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The New York Times Helped a Vindictive Teen Destroy a Classmate Who Uttered a Racial Slur When She Was 15

"I’m going to remind myself, you started something," Jimmy Galligan told the paper. "You taught someone a lesson.”


Jimmy Galligan is an 18-year-old college freshman from Leesburg, Virginia. He may also be cancel culture's Count of Monte Cristo.

Some months ago, Galligan—who is biracial—posted a years' old, three-second video of a white, female classmate using a racial slur. Galligan had sat on the video for a long time, waiting for the moment it would do the most damage. After the girl—a cheerleader named Mimi Groves—was accepted to the University of Tennessee, the time had come.

"I wanted to get her where she would understand the severity of that word," said Galligan.

The video depicted Groves, who was 15 at the time, and had just obtained her learner's permit, saying "I can drive, [slur]." The remark was not directed at anyone in particular. The brief video clip featuring it circulated on Snapchat until it was obtained and saved by Galligan, who had grown furious at how often he heard his white classmates using the N-word.

Galligan shared it publicly in June. In response, Groves lost her spot on UT's cheerleading squad. Then the university pressured her to withdraw from the school entirely. The admissions office had apparently received hundreds of messages from irate alumni demanding blood. Groves is now attending a community college.

This story is a powerful example of several social phenomena: the militant streak in social justice activism, the naivety of today's teens and their not-actually-disappearing Snapchat messages, social media's hunger for mob justice, and even the capacity for elaborate cruelty that has always existed among high schoolers. But the wildest thing about this incident is that most people will learn about it by reading The New York Times.

"A Racial Slur, a Viral Video, and a Reckoning." That's the title of the Times's article on the subject, published the day after Christmas. Reporter Dan Levin tries to add considerable context by detailing a history of alleged unpleasantness at Heritage High School, which Groves and Galligan attended. It sits in a wealthy, predominantly white county where "slave auctions were once held on the courthouse grounds."

"In interviews, current and former students of color described an environment rife with racial insensitivity, including casual uses of slurs," notes Levin. "A report commissioned last year by the school district documented a pattern of school leaders ignoring the widespread use of racial slurs by both students and teachers, fostering a 'growing sense of despair' among students of color, some of whom faced disproportionate disciplinary measures compared with white students."

Levin connects the outcry from aggrieved students to the broader Black Lives Matter movement and protests that occurred this summer following the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of police. But nowhere does his article reckon with a very basic fact: The New York Times has opted to assist a teenager's desperate quest to ruin the life of a young woman who said something stupid when she was 15.

Everyone roughly 25 and older should thank their lucky stars that they completed adolescence before the age of social media and ubiquitous camera phones, because the country's most important newspaper apparently thinks it is appropriate to shame teenagers over their juvenile behavior. This is the very worst aspect of cancel culture—the burning desire to hold people accountable for mistakes they made as kids, even if they have long since learned their lesson and grown past them—and the Times has fully embraced it.

While the piece strives for a veneer of neutrality, it clearly lionizes Galligan, whose portrait—which appears early in the story—calls to mind The Washington Post's excessively flattering photograph of Lexie Gruber and Lyric Prince, who extorted the paper into humoring their Halloween-costume-related grievance. Levin never really challenges Galligan; in fact, the reporter lets Galligan get away with the assertion that his white father suffers from "white privilege." Groves is treated somewhat sympathetically, but Levin really should have explained the difference between using the word as an epithet and using it in the manner Groves did.

Or better yet, he could have simply not written this story, which concerns bad but by no means uncommon teenager behavior. If Groves had cheated on her math test, or planted a kick-me sign on a rival's back, would this constitute national news? No crime was committed; the utterance of the word did not even take place at school. The only thing novel about this situation is that it attracted the national media's attention.

It's for this reason that I do not share the conclusion of Rod Dreher in The American Conservative, who described Galligan as a "moral monster."

"What a horrible person that Galligan kid is," writes Dreher.

Galligan did a monstrous thing, but none of us should pretend to know whether he is a monster. It's unfair to write him off as irredeemably bad, just as it was unfair to brand Groves a racist and derail her future plans because of one mistake. They are both teenagers, and teenagers—even ones who turn out to be perfectly fine and upstanding adults—do really terrible things to each other. (Maybe you don't remember high school? I do!) They should be corrected, forgiven, and allowed to move on.

That's why this new drive to reduce teens to the worst moment of their lives is so pathologically toxic. It's completely at odds with the emotional and social journeys of most young people. Very few of us sailed through high school as saints, but today's kids are practically required to be perfect from the time they turn 12.

The people who really ought to have known better are not the story's teenage subjects, but its editors at The New York Times. Imagine thinking the paper should not run an op-ed by a sitting Republican senator because his policy proposal makes people feel unsafe, but a story about a teenage girl who said something stupid? Unleash the righteous fervor of social media upon her: The 1793 Project continues.

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334 responses to “The New York Times Helped a Vindictive Teen Destroy a Classmate Who Uttered a Racial Slur When She Was 15

  1. Racism is the original sin of white people and the only way to gain absolution is complete submission of white people to the will of Black people. Why haven’t you dumb Goyim learned this by now?

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    2. The party of slavery pushing for identity politics? Isn’t that their legacy? Who (still skin color based + plus some sexes) will be the slaves and who will be the slavers.

      The left [WE]-mob will never really understand the concept of equality of individuals because frankly they cannot stand the concept of it. Someone has to be *entitled* and someone has to be *enslaved* in the party of slavery.

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    3. “Galligan did a monstrous thing, but none of us should pretend to know whether he is a monster.”

      I have the receipts I don’t need to pretend.

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    6. The original sin? I think you should do a little research into the history of slavery.

    7. Agreed. Please tell me, when is racism ever right? Some of these comments are cringeworthy. I did a lot of assholey things as a teenage but I never made racist comments. I was not brought up in a racist home. People don’t come out of the womb racists. They have to be carefully taught. A whole person using the n word is never OK.

      1. While=white

      2. I’d still think a public humiliation of Galligan for his behavior is still in order. Not to the extent the NYT pushed it, but enough to discourage the “racial hysteria” equivalent of revenge porn, as well as provide an unmistakable reminder to the public at large that teenagers by and large tend to do stupid things they regret later (or never meant any harm by).

        Somehow the anime “A Silent Voice” seems a lesson people should learn from.

      3. “but I never made racist comments.”

        I’m gonna go ahead a call you a bald faced liar because you know and I know, as does everyone else, that you made many racist comments in your life.

        “People don’t come out of the womb racists.”

        It’s always sad to come across science deniers.

        “A whole person using the n word is never OK.”

        Therefore, all black people are bad people for using that word on a regular basis. Or do you think black people should be treated differently that Whites?

        1. Do you know me? How can you be so sure about comments I did, or did not, as a young person. Must be nice to be self-assured.

          Racism is learned behavior. No one is born that way.

          Regarding your last point, why not ask a black person? I guarantee you that some will say it’s ok in certain contexts, others will say it’s never right. It’s never right for a white person.

    8. Reason should moderate such blatantly anti-Semitic id’s and comments.

    9. You’re getting more than just a little bit out of line here, RabbiHarveyWeinstein. Racism and racial/ethnic slurs coming from ANYBODY, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or color is disgusting–and horrific. Nobody should undergo complete submission to the will of anybody. Why haven’t YOU learned this by now?

  2. Words are violence yo.

    1. This sounds like one of those stories where everyone is an asshole and no one is going to learn the right lesson from this.

      1. But the difference in degree of the assholery is significant. The biggest asshole is the Karen — who had the advantage of hindsight and foresight and did it anyway — that “reported” the girl, the second is the university, and the third is the newspaper that would publish such a thing. The girl certainly will learn a lesson. The Karen, the university, and the reporter will not — except the wrong lesson: cancel culture works.

        1. Yeah, the person who was in the wrong the least is the only one that will learn a lesson.

          1. Wrongthink is not the same thing as being in the wrong.

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          2. And I’ll bet the girl actually said ‘nigga’ and not ‘nigger’. Which I’m told is very different.

            Either way, if her life is destroyed, she should go all in and go after the other kid and run him over while screaming “I can drive, nigga!”.

            1. She could have picked a different word. The both sound—and mean—the same to me.


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      2. So, just another slice of life?

      3. Really? How is a naive 15 year old who enjoys rap music and tries to help minorities “an asshole”?

    2. All people everywhere are equally bad. There’s no such thing as “oh im an innocent victim” Although I think some abusers are worse than others, All victims are the same. It doesn’t matter what fucking color your skin is. People suck.

      1. “All people everywhere are equally bad.”

        Provably false.

    3. It doesn’t matter who they are they’re frequently exhausting, demanding, selfish, sycophantic, they JUST do things for likes and they don’t care how they have to sell themselves out for “likes”. A few are really real, and honest and live for zero bullshit, but most people aren’t like that. A rare few. Most are exhausting. “Prove me wrong first” is my rule. It doesn’t fucking matter what color your skin is. Screw people, especially the turd in the article.

