Pfizer Says Millions of COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Are Sitting Unclaimed in Warehouse Coolers

The federal government has apparently neglected to give the company shipping instructions.


The U.S. government declared back in November that it was ready and able to distribute 6.8 million doses the first week after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued emergency use authorization for Pfizer/BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine and 40 million doses before the end of the year. That would be enough of the two-dose vaccine to inoculate 20 million Americans by January. That was then, this is now. Officials in various states are reporting that the shipments of the vaccine they expected next are now on hold.

In a statement, Pfizer rebuts rumors that there is a shortfall in doses for its vaccine due to production delays. "Pfizer is not having any production issues with our COVID-19 vaccine, and no shipments containing the vaccine are on hold or delayed," notes the company. "This week, we successfully shipped all 2.9 million doses that we were asked to ship by the U.S. Government to the locations specified by them. We have millions more doses sitting in our warehouse but, as of now, we have not received any shipment instructions for additional doses."

Sadly, the federal government appears to be dawdling again while the toll of COVID-19 deaths, hospitalizations, and new diagnoses continues to rise ever higher. It's not like there's a pandemic or anything going on.

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  1. Sounds like Pfizer is the one dawdling by waiting for answers on high.

    1. Pfizer is supposed to ship without a destination?

      1. Just ship it to local police forces. Instead of gift cards, they can pull people over without cause and give ’em a jab of the vaccine. Good health is the best gift of all.

        1. Wasn’t supposed to be a reply, but kinda fits anyway.

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        2. What? The vaccine needs to be kept at -80 F, dry ice temperature. Most people don’t have access to such temperatures. The vaccines would deteriorate rapidly. Fool.

          1. Well then the officers can keep it under their body armor… next to their hard, icy hearts. Do I have to think of everything?

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          2. I guess the government only had 10 months to figure out how to acquire dry ice and hold the vaccine for maybe 24 hours since people would be waiting in line to get a shot.

      2. We have such a thing as “markets” in this country. Pfizer is a company. Companies sell stuff to customers, and customers give them shipping addresses.

        1. We also have these things called “government regulations” that make it illegal for Pfizer to sell and ship the vaccine directly to customers

        2. I’m guessing the government prevented that in their pre-purchase agreement. Otherwise, all the pharmacies would be clamoring to order the stuff already.

      3. Destination: NOWHERE.

        1. There are several bridges to there.

    2. Sounds really like a state and hospital problem, and a few days delay, rather than shipping before they are ready is much better than rushing the shipments.

      We already know that the Pfizer vaccine needs to be stored at -85F, a lot of hospitals don’t have storage like that readily available, so they may have some delays getting it arranged. Pfizer may have all the procedures set to deliver it, but the states are in charge of allocating it to which hospitals, and of course the hospitals are in charge of making sure they can store it properly until it’s dispensed.

      Blaming the feds for the delay is just gotcha leaking without any foundation, at least without a lot more information.

      1. I can tell you from my experience it is the hospitals, when I got mine had to first apply for the vaccine, get approved, fill out a disclaimer and save a confirmation to my phone, schedule a time, arrive at the designated location 15 minutes early, show them the confirmation…twice, que up with another 15 fellow employees, go to station one to confirm my name on the list, arrive at the nurse, fill out a card and sign a document, and then finally get the shot. Then had to sit in the designated waiting area for 30 minutes before I could leave. This is going on all day, every 30 minutes another 15 employees from 7 to 5.
        When I was in boot camp back in 84 they managed to give 150 recruits 8 shots each in 20 minutes, so yeah not the Feds fault, although they could just send in the military to take over I guess.

        1. “150 recruits 8 shots each in 20 minutes”

          That’s a lot ofTequila.

          1. They’re talking about meth dude.

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        2. Ah, the good ole days, I remember them well. Pneumatic injectors, what fun.

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  2. Central planning for the win!

