Joe Biden

President Biden's Unity Has a High Price Tag

Biden's proposed $1.9 trillion pandemic "relief" package would unite Americans in forcibly shared economic pain.


President Joe Biden's inauguration speech was full of calls for "unity" to a bitterly divided nation. But mixed in with a positive acknowledgment that "politics need not be a raging fire destroying everything in its path" were a politician's traditional calls to unify around favored policy proposals. And among those proposals is a $1.9 trillion pandemic "relief" package that might unite Americans the way a sinking ship brings passengers and crew together as they await their fate.

"We must set aside the politics and finally face this pandemic as one nation," Biden urged in his speech. But there's no way to set aside politics when government acts, since political concerns inevitably determine how governments use their power, including in terms of gathering and spending other people's money.

And what a lot of other people's money the new president has in mind! On top of the trillions already spent under the Trump administration to offset the pain of lockdowns or just to buy votes, the new Biden administration wants to distribute $1,400 per person "recovery rebates," give hundreds of billions to state and local governments, underwrite a national vaccination program, subsidize government schools reopening, and offer more billions to small landlords and childcare providers. Not counting the burden of hiking the national minimum wage to $15 an hour, which will fall on workers priced out of jobs and on frustrated employers, the total cost is an estimated $1.9 trillion.

The proposed spending is supposed to help people. The money is sold as s lifeline to a population hammered by social distancing and by government-mandated lockdowns as it weathers waves of COVID-19. But the money, whether spent wisely or poorly, has to come from somewhere. For a government that was spending well beyond its means long before anybody heard of COVID-19, that means the money has to be borrowed.

"In light of the enactment of the year-end spending and COVID relief deal, we estimate the deficit will total $2.3 trillion for Fiscal Year (FY) 2021," the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget noted earlier this month. "This would be lower than the $3.1 trillion deficit in FY 2020 but at an estimated 10.4 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), it would be higher than any other time in recorded history outside of World War II."

It's been years since the federal government balanced its books, so deficits add to debt accumulated long before the pandemic. As of January 18, total debt held by the U.S. government is about $27.8 trillion, according to the U.S. Treasury Department, up from an already astonishing $23 trillion at the end of 2019. By contrast, U.S. Gross Domestic Product at the end of 2020 was $21.17 trillion, according to the government's Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Deficits and debt of that size affect the economy. Back in September, when federal pandemic-related spending was already mind-boggling but had yet to reach its full extent for the year, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected the estimated impact. "From fiscal year 2020 through 2023, for every dollar that it adds to the deficit, the legislation is projected to increase GDP by about 58 cents," the CBO pointed out, indicating that, at best, taxpayers would lose 42 cents on every dollar spent. "In the longer term, the legislation will reduce the level of real GDP, CBO estimates."

"The legislation will increase federal debt as a percentage of GDP, and in the longer term, CBO expects that increase to raise borrowing costs, lower economic output, and reduce the income of U.S. households and businesses," the CBO added. "In addition, the higher debt—coming at a time when the longer-term path for debt was already high—could eventually increase the risk of a fiscal crisis or of less abrupt economic changes, such as higher inflation or the undermining of the U.S. dollar's predominant role in global financial markets."

To be fair, the U.S. isn't the only country to have been spending beyond its means and to have piled massive debt on top of a large pre-existing bill.

"The pandemic has exacerbated the risks associated with a decade-long wave of global debt accumulation," the World Bank observes in its latest Global Economic Prospects report, published this month. "Debt levels have reached historic highs, making the global economy particularly vulnerable to financial market stress."

"The pandemic-induced global recession has already reversed a decade or more of per capita income gains in roughly 30 percent of emerging market and developing economies (EMDEs)," the report adds. "By 2025, global output is still expected to be 5 percent below the pre-pandemic trend—a cumulative output loss that is equivalent to 36 percent of the world's 2019 output."

That's a huge hit not just for Americans, but for a world in which governments were already borrowing against people's economic futures in order to finance current expenditures. Pandemic-related spending—such as last year's trillions in "stimulus," and Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion relief package—are proposed as means for alleviating suffering now. But, since the money they spend doesn't exist, they can only do so by making us poorer in the future.

At the end of 2020, the CBO returned to the problem of federal spending beyond the government's means with a report exploring options for reducing the deficit from 2021 through 2030. The report covered numerous ideas for reining-in spending and for hiking taxes, all with the goal of closing the gap between revenues and expenditures. Nowhere in the report was there a suggestion for another $1.9 trillion in borrowing and spending to offset pandemic restrictions; its numbers depended, instead, on the assumption that the economy will produce and employ to generate wealth.

Even so, the cost of just paying interest on the national debt is separately projected by the CBO to rise from 1.6 percent of GDP in 2020 to 8 percent in 2050. That's without accounting for massive additional "relief" spending, such as advocated by President Biden, to offset the cost of forcing businesses to close and people to restrict their movements. Not only do economic forecasts predict that the economy of the future will be smaller than it would have been, much of it is already allocated to pay for past spending.

