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"You're gonna need a bigger boat," Chief Brody famously mumbles to the grizzled old salt Quint after catching a first pants-wetting glimpse of the great white shark that is terrorizing beachgoers in Jaws.

Here at Reason, we're gonna need a bigger website to keep fighting for free minds and free markets.

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2020 has been the most insane, unpredictable, awful year that most of us will ever live through. Between the novel coronavirus pandemic, the poorly implemented lockdowns that put the economy in a medically induced coma, months of righteous protests and indefensible looting, an insane presidential election season that just won't end, and more, we are all bruised, angry, and deeply worried about the future.

2021 won't just be another year. The battles (and budgets) are going to get bigger before they get better. For over 50 years, Reason has been your libertarian voice in debates about politics, culture, and ideas. I've been with Reason since 1993 and can say with certainty that your donation this time around is more important than ever. So please, give what you can.

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  1. For over 50 years, Reason has been your libertarian voice in debates about politics, culture, and ideas.

    Our libertarian voice? Certainly not for the last four years.

    1. My subscription expires in a few months and then I’m out. Reason has done it’s level best for at least four years to get Socialist-leaning, gun grabbing, environment regulating, Democrats elected. It’d be more efficient to just send a check directly to the DNC.

      1. Reason led the charge in the media to defeat Harris’ primary campaign (Kamala is a Cop!). They regularly published content criticizing the proposals of Sanders, Warren, and Biden. And that is only talking about presidential politics. Reason, again leading the charge in many ways, regularly publishes the impact of interventionist policies at state and local levels, policies of both parties.

        It takes some very deliberate tunnel vision to suggest that Reason has tried to get Democrats elected.

        1. You project.

        2. Up to 6 of them admitted they were voting for Biden, so you’re lying or dumb.

          1. Am I lying? Are these articles and videos all imaginary?


            And, of course, type “Joe Biden” into their Youtube page.
            Like I said, you have very deliberate tunnel vision.

          2. Pretty sure voting for someone is “trying to get them elected”.

        3. They led the charge to defeat Trump for over four years. An occasional foray against Harris or other democrats doesn’t change that.

          1. It turns out, Trump was consistently poor from a libertarian perspective.

            1. Except compared to Biden

            2. But he was worlds better than Biden.

              No way I am supporting Democrats like Reason.

        4. they seem fine with Harris now though

        5. Right, they really got behind Trump, oh, that’s right, they never supported Trump at all, and that means they did help elect Democrats!

          Reason USED to be a great Libertarian magazine, these days I question renewing my subscription and would NEVER donate to their foundation.

          They have multiple writers on staff that do not seem Libertarian at all and the older staff has gone Hollywood and do not want to offend their famous pals and associates with too much actual Libertarian thoughts.

    2. Fellow CACLLs signaled! Let the whinefest commence!

      1. You mean, signaled like the recently fired Shreika Dalmia?

        1. She certainly wasn’t fired for being anti-Trump at this anti-Trump organization.

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  2. You know the thing about a libertarian, he’s got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes.

    1. Not as bad a gingers. They have no soul.

    2. If Trump’s ploy to use the defense bill to kill Section 230 succeeds, there will be no comments section at all.

      The pro-Trump clique here will have nowhere to go. Trump will lose his Twitter account. The Trump snake will have eaten its own tail in its zealotry.

      1. You mean the internet is still alive? I thought it died after Pai cancelled NN. Must not have been the authoritarian-busting liberty-disrupting platform we all thought it was if it needs section 230 to survive.

        1. Pai got fired. One of the few good things to come out of the Trump administration, and Trump fired him. I guess he wasn’t wrankling enough feathers. Sigh.

          1. I didn’t think Pai was fired; I think he’s resigning on Jan 20. Curious why you say Pai being fired would be a good thing? I always had a pretty positive view of the guy.

            1. The media narrative is Pai is evil, so brandy repeats it without any actual inspection.

              1. Speaking of no actual inspection:

                December.2.2020 at 11:41 am
                Pai got fired. One of the few good things to come out of the Trump administration, and Trump fired him. I guess he wasn’t wrankling enough feathers. Sigh.

            2. I’m saying it’s a bad thing. Read my post.

              That he’s not fired is good news. I had read that he got replaced. I double checked and I see he is still in office. So good!

