Capitol Riot

Congress Suspends Electoral College Certification as Protesters Storm U.S. Capitol

Wild scenes are unfolding at the U.S. Capitol, which is now on lockdown amid clashes between pro-Trump protestors and police.


Congress was forced to suspend the final certification of the presidential election on Wednesday afternoon as pro-Trump protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol and engaged in violent clashes with police around and inside the building.

The House and Senate were separately debating an objection raised by some Republican lawmakers to the election results in Arizona when, shortly after 2 p.m., both chambers unexpectedly recessed. Vice President Mike Pence, who was presiding over the Senate debate, was hustled out of the chamber by security.

Multiple media reports indicate that the U.S. Capitol complex is on full lockdown after protesters breached security barriers and entered the building.

The scenes inside and around the Capitol are stunning and terrifying.

Several lawmakers and congressional staff tweeted that they were sheltering in place inside the Capitol and the various office buildings that are part of the wider Capitol complex. Some private residences in the nearby Capitol Hill neighborhood were reportedly evacuated by police as well.

For weeks, President Donald Trump has encouraged his supporters to gather in Washington today to challenge the final certification of last year's election, which he lost. Earlier on Wednesday, Trump spoke to a crowd of thousands gathered outside the White House and continued to stoke the anger about what he said was a "rigged" and "stolen" election.

It is truly an incredible scene: a sitting president who campaigned on a message of "law and order" calling for his supporters to riot because he lost reelection. Hopefully, it will end without any further escalation or violence. This is no way for a functioning democracy to operate.

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642 responses to “Congress Suspends Electoral College Certification as Protesters Storm U.S. Capitol

  1. “engaged in violent clashes with police”

    F. F. S.

    1. “Protesters have breached the capitol”

      Walking around like they own the place or something!

      1. “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”


          1. Of course, opposition to mostly peaceful protests is part and parcel of libertarianism…well, now.

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          2. HAHA. They might be trying to delay Congress ever counting more EC votes.

            Trump wins 2020 election with 12 EC votes….


            1. LC, we’re going to have to sedate you. It’s for the best. You’re going to be ok.

              1. I think the election last night mentally broke him.

                1. Is Loveconman an opposite prophet?

                  1. BTW, I just flag all the spambots and Tulpa socks now immediately and then reload the page, so I don’t have to read or look at them. Makes the thread much more readable. I recommend it it everyone.

                    1. We need filters. Shouldn’t have to flag a hundred comments just to read the comments.

                    2. Thank you.

                    3. Okay WK. Your brave acts are truly noted. You are a hero.

                    4. Wow, what an original idea. You copied this post word for word from one of the many people who filter sarcasmic’s sqrslyone sock.

                  2. He is the SCOTUS Whisperer.


            1. According to the televangelist-infiltrated 1992 “LP” platform, superstitious bigots bullying girls or overthrowing elections to better bully girls are nonviolent by definition, as that platform demanded repeal of: “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), which punish peaceful behavior — including insider trading in securities, sale of sexually explicit material, and nonviolent anti-abortion protests — by freezing assets of the accused and seizing assets of the accused or convicted…” See? See also why fertile women cross the street to avoid the LP?

          4. Tsk, tsk. Where was this anger when Antifa was trying to burn down courthouses? I’m sure the group isn’t going to take a detour to DuPont Circle…

            It’s a conservative protest: they’ll likely leave the Capitol cleaner than they found it. Really, Capitol Police should start passing out floor buffers to the group…

            1. Notice that not a single Trump supporter here is denouncing the violence.

              1. “Hey, you can’t just use the exact same arguments that I did to rationalize violence for the last 12 months! Not fair! Republicans are supposed to maintain their moral standards while we beat, rape, kill and rob them!”

              2. What violence? It’s peaceful, son.

              3. You burned a man alive inside a liquor store, and bear or shot dozens others

              4. What violence?

              5. Notice that you aren’t admitting your own hypocrisy.

                Violencr shouldn’t occur. But the public should be able to protest its government.

                You supported burning down private businesses. Yet you condemn this. Why?

              6. “Trump supporter here” covers everyone but Totalitarian Tony and maybe three objectivists… So how is imitating the masked looter media such as faecepuke, Go-Ogle and Blueness-tube working out for Reason? We are cheaply overrun by rednecks with green teeth, no education and firm commitment to altruist totalitarianism.

              7. As our moral superiors, you leftists told us that was how peaceful protesting works. They were just following your wise moral teachings.

          5. But . . . they’re not actually traitors.

            Rebels, maybe. But they’re not betraying either oaths nor loyalty owed.

        2. Don’t they know you need to be certifiably elected to loot in that building? This is a republic, dammit!

          1. This comment really should have gotten more love, lap. I guess we can ask for upvoting when we get an edit function.

        3. The GOP is never going to financially recover from this.

          1. Didn’t impact the Dems. This won’t do harm either.

            first Amendment is glorious, ain’t it?

            1. Whoooosh

              1. There’s been one woman who fucked around and found out, Chipper. Other than that, they’re trespassing. So far.

                It’s basically a sit-in at the Capitol Building so far. Not great, a bad look to be sure, but compared to what happened this Summer? LOL.

                I was serious about the floor buffers. They’d likely do it.

                At least if you’re in, e.g., Pelosi’s office, start downloading some files. As corrupt as she is, you’d discover a scheme or three just through a random walk.

          2. You excused over 100 days of this on private businesses.

            1. Blue State Jesse lies yet again. Fuck off.

              1. No, he’s not lying. You actually spent the last 12 months rationalizing left wing terrorist violence that caused 3 billion dollars in property damage and killed over a dozen federal and local LEOs. Never once did you ever denounce any of it. So go fuck yourself up your lying ass. You wanted a civil war, hopefully you get one.

              2. Lol. Sure WK. Believe what you want. Lol.

          3. There’s a televangelist born every ten seconds. (Population growth has speeded up since P.T. Barnum’s comments and the Lincoln-Douglas debates). When was the last time you saw a libertarian podcast of those debates?

        4. You’re not going to excuse this even after it goes on for 100 days? What changed you DoL?

        5. You outraged the capitol police shot an unarmed woman?

          1. She was just as innocent as George Floyd or Michael Brown. No justice, no peace!

        6. Nobody’s looting, sorry. Stealing back their liberty, maybe.

    2. Looks mostly peaceful to me.

      1. All peaceful. unreason will back that up.

      2. Well it’s not burning down yet, so it can’t be all that peaceful.

      3. 100% peaceful.

        1. They only have to stay 93% peaceful.

      4. I’m genuinely going to laugh my ass off if this results in Trump getting impeached (again) and getting kicked out of office this time, or the military kicks him out by force.

        These marchers don’t understand that Will To Power needs support from cathedral institutions, and they don’t have that. Keep in mind that the press was fine with BLM and Antifa trying to storm the White House this summer. That won’t be the case this time.

    3. All of the protesters (outside and inside the Capitol) that I’ve seen so far (on C-SPAN, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and Fox Business News) have been FAR more peaceful than the left wing anti-Trump, anti-police, racist rioters, thugs and thieves that took over dozens of US cities this summer (causing billions of dollars in damages).

      But of course, the same media propagandists that promoted, defended and lied about the left wing riots that destroyed cities all summer and that advocated lockdowns since March (in order to sabotage Trump’s reelection) are falling all over themselves condemning the Trump supporters and fair election supporters who are waving American flags in and around the Capitol.

      1. For clarification, I vehemently oppose ALL violent protests (including ALL vandalism of private and government property).

        1. WK above says you never said this.

    4. #AntifaPrecedent

      1. This sums it up simply.

    5. “Congress Suspends Electoral College Certification”

      Any bets on Biden hitting 879 electoral votes after this suspension and more votes are found?

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  2. Crazy lunatic Trump supporters, gotta love’em!

    1. unreason utterly shocked that some Americans wont bend over for Lefties and take it without some good old fashion sit-ins.

  3. With lockdowns and ‘progressives’ gaining more power expect more of this.

  4. Looks mostly peaceful to me.

    1. The worst protestors are left-wing agitators.

      1. Even if they burn down the Capitol building, CNN will still consider it “mostly peaceful.” Right? Am I right?

    2. Literally or figuratively?

      1. First one, then the other, then both.

    3. For now, Drug Habit. For now.

      These guys are the proverbial pit bull that caught the car. Great! You now have a mostly-intact hubcap. Now what?

      1. I don’t oppose storming the capitol in theory, but a Lotta ground has to be laid nationwide to make it a smart move.
        Instead, it looks like the left gets their Reichstag Fire.

    4. Just think of Congress as a large 1972 Libertarian Roe v Wade women’s clinic. Or think of it as a Republican National Socialist fuehrerbunker, complete with suicide pills, as madness takes its toll.

      1. I tried to, but I don’t think I’m on the right drugs.

        1. He does get the best ones.

  5. Figures tREASON would change it’s tune about POLICE VIOLENCE when the mostly peaceful civil disobedience was coming from the wrong people.

    1. Firing tear gas outside = war crime.

      Doing so indoors…well, shits gotta get done, son.

      Told you it was a bad move to normalize rioting last year.

    2. There’s a difference between a cop kneeling on your neck and Trump crop dusting the Oval Office!

      1. There’s also a difference between standing in a cordoned off lobby and trying to set a building on fire with dozens of people trapped inside. Enjoy the war you started. We warned you you weren’t going to particularly like the results.

        1. Well, bye! Bring it!

          1. You fags say that now, but I’ve noticed every time a confrontation isn’t about ten progtards on one old lady, you fags hide behind the skirts of law enforcement. Even if you’re rioting against law enforcement.

            It doesn’t bode well for you fags.

            1. We have the law on our side. It’s what happens when you win the election. You guys are terrorists.

              1. No, patriots using their First Amendment rights that tyrants would like to suspend and remove.

              2. LOL.

                The laws that your DAs dismiss arsonists and rioters of?

              3. Yeah, we are. We learned it from you Dad! WE LEARNED IT FROM YOU!

              4. Go ask Gaige Grosskreutz where the law was when he tried to commit murder, pussied out, and got his arm blown off. Bring it? Lol. Get ready you stupid motherfuckers. Fuck around and find out. Hopefully there’s a lot of you.

            2. Give ’em hell, Green Teeth. Nice hood, BTW…

      2. Again, why are you so opposed to people, mostly peacefully, using their first amendment rights?

        1. Constitutional rights are hated by Democrats.

          Democrats hate that Biden is no President simply because the MSM said so.

  6. If they can keep Congress in hiding for two more weeks, say hi to president Pelosi.

    1. Actually, Trump has been certified with 12 EC votes.

      Its President Trump 2201-2025.

      or VP pence assumes Acting President until Congress votes per 12th Amendment, 1 vote per state.

      1. I’m ok with that.

      2. If the EC doesn’t reach the required vote threshold it would actually go to the House through the 12th amendment.

        1. “If the EC doesn’t reach the required vote threshold it would actually go to the House through the 12th amendment.”

          Which is how this entire debacle should’ve ended up in the first place. Thanks, Roberts.

      3. I don’t want Biden as president either, but both of those scenarios do not seem very likely to me.

      4. Hey, Christopher Nolan – in real life, when criminal activity interrupts things, we don’t just shrug our shoulders and go ‘well, all sales are final’.

        The vote doesn’t stand where it was stopped by this. Its postponed until it can be completed – just like the stock exchange would have rolled back all transactions and not left them to stand like you had in DKR.

        1. You didn’t think this comment through.

  7. Is committing illegal acts while protesting treason now?

    1. As Freewheeling Franklin once observed when confronted by redneck looter agency: “Long live the Marinus Van der Lubbe Firebombing Society!” Fat Freddy had only his forgetfulness to blame for winding up on the FBI list.

    2. Attacking the US Capital in order to install a unelected president is very illegal.

      1. So is burning down businesses, yet here we are.

      2. If you wanted to install an unelected president, I’d think you’d so much better to storm the White House, not the Capitol.

  8. Stunning and terrifying? Clutch those pearls harder Boehm.

    1. Just another Wednesday. We must have Wednesday Derangement Syndrome. I’ll go back to sleep.

    2. mOsTLy pEaCEFuL

  9. It is truly an incredible scene: a sitting president who campaigned on a message of “law and order” calling for his supporters to riot because he lost reelection.