Unity can be a good thing. But Biden's $1.9 trillion dollar vision of unity builds on an unfortunate history of forcibly shared economic pain. Instead of making everybody go down with the ship, he might try bringing people together for a voluntarily shared vision.

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  1. Only money can buy unity.

    1. I told the cops the same thing but they charged me with solicitation!

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    2. “The proposed spending is supposed to help people. ”

      Toosilly just knows that Biden’s motives are pure, that he’s not just playing politics , or that his proposal is larded with payoffs to favored constituencies.

      Nope, his motives are presumed pure. It’s in the Reason stylebook

      1. isn’t not is.

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      2. Come over here and join me, or by God, I will crush you like a bug.

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    3. “The proposed spending is supposed to help people.”

      Tuccille obviously doesn’t understand how Democrat party leaders, their Deep State allies in the DC bureaucracy/swamp, and many RINOs operate.

      1. Sorry, if he were thirteen I’d tend to agree with you.

        Since he is of voting age I’m going to go with mendacious hack.

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      2. I like the breakdown. 200 Billion for ‘other’.

        1. My college nickname was ‘other’. I wonder how they knew? I shall have to humbly accept the money.

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    4. That’s not true. You can download a free student or personal version of Unity from their store, you just have to pay for professional versions.

    5. Money being the symbol of human labor; thus only Gov Slavery can unify Gov-Gods.

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    7. The idea that this price will get us any unity at all is ludicrous.

      1. Unity and children who need food and shelter are two separate items.

        When the relief proposal goes for approval in Congress, that is where the “purity” will end and the quid pro quo will begin. Remains to be seen how much ‘unity’ for the welfare of the American people will manifest itself.

        Who will put money on the GOP inserting a compromise/concession/delay involving the Senate trial of Donald J, Trump for insurrection as a proviso for passing the relief bill?

      2. I don’t want unity. Why would I? If anything, this country isn’t nearly polarized enough.

    8. There are good reasons and bad reasons to borrow money. I would call salvaging the economy a good one. I would call borrowing more money to pay for tax cuts a bad one. Libertarians and Republicans seem principled only when a Democrat is in office. I wonder if Mitch will be shameless enough to complain about this out loud. It’s really incredible that his selfishness only pokes its head out when it benefits him. I don’t trust most politicians in general, but knowing Joe believes in science and facts certainly helps.

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  2. Seems all of the sudden it’s all that’s wrong with the “new” POTUS.

    Reason, where the fuck have you been for the past year or so?

    1. The only principle they have left is ragging on whoever is currently running the show. They spent the last 4 years trying to make sure whoever the Democrats ran would win (some of the staff even voted for Biden!), now all of a sudden the Democratic platform that has been out there for years is a surprise to them.

    2. Donations have dropped a little low in the past few years. Reason needed another federal crisis to get those numbers pumped back up. Be sure to donate during the next fundraising campaign!

    3. I have the following advice for people who voted for Biden and are already unhappy with his policies:

      Click your heels together three times while saying “Orange Man Bad”.

      It won’t undo the damage but it will help you remember why you voted for it.

      1. Biden entered into office with under 50% approval. Even Trump got above 50% his first week.

        1. That doesn’t mean Biden will do a bad job as POTUS. The entire world welcomes a regime change in the United States of America. Tell us again how much the GOP has already squandered on themselves into the trillions? Is it evil to give people means to buy food?

          1. Biden hasn’t been in office but a few days and he’s already working hard to make as many people unemployed as he can.

    4. Reason is faux opposition.
      Their mission is to help the left gain totalitarian power.
      This is their role in doing so.

      1. The MISSION is to get America off it’s knees and back to prosperity. Not to continue uttering conspiracy theory nonsensical and cliched hypothesis.

        1. You say a lot of stupid things not reflected in reality. You should go somewhere else.

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  3. We could have spent a few billion isolating nursing homes and probably had less death than we have had while spending trillions on a big money fire.

    1. Think about the 0.001% of people under 40 who are going to die from COVID-19 complications! We needed to lock down the country to save those precious lives.

      1. Hey, if it saves just one life!

    2. Hell, we could have just not moved all the sick people to nursing homes and done much better. Thanks blue state governors for killing enough old people to justify your economy killing lockdowns.

      1. Yep. More and more it’s clear that the bar for handling this was not killing your own citizens.

      2. Joe Biden said in an interview in November that he had no intention of implementing a national shutdown when he takes office on January 20.

        “I’m not going to shut down the economy. I’m going to shut down the virus,” Biden said. “There is no circumstance which I can see that would require a total national shutdown. I think that would be counterproductive.” – Newsweek

        1. No one gives a fuck what that lying rapist retard said. He’s already wrecking the economy. His executive orders have already destroyed upwards of 100k jobs.

