Stop Saying Lockdown Is 'Not That Hard'

Staying isolated from family and friends is wrenchingly difficult, even when it’s the right thing to do.


"You need to stay home," said the voiceover in an April public health ad in New York state. "It's all they're asking us to do. It's not that hard."

It's not that hard. This (or some variant) has been a frequent refrain from officials, public health experts, and others throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The tone is a mash of encouragement and paternalism intended to convey that many of us can avoid contributing to the disease's spread with relatively easy precautions.

It's not that hard is true of hand washing. It's almost always true of wearing a mask. But it is not true of lockdowns. It is not true of social distancing. It is not true of skipping Christmas or Thanksgiving or your mom's birthday or your brother's wedding. It's not true of missing church and New Year's Eve parties and eating in restaurants. It's not true of going without regular, in-person contact with friends and loved ones.

This actually is that hard. It sucks, and we should say so.

That is not to say it's not worth it. My household has been pretty conservative—as in careful, not Republican—about pandemic mitigation measures, conservative enough to get criticized for it both by family members and by strangers on the internet. We took advantage of the summer months to go to outdoor, masked church services, and we've had a limited number of friends over for bonfires in our backyard every week. I tried to stretch that stuff as long as possible into the fall, but I live in Minnesota and now it's just too cold, especially with our kids involved. Both church and socializing have moved back online. Most weeks we encounter only ourselves, our nanny, and sometimes staff at stores.

But like many things, this does not become easy just because we judge it worthwhile. Doing Easter service online was the right call, but it wasn't not that hard. Staying in our house all the time with two teething, bored toddlers isn't not that hard. Being unable to take them for a leisurely, purposeless, and, crucially, heated stroll through the mall isn't not that hard. Our twins having literally no other playmates their own age isn't not that hard. Wholly inadequate Zoom time with our friends isn't not that hard. None of this is not that hard.

And we're comparatively lucky! We have reliable, fast internet access and friends with the same. We can stay connected in a better-than-nothing facsimile of our ordinary relationship. We can at least see each other's faces. Many other Americans with limited tech skills or internet service cannot do likewise.

Our jobs are white-collar and allow us to work from home full-time. That's only true of about two in 10 people in this country.

Our income is high enough that we are the recipients of deliveries, not the deliverers. "You need to stay home" is not an order with which the truckers and postal workers and so many other people who keep us fed and clothed can comply.

Our kids are young enough that we're not dealing with the fiasco of online school. Friends with older kids are agonizing, switching schools, trying desperately to make an unworkable situation work.

Our child care wasn't disrupted, as so many people's was, because the incredibly high cost of day care for twin infants had already pushed us to the nanny option. But plenty of parents, especially mothers, have had their careers interrupted or put entirely on hold because there is no one to watch their children.

And their children, by the way, do not have an adult's understanding of the timeline of this crisis and can't entirely comprehend why everything is strange and scary right now. That isn't not that hard, and I don't think it's coincidental that I most often seem to see It's not that hard issuing from the lips of childless, white-collar, middle-class (or richer) people who do not have a chronic illness or disability. Maybe, for those few, it's truly not that hard. It is that hard for the rest of us.

It's hard because people need people. We are made to be in relationships with each other. Our brains, hearts, souls, spirits—whatever you want to call that core of our being—that thing need parties. It needs human contact. It needs community. It needs beers on the couch. It needs board games late into the night. It needs play dates. It needs not to die alone. It needs not to give birth alone. It needs love. And the internet, blessed and cursed as it is, can transmit love only so well.

The end of the COVID-19 pandemic is finally in sight. By summer, they tell us, anyone who wants a vaccine can have it. Life will drift back to normal. We'll have parties again. So it's maybe six months to go. That's not very long, in the grand scheme of things. The bulk of this is already behind us. Pandemics past have been longer and deadlier.

But right now, and for months to come, this is still happening. It is still lonely. It is still difficult. And I still don't want to hear from anyone's mouth—least of all public health officials—the pernicious, dismissive, inhuman claim that it's not that hard.

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206 responses to “Stop Saying Lockdown Is 'Not That Hard'

  1. “I tried to stretch that stuff as long as possible into the fall, but I live in Minnesota and now it’s just too cold, especially with our kids involved.”

    My parents live in MN and I will be visiting them this winter. Maybe I’ll drive by your house and wave while you are huddled inside.

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    2. I live in MN and attended a bonfire last night.
      Then drove several hours north with the kids to look at constellations and try and catch the Northern Lights.

      It’s quite possible to get out

      1. Social distancing and isolating oneself from family and friends, and having to take online virtual classes at home may not be easy, but I’ll say this: It’s something that’s absolutely necessary right now, thanks to the irresponsible actions of the Boston Biogen Conference people back in late February, when they allowed one or two infected people into the conference, thus helping to spread the infection here in the United States, and the criminally irresponsible mishandling of the pandemic on the part of Donald Trump and his supporters.

        1. you got that tinfoil hat on to protect from the virus too?

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          2. Ha ha ha! YOU, along with shitloads of other people here in the United States, are the one wearing the tin-foil hat, Lawification! Get that in your fuckin’ head!

          3. Ha ha ha! It’s YOU and all the other scofflaws here in the United States, who’re wearing the tin foil hat. So, pardon me for not wearing your tin foil hat and/or stepping into your tin foil-line room. Thanks

    3. Sure lap83, you do that. Make sure you place an order for a few of these before you go. At the least, you and your parents deserve a good farewell. Maybe you’re after their inheritance?

