Election 2020

Despite Election Wins, California GOP Needs a Makeover

Unfortunately, I'd guess the party did just well enough in the last election to punt those discussions to another day.


Before you lash out at me for picking on the California GOP, please keep in mind that most of my writing over the past 22 years has chronicled the myriad ways that the state's union-controlled Democratic Party has destroyed the California Dream. We desperately need a healthy Republican Party to provide political competition.

Thanks to one-party control, California has the highest poverty rates in the nation, crummy schools, crumbling infrastructure, absurdly high housing prices, and high taxes and punitive regulations that send our residents fleeing to other states. These crises are the result of policy choices, not happenstance.

Despite Joe Biden's overwhelming victory in California, Republicans scored significant victories in down-ticket legislative and congressional races. Those wins, however, do not signify the party's sudden resurgence, as some Republican leaders would like us to believe.

Instead of developing a new strategy to recruit better candidates and promote more-appealing ideas, the party is likely to double down on its current approach because it worked (sort of). In this regard, winning may be more problematic in the long run than losing.

The fundamentals haven't changed. The GOP no longer is competitive in statewide constitutional races (governor, treasurer, secretary of state, etc.). Democrats control super-majorities in both houses, thus leaving Republicans with virtually no influence in Sacramento.

Not all of the Republican Party's problems are of its own making. Democrats widely outnumber Republicans and out-gun them financially, too. But Republicans can do a better job crafting a message to our state's increasingly nonpartisan and surprisingly libertarian-ish electorate.

California voters made remarkably sensible choices in statewide ballot measures. They rejected a massive property tax increase and rent control, said "no" to racial quotas, and gave Uber and Lyft exemptions to a draconian anti-contracting law. That shows that voters aren't incorrigibly progressive—and could be won over by a properly positioned GOP.

Nevertheless, after its interviews of Democratic and Republican candidates, this Editorial Board often found itself surprised by the overall quality of the local Democratic candidates even though it strongly disagreed with their viewpoints. Republican contenders often underwhelmed the board even though their views more closely aligned with its positions.

One example jumps to mind. This newspaper endorsed Greg Raths for the 45th congressional district race against Democrat Katie Porter—not because he seemed particularly thoughtful in his old-school Orange County conservative approach, but because Porter's progressive views were too far to the Left for what has become a politically competitive district.

Not long after Raths received the endorsement, he blasted the Orange County Register in a campaign email, saying he doesn't subscribe because "the liberal media has become a wing of the Democrat party." He was angry the media didn't report on a photo of a mask-less Porter at a gathering—even though the photo was taken before the onset of the coronavirus. It was one of several boneheaded campaign stunts.

Yet Raths received an impressive 47 percent of the vote. The big question, from a future-of-the-GOP perspective, is whether the party is sufficiently encouraged by that close result to continue along its merry old way—or whether it realizes that it might win back that and other close seats if it starts recruiting candidates who are as sophisticated and thoughtful as Porter.

When the Register's editorial board asked Republican legislative candidates about their views on police reform, almost all of them offered simplistic law-and-order answers. They said they were against "defunding the police" (who isn't?) and refused to commit to modest, limited-government reforms such as reining in qualified immunity for misbehaving officers.

From a short-term political standpoint, I can't blame them for refusing to trigger the ire of the state's notoriously powerful police unions. State Sen. John Moorlach (R–Costa Mesa) is one of the California GOP's most principled politicians, and someone who embraced justice reforms and has repeatedly warned about the pension crisis. He lost his seat, after unions spent exorbitant amounts attacking him.

By contrast, Assemblyman Phillip Chen (R–Brea) handily won his re-election even though he was the co-sponsor of a cynical firefighter-union bill that largely forbids California cities from hiring new employees who aren't part of the state's budget-busting pension systems.

What do you suppose the party will learn from those two races? How many Republicans will put taxpayer interests above union interests now—even though California's biggest problems are the direct result of public-sector union influence? When Republicans co-sponsor these big-government bills, it's hard to see the benefit of electing them.

The GOP needs to embrace policies that hold the line on spending, rein in union influence, sensibly reform the criminal justice system and deal with the debt and pension crises. They need good candidates who can make that case to a public that seems unusually willing to listen. Unfortunately, I'd guess the party did just well enough in the last election to punt those discussions to another day.

This column was first published in the Orange County Register.

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  1. The author sounds like a disaffected, obsolete slack-jaw who should probably move to Mississippi, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Wyoming, or another can’t-keep-up, superstitious backwater to avoid all of this damned reason, progress, inclusiveness, science, education, and modernity imposed by America’s betters.

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    2. Amen! America is now a multicultural, liberal democracy run by secular Jewish intellectuals and a herd of Afro-Latino working class voters (and that’s a good thing).

    3. Did you even read the article? Your responses are no more intelligent than some Chinese bot. You’re not even any good as a troll. Go back to fifth grade, you little red diaper turd.

    4. If California is so shitty, why do people keep moving there?

      1. Net migration to California is negative you absolute fucking retard. You forgot to compare the rate of population growth of California to the overall rate of population growth nationally. Holy fucking Christ you’re stupid. No wonder you’re a pant-shitting Branch Covidian.

      2. <blockquote?If California is so shitty, why do people keep moving there?
        Because Mexico, the Philippines, China, and India are shittier.

        California has had negative annual net domestic migration — more residents leaving for the rest of the US than people from the rest of the US moving to California — every year for the last three decades.

        But there’s been massive immigration to California from shitty countries. With the result that an absolute majority of Californians are foreign immigrants or the immediate children thereof — in 2018, 27% of Californians were foreign-born, while another 24% were domestically-born children of at least one foreign-born parent.

      3. Net domestic migration has been outbound from California every single year since 1995, according to the State Government (tracing based on tax return filings year-over-year).

        The population is growing because of the combination of people born in the state and a net influx of illegal immigrants; CA is home to about 11-12% of the national population but is estimated to be home to 1/4 of all illegal immigrants. It’s possible the “homeless sanctuary” policies in cities like SF, Venice and Santa Monica might also be drawing a concentration of homeless people from the western portion of the country (If you have no choice but to sleep outdoors, it’s better to do it on Venice Beach than in SLC in January).

        Since many of the illegals live and operate within cash economies that are often unregulated, the result of all this is a continuously shrinking pool of taxpayers funding a population that’s being promised an ever-expanding plethora of state-funded benefits (Gavin Newsom has actually floated the idea of providing full state-funded health care for all illegals), leading to policy ideas like the proposed high-net-worth tax which will attempt to levy a 0.4% tax on anyone with a net worth over $30Mil and who has lived in the state at any time in the last 10 years (because the 1% of state taxpayers who currently provide 40+% of the state’s tax revenues need to “start paying their fair share”).

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    7. I’m seriously considering moving to Wyoming. Figure I’ll sign on with a big cattle outfit as a hired gun so I can shoot sodbusters and sheepmen.