    3. This whole thing would have been over in April of 2020 if the FDA/CDC didn’t exist as an organization and Congress had issued a blanket liability shield for all Covid related illness.

      1. Idle Hands is the ultimate authority and has all the solutions of a Monday Morning Quarterback.

        1. You say nonsensical things shilling for your rapist overlord.

  4. I know, right! I’m almost regretting my support for Joe Biden, I had no idea he was going to do all this shit! Why didn’t somebody warn me? Why didn’t Biden give us any kind of a clue he might support huge new government programs to re-make America into a socialist nightmare? If only I had known!

    1. >complaining about free money
      Why don’t you just go back to Breitbart instead of trolling here?

      1. > robbing my kids/grandkids piggybank, as well yours. The kids of Venezuela are loving their utopia.

    2. Evidently your search engine is controlled by twitbook and/or Alexa.

    3. Socialism is a far cry from Covid relief support to working people.

      1. Working people are suffering because of democrat governors and democrat mayors.

  5. “that means the money has to be borrowed.”

    But I doubts that is the case at all !
    The money to pay for the spending is simply printed for the most part – which I will not call borrowing.

    Perhaps Reason should recommend the U.S. get its own VISA card to do real borrowing.

    1. That would already have happened except for the huge donations to democrats from MasterCard.

    2. “…Perhaps Reason should recommend the U.S. get its own VISA card to do real borrowing.”

      Who’d lend to a deadbeat like that?

      1. ^lol… THIS; They have to print money which is the *forceful* taking of peoples *earned* labors. A few years ago the government stole as much value as tractors lost with year after year usage; recently it’s become even Cars ( something that has zero value after 200k miles ). In retrospect people federal government chews up more of the peoples labor than maintaining a vehicle.

        The Power to STEAL = Wealth; until all the Value is eaten up and everyone except the Gov-Gun thieves has to wonder why they work like slaves for pig-slop and water. China is a good reference with inequality 9x the USA (or was at least a few years ago).

        1. This could all be fixed very quickly. We just need to have the strength to come together and get rid of the progressives.

          Hand wringing accomplishes nothing.

  6. It really wouldn’t the technocratic and bureaucratic class in this country have all done really well and will continue to do really well. They love the new normal and as long as we keep looting the world and printing money they will be fine. The people who are doing well are the ones paying for this the indentured small business and working class. I don’t see any of this ending well especially given how brazen they are being at this point about how Covid lockdowns are driven by politics and punishing the serfs.

  7. There was unity at Jonestown.

    1. And MSM is certainly serving the Kool-aid.

  8. This money won’t get spent in any meaningful sense. The PEUs got out the vote and kept every family with kids in a panic for six months prior to the election. Making sure their paychecks keep coming and pensions stay funded is their reward.

  9. JoJo was on the ballet in all 50 states. You had your chance to vote for something other than communism. The American people deserve to get what they want… good and hard.

    1. ballot*

      She’s not that great of a dancer I think.

      1. I voted for Jorgenson, but what could she really have accomplished unless the LP has significant presence in Congress as well?

        1. At least you can virtue signal your libertarian bona fides on Reason magazine’s online comment board.

          1. Either that or express and debate your fundamental ethical beliefs with somewhat like minded people.
            Libertarian virtue signaling seems like a pretty pointless project.

            1. Right because Reason spent soo00o much time presenting and discussing the various Libertarian candidates, their ideas and their positions.

              And such a limited amount of time and space on OrangeManBad.

              1. He was talking about the comment board, not the articles.

                1. While the comment board is not entirely orthodox in it’s subject matter it does generally tend to reflect the content of those articles.

                  1. For that to be true people would have to actually read the articles.

        2. At the very least, slow things down a lot. Try to rein in executive agencies as much as constitutionally possible. Appoint some judges.
          Of course, it’s all a fantasy. We will never see a libertarian elected president.

        3. It’s less what she would have done and more what she would have not done, which is just about everything. Four years of the oval office accomplishing absolutely nothing sounds fine by me.

          1. fuck off sarcasmic

          2. Four years of the oval office accomplishing absolutely nothing sounds fine by me.

            I’d start voting again if “None of the above” winning the election meant the office was empty for the entire term. This goes for any political office from dog catcher to president. Can’t put up anyone worth supporting? Well fuck you then, nothing will get done. Nothing at all.

            1. You still find ways to preen to make yourself feel self important.

            2. Sarc, your guy usurped the presidency. I sure you’re thrilled right now.

              Meanwhile, Biden did the following:

              In less than 72 hours, Joe Biden:

              —Killed 70,000+ jobs
              —Eliminated women’s sports
              —Invaded Syria
              —Left the National Guard to freeze in a garage
              —Admitted he doesn’t have a plan to fight COVID
              —Broke his own mask mandate EO
              —Ended US energy independence

              Mission accomplished, right Sarc?

