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New Hampshire Lawmaker Blames Colleagues for House Speaker's COVID-19 Death

Plus: Trump allows another federal execution, credit card companies break with Pornhub, and more...


Rep. Dick Hinch, the newly elected speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, has died of COVID-19. His colleagues are blaming each other.

The 71-year-old Republican was sworn in on December 2 at an outdoor ceremony where a large number of his conservative colleagues did not wear masks.

"Hinch created a separate seating area for the roughly 80 Republicans who refused to wear masks when all House elected members took the oath of office," reports the New Hampshire Union Leader.

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu called Hinch's death a "tragic and cautionary tale" about ignoring personal pandemic precautions. "For those who are just out there doing the opposite just to make some ridiculous political point, it is horribly wrong," Sununu said at a news conference yesterday.

Some have been more explicit in blaming reckless legislators for Hinch's fate.

"Those in our caucus who refused to take precautions are responsible for Dick Hinch's death," tweeted Republican Rep. William M. Marsh, a retired doctor.

It's not clear when or where Hinch caught the virus. But "in the weeks leading up to his death, Hinch was at the center of a tense controversy between Republican and Democratic state legislators about a lack of adherence to public health guidelines by the GOP members," notes The Washington Post.

In November, he and other state Republican lawmakers were photographed at multiple indoor gatherings without masks. One of the events, on November 20, featured a buffet meal and was responsible for at least four state lawmakers getting COVID-19, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services said.

New Hampshire isn't the only state in which lawmakers have been battling COVID-19 outbreaks.

There have recently been "a slew of COVID-19 cases in the Ohio General Assembly," notes WOSU Radio. Three Pennsylvania lawmakers have tested positive for the virus this week, as did Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf.  Legislatures in North Dakota, South Dakota, Mississippi, and Indiana have also this week reported new cases among state lawmakers.


The Trump administration executed another person yesterday. Kim Kardashian West and many others had been lobbying President Donald Trump to spare Brandon Bernard's life.


Maggie McNeill explains the movement to make credit card companies stop doing business with Pornhub. Yesterday, Mastercard and Visa both "announced that they will no longer let customers use their cards on the adult video site Pornhub. This new policy was prompted by political pressure, making it the latest government victory in a long, censorious quest," writes McNeill.

This isn't the first time we've been here


  • "Operation Underground Railroad has flourished in the age of QAnon," notes Vice. "But not all of its stories hold up to scrutiny."
  • Stop saying "lockdown is not that hard," implores Bonnie Kristian.
  • The Ohio legislature has passed a bill requiring aborted fetuses to be buried or cremated. "The legislation, which carries a first-degree misdemeanor penalty, requires abortion clinics to pay for cremations and burials and offers pregnant women the option to choose how to dispose of the remains," notes
  • A new paper in the journal Personality and Individual Differences suggests "that victimhood is a stable and meaningful personality tendency."

The Minneapolis City Council, which tried and failed to dismantle the police department in the wake of George Floyd's death, voted early Thursday to shift nearly $8 million from next year's police budget to other city services as part of an effort to 'transform' public safety in the city.

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  1. Rep. Dick Hinch, the newly elected speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, has died of COVID-19. His colleagues are blaming each other.

    COVID is really the friends we make along the way.

    1. Hello.

      “The 71-year-old Republican was sworn in on December 2 at an outdoor ceremony where a large number of his conservative colleagues did not wear masks.”

      Full blown hysteria now. And Elizabeth is full on board. Demonstrate the mask would have saved him.

      We’re in the ‘Hold my beer’ part of the panic.

      In New Brunswick they mandated (I think they have like 50 cases or something) people have to wear a mask when they go to a drive-thru.

      It’s a ‘minor inconvenience’ they say. People who think this way are mentally retarded.

      1. I have not worn a mask in Georgia and I eat out, go into businesses, and have people visit our winery.

        Georgia is the reality to the Kungflu hysteria and lies.

        1. And Georgia has a death rate per capita above the national average- and more deaths right now than it had during the lockdown.

          *shrug* Of course new york is getting in the same condition, and it has hard lockdowns so, I cannot see any indication that masks do anything to help at all.

          1. If you look at the graphs. It’s impossible to tell one way or another. Sweden is our controlled group and we see masks are completely irrelevant.

          2. Not to question any media hysteria and spoil the party, but death rates always increase at the end of the calendar year, by as much as 15-20%.

            1. Christmas kills!

              1. Tony’s going to be screaming that from the streetcorners.

                1. Fortunately no one will hear him because he’ll have an M40 gas mask covering his face.

                  1. And some other faggot’s AIDS-encrusted cock in his mouth.

          3. And what do the absolute worst states have in terms of policy?

            1. Just recently South Dakota was the latest to prove you can get through corona without overwhelmed systems. 33%+ bed availability at all times, and covid hospitalizations are already down 25%.

          4. So, you had absolutely no point whatsoever and were really anxious to make it publicly known?

        2. lc1789, please. Never wear a mask. I mean it. You brave soul.

      2. It’s not clear when or where Hinch caught the virus.

        But it’s pretty clear when and where you’re assuming Hinch caught the virus. So who all at the swearing-in ceremony had the coronavirus and gave it to him? Or are we claiming that the coronavirus is capable of spontaneous self-generation? C’mon, somebody had to have given it to him and surely everybody at the swearing-in ceremony has been tested since they were in close contact with somebody who had the coronavirus. So who was it? Why is this not being reported? What are they trying to cover up? We demand to know – who gave this guy the ‘rona?

        1. Seems a little soon to die from it if he caught it on the 2nd. But I suppose it might go quicker for some. He looked pretty fat.

          1. I was thinking he probably caught it at one of the November events.

      3. What happened to “Live Free or Die”?

        1. Maybe they should change it to Live Free and Die.

          1. As long as it’s leftists dying, I don’t see the problem.

            1. …but its not? It’s mostly, or maybe entirely, GOP politicians who seem to be having a hard time with the ‘rona.

              Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

              And if you really are ok with premature deaths of people because they want a different tax rate than you, then you need to get therapy or find jesus.

              1. Hey shreek, remember when you said that the military should send in Apache attack helicopters to gun down Trump supporters?

              2. Also, no prominent Republican politician has died of Covid, and multiple prominent national Democratic politicians have contracted it.

                A 74 year old obese man named Donald Trump had it and recovered after 2 days of bed rest.

              3. It’s mostly, or maybe entirely, GOP politicians who seem to be having a hard time with the ‘rona.

                Not based on any evidence other than your own suppositions.

                And if you really are ok with premature deaths of people because they want a different tax rate than you, then you need to get therapy or find jesus.

                Hostility is a natural response to vindictive assholes who think only one political side is killing people and themselves.

              4. And if you really spend time thinking about what the tax rate should be for other people you are the worst kind of person.

                What is wrong with you?

            2. if you want it to be the other “side” dying, you might want to rethink the whole “I don wanna do nothin” approach to the pandemic……

              1. Yeah, there’s only two ways to go about things.

          2. Live and Let Die?

          3. That’s a very old joke in NH.

        2. I literally worked on a commercial for Sununu and I suggested he make his slogan “Live Free and Don’t Die”

    2. There have recently been “a slew of COVID-19 cases in the Ohio General Assembly,” notes WOSU Radio. Three Pennsylvania lawmakers have tested positive for the virus this week, as did Democratic Gov

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    3. There have recently been “a slew of COVID-19 cases in the Ohio General Assembly,” notes WOSU Radio. Three Pennsylvania lawmakers have tested positive for the virus this week, as did Democratic Gov

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    4. Live Free or Die.

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  2. Why didn’t his mask save his old ass?

    1. Masks do nothing except redirect your breath to the sides and up.

    2. If he’s wearing a mask the virus goes RIGHT THROUGH the mask.

      How many effen times does this have to be repeated?

      1. Rufus, it’s not correct. Under normal (maskless)circumstances, when you sneeze or cough or talk or breathe particles leave your mouth and nose. If you have a virus, particles of the virus are included in the mix.

        The distance and direction those particles travel and who they impact are dependent on the velocity with which they leave your face, the direction they start in, air flow, and all kinds of other things.

        If you are wearing a mask the mask will capture some of your particles. It will slow some others. Some will get through clean, although not nearly as many as the 100% that disperse when you’re unmasked.

        So yeah, masks help.

        1. So no, masks do shit.

          My point is if you’re standing in a mask the virus is getting through the mask.

          1. And the data sure as hell do NOT back up mandates. Wanna wear one be my guest? But don’t go around saying they save lives.

            That’s stupid. Pure stupidity.

            Now they say lockdowns ‘saved thousands from financial ruin’. Except for the millions it RUINED.

            Looks like there’s no peak gaslight.

            1. Rufus you’re correct that wearing a mask doesn’t do much for you the mask wearer. It protects the people around you.

              So it really only works if most/all people are doing it.

              That’s why the left saying masks protected people at riots is bullshit. Enough people were not wearing to make it dangerous to be there.

              1. Masks protect you from riot danger too? Wow!

            2. You can be nuanced about the mask. Does it help slow the spread of infection? Probably. Does wearing a mask make you immune to the virus? Obviously not.

              1. Yes, a lot more nuance is needed here. It probably does very little if you are just passing someone in the street or in the store. Sustained close contact seems to be where people get it. So recommend masks if people are going to be close together for extended periods, or visit places with lots of old people or potentially infected people. But this idea that everyone should cover their faces all the time is just perverse.