  2. As a long-time resident of CA, only recently-escaped, the one thing I observed, generally, about the Republicans running for local or State offices, is that they were as bad, overall, as the Dems they were competing with. Not all of them, of course, but too many.

    1. As a long-time resident of CA, only recently-escaped,

      *narrows gaze*

      While it’s nice that you’ve finally had enough of the creeping socialism in California, I’m somewhat concerned that you’ve only now finally had enough. The fact that you’ve stayed there this long indicates that you have an alarmingly high tolerance for socialism, a far higher tolerance than what a normal person would be able to endure. You’ll forgive me if I’m somewhat skeptical of your new-found rejection of socialism, it may be that you’re only rejecting this much socialism and you’re perfectly fine with a lesser amount.

      1. Are you saying he’s going to turn another state blue?

        1. It’s easy to blame California expatriates for “turning other states blue”. But consider Idaho: one could easily argue (especially if you’ve been to Treasure Valley in the past five years) that Idaho has a larger ratio of immigrants from CA-OR-WA than any other state, and Idaho is probably the most reliably red state in the country. Not that voting for Republicans is some great step towards liberty, but we’re talking about the idea that people fleeing blue states are getting Democrats elected. I’d argue that the go along to get along party leadership is responsible for the Republicans getting benched, and you can’t blame blue state expats for them.

          1. Outside of Boise and Moscow, you’re correct, and Coeur d’Alene, Sandpoont and Post Falls to a degree. Guess which cities the majority of Californians have moved to (and Washingtonians and Oregonians). The same can be said of Montana. Bozeman, Missoula and Helena is where most of the Californians have moved to, and guess which counties Biden won?

            1. Missoula has been an island of relatively left-leaning persuasion in MT for decades, and a lot of that influence has been in the area for a few generations at least. I was hanging out with a bunch of people who would be prod to be called “hippies” in HS back in the late 80s/early 90s in Missoula and I’ve found out more recently that a decent chunk of the “jocks” from my graduating class are borderline socialists. Many life-long Missoulians are still proud to be from the area that sent the first woman to the U.S. Congress and elected the only Rep to vote against entering WWII after the bombing of Pearl Harbor (who the UM main library is named after).

              After moving to L.A. for college and staying in the area for almost 25 years since, I sometimes wonder if any of my hard-core leftist friends back in Missoula are aware how many of their ideological heroes on the coasts think they’re all a bunch of mouth-breathing, MAGA Hat wearing, troglodytes based on nothing more than their area code.

      2. I stayed in CA because my family was there. Somethings are more important than political, or even economic, considerations. Also, I was in the decidedly rural part of the State, which, for quite a few years, shielded us from at least some of the worst dictates emanating from Sacramento. My family is gone now.

        Oh, and neither me nor my wife come close to being what some folks term “progressives.” We both voted for Jorgensen, seeing as how Biden was going to win Oregon easily. I would not have wished to vote for Trump, but we both would have in order to stop Biden.

        1. There are a lot of leftists here who voted Jo as they complain being libertarian. They all live in deep blue states. None of them even batted an eye at her anti racism comments. They all would rather have near socialism than vote someone who has reduced the regulatory state, lowered taxes, decreased global military posture, etc. So saying you voted Jo doesn’t mean much.

          1. JessAz: I don’t think for one minute that Jo would have made a good president. Nearly all my voting has been for third-party candidates — call them “protest votes,” if you will: I have been a registered Libertarian for forty years. In this most recent election, locally, among those who stated a party or political affiliation, I voted for two libertarians and a repub, and they actually got elected. A first for me.

            I think Trump was a pretty lousy President, overall. On the other hand, he was definitely better than the last two, and I am pretty sure the next one will be degrees worse than Trump. But, as I said, Oregon was going to go for Biden no matter how I voted.

    2. I escaped several years ago. Now I’m watching the place I live now slowly turn into the same place.

    3. I agree

  3. In this regard, winning may be more problematic in the long run than losing.

    Got some bad news for you, this applies to the GOP at the national level and is not limited to California. It’s easy to be the loyal opposition, endlessly and ineffectually bitching about what those damn dirty Democrats are doing and raising campaign dollars by promising that by-God things would be far different if the GOP were in charge. They have no interest in actually being in charge, people expect you to get shit done when you’re in charge, and who the hell has time for getting shit done when there’s re-election campaigns to be run? Many (if not most) of the GOP are relieved that Trump is gone and they no longer have to defend the shit he’s gotten done and they’re keeping their fingers crossed on the Dems re-taking the Senate so they can abdicate any responsibility at all for what the government does.

    1. You just described most of the writers for the Libetarian party as well. They would rather bitch and moan than figure out how to accomplish anything.

    2. Despite all the legal actions, Trump’s going to be leaving the White House soon. Back to a president who is “horrible within normal parameters” that all the pundits crave. Now Republican politicians can get back to their comfort zone, constantly capitulating to the Democrats while bitching on Fox News about whatever SJW nonsense is trending. With Democrat control of the House and possibly the Senate also, the GOP better have a solid plan for 2024. Maybe they can salvage whatever momentum that remains from Trump’s supporters with the right candidate. Otherwise, get ready for eight years of President Kamala.

      1. If the Democrats flip or tie the senate, the GOP can kiss its ass goodbye on ever getting any part of its agenda done again.

        1. The presidents party usually loses in the off-year elections. Republican majority in 2022 in both the house and senate?

    3. I suspect the biggest problem will still be tRump. There is no Number 2 in the GOP, its all or nothing and well, quite frankly tRump is hated by roughly 1/2 the country.
      Where are the physical conservatives?
      The mid-term elections will tell.

      1. Do you ever wonder what your life might be like if your IQ had 2 digits in it?

        1. Watching even exerts of the Republican convention would reveal a plethora of young, often minority, possible candidates, several of whom are female.

          1. What you described is even rarer than a female libertarian.

            At least in the minds of retarded leftist like con_fuse.

            1. Imagine Harris running against am attractive, successful, attractive minority woman like Klacik or Haley?

  4. Speaking of the Election 2020, in the last 2 days there has been a shit ton of action on the litigation front including significantly more specific charges and evidence.

    Will REASON’s analysis be like they did for the criminals who orchestrated the 2016-2019 Russia Hoax/coup? Ie. equal parts ignoring it and Orange Man Bad?

    1. Links would be helpful. Lack of links is indicative of lack of evidence.

          1. I especially liked all the spelling errors, and the affidavits alleging fraud because the ballot paper was “too clean”. And even if you ignore those, the story she is pushing is that Chavez developed the tech to steal American elections in 2013.


            Jesse, you seem to be able to write a paragraph. There is no excuse for falling for this. Stop being so mentally weak, and learn to face reality.

            1. Interesting how they only criticize the least credible item on the list and ignore the rest. Should be interesting to see what comes out of the ones where Republican poll watchers were denied access.