              One of four things Trump did right. (Pai, DeVos, Kavanaugh, Barret). I would have preferred Bill Evers (Reason contrib and personal friend) over DeVos, but I guess he just wasn’t controversial enough.

              1. Ah, I feel ya now. I was reading “good things” back in reference to “Pai got fired” in your comment. I would add Gorsuch to that list as well (probably number one IMO).

              2. One of four things Trump did right.

                So you think the widthdrawals from Syria and Afghanistan were mistakes? The Chinese ‘immigration ban’ in January? The safe third country agreement? The killing of Suleimani? The recognition of Jerusalem? All wrong, even despite no real negative outcomes?

                1. no real negative outcomes

                  Or, rather, outcomes that support(ed) those decisions?

                2. The killing of Suleimani and recognition of Jerusalem sounds like something the Weekly Standard would have been happy to praise. You seem to be in the wrong place.

                  1. I could see how there might be a difference of opinion about the widthdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, but the only reason I could see considering the above to be mistakes or errors is anti-Semitic animus. You might not personally put money on hand showing 12, 13, or 14 at the blackjack table, and think it’s a bad decision. But if somebody else puts money on the same hand and wins (or ties the dealer), they may’ve gotten lucky, but they weren’t wrong.

                    1. Both acts are undue imperialist intervention into the affairs of other countries. I am confused why you see them as good things after including the withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan on your list.

                    2. Recognizing that a country’s capital is what they say it is is imperialist?

                3. Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett are at the top of my list.

      2. I remember when the idiots said the internet would die without net neutrality as well. At least the idiots moved off that talking point to this new one WK is providing.

    3. Charlie…are you doing Jaws again?

  3. Add an edit function to the comments, and I’ll pony up.

    1. I’d settle for a return of preview.

      1. Don’t complain. My local newspaper (the Minneapolis Star Tribune) has “reverse” preview function. You write your comment, click “Submit,” and then they preview it to see if they like it. Can’t have people saying whatever they feel like! What if someone gets a wrong idea?!

      2. some anti-spam software with an IQ higher than a turnip would be nice too.

        1. that might bring in buckets of cash from people who quit working at ShopRite and are making thousands a week working at home now.

  4. Reason. Peaceful protests and perfect elections.

  5. 2021 won’t just be another year.
    Shikha’s gone. That’s an improvement for 2021.

    1. no! sad face.

    2. Tell me she died in a fire.

  6. Nope. You wanted Biden, and you’ll get a Socialist (Harris) running twice as an incumbent (the Constitution lets you serve 10 years if you take over the last part of someone else’s term).

    You watched “The Science” being used for freedom and economy killing lockdowns without questioning the 40 cycle PCR or our less restrictive definition of a C19 death, both of which will be changed now that there is a Dem in the White House. This will be used to say “submission to a Government that followed The Science saved us all and we must continue to submit or be Science Deniers” once case and death counts drop due to the new definitions.

    Free minds and free markets? Nope, submission to The State that saved us all. You could have put yourselves on the record before that happened, but you lacked the balls to do so. Orange Man Bad.

    Enjoy our new Wall Street Wars and sellout to human rights abusing China – what’s a few dead non-Anglo foreigners when there is an Orange Man to remove.

    Seriously, fuck all of you with Postrel’s dick. She has more of one than anyone else left on your staff. Eat cat food. Blow random organs coming thru holes in mens’ room doors. Sell your organs on the Chinese black market. Do anything but ask me for a dime.

    1. But, hey, Harris MIGHT legalize weed, which it about the only “libertarian” thing most of these d-bags actually care about.

      1. No, they also care about having sex in the back of a food truck.

        1. For a while they were pretty big on forcing businesses to let random people off the street pee wherever they’d like too.

          1. Were they waiting for their cake?

    2. You are being far too kind to them.

    3. Harris getting elected ONCE would be a big story. No one likes her.

  7. “Here at Reason, we’re gonna need a bigger website to keep fighting for free minds and free markets.”

    Interesting; an allegedly libertarian website emphasizing that payments for service are tax deductible. I would think they would proudly use a pay-for-access subscription model that accurately reflects the true economic worth of their articles.

