Biden Pledges to Rejoin Paris Climate Agreement

His plan says that by 2035, no electric power should be generated by burning fossil fuels, and the U.S. should commit to zero net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050.


"Today, the Trump Administration officially left the Paris Climate Change Agreement," tweeted President-elect Joe Biden on November 4, 2020. "And in exactly 77 days, a Biden Administration will rejoin it."

On April 22, 2016—Earth Day—then–President Barack Obama signed the Paris accord, treating it as an executive agreement rather than a treaty requiring Senate approval. Recognizing that unabated man-made climate change would likely become a significant problem for humanity as the century advances, the Paris Agreement aims to limit the increase of global average temperature to less than 2 degrees Celsius above its pre-industrial level. Under the agreement's provisions, signatories submit their plans, called nationally determined contributions (NDC), to the United Nations. The pledges are voluntary and nonbinding.

Back in 2010, the Obama administration promised to reduce U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases to 17 percent below their 2005 levels within a decade. In 2015, the administration submitted its NDC, committing to a cut of 26–28 percent compared to the same baseline by 2025. Over the longer term, the administration pledged to reduce U.S. emissions by 80 percent from their 2005 levels by 2050. Under Obama's 2015 Clean Power Plan, emissions from electric power generation were supposed to fall 30 percent by 2025.

President-elect Biden's $2 trillion plan for a "clean energy revolution and environmental justice" is even more aggressive. By 2035, no electric power would be generated by burning fossil fuels, and the U.S. would commit to zero net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050.

President Donald Trump issued numerous executive orders to cancel Obama's climate change programs and regulations. Biden no doubt will issue executive orders to re-establish and expand many of the Obama administration's top-down, centralized climate programs. These include raising vehicle fuel economy standards, restoring the Clean Power Plan to make deep cuts in emissions from electricity generation, imposing stricter energy efficiency standards on appliances and buildings, and banning fossil fuel production on federal lands.

Where do U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases stand compared to Obama's pledges? According to a July report by the Rhodium Group consultancy, U.S. emissions have declined by 21 percent from their 2005 baseline. In other words, the U.S. has more than met the Obama administration's promised reduction goal for 2020. But that decline was largely due to a market-driven shift from coal to natural gas for electricity generation and to the economic disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, rather than to specific policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What about Obama's NDC pledge to cut emissions by 26–28 percent as of 2025? In a scenario where no new policies are adopted and the economy makes a quick post-pandemic recovery, the Rhodium analysts believe U.S. emissions will remain essentially flat at 20 percent below their 2005 levels. If the recovery is slow, the analysts say, U.S. greenhouse emissions in 2025 would be about 27 percent below their 2005 levels. New policies from the Biden administration are a given, however.

The next U.N. climate change meeting was postponed for a year due to the pandemic. It will convene in November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. Paris Agreement signatories are supposed to submit more-ambitious NDCs at that meeting. In his climate change plan, Biden aims to "push the rest of the world to raise their ambitions alongside the United States."

How ambitious will those targets be? The Center for American Progress, a think tank from which the Biden administration probably will draw many staffers, argues that the U.S. should commit to a 2030 goal of cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by 43 percent below their 2005 levels.

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  2. In his climate change plan, Biden aims to “push the rest of the world to raise their ambitions alongside the United States.”

    Biden is going to force them to dust off that water-powered engine despite any personal Big Oil donors.

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      1. What if you have moral qualms about becoming a spammer?

    2. Just how much Benzedrine are they giving this MF’er to keep him upright?

      1. I think Alphabet will have one of their divisions photoshop him into press conferences.

        1. Nah, contact those digital effects people in Hollywood. If he never appears anywhere in person, would we even notice he’s a hologram?

          1. Or do deepfake stuff like they did on The Mandalorian with Mark Hamill. They could even make Joe look like he has all his original hair back.

  3. I foresee a legal challenge under the Administrative Procedures Act, and possibly a nationwide injunction thrown in for good measure.