    Calling on people to protest? My god, who has ever heard of such a thing? Everyone knows that calling for protests and sedition are the same thing.

    1. How is breaking into the capitol building to prevent constitutionally mandated activities “just protest”? This is a riot or a rebellion, you can choose. Either way, they are just as legitimate as BLM marchers turning on a footlocker. Which is to say not at all.

      1. Fuck off, if sealing people in a building and lighting it on fire is a mostly peaceful protest, this is a fucking love-in.

        1. This is trespass with the intent to interrupt a constitutionally required activity. This is treason against the constitution.

          1. Looks like a totally peaceful protest to me.

            Certainly less destructive than what was done on 1/20/17

            1. This is a direct attack on the constitution, which you and the rest of the cult are carefully avoiding addressing.

              1. This is the exercise of First Amendment rights. Sorry you dislike it. This is what peaceful protest looks like, son.

              2. Wow, Stolen Valor is saying protesting your government is unconstitutional.

                1. He’s also invoking the first president of America, who established his political position by inciting and prosecuting an illegal insurrection against the duly established government.

                  Forget it, he’s rolling.

                2. Jesse, don’t forget that in his Jeffy persona he advocated for foreign pedophiles to have unrestricted travel and residency to America.

                  He is literally FOR the pedophiles. By his own admission.

          2. Trespass. This building belongs to the people.

            1. Not at all times to all people. Right now, it belongs to the legislature to do their constitutionally required duties.

              1. No always. But your fine with the political class setting up special protection for themselves. If the people want to protest the meeting they have a right. Remove those who are directly violent to others.

                1. The capitol police who opened fire?

                  1. Seems odd that police did not use live rounds on riots last year…but HERE, yeah they decided to do so.

                2. “But your fine with the political class setting up special protection for themselves.”

                  And so are you, unless you propose the president give up secret service protection, residency at the white house, and buy his own coach tickets to visit foreign heads of state.

                  1. Why do people in congress or any other position deserve more special protection than any other citizen? they don’t. Want to protect yourself carry a gun or knife like any other american would do. They don’t need a white house to conduct business. A nondescript building with four walls will do just fine. He can buy his own house. I’m fine with providing transportation as long as it isnt obscene. Bare bones will be just fine.. You should probably just stop. Some of us on here are actual libertarians or a mix of anarchist libertarian. We really don’t see much use for government, especially its hypocrisy and excess.

                    1. Because reality?

                    2. And yet somehow presidents used to get by with out all the goodies. But ya reality man, you just cant be realistic. Or some bullshit like that. Because ya know some animals are more equal than others.

              2. Look at the little authoritarian. The same one who defended violent rioting, arson, and looting all summer. How cute. Now he is up in arms when people protest the government. LOL.

              3. they could have stayed and carried out their business but they chicken shitted out to make a different political statement of fear

              4. Now do borders.

          3. No it isn’t. They are,’t levying war against the United States, nor are they adhering to the nation’s enemies, giving them aid and comfort. Those are the only acts that constitute treason under the constitution.

      2. Everyone know the correct way to peacefully protest a federal building is to barricade the doors then set fire to it and make sure no one inside excapse

      3. Did Trump actually call for people to storm the capitol?

        1. “Won’t someone rid me of this meddlesome priest?”

            1. “It’s going to be a wild one!”

              -Trump on twitter 48 hours ago

              Also the whole charade he’s been propagating of a stolen election. Without Trump, there would be no rebellion today. To suggest otherwise is dishonest or stupid.

              1. No. Stealing an election led to this. A year of riots led to this.

                Fuck you, YOU caused this. Enjoy it.


              2. “Buckle Up!” Schumer today.

                Schumer caused the riots!

              3. ““It’s going to be a wild one!”

                -Trump on twitter 48 hours ago”

                In other words you are full of shit, and can find absolutely no evidence that Trump *actually* called for violence.

                1. “Show up on Jan 6th. It’s going to be a wild one.”

                  Fixed it for you pedantic traitors.

                  1. That’s still not a call to violence you addle brained fucktard.

                    1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

                      Apparently talking like Jon Gotti is a good enough fig leaf for Trumpists.

                      It doesn’t work on the rest of us with above room temp iq’s.

                    2. De Oppresso Liber can read Trump’s mind. As well as the minds of his followers. He will be a valuable expert witness at Trump’s sedition trial, where he will testify that everyone in the Trump camp understood that when he said “Come to Washington,” he meant,”Riot and storm the Capitol.”

              4. Without Joe Biden there would be no rebellion today, either, and to suggest otherwise is dishonest or stupid.

          1. Ok, DOL, show me the actual quote that Trump said.

            As near as I can tell, Trump and most of the GOP are out front RIGHT NOW saying firmly that the violence has to stop. That is far different from Biden reluctantly, finally disavowing violence after being called to the mat for it. Far different than the Mayor of Portland trying to join in the protests. Far different than the assorted Dem leaders who setup bail funds for rioters.

            To say that it is Trump calling for violence is to take your level of delusion to the highest hilltops.

            1. This “demonstration” is only taking place because Trump promoted it. This is a trump party. They stormed an independent branch of government in the process of doing their sacred constitutional duty, and hung flags bearing the president’s name on the building. This is a pathetic and illegal direct attack on our constitution. Those people are enemies of the constitution.

              1. You really have no shame. You go from insisting that Trump told people to riot, to insisting that he implied it, to now saying he had a rally.

                Do you ever, for even a minute, sit back and look at how utterly incoherent your arguments appear to anyone with a smidge of objectivity? I mean, at least the trumpaloos here take 3 days to a week to move their own goal posts. You did it in like 3 hours.

                1. When your take is at odds with the AP, you’ve lost sight of objective reality. These are the president’s cult members, showing up to an event he promoted and invited them to. He even told them it “will be wild!”. Yes, he bears responsibility for this. That is objective.

                  “Angry supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday in a chaotic protest aimed at thwarting a peaceful transfer of power, forcing lawmakers to be rushed from the building and interrupting challenges to Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory. Trump issued a restrained call for peace but did not call on his supporters to leave.”


                  1. When your take is at odds with the AP, you’ve lost sight of objective reality.


      4. Maybe they should’ve looted some stores on the way?

        Most of them are very peaceful, and that is ALL that matters.

      5. If burning down buildings is a peaceful protest, how does this even qualify as anything more than a quiet dinner party?

      6. Fuck off Jeffy. Go back to your child porn.

      7. And it shows they don’t actually believe today’s objection strategy will work.

      8. Sorry chief, YOU set the precedent. They haven’t burned down the Capitol building yet, so they’re still more peaceful than BLM.

      9. Same way barricading government buildings, preventing people from entering or leaving, and then trying to set them on fire, is.

    2. Let’s go back to 2005…

      “How can we possibly tell millions of Americans who registered to vote, who came to the polls in record numbers, particularly our young people … to simply get over it and move on?” the late Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, D-Ohio, said.

      “As we look at our election system, I think it’s fair to say that there are many legitimate questions about its accuracy, about its integrity, and they’re not confined to the state of Ohio,” said Clinton

      “There is no reason at a time when we have enormous battles taking place ideologically all across the aisle, at a time when we’re trying to make certain that we encourage democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan and other places throughout the world, that we have the legitimacy of our elections challenged rightly or wrongly by people who are not certain as to whether our processes are fair and just,” Obama said.

      All of this said in defense of Democrats denying cert in the House.

  10. “who campaigned on a message of “law and order”

    No, he campaigned on police brutality and racism. Law and order is code for fascism.

    1. Literally Hitler Dick Wolf!

      1. Da-duh!

    2. Joe Biden passed the crime bill that put the thousand of blacks Trump pardoned into prison. But sure, it’s Trump who hates the dirty niggers.

    3. RESIST!
      Not my president

  11. Where’s the on the ground coverage? You chickenshits just gonna report the resistance on twitter?

    1. There were several livestreams earlier. Nuked, as I understand it.

  12. Watching so many conservative mongoloids learn first hand that they were wrong all along about cops is pretty hilarious

    1. Oh, the Right has already been turning on them for a little while

    2. What’s hilarious is that if you watch the footage, half the people simply want an audit and fair elections. The very same contingency that could have been taken to this by having a real election audit, the one completely denied by election officials, has left us with this as the action taken. So really, reason’s position of denying any fraud occurred and being against an election audit is what spurred today.

      Reason and the left (but I repeat) refused to even acknowledge something happened in the election and fought any and all audits of said election. They cheered as courts demurred fact finding and instead dismissed on procedural grounds. They dismissed issues with last minute election changes due to Covid.

      Reason’s stance is what caused this today.

      1. Yep. If democrats wanted to avoid this, they should have been calling for a full audit and investigation of the election. Doesn’t matter if there is lots of good evidence clearly visible. Enough voters now doubt the legitimacy of the system that it needs to happen.


    1. Why so opposed to mostly peaceful protests?

      1. Armed standoff on House floor, battering police to enter Capitol, pipe bombs around DC? You’re a traitor and an idiot. Go to hell.

        1. So, again, mostly peaceful protests are now BAD. Got it. Things change so quickly.

        2. Literally a bunch of shit you made up that’s not actually happening vs. 12 months of violent riots that resulted in the deaths of 3 dozen law enforcement officers while you pointed at the burning wreckage and called it “mostly peaceful”. Get fucked. You wanted a civil war. You might just get one. You were warned you weren’t going to like the results. Guess where the cops are when the shit hits the fan? Ask Gaige Grosskreutz.

        3. No, leftists have a monopoly on treason, and are incapable of patriotism. This is just good Americans peacefully protesting.

          1. I can’t tell if this is parody, or Trumpist mouth diarrhea.

            1. You’re coming out — unsurprisingly — against the First Amendment and peaceful protests and peaceful assembly.

              1. He is a lefty. He is against all speech he disagrees with.

              2. You’re both so intolerably stupid. Really.

                First amendment? Are you fucking retarded? Nothing could be further from what’s actually at stake.

        4. Not armed on the floor. Capitol is public grounds. No pipe bombs, just misinformation from the Media.

          Try again sweetie.

            1. Sis you even notice that the pipe bomb was planted at the Republican National Committee? Yep, sure looks like the work of Trump supporters.

    2. See? This same wave of rednecks with green teeth infiltrated the LP back in 1992, and alluva sudden the “LP” platform went from defending the individual rights of women to hand-wringing over the “good-faith” superstition of ku-klux Dixiecrats, book burners, Beatles burners and lynch mobs.

      1. Ahha – the old ‘you either agree with me or you’re a racist’ line of argumentation; scoring points of playgrounds everywhere ‘I’m rubber and you’re glue’ works as well.

  14. I wish the members of the Reason commentariat would have had the decency to identify themselves by at least one of their sock accounts in that picture.

    1. You first.

      1. I’m glad you’re staying safe LC.

        1. I’m always safe.

          I have have the Constitution on my side.

          1. The Constitution is dead. Been sprouting daisies for a long time.

            1. I have been assured because Biden “won” the popular vote, the Constitution needs to be enforced to he can be the rightful President.

              1. Popular vote doesn’t mean shit. We live in a republic, not a democracy. idjit

            2. And you cheered it along.

              1. I christen you Incredible Annoying Boy. Because that’s all you are. A gnat.

                1. Probably what your daughter says when you try to stick your shriveled whiskey dick in her cunt every other weekend.

                2. Only 2 more years of being called a biden cultist. Whats wrong? You did it for 4.

    2. You first. Which black mask were you?

      1. Yeah, dude. MAGA and Antifa are the only possibilities in politics now.

        1. It’s almost like that was my point.


          1. Fuck off. I misinterpreted a comment. Don’t be a dick.

    3. Second the motion. The one with drool down the front of the Billy Graham T-shirt looks a lot like Narcz–right next to Ku-Klux Ken.

  15. It’s like these people think violence is a great way to solve social problems. I wonder where they got that idea.

    1. How do you think this country was started?

  16. Nope. Impossible. Only leftists do this shit. This is fake news.

    1. It works, clearly, so why would others not replicate mostly peaceful protests?

      1. I don’t see any violence in any of those videos.

        1. They broke windows to enter the building.

          1. Oh, that it is not violence. Libertarians told us for MONTHS.

            I don’t see anybody even having been assaulted.