      1. I agree, you suck. 😉

  3. An another note – Christianity will NOT save you from claims of racism or white privilege. And progressive are more like Calvinists with predestination determined by skin color.

    1. The parallels between Woke and early 19th century Evangelicalism are enormous. Particularly with their focus on the evils of slavery and people’s sinful natures.
      The only real difference is that the modern woke don’t really care about charity or the poor, and there’s no possibility for redemption. Once a sinner always a sinner.

      1. >don’t really care about charity or the poor
        I thought the Woke crowd was pretty split between the socialists wanting wealth redistribution along racial lines and progressive liberals who don’t mind keeping their money and business while using the Woke crowd as a shield against their personal wealth while they attack poor whites living in rural areas.

        1. When it comes down to it, just about everyone wants to keep their money, even socialists like AOC.

        2. Government redistribution is not charity.

          And the war on poverty has done more to perpetuate poverty than doing nothing would have accomplished, so they may claim to care about the poor, but judge them by their results.

      2. I don’t think people understand how much of the left’s ideas comes from Christian utopianism of the 1800’s, just stripped of its spirituality and secularized.

        1. and stupidified

      3. I picked up a book in a used bookstore 10 or 15 years ago called Cosmos Colliding (or Crumbling). Can’t remember the author off the top of my head. It was then that I realized the direct line from the Puritans through the abolitionists and prohibitionists to today’s Progressivism.

        1. >Cosmos Crumbling: American Reform and the Religious Imagination by Abzug

          1. Robert not Bella

      4. The parallels between Woke and Puritanism are non-existent.

        Because there is no space between the two.

        The details may change, but the dour desire for complete control is exactly the same.

        1. “Puritanism” was a mixed bag, but in comparison with the woketards they start to look pretty good, what with the work ethic, the identification of many *real* evils and working against them (albeit in controversial ways), the pioneering nation-building spirit, and the readiness to contemplate their own sins as well as the sins of others.

    2. Actually, “nigger” seeems to a behavior term, rather than racial. It may describe unreasonable, ignorant, stupid, primitive, selfish, etc. thoughts, words, or deeds — irrespective of the ethnics of the source. “Nigger”, as a noun or adjective, can be accurately applied to individuals or actions. These may or may not involve Black persons. Paranoia about the mere utterance or printing of the word seems bizarre, and will never be helpful in contemporary interactions.

      1. [ please read as
        … “nigger” seems to be”… ]

      2. It is still a derogatory term.

    3. I do love it when bigoted anti-Christian atheists lecture people on Christianity.

  4. Does Galligan do that to his black acquaintances who use that word in that way? Would anyone be up in arms about his black acquaintances using that word in that way? It would be better if no one uses that word in any fashion, but you cannot have a popular subculture where that word is used without repercussions and one where it is the most horrible syllables to utter, especially if the dividing line is based on race. That is, by definition, a racist standard.

    1. “Nigger” is a Black owned word. Only Black people can say it.
      I use it here for demonstration only and hope no one else uses this hurtful racial slur in the comment section below.

      1. If you can’t use that word, then you ain’t black.

      2. Racist.

      3. No one “owns” a word.
        If a person is willingly to say certain words, that person should be willing to hear those words being said.

      4. Now waiting for the Rev. to show up and twist his pearls about how awful Volokh Conspiracy is for allowing people like the reb to say “Jehovah” without getting stoned to death for it.

      5. RHW, even tenured professors have lost their positions for using the word in academic discussions about race relations.

        It’s the real-world equivalent of “Voldemort”

      6. The most asinine comment ever by the Rabbi. And he’s had some pretty stupid ones. So, by the Rabbi’s reasoning, whites can now claim “honky” or “cracker”.

      7. When white people say the “N” word, it’s vicious–and/or ignorant. When black people say the “N” word, it’s pitiful.

    2. I grew up in Queens in the 90s. If you were a hood (as opposed to a goth, guido, metalhead, jock or whatever style clique) you said it all the time. Your friends called you that, no matter your race or their race. It replaced they, them, and most pronouns.

      Fuck everyone.

        1. Actually, “nigger” seeems to a behavior term, rather than racial. It may describe unreasonable, ignorant, stupid, primitive, selfish, etc. thoughts, words, or deeds — irrespective of the ethnics of the source. “Nigger”, as a noun or adjective, can be accurately applied to individuals or actions. These may or may not involve Black persons. Paranoia about the mere utterance or printing of the word seems bizarre, and will never be helpful in contemporary interactions.

          1. Don’t call me “nigger” whitey. Don’t call me “whitey” nigger. –Sly & the Family Stone

    3. Galligan’s mother is an Igbo from Nigeria whose family actually owned slaves, and his parents own a million-dollar house in Ashburn.

      This dude is about as oppressed as I am.

      1. He’s probably a lot less oppressed than you are, what with it being open season on White people in the US.

    4. [ please read as
      … “nigger” seems to be”… ]

  5. There’s a kid in desperate need of an ass-kicking if I’ve ever seen one.

    1. Seconded. Also, the New York Times can suck it. Trump got it right calling out the media for what they are. I’ll miss that.

      1. Fuck off Tulpa

    2. Well, he may not be in need of one, but he certainly has no ground to complain if someone were to go though his past with a fine-toothed comb and use any information found to cause him to lose a job, a college acceptance, a girlfriend, or anything else he values.

      1. Hell, doing this should be enough to prevent him from getting a job. What employer would want someone who set out on a pre-meditated plan to destroy someone else’s reputation?

        1. “What employer would want someone who set out on a pre-meditated plan to destroy someone else’s reputation?”

          He’ll go into politics and do well.

        2. NY Times, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, Biden administration, any left-leaning academic setting (I know that’s redundant)…

    3. I propose using the Galligan as a measure of self-righteous asshattery. The milliGalligan would be the unit most commonly used: “Wow, that smug SOB is pulling at least 300 milliGalligans, there.”

    4. The asshole goes to an extremely religious college out west. I won’t name the college because I’m better than him, but you wonder what those folks would think about one of their students acting in a manner so opposed to Christ’s teaching.

      Or did I miss the command to wait in ambush of your enemies at the most profitable time?

      1. It’s in there if you read the Bible in it’s original Klingon.

        1. Bible in the original Klingon? You mean the Quran?

      2. You don’t need to. The NYT article clearly says he attends Vanguard University in Costa Mesa. Maybe the hyper-religiosity there will do him some good and he’ll learn some humility and forgiveness.

        Nah, who am I kidding, this kid is likely to be the next Farrakhan.

  6. “The media should stop reporting on this issue in this one way, they only make things worse when they do that!”

    “The media should not be gatekeepers of important news, they are lying to the people when they refuse to report on important issues!”

    These two criticisms are mutually contradictory. If you don’t want the media to report on some issue, then you are implicitly acknowledging and agreeing with their role as Information Gatekeeper. But if you want the media to not be gatekeepers, then you are implicitly acknowledging that they are sometimes going to report on stories that will make you mad.

    Personally I am of the opinion that the media should do more reporting not less, and if the news makes you sad, then tough noogies. But hey, if you think the New York Times should only report on “respectable” news, where what’s “respectable” is decided by elites in Manhattan skyscrapers, then feel free to make your case.

    1. What two empty headed teenagers do isn’t really important news.

      1. It is to Jeffy.

    2. I think the New York Times should report on whatever they want. I will continue to use my paywall bypass add-on and let the free market determine how much revenue the old Grey Lady deserves.

    3. “… if you think the New York Times should only report on “respectable” news, where what’s “respectable” is decided by elites in Manhattan skyscrapers, then feel free to make your case.”

      Sorry, but this doesn’t even fit the definition of ‘news’. This is outright stupidity.

      1. Fuck off Tulpa

    4. Outrage trolling isn’t news just because it is written up by a reporter. If you can’t see why that is, maybe you are an outrage troll.


      Leave it to jeff to give us the special-ed take.

      1. I can just see him thumping his chest with the side of his hand.

    6. It’s not that complicated. Major news media (TV network news and large metropolitan newspapers/websites) are supposed to be gatekeepers, and report on major news. Social media websites where people discuss the news and share opinions should not be gatekeepers, except to remove users who violate their terms of service. The social media websites should not gatekeep news that major news services have already reported.

      This story was not major news. The son of a Presidential candidate possibly being involved in foreign corruption is.

    7. Dog bites man, news at 11.

      Teenagers being horrible people isn’t news. It shouldn’t be in the paper unless its criminal, certainly not *3 years* after it happened.