          2. Even Dr. Fauci said back in the spring “people shouldn’t be wearing masks they don’t do shit.” (before he saw the value in virtue signalling, that is)

            1. Fauci was lying in the spring to save limited supply for hospital folks who needed them badly. I thought it was obvious at the time he was lying for that reason.

              Doesn’t help his cred though.

              1. So, do you support official lying to promote policy?

                1. No I don’t support it. Where did you get that? I explicitly said that he wrecked his credibility. Somehow you drew exactly the opposite conclusion relative to what I said.

                  You need to fucking try to be objective, man.

                  1. You need to fucking try to be objective, man.

                    Might as well ask the seas to part, bevis. This is the internet.

              2. Was he lying then or a lying now? We have already established that he is a liar.

                1. Trump’s lies get a pass. Of course.

                  1. Only because they are expected.

              3. Fauci was repeating 40 years of research that he casually tossed asside due to mostly modeling and one terrible study on using an air tight seal of a mask on a tube to show minor benefits. People don’t seal their masks around their mouths, so the one single lab test they cite at the CDC is laughable.

                1. No one ever told you to cough or sneeze into your sleeze, instead of into other people’s faces?

                  A mask is the same principle. It’s not hard to intuit, unless you have your partisan dunce cap on.

                  1. You believe in astrology dont you. About the same level of rigor as all your scientific beliefs. Gravity effects everything! Star positions matter!

                  2. Right, so wear a mask if you are coughing and need to go out. No one ever said to spend all day breathing into your elbow.

                  3. Anyone who spends any time thinking about other people’s tax bills is naturally the kind of person who wants to dictate what people should do.

                    What is wrong with you? Why are you here?

                  4. But you want to “free the oppressed”, so it’s all good, right?

                    God damn, you’re awesome. Haha.

                2. *sleeve

                  1. Just because you believe stupid shit doesn’t make it true.

              4. Actually, he was following the existing evidence on mask efficacy, which has never shown reductions in respiratory illness transmission in experimental tests.

          3. And literally no one ever (that is reasonable) has argued that masks protect the wearer. This whole time the contention has been that masks prevent the wearer from spreading it to others.

            But that doesn’t stop people from continuing 10 months later to attack the same straw man.

        2. Cornell did a study showing that in some cases where the mask does stop a large droplet they discovered it breaks into smaller droplets and….escapes.

          We’ve known for decades masks aren’t meant for VIRUSES.

          There’s a reason why Hazmat suits exists.

          If you think those stupid things helps, be my guest. Just don’t claim ‘i fucken love science’ and that it should be mandated.

          Here in Quebec the piece of shit in power said it would ‘stop the spread’ and said it would keep us open. INFECTION RATES SHOT UP. Guess what? The criminal Legault is set to lock the province down and stopped surgeries.

          Try and tell me any of these assholes in power know what they’re doing. Ga’head.

          They made it WORSE with these stupid fucken measures. We were better off doing nothing because the trade-offs have been HORRIFIC.

          1. Rufus, I’m an engineer. I am not pushing a mandate and I hate it when the fucking Democrats call themselves the party of science. They have no more interest in science than my dog.

            But wearing a mask protects your neighbors. Not to anywhere near 100%. But I’d improved their probability of staying healthy. Because none of this is certain. Everything we do increases or decreases our chances of getting sick.

            Personally I’d prefer to have my “stay well” probability be as high as possible.

            1. If you are an engineer, you must prefer concrete, quantified parameters in order to achieve a technical goal.

              So if masks do not protect “anywhere near 100%”, what do you think a meaningful level of protection would be? Under what conditions? And would that achieve a measurable level of infection reduction–and what level would that be that justifies legal impositions on people and institutions?

              1. Some of the worse studies on masks out there are by engineers.

                Just saying.

                1. Could be, Rufus. Beats me.

            2. You sound like a terrible engineer. Want to buy my anti tiger rock?

              There is zero correlation between mask usage/policy and infection rates. Zero. You’re a terrible engineer.

              1. Any engineer who adds something that “might help some” to a system or design, especially at great cost (or ignoring cost), should relinquish the title of engineer.

                Imagine that kind of approach to aircraft design. All the safety systems that “might help some” would prevent flying. Obviously stupid (unless not flying is the goal).

                1. Hope Boeing doesn’t read this.

                2. Yeah skeptic, because aircraft design and viruses are exactly the same. Plenty of engineering involves probability. That’s why they make us learn stats, dumbass. And aircraft systems fail regularly, what protects aviators is redundancy.

                  I’m a scientist, you and Jesse are political hacks defending your political view. So no more wasting time on y’all.

                  1. I have to say I’m with bevis on this one.
                    Masks are generally useless, particularly for personal protection.
                    But… if an infected wearer has a mask on at the moment when they cough or sneeze, it reduces the range that the virus is propelled. This is a good thing.

                    Forcing healthy people to wear masks everywhere is not.

                    1. Asymptomatic carriers is the specific challenge of this virus, though.

                    2. “Cloth face coverings help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others. Such face coverings, according to the guidance, would not be intended to protect the wearer, but rather prevent the wearer from unknowingly spreading the disease when in public.”
                      CDC: “A mask is NOT a substitute for social distancing. Masks should still be worn in addition to staying at least 6 feet apart.”
                      Deborah Birx cautioned that encouraging Americans to use masks or face coverings to help prevent spread of the virus should not lull people into a “false sense of security.”
                      “The most important thing is the social distancing and washing your hands,” she said. “And we don’t want people to get an artificial sense of protection because they’re behind a mask.

                      So yeah, wearing a mask doesn’t protect you from catching the virus. Not sure how that point got lost in the less filling/tastes great debate.

                    3. Asymptomatic carriers is the specific challenge of this virus, though.

                      Even the CDC has admitted that Covid does not spread among asymptomatic carriers. Jesus Christ shreeky, check the 50 center talking points more often if you want to keep that gravy train rolling.

                    4. If you’re asymptomatic then you’re not coughing and sneezing, which are the only reason to wear a mask.

                    5. Talking, breathing, and especially singing indoors (which is why churches have been frequent culprits in super spreader events worldwide) still pass particles, coughing or no.

                    6. Talking, breathing, and especially singing indoors (which is why churches have been frequent culprits in super spreader events worldwide) still pass particles, coughing or no.

                      Churches have not been the main vectors of COVID outbreaks. Nursing homes and prisons have. Stop lying.

                  2. Plenty of engineering involves probability. That’s why they make us learn stats, dumbass.

                    So then what part of “masks have no statistically significant effect on the transmission of respiratory viruses” – CDC, published in NEJM – do you have a difficult time comprehending? What part of .01% fatality rate do you have a difficult time comprehending?

                    1. If for no other reason if Susie at the checkout lane, who is doing so at great personal risk is wearing one all day then don’t be a shmuck. As a courtesy to her wear one also. I am bored with all of this whining about it anyway.

            3. At this point I’d prefer to just get it and have it over with. Sounds highly preferable to the shit we’ve been subjected to for the past 9 months.

        3. If you are wearing a mask the mask will capture some of your particles.

          While letting through 100% of the virus because the virus is 10-100 times smaller than the pores in the mask.

          Mother of fucking Christ. It’s perfectly OK to just admit you’re utterly and hopelessly ignorant on a topic and shut the fuck up about it instead of violently exposing your ignorance and thinking it’s actually an argument.

          1. Droplets evaporate very quickly. The virus is still there. Has anyone here ever seen anyone wearing a mask who doesn’t fiddle with it and touch it all the time?

      2. Whether masks are effective or not is irrelevant to government actions. The government has no role in mandating that I wear or do anything even if it would be prudent to my own health and safety. Not masks. Not seatbelts. Not large sugary sodas. Not illicit drugs. Full stop.

        If people choose to wear or not wear masks, that’s their decision. If private businesses want to make wearing masks mandatory on their property that’s their business. Government should stay out of it. Their role is to secure our rights, not our health.

        1. well said

    3. Because he hung out with people who didn’t wear them.

      You anti-maskers either don’t understand probability or you’re just too caught up in following Trump. Or don’t get what masks are supposed to do. Masks are not 100% effective, but they decrease the likelihood

      1. Masks protect the people around the mask wearer. Some at least.

        1. Not proven.

        2. No they don’t. Social distancing might, masks do shit. They’ve studied this for 40 years. Masks are worn by doctors and dentists for bacteria, not viruses.

          1. They do have bio suits and masks to protect from viruses. People are not wearing those.

          2. Jesse, yes they do. They inhibit virus movement from the people that wear them. Not 100%, but some. The one study I’ve seen suggests 70% improvement but who knows.

            You are correct that distancing does more, unless you’re unlucky as to airflow related to air conditioning or whatever.

            1. More citations that keep falling off.

              1. I thought asking for citations is not allowed around here.

                1. Cite for that?

                  1. Sigh, I should have bookmarked one of the many comments where CACLLs claim that I am doing something wrong by asking them for citations too often. Don’t have one handy.

                    1. You ask for them and then refuse to click them. Youre worthless.

                    2. JesseAz, are you going to answer my question on the other thread about what groundwork you did to establish that voting data should follow a normal distribution?

            2. I’m going to say this ONCE.

              We have 100 years of RCT studies that show masks are ineffective and some specifically address your claims. Most are in hospital settings because of the controlled variable. Much harder to conduct studies in community settings.Where they managed, the results are actually pretty pathetic and weak. We just saw a major RCT study in a community setting CLEARLY show there was no measurable impact.

