Free-Range Kids

School Evacuated After Student Brings Antique Dinner Plate

"No injuries were reported."


The students were evacuated to the football field as Hazmat teams rushed to the scene. The local prosecutor was alerted, as were the police. Responders entered the building and went room by room. What calamity beset Haddon Township High School in New Jersey's Camden County last week? A bomb threat? A gas leak? Anthrax?

Worse. Dinnerware.

Specifically, Fiestaware, the colorful plates that took the U.S. by storm during the Great Depression. A sophomore had brought a quarter-size piece to his science class, because some of the plates were originally glazed with a red color that contained uranium oxide (at least until our war effort required uranium for the atom bomb, at which point the government confiscated them). The student had received a Geiger counter for Christmas and was going to do a little experiment in class.

That was on January 4. His teacher thanked him for bringing in the sample. By January 8, someone had determined the plate was a biohazard.

At 11:15 a.m., The Chery Hill Courier-Post first reported, the students were evacuated. The sophomore (whose name was not disclosed to the media) wasn't one of them because, due to COVID-19 protocols, he attends school in person only on Mondays and Thursdays.

But he did not go unnoticed. By 2:00 p.m. there were six vehicles, lights flashing, in front of the student's home, including one from the Camden County Prosecutor's Office, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The teen emerged to explain that the whole response, "Was a dramatic over-exaggeration… I gave them a quarter-size [piece of plate] that was enclosed in plastic so it couldn't be tampered with that gave off less radiation than most things you can find in an antique store. It was intended to be used as a source for calibrating Geiger counters."

Instead it became a source for calibrating school board over-reactivity. While the evacuated kids were allowed back into school after half an hour, the school board released a notice that a student had brought a "potentially dangerous substance" into the school.

If I were a mom there, I'd assume the teen brought in a vial of ricin—not a chip off the most collected dinnerware in America.

No less dramatically, Haddon Township Superintendent Robert Fisicaro issued a statement announcing, "No injuries were reported."

The prosecutor nonetheless asked the public to contact the police "if you have any information that could help this investigation."

I actually do have some information: "There is no record of anyone ever becoming sick from manufacturing or using radioactive Fiestaware," according to

The whole incident calls to mind the evacuation of Totino-Grace High School in Fridley, Minnesota, several years back because of a "chemical spill."

That is, a student had broken a thermometer.

And frankly, both these incidents remind me of the kabuki concern shown by fire and police departments when a child is discovered waiting in a car for a short time, neither freezing nor boiling, while their parents run an errand. Here's one example: A child who snoozed for 20 minutes while his parents bought Christmas lights was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, even though everyone could see he was fine.

Sometimes, a wait is just a wait, and a plate is just a plate.

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  1. “What calamity beset Haddon Township High School in New Jersey’s Camden County last week? ”

    Haddon Township. No surprise there.

    1. He should have brought some lead crystal to go with the dinner plate (no, this is not a school shooting joke).

      1. It the plate had uranium oxide, there were traces of lead in there too.

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        2. In this thread White Knight competely fucks up discussing water chemistry then makes a fool of himself insisting he wasn't wrong

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          2. And he does so while pompously ‘correcting’ someone who knew what they were posting about!

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      3. At a conference, a vendor of lead paint test strips used a stoneware dinner plate to demonstrate his product. And granite is radioactive, as are bananas.

        The Lead Crystal is a real issue if you *store* wine (or any acidic liquid) in it for any length of time, as the lead leaches out. I wouldn’t store it overnight in lead crystal, but drinking from it isn’t an issue. See:

        1. And bananas even have produce antimatter! Poassium 40 will sometimes decay by kicking out a positron.

          Also old gas lantern mantles (thorium) not to mention the variety of ‘negative ion’ emitting items that don’t consume electrical power. . They do nothing or are radioactive (thorium oxide mostly).