      1. I can just tell you’re the type of person whose family doesn’t mind if you don’t visit this year, pandemic or not.

      2. The survival rate for those in their 80’s is still 95%, but whatever.

        1. No. WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!! AAAAAA!

        2. it’s >99% without co-morbidities

    4. Went to Los Angeles this week. It reminded me of photos of the USSR and Communist eastern Europe. Lines to get into the open stores and store after store shuttered with For Lease signs or plywood. Not the Los Angeles that I have known for the past thirty plus years. BTW, stopped off in one of the few open stores. Came back to my car and found a parking ticket on it. Does anyone have “Covid Emergency Scrip” so I can pay it without laying out any cash? Will cover the scrip when they stop the lock downs.

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  2. That picture…

    I think people should be free to parent how they see fit, but maybe a friend or family member of that kid’s parents should go over and give them a swift kick in the ass.

    1. Thanks. I thought the same thing. But seriously, I see people walking down the street, by themselves, wearing a mask. Or driving a car, by themselves, wearing a mask. The hysteria is hitting many people hard. It’s sad that our country has become filled with so many pussies.

      1. Once I get my mask – which I need to have on to get into most businesses – adjusted where it won’t fog my glasses, I’m not touching it until I get home.

        1. HAHA. Mask pussy.

          1. Sometimes keeping stupid people happy is part of the job.

            1. What job? He didn’t mention any specific task that he’s doing. Keeping stupid people happy certainly creeps into the fringes of the social contract, but once it gets front and center, you really aren’t doing whatever job you think it is you’re doing.

          2. If I’m required to wear a mask to get into the liquor store, which I am here in Va. I’ll wear a mask. Driving to Georgia and back to get a bottle of Rittenhouse Rye seems a bit excessive.

          3. Call us mask wearers whatever the hell you want, loveconstitution1798, but try to realize that when you refuse to wear a mask when you’re out in public during this pandemic, you’re putting others at risk, including yourself, your family, your friends, and your neighbors, or whoever. You obviously don’t give a damn–like far too many other people. It’s absolutely disgusting.

            1. mapol you don’t drive do you?

              What, you do?



        2. I try not to judge anybody. People might have reasons for doing the things they do, and my condemnation is pointless anyway. Hell maybe that kid had a cough and was visiting a neighbors house… what do I know. But I do see a lot of people, first hand, that really make it a point to scare the shit out of their kids over all this. It’s kind of sad really.

          1. “But I do see a lot of people, first hand, that really make it a point to scare the shit out of their kids over all this. It’s kind of sad really.”

            My eight year old tested positive yesterday. He seems to be genuinely sick and I’m not trying to go to the opposite extreme in downplaying this, but his mother (my ex) has him convinced that this is the absolute worst experience of his life… and his dad is 100% to blame for it. It’s not “kind of sad”, it’s mental abuse.

            1. Agreed, that’s shitty. Prayers he’s ok and things work out alright.

              1. What, no thoughts to go along with those prayers?

                1. Nah, you’ve got the right idea. Insensitive shitty remarks on the internet by assholes who have lost their humanity help people feel better much more effectively than telling them your thinking about them.

                  Well done.

            2. Awww–that’s terrible. Sorry to hear about your 8 year old son testing positive for Covid-19 and being really sick. Here’s hoping that he has a full, speedy recovery.

          2. if you have a cough, don’t visit a neighbor’s house.
            if you’re fine, get outside and get some fresh air.

          3. You are so willfully stupid that it’s absolutely unreal! It’s obviously that YOU and tons of other people really don’t give a shit who you put at risk, or end up killing. The Covid-19 virus is a hell of a lot more contagious–and deadlier than the flu(s) that hit us every year at around this time. People like YOU are making things way harder for everybody else!

            1. stay inside then bro. i suspect no one will miss you.

        3. I sometimes will leave the mask on for a bit when I’m running errands because I have to, but otherwise don’t wear it at all, especially while I’m jogging or doing anything outside. I’ve come to love the icy glares I often get, usually from masked ladies over 50, even if I’m more than 6 feet away from them.

          1. I generally fake cough loudly around them.

            1. I make sure to smile and say good afternoon.

            2. You’re a willfully stupid little shit, RRDRRD! Thanks a pant load to people like YOU, the Covid-19 pandemic is running rampant and way the fuck out of control!

              1. You know what I hear is 100% guaranteed to stop the coof? A simple plastic grocery bag. You should tie one around your head for about an hour and let us know how well it works.

          2. Yeah, I’m glad I’m in a part of the country where almost nobody where’s masks outside.

          3. I still have yet to have anyone obviously give me stink eye or say anything when I don’t wear a mask. I’ll wear a mask for work if they require it, and I will wear it in businesses that require it. I will never have one on outside. I will not contribute to that becoming a normal thing.

        4. The only position I’ve found for my mask that won’t lead to my glasses fogging up is to put the mask in my pocket.

      2. There’s definitely a lot of hysteria out there. I don’t have any problem at all with people wearing masks and stuff, but have a sense of proportion and rationality (especially when it comes to impressing fears onto kids).

        1. It’s not hysteria, you fuckwit! The fears and concerns are real, and legitimate, to boot. Kids have to be made the fuck aware of how deadly and how contagious Covid-19 is.