            These are not mostly peaceful. They are completely peaceful.

            Make the GOP fear the Right as much as they fear the Left.

            1. With the exception of a few outliers like Portland, that was true.

              You’ve lost your moral high ground. *poof* Like a fart in the wind.

              1. Oh no! What will we do without the moral endorsement of a self-confessed homeless, unemployed derelict alcoholic!

              2. Again, “Deplorables” never had the moral high ground in your eyes or the eyes of the media. So no risk there.

                They’re just using their First Amendment rights. Sorry that offends you so. Again, should they have robbed a Foot Locker on the way there?

              3. The fact that you think it was only a few shows your ignorance. Feel free to educate yourself by googling all the locations of riots this summer.

            2. Oh, property destruction is violence. I think they are and hope they remain much more peaceful than the BLM protests were overall. But I think we are seeing many on the right say “fuck it, we’ll use the same tactics, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” Not great, but pretty predictable.

          2. We should just assume they all entered the building through the window like carpenter ants.

            Those protesters last summer were all peaceful though, even though hundreds of buildings were coincidentally destroyed at the same time.

            1. THE OTHER TEAM DID IT FIRST!!!!!

              1. To be fair, the person who broke the window should certainly be arrested. The police should go into the crowd and pluck him out from the rest of the otherwise peaceful protestors. That was your standard for the entire past 12 months while Portland and Kenosha burned to the ground, remember? Probably not, being a hopeless alcoholic has terrible effects on short term memory.

                1. fuck off, Tulpa

                  1. I notice you did not fault his logic.

                    Y’all made these rules. Suck it up, buttercup.

                    1. “I notice you did not fault his logic.”

                      Right. I didn’t say anything which means you can attack some strawman and declare victory. You’re a fucking idiot.

                    2. You didn’t say anything because you have no defense to having your own retarded words shoved down your drunken gullet. And you better get used to it, because it’s looking more and more like that might not be the only thing that gets shoved down there. Enjoy that moral high ground, baby.

              2. Where is the evidence? I don’t see any CNN reporters standing in front of burning buildings. Let me know when that happens

              3. Hey, peaceful protests is the new norm. It is not only allowed but APPLAUDED.

          3. Leftists want to legalize damage to property. So you should be ok with this, and even willing to pay more taxes to pay for it.

            After all, you’ve supported all the leftist bullshit.

            1. Are you saying they have insurance?

              1. Insurance? Nah. Clearly the left will decide who is woke enough to stay in business and give them a grant to rebuild. If they’re the right skin color, orientation, etc.. and as long as they have enough social credit points.

          4. They broke windows to enter the building.

            Really? We’re pretending this is the new definition?

            Whoops, you forgot your panties.

            1. So property destruction is not violence when your team does it?

              1. You defended it all summer sweetie.

                You defended destruction of private business.

                Why do you take more offense to public buildings where protests against our elected officials are occurring?

                1. Try arguing against something I actually said.

                  1. Try not denying what you did all summer.

                  2. Try producing a comment to that effect that doesn’t have a space in the name. That was Tulpa’s trick. He’d sign in as ” sarcasmic” or “sarcasmic ” or something, and the website didn’t filter whitespace. I had to complain several times to Reason before they fixed the issue.

              2. So property destruction is not violence when your team does it?

                The single greatest lesson from last year is that property damage is not violence, although apparently you and other leftists believe that standard only applies to your allies.

                It figures.

          5. Some of them probably did. I seriously doubt the dude with the giant Gadsen Flag broke in and just strolled past the security guards.

        2. Standing around in a cocksure manner, like they have some right to be there. Makes me sick.

    2. This is a bit of a departure. So far, Trumpers have been fairly well behaved. But this summer we all learned that angry mobs get results (of a sort). So all bets are off now. I don’t think it’s a good development, but it is a predictable one.

      1. Certainly takes their moral high ground away. They’re no better than the people they hate.

        1. Well, they are the “deplorables” while BLM is fellated by the wealthy and media.

          So, do what they did.

          Peacefully, of course.

        2. In the same way that your underage daughter will “lose the moral high ground” when she finally gets big enough to fight you off when you’re trying to stick your shriveled whiskey dick in her cunt?

          1. Why does everything have to be about Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein?

            1. And the entire Biden family.

          2. This projection is disgusting.

            Deplorable in every sense. Truly. How the rest of you can tolerate the company you keep…

            1. We don’t try to kick you out either…

        3. Yeah, much of it. And they aren’t going to get results doing this. It will just give fuel to the people who already think the right is violent and crazy. I’d love it if there were some way Biden didn’t become president, but I’m not seeing it at this point. This certainly isn’t it.

          1. I just hope nobody dies or is seriously injured.

            1. ^ Yep

              I’ve become to damn cynical about “politics” over the last year to even have an opinion on this other than what you stated.

              1. Same here.
                My wife is freaking out and I’m like “I have no way to verify any of this story so how am I supposed to get outraged?”

            2. It’s sad that this seems to be an increasingly minority viewpoint.

            3. Thanks, BUCS. I share those sentiments. Peace and love.

              1. Fuck off you goddamn shank, you spent a year cheerleading for street violence and murder.

              2. Love the fake morality now when you showed no concern for the cops killed/injured in the riots or the business owners who lost their livelihoods. Why are you all the same?

          2. “I’d love it if there were some way Biden didn’t become president, but I’m not seeing it at this point. ”


            1. You must have really hated it when you spent every day for the last 12 months 8-14 hours a day posting here telling us that a Biden victory was the only way of saving the republic.

              1. Try arguing against something I actually said.

                1. Just did. It’s not my fault that you’re a hopeless alcoholic and can’t remember what you’ve said from one day to the next, and also a compulsive lying piece of shit who denies plain reality on a daily basis.

                  1. He pretends that if he only attacks one side in every thread, often with hyperbolic strawmen unrelated to the thread, then that means he isn’t for the side that would benefit. Even as he calls everyone who disagrees with him on any minor point a Trump cultist for two years.

                    He is an idiot.

                  2. You confuse me saying stuff with you socking me on the weekends, Tulpa.

                    1. Lol. He is going with he doesn’t post weekends lie again.

                    2. Maybe if you grew some balls and took some responsibility for your life you wouldn’t be a hopeless, jobless, alcoholic welfare queen who fucks his underage daughter every week on visitation.

          3. “If you keep that up we’ll keep calling you violent psychopaths just like we have for the last 30 years!”

            Yeah, not a strong incentive anymore. Turns out when you spend 2 generations telling people they are worthless subhuman pieces of shit who deserve to be killed, and then you actually start killing them in droves with the full endorsement of the state, suddenly they don’t really care about your phony fucking judgment anymore.

            1. Indeed.

              Do we need to remind the Left what they said about borderine cuckold Mitt Romney?

          4. Zeb, now do the violent and crazy from the left. What was the consequences for them?

            1. They might have faced some if the media hadn’t been covering for their violence and insanity.
              The left is responsible for the majority of political violence in this country. I don’t want to see the right change that. I don’t see how that will make anything better. If it does happen and does make things better, then I will have been wrong. But that’s what I think right now.

              1. I asked what the consequences were.

                They seemed to have gained from it. Don’t you agree?

                So the Media, and even Reasons defense of the riots over the summer, actually benefitting them… creates an incentive for others to follow. Does it not?

                1. Sorry, I was thinking negative consequences. But yes, and I have said that that is exactly why the right is now employing more aggressive protesting tactics.
                  But without the cover and support from the media and party establishment, I don’t think it will work as well for the right.
                  The excuse making for the riots this summer was disgusting and ridiculous and pushed us much further down the road to completely dysfunctional politics.

                  1. But we have the fact that the media is also split due to the obvious narrative building and politics of their industry. Cuomo just last night saying “we won”. Most of the people today are the ones who wore deplorable shirts.

        4. LOL. You talking about morality is hilarious.

      2. Imagine that Americans wont be silenced by massive Democrat election fraud and protest in the Capitol building.

        Its tyranny when The People cant peacefully be present in the Capitol building during this EC vote count.

    3. Why aren’t you defending them like you did BLM all summer?

  17. The federal government has fighter planes, tanks, and machine guns. I’m shocked this is lasting so long. What gives?

    1. I wouldn’t shed a tear if the military carpet bombed the Capitol…right now.

      1. This is the first truly useful comment on this thread. The only tragedy would be if they already managed to get most of the Congressmen out through the secret moonshine, cocaine and underaged-boy running tunnels that the Clintons had put in.

      2. “Acceptable Losses”

    2. Lol. This is literally what dumbfuck cytotoxic in his De Oppresso Liber iteration actually said. Well, not the fighter jets and tanks. To be fair, he only endorsed using Apache gunships on Trump supporters.

      1. cytotoxic? Wasn’t he the war-boner Canadian objectivist guy?

    3. Calling in an airstrike on their own building would be a very 2020 thing to do.

      By all means, use belt-feds on a bunch of pro-Trump supporters who, so far, are guilty of little more than trespassing, when we watched police sit with their thumbs up their asses as multiple cities burned. Good idea, Kreskin. See what happens after that.

      It certainly worked for Ceausescu.

  18. Well, I don’t think this is great. But try to imagine what the left would have done had Trump won by a close margin. I can’t imagine it wouldn’t have been worse.

    1. I have no idea, it’s still not a good look. It’s always so hard with these things though. Perhaps it’s more amazing in a population of 330 million people that this happens relatively rarely. But I don”t know. I don’t particularly wish to spin this one.

      I’m curious of the mindset, and I wonder how much of it still is the classic that “Folks like Rioting”

      Particularly after a pent up year of massive unemployment and boredom.

      1. Hate to say it, but when you APPLAUD and justify a group doing this for months…others will do the same thing.

        Rules were made and are now being abided by.

        Totally peaceful protests.

        1. Yeah, it’s not good. I made a comment below about how the blurring of the line between protesting and rioting is horrible, and I will stand by that.

          But I will also look at this and say it’s not great.

        2. The media will crucify them, but so what? They accuse protesting Americans of all kinds of false garbage no matter what. Yet defend actual progressive traitors who riot endlessly.

          Shit’s gettin’ real now.

        3. Yeah. A lot of people saw this coming for exactly that reason.

          Same thing happens with identity politics idiocy.

    2. Bingo. Much worse.

    3. It would have been chicks shitting their pants on college campuses.

      Sorry, but I don’t see the Left storming the capital with Confederate flags. I just don’t.

      1. The Gadsen Flag isn’t a confederate flag. Why do lefties always do this?

      2. Maybe not that. But I can easily imagine them setting shit on fire and terrorizing business owners. The crazy isn’t staying on campus anymore. For a long time I thought it would.

      3. Yea, the left just burns people alive

      4. No, they would tresspass with a different red flag and then lock people inside and try to set it on fire. Were you asleep for that whole Portland episode?

        1. Spray painting the chain and sickle on burned down buildings is totes acceptable to brandy lol

      5. You’re aware they trashed DC in 2017, right?

  19. Looks completely peaceful to me. Fiery, but peaceful.

    1. Yeah. I guess a window got broken. But I don’t think anyone has set fires at the exits to the capitol or tried to burn it down. And hopefully no one has been beaten up.

      1. I believe that *checks notes* according to the latest info I have from the Media, we can go up to and including *checks notes* sealing people inside a building and setting it on fire and it’s still ‘peaceful’.

        1. Oh, yeah, sorry. I keep forgetting the new definitions.

      2. Yeah, I really hope no one dies or is injured seriously. I wish a lot of the commentary I keep reading would stop trying to blur the line between protesting and rioting though. That’s a frustrating thing we need to step back from. And here’s where I say that goes for Both Sides.

        1. Horse is out of that stable. One side is not going to constantly disarm itself as the other side decides they don’t like living by the rules they created.

          1. No, it seems unlikely. Walking it back is going to be difficult, and a group that is seemingly taking a tight presidential election and set of senate races as a mandate to ram things down folks throat doesn’t inspire much confidence it’s heading in a good direction.