              WTF? You can’t just ignore this. Nor can you just spin these studies nitpicking at the data looking for whatever confirms your bias.

              As for the 70%, it’s worth noting several of the pro-mask studies that have come out and cited in 2020 are usually hastily put together (sometimes by people outside the sciences) and are OBSERVATIONAL. That is, one notch below RCT.

              In those where the methodology was adequate (but hardly solid), the best they could come up with was 10%-30% provided HIGH COMPLIANCE and social distancing. In those studies, they admit masks on their own aren’t useful and that they’re merely an added tool.

              It’s an unnecessary and redundant tool. At 10%-20% (30% is too high) it suggest VOLUNTARY usage. Not mandatory.

              And the politicians in their behavior have all but shown you what they think of masks.

              It’s all theatre and BULL SHIT.

              Wake up.

            3. Bevis, no they don’t, air is simply redirected from purely forward to radiating out. You are simply changing the direction of the breath.

              The one study I’ve seen suggests 70% improvement but who knows.

              No lab based study shows this. The one where they sealed a mask around a tube between two cages of mice only showed modest reduction, and that was with a sealed mask around a tube. That’s not how people wear masks.

              1. You are full of shit. I’ve personally posted over a dozen studies here showing mask effectiveness.

                Stop lying.

                1. No, you’ve posted 2 studies from within the last 2 months whose conclusion was that the efficacy of masks was indeterminate. Since you don’t read your own cites and just copy them from Democratic Underground hoping nobody else will either, it’s easy to get confused, especially when your have a sub-80 IQ.

                  Also, remember when you got banned for posting child porn, shreek?

                2. I said lab studies you retarded fuck. Most of what you post are moving, not lab studies.

                  Holy shit stolen Valor, stop proving your low iq.

                  1. Modeling, not moving

        3. Your citations fell off.

          The masks 90%+ of people wear say “NOT FOR MEDICAL USE”.

          1. The Difference Between Alternative Masks and Surgical Masks for COVID-19

            Non-FDA-regulated masks, including homemade masks.

            May reduce the likelihood of transmitting the virus by the wearer, but they are not proven to protect health care staff or patients.

            This is a citation unreason bot.

          2. Yeah, and Q-tips say “do not place in ear canal” despite the fact that everyone does exactly that.

            You’re taking what legal departments recommend manufacturers say to avoid lawsuits, and conflating it with factual pronouncements.

      2. Please show your work. There is no correlation between area covid rates and mask policy or usage.

        1. Jesse I did. It’s up above. Think about what happens to the stuff that leaves your face when you’re not wearing a mask. And what happens to the same stuff when a mask is there to inhibit it.

          It’s that simple difference.

          1. Citations unreason bot.

          2. ….yet numbers are as bad as April with dramatically more wearing of masks…

          3. Hi Bevis,
            So questions that I think Jesse/Rufus was alluding to with their statements is that places like here in MT we’ve had mask mandates since July. Deaths reported keep climbing, cases keep climbing. Why didn’t they go down with the masks? I don’t like many others want to hear they’d be higher without them, probablys, cans, shoulds, mays, most likely’s don’t cut it. It’s a get out of Jail free card for those that feel they do wonders. Also don’t use studies where it’s random one ofs like the hair salon or hamsters, or a dummy blowing fluorescent spray measured to justify their efficacy, again why is the above still happening in my state; we just didn’t try/mask hard enough???? Show us mass positive results (from masks alone, no other measures put in place) that aren’t actually due to prison style social distancing and other authoritarian measures (New Zeland, Australia, China) that are actually the cause not a mask, that’s cop out with.

            1. It’s actually worse than that and you allude to it.

              Politicians aren’t even tracking the results. They’re just saying cases are going up because ‘people aren’t listening’.

              That means, ‘we need to increase beatings to improve morale’.

              At this point it’s just plain out of control and Reason is contributing to it. They’re a magazine that ostensibly is supposed to bring clarity to topics. Not here they ain’t.

            2. It’s almost as if there are more variables than whether or not there’s a mask mandate.

              Look, this thing is brand new. And the governors and mayors arbitrarily making up mandates and claiming science as their reason (and then ignoring the mandate themselves) are full of shit. Science is still trying to figure this thing out. So most of what we’re getting from science right now is a “beats me” shrug.

              So I personally choose to do things that will tilt probabilities in my favor. I’m in Texas so I’ve really got no choice anyway, but when we’re around strangers indoors I wear a mask.

              But I’m not running around like a screaming paranoid. We hosted a 10 person Thanksgiving including our children and spouses and grandchildren, and will do the same for Christmas.

              I hate how this shit has been politicized and lay a lot of that on the media. But I’m gonna use my judgement to try to stay safe.

              I’m gonna stop this now, as we’re not accomplishing anything.

              1. You don’t sneeze directly into people’s open mouths?

                COMMIE ALERT!

                1. It’s almost like nobody in the history of humanity goes around blowing snot in other people’s mouths in the middle of the grocery store, so masks don’t do a fucking thing.

              2. It’s almost as if there are more variables than whether or not there’s a mask mandate.

                If mask wearing were the panacea you claim it is then mask mandates should be a pretty fucking good proxy for reduction in infection rates and fatalities.

                It’s almost as if you’re a total and complete fucking brainlet talking out of your ass.

          4. You are not addressing your major assumption. What we might care about is a correlation of mask wearing (ignoring types, fit, protocols, etc.) and infection. Not “stuff” leaving your face. You can assume that stuff leaving your face correlates (linearly? other?) with infection, but you have to quantify that.

          5. You didn’t prove anything sweetie.. you inferred about a study that doesn’t exist.

            1. I STRONGLY urge anti-maskers to continue not wearing a mask and go to large indoor gatherings.

              1. If you want them to catch the ‘rona and die to prove you right, you’re going to have to fatten them up for another few months in lockdown until they get diabetes. Oh, and if you can invent a time machine to make them 80 years old, that would help a lot too. Because everyone else who gathers in large groups without masks has the exact same infection and fatality rate as pathetic bootlicking pussies like you hiding under their bed with a face diaper waiting for the benevolent Uber Eats magic man to bring your Boca burger.

              2. I’m not over 70 and am not a fucking fat ass. I am more likely to die driving to work every day. Go back to wapo with a the other baristas with useless college degrees.

        2. O rly? Then why did MA, one of the original hotspots, become so much better over time than the states that embrace the “freedom” tou cough onto your neighbors while violating the private property rights of store owners who request mask usage?

          1. “Hey, if I cherry-pick one blue state, I can ignore all the other blue states that aren’t doing well!”

      3. You have ZERO proof for what you’re spewing.


        You’re just using pseudo-science to mask you’re sheep.

        1. The spread of this disease is so full of confounding variables and probabilities as to be completely unknowable. It is incomprehensible. And like any unknowable, incomprehensible phenomenon, people fall back to religious talismans to protect them in an attempt to “control” the uncontrollable.

          This, like any, virus is bizarre. I spent 2 hours in a small car with a COVID positive person and I and another person never contracted it. This was despite the fact that he was coughing and maskless (though he did cough into his arm). 2 hours, with him no more than 2 feet away from me.

          Wearing masks may be protective to some extent, but the focus on it is mere religious zeal. And the belief that you can hold someone accountable for not wearing a mask is absolutely batshit, sky-god worshiping insanity.

          1. Here’s an anecdote that is totes on par with the stats of millions of cases.

            1. The stats that show 70% of the people who contracted coronachan wore masks all the time or most of the time? Those stats shreek?

              1. It was 90% actually.

      4. You anti-maskers

        You are a disingenuous piece of shit. Saying the masks don’t work is not ‘anti-mask’ you fucking liar. They don’t work because you can get the virus in your eyes, which drain right into your nose, which is where the virus enters the body. Even with a mask people expel the virus into the environment, it settles, people touch surfaces and then touch their eyes and nose. For heaven’s sake, just watch people wearing masks, you have to adjust it constantly which is actually the worse than not wearing a mask without washing your hands every time.

        Medical personnel wash their hands and wear gloves, which is exactly what Fauci said in March and it was right then just like it is now. Masks are counterproductive if worn improperly because they force people to touch their face and they make people overconfident so they don’t wash their hands.

        You fucking idiots are getting it all wrong. The only good thing that will come of this is it will no longer be socially acceptable for people to hack up a lung in public spaces anymore.

        1. I will accept that masks do some small work to protect people. But when you are reducing the spread by 10 – 20% you actually aren’t REDUCING the number of cases. You are just slowing it marginally. The virus will still eventually get to people.

          Even worse, people now trust mask wearing more than social distancing. That is absurd. They do this for the same reason that people overwhelmingly chose the first run of the Toyota Prius over the Hybrid Civics despite the latter being a superior car at the time- It was a conspicuous social signal.

          1. “You are just slowing it marginally.”

            Which is helpful when you are having a holiday season surge and ICU units are starting to fill up.

            1. Which I would be prepared to accept. Unfortunately the cheer leaders on your side are not making that argument. They are insisting that it is how to prevent the spread of the virus. Slowing it down marginally is not the same thing.

              1. My side?

                1. Beta cuck lefties.

            2. Neither of which is actually happening, but keep hoping you pathetic fucking boolicking pussy.

            3. The vast majority of ICU usage isn’t for covid complications fuckwit. They operate generally at 90% capacity.

              For fuck sake, why can’t you assholes learn basic facts.

