Election 2020

Trump Has Only Himself To Blame for Losing the Election

Trump could have reined in his Twitter attacks, surrounded himself with truth-tellers rather than sycophants, and reached out to other voters. He didn't. That's why he lost.


If I argued that a group of highly intelligent, but nefarious aliens invaded the bodies of California's lawmakers in order to destroy our lovely state, you might expect me to share a little evidence to support those startling claims. The onus should always rest with the promoters of conspiracy theories to prove them true, not with the rest of us to disprove them.

Perhaps California officials embrace inexplicably destructive policy measures because they cling to misguided political ideologies. Maybe there is some other plausible explanation related to the state's unique culture or politics. We should consider many theories—is it something in the water?—before arriving at extraterrestrial invasions.

Likewise, it's time for President Donald Trump's supporters to consider that, quite possibly, there are reasons beyond a vast voter-fraud conspiracy that explain his decisive loss. The president and his legal advocates have argued that Trump actually won by millions of votes, Democratic operatives stuffed ballots (but were too stupid to fix down-ticket races), and rigged electronic voting software.

Maybe those local GOP election officials who dispute those claims were actually helping Biden. A dark, deep-state secret might also explain why the Department of Homeland Security disputed them. It's hard to prove a negative. I suppose the only reason you dispute my thesis about aliens is that they have also invaded your body. Prove me wrong.

Meanwhile, the judicial system, which still mercifully relies on evidence, has put a damper on the lunacy. Several judges slammed the campaign's allegations and even Trump's lawyers have backtracked in court. The Trump team has won two minor victories involving a minuscule number of irregular votes, but it has lost 35 cases.

Obviously, one can always find examples of fraud (and suppression) in any election involving 157 million votes. Governments run elections. They can be inefficient and incompetent. Stating that obvious fact, however, is a long way from proving widespread voter corruption.

"This court has been presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations, unpled in the operative complaint and unsupported by evidence," ruled a Pennsylvania judge last week. "(T)his cannot justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all the voters of its sixth most populated state." The judge has a point—or maybe he was in on it, too.

Trump's supporters may take solace in these nostrums, but the explanation is obvious. The Democratic ticket simply received more votes than the Republican one. Trumpworld's disbelief reminds me of that debunked factoid about a New York reporter who, after Nixon won the presidency, supposedly said the outcome was impossible because no one she knew voted for him. Americans need to get out more.

Why did the president lose by more than 6 million votes (albeit by slim margins in several states)? There are two ways to win. Candidates can expand their base and win new supporters, or energize their base and count on an enormous turnout. Trump spent his presidency placating his core constituency, which voted in droves. But Trump's opponents were even more motivated.

Years ago, a controversial conservative writer named Sam Francis called on the GOP to foment a "Middle American Revolution" that counterbalanced Democratic power in big cities and among minority voters by appealing to the interests of the nation's mostly white working-class voters. Trump followed that strategy closely, which is how in 2016 he achieved unexpected victories in the previously Democratic-leaning Rust Belt.

This approach explains Trump's focus on curbing immigration, avoiding military conflicts, promoting tariffs, embracing social conservatism, and heightening the culture wars. I agree with pulling back our international commitments (although Trump's successes were mainly rhetorical) and a few of his other policy objectives, but I found this agenda to be unnecessarily divisive and, at times, troublingly authoritarian.

Nevertheless, Trump has remade the Republican Party, even as he went down in defeat. By focusing almost exclusively on working-class voters, Trump built support in older, economically depressed regions and in rural America—but he did so at the expense of the nation's growing suburbs, where voters often turned away from his bluster. Politically speaking, it seemed like a bad trade.

In reality, the president could have appealed to both areas and cruised to a comfortable re-election margin. Many Trump supporters can't fathom why Republicans did well in congressional races, but lost the presidency. Again, simple analysis is more compelling than a fanciful theory. Many people—myself included—usually vote for Republican legislators, but found one particular Republican officeholder to be unworthy.

We tired of the president's conspiracy-mongering, whining, incessant tweeting, dishonesty, incompetence, and failure to grow into the office. The president could have tried to, at times, unite the country. He could have reined in his attacks, surrounded himself with truth-tellers rather than sycophants, and reached out to other voters. He didn't. That's why he lost. It had nothing to do with fraudulent voting or aliens.

This column was first published in The Orange County Register.

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  1. What else would you expect from a reality TV star? Sycophants and butt-lickers are all he knows.

    1. But enough about Obama…

      1. Obama isn’t a reality TV star, moron, so your joke doesn’t work.

        1. Yes he is. He was basically a youtube star. White house parties multiple times a week. Cover of magazines. He didnt accomplish shit. The man has written 3 autobiographies about himself. He is one of the most conceited people on the planet, worse than a reality t.v. star.

          1. Trump is the most conceited person on the planet yet has nothing to be conceited about.

            China tariffs are as good as gone. Lol. You lose.

              1. “No immediate moves” does not mean he won’t eventually do it. He has said in the past that the tariffs are stupid.

                1. Jesse is stupid! And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

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                2. He has said in the past that the tariffs are stupid.

                  And we all know that Biden’s word is as good as gold. A more honest man has never walked this earth.

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              2. We will IMMEDIATELY be back in the Paris Accord, though. Lol.

                1. Is that a good thing in your mind?

                  1. Yes. I live on the coast. I don’t want my house underwater.

                    1. Then you’re dumber than that water you think will be coming to your doorstep. Barack 0blama and John Kerry don’t seem to have any concerns, and I’ll bet they have a lot more on the line in house value than you do.

                    2. Climate scientists disagree with you. In fact we are going to need to physically extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; just limiting emissions isn’t enough.

                2. We will IMMEDIATELY be back in the Paris Accord, though. Lol.

                  Which will mean absolutely nothing, just like the first time.

                  1. If Trump submits it to the Senate and it goes down, as it should, it’s over forever.

                3. “We will IMMEDIATELY be back in the Paris Accord…”

                  Is that “we” you and the turd in your mouth?

            1. “Trump is the most conceited person on the planet yet has nothing to be conceited about.”

              One more TDS victim; hope it’s fatal.

              1. Well it looks like TDS prevailed on November 3. Go cry.

                1. If you mean the TDS that had so many people justify to themselves that stealing an election was an honorable thing to do, then yes, you prevailed.
                  Too bad the nation won’t.

                  1. The election wasn’t stolen. Repeating that lie over and over again won’t make it true.

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          3. “The man has written 3 autobiographies about himself.”

            Yeah, and the *advance* on this last one was tens of millions of dollars. So…what have you been offered for your autobiographies?

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      2. When I as a kid back when Nixon combovers were still in style, I always wondered what “kneejerk” meant. Just a funny word.

        Now I know.

        EarthSkeptic kicks his knee and posts out a purely contrarian quip without even stopping to engage his brain. It’s like there’s a nerve running between the knee and the reply button. Someone says something and the immediate and unthinking response is “Nuh uh!” Pathetic.

        Cluestick: Obama was NEVER a reality TV star.

    2. Why didn’t rural whites support Trump and his half trillion dollar “Platinum Plan” for blacks?

    3. Poor unreason and its support pets.

      Trump is getting his second term no matter how many America hating propaganda pieces unreason puts out.

      1. Your tears are delicious, lovedicks1789.

        1. Your Lefty projection is always hilarious. You guys cry and cry so everyone else must cry.

          I know something you dont want to accept. Trump is getting his second term.

          1. No he’s not. I’ll be here on Jan. 20 watching you cry. Bitch.

          2. Loser denial. Somebody shove a parking cone up his ass.

          3. Lc1789’s reality check has bounced.

            1. I’ve never heard this one. I like it.

          4. I’d be happy to bet you $100, and give you 10-to-1 odds, that Biden will win in the 2020 Electoral College, rather than Trump. So if Biden wins in the 2020 Electoral College, you give me $100, if Trump wins in the 2020 Electoral College, I give you $1000.

      2. Your hero supports drug price controls. Lol.

      3. I will wager you two shiny mint 1oz bullion Gold Coins. If Trump is still president January 21st 2021, I will pay you two ounces of gold coin. If he is not longer president then you pay me two ounces of gold coin or the market value thereof.


        Stipulation: He must be sworn in by the chief justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, and swear or affirm the oath provided in the US Constitution.

        1. They are keyboard cowboys, but if they’d take that bet I’d put my entire net worth in Kruggerands or Eagles and jump in on the action.

        2. Add my shit on your floor to the wager if trump gets sworn in. I will personally come and shit your floor. Lower 48 conus only.

          1. You don’t wanna go to Alaska in January?

        3. I’ve offered them wagers many, many times. Much like their cult leaders who will talk all kinds of shit until someone asks them to repeat it under oath, they are cowards.

        4. Aah. But what if the Chief Justice skips off to Russia without telling the Supremes that he’s quit the Supremes? Can he still be sworn in them?

    4. I’ve noticed leftists complaining about Trump’s sycophants a lot lately and I’ve come to the conclusion that its jealousy. Because Biden and Harris are garbage people and nobody actually likes them.

      1. A lot more voted for them than for Trump/Pence. Lol.

        1. Some of the Democrats even voted twice!

          Biden really got the dead vote out!

          1. Zero proof of this has been shown in court. Thanks for playing.

            1. Actually they have proof of it with multi state voters. A few of them have ready been indicted.

              1. A handful of people, maybe, whose votes weren’t counted anyway. Cry more.

                1. Amazing how the idiots keep changing their standards. Good work.

                  1. “One guy committed fraud. Therefore Trump won.” Lol. BTW, individual acts of fraud are committed by both sides. There is no giant voter fraud conspiracy. That’s the point, dumbass.

                    1. Over 156 million votes via a decentralized system run by the government will never be perfect. Is there any evidence of fraud rising to one tenth of one percent of the total votes cast? Nope. Someone wake me up when the number of indictments pass 156,000.

                  2. “More people voted for x”

                    “some people voted x times”

                    you are a special type of retarded.

                    1. You’d have an easier time proving that than election fraud sufficient to alter the outcome of a national election.

              2. A fucking few? Trump needs a goddamn few million. Clinging to this bullshit is pathetic.

                1. And it won’t stop. Cult of Trump.

            2. Nm that 1.8 million mail in ballots were issued in Pennsylvania, but 2.5 million mail in ballots were counted, the last 700k being 100% for Biden. “Nothing to see here.” Pennsylvania “judge.”
              I know this will po “Reason” readers, but its time for the insurrection act. When actual reason ceases, violence ensues.

              1. That 1.8mil is from the primaries, not the general. Why do you lie?

              2. “Nm that 1.8 million mail in ballots were issued in Pennsylvania, but 2.5 million mail in ballots were counted, the last 700k being 100% for Biden.”

                Do you have a hyperlink for this information?

        2. Doesnt’ mean they liked them, mostly there were just voting against Trump.

          1. So, exactly the same vote as what got trump elected. This country hates this country.

      2. I’ve noticed leftists complaining about Trump’s sycophants a lot lately and I’ve come to the conclusion that its jealousy.

        I don’ think they know what the word sycophant means. I think their definition is anyone who didn’t support Clinton or doesn’t support Biden enough. You’ve got to project pretty hard to say the man that Rex Tillerson called a “Fucking moron” surrounded himself with sycophants.

        1. But then he fired Tillerson. Those who weren’t sycophants didn’t stay.

          1. So everyone’s a sycophant right up until they get fired? Every person of a President’s staff/cabinet who remains in the position for the full term is a sycophant? Do these assertions only hold true for Trump’s staff/cabinet?

            Who do you think you’re convincing/defending?

            1. Believers need only convince themselves.

              1. Clearly.

            2. So everyone’s a sycophant right up until they get fired?

              No, only that the natural selection process for employees in Trumpworld tended to favor bootlicking over talent.

              1. No, only that the natural selection process for employees in Trumpworld tended to favor bootlicking over talent.

                So Tillerson was naturally selected because he was a bootlicker and Bolton was fired because he was talented?

                1. No, Tillerson was fired, and Pompeo is left. That’s natural selection in Trumpworld.

      3. Full on Jerry Springer guest response. “Ya’ll Jealous. You don’t knowwww me!”

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  2. I think the covid, lockdowns and the tanking economy, of which he had no control over, was more to blame.

    1. Then why wasn’t there a blue wave? The GOP dominated the down ballot races. The Ds flipped no GOP state legislatures. They lost ground in the House and didn’t win the Senate.

      If voters wanted Democrats in control to fix things, they didn’t do it very well.,

      1. The dems won was based on essentially 4 urban areas. They can effectively state or national races by over representing or driving up vote totals by being statistically way above average. They can’t effect district races by flooding a single urban area.

        But you should understand this. You just don’t want to. Biden won 17% of the total counties.

        1. It is entirely possible that Trump could have run a better campaign, that Covid and the media played a major part, and that there was a lot of very questionable vote counting in heavily Democrat counties.
          There is probably no way the courts could intervene in the vote counting issues in time to stop a Biden swearing-in ceremony. It is very important that we understand what happened in order to prevent fraud in the future.

          1. And yet many people, including Reason, are going out of their way to pretend nothing at all happened, to the point of using ridicule to try to shut up those who do think something happened. It’s as if they like the results so don’t care if there was any fraud.

            1. There was virtually no fraud. Certainly not enough to affect the outcome. Cry more.

              1. unreason bots are out in full force today after Trump won Georgia in the hand recount.

                Plus 16EC for Trump.

                1. Biden won GA. You get your news from RT?

          2. Voter fraud is almost entirely nonexistent.

            1. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

              1. Yup.

                Sort of like alleging massive fraud before the election even occurs, all while you appoint someone to head the USPS who purposefully cripples it, thus delaying more than 150,000 of legally cast votes and disenfranchising those voters. Dejoy for prison 2021.


            2. Except when Abrams ran for Georgia Governor.

              She said that Georgia election fraud is why she lost. She will say that again after Trump just won Georgia in hand recount.

              1. Useless. I bet you believe in god too huh 1789?

              2. Uh, Biden won the hand recount.

            3. No one was really alleging voter fraud. They were alleging ballot fraud from Dem operatives, harvesting the ballots of non-voters.

              1. Actually, they were alleging everything they could think of.

                1. …and all of it, and then some, happened.
                  All the stops were pulled out, on the LieCheatSteal party’s fraud machine, to get the BadOrangeMan out of office.
                  Even more than in 2012, when 0blamcare was on the line and 0blama lost 3.5 million votes, but still “won”.

                  1. Take your meds.

          3. I’m pretty sure we’re stuck in an unethical simulation, where some kids are playing a Risk-like game, “Hah! I have one of the most powerful economies of all time! Voters vote with their wallets! Defeat me!”

            “Ok, but you have to piss off every single person who isn’t a pre-fired employee, and I get to launch a plague and then run ads playing sinister music as 30 million get layed off.”

            “You’re on!”

        2. This is exactly right. There are millions of people who will vote democrat if they can just be bothered to vote. The entire election strategy for the left was to get their vote recorded. Hundreds of millions of dollars were poured into 4 urban areas, allowing them to increase turnout among people who normally wouldn’t cast a ballot.

          I am not sure how the GOP counters this. The Dems have the money. They also have the voters concentrated in one or two counties per state. For the GOP to achieve similar gains, they need to drive up voter turnout in rural counties where adding one or two satellite offices doesn’t gain you much.

          1. They could try actually being competitive in urban areas. It’s not impossible, though it’s not the quick fix that everyone is obsessed with.

            Ironically, the rise of the woke represents a huge opportunity here. Plus, if the GOP makes material gains among urban minorities, they’ll likely stanch their losses among the apathetically anitracist suburbanites.