        2. It’s a good thing you showed up to voice your concern after 12 months of violent riots while you sat there with your dumbfuck mouth shut while leftist psychopaths murders 3 dozen LEOs and caused 3 billion dollars of property damage over the summer.

          1. It’s good to see that my posting was missed over the last year at least.

            1. I missed you and I appreciate your contributions. Just flag the Tulpa socks and reload.

              1. The fake cosplay lib empathy. LOL. You, Jeff, et al always do that.

                After 2 years of calling everyone you disagreed with cultists. Hilarious.

              2. It’s hilarious that after 5 years you still think I’m Tulpa. Even funnier since BUCS predates this iteration of your CMW sock. Admittedly, it’s hard to keep track when you operate at least 3 known sock handles that you’ve accidentally outed.

            2. Well, I missed you. But can’t blame you.

  20. Love the dude with no shirt, furry hat and face paint.

    1. Got to be Nardz. Right?

      1. He hasn’t commented today.

      2. I’m going to assume so. That’s perfect.

      3. No, I’m wearing the bald eagle mask/helmet

  21. Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa, this is fun.

    Oh, and Trump is out. 😀 😀 😀 😀

    1. Trump has 12 EC votes right now.

      Biden has 0.

      If Congress never certifies more EC votes, Trump gets his second term that way.

      1. Why not just do a Reichstag fire?

        You guys are cribbing Hitler 110% at this point.

        1. Hitler didn’t do 100% peaceful protests. Hell, BLM didn’t even do that. This group is.

          1. Pipe bombs, vandalism, and attacking the constitutional process is not peaceful.

            1. There’s no proof of any of that.

            2. No pipe bombs. Vandalism? SERIOUSLY? And they are using their First Amendment rights that you seem to find offensive now.Deal with it. FOUR YEARS OF THIS!!!

            3. LOL. Lefties still lying about pipebombs?

              Protesting the government is in fact constitutional.

              1. Hey Jesse, this is lie number 4 I’ve caught you on today. Not only 4 times you’ve lied, I lost count of that, but 4 different lies which I have corrected with sources. You suck at this.


        2. Well this is the go to comparison for Vox today it seems.


        Let me quote the United States Constitution: “The Person having the greatest Number of Votes shall be the President, if such Number be a Majority of the whole Number of Electors appointed”

        NOT voted counted, but majority of the number of electoral votes. One one wins until 270 votes go one way or the other, or it goes to the House.

      3. You can’t really be in favor of this LC.

        I know you’ve latched onto every possible avenue for Trump to be reelected, but this is bad. Nobody would be happy in this situation. This is protestors stopping the government from following the constitutional process.

        1. You can’t really be for elections with so many questions and appearances of fraud causing half the electorate to question election integrity and then calling anyone asking for an audit to be a traitor can you?

      4. Haha, that’s not gonna happen.

  22. Now do the capitals in NY and California.

  23. Unreason…you fuckheads fed the fire for four years. Do you think you’ll be spared?

    1. Does someone need to give these guys directions to DuPont Circle?

      Other than the one guy carted out with a few extra holes in his chest, AFAIK, it’s been mostly peaceful. UsedCarSales is right though, this is a terrible look for the country. Oh well: this is the only language our leaders understand this year.

  24. If the BLM knitting circle was 93% peaceful, this looks… I’m going to say near 100% peaceful.

  25. Does anyone know the status of LC, Jesse, Red Rock, Sevo, ect? Did National Police beat the shit out of them yet? Is Trump going to tell them too fuck off when they ask to have lawyer fees paid?

    1. I have been here for days. unreason commies mostly have bots and spammers, so I was just stopping by today to laugh that I predicted Republicans would challenge Biden EC votes.

      Democrats started Civil War 2.0 years ago. Some RINOs still think they can reason with Lefty traitors to the Constitution.

      1. Glad to hear you’re ok. We still having that beer when all this is back to normal? I hope so!

        1. LC says he owns a winery. Maybe we can all get together for a drink.

        2. Fake empathy. Every leftist here. Lol.

      2. You can’t reason with a progressive.

    2. Hi dummy.

  26. You seem surprised. But according to Reason this is a winning strategy, as proven by the political violence from the left for the last several years bolstering their totally legitimate win in the last election. If it’s a winning strategy, why wouldn’t you expect the right to pick it up?

  27. This is no way for a functioning democracy to operate.

    Maybe that’s because this is no longer a functioning democracy, and hasn’t been for a long time.

  28. This is no way for a functioning democracy to operate.

    This might be the last-across-the-finish-line Statement of the Year.

    1. We were such a great shining example of integrity until this point. Where did Trump go wrong?

      1. The irony of reason pushing trump russia and then impeachment and then decrying how we have to trust elections now.

    2. This is no way for a functioning democracy to operate.

      What about a Russian-controlled functioning democracy?

      Too bad the conspiracy idiots blew that load when there was no actual authoritarian/civil unrest nonsense to worry about. Or, at least, no pro-Trump authoritarian civil unrest.

  29. If the government was not a bunch of corrupt idiots, they would create and appoint members to an Electoral Commission right away prior to Biden becoming President or the Senate changing control.

    It should be a no-brainer that there is general distrust in our elections considering that 4 years ago the shoe was on the other foot and the roles were reversed.

    Personally I have a grievance with ballot access requirements where both Democrats and Republicans try to prevent third parties getting on the ballot. I have a problem with the rules to get an invitation to Presidential debate. I have a problem with the lack of a photo id requirement and lack of signature verification for absentee ballots. I have a problem with the lack of transparency with vote counting. I have a problem with the lack of auditing ballot counts. I have a problem with old data remaining on the registered voter records. There is plenty of concern with how our elections are run.

    I don’t know if any of it would have changed the outcomes of any election during my lifetime, but this is about running a fair election that voters can have faith in, not about any politician or political outcome.

    1. the shoe was on the other foot and the roles were reversed.

      So the left shoe, playing the role of the right shoe was on the left foot?

  30. I don’t condone breaking and entering or violence. But the writers on this site and politicians in that building have lost all credibility. It is going to take MASSIVE WIDESPREAD evidence to convince me that anything remotely violent is happening right now

    1. Well, we know that four, unarmed black teenagers killed by Antifa BLM protest security wasn’t considered violent, so I’m not really sure what metric has to be met to be considered violent.

    2. It is going to take MASSIVE WIDESPREAD evidence to convince me that anything remotely violent is happening right now

      It’s like the idea that somebody could be announcing a mostly peaceful transition of power with the Capitol Building on fire in the background never occurred to them.

      When people surround a federal building and shout “We’re going to fucking kill you.” at the people defending the building, they’re just exercising their 1A rights.

      I mean, it’s not like these people are part of some decentralized shadow group like Antifa. They’re Trump supporters for chrissakes, how hard could they possibly be to rout out, round up, and eliminate?

  31. But BLM and Antifa!!! Stupid fucking hillbillies.
    I don’t say this lightly, but we need to start trying these traitors and stringing them up if convicted.

    Start with Trump, Mike Lee,Hawley and all the treasonous congress traitors.

    1. Aside from the shooting I have to admit this is kinda funny.

      This redneck coup attempt will fail and after trials our country will have less traitors.

      1. “We” ? You got a mouse in your pocket boy?

        1. By “we” I meant us real Americans. Ya know the ones not engaging in and encouraging sedition?

        2. And why the fuck do you care Pepin? Aren’t you french/german and have been dead for over 1000 years?

  32. “The scenes inside and around the Capitol are stunning and terrifying.”

    What other response can there be but severe eye-rolling?

    1. Fuck off… a window was broken… BROKEN! What about the strong arm tactics used by DC officials? This is a sad day for free speech.

      1. I think it’s worth considering why this happening in our capital is significantly more shaking to most folks then it happening in a poor neighborhood in a fly-over state.

        I understand why it is, but I think it’s worth questioning that as well.

        1. Yeah, because the capitol was devoid of mayhem when Trump was elected. Just ask Muhammad Ashraf.

        2. Protests/riots were going to happen either way. I don’t condone any of them (though I do think leftist protests are always more violent), but the cowards in office thought Biden was the safe choice. Maybe not.

          1. I believe so, and the scale of these riots are still unknown. Happening in the place where a fairly large chunk of journalists live gives a certain view of things, but it’s hard to judge the full extent until all is said and done.

            Particularly if we can avoid any significant death or physical harm. If someone dies, this will get much worse. I don’t want anyone to be harmed because you should never wish harm on folks, but I also don’t want either side getting a martyr.

          2. The idiots who voted for Trump thought he was a safe choice. Now he is attempting a coup to overthrow the government.

            1. You should die.

            2. “Now he is attempting a coup”

              Evidence please?

        3. Point of order, Ted Wheeler’s Million Dollar Condo neighborhood in Portland isn’t a poor neighborhood in flyover country.

      2. D.c. started arresting protesters for this last night.

        This summer they helped BLM paint streets as a remembrance of their riots.

  33. pro-Trump protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol and engaged in violent clashes with police around and inside the building.

    Funny how quick that “mostly peaceful” standard disappeared when the protesters aren’t left wing. It seems like just last year breaking into buildings (not to mention stealing everything inside) along with mobbing cars and threatening the occupants for signs of support were not considered violence.

    I for one am completely shocked to see Reasoners and other commenters do understand rioting is inherently threatening and were merely covering for those engaging in it last year.

  34. Oh no! This is serious! Quick! Call in the Portland Police Department!

    1. Well, in Boehm’s defense, the Portland protests were mostly peaceful.

      These are right wing extremists!

    2. There’s an old saying in Portland: Don’t trust the PPB!

  35. “The scenes inside and around the Capitol are stunning and terrifying.”

    Either Boehm is easily terrified or he’s full of shit.

    “Several lawmakers and congressional staff tweeted that they were sheltering in place inside the Capitol and the various office buildings that are part of the wider Capitol complex.”

    OMG! They actually tweeted it, too?



    1. Ken, when is it time to tell the kids that santa isn’t real? Before or after the NG starts shooting?

    2. By the way, how did that “Cynically support a stolen election conspiracy theory because delegitimizing joe biden is worth delegitimizing the republic” work out for you in Georgia? Oh, not good? Sucks to be craven and evil.

      1. Sucks to be craven and evil.

        You’d know. Gonna suck even more when you’re shitting your pants staring down the barrel of an AR-15 pleading for your life and praying to a god you don’t believe in that those Apache gunships show up to save you. Lmfao.

        1. Your remarks are as irresponsible and un-American as those of the leftists whom you oppose.

        2. If I detect a sincere threat to my life from you, I will take action. There are bright lines, even here. Do not cross.

          1. Lol. True American patriot you are stolen Valor. You’ve threatened me 3 times you little bitch.

            1. Go ahead and link to it.

              I’m onto your little childish routine.

              You’ve lied innumerable times already. You’ve been proven wrong, with links from the direct sources (court rulings) several times. I’ve challenged you once again to back up your libel against me with very generous terms for you. You slink away each time you receive one of these smack downs, and pretend the thread doesn’t exist any more.

              Fuck off, coward.

              1. What, did you link to another article that says the exact opposite of what you claim it says then challenge him to a fight while calling him a fake internet tuff gai only to disappear without a trace in a thread where your other 2 socks continued participating for hours? Lmfao. Seriously kiddo. Name the time, place and date. I’m there for you.

          2. When you issued your threat yesterday I told you that I will meet you anywhere in America for a fight. Weird how 2 of your other known, outed socks continued participating in that thread but you fell utterly silent and weren’t heard of for the rest of the day.

            Fuck around and find out you dumb motherfucker, because all I need is an excuse.

        3. Cram it traitor! Take your anti-American as outta my country!

      2. Such opposition to peaceful protests. Sounds like a fascist.

    3. Predictable response.

      1. I’m surprised. I didn’t think you were intelligent enough to realize that your utter and complete hypocrisy on the issue would predictably be pointed out after a year of cheerleading for murderous street gangs.

  36. I’m betting a slap fight broke out between Boehm and Sullum over breaking this story.

  37. Shots fired.

    1. Totally peaceful shots.

    2. Just exercising their legal rights and remedies.

    3. it was heard over police radio and since its DC it could be anywhere in DC so the shots fired is most likely note related because if shots were fired there would be movement and everyone is standing around even those inside

  38. CNN reporters have called these fascist Republican protesters “anarchists” twice now. News to CNN these people are called Republicans.