          1. Thank you for lending support to my point. The overly-dramatic angle was a very nice touch.

          2. Yes, it is hysteria.

            Your fears and concerns are not legitimate.
            PanicFest is a mass hypnosis, mass hysteria event.
            The CovidHoax is a crime against humanity.

            Be not afraid.

      3. I pulled my youngest kid out of Boy Scouts because a goofy kid in his troop screamed at him for coming to close to him without a mask on an outdoor hike. No big loss there.

        It’s the look of actual panic that people have in their eyes if you happen to stray within their social distancing orbit even if you happen to be wearing a mask. That happens to me at my local Costco on a weekly basis.

        The other thing is the soiled masks that are casually dropped on sidewalks and in store parking lots. Aren’t the masks to protect others? If so, why wouldn’t the wearers dispose of these little biohazards properly?

        It will take a decade for humanity recover the mind-f*** that our elites and politicians have perpetrated assuming any of this actually ends. Frankly, I don’t think it will. “New Normal” has become everyday parlance.

        1. I pulled my youngest kid out of Boy Scouts because a goofy kid in his troop screamed at him for coming to close to him without a mask on an outdoor hike. No big loss there.

          Especially since you probably spared him the pain of being molested by his Scout leader at some point.

          1. Fair point.

        2. Masks have actually become a sizable trash problem.

        3. The masks are mostly a submission to social or legal pressure. People almost never wear them as you should if you are genuinely concerned about encountering a dangerous pathogen. Perhaps some of that is ignorance, but I suspect it is mostly because it’s more about being seen to do the “right thing” or because they have to in certain situations than anything.

      4. I work in a hospital ED; having directly interacted with a number of COVID + patients, I have not caught it as I wear the right kind of mask [N 95 NIOSH approved], the right way, and at the right times.

        Wearing a mask by yourself outside or driving a car is just plain ignorant. But unfortunately this is a prime opportunity for assholes to find their personal actualization and tell off anyone and everyone they can for “not following the rules,” no matter how poorly they for formulated or understood.

        1. Wearing a mask outside by oneself, or wherever is not ignorant, because there’s no telling when some asshole who’s not wearing a mask will pass right by you. What you and lots of other ignoramuses fail to realize is that one can be infected with the Covid-19 virus and still be asymptomatic–inotherwords, not showing any symptoms.

      5. Like Biden wearing a mask doing his video chats from his basement.

      6. The reason that it’s usually easy to wear a mask is that it doesn’t prevent the wearer from inhaling and exhaling viruses, rendering the mask useless. If you wore the N95 mask that a surgeon wears, you’d get a headache after a few hours.

      7. ‘The hysteria is hitting many people hard.’

        yesterday I was outside walking along a path, and some guy comes toward me, and when he sees me, the fooker puts a mask over his face, like I’m some kind of goddam leper…and he has the gall to say hello…

    2. Those masks look like they are made of blue plastic bags. You can see through them.

      1. Sounds like a safe material for a child’s face mask

        1. The virus needs a living human host to propagate. Humans need oxygen to live. Ergo…

  3. You supported the lockdown Democrats; you deserve everything you get.

    1. And they deserve it good and hard.

      1. As you say, Mr Menken.

    2. Fuck that. I get no joy from people getting what they deserve when we all get it whether we deserve it or not.

  4. The dont lockdown you fucking pussies!

    In Georgia, we dont have lockdowns, mask mandates nor social restrictions. We are doing great.

    1. So you live in Georgia. That’s possibly the least surprising thing I have read in my entire life.

      1. Do tell.
        I mean, I’m kind of concerned for the guy as he does seem to be suffering some kind of mental/nervous break with reality, but what about him comports with being a Georgian?

        1. Georgia’s lack of tyrannical state dictates about Kungflu get ignored because we literally blow the stupid “virus is deadly” narrative out of the water.

          Georgians are fine.

          Biden lost but we will give y’all time to get your Orangemanbad attack face (without mask of course) ready for Trump’s second term.

          I do think its hilarious when people who disagree with what the lying media says are said by Lefties to have some mental breakdown. HAHA. Luckily, we know that Lefties have very public mental breakdowns.

          1. Yeah, I notice Scientific American isn’t doing any studies comparing state infection and death rates to lockdown severity. It’s all stories on how global warming is racist.

            I do like seeing the SEC football games with large crowds in the stands (maybe 20% capacity?), while California teams aren’t even allowed to practice on their own.

          2. Awwwww…..blow it out your ass, loveconstitution1789! You’re a real crazy shitstain who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about other people. Thanks a pant load, asshole.

        2. “loveconstitution1789” is basically a confederate flag bumper sticker peeled from the welded-on scrap metal rear bumper of a 1974 dodge pickup… in human form. Who else could produce such rhetorical gems as, “The dont lockdown you fucking pussies!” I’m sure Georgia has plenty of people with the ability to use punctuation in a sentence. The point of my comment, however, is that having been to Georgia exactly as many times as I would have preferred not to have been in Georgia, I’m not surprised at his (or her) state of residence.

          1. While the rest of us are unsurprised by your ignorant bigotry.

          2. Yeah, Atlanta can be a real shithole, I don’t blame you for wanting to avoid it.

            1. Yup. Some of Atlanta smells and is crime ridden. Just like most large cities run by Democrats.

          3. big·ot

            a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.

            1. The Lefty media hates Georgia and Georgians unless some scraps can convince stupid Democrat voters in Georgia to vote Democrat.

