Record Gun Sales and Diverse Ownership Mean Rocky Prospects for Restrictions

New gun owners are unlikely to embrace disarmament schemes from a government they distrust.


Joe Biden will enter the White House this month at the head of a political party that in recent years has been overtly hostile to self-defense rights, even to the point of advocating impossible-to-enforce bans on popular firearms. But the opportunity has passed for the restrictions he peddles as "common sense reforms." In an era of political instability and distrust in government, Americans of varying political beliefs are purchasing guns in record numbers. And those millions of new weapons and their owners are bound to remain beyond the reach of politicians' wish lists of restrictive laws.

Nine of the ten busiest weeks ever for the FBI-administered National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)—which performs background checks for most firearms purchases from licensed dealers—occurred in 2020. While background checks don't directly correspond to gun sales since they can be used for other purposes or for multiple simultaneous purchases, they're an important indicator. The year ended with a total of 39.7 million background checks, the highest annual count recorded.

The "why" of the surge in firearms purchases is no secret in a year that seems drawn from the plot of an apocalyptic novel. January of 2020 opened with a politically polarized population and the news that "nearly six in ten Americans agree that there will be protests or rioting in the United States over the next year in response to how the country is being run," according to Ipsos pollsters. They were right, though for unpredictable reasons.

Chaos got a boost when the COVID-19 pandemic dropped by for a visit in late winter, prompting prosperity-killing lockdowns and protests against the same. Many people were furious at the federal government's conduct and/or their state governments' policies.

With people already tense and at each other's throats, police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other black Americans sparked demonstrations and riots against law enforcement abuses. In some cases, police were overwhelmed and told members of the public they would have to defend themselves. Along the way, many Americans lost faith in law enforcement officers. "Confidence in the police fell five points to 48%, marking the first time in the 27-year trend that this reading is below the majority level," Gallup noted.

The cops' ultimate bosses aren't too popular, either. "For years, public trust in the federal government has hovered at near-record lows," Pew Research found. "That remains the case today, as the United States struggles with a pandemic and economic recession."

So, Americans bought guns. And they weren't just adding to existing collections—many are new owners.

"Retailers reported an increased number of first-time gun buyers, estimating that 40 percent of their sales were to this group," announced the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), a trade organization, in June. "This is an increase of 67 percent over the annual average of 24-percent first-time gun buyers that retailers have reported in the past."

In recent years, whites and Republicans have been far more likely than minorities and Democrats to report owning guns, but many of the new owners come from different backgrounds than the traditional stereotype. "The highest overall firearm sales increase comes from Black men and women who show a 58.2 percent increase in purchases during the first six months of 2020 versus the same period last year," noted the NSSF.

"First-time gun buyers favor Biden over Trump," the Dallas Morning News reported of pre-election Texas survey results. "In fact, 51% of first-time purchasers surveyed favored Biden, while 43% favored Trump."

As you might expect, this complicates matters for Democrats who have long used gun restrictions as an easy way to bash political enemies while doing minimal harm to their own constituents. With gun ownership becoming a nonpartisan taste, restrictive laws threaten to inconvenience and anger supporters as much as opponents.

Sure enough, "Americans' appetite for gun control is the lowest it has been since 2016," according to Gallup. And while a large majority of Democrats still favor tighter restrictions, support has declined even in that group by five points. New gun owners, along with long-time shooters, are likely to respond to stricter gun laws with prickly defiance.

"Previous studies have proposed two sides of gun culture: one focused on recreational use and a second on self-defense. But the new BU study identifies a third mentality, made up of people who view the defense of the Second Amendment as necessary to freedom in the United States," Boston University (BU) announced last summer. "This so-called 'gun culture 3.0' has increased the most in states that have strengthened their gun laws to the greatest degree, suggesting it may be triggered by perceived threats on individual liberty by the government."

In states with secure gun rights, owners tend to be non-political and dedicated to recreation and self-defense, the study found. But restrictive laws prompt people to become resistant and to view their firearms as hedges against the state.