    1. But Jim Acosta nails it as always

      1. All and all good journalism CNN.

      2. Holy shit. If someone thought you weren’t retarded, we now have proof.

    2. What? CNN doesn’t like peaceful protests now?


    3. WK will be here shortly to ask for notarized birth certificates and party affiliations.

  39. This is what a transition of power looks like when a cult of personality loses.

    1. This is not about Trump, asshat

      1. Trump supporters storming the Capital to disrupt a vote on the Electoral College isn’t about Trump? Seriously?

        1. It is about protesting what they view as a fraudulent election. This could have been mitigated the last 2 months with actual audits. The kind you protested against constantly.

          Fucking biden cultist.

          1. Except I never did.

            This is really annoying. You’re like a cloud of flies buzzing around my head. What do you seek to accomplish with this? You virtue signaling to your conservative buddies? You trying to cancel me? Either way your behavior is no different than the leftists you hate.

            No different at all.

            1. Except that you literally said that no audits were necessary, that the election was fair and free, that the lawsuits should be dismissed, that no investigations should take place, that Trump cultists should eat the L and accept the Biden presidency. But of course, you don’t support Biden, far be it from anyone to suggest such a thing!

              Maybe if you spent less time having forcible sexual intercourse with your underage daughter in a drunken stupor you’d have better recall. Fortunately, all of your retarded shit is here, forever, in black and white, for all to see. The only thing you do when you put on these lame histrionic denials is confirm that you are a lying piece of shit beneath contempt.

    2. No, this is what a transition of power looks like after political violence was normalized for the last several years, the last elections appear suspect, and the presumptive winning party is vowing to punish dissenters.

      1. Ah yes. The other guy did it first so it’s ok. Gotcha.

        1. Didn’t you just spend 4 years telling us that Democrats were entitled to burn down urban centers because Trump was mean?

          1. No, Tulpa. That was you socking me on the weekends.

            1. Lol. Alcoholics memory strikes again.

            2. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

              You should stick to the “But I’m just a comedian!” bullshit instead of the “I was hacked!” bullshit every time you get called on the contemptible shit you’ve said and done. You’ve freely admitted you’re a drunken, jobless homeless man, would it really bruise your ego that much to admit that you spent an entire year, 7 days a week, excusing, encouraging, and praising radical left wing violence? Do you somehow believe anyone here, or anywhere else for that matter, could possibly think less of you?

        2. No one (well almost no one) is saying it’s okay. They’re saying its fucking predictable.

    3. Well, assuming it isn’t a false flag operation, which I wouldn’t entirely discount. But I’m certainly not going to claim that there aren’t any violent loons on the right, so it could go either way.

      Just arrest everybody who entered the buildings, and sort them out.

      1. If these guys were leftists the Trump supporters would be calling for the military to kill them all.

        1. sarcasmic
          If these guys were leftists the Trump supporters would be calling for the military to kill them all.

          Life is so clear when you simply fantasize your opponents actions.

          What a fucking idiot.

        2. We didn’t do that with Antifa, BLM, and the Portland riots.

        3. As demonstrated by the mass death toll during last summer’s riots, I assume?

      2. Just arrest everybody who entered the buildings, and sort them out.

        sarcasmic has been telling us for 12 months that mass arrests to disperse large crowds in the vicinity of violence is fascism. The police may only legitimately arrest the person or person’s who directly caused property damage or otherwise broke the law.

        1. Entering the building was “or otherwise broke the law”. Arrest ’em all.

          1. teh public is allowed in the building so they are not trespassing

    4. This is what a transition of power looks like when a cult of personality loses.

      Hey remember when sarcasmic said the same thing when riots broke out during Trump’s inauguration and a Muslim immigrant was dragged out of his limo and beaten while it was set ablaze by white Antifa blackshirts? Lmfao.

    5. You’re not wrong. Look what happened when Clinton lost the election.

      Now imagine what it would have been like if she had gotten elected and then lost the next one.

      1. To be clear though – this is what a transition of power looks like once you’ve normalized the use of violence to gain your own ends.

        So – thank Antifa, BLM, and the people in Congress who enabled the rioting.

        1. “normalized the use of violence to gain your own ends” is pretty much the stock-in-trade of government and the police state. Antifa and BLM? What’s their body count? They don’t even do drone strikes. Pikers.

          1. Why would they? They can get the government to do them for them.

    6. Lol. Back to the cult huh biden worshipper?

  40. I don’t really care for this sort of thing, but the “mostly peaceful protests” jokes, obvious as they may be (sorry), are okay in my book.

    1. I fear this debate is going to devolve instead into “Look at how much less forcefully these protests were put down versus the BLM riots. RACISM.”

      And I refuse to use scare-quotes because I find them annoying, but that was a belabored usage of protest above.

      1. And then the final caveat, because I’m a caveat loving little bitch, I have no particular issue making a distinction between the rioters and the protesters. Even if I disagree with them.

        1. “Caveat loving little bitch”

          I like that; haven’t seen you in a while BUCS.

          1. Work actually started taking effort and time. And also, in full honesty, I got a little burned out on Reason and have been reading NR more lately.

            I still wander in at time to time, but not like a few years ago.

      2. ENB is already making this argument on Twitter.
        “They’ve been at this for more than an hour, storming the capitol and forcing senators certifying an election to hide and shelter in place, and it’s still going on…

        Summer Black Lives Matter protesters in DC had full riot squads on them for breaking curfew.?”

        Of course, this ignores the fact that these curfews were put into place after at least a weekend of looting. This riot started less than 3 hours ago and she wonders why martial law hasn’t been invoked. smgdh.

  41. I hope you bastards are happy with yourselves. This is what you wanted. A putsch. Now you got it. Your brownshirts are trying to overthrow the government.

    1. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

      mOStLY peACeFUl!!!!!!!!

      You spent a year cheerleading for a civil war. You just might get one. Hope you like it.

    2. PEACEFUL PROTESTS, son. Deal with it.

      1. Someone somewhere burning down a Whatsburger doesn’t give you the right to shoot Congress.

        Glad to clear up that arcane bit of law.

          1. I’m just a little tired of explaining things kindergarteners understand to fully grown men.

            Don’t trust Trump. Don’t follow him. I should have told you that five years ago. My bad.

            1. It would have been nice if you explained to Antifa and BLM why they weren’t supposed to burn down their local governments.

        1. Shooting Congress doesn’t justify them burning down a Whataburger. And minimizing the impact of previous riots like this doesn’t help to improve the situation at all, for either side.

          1. You’re not going to be able to ratfuck your way out of this one, I’m afraid. This is clearly Trumpers committing more violence in a day than Antifa ever has. Including violence to my country in a very literally insurrectionist way.

            History will judge BLM the good guys and Trumpers the bad guys. That was inevitable, except now history starts tomorrow.

            Don’t. Stop. Come back.

            1. There’s no ratfucking here. And your stated belief that the Congress building being inherently more important and worthy of sympathy than poor business owners having their livelihoods destroyed is questionable. The simple recognition that these can both have value, and the attacks on either can be wrong is perfectly consistent.

              The idea that bad actions now retroactively justified bad actions prior is harder to justify. And Tony, calm down. You aren’t always an asshole, you don’t have to be now. Take a breath.

              1. Yes the capitol is more important than a random Whataburger. Whatsburger is not where my elected representatives meet to confirm the election of the president, which is what was happening when it was occupied.

                If it were people you disagreed with you would be 100% in support of turning them into stains on the marble.

                And I feel gross even indulging your lying horseshit for this long.

                Stop consuming rightwing media. I know you think BLM protests were a conflagration of shit. You were lied to. You were even shown fake pictures from Somalia standing in for Portland. You’ve been had. Fix yourself because I’m tired of doing it for you.

                Or else hang with the rest of the traitors. Who gives a fuck. You could have just listened to me from the start.

                1. Tony, unsurprisingly, coming out against free speech and assembly. Shame.

                2. If it were people you disagreed with you would be 100% in support of turning them into stains on the marble.

                  No, I wouldn’t Tony. I’m a pretty consistent pacifist. I’ve gotten my ass beat for it. Also, please stop your mindreading, I know a lot of folks here are jackasses, but deal with the argument as presented.

                  The argument is not even magnitude, it’s just don’t justify previous sins due to future sins. Saying that one is okay because of another is what leads to the situation we’re in now.

            2. Trumpers committing more violence in a day than Antifa ever has

              So you can’t count, huh?


        2. I could never have predicted this when that Bernie Bro shot up a baseball practice….

        3. Nobody has shot anything. This is just a peaceful protest. Deal with it, son.

      2. Even if the Capitol burns, it doesn’t matter. I’m sure the Feds have insurance. I mean, that is the past standard for getting worked up over property destruction during a riot, right?

    3. The fucking balls you must have to write that, Echospinner.

      This is a protest. Just like we’ve been watching most of last year. And a hell of a lot less violent, so far.

      When they start executing people, then it’s a putsch. Blame that worthless blackmail case Roberts if you want someone to blame.

      1. Yet another toilet flushes with the last dregs of another Trump apologist’s credibility.

        An IED was just found in the capitol. Cops have been injured. People have been shot.

        I’d shut up before I made myself look stupider if I were you.

        1. Tony, if there’s one thing we all know from watching you here, is that you can’t make yourself look any stupider.


        2. Lol. No ied was found you retarded fuck.

      2. Echospinner is legitimately a closet Nazi

    4. maybe its time since the fires of freedom must be re lit from time to time and maybe this will put a little scare into the people running elections and they will decide to not be so open about cheating next time or at least allow investigations. if they had nothing to hide why do then not want to allow investigations

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  43. Something to consider Boehm – if we hadn’t spent the last 40 years constantly allowing the ratchet to be tightened, if the last 40 years didn’t see a government invading every aspect of our lives, then no one would have considered it worth the effort of traveling to DC to do this.

    So, next time, instead of constantly poo-pooing a guy who was actually doing a decent job, constantly talking about how his opponent*s* – all and any of them – were so much better because they’d be ‘a return to normalcy’, AND FAILING TO COVER THE FUCKING LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATES ALTOGETHER!

    Maybe, you know, step back and look at accomplishments over style.

    You brung her to the dance – now you best get her out there on the floor.

  44. This is no way for a functioning democracy to operate.

    A functioning democracy is much more than one side being told to ‘just take it’.

  45. Boy, do I hate being right all the time.

    1. You haven’t been right once in your entire life, so you must be quite satisfied.

      1. You’ll never lose money betting on the hysterical overreaction of Trumpers.

        1. or CNN headlines

        2. Tell me more about those forthcoming Mueller indictments, shreek.

    2. What, that peaceful protests are OK?

      1. Peaceful protests are OK.

        Declaring war on the United States will get you turned into goo, usually.

        1. Declaring war

          Surprisingly few weapons, casualties, and destruction on display in the photo above for ‘declaring war’ to be an apt description.

          Hysterical overreaction of Trumpers indeed.

          1. They’re occupying the US capitol in the middle of the electoral college count. People have been shot.

            Excuse me how is it possible to overreact?

            1. Excuse me how is it possible to overreact?

              So, you’re on your way to D.C. right now, gun in hand, to defend Democracy, The Constitution, and the Freedom you hold so dear?

              Because I suspect that, as usual, you’re full of shit.

              1. No, because that’s what the armed forces are for.

                Trump is calling them on his own supporters. That must be painful for you.

                1. No, because that’s what the armed forces are for.

                  So you want the sitting President to use the armed forces to restore peace in D.C.?

                  Congrats on managing to spread your stupidity out over more than 2 sentences.

                  1. No, but I didn’t ask anyone to storm the US capitol either.

                    Someone declares war on my country I want them turned to goo. I’m old fashioned like that.

                    1. Someone declares war on my country I want them turned to goo. I’m old fashioned like that.

                      I, too, enjoyed watching convicted kiddie fucker Joseph Rosenbaum gurgling on his own blood as he succumbed to his wounds.

            2. People have been shot.

              What I’m hearing is that one person was shot, by a cop. Are you going to go loot a liquor store in protest, as is traditional for your mob?