        1. Does the wackjob Sidney Power have standing?
          What is the remedy she seeks? Throwing out massive amounts of votes? Her first two hurdles.
          Unless she can claim enough votes need to be thrown out her lawsuit will be moot.
          At the rate she is going, she really should be dis-barred.
          Then it comes to evidence. Her statistics sucks. Each and every claim easily swatted away by dozens of real statisticians.
          Claims of software issues? Has she seen the source code? Has she documented a single case of votes being switched? As for the number of votes not equaling the number of people signing the voter logs, how big of a dependency is it? 50 votes?

          1. Does the wackjob Sidney Power have standing?

            Perhaps not, but Sidney Powell, the attorney who exonerated Michael Flynn, certainly does.

            1. He was not exonerated at all. He confessed twice and then accepted a pardon.

              1. He was exonerated. You lying piece of shit. The whole case was a mess of illegality, and constitutional abuses. So of course you’re for it.

                1. Facts are facts, bub.

                  1. Yes the prosecutors asked for the charges to be dropped and conviction overturned and the judge refused. Also, he only confessed because they threatened to use an obscure law, almost no one has ever been convicted of, to go after his son. Totally legit prosecution. Libertarians for overcharging to force a plea deal!

                  2. BYW, Biden’s transition team just did the exact same thing Flynn was charged for doing. How much you want to bet they won’t be charged? Libertarians for political prosecutions!

                  3. I don’t see where De Oppresso Liber made a statement in favor of how Flynn was prosecuted. He just made a statement about facts.

                    1. Which were in error. And you know damn well what he was doing.

            2. Settings aside the fact the tRump had to pardon Flynn.
              Sidney knows nothing about software nor the software business.
              If you read her complaint in Michigan, you can see it is a little light on details.
              For example:
              ““Iwitnessedelectionworkers open ballots with Donald Trump votes and respond by rolling their eyes and showing it to other poll workers. I believe some of these ballots may not have been properly counted.”
              This particular witness might also believe in God, Aliens, Big Foot or that tRump is not a liar. The statement is not evidence of fraud.
              Even if there was lots of eye rolling.

          2. Sidney Powell has spent decades exposing prosecutorial misconduct. Some libertarians think that’s an admiral pursuit. Whether or not she will prevail l don’t know. But she is no whackjob.

            1. Indeed. She’s a solid attorney.

    2. They have already called any inference of fraud as anti democratic and debunked. Pure mimic of Vox and d.c. media. They have no interest in arguing election integrity here.

      1. Projection.

        You come here with your red hot pjmedia, breitbart, and federalist links, parrot other total bullshit you hear from twitter and facebook (“Brinferd’s LAWZ!!”), then accuse everyone else of being a Vox reader.


        1. But you are. YOU are the projector. You’re also a bullshit,sock puppet for Pedo Jeffy/Cytotoxic.

    3. Expect defense of the Washington insider perspective.

      Reason has given up on “free minds and free markets”. They’re now more like what an officially authorized opposition group might be in a one-party dictatorship. They are very careful to stay inside the lines and never say anything that might actually threaten anyone powerful.

    4. Well, you had to go there.
      Uhm what evidence do you speak of? I have seen nothing but a flawed statistical analysis suggesting there MIGHT be something wrong with the results. Hint: there was nothing wrong and certainly not enough to disenfranchise 6 million voters.
      BTW, many service members who are away from home vote by mail, but we already know what tRump thinks of them – he wants to cancel their vote.
      However, a key thing with all statistics is they rely on random sampling. The same problem with the pre-election polls – how can they be so wrong? Because the sampling isn’t random. Who answer the phone and who answers the questions truthfully.

      1. I have seen nothing but a flawed statistical analysis suggesting there MIGHT be something wrong with the results.

        Right, but you’re a single-digit IQ retarded cunt, so who gives a fuck what you’ve seen or haven’t seen? You haven’t seen your own cock in 30 years because you’re a such a fatass piece of worthless shit.

        1. You can just say, “I concede that I have lost this argument and I have no ability respond,” instead of those childish insults.

          You can’t even be slightly funny when you name call. At least a few of the other trolls muster that much effort, at least.

          Everything ok at home, Champ?

          1. Don’t try and talk down to anyone here, tubby. You are an ant among gods. In your cas Ethan doesn’t say so much for all of us as it speaks to how wretched and weak you are.

            1. Extra incoherent today.

            2. jesus christ dude you OK?

              you seem to be in a constant state of trump-crying and shitfaced drunk typing after the election, eh?

              cant type a coherent sentence, delusions of grandeur, spelling errors, and projection of your fears we will all find out you take it in the ass. man, work on yourself

              1. Zomg! I made typos! So what? You’re just a worthless progtarded Marxist anyway. Not worthy of consideration, or respect.

                Is that coherent enough for you, cupcake?

      2. Willfully-blind tool of evil sees no evil.

        1. From a tRump supporter? Irony meter has just exploded

          1. I bet you think irony is like ra-a-ain on your wedding day.

            1. ^ See, Jesse. This is at least funny.

          2. Kill yourself, faggot.

    5. There has been a lot of action. The same type of action we’ve gotten used to from the Trump team. They are now 1 and 32 by my count. At least they weren’t shut out completely! Got those poll watchers 4 ft closer to the table: VICTORY!

      And that abysmal record somehow isn’t as bad as the refutation of the entire Trump victimhood complex delivered by one of the judges in their last (dismissed) appeal.


      1. You’re such an idiot, Pedo Jeffy. Just a democrat shill, and supporter of child molesters.

        1. Lefties really believe that Trump vs biden getting to the SCOTUS as fast as possible means Trump campaign has not evidence of a massive election fraud.

          1. They believe a lot of things. Few of them accurate or logical.

    6. Unreason is following the media’s tactic of ignoring real events that are building to not allow Biden to steal election 2020. Their narrative is that biden won and election rules dont matter.

      The SCOTUS has a different opinion as they did when they called democrats out for trying to cheat in 2000.

  5. Instead of developing a new strategy to recruit better candidates and promote more-appealing ideas,

    Recruit better candidates? Why would any decent moderate or conservative person want to subject themselves too the cesspool that is California politics? Why would anybody want to endure abuse, threats, insults, and ostracism as a Republican?

    And California is dominated by the interests of illegals, welfare recipients, teachers, wealthy techies, big pharma and big agro. Trying to speak to those groups message giving up on liberty and free markets.

    The GOP should stop running in most districts in Cautious because it’s a waste of money and effort and because trying to speak to California voters corrupts the party.

    1. Good, leave then. Our socialist, techno-utopia will become paradise on Earth without wreckers and kulaks!

    2. Well, would you ever think if you can’t fight them, join them? If you’re not with the one you love, love the one you’re with?

      I could see accomplishing evil as almost as good as accomplishing good. At least it’s accomplishing something. And you didn’t always have the values you do now, so who’s to say you can’t change again?