          2. How do you think viral spread is “slowed”?

            By reducing the number of cases. That’s the only mechanism.

            1. Are you truly this much of a moron? It does not reduce cases. The same number of cases will occur merely over a longer period of time.

              1. ….

                Are you sure you don’t want to read that again, before you go around throwing the moron word at people?

                What happened to make the timeline extend, in your flawed assumptions example? The number of cases in the shorter term was reduced. Hence, the only mechanism for slowing viral spread is to reduce the number of cases. Hence, you should take measures to prevent people catching the bug. That’s how you “slow” transmission.

                Honestly, does anyone else want to give a crack at explaining this to him/her?

              2. Bingo. It delays the inevitable – by 10%-30% at best.

                Hence, it’s STUPID.

                It doesn’t save lives. It doesn’t save businesses. It doesn’t save shit.

                Again, it was an absurd sentence penned by Elizabeth. Not worthy of a publication called ‘Reason’.

          3. reducing the spread by 10-20% is the difference between keeping the caseload manageable and 10’s of thousands of unnecessary deaths if the healthcare system is overloaded…… a 20% reduction would get us out of the potential mess we have approaching.

            1. 2 weeks to flatten the curve! Hurrrrrrrrr durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

              Why are you dragging out all these ancient socks shreek? Dajjal, Foo_dd. Do you really think nobody remembers the dozens of times you outed yourself, you pedophile piece of shit?

              1. i never supported the lock downs, so you can put your straw men away for who ever the fuck you are accusing me of being. one of the many problems with them was the BS time tables they put up. this was always going to be a long ordeal, and those trying to pretend it was going to be over quick (like the orange one you worship) were always wrong. the lack of honesty is one legitimate gripe you guys have…. that you completely seem to have missed the point of. it was clear to me very early on that we were all probably going to be wearing masks for the entire year. I’m sorry that you were not smart enough to figure that out yourself.

                we went through the whole summer keeping the spread rate low enough to get by just with masks, and many people still refusing to do even that….. we are not doing that now…. now the spread rate is on course to break the healthcare system. now, the reason is probably the change in season and more people being indoors longer. but, if those who have been proud of their stupidiy would do the thing that nobody else has pretended they are too good to do…… maybe we could avoid giving the government an excuse to screw us over more. if you don’t like the shut downs, then why are you so intent on ensuring that they have the excuse?

            2. I’m stunned.

              They’re like pods in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

            3. Do you know of any decent studies estimating how many people have died because hospitals were overloaded? Given how rarely that has occurred, it doesn’t seem obvious that that is a significant contributor to the death rate.

              1. it has not yet in the US happened. it did happen in Italy, and that is part of the reason the fatality rate for that country is 9%. about 19% of cases are classified as severe or critical. if/when hospital capacity is exceeded, these people are at high risk……. they are people who are likely to survive with treatment who may die without it. as long as hospitals do not exceed capacity covid fatality rate will remain low. once you start rationing care, those who would have survived with treatment who can no longer get it start to die.

      5. is isn’t that they do not get it, they REFUSE to get it…… the ignorance is deliberate, because they can’t believe anything that even sounds like it is in agreement with those they perceive as the enemy. they think that understanding that masks work would somehow imply they agree with government mandating it……

        1. Hey shreek, remember when Dr. Fauci wrote in the NEJM that masks were “talismans” for the medical community and had no use case for general pop?

        2. is isn’t that they do not get it, they REFUSE to get it

          You are nothing but a lying troll and have been called out in multiple threads for it. This is not about denial of science. ALL the science except for a few recent studies say that even N-95 masks are not effective in a viral outbreak. The recent studies show N-95 masks can’t be proven to prevent infection at all and barely affect transmission. Cloth masks were shown to potentially be worse than nothing.

          If masks worked, I would advocate for people to wear them, but they don’t. They may even make the situation worse because people believe they are safer while wearing one. Sure, they will prevent coughs and sneezes from travelling further, but the crook of your arm actually does a better job. Plus, sneezing in a mask is disgusting and unhealthy.

          Getting people to wash their hands and not touch their face, even if wearing a mask would go a lot further towards mitigating infection.

          1. “Cloth masks were shown to potentially be worse than nothing.”

            you sir…. are a liar.

      6. Cite an experimental study that demonstrates that. I’ll wait.


          That wasn’t hard to find. At all.

          1. Except it doesn’t prove what needs proving – that it reduces virus transmission. Just because it reduces droplet dispersion doesn’t mean it does a damn thing to a virus. (For example, the virus might be aerosolized, and masks won’t do a thing about that).

            You need to experimentally measure differences in virus transmission or it really doesn’t count.

            1. Stolen Valor even claimed above that masks helped most with asymptomatic people. Fucking idiot doesn’t get why this is funny.

        2. Side note: while the experimental research literature on *masks* rejects any significant effect on respiratory viral transmission (and if there is an effect, it’s very tiny), there’s ample evidence that social distancing decreases respiratory viral transmission substantially.

          Social Distancing: supported by evidence (do this)
          Masks: not supported by evidence

          Arguably, that makes mask mandates worse for public health, because your average non-scientist treats the mask as a magical talisman that protects them from disease, and stops properly social distancing.

          1. He doesn’t read his links. Just like he didnt serve in the armed forces.

          2. That’s a big part of why Sweden and other countries don’t recommend masks. It gives a false sense of security.

            Recommending distancing is probably reasonable. Just stop calling it “social distancing”. What a horrible term.

            1. :shrug: – people call it social distancing. Fighting a linguistic battle over it when there’s an understood term seems stupid, even if the term is more idiomatic than descriptive.

              1. I’m not actually expending a lot of energy on it.

    4. Because God exists and this is proof that He loves us.

    5. It’s because he didn’t believe hard enough.

    6. It’s not clear when or where Hinch caught the virus.

      Note the caveat–“It’s not clear when or where Hinch caught the virus.” So basically, no one knows, but they’re going to blame the non-mask wearers anyway, because Maskthulu is a jealous god.

  3. They two of them together add up to one person.

  4. Kim Kardashian West and many others had been lobbying President Donald Trump to spare Brandon Bernard’s life.

    The president saw that “I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island” Instagram post of hers and the mockery it got and decided he wasn’t going to listen to her anymore.

    1. How can you blame people who aren’t infected for giving you an infection?

      1. Wasn’t supposed to be a response.

  5. Taking away Visa and MasterCard only hurts the individual creators and the industry.

    Censors and puritans don’t care who gets hurt, they’re on a righteous quest.

    1. “…they’re on a righteous quest”

      Right over a cliff.

    2. But they’re private platforms so you’re a Nazi if you oppose them doing this.


      Right ENB? Right White Knight?
      Libertarian philosophy should only be endorsed for government.

      bUiLd yUr oWn cReDiT cArD

      1. I might be hoist on my own petard on this one, but I would prefer that people not be able to user their credit card on pornhub than that the government take control of the credit card companies or pornhub.

        I’m not equipped to debate very deeply on this one. I’m not an expert on VISA. Is it a truly private company with no quasi-governmental aspects to its nature? I’m not sure.

        1. The entire financial sector is so regulated to the point of being a government extension. Patriot act provisions required creditors and banks to know not just their customer’s activity, but their customers’ customers’ activities. You can’t even deposit $10k without having to self snitch on a government form. It is exhausting.

          1. It’s a real pain in the ass having to pay for your child porn in Bitcoin, eh shreeky?

        2. No company america is truly private, they are all quasi-governmental.

          1. I know. That is technically true, but some are in much deeper than others, so it’s a matter of degree.

        3. I would prefer that people not be able to user their credit card on pornhub than that the government take control of the credit card companies or pornhub.

          Nice fallacious reasoning, but the false dichotomy you present isn’t correct. It’s not just A or B, there’s a C, D and E too. Government intervention isn’t the only solution.
          But even if it was, VISA and MasterCard didn’t achieve market dominance ex nihilo. They wrote most of the government credit card regulations themselves. Corporatist entities aren’t exactly private.

          1. Well, like I said, I don’t know that much about VISA, but if they are truly quasi-governmental then they should be required to be an “common carrier” for financial transactions that are not illegal.

            1. If only you would admit this on every other topic we could save so much time.

              1. Twitter, Facebook, for example, are not anything close to being common carrier monopolies. Nobody needs to be on Twitter or Facebook, or have Twitter or Facebook post their content.

      2. Let me turn this around, ML. What do you want to happen in the scenario that ENB presented?

        1. See above.

          1. More specific, please. You were vague above.

            1. He wants carriers to act as carriers dipshit.

    4. People pay for porn?

  6. Sorry ENB but isn’t this where you remind everyone that Visa and Mastercard are private companies and if they want to blacklist porn producers from using their network then they can just go create their own? What, it’s not…fuck you you hypocritical leftist cunt.

    1. Throw in it is on the internet so they should get full protection.

    2. Once they stark making pro-Biden porn (probably already exists) she’ll defend it. No principles, only principals.

    3. It’s pretty scary how Reason isn’t questioning the censorship abomination on social media lazily and unconvincingly hiding behind ‘muh private corp’. I think the situation is a little more problematic now.

      They straight up, for example, expert scientists and doctors with excellent track records and reputations for daring to question the accepted narrative. Apparently, the final say is the WHO and ‘local authorities’ when it comes to this casedemic.

      1. Meanwhile conservatives who feel wronged by Twitter are flocking to parler, and just about every social media pundit out there is starting a substack. Acknowledging that the free market is addressing the problem messes up the quest to have government control social media.