              1. The fact that you have the moral instincts of a feral toddler is why it’s good your favorite politicians are now out of power.

                1. So because the person shot by the cop was white…. your answer is no.

                2. your favorite politicians

                  Ron Paul has been out of the congress for years now, and we certainly aren’t any better off without him.


        2. I mean, seriously, we’re talking about a building that, every 20-40 yrs. since the Capitol was razed in 1812 has had mass shootings or a bomb go off inside or in close proximity to it.

          Whether it was Puerto Rican separatists or The Weather Undergound, this is hardly new or unprecedented violence. And there are plenty of out members of The Weather Underground walking around un-gooified to lay waste to your claims of the government’s divine retribution.

          Weren’t you the one complaining not a couple weeks ago about Trumpbots’ complete ignorance of even recent history?

          1. Don’t you feel stupid for calling a little BLM protest a national emergency.

            1. Are you quoting me on that or poorly tap dancing over the legal technicalities required to dispatch Federal officers while calling for the sitting President to use the Armed Forces to enforce peace on American citizens?

              1. Just on domestic enemies like they swore an oath to do.

                1. So, for example, those Trump supporters who locked federal workers inside a building then tried to burn them alive?

                  Oh wait, that wasn’t Trump supporters.

                2. Just on domestic enemies like they swore an oath to do.

                  Nothing puts Trump’s megalomania to shame like declaring yourself better informed than the entire military and government who they should and should not gooify.

                  JFC, Tony, at this point you’re making Trump *and* Bush look like 12D Chess geniuses.

                  1. *Well-adjusted* 12D Chess geniuses.

            2. Dozens dead, hundreds of millions in damage. Vs a broken window.

        3. I’ve noticed no declaration of war. Just an airing of grievances at a time you find inconvenient, which hardly seems like a concern worth noting.

    3. I hate it when you’re right about anything.

      1. It keeps happening with frightening regularity.

        1. These comments have truly gone to shit when you’re one of the sane ones.

          1. I think it all went to shit when that one guy who used to give insulting nicknames to folks disappeared.

            1. There’s a guy that keeps calling Biden Biteme; I’m convinced he’s the Block Yomomma guy.

              1. Nah, not him. He was the one who came up with Simple Mikey. I’m blanking on his name, but he was great.

          2. Lol. This proves how fucking leftist you’ve become sweetie.

    4. Considering you have trouble going two sentences without contradicting yourself, It’s pretty clear that you hate yourself right or wrong.

    5. Me, too.

      Systemic violence begets violence.

      1. These are people whose only problem in life is gender-bending pronouns. They don’t even have real grievances. They have conspiracy theories being funneled into their brains.

        The story of this time is the power of propaganda.

        1. They have grievances, definitely.

          It’s not like they live in a society full of peaceful people who want to solve problems through cooperation. They live in a society that says, “Violence can solve problems, as long as it’s our violence!” And as wrong as anyone may be, they always have a side, and “our violence” always includes themselves and excludes different people.

          The world would be in a much better place if there were fewer people like that, and more people who understood that violent aggression is not the answer: even when you win, you lose. But try convincing them of that.

          As a libertarian, I’m glad I’m one of the people in this world proposing that we all put the violence down, as opposed to fighting over who has the right to be violent. Arguing over who has the right to be violent is a performance contradiction: if violence is appropriate, then why worry about rights in the first place? Why talk at all? Apparently a thrown rock is just as good as a correct idea, so who needs debate?

          This is what we get when the foundation of our society is systemic violence. It’s getting worse, and it will probably get worse still. I’m glad I’ve had little to do with it, and that I’m a part of the solution, not the problem.

          1. When it comes to systemic violence, government is the wholesale distributer.

            1. Amen. You really can’t go around spewing that shit and then expecting everyone to be nice.

              I’m not surprised by the violence of either side. It’s the gal of some people to expect it from one side and not the other that’s so obviously wrong.

          2. No. This is not a society in which anyone other than a handful of criminals and Trump supporters think violence is legitimate when you don’t get your way in politics. You don’t get to both-sides this. These people will not be able to point to BLM for their defense at their trials. Nobody in politics supported burning any car or shop.

            Trump on the other hand, and his sycophants in politics, fanned this flame from Day 1.

            1. This is not a society in which anyone other than a handful of criminals and Trump supporters think violence is legitimate when you don’t get your way in politics.

              One, that’s not true, and two, that doesn’t contradict anything I’ve said. I didn’t say we live in a society like that.

              Of the wonderful points I’m making, you’re addressing… 0%.

            2. Let me put it this way:

              We live in a world full of stupid people.

              You’re trying to tell all of them that violence is only okay when you get your way in politics.

              Yet, you expect them to never consider controlling politics with violence. On what grounds? That violence is bad? If it’s so bad, why is it your primary tool?

              When you realize we all need to put the violence down, we can begin to heel. Or just wait until we all agree with each other on everything. I won’t hold my breath.

              I’m just waiting for all of you people to wise up.

              1. I’ve never once been in favor of political violence and neither has any elected Democrat.

                1. Oh, democrats are in favor of political violence. Politics consists mostly of people debating what exactly they’re going to force people to do, what the punishment for non-compliance will be, and how exactly they’re supposed to use violence to force compliance.

                  That’s not a process of peaceful cooperation. And it’s self contradictory: why do we need to debate how to use violence? Why must we come to some agreement on that, rather than say, using violence to settle the matter? If I don’t have to convince you to stop smoking pot, and I can just throw you in jail for it, why do you need to convince me to vote a certain way? Why don’t I just bash you in the head?

                  This is the system you have elevated to god-like status. You reap what you sow.

                  1. So you’re the one saying it’s justifiable or understandable to commit illegal violence if government makes laws you don’t like.

                    You seem to be confused about how law works. Law made by elected representatives is legitimate; law made by thugs who don’t like the outcome of an election is not.

                    Law and order. Build a wall.

                    There’s only one player in this game who is threatening rights or our ability to have rights at all. This is unique. Your apologetics are slimy.

                  2. No, I’m the one saying that it’s totally consistent for people to use violence against a government that uses violence against them.

                    It’s quite galling for that government to turn around say “Why, the nerve!”

                    1. I would rather encourage everyone to consider aggressive violence to be a bad thing, not a tool for societal improvement. That’s what say. You know: an actual alternative to violence other then hoping to convert, imprison, or kill people I disagree with. Part of me being the change I want to see in the world.

                2. And frankly, listening to Trumptards say “The election was stolen so I can be violent!” is about as logical as a progressive saying “your mean words are violence, so I can be violent!” Note the implicit assumption that solving problems with violence is a bad idea. So close to the truth, but then they turn around and decide everyone they disagree with is violent by definition, for no other reason then to justify their own violence.

                  I’m looking forward to the day people wise up and stop it with that bullshit.

                  1. Progressives don’t say that. Certainly none who any elected leader pays any attention to.

                    On the other hand the president’s idea of calming his own people down while they are committing a violent attempted coup is to reinforce the lie that his election was stolen.

                    Both sides is a tool of the fascists. Stop doing their work for them if you don’t support them.

                    1. I don’t. That’s why I’m a libertarian.

                      I definitely don’t go around saying “one side is evil, but the other is good!”

                    2. What’s the point of lying so blatantly about things you yourself have said WITHIN THE SAME DAY on the SAME WEBSITE. You’re not even very good at this, even after, what is, 12 years now?

                    3. One side storms the capital during the electoral college count and at least one person is dead.

                      You’ll understand why I’m not rushing to both sides this one.

                    4. Sure.

                      And you’ll understand why I consider this more than just one isolated incident.

                      Kinda like how progressives think about terrorism: it’s not really all just their fault, is it?

                  2. Actually, it is materially different. Mean words are mean words. A stolen election is a coup, an attempted takeover by illegal means. At some point, violent recovery of your government in order to secure your rights is justified. WTF was the Declaration of Independence, anyway, except justification for such action?

                    1. I’m glad law enforcement decided to be so gentle with the traitors. If only they would be that way with legitimate protesters.

                    2. I actually violence is a much more appropriate response to a hostile government that’s violent with you, much more than it is a response to someone who said a nasty word.

                    3. It also seems much more consistent for people to be violent against a government that’s violent against them, rather than committing rage arson against other victims of government violence.

                    4. You can believe it’s always legitimate to commit violence against government if you want.

                      But I believe in democracy, so when someone attacks my government institutions, they’re attacking me, and I have a right to self-defense. And I have an army.

                    5. “I have an army.”

                      Thanks for making my point for me.

                    6. I’ll try to say this again, because I see that you’re struggling.

                      If we assume that democracy is the best way to make decisions, ie, coming to an agreement on a group decision, as opposed to using violence to get our way, then this presumes that using violence to get your way is bad.

                      For that democracy to then use violence as a tool to control otherwise peaceful people, is then itself an assault on the principles of democracy.

                      The only way a principled democracy can function is to use violence only as a last alternative against violent people who are aggressive first.

                      I’ll point out that this theory of democracy also gives room for people to fight against democratically elected Nazis that try to kill them with their governments. I really don’t know how the “assume democracy is the highest virtue” question-begging crowd answers that incredibly obvious problem.

                3. I’ve never once been in favor of political violence and neither has any elected Democrat.

                  What a stupid fucking lie. Democrats have been cheering on the lefturd rioters ever since Hillary lost. Obama even pardoned terrorists who bombed the Capitol building.


        2. These are people whose only problem in life is gender-bending pronouns.

          The story of this time is the power of propaganda.

          “Once the Government wins the war on gendered pronouns, we’ll finally be free of all this spontaneous violence.” – Tony (she/her/it).

          1. Or you could stop being such poor sad suckers who fall for every fabricated culture war grievance shoved down your throats.

            People who are threatened by trans pronouns are the biggest pussies in the universe and shouldn’t be anywhere near the levers of power, and now we see why.

            1. It’s not the pronouns, it’s the forced restrictions on free speech. The denial of the reality of two sexes, of mental illness, and of the malpractice of claiming there are surgical solutions to mental health problems.

            2. Or you could stop being such poor sad suckers who fall for every fabricated culture war grievance shoved down your throats.

              Tell us more about how gays were going to be sent to concentration camps, faggot.

  46. Where’s the president?

    Conveniently absent while the conflict that he completely orchestrated boils over.

    Remember that if and when someone is injured today today, the blood is on Trump’s hands. This is his doing. These are his little projects. This is what he spends his time on, rather than doing something about every other real issue that would actually benefit from presidential input this year.

    He promoted this “protest” on his twitter. He has TV cameras steps away from him that he could jump on at any time and address his cult followers whom he summoned there. He chooses not to. He chooses to let this play out.


    1. Looks like at least 1 woman shot badly so far. Nice going, guys.

        1. Her and our republic.

          1. Her, I’ll pray for. The Republic, I’ve been wishing a SMOD on for more than a decade.

      1. Mostly peaceful.

        1. Those are real people.

          1. Who, the woman the cops shot allegedly?

            Perhaps we should defund them completely.

          2. The dozens shot during blm riots or business owners who lost their livelihood werent?

            1. Textbook false equivalency. It’s like you are either completely self unaware, like a small child, or deliberately disingenuous.

              1. Comparing dozens of dead people who you never once acknowledge for a second to your sudden empathy and concern for a woman shot by police is false equivalency?

                It’s like you are either completely self unaware, like a small child, or deliberately disingenuous.

                Nah, I’m just kidding. You’re just a lying piece of subhuman shit. Quiver and hide you mewling quim, you’re probably about to get hoist on your petard.

      2. She’s dead. Two other men shot. The reporting is erratic. Police looking for people in vehicles, which is weird for a protest occupying Capitol buildings.

        1. How could anyone drive anywhere near this area? Not that driving near the Capitol Building is a picnic anyway during normal times.

    2. So, you’re saying the people murdered in CHAZ are the responsibility of the Mayor too?

      Or is it different when your side does it?

      1. No, that tracks. I’m on board with that. I went to the CHAZ. It was despicable as well. Just lower stakes, since a sacred constitutional duty was not in jeopardy.