          1. Well, good, we need more positrovity in these trying times.

            BTW, exposure to the phrase “in these trying times”, in dosages of over 1 million incidents, can cause high-volume flatulence. Or at least it just did, in one recorded local case.

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  2. A sophomore had brought a quarter-size piece to his science class, because some of the plates were originally glazed with a red color that contained uranium oxide

    Have granite countertops? You have uranium in your home. Been in a building containing granite block? You’ve been exposed to radiation. Have smoke detectors? Yep, radioactive material.

    1. Don’t forget concrete and brick.

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      3. And wood contains radioactive carbon-14…

        Walk around outside and be showered with cosmic rays. Go inside and still be showered with cosmic rays – it takes many feet of rock, soil, or lead, etc., to stop them. And those materials emit radiation, too.

        It’s the dose that makes the poison. Those who do not understand that (or are innumerate and incapable of understanding) should not be given authority over other people. Unfortunately, students who major in education and school administration are on the average two of the three stupidest groups of people to struggle through college.

    2. The Feds and Big Oil share the blame for people being scared to death of anything radioactive. The official position of the gov is that any exposure to radioactivity is bad for you. The reality is low levels of radiation exposure are unavoidable, and may be helpful in eliminating various cancers before they have an opportunity to become tumorous.

      Big Oil never wants people to be comfortable with nuclear. If nuclear power were to really take off, Big Oil would see a dramatic reduction in it’s market share over time, because nuclear is remarkably effective. Big Oil loves wind and solar farms because they are prohibitively expensive, and more importantly, they don’t work. And if your competition sucks, you are the only game that matters in town.

      1. Chernobyl – did Big Oil propaganda make that happen?

        1. No, communist government cheapness did…

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          2. Politically-based staffing decisions, bad design, cheap construction and general negligence. If we end up with a perma-Dem government, I think these are things we would definitely have to worry about.

            (It was the reactor equivalent to the N1 Lunar Rocket, the largest controlled…well, semi-controlled, explosion ever. The first one exploded, the second attempt exploded and destroyed the entire launch pad, the third exploded on a stronger launch pad, but the FOURTH attempt…it caught fire, fell over and sank into a swamp.
            And then exploded.)

            Anton Petrov has an admirably restrained accounting of the project:

        2. It was a reactor designed to make weapons grade stuff — most aren’t.

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      2. Wind and solar also have pretty severe negative environmental effects, which Big Oil likes, presumably just for the lulz.

    3. I live in New England where houses built on ledge often have radon in the basement. A common part of the home buying process is determining how radioactive your new house is.

      1. Don’t forget Arsenic in your well water…

      2. Hi John. Is that by design or from ground leeching?

    4. You can buy uranium oxide on Amazon. No license needed, since it’s not a restricted item in any way.

  3. Reminds me of one of those 3 mile island cases, where they were told the stones in the courthouse were giving off more radioactivity than what was released by the reactor.

    1. Ah you beat me to it up there. Also flying in airplanes.

      1. I remember my college chem class, when the professor put a geiger counter too close to the outer wall. Lots of chirps, but barely above background level.

        1. A friend who works at a nuclear plant got into trouble for telling a citizen the waste water is less radioactive than background radiation. All they heard was “WASTEWATER IS RADIOACTIVE!!!”

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    2. A kid in some fraternity on my college died from hydrogen monoxide poisoning but the redneck-led administration refused to ban the stuff on campus.

      1. Frat kid drinking water? I’m calling bullshit on this one, Harv!

        1. Actually, water would be “hydrogen di-oxide”, not monoxide. Guessing you didn’t ever actually take a chemistry class.

          1. oxidane according to IUPAC

          2. Guessing you didn’t ever actually take a chemistry class

            It’s dihydrogen monoxide you gibbering idiot.
            The molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Hydrogen oxide or hydrogen hydroxide would have also worked.

            Hydrogen dioxide is a bitter-flavored substance that looks like water but decomposes quickly into water and oxygen.