            1. The answer for Repubs is to reach out to immigrants and minority voters. Stop being xenophobic (and it’s more xenophobia than racism now). Asian immigrants tend to be fiscally conservative. Latin American immigrants tend to be socially conservative. Neither group tends to be woke. They are natural Republicans if you don’t drive them away.

              1. This is what I said when Miller went after deporting Vietnamese refugees. What is there to gain in a xenophobic attack on a GOP voting minority?

                Of course, the cultists here could not even tolerate that amount of criticism, and the responses got very racist toward my family very quickly.

              2. Stop being xenophobic (and it’s more xenophobia than racism now).

                This is a good point. If the Dems were intelligent, they would take this angle.

                As an example, describing the Proud Boys as “white supremacists” is retarded on the face of it, and relying on that particular talking point only works up until the moment that your audience figures out that you’re just straight-up lying to them and throwing this term around without caring what it means.

                But if you call the Proud Boys xenophobes, you’re being accurate and they would probably agree. Hell, you might even wind up having a productive discussion around a real issue.

                1. “Chauvinistic” I think would be the accurate term, though xenophobic would be less false than white supremacist.

            2. His buffoonery about helping blacks more than any president except for maybe Lincoln didn’t help.

              1. Except that it is very nearly true. Black unemployment lowest ever, justice reform (First Step), etc., particularly in contrast to racist Joe and lock em up Kamala. Trump’s mistake was not going after the black vote hard enough. Same with Latinos. Trump wasted all his time on the places he had already won, which was needed in 2016, but things changed. His frequent caustic remarks and general unsavory character hurt him with those with delicate sensibilities, such as suburbanites.

            3. I don’t think they can be competitive in urban areas. There’s something about high population density that rots your brain. And the Democrats are really good at making your life hell if you’re a Republican in a place they dominate.

              They don’t reach over 90% in urban precincts just by being a bit better at appealing to urban voters. There’s got to be something more to it to reach numbers like that.

              1. Yeah, there is: “the GOP is racist.” Politics is downstream from culture, which is downstream from politics. That feedback loop won’t be broken by not even attempting to compete on equal terms. Trump put together a framework of a GOP message that can be sold to these voters, but he’s not the right kind of guy to pull it all the way forward.

                Honestly, it’s not even about coming close to winning: just turning 15% of reflexive Democrats into into swing voters would end up having a huge impact in statewide contests.

                1. Electoral strategy doesn’t really matter in fundamentally corrupt republics, as we’re seeing.

                  War or submission to totalitarianism.
                  Take your pick.
                  But once the courts deliver their end of the scam, those will be the only two options.

            4. Ironically, the rise of the woke represents a huge opportunity here.

              It does.

              I can tell you from my perspective in the SF East Bay, one of the farthest left leaning areas of the country, that people are desperately sick and tired of the shit that’s coming out of Democrats lately, and are getting increasingly willing to say so.

              Newsom is so hated at this point, even on the left, that if the Republicans can manage to nominate someone at least vaguely sane next election (which has historically been a challenge for them here, so keep a grain of salt handy), they’ve got a real chance at winning.

          2. Its not a problem because even with all the money the Democrats spent they still lost seats in the House, couldnt win the US Senate and Biden lost to Trump.

            Election fraud by Democrats is the only way they even got close.

            1. Biden beat Trump.in a landslide, and the Senate has not been determined as of yet.

              1. Keep repeating it. It might just come true.

                Senator Perdue beat Jon Ossoff by 80,000 votes.

                Trump vs Biden in the SCOTUS is gonna be a great win for Trump.

                1. Stop dude, your embarrassing yourself.

                2. What is this Trump v. Biden lawsuit in SCOTUS that you keep hypothecating? Trump has not sure Biden. He has sued various state officials. The election results are being defended by state attorneys general, not by Biden lawyers.

                  Get real.

                  1. That should be Trump has not sued Biden.

                3. Just promise us to come back in February and not change your name. Then you can try to convince us Trump is actually still president wearing a Biden disguise.

                4. “Trump vs Biden in the SCOTUS is gonna be a great win for Trump.”

                  “Trump vs Biden” about what? Do you think there’s going to be some Supreme Court case wherein, if Trump wins, he’s somehow declared the winner of the 2020 election, Electoral College result be damned?

          3. Exactly. The democrats do not wait for their voters to wander into a pollsite–they send a car to drive them there or walk them step by step through the process of getting an absentee ballot. But, if no car shows up, these voters likely to not bother. What is lost on the “ballot stuffing” conspiracy theorist is that a 40,000 ballots aren’t enough, you need 40,000 voters (with names, addresses, and signatures). The dems don’t need to invent these people, they just need to get them in the back of the car.

            The other thing the dems did (here in Wisconsin) is they got the Greens kicked off the ballot (unlawfully, in my opinion and in some in the opinion of the dissenting justices) for a really ticky tack technical issue. Jill Stein took in 31k votes in 2016. Biden certainly didn’t take all these votes, but as between Biden and Trump, I have hard time believing Biden did not gain advantage. Why would the dems do it if they didn’t think it would help Biden?

            So, while these guys chasing Krakens and the Ghost of Hugo Chavez, the real way the election was “rigged” is just boring old ballot access and ballot harvesting. Which mean the real problems will continue go unadressed. I certainly haven’t heard single republican come out in favor of ballot access reform.

            1. the real way the election was “rigged” is just boring old ballot access and ballot harvesting

              Agreed. I think the Dems understood early on that a 100% mail-in election represented an opportunity to spike turnout, which always favors Dems, since the majority of Republican voters already turn out reliably.

              Republicans could have legally indulged in the same techniques, but the Republicans don’t gain from higher turnout.

              1. Keep that faith

            2. If they got the 40,000 votes, “with names, addresses, and signatures”, why did they need to do everything they could to keep observers from seeing them?
              If the LieCheatSteal party got such a landslide, they would be encouraging observers to see that everything was on the up-and-up.
              Instead they exhibited consciousness of guilt by denying the observers the opportunity to verify that the ballots were legitimate.
              If everything was as they say, they’d be calling for audits, recounts, everything possible to prove they had prevailed.
              Instead we get moving goal posts on how much fraud occurred.

        3. Trump won counties with more cows than people. Big deal.

          1. Poor Lefties dont understand how this Republic works.

            Trump is more popular in 2020 than in 2016. Lefties hate that.

            1. Trump lost. The end.

              1. When will the grieving process end? Fucking loser believers.

              2. If you really thought that, you’d be encouraging efforts to prove that the election wasn’t stolen.
                MoveOn was the slogan when Slick Willy was caught with his dick in Monica, not as a way to prove he didn’t diddle her, but to get past the obvious.
                All you commies are trying to do the same, here.
                If the election was legitimate, you’d have no objection to looking at every ballot, in detail.
                Yet you do.

            2. Other than the first two weeks in office, Trump always had more people who disapproved of him than approved of him:


              I know Trump fans hate that. You man was just a jerk, from day one in office.

        4. That’s my understanding of what happened, too.

          Sure, there were election law violations on a massive scale, there was the usual amount of outright fraud and maybe a bit more.

          But what really happened is that the Democrats poured possibly hundreds of millions of dollars into enhancing turnout in urban districts where they usually get 90% plus of the vote, but where the turnout usually sucks. This year they got their 90% plus share of 90% plus turnout, instead. And that made the difference.

          It went under the radar somewhat, because it was listed as charitable ‘election assistance’, not a campaign donation. It’s just that the ‘election assistance’, doubling election administration budgets in key precincts, went only to precincts where higher turnout would help Democrats.

          But since it didn’t go specifically to Democrats, it didn’t count as a regulated campaign donation.

          This is a game that two can play, but Democrats have a fundamental advantage in playing it, because there pretty much isn’t anywhere Republicans can enhance turnout where Democrats won’t get a big share of that increase.

          Bottom line, is the Republicans are going to have to improve their game, and hugely, or they’re dead.

          1. Maybe they should try improving their policy and governance. I think their gamesmanship is honed quite well enough.

            1. “Maybe they should try improving their policy and governance. I think their gamesmanship is honed quite well enough.”

              Yeah, handing out free shit is ‘improved policy and governance’. To lefty shits.

          2. But they only got that “turnout” from voters, whose ballots’ chain of custody was suspect, at best. With the big “if” of whether the ballots were associated with voters, at all.
            If it was the LieCheatSteal party’s campaign efforts – certainly not improved by basement-dwelling Biden – it would have shown up on election day. But it didn’t.
            On election day, Trump won decisively. It was only through some very suspect counting of mailed in ballots that things changed.

        5. “Biden won 17% of the total counties.”

          So Trump did very well with the empty land vote (as well as the middle-aged-white-men-without-a-college-degree vote).

      2. Then why wasn’t there a blue wave? The GOP dominated the down ballot races. The Ds flipped no GOP state legislatures. They lost ground in the House and didn’t win the Senate.

        Which is in and of itself an indicator that something incredibly sketchy happened in the presidential portion of the same election that bears investigation.
        For a president to have these kind of coattails and still lose has never happened before.

        Yes, yes, I know the new narrative, that the Dems went house to house picking up votes from people who normally couldn’t be assed to vote, but it still doesn’t account for size of the vote increase or the 200% participation rates.

        1. We know how it happened in Fulton County, Georgia. We now have video.

          Election workers told observers that they were done counting so the media and observers left. 4-5 election workers pumped fraudulent ballots into the legal ballot system for two hours between 11pm and 1 am.

          1. Trump lost. Nothing you can do but cry, bitch.

            1. You poor unreason bots.

              12th Amendment here we come.

              1. There’s no bots and there’s no vote fraud. Use your head – trump lost. There might be a very good reason – maybe even a conspiracy – but it definitely ain’t vote fraud.

                Fucking chimp. Think outside the box for a second. What could it have been if it wasn’t vote fraud?

                1. “maybe even a conspiracy”
                  To do what?
                  “Fraud” is a catch-all term for illegitimate, and/or illegal manipulation of vote counts.
                  It is not the technical one, used in courts. It is any way to change what is the normal counting of voters’ preference. Though the courts seem to be taking it literally.
                  Which is why it is suspicious on its face, the idea that “machine voting” needs to have “software”, other than to be simple tabulation of the number of votes for each candidate.

          2. “We know how it happened in Fulton County, Georgia. We now have video.”

            True, the video is damning. I’ve watched the video several times now. I look forward to the investigation into this. Specifically, when the table was moved into the room at 8:30 AM, it didn’t appear to me that there were any suitcases under the table. When did the suitcases get put under the table and where did they come from? I’m sure those people that stayed late into the night are identifiable and I would love to hear their explanations. The effect and tally of those votes should be easily determined by timestamps in the machines.

            1. And I look down, because I am exalted.

              1. But you can match time to vote totals.
                Spoiler alert: there’s a massive Biden spiked unmatched throughout the rest of the GA count.

                1. Gotta cite? As I suspected the “mysterious” suitcases full of ballots that were under the table were put there in the middle of the day. Trump’s genius layers conveniently committed that from their video presentation. The video has been explained enough that I see no fraud from my exalted position. Trump lost. Suck a turd.

                  1. *lawyers

                  2. Then why pull them out, to be tabulated, when all the observers were moved out of the room, told counting was over for the day?
                    Any effort to hide ballot counting is consciousness of guilt that the ballots were not legitimate and would have been found out if observers were present.

            2. “When did the suitcases get put under the table and where did they come from?”

              They weren’t “suitcases”:


          3. I’ve seen that video. The problem is that there is no way to track the votes that were added to determine if they were fraudulent.

            1. But you can match time to vote totals.
              Spoiler alert: there’s a massive Biden spiked unmatched throughout the rest of the GA count

        2. Bullshit. If the Dems stole the presidency, they would have also stolen a few House and Senate seats. There is zero evidence of the election being stolen. Zero. Voter fraud is statistically insignificant.

          1. They tried and failed. Just like they tried and failed to steal the President win from Trump.

          2. No, that’s not true. One of the big stories of the past few years was one state after another removing the “straight ticket vote” option, so that now you have to vote for every office, you can’t just vote for every Democrat by checking a box.

            That means the labor to create fraudulent ballots now scales with the number of offices voted. So it makes sense that you’d get a lot of ballots that only have a vote for President on them.

            If that Fulton county counting location has an unusual number of single candidate ballots, that pretty much cinches the case for fraud.

            1. True. Anyone check that?

            2. Not really.

        3. Or that the Prez and his mean tweets scared off some traditional Repub voters, like country club Chamber of Commerce types who thought Biden would be a milquetoast centrist, or at least pump enough debt and fiscal stimulus into the economy to jack up their stocks and funnel cash to their customers.

        4. “For a president to have these kind of coattails and still lose has never happened before.”

          He had zero “coattails”. People didn’t vote for down-ballot Republicans because they loved Trump. A majority of people disliked Trump his entire presidency. People voted for Republicans down-ballot, because in those cases–unlike the presidential contest–the Democratic candidates were even worse than the Republican candidates.

      3. It isn’t official yet that they “didn’t win the Senate.” The GOP has to win at least one of the runoffs in GA.

        1. Senator Perdue beat Jon Ossoff by 80,000 votes.

          Every Democrat (dead or alive) voted for Jon Ossoff and he lost. Same thing will happen in the runoff.

          Georgia just said hand recount has Biden losing to Trump. Plus 16EC for Trump.

          1. “Georgia just said hand recount has Biden losing to Trump. Plus 16EC for Trump.”

            You got a cite? I can find nothing that agrees with you on the intertubes.

          2. Perdue beat Ossoff by 88K votes. 115K voted for Hazel.
            It’s hard to imagine turnout being higher for the Senate runoffs than it was for the general election. Lower turnout will help the Repubs more.

            In the other Senate race in November, Dem Warnock got 32.9% to Repub Loeffler’s 25.9%, but the party totals were as follows (due to multiple candidates):

            Repub: 2.426M (6 candidates)
            Dem: 2.378M (8 candidates), trailing by 48K
            Indy: 59K (4 candidates)
            Lib: 35K
            Green: 15K

    2. Trump lost because he made a fool of himself in the debate.

      1. A minor impact at most.

    3. Trumpkins on BreitFART now support price controls because Dear Leader supports them. Lol.

      1. Poor unreason bots.

        Georgia just announced Biden lost the hand recount in Georgia.

        Plus 16 EC for Trump.

          1. unofficial results. Trump won!

            1. Troll…

        1. Yawn.

    4. Most Americans support the common sense lockdowns.

      1. Youre an authoritarian statist. We ready knew that.

        1. There is no right to infect others. A pandemic is an extreme situation. Get over it.

          You cannot be pro-life yet oppose mask laws and lockdowns.

          1. So were you for laws prohibiting having sex knowing you had HIV? Back in the day, that was an actual death sentence, unlike this glorified chest cold. (I had it.) The only thing extreme about this is the orgasms statist cucks such as yourself are having, jerking off to Cuomo’s press conferences.

            1. If you knowingly infect someone with HIV, you should go to prison. Absolutely.

            2. And back in the day when there was no treatment for HIV and everyone died from it, of course there should have been a very stiff penalty, including a possible death sentence when the person you infected died from AIDS if you knew you had it and didn’t bother to tell your sexual partner. Of course.

              1. An analogy would have been to ban anyone from having sex, because of the chance of spreading GRIDS, as it was first called.
                The outcry of even wanting to restrict homosexuals from practicing their perversions was deafening.

            3. Almost 300,000 deaths says this isn’t just a chest cold.

              1. “Deaths” with or from the Chinaflu?
                The CDC even lists “comorbidities” of intentional or accidental injuries as being Chinaflu deaths.
                According to the CDC George Floyd was a Chinaflu death.
                Only 6% blamed on the Chinaflu, alone.