          3. think of all the historic firsts she would have represented.
            I’m sure the mainstream media would be falling all over themselves to congratulate her and laud the occasion, like they did when Clarence Thomas was nominated to the Supreme Court.

        4. veto everything. don’t start any wars. that would be a huge improvement.

          lay off all the nonessential federal workers.

    2. Oh; so Trump was a communist? I’m thinking TDS was the biggest pandemic to hit the USA.

      1. Libertarians apparently love nothing more than jerking off to their professed ideals while helping the totalitarian left gain power.
        And now they’ll be treated like terrorists.

    3. Those people did. The “Man who would be Putin and dictator for life” was given his walking papers.

  10. It appears we are going to get an opportunity to see if an economy can be run simply by pumping government money into it at politically convenient points. I’m sure Tony will be along to tell us that’s all you need for prosperity.

    1. Free money and higher taxes. The magic combination for success.

      1. AKA relief for the hungry and homeless and revocation of tax breaks for the wealthy who do not draw a paycheck for work nor pay a fair share of their income. The wealthy are taxed at a different rate for investment income, and enjoy tax deductions afforded to only those who own corporations – which exploit deductions in a free for all.

        In 2018, families in the top one percent of income earners received, on average, a $48,000 tax break, while families in the bottom 20 percent received, on average, a $120 break on their taxes. – Newsweek

        1. The bottom 20% pay zero taxes.

        2. And they still paid most of the taxes to support our bloated, wasteful government, which will never have to give a second thought to wasting our money as long as resentful useful idiots like you demand that they take more.

          But enabling that is so virtuous, right? What a doosh.

        3. You stupid faggot, Biden just ended almost 100k high paying middle class jobs with his EOs. So fuck you and every bullshit thing you said.

          You deserve to ,one YOUR livelihood, and have a
          Everything taken from you. You voted for this. Not us Americans.

    2. Actually an economy can run by pumping money (and isn’t all money government money?) into it.

      Once that sinks in, there won’t be a need for federal taxes. Why would you go thru the bother of collecting taxes—-it’ so much easier to call Harry in the 3rd sub-basement level of the Treasury building and say, “Harry, get on your computer and add 10 trillion to the main US Treasury account balance. Email me when it’s done, then take the rest of the day off!”

      1. And please spend your $10T exactly where it came from — On Government Powers because spending it on Joe’s Labors is theft and we know this because the Government doesn’t create a single item of human VALUE (i.e. *earn* it).

      2. Because the primary purpose of taxes is no longer to fund government action. Government can fund itself by simply adding a few zeros at the end of its account as you say. It’s about punishing political enemies now.

  11. It is time for unity. It is time for healing. But first we have to impeach Trump and send him to trial, and round up and deplatform his supporters.

    1. Yeah. Nothing says unity like attacking people for 4+ years (more like 4 decades) and only extending the olive branch when you have power. I don’t blame Trump supporters for not embracing unity. They’d be fools too. Because if history is any indication the progressives will memory hole unity as soon as the next Republican is sworn in as President. Also, can we speak about how the majority of violence on and since inauguration day has been from the left?

      1. Also, can we speak about how the majority of violence on and since inauguration day has been from the left?

        I don’t think we can anymore.

      2. What, and risk being denounced as some kind of libertarian to the FBI?

      3. There will be no unity. Not even close. They seriously believe we’re going to forget the last four years? Or the stolen election.

        It’s payback time. Progressives must be punished for what they have done.

  12. These people are criminals who’ve nuked small business’s and millions of people’s livelihoods from orbit and think they can give us 2000 dollars and it will be all okay. It’s the most unseemly and fucking disgusting thing that’s ever happened in my lifetime.

    1. Fuck there unity, they belong in jail and that’s the moderate position.

    2. I plan on using mine to invest in my ranch, mostly pay lease and feed costs. It will stimulate my landlords economy, especially as I buy stock and hay from him as well.

      1. sounds like a plan. Can’t wait to move to amazon or walmart town.

        1. Don’t forget that the company store always has the best prices in town!

          1. ……..also it’s the only place you can spend your scrip.

            1. No, others are generally free to accept it, but the company will only buy it back from them at a substantial discount. If at all.

      2. *earned* ZERO – TOOK leases, feed, stock, hay “from him”….
        IS CORRECT. It’s STOLEN merchandise. Business will notice and prices will skyrocket; It already has. Anyone price shopping cannot deny it even ‘electronics’ are going up (the fastest falling consumer goods ever seen).

        I haven’t seen $2000 desktop computers since they were ‘brand new’ technology of the IBM 8088 PC. Now; the i9 being released in 2018 (4-YEARS OLD) is retailing at up to $5K.

    3. No one says it’s ‘okay’ or that it is a final fix. Everyone knows the obvious. If it helps people get through another month or two, feeds the hungry, pays for some medical until work can be found, it’s a hand up. These are depression level times. People desperately need assistance and those who are comfortable need to pony up an ounce of decency and compassion. Those with wealth at a greed level need to stop demanding more for themselves and pay a fair share of tax on their income.