        1. Hey remember when you said the same thing about Gab, and then their bank, credit card processor, ISP, domain registrar, and cloud hosting provider all colluded to take them off the internet?

          1. Nope, don’t remember any conversation about “Gab”.

            1. Oh, so you’re just an idiot who doesn’t know basic arguments about the topic at hand. Gab has been brought up in these discussions a lot. So you’re either a fucking idiot or being intentionally dishonest on argumentation.

              1. Bring it up again. Don’t remember having a discussion about it.

          2. Freedom of association is a real mofo, huh?

    4. Access to porn is obviously more important than mere political and philosophical speech. What do you think ENB’s priorities are?

  7. Time magazine named Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as its “Person of the Year.”

    Meaningless if they didn’t get the Nobel also for not being Trump.

    1. They will get one for starting the great war with Russia.

      1. The Biden’s do have an in on bringing in 900 million screaming Chinamen on our side.

    2. And must be in the same calendar year; Tiger Slams don’t count.

    3. They have to promise to start 3 new wars to get that prize.

    4. “Person of the Year”, not People of the Year.
      Looks like Time let its mask slip. Poor Joe

  8. How are you going to give this to politicians who haven’t taken office yet in a year when doctors risked their lives on a mass scale and vaccine researchers triumphed with unprecedented speed?

    That might lead to the contribution the Trump administration made being discussed.

    1. Because the doctors merely stopped a pandemic that’s killed a few million people, Joe and Kamala stopped a Literal Hitler who’s killed tens of millions of people.

  9. Is ongoing peace agreements between Israel and muslim countries really not news worthy on this site?

    1. Local story.

    2. Too local.

      Plus it might lead to more Trump popularity than Chocolate Jesus and we cant have that.

      Only Biden can have more Black American support than Obama.

    3. Only if they can give Democrats credit. In this case it’s pretty obvious that Trump is behind it, so it ain’t worth shit.

      Now, in about two months it will be announced that Biden/Harris won the Nobel Peace Prize for security peace in the Middle East…

    4. Morrocco! Major achievement! YUGE!

      1. Morocco

      2. Are you actually implying that it isn’t?

        1. It’s not. Normalization of relations of a small country with Israel, that wasn’t in conflict with Israel in the first place, is a somewhat minor achievement.

          1. Hey, remember when you spent 8 years sucking Obama’s cock and told us that diplomacy in the middle east was an exercise in futility and the only possible option was to occupy Syria permanently?

          2. Morocco is bigger than Iraq with the same size population, and has been in “a state of war” with the “Zionist entity” since Israel was conceived.

            You’re so breathtakingly ignorant and unread, but remarkably opinionated in your ignorance.


              “While Morocco did not recognize Israel as a state, the relationship between the two was secretly maintained after the establishment of Israel in 1948.”

              “Jews have a long historical presence in Morocco, where they are presently the largest Jewish community in the Arab World. The Moroccan government has tolerated its Jewish community, even after the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, facilitating the secret tie between Israel and Morocco. Moroccan-organized Jewish emigration to Israel continued while still manage to maintain strong ties with the Israeli government through its remaining Jews.[16] Moroccan mellahs (Jewish Quarters) also exist in some cities.

              “Morocco is the only Arab nation to have a Jewish museum, which has been praised by Moroccans and Jewish communities alike. A large community of Moroccan Jews live around the world.”

              Some “state of war”…

              1. They went from 6+ decades of “you’re not a country” to “ok you’re a country and we can have official relations now” and you don’t think that’s a pretty major step?

                1. It’s a minor achievement.

                  1. You’re a minor achievement in nothing. You have zero knowledge, yet 110% confidence; is honestly breathtaking to behold the enormity of your combined stupidity and arrogance.

                    Given his many times I’ve witnessed it, Ireally shouldn’t be shutouts, but then you go ahead and syrups me anyway.

                    Seriously, it’s truly lol using wiki as a respected source on international remains in the ME.

                    What a dolt.

                    1. lol,shutouts and syrup equal surprise/d respectively. The other phone errors I assumemoat can figure out, except WK of course.

              2. God damn son. You’ve done more damage to your claim to be a libertarian than ever. Good work.

              3. White Knight

                Official ties and diplomatic relations is a big deal.

                I appreciate your citations because they show that the general perception of “Muslims hate Jews” is not true in a general and historic sense. Muslims and Jews get along just fine in Israel proper for example. The issues have been political and that is coming to an end.

                I give the Trump admin a lot of credit and hope the new admin can keep this ball rolling.

          3. It is the 6th normalization fuckwit.

        2. Getting any Muslim country to say “OK, Israel is indeed a legitimate country” is more progress than just about anyone has made in decades, never mind getting them to agree to not bomb each other.

          TDS is a hell of a drug.

          1. no shit FMDH, can you imagine the fawning tongue-baths from the media that Obama would have gotten for this?

            1. They’d have invented something more prestigious than the Nobel Peace Prize in that situation, and he might’ve actually deserved it unlike his Peace Prize.

        3. Isnt Morocco on the western side of Africa? Do they have a navy? Were they an imminent threat to Israel? Who gives a fuck again?

          1. Yeah, getting Muslims to acknowledge that Israel is a legitimate country isn’t a big deal at all, excellent analysis.

            1. I put it slightly in front of the Pornhub article above, but that’s about it. They weren’t at war before, they’re not at war now, and soon they will be able to open embassies in each other’s capitals.

              1. lol – the US isn’t at war with NK either, but if NK admitted to the weekend and their populace the US want evil by trying to normalize diplomatic relations, would that still be similar to pornhub for you?

                1. weekend = world
                  Stupid phone

          2. Morocco is a big deal for Israel. Morocco has a long history of a once thriving Jewish community. You will find Moroccan culture in Israel which the Mizrachi Jews brought with them. There are still a few there. North Africa was once where Jews fled to escape Christian persecution.

            There would be trade and tourism. So friendly relations are a big win for everyone.

  10. Stop saying “lockdown is not that hard,” implores Bonnie Kristian

    It’s almost like Blue Check Twitter lives in a bubble.

  11. New Hampshire Lawmaker Blames Colleagues for House Speaker’s COVID-19 Death

    Another death while infected propaganda tool.

    Kungflu <1% death rate.

    1. My wife’s uncle did in fact die from it just two weeks ago, so I repeat my personal fuck you to you, lc1789. It matters 100% to those who lose family and friends.

      1. We didn’t kill the economy for heart disease, so there wasn’t any reason to do it for COVID.

        1. I’m not arguing about the economy, I fdo recognize the economic harms the lockdowns bring on and I do also understand that one way or the other it is natural to assume that people will just get fed up over time with being locked down. I grant both of those.

          My personal statement to LC is because he continues to act like COVID is all fake or doesn’t matter. And to me and my family it now matters A LOT.

          Her uncle had the flu dozens of times in his life and survived them all, one time with COVID and he is dead and gone.

          So again, fuck you, lc1789.

          BTW why do you always specifically defend him, and even more so specifically about when I post this? I never throw around the “sock” accusations that are so common around here, but I am starting to wonder…

          1. lc irritates me too on a number of topics, but when has he ever said covid is fake? I think his point has consistently been it is not that deadly based upon currently known information and if he’s correct, your issue would appear to be with the facts and not with lc.

            Having said that, I am sorry for your loss. Losing someone close always sucks.

            But I don’t think lc is attacking you personally even if you decide to let it affect you that way.

            1. No but he is publicly expressing some false and misleading opinions in a public forum on a critical issue which may influence people.

              And people do wear masks in public places in Georgia. I was just there.

              Criticism is warranted here.

        2. Is heart disease infectious?

  12. How Judges And Democrats Colluded To Force DACA On Americans Even Though It’s Illegal

    Trump is definitely getting DACA shut down in his second term.

  13. Judge allows michigan SoS to intervene in a potential audit of voting boxes and software in Michigan.

    The intervention request came after Elsenheimer allowed a forensic audit of the machines by a team on Sunday.

    Nothing to see here. Just doing whatever they can to stop any hard evidence that could be found. The same evidence reason is demanding as proof.

    1. Technically Dec 8 was the states last chance to challenge internal election problems. They should have done all this investigating weeks ago.

      It’s now in the hands of the State legislatures relating to EC, the SCOTUS, and Joint Session of Congress to count and contest the EC votes.

      Notice Democrats scrambling now that the SCOTUS and state legislatures are not going to let Biden steal this election.

      1. Trump campaign got all their lawsuits filed by Dec 8 and that was intentional. Trump is not going to give the courts any excuses to waive away election fraud based on missed deadlines.

      2. Ginsburg is on record in the Bush V Gore case saying it isn’t until Jan 6th that anything matters.

      3. Well, good luck with that.

    2. From the article you linked to

      The intervention request came after [judge] Elsenheimer allowed a forensic audit of the machines by a team on Sunday.

      He [DePerno] said that his team is already in possession of the “forensic images” and that “some conclusions” have already been made from the information. [Attorney for the plaintiff] DePerno also took notice of how Benson’s office characterized an apparent glitch that temporarily invalidated 6,000 votes erroneously tabulated for President-elect Joe Biden rather than Trump. He said the state has characterized it as a tabulation error.

      “We believe now that that statement was false,” DePerno claimed, adding that they have seen “serious security breaches.”

      So it sounds like the hard evidence, if it exists, is already in the hands of the plaintiff’s legal team. I welcome these types of investigations and I look forward to seeing what they found.