              Maybe in 2022 or 2024, Democrats might do better in Georgia. This election went for Trump and Republican senators Perdue and Loeffler will be serving 6 year terms a Senators, starting Jan 2021.

          4. HAHAHA. I hate Confederates because they fought partly to preserve slavery.

            Georgia and the rest of the country are very similar unless you hate Black Americans because there a whole bunch of them here.

            Some of the best food in the USA is cooked in Metro Atlanta and Savannah.

            Lefties dont like Georgians completely ignoring their Kungflu nonsense, having a strong economy, very strong gun rights, and telling Elitists to go fuck themselves.

            The biggest reason Lefties dont like Georgians is because Georgia is not a Democrat state anymore.

          5. Jose, if you haven’t been how do you know. Seems as if you’ve got some regional bigotry going on.

            Yeah, loveconstitution is the banjo playing kid from deliverance all grown up, but Georgia is full of fine, normal, decent people.

  5. The only people saying it’s not that hard are control freak politicians and their enablers.

    1. Let’s force them to live under house arrest and see if they still say “it’s not that hard.”

    2. The only people saying it’s not that hard are control freak politicians and their enablers who don’t bother wearing them at social events or dining etc

      finished your thought for you

  6. Do whatever you want. Go see your friends and family. Go shopping. Take whatever precautions you feel are reasonable. But staying home complaining about it is stupid.

    Really when did Americans become such useless sheep.

    1. Around the year 2000. That was when most had access to the internet.

    2. “Take a master’s level class if you want to, or don’t. But complaining that it’s hard is stupid.”
      “Start a new workout program if you want to, or don’t. But complaining that it’s hard is stupid.”

      People can choose to do something that’s hard, and they’re free to talk about their experience. One might comply with a lockdown because they are doing as they’re told, or because they think it’s the right thing to do…even though it’s hard. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with pointing out that people–usually politicians or talking heads–saying it’s easy are full of shit, or entitled, or both.

      1. By complying with social distancing, taking online virtual classes, and wearing a mask whenever I go out in public, I’m helping to protect myself, as well as other people. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but it’s the right thing to do.

        1. You’re an idiot.

    3. You can go see friends if they’re willing, but if they aren’t, not much you can do.

  7. Not that hard unless you own a business or have a business the government decided to close without recompense or damages paid.

    Basically the government can now close your business for any reason whatsoever, and you can not only do nothing about it but they won’t even pay you for the losses they caused.

    You’re just SOL by fiat, using what government-granted powers again? It must be in the ‘because we say so’ bag of powers they granted themselves.

    1. At least the article is acknowledging that the people largely making it through this with little effort are the white collar upper middle class and elites, who don’t have to completely rearrange their lives when the government imposes these edicts. For everyone else, these measures are oppressive and place undue hardship on their daily lives, and really, anyone who claims otherwise needs to be punched in the mouth.

      1. They have stretched the notion that the government should close down businesses over safety concerns, like say serving rat to people instead of chicken at a restaurant, now extends to diseases like the seasonal flu. And the ‘dangerous circumstances’ are existing at all.

        In other words, total control over everything all the time.

        Some places have made this obvious, by setting measures in place to release the lockdowns that are actually higher than the pre-covid status quo. I.E. it is not possible to release a lockdown during conditions that are ‘normal’.

        If this ‘outbreak’ was Ebola we might not question it as much, but for something like COVID it stretches credulity to it’s breaking point.

      2. Frankly, Red Rocks White Privilege, I think YOU’RE the one who needs a good punch in the mouth! These measures are not easy for ANYBODY, and everybody’s lives are compromised as a result, but doing what’s necessary, as social distancing, mask wearing, and isolating oneself is the only way that the spread of the Covid-19 will be put under control.

        1. Hey dumbfuck, the vast majority of cases have been in prisons and nursing homes. There was no need to blow up the economy and create hardship for everyone else over that.

          And the fact that you think this is due to people “not following the rules” shows just how much of an ignorant and gullible stooge you are.

    2. Some businesses are prospering. Amazon, for example. Medical equipment manufacturers and pharmaceutical firms also seem well placed to prosper.

      1. For global corporations, business has never been better. For small businesses, not so much.

        1. Small businesses have always lacked the safety cushion and political pull that big business enjoys. It lacks the smarts to organize for relief.

          1. It lacks the money to buy influence.

          2. If you’re big enough, the real trick is to make sure you don’t have a safety cushion by funneling all your profits to your executives and stockholders, so that you can use that political pull to get a bailout.

  8. In the very least the “not so hard” crowd could acknowledge that it’s harder for some people. I don’t have it too bad, but I know people who do and I know they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

    Whatever happened to that fucking “empathy” that the Nanny-staters have been bragging about? I’m thinking they need to consult a dictionary and find out what the word means before they toss it around any more.

    1. Like I’ve said before, the people screeching that others who won’t keep their mask on every time they go outside, or would dare visit their relatives over a holiday, or want to go to a restaurant or get their hair cut or go to the gym, are “selfish” and “lack empathy”–every time you dig, they end up revealing that they’re far more worried about themselves than the welfare of anyone else.

    2. This cuts both ways though. The “open everything up” crowd could at least acknowledge that there are plenty of people who cannot self-quarantine forever and simply going grocery shopping shouldn’t be an exercise in risking death.

      1. simply going grocery shopping shouldn’t be an exercise in risking death.

        Fortunately its not an exercise in risking death

        Grocery shopping doesn’t involve spending a great deal of time in close contact with other people. You walk down aisles spending mere seconds anywhere near other people.