"The result is a few million people who are convinced that any genuine firearm violence prevention effort is the first step in a scheme to take away all of their rights and disenfranchise them," groused Claire Boine, one of the BU researchers.

We saw the results just a few years ago in terms of massive noncompliance with "assault weapon" registration laws in Connecticut and New York. "Empire State gun owners are largely ignoring one of the signature elements of the watershed legislation," the New York Daily News observed in 2015.

At the national level, if Biden blows the dust off the various proposals for bans, registration requirements, and other restrictions advocated by his party, he's going to infuriate a great many Americans who view firearms as protection against threats to their liberty. That's not new of course—prohibitions have always provoked anger and resistance. This time, however, many of the alienated gun owners scoffing at the law would be voters on whom the new president and his allies rely.

Government fell on its face in 2020 and left many Americans to arm themselves for self-protection amidst political turmoil and failing institutions. With a record number of guns in the hands of an increasingly diverse cross-section of the population, gun control just isn't a serious policy proposal.

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  1. “Rocky Prospects for Restrictions”

    Nevertheless, I believe Joe Biden will implement common-sense gun safety legislation. He’s been fighting the NRA his entire career.


    1. The Hihn Act?

      1. Sure, we could name it after my favorite longtime libertarian activist.


        1. #UndeadMichaelHihn

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    2. It’s adorable when statists try to soothe their consciences by pretending to support freedom.

      1. OBL is a parody account.

        Not always a very good one, I’ll admit. He frequently fails Poe’s Law. This is not one of his better days.

        1. OBL is the Bob Hope of parody accounts. His best work was his early stuff.

    3. I like the slightly sinister sound of “common sense restrictions on” speech, abortion, gun rights, and other things.

  2. Lockdowns have made things interesting. The “back the blue” crowd has seen the cops turn on them, shutting down their church services while WalMart gets to stay open, and the cops have seen that their pensions aren’t the biggest risk – left wing rioters have tried to trap cops in their buildings and set the buildings on fire, and have shouted cops’ kids’ names during riots, to let the cops know they know where they live.

    W/o the lockdowns and riots, the left may have gotten the cops to enforce an anti gun EO thinking they want to keep their pensions and expecting people to comply. Now? Who knows?

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    2. I’ve maintained all along that the people affected are most likely to inspire instant change in their beneficiaries when they stop playing the game. Walk away until they come around.

      Here’s how it happens with big city cops: Don’t show up for protective detail, don’t guard their homes or offices, and don’t escort their asses anywhere. Leave em bare ass naked like the rest of us are. Those who bitch about it… dox em. Cuomo, DeBlasio, Lightfoot, and Garcetti are nothing without the blues protecting them 24/7. I’m gonna guess they bitch like hell from their bunker for about a day before finding new religion and tell the defunders to fuck off.

      This works in every situation where the other guy needs you more and faster than you need him.

  3. A white femal protester was murdered yesterday for trespassing. TPTB and their allies are cool with it.

    Good luck taking guns after that.

    1. Google paid for all online work from home from $ 16,000 to $ 32,000 a month. The younger brother was out of work for three months vdd and a month ago her check was $ 32475, working at home for 4 hours a day, and earning could be even bigger….So I started……READ MORE

    2. White woman protester killed by black cop. Hate crime? Black woman protester killed by white cop. Hate crime?

      Yah, hatecrime laws are stupid, racism stupid, but what do you think?

  4. SleepyJoe sez no gunz, so there won’t be any gunz. The sheep will comply.

    1. All the Democrats buying firearms are doing it so they can have something to turn in. They will be shining examples of virtue for the clingers.

      1. Lol more guns than people in this country. Theyre not gonna go anywhere. Keep on clinging, buster. 😉

    2. Free shit > RTK&BA

      1. Especially if new 2k checks are contingent on surrendering guns they don’t want you having.

        1. ^^^^THIS!!! Yet one more reason that the feds should not be in charge of the cash, food, healthcare, housing, or transportation for anyone. It pretends to not take away your choice but defers power over necessities to a dictator who can withhold it till you comply.