    On the other hand, to be sure, they would starve in that case.

    1. When your prime purpose is to influence the public a pay wall doesn’t fit the plan.

    2. Or better yet, a way to rate (and pay for) articles a la carte.

    3. I consider tax-evasion tips to be a required feature of my libertarian sights- right there next to the “Dear Monocle’d Seer” column.

  8. Sorry, Reason, but you’ve failed to earn my donation dollars this year. I haven’t seen nearly enough skepticism from you about the dangerously panicky prevailing narrative on COVID-19. My money will go instead to the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER). Under Jeffrey Tucker’s leadership, they have been doing it right.

  9. Why would I donate a dime to Reason? If I wanted to donate to your “journalism” I’d donate directly to the source at Vox, WP, NYT or salon. You offer little beyond the leftist DNC talking points of the day like they do.

  10. Is there some way I can just subscribe to the comments? I learn more from a Ken Schultz or a John post than I do from the actual article it’s attached to.

    1. Echoes of “it’s the most important election of our lifetime”. Poorly played, Mr Gillespie. That said, I’m in for my usual support level. And, no you don’t need a bigger boat, any more than the DOD needs a bigger Aircraft carrier. You need a bigger coalition of voluntarists who can see Reason’s editorial efforts to be a magnetizing draw to those repelled from the Left and Right fringe sensationalists and professional ???? alarmists (see a few above).
      When the Trump authoritarianism / Nationalism fans here laughably bitch and moan about Reason amplifying “DNC talking points” there must be something there, there. You’ve compelled them not only to claim disgust at your content but gracefully (ok, passively) allowed them to reveal themselves in the comments community. Section 230 in its full glorious force! Here’s to a great 2021.

  11. Hey Nick, why did you guys fire Shikha Dalmia? Seriously, not cool. Not donating this year because of it.

    1. I can fill your shikha void:
      Modie is bad for India because he is imitating trump in his treatment of immigrants and refugees. *ctrl c, ctrl v.

    2. reason missed a great fund-raising opportunity with Shikha. They could have held a “which one should we fire”? contest and collected donations in each staffer’s name promising the one drawing the most ca$h would get the axe. Sure, McSuderman or ENB might have come in first but they could have just shifted some billionaire bux over to Ms Dalmia to rig the outcome and all those suckers donors would think it was their measly contribution that put her over the top.

      1. I think you have something there. I’d flip it.

        Reason should let patrons specify what and WHO they want to support. Writers should be required to write pitches for what they want to do, and how much it will cost, and Reason should let contributors “vote” with a portion of their donation.

        1. The only writers left would be nick, robbie, lenore skenazy, Nancy rommelman, stossle, and the ocatuonal virgina article… If that happened people might start thinking Reason is a libritarian publication and we can’t have that

          1. I almost always appreciate Jesse Walker’s stuff

            1. And the transportation guy…. forgetting his name

    3. Despite all the twitter rumors and conjecture, I don’t think it was ideologically/donor related. I have a working theory that involves an involuntary dominatrix situation with Britches. Just can’t have that kind of liability in the workplace. Though, Robby was very opposed to the termination because he could have made editorial hay when Dalmia was eventually #metoo’d.

      1. Shikhia’s claim was that it was donor related. No confirmation as to why, but her suspicion was her opposition to Trump. She was not alone in this, so not sure why she was singled out. Her opposition to Modie as well?

        Who are the big Reason donors that twisted arms to get her removed?

        1. Hmmm… exactly the kind of distraction a person facing sexual harassment scrutiny would put forth… this further supports my baseless theory above.

        2. It’s funny. She’s stupid as fuck, but her articles were generally at least in line with libertarian values (borders don’t exist had been a libertarian Baileywick for ages) even if they were terrible at convincing people to agree with her. I’m surprised she was kicked to the curb instead of ENB.

        3. Dalmia was uniquely bad in her writing. It wasn’t her anti-trump rhetoric in particular. Instead it was her terrible takes that happened to have Anti-Trump rhetoric.

          For example, the time she suggested that India’s bigotry was somehow caused by them “importing” Trumpism- because they never had bigotry prior to Trump.

          1. India has always been terribly bigoted and sexist, to an extent not seen in the US for over a century. You were misreading her wrong, go check out her articles prior to Trump. I recall some touching on this very point.