        And even if that eminently defensible truth doesn’t convince a person, every single store I’m aware of is willing to pick everything out for you, walk it to your car, and set it right in your trunk, and in many cases they won’t even charge for the service

        1. ” walk it to your car”
          Isn’t there a risk of death driving your car to the store and back?

      2. This cuts both ways though.

        No it doesn’t.

        We acknowledged that people were vulnerable and that accommodations had to be made. Immediately prior to the lockdowns or during the initial “2 weeks”, several businesses set up “senior citizen’s hours” so that vulnerable populations wouldn’t have to shop with the filthy proles. Outdoor spaces and the traditional haunts, like public libraries, weren’t closed. More people were available for delivery services then than now.

        None of the above were abolished or diminished because the “open everything up” crowd really want the vulnerable population to die.

        1. chemtard’s false equivalency here isn’t surprising. He’s a fucking fatbody projecting his terror at getting the coof, because he’s in a demographic that’s more likely to die from it, on to everyone else.

          If the “masks worked,” then closing shit up shouldn’t even be necessary because “masks work.” I mean, seriously, go to the fucking grocery store or a big box store. How many people do you actually see walking around without a mask? How many people at a restaurant do you see taking their mask off before they’re seated? Are these places not actually kicking out people for not following protocols? How many businesses have spent tens of thousands of dollars, despite having their income artificially slashed by their political leaders, in order to meet requirements to stay open, only to be told, “Fuck you, you’re not essential, close up or do takeout only or lose your license.”

          The Maskthulians are notably autistic here because they think this is just about masks. It’s not, and anyone claiming otherwise is lying. It’s about the very real social and economic harms that have taken place due to the vicious, deliberate, flailing policies put in by public health “experts,” and promoted by Inner Party apparatchiks who don’t suffer the consequences for not following the rules and recommendations they foist on others.

      3. Grocery stores are fully open though.

      4. By extending the lockdowns, we’re increasing the chances Bertha gets sick when she goes to the grocery store.

        We WANT the low-risk to bear the burden of herd immunity. Letting the virus go through the population more or less at random was ALWAYS a stupid idea.

      5. ‘and simply going grocery shopping shouldn’t be an exercise in risking death.’

        hard to believe that someone can be stupid enough to actually think that walking through a mall is going to ‘kill’ somebody…

    3. It’s hilarious because “privilege” is that they’ve been complaining about for year, but also the exact thing that allows them to continue on as if lockdowns aren’t happening.

  9. Doing Easter service online was the right call, but it wasn’t not that hard.

    Woof, the self-righteousness in that linked article is so hot, satellites were able to pick up the heat signature.

    1. This.

      And the whole “daycare was so expensive we had to get a nanny” schtick reeks of privilege.
      I’ll bet Edina or Dellwood, maybe North Oaks.
      I kind of doubt Bonnie has much experience with hard.

      To be fair, a bit of performative empathy shows through.

  10. We should tell the virus how terribly hard it is. It may give us a break and ease up its infections.

      1. Once more with feeling!

  11. California’s lockdown order says:

    All gatherings with members of other households are prohibited in the Region except as expressly permitted herein.


    1. The French Laundry is expressly permitted. As is the outdoor catering tent for our beleaguered Hollywood actors.

  12. Stop Saying Lockdown Is ‘Not That Hard’

    White privilege if I ever heard it. On a related note, I have no idea why black people are complaining about people crossing the street to avoid walking on the same side as them. It’s fucking awesome.

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    2. Well that made me laugh.

    3. Haha! Good one. Chris Rock, is that you?

  13. Given that I don’t like people anyway, its not that hard.

  14. And I thought that New York State ad about “It’s not that hard” was about Andrew Cuomo.

    (Sorry. Couldn’t resist)

  15. There were a good number of people I know back in March/April who were really hoping a lockdown would mean just that, where literally everything would be shut and nobody would be allowed outside without permission. I guess they thought the kind and caring government would deliver food to everyone. Hope they get a chance to vacation in North Korea once it is safe for them.

    1. Hey, that approach plus lying about the number of cases has worked for China

    2. Yes. I have one friend like that. He was actually happy for the lockdown and explicitly expressed his hope that the lockdowns would never end. He is gleeful to stay inside for months at time, and doesn’t want the situation to change.

      I don’t understand this thinking.

      He also thinks Gavin Newsom is infallible. “We have to do what he says, because people are greedy and stupid.”

      1. And you call this guy a “friend?” Tell him he can hole up in his fucking abode all he fucking wants, and that we will all very much support him [cognitively and emotionally] toward this end, but being greedy we will not give him squat for it.

      2. He also thinks Gavin Newsom is infallible. “We have to do what he says, because people are greedy and stupid.”

        I was going to ask if he was happy about the election results, but you kind of answered my question.

    3. I actually didn’t mind working from home for a while but am fortunate to be able to do that and with zero reduction in pay. Many many others are not so fortunate and are hurting bad. Real bad.

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  17. > Our jobs are white-collar and allow us to work from home full-time.

    Think of all the blue collar families out there who CAN’T work from home. The politicians and their buttlickers don’t understand this. Democrats claim they are for the working poor, but they don’t understand the working poor. They think everyone should just stay home and binge watch Mandalorian. “Why isn’t everyone just like us?” they ask.

    This is why Democrats, along with Republicans, are not fit to rule. No one is fit to rule. Get rid of rulers already. Sheesh.