      Also, the article isn’t entirely clear on, precisely, the SoS will be able to intervene. Do you happen to know?

      1. From what I’ve inferred from their statements, they are seeking a return of all machines or images of the machines because they fear they will be utilized to “spread misinformation.” Which makes no actual sense.

        1. That would indeed be BS. I hope that request fails.

    3. From the article, it sounds like all the Secretary of State asked for was to be involved in the investigation. To “have a seat at the table”.

      1. Kind of a big step forward considering you keep telling us there should be no investigations because this was the cleanest election ever in the recorded history of humanity.

        1. I have never said any such thing.

          1. You’ve just said no court should partake in any type of discovery to uncover any fraud. And that without said evidence, all claims are invalid. Youre a joke.

            1. Link to where I said that no court should partake in any type of discovery to uncover any fraud.

  14. the earnest blaming of people for the spread of a respiratory virus that in a rather large percentage of people either show no symptoms or mild to the point of regarding it as a hangover is so overtly disgusting and paranoid I don’t know where to begin. There aren’t harsh enough words for the subhuman apes who are blaming other people for the deaths for political purposes. I will caveat this with people who walk around blowing their nose and coughing on everything insisting they are actually okay.

    1. It is simply the start of America’s version of the red guard or ss. And democrats are embracing it.

      1. You say this as if “Trump army” or “are you willing to give your life for this” aren’t a thing

        1. Yes, that’s what happens in a hyper-polarized political environment. What, you thought this was only supposed to go in one direction?

          1. I never signed up for “Dem army” or whatever and didn’t go to any riots, so, I only see it in one direction. Joe Biden is not sending emails to anyone that say anything even remotely like this:

            Dear [email recipient]-

            How do you want to be remembered?
            As a Patriot who fought to Keep America Great? Or as an un-American Liberal who stood idly by as Radical Democrats ripped our nation apart?

  15. The Ohio legislature has passed a bill requiring aborted fetuses to be buried or cremated.

    Get them to sign an organ donor card before, um, you know.

    1. Does the bill have anything to say about clumps of cells?

  16. Andrew Yang! Let’s go!

    1. The guy promoting voter fraud?

        1. Lol. Your own link literally quotes the tweet where he said he was moving to Georgia to vote for the Democratic candidates. Holy fuck shreek. Have you fucked so many kids now that your brain has devolved to the level of a 5 year old?

          1. It is amazing to watch.

    1. 18 states now.

      Their secondary argument on standing is quite impressive. The senate represents the states. Texas is a state. The VP os a tie breaking vote in the senate. So an unconstitutional voting process harms them through that mechanism. Then again trump said he was going to join on to get around any questionable standing since individuals can be absorbed into a state v state lawsuit when needed.

      1. Definitely. Even more impressive is that Texas obviously had this lawsuit cocked and loaded and kept it secret for days or weeks.

      2. Lol Jesse. Bring some of this stuff over to Volokh. Pretty please.

        1. Tell us more about the 10 indictments Trump is facing from the Mueller report, shreeky.

        2. Why? Read the fucking material on Texas website. I dont need people to tell me what to think, you rely on Vox we get it. Mutliple lawyers have argued for and against the suit as lawyers do for every court claim shit for brains.

        3. I linked to the Volokh article already and he won’t read it. Already tried this. He’s not interested in it, only the NewsMax version. As if the fact that a number of AGs are willing to do performance art is connected to the actual merit or success of the suit or the quality of the “evidence.”

    2. The Supreme Court just rejected the Texas lawsuit with a one-page rejection letter.

  17. Greenwald unloads on the MSM (including Reason) over hunter biden.

    This site should be embarrassed.

    1. Let’s look at media coverage of the investigation, started in 2018, from before the election…

      Russian disinformation all the way down they said. Just embarrassing.

      1. Great thread. Thanks.

      1. Biden was offered the nomination for Democrats in exchange the Biden family criminal investigations would go away.

        Biden was the only Democrat candidate that would get legacy Chocolate Jesus supporters out to vote, commit election fraud, and riot.

    2. It’s the Trump DOJ. I’ll believe it when I see and examine the evidence with my own eyes.

      1. It is non d.c. federal agents dumbfuck. Trump isn’t directing them. Way below his direction. Also stated in 2018. The evidence of laundering is already public. Structured 5 million dollar loan to look like consultation payments. They have the wire transfers.

        1. Loan completely forgivable, ie a gift.

        2. Federal prosecutors in New York are investigating Trump forcrissake.

      2. ” I’ll believe it when I see and examine the evidence with my own eyes”

        Well shit, let’s get you packed and off to FBI headquarters so that you can begin your expert forensic examination.

        1. *after serving his country.

          But if you check veterans’ cancer rates, there is something service connected go around. Anecdotally, I have had 2 close friends die of cancer in their thirties or early forties after deploying.

          1. fucking squirrel comment placement.

          2. You never served stolen valor.

    3. OK, good. Lock him up. That being said, I can’t help but point out your hypocrisy.

      Breaking news: Black Sheep Son does something untoward!

      The good son died. In service to his country. Something a Trump would never consider.

      Nothing on the scale of using your newly found admin position to force Qatar into funding your $1.2 billion dollar anchor, but still deserves an honorable mention.

      1. tHaNK yOu FOr yOUr SeRViCe!!!!!!

      2. 3 weeks ago you called this all Russian disinformation shit for brains.

    4. Great article by the last honest journalist.

  18. A new paper in the journal Personality and Individual Differences suggests “that victimhood is a stable and meaningful personality tendency.”

    A newly manifesting one? Since it’s only recently that victimhood comes with unquestionable power.

    1. Old news. Everything is so terrible and unfair. tm.

  19. Leftist Jews Are Helping Whitewash Raphael Warnock’s Long Anti-Israel Record

    Senator Perdue beat Jon Ossoff by 80,000 votes. That is with every Democrat who could vote for Ossoff did.

    Georgia is getting two Republican Senators for 6 more years. Just like Trump is getting a second term as President.

    1. Even funnier is that Democrats will have to accept the results of the Georgia runoff election where Perdue and Loeffler beat the Democrat challengers. If they contest the results, then it gives Trump support that the election has problems. HAHAHA

      1. And you don’t find it ironic that you support the elections where R’s won while claiming that they are legit while claiming the ones where Trump lost are fake….?

    2. Libertarian senate candidate in GA got over 100K votes. He is not part of the runoff. If the common belief that libertarians lean R when they are forced to choose, the GA senate seats are safely R in this runoff.

    3. The Supreme Court and ACB are going to drop the Texas lawsuit so fast it will make your head spin. He is going to lose, and it will be embarrassingly bad.

  20. BREAKING: Now the Democrat Attorneys General Align with Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia – Nearly Every State Has Picked Sides

    HAHAHA. 12th Amendment here we come.

    Biden loses the legal vote count AND the 12A vote count.

    1. BREAKING: Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives Joins Texas in Suit Against Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia

      HAHA. Democrats cannot control all the Republican controlled state legislatures and they have the sole constitutional responsibility of sending Electors.

      HAHA. “President-Elect” is trying to act President-Electal by still picking cabinet members to remain in the news. Poor Biden has to fire all those cabinet-elect members.

      1. And another way around the standing issue the cosplay libertarians were hoping for.

      1. This certainly implies the fix, but I wouldn’t say it confirms the fix.

    2. GEORGIA EXCLUSIVE: Election Official Gabriel Sterling Admitted Hiring Counters from the far-left ACLU – Did He Also Allow ACLU Registrars to Fix Voter Registration Records on Election Day?

      HAHA. Not only does Trump become more popular in 2020 than 2016. Trump wins reelection with the legal vote count. Trump outs more RINOs and LINOs. Trump gets corrupt Democrat state officials to out themselves. Trump gets Hunter Biden to turn states evidence on Daddy Biden.

      “n”th D chess! MAGA!

    3. Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee Will Hold Official Legislative Hearing on Election Integrity with Subpoena Power Tomorrow Morning

      NO…Not AZ. We have been assured that Arizona is firmly for Biden and that the elections were run without election fraud.

      1. So your logic is “an investigation being held means that the accused is guilty.”

        Now do Mueller.

    4. OUTRAGEOUS: Corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger Is Opening an Investigation Into County That Uncovered Major Issues with Dominion Voting Machines

      I guess Raffensperger realized that Democrats wont vote for his reelection in 2022, so he better act tough as a RINO will.

  21. Minneapolis lawmakers voted yesterday to yank funding from local cops.

    Where are they even going to get that $8 million in the first place without their police out there taxing citizens every day?

    1. From rich people, duh.

  22. Why are there to low IQ thieves on the cover of Time?

    1. two

    2. To be fair, Time did once recognize Hitler (the original) as Man of the Year. And Stalin.

  23. The clock is running out on the 2020 Congress, and the current status of the stimulus talks is that it doesn’t look like there will be a stimulus bill that the Republicans (or President Trump) will support.

    “WASHINGTON—Top Senate Republicans signaled Thursday they wouldn’t accept a bipartisan group’s efforts to craft a compromise on state and local governments and liability protections during the pandemic, undercutting the coalition’s attempt to break the months-long impasse over a coronavirus relief package.”

    Of special interest to libertarians is this bit in the same article:

    “Nationwide, the U.S. state budget shortfall from 2020 through 2022 could amount to about $434 billion, according to data from Moody’s Analytics. State workers are being laid off and are taking pay cuts, and the retirement benefits for police, firefighters, teachers and other government workers are under more pressure.”