    This is nothing more than a socialist giveaway. We agree to destroy the vitality of our economy so China can keep polluting. AYFKM?!

    1. Why do you hate Mother Gaia and continue to deny science-based policy?

      1. California will have more black-outs in 2021. It is the future.

        1. We need more minority representation in daily life. Blackouts are a good thing.

          1. Meanwhile we must do what we can to prevent blizzards and their attendant whiteouts. We have already practically abolished the use of White-Out in offices, congratulations are in order.

            Now I’m hearing myself in Zoidberg’s voice too.

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  5. Maybe they could save some greenhouse gasses by holding their meetings virtually

    1. I volunteer to help cut down on methane emissions by sniffing AOC’s spicy taco braps!

      1. Oy, then we will be subjected to secondhand braps!

  6. Make it so.

    What do you mean it cannot be done? I gave an order!

    1. Calm down Cuomo.

  7. Biden is free to join the climate accords all he wants, but if he thinks that binds the US in any way, he doesn’t understand the advise and consent function of the Senate in ratifying treaties. Not that anybody is going to say shit about Biden trampling on the Constitution in the same way Chocolate Jesus did. Climate change is an existential crisis just like gun violence, the opioid crisis, coronavirus, and plastic straws, so the Constitution must stand down. Nobody gives a shit about the Constitution.

    1. They will continue to change the definition of words until they get what they want. Silly thingsike the constitution won’t stop them.

      1. So Humpty Dumpty was right?

    2. The Senate will just go on vacation and let the administrative state continue building sensible policies based on scientific evidence and incontestable facts.

    3. the advise and consent function of the Senate in ratifying treaties

      Cute that you think that the new gang are suddenly going to start observing the constitution and procedural rules.

    4. Doesn’t matter, since it’s not a treaty and will disappear with the next turnover in government anyway…only to be brought back again, ad infinitum.

  8. Sarcasmoc (jeff jr) is totes excited.

    1. Waaaahhh! Stop picking on me, mean girl. Waaahhh!

  9. The tune changes

    “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his “state of the state” address on Monday, telling residents he intends to reopen the state’s economy in a safe way despite an uptick in confirmed coronavirus cases.

    The Democratic governor put a heavy emphasis on planning the state’s “economic resurgence,” even as it faces a record-setting budget deficit.

    “We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass – the cost is too high,” Cuomo said in his address. “We must reopen the economy, but we must do it smartly and safely.”

    1. When did Cuomo become a heartless Republican?

      1. Now that the Trump presidency is sunsetting, it safe to say what Trump has been saying.

    2. So basically the lockdowns were imposed solely to wreck the economy in an election year. Mission Accomplished!

      1. I know, I was expecting they craft the narrative about how things were improving at least through Valentine’s Day.

        Crosses fingers that Inslee is next and throws out that ridiculous 7-phase plan.

  10. 2035: CO2 emissions are about where they are today, while US GDP is cut in half due to excessive taxation, debt+interest, inflation, and collapse of many industries.

    Thanks for voting democrat.

    1. True scenario: CO2 emissions are triple what they are today, while US GDP and economic output is cut by two thirds due to excessive taxation, debt+interest, inflation and the decimation of the working class.

      Thanks for voting democrat.

    2. But GDP by definition includes government spending, so we’re saved!

      1. The bookies had to install something to offset the obvious display of their lack of production… The Boss, “No, no; two negative become positive.”!!

    3. Are we trying to starve plant life from the earth or what??? It’s like watching sheep run straight towards the wolf.

      1. In other news; The Democratic National Socialist Plant Party in an attempt to save their fire-burning environment has joined other plant-nations in an effort to remove all the toxic O2 emissions they’ve been exhausting from the earth so fire won’t be able to burn them anymore.

  11. Good.

    This is not really radical. Power companies see the future and are moving to non-fossil fuel alternatives with little push. Hell companies for coal and pay for natural gas, the sun is free. Sounds like capitalism at work.