  7. That pic of Galligin is just nauseating. The guy looks just so self absorbed. What a nasty little racist he is.

    1. Literally El Abominación de la Raza.

  8. The dumbest part of this is that it’s nothing more than a bunch of white suburbanites imitating ghetto hood rat culture, something that hasn’t really changed since the early 90s when hip-hop became more mainstream. At least the black kids that grow up in the hood can point to their overall socio-economic environment for why their communities are so dysfunctional. There’s no reason these white-bread kids should be emulating that, even as a joke. Ghetto culture is not “cool” or “edgy,” it’s a crab-bucket recipe for generational destruction, and these kids’ parents fell short in not providing that lesson.

    They should be corrected, forgiven, and allowed to move on.

    There will certainly be lessons learned here, but I doubt they’ll be the ones the Times, or Robby, think should be taken. Especially since only one side here is deemed required to be corrected of their behavior.

    1. The lesson here is that “name and shame” works. At any moment your life can be permanently altered if you express something that is not permitted for your racial or social category. Disagree with the popular narrative promoted by the media? Better think again or else you won’t have friends. You won’t have a job. You won’t have an apartment. You won’t have a bank account or credit card. Dreher on the American Conservative calls it “soft totalitarianism” and “Woke capitalism”.

      1. How is this different than in the past?

        1. What are you, 12 years old? In my sixth decade, I can assure you that individuals were generally NOT pursued or hounded out of jobs for trivial high school behavior. Most folks actually UNDERSTOOD that “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” and did not spend YEARS hoarding their hurt to get revenge for one idiotic statement. Nor did the rest of the population get on the grievance train with banners flying to make an issue that a university would pay attention to out of ONE FREAKING WORD.

          1. I’m thinking she laughed at him during a blowjob for having a white man’s dick, whereas he thought he got mom’s dick genes, and not dad’s.

          2. Passive-aggressive people take jobs as administrators exactly because they love doing exactly this.

        2. The Internet is permanent.
          Internet mobs are bigger and stronger.
          The Woke mob is not interested in absolution or reconciliation.

      2. The lesson that *should* be taken here is that social media, whether it’s Twitter, Snapchat, or Chinese spyware like TikTok, is cultural and personal poison, and should be avoided at all cost.

        I mean, for fuck’s sake, if what Snowden revealed wasn’t enough for people to dump this shit en masse, I don’t know what else it would take. The Information Age is turning into some hybrid horror show of 1984 and Brave New World, and it’s telling that people are cheerfully going along with it.

        1. Dreher might be a Christfag but he does discuss how fellowship among like-minded people, specifically Christians, might be a bulwark against these corrosive cultural tides. Face-to-face communication with a community on a regular basis instead of the atomized experience of a regular Internet user to promote a real community with humility.

        2. Hard to argue with any of that.

  9. “You make your choices in life, and in the end you are the sum of those choices.”

    Galligan choose too be a monster and apparently feels vindicated in his behavior. He hopefully has time to change the course of his life, but he has chosen to be monstrous with the approval of much of society.

    1. She used ‘nigger’ as an intensifier, not as an epithet toward someone, or about a race. Not the best intensifier choice in this case, but along the lines of ‘shit’, or ‘literally’.

      In contrast he sat in ambush seeking a moment in time when he could maximally harm an individual. His transgression was done with deliberate forethought, after reaching the age of majority, and for the express purpose of inflicting harm for a long held grudge. He is the toxic individual who will find himself untouchable by anyone finding his name on an internet search. He has shown himself to be an unstable ticking time bomb for any university, employer, landlord, or anyone else who might come into contact with him.

      1. I don’t even see where the article claims she used the “hard R”, in contrast she claims it was from the rap music they used to listen to:
        Ms. Groves said the video began as a private Snapchat message to a friend. “At the time, I didn’t understand the severity of the word, or the history and context behind it because I was so young,” she said in a recent interview, adding that the slur was in “all the songs we listened to, and I’m not using that as an excuse.”

        1. The word is used by a popular entertainment culture and people are surprised when kids use it?

          1. Samuel L Jackson has made a career out of that word.

            1. That and the word fucker.

              1. I’m tired of these muthafuckin’ niggas in my muthafuckin’ country — Not Samuel L. Jackson

                1. He has expressed a lot of hatred towards whitey though.

                  Lousy honkies!

      2. Rational people know this, but it is the inmates who are in charge.

  10. It seemed pretty obvious the NYTimes had been taken over by a certain childish, illiberal mindset after staff reaction to Bari Weiss.

    1. Bari needs to pop out those Khazar milkers and bring all the goys to the yard.

      1. She could show you, but she’d have to charge.

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    1. “Job opportunity for everyone!”

      …what about checking their social media history?

  12. C’mon Robbie. Cancel culture doesn’t exist. Or it’s only there to bring accountability to the powerful. One of those.

    Therefore this story can’t have really happened.

  13. “Or better yet, he could have simply not written this story, which concerns bad but by no means uncommon teenager behavior.”

    Given that she didn’t use the word as a racial slur, I’d say it’s questionable whether this is even bad behavior. I’d say it’s unfashionable behavior.

    1. Arguably white kids using the word in the context in which she appears to have used it is a compliment to black culture. She said it because she thinks it’s cool.

      No nuance allowed in the current environment though.

      1. You have made such an overlooked observation. This is completely true. Cheers!

    2. Given that she didn’t use the word as a racial slur, I’d say it’s questionable whether this is even bad behavior. I’d say it’s unfashionable behavior.

      Next thing, you’ll be making excuses for people who say that the halibut they eat for supper was good enough for Jehovah.

  14. We didn’t need cell phone cameras when I was a wee lad in school. None of us back then ever said/did/acted something stupid. We were Angels. Just like the reporter from the NY Times. No skeletons in these closets.

    1. The Kavanaugh experience has proven that you don’t need evidence or a cogent story to be take seriously if your victim and villain both check the right boxes.

      1. and be sure to keep all your old weekly planner books

  15. Galligan is irredeemably bad. Sorry.

  16. While this fool is a jerk and a tool of the woke left, he and his target were the products of a degenerate culture. Her excuse “well it’s in all the songs we listen to derp”. Uh ok maybe your taste in music sucks because it’s largely ghetto trash. Do better. As for that idiot who squealed like a stuck pig go fuck yourself in hell forever narc.

  17. The next month, as protests were sweeping the nation after the police killing of George Floyd, Ms. Groves, in a public Instagram post, urged people to “protest, donate, sign a petition, rally, do something” in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

    “You have the audacity to post this, after saying the N-word,” responded someone whom Ms. Groves said she did not know.

    I gotta say, I’m torn on this one. On the one hand, Galligan is a piece of shit. On the other hand, it’s hard not to smile when a good virtue signal backfires.

    1. Both can be true.

      Galligan is a POS and Groves is a stupid virtue signaller who got thrown in front of the firing squad anyway.

  18. Robbie mostly let’s a group of bad actors off the hook. The woke mob. Ultimately, this situation was none of their business. Instead they overwhelm any institution that they think might hurt the target.

    And they’re just sitting out there waiting for the next opportunity to ruin somebody they don’t know. Horrible, horrible people. The woke progressives are parasites on our civic body.

    1. Exactly. The University of Tennessee should have said we don’t discipline students for something they did before they applied, unless it was lying on their application.

  19. Well since this girl has no future now in cheerleading, or much else, I guess that leaves only one option for her…Maybe she can do an interracial video with her accuser and all will be forgiven

    1. No mention in the NY Times article that London County is now overwhelmingly Democrat and has voted that way since 2008.

      1. Loudoun County

      2. No, but I heard they once held slave auctions there…can’t recall where that came up.

    2. Right. At one time one may have walked up and their knees hundreds of cathedral steps, paid some indulgences, and said a bunch of public prayers in received a degree of forgiveness. No, what this young girl said, no matter the “context,” is the equivalent of saying “Jehovah” in ancient Israel; and stoning is the only possible result.

      1. Watch it! I’ve got a whole pile of stones in my backyard with your name on them.

        1. Jehovah! Jehovah! JEEEEE-HOOOO-VAAAAH!

      2. If you said Jehovah in ancient Israel, they would have just been confused, since Jehovah is a Roman rendering, and different enough that it’s unlikely ancient israelites would have thought them the same word.

        1. Oh FFS. Ok the f’n HEBREW work for Jehovah, יְהֹוָה‎ Yəhōwā

          Happy now, nerd?

  20. “… just as it was unfair to brand Groves a racist and derail her future plans because of one mistake.”

    Sure, and just watch the social media mob descend upon the university, and protests ensue in which persons who should know better claim they are unsafe from this pejorative spewing cheer leader.

  21. The New York Times article headline should have read as follows:
    I mean, if we really want to make a splash go big or go home.

    1. You have hereby been unpersoned for use of the unutterable B-word, and your human rights are forfeit. Report for re-education and anti-privilege training immediately. All contracts have been automatically invalidated. Contact tracing has been initiated.