      1. Well, “fair share” is rather subjective, isn’t it?

        It cracks me up when losers with a bunch of brats they can’t afford scream for other people to pay more taxes.

        Fuck off, slaver.

        1. People like Mick are the problem.

    4. No one says it’s ‘okay’ or that it is a final fix. Everyone knows the obvious. If it helps people get through another month or two, feeds the hungry, pays for some medical until work can be found, it’s a hand up. These are depression level times. People desperately need assistance and those who are comfortable need to pony up an ounce of decency and compassion. Those with wealth at a greed level need to stop demanding more for themselves and pay a fair share of tax on their income.

      1. We need ignorant virtue signaling morons like you gone. You are to blame for everything that has gone wrong. Now good America are suffering because of your stupidity.

  13. The message seems to be that democrats test the limits of what were possible, as if to say, “We can spend $1.9 trillion at will if it please the Presidential pen because there is no plan in place to restrict spending on Anything at all.”

  14. I wish Biden would unite Americans with my tax bracket. That would probably change a few hearts and minds.

  15. “The new Biden administration wants to distribute $1,400 per person “recovery rebates,” give hundreds of billions to state and local governments, underwrite a national vaccination program, subsidize government schools reopening, and offer more billions to small landlords and childcare providers.”

    The bolded part is the worst part of all.

    This giveaway to the state and local government is all about bailing out the pension obligations of places like California, Illinois, and New York.

    Those hundreds of billions of dollars in unfunded pension obligations predated Covid-19 by years. There is no good reason why voting taxpayers who reside in states that did not extend such outrageous and unfunded pension benefits to their government employees should be forced to bail out places like California, Illinois, and New York–that has nothing to do with the pandemic.

    That injustice, however, was exacerbated by the pandemic in one way. California and New York, especially have been willfully shutting down restaurants and small businesses that pay property taxes, collect sales taxes, and generate payroll taxes to for their cities and states. Why should people who live in states that did not impose such severe lockdowns for such a long time be forced to reimburse cities and states for the revenue they lost of their own free will when they locked down their economies?

    If there’s anything less popular with the average American voter than being forced to bail out Wall Street with their future paychecks, surely it’s being forced to bail out California and New York with their future paychecks. The reaction to Biden’s bail out of California and New York should be bigger than the Tea Party reaction to Bush and Obama bailing out Wall Street with TARP.

    1. It also short-circuits the notion that state and local governments answer to their citizens. Obviously if your town government gets buckets full of cash from the feds that’s who they’re going to listen to; you’ll be lucky if they even acknowledge your existence.

      1. Or how ’bout basic concepts like no taxation without representation?

        The voting taxpayers of Wisconsin had a big brouhaha in 2011 over collective bargaining with the state’s government employees and their pension benefits. Why should the taxpayers of Wisconsin (on either side of the debate) be forced to pay for California’s state employees?

        It doesn’t make sense!

        Oh, and one image that everybody should be spreading around on social media right now is this one from the left wingers and the unions protesting in the state capitol of Wisconsin–trying to stop the legislature from voting to curtail their outrageous pension benefits.

        Look at that picture.

        Look at it again and again and again and again.

        And then point to the protester that should have been shot like Ashlii Babbitt.

          1. As I recall, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, WaPo and other left wing media propagandists (who claim to be news reporters) praised and defended the actions of those left wing protesters/insurrectionists at the WI capitol in Madison.

    2. You expect Tosilly to be honest about what Biden is doing?

      1. I expect reality to assert itself eventually, and it will.

        That’s the beginning of the Tea Party right there.

        That’s what happened with a bipartisan piece of shit like TARP, and that’s what will happen with this–eventually.

        1. That is the saner of the two expectations, to be sure.

        2. As terrible as the Democrats agenda is, anything that comes out of Congress with bipartisan support is going to be doubly bad for we the people.

          1. You mean the Eed Plebnista?

    3. Meh. It’s all funny money. Your taxes probably won’t go up to bail out Cali and NY, just like mine didn’t go up for the corporate bailouts of a decade ago.

      This may hasten the collapse of our monetary system, and the not so hidden tax of inflation is very real of course, but at least they’ll be able to say “we didn’t raise taxes on the middle class! (after we destroyed their businesses)”.

      Yeah, no, it’s gonna be a hoot! Haha.

  16. The massive borrowing doesn’t matter because they’ve already got a remedy for it, that doesn’t involve higher taxes…
    It’s called massive inflation.
    Soon a trillion will be worth a billion.

    It also will help to wipe out the plebs savings and encourage government reliance. Soon you’ll all be clamoring for a universal basic income.

    Enjoy the upcoming Weimar years everybody.

    1. The only real enjoyment I’ll get is seeing all those Democrat supporting strivers – who think they are lower upper class – learning that they do not fare too well in hyperinflation.