      1. The problem with left wing ideologies is that they simply don’t work and can’t work. The people who believe in those ideologies are political flat earthers. A rational person can no more return to socialism /progressivism than they can return to flat earth beliefs after learning the facts.

        Furthermore, it simple doesn’t matter what people believe : left wing government is doomed to fail.

  6. The California GOP withered under 30 years of blue-blood Bushism. Trumpism reversed it.
    The DNC already has the aristocratic vote locked, why not fight for the plebs instead?

    1. Who are the plebs? Part of the problem the GOP faces is that plebs make up a wide swath of people and the party is focused on only one of these groups.

      1. the party is focused on only one of these groups.

        Still peddling the Democratic Party line propaganda, I see.

        Let’s be clear here: Democrats have done shit for blue collar workers, and Democrats have thrown minorities into poverty and government dependence.

        1. Democrats have done shit for blue collar workers, and Democrats have thrown minorities into poverty and government dependence.

          And that’s worked out pretty damn well for the Democrats if you ask me.

        2. No peddling the truth. What have Republicans done for the common person? Well they have given big tax breaks to the wealthiest. They bail out the banks and big business. Build stadiums for billionaire owners. They have worked to set one group against another for their own benefit. We are you friend its fill in the blanks (immigrants, blacks, women) that are your problem.

          They have done nothing to help the blue collar worker get health care. They opposed higher minimum wages and opposed unions that could bargain for higher wages.

          So you tell me what has the Republican party done for people lately.

          1. They blew apart previous deficit spending record to gain 0.2% more growth than Obama. Suck it libs!

          2. Well they have given big tax breaks to the wealthiest.
            Pretty sure Trump’s tax breaks helped the working class the most, and keeping out of wars kept them from sacrificing their lives for the Davos neocon crowd.

            Anyway, what the hell have your Democrats ever done for the poor?
            Do you think it was Obamacare? the KKK? A billion regulations? Urban ghettos projects? Antifa? Broken windows policies? Jim Crow? the Green New Deal?

          3. I like my tax cut, thank you very much.

          4. Well they have given big tax breaks to the wealthiest.

            Being that the wealthiest pay most of the taxes, it stands to reason that they would benefit the most from any tax cuts.

            1. It also completely ignores that 65% of tax payers saw a cut.

          5. What the Republican party has done is not implement crazy left wing policies that hurt poor people: no minimum wage, no green new deal, no new wars, no persecution and demonization of men, no racial quotas, no new regulations or licensing, etc.

            What Republicans do for people is that they prefer doing nothing and keeping things as they are.

          6. Well they have given big tax breaks to the wealthiest.

            By limiting the State and Locate Tax Deduction which hit the wealthiest the hardest?

            They bail out the banks and big business.

            Pretty sure that was Obama and the Democrats back in 2009.

            Build stadiums for billionaire owners.

            Stadiums in Democrat Cities? Pretty sure that’s the Democrats funding those.

  7. “California voters made remarkably sensible choices in statewide ballot measures. They rejected a massive property tax increase and rent control, said “no” to racial quotas, and gave Uber and Lyft exemptions to a draconian anti-contracting law. That shows that voters aren’t incorrigibly progressive—and could be won over by a properly positioned GOP.”

    Or maybe most voters just acted like people. When choosing candidates for office, they respond to happy (and scare) talk, pretty faces, and tribal colors. But when deciding on specific policies, they think personally, i.e. selfishly. And that’s a good thing.

  8. Anyone else already make their turkey stock or am I ahead of the game?

    1. Am I the only person here who browns the bones in the oven before simmering them with mirepoix for several hours? C’mon! Homemade soup is one of the best parts of roasting a bird!

      1. sarcasmic
        November.26.2020 at 5:46 pm

        Damn sarc, getting all homophobic on Thanksgiving.

        1. I’ve been bantering with Tony for years, mean girl. I can assure you he was not offended.

          1. Yeah, you sucking his cock on a continuous basis makes up for it, right faggot?

          2. I love how sarc thinks “mean girl” is an insult.

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            1. Poor sarc’s broken, and now he acts like Dee.

      2. As you get older you get lazier focus on what’s important – we got a couple of turkey breasts, smoked one, roasted the other, no bones.

        1. I am however making a turkey pot pie with some of the leftover turkey.

          1. I have never had much luck with that. Don’t use enough gravy and they come out dry.

            1. Maybe use more gravy?

          2. We are trying something different and turning it into a Mexican tortilla soup.

            1. Good stuff! I freeze my stock. First in a container then I pop it out and use the Foodsaver. Same thing with chicken stock except I freeze that in ice cube trays.

    2. My wife is doing that now

    3. I would have, but my mother walked into the kitchen, saw the bowl of bones I was saving, and promptly threw them in the garbage.

      Family . . .

      1. Oh man! That sucks!

    4. If by “ahead of the game” you mean “drunk at 9 in the morning because I’m an unemployed bloated alcoholic piece of subhuman shit whose own family can’t even stand to look at him”, then yes, you’re “ahead of the game” alright.

      1. My mean girl fan club is growing! Yay!

        1. mean girl

          *sarc finds Jesse’s put a ‘kick me’ sign on his back, runs out of the thread in tears*

          1. It’s so sad that you peaked in high school. Your life must really suck.

            1. It’s sad you peaked when mean girls was released and you think other grown men watched the movie and care about it.

              1. Sorry mean girl, wrong again. Where are the rest of your girlfriends to pile on?

                I say Bitch’s Bitching peaked in high school because the posts read like some fifteen year old with a pizza face trying to act cool.

            2. You’re a self-confessed alcoholic unemployed welfare case who spent major parts of his life homeless and isn’t allowed to see his kids lmfao

  9. The Republicans are a dying party. California is just the tip of a melting iceberg.
    The author correctly notes the Republicans will likely win enough to keep struggling.
    President Trump was not the choice of a healthy party reaching out and putting forth ideas. In his 2020 campaign the President spent more time complaining about being persecuted that he did in laying out vision for the next four years. The question is will the Republicans rehabilitate the party or will a new party take their place. A real potential here for libertarians to step up.

    1. Libertarians will never win. Why? Because people want government to do stuff. They want free shit. They don’t want to lose their entitlements. They don’t want to lose their do-nothing government jobs. Are they going to vote for people who promise to undo stuff? Are they going to vote for people who will cut entitlements and eliminate government jobs? Fuck no!

      1. Libertarians won’t win elections directly because of Duverger’s Law.


        Libertarians may win someday, but because of Duverger’s Law, it will only happen by infiltrating one of the two major parties. I suggest we try the one that isn’t fundamentally hostile to capitalism.

        Because we have single member districts, the Libertarians taking control of Congress or the White House isn’t something that can realistically happen in the real world. Refusing to come to terms with this is like refusing to admit that there are negative consequences associated with raising the minimum wage or deficit spending.