    This, my fellow non-TDS libertarians, is what it looks like when the government gets smaller. Winning! And make no mistake, if no stimulus bill is passed and state and local government gets smaller and the outrageous pension benefits of government employees in states like California, Illinois, and New York are eventually cut out of necessity, it won’t be because Libertarians voted for Jo Jorgensen. It will be because President Trump and senate Republicans stubbornly refused to sign onto a stimulus package that bailed out state and local government.

    If you’re the kind of “principled” libertarian who would keep government big and government pensions as well funded as possible–rather than vote for President Trump and the Republicans–then shame on you.

    1. Defunding the police after all.

      1. If you can’t tell the difference between getting rid of the police and objecting to showering them with outrageous pension benefits, then you’re an idiot.

    2. You used to be interesting, but this whole “You’re either with the Republicans or you’re a red-diaper-doper-baby” shtick is getting really old.

      1. If the stimulus bill dies and the states aren’t bailed out, it will be because of President Trump and the senate Republicans regardless of whether you like or don’t like something about me personally.

        1. P.S. If the stimulus bill dies, in part, because President Trump refuses to bail out state and local government, that will be true regardless of whether there’s something you don’t like about President Trump personally, too.

        2. Sarcasmic is an Anarchist, so his desire for America to burn down is NOT Communist it’s so Anarchy-land can rise from the ashes.

        3. The only one here who is saying bad things about people personally is you. You’re saying that anyone who didn’t vote for Republicans is a commie who wants bailouts, wants more debt, wants fully funded pensions, etc. It’s a false dichotomy. You’re one of the few civil people here, but you’re turning into just another asshole.

          1. poor unreason bots. They had a sad because Biden lost.

          2. “If you’re the kind of “principled” libertarian who would keep government big and government pensions as well funded as possible–rather than vote for President Trump and the Republicans–then shame on you.”

            —-Ken Shultz

            That’s what I actually wrote.

            1. And it’s a false dichotomy. A non-vote is not a vote for anything, by definition.

              1. There were only two possible outcomes–Trump or Biden.

                False dichotomies are only false when they’re false.

                1. So a non-vote is a vote for…. no, it’s not a vote for anything.

                  Sorry but I don’t buy into this whole “if you don’t vote for our guy it’s the same as voting for the other guy” bullshit.

                  You obviously do, so whatever. I’ll just ignore you until you find another shtick.

                  1. Facts don’t change depending on how you look at them, and the fact is that if we don’t bail out the states and local government, the reason will be because Trump is in the White House and the Republicans control the senate. If Trump had been reelected, there wouldn’t be a bail out. Because Biden was elected, there might be. If the Republicans lose the senate, there definitely will be a bail out. Whatever you opinions, they really should account for these facts.

                    1. I don’t dispute that. What I dispute is the notion that a non-vote equals a vote for “the other guy”. I fell for that once and I felt soiled after I voted for one of the two majors. Like I shat myself or something. Not doing it again.

                    2. “Mutually exclusive is a statistical term describing two or more events that cannot happen simultaneously. It is commonly used to describe a situation where the occurrence of one outcome supersedes the other . . . . When faced with a choice between mutually exclusive options, a company [libertarian voter] must consider the opportunity cost, which is what the company [he or she] would be giving up to pursue each option. The concepts of opportunity cost and mutual exclusivity are inherently linked.”


                      Edited by yours truly for context.

                    3. You were in the wednesday election threads crowing about Biden winning sweetie. The only thing you cared about in your principles was that Trump lost. Who cares if we got a more authoritarian government because of it. Your principles lead to becoming a useful idiot.

                    4. It isn’t principle.

                      A principle mean you stand up for making the government smaller even when it’s hard.

                      If you’re not willing to vote for smaller government if that means voting for Trump and the Republicans, that isn’t principle. that selling your principles short or being willfully obtuse.

          3. It’s a false dichotomy.

            Is it? Because that is what we are going to get. Seems like you are the one refusing to acknowledge that these assholes are going to do exactly what they are saying. Knock it down and ‘build back better’.

          4. The only one here who is saying bad things about people personally is you

            LOL. Look at any thread you are in. You do nothing but try to attack people on their views. God damn drunkie.

            1. To be fair, he’s used to arguing with his preteen daughter about whether or not he gets to stick his dick in her pussy, and he typically wins those arguments on the basis of “because I said so!” followed by a black eye. Since he lives on SSI and drinks heavily, he thinks the same tactics are effective on everyone else because he is a social defective and has no friends or family.

      2. You called anybody who disagreed with you a trump cultist or trumpista for a year (following after your man crush chipper). You then entered thread after thread with hyperbolic strawmen arguments you think “they” make. You have no room to act like you have anything to be offended to.

      3. Coming from the drunken piece of shit who fucks his own daughter and spends 16 hours a day at insisting that anyone who doesn’t fellate Joe Biden is a Trumpista.

    3. “Nationwide, the U.S. state budget shortfall from 2020 through 2022 could amount to about $434 billion, according to data from Moody’s Analytics. State workers are being laid off and are taking pay cuts, and the retirement benefits for police, firefighters, teachers and other government workers are under more pressure.”

      Which is why Biden on Day One is going to demand a multi-trillion dollar bailout for the states.

      1. There was a great way to avoid that.

        We could have voted to reelect Donald Trump.

        Meanwhile, there is still hope that the Republicans will hang onto the Senate and oppose that deal for the same reasons they are now. It is unlikely they’ll be able to do that once the Democrats have the leverage of the White House. Yeah, they get rid of Trump having to sign off on it the day Biden takes office.

        There will be a political price to pay for the Democrats when they bail out state and local government. The Tea Party was initially a response to both parties bailing out Wall Street and deadbeat home buyers with TARP. If there is anything less unpopular with average American swing voters than forcing them to bail out Wall Street with their future paychecks, it might only be forcing them to bail out California and New York. And the amount of money the Democrats wanted to spend on bailing out state and local government was $1 trillion in the stimulus package the House Democrats passed in May–it’s even bigger than TARP was.

        In other words, I suspect the political reaction to bailing out the states may be bigger than it was to TARP, and unlike TARP, if Biden and the Democrats bail out the states, they’ll own that political debt completely. The historically amazing spanking the Obama administration took in the 2010 midterms was largely attributable to the Tea Party. In fact, plenty of the Republicans in Congress today are the remanent of that movement. There is good reason to think that the congressional midterms of 2022 will look a lot like 2010 if and when Biden and the Democrats bail out state and local government.

        1. I see you guys are right on time with the “Suddenly starting to care about the debt again” agenda item.

          Just. As. I. Predicted.

          Carry on.

          1. Hey shreeky, I can’t wait until Biden spends 8 trillion dollars in his first year in office and you attribute all the spending to Trump then credit Biden for being a fiscal hawk when he only spends 6 trillion dollars the next year just like you did with Obama.

            1. Does he even know who actually signed fy09 yet?

      2. Which is why Biden on Day One is going to demand a multi-trillion dollar bailout for the states.

        And not get it.

    4. Didn’t Trump say recently that his stimulus bill was larger than Pelosi’s?

  24. Entrepreneur and former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang says he’ll run for mayor of New York City.

    Can’t do any worse that de Blasio, OR CAN HE.

    1. He believes paying people not to work will improve the economy despite trial runs failing every time. So yes. Hard to run for mayor when he has to be a GA resident to vote in GA.

    1. I’ll be Back!

      1. I’ve heard Portland has a new mayor who is demanding the police do whatever it takes to shut this shit down unlike the old mayor who insisted this was just what democracy looked like and everything was fine. It’s entirely a coincidence that Portland got a new mayor just when Biden got elected.

        1. Imagine their surprise when Trump is still president 2021-2025 AND Portland might get federal troops to knock all those barricades down and arrest all the rioters.

          Funny when those Portland BLM white kids find themselves in federal lockup in Atlanta awaiting federal charges. They might decide that fighting for prison reform, like Trump, is better than breaking the law by rioting.

        2. The new mayor is the re-elected old mayor.
          And the gov called out the national guard for the first time the day after the election.
          Nothing to see here

        3. A+ well done!!

      2. If the wack-jobs want to be separate, then provide them with 100% separation. Put up some cameras and sell popcorn (and TV rights).

    2. Press Shooed Away and Wranglers Step in Front of Cameras After Jill Biden Asked About Federal Investigation Into Hunter Biden’s Dealings with China (VIDEO)

      Biden’s handlers got very aggressive after Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins asked Jill Biden about the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s dealings with China.

      FOX is still not on the Google approved list of “news” outlets.

  25. The 71-year-old Republican was sworn in on December 2 at an outdoor ceremony where a large number of his conservative colleagues did not wear masks.

    Masks, eh?

  26. “The 71-year-old Republican was sworn in on December 2 at an outdoor ceremony where a large number of his conservative colleagues did not wear masks.”

    So even though studies have found the risk of transmitting the virus to be pretty much zero, we are supposed to believe that this was the first ever case and it just happens to fit the narrative of people who lie to us about everything else.

    1. Transmitting outside*

    2. Does not Covid also take a couple of weeks to manifest symptoms?

      1. It is almost certain he was already sick on December 2nd.

    3. A lot of prominent Republicans are getting the coof. And are we supposed to forget that Rand Paul, the only senator who was willing to fight against the first stimulus package conveniently got COVID right before the vote. Can’t filibuster from quarantine.

