree with you.

                I mean, he did really say that, right?

              2. This is what I was talking about the other day. You have no idea if Jesse consumes right-wing media sources. You’re just assuming he does because you want to be a smug condescending little prick.

                Much like the Democrats plans for America, they are totally open about their fucktarded ideology. You just refuse to acknowledge what the left-wing assholes are saying because you are biased.

            2. So your knowledge of what colleges do, is based on a filtered and biased source of information. And you think you are well-informed?

              You are just repeating what your right-wing masters tell you to repat.

              1. His comments are just regurgitated fox news and talk radio. Emphasis on regurgitated. As in puke. Why respond to puke?

                1. Just because you disagree with him doesn’t mean he gets his info from Fox or talk radio. That’s the same kind of bullshit that shriek and Tony pull.

              2. Cathy Newman ladies and gentlemen.

          3. Well back when I was there a lot of beer, sex and partying. What I really learned when I got more serious was how to learn on my own. The lectures were less important the further along you went. I suppose that is how education is supposed to work.

            I don’t know what happens now.

            1. At least you are honest about it. People like Jesse read some hysterical article about colleges on Breitbart and thinks he is well informed about how colleges operate and what actually happens there.

              1. At least you are honest about it. People like Jesse read some hysterical article about colleges on Breitbart and thinks he is well informed about how colleges operate and what actually happens there should be flagged and ignored.


              2. I went in the late 70s which was a pretty radical time actually. My impression is there is much more suppression of speech. That is something to be concerned about. We had PC but it seems to have gone further.

                I did have some classes in my humanities track where they tackled some very hard core subjects and source material. One in particular I recall which had to do with black – Jewish relations and the history of that where they wisely limited the course to third year or above. No safe spaces there. I do not think that would happen today which is a shame.

                I thought we were over all of this. I was wrong about that.

                1. My experience with college is more recent than that, and at least in my experience, when conducting oneself in class, the expectations are no different than what is expected of polite society. Basically, don’t be a jerk. There’s no one policing what you say to your buddies in your own dorm room. Now if you are obnoxious and loud and your dormmates hear your offensive crap and complain, well, that falls under the category of “don’t be a jerk”. It’s about being considerate towards your neighbors. But it is not this four-year-long struggle session like the right-wing morons around here like to pretend it is.

                  1. “But it is not this four-year-long struggle session like the right-wing morons around here like to pretend it is.”

                    I missed this description. Who said this?

        2. Cite?

          1. Lol

  18. https://twitter.com/ComicDaveSmith/status/1368590165787172865?s=19

    Wokeism is a corporate plot. I thought libertarians would be immune to it. I was sadly mistaken. If you spend more time and energy on wrongthink than the cops, military, lockdowns, corporatism, you are beyond useless. You’re fighting for authoritarianism even if you’re not aware.

    1. Sick Narwack
      Replying to
      Maybe I like fighting for authoritarianism, dud you ever think of that


  19. Sigh…It took a long time to get here = tremendous ~30T deficit. This has been fully bipartisan (Team D, Team R).

    What spending would Reason reduce first, and why? That is something I would like to read. Where do we realistically start cutting spending that would get bipartisan support?

    1. https://reason.com/tag/government-spending/

      The recent trend in Reason articles is the first spending to cut (well, not do in the first place) is the COVID relief bill.

      1. But only cut the 90% that is not COVID relief.

      2. The intern swings into action! Even on a Sunday. Good girl, who wants a treat?

        1. I’d be proud if I were a Reason intern. What would be wrong with being a Reason intern?

      3. Not a single Republican voted for the bill. Reason spent the last year shilling for the DNC. We’re supposed to take them seriously now?

        1. Got it. Not sucking Trump’s dick == shilling for DNC

          1. No.

            Shilling for the DNC = shilling for the DNC

    2. Not that long. The national debt in 2008 was under 10 trillion dollars.

      It’s tripled in 12 years. And now people expect free money whenever something goes wrong. Even if they didn’t personally suffer.

    3. There are a host of ways but you will never get the bills passed.

  20. “You know, the Founders were pretty smart….There’s a reason why all the states and localities have to have a balanced budget, but we’re allowed federally to run a deficit in order to deal with crises and emergencies, as we have in the past.”