    2. Don’t forget that the banks will buy up all the shit we can no longer pay for with their newly printed cash.

      If we’re lucky, we’ll be able to maybe rent our stuff from them. For a small fee, of course.

    3. ^YES! Exactly.. “encourage government reliance”

  17. The bolded part is the worst part of all.

    Nobody is screaming about where that money is going. The media is fine leaving people with the impression that it will go to fund strained welfare services, unemployment insurance and other state and local programs for those impacted by the virus and not straight into the coffers to cover the payroll for people who haven’t missed a paycheck and into funds to shore up their pension obligations.

    There will be no reaction until people realize that this is a shell game. The entrenched bureaucrats and the PEUs will never let that money get to the public.

    1. They’re also not talking about where that money is coming from.

      It’s coming out of our future paychecks. It’s coming out of the value of your money. It’s coming out of retirement accounts, our kids’ college fund, and our discretionary income. It’s coming out of our unemployment rate. It’s coming out of our future raise. It’s coming out of our employer’s profits. It’s coming out of our quality of life.

      This is a give away to public employee unions. The Republicans should unanimously vote against this bill and hang it around the Democrats’ necks like an albatross. The Republicans were complicit in TARP. It’s much better to leave this like an ObamaCare issue, where it’s 100% owned by the Democrats. It won’t make any difference for two years, but in two years, it could make a big difference.

      1. P.S. No bail out for state and local governments was an excellent libertarian and capitalist reason to vote for Trump.

        1. As if there are any libertarian authors at Reason.

        2. There was no reason to vote for Trump. None whatsoever. Only the obtuse continue to support a sociopath.

          1. What does Biden being a sociopath have to do with Trump?

  18. Unity is not abut agreeing to all of Biden’s policy proposals, it is about recommitting to the fundamental concept of democracy and denouncing the Big Lie.

    1. Which one? There’s so many going around.

      1. The Big Lie refers to the campaign to falsely say that the 2020 election was fraudulent.

        1. Oh, that one. I thought you might have meant Republicans are the party of fiscal responsibility, or everyone who doesn’t vote Democrat is a domestic terrorist, or government can protect us from the pandemic, or government can fix the economy that it broke… There’s so many.

          1. Or that sarcasmic isn’t broken.

        2. The Big Lie is pretending there was no fraud at all in the 2020 elections when we already know there was based on convictions and the few audits they did do. You could at least try to foment your argument to significant fraud to change an election. But you’d probably be asked why you are not open to an audit of anything.

          1. convictions should say indictments.

          2. Georgia was counted three times. There were dozens upon dozens of lawsuits that went nowhere. The only standard you’re interested in is whatever makes the bad feelings stop by installing Trump as president against the will of the electoral college.

            It’s all spilled milk now. They have spoken. And they were free to change their minds, I’m sure you’ve argued before.

            1. “……the will of the electoral college.”

              Haha. Yeah, they knew what they wanted.

            2. The votes needed to be audited, not recounted. Recounting the same examples of democrat fraud will always add up to the same amount of fraud.

              Nothing will be fixed until traitors like you are dealt with.

              1. You define audit to mean recounted and recounted until Trump wins. Why go to the trouble! Just seize power. It’s the only route you have now anyway. Say hi to my armed forces.

        3. It was fraudulent. You’re just a useful idiot for the progs. Parroting their bullshit.

          What a sad, loathsome creature you are.

    2. Yeah, don’t let details get in the way of the Big Truth!


    3. It’s all about loving big brother.

      1. Yeah, asking people to not believe the ludicrous and ridiculous election conspiracies is totally O’Brien.

        1. That is exactly what O’Brien did. He was the bait for the subversives.

          You lefties read that book like a fucking manual.

          1. Nothing is so cringeworthy as watching a Republican apologist try and fail to understand Orwell.

            You could just say the lie that caused hundreds of dupes to ruin their lives by storming the capitol at what they thought was the president’s urging is a bad thing that did harm to people. You’d go a long way to actually understanding Orwell if you simply could acknowledge that there’s such things as facts and lies. And you wouldn’t even have to stop criticizing government officials, since they’re the ones who perpetrated this.

            1. Tony, there isn’t a word, a concept, or an idea you are capable of illuminating for anyone here. That would be absurd.

              You truly are an insect among gods here.

              1. If Trump cultists are such geniuses how come they got defeated by Sleepy Joe from his basement?

    4. There are four lights.

      1. There were four lights, the lie was that there were five.

    5. If anybody ever approaches you with literature from the People’s Unification Church of Happiness Wackadoodle and Sun Myung Moon? It’s intended for people like you.

      Don’t read it.

      Or don’t be surprised if you end up hassling people for change at the airport.

    6. Government is the big lie.

      1. More specifically, government of the people, by the people, for the people, is the big lie.

        1. Not if your only economic policy idea is to deposit all the wealth society generates into the offshore accounts of the already wealthy and powerful. Trying to prove yourself right?