      1. I have noticed this too and I think the most reasonable explanation is that the virus is woke and only infects problematic white male conservative slave owners. Science!


    In Texas, State Representative Terry Meza (D-Irving) has introduced HB196. Her bill would repeal the state’s “castle doctrine.” This doctrine allows a homeowner to use deadly force against an armed intruder who breaks into his home. Now listen to what she has to say…

    “I’m not saying that stealing is okay,” Meza explained. “All I’m saying is that it doesn’t warrant a death penalty. Thieves only carry weapons for self-protection and to provide the householder an incentive to cooperate. They just want to get their loot and get away. When the resident tries to resist is when people get hurt. If only one side is armed fewer people will be killed.” Meza was quick to reassure that her bill “would not totally prevent homeowners from defending themselves.

    1. “Thieves only carry weapons for self-protection”

      Assuming a thief has more pure motivations than an innocent homeowner might be peak progtard

      1. And I only have weapons for self protection. They provide an incentive for the thief to cooperate. When they try to resist is when people get hurt.

        1. Your logic is spot on.

    2. So if I stab his ass it’s ok, but I shouldn’t shoot him? Who voted for this retard?

    3. There was a case in Texas where a homeowner who knew his truck was up for repossession shot a repo-man in the homeowner’s driveway in the homeowner’s truck with a long rifle as the repo-man was driving off. The repo-man died, but the homeowner was acquitted. In Texas your homestead is sacrosanct. As it should be.

      In Oregon that would be Murder 2.

      1. Yet another reason to choose Texas over Oregon as a place to live.

    4. God I hope this retarded cunt gets the fucking shit raped out of her.

  28. Still nothing on the Russian disinformation, the driver of impeachment, the whole Hunter Biden thing.

    10% for the big guy.

    Government corruption? Why would a libertarian site care?

    Die, Reason.

    1. Trump pardoned his friend Roger Stone after Stone acknowledged he lied to protect Trump. Pure corruption in your face and you don’t care so go fuck yourself.

      1. Fuck off yourself Lard of Strudel. You’re the biggest faggot living asshole here.

        1. So mature…

          1. poor unreason apologists.

          2. Ironic coming from the guy who has fits of rage here, whenever he’s proven wrong.

            1. i’M A coMedIAn!!!!!!!!!!

      2. If only unreason would cover all the pardons that Bill Clinton and Obama did. Its almost like unreason bots lie or something.

      3. And Obama and Clinton pardoned real, actual terrorists, so you can go fuck yourself as well, you commie piece of shit.

    2. There’s a nifty search tool up there in the corner. Try it.

      1. poor unreason apologists.

        1. if only the glitchy unreason website worked.

          1. It works just fine for people with an IQ above room temperature.

            1. So how come you have so many problems functioning on unreason?

              You must not be a functioning unreasonic like you are a functioning alcoholic.

              1. Hey, Sarcasmic… Do you know if unreason has Biden’s concession speech ready to go?

                1. You’re gonna need this, buddy. I put it out there for your Reason Secret Santa, but just in case they don’t get it for you:


                  1. “The walls are closing in!”
                    “Trump is done!”
                    “10 count indictment!”

            2. Hey sarc: “red-diaper-doper-baby”

  29. As usual ENB crafts a hit piece of republicans because an elderly man caught a cold and died.

    Fuck you.

    1. It was a spectacularly stupid spurious correlation she made.

    2. Poor Robby was telling everyone last night how totally non-reactionary she was.

  30. Turns out that the investigation of Hunter Biden by the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware isn’t the only ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden.

    “Attorney General William Barr has known about a disparate set of investigations involving Hunter Biden’s business and financial dealings since at least this spring, a person familiar with the matter said, and worked to avoid their public disclosure during the heated election campaign.”

    . . . .

    Federal prosecutors in Manhattan had also been looking at Hunter Biden’s business and financial dealings, as part of a broader criminal investigation that two people familiar with the matter described as an international financial investigation that had been going on for at least a year”.

    Republicans in Congress are calling for Attorney General Barr to name a special prosecutor to investigate Hunter Biden and his father. Otherwise, this investigation will surely be squashed internally both by the Biden administration itself and by those within the government who are sympathetic to the Biden administration. Regardless, there won’t be any prosecution of Hunter Biden or the Joe Biden. It will just be a political liability for the Biden administration from day one–which is a good thing.

    If you don’t want to be a political liability to your father because you engaged in shady dealings with foreign actors and it triggered financial institutions to report your bank transactions to the U.S. attorney’s offices in Delaware and New York on separate occasions, there’s an easy way to avoid that. Don’t engage in shady dealings with foreign actors.

    1. And by Hunter they mean Joe.

      No way Hunter did this on his own.

      1. 2022 will be a good year for the Republicans.

    2. If you don’t want to be a [impeached and accused of being a Putin puppet] because you engaged in shady dealings with foreign actors and it triggered financial institutions to report your bank transactions to the U.S. attorney’s offices in Delaware and New York on separate occasions, there’s an easy way to avoid that. Don’t engage in shady dealings with foreign actors [like Lev PArnas et al, and have millions in loans to Russian banks and oligarchs]

  31. Barr Worked to Keep Hunter Biden Probes From Public View During Election
    The attorney general knew for months about investigations into Biden’s business and financial dealings

    Attorney General William Barr has known about a disparate set of investigations involving Hunter Biden’s business and financial dealings since at least this spring, a person familiar with the matter said, and worked to avoid their public disclosure during the heated election campaign….

    1. Trump and his loyal cabinet members work behind the scenes while lefties are focusing on Trump tweets. Its “n”th D chess at work.

    2. Did you just now remember that Barr was Bush’s AG and therefore just might be a swamp creature with no particular allegiance to Trump but more interested in protecting the (undeserved) reputation of the DoJ? I told you it was going to be funny.

    3. Just to be clear, if Barr had appointed a special prosecutor or publicized these investigations half baked during the election, that probably would have hurt Trump’s campaign and certainly would have hurt the legitimacy of any investigation into Hunter and Big Daddy.

      1. If you’re gonna shoot the devil in the back, you better make sure you don’t miss.

      2. He already tried that with the Ukraine though.

    4. Deep state enemies and traitors to the true Trump cause under every rock.

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  34. The two Great Mediocrities are Time’s person of of the year? 2020 continues to suck.

    1. Co-presidents, since Biden’s health will fail him before the midterms.

      We were lied to about who was actually running for President. Rigged election? Yea, that alone covers it.

      1. They’re going to do their best to avoid that. If they can get 2 years out of him before Kamala formally takes over then Kamala still gets to run twice. If she takes over too early she’s only available for 1 more term.

        1. I’m expecting them to try this, but

          1. Biden’s health may fail too soon.
          2. Harris may want to strike while the iron is hot. Bird in the hand and all.

          1. Those are definitely possibilities. I don’t doubt Kamala would want to strike if the opportunity presented itself, I’m mostly speculating about what the party at large wants.

            I’m also assuming some level of rule of law and adherence to the Constitution still exists, which as Sometimes Bad is Bad points out below is not a safe assumption.

            1. The party at large didn’t want Harris. She dropped out early because she was doing poorly in her home state.

              1. That was before she won as VP. There might be some never-Harris D’s out there, but I expect the party to support a winner just like the GOP did with Trump.

                What are they gonna do, primary her in 2024 or 2028? She’s the de facto nominee for those races even if everyone in the party hates her.

        2. Also if they are willing to add states for more senators, pack the court with leftie judges, impeach a president for nothing, they will attempt to subvert the limit on presidential elections.

  35. How did they put Al Capone in jail? Tax evasion….. Read More

  36. >>His colleagues are blaming each other.

    there is no way to know. they branded everyone an Angel of Death, so everyone could have infected him.

  37. also how is there still a Time Magazine?

  38. Maggie McNeill explains the movement to make credit card companies stop doing business with Pornhub.

    And by the way, it needs to be re-emphasized that this whole kerfuffle came out of the Guardians of The First Amendment at the New York Times.

    1. I’m shocked that ENB hasn’t told us that this is totes cool because “muh private companies” yet.

      1. You won’t get that because this is an attack on Sexy Worker Freedumb. Had this been the financial squeezing and deplatforming of some Far, Far, Far, Far, Far, Far, Far, Far Right(tm) figure, then we’d just stick it under the economic freedumb column.

  39. Hey just in case anybody didn’t hear, sarcasmic the self-confessed unemployed homeless alcoholic who receives welfare benefits and lost custody of his children after his wife left him is also a pedophile who was sexual intercourse with his own daughter.

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  40. Breaking news: “Supreme Court Rejects Trump-Backed Texas Lawsuit Trying To Overturn Election”

    Now, will you let it go, loveconnection1789?


      The State of Texas’s motion for leave to file a bill of
      complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of
      the Constitution. Texas has not demonstrated a judicially
      cognizable interest in the manner in which another State
      conducts its elections. All other pending motions are dismissed
      as moot.

      Statement of Justice Alito, with whom Justice Thomas joins:
      In my view, we do not have discretion to deny the filing of a
      bill of complaint in a case that falls within our original
      jurisdiction. See Arizona v. California, 589 U. S. ___
      (Feb. 24, 2020) (Thomas, J., dissenting). I would therefore
      grant the motion to file the bill of complaint but would not
      grant other relief, and I express no view on any other issue.

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  42. Entrepreneur and former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang says he’ll run for mayor of New York City.

    seems reasonable. they’re used to incompetent rich guys running the City at this point.

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