    1. “…the sun is free.”

      But the hardware to capture the Sun’s energy in a useful form is quite expensive.

      1. And the Sun doesn’t work at night. It’s right there in its contract.

        1. Biden will sign a law changing that contract. The Sun has 99.999% of the energy in the whole solar system. Biden will make that fat cat pay his fair share.

      2. We need to secure America’s mineral interests in Peru, South Africa, and Afghanistan if we are to compete with China on the world stage.

      3. As are traditional fossil fuel power plants.

        1. There is better payback on fossil fuel plants.

        2. Which provide 20,000 to 100,000 times the energy for the same investment amount.

          The world hasn’t failed to switch to pure solar and wind yet, just because it’s mean.

          1. Not sure where you got those numbers. A University of Leeds 2019 study put fossil fuel EROI at between 25:1 to 9:1 noting the value is decreasing as extraction costs get larger. Renewables have a EROI at 10:1. So while fossil fuels have a edge that edge is moving quickly toward renewables.

            1. Only if you are completely ignoring the inconsistency of solar and wind power. They can’t meet peak power demands without massive central control, i.e, telling industrial plants when they can come online because starting up machinery requires a huge surge. You have to maintain fossil fuels on standby for when they are inactive, which adds to the expense that comes from using renewables, or try to store it in batteries which is also expensive and even more polluting that the fossil fuels you want to replace.

              And who has the rare earth elements needed for all those batteries under their thumb? China. So much for not supporting slave labor.

            2. The CA dream-ship… Not even started and already collapsing.

      4. As Don Boudreaux and probably others have pointed out many times, “natural resources” is an oxymoron. As long as they are natural, they are unuseable. To become resources, they must be processed. Even rainfall has to be captured to be useful, and about the only way to use rivers directly is either poop and pea in them, which ruins them for others, or drink directly from them. Even using a pail to carry water is processing them.

    2. You cannot be that obtuse = Sounds like capitalism at work.

      It is not capitalism at work to invite the government to enact a regulatory framework that destroys the economy, and entails a massive wealth transfer from the US to the rest of the world.

      1. No my reference was to economic efficiencies. All the energy we use to day originated in a star. Fossil fuels from energy from our sun and nuclear fuel from other stars. Renewables get there energy much nearer to the original source. Directly for solar and indirectly from wind. Fossil fuels require investments to exact and process the fuel. Capitalism looks for efficiencies and a reduction of middleman costs.

        No real transfer to the rest of the world.

        1. And when a single solar panel that costs even $50,000 is introduced that can supply 372KW of power you might get a single truck down the road.

          You live in a delusional world (at this point) created ON PURPOSE to install a totalitarian regime with control of EVERYONE’S ENERGY. It’s a taking of Individuals Freedom and they know where it’ll hurt the most.

    3. Damn, this whole time you’ve been a parody account!? Well done.

    4. What made you radically change your opinion?

    5. Hell companies for coal and pay for natural gas, the sun is free.

      No it’s not.

      1. Who do you pay for the sun?

        1. The same as I pay for oil in the ground that I’m not harvesting. $0.

          But anticipating that you still won’t get it… allow me to elaborate.

          I currently harvest 0 watts of energy from the… well, I live in the northwest, it’s deep winter right now, so there’s almost none hitting my house… but I’ll not nitpick.

          To harvest the sun’s energy that hits my roof, I’ll need an initial investment of ~$13,000. That is WITH the tax credits I’ll receive from my various state and federal governments.

          As of January 2021, the average solar panel cost in Seattle, WA is $2.98/W. Given a solar panel system size of 5 kilowatts (kW), an average solar installation in Seattle, WA ranges in cost from $12,665 to $17,135, with the average gross price for solar in Seattle, WA coming in at $14,900.

          All the above costs do is dictate the potential of the system I build: $8000 for a (I can hardly say this with a straight face) 3kw system, all the way up to $22,000 for a 10kw system.