        1. Just free speech. Assembly. That stuff. Nothing important.

        2. Just lower stakes, since a sacred constitutional duty was not in jeopardy.

          It’s not in jeopardy or, maybe more accurately, it’s in no more jeopardy today than it has been in the last several weeks/months. If you think there’s one copy of the votes, all kept in one building, and the originals all have to be certified by sundown or whatever, you’re stupid. Conversely, were you as worried about violent protests surrounding Trump’s inauguration disrupting sacred constitutional ceremony?

          1. Some people have seen too many movies. In a movie the driver of the plot would be that these votes have to be counted before the shadow of the spire of the Capitol Building reaches the fenceline or else the evil guys gets crowned king and no one can stop it.

        3. Duty to government above all, then.

          Free speech, private property, life and liberty – lower stakes than ensuring a vote count happens on time.

          1. Just what do you think “liberty” is if not respecting the outcome of elections?

        4. Protecting private property is an afterthought to you? Lol.

          1. Wow two strawmen that are also false equivalencies in one thread! Jesse, you are really outdoing yourself today.

            I’ve sworn an oath to defend the constitution, not private property. What I see today is the constitution under attack. So yes, higher stakes.

            1. You have a problem if you don’t see they are the same oath.

              1. Literally not.

                I already denounced the chaz/chop and Mayor Dorkin. What more do you all want from me?

                This isn’t an actual argument, this is just cult members attacking a naysayer. Tribalist primate out-member / in-member behavior.

    3. One could make the argument based on the events of the past 2 months that the entire Trump presidency has been a false flag operation to benefit the Democratic party.

      1. One could.

      2. I’ve heard it said that the reason Trump ran in the first place was to sow discord in the Republican party as a favor to the Clintons. Once he was there and the media stopped covering the other Republican contenders, he decided to go for it.


    4. Biden beat Trump to TV. What could possibly be the excuse for that? Not a good look.

      1. What could possibly be the excuse for that?

        Biden’s basement has had cameras running on lockdown since March. It’s his element.

        1. The white house doesn’t have cameras? C’mon now. At least let’s try to be honest with ourselves.

          1. It took Biden 14 weeks to say a word about the dozen murders committed by Antifa over a 6 month period this spring and summer, so I guess you could call it even.

            1. Irrelevant. I saw his speech. He is no Reagan but not bad.

              Trump then came out and sent his goon squad back to their barracks. Mostly they complied and it is getting cold and dark in DC. The police and other forces had them anyway.

              The Nazi rocket scientist whose name you use was smarter than that.

              1. This troll writes loli porn and does not deserve our attention.

                1. And you posted child pornography and got banned.

              2. Irrelevant.

                Lol. Yeah, it’s pretty fucking relevant when your argument for Biden’s moral authority is that he beat Trump to a teleprompter to denounce a sit in at the capitol building by all of 10 minutes.

  47. Maybe if we had all stopped yelling at these people to just shut the fuck up and had actually taken them seriously and had those fucking audits rather than work fast to ensure the paper was shredded . . .

    1. Maybe, if the courts had followed state law and said ‘no, the legislature needs to get off their arses about this – they’ve taken that responsibility for themselves’ then there wouldn’t be so many people looking at this election and thinking its a bit hinky.

      1. Maybe if poll workers weren’t taping up pizza boxes over windows to prevent people watching them work . . .

        1. Maybe if states hadn’t shotgunned ballots across the state and then removed verification procedures . . .

          1. Maybe if we had actually followed the set out procedures and not deviated from them (like we haven’t in past elections) then there wouldn’t be so many people wondering if this allowed the election to be stolen.

            1. But just shut the fuck up proles. Elections have consequences when we win and we won.

              1. Damn, Agammamon! I didn’t know you had it in you.

                Yeah, what this MF said right here.

            2. Everything you believe is a lie, and now the consequences of your stupidity and gullibility are going to be felt by the very politicians whose teats you suckle.

              How does it feel to be on the side of literal actual terrorists?

              1. I’m on the side of peaceful protesters.

                1. Some day I will have to learn this double axle hypocrisy you guys are doing lately.

                  “It’s ok if we do it because other people did it in our fantasies.”

                  1. I do not know why you are so hostile to the Constitution, but that is on you.

                    1. You must have me mistaken for the goons who broke into and vandalized the capitol.

                    2. If they manage to kill a dozen cops and try to burn a few dozen people alive they’ll reach the single-day record of Antifa.

              2. The diseased minds are out in full today.

              3. How does it feel to be part of a nation founded on terrorism by terrorists.

                Its terrorists all the way down.

                Or are they ‘freedom fighters’ when they’re on your side?

                1. You’re damn right. Let’s see what history calls these folks.

      2. Maybe if we had just found 16,000 votes in Georgia. Maybe if we had just disregarded the law and constitution and said OK you win. Maybe if we just lock up all the democrats.

        It is only hinky because the dear leader said it was. There was nothing different about this election.

        1. Outside of the mass mail in voting against several states laws and complete abandonment of verification of mail in ballots?

          BEFORE this election, our voting system was comically rife with corruption. This increased it exponentially.

          And can you explain how in a year with more mail in ballots than ever…the rejection rate was at an all-tine low? Blind luck by the pantload?

          1. They waived all the legal basis for rejecting ballots, that’s how. For instance, signature matching was replace with, “Was their a signature?”.

            1. Which was then replaced by ‘do we think they intended to have a signature.’

          2. Prove it in a court of law asshole. I am done being nice. My country and democracy is under attack.

            1. They tried, fuckhead. Just about every court that had a case in front of it, did the judicial equivalent of sticking their fingers in their ears and yelling, “LaLaLa! I can’t hear you!!!” And then watched as the state officials in question destroyed evidence in the face of pending litigation, something that usually gets you sanctioned at a minimum by that court, were we not currently in Clown World.

              Courts don’t want to overturn elections. Because courts run on prestige, and like floating currencies, work because everyone believes they work. Same thing with elections. And with one side having spent the last year burning shit down because they weren’t getting their way, it made the relevant courts even more reticent to take up the issue. But you don’t have any problem with that, do you?

              Chill the fuck out. So far, it’s a college sit-in, only at the Capitol. I seriously doubt these guys have the log to stay awhile. Eventually, they’ll get their harumph! out of their system, and they’ll get arrested.

              Politicians, media types, wealthy bastards bankrolling the spontaneous outpourings of public ire this last summer: those guys start getting their heads blown open? Then things will have changed. That hasn’t and very, very likely won’t happen.

              1. “Chill the fuck out.”

                Oh I’m just gettin’ started.

                You Trumpies need to stand down.

                It is over. I don’t care for Joe Biden. Never voted for a Democrat in my life.

                What are you telling me? You want to ignore law and take over our political system this way? I am libertarian. We don’t do this shit.

                This is on you. Prove it. Go ahead.

                You are living in a fantasy world. A delusion. An obsession.

                1. “Here’s all this evidence”

                  “You don’t have standing”

                  “This is ridiculous and corrupt! First you said we couldn’t sue because there was no actionable claim, now you say they we can’t sue because there is no standing”

                  “You have no standing”


                  Just shut the fuck up you retarded piece of shit. Maybe you should have thought about the consequences of delegitimizing elections while you humping the leg of Russian conspiracy theorist lunatics for 4 years, and should have thought about the consequences of legitimizing political violence when you were cheerleading for Antifa the last year while they murdered a dozen LEOs, destroyed 3 billion dollars worth of property, raped and assaulted hundreds of innocent bystanders, and tried to burn a building full of federal employees alive.


                  Fuck. You.

                  1. You should take a stress pill and lie down.

                    That is totally incoherent.

                    To stand down means to walk away from a state of readiness or military stance. It is a common tactic when the situation has been resolved by negotiation, is untenable, or other means. Trump actually used it when he told his goons to “go home” today.

                    It has nothing to do with who is right or wrong. It means there is nothing more to be gained in this way.

                    Trump lost the election. That is reality. Storming the Capitol is not going to change that. It just makes your situation worse. It may suck but this is not the way if you want to challenge that.

                    1. You should take a stress pill and lie down.

                      Hurrr durrrr I’m just gettin’ started.

                      I’m not live posting from DC, you stupid cunt. Telling me to “stand down” on a fucking anonymous message board as if you had some kind of authority is about as fucking pathetic as it gets, and false moral equivalency and pearl clutching after you spent a year beating your micropenis to race riots that resulted in a dozen dead LEOs, hundreds of bystanders injured and wounded, and 3 billion dollars worth of property burned down and destroyed just makes it even funnier.

                    2. Oh also

                      That is totally incoherent.

                      It directly and completely addressed your asinine deflection demanding proof of election abnormalities, which I suppose is why instead of addressing it you red herringed to a call for peace after you just got done beating your chest about how you’re done fucking around because MUH DEMOCRACY IS UNDER ATTACK!!!!!! Fuck around and find out, tough guy. Maybe one day I’ll get to watch the LiveLeak video of you gurgling on your own blood as the life drains out of my eyes laughing my goddamn ass off just like I did with Joseph Rosenbaum

              2. I linked an entire forbes article that goes into detail how the Trump campaign withdrew their own federal lawsuits when they got the chance to present evidence of fraud. Another case in Wisconsin was heard, and dismissed on the merits.

                This “only technicalities” story is a lie. Stop getting your information from right wing sources, please.

            2. Fuck you, asshole

            3. Did you miss the mass mailing of ballots – that even the Democrats agree happen?

              Did you miss the relaxation of verification procedures – that even the Democrats admit happened.

              The difference is that one group says that stuff ain’t kosher and the other says ‘shutupshutupshutupshutup’.

            4. Aww, tough guy getting pissy.

              Fuck you.

              Don’t expect people to sit by while you steal an election.

              1. Me? I voted for and supported Jo Jorgensen. We lost as always. Nobody stole anything from me.

        2. There was nothing different about this election.

          Maybe that is the problem then?

          Maybe we shouldn’t accept these things as the norm?

          1. Well there is a way to do that but this was not it. A president refusing peaceful transfer of power. First time in my life is not it.

            This is unprecedented in our history.

            You still for it?

        3. That’s right, anyone who thinks otherwise is just a Trump supporter and thus can be written off.

      3. Trump campaign withdrew their 3 federal fraud claim cases rather than present evidence. Rudy Giuliani tried to claim that federalist society trump appointed judges were part of the conspiracy. It’s so fucking stupid, and now it needs to stop.

        1. You’ve been saying that it needs to stop since the day after the election.

          Maybe if you’d had supported the audits then when they came up with nothing it would have stopped rather than getting to this point.

          Instead you’ve been riding the ‘shutupshutupshutup’ wagon the whole time.

          But anyone who has two eyes and a functioning brain would know the oppression DOES NOT CHANGE MINDS.

          Look dude, I thought the election was stolen too. But then Trump’s people laid out their evidence and . . . bupkis. They had nothing. So now I don’t.

          But there are still serious issues with that election. Several states have e-voting systems that simply can’t be audited. If you’re for free and fair elections – no matter that your guy won – you can’t be certain an election was even held in those states.

          The behavior in other polling places, all the stuff around it – that’s the actions of people who are trying to ensure their win can’t be contested.


          These are the actions of people who have something to hide.

          We need to work to clear out all possibility of the latter.

          *IF* you are (and that’s a big if, based on your commenting history) really for ‘democracy’ then you can afford to take the risk that Biden might not win in order to ensure that your countrymen are as reassured as possible that their voices were heard.

          But I don’t think you are. I don’t think you consider them to be your co-nationalists. And if so – why should we stay under the same government as you?

          1. A wall of conjecture, with no evidence. That’s all you guys have. That’s all you’ve presented. That’s all Trump has presented. The controversy is completely manufactured by Trump and his sycophants. There is no reasoning or bargaining with irrational people.

            1. Brief reminder that cytotoxic under this incarnation as De Oppresso Liber has, as recently as yesterday, expounded at length that Mueller investigation not only proved collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, but also that it did and will result in multiple indictments for same. Even though not one of those things is actually true.

              1. I don’t talk to people who write lolita porn in the comments section. You are disgusting filth, but I encourage you to seek help to get better. Consider this goodbye.

              2. sarcasmic fucks his daughter, not me. I don’t get off on it. I can’t wait until she gets old enough to kill him when he comes at her in a drunken stupor for the millionth time.