          2. Her articles had gotten to the point that they were unreadable. They were just awful, emotional, frothing-at-the-mouth TDS bullshit. I remember the piece tying India’s bigotry to Trump. That piece was just plain stupid. I’m glad she’s not writing here anymore. Her articles were garbage. Now, if they shitcan ENB, I might give them some money.

        4. Every writer was opposed to Trump for the most part. Keep trying.

          1. Shikha got Poole-Axed

        5. Couldn’t be that her columns were just cut and paste jobs, could it?

          “My, what a good post from Dalmia “was literally never uttered.

    4. Now that Zuri Davis is contributing regularly, no need to keep the extra token diversity hires around.

      1. Shikha is just as caucasian as ENB, KM-W, Liz Wolfe and the Desert Fox (who is only a “contributor”).

    5. Brandy you do realize they fired Dalmia because they didn’t trust her to not attack Biden from the left?

    6. with Trump gone they don’t need a strictly pro-immigration writer any more.

    7. More likely they could not afford her.

  12. Nope when you sided with Biden you gave up a chance to keep taxes and regulations down. Trump wasn’t perfect but now there’s zero chance of it. We will be getting government good and hard for the next decade and reason Koch and Lincoln project RINOs are to blame.

  13. For over 50 years, Reason has been your libertarian voice in debates about politics, culture, and ideas.

    Libertarianism died with Murray Rothbard. Stealing it’s skin to peddle Cultural Marxism to capitalists isn’t the same thing.

  14. I will be donating to The Epoch Times even though I already pay them for a subscription. They have lost some revenue streams because they refuse to compromise their principles and integrity on subjects like the election fight and COVID. Their honest coverage on the latter and especially China’s role has been exemplary since the beginning.

    And they didn’t pay me to say any of this, they have just been above and beyond the other news organizations on the subjects I mentioned.

    1. Of course you are not paid. Falun Gong are not permitted to accept payment of any kind.

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  16. amazing how many people who say they hate this site come here to spew their nonsense…… if you hate it so much, why are you here?

    1. Because every other site allowing comments has kicked them out?

      1. Yahoo kicked everyone out

    2. It wasn’t always like this. People love the way it used to be. It wasn’t so long ago that we were all donning “woodchipper” monikers in solidarity with Reason.

      And there was an exodus after the last election cycle for the same reasons. People do leave. I’m not sure Reason wants us all to disappear. Do you imagine otherwise?

      it is to their credit that they tolerate dissent.

      1. “it is to their credit that they tolerate dissent.”

        Yep. And not just dissent, but profanity, insults, and lots of other stuff (and that’s just the stuff directed at the writers).

      2. some of us are hoping once Biden is in the TDS temper will go down and they will return to libertarianism however I think they are like Rhinos now libertarian in name only and enjoy being the claimed underdog

        1. “…they will return to libertarianism…”

          If by ‘libertarianism’ you mean ‘publicly tsk tsking while privately smiling as they take progressivism up every orifice’ then yes, I suspect that is exactly what they plan.

          It’s what they want, now that ‘the adults are in charge.’

      3. Reality check: they truly don’t care if you leave and never come back. In fact, they would probably welcome it! The same applies to pretty much all of us here who aren’t sockpuppet accounts of the writers themselves.

        The only people who truly matter at this outfit are the small handful of billionaires that are still keeping them afloat.

    3. Many of us are long-termers, and come here more for the comments than the articles.

    4. Reason use to post articles promoting the idea, concepts, and results of freedom and individual thinking, now it all a pox on the republican house, “and to be sure” the dems can be bad too

  17. I think the thing I really “appreciate” about Reason’s coverage the most, over the last year, is the way they covered President Trump’s peace deal with the Taliban (to completely withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan).

    Thanks for nothing.

    1. Don’t worry. I’m sure they’ll be covering all of Biden’s efforts to get peace treaties signed between Israel and UAE, Bahrain, Yemen, Kosovo…

  18. Not a chance of getting my money with this propaganda outlet.

    You Commies have been running Reason into the ground for years.

    Fire all the staff and get some Libertarian writers in there. Then we will see how you do. You might get money then.