          But that’s “potential”. Solar installations on single family homes is a dicey proposition. Does your roof have access to the sun? Will a new neighbor tear down the existing house and build a three story box that completely shadows you out? Those trees in your neighbor’s house are only 12′ tall now, in ten years they’ll could 20′ tall. (there are all kinds of accounts of this kind of stuff that throw wrenches into the solar works).

          Then you need to add into the cost panel replacement (most panels are rated for 15 – 20 years). Battery maintenance replacement and other electronics such as inverters etc.

          Here are my electricity bill payments for the last three cycles (we’re billed every two months):


          I’ll let you do the math on how long it’ll take a $13,000 ‘free sun’ harvesting installation to pay for itself.

          1. To be clear on my electric bill, since I noted we’re billed every two months, those three payments = the last six months of usage. Meaning that if we take the highest bill @166, my monthly cost of electricity is ~$88 a month.

            1. Electricity in the NW is currently very cheap because of the those wonderful dams and solar is that much more inefficient because of the latitude and the weather. And you know tearing out those dams has been on the Progressive wishlist for years. The NW has more to lose than most anywhere else in the US.

          2. Yeah, until they figure out how to gain and store enough solar energy in 3 months to last an entire year, some place simply can’t do it.

            Now, if they ever figure out how to turn rain into energy, we could power the rest of the country.

            1. Solar power is terrific on a smaller scale. Microgrids have a lot of potential, for example, at least in places that get sunshine almost year-round. But even with battery storage, they’ll still need to be connected to a larger grid that can meet demand when the sun isn’t shining, or if the battery goes out.

              This shit will absolutely not scale to nationwide-level uses, though. Besides the fact that we would simply outsource the battery production process to China and Africa, letting them deal with the environmental destruction that comes from that, a nationwide solar grid would be helpless in colder climates.

          3. These delusional lefties truly believe our entire power demand can be met by sun and wind.

            Talk about cult-like thinking, and all to enrich big banks who will be acting as middlemen for loans to the third world, including China and India, who are classed in the Paris Accords as “developing countries” despite the fact that they’ve had first world economies for decades.

            Unlike these idiots, I’ve actually read both the Accords and the individual nation statements, and they’re nothing more than a money-laundering operation to move cash from the first world to the third world. It has nothing to do with saving the planet from the evils of a gas that we naturally exhale.

    6. Solar power is free in the air! You just have to pay to build giant collector arrays with expensive rare Earth minerals, buy land to locate them, and build power storage and distribution networks.

      Just like oil is free in the ground! You just have to pay to build wells to pump it out, and pipelines and refineries to distribute it.

      1. With fossil fuels you also have to buy land for power plants, build and maintain power plants, build power storage and distribution networks.

        1. With fossil fuels you also have to . . . build power storage

          Oh, good, so all those huge arrays of batteries to do load-balancing are already built, whew.

        2. So now you understand why solar isn’t free. Good. Lesson applied, lesson learned.

      2. I think M4E sees the slave labor used to mine rare earth elements as more of a feature than a bug. Gotta have somewhere to put those DC protestors, amirite?

        1. THIS EXACTLY!!!! The party of slavery!

    7. This is not really radical.

      Oh, good. Here I thought a 14-year schedule to replace 62.6% of current electricity generation, plus cover all increases in demand, plus all non-fossil plants already slated to be decommissioned, sounded like the insane fantasy of an ignorant child, or a dementia patient suffering a second childhood. But your baseless reassurance has soothed me.

      However, there’s one other issue that’s bothering me, which is, how exactly are you going to do the necessary demand-matching for all that solar and wind you want to build over the next 14 years without using dispatchable power from natural gas turbines?

      1. Green jobs: Millions of former coal industry workers pedaling stationary bikes hooked to generators. It’s healthy, sustainable, and they can watch zoom classes on coding while they do it for when the technology companies pour into West Virginia.