      1. And this is exactly why the pervasive use and distribution of tracking devices (unsmart “smart” IOT devices be they phones, cars, TVs, door bells, washers, “cloud” printers, etc.) needs to be minimized. People seriously need to shutdown, unplug, and drop off but it’s probably too late because they’re too heavily invested in the connected World WiFi of WTF.

      2. Instead of confiscating firearms, they’ll be knocking on the door to take copies of “My Friend Flicka” for (properly) using the term “bitch” when referencing a female canine.

  22. So if she ends up doing something drastic, is cancel culture going to get the same treatment that social media and the popular kids do when a social outcast does something drastic?

  23. This crap will never end until journalists start calling out the bad actors in their industry. Notice Robbie only tactically does.

    A culture of reporters not taking bad actors within their industry to task for these crap articles only causes this industry to continue down drain.

    1. It will never end until dueling resumes as acceptable social behavior.
      In deference to PC culture, she can call the SOB out herself, it would not have to be her daddy.
      Perhaps we can use (anti)social distancing as the hook; it is not safe to get close enough to just beat the crap out of vindictive bastards, we have to stand 10 paces apart and fire away.

      1. Dueling did, albeit imperfectly, enforce a level of socially desirable norms and behaviors. So did teachers looking the other way when some kid got tired of the bully and stood up to them. We’ve eliminated that and am surprised at the results?

        1. I had a teacher do that for me once. She was awesome!

    2. Except they are not news reporters, they are propagandists, running interference for TPTB.

      True news reporters can’t work for MSM news, because they would investigate and print the truth, and that would get them fired. “Go along to get along” is their career mantra.

  24. What’s really appalling is that Galligan decided to out Groves because she was trying to do something in line with the current woke sensibilities. He’s like a Bolshevik in 1938 bearing a grudge against a fellow Party member and digging up evidence that, back in 1917, the comrade once said something nice about the Right SRs.

    1. Well, they certainly seem to know the playbook.

    2. What’s really appalling is that Galligan decided to out Groves because she was trying to do something in line with the current woke sensibilities.

      Yeah, notice that he didn’t do shit until well after she was at college, by which time she had been thoroughly brainwashed into the Wokeism cult to the point that she had to make a virtue-signaling post about it on social media. I don’t blame her for acting like a wigger dumbshit at 15 because she wasn’t mature enough to know any better.

      Hopefully, the lesson that she gets from this is that black people like Galligan are going to hate her guts no matter what she does and will hold an eternal grudge, that she’s better off not associating with that hood culture anymore, and that she should never get on social media again. Start practicing in-group racial preference like literally everyone else in the country except for white liberals does,* and she’ll be a lot more comfortable and at peace.

      *This is no shit, by the way–white liberals are the ONLY combined ethnic/political group in the country with a negative in-group racial bias. Every other ethnic/political group, whether it be moderate whites, conservative blacks/Hispanics, or liberal Asians, practices considerable degrees of in-group ethnic bias–black people most of all, regardless of their political alignment. White liberals are the most self-loathing demographic in the country, and it’s telling that their ideology is what dominates popular culture and academia.

  25. How about a word of criticism for the University of Tennessee, which revoked a college admission based on the use of a single term in a video made by a 15 year old, which somehow outweighs every other aspect of her life and her achievements? And why do I expect that the reaction from the University would have been different had Ms. Groves been a top football or basketball recruit?

    1. We’ve already removed the right of due process for students; what’s the big deal about abridging their freedom of speech too?

      1. It’s not even about free speech. It’s about punishment fitting the supposed crime. It’s about considering the context. It’s about common sense.

        1. Only the guilty are afraid of being revealed!
          What are you hiding in your past?

    2. Just picture the mobs descending upon the Vols for permitting such an awful person to study there? The university would, by direct extension, but defending what she did! And they’ve learned from the example of Mizzou. Much cheaper to shun one student rather than deal with any degree of fallout.

    3. Fuck any alumnus who wasted time and air by calling the school.

      1. No shit. I don’t do squat to support any of the schools where I got my degrees due entirely to those places being dominated by radical-left yardbarkers. These are places that cry poverty while building multi-million-dollar research, classroom, and amenities edifices that would make a Beverly Hills housewife envious. Maybe when they actually have trouble keeping the lights on, I’ll consider donating some spare change from the couch cushions.

        1. I told the college fundraising beggar never to call me again unless my fraternity was again recognized by the college.

          There was never any chance of that happening, since the charter had been revoked three years before I got there, but the calls stopped.

  26. Excellent work. No word should be taboo at all, let alone so taboo as to incite vigilantism years later for its mere utterance.

  27. 3 monsters here:

    #1 Galligan

    #2 NYTs

    #Vols admissions

    Silver bullets, wooden stakes and flaming castles all around

    1. The only one showing a sliver of redemption over their part in this mess is the NYTs for helping Monster #1 doxx himself.

    2. Vols admissions loved this incident. It was an excuse to virtue signal and advertise “we promise we aren’t racist even though we’re in a Southern state.”

      The administration seriously has some internalized inferiority complex about that.

      1. they’ll need to do a lot more to make up for Peyton Manning

  28. none of us should pretend to know whether he is a monster

    He was not called a monster, he was called a moral monster. Given his desire to ruin a teenager exclusively because of the color of her skin it seems a perfect descriptor, if not overly charitable. I hope this retard comes to understand how few employers will want to have anything to do with him.

    And in the name of equitable treatment I expect UT to pressure all students who use this term, but particularly their highest profile athletes, to leave. Fuck these cowards, all of them.

    1. I hope this retard comes to understand how few employers will want to have anything to do with him.

      I’d like to believe we live in that kind of world, but somehow I’m left with the feeling that not only will his prospects be unscathed, most likely his chances of landing a choice gig at an NGO, think tank or a non-profit like the SPLC have just been improved exponentially.

      For a certain kind of employer, this is a feather in his cap. And a scalp on his belt.

      1. and he can always work in HR

      2. But these are the only kinds of employers where this will be viewed positively. And even there, they will be looking out to see if he will shiv them too.

  29. Not listed in the story:
    “Galligan spends the rest of his life wondering why he can’t get hired anywhere.”

    Galligan may be a teenager but, unlike his victim, he was legally an adult when he committed his mistake.

    1. Oh yeah believe me employers do look at internet history during background checks. This will fade in time as google erases its search history but nothing digital ever completely dies.

    2. Don’t bet on it. This is exactly the kind of vindictive piece of shit that BLM will hire on in a heartbeat, especially since he made national headlines destroying a white person.

    3. Except it wasn’t a mistake. It was a vindictive act of will.

  30. slave auctions were once held on the courthouse grounds
    74 Wall Street
    NYT, fuck off with you guilt by association

    1. That was my first thought.

      We can say the same thing about NYC: “The city where their port received slave ships….”

      1. yeah, it was totally irrelevant to the story. NYC, where Indigenous peoples were conned into selling Manhattan to an early Trumpian fraudster.

        1. The funniest thing, the tribe that “sold” Manhatten wasn’t even the tribe that lived there. They were conning the Dutch, claiming to own land they didn’t.

          1. That was probably what they were thinking–“These paleskins really want to live in this swamp-infested shithole? Let’s see what we can grift from them!”

          2. So the Brooklyn Bridge con wasn’t even original?

    2. I thought the same thing. Find a single county in the original 13 colonies where slave auctions weren’t held.

      1. Pennsylvania, probably. Being Quaker, they banned slavery since the outset.

        Of course, if you go back just a bit, almost all of the different Indian Tribes had slavery of one form or another

        1. Pennsylvania by the mid 18th century was no longer controlled by the quakers, albeit they still had sway, and slavery was legal in the colony.

      2. Find me a single country in the world where slave auctions weren’t held.

    3. Yeah, that bullshit stood out like a grandstanding sore thumb – such a weak shot with nothing of substance.

      “Joe Biden is the president-elect of the United States of America, a country that formerly had slavery…”

  31. Galligan needs to watch the seminal 2007 movie staring NBA great Carmelo Anthony, “Stop Snitchin”.

  32. “Galligan did a monstrous thing, but none of us should pretend to know whether he is a monster.”

    The girl did what some consider a racist thing, and the Woke believe she’s a racist. I Don’t see why the same shouldn’t apply to Galligan’s “monstrous” thing.

    He’s an asshole, in any case.

  33. Galligan did a monstrous thing, but none of us should pretend to know whether he is a monster.

    Full stop. There’s nothing else here, unless you count the vapid, can’t-look-away media coverage of another inhuman interest story.

  34. Karma is going to kick this snot nosed shit in the ass. I guess he thinks he’s just going to skate. The NYT is racing to the bottom. They must be so proud of themselves.

    1. Likely the NYT is still upset that the Covington High Schoolers didn’t get destroyed.

  35. With the continuing advance of video/audio technology, how long before a person can create a completely fake video of someone they don’t like appearing saying things they never said?