          Gun owners should not be concerned about police showing up to take away your gun. They should be concerned that an edict will be issued that that will squeeze you to comply *”of your own free will”*.

          See Obama’s near miss on threatening any public school with loss of federal funds unless they opened up girls locker rooms to anyone who wishes to use it.

          1. Or Clinton withholding highway funds until states lowered BAC to .08.

  5. Commies at unreason still cannot shake the fact that they and their Commie allies on the Left were liars and propagandists before Nov 3 and still are.

    1. Trump till the best President in US history.

      Trump did a great job trying to reduce Lefty power or the Commies wouldn’t have went after him so hard.

  6. There was little enthusiasm for Obamacare/ACA either, but did that stop them? Politicians only listen to their well-heeled donors, and we know where they stand on guns for team blue.

    1. Yeah. If there’s anything the DNC has done consistently and according to principles over the last several decades, it’s been to push gun control. Even in the face of overwhelmingly unpopular opposition.

    2. They only listen to their Jewish masters.

      1. Ilhan Omar has an account here?

  7. It seems to me that gun-control, at least on the national level, has been becoming less and less “popular” among left-of-center politicians over the last couple of decades. They talk about it some, but relatively little gets done. This is good. On the other hand, they spend a lot of time pushing their BS on the State level.

    1. On the national level, i think one of the few things the Republican party will weakly fight for is gun/weapon ownership. But even when they may block new legislation, they never rollback old stuff when in charge. 2016 would have been perfect time, but nope nothing. Useless Pussies. At least on the state level alot of states have moved to constitutional carry and generally have expanded weapons protection. As long as they arent Coastal state generally. I think trump pushed alot of people who thought big gubment good small gubment bad back towards local government. Of course i could be wrong and they were just waiting for their people to get back in office to declare big gubment good. Actually that sounds more accurate.

      1. “But even when they may block new legislation, they never rollback old stuff when in charge.”

        And THAT is the reality of the “slippery slope.”

      2. Of course i could be wrong and they were just waiting for their people to get back in office to declare big gubment good. Actually that sounds more accurate.

        Sadly, yes, that is the most likely case. In fact neither party ever really lose their taste for big government, they just don’t like it when the wrong Top. Men. are in charge.

        1. And the worst part is that the end goal isn’t good governance, but “sticking it” to the other side. That’s the only game in town.

      3. And under that principle and with the help of the abolishment of the filibuster, the only thing standing in their way now is SCOTUS, which you can be assured have all been put on notice that unless they also comply, they will be made irrelevant with a little court packing.

        This way they can slide any and all gun control measures in and have it all “nice and legal”, knowing that whether Pubs ever gain another national unilateral majority, they won’t undo what’s been done.

  8. “Democrats who have long used gun restrictions” well first they had to keep those uppity niggers down. Then when that didnt fly you had to go over to “public safety”. I mean government will protect you from all threats. Listen they know whats best, just submit and life will be a paradise….

  9. All the information about who bought guns in 2020, whether if they were buying their first, if they are people of color, or if they support any particular candidate depends on the accuracy of a poll.
    We have found in recent years how inaccurate polls are.
    Without polls to ruminate on, writers like Tuccille would have to depend on tea leaves for article ideas.
    That more guns were sold is probably hard data.

    1. Actually, PEW ransome surveys on this issue not too long ago. But you are correct that their use is somewhat limiting. It does give a starting point, however.

      1. The interesting point is noting WHO bought the guns and suggesting that Texans who bought guns were Biden lovers. Of course this is a Dallas poll and they were polling Dallas buyers, so there is that. I could pick a couple of neighborhoods around here where participants in any activity will be Democrats because that’s who lives there.

        Still, if Biden supporters are buying guns I’m good with that. Democrats tend to support liberal policies so long as they are the beneficiaries or at least not hurt by the policy. Democrats want to protect their homes and families as well, and given the increase in urban violence and the reduction in police capacity, they aren’t likely to take kindly to any politician who is happy to increase that risk.