    —-Joe Biden

    Maybe not coincidentally, the Democrats are sending $350 billion to the states. This is absurd, when the deep blue states that are in the most trouble are mostly in trouble because of self-inflicted wounds to their economies that predated the pandemic–as well as severe and long lasting lock down orders that other states didn’t implement. Why should taxpaying voters in states that didn’t have those kinds of lockdowns be forced to bail out other state governments that willfully implemented these policies?

    Talk about adding insult to injury, we found out earlier this week that Governor Cuomo lied about the number of deaths that were occurring because of his policies–for fear that if the truth came out, it might help reelect Trump. Thousands of people may have died as a result, and that’s the injury. The insult is telling me that the cost of New York’s awful policy decisions will be reimbursed out of my future paychecks–and I’m not even allowed to vote against Cuomo?!

    Why should federal taxpayers, who can’t vote in California and New York, effectively be forced to pay taxes for California and New York’s awful policies? If you live in Colorado, Iowa, Tennessee, or Texas, there is no good reason why you should effectively be forced to pay taxes in a state where you’re ineligible to vote. If you have the right to vote the bums out, that’s one thing. I can’t vote in New York!

    There’s a reason why the colonists screamed, “No taxation without representation”. It’s fundamentally unjust to tax people that way–and it has been unacceptable to do so since 1689 at least! And we should absolutely excoriate the Democrats for this. If anything is less popular than bailing out Wall Street with our future paychecks by way of TARP, surely it’s bailing out the states of California and New York with our future paychecks.

    1. FWIW

      The Bill of Rights lays down limits on the powers of the monarch and sets out the rights of Parliament, including the requirement for regular parliaments, free elections, and freedom of speech in Parliament.[4] It sets out certain rights of individuals including the prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment and confirmed that “Protestants may have arms for their defence suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law”. It also includes no right of taxation without Parliament’s agreement.

      —-Bill of Rights 1689


      Predates the American Revolution AND the United States! They’re violating principles that are so universal, they don’t necessarily need to be understood in order to be detested. Bears don’t need to understand any higher principle to justify defending their cubs against the wolves that are trying to eat them, and you shouldn’t a degree in constitutional law, political philosophy, or to be a libertarian to understand that looting our future paychecks to bail out the elitists in California and New York is an awful thing.

      The political reaction to this should be bigger than the Tea Party was to TARP.

      This is worse.

      1. At least TARP was a loan and not a free give away. Every libertarian should be enraged today, but they are not. See above.

        TARP was bad, this is a nightmare. Democrats put into this bill everything they failed to pass the last 10 years through the budget process. And it won’t stop. Biden has already stated he wants 3 Trillion more as well as a regularly increased baseline budget.

    2. And we’re not being asked to take on more debt to bail out “states”. We’re being asked to pay more in federal taxes to pay back debt to pay for overly generous pension plans for retired state workers who aren’t even working, and who mostly did jobs we’d be better off without.

      1. The Democrats apparently put in some language for that $350 billion suggesting that the money shouldn’t be used directly for state pensions, but money is fungible.

        If New York gets $35 billion to open their schools and pay their teachers’ regular salary, they can spend the $35 billion, they would have spent on schools anyway on the state employees’ pension fund instead.

        The reason people outside of California knew about the bullet train to nowhere was because it was getting federal “stimulus” funds courtesy of the Obama administration. If taxpayers outside of California weren’t being forced to pay for the bullet train, few of them would care about it or even know about it.

        If California gets $35 billion to reopen their schools, federal taxpayers will effectively be paying for that bullet train. Money is fungible!

        Idaho resident may think hundreds of thousands of Californians moving to their state is a bad thing, but do they realize their taxes are going to pay for the bullet train in California? Even though they can’t vote there, their taxes are going to pay for whatever the state legislature in California says needs more money.

    3. Talk about adding insult to injury, we found out earlier this week that Governor Cuomo lied about the number of deaths that were occurring because of his policies–for fear that if the truth came out, it might help reelect Trump.
      Because of your statement quoted above is the very reason that the Democrat News Networks (ABC, CBS, NPR, CNN MSNBC, AXIOS and others) did not mention Cuomo and the true Covid-19 death numbers either. They were all afraid anything negative about Biden or the democrats would got Trump another FOUR years.