    1. That would probably have been the safest defense: “it’s not me”, “I never said that”, “did they deepfake me?”

  36. No reason to mince words – Galligan is evil.

    1. Yep. He’s an Ayn Rand character in the Comrade Sonia mold.


  37. the country’s most important newspaper apparently thinks it is appropriate to shame teenagers over their juvenile behavior.

    We shouldn’t pretend this is about behavior. The Nick Sandmann case showed us it’s irrelevant what kids actually do. Leftists prove their worthiness by hating others and they will do so no matter how careful those others are. If all the rules are followed they will make up new ones. There must be failures to denounce.

    1. Yep. See during ACB confirmation.

  38. Galligan did a monstrous thing, but none of us should pretend to know whether he is a monster.

    What if he pistol-whipped a pregnant woman during a home invasion, but was later wrongly killed by a cop? Would he still be a monster?

    1. Can it be used to support the narrative?

  39. Was it a hard-R or did she use the jovial, familial tense, ending with “a”?

  40. I remember when conservatives and (mostly faux) libertarians claimed to support accountability.

    That appears to have changed, at least when a White person uses a vile racial slur gratuitously and is held to account.

    Carry on, grievance-consumed, obsolete, bigoted, conservative, ready-for-replacement clingers.

    1. Something she said at 15. That speaks volumes to the character your handlers have assigned you.

    2. Figures that a dumbass like Kirkland would have no understanding of the concept of proportionality. Of course someone should have their life wrecked for something they said privately at 15.

      Since you’re in favor of this girl being made accountable in this manner, you’d be good with, say, summary execution for shoplifters. They need accountability too.

      Kirkland is part of the mob. 100 years ago you’d have been breaking into jails and dragging black guys to trees.

      1. Her life isn’t wrecked. She’s a White woman who lives in a nice house in a gated community, is attending community college, and likely will receive an inheritance.

        Quit whining, quit exaggerating, and quit identifying with the wrong people, you disaffected, obsolete misfits.

        1. Just what we’d expect a slack-jawed, slope-foreheaded hicklib to say.

        2. All of Kirkdumb’s definitions of “not wrecked” involve material acquisition.

          A little incongruous for a man who refers to himself as “Rev.”

          Unless he himself is, at his core, for sale.

          1. “Rev” is short for “Reviled.”

        3. God, you are a fucking dick. And actually, your comment is as bigoted as anything you would accuse Trump of saying.

        4. You’ve said enough bad things here that YOU should be dozed and subject to random acts of violence for what you’ve said.

          With ‘ice, someone will end up killing you. You’re the epitome of every nazi/klansman/Stalinist/Maoist. If it happens, my bet is that you beg for your life like a wino with the shakes begging for booze.

          1. Could be a dude who got cornholed by extras from the set of Deliverance, or maybe an angry guy in a wheelchair who comes here to spread his particular brand of hatefulness. Sad really; but regardless of a particulars, he is a troll and we would all do well to not feed him.

          2. We should apply the creed of Cobra Kai to Kirkland and his Jew-hating ilk.

            Strike first

            Strike hard

            Show no mercy

        5. Kirkland, if the Woke mob takes charge, useful idiots like you will be the first ones thrown up against the firing squad wall.

    3. She didn’t use it gratuitously, she used it in a manner consistent with popular culture. If you don’t like it, maybe black entertainers should stop using it as well.

    4. “grievance-consumed”

      Like what you’re doing?

    5. Fuck off, you guilt-peddling cunt.


      1. Open wider, jcr. Your betters are not done shoving even more progress down your bigoted, half-educated right-wing throat. Not nearly.

        You don’t have to like it — in America, you can mutter and sputter, rail and flail as much as you like — but you will continue to comply, clinger, with the preferences of better Americans.

        Until you are replaced.

        1. We shove back, fucko. It’s going to be amusing seeing you dealing with another four years of President Trump.

        2. Kill yourself, Artie. Do the world a favor.


        3. You have a perverted sense of “progress”.

          1. People like Kirkland are the enemy.

  41. The NYT is the enemy of the people. Reason should stop using them as a legitimate source.

  42. Is anyone surprised that Stores libertarian ChemJeff is defending the NYT and TheRev is fully on board with destroying the life of a teenage girl over something stupid she said when she was 15, and something that wasn’t even meant as an insult or a derogatory statement? All we need now is WK to come to the rescue of the NYT and the thread will be complete.

    1. “Stores libertarian”? What is that?

      And what should the NYT not have done? Not reported it? Then they would be censoring and gatekeeping “important news” at least to one section of their audience. Do you think only right-wingers have a legitimate complaint against how media operates? Do you think only right-wingers think that their point of view is censored by mainstream media?

      NYT had nothing to do with what the teenagers and UT decided to do to each other. I have no problem with NYT or any other media organization reporting on what transpired here.

      The world does not revolve around you, and take your incessant victimhood culture and shove it up your ass.

      1. What should the NYT have done? Not reported on it?
        Ding ding ding you have the correct answer.

      2. This is your definition of “important news”?

        This just in….teens do and say some really stupid shit. Been that way for many decades now. But to be fair, it’s only about 90% of them.

        1. . . .at any given moment . . .

      3. The New York Times surely could report this story; it’s news. But they should have done so in an unbiased manner, which is something they rarely do.

    2. Look at how many people now know what Galligan’s true character is like because the NYT reported on the issue. Evidently if it had been up to you, this whole thing would never have been reported and very few would know what Galligan did. Why are you trying to protect Galligan’s reputation, soldiermedic?

      1. Bullshit, this article was entirely a further hit piece in which the NYT sainted Galligan and demonized the young lady.
        And if it was to expose Galligan then there was no reason to mention her name? Because she was the victim. But no, keep defending the NYT hit piece against a teenage girl for making a private mistake that went public. Because you are totes libertarian and not a progressive SJW douchebag, we totally believe you…

  43. Either there are two NYT reporters named Dan Levin, or Levin has a Kirklandesque attitude to religion.

    Two links, first an article he wrote about Christian schools:

    1. Second link: Him seeking comments for his article, using the hashtag

        1. Are you superstitious, Cal?

          Or just a bigoted clinger without the fairy tales?

          1. The term “Kirklandesque” must have triggered you.

  44. The moral of the story is redemption is not possible, so no need to change your behavior because you are already damned. So the kid who drifts into white supremacy but later rejects it no longer has any reason to reject it. In fact, he will be better off doubling down. Way to go, this will certainly end racism.

    1. Progressives want more racism from everyone, as long as they think they get to control who it hurts.

  45. Social media is the problem, both ways. Groves didn’t just say it; she posted it. Galligan gave that post wider airing. I don’t agree at all with what he did, but it shows what happens when you publish your random musings to the world. Children are saying things and publishing them when they’re too young even to understand the implications of what they say, leaving themselves open to this kind of victimization. Adults who should know better are doing the same. Then when the inevitable occurs, the “professional” media glorifies it. And now, of course, it’s not even free and open communication anymore, as the social media companies are going to “fact-check” what’s said and issue rebukes.

    I don’t know what more needs to happen to convince people to get off of social media. The world doesn’t need to hear your virtue-signalling comment, what you had for dinner, or where you went on vacation.

    1. The way I saw it she didn’t even publish it. She sent it privately to share her news regarding her learners permit. The friend let it out somehow.

  46. If this girl STOLE A CAR (a felony) at 15, she would have a better chance of remaining a student at University of Tennessee.

    Why? Because we have a juvenile justice system and her criminal record would have been sealed. But because she uttered something stupid on Instagram, she must be run out of town.

    Let’s try to keep things in perspective, ok UT?

    1. Not only that, but the NYT would insist that UT not hold her criminal past against her.

      1. “Should we allow this juvenile mistake to follow her for the rest of her life? It was only a car, the owner probably had insurance…”

        “Wait, she said *what*? Burn the witch!”

    2. But academia (and at UT that is probably stretching the term a bit) cares most of all about virtue signaling. Priorities and all that…

      Fuck this country – what a shithole it has become.

  47. Jimmy Galligan is a vindictive little shit, and anyone who googles his name for the rest of his life will know that he’s someone to avoid. The girl didn’t call anyone a nigger, she used the word to express her exuberance over getting her driver’s license. Ill-advised? Sure, but it’s nothing to wreck her life over.

    Galligan clearly hates this girl on some personal level. Perhaps she symbolizes something he wishes he had, but never will. He’s ostensibly a Christian, but obviously a hypocrite of the most vicious kind.


    1. Bet he had a crush on her and she turned him down.

      1. He never had the balls to express his feelings. The sort who assumes he’s a worm and so doesn’t dare step up.

        Turns out he was right. Worm he is.