  18. I wonder how many of those people demanding longer lockdowns would feel if things were *really* locked down. Being able to run to the grocery store or Wal-Mart or picking up your favorite take-out…those are all ways and places where you can infect other or be infected, even if you’re wearing a mask.

    So I mean *really locked down*: no grocery stores, no Wal-Mart, no fast-food drive-throughs, no pizza delivery, no Uber-Eats or Door-Dash or whatever. No Amazon or Target online. No home delivery. No jogging, visiting a park, etc. You’ll stay in your house or else–we’ll allow you to wander around in your own backyard (backyard only), if you have one.

    For food, what you’ll get is a government truck will deliver a box of food for one person to eat for a week, and drop off the boxes at your front doorstep based on the number of people in your household . Each week, you will be told to line your household up at the door, one at a time, so they can be counted; this will inform the number of food boxes dropped of at your house. An armed escort will accompany the delivery person to ensure that no one opens their doors while the delivery person is within 20 feet of the door. Don’t do that, because you could get shot. The delivery personnel and their guards will be in full MOPP gear.

    If someone in your house needs medical care, call 911 and an ambulance will be dispatched. People in full MOPP gear will pick up your sick loved one and take them away for treatment. If they live, you’ll see them again.

    The ONLY “essential” personnel will be those involved with treating COVID and for producing and delivering the food. These people will be issued uniforms and ID lanyards. So there’s no reason for anyone one else to ever venture outside of their house and anyone on the streets who is not in uniform obviously has no business being there, and will be subject to immediate detention in physical quarantine facilities, or worse, because resistance will be met with force and deadly force will not be out of the question.

    Let them imagine a real lockdown for a few minutes then ask the question. Bet the answer is different.

  19. “Most weeks we encounter only ourselves, our nanny, and sometimes staff at stores.”

    If you’re staying at home, why do you need a nanny?

    1. Nevermind. I should have read the whole thing. I suppose if I had infant twins and had to work from home, I’d want to pay someone to care for them too.

      1. IDK, it’s at least worth the explanation that your remote, essential jobs require you to work concurrent 9-5 shifts. It’s a lot of extra money to pay someone outside the “conservative” family to act as a potential COVID vector.

        1. I’m sure it’s a live-in nanny. A 9-5 nanny? How gauche!

          1. Ah, yes, I hadn’t considered the “Why *wouldn’t* I pay someone to raise my kids for me?” angle.

    2. Cause kids old enough to crawl but still young enough to need a nanny are a PITA when you need to work and they are home

  20. For the life of me, I cannot understand the people who are convinced that they are, withering, when they’re unable to “make the social rounds”, as it were. I read a letter to an advice column where, during lockdown, a father’s parents were insisting that they _had_ to (HAD TO!!) come over to see their grandkid. Yeah? Or what’s going to happen?

    It reminds me of when my first GF broke up with me, and it felt like the world was going to end. Surprisingly, the world did not, in fact, end. Subsequent breakups were also attended with that deep-seated feeling of doom and the loss of everything worth anything. Each time, however, I discovered that the earth kept spinning on its axis, I was able to move on, and, met someone new.

    Nowadays, I realize that your emotions are lying to you when they make you feel that you are, somehow, dying or incurring damage when you are, permanently or temporarily, cut off from social contact with people.

    So, no… it’s _not_ that hard once you get a grip on your emotions and realize that those friendships will all be there for you after this is all over.

    1. So, no… it’s _not_ that hard once you get a grip on your emotions and realize that those friendships will all be there for you after this is all over.

      Is it logic or emotions that are telling you that the emotional connections that young children establish with their grandparents are the same emotional connections you fail to establish with girlfriends?

    2. > after this is all over.

      That’s your mistake. It will never be over.

      1. Yep. First it was flatten the curve. Then it was wear a mask. Then it was two more weeks of lock down. Then it was once we have a vaccine. Now it’s “even WHEN we have a vaccine . . . “

    3. Sounds like you get dumped a lot

      1. “Subsequent breakups” does beg a bit of a question there. Sounds like a hobby of getting the dump; go you “get on the bus, Russ? Make a new plan, Stan? Drop off the key, Zee?”

    4. Thanks for proving the author’s point, you solipsistic computer goon.

  21. It really isn’t that bad. It was not that many decades ago that people had to worry about having enough food to eat and had to go out and cut wood to burn all day and night to stay warm. Survival was hard and stressful. Staying home with social media all around is not jack shit. Too many people are soft.

    1. Yeah, no downsides for those who’ve lost their jobs.

      Christ, you neo-yuppies are the worst kind of trash.

  22. “…pushed us to the nanny option”

    This admission tells me that you clearly have no idea what “hard” is; at least certainly not on a personal level.

    So quityourbitch’n and get the hell outside already.

  23. It’s not the right thing to do now and it wasn’t the right thing to do then. Period.

  24. Don’t forget your vaccine passport. It’s not that hard.

    1. Ver ar yur papars!

  25. Having “a limited number of friends” over for weekly backyard bonfires doesn’t make your actions pandemically conservative, it just makes you a moron for thinking that you’re “one of the responsible ones.”

    1. No, the morons are the ones who actually think that these weekly backyard bonfires are super-spreaders, despite the data saying otherwise.