        Refusing to come to terms with Duverger’s Law is nothing but willful stupidity, and the American people wanting stuff isn’t to blame for our willful stupidity. We registered libertarians are to blame for our own willful stupidity. The real purpose of the Libertarian party is not to win office but to persuade non-libertarians to demand more liberty from politicians in other parties. And anyone who imagines otherwise–despite understanding the implications of Duverger’s Law–is being willfully stupid.

        1. I think you just beat the record for having some variation of “willfully stupid” in one post.

          1. 1. Ken writes a comprehensive argument

            2. sarc gets butthurt by the conclusion and calls him names

            3. sarc then proceeds to travel the thread calling everyone else “Mean Girls”

            Lol, what a fucking hypocrite.

            1. I know you long for the nostalgia of high school, but judging by your reading comprehension it looks like you dropped out.

          2. Keen is right. You are not.

        2. Anyway, Mr. I’m Gonna Condescend Anyone Who Has Never Heard Of This Obscure “Law,” how does ranked choice voting fit into this? You’re the contemptuous genius. Please enlighten us.

          1. When did you become a full time victim? Before or after you broke?

            1. Aw, how cute! The mean girl must have learned about loaded questions in her high school English class! Are the other girls in the same class?

              1. sarcasmic
                November.26.2020 at 5:46 pm

                Dude throws around homophobic slurs then calls other people mean girls.

                1. Aw, mean girl, Tony may be one of the girls but he ain’t part of your clique. Why are you being his white knightress?

          2. There isn’t anything obscure about Duverger’s Law–even if you’ve never heard it referred to by that name before. I first learned about single member districts being associated with systems dominated by two parties in junior high.

            Ranked choice helps, but even if we went proportional representation, you’re not getting around the fact that we won’t have libertarian government until we persuade more of our fellow Americans to want and demand libertarian government.

            Why bother fiddling with the mechanics of the system when the solution has nothing to do with that and everything to do with fixing what’s wrong in the heads of our fellow Americans and what’s wrong in our own heads?

            Solution – Step 1: Fix your own head.

            The Libertarian Party can never achieve more power on a sustainable basis than American voters will grant them–and anyone who believes otherwise is either ignorant or willfully stupid.

            It doesn’t matter whether the name of the libertarian party is Libertarian party or Republican party in that regard. To the extent that the Republican party becomes more libertarian is the extent to which our government will become more libertarian.

            Solution – Step 2: Fix our fellow Americans’ heads.

            So long as people continue to vote for competing parties, libertarians will need to persuade people in other parties to want what we want in order to achieve more power. The best way to do that is to become a credible constituency of the Republican party–much like progressives have done in the Democratic party. If we had as much influence in the Republican party as the progressives have in the Democratic party, America would be in for some serious libertarian reform.

            P.S. Willfully stupid.

            1. Seems like both parties are drifting towards nationalism, not libertarianism.

          3. It doesn’t figure into it at all. What matters is that elections are winter take all, not how the winner is determined.

            Furthermore, ranked choice really doesn’t improve anything in terms of election outcomes, it simple has different outcomes from the voting system we have in some corner cases.

        3. I agree with Ken because he is correct.

        4. Hey being willfully stupid has been working for me all my life. I’m sticking with it.

          1. But is it working for sarc? My guess is no.

            1. Who is living rent free in who’s head, mean girl?

    2. I hope that a post-Trump GOP will embrace the Bill Kristols and Max Boots of the world and act like a Democrat-lite party.

      1. It’s not that hard to imagine the GOP returning to what they were a mere 4 years ago.

    3. Libertarians could win by influencing issues. If we could agree on any.

      I think law enforcement is one. Eliminating asset forfeiture, drug laws, qualified immunity. Those kinds of issues.

      Mention reform of immigration law and policy and libertarians start clawing each other to shreds so I don’t have much hope for that.

      I think we could continue to push a peace agenda in foreign policy.

      Free and fair trade policies to open markets might be another one.

      I don’t think it is possible or wise to try and infiltrate either party at this point. We can win in the marketplace of ideas and by opportunistically supporting individual candidates who can advance the libertarian agenda.

      1. Free and fair trade policies to open markets might be another one.

        That’s a tough sell. Most people look at economics from the point of view of the producer. Getting people to look from the point of view of the consumer, and getting them to see the unseen, is a difficult task.

        1. And they see it as a zero sum game.

          1. That’s because government actually is a zero sum game since it produces nothing of value. It just takes and distributes, and it is seen. So it’s easy to think of the economy in the same way. Wealth must be taken. The creation of wealth is difficult for many to grasp.

            1. That’s because government actually is a zero sum game since it produces nothing of value. It just takes and distributes, and it is seen. So it’s easy to think of the economy in the same way.

              It’s particularly easy when what libertarians defend is supranational global governance organizations managing trade between countries, violating national sovereignty and benefiting multibillionaire trust fund babies like the Kochs and their inbred, bloated alcoholic piece of shit Koch-suckers like you.

              1. And in this bout it’s one of the mean girls vs a man of straw! Place your bets!

          2. Mercantilism seems to match human intuition. As does slicing up a static pie.

            It takes education to move past the intuitive, and those hostile to liberty and markets are in control of education.

            1. Add to that the fact that until relatively recently war was all about rape, pillage and plunder. So wealth and theft went hand in hand.

      2. All good points. The key for libertarians is not to sell undoing things, but rather to sell the idea of doing things differently with less government involvement and regulation.

      3. “Libertarians could win by influencing issues. If we could agree on any.

        Didn’t we agree on killing a $3.5 trillion stimulus bill, opposing the Green New Deal, and signing a withdrawal deal to get us completely out of Afghanistan?

        We had a candidate to vote for who was on board with all of that. Apparently agreeing on the issues isn’t enough. We also need to overcome the willful stupidity of other Libertarians.

    4. Lol. Yes sir, California is representative of national politics alright.

      Why don’t you rub your two IQ points together and see if you can start a fire?

      1. California Republicans are the canary in the coal mine. This is what happens as the rest of the country becomes more diverse.

        1. Yeah, after Texas became majority-minority, it went solid blue.

    5. Well we better get rid of the democrats right away then. So they can’t take over and enslave the country.

  10. Tip O’Neal famously said that all politics is local. He was from Massachusetts. In California, all politics is national (if not global). Californians vote for Democrats because of the stupid things Republicans elsewhere in then country say on culture war topics.

    As the Republican party nationally has become less about culture war issues like gay marriage, abortion, teaching creationism in public schools, prayer in public schools, etc., issues like taxes and spending come more to the forefront–and that is benefiting Republicans in California.

    1. As an atheist Republican who switched to Democrat in 1980 because I disdained cultural conservative policies and politicians (i.e. demonizing/banning drugs, gays and abortion, teaching creationism and imposing prayer in public schools, and making America a Nation under their God), I switched back and registered Republican in 2016 because I’ve long supported the US Constitution, free markets, small government and minimizing foreign wars and occupations (and because I didn’t want Hillary to win).