    2. NICS checks are based on form 4473 which has checkboxes for race and sex, I believe.

      NICS checks are not guns sold, but permission slips. I believe people can back out or the seller can change mind after the NICS check. Then there are private transfers, and while those are existing guns, not new guns, the buyer may be new.

      1. NICS checks are based on form 4473 which has checkboxes for race and sex, I believe.

        Yes, race, ethnicity, sex, SSN, *and* country of origin. The NICS check data is far more exhaustive and accurate (under penalty of law) than voting or the census.

      2. You can also buy multiple guns on one form 4473

        1. No NICS form stops you from walking out the door and selling that newly acquired piece to your no-good cousin for a cool profit either. In the unlikely event that you’re questioned regarding his use of it to commit a crime, well “the shithead stole it”. You’re still free and clear to go buy more.

    3. The FBI reports the number of background checks run, and how many of those were for people who have never been run before.

      This gives a baseline for estimating firearms sales, first-time buyers, and where sales are taking place.

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  11. Tucille, I like your optimism here, and I hope you’re right. However, I don’t think it’s trust in government that is what’s of key importance.

    Trust might be at record lows, but dependence is higher than ever. When push comes to shove, I’ve noticed that most people are more than willing to give up their rights in exchange for the continued comfort and security of government largesse.

    And since money supply doesn’t seem to be an issue these days, why wouldn’t Congress go ahead and appropriate 500 billion to “buy back” 100 million firearms as part of a new private arms ban.

    1. Trust might be at record lows, but dependence is higher than ever.

      Also, there’s an interesting paradox where as trust in government decreases the size, power, and authoritarian tendencies of government gets worse. I think it’s at least in part due to the people getting into a tug of war over who gets to use the government to crush their political enemies. E.g., “I don’t trust the government, but if I can use to punish ‘those people’ then so be it.”

      1. That, and the people who run our governments really do see themselves as our “betters” and if the “common rabble” aren’t willing to submit then dammit, they’ll just have to use more force to make them submit and learn to love Big Brother.

        1. Too many politicians have gotten in their heads that the people answer to the government, not the other way around

    2. “And since money supply doesn’t seem to be an issue these days, why wouldn’t Congress go ahead and appropriate 500 billion to “buy back” 100 million firearms as part of a new private arms ban.”

      I didn’t see this when I posted. This—and expanded use of red flag laws—is exactly how it will happen.

  12. Nonetheless, I should have made my firearm and ammunition purchases while Republicans, such as they are, still held some power.

    1. I’ll just wait until 2028 when Harris is out of office.

      1. We’re getting 12yrs of historical moments from Kamala unless the Republicans get their shit together.

        And that’s assuming the Republicans don’t prefer their new role as the permanent minority party.

        1. Unfortunately, historically, Republicans ‘getting their shit together’ has too often meant caving to just a few gun restrictions.

    2. I have about 100,000 rounds, but I fear it’s not enough.

  13. Yes if you are threatened Joe will tell you that only warning shots fired in the air are allowed.

  14. What will these new gun owners do to stop these inevitable government restrictions? Sign petitions? Go through the court system and be burdened with exorbitantly costly legal council? Or could they VOTE out the same corrupt, self-serving, duplicitous, back-stabbing career politicians they’ve been voting into office for the last fifty years? And if they could vote, does anyone really believe this new and progressive electoral process of dumping massive, unverified ballots into the system has preserved election integrity? Exactly what will these Good Americans do to stop restrictions on the 2nd Amendment.

    1. Exactly what will these Good Americans do to stop restrictions on the 2nd Amendment.

      Probably nothing. Most people are fine with government restricting people’s rights, even their own, so long as “those people over there” also feel the boot on their necks, and so long as the Top Man has the right letter after their name, of course.

      At this point politics is just a battle to decide who gets to use the full force of the federal government to punish their political enemies.