            I’m guessing you never took middle school science.

            1. It’s dihydrogen monoxide

              Actually, I think both technically work.

              1. No, you fucking idiot.
                What part of decomposes quickly into water and oxygen was hard to understand.

                For being so snotty about chemistry classes you don’t seem to understand how any of it works.

              2. No, WK, the prefixes mean something
                Di- means two.
                Mono means one. The “Mon” prefix is optional.

                Dihydrogen monoxide is H2O
                You can also say Hydrogen hydroxide, (HOH)

                To compare, Hydrogen Dioxide is HO2, a decomposition product of hydrogen peroxide H2O2 (aka Dihydrogen Dioxide). It’s short lived due to the unstable radical electrons between the oxygens that want to form into a double bond and react the hydrogen off.

                1. Yew musta been the one who done took that chem’stry class, then.

              3. Look at this transparent attempt at a dodge. Ha!

              4. Actually, you’re irrefutably wrong.

            2. Johnny was a chemist’s son.
              Johnny is no more.
              For what he thought was H2O,
              Was H2SO4.

            3. YOU BEAT ME TO IT!

          3. Di-hydrogen mon-oxide. H2O not HO2

          4. Uh, no. Di-hydrogen monoxide maybe but definitely not di-oxide.

            If you’re going to criticize others for not taking a chemistry class, maybe you should take one yourself first.

          5. Hey dumb fuck -water has 2 hydrogen atoms (dihydrogen) and 1 oxygen atom (monoxide).

            Seriously, we know you’re a stupid fuck, but there’s no need to show it in every post.

            1. Okay well I think technically both work in this situation.

              1. You made a blatantly stupid claim. You fucked up. Own it.

                1. Whatever.

                  1. Go fuck your hat, clown.
                    Even elementary kids know more than you.

                  2. Clown

                  3. Typical WK. This kind of shit is why you’re so hated here.

              2. No, they don’t. Di-hydrogen monoxide is H2O – a chemical that actually can exist and is stable over large ranges of time and temperature. Di-hydrogen di-oxide is H2O2 – a chemical that can exist but is inherently unstable and decomposes to 2 H2O and O2 over time.

                Hydrogen di-oxide, however, would be HO2 – a chemical that cannot exist in any stable or even unstable configuration.

                1. Actually, H2O2 is Hydrogen Peroxide. Decomposes quickly, but in pure form – extremely volatile. Early German rockets used it as fuel.

                  1. All true. And very much not “water”.

                2. If I recall correctly, HO2 is an intermediate in the H2O2 decomposition, and the radical formed is what gives H2O2 its extreme reactivity.

                  It’s been a long time since I took any chemistry classes though.

              3. That’s because you never paid attention in chemistry class.

            2. I love how pompous he got while correcting an accurate statement with his stupidity.

              I’m saving that one for posterity.

              1. First, I wasn’t even wrong, we were both correct in this situation. But yes, I probably should not have been so quick to correct you when we were both right.

                1. No!
                  You’re not even remotely fucking correct.

                  One hydrogen and one oxygen is hydrogen peroxide. Not water. A very, very different substance.
                  One hydrogen and two oxygen is hydrogen dioxide. Not water, and also very, very different substance.

                  You don’t even have the remotest concept of how it all works, do you.

                  1. HO – Hydroxide ion
                    H2O – Water
                    H2O2 – Hydrogen Peroxide
                    HO2 – Something white knight thinks is water, even if it isn’t, but technically he thinks he’s correct even though he’s not.

                    1. He’s a prog. What did you expect. They don’t understand science, or much of anything.

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                2. You said water was HO2. You were wrong. Dumb fuck.

                  1. I misread what you wrote and accidentally corrected you, then apologized to you. You don’t need to be so harsh.

                    1. “Fuck you traitor”

                    2. After hilariously doubling down a couple of times, that is.

                    3. Clown

                    4. He does need to be harsh. You pull this kind of shit all the time. A real apology would be where you admit that everything you believe in is wrong, and beg our forgiveness.