      Here in PA, Rs can only vote for Rs in the primary, Ds can only vote for Ds, Ls can only vote for Ls, and Gs can only vote for Gs.
      There are very few independents in PA because they cannot vote in primaries.

    2. All of that is true, but it is not complete. Many Californians are from immigrant families, from Asia or Latin America. Many of them are fiscally or socially conservative (especially compared to the Democrat Party), but they see the Republican Party (especially under Trump) as anti-immigrant, even if the religious fundamentalism has moved to the background (Pence is still VP).

      1. Agreed. Republicans need to realize that being white and Christian is not the same thing as being conservative.

        1. And being a “Real American” does not necessitate being white and christian; white christians are not more american than a brown atheist. This country is not “for” anyone.

          E pluribus unum, motherfuckers.

          1. Being a real American involves not being, or supporting, democrats. Which is basically treasonous anymore.

      2. That is not why californians vote the way they do. Otherwise trump would not have over 5 million votes there.

        Commifornia is full of tyrants and pussies who submit. They vote democrat. They are american born and immigrants from socialist nations nations who cannot understand why voting socialist in America will also turn america into the shithole they came from.

        1. Try rereading the article. The authors points out how Californian’s response to referendums shows them to be more conservative minded. There not voting Democrat because they want socialism, they are voting Democrat because the Republicans want nothing to do with them. The Republicans are focused on a small group of supporter to the exclusion of all others. In four years what did President Trump or his supporters do to reach out and broaden the base. Exactly nothing.

  11. The one party state failed and democrats proved they are losers. Out of ideas and money they become proto fascist dictators worshipped by scum like Kirkland and Molly and Tony.

    1. >out of ideas
      Does the GOP still want to lower tax rates to a fraction of a percent? Where do they think the Laffer curve inflects?

      1. THEFT is THEFT and x,y,z “curve” doesn’t change that.

  12. Ok, so NOW you tell us ???!!!???

  13. Trump is not going away. He will continue to influence his powerful base from his White House in exile.

    The old school conservatives, Bush republicans, tea parties, libertarian leaning republicans, none of them has any coherent base or anything the voters want to buy.

    Democrats are roughly either far left progressives or Obama style liberals.

    Life will go on for the rest of us. This has actually been a good year for me and mine and looking better. I don’t expect the shenanigans in DC to have much direct effects on daily life for us.

    Enjoy the holiday weekend folks.

    1. This has actually been a good year for me and mine and looking better.

      Yeah, being a piece of shit parasitic welfare case, it’s pretty exciting when your man gets the white house and promises you more Obama money, right welfare queen?

    2. By the way, I’m REALLY looking forward to watching you die of cancer waiting for treatment from daddy gubmint. Literally gives me erections thinking about it. Hopefully and illegal immigrant rapes your wife before you die.

      1. Hey R Mac, where are you? Jack Blutarsky is saying some things far more offensive than gay jokes. We need someone to clutch pearls over here.

    3. I’m thinking you don’t do much with life. U.S. Production has been practically shut-down by the Obama Administration terms.

      1. I’m thinking you forgot to cite your bold assertion.

        1. I don’t have any need to ‘cite’ some inner-groupy blind-to-reality full-time city bloggers fluff opinion piece. I *see* it everyday in the *REAL (reality) WORLD* while actually trying to PRODUCE goods and services…

          From minimum wage ‘entitlements’ to health insurance ‘entitlements’ to pointless ‘regulation’ to EPA destructive ‘regulation’ to grand-theft taxes to federal policing harassment — It was EVERYWHERE here!!

          No longer can people hire the help they need because their legal ‘entitlements’ out-weigh their benefit; especially after grand-theft taxing. New equipment won’t work because of B.S. EPA regulations. The Obama federal police shut down water rights, property rights, and let all the criminals who take run free.

          It’s been better since Trump took office; but there is still major side-effects from the Obama and [D] congress majority. That’s the problem with Democrats they can’t seem to contain their federal dictation machine. Keep your CRAP local – what’s the point in trying to dictate the world?

          1. Source: Trust Me, Bro.

            1. … or you could just pull your head out of your *ss and use a little common-sense instead of gobbling up the tainted media that no one trusts anymore anyways and for the exact reason it has no basis in reality.

              1. You confuse me for one of the pjmedia and federalist readers around here. I’m the one who cites government reports, ap, and peer reviewed studies.

                1. .. as-if government was all that more ‘trustworthy’. I guess I confused you as someone who has lived a life outside of covers of bookie-work. You should try it someday; the USA could always use more producers instead of compulsive consumers.

    4. Haha. Trump aint leaving alright. Until jan 2025 when he leaves the white from a second term.

      1. LOLOLOLOL

        You seem to have a Rev-like commitment to your script. MAGA-NPC loves to MAGA

        Let’s hope this one works out better than the “red wave” of 2018 you assured us of, or the Trump Landslide (patent pending) of 2020.

  14. Thanks to one-party control, California has the highest poverty rates in the nation, crummy schools, crumbling infrastructure, absurdly high housing prices, and high taxes and punitive regulations that send our residents fleeing to other states.

    And they spend their time screaming about the wage gap, oblivious to the fact that they’re doing everything possible to keep it.

    1. Sounds just like the People’s Republic of NJ = Thanks to one-party control, California has the highest poverty rates in the nation, crummy schools, crumbling infrastructure, absurdly high housing prices, and high taxes and punitive regulations that send our residents fleeing to other states.

      1. And NJ keeps electing Goldman Sachs executives to the Governorship. You’d think after Corzine they’d wise up.

    2. Quite the ironic statement coming from a publication advocating for election fraud to maintain a one-party federal government.

      1. That’s literally Trump’s strategy in 2020. He lost by 6 million votes. Get over it.

        1. 1. You expect us to believe that people hated Trump more than they loved Obama? That just sounds far fetched on its face, and no wonder so many people think there were election shenanigans.

          2. Why do you think the popular vote has any real bearing on who won?

          1. All vote counts went up a lot. Super high turnout in that people hate trump. Get over it

            High turnout favors dems. This is all very predictable. You lost, take the L

  15. Are we just going to ignore the fact that 3 dissenting judges at the USSC just argued the constitution could be tossed in emergencies and the state can ignore rights when science says they can? (Read the dissent)


    Thank God we voted Biden to make sure they don’t stay as dissenters for long. Principles and all.

    1. What I found interesting was God King Cuomo declaring the majority ruling “irrelevant” because the churches were no longer in the everybody panic zone. As if the Court ruled Cuomo couldn’t just go around punching people in the face if they pissed him off and Cuomo said it didn’t matter because those people stopped pissing him off. Well, Mr. Cuomo, what happens if they start pissing you off again? You gonna go back to punching them in the face? Because the Court said you can’t do that. And you said their ruling was “irrelevant”.