          2. “There is no right to infect others.”


            1. So you’re saying such a right exists according to libertarianism? Even though it clearly violates the NAP?

        2. Trump supports drug price controls. Lol.

    5. He controlled EVERYTHING about how he chose to respond to it, or more accuratley, not respond. COVID rages through the upper Midwest and people are SHOCKED that he lost the swing states up there. And no matter what, you cannot debate that he did NOTHING to address ANYTHING for months other than his own feelz. Twitter every day, action zero days.

      1. When Trump does nothing in a situation where any other president would act, he is being the most libertarian president ever.

        When he does something (usually something expensive) that other presidents would not do, he is owning the libz.

        When he is made a fool by his own words or the actions of his underlings, he is playing 5d chess.

        I just have this to add:


        “The group displays excessively zealous and unquestioning commitment to its leader, and (whether he is alive or dead) regards his belief system, ideology, and practices as the Truth, as law.

        Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished.

        The group has a polarized, us-versus-them mentality, which may cause conflict with the wider society.

        The leader is not accountable to any authorities (unlike, for example, teachers, military commanders, or ministers, priests, monks, and rabbis of mainstream religious denominations).

        The group teaches or implies that its supposedly exalted ends justify whatever means it deems necessary. This may result in members participating in behaviors or activities they would have considered reprehensible or unethical before joining the group (e.g., lying to family or friends, or collecting money for bogus charities).

        The group is preoccupied with making money.

        1. Sounds like Obama more than Trump.

          1. It sounds like you suffer from ODS syndrome.

          2. Whenever Trump is criticized, count on a Trumptard to chime in with “What about Obama?”

            1. Because 0blama was orders of magnitude worse than Trump in almost every category.

      2. Apparently you missed Operation Warp Speed that Trump initiated and has now produced vaccines. You may also have overlooked the 2 mercy hospital ships he sent to NY and LA. Governor Fredo personally thanked Trump for his help with ventilators. And who can forget your type calling Trump a racist for closing off travel from COVID hotspots China and Europe.

        You, sir, are an ignoramus.

        1. Actually, Pfizer was not part of Operation Warp Speed.

          1. I guess you missed the update, where Pfizer stated they were promised $1.8B for the vaccine by OWS.

    6. I agree that Trump had to change his tone and become “admirable” when COVID-19 came along. Give him credit for saying (months ahead of time) that mail in ballots which were not requested would be a nightmare (for him).

  3. No, no, no! We all know it was really those selfish, stupid libertarians wasting their votes!

    As I’ve been hearing for 30+ years.

    1. It was more you tacitly thinking biden and a return to an expanding federal government was more principled than a mean tweet.

      1. A *return*? Did I somehow slide into an alternate reality where our president did not issue a nationwide eviction moratorium through these Centers for (*double-checks notes*) Disease Control? Or hand out $1,200 welfare checks that people could only spend at Walmart and Amazon?

        People don’t just hate Trump because he is an asshole, they hate him because he is a big government statist asshole.

      2. Some day it will hopefully occur to you that no one made Trump keep Tweeting. And maybe later it will occur to you that he voluntarily tweeted mostly lies and personal grievances. Like an 8 year old. It does matter.

        1. Yes, Trump is an unsavory character with a lack of discipline on his tweets. But he was very successful for the country. I judge him by his accomplishments and had to overlook his foibles. Biden is a hypocritical crook with dementia.

          1. Adding $7 trillion to the national debt in four years is a TREMENDOUS accomplishment.

      3. “….and a return to an expanding federal government…”

        You do know that the federal deficit this year is going to be over 3 trillion dollars, right? What Trump vetoes were written for any of that massive deficit spending?

  4. “Democratic operatives stuffed ballots (but were too stupid to fix down-ticket races”

    You still don’t get it. Republicans were in on it too. That’s why we have stop voting until 2024. Only Trump can defeat the Lizard people.

    1. Hey, another ignorant moron who doesn’t understand how state or federal vote totals differ than district totals. Congrats.

      1. Also appears that we are ignoring the statistical surge of President only ballots. Weird.

        1. Prove fraud to a judge, or STFU.

          1. It will be fun Thomas, Kavanaugh, Alito, Gorsuch, and Barrett siding with Trump campaign against Biden.

            1. You will be a meme in 90 days. Pathetic.

            2. Which of the lower court suits is going to SCOTUS? Where is the federal question? SCOTUS jurisdiction here is appellate only. If the Third Circuit is incorrect about refusal to allow leave to amend the complaint in Pennsylvania, the remedy is a remand to the district court for further proceedings there.

              Where and when did you get your legal training, if any, lc1789?

              1. You don’t get it yet…his only connection to “legal thinking” is his handle, which is a silly ass reference to a thing he doesn’t understand. No amount of judges smacking down this BS will ever convince him. Anyone that disagrees is just part of the “conspiracy.” soon, only OANN and Newsmax will be “truth” to him.

                These are the same people that think it is “unfair” to criticize $700 an hour lawyers like Sidney Powell for not even being able to state a legally recognizable claim nor spell check anything. This is like 4th tier law school and still failed first year basic classes type of shit. Venue. Jurisdiction. Avoiding 12b6. Stating an actual claim. Strict scrutiny (literally first month of ConLaw classes). They don’t care. They only know one thing….fealty to Trump at all costs.

              2. Article 3, Section 2: In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction.
                Suits will be filed with states as the party.
                The SCOTUS has original jurisdiction.
                If you think anything will allay the concerns of honest people, short of it coming from the highest court in the land, you’ve got another think coming.
                The closest you communists will come to an acceptance of this phony-ass election, is in a resounding ruling from the SCOTUS.
                Many of us will still know it was stolen.

                1. Original jurisdiction doesn´t work that way. SCOTUS jurisdiction here is appellate only.

        2. Statistical is the wrong word and President-only, while considerable, is artificially narrow. The keystone or lynchpin, IMO, is the ‘bumps’. To accept them as some natural phenomenon you have to assume things that aren’t just improbable, but nonsense. Mail in ballots from all over the state got mixed together blindly/randomly and, somehow, still came out in >10,000 1-way, and only 1-way, groups at exact times/moments and only once in any given state. Whether Trump wins or not, such obvious bullshit needs to be addressed.

          At the very least, it should be given the same or similarly serious consideration as Russian Facebook ads. I would absolutely agree that if it were >10K Trump votes it should be investigated/explained. If similarly anomolous groups show up against Biden in 2024, they should be investigated/explained. Even if they’re some sort of completely organic/innocuous Candidate X mail-in voting party, that explanation should be found/given. If it were a white-supremacist or Russian nationalist mail-in voting party, we’d absolutely be investigating it and, depending on conditions, working to prevent it.

  5. We tired of the president’s conspiracy-mongering, whining, incessant tweeting, dishonesty, incompetence, and failure to grow into the office.

    That plus Trump was a complete failure on policy.

    He said he would overturn Obamacare and replace it with a better healthcare system – complete failure.

    He said he would negotiate great new trade deals – complete failure.

    He said he would eliminate the debt and fix the countries finances – complete failure.

    He said he would build a big beautiful border wall and make Mexico pay for it – complete failure.

    Yet the boot-lickers keep licking.

    1. Anybody who believed those, particularly the one about the debt, deserved to be disappointed.

      And anyway, he’s better on policy than Biden is gonna be. If you like sweating in the dark when it’s hot, the Green New Deal is right up your alley.

      Trump lost because he’s an insufferable prick, and that bothered enough voters to matter. People were tired of the drama.

      1. Buttplug doesn’t seem to understand that things under Harris aren’t going to get better for soft, swollen hikikomoris living in their mom’s basement; no matter how many “Just Marxist Things” and “I Fucking Love Science” tweets he hearts.

    2. turd really wanted a dictator, but Newsom was already engaged making an ass of himself in CA.

  6. He can always declare marshal law. I hope he does. I’m looking forward to seeing Enlightened™ heads explode.

    1. He should declare Martian Law and unleash Sir Phobos and Sir Deimos.

    2. Marshal law? Like Marshall Tucker Band? Is he going to force us to play the guitar until our hands bleed like their lead guitarist Toy Caldwell?

      It’s martial law. Not a marshal as in a Walker, Texas Ranger.

      1. Texas Ranger law could be fun. Lots of stony glares and karate kicks, and much less talking.

        1. LOL!

        2. Fewer wars, more death. QED Chuck Norris.

      2. Chuck Norris could enforce martial law all by himself.

        1. One riot, one Ranger.

  7. OK, that’s just stupid. Like we didn’t spend the last 4 years with the MSM acting as an unpaid PR firm for the Democratic party. Like they didn’t unite with social media outlets to suppress Trump’s “October surprise”, going to far as locking the account of a major daily newspaper.

    Like election laws weren’t massively violated in multiple states.

    Like pharmaceutical giants didn’t drag their heels just a bit to come out with the vaccine just after, instead of just before, the election.

    There must be at least a half dozen “but for” causes for this election outcome, and it is quite clear that “but for” any of them, Trump could have won being the Trump he actually is, instead of the Trump you’d like to have replaced him with.

    1. The MSM treated Trump exactly as he wanted. He wanted attention and they gave him that attention. He showed he was a narcissistic incompetent and they just shined the light on him.

      No he can’t win by being himself in 2016 his campaign was significantly more disciplined.

      1. Fuck off you lying totalitarian sack of shit. He responded to their baseless attacks and cunts like you declare the response to be the start of the attack.

      2. Lol. You say some stupid shit. The girl in the skirt wanted to be raped too.

        1. You can sure tell he’s a boomer.

          1. He claims so, but his drivel is adolescent at best; 50-going-on-15 is my guess.

        2. Trump lost. You lose. I win. Eat shit. The tariffs are gone.

          1. “…I win…”

            The US lost.

      3. “and they gave him that attention.”

        Are you high from eating Biden’s ass or something? The MSM *supressed* Trump and deliberately ignored him, censored his tweets. Censored his supporters…on and on and on.

        Stop the fucking gaslighting…we already know you’re lying.

        1. His tweets were censored because they were lies that violated Twitter TOS, MORON.

          1. Yes yes, we know how the mind of the liberal interprets facts. That’s a lie according to “my truth.”

            there’s no such thing as truth to you people. You could state an obvious fact like “1+1=2,” and some liberal will find that racist for some reason and declare it to be a lie.

            Facts are facts, even if they hurt your little feelings. The truthfulness of a statement does not depend on whether you think it’s “mean” or it upsets you. Stop living a lie, and stop gaslighting us, you liberal scum.

            1. Yeah it’s Twitter’s fault that Trump VOLUNTARILY CHOSE to lie his ass off and personally attack people 8 times a day every day. JFC. And they didn’t CENSOR him . That would have meant you couldn’t read his Tweets. Also they are not the government, they are a private enterprise. Jesus.

              1. “Also they are not the government, they are a private enterprise.”

                Sooo…what? Gaslighting and censoring is legal for a private enterprise…doesn’t make it factually accurate when they say “this tweet is disputed, learn more about how elections are safe & secure.” When we all know plainly that they are NOT safe & secure.

                Whether they are a private enterprise or not is irrelevant to the factual accuracy around their censorship efforts.

                1. They ARE safe and secure, dipshit.

                  1. There you go again with that “my truth” bullshit.

                    I guess Trump voters just have a higher standard of integrity than slimy, ass eating Democrats such as yourself.

                    1. Cry more, cunt.

              2. “Yeah it’s Twitter’s fault that Trump VOLUNTARILY CHOSE to lie his ass off and personally attack people 8 times a day every day….”

                What treatment are you getting for your TDS? I hope it fails and you die.

                1. Trump: over 20,000 lies as president. If his lips are moving, he’s lying.

                2. Wishing death on another human being?

                  That’s exactly the kind of immoral, lack of empathy kind of attitude I’ve come to expect out of Democrats. You people have no morals and to you, all things are justified to get your way: voter fraud, and apparently even wishing death on your fellow citizens.

                  I thought you guys were supposed to be the party of compassion…

                  1. Sevo is a Trumptard, moron. He’s not a Democrat.

            2. This message brought to you by:

              Root and Toot Rudy’s Alternative Facts! ™

    2. Your first paragraph is correct and that was probably a factor.

      The part about election laws being violated all over is ridiculous. Trump has people all over trying to prove it and can’t come close.

      As is the vaccine claim. Pfizer was out to get Trump too? lol. By the time of the election everyone knew that applications would be filed around thanksgiving.

      Trump got his ass kicked. It happens. More people liking him would have helped, maybe enough to make a difference.

      1. Not being able to come close and being shot down by judges beholding to Dem state attorney generals are two different things.

        1. It’s extremely important to Bevis that electoral irregularities not be questioned because the results affirm his feelz of hate for Trump.
          Totalitarianism is a small price to pay to protect such delicate sensibilities.

          1. Trump supports drug price controls. Lol.

          2. Nardz, none of this shit is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to me like it apparently is to you. I have no feels here. You’re the one emotionally insulting everyone who disagrees with you.

            I’m an engineer, trained by education and practice to be objective. I’m completely open to there having been some cheating. But your dream team is not only failing to prove any, they’re making a joke of themselves in the process. Not my fault, man.

            1. Lol

              Sure buddy.

              1. Nardz: tries to play it cool and walk off

                also Nardz: feverishly spewing all over his keyboard the rest of the night copy-pasting R wing twitter feeds to reason comments and getting hysterical when anyone isnt bending the knee to his failed orange cult daddy…

                “sure buddy” lol, we def know you’re chill about this 😉

            2. Wasting your time. You can’t argue with a cultist, at least not successfully. One of the tells is at the first blush disagreement, you get called a “lefty” or “shill” or whatever. There’s a complete lack of ability to admit that someone might simply disagree in good faith. Nardz doesn’t care about your background. He (or she) only knows that if you disagree, you must be evil.

            3. hate to break it to you, but you are arguing with a hysterical woman. she’s nothing but feelz; in case you hadnt seen her in the news, she made national stories


              ^ Nardz irl

        2. Cry more.

        3. The guy that smacked him down the hardest was one of his appointees.

      2. Georgia video from State farm Arena shows fulton county election workers counting ballots (fake or legal ballots) after getting rid of observers.

        That literally violates Georgia election code. So NOT ridiculous.

        You know what is coming…Trump’s second term.

        1. Trump PRISON term. Lol.

          1. You poor unreason bots. Your handlers know what is coming.

      3. Pfizer was out to get Trump too? lol.

        Pfizer wasn’t out to get Trump, the MSM is/was. Or Pfizer’s PR division and the MSM. The annual flu vaccine is 40 +/- 30% effective and we get told to take it every year. Ads run year round. It’s not like the COVID vaccine was 0% effective on Nov. 2 and everybody came to work on the 7th and discovered it was “90+% effective”.

        Moreover, there’s a bit of TDS on both sides of this argument. Pfizer (or whomever) doesn’t have to personally hate Trump, preferring cheap goods from China and an apathy towards socialist regimes that makes their concern for AGW look silly is sufficient. Even that assume a rather sensible or principled position that isn’t necessarily true in the electorate at large. There’s no reason to assume that something like 40% of Pfizer’s board doesn’t think Trump didn’t lock down hard enough and/or declare them essential enough.

      4. No, they were violated. It’s just that the judges take one look at the only available remedy, and decide they don’t care. Some of them have come out and said as much: That the only remedy is ‘disenfranchising’ millions of voters, and they’re just not going to do that.

        1. Principles? They should be impeached and removed if that is true.

        2. And these “judges”, in their cowardice, ignore that leaving millions of illegal votes in place, “disenfranchises” an equal number of legal ones.
          What happened to adhering to the law, without fear or favor?