                3. Excellent doubling and quadrupling down. Only weaklings and cowards admit when they utterly blow it, a true knight holds out to the bloody end.

                  1. “It’s just a flesh wound!”

                    1. Put some H₂0₂ on that.

                    2. YOU WIN! i’d like a wafer thin mint

                4. No. You’re not right.

                  Stop thinking you’re right.

                  You are 100% wrong.

                5. “The   ​ White    Knight
                  January.12.2021 at 2:01 pm
                  First, I wasn’t even wrong, we were both correct”

                  No actually, you WERE wrong. There is no debate.

          6. International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
            Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry
            page 306

            H₂O, dihydrogen oxide; water
            H₂O = [OH₂], oxidane (parent hydride name), dihydridooxygen
            ¹H₂O, diprotium oxide;
            D₂O = ²H₂O, dideuterium oxide;
            T₂O = ³H₂O, ditritium oxide;

            1. the beauty of math and science…there is only one correct answer, no matter what the reason “scholars” want to think. thanks rat for the godzilla stomp on this bambi of topics

          7. The White Knight rightfully spotted a wrong but corrected it with a wrong.
            RabbiHarveyWeinstein – hydrogen monoxide (informal language)
            The White Knight – hydrogen di-oxide

            It’s almost as entertaining as watching Tony and Chemjeff go at it… But arrogant fun isn’t very nice. Everyone has been there at some point unless they’re narcissistic.. Can’t think of anyone who likes it.

        2. No, it’s real. A NY State health official told me the rest of it — it was a 5 gallon container of it, as a form of hazing. Messed up his electrolytes, heart attack.

        3. Water intoxication? Oh yah, its real, I’ve seen in before. Treated it even. Had a guy in my service when I was an intern who had it Guy with schizophrenia started drinking from a garden hose and never got around to stopping.

          It only takes about a gallon of water in short time when you re already hydrated to produce some sympyoms. Lots more to kill you usually.

      2. Just a bit of that stuff entering your lungs can suffocate you.

      3. you must mean “di-hydrogen monoxide”, commonly know as water

    3. Dammit, that’s what I get for waiting for some idiot to propose 3 Mile Island as a reason for fear of nuclear.

      The radiation from that “incident” never reached the every minute, every day background radiation from the mountains round here. Anti-nuclear people are basically non-thinkers.

  4. Everyone in the building will be dead in a week!

    1. Oh My God! DLAM just threatened to shoot up a school next week! Call the authorities! The horror! The humanity!

      1. I figured he was just joking. Do you think he’s actually dangerous and worth reporting?

        1. Put him on the no-fly list, just to be sure.

        2. Once again, your stupid is showing.

        3. I dunno. Does anybody know his political party? Check his Twitter history, STAT!!

    2. Don’t undermine the fruits of their labor.

      1. OR the labor of their fruits.

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  6. Right now trial lawyers are gathering information to see if they can sue for cancer risks.

    An old glass plant was turned into a park and housing project in the 70’s. A few years ago some Cadmium residue was discovered. It made the news for about two weeks until the lawyers couldn’t find any deep pockets to sue and then it mysteriously went away.

  7. But TV taught me that if a Geiger counter emits even a single click that means you’re standing in the depths of Chernobyl and are doomed to mutate into a horrible monster. Are you telling me that was a lie?

    Why would TV lie to me?

    1. To elect democrats?

    2. When you were watching, were the letters “CNN” on the chyron?

    3. Because you were there?

    4. Interestingly enough, the people who refused to move away from the area surrounding Chernobyl lived longer than those who did.

      Turns out the stress of leaving their lifelong home was greater than the stress of elevated background radiation.

      And the place is practically a wildlife sanctuary now, with no 5 legged deer in sight.