      1. Of course we all know what the reaction would be if Trump were to declare that a Supreme Court ruling were “irrelevant”, the wailing and gnashing of teeth, the calls for impeachment for treason, the claims of gross disrespect for the Constitution and the separation of powers, the accusations of incipient Hitlerism would be epic.

      2. How many divisions does Amy Coney Barrett have?

  16. They should rename to Public Service Party. The Dems don’t even talk about serving the public while in office, they only talk about how they hate Republicans and how they intend to fight the culture wars.

    Government that actually intends to serve the public would be a stark difference.

    1. The Dems are the Public Servant Party, existing to capture and protect lavish pensions for their elected and appointed officials and brave public servants.

  17. I just found a new shade of lip gloss they might like….

  18. It doesn’t matter. The will of the voters will be done, whether by Democrats or Republicans.

  19. California Republican candidates are weak because it’s hard to get good people to waste time running when they know they will lose. The “Top 2” lunacy primaries give us the choice of a liberal Democrat and a progressive whacko Democrat in the general election in some districts.

    The voters aren’t as liberal as the people they elect, but the Republican Party has a brand problem in California. Republicans are seen as flyover deplorables, xenophobic racists and fundamental religious whackos.

    In a state full of supposedly open minded humanists and with a large proportion of immigrants from around the world, even fiscal conservatives are hesitant to admit they vote Republican. And now the woke radical far left Marxists are going to start doxxing people who dare donate to Republican candidates.

    1. Or possibly having entire districts with not a single legal resident in them has had some predictable and intended consequences for consolidation of power in a Marxist single party central state.

  20. “How many Republicans will put taxpayer interests above union interests now—even though California’s biggest problems are the direct result of public-sector union influence?”

    Which raises an even more important question

    How many Libertarians and Reason writers/editors will put taxpayer interests above union interests now– even though America’s biggest problems are the direct result of public-sector union influence?

    Jo Jorgenson and Reason campaigned against Trump and for Biden

    1. To be fair though, the Koch-suckers hate unions because they raise wages and undermine the purpose of having a 30 million strong illegal labor force.

  21. Dominion’s point-by-point response to Sidney Powell’s accusations:


    1. People don’t care about the harm caused by lunatic accusations like hers.

      1. Kinda like how you don’t care about a company comprised entirely of Democratic megadonors running national elections? Like that?

        1. That would absolutely be something to care about, if there were any truth to it.

          1. Jack makes Tony look sane. Best to ignore.

            1. sarc replying to his socks again…

              Considering you agree with Tony on literally everything and were literally just commiserating with him about how you are both treated by the “mean girls” should I take that to mean that you’re going to be trying to suck my cock by tomorrow?

          2. Allow me to introduce you to Biden transition team member and Democratic party megadonor Peter Neffenger, whose company provides the Smartmatic voting software used in over 30 states.

            Now tell us more about $100,000 in Russian Facebook ads hacked the 2016 election for Trump you conspiracy theorist lying fucking retard.

            1. Smartmatic was not used in over 30 states. It was used in Los Angeles only.

    2. I guess OJ’s main mistake was not putting out a press release.

      God you’re fucking pathetic. You couldn’t even link to the Voxsplanation, you literally just fucking linked up their press release. Lmfao.

      1. Wow, you just pulled O.J. out as your choice of analogy. Nothing a bit more recent?

        1. Coming from the retard who thinks Mean Girls is still culturally relevant?

          1. Just to fill you in, when we call you guys the “Trump mean girls”, it isn’t a reference to the movie.

    3. This is a local story. That’s why the MSM and Vox Light (Reason) are ignoring it.

      1. Always odd when a commenter here claims Reason is ignoring a story that they are not ignoring:


        1. It’s not odd. It’s totally expected. Must. Further. The. Narrative. You know, like how Reason was never critical of Biden and never recognized anything libertarianish that Trump did. Can’t let facts get in the way of the narrative. So the cover their ears and yell “La la la la I can’t hear you!”

          1. Are you seriously here saying that Reason wasn’t 80% anti-Trump articles running up the election? And the 20% that was anti-Biden was pretty softball or both-side-ism.

            And since the election, Reason has joined the MSM to completely suppress any legitimate concerns about the election. You don’t have to go full retard like Trump to honest question some of the statistical anomalies that occurred. The amount of “nothing to see here” we’re getting from Democrats and their puppet media SHOULD tell you there is something to hide.

            Don’t use any critical thinking. Just keep carrying water for the Democrats.

            1. Because “Reason sucks! Election was stolen! If you don’t agree you’re a Democrat!” involves critical thinking? Suuuuuuuuuuuure….

              1. Sigh. Dude, Reason sucks it hard. Are you actually disputing that now? If yes, I’ll stop wasting my time responding to you. So, please be clear.

                I didn’t say anything about the election being stolen. Nice herring. Just read my post and respond to what is actually said. Is that really so hard?

                I stand by the position that if you’re accepting the election results, without question, in WI, MI, PA, GA, NV and possibly AZ; you are not using any critical thinking skills. The anomalies themselves are not proof of election fraud, but they do warrant attention and investigation.

                Can you honestly say that if all these anomalies had gone for Trump, that the MSM and Reason wouldn’t be turning over every stone possible to find out why? Of course they would. But when the Democrat wins, it’s crickets. You really don’t see it this way? Again, I’d love an honest answer. Yes or No.

                1. I find the statistical anomaly arguments weak. They seem to be complaints that the election didn’t go the way Trump supporters wanted it to go wrapped up in dubious mathematical assumptions. If “scientism” is appropriating the trappings of science, then these arguments seem to be “mathism”.

                  I do find some of the stories of possible ignoring/rude treatment of Republican election observers credible, which doesn’t mean I believe they are true. It’s a he said-she said situation, and I don’t feel any obligation to have any opinion about what happened in some room where I wasn’t present.

                  The Trump lawsuits overreach in the remedies they ask for. There is no reason to declare Trump the winner if a state’s election was not conducted properly — if widespread fraud can be proven, that would be an argument, at best, for throwing out the vote results and not sending any electors at all to the Electoral College.

                  1. You know it’s possible to look at this election and think there was the appearance of shenanigans without being a Trump supporter?

                    No wait, you’re a partisan fuck like Tony so you can’t.

                2. I can’t respond to your counterfactual. I know that they were not big fans of Obama. When he was president instead of the peanut gallery screaming “Reason’s a liberal rag! They’re all Democrats! They’re all communists!” the peanut gallery was screaming “Reason’s a conservative rag! They’re all Republicans! They’re all fascists!”

                  But it appears you’ve already made up your mind that they’re all Democrats, that I’m a Democrat, and that everyone who accepts the election results is a Democrat.

                  1. Additionally yours truly was the focus of hatred, just like I am now, except that instead of being accused of being a liberal anarchist (whatever the fuck that means) I was accused of being a religious conservative. I guess it’s easy to just assume that anyone who disagrees with you is some caricature you have of the other team. It never seems to occur to people that some of us sit on the sidelines and jeer at both teams.