    1. By Libertarian you mean religious conservative, right?

      1. So, not a true libertarian then?

      2. Is this supposed to be funny? Because it’s not.


  19. “2020 was a terrible year for free minds and free markets.”

    That might not have happened had formerly libertarian writers and editors at Reason NOT spent four years demonizing Trump (the most libertarian president since Calvin Coolidge), and had they NOT spent the past eight months failing to oppose unconstitutional, unscientific and economically disastrous lockdowns by partisan Democrat Governors, defending BLM and Antifa riots, campaigning for Biden, censoring clear evidence of Biden’s corruption, and refusing to question how Biden ended up with 15 million more votes than Obama did in 2012.

    1. You missed the trade war, hostility towards immigration, runaway spending, demonizing the press, and being a crybaby about the election. Otherwise, yeah. Most libertarian president ever. Or something.

      1. “hostility towards immigration”

        Liar. Or maybe you do not understand that that shoplifting is not the same thing as making a purchase.

        1. Maybe you should try applying the same logic you use to hate on immigrants to poor people born within the country. Be logically consistent here. If immigrants are bad because they use schools and welfare, well what about inner-city blacks? If you were intellectually honest you’d be hating on them as well as white trailer-trash. What’s the difference other than where they were born?

          1. Many of us are against government funded (controlled) schools, welfare for citizens and corporations, etc. as well. We’re called Libertarians. You should look into it, lefty.

            1. You’re trying to lecture me and you don’t even know the difference between libertarian and Libertarian?

              I’ve got more libertarian is that load I squirted out my dick then you have in your entire being.

              1. Ohh, you got me on capitalization! Then talked about penis some more. So broken.

                1. One is an ideology, the other is a political party (comprised of people who are too stoned to… what?).

                  Proper nouns vs improper people like me!

          2. Evidence that I “hate” on immigrants?

            Gonna be kind of hard to find any, since I don’t hate on immigrants.

            You are silly. Especially since I specifically contrasted people who do things properly vs. people who break the law (and just like shoplifters who harm legal shoppers illegal immigrants also harm the legal immigrants.)

            Why do you want to harm legal immigrants?

            1. Are you a hater?

            2. You didn’t answer my question. Other than where they were born, what’s the difference between an illegal immigrant and someone born into poverty within the borders of the country?

              1. I did not answer your loaded question because it includes a premise which I have never offered (…immigrants are bad because…)

                In fact I have never said immigrants are bad. I’m the one trying to protect them from criminals, just like I’m in favor of protecting all law abiding people from criminal who take things they are not entitled to take.

                1. What is criminal about being born in a different political jurisdiction?

                  1. Nothing. Who said it was?

                    1. Sarc’s got a straw man, and he’s gonna drag it around till it falls apart.

                2. Or do you mean that because the process to legal citizenship is long, tedious, expensive and frustrating, that those who skip the line have done something criminal? It’s only criminal in that it’s in violation of legislation. But legislation is not law, and law is not legislation. They coincide at times, but they’re not synonyms.

                  1. Lots of things are long, tedious, expensive and frustrating, Especially things of real (or perceived) value.

                    That does not create entitlement.

                    ” It’s only criminal in that it’s in violation of legislation.”

                    No, it causes actual harm just like shoplifting. I’ve already explained that to you.

                    1. You’ve said it but you haven’t explained it. You’re just making a statement an expecting me to take it as truth because your friends just nod their head when you say things like that. I don’t.

                      When an illegal immigrant goes out and gets a job, how is he causing harm? When the employer is like “sure dude” how is he trespassing or in violation of anyone’s freedom of association? Same with his landlord and the bodega.

                      How is this person harming my life, liberty or property?

              2. the illegal immigrant showed initiative and follow through

                1. and a healthy disrespect of government edicts and procedures

                  1. Much like John Dillinger.

      2. Demonizing the press was the best part.

  20. ‘We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Website’

    Frankly, what we really need is a smaller government.

    1. Minarchism forever!

  21. I give all my money to my s.o. to keep me from doing things like donating to websites sorry.

  22. I’d rather donate to a libertarian website.

    1. Institute for Justice? Pacific legal foundation?

      1. IJ is where my money’s going.

  23. Reason was critical of Trump and insufficiently critical of Biden! They’re commies! Aaaaauuugggghhh!

    1. consistently half-factual but off-rails somewhere in the middle lol.