    8. Biden Dictates = Capitalism? URFOS.

    9. Wait till you find out how much fossil fuels are used to make solar panels.

  12. Trump’s mistake was in “leaving” the Paris accord on it’s own terms, instead of just publicly stating, “This is a treaty. It was never submitted to the Senate, let alone ratified. I am not directing that we start the process of leaving this treaty, because we are not, and never were, a party to it.

    Instead he ended up preserving the fiction that we were a party to it, leaving the door open for Biden to return us to being a party to it.

    1. But then Trump wouldn’t have followed the proper administrative procedures! This is no different than his unlawful ending of DACA.

      1. While I cannot guarantee what you might get offered if you’re successful with them, my research suggests around $30 USD per hour for those based in Asia/India, and around $30-40 USD per hour for those based in Europe and UK / US / Australia / New Zealand. I work through this link, go? to tech tab for work detail… Read More.

      2. lmao…. Unlawful ending of DACA; The stuff you lefties spew is amazing.

      3. The proper administrative procedure for “leaving” a treaty that was never submitted to the Senate or ratified involves opening your fly and pissing on it.

  13. Virtue signaling is the goal not real reductions. The Paris Climate Agreement just another do nothing document.

    Government meddling with the free market leads to these issues, the solution is to remove all subsidies and let the market dictate.

    1. The market can never dictate – Only Democrats are allowed to dictate.

    2. Virtue signaling is the goal not real reductions. The Paris Climate Agreement just another do nothing document.

      ^ This.

      1. I wouldn’t say it’s “do nothing”… Global Governing can’t happen without Global dictation.

  14. Biden Pledges to Rejoin Paris Climate Agreement

    No shit

  15. Quick! Everyone run out and buy an electric car.

    1. Without nuclear power, mass electrification of transportation is going to hit a huge wall. Also, no mention of the limits on materials like nickel, lithium and rare earth metals and the cost of extracting them for the batteries. Of course, our betters won’t admit that this means there won’t be enough cars, or even electric bikes, to meet demand.

      1. I don’t think they intend for us to have cars anyway. Cars will be reserved for higher Party members in good standing. You will march from the Worker’s Barracks to your 16 hour shift at the Glorious Comrade Hillary Clinton Tractor Factory, singing songs of Socialist Victory.

        1. Pretty much this.
          If you get a permit to leave your kommunalki, the party will send an Apple or Google Waymo self-driving taxi to ferry you to where you need to be.

        2. You will still be able to request a car when needed. But the drivers will be guaranteed full union benefits. Of course, when the cars are driverless, they will still need union members to ride along to ensure the safety of the passenger, and to monitor for any insurrectionist activity. And to limit pollution, the number of available cars for rent will strictly limited. Perhaps governments will issue the car rental service companies a limited number of tokens, or medallions. And instead of using a confusing smart phone app, you can call a central dispatch number to speak to an actual human being with union benefits.

          We’ll call them “taxis”.

          1. Funny how the dreams of technocratic nerds always look like authoritarian dystopias.

        3. My husband drives Uber/Lyft in the Seattle area and likes to talk with his riders. Occasionally, he gets city administrators (the same ones who are making policies to drive the companies out of business. The hypocrisy is strong). They’ve openly admitted that their long term vision for the city is to make it a no-drive zone except for city owned driverless vehicles.

      2. The other issue is power delivery. The power infrastructure needs a major overhaul.

      3. How else do you think they’re going to get all of their beloved trains? Also, good luck maintaining air travel without using fossil fuels.

        1. Only those who can afford private jets will be allowed to travel by air

        2. Hydrogen is lighter than air, and is abundant in nature. Just fill giant dirigibles with it, put solar panels on them for the pusher motor, and book a leisurely 10 day cruise across the USA. What could possibly go wrong?

        3. Like 10,000 level 5 self-driving cars on America’s roads by 2019, battery powered planes are just around the corner.

          1. Sorry, I fucked up the joke: 10,000,000 self driving cars.

      4. Also, no mention of the limits on materials like nickel, lithium and rare earth metals and the cost of extracting them for the batteries.