    3. Cry more.

      1. Geez, Vince. Middle school holiday today given you some free time?

      2. Trump won Georgia! unofficial results. Plus 16 EC for Trump.

        1. You keep asserting that. Do you have any proof?

    4. Dude!
      You forgot the big one – The Chinaflu, that was released on the world, with the sole intent of getting rid of China’s most effective counter.
      Without the Chinaflu, Trump might have sailed to a 50 state majority, with the best economy, in decades, with unemployment, especially for women and minorities, at almost full-employment levels. Shit! Even the poverty rate, long a goal for the left, was down to historically low levels.
      The timing of the vaccine wouldn’t have even been necessary, nor would the explosion of the debt/deficit needed to bail out the country after so many communist governors shut down their peoples’ ability to earn a living.

  8. People are still trying to figure out how he won, yet you’re sure about why he lost?

    That’s pretty nutballs.

    1. It’s not over till it’s over.

  9. What’s amazing is the amount of hubris it takes to repost this article the day after video surfaces of Georgia dems kicking all the poll watchers out, pulling out hidden boxes of ballots, and running them through the machines for 2 hours.

    1. You saw a 2 hour video? Where? Post a link. All I saw was a 30 second grainy video that showed nothing of the sort on Rudy Giuliani’s Twitter.

      1. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what the there was no significant fraud shitheads are reduced to. Claiming that video introduced in a state hearing didn’t contain what it was said to contain. Fucking hilarious.

        1. The video showed someone drag a case out from under a table. That’s it.

          You don’t even know what was in it. It could have been absentee ballots. It could have been anything.

          1. “It could have been absentee ballots.”

            Yeah, that wouldn’t make it better.

            1. He was making a point that it could have been ballots (as claimed by the legal team), but it also could have been something else – because the video is shitty resolution. Reading comprehension – get some.

              1. I like how you’re okay with secret ballot counts after kicking loll watchers put as long as the video isn’t 4k.

                Useful idiot indeed.

                1. WTF? Did I say any of that? I have repeatedly asked for the link to the video that is more than 30 seconds from Rudy G’s twitter account that shows absolutely nothing. And all you can do is name call me and put words in my mouth? Fuck off.

                  1. Do you want it notarized?

                    Just fuck off White Knight. Changing your name but not your schtick isn’t fooling anyone.

                    1. I love being accused of being a sock puppet. Last week I was being accused of being a squirrel or something. You guys are fucking retards.

                    2. I look forward to you calling out Dee when she shows up later and acts like she’s never seen the video either then.

                  2. Ot takes 5 seconds to find it or read comment sections from yesterday ignorant shit.

                    1. Hey, you’re giving shit a bad name.

                2. Notice no comments from this “new” commenter after the video links were posted. He had plenty assumptions before that though.

                  The Fulton County election workers clearly violated Georgia election law by counting ballots without observers present (because they lied about stopping ballot counting at 10:45pm, so observers left).

                  It’s what is an appropriate remedy. I suggest voiding all Fulton County vote totals as punishment.

                  1. Fuck off, fuckface. I already commented on the link that Jesse, posted. Twice. Try reading – in the words of JesseAZ, you ignorant shit.

              2. If it could have been absentee ballots, hidden under a tablecloth, and then dragged out and counted after all but four people left, that’s a big problem.

                You not understanding the concerns has nothing to do with my reading comprehension.

                1. I do understand the concerns.

                  Trump’s legal team has to prove everything in actual court. Not the court of public opinion.

                  I requested the link to the video and finally received it. I concurred that the video is somewhat ambiguous and could possibly be counting of ballots. I suggested that those individuals should be called in to testify.

                  1. Your ignorance of the subject at hand is not a excuse for condescension. Here’s a tip: if you haven’t seen a video, don’t argue about that video with people that have seen it, whether they link to the video or not.

                    And I’m really gonna lmao if you turn out to be Dee, because she specifically didn’t watch the video because she took Lying Jeffy’s word for what was in the video last night.

                    1. You are so paranoid of sock puppet accounts that its quite hilarious. I specifically argued that the video that Rudy G posted to his twitter (30 seconds long) did not describe what the other people here commenting were describing. Did you even read my original comment, fuckface? Then everyone blasted me for not watching their video. I requested said video. Jesse posted it. I watched it. I conceded that it showed more than what Rudy G had posted on his twitter, and that those people should be called to testify. JEEZOUS EFFING CHRIMINY CAN YOU PEOPLE FUCKING READ???

                    2. Paranoid people don’t laugh about what they’re paranoid about. I don’t care if you’re Dee, I’ll just laugh if you are.

                      And you’re discussion with Jesse has nothing to do with jumping in to insult me as I respond to the pedo. Now that you’ve seen more of the video, you admit it’s concerning. Pedo doesn’t care what all the video shows, and wouldn’t care if the lady in the video admitted to fraud. He’s a left wing troll and you jumped to his defense. Just like Dee does. Now you can fuck off, fuckface.

                    3. Yes, yes. Everyone is a sock puppet of chemjeff, or was it Tony? Everyone except the 999 cultists who deadpan and dead-eyed end every post with “libtard” or “commie” or “doodoo face”.

                    4. DOL, you lying homicidal sociopath, I’ve explained this to you before. Pay attention this time. I don’t really know or care if you’re Lying Jeffy or not. You lie just like him. So you’re the same either way.

                      If this arrogant asshole keeps jumping in and defending dirtbags like pedo, all while playing ignorant and asking for cites that have already been posted, then I will find it funny if he turns out to be Dee. Especially because Dee intentionally didn’t click on the link last night.

                      I know you’re smart enough to understand this, which just means you’re being a dishonest piece of shit on purpose.

                    5. I’m homicidal now too?

                      Make sure to tell Nardz. He’s got it really bad, if you think I have a case.

                    6. Leftist drones aren’t people, espresso.

                2. Fulton County also got caught by the observer with 10k votes for Biden and 13 for Trump. After recount it was 1k for Biden and some votes for Trump.

                  Fulton County got caught giving all military absentee ballots to Biden and 0 for Trump. Yup every military person voting overseas from Fulton County voted for Biden. Not a single vote for Trump. They allow military to vote by email and then transfer the voting choices to an actual ballot. Supposed to have two observers because that process is wrought with fraud possibilities.

                  1. Kungflu hysteria was the key to allow this to happen. They kept observers 6+ feet away from counters so there was no meaningful observation taking place of ballot counting.

                    1. Maybe also cause the new style of Repub “observation” is to send weekend warriors in camo with AR-15s to “watch” stuff

              3. I watched the video, the part shown at the hearing. I don’t know that anybody has posted the full surveillance camera footage anywhere, but they do have it.

                It is certainly true that you could not be sure from the short part shown at the hearing that those suitcases contained ballots.

                It is absolutely true that they told everybody, “We’re done here for the night, come back in the morning and we’ll resume work.”, and once everybody left, they got back to work again.

                And that IS starkly illegal, and I am hard put to think of anything they’d have been doing in there besides counting ballots. Or why they’d have gotten rid of the observers before counting them unless there was something questionable about them.

                I’ve seen a virtual tsunami of crazy fraud claims, but this one isn’t crazy, it’s about as rock solid as it gets.

                1. Watch video of those workers normally earlier in the video or from news reports. Then pay attention to the leftmost worker in yellow only once she grabs the case. She flips the top off, sits down, and starts pulling ballots from the case and going through the exact same motions from earlier in the video and in the day.

                  1. If a jury were allowed to try these cases, they’d rule fraud occurred.
                    But judges aren’t required to have any integrity.

                  2. So, what is different about those “exact same motions from earlier in the video and in the day”?
                    No observers in the room.
                    If you’re doing a legitimate entry of ballots, you don’t exclude legally required observers from the room when you do it.
                    The only explanation is that an observer would object to these ballots.
                    Avoiding observation shows conscientiousness of guilt.

          2. They did that after kicking the poll watchers out. It was illegal for them to be in the building, clearly counting ballots, without the poll watchers present.

            1. Why did poll watchers leave? Were the cops called to escort them out? Shame on poll watchers for not saying “We are legally present so if it is all the same to you, we are going to stay and help you lock up.”

              1. The election workers lied to them and said they were done counting for the night.

                It is against Georgia election code for election workers to count ballots without observers. It doesnt matter why observers left.

              2. They fraudulently told poll watchers they were closing and ordered them to leave the building. Providing such false statements to poll watchers is illegal.

          3. No you stupid bastard, it was 4 cases, and you can clearly see the worker in yellow on the left drag one case to her station, flip open the top, sit down, and start running them through the tabulator. Start on minute nine since you probably have the attention span of a goldfish.


            1. Not sure how this turned into insulting goldfish.

        2. I asked for a link to the video that you are describing. You have so far declined to post said link, and reduced your argument to name calling. Good job. HILARIOUS lolz

          1. It was posted a lot yesterday you intentionally ignorant dummy. You don’t care for a link shit for brains. If you did you would take the 5 seconds on your search engine of choice.

            1. Hey, all right looks like we are going full on with name calling.

              I did. I even posted I looked on OANN and it came up with nothing. You know, the trump cum guzzling news network?

              1. Fucking Google it, White Knight you pathetic piece of shit.

                I found tons of postings of the video starting one page in… even after a page of pathetic “fact check” results, there it was.

                Nobody else post a link for this mendacious weasel either.
                WK can’t be bothered to try and rebut claims, so his/her/it gimmick is to demand people post cites, even for the biggest stories of the day, in hopes that they can’t be bothered and then this piece of shit can pretend that they scored a rhetorical “win”.

              2. I found about 2 dozen cites in 5 seconds. Stop using Google. They censor. But then again, you seem like the type who prefers the bubble.

                1. How many fucking times do I have to repeat myself? I watched your fucking video and conceded the point that those individuals should be called to testify. Seriously – use the CTRL+F function and look for my comments. You will see this at least 3 times now. Jesus.

                  1. Ok fuckface.

                2. Anyone who watches Newsmax can hardly accuse others of being in a bubble. By now I bet even Breitbart is too “liberal” for you.

                3. Says the pjmedia whore.

          2. I already posted the videos of the Georgia state senate hearings.

      2. Like Scott Adams says, Democrats don’t get to see real news. You almost have to feel sorry for them

      3. Second georgia state senate hearing

        There are actually two Georgia Senate hearings. Watch it while you can until the Commies at Google take it down.

        1. The dummies at Fulton County elections didnt know the State farm Arena cameras would be on. They thought all they had to do was fool the Georgia Secretary of State video monitor and single observer who was mostly on his cell phone all day.

          1. Watch for multiple camera failures when they’re counting the runoff votes.

    2. I even searched OANN and can’t find it.

      1. Lol. Youre so full of fucking shit.


        Youre either more retarded than the baby of Jeff and Wk or youre intentionally ignorant. Choose.

        1. Calm the fuck down, asshole.

          1. Ok, that was better video than what was shown on Rudy G’s twitter.

            Point for you. Feel better now?

            I am more than happy to agree that those individuals should be called to testify. Nothing wrong with that.

            1. Go fuck yourself, WK.

            2. I don’t feel anything in regards to people who choose intentional ignorance. That took all of 3 seconds to find. So again, you’re either the dumb child of WK and Jeff or you choose to be intentionally ignorant. Choose one.

              1. Someone, or you, already alluded to the fact that the google search engine does not lend itself to finding certain things. So, no, I am neither of those. I don’t have to choose a binary. Fuck off.

                1. Don’t bother to offer concessions to Jesse, mother, or R Mac, among others.

                  They are died in the the wool cult members who will heap endless and ugly abuse on anyone who criticizes their cult daddy. Up to and including violent threats.

        2. It’s willful ignorance and/or gaslighting.

          1. Nope. I am surprised you didn’t suggest I was eating ass, again.

            But of course you willfully ignored my comment right above.

            Also, why do you fucks always tell everyone to “Google” the evidence that you say supports your claim, when if you already have the evidence, you should post it. Jesse, at least after a while, was nice enough to finally post his evidence.

            And its funny that he comments that I don’t go back and read old articles on here in the comments for evidence, when I posted several comments shredding someone’s evidence for having fake numbers for vote count differences. Not a peep out of anyone that time. Hmm, strange. (This was on the Kraken article by Slummy Sullum).

            1. Sorry I didn’t mention it before, I know how much you love eating Biden’s ass. Really, enormous amounts of evidence has been presented to you, but you can’t see it when you’re busy eating Biden’s ass, so you just declare “there’s no evidence.”

              Now, you COULD properly educate yourself on the facts, but that first requires you to stop eating so much ass.

              1. I was beginning to get worried. Thanks for curing my anxiety with the response. Now I know everything is normal again.

    3. Thank you. I was going to post this.

      Reason writers are in a bubble of their own design.

  10. First, it appears there just aren’t enough bigots and superstitious slack-jaws left in America to constitute any electoral majority.

    Second, a reasonable Trump might have lost the adoration of the half-educated bigots, hypocritical religious kooks, and backwater rubes.

    The problem for Republicans is that modern America is unreceptive to bigotry and backwardness, and that condition strengthens each day as our electorate becomes less White, less bigoted, less backward, less rural, and less religious.

    The culture war isn’t over — there will be spats here and there — but it has been settled.

    Reasoning, educated, inclusive, modern Americans residing in successful, educated, modern, inclusive communities have won.

    1. “Second, a reasonable Trump might have lost the adoration of the half-educated bigots, hypocritical religious kooks, and backwater rubes.”

      Exactly…if he quit kicking puppies his hard core fans would lose interest.

    2. “Reasoning, educated, inclusive, modern Americans”

      That should upset you Kirkland, because you’re the opposite of all of those things.

      1. Weak comeback.

        1. Vince, you appear to be very similar to Kirkland. It’s like you’re allergic to putting any substance in a post.

    3. The Good Reverend can’t even see his own seething bigotry in his post.

      The Good Reverent is an ass eating bigot.

    4. So if they’re so successful and educated and modern, why do they need bailouts? Why are they burning their successful communities down?

      1. It turns out that cops killing people with de facto immunity upsets people, like a lot.

        1. That does not justify rioting, looting, arson, or assault. This is another issue Trump’s team fumbled in the campaign.

          1. Not a justification; just an explanation.

  11. The thing of it all is if he wasn’t stupid as shit and just admitted the pandemic was coming and handed the reins off to Fauci, he would’ve gotten credit for the economy (which he had fuckall to do with) and just walked right into reelection.

    Good thing he’s an idiot and there are at least fewer idiots than sane people in this country (and thankfully enough in the right parts.)

    1. … handed the reins off to Fauci,
      My god, what a disaster you are.

      1. Yes. Experts are bad.

        1. Not all, but Fauci is incompetent.

    2. What is a raspberry dinner?

      1. I’m not sure of the details, but his toilet bowl is stained red.

    3. He did shit for brains. Fauci fucked up every step of the way just like he did with AIDS and the peanut allergy explosion.

      1. “It will go away with the heat.” Lol.

        1. “Two weeks to flatten the curve.” – Fauci
          “Masks don’t do shit, the public should not wear them.” – Fauci


  12. The Labor Force Participation rate is now down to 61.5% – a dreadful number for Trump.

    Republicans loved to talk criticize the LFP rate during the Obama years -which averaged 64%.

    1. Lol. You still think trump forced all the lockdowns.

    2. Trump was against shutting down businesses, dumb ass. The majority of that number is coming from nanny state hell holes with crooked governors.

      They put people out of work specifically to drive down those numbers and try to get Trump blamed. Treacherous bastards that they are!