                Oh also, you posted child porn on your other sock, but thanks for that outrage. I’ll bottle up your tears and send them to sarcasmic. His poor little child should at least receive some lube.

          2. “why should we stay under the same government as you?”

            You are welcome to join another. I hear Costa Rica is nice.

            1. Lol. Is that before or after your big bad Apache gunships come and kill all of the people responsible for performing all of the social functions that keep your pathetic, cowering, pant-shitting, bootlicking ass alive? 2 days after the last food delivery, are you gonna go pull a Garrett Foster hijacking and get your face blown off trying to play tough guy?

  48. IED at the National Republican Committee building, and “suspicious package” at the DNC offices.

    I wonder if one of our strategic foes decided this would be a good opportunity to try to jumpstart our civil war a few years early?

    1. No significant harm if both worked as planned, honestly.

      1. I admit the idea that the country would benefit from just nuking D.C., ideally with Congress in session and the President and VP in town, has crossed my mind occasionally, but, seriously, civil wars do not generally turn out well for anybody.

        1. True, Brett, but if you posed the question to current Venezuelans, what answer might you get?

        2. Neither do totalitarian seizures of power

    2. IED? What are we talking here? Half-assed pipe bomb, recipient-triggered homemade PETN? Something in-between?

      Things are heating up. Not good. Probably inevitable.

  49. Democrats caused this. We watched BLM set cars on fire and be called peaceful protesters. These guys in DC are peaceful protesters by comparison. As much as I condemn stuff like this, I can’t help but think you ass eaters can just suck it.

    1. We watched BLM set cars on fire and be called peaceful protesters.

      They didn’t just set cars on fire. They killed people.


      1. Someone committing a crime somewhere doesn’t give you the right to storm the US capitol you insane shitheads.

        Good luck Newsmaxing this into being somehow the fault of black people.

        1. Good luck Newsmaxing this into being somehow the fault of black people.

          I blame Jussie Smollett’s attackers. Their fault.

          1. The short answer is because men with guns and (this is important) government-issued uniforms will round them up and throw them in a cage.

            Tyranny is bad. Mob rule is bad. You’ve probably said so yourself.

            1. I remember 4 months ago when uniformed men with guns arresting people in the process of trying to burn down a building with people locked inside was fascism. What changed?

        2. Someone committing a crime somewhere doesn’t give you the right to storm the US capitol you insane shitheads.

          Does it give you the right to torch businesses and destroy cities, you mendacious lefturd scumbag?


        3. “doesn’t give you the right”

          In the past you would have been absolutely correct. But YOU rewrote the rules and established a new precedent where rioting and breaking shit is now defined as a peaceful protest.

          So hey, they see some crime they don’t like, they can just “peacefully protest.” Our moral superiors on the left told us so.

    2. We watched BLM set cars on fire and be called peaceful protesters.

      I watched Kyle Rittenhouse defend himself, clear as day, against three armed assailant in my back yard. I’ve watched him and the people associated with him get put through the ringer while the (illegally) armed felon that he shot get to go on the news and say he wished he’d killed Kyle. Meanwhile, the officers who killed countless black people, justifiably or in cold blood, on or off camera, don’t face a trial. I don’t see how anyone of any race or political stripe can agree with that state of affairs.

    3. You are not fighting Antifa. I can’t stand those fuckers. This is the Congress of the United States in the capitol itself doing its work under the law and constitution. That is what you are fighting.

      What a shitshow you Trumpies have created. This is on you.

      As much as you “condemn stuff like this.” Followed by “you can suck it.”

      As if I can’t see right through that.

      1. Maybe you shouldn’t have normalized political violence when you spent 12 months telling us that occupying federal buildings and trying to murder all of the people inside was peaceful you disingenuous piece of shit. You wanted a civil war, and boy oh boy do I hope you get one. I want to watch you piss and shit your pants, begging like a pathetic little pussy for your life at the end of the rifle you set in motion right before you see the muzzle flash. I hope the last thought that goes through your head as you’re gurgling on your own blood like Joseph Rosenbaum is “TRUMP”.

      2. BLM set the precedent. Those Trump protesters were just copying them.

        It’s called a “peaceful protest” now. So go suck on the hypocrisy, bitch.

  50. So now that we’re going full bore into late Republic mode, who ends up being Sulla, Pompey, and Caesar?

    1. Haven’t we done this one? I thought we were at the Graachi level of proceedings? Can we hurry up and get to Octavian winning already?

    2. Ha! The better question is, 2020 was deemed a dumpster fire. And 2021 is off to an even more chaotic start.

  51. It may be hard to remember, but there was a time in America where every fucking conversation didn’t include “but what about…?” Peaceful protest in public spaces. I don’t care if you’re BLM or the Klan, keep it peaceful and public. In front of the Capitol, OK. Sitting your ass in the Vice President’s chair… I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s not something generally open to the public. But to be clear, if you’re blaming someone other than the people actually doing the protest… fuck you. You think this is Ted Cruz’ fault, fuck you. You think it’s the democrat’s fault, fuck you. The entire concept that someone other than an adult of consenting age is responsible for his or her own behavior… fuck that.

    1. Well fuck you too.

      You sick fucks covered for BLM all summer, they were far more violent and you just declared them peaceful protests. And now we have the precedent; you can’t go back on that.

      Conservatives ARE NOT ALLOWED TO VOICE THEIR OPINIONS! Remember, they get censored, deplatformed, and drummed out of their jobs if they utter wrongthink. So….the only thing left to do is say fuck it, only thing they can do is riot and break shit.

  52. The government just MURDERED an UNARMED and PEACEFUL PROTESTER!

    1. Skin color makes it a dont care. Apparently.

    2. What? Did Robert Dear commit suicide in his government-subsidized cell?

  53. Considering the issue carefully, on the whole the right’s protest cosplay look is much less impressive than the left’s. Of course, history has shown that fascists get the best designers.

  54. Hey, it’s looking like the Dems just took the Senate, thanks to National Socialist girl-bullying rednecks with Linseed Graham Cracker green teeth. Now is a good time to read the inkblot 9th Amendment, the clear 13th (no involuntary labor, not even to prevent eugenic race suicide), the 14th Amendment (all persons born, not dicks erected) and the 19th: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.” Long live the 1972 LP Roe v Wade plank!

  55. “Congress suspends electoral college certification”? Mission accomplished!

  56. US law provides that the laws that control crimes and punishments are the statutes in force at the time of the allegedly illegal actions.

    US law recognizes the principle of proportionality, that generally (with some exceptions) calls for a penalty proportionate to the gravity of the crime involved. The storming of the Capitol building is worse than blocking streets, but not as bad as burning down the Capitol, or battering people, or killing people, or threatening people with death. The intent to influence political action by using fear of physical violence makes the crime worse. To use occupation, threats and violence on the grounds of the Capitol is serious, and calls for serious measures against those who are arrested, charged, and convicted after receiving a fair trial. But, if too high a penalty is given for the lesser crimes, nothing is left to deter greater crimes, like assassination or kidnapping of public officials or their families.

    These are some of the crimes committed by some of the rioters today:

    18 USC § 231(c) provides:

    (3) Whoever commits or attempts to commit any act to obstruct, impede, or interfere with any fireman or law enforcement officer
    lawfully engaged in the lawful performance of his official duties incident to and during the commission of a civil disorder which in any way or degree obstructs, delays, or adversely affects commerce or the movement of any article or commodity in commerce or the conduct or performance of any federally protected function
    —Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

    18 USC § 2384 provides:

    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

    18 USC § 111 provides:

    (a) In General.—Whoever—

    (1) forcibly assaults, resists, opposes, impedes, intimidates, or interferes with any person designated in section 1114 of this title
    while engaged in or on account of the performance of official duties; or

    (2) forcibly assaults or intimidates any person who formerly served as a person designated in section 1114 on account of the performance of official duties during such person’s term of service, shall, where the acts in violation of this section constitute only simple assault, be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both, and where such acts involve physical contact with the victim of that assault or the intent to commit another felony, be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both.

    (b) Enhanced Penalty.— Whoever, in the commission of any acts described in subsection (a), uses a deadly or dangerous weapon (including a weapon intended to cause death or danger but that fails to do so by reason of a defective component) or inflicts bodily injury, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

    18 USC § 2383 provides:

    Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

    These laws provide penalties of up to 1 year, up to 5 years, up to 8 years, up to 10 years, and up to 20 years, for the various violations we are seeing today, January 6, 2021. There are a few other laws involved, with similar penalties. Sentencing guidelines enacted by Congress (which are only recommendations to judges) would often call for penalties less than the maximum. These are the laws that should be enforced. No punishment should be imposed until charges are brought and a conviction occurs by way of a fair trial. If Congress believes they need more protection against illegal assault intended to disrupt the normal functioning of government, they can pass such laws, but they will not apply retroactively.

    1. Something tells me the people who have watched radical left wing murderers and terrorists go unpunished because they have the full support of law enforcement, district attorneys, mayors, and governors probably aren’t all that concerned about that shit anymore.

      You wanted a civil war boys. You might just get one. Be careful what you wish for.

      1. Nazi, schmatzi…
        In Anglich und German I know how to count down,
        Und I’m learning Chinese, says Wernher Von Braun. (It’s all socialism, já? Gott Mitt Uns!)

      2. After seeing the violence that was allowed for in the spring/summer…against private property all for narratives that often had no statistical evidence in support I’m not surprised some folks have had enough. Biden should say to everyone “calm down” and throw out the radicals in his own party to start. But he won’t cause he isn’t there…just isn’t there. The media will use this to bash anyone who isn’t a far leftie and pushes back on the ripping of natural rights of “certain Americans” who the cultural marxists have been demonizing for decades…it is a very bad place we are in…throw in a possible monetary crisis and the elites will be stroking for a war with China or Russia…

        1. “The media will use this to bash anyone”

          And when they do, everyone will just see them spewing rank hypocrisy. Then we will all lose a little more faith and trust in our institutions.

    2. Those laws were nullified during the great BLM protests of 2020. Seriously, nobody gives a shit.

  57. calling for his supporters to riot

    He did no such thing and you know it, you lying lefturd.


    1. Sorry, “Trial by Combat!”.

      1. Bullshit by lefty asshole.

  58. So the govt class is now seeing what small businesses had to deal with all year…lawless folks storming their property…when the govt decided not to protect peoples property they pretty much lost all credibility to say “don’t storm ours.” This is really the result of 50 years of cultural marxism and keynsian economics (Trump is a creation of this albeit as a person exploiting the situation not actually believing in anything).

    A very sad day…for the republic but a day I’m not surprised. Until we go back to a humble decentralized small federal govt the polar ends will continue to get more and more radical.

  59. These protestors make much more sense than BLM.

    1. These protesters make much more sense than ISIS.

  60. You write “The scenes inside and around the Capitol are stunning and terrifying.” Then you show me pictures of people standing around talking? Then Soave snaps a picture of a “riot” featuring people walking single file up a stairway. You are going to have to do better than that if you want me to believe this was an “insurrection”.

    1. The ‘press’ has spent the last 49 months proving they are incapable of anything like honest reporting regarding Trump or those who support him.
      We are now asked to believe the bullshit from those sources are “A THREAT TO OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
      Fuck you; get back to us when you’ve regained cred.

      1. Not you, LD.

  61. So now the right wing has acted exactly like the left wing. Yet the response was totally different. The left wing was never condemned by the Democrats, the rioting, looting and arson was left to happen for months on end, and those arrested were let go without penalty.
    We already know these protests were stopped immediately and the Republicans have condemned these actions. We will have to wait and see if those arrested are let go without penalty.
    While I also condemn the violence, I hope it wakes op our elected leaders as the focus of the violence and they learn from this, the hate and division they have foster in this nation is what is playing out. People are acting just like their leaders. It is their fault. They need to start working together for the benefit of the nation and it’s citizens and accept their share of the blame for what happened instead of working at gaining more personal power and wealth, and pointing fingers at others. Yet I doubt they will learn anything from this incident.

    1. If ANY of these people are prosecuted (and some will be), it will only piss people off more considering the “consequences” faced by the BLM peaceful protesters.

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