        Not just the power production limits, but the sheer level of industrial pollution that would take place makes the late 19th-early 20th century mining industry here look like the fucking Sierra Club.

  16. And JesseAz pledges to stop lying about people. Doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen.

    1. Lol, Sarcasmic’s so drunk.

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  18. If I’m still alive in 2035 it will be interesting to see how it comes out. Will I be starving, freezing, or both?

    1. I would say you could build a fire for warmth, but that will probably be illegal

      1. Allowed only if burning books – – – – –

    2. If “Fallen Angels” was right, the Ice starts coming back.

      Even if it doesn’t, the huddle rooms of the Upper Midwest were a memorable image.

      Cheap energy allows the full fruits of human ingenuity and industry to ripen. It is responsible for much of the world being able to leave a barely-subsiding, miserable existence.

      This Evil senile bully and serial assaulter of children and women wants to take that away from the citizens of this country.

  19. “President-elect Biden’s $2 trillion plan for a “clean energy revolution and environmental justice” is even more aggressive. By 2035, no electric power would be generated by burning fossil fuels, and the U.S. would commit to zero net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050.

    There are so many terrible aspects to Biden’s version of the Green New Deal, it’s hard to know where to start, but we should point out that among the other negative consequences, this will actively discourage the market driven transformation of the auto industry initiated by Tesla.

    The reason the entire automotive industry is transforming itself into a collection of electric car makers is because so many consumers are willing to pay a premium for an electric car, but to some extent, the practicality and demand for electric cars is driven by historically cheap electricity–driven by the fracking revolution and cheap natural gas.

    Eliminate all that cheap natural gas for electricity generation, and the cost of powering up an electric vehicle increases. Any calculations on how electrified the automotive market is likely to be 15 years from now needs to be revised if the cost of electricity goes up with the elimination of natural gas.

    Tesla recently claimed that they would have a Tesla on the market for less than $25,000 in three years, and I see no good reason not to believe them. The efficiencies necessary for such a car don’t require technological breakthroughs–just scale efficiencies in battery materials and production. All that goes out the window if the cost of powering that $25,000 Tesla is pushed out of the reach of more and more American consumers.

    In other words, because natural gas burns cleaner in electricity generation than gasoline does in a gasoline powered vehicle, electric cars are an important part of the fight against climate change. Biden’s Green New Deal will actually undermine the fight against climate change and the market driven transformation of the U.S. auto industry by artificially inflating the cost of electricity. The market penetration of electric vehicles can only be as deep as the poorest drivers and the affordability of electricity.

    1. That would require a government policy informed by economics, as well as the limitations of science and engineering imposed by the laws of physics, rather than activists themselves feel good about themselves.

      1. “The first lesson of economics is scarcity: There is never enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics.”

        ― Thomas Sowell

    2. This is all part of their plan to eliminate private car ownership. They WANT cars to be so expensive that the average person can’t afford one, and so will have to choose to live in a dense urban area where they can walk, bike, or take public transportation to their job. Cities will largely be car-free). For those who might want to travel by car for a day at the beach or hike in the mountains, they will have to sign up for a shared car (Someone very close to me is an urban planner, so I know this to be true).

      1. Notice how these people’s idea of an perfect society is basically like one of John Calhoun’s rat experiements?

    3. When people can charge up thier cars its easier to restrict their freedom of movement.

    4. But environmental justice won’t be enough. The Dems will have to ensure environmental and energy equity. Access to vehicles and electric power will be rationed with fairness in mind, based on a points system, and withheld from those who plot insurrections.

    5. And, when we are no longer using gas, tax revenues go down. All energy consumption taxes will need to go up to cover it.

  20. How much green house gas has the burning and the blm riots created?

    1. That’s different.

  21. Man it’s gonna be so weird and so nice seeing a president act like a president again.

    1. You mean, having a president who is managed by his handlers and speaks through a teleprompter

      1. The fact that Jeff is trying to portray Joe Biden of all people as imbued with dignity, tells us everything we need to know about what he’s here to do.