      1. And the Great Recession was fully underway when Obama was sworn in. Still he got blamed for the 64% LFP rate.

        1. The recession ended 2 months into Obama’s first term before he signed a single bill dummy.

        2. The economy struggled for almost the entire duration of his presidency. Meanwhile, we have Trump with the lowest unemployment rate in history right up until Democrats artificially forced people into the unemployment lines.

      2. You’re right. Labor numbers are much more important than people’s lives.

  13. Good article. This is spot on. Trump spent four years doing little. His campaign in 2020 amounted to little more than a long list of grievances. If he wants to know why he lost he need only look in the mirror.

    1. Abraham Accords were said to be impossible by Kerry. Tax cuts were deemed impossible by D.C. reducing regulations could never be done. New deals to replace NAFTA were a pipe dream. Not starting new wars were the dreams of babies. Finally initiating Afghanistan withdrawal would never occur.

      Youre full of shit.

      1. We did not hear about any of this. What we heard was bellyaching about how unfair everyone is to him. He had the opportunity but he choose to whine and placate a small base. No one to blame but himself.

        1. No, plenty of people heard about it. The media clamped down on it because it was against the narrative. You are just a useful idiot.

          1. Trump lost. Cry harder. Lol.

          2. No. The media reported the narrative Trump wanted to put forward. He the candidate, not the media.

            1. Haha! Now you’re just trolling.

              As usual.

      2. Tax cuts for the rich that ballooned the deficit. Moron.

        1. Agreed

        2. Federal tax revenues were up after the tax cuts. (Until COVID panic lockdowns put people out of work)
          Increased spending ballooned the deficit.

          1. We were forecasting a trillion dollar deficit BEFORE for 2020 COVID…in what was being described as a great economy…

  14. i dream of a day when we are not talking about this clown anymore….

    1. Or his replacement

    2. You don’t have to.

  15. There is no evidence of cops committing massive, pervasive violations of civil rights. Millions of dollars paid out to settle lawsuits? No admission of wrongdoing so not proof of any wrongdoing by the cops. Lawsuits tossed out because of “qualified immunity” Isn’t evidence of wrongdoing by the cops. Cops getting caught on video? There is no evidence of wrongdoing by cops. I repeat, there is no evidence, and the people who believe that cops are constantly violating civil rights are deranged stupid cop haters who are stupid and deranged.

    There is no evidence of cops committing massive, pervasive violations of civil rights.

    Likewise there is no evidence of massive, pervasive vote fraud in the 2020 elections.

    1. True. But there are isolated instances of cops behaving badly and those do usually result in settlements. But the vast majority of cops do their job. Not saying we shouldn’t investigate the very small percentage of problems and look for better ways to police, but we aren’t going to dissolve all the police forces in the US over a isolated problems.

      1. Not saying we shouldn’t investigate the very small percentage of problems and look for better ways to police, but we aren’t going to dissolve all the police forces in the US over a isolated problems.

        When you say “dissolve” do you mean “set fire to” and “forcibly occupy”?

        1. No I mean to set aside the desires of the majority (l.e. to keep the police) and implement the desires of the minority…kind of like overturning the election…

          1. Sorry, I was too obtuse. Who is the “we” you claim to represent?

            Moreover, the analogy still holds. Nobody, AFAICT, is talking about getting rid of democratic elections any more than they’re saying there shouldn’t be more transparency, narrow federal oversight, consent decrees, and convictions surrounding crooked police departments.

            I’m not saying I agree with any/all of those proposed solutions, but the “How can you even begin question our electoral system?” NPC yammering is just as bad, if not worse, than all the knob-gobbling copsuckers. If only because the copsuckers weren’t, 4 yrs. prior, saying “Russians stole the police.” (*fingers crossed I didn’t frapè the metaphor too much.*)

          2. Are there Trump supporters setting fire to polling places and occupying them by force?

    2. Is this sarcasm? There is massive evidence of police misconduct. You can start with one really lousy major U.S. city police department, Baltimore.


      Point to a similar document regarding election fraud so we can discuss.

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  17. I think a large part of the reason he lost is because while the Democrats were in a full-court press to get the voting rules changed, the GOP waited until after the election to challenge those rules. What the fuck did the coronavirus have to do with allowing late votes and previously-invalid votes to be counted? All states have laws on mail-in ballots and the way they’re handled, why did they have to be changed just because the increased number of mail-in ballots were going to take longer to count?

    The consent decree the Georgia Secretary of State negotiated with Stacey Abrams to change the balloting rules is the perfect example of this – what was this bullshit? The Legislature makes the law, not the Secretary of State sneaking around and agreeing with the Democrats to change the law without even going to court over it. And the Pennsylvania Supreme Court taking it upon themselves to change the law when that’s not their fucking job nor their prerogative. This shit should have been challenged the moment it happened, not when it was too late. But they don’t call the GOP the Stupid Party for nothing.

    1. I would suggest the evidence of this is that he acted like a flaming asshole in 2016 too, and yet he won that election. In 2020, he actually won even more votes than he did in 2016 so the idea that acting like a flaming asshole somehow cost him the election is utter bullshit. What cost him the election was the highly improbable – in fact, literally incredible – record-setting Democratic turnout for a laughably bad candidate running a laughably bad campaign.

      1. It’s true that he acted like an ass and won in 2016, but his opponent was the massively unpopular Hillary Clinton.

        Biden ain’t great either but he doesn’t have the hate factor that HC did.

        1. Plus, after 4 years of nothing but constant teenage behavior, many who voted for him the first time got sick of the daily chaos and many young people became old enough to vote and they HATE his shtick.

          1. Did you miss the part where Trump got more votes than he did in 2016? Something his predecessor, the sainted 0blama, couldn’t get, actually losing 3.5 million votes between ’08 and ’12.
            So, by your reasoning, he lost those “who voted for him the first time” but “got sick of the daily chaos” while picking up a number of new voters, equal to those, plus another 11,230,691.
            Yeah, that makes sense.

            1. There were way more TOTAL VOTES cast in this election. That is a different thing entirely than the RELATIVE % for each candidate. Math 100 homie.

    2. Part of the problem there is courts declaring you don’t have standing to challenge the changes until after it is used. At that point the dismissals become too late, should have challenged prior to the changes being used. Total catch-22 to ensure the desired results.

      1. Yeah this. They even went to scotus before the election. Although the Georgia situation is still fucky. Did the SOS not realize that Abrams lost the Governor’s race and that she had no authority over anything? Why did he even deal with someone who still thinks her election was stolen?

        1. GA GOP is straight swamp.

        2. If we learned anything from the last five years, it is that the Venn diagram of Trump supporters and Republicans is not two concentric circles.

    3. They did challenge the rules many times. Often the challenges were struck down due to standing issues as no harm had yet occurred. This was one of the 4 to 4 ties at the USSC. It is a catch 22. No standing until the election, moot after the election.

  18. You’re saying if Trump wasn’t Trump he could have won re-election…his followers love his behaviors and more importantly, he loves his behaviors…asking him to be less of who he is asking the impossible…

    1. Trump gained 11 million votes. No incumbent has ever lost before with gaining that many votes.

      1. Plus gained seats in House and kept control of the US Senate.

        Fulton County, Atlanta election officials helped steal this election.

        1. Definitely more of a vote against Trump than a vote for Democratic policies…maybe Biden will understand this and not waste time with BS progressive plans…if he doesn’t stay in the middle he won’t get anything approved

          1. maybe Biden will understand this and not waste time with BS progressive plans…

            Phbbt… he’s not even in office yet and he’s suggested a supply-chain czar. After flip-flopping on a mask mandate before the election he’s subsequently settled for an 11-week mask recommendation. What evidence have you got that his isn’t continuing ahead at full-retard speed?

      2. Yea…Trump definitely encouraged people to get out and vote…record number of voters this year.

      3. And how many more voted AGSINST HIM? Twat.

        1. AGAINST

      4. The Democratic nominee gained 15 million votes…never has a major party gained 15 million votes and lost the election…

        1. Until now.

      5. Some day maybe you will come to understand the very very basic principles of math for example….more total votes versus more % of votes cast.
        Some day.

        Hint: If more people TOTAL vote than ever before, both sides are likely to get more total votes than they did before. But the percentage…that is what you simply cannot seem to fathom. Every day you post this same glaring error. It is so embarrassing.

  19. “Obviously, one can always find examples of fraud (and suppression) in any election involving 157 million votes. Governments run elections. They can be inefficient and incompetent. Stating that obvious fact, however, is a long way from proving widespread voter corruption.”

    So exactly what level of fraud is acceptable? 0.01%? 1.0%? And what types of fraud? And what standards of “proof”?

    1. If the fraud is only in the swing states, it isn’t widespread, so totes cool.

    2. well, for one thing, how about some actual evidence instead of pure speculation? where are the massive amounts of rejected provisional ballots that would exist if “fake” ballots had been mailed in? where are the lists of people who were marked as having voted, but didn’t? (political parties get the name address and phone number of everyone who votes.) why did the two states that did hand recounts match the voting machine results? we keep hearing speculation about trends and blips in data…… but we are completely missing the verifiable facts that would exist if there had been fraud.

      1. Exactly…but instead people think somebody saying something looked suspicious is evidence…

      2. The fake ballots weren’t rejected because the signature matching software was set at 40%.

        1. The hand recounts match the machine counts because the harvested ballots are included in both counts.

        2. you are not paying attention. you are still giving innuendo and speculation and not evidence. if there were fake ballots, at least some of the names attached to those fake ballots would have filled out a provisional ballot….. there would have been massive numbers of rejected provisional ballots because of the fake ones being counted instead. that did not happen. you do not have any evidence that any ballot was sent by anyone other that the registered voter who it was assigned to….. and if this had happened at any scale at all you would.

          1. Don’t inject reality into someone’s fantasy world…

          2. There are many affidavits of people stating just the things you claim of there being no evidence.
            Mail-in ballots received, but not requested. Attempting to vote and being told a absentee ballot has already been submitted and a disallowal of being able to submit a provisional.
            Once ballots get to the counting stage, there are no longer names attached. Millions of created ballots could be inserted if the chain of custody wasn’t maintained, and they wouldn’t run afoul of any provisional ones. Do they even keep provisional ballots that are rejected. In some states, they don’t retain the envelopes containing the signature of the registered voter.
            Almost all of the disputed numbers come from mailed in ballots, which were the target of having increased numbers by the party that miraculously benefitted from their existence.

    3. There is no “acceptable” level of fraud in terms of whether someone should face criminal charges for engaging in it. However, there has to be an “acceptable” level of fraud in terms of whether you order an election to be re-run, otherwise you’d be in the ridiculous position of re-running an entire statewide election (possibly decided by a margin of millions of votes) to deal with one person submitting a fraudulent ballot. The “acceptable” level of fraud in that case is fraud that is insufficient to change the outcome of the election.

    4. **”:So exactly what level of fraud is acceptable? 0.01%? 1.0%? And what types of fraud? And what standards of “proof”**

      Zero percent. I don’t think anyone is saying people should get away with voter fraud. The people committing fraud should go to jail.

      All fraudulent votes should be discarded and the remaining votes counted. If there are more Trump votes than Biden votes at the end, the Trump wins.

      It’s not that people don’t buy your premise that fraudulent votes shouldn’t count. It has not been proven. And, you prove it up in court (with oaths, testimony, and rules of evidence and cross-examination) not on Twitter. If there is a video that is a smoking gun, I’m sure it will be presented and proven in court. If you can’t prove it in court, it didn’t happen.

      1. Courts are the worst place for something like this to be decided.
        If a judge thinks the video shows illegal activity, rules of the “judicial” system say each ballot needs to be identified and removed, individually. Since that is impossible, very, very few judges will have the courage to say that all ballots, counted while no observers were present, should be discounted.
        The fraudsters count on this.
        I guess you think the butchering of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, by O.J. didn’t happen, either.

  20. Based on all of the evidence (that you and the left continually ignore) Trump won. Its only a question of whether the GOP will have the balls to choose the electors

    1. There is zero evidence Trump won, you lying sack of shit.

      1. Logic and reason are dead…

        1. Yup. Estimated TOD somewhere between June and Nov. 2016.

      2. It is, actually evidence that Biden won, that is deficient.
        All the traitors have is phony, unverified and unverifiable mailed in vote counts, whose chain of custody would, in a legitimate court case, never see the light of day.
        On election day, Trump was the clear winner even with machine counts, that defied logic, seeing votes taken from him and given to Biden in whole swaths.

    2. If there were evidence, Trump would be winning the court cases. It’s mostly just suspicion.

      1. Riiiiiiiiight.

        Libertarians for unwavering faith in judges!

      2. If these courts were going by usual rules, all ballots, whose chain of custody wasn’t maintained – not carried by “harvesters”, not sent through the mail, etc. – would be discounted right off the bat.

    3. there is zero evidence that trump won. what there is is speculative innuendo that does not have the evidence to back any of it up.

  21. “Trump could have reined in his Twitter attacks, surrounded himself with truth-tellers rather than sycophants, and reached out to other voters.”

    Blaming his loss on his Twitter posts is ridiculous. That tells us more about your preoccupations than anything else.

    The reasons Trump surrounded himself with people who were loyal to him personally were two-fold. For one thing, the only Republicans who supported him in his campaign were not establishment figures. Most of the figures in the Republican establishment were Never-Trumpers. Should he have stuffed his cabinet full of people who hated him?

    Sessions was Attorney General because he campaigned for Trump. The same thing can be said about Kudlow and Bolton. Two out of three of those guys betrayed Trump. Trump had a very thin bench to choose from, ended up picking Sessions despite Trump not being a drug warrior, Kudlow, despite Kudlow being a free trader, and Bolton , despite Trump not being a neo-con. That was mostly due to the few establishment Republicans in Washington who weren’t against him.

    Trump also made some excellent picks at the FCC and the Department of Education.

    The second reason Trump surrounded himself with people he believed to be loyal to him personally was because he was subjected to surveillance and an FBI that was out to get him before he even took office–and y=this resulted in an impeachment proceeding against him.

    I’m not comparing Trump to Hitler, but I’ve always thought it odd when people refer to Hitler as paranoid. The fact was that hundreds of millions of people all over the world were conspiring to kill Hitler–including people within his own staff. Because Hitler feared that everyone was out to get him might mean he was paranoid, but it didn’t mean he was wrong.

    The FBI was out to get Trump since before he was inaugurated, going so far as to obtaining a FISA warrant to perpetrate surveillance on him based on attestations the FBI knew to be false when they asked for the warrant. Under those circumstances, why shouldn’t Trump have surrounded himself with people who were loyal to him personally? And his fears were justified when they impeached him over a collusion accusation that turned out to be nothing!

    In regard to reaching out to other voters, no one since Ronald Reagan has done so well among Democrats as Trump did. From blue collar Reagan Democrat types in the Midwest to African-American men and, yes, Latinos–Trump gained support from groups that haven’t supported a Republican for decades.

    The reason Trump lost was because of the pandemic, the lockdowns, and their impact on the economy. People have a way of blaming whomever is in charge when things go badly–even if it wasn’t their fault. And that’s all that happened here. Never in American history have so many Americans lost so many jobs so quickly as they did in the months leading up to the election, that Trump did as well as he did under those circumstances is extraordinary.

    George H. W. Bush lost under similar circumstances, and it wasn’t because of tweets. He never tweeted a thing.

    1. There was a public and active resistance bragging about ignoring his direction in D.C. in the executive branch. Of course he should have appointed more activists and resistance members instead of people who would attempt to comply with his directions. Duh.