      1. Guys! The criteria for entry into the moron club aren’t that stringent. They’re morons for chrissakes!

        1. That was actually my point. Upon review I should have clarified.

    2. There is not one single reported case of outdoor covid transmission in the U.S….. not ONE. …either “follow the science”, or don’t.

    3. Goddman what a jerk.

  26. The end of the COVID-19 pandemic is finally in sight. By summer, they tell us, anyone who wants a vaccine can have it. Life will drift back to normal. We’ll have parties again. So it’s maybe six months to go.

    Think so? Heh. Probably thinks “gullible” is not in the dictionary, too.

  27. And who are you, exactly, to say what is right or wrong for everyone else to do? Maybe it’s right for you and even your family, but what the hell has that got to do with me and mine? Is Reason a libertarian magazine or just right of center with a (big) touch of moralizing?

  28. I live alone, and my jobs were both lost to the government ordered shutdown. From May to November, I embarked on a grand experiment of traveling around the country in my van, 14k miles and 23 states, visiting national and state parks when open and family or friends when they were willing. It was all a desperate attempt to not feel lonely, but now winter has set in and the traveling is not sustainable. I spend almost every day by myself…texting one or two friends and reading or watching this or that. Lots of long walks, real experiences substituted for half-assed artificial ones. When I hear people call for more shutdowns and that it is “not hard”, I feel both sad and angry. Sad that I wonder what kind of shuttered life you lived before, and angry at how little empathy you are showing for others.  How much of life are you willing to throw away to satisfy your fears? Because science and data, say most of this is an overreaction or at least ineffective. Meanwhile, I have not had a hug or even a handshake in months. 

    1. Chip, have hope. I try to explain these ideas to others too. Good post.

    2. Ready yourself, chip, and stand by.
      Be on the lookout for the spark, and join in the ignition when it happens.
      Either the Reichstag Virus succeeds, or a shot gets sounded around the world.

  29. +100

    Couldn’t agree more.

  30. I’d say stop saying “lockdown” period.

    1. Start using lockup.

        1. Hauschwitz

  31. Conservatives are such fucking crybabies.
    Selfish fucking whiners just like your cult leader.

    1. Yes, all the people who lost their jobs are conservatives. The increased rates of child abuse and domestic violence are no big deal. And it’s totally normal to be socially isolated goons.

      People like you need a sledgehammer to the fucking mouth before having your house burned down.

  32. I’m sure it’s unbearable for narcissistic cunts.

  33. Lockdowns AREN’T that hard. Jeez. The level of entitlement on here is ridiculous.

    1. Feel free to remain on house arrest indefinitely. I choose to not do so, fucking slaver.

    2. Fuck off, you neo-yuppie slimebag. I honestly hope your relatives die from this shit.

  34. The silliness of mask wearing is beyond laughable. If there are germs and bacteria in the air, then there are all kinds of them floating around. Do you not breathe the same air everywhere you go on the planet? In your home, at work, in a store…everywhere you exist, just about, you are breathing air. Shame on our dictators for not making us where a mask 24/7’s…because the minute you remove your silly mask, you are breathing air…the same air that circulates around the globe and you might just get a bad flu bug and end up very sick. Keep that silly mask on at all times. Removing it for any reason exposes you to deadly germs and bacteria that are killing millions. You are not being told the truth. And never mind about lockdowns and isolation…the experts have been lying for decades by telling us that we are social creatures. Not true for us slaves. Only the dictators are social and allowed to break all the rules they try and make us obey. If you think getting a stupid vaccine is going to make things go back to normal…you are insane. When taking the Russian vaccine, you need to refrain from ALL alcohol for 6 weeks, still wear a mask and stay isolated. Dah!

    1. If you hadn’t opened your mouth, people wouldn’t know how stupid you are.

      It’s obvious why you post anonymously.

  35. Science knew this was going to run though the population all the way back in March.

    Freaking yourself out over it isn’t doing you any good.

    1. Yeah, unchecked as in any shithole.

      Civilized people take steps to stay alive.

      1. The virus was in my state in December.

        We did jack shit about it until March.

        And didn’t even notice.

        1. It’s a good thing that there are smarter or more civilized people around who did.

          1. Tell us more about ‘civilized people.’ Let me guess, you’re in that group? And people who disagree with you aren’t civilized? That’s a deep argument. I’m sure you’re basing your argument in ‘facts’ you learned watching CNN and late night TV.

  36. Stop demanding others to wallow in your self pity. If I want to say ‘Lockdown Is Not That Hard’, because it is not that hard, then them’s the facts. You might be coping less well; for you that’s the fact.

    But me finding that lockdown is not such an onerous situation is no reason for you to demand that I suffer otherwise.

    1. For white collar yuppies and social retards, true, these lockdowns are the time of their life.

    2. Holy shit. Talk about out of touch with reality. Sure, it ain’t that hard for me either. My commute went from 20+ miles to under 20 feet. Hell the coffee machine in the kitchen is farther from my bed than my “office” so yeah, it’s a cake walk ‘for me’.

      That said, since apparently unlike you, I don’t lack any and all sense of empathy, I understand that many folks have lost their jobs leading to higher stress levels, possibly more alcohol abuse, a surlier disposition, etc. You see, them facts that work for you don’t work for everyone. Sure, if you’re facts are that you’re single and on gov’t welfare anyway it means you can just masturbate more often while playing X-box with your “squad”.

      But if you’re a responsible adult who doesn’t have remote work as an option then it’s likely harder than you’re limited imagination finds possible.