  15. Since when do the politicians care what the people want? If they think the time has passed to get gun control through that will make them MORE likely to try to ram something through, since they may not get another chance

  16. re: Boine’s grousing about “people who are convinced that any genuine firearm violence prevention effort is the first step in a scheme to take away”

    Perhaps that’s because the alleged “genuine” efforts always seem to focus on prevention of firearms rather than prevention of violence. It makes the claim that those efforts are genuine … tenuous.

    1. Perhaps that’s because the alleged “genuine” efforts always seem to focus on prevention of firearms rather than prevention of violence. It makes the claim that those efforts are genuine … tenuous.

      Boine’s idiocy is mental tapdancing to present the notion that you can effectively prevent something without curtailing freedom. Guns and even people are irrelevant. You can’t. They are antonyms and ‘prevention first’ *means* ‘freedom lasat’. You can’t take guns out of people’s hands without simultaneously (e.g.) telling black people to shut up and accept policing as is, without telling battered women to prevent further violence by just taking a beating.

      1. After yesterday’s violent Trump riots which resulted in broken windows, I for one am glad to see the #DefundThePolice narrative wiped from the table.

        1. I think I detect /sarc, but to respond as if your comment were serious – I think the Defund narrative is alive and well. Right now it is in the form of “the protestors were white and those awful cops just let the protestors in; if the protestors had been black those awful cops would have been killing them.” The two elements of the narrative are still there, “cops are not competent” and “racism.” If the awful cops had killed more white people they’d still be awful cops in the eyes of the narrative, if not possibly worse. I think the response now has been, the protestors shouldn’t exist, therefore they don’t exist, no police are necessary to handle them, police shouldn’t exist either.

  17. None of this will stop them from trying anyway. And as for those Democrat voters who have bought firearms the last few months, if you think the government trying to confiscate their new weapons will suddenly make them abandon Team Blue I have one response to that: BWAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, that’s a good one. Comedy gold right there.

  18. None of this matters. Democrats will still attempt to usurp our second amendment rights.

  19. It does not mean a rocky road for restrictions. The Dems are going to vote into law all of the shit they’ve been talking about for the past several years. ObamaCare for guns is coming. No online sales of firearms or ammo. No mail order ammo. Background checks for ammo purchases. You name it, it’s coming.

    Dems think they already have a mandate, new gun owners be damned.

  20. So far I’m 1 for 1 in turning stimulus checks into firearms. Already got another one lined up when the next check arrives.

    Keep it coming Dems, your subsidization of firearm ownership is one of the few programs of yours that I support.

  21. Shhh all is well Joe Biteme (actually Commie Harris) won’t take yer guns!

    You guys just lay down for anyone in power. Dog psychology.

    1. Thank Trumpanzees for this!

      Trumpanzees blazed the path for Biden and Dems to go gun-grabbing! Using the EXACT same language as Trump (and Trumpanzees) use against Section 230!
      From the article:
      “Section 230, which is a liability shielding gift from the U.S. to ‘Big Tech’ (the only companies in America that have it—corporate welfare!), is a serious threat to our National Security & Election Integrity,” the president recently tweeted.
      There’s your “logic” from Der TrumpfenFuhrer, and MANY conservaTurd commenters on these pages.
      By the EXACT SAME logic, ANY laws shielding gun and ammo manufacturers and-or sellers (Remington for example) need to be held accountable for the shootings of crazy users of their products! Remington, exercise better editorial control of your bullets!

      Hey conservaTurd assholes-commenters! Ye moochers off of a “liability shielding gift from the U.S. to ‘Big Guns and Ammo Tech’”…
      You ready to pay $90,000 per gun and $15 per ammo-round, or pay out the ass for insurance, for your guns? No? Then you are hypocrites ass usual!

    2. Look, I’ll make it pretty simple for simpletons. A prime argument of enemies of Section 230 is, since the government does such a HUGE favor for owners of web sites, by PROTECTING web site owners from being sued (in the courts of Government Almighty) as a “publisher”, then this is an unfair treatment of web site owners! Who SHOULD (lacking “unfair” section 230 provisions) be able to get SUED for the writings of OTHER PEOPLE! And punished by Government Almighty, for disobeying any and all decrees from Government Almighty’s courts, after getting sued!