    2. Bush lost 10 million votes between 1988 and 1992. It wasn’t because of circumstances beyond his control. He ran in 1988 as “Reagan’s third term” and then governed completely differently.
      Pledging not to raise taxes and then doing so, imposing an import ban on “assault weapons ” by executive order (which still stands) and launching half-assed foreign military interventions not in the US interest were just part of the shift that opened an opportunity for Ross Perot and ultimately the election of Bill Clinton. The recession was short and had little to do with it.

      1. The recession in H.W. Bush’s term made the rest of that possible.

    3. “The reason Trump lost was because of the pandemic, the lockdowns, and their impact on the economy.”

      I’d add TDS.
      Many here admit they like quite a bit of what he did, but as cultural snobs, they would vote for a senile, drooling old man rather than Trump!
      Strictly a matter of personality; juvenile at best.

      1. Certainly there were people who could not overlook his character…I doubt many of those voted for Biden but instead (once again) voted third party.

        1. Not to read from many comments here.

          1. Or the statistics that show Biden’s unexpected or disproporitionate lead coming largely from mid-to-upper-class, white, undecided voters.

    4. Had Trump legalized weed, he would have won the election in a landslide.

      Trump should have also fired Fauci and Birx, who undermined his reasonable and responsible covid policies opposing Democrat lockdowns since March.

    5. Plus the national news media telling people every day that Trump was bungling the nation’s COVID response, when the evidence shows that variations in state and national policies had very little impact on the outcome.

    6. The reason Trump lost was because of (his completely asinine response to/mocking of) the pandemic (especially when people in swing states were dying from it and he did nothing but golf and rage Tweet), the lockdowns, and their impact on the economy.


      Oh and also maybe the daily attacks/emails calling everyone who doesn’t like him a communist. Or not even being able to affirmatively state that QAnon is dumb.

    7. No Ken, it was all those 2016 Trump voters that got sick of his antics, refusing to vote for him, while giving every Republican, riding his coattails, wins against the opposition.
      Unfortunately, those making this argument fail to account for the fact that Trump must have picked up a number of voters, that didn’t vote for him in 2016, equal to the ones he lost, and then add on another 11,230,691.

  22. I think Greenhut makes some relevant points, but from my perspective, it is Trump’s “style” which cost him the election, much more than is policies. His often-abrasive tweets didn’t endear him to a lot of folks. I might also point out that it was Obama’s “style” which won him reelection — his record of accomplishments didn’t amount to much for most Americans, but, “style-wise,” he was more what a large segment of Americans want their president to sound like, even if the rhetoric is pretty empty.

    Of course, the glaring failure in my position is how Trump won the first time around. Oh wait, I forgot — he ran against Hillary.

    Just my two cents.

    1. He gained 11 million votes.

      1. ^this is really hard to explain for people beholden to the MSM spoonfed narrative.

        “Free thinkers”

        1. The Democratic Party nominee gained 15 million votes over the 2016 nominee…this fact shouldn’t be omitted unless you’re intentionally cherry picking…

          1. This claim is disputed

            1. By idiots with no proof.

      2. Some day maybe you will come to understand the very very basic principles of math for example….more total votes versus more % of votes cast.
        Some day.

        Hint: If more people TOTAL vote than ever before, both sides are likely to get more total votes than they did before. But the percentage…that is what you simply cannot seem to fathom. Every day you post this same glaring error. It is so embarrassing.

        1. By your metric, can you say basement-campaigning Senile Joe was more popular than The Messiah, 0blama? 51.28% versus 51.01% in 2012? Almost all in the swing state cities.
          Meanwhile Trump gained almost a full percentage, in a massively overinflated voter turnout.
          For people, who don’t believe in God, you would have to believe in miracles to have seen such a turnout for the LieCheatSteal party.

      3. And Mr. Style, 0blama, LOST 3.5 million votes.

    2. His suck ups still think that his “policies” are totally separable from his Tweets and that demeanor doesn’t matter. I wonder how they talk to their kids, seeing as how demeanor doesn’t matter. I also think his “policies” are easily predictable…just read 2 Breitbart articles and watch an hour of Hannity and you are all set to predict his nxt policy.

      He also could have spent SeptemberOctober trying to at least look like he was doing something vaguely Presidential, but he chose to golf, ignore the COVID while people in swing states were getting infected in record numbers, and pad his businesses by holding events there on the taxpayer dime. Oh and he also made sure to keep calling over half the country Communists and traitors, which is SUPER endearing. Oh and I almost forgot he literally told his followers to try voting twice.

      1. I did not state that the policies implemented under Trump had no effect. They certainly did: either you liked them or you did not. I am just saying that there are a good number of folks who are effected by extrapolitical perceptions. Some folks just aren’t as likely to vote for someone they perceive as an asshole, no matter their political stance. As for me, I voted for Jo (and no, I don’t think she would have made a good president.)

  23. Fuck you you leftist totalitarian cunt. You spend 4 years trumpeting every baseless fever dream accusation as fact then play victim when challenged and your lies eventually die to media silence only to then blame your victim for not kowtowing to your whims. Go to hell you evil POS!

    If he lost it is due to the relentless lies of the media. More likely it is due to massive fraud carried out in ways designed to be waved through. Either way you in the media championed the debasement of our government and electoral process and stoked the flames of hatred in the citizenry.

    1. “and stoked the flames of hatred in the citizenry.”

      Now THAT is an understatement. People are PISSED OFF…I’ve never seen trust in government so low, all thanks to Democrats.

      But the biggest opposition to Democrats governing is people who don’t trust the government, and you dumb asses have really swelled their ranks this election.

      1. And the establishment GOP going back to bending over isn’t helping.
        When the courts finish pulling their end of the cover up/coup, there’s really nothing left for We The People to rely on but ourselves.
        “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another…”

    2. Cry more, bitch.

      1. I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation. People need to have a certain amount of trust and respect for our institutions. When that is shattered then society breaks down (like when BLM lost trust in law enforcement).

        People already ignore cops and ridicule them for corruption. That is going to start moving into ridicule of our so-called court system. Elections will no longer be trusted and it will be expected that both sides cheat.

        And we can plainly observe that fault lies entirely with evil, slimy, ass eating, Democrats.

        1. You gave this punk a more reasoned answer than he/she/it deserves.

        2. Zero evidence of cheating. Just Trump making up bullshit and his gullible retarded cult believing him.

  24. Media burying stories, pushing partisan narratives have nothing to do with it. Libertarians used to be against media and government collusion. Now reason applauds it. About 10% of Biden voters said they wouldn’t have voted for biden of they heard about his family’s wealth from his politics. But we had a media pushing a narrative that reason fully supported.

    We also ignore the ballot harvesting of seniors in nursing homes, such as oak creek centers filling out over 1000 votes in nursing homes, applying and returning them in the same day. Totally above board.

    1. Got a cite for the Oak Creek story? Not coming up in a search.

      1. It was on tim pools channel the other day. The Ben Demoniche interview. Tim found the story and showed it on the podcast. I’ll see of i can find it.

      2. Sorry. The one he was talking about was Beaver County. Was thinking of a different issue in oak creek.


  25. I voted my conscience and didn’t vote for either of the two clown candidates for prez. Their is a good chance that the rest of the voting population also voted their conscience as well which is why Biden won. I mean really, who would you want to sit next to on a long fight, a dead corpse or some ranting angry douchebag like Jesse, LC, Nards, John and especially Sevo!

    1. If who you’d rather sit next to on a plane has any bearing on who you’d vote for, you’re even dumber than I thought.

    2. Or vote for policy and not who you want to replace your daddy with.

      1. Lol. ok. “Policy.”

        I could literally watch the Tucker Carlson show and then read a couple Breitbart articles a day and accurately predict what “policy” Trump will espouse next.

        Not only that but how many times can one claim that anyone that doesn’t vote for him is “an enemy of the people” or a “communist” or “trying to destroy America” while begging for money, and still hope to win over more than half of American voters? Do you really think that years of tweeting 4-10 times a day about how anyone that doesn’t like him is a “traitor” was endearing?

        1. He didn’t lose any votes – in actual numbers – and gained a bunch, too. So, it wasn’t how his supporters were reacting it was others, who already didn’t like him or were convinced not to.
          Assuming the vote numbers are accurate. At the end of the day for in-person voting, he won decisively.
          It was only through the nebulously verified mail-in ballots that reversed things.
          Numbers don’t lie, and the numbers point to something fishy going on with the after-the-fact counting.

    3. “…I mean really, who would you want to sit next to on a long fight, a dead corpse or some ranting angry douchebag like Jesse, LC, Nards, John and especially Sevo!”

      As opposed to a stinking pile of lefty shit like you?

    4. Ranting angry douchebag, is this supposed to be hard?

    5. So life, and/or citizenship, to you is passively sitting in your assigned seat while Top Men carry you along a centrally planned route to your destination

    6. I think I struck a cord somewhere. Angry? Yeah, pretty much!

      1. Angry at fucking lefty shits like you with a gun to my head and a hand in my pocket?
        Why would I ever object to armed robbery?

  26. I’ll take the alien version over this pap. This election controversy will go on for many years and no amount of trying to explain it away with elucidated opining opinion will stop that. Machines are suspect. Ballot harvesting is suspect. Mail in ballots with no chain of custody are suspect. None of these suspect occurrences began with this election. They must be looked into and proven right or wrong. Maybe like science disproves more than it proves.

    1. “Maybe like science disproves more than it proves.”

      Didn’t you get the memo? We’ve moved on from that kind of science to The Science and “Settled Science”.

      What are you some sort of white supremacist or something?

    2. None of these suspect occurrences began with this election.
      But one of them was MASSIVELY expanded, and that was the “[m]ail in ballots with no chain of custody”, which is where this election turned around 180°, days after the voting was supposed to be over.

  27. And now, like clockwork, the GOP will once again pretend to be against deficit spending with a Democratic administration.

    1. So fucking what, as long as that happens?

      1. Well, by that logic, we should always vote for a Democrat president, since that’s the only time Republicans ever care about fiscal discipline.

    2. And the donkeys will keep buying votes with your money, assuming you actually pay taxes.

  28. > If I argued that a group of highly intelligent, but nefarious aliens invaded the bodies of California’s lawmakers in order to destroy our lovely state, you might expect me to share a little evidence to support those startling claims.

    I live here. While at times it does seem aliens have dumped mind control chemicals into the water (and I have met chemtrailers who actually believe this), the truth is that the progressives and liberals I talk to genuinely believe what they say. But note that they are NOT the woke academics or Antifa types wanting to throw literally everyone into the stocks for being impure. They just want higher taxes for reasons they find valid. I do NOT agree with them, but they clearly are not brainwashed by chemicals.

    What’s happening here is the result of the region exceeding the critical mass of progressives. When an ideology perceives itself as being in charge, it radically changes. The individuals mostly stay the same, but the politics gets institutionalized. You see the same thing is extremely conservative regions. A mix is always the best, and California has lost its mix. And it’s going to take time to get it back.

    So no, not aliens. It’s not healthy, but it’s not aliens.

    > Likewise, it’s time for President Donald Trump’s supporters to consider that, quite possibly, there are reasons beyond a vast voter-fraud conspiracy that explain his decisive loss.

    Just like Democrats before him, it was his election to lose, and he chose to lose it. Trump thought that all he needed was to wave a party banner. That’s not good enough. The majority of voters are with neither party, and you have to campaign to them. Hillary didn’t do that. Trump did not do that. While his administration had some good things in it, for the most part it was just business as usual with a somewhat colorful dude doing the usual business. Pai was good, DeVos was good, but they were not Trump. Barrett was good, and probably nudged him to the closest popular and electoral race in history. But the rambling tweets weren’t good enough.

    The voters didn’t elect Biden, they elected someone who wasn’t Trump.

    There’s not conspiracy behind it. One just needs to look at the vast middle of the electorate and realize they exist. Trump was so insulated from the world that he thought all the voters were on his side, so like Hillary before him he spent all his time campaigning to the choir. All those big rallies were attended by the choir. It was a big choir, but not big enough. He should have been campaigning to the vast middle who are not rabid party members, not populist, moderate in their views, etc. Hell, he should have been campaigning to the liberals, since liberals vote too! Why modern politicians think they only have to campaign to their cheerleaders is bizarre. It’s like they really think it’s Team Sports or something.

    No conspiracies needed to explain the closest election in history. Just a candidate who despite his over the top rhetoric was actually quite milquetoast. The only distinguishing policy characteristics of note were anti-trade and anti-immigration. Stuff that the Democrats owned a very few short years ago.

    1. Yes, all the cosplay libertarians on this site live in deep blue states.

      1. Like you.

      2. Democrats want Martha McSally to run for Senate in other states too now. Lol.

    2. That’s a good take. Primary politics are about energizing the base and running to the far left or right. General election politics are about building on the base and running to the center. Trump confused cult rallies with campaigning. I just don’t think he could give up the crack cocaine of adoring fans to actually reach and connect to people outside his MAGA-hat wearing base. I think he picked up a good number of “hold-your-nose” votes because Republicans don’t want to see a Democrat in the White House but the campaign rally, tweet rage just alienating too many people and it help mobilize the other side. Not many people were saying, “Oh, Trump, he’s not so bad.” It was Christ or Antichrist. He wouldn’t have to work terribly hard to win, but he was fighting the opponent he’ll never best… his own ego.

    3. A Trump loss would have been much more accepted if it had happened on election day.
      Even with suspicions of vote machines being manipulated, the “loss” would have gone down easier.
      But when it happens days after the event, based on ballots that there is ample evidence were not rigorously, if at all, vetted, the suspicions become an almost certainty.
      The “winning” side’s refusal to even allow efforts to verify ballots makes things worse.
      If he was so certain of his “victory” Senile Joe would be encouraging his people to not stand in the way of recounts, audits, or anything ese that would cement his “win”.
      If he, truly, wanted to bring the country together, that would be the number one way he could do it.

  29. No covid, Trump wins easily despite 4 years of media howling and his personal coarse and narcistic traits.
    With covid, Trump still did remarkably well, losing only in a few swing states where a 100,000 votes one way or the other mattered.
    Could Trump have still won, with covid, if he had responded better?
    I think the answer is “yes” if he had come out full bore against the ChiComs for foisting the virus on the world, trumped it up as a serious threat to American health and the economy, and convinced his base that wearing a mask, etc. were patriotic gestures needed to defeat the perfidious commies. Churchill called for big sacrifices in Britain to fight the nazis; Trump could have done the same – without going to war with China — instead of initially treating the virus as some kind of media hoax or likely to fade away as soon as Spring started.

    1. covid was definitely a major factor…. as you point out, not because it happened, but because of how trump responded to it. but it was not failing to be a big enough jerk or blame China hard enough. his base might love the way he ran a completely irresponsible white house not taking precautions and they might like the way he would not strongly support common sense things like mask wearing……. but people not already worshiping at his alter found it disgusting. i know people who voted for trump that are angry with the way he handled it.

    2. Probably true…the pandemic impacted people lives and regardless of the ability of the government to actually reduce the impacts, people reacted negatively to Trump because they were impacted. He could have done better IMO by not injecting himself in the technical details – lets the experts be the experts – but his refusal to implement nation wide restrictions was the right thing to do. Local communities must manage the level of restrictions based on their conditions.
      I believe the social unrest did as much or more to help Trump (and conservatives) than his opponents…every time a city rioted more people in the middle moved to the right. Keep AOC in the House so every conservative can run against her in their local race.

  30. Thank you, Mr. Greenhut, for your incisive commentary. Advice from a libertarian on how to get elected is invaluable. I’m taking notes.

    1. unreason doesnt have Libertarians.