    1. Sleepy Joe will solve this problem.

      1. Sleepy Joe’s central committee that is

      2. I still put even money on Joe slowing the vaccine release down in order to try to force more “relief” packages and the like through congress. God knows a lot of governors would love this to go on for a few years so they can feel like the real dictators they always wanted to be.

  3. Fuck the government, ship the vaccines directly to the hospitals and healthcare providers.

    1. While this sounds good the hospitals need to know it is coming and have a plan for when it arrives. This is not like Amazon where they leave the package on your front porch.

      1. But Bailey would never think to add that context. Why is that?

      2. It could be. If the government were out of the equation, they could easily set up a web portal to sell to pharmacies and hospitals directly like any number of other supplies. The problem is, then it would not go to the elderly, health care workers, and for some reason government officials first exclusively (indeed, rich people might get to it) and that would get them criticized.

  4. Maybe they could, I dunno, like allow the company to sell the stuff to the highest bidder or something? Oh yeah, that wouldn’t be fair.

    1. I assume that already happened, and these are the doses that the U.S. Government bought. So until Pfizer’s customer tells them where to ship the boxes…

    2. I am just going to assume that the federal government is mandating where these vaccines go, perhaps in exchange for those massive subsidies on the vaccine research.

  5. Why does this happen, because we have a government without a leader. The President job ends on January 20th, but Trump has pretty much gone into a sulk since November 4th. He has the opportunity to finish up strong but is not taking it. Big mistake.

    1. This is just typical government incompetence. Nothing more.

      1. Don’t set your standards so low. The world is what we make of it, especially if all we do is bitch about how bad it is.

      2. No this is hiring an incompetent for President. There is a reason so many of his businesses failed. It has shown these four years and this is just par for the course.

        This country won WWII, put a man on the moon, built an interstate highway system. Now of this would be possible had we had a President like Trump.

    2. Sadly, the federal government appears to be dawdling again while the toll of COVID-19 deaths, hospitalizations, and new diagnoses continues to rise ever higher.

      Where is Trump saying “You’re Fired!!” ? when we need him? Heads should roll.
      This would endear him even to ignorant progressive bigots. (but I repeat myself)

    3. Trump has pretty much gone into a sulk since November 4th. He has the opportunity to finish up strong but is not taking it.

      Indeed. Trump should be firing apparatchiks and pardoning people by the hundreds.

    4. Do you really think that a matter such as this is handled at the presidential level rather than entirely by one of your beloved federal agencies, be it the CDC or Fauci’s redundant National Institute of Allergies & Infectious diseases?

      1. I don’t expect it to be handled at the Presidential level, but I expect the President to be the leader, the ram rod. He should be on the phone finding out why it is happening and what can be done to fix the problem. Then he should be providing what is needed.

  6. Trump fucks up one more time. Why isn’t he personally handing out the vaccines and giving shots? Oh wait, I forgot it’s that time of the year and he’s got Christmas cards to deliver. Why the hell did he schedule the vaccine delivery at Christmas time when he knew he’d be busy? Asshole.

    1. He’s making a list, and checking it twice…

    2. Trump fucks up one more time.

      You are such a gullible fool.

      Pfizer has lied before trying to benefit Biden. This is most likely more nonsense from their PR/lobbying arm.

    3. Scheduling has always been done by Congress and the left. The virus cure was predicted by Jan 20th and it’s here already, so they’re ahead of schedule.

      The cure of course is a standard flu shot. But hey they had us going there for a minute huh?

  7. Big government screws up again. And what will be the solution??? Why, even more beancounters in the Federal government so that they can figure out how this could have possibly happened.

    Here’s and idea: why not get out of the way and simply allow hospitals to requisition as much as they need. If there is more demand than supply, then Pfizer could just hold a lottery or ship the same percent requisitioned, or send by population the hospital claims to serve or…..

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  9. AMAZON!

    Or maybe for logistics, WALMART!