      1. What do you mean? Any criticism of Dear Leader was met with hostility from the right-wingers, and any criticism of Biden was “too little, too late.” My comments was snarky, but I think it was spot on. The conservative commentariat has lost their collective minds.

        1. >>Reason was critical of Trump and insufficiently critical of Biden!
          this part’s true.

          >>They’re commies! Aaaaauuugggghhh!
          this part’s too far. not incorrect, just too caricature-y. my friendly opinion …

          1. He’s broken, so most of what he posts now is a caricature of his former self.

        2. Speaking of right wingers, don’t you feel like a bit of a hypocrite constantly attacking Trump supporters, when you voted for McCain?

          1. Attack? If that’s what you call mockery in your world, sure.

            1. Whatever you want to call it. Didn’t respond to my post though. Shocking.

              1. Do you still beat your wife?

                1. So you didn’t vote for McCain? Because you said you did. I never said I beat my wife. Still not addressing my post. Wonder why?

                  1. I already said I felt dirty after pulling his lever. Do you get some sexual satisfaction from me saying I felt soiled? Does it stir something in your loins?

        3. at least we can all unite against Biden/Harris, at least until Trump starts running again in 2024

    2. They, like you, preferred decreasing freedom because they hated Trump more than they liked his libertarian actions. You have no principles. You would rather no steps towards freedom than a step towards it by someone you dislike. You’re broken.

      1. Do you expect me to pay money for this psychoanalysis?

        1. Hey sarc, remember that time you forgot to switch back to your sock and talked to yourself?


          1. You mean I’m not allowed to add to my own posts? Please pass me the rule book, because I missed that one.

            1. Nah, you messed up and thought you had switched to your sock. Now you’re gonna lie about it.

              1. You really flatter yourself if you think I’d go through the trouble of multiple identities for your entertainment.

                1. You weren’t talking to me at the time dumbfuck, I just caught you.

                  1. If you think I’m running multiple names then there’s no hope in having a conversation with you.. Believe whatever makes you happy.

    3. They also supported of peaceful protests that set fire to public buildings and private businesses.

      And overlooked clearly illegitimate police shootings while advocating patently false narratives that made legitimate shootings seem illegal.

      And backed the entirely baseless character assassination of a SC nominee.

      And are still effectively running cover for government-funded “medicine”, lockdowns, and other ineffective social mandates.

      Despite your TDS, not everything is about Trump.

      1. You have a fever? Seriously. Check your temperature. Because that post of yours is pretty delusional.

        1. Poor sarc, drunk by 2 again.

  24. “(yes, we read the comments,”

    Other than Ronald, it seems the only reason anyone reads the comments is so that they can mock them on their Twitter feed.

  25. Call me when you actually hire some libertarian writers.

  26. Saw the title and assumed it was Shikha Dalmia’s blathering. As long as Reason is championing team left I will be with on team adblock.

    1. Shikha’s not here, man.

  27. No offense, but your benefactor makes more in a day than I will in my life. Why the fuck should I give you money he feels no desire to provide?

    1. Benefector is a polite way of saying ‘master’ isn’t it?

  28. The irony is that reason cannot survive as a “libertarian” outlet because there aren’t any libertarians around. It has become a pro second amendment mainstream progressive mouthpiece. Real libertarians won’t give a fucking dime.

    1. Curious to know how many Reason authors actually own and use a gun (any use really – just something a bit more than keeping a dead uncle’s museum piece) vs. the number that routinely smoke pot.

      Kinda doubt any of them actually own a pickup.

      1. Reason is definitely pro 2A, but it’s way down the list of important issues to them.

        1. Oh and I smoke weed, shoot guns, and drive a pickup. What do I win?

          1. You go to the camps last

          2. A new t-shirt so you can tear off the sleeves to make it match the rest in your drawer.

            1. That’s an odd fantasy you have about me. Sorry to ruin it, but no, I don’t do that to my t-shirts.

          3. Hopefully not all at the same time. Otherwise, unless you are admitting to being a “Reason author.” not much.

            My point is, you are probably much closer in many aspects to much of the readership. Unlike the authorship, who really are Vox-lite.