      1. Ants. I want giant ants.

    5. That’s funny because comics have taught me to love radiation and bask in it’s power inducing glow.

      1. It is the best known cure for cancer after all.

    6. Though I mutated into my current form after doing a line of the Chernobyl Elephant’s Foot.

    7. Count your blessing. Back in the day they had to lie to us real slow, over just a few channels.

      NOW we’ve got the Internet! We can be lied to quickly and from myriad directions! Contrary evidence can be memory holed! Words can have their meanings changed at a tweet!

      I can barely recall those unenlightened days when reality was widely agreed on and history was unchanging. Sad times…

  8. My mother used those very same plates daily until her recent death, and I ate of them daily until I went to college, and dozens of times since (whenever I visited my mother).

    I also grew up several miles downwind of Three Mile Island.

    So according to left wing nuclear fearmongering, I’ve been radioactive my entire life.

    1. Yet, when you die, it will be from COVID-19
      or -20
      or -21
      Or something else that is Trump’s fault.

      1. Don’t be silly. It’s not Trump’s fault, it’s San Andrea’s fault. 🙂

      2. Now I’m hearing your post in Zoidberg’s voice too.

    2. Bill,
      I used to sleep a few hundred feet away from several nuclear reactors. I should glow in the dark.

      1. I make a policy to have no nuclear material near me. That’s why I wear a watch with glow-in-the-dark hands from the 1950s.

      2. I drove through the Hanford site in the early morning fog. Crazy feeling as nuclear cooling towers kept rising up out of the fog around me.

        1. Did they attack?

  9. Look, Karen’s will Karen, that’s all they do, and they absolutely, positively will not stop until…the fourth Tuesday after the 12th of never.

    1. Wait til someone tells them about neutrinos.

      1. “Nudetrinos?? Well of course the toxic men will be detecting THEM all over the place, the filthy animals.”
        ~Karen McFemniss

  10. Now that teachers are getting vaccinated, they have to find some other way to not work. Expect more of this.

  11. the school board released a notice that a student had brought a “potentially dangerous substance” into the school.

    A “potentially dangerous substance”, unlike the *actually* dangerous school board.

    1. If he brought a cell phone with Parler installed, that would be actually dangerous.

  12. WTF? My mom actually as a piece of uranium glazed Fiesta Ware. It’s a pitcher, and she uses it as vase for dried flowers up on the shelf. I’ve never told her about it’s uniqueness or its market value.

    In other news, in college back in the eighties, my grad student roommate was working on superconductors, and accidentally brought home a uranium pellet in his pocket. Gosh. He successfully snuck it back into the lab the next day and no one was the wiser.

    Also, no one tell the school about the Americium in smoke detectors. Some boy scout even made a working nuclear reactor from them and the thorium in lantern hoods. You can read all about it by googling “radioactive boy scout”. That panic was justified, he was an utter idiot and nearly made his backyard shed a superfund site.

    1. Actually he made a neutron source, he was trying to do a breeder reactor but was just a little off

      1. He was mostly done creating a nuclear pile. No fission, but that was the obvious end goal when he was stopped by police and they tipped off the DOE.

        Also the book “The Radioactive Boyscout” was extremely biased against science in general. To the point of deriding his parents for letting him have a chemistry kit as a child. Gosh. I had a chemistry kit as a child.

        1. His end goal was a reactor but he didn’t have the ability to finish it. It was built wrong. Yeah that book got alot of the science wrong

  13. Absolutely nothing surprises me about this. This is just a sampling of the stupid shit that happens here in the People’s Republic of NJ all the fucking time.

    Phil Murphy is terrible.

    1. Haddon Township is ultra rich, ultra left. A well known Karen feeding ground.

      1. Where are the alligators when you need them?

        1. Luggage?

  14. Weren’t they all wearing masks?

    1. Luggage?

      1. That was meant to reply further up.

  15. His teacher thanked him for bringing in the sample. By January 8, someone had determined the plate was a biohazard.

    “Someone” has a name. This hero deserves to be, um, thanked.