  21. The United States has already gone Big. The amount of money already budgeted is about at least twice the amount of money budget each year and that is while tax receipts are down. Now in the amount of money budgeted already there is a large amount of it going to out of this nation’s borders and is not needed especially during this pandemic. There is another drawback to all this spending. That drawback is sooner or later the bill will come due. It will be time to pay back all that money that has been borrowed. Already Treasury notes have risen in interest rates so what will be the interest rates be when business world wide starts recovering.
    The COVID crisis has only made an already unsustainable situation much worse. Now, our national debt has surpassed $27 trillion. Prior to the pandemic, our public debt was on a path to exceed the size of our entire economy in 10 years, but now we have already reached this unfortunate milestone. So with $27 trillion debt each 0.1% increase increases the interest payment $27 billion. So an increase of just one percent would increase the payment by $270 billion. What is even worse most of that money will have to come from China.

    1. 27 trillion? It’s over 28 trillion today. With another 1.9 trillion on the way.

    2. Someone should point out that the bond market has been flustered lately with inflation concerns.

      “(Reuters) – U.S. central bankers on Friday signaled they do not plan to touch the dial on their super-easy policy for some time, expressing little concern over the rapid rise in U.S. Treasury yields in recent weeks . . . .

      “If we were seeing a real uptick in real yields, that would give me pause, that would give me concern that the amount of accommodation we are providing to the economy is reducing, and that might warrant us considering a policy response,” Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari said.

      “We are not seeing much movement in real yields” he added, but rather an increase in what bond investors are demanding in compensation to reflect rising inflation expectations.

      —-Reuters, March 5, 2021


      The other week, I wrote something about how the difference between smart and stupid isn’t the ability to learn from the negative consequences of our mistakes–because even maze running lab rats can learn from getting an electric shock. If we need to get run over in the street before learning to look both ways before we cross, we are not smart. Smart is when you avoid mistakes before they happen.

      Yeah, they can see the people who put their money at risk saying they won’t loan the U.S. government more money at current rates anymore, and they expect a lot of those investors to go elsewhere for higher return as the rest of the world economy becomes increasingly safer, less risky, and starts to offer better returns. But the Fed isn’t ready to buy fire insurance yet–not until they see evidence that the house is actually on fire?

      For goodness’ sake, the bond market can see the CPI and PPI numbers, too.

      1. The Fed is basically saying that they know better than the market.

        As libertarian capitalists, we know that’s ridiculous and why.

  22. https://twitter.com/kennymxu/status/1368554933461598208?s=19

    What is happening to young minority children today under Critical Race Theory – the damaging of the mind, of self-reliance, and its replacement with traumatizing victimhood – is one of the greatest travesties of our current generation.

    1. Far less damaging than mean tweets.

  23. https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1368556451463983112?s=19

    Black Lives Matter activists harass a group of young children in Louisville by mocking them for their “White privilege”

  24. Perhaps most scary thing I’ve seen in a while…

    Chuck Schumer: “Lessons learned: If we have unity, we can do big things,” Schumer told The Associated Press in an interview after the vote. The outcome “gives us optimism about doing more big things in the future — because it worked,” he said.

  25. Somehow, policy makers slid from “never waste a crisis” to “everything is a crisis,”

    The border, General. The border is not a crisis.

    1. They only intentionally released 100 Covid positive immigrants into the country. NBD.

      1. Except there is not much they can do about asylum seekers. They cannot detain them or return them.

        I suppose if you had a mandatory quarantine order like some places do with quarantine hotels set up you could do that. Kind of expensive but it has been done. I haven’t heard of that happening here.

        1. Actually they can and they were prior to January 20th.

          1. If you ignore laws and treaties, sure

            1. I believe there was a legal challenge which was not resolved.

          2. I do recall that now they were sent to wait in Mexico. So under current orders they do not.

            1. Yeah, which is a violation of international treaties. If a person is seeking refuge because they are fleeing persecution, they aren’t supposed to be told to wait across the border. That violates the principle of non-refoulement.