  10. Sadly, the federal government appears to be dawdling again

    That’s some hardcore investigative journalism.

    1. It’s a blog post.

      1. It’s a sandwich spread.

      2. It is a useless word salad. We expect better.

        1. Speak for yourself. I’m just happy he didn’t repeat the same shit four times.

  11. No sooner does “the press” anoint a democrat than the whole world goes to hell.
    Probably coincidence.

  12. Pfizer is exceeding expectations. Soon Moderna will roll out.

    1. Chag Semeach Hanukah, Echospinner. (belatedly)

  13. Everybody needs two doses, three weeks apart. There was talk about whether or not to stockpile that second dose. That is, do you save half the doses for three weeks later? Or do you use them all and trust Pfizer to be able to manufacture and distribute the second doses in time? If something goes wrong, it screws up the dosing schedules for millions of people, and no one knows the best way to fix it. But if nothing goes wrong, then you could have vaccinated more people sooner. Tough choice.

    It’s possible that this is all just someone stockpiling the second dose, in which case, they really ought to explain it to someone.

  14. As usual the media isn’t reporting the facts here. Pretty much started the day Trump took office…and I expect it to continue until January 20th when Corn Pop Joe takes over.

  15. The FDA has to have a meeting in a couple of weeks to decide where to ship the vaccines. They’d do it sooner, but they’re all taking Christmas vacation.

  16. They’ll get around to it after Harris is inaugurated

  17. Stay at home stay safe and also follow the Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19) Guidelines according to WHO.

  18. Another obviously incompetent Republican obviously screwing the pooch yet again, much the same way he ignored the previous administration’s warnings on the pandemic in the first place, ignored cybersecurity threats, and got the entire US government hacked by Russia and the entire White House and his entire family sick from fucking parties…

    Stupid big government can’t do anything right!

    1. Yeah, I’m sure all the Democrat controlled states are doing just fine thanks to their masterful leadership. Wait, 6 of the 10 states with the worst death rates are NJ, NY, MA, CT, RI and IL? Huh…

      1. As we all know viruses are Republican.

  19. This is very likely result of inefficient bureaucrats that infest the Federal and State governments. I sure that there are overly burdensome departmental regulations and paperwork that at the root of the issue.

    Partisans will try to lay the blame at one political party or the other, but this smells like a Swamp issue.

    1. Inefficient bureaucrats? You don’t say?

      That’s some revolutionary shit right there.

  20. A vaccine that apparently does shit and we have to still wear masks.

    Let them all burn.

    I’m still waiting for a ‘Biggest health panic in medical history’ article.

    May every single public official and medical bureaucrat, and epidemiologist who perpetuated this panic rot in hell.

    1. Hey, Rufus; whatever did Hell do to you, to deserve THAT?!?

    2. You’re not handling this very well, are you?

      I’m sure you have some bootstraps to pull yourself up from. It’s just mental health. Baby steps.

  21. Oops.

  22. Institutional incompetence. Governments aren’t the only problem. Large hospital systems are incredibly bureaucratic (and inept). So are education systems. Just another example of why centrally-planned bureaucracies are less efficient than markets.

  23. Color me shocked that a rushed product that requires complex logistics to deliver is having supply chain problems.

    This is just Pfizer deflecting any potential blame off of them. They’ve done their job, they manufactured the product, and they are making sure people know that any shortfalls aren’t on their shoulders.

    Without, you know, actual investigative reporting it is hard to say where the issues are occurring. I doubt the feds have a list of number of vaccines to send to which addresses and are just sitting on it. Most likely it is a mix of many things – hospitals still waiting on storage to be delivered and/or calculating their storage availability, local states trying to coordinate distribution and waiting on the hospitals to provide data, federal government waiting on the states to tell them how many and where (or to negotiate out what is possible from what is requested), etc.

  24. And that’s the perfect place to store them for all of eternity. Safe and sound and away from ALL humans who have a desire to live a bit longer.

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