    1. Good and hard.

  16. Always good for teaching students unintended lessons about the competence of both armed and unarmed bureaucracy.

  17. I think we all learned valuable lessons here.

    1. Pay attention in chemistry class?

    2. The real lesson was the friends we made along the way?

      Seriously, if this helps any or all of those kids realize how very, very stupid and incompetent the adults in their town (cops, administrators, teachers, whoever “reported” piece of dinnerwar) are, it’s would be a lesson of some value.

      Unless the cops/DA/principle decide that saving face by doubling down on stupid is in order, in which case the kid might end up in prison, or worse, in the hands of CPS.

  18. As with the drug war giving us overblown police responses, I think 9/11 gave a lot of fire and police departments huge budgets to purchase fancy new toys, but they have to show that they actually use/need them, even for the stupidest reasons

    1. How many fires where you live do you read/hear about? Given the improvements in electrical, HVAC, and product safety in the past 40 years, they really don’t have much to do these days. That’s why you see fire engines at the scene of fender benders.

      1. Ironically my State Tax is in the margin of 1/70th that of the Federal Government; What the heck kind of a long-line of fire engines to they employ there for a flat tire?

  19. Try the same trick with a banana. Seriously…

    Banana equivalent dose (BED) is an informal measurement of ionizing radiation exposure, intended as a general educational example to compare a dose of radioactivity to the dose one is exposed to by eating one average-sized banana.

    1. What about the “Living In Denver For a Week Dose”?

    2. If you cook a banana peel it will become a psychoactive psychedelic called bananadine.

      1. Are there any non-psychoactive psychedelics? A drug that, when ingested, changes the fabric of reality while leaving your perception unaltered would be pretty neat.

        1. pcylocibin (sp?} is pretty good in this regard.

    3. Brazil nuts are even higher.

  20. Than God he didn’t bring a bunch of bananas. Oh the horror.

    1. What do you do if you are a tacked by someone armed with a banana!?

      Suppose he had a pointed stick?

      A pointed stick?!

      1. Right. Now come at me with that bunch of strawberries!

    2. 1/2 BED has been shown to trigger a severe REEEEE!!!sponse.
      At least, in some areas of New Jersey.

  21. As always, the correct response is the same:

    Take your kids out of the school and never send them back.

    1. I don’t have kids. If I did they would not be in public school. Fortunately I am able to work at home even without a pandemic.

  22. Well, shouldn’t be a surprise after the past year that people are terrible at assessing relative risk.

    1. They may’ve found something to panic about with a risk actually lower than COVID.

  23. If things keep going the way they’ve been for the past year, public schools will exist only for special ed students and those whose parents literally don’t give a shit about them.

    1. POOF!!! Done and done.

    2. So what was old [tossing retarded kids into an institution and not looking back] will be new again.

  24. No less dramatically, Haddon Township Superintendent Robert Fisicaro issued a statement announcing, “No injuries were reported.” Though it has been reported that there is a Nerf ball lodged in one of the school’s rafters that looks problematic, so a robotic arm is in the process of removing it to a safe area where it will be detonated.

    1. The detonation of a Nerf ball is something every kid should witness at least once in their lifetime.

      1. Detonation of a Nerf ball is something every kid should *participate in* at least once in their lifetime.

  25. the school board released a notice that a student had brought a “potentially dangerous substance” into the school.

    That of course was a pathetic attempt to cover up a whole lot of stupid.

    1. I dunno the stupidity behind “potentially dangerous” is pretty obvious. I don’t think there’s any element on the periodic table or any combination of them that isn’t potentially dangerous.

  26. What I find the most stupid about all of this is that after almost 20 years of increased counter-terrorism training for first responders and hazmat crews, not one of them knew even the smallest amount of information about radioactive material or how to respond to it. Any level of training would have quickly lead them to the “this is nothing” answer.