          1. Hey faggot, Usurper Biden just ended energy independence and cost Americans (something you are not, prog traitor that you are)) upwards of 100k jobs with his EOs.

    7. Agree. No one is saying Biden is the instant fix or knows all the answers. It’s a change of leadership philosophy at the top which We the People are trying. We are attempting to claw our way out from the depths of disease, poverty, joblessness, hunger, and a depression.

      Instead of making doomsday predictions of failure, give it a chance. It hasn’t even been one week!

      Did you love status quo so completely that you want that in all perpetuity instead: manifested by the greed of a sociopath?

      1. Everything is so terrible and unfair.

  19. The trend is that every new president, the government outspends the previous. This is largely due to massive spending for entitlements and the military war machine.

    Biden does not appear to be any better that the previous president and may prove to be twice as bad. Can Biden outspend Trump in two years? It seems like he’s attempting to achieve this dubious achievement.

    1. That first part is true and false. If the president is a Democrat then of course it’s the president’s fault. But if the president is a Republican then the blame goes to the Democrats in Congress. It’s never the Republicans’ fault.

      1. Your strawmen are so tiresome. We get it, you’re ashamed to be a liberal. You can stop projecting onto others the internal arguments you have about your side.

        Many on the right blamed Paul Ryan, McConnel, and other GOP leaders for failing on budgets. It is why the term RINO exists. But you’re too dumb and ignorant to accept reality.

        The irony is you are even worse. You want to blame all spending on the President when it’s the GOP but just say “eh, no big deal, we knew what we got with a democrat.”

        You’re just broken.

        1. “Government spending is always bad.”

          That’s not an ethical framework, it’s a cult.

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          2. True. For example, spending money to execute you, and traitors like you would be money well spent.

            At least we agree on something.

    2. They’re explaining why they’re spending money if anyone cares to understand.

      A flexible, powerful money-moving institution that can prevent depressions. Obviously it must be defunded and turned into a glorified mall cop, and other genius libertarian high-level ideas.

      1. Are you really so stupid as to think ‘money’ has intrinsic value? It’s just governments agreed upon representation of human value. Powerful money-moving institution are nothing but human SLAVE vehicles.

        1. Understanding that money is not only a mere tool, but just a figment of our imaginations, is the first step in unraveling the notion that someone has more of it because they are more virtuous.

          I’m glad we agree that giving parents a little cash to buy diapers with during a global crisis won’t upset any foundations of society.

          Unless of course it’s fundamentally important to you that poor people never get the idea that they’re poor because they’ve even deliberately shafted by common thieves in business suits.

          1. I understood money doesn’t make one virtuous when I met a lot of people with lots of money, and noted they were no more or less virtuous in general than one one else.

            The concept of fiat currency had little to do with it.

            1. I don’t know why we’d be talking about a shiny metal standard in the context of today’s problems. Every currency traded internationally is fiat currency. Basing it on shiny metals or other commodities is (nearly) universally considered outdated and impractical.

              I realize libertarian philosophy breaks down at the slightest whiff of modern science, but nobody said all ideas were good.

              1. So, let me see the things we classify as “figments of our imaginations”:

                1. virtue
                2. money
                3. votes

          2. Tony, our economic problems are your fault. Through your support of people like Biden.

      2. A flexible, powerful money-moving institution that can prevent depressions.

        Every depression in history happened under the guiding hand of a government (with varying degrees of control). Ameliorate? Maybe. Cause (and, conversely avoid causing)? Quite probably. But this sentence makes it pretty clear that you don’t know what the word ‘prevent’ means.

        1. We’re never going to get anywhere with nonsense fairy tales informing the actions of elected officials.

          Government has been there for every human event since humans invented agriculture. You might as well blame the sky for being there too. Economies are complex, but they’re not completely opaque to human understanding. And if they were, you would have just as little to say about what’s best for them as I would.

          1. Tony, you are not capable of understanding economics or finance. So go away now, the adults are talking.

  20. Biden’s plan to “Unify” slavery by the human labor ‘fiat’ printing press.

    1. We can move to the new system as soon as someone figures out how to suspend valuable latinum in worthless gold so that it’s practical for daily use. Hopefully before anyone realizes that ones and zeroes are even more abstract than paper rectangles.

      1. You sound every bit as coherent as the President.

      2. Latinum? Ok, I’ll explain this in terms you will understand. You do not have the lobes for business, nor do you have the lobes for economics. Biden will tank our economy and job market. He has already made moves in that direction.

        1. Worse than Trump did? Somewhere better than Trump but worse than Obama? Life’s about the alternatives in front of you.

          All Trump did was sign Republican bills like a trained monkey. Seems to me any cow could look at the evidence and vote Democrat with no other information and be guaranteed to be better off.