      In a nutshell: Government Almighty should be able to boss around your uses of your web site, because, after all, Government Almighty is “protecting” you… From Government Almighty!!!

      Wow, just THINK of what we could do with this logic! Government Almighty is “protecting” you from getting sued in matters concerning who you chose to date or marry… In matters concerning what line of work you chose… What you eat and drink… What you read… What you think… Therefore, Government Almighty should be able to boss you around on ALL of these matters, and more! The only limits are the imaginations and power-lusts of politicians!

  22. Record Gun Sales and Diverse Ownership Mean Rocky Prospects for Restrictions

    Mmmno… I disagree with that.

  23. Obviously the author of this article has not been to the r/liberal gun owner sub Reddit.
    Very left wing, full of new gun owners, all in for gun control, one gun purchase per month, background checks to buy ammo, and banning assault rifles.
    In spite of literally millions of new gun owners, gun control still has a lot of support.

    1. As that subreddit shows us, there are a wide variety of gun owners. Not all of them are of the libertarian bend, and not all of them will shoot with any regularity. To them, 1 box of ammo each range trip and 1 to keep in the nightstand is all they need so restricting ammo purchases doesn’t matter. They only want the 1 gun they already have, so restricting new purchases doesn’t matter.

      I don’t think we’ve seen a boon in firearms enthusiasm, which is what you need to really have allies in protecting 2A rights. The folks that want a handgun to stuff in the nightstand never to be seen again aren’t particularly good allies.

    2. Obviously the author of this article has not been to the r/liberal gun owner sub Reddit.

      For a while, I’ve conceptualized them as ‘Michael Moore’ gun owners. They don’t actually want guns or to defend the RTKBA, they wear the guns like gawdy belt buckles to solidify their bona fides of not being crazy anti-gun nuts precisely the same way Biden keeps exclaiming that his sons hunt.

      Even the more genuine ones are completely fine with taxing rich white people to pay retribution to black people. And, if a few white (and disproportionately more black) people fall on hard times because of their policies and take matters into their own hands. Then, once we’re a more peaceful, just, and equitable society, they’ll see how much gun control makes sense.

  24. Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, BLM and Antifa are the six key reasons why gun and ammunition sales have skyrocketed during the past decade.

    1. Don’t forget Bloomberg.

      Obama is probably the best gun salesman in history.

  25. It’s not gun control! It’s simply an issue of reasonable, common-sense gun safety! Joe is not going to be taking your guns, don’t be silly. He’s just going to re-institute the assault weapons ban, which we had before with no problems until the NRA forced its repeal, close the gun show loophole which wrongfully allowed for the casual sale of firearms without background checks, perhaps restrict the number of weapons nefarious characters can buy at one time or over a period of time, (who needs more than 3 guns? Terrorists, that’s who.) and perhaps steeper taxes on guns and ammunition, since the government needs the money. Who could object to that? That’s totally a reasonable compromise – they get greater power, we get fewer rights, that’s a compromise!

    Actually, of course, until repealing the Brady Bill is on the table, I don’t want to hear shit about “compromise”.

    1. Compromise means they get half of what they asked for, and you get nothing.

  26. “First-time gun buyers favor Biden over Trump,” the Dallas Morning News reported of pre-election Texas survey results. “In fact, 51% of first-time purchasers surveyed favored Biden, while 43% favored Trump.”

    You’d have to be seriously confused to support Democrats and the 2A.

    1. I dont know if you were paying attention when Trump first got elected but there were news stories about how Democrats/left leaning people were buying guns in large numbers cause of Trump. They couldnt be sure that the government would be used against them. Apparently that whole 2nd amendment is only about militias all the sudden went out the door when they feel threatened.