    1. but if they’d done that. there never would haev been any blurb in the fishwrap. dontchya Gettit?
      Most of this insanity is someone trying to get their fifteen seconds in the limelight. Like a bunch of circus monkeys leaping and dancing and running about everywhere, to many moving parts no one knows which one to watch, and they can’t watch themall at the same time.
      When I was a kid seatbelts had not even been invented for cars. None of us died. Or even got hurt. Nowadays, a friend has a slight sideways prang in his car, his 1.5 year od duaghter was in her carseat, totaly unhurt, meathack shows up, they ALL five of them are had off to hospital, the childn’s seat came along for the ride. Everyone checked out fine, a couple small cuts… when his Dad showed up to take them all home (the car went off to the knacker’s as totalled) hospitalstaff would NOT allow them to walk out of da joint with ilttle daughter UNTIL THEY HAD BOUGHT A BRAND NEW CARSEAT FOR HER. So everyone hangs out at hosiptal, friend takes Dad’s car to WalMart and buys something.. until he showed the new seat to them they would NOT release his daughter. THEN theygot mad at him when he walked off leaving the “destroyed” seat right there on the floor in hospital. He told them there is no room in the car for that, we are packed out, you made me go get a new one,hyou can figure out what to do with that one.
      Had that been MY daughter Id have pit her in my arms and started walking. Had my little brother bring out the “destroyed ” one, and we’d have all made an end of a long and traumatic day.
      Nannieism is destrying this nation. Wear your stinking mask, people, simply because WE shall become OFFENDED ifyou don’t. Never mind they are harmful AND do nothing to stop the spread of a virus.

      1. *sigh*

        Masks have been shown to be more effective against sudden outbreaks of Karen than than against Covid. A small price to pay…

  27. If I were a mom there, I’d assume the teen brought in a vial of ricin

    You’re not helping Lenore!

  28. I just noticed the kicker in the original article in the Courier-Post:

    “Correction: An earlier version of this story quoted a student who provided a false name. The quote has been removed.”

    Obviously a quote from our old friend, Heywood Jablome.

  29. For our kid’s grade school science fair one year, my kid and I made a cloud chamber*. To perform the experiment, we pulled apart a smoke detector to get out the part (still-sealed) with Americium. I looked, but couldn’t find, a reasonably priced piece of vaseline glass. And…we bought a small piece of uranium ore on Amazon. Though, I think he took the Americium to school for the fair, we kept the uranium at home.

    * Yes, I helped, but I made him do all the research for the paper on radiation and nuclear isotopes. Other than help get a couple books for him, he wrote the very fine and detailed (and long) paper by himself.

    1. You’re in trouble. I live in L.A. and I am coming to your house to make a citizen’s arrest. You’ d better be wearing a mask, or I’ll site you for that too.

  30. School sucks.

  31. When I was a kid in science class the teacher poured some mercury into a students hand where they could roll the cool mercury ball around and then pass it to a classmate until it had made it around the room.
    Unbelievably we all survived, even with some of that mercury in the fillings in our teeth. I am in my mid 60’s now and still going, no ill effects, as of yet.
    Do I think it was a bit of an over reaction, you bet.

  32. Example number 12,093,787,895,983,765: people are idiots.

  33. As a society, we need to find some way to encourage, or at least allow, people to pursue a reasonable and proportionate response, and to cut them a little slack if it doesn’t work out well. I see this incident as a symptom of our litigous culture.

  34. LOL! America is such a funny place

  35. I tuk da Evlin Woodhead sped redin course so I know a lot. Radiation is bad. So the dinnerwear is bad. Bad dinnerwear. Bad student. Bad bad bad.

  36. Are you kidding? I had a science teacher bring in one of those plates. It wasn’t scary. It was cool!

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  38. Wow what a read must have been fascinating to have been at the school when the discovery happened. Thumbs up

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