    2. A blithering idiot instead of a bombastic buffoon?

    3. All hail the Gov-Gods!!! Please master; may I have another?

  22. Why is this posted under “Science”? Bailey has become as much a troll as the spammers with their “work at home” rants.

  23. I love that there is no analysis whatsoever of the actual absurdity of the Paris Agreement itself. As if being part of the accords or not will have any affect whatsoever on rising temperatures (hint: it will not)

    1. How dare you!

      1. Hate speech! lol… 🙂

    2. Charles Koch must’ve realigned all his energy interests, so Bailey’s narrative can fall into line with that of the Party’s.

      1. I think we’ve moved into the “please let me help write the crippling regulations” stage of the process.

  24. In the picture, Biden looks confused as to why they’re trying to make it look like he has a halo.

    1. Just like the narcissistic lefty president he was VP for.

      1. Harris?

        1. Is there any need to battle the names anymore? I haven’t heard of a Democrat writing any legislation that wasn’t a stink bomb for the last decade.

  25. Just in the nick of time. Humanity was 10 years away from having to find a new planet. The Paris Accord will save us all from the scourge of warmer weather.

    1. ^Comment date: 1983

  26. No fossil fuel electricity in just fourteen years? That is an absolutely insane, impossible, and pointless goal. Obviously just throwing it out there as a sop to far-left enviro-communists.

  27. China has owned Joe Biden since Chinese companies paid off Hunter, James and the Big Guy, as they have far more damaging (and impeachable) documents proving Biden’s corruption than were revealed by the NY Post, Tony Bobulinski and others (which Reason and other left wing media propagandists denied, censored and/or lied about to get Biden elected).

    By rejoining the Paris accord, Biden and America will become China’s bitch, further conceding America’s leadership role in the world to the Communist Chinese.

    Trump correctly pointed out that the Paris agreement would strangle America’s energy industry and economy (by mandating significant future declines in American carbon emissions), while allowing China to greatly expand their carbon emissions (and build many more coal burning power plants) during the same time period.

    Even mathematical morons understand that the Paris accord greatly benefits China, greatly harms America, and will do NOTHING to actually reduce worldwide carbon emissions.

    But left wing environmental extremists, media propagandists, Democrats and rent seeking Big Tech corporations are hellbent on destroying America’s economy ASAP in order to further enrich China.

  28. Those who advocate (and want to mandate) electric cars falsely portray themselves as environmentalists, but mandating electric cars requires far more electricity (including burning far more coal) to recharge the car’s batteries daily (or every 100 miles).

    Manufacturing the batteries for electronic cars also requires lots of energy (and lots of carbon emissions) to extract the minerals needed for batteries.

    While government mandates for electric cars have made Elon Musk a billionaire, they’ve done little to reduce carbon emissions.

    In sharp contrast, natural gas fracking (which Biden said he’d ban before he said he wouldn’t before he said would again) has sharply reduced America’s carbon emissions during the past decade (more than any other nation).

  29. A arctic blast of sub zero temperatures in northeast Asia (China, Korea, Japan) have caused the price of LNG (liquified natural gas) to increase 15 fold since last spring.

    Sales of LNG from American companies to Asia have doubled since last year, and have tripled since 2019.

    But of course, left wing environmental extremists, media propagandists and Democrats who have vehemently opposed (and banned) natural gas fracking, refineries, pipelines, train and shipping transport continue to oppose (and still want to destroy) America’s natural gas industry (after it sharply reduced US carbon emissions this past decade).

  30. We can rejoin the Paris agreement when congress has passed it.

  31. “Recognizing that unabated man-made climate change would likely become a significant problem for humanity as the century advances”

    This is climate alarmism fueled by big government propaganda. We cannot control the sun.

    Keep telling yourself Reason is not full of leftist activists.

  32. Just mandate personal Star Trek transporters for all so we don’t need to drive or fly at all. That will fix it.

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