      2. More likely that he had a crush on some boy who liked her and rejected him.


      3. That was my thought when I first read the story. He targeted her because she ignored him in high school.

      4. “Bet he had a crush on her and she turned him down.”

        So he’s an incel.

    2. He’s made a choice that will destroy his chances of ever getting a decent job. There are consequences for this level of vindictive evil

      1. Oh, I bet SJW, Inc. will hire his worthless ass.

      2. Sadly no. He’s prime HR material.

    3. “The girl didn’t call anyone a nigger, she used the word to express her exuberance” Exactly, it was an exclamation, of the sort we all have heard repeatedly with little to no concern except when some cockroach like Galligan sees an opportunity to weaponize it. With a slight shift in her synapses, the word could have been “bitches”, or “homies”, or “dogs”, or even “droogs”. All would have had the same absolute relevance and intent, save that “nigga” is apparently the new “Jehovah” for SJW totalitarians.

  48. none of us should pretend to know whether he is a monster.

    By their fruits shall ye know them. He torpedoed this girl’s future to serve his ego. He’s scum.


  49. “He said his father was often the only white person at maternal family gatherings, where “the N-word is a term that is thrown around sometimes” by Black relatives. A few years ago, he said his father said it aloud…”
    It sounds as though Mr. Galligan’s father should, at the very least, be fired by his current employer. He needs to be taught a lesson.

    1. His father should resolve not to pass his tainted white privilege to his son. Write the son out of his will.

      1. We know that all white people are racist. And since the son is half white, I wonder if he admits that he’s at least half racist.

    2. Dad got a lecture from son about a word that he cannot say, but one his in-laws can.

      Dad should have kicked son’s ass years ago.

      Is there any doubt that mom is a royal cunt?

  50. Seems like Mimi needs to find some guys who can help convince Jimmy to change his attitude.

  51. I am sorry, but what this young man did was vindictive. And despite what the NYT writes, he did not care about a conversation on a race. He was looking to hurt this girl. He claims that there are all these people dropping the n-word like it was going out of style. But he targeted this single girl. Which begs the question? One that should have been asked the Times, what is his personal relationship with this young woman? Or more importantly, what did he want the relationship to be? Childish to ask? Maybe. She said something dumb on social media, he LITERALLY took away her dream.

  52. How am I supposed to rap if I can’t say nigga?

    1. You’re not supposed to rap. That’s appropriation

      We live in a world where some things are closed to you because of your race. That’s what the Rev calls progress

  53. Regardless of his race, this man is a filthy, vindictive piece of garbage. Purposely destroying another protein person’s life over something this petty is right out of the Democratic playbook.

    Pure evil.

  54. Gilligan is a misogynist pig and must be dealt with harshly; I recommend emasculation.

  55. This just in: Quentin Tarantino to be cancelled because a clip has arisen of him using the N word in the presence of a black man. He is quoted as asking someone if they “do you see a sign that read’s dead bleep storage?” But further film evidence shows he didn’t just utter the word once, but used it multiple times. Mr. Tarantino insists he only used the word for dramatic effect and as art, but a number of SJW have stated that only makes things worse. As one (white, identifies as female) SJW stated “for a white male to think to use that word, even if critical to the story, is just an example of white privilege and patriarchy.”

    1. In a follow up to our earlier story, it seems Mr. Tarantino did not limit his derision to only using the word that must not be used (by whites) he also used stereotypes of homosexuals, which also fed into the false narrative that males can be victims of rape and fed into scaremongering that homosexuals males may also be rapist. Additionally, it was noted by some SJW experts that the tape victim happened to be black and the rapist happened to be white. Paired with the video we reported on earlier, the SJW experts we spoke to stated “this certainly feels like something he can’t come back from, it is deeply troubling.”

      1. Tarantino isn’t my cup of tea, because he seems (to my naive mind) to be valorizing criminal elements. But given these presuppositions, we’re dealing with criminals with itchy trigger fingers, and it would be strange if they would at one and the same time be (a) amoral killing machines and (b) given only to the politest, most PC expressions.

  56. NYT knowingly and willingly aided to bury an 18 year old because she said a word 3 years previously? Man, I almost want to subscribe to WSJ just to spite that shit rag.

    1. But ChemJeff insists the story was a means to expose Galligan, not to continue to punish the 18 yo girl, that is why they used the headline they did and gave favoring reporting on Galligan.

  57. “The people who really ought to have known better are not the story’s teenage subjects, but its editors at The New York Times.”

    I love a story with a good punch line – like anyone would expect anything different from a garbage propaganda rag like the NYT…it ceased to be a news source a long, long time ago.

  58. …I do not share the conclusion of Rod Dreher in The American Conservative, who described Galligan as a “moral monster.”
    “What a horrible person that Galligan kid is,” writes Dreher.
    Galligan did a monstrous thing, but none of us should pretend to know whether he is a monster. It’s unfair to write him off as irredeemably bad, just as it was unfair to brand Groves a racist and derail her future plans because of one mistake. They are both teenagers, and teenagers…do really terrible things to each other. … They should be corrected, forgiven, and allowed to move on.

    Completely disagree.
    – When a child does a monstrous thing, you can “correct, forgive, and move on.” In my book, “an 18-year-old college freshman” doesn’t qualify as a child.
    – Soave (correctly) characterizes Mr. Galligan’s actions as monstrous, but then draws a false equivalence between him and Ms. Groves. The two acts are not comparable. Only one is hateful / malicious. Rod Dreher got it exactly right.

    1. You are perhaps overlooking that the mentors to people in late adolescence, college faculties, are generally little more than children themselves.

  59. What goes around…as everyone involved in this will find out. As for the NY Author…here we go again..a far left hater of “white christian folks”…kind of see where that guy is from….maybe he should focus on the discrimination that occurs in the bastion of Ivy League wokedom against Catholics and Italian Americans…

    1. The hater is going to a Christian School in Costa Mesa so let’s see how long he lasts there.

  60. Can we cancel every single Black person who has uttered this word?

  61. Jimmy Galligan surely is a moral monster, but I fail to see what Mimi Groves did that was wrong.
    “Nigger” is not a “racial slur,” it is an expression of racial power. blacks say the word billions of times per day, because they enjoy racial privilege. Whites enjoy no racial privilege, and so they can’t say it.
    BTW, Dan Levin’s “thing” in the times is full of lies and blood libels, starting with his assertion that the police murdered George Floyd. And to anyone who believes that Whites subjected blacks to racial slurs in Galligan and Groves’ high school, I’ve got a great deal on a slightly used bridge.

  62. “Galligan did a monstrous thing, but none of us should pretend to know whether he is a monster.”

    Compared to Groves, Galligan is a monster. Groves said something bad and insensitive, but the words were not targeted at a specific person and once uttered the moment was over. She might have apologized to everyone or immediately felt remorse for her actions. Who knows.

    Galligan, on the other hand, sat on this for three f—ing years. He could have thought through at any point in those three years about exactly what would happen if he were to release that video, and I’m sure that given his timing, he knew exactly what the effect would be. That level of premeditation is typically only present in psychopaths.

  63. Step back and consider the world young people are growing up in now. Ingrained in their minds at an institutional level is that race is paramount. Certain races are victims. If you’re white you’re an oppressor and you can’t say certain things but everyone else can. A world where everything is on camera. And one click away you could be a viral video. The NYT could publish a story, some jaded guy could post a video of a minor child and ruin a young adult woman’s life. Get her kicked out of school. This is insane. This is not the “land of the free.” Leftism is totalitarianism. And now that they’ve rigged the presidential elections it will only get worse. A nation with rigged elections is not a democracy. America is not a democracy. Marxism is here.

    1. The reporter has a bias is obvious…who is this guy? Has an issue with certain types of people he sterotypes? Seen this way too much with NYT “reporters”…not much has changed there since they cheered the lynching of Italian Americans or denying the Ukranian Holocaust..what is up at that newspaper?

  64. A brief epithet was the trigger
    Some asshole made the issue get bigger
    Other assholes at the Times
    Informed and dropped dimes
    The results led the assholes to snigger.

  65. Can a white person call themselves the “Head Honky in Charge”?

  66. CONTEXT is everything! OBVIOUSLY, his father is not racist, but even he cannot say it!

    No matter how NOT racist you are you can never ever be in the black club!

    1. I’d say maybe we can add this to the list of socially unacceptable words for everyone, and while we’re at it reinstate the social unacceptability of words like George Carlin’s seven.

  67. Maybe the solution could come in the form of legal precedent. The maker of a photo or video implicitly owns the copyright to it; if someone suffers injury as a result of infringement of that copyright, the person who committed that infringement should be liable for damages. Under existing laws, copyright infringement also can subject a person to criminal penalities. Posting something online does not constitute forfeiture of the creator’s ownership rights to it.