  37. It’s not that hard for politicians and bureaucrats who are set, either they can “work” from home or are considered essential so they can go to work. Besides, they don’t pay any attention to these orders for the peasants and just do whatever the hell they want anyway.

  38. “Staying isolated from family and friends is wrenchingly difficult, even when it’s the right thing to do.”

    Why are “libertarians” claiming that house arrest is the “right thing to do”?

    1. They are Joe Biden libertarians. They like the taste of boot.

  39. The right thing to do? Maybe in March, not now, not when the restrictions have done nothing to stop the spread or whatever we’re supposed to be doing. What I really got from this article is another middle-aged woman who is afraid of the .02 percent odds of maybe something bad happening. Thanks for your insight Karen.

    1. While her article was idiotic in that it stated that there was some reasonable indication that we all need to follow say at home orders, her heart was probably in the right place even if her brain needs to catch up.

      However, I can’t stand anything a white woman between the ages of 35-70 says being discarded as being said by a ‘Karen.’ It is incredibly sexist and obnoxious. Please everyone, stop it. And I genuinely hope that every marketing campaign in the US stops presenting white males as confused, silly morons that need to be corrected by a woman.

  40. It’s not the right thing to do.

  41. The Wood Duck is probably the most amazingly colorful waterfowl in the world. The Wood Duck male bird has a metallic, purple-green head and ridge. His abdomen is white and his chest is dark red. Along the neck, they have attractive, narrow white stripes. Their wings are colored in blue and black.

    Female ducks are not as colorful as males. They have a gray-brown head, white belly, and a white chest. The male bird uses its colorful plumage to attract females during the breeding season.

    These ducks live in swamps, wooded swamps, and streams throughout North America. With unique colors and shapes, these ducks are also one of the most easily recognizable birds in North America. Unlike other poultry, they nest in tree holes and form groups.
    The Wood Duck is probably the most amazingly colorful waterfowl in the world.

  42. Related: The hospital where Mrs. Casual works is getting/offering the vaccine. Rather predictably, their policy doesn’t change one iota if you get the vaccine. Masks in common areas, social distancing, you still get tested when you have symptoms (unclear on what happens if you develop symptoms because of the vaccine), you still go home to quarantine. The only reason you would take the vaccine is because you really want to get stuck with a needle and/or subject yourself to experimental drugs.

    Remember the old “If everyone else jumped off a bridge…” adage? As stupid as it seems, these people are personifying the charicature and entirely in the most insanely stupid sense. Not in any sort of contemplative “What are everyone’s motivations to jump?” or “Nothing good ever happens to the person who remained behind while everyone else fled.” sense, just plain old “Jumping off a bridge is what you’ve gotta do to get along/go along.”

    1. 100%. Let’s trust the people that told us margarine was healthy, AZT was a great treatment for HIV, the myriad of allergies of today’s children have no reasonable answers. I’m a hard pass on Pfizer shooting an untested chemical that claims to have 95% effectiveness (most vaccines are 50% at best) and hasn’t been tested long term into me or my children.

  43. I guess we probably shouldn’t have funded the Chinese genetic scientists gain of function experiments in North Carolina and Wuhan.

    It makes a rigged election pale in comparison.

      1. Not wondering why millions in defence grants were used to develop this exact virus and many others in military controlled Chinese labs.

        You’d rather believe the Twitter “fact checkers” who were assured by the Chinese government that it originated in a market down the road from the lab experimenting with it.

  44. Fist of all, the lockdowns are EVIL. So no. It’s not the ‘right thing to do’.

    Case in point: Look at that poor kid. LOOK AT HIM.

    May anyone who had a hand in promulgated and pumping one of the all-time great health panics rot in hell.

  45. I have no issue with people going into lockdown, wearing masks and keeping socially distant – if they choose. I have a big problem with ‘one size fits all’ restrictions being forced on everyone regardless of their situation. You don’t want to go out to eat? Fine. But maybe I do? You don’t have to associate with me. I know I won’t be running into you at Denny’s. If you are vulnerable or in contact with those who are, you should take precautions. But those in a different circumstance should not be forced to. This makes about as much sense as taking YOUR car away because I have a problem with drinking and driving.

  46. Lockdown creates mental issues

  47. Being alone for Thanksgiving crushed my holiday spirit.

  48. “My household has been pretty conservative—as in careful, not Republican—about pandemic mitigation measures … “

    A conservative application of pandemic mitigation mechanisms would minimize the changes society makes in response to the pandemic. Your household has altered its behaviors and engaged in social distancing liberally.

  49. Headline For Libertarian Magazine Tells Readers What Not To Say: “Stop Saying Lockdown Is ‘Not That Hard'”

    Guess what–it’s not that hard–for us. Yep, it’s hard for some people, but it’s pretty easy for me and my family. Quit presuming things about other people and putting them in a box.

    1. Yeah, you guys probably didn’t have much of a social life to begin with.

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    2. There’s that neo-yuppie solipsism that makes your class so peurile.

  50. Here’s he bottom line, there are 60% of the American populace that wants an excuse to sit on their asses in their house, half working and mostly watching television or interneting in their pajamas. I know many of these people and they are definitely the first ones to say it isn’t that hard. Not only is it not that hard it is their dream come true.

  51. Every time I here anyone from the local health department and the CDC “Sa it’s not that hard”. I find it HIGHLY IRRITATING. And simply very condescending and patronizing.

  52. is the hardest thing for me to do, sleeping and sitting at home

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