          1. Ironically; Closing down the economy wasn’t Trump’s call — It was Democrats in State/County Legislatures. Commie-Money wasn’t even the GOP’s bill it was 87%-Democrats written/cosponsored. And lets just ignore Biden’s new $2T Commie-money bill..

            As-if all those articles about Cuomo was irrelevant. You are a partisan-hack blinded by your own entirely illogical *emotional* reactions and failure to acknowledge reality.

  21. You got your boy in the white house, what’s the problem JD?

    1. Four days in office and a majority in this forum think that Biden should have fixed it all by today and he is worthless because he hasn’t. What arrogance.

  22. If Trump was an African president he could have been worst than those African dictators like Paul Biya of Cameroon and the Old illiterate that just won the elections in Uganda. God bless America.

  23. Since the Republic is done, I’ll gladly take any cash upfront I can get out of the Lurching Zombie Empire in decline that replaced it.

    As for “Unity?” Fuck the New Caesar and his Party of Woke Nitwittery with a rusty chainsaw, then the GOP, and then the idiot cosmotarians at Reason, in that order, with the same chainsaw.

    Feed the remains into the wood chipper, and force Preet Bharara to watch.

    1. Simple Steps to Take to Land Your Dream Job with Ease For More Info

      1. Operating the chainsaw IS my Dream Job.

        That, or the woodchipper.

  24. “Biden’s proposed $1.9 trillion pandemic “relief” package would unite Americans in forcibly shared economic pain.”

    So what ?

    Didn’t Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. do the same with their illegal invasion of Iraq ?

    Where exactly do you suppose the monies to commit THAT atrocity came from, hack ?

    You guessed it…. it was funded on the never-never — just like Biden’s coronavirus relief plan.

    The difference being, of course — Americans benefit from THIS dive into debt…….. ALL americans, not just the shareholders in amerika’s military/industrial complex.

    1. Concur. We have to try something to help the working class because the working class scaffolds the American economy. Without the working class, the economy will fail.

      1. The best way to do that is to get lazy Democrats out of the way and close our borders to semi-retarded mestizos.

        1. We also should expatriate and remove idiot progressives like him.

    2. It’s a bit of ignorance on your part to pretend retaliation of 9/11 was entirely against Americans benefit (as self-evident by the events of 9/11). Perhaps Bush did go way to far with policing the world but to call defensive actions illegal is just stupidity at it’s finest. It’s the whole REASON the federal union-government was created.

  25. Yep. Wait until the lockdowns have put all the small businesses out of business, and then give relief money to the larger ones that remain.

  26. I believe a plan to starve out [let die] as many people and businesses [acceptable collateral damage] as possible is historically a republican ideology.

    1. Wrong again, eugenics is from progressives and the Democratic party.

      1. Is Mick really this dumb? Or is he another parody account?

  27. Updating Regan’s words to reflect 2021’s reality: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from Big Business, and I’m here to help.'”

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  29. At this point, all we’re doing is printing money we don’t have, destroying our currency, so that lazy Democrats can buy flat screen TVs.

    1. An asteroid could destroy human civilization as we know it, and there they’d be, the same people, blaming all their problems on blacks not knowing their place.

      1. And if a great flood came yesterday to wipe out the world, there would still be children playing in the Great Lake park by the blue gravity.

  30. Is Reason really this stupid? Unity is a Biden talking point. Biden and the Democrats have no intention of unity, just total submission by force.

    1. The only “liberty” Democrats believes in is killing babies and shooting off in other men’s buttholes.

    2. He will give Republicans every chance to say yes before dismissing their disingenuous attempts to sabotage his agenda for political reasons same as they’ve always done. They’re welcome to vote no.

      Voting is that thing Trump and his minions tried to steal from us with an angry mob.

      1. “We have come to demand that Congress do the right thing and only count the electors who have been lawfully slated,” Trump said. “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard today.”

      2. Which is exactly why your angry mob is attemping to impeach a non-sitting President explicitly to bar him from seeking re-election. After all those claims of election interference, now you actually do it in broad daylight!

        1. Impeachment is in the constitution dude. If you don’t know how law works, don’t vote.

          I agree that it’s unfortunate that conviction means Republicans are cleansed of Trump stench, despite their total complicity in creating and enabling him, but you just can’t let a guy off the hook for trying to burn the capitol down and steal the country.

  31. El presidente biden and the commies declared civil war 2.0 on America and thats exactly what they are getting.

    Democrats lost civil war 1.0 and the6 will lose this civil war they started.

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  33. The difference being, of course Americans benefit from THIS dive into debt. All americans, not just the shareholders in amerika’s military/industrial complex.

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  35. Pandemics are expensive.
    When the Fed Govt is obstructed from a full response to the pandemic …. it’s bigly expensive.

    Next time ….
    * pray that tRump or the Reich Wing isn’t in charge
    * use the Federal Pandemic Response Playbook

  36. just knows that Biden’s motives are pure, that he’s not just playing politics , or that his proposal is larded with payoffs to favored

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