    Some people think everything on the internet is free for the taking, but legally it isn’t. People should be free to link to others’ content but not steal it and post it in different contexts. This also applies to anyone who without permission publicly posts content shared privately with them via text, email or other means. A few cases with big money awards could put a stop to this in a hurry.

    1. That’s an interesting idea. The girl didn’t give the asshole permission to use her video to wreck her life. There are obviously massive damages, and he’s the kind of sniveling little self-righteous twat that juries are unlikely to have any sympathy for.

      She could probably curb-stomp him in court, but the NYT and the rest of the lefturd press would do their best to make him out to be a martyr if she did.


    2. Maybe the family (if it hadn’t been intimidated into surrendering) could have looked at the prospect of suing the college. Censorship and racial discrimination (because no way a black student would have have problems using the word).

  68. This is the best take on this kind of thing. A political story about a random unfortunate thing a teenager did is more often than not the media buying into a narrative or forcefeeding it to us, and stories about overzealous woke teenagers have been pretty much half the political conversation in thei country, absurdly.

    We should be cautious when a phenomenon that only academics should care about (like wokeness) is somehow shoehorned into presidential politics. We have enough to worry about that teenagers who care too much about equality shouldn’t even register.

    1. It figures you think this about teenagers caring too much about equality.

      1. It’s literally teenagers caring “too much” about equality. I say “too much” because there is never an excuse for rudeness, or character assassination, even in pursuit of equality.

        1. This has nothing to do with equality, and character assassination was the goal. You’re also ignoring the larger issue of the Times giving this piece of shit their imprimatur.

    2. This is the NYT pushing an agenda of the worst sort. I can’t count how many times I heard the n word at high school sporting events thrown out by white and black kids when my kids were playing sports…or even walking down the street by teenagers of all ethnicities and genders…

      Equality? What the hell is that anyway? Equality of results..if you want to go down that road it becomes a never ending witch hunt.

      The real problem is the NYT would actually get involved in this..who is this reporter? What is his background and agenda? I think that would be a very interesting story…

    3. That little shit didn’t care about equality, you blithering pinhead. He just wanted to wreck a girl’s life because he’s a vicious asshole.


      1. There are a lot of assholes out there, and I humbly suggest the pay attention to the ones with power and not the high school students.

        1. Yes, the assholes at the Times have no power.

        2. NYT is a bolshevik rag..always has been and always will be. How many good American boys have died in wars the NYT has pumped (Judith Miller anyone)? for that matter their cheering of the largest lynching of Americans (Italians but then again to the NYC types who run the Times..Italians are pieces of “sh$$”.. are there any Americans with Italian backgrounds as Editors there?

          This has everything to do with the NYT author who clearly hates a certain demographic to push a narrative. The NYT writer really needs someone to take a look at him and his background..would be interesting to see if he has every said anything derogatory against say Catholics or Evangelicals or other “groups.”

  69. In Jimmy Galligan, we find Exhibit A for the brute savagery and irredeemable moral turpitude of the Irish.

  70. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

    She needs to take personal responsibility for herself and her actions.

    1. Stupid comment there Noah.

    2. The day speech became a crime.

      1. Yup, do a social media crime and you get sent to social media prison.

    3. Crime? Really? now speech is a crime? Walk down any street in a city and you will hear the n word thrown around hundreds of times by youngsters of all races…get a grip. Social Media has become a way for people with low self esteem or axes to grind to become bullies of the worst sort..

  71. a white, female classmate using a racial slur.

    In that time and place, using that particular n word was not necessarily a slur. In fact it rarely was used that way. I’ve heard people wiht very dark skin, and whose ancestors originaly came from a continent across the Atlantic and south of the equator use that same work to each other, in friendly conversation. And I’ve known some with very light skin who associate with those of much darker skin to use that word amongst them, and there is no slur meant or taken.

    GROW UPPP people. We had Tom Sawyer and Hucleberry Finn banned from our school libraries because that word was foud in them. It was part of the setting of that day and time. My Great Grandmonther was a pubished poet, and SHE used that word, but in respectful ways. It was part of the comon language at the time and place. Much like our side of the family being referred to as “Miks” (Irish) , the Italians as”waps” (good friend of mine in high school was 100% Italian heritab, and he introduced himself as “the Wop”. Most folks did not even know his christian name. My German ancestors, particulary after the First German War, were often referred to as “Jerries”. Or Krauts. And mu British forbears (we’ve traced that line back to 1066, unbroken, and a few were aboard the Mauflower on her first corssing, and another was already here in North America when the Mayflower landed. Brits, or limeys, they were.

    :Racism” will not end in this counrty as long as some make it their personal business to BE OFFENDED at insigificant stuff like someone inprivate using a word they don’t like. Or until the tick boxes indicating race and ethnic backgound are simply eliminated from all menner of forms, applicatioins, government papwers, etc. Of course, smoetimes one’s ethnic heritage can easily be deciphered by their given names. I see a name like Padraig, and I’m a gonna hazerd a guess hes Irish. Or Miguel would likely be hispanic of some flavour. When I see a name in a news release about a robbery, and the 16 year old robber ended up taking a bullet, and his given name is Daniquq, I’mma gonna take a guess and say he is… (________________) you filll in the blank,

    So sad the school staff actually knockled under and made arrangements for her to terminate…… had I been her, I’d have stod my ground. NO WAY. Yo wanna dump on me over something stupid I did five years ago, you’re gonna have to give me the left boot of fellowhip, kick me out, and then I’ll sue for wrongful termination of our contract, AND for slander and defamation. Try that one on.
    As long as we keep knucking under to this sort of bulllying, it will continue, because idiots like her attacker will believe they can “haev their day” and make someone else suffer for their own (falsely) perceived wrongs. I thought this stuff got left behind when these kids “gradiuated” from day care. Some are still stuck back in that mind/heart set.

  72. Is there a GoFundME page for this young woman? I’d give her my stimulus check. I don’t need it and she will.


  73. LOL ok let’s be serious people. This has nothing to do with the word the girl uttered in the video. Let’s look at what is really going on. You have a biracial teen who clearly has a identity crisis because of his own homosexuality. He doesn’t fit in with the Caucasian crowd, doesn’t fit in with the African American crowd, and by the way he looks and dresses, doesn’t fit in with the gay crowd. So where does that leave him? Take a look at the girl who was a cheerleader, she is white, attractive, and yes popular. Of course the unattractive, freckled face, earring wearing homosexual is going to be jealous of her because as a gay individual she is everything he wants to be and is not and no matter how he tries it is something he will never attain so instead he decides he will destroy her just to try and make himself feel better about himself. He tried to destroy his own father by accusing him of suffering from white privilege so what does that tell the world about him? A very sad little individual that will never accept himself and continually blame everyone else for his own miserably little pathetic life.

    1. Real stupid commet here Tom.

      Everyone knows multiracial homosexuals are inherently more popular than racists.

      You can have a multiracial homosexual at a child’s birthday party, but who the hell would invite a racist to a birthdya party?

  74. The Mimi Groves made an error in judgement when she was 15 years old. At 15 she was a minor, however Jimmy Galligan was 18 years old when he made a concerted effort to destroy Mimi Groves. The New York Times is disgusting in that it facilitated and promoted this destructive behavior and hopefully Karma will strike back ten-fold.

    The Cancel Culture does not seem to understand that at some point they will be held to the same insanity that they are expecting other people to live under. They are arrogant enough to believe that they are above criticism and immune.

    The reality is that the Cancel Culture needs to be Cancelled and everyone needs to understand that people are flawed and can change over time. There isn’t a person on earths who’s closet is empty of what could be considered skeletons by someone else.

    1. An “error in judgement”? Sounds like she was just using the speech of most kids in that age group of all races/ethnicites…ever hear kids gaming..they throw that word around all the time..go to a high school sporting event and the kids are using it…it has lost it’s negative meaning to some extent for the youth…

      1. Yes, an error in judgement. The basic rule is that you post nothing on social media or e-mail that you would not want to be read by your boss, your mother, or the six-o’clock news. Recording yourself saying something that you will later regret is an error in judgement.

        The internet does not forget. Say something stupid and it will always be with you.

    2. The NYT has deserved to land on the ash heap of history ever since they employed Walter Duranty, but justice is rare in this world. Lefturds will keep on buying it.


  75. Not to put too fine a point on it, but this situation is bullshit. The fact that people take the content on SnapChat, Twitter, FaceBook, and other platforms of that ilk seriously is the root of many of our problems. You can’t take seriously any content predicated on the idea that Joe Sixpack or Jill Chardonnay has anything of any value to publish, never mind their idiot kids.

    How stupid were you when you were 15? I know exactly how stupid I was and I’m grateful every day that I’m not held accountable for it.

  76. I guess that means she got what she deserved. Idgaf how old she was. White people always think they should get away with shit.