            1. And yes, they are performatively pro 2nd A, but they really don’t have any skin in the game.

              Which, I suspect, explains much of the lack of recognition for Trump’s libertarian accomplishments – deregulation, etc. – They don’t live a life/lifestyle where that stuff actually made a difference.

              1. Honest question: how much regulation was repealed under Trump, and how much new regulation was created? I suspect there were a lot more pages added than removed.

                1. Honest question: Why isn’t any removal a win?

                  Even more honest question: Do you honestly think anyone thinks your question was honest?

                  1. Hell, you think Jeff is honest…

                  2. I’m just wondering how much deregulation was symbolic vs real. Yes I’m being honest.

                    Here’s a clue: different points of view don’t equal dishonesty.

                    1. No but lying all the time does. That’s why I call him Lying Jeffy, because he lies a lot.

                      And the more broken you become, the more you become like him.

                    2. Your mom did a really terrible job at teaching you how to have a conversation.

            2. “Hopefully not all at the same time.”

              Well not yet…

          4. you get your truck impounded for 2 years if you try to cross the border

    2. should have good luck with a mass mailing in Vermont then

  29. Dear Nick,


  30. 2020 was a terrible year for Reason – going to pass on the donation this year.

  31. Ooooooh….Read the story of Shreika’s departure in the Daily Beast. Yeah, she will have an interesting time getting a new gig. She sounded like a New Age pain in the ass. Her writing was….well….not real popular, or libertarian for that matter.

    Katherine, you did the right thing by firing her.

    1. Dalmia served her purpose, but now cannot be trusted to toe the line. So away she goes.

      Kind of like Cindy Sheehan was treated once Obama got elected. Or countless other tools.

    2. On your tip I went and ready the Daily Beast article. It’s a pretty funny read because they clearly have an axe to grind with Reason and just keep going back to that because they have no story to write about other than a couple facebook posts and a tweet. No interviews, no facts, no quotes. It’s just “how hypocritical to cancel Dalmia!” I doubt anyone at Reason claimed to feel unsafe because of Dalmia, she’s just doesn’t have a free market small government bone in her body. She’s like some lefty campus protester trying impostering as a libertarian because they have a joint in their mouth. She only ever liked liberty insofar as it was the sort of freedom big (left) government wanted to allow.

      1. Firing someone because her work is garbage, the audience loathes her, and her articles probably get the least amount of clicks is NOT canceling. It’s firing a non-performer. IMO, Britches needs to go and ENB also needs to go. Their work is TDS infected crap too. The morning links are garbage. Can ENB please link about something OTHER than hookers? It’s one thing to read a piece that makes a substantive criticism of Trump, with which I may disagree. It’s quite another to be subjected to screed after screed of “Trump is a dictatory meanie head who tweets mean stuff.”
        I used to read Reason every day. Over the past couple of years, I read it less and less, to the point where I pop in maybe once a week or so, and only read a few articles by a few writers. I read anything by Tuccile and Soave, sometimes Gillespie. The new girl- Emily What’s Her Face- also good stuff. But the quality just isn’t there anymore. Sorry Reason, I’m donating my money to puppies and orphans this year.

  32. Read following report to learn how a single-mom with 3 kids was able to generate $89,844 of annual income working in her spare time online from her home without selling Here is More information.

  33. When you make freedom of speech priority #1 I will contribute again. Your attention to big-tech censorship has been scandalously minimal. I’m not accusing you of supporting censorship, but whenever you bring it up you always dilute your free speech message by throwing in section 230 issues or other irrelevancies. You will do anything to avoid going on record with the truth that big-tech censorship is driven by Democrats in these companies to support their partisan goals.

  34. I wouldn’t give a Koch the sweat off my balls if he was dying of thirst.

  35. 2020 was a terrible year for free minds and free markets. Help Reason change that in 2021 with a tax-deductible donation to support our journalism.

    I used to support Reason. These days, I hope Reason goes bankrupt so that people don’t get the mistaken impression that Reason’s corporatist progressivism-lite somehow amounts to libertarianism.

  36. Your website size is fine. Get rid of those posting spam to save space. Don’t worry the liberal trolls will disappear after Jan. 20th. 2021. You will be fine then.

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