    1. Ah this was supposed to be under jerryskids. Still funny to watch.

  28. don’t worry now that Biden is president all those lefties who bought guns will give them back at the next buy back for pennies on the dollar. Biden will implore them to give them up for their own safety.I know at least one person who bought a gun for fear of proud boys and Trump not because of antifa and BLM.

  29. 1. Democrats don’t care what their constituents want.

    2. Democrat voters aren’t paying attention to this anyways.

    3. Any new restrictions will be selectively enforced by the Democrats against their political enemies, while ignoring violations by their own supporters.

  30. While background checks don’t directly correspond to gun sales since they can be used for other purposes or for multiple simultaneous purchases, they’re an important indicator

    Then why not just check? Since you didn’t and it’s fairly trivial, I did a partial break down and it more or less looks like this:
    Permits (new & rechecks): ~47% (up 23% from 2019)
    Handguns: ~31% (up nearly 75%)
    Long guns: ~18.5% (up 50%)
    Other: ~2% (up 57%)
    Multiple: ~1% (up 53%)
    Plus a smattering of other categories I didn’t bother to count since these make up 38.5 million of the 39.7 million checks.

    It’s also worth pointing out that some states don’t require checks on CCW permit holders and some states perform their own permit checks instead of going through NICS so these aren’t all captured here.

    For those who might wonder “Other” is, it’s just that, a firearm other than a handgun or long gun. It could be a frame, receiver, or lots of other things including Title 2 weapons since “Long guns” just means rifles and shotguns.

  31. Funny how the “Progressives” claim that all of those millions of new gun owners voted for people who want to take away what they just spend hundreds of dollars to buy.

  32. I got a call from a friend who runs a gun store.

    In the last several hours of business today, they completely sold out of ammunition — over $100,000 in sales. At one point, every car in the parking lot next to his place had California license plates, though the business there was closed, and his the only one near enough to be where people were going. He called to ask if I wanted him to hang onto any ammo for me, and was making similar calls to all of his friends — even those who he didn’t know if they had guns or not.

  33. You think gun sales are fun; check-out bitcoin $40K instantly after [D] took the government. I guess I’m not the only one seeing the [D] Venezuela coming.

    1. Half the population see it coming. Most of them nose-pinchingly voted for Trump or republicans. The dems make a huge mistake if they dont sail back now and abuse their power instead. Heated times like these really call for leaving people alone.

      1. They didn’t risk stealing an election just to leave you alone.

  34. Even if 40-50 million Americans owned guns right now and are squarely on the side of 2A, they would be comfortably outnumbered by legion of leftists in big urban centers. Many white suburban liberals are farther away from riot and or lockdown besieged mainstreet than Latinos and other immigrants.

    Unless Mnuchin and couple other democrats in the senate stand in his way, Biden will push for gun grabbing agenda. Many stores and online shopping spots can simply refuse to sell guns. I usually detest BLM, but I suppose I can credit them for discouraging some of the police’s more authoritarian impulses. “No warrant, no gun confiscation” should be their motto.

    Never forget that both parties ultimately don’t care about their constituents. They care about causes. With murder and shootings going up in big cities, the democrats just read from the same script – “see this is why we need gun control”. They don’t sense the creeping dread and unease felt by Americans who can’t “work from home” and collect paychecks every month.

  35. Fortunately the right-wing mob that terrorized Congress has clarified the issue. It wasn’t about freedom, it was about arming mercenaries to attack the United States.

    Wouldn’t you take your guns?

    1. Yes, gosh darn those people wanting fair elections. You lot really have become the dictators you’ve long admired.

  36. Some great points in this article. I live in one of the most restrictive states and can honestly say some of my purchases were simply to get grandfathered in pre-restriction or even at the hint of restriction to make sure I have my rights in the future. I have firearms I have never fired before because of this. If I lived in a non-restrictive state, I’d probably have just the few firearms that I enjoy at the range and am competent with for self defense.

    I don’t significantly stockpile ammo but if there would be prospective restrictions on that, I would probably begin stockpiling.

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