  31. I think it’s less about Trump as a president and more about the cult of Trump giving the other half (technically more than half) a big middle finger. American politics has devolved into two lunatic fringes, left and right and a middle that mostly wishes the extremes would just shut the fuck up. The middle used to matter more but gerrymandering, ballot access, and the two-party duopoly effectively have made primaries the elections in many places. This incentivizes extremism (and stupidity). How do you win a primary? Run further to the right or left. This includes demonizing the other side. That’s why the lunatics on each side see the other as “evil” and deserving of death.

    Trump is the left’s Lucifer. Hillary Clinton was a better Satan to the right than Joe Biden. So while Trump and his toadies whipped up enough fear and loathing to grab more votes, he was detestable enough to alienate enough of the middle to lose the election. The educated idiots on the left have no idea how Trump came so close. The uneducated idiots on the right still can’t believe he lost. In the end, Trump and Biden are just transitory symbols. The tribal warfare of American politics will just get worse because it’s become more important to hate the other side than to find ways to leave peacefully among those with whom one disagrees. I don’t see the downward spiral ending any time soon.

    1. the sooner it ends the better….. but you are correct that that point is not yet in sight.

      1. Trump is a symptom, not the disease. The American political system is broken, quite likely beyond repair. If the system of institutions cannot be mended, eventually the economy will collapse. And all the while, the howler monkeys on both sides will continue howling.

  32. Trump could have reined in his Twitter attacks, surrounded himself with truth-tellers rather than sycophants, and reached out to other voters. He didn’t. That’s why he lost.

    I’m glad a third rate journalist working for a third rate publication has it all figured out! Why didn’t Trump just hire you as an adviser? Even better, why don’t you run for president?

    Candidates can expand their base and win new supporters, or energize their base and count on an enormous turnout. Trump spent his presidency placating his core constituency, which voted in droves.

    And Trump did this, in particular among minorities, who are waking up to the fact that Democrats and people like you despise us.

    But Trump’s opponents were even more motivated.

    Well, yes. They were apparently so motivated that they returned more ballots than were mailed out and that in a handful of districts, 99.4% of votes went for Biden, something that would make even Stalin blush.

    And who motivated them? A senile hair sniffer who can’t string three coherent sentences together? By your own kind of reasoning, the election outcome makes no sense.

    Meanwhile, the judicial system, which still mercifully relies on evidence, has put a damper on the lunacy.

    Where is the evidence supposed to come from when the chain of custody is broken and election observers are sent out of the room while boxes of ballots are pulled out from under tables?

    Trump’s supporters may take solace in these nostrums, but the explanation is obvious.

    Aging journalists make take solace in legal nostrums that let them live in a fictional world where election procedures are orderly, government is competent, and journalists still matter.

    1. Biden won. Trump lost. Get over it.

      1. Dumb partisans like you destroy democracies.

      2. What makes you think I have any problem with Trump losing?

  33. Hundreds of pages of notarized affidavits by poll watchers, but we still can’t call it “widespread”…

    1. All either lies or people not understanding what was being done and thinking it was fraud when it was a legitimate act. Let’s see them testify in front of a judge.

      1. All either lies or people not understanding what was being done and thinking it was fraud when it was a legitimate act. Let’s see them testify in front of a judge.

        Yes, let’s!

        Unfortunately, blind partisans like you oppose exactly that.

        1. If only the Trump team could draft a complaint stating a claim upon which relief can be granted, suing the right defendants, and requesting relief commensurate with the injury complained of, they would have the opportunity to present witnesses.

    2. I could get hundreds (more likely tens of thousands) of pages of notarized affidavits proclaiming from people who have seen Bigfoot, been abducted by aliens, and are the second coming of Christ. An affidavit is no more or less credible than the affiant. There are places called “courts” where the credibility of testimony is judged.

    3. Have you seen the authors of those affidavits Rudy dragged in front of the Michigan state house? They are not reliable witnesses, to say the least. Several of them were institutionable.

      (When he wasn’t ripping a few not so sneaky farts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PP-iVIbUXbY)

  34. Good luck with Biteme and his cabinet of fools and sociopaths. I am sure reason Koch will do just fine after the neo marxist assholes run roughshod over the country.

    1. Yes, they are. They convert the money the fed prints and hands to them into hard assets (land, gold, capital goods, etc.), preferably overseas.

  35. Trump Has Only Himself To Blame for Losing the Election

    Let’s not get too carried away with the accountability and personal responsibility schtick. This is Reason, after all.

    1. In 2018, we still had considerable lingering suspicions that Russians were responsible for the 2016 loss. In 2012, the GOP was dead unless they could find a way to appeal to the racial/ethnic plurality that the US was destined to become. The EC hasn’t even voted yet and it’s clear that, despite his massive gains in popularity even across social demographics, Trump’s loss was Trump’s fault. The civil libertarian bent that Reason used as an excuse to cozy up to SJWs has turned out to be vaporous political folly and Jo Jorgensen is personally responsible for making the LP less popular in one of the most popular election cycles than two squish “Republicans” in one of the least.

      It’s anti-reason (*drink*).

      1. “We”? The Russians tried to meddle in the 2016 elections, but Americans elected Trump. Predicting one party or the other is dead happens after every election cycle. When Trump won, nobody gave two fucks about waiting for the Electoral College to vote. So what… Trump gets credit for winning in 2016 but it’s somebody else’s fault for him losing in 2020? Finally, no one is better at making the LP unpopular than the LP. Jo Jorgenson was a non-entity. What drove the middle (that still determines presidential elections) is people voting against Trump or against Biden.

        1. “We”?

          Yes. I should’ve been more judicious in my quotes.

          Trump gets credit for winning in 2016 but it’s somebody else’s fault for him losing in 2020?

          My point was the similarly selective application of personal responsibility and the contrast of the acceptance. Within months of Romney’s loss, the GOP was admitting it was their loss and trying to figure out how they could be more appealing while, for years, the Democrats were insisting that it wasn’t Clinton’s fault. Per your own comment, there is no personal responsibility for the LP’s loss (or loosing progressively more).

          I agree that it was Trump’s loss (or will be once the buzzer actually sounds) but the “It’s Trump’s personal responsibility.” is still an exceedingly TDS take. It’s more like he finally found a minefield he couldn’t tapdance through and/or skate over.

      2. Jo Jorgensen covered the gap in Georgia, right next to Linseed Graham Cracker’s turf. Georgia is 16 electoral votes plus two of the jerks that keep trying to finagle the Suprema Corte into reversing the Roe v Wade decision copied out of the Libertarian platform. The Gee-Oh-PeeinaDixieCup plant prohibitionists could have given up girl-bullying and hippie-shooting as we showed by example in 1972. But no… The initiation of force to meddle in the lives of others was more important than pelf, patronage, pork, payola and payoffs!

  36. Or he could have acted Presidential at the first debate.

    Or he could have treated the COVID-19 crisis more seriously, while cautioning against adding economic damage with overly broad shutdowns.

  37. Trump lost because he’s a loser.

    1. Yeah, only worth $4Bn which he earned in business as opposed to those ‘winners’ who have slopped at the public trough since day one.
      And the scumbag shits who support them, scumbag shit.

      1. Prove he’s worth that much, asshole.

      2. He never earned shit. No American bank will even loan him money. He was born rich and squandered his fortune. He lives on credit.

  38. We can just ignore the four years of extremely hostile media framing of anything Trump said. That had nothing to do with it.

    1. And we’ll assume that the sources telling us everything was on the up and up are honest and trustworthy… despite their record

      1. It’s America. You can watch any news (or read any Internet site) that caters to your preconceived notions. And people do. And seriously, is there any framing worse than unedited footage of the average Trump rally?

        1. It’s funny that you think you’re insulting someone other than yourself here

    2. Yeah cause literally directly quoting his voluntary Tweets and batshit insane press conferences is totes “extremely hostile media framing of anything Trump said.”

      1. Did Trump mock a disabled reporter?
        Did Trump mock the reporter’s disability?
        What do most people believe?
        The latter.

        Is Trump racist?
        Not particularly, but millions believe otherwise because of omitted context.

        Is Trump and arse?
        Well, yes, he is.

        That said, national media is odiously biased.

        1. Trump mimicked the way the reporter was moving his hands, you idiot.

        2. Trump denied blacks housing in the 1970s. Yes, he IS a racist.

  39. cart. horse.

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  40. “Trump Has Only Himself To Blame for Losing the Election”

    Reason Has Only Koch To Blame for Losing its Libertarianism

  41. Yeah four years of constant media and democratic conspiracies, lies, distortions, fake news, fake polls, and election fraud played no role whatsoever. Give me a fucking break. That said Trump would still have won if he would have kept his mouth shut and his cellphone off.

    1. I disagree.
      Just look at the lengths the powers that be had to go to.
      Lying nonstop wasn’t enough, so they had to stop showing his appearances and started editing his tweets.

    2. The media have fewer votes than three counties. Bullying women–THAT was intelligent–it’s like rednecks with green teeth haven’t heard of the 19th Amendment and half the voters yet. Georgia’s weed crop was estimated at $2 billion something like 2 decades ago. Threatening plant leaves–a policy God’s Own Prohibitionists continued to push back in August… that was a special kind of stupid.

  42. It’s weird how we’re all supposed to have forgotten that all the Democrats were loudly announcing their plans for widespread voter fraud (otherwise known as universal mail in voting) months ahead of time.

    1. Mail in voting isn’t fraud.

  43. While most of this article is true, it’s interesting to think what would have been the result had not the pandemic occurred.

    1. Trump might have won. It’s hard to unseat an incumbent with a decent economy. Before COVID, the U.S. economy wasn’t bad, slow growth but steady. Pollsters calling for a blue wave were wrong, again. Democrats moved too far left and lost some of the minority votes they were banking on. And they still don’t understand that a person of color can adore Trump. Honestly, Biden wasn’t a great candidate. He was just a less offensive career politician than Hillary Clinton.

  44. Libertarians: “maybe we should consider the possibility that people in government would use their power to advance their own agenda, rather than in the best interests of ‘the people’?”

    Reason Magazine: “sure, and I bet aliens gang-banged your mom last night too, huh? Get out of here, you conspiracy nut-job!”

    ^^ do you even libertarian bro?

    1. Of course government serves its own ends. And it’s a running battle between two incompetent, venal, and self-serving groups of shit snacks called “Democrats” and “Republicans” to be in charge. Republicans are anti-government in the way a fat kid is anti-Snickers. Trump lost. Biden won. Meet the new boss.

  45. Trump “lost” due to fraud.

    Trump did better amongst every racial and gender group as when compared to 2016 except White men, though his gains with everyone else was more than enough to offset his losses amongst White men.

    Trump got the highest minority share for a Republican in around 60 or so years.

    Trump is the only incumbent since at least the start of the 20th century to “lose” reelection while gaining more votes his second time around.

    1. Trump lost because Biden got more votes, period.

    2. Prove the fraud in court, asshole.

    3. “Trump is the only incumbent since at least the start of the 20th century to “lose” reelection while gaining more votes his second time around.”

      Please stop grasping at this straw, you pathetic non-thinkers. The above scenario is included in the normal realm of “can happen, and wouldn’t indicate fraud”

      Try including it in other scenarios to see how ridiculous it is.

      “The Pats scored 30 points in the 4th quarter and still lost?!?! This never happened before so it must mean the other team cheated! Whens the last time they scored that many points and LOST the game?!?!”

      1. Trump’s elite strike force team needs to use that analogy in court. I wonder why they haven’t used it yet. It’s sure to overturn the election. 😀 😀 😀

  46. Good stuff. I too have been watching and waiting for real evidence, but there hasn’t been anything substantial enough to make a difference so far.

  47. Trump is by far our most autistic president. He was told 2 years ago he could either win a second term or continue his uncontrolled tweeting. He couldn’t stop himself from tweeting. He still can’t. He shouldn’t even use Twitter because they constantly censor him yet he can’t stop.

    1. The ease with which “libertarians” repeat their instructions is amazing.
      Not much independent thought among you.

  48. “Trump Has Only Himself To Blame for Losing the Election”

    Um….regardless of what the Trumpster fire tweeted, the mainstream media is what did the damage. They constantly repeated lies, as they do about just about anything and when millions of voters often only watch one or two of the same media outlets that are like-minded thinkers, that is millions of people that were too brainwashed to find out the truth.

    They lie about nearly every police shooting where a minority is involved.

    They keep repeating the bullshit about Trump needs to denounce white supremacy , the KKK, David Duke, etc. when he has done so many times over the years. Yet, they intentionally ask the question in press conferences because they know the implication from asking the question is that he has not denounced anything.

    They bury obvious information, tapes, etc. that show Biden is clearly well into the downslide of dementia.

    Until the Lez Warren 1,024th Native American DNA test came out, they did all the could to protect her. They ignore her lying to get into various positions such as in college and over the course of her career.

    They ignored AOCs complete lack of qualifications and treated her like a princes.

    They ignore Omar’s alleged miss-use of monies (or stealing if you prefer), her marriage to her brother to get him into the country, and her apparent hate of America.

    They ignore the clear and obvious desire for the left to bring in Socialism which then leads to Communism. Why you say? Because people, even a devout socialist in what would be the perfect socialist system, seem to think that no matter how perfect something is that they have a better idea for some aspect of it. Thus the slide to communism will always happen from socialism.

    They lie about countries in Europe that have large social safety nets as being socialist. A social safety net doesn’t always mean you are socialist.

    they lie about the threat of Islamic fundamentalism and call you a racist if you want to increase background checks and vetting for peoples from certain parts of the world. FYI media, coming from a country doesn’t tell anyone what race you are. There are millions of white Africans. North Africa has millions of people that are more Middle Eastern. Then of course millions of blacks, and even Asian-Africans, etc. Place of birth is not your race.

    They falsely accuse everyone else of doing the exact thing that they are doing.

    The media lies is what made the election even close.

    We will find out if voter fraud made a little, a lot, or no difference soon enough, but the media probably cost 10,000,000 votes to Trump as I believe that there are millions of Dems that have a brain if they just get fed the truth now and then.

  49. So, Steve, just how many of those fraudulent votes resulted from his Twitter comments . . ?

  50. Trump got slaughtered 1st debate.

    Trump’s insults and interruptions may have appealed to his base but not to the moderates.

    Biden actually was trying to appeal to the moderates by steering away from the far left policy ideas.