    1. How does being a vindictive, self-righteous piece of shit work out for you in your daily life, asshole?


  77. Anti-racism is so helplessly retarded that it’s about to come full circle as overt racism.

    Notice that she didn’t say “nigger” explicitly or direct it at someone. She said nigga. Guess where she picked that one up from? Black culture. Rap music, black TV shows, black standup comedians, etc. And guess what? None of those people put labels on their cultural products and said “don’t quote me unless you’re black or have an n-word pass.” We don’t even need to engage in the absolute shitshow that is the concept of an n-word pass.

    White people of her generation are so innocent and actively anti-racist that they can enjoy black cultural products on their own merits. What then are they to do when enjoying such things? Dave Chappelle has been my favorite standup comedian since I was a teenager. I loved reading and watching The Boondocks. Should black cultural products only be for black people? Do I need to pay reparations to obtain an n-word pass? How can I be equal with black people if I can’t even talk about things they’ve produced without coded language? I don’t buy that bullshit about the history of the word. Black people need to grow up. I’m Jewish and read a lot of Chaim Potok growing up. Should I get cancelled for saying kike in a rhetorical context? Can I issue k-word passes to goyim? I don’t throw a temper tantrum when someone says kike. You can say it all you want; it’s just a word. It’s so much of a joke at this point that most Jews don’t even know there are anti-Semitic slurs anymore. I never heard it outside of books and most black people are getting to that point too. Why do you think Huckleberry Finn keeps coming up? We’re so progressive now that the first time a black kid ever hears the word is in a historical book in a context that doesn’t involve someone targeting them directly. If that isn’t post-racism, then what is?

    I think we are capable of distinguishing between the use of a slur to offend and the use of a slur in any other context.

    1. TBH, hip-hop is a far more disparaging representation of black culture than minstrel shows ever were.


      1. Both as a product and an institution. Why fight for freedom when smoking a lot of weed and chanting “Motherfuck the po-lice.” pays so much better? Why be Clarence Thomas when you could be Tupac or P. Diddy (not that white culture isn’t without it’s celebrity nonsense)?

      2. In defense of hip-hop, the boomers from the 70s and 80s like to distinguish between their hip-hop and the so called gangster rap of the 90s and modern times. They think it’s absolutely disgusting and actively take a stand against associating with it. Ever wonder why you don’t see someone like Ice Cube or Snoop Dogg working with the Sugar Hill Gang or Grandmaster Flash? Now you know!

        I will never forget in early 2020 when I went to the All Stars of Hip Hop 10th anniversary concert in AC. Aside from the hilarity of being one of the few sober people there and the only white or Jewish person in attendance, all of the artists kept going on about peace and love and how awful modern rap is. It was a bit of boomer entitlement since they invented hip-hop and they don’t get paid tributes by modern rappers, but it’s also a major thematic difference. Hip-hop isn’t necessarily “clean”, but it is dignified. It deals with reality in a way that doesn’t glorify it. Modern rap creates a worship culture around death, drug abuse, sexism and crime. It’s all about being hard, not rising above it. A lot of people view modern rappers as grifters because once they made it big, they took their money and left the community. That’s why we have Snoop on HGTV and voice acting roles in Call of Duty.

        Personally, that’s a bit too boomer for me. Hip-hop grandpas need to get with the time. These rappers are talented in their own respect, made it big and don’t owe their success to anyone else. However, their music blows and I’ll stand by that criticism all day. I like some of Tupac’s songs and that’s about it. He was one of the few intelligent ones who was really tongue in cheek about his rap. You could tell how the hood wore him down over the years and he actually tried to deal with the struggle and loss in a respectful manner instead of pretending that there was some glory in it.

    2. I think u r right about the girl getting the idea of using the n-word like that from the black community.
      I also wonder where you get the idea of using the r-word so flippantly.

      1. Outside of calling it the “n-word pass” because that’s just what it’s called, I don’t pull punches. We need to stop hiding behind language and pretending that it wounds us. If Jews today dealt with the word “kike” the same way, I would be unconfident and scared every time someone used it. At some point, we all have to realize that actions matter and words don’t. Maybe it’s a millenial/zoomer thing, but decades of exposure to internet trolls has taught me that people say words like that based on how you respond. They’re looking to incite a response. It isn’t actual racism, which is why there are so many people are never hatefully slurred in their entire lifetime.

        I explicitly used the word “retarded” to be consistent with the theme of what I wrote. It’s an accurate descriptor as well. Active anti-racists like Tim Wise have twisted themselves so much with mental gymnastics that they are as helpless as someone with mental disabilities.

        1. I admire your attitude of “not pulling punches.” At the same time, you might have said something like, “Anti-racism is so misguided . . . . instead of “so retarded.” That way of saying it would have been much more accurate, don’t you think?
          Not so long ago (about 15 -20 years ago) The word, “retarded,” was a perfectly acceptable, non-offensive term, and the diagnosis of “mentally retarded” was even sanctioned by professional and advocacy organizations. It was only more recently become a slur after the public started using it as you did, i.e., “Anti-racism is so helplessly retarded . . . .” or as others have so frequently used it to denote negativity, e.g., “You are so regarded; You are such a “retard.”
          Btw, with more than 40 years of experience in the field of disabilities and special education, I didn’t have any problem with using the term “mentally retarded” before it started being used as a slur. Also, the term replacing it, “intellectually disabled,” is actually more accurate.
          I’m hopping off my soapbox now.

    3. Anti-racism is so helplessly retarded that it’s about to come full circle as overt racism.

      About to? It always has been.

  78. At first I thought Jim Gaffigan was involved in this.

    Very relieved.

    Hot Pockets!

  79. Jimmy Galligan is an 18-year-old college freshman … —who is biracial

    And, of course, not bi-racial the way Naomi Campbell is 1/4 Chinese, he’s as “black” as Shaun White or Rachel Dolezal.

  80. Silly fifteen year old, didn’t she know that affectionately addressing a group of friends as ‘niggas’ is taboo for some people, but not for others? Burn her!

    What makes an established religion? The power to punish blasphemy.

  81. NY Times was all over it. They would be supportive of sentencing reform for criminals but no mercy for a single word from a teen.
    Sad comment on society.

  82. I’m not sure how the Times’ article is any more egregious than the Reason’s article. Isn’t the latter simply repeating the same potentially harmful details as the former?
    Also, I think the NYT article ends up pointing the finger more at the boy than the girl.

  83. the problem was with the atmosphere at the school. if he was really that troubled by it he should have gone through channels to take the school to account. in the end he chose the wrong ‘target’ (perhaps jealous of the person for some reason) and comes across sounding like a vindictive brat. when i heard this story the other day i was okay with it up until the point of his proud comments. someone might want to advise him that he will not be winning any john lewis or rosa parks awards. this is not a case of ‘good trouble’ jimmy.

  84. There was a time when the ACLU would stand up for this women’s rights, but no more. It’s become an arm of the Democratic party.

  85. Even the term Biracial is racist. There are no separate human races. This is to ignore basic biology altogether. There is only the human race. But it is clear that racism in the USA is still strong, the country that really wanted to impose the eugenics that the Nazis implanted in Nazi Germany. In fact, many of the American racists in the 1930s complained that the Nazis were practicing what the Americans theorized initially.

    1. yes. one race. human.

  86. I hear that the galliganthug is going to have karma come his way, shortly ……….

  87. }}} Galligan did a monstrous thing, but none of us should pretend to know whether he is a monster. It’s unfair to write him off as irredeemably bad,

    No, Galligan is a monster. SHE made a stupid, thoughtless, but not intentionally harmful comment years ago.

    HE sat on it with malicious intent, waiting like a snake, to do harm to someone who had done him trivial, if any, actual harm. SHE made him feel bad. HE screwed up her life.

    Don’t defend him. What he did was nothing short of EVIL.

    Does this mean he’s irredeemable? No. Does it mean he’s someone society should reject far more thoroughly than they have her, until he and others of his ilk realize the wrong they do and have done? Yes.

  88. Damnit! I posted two links to articles on punishment by John Hospers from this very magazine’s own archives and it is “awaiting moderation!”

    But mad psycho cases can spout off here about murdering Mormons, racial groups, and Atheists and post digitized dick pics and nobody monitering even blinks an eye!

    What the Hell, Reason?!?!? Has Reason lost its way that bad for John Hospers to be unpersoned and supporters of genocide to be accepted?!?!?

  89. You know, there’s a good reason I’ve *long* referred to the NY Times as “The New York Slimes”.

  90. This article is so spot on, I had to sign up to this site just to say kudos to the author. What happened was outrageous, mass hysteria. The Times article went out of its way to justify his behavior while not once pointing out the context in which she said the word. The authors also did not try to point out the history of pop culture where music, movies, comedians, etc. have been churning out content directed at teens for 40 years using the word as entertainment – then everything is supposed to turn on a dime. All the moralizing is disingenuous and dangerous.

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