Brickbat: A Little Less Color in the World


A Texas high school sent student Trevor Wilkinson to in-school suspension for having painted fingernails. Clyde Consolidated Independent School District refused to comment on the matter but pointed to the school handbook, which says male students may not wear makeup or nail polish. Wilkinson, who is openly gay, says the dress code is discriminatory.

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  1. The school has given this student one of the greatest gifts a Gen Z child can receive: victim status.

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  2. Well, the dress code *is* discriminatory, on its face. Female students can do something that males students cannot do. Ban it for all or allow it for all.

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  3. Color me uninterested.

    1. ”Even if you are not interested in politics, politics is interested in you.”
      — Pericles

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  6. Maybe the kid is a member of the Akatsuki.

    Although, if he is, suspending him will not save the school at all.

    1. That may or may not be true. However, it is a known FACT that The Weebles Wobble, but They Don’t Fall Down!

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  7. I’m assuming they don’t play shirts vs skins in their co-ed gym classes either.

    1. They play the more gender neutral shorts vs skins.

      1. And the inclusive, Posts vs. Pre-s

        1. outies vs innies.

          No, I’m talking about belly buttons you pervert!

    2. “shirts vs skins” is SOOOO yesterday! The NEW thing now, is, in politics, we will have “Top Men” v/s “Topless Women”! I, for one, will vote for the Topless Women!

  8. In Robert Heinlein’s “Beyond This Horizon”, set somewhat in the future, the protagonist, Hamilton Felix, and his friend Monroe-Alpha Clifford discuss Monroe-Alpha’s new nail tint, right after Hamilton shows off his new sidearm, a reproduction 1911 Colt.

    1. And in “Time Enough for Love” (I think), there is a discussion of skirt length on Tertius with women’s and men’s fashions being in antisync by a generation.

      Once freed of the basic need for clothing as protection from the elements, it’s pretty hard to make a definitive case for any particular item being male or female (or whateverthehell the politically correct terms are at this moment).

  9. Looks like someone was searching for some oppression. How will he ever be able to live his life without painted nails, in Texas.

    It’s interesting that the culture that made Texas such an attractive place to relocate to from places like California is going to be the first thing they lose.

    1. The school will just go the logical route and ban makeup on all students. Works for me, of all the things that I found (or even find) attractive in the opposite sex nail color has never been one of them. Seriously other than to show off to each other to whom are they painting their nails for?

      1. Mao jackets for everyone?

        1. Conformity is diversity!

    2. If only there was some other option on which to base political philosophy besides conservative ideology and progressive dogma.

    3. He’s a high-schooler. Rebelling against authority is what they do.

      (And I’m skeptical that he had any choice to relocate to Texas. Parents might have but very few kids get a say in the decision.)

    4. Looks like someone was searching for some oppression.

      The student handbook says that men are prohibited from wearing makeup and nail polish. If a campus administrator determines that a student is in violation of the dress code the “student will be given an opportunity to correct the problem at school,” it says.

      Yup. Don’t want the suspension? Petition to change the rules, *then* wear the nail polish or even, wear the nail polish and remove it when instructed/requested until the rules change. Even if they do change the rules, they don’t have to remove/remand the suspension. This isn’t a court of law, it’s a small indpendent school district. You don’t have to have standing to change the rules and the district would be hard pressed to ‘convict’ you for complying with the rules, even if only surreptitiously.

      Stupid games, stupid prizes. Looks like this douchebag has a bright future of demanding dine-in only pizzerias cater his wedding ahead of him.

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  11. Nail polish or not, I think this whole event is going to end up with Trevor Wilson getting his ass kicked twice as often as before.

  12. “Anything that can distract other students is banned.”

  13. It’s fricking nail polish. Who the frick cares? I guess Texas just has to make everything about Kulturwar.

  14. ” Male students may not wear makeup or nail polish.”

    A more clever rebel student would know that sharpies aren’t nail polish. I guess the punk and goth kids of yesterday are smarter than the victim status seekers of today.

  15. In my HS, it was a common thing for the football players who were dating cheerleaders to let the cheerleaders paint their pinky fingernails in a matching color/pattern. The most vocal opponents were the butch, tobacco-chewing “cowgirls” who never painted their fingernails. This was in the hicktown, homophobic, backwoods of the Midwest 30+ yrs. ago.

    Not sure if there were rules against it or not (the nail polish, there absolutely were rules against minors chewing on school grounds). Pretty sure a majority of both groups would’ve pounded the everloving snot out of this kid given the proper excuse/motivation.

  16. Don’t like the rules? Change them.

    Can’t change them? Break them, and wear the suspension with pride. A little trouble can be respectable in the right situation.

    But don’t be a little bitch and complain you got punished for breaking the rules. That’s just being a sissy.

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