  51. For all of you obsessed with hating Trump, here’s why we voted for him:Lowered taxes for everyone.
    Hundreds of ridiculous, crippling, regulations were jettisoned.
    Muslim’s terrorism gone. Remember the constant terrorist attacks by Muslims, the ones that killed or injured hundreds of people in Orlando, Boston, New York and elsewhere? Gone. They have practically disappeared after an aggressive anti-terrorism approach instead of just trying to convince the jihadists that “Islam is a religion of peace” (Ha!). And remember when admission to anyone from Muslim terrorist countries were hysterically denounced as—what else?—racism by leftists who hate their country? Liberals even predicted that Trump’s stand against Muslim immigration would result in an increase attacks and hostility. The exact opposite happened.
    No endless wars. Remember when Democrats (Bill Clinton, LBJ) and Republicans (the Bushes, John McCain, Max Boot), both, got us into all sorts of useless, pointless, wars, regardless of their citizens’ wishes? No more tar babies.
    ISIS RIP. Destroyed Isis. Remember when the Obama administration sent half a billion dollars to fight Isis, or Syria’s ruler, or al-Qaida, or somebody, and had no idea where the money disappeared to? Or who was fighting who?
    Cured a moribund economy. For years, both Republicans and Democrats conspired to cripple the American economy. They had us convinced to become fatalistic about America’s decline and told us to accept it. That America would go from a manufacturing economy to a service economy. Obama ridiculed Trump, saying that to cure the economy a magic wand would be needed.
    Yet, businesses came back from overseas. Lowest unemployment in over half a century for Hispanics, blacks, Asians, whites. Lowest number of people on food stamps and unemployment. Wages went up. Bonuses were given. New house sales up. Stock market reached the stratosphere. And this took only a year to achieve! Whereas the Democrats and Republicans had told us it just wasn’t going to happen. American prosperity was over. The bastards lied to us.
    GDP hit 4.1%. And since people now had money in their pocket, they went on vacation.
    The United States was the first country in history to increase its GDP by one trillion dollars.
    All this in spite of Democrats’ state of denial. Batshit crazy Pelosi, among others, minimized the growth of the economy.
    And remember when that rabid shitstain from The New York Pravda who is constantly frothing hatred, Paul Krugman, said that the economy would collapse the moment Trump became president? If not, you can still read his daily venomous writings in every newspaper.
    The economy was doing so good that liberals were praying that a recession would come along by the time of the 2020 election, since Americans have the memory span of a mosquito.
    NAFTA was renegotiated. “For decades politicians have talked about fixing broken trade deals only to do absolutely nothing about them,” President Trump said. “My Administration is the first to actually keep our promise and deliver.”
    Scrapped the TPP. The Democrat/Republican SOBs were about to enact the Trans-Pacific Partnership which would have resulted in finally turning the USA into a Third World country. Trump stopped this dead cold.
    Trump attacked Mauritania’s slavery. Something that leftists don’t want mention is the fact that slavery still exists. In Africa. Especially in Muslim countries. Oh, but they are outraged about slavery in this country two centuries ago. To them, that’s what’s important. And we must all obsess about it 24/7.
    NATO is an anachronism, built to deter Soviet aggression. The Soviet Union no longer exists. Regardless, NATO’s members policy was to defend Europe . . . down to the last American. Trump has forced NATO members (“our good allies” according to the media hivemind) to pay up money owed for their own protection. He made NATO countries pay for their self-defense.
    Peace with Russia. Remember when, during the election, Hillary declared that she would shoot down any [Russian] planes that interfered with her plans in Syria? WW III. Trump realized that Russia does not pose a direct threat to America. And yes, Putin is a SOB; Trump knows that.
    Aid to Ukraine. He sent arms to Ukraine to help them defend against Russian aggression.
    Peace with North Korea. Remember when we were about to have a shooting war, with nuclear missiles, with NK? Trump defused the situation and has de-escalated tensions with that country, to the point of meeting with the dictator. Even so, he walked away when presented with NK’s absurd demands.
    Jerusalem. He moved the embassy to Jerusalem, after years of request by Israel. The irony here is that many American Jews who are leftists absolutely hate Trump with an obsession and repeatedly call him a Hitler and an anti-Semite. Let’s see: In the 1990s he publicly slammed the private clubs of Palm Beach for not admitting Jews. He opened Mar-a-Lago with the stated purpose of bringing a club into the community that was open to Jews and other minorities. His daughter married a Jew and converted, and his son-in-law is a trusted (questionable) adviser. Are those the actions of an anti-Semite?
    Oil independence. For the first time in over 75 years, we stopped being dependent on foreign oil.
    Top oil producer. USA is now the world’s top oil producer, even surpassing Saudi Arabia.
    Fake news. Like the boy who cried out that the emperor wore no clothes, Trump pointed out, and has repeatedly pointed out, that the media hivemind engages in fake news, i.e., in propaganda. In lies. We all knew it. But the politicians were frightened to state the obvious. If it was possible to send leftist shitstains further into a frenzy, this was it. American “journalists” have killed journalism as a profession in this country; they are truly the enemy of the people—except for the obsessed addicts who need a daily dose of anti-Trump hatred.
    Unlike politicians, he is not terrified of the media hivemind and has repeatedly called out the lies of the main stream media, to such a degree that the average person knows that they lie to us. He coined the words “fake media” which is now in common usage.
    Sometimes the shitstains are way beyond absurd, yet don’t realize how insanely ridiculous they sound. Like the time the CNN reporter went ballistic because Trump asked for two scoops of ice cream, or, because he didn’t meet with the media-created brat Greta at the UN. Oh, the horror! The horror!
    Protecting gays. Aside from restricting immigration from Muslim countries, since Muslims want all gays to be murdered, Trump has tried to get other countries to minimize persecution of gays. For those gays who are obsessed with hating Trump, they saw that move as being . . . you guessed it . . . racist. You read that right.
    Appointed gay. He promised to appoint gays in his administration and began doing so.
    Overseas American captives released. From Egypt to China to Venezuela and other authoritarian regimes, Americans were brought home through the efforts of Donald J. Trump.
    Remains of KIA Americans returned. He brought back the remains of dead Americans from North Korea.
    Tariffs. He used tariffs to benefit Americans, even though the leftists and libertarians assured us it would bring about the Apocalypse. Whereas before Trump, both Republicans and Democrats would shaft the American people (farmers, workers, etc.), just to make foreigners “like us” (actually they just laughed at us), Trump’s motto has been America First. The hivemind media and some politicians went into hysterics, claiming that tariffs would destroy the economy. It didn’t and Trump got the trading concessions that he wanted, which favored Americans.
    Bureaucrats. He cut the number of government bureaucrats. However, it was a drop in the bucket.
    Special Olympics. Due to the budget cuts, the Special Olympics was about to be defunded when Trump stepped in and stopped it. The media hivemind sneered that Trump saved it from Trump.
    Music. He signed into law the Music Modernization Act which closed loopholes. Now music streaming services would pay royalties to the artists. A lot of musicians voiced their gratitude by calling him a . . . what else? . . . a racist.
    Works for Free. Trump promised that if elected President, he would not accept the salary. He has not. In fact, he has lost money by not attending to his business affairs. Nonetheless, psychotic leftists scream that he’s gotten rich from his presidency.
    Saving the Terminally Ill. Trump abolished the bureaucratic roadblocks for terminally ill patients to voluntarily try out new medications that are going through the FDA pipeline.
    Pakistan. He refused to send Pakistan security assistance in the millions due to the Pakistanis embracing terrorists. Past administrations sent them millions just so that the elite in those countries would pretend to like them.
    Supreme Court. He continued to support Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court in spite of massive hysterical character assassination by the shitstains and the feminists.
    Made in America. He signed an executive order that any items used by the federal government be made from at least 75% items made in America, rather than 50%.
    Harvey. He donated one million of his own money to relief of Hurricane Harvey.
    Harvey 2. Remember when the evil shitstains of the hivemind ridiculed Trump and called him callous and insensitive because of Hurricane Harvey and his comment that there was a lot of incompetence in Puerto Rico regarding relief? Well . . . he was right.
    Transparency in government. He signed the OPEN Government Data Act which increases the transparency of government work. To this point, he stated that he doesn’t do cover-ups.
    National parks. Liberals would have you think that they hold the monopoly to the environment, even though Theodore Roosevelt was a Republican. At any rate, Trump is in favor of signing the pending Great American Outdoors Act, which has stalled in Congress.
    Obamacare. The odious compulsory aspect of Obamacare is over.
    Deep State. As with fake news, he has brought public attention to the fact that, within the government bureaucracy, bureaucrats will engage in acts destructive to the country, and even engage in illegal activity. Unfortunately, the uncovering of these arrogant bureaucrats has only just begun.
    Iran deal nixed. Only a moron like Kerry could have engineered the Iran deal. Unfortunately, the money is gone, but the rest has been negated.
    Title IX changed. The travesty of Title IX in schools was ended, so that a person who was wrongfully accused could now confront the accuser, have representation, and look at the evidence against him. Feminists full of hate for men went berserk.
    Huawei. It became obvious that the CCP was using Huawei for extensive espionage and intellectual property theft. Trump not only banned it from the USA, but also convinced other countries not to allow its establishment in their own countries.
    First Step Act. This reduced the prison sentences for thousands of inmates who had long prison sentences. This particularly helped black Americans to rebuild their lives.
    Illegal immigrants. These are people whose first act in coming to America is breaking the laws. Many of them go on to commit further crimes. Yes, this is a country of immigrants—who enter the country legally. Anyway, illegal border crossings have gone down by 70%. The Wuhan virus crisis is affording an opportunity for Trump to jettison these lawbreakers.

    1. ALL TRUE and it makes the result all the more regrettable. see my remark two below his loss was easily avoided.

    2. Yeah, but according to TDS-infected shits like jack murphy, he sent nasty tweets, so THERE!

      1. whats the term for when you will follow a fucking loser anywhere he goes, no matter how much he proves he is a loser and worthless? inverse TDS? you accusing others of “TDS!!!!” like it means something, when you will clearly watch this retard trip all over his dick and call it divine is meaningless.

        seems like you have a case of it hombre

    3. Maybe people were having a knee-jerk reaction to the quarter million dead people.

    4. I don’t read essays.

      GDP was never 4.1% for an entire year.

  52. “Why did the president lose by more than 6 million votes (albeit by slim margins in several states)?”
    Because 5 million of those votes came from California? Let’s face it, outside of lopsidedly blue Cali, the rest of the US is pretty purple.

    1. Do you people think you’re actually making a point when you say “Things would be different if we pretend the most populous state doesn’t exist”?

    2. But he still lost.

  53. he has NO ONE but himself to blame. all he had to do was stop being such a dickhead for 3-4 months. BUT HE JUST COULDN’T DO IT. dickheads gots ta be dickheadin’. americans have a short span of attention and they would have gotten distracted by a kardashians ass or something else. it helps to remember that the guy is a first class NOO YAWK douchebag since way back when. if i ever meet him i’ll be sure to tell him to his face

    1. “…all he had to do was stop being such a dickhead for 3-4 months…”

      Bullshit; if Trump had cured cancer, TDS-infected assholes like you would have voted for a slobbering senile lefty piece of shit anyhow.
      As you did.

      1. Cry more.

  54. The dismal scene is more like Southpark than reality. When Obama’s looters beat Bush’s, Star Wars franchise flix were more important than stolen ballots. The Amy confirmation, followed by Linseed Graham Cracker gloating that with her on the Court that liberal Roe v Wade copied from the Libertarians could finally be reversed, evidently worked the way the Repeal movement in 2018 Ireland worked. Graham Cracker, the redneck with green teeth, is the likeliest cause of Boss Trump’s defeat (along with moronic smugness).

  55. Only has himself to blame. He was right in believing that there were people who would note for him because of his rhetoric an lack of ethics. But I also think there were alot of people that would have voted for him if his response to Covid wasn’t so incompetent. I might not like lockdowns, but his repeated denials and open hostility to health experts cost thousands of American lives and Trump millions of votes.

    1. “…But I also think there were alot of people that would have voted for him if his response to Covid wasn’t so incompetent…”
      What, specifically did he do or not do?

      “I might not like lockdowns, but his repeated denials and open hostility to health experts cost thousands of American lives and Trump millions of votes.”
      Idiocy such as yours I’m sure cost him votes, but not any lives at all.

      1. Whether or not Trump’s idiocy cost lives, it certainly cost him the presidency. Instead of being the leader who became the spokesman for conquering Covid and led the nation out of the wilderness, he decided to flip-flop between being a Covid Truther and an occasional statesman with frightening rapidity.

  56. Question, if the tables were turned – Biden in the lead, voting is halted, when it starts again, Trump magically jumps ahead. I am guessing that the MSM, Progressives (including the REASON writers), and the Democrats would all accept the vote count, correct. So, why is Trump so bad for trying to defend against possible voter fraud. Do an actual audit and see what the numbers are. REASON and other Progressives saw Trump in bed with the Russians for three years with far less evidence.

    Finally, where is the law written that Republicans need to be polite to Progressives and the MSM when they spew lies about Republicans like heroin addicts scramble for their next fix?

    1. Never call anyone a snowflake again, you propaganda-addled traitors.

    2. Except that never happened. There was no “magical jump”. There was normal counting of absentee ballots, which by law in most places are counted after in-person votes.

  57. What’s funny is that he’s trying to do a coup while being the first Republican in a while to actually lose support of the military to a Democrat, by like 15 points!

    Good luck with the civil war with your army of diabetic middle class choads.

    1. I guess soldiers don’t appreciate being called “losers” and “suckers.” Lol.

      1. Damn right.

  58. Three decades ago, TrumpO, acting as a reality show empresario, called Miss Venezuela fat and said beauty contestants “wanted” you to grab their pussies.

    Biden, UNITED STATES SENATOR, shoved a young female aide up against the wall and forced his finger into her pussy and threatened her with retaliation if she said anything.

    Hey, let’s vote for Biden.

    1. Please prove Biden did that.

  59. Trump, the “relative” peacemaker, refuses to start any more stupid wars, and announces troop withdrawals from Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, and even Germany.

    He is met with howls of protest and resistance from from the neo-progressive and neo-con interventionists of the Deep State which, not coincidentally, supports Biden the consistent fascist warmonger.

    The Antifa rape, loot and mayhem cult, Bush-era neo-cons, Obama nation-destroyers, and torture-master ex-CIA director and Stalinist John Brennan are on the same side. Hold you nose and vote for Biden, because he’s cool and drove a Corvette.

    1. Trump bombed more people overseas than Obama. He doesn’t get credit for the one thing you think he deserves credit for, because it’s a lie.

      1. You’re a gullible crypto-fascist if you believe that shit. Obama’s
        regime killed more Black Africans than all other presidents combined.

  60. God’s Own Prohibitionists need to keep shooting hippies and blacks while promising that coathanger Comstockism shall rise again. Cowardly Libertarians need to keep running commie anarchism and shirking defense of individual rights for women. Looters will then be enabled to suspend constitutional rights as happened in Positive Christian Germany. All the Dems need are opponents like Linseed Graham and Spikey Pinhead to make their power complete.

  61. Wow Maga Rtards turning on Kemp now.

    They couldnt make it any more clear that this is a cult/religion at this point.

    Mr. law and order, “round up illegals in my truck”, MAGA-approved trump approved Kemp makes one false move…he has the audacity to note that the emperor has no clothes, and he is an enemy of the people, “lock him up!!!”…a heretic.

    These people are fucking pathetic. Cant fathom how a lifelong loser could lose one more time, bigly

  62. “We tired of the president’s conspiracy-mongering, whining, incessant tweeting, dishonesty, incompetence, and failure to grow into the office.”

    At minimum this that many coined “Trump exhaustion” ensured that many voted for the boring Biden just to shove the government a bit toward the background of their lives, but many others see / saw Trump’s troubled mind and administration as a very unique and dangerous threat.

    “The Devil Went Down to Georgia

    It is important to say, right here at the top, that the buffoonery is masking something deadly serious.

    This is not your drunk uncle posting on Facebook after dark.

    It is not a fringe congressman from some Texas district.

    It’s the president of the United States.

    The president of the United States.”


    I do not think that those two views of Trump can be so cleanly separated. Since in a deeply American sense every time that an American must interact with his government is a failure of that government, both Trump’s needy buffoonery’s and incompetent blundering’s very demands on our attention were additional Trump failures to each American that had to face them.

  63. This article needs a “like” button.

  64. Two words sum up this article and the commonly believed reasons why incumbents lose: pura pata.

    Trump lost because of the corona virus. He had reelection sown up. But the virus lead to social unrest, and short and long term economic uncertainty. Journalists and the various appendages of the political industrial complex make their money of the fallacy that these things matter. Americans are more pragmatic. They vote as a referendum on whether the current administration or its successor should continue. Trump made a comeback with his quick rebound from COVID. Too little, too late.

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