        2. Quarantine and testing before you enter the country is for US citizens only.

          1. Seems like it would be a good idea to extend that to non citizens who get here without testing.

            1. Racist.

  26. Perhaps there’s something to be said about “the dark right-the-fuck-here-and-now of the Democratic party”.

    1. This isn’t the dark part. This is the normal part.

      1. Poor Jeff thinks this is all normal.

  27. Biden Goes Big Slow

    Fixed. This whole pandemic will be over before Joe & Team Blue finish emptying the Treasury to lard cash on the citizenry.

  28. Blockquote>wrong, but within normal parameters/blockquote>

  29. Also, why is it that when “we” want something it’s “authoritarian populist” but “forgive college debt by executive fiat” is not?

    1. “elections have consequences”

    2. You are right that the “forgive college debt” movement is really a left-wing populist movement, motivated by sheer numbers alone rather than by economic or fiscal soundness.

      1. And you completely support it, do you not?

    3. Can’t get the troops out of Afghanistan without a bill through Congress but forgiving student debt happens with the waive of a hand.

  30. For a bit of historical reference, Bill Clinton, an absolute model of prudence and restraint compared to all the jackasses who have come after him, only added about $1.5 trillion dollars to the national debt TOTAL during the eight years he was president. This piece of shit so-called “stimulus bill” adds more than that in one fell swoop!

    I never would have thought I would have ever believed it back then, but Clinton was without a doubt one of the best president in my lifetime purely from a policy standpoint. He knew when it was time to compromise, and wasn’t completely off his fucking rocker like the democrats have become today.

    1. Yeah in hindsight Clinton wasn’t all that bad.

      1. He could have been a lot worse – he had Republicans in Congress for most of his time in office, and Hillarycare didn’t pass despite his efforts.

      2. I’ll agree he could’ve been a lot worse at the time. I don’t think COVID lockdowns would’ve worked in Clinton’s Era, back when everybody knew Hussein had WMDs and OBL wasn’t a threat, nobody knew what swine flu was, windmills were for the Dutch, and a runaway greenhouse wasn’t going to turn Earth into Venus.

        Events as they occur, Slick Willy and Crazy Joe are very much interchangeable.

  31. The real crisis is the clown show that is the majority of politicians and government agencies.

  32. “There is a sense in which “anti-Trump conservative” is a redundancy. Like saying ‘anti-fire fire department.'” ~ Jay Nordlinger

    We too few libertarians are all but alone alone, with but a very few old actual conservatives, in the fight to limit government. Whether it is the $2000 checks for everyone Trumpocrats or the $1400 checks for almost everyone Democrats, their name calling bickering is a desperate effort to draw a distinction where there is no difference. Populism is, but, socialism via envy versus socialism via dogma.

  33. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/federal-workers-scoring-massive-perks-covid-relief-bill

    How is the government justifying this? Hundreds of millions of private-sector workers around the country are not getting anything remotely close to this while their tax dollars are going to pay the wages and benefits of these people. If you or your family members are struck down by COVID, you’re out of work. If you use up your normal vacation days or sick time, that’s it. You’re out of luck and probably out of a job. You might qualify for unemployment (if you’re lucky) but that’s about it. If your child’s school is closed or they have to attend virtual classes from home, making arrangements for child care is your problem. If you’re feeling ill the day after you are vaccinated, you’re going to have to use a sick day if you have any such time available.

    We’re dumping well over half a billion dollars to treat federal government employees like they’re some sort of special class of royalty? And the taxpayers are footing the bill for all of this, on top of the already bloated pay and benefits these workers receive as compared to private-sector employees with comparable positions.

  34. I’m surprised I can still comment on this post. Seems “comments closed” is appearing rather quickly and often on anything about Biden.

  35. The Democrat mantra has long been “never let a good crisis go to waste”. But their reckless self-serving behavior is getting hard to ignore – heck even their comrades in the MSM MIGHT see the danger by now. Nope… that would be a miracle.

  36. Biden goes big, so do I! My indfall will be used entirely to pay down my debt on a Japanese car.

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