                    1. Additionally yours truly was the focus of hatred, just like I am now, except that instead of being accused of being a liberal anarchist (whatever the fuck that means) I was accused of being a religious conservative.

                      This literally never happened not even once, which is why you provided no proof to support it. You are a Democratic Party shill. You have always been a Democratic Party shill. You will die of alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver as a Democratic Party shill.

                      I guess it’s easy to just assume that anyone who disagrees with you is some caricature you have of the other team

                      LMFAO. Coming from the little bitch who says everyone who disagrees with him is a Trumpalo and “mean girl”. Your lack of self awareness would be the most pathetic thing about you if you were almost anybody else, but you’ve got so many pathetic things about you that it barely cracks the top 50.

                  2. The only people calling reason conservative during Obama’s presidency were Tony, Shrike, and the drive by libtards.

                    And surprise surprise, those same dumb motherfuckers are still calling them conservative, even with the overwhelming majority of articles being critical of Trump and his positions.

                  3. A plurality of Reason contributors voted for Obama and wrote fawning pieces on he and his administration constantly, and the same people calling you out for your partisan shilling were doing the exact same thing then. There was literally no one besides you, your socks, shreek, Tony, Hihn and his socks who accused Reason of being conservative during the Obama admin, or being anything less than a water carrier. If you didn’t get blackout drunk every fucking day by 9 in the morning your memory might improve a bit. Probably not though, since you’re also incredibly stupid and a piece of shit liar.

                    1. “A plurality of Reason contributors voted for Obama”

                      That’s is simply not true.

        2. Be honest. Did they “cover” the story or casually disregard it? Can you be honest?

          1. This gets back to a point I’ve made many times. It is unreasonable to expect a casual blog, which is what this website is, to be an in-depth news source. That is what the Reason print magazine is for.

            1. It is definitely unreasonable. However it makes it so easy to say that because Reason didn’t cover this, or if they did they didn’t cover it with sufficient detail, that they’re cheering for the other team.

            2. Kind of like how whenever you get called out on your bullshit you’re suddenly a comedian and can’t be held to any standard, sarcasmic?

        3. And then they move the goalposts if they get called out.

    4. Well, if they say there it nothing to see, we should TOTALLY trust them. No need to investigate a little or anything. It’s not like Democratic senators were asking for Dominion to get investigated. We’d take that seriously. Trump doing so, that is crazy talk.

      1. One mistake I think the Democrats are making is that they should be countering the Republicans by vigorously investigating how elections were conducted in states that Trump won.

      2. Nope. Don’t need to trust them at all. Their systems were evaluated before being put in place. The way they work is a matter of public record. Some of the claims in the Trump and Powell lawsuits, and press conferences, are patently false.

        1. Their systems were evaluated before being put in place.

          Which is why Texas rejected them because they are not secure.

          The way they work is a matter of public record.

          No, it is not. The software is proprietary and closed source. The machines are not accessible to the public or to auditors.

          Some of the claims in the Trump and Powell lawsuits, and press conferences, are patently false.

          No, they are not, but literally every single thing you wrote above was patently false. A lie. You are a lying piece of shit.

    5. Seriously WK, do you realize how completely retarded this makes you appear? Would you really expect a guilty party to just roll over and admit they are guilty?

      If you had even a shred of concern for our election process, you would expect for an investigation into Dominion; at a minimum. Seriously, we can send 15 FBI agents out to a NASCAR race to investigate a “hate crime” against Bubba Wallace but expecting the FBI, or the appropriate agency, to investigate concerns about voting machine irregularities, that’s asking TOO much? Seriously dude?

      You don’t find it questionable that voting machines received unexpected updates/reboots the night before the election in MI? That doesn’t warrant ANY investigation?

      1. Guess it would make me appear retarded if I were at a cocktail party full of Trump supporters.

        You are putting all kinds of words in my mouth to turn me into a strawman that you can dismiss.

        1. Guess it would make me appear retarded if I were at a cocktail party full of Trump supporters.

          Using a press release from an accused party as a source of refutation of the claims against the accused party would make you look retarded at any gathering of people with in IQ above room temperature.

          “Hurrrr durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr look at this press release from Enron! Checkmate!”

    6. Trump vs biden win for Trump is gonna be impossible for Lefties to accept.

      It will be great when they finally start openly attacking americans outside democrat controlled cities and they get gunned down by americans in self defense.

  22. ” keep in mind that most of my writing over the past 22 years has chronicled the myriad ways that the state’s union-controlled Democratic Party has destroyed the California Dream. ”

    Standing around bitching about the arsonists is not going to extinguish any fires.

    1. Sure does advance the interests of Marxism though. Gee, it’s almost like libertarians are nothing but thinly veiled Marxists whose only interest in life is concern trolling the right to advance Marxism.

  23. GOP party does need to embrace the U.S. Constitution and it’s federalism fully (stop supporting RINO’S)!

    It seems Democratic [WE] identity-mobs only reason for nation POWER is the ability to STEAL from more of “those” people (national slavery). [D] voters tend to join unimportant-identity politics all aimed at defaming “success” in order to justify the THEFT of that success.

    Beyond that reason alone there wouldn’t be a single reason voters should care at all what is going on 1000-miles away and LOCAL legislation is all they would care to control. That’s the way the USA is suppose to work. The higher-level of government the LESS powers they are delegated NOT more. LOCAL governments should have the most POWER to ensure proper representation.

    If the GOP would embrace the U.S. Constitution and this proper representation foundation perhaps the Democrats [WE] mobs could be nailed down and *pegged* entirely for the national slavery dictatorship they compulsively push for; but with every RINO voting or campaigning on National Socialist (i.e. Nazi) Policy the GOP looses it’s U.S. Constitutional American Way respect.

    It’s either that; or accepting that more American’s are truly Nazi’s at heart instead of after the pursuit of Individual Liberty and Justice.

    1. Maybe the GOP should stop out spending and out deficit spending democrats.

      Maybe the GOP should nominate people with strong character and values if they want to be the party of personal responsibility and family values.

      Maybe the GOP should stop nominating obvious criminals who are going to get investigated and sent to prison, again embarrassingly undercutting their personal responsibility rhetoric. The GOP has had a record number of admin members, campaign members, and their own finance chair, etc, etc.


      1. As-if 70% of the prison general population wasn’t registered Democrats. You must be joking….


        1. That’s funny. De Oppresso was writing about what Republicans could do to live up to the image they try to project, and you bring up Democrats.

          1. Your Summation;
            1) Republicans “image” of perfection is my standard-of-evaluation?
            2) Democrats “image” NOT IMPORTANT!

            1. The red herring did it!

            2. I did not comment on whether the Democrats live up to their image or not. (They don’t, by the way.)

      2. As-if the biggest spending wasn’t MOSTLY Democratic pitched (which still didn’t topple Obama’s 1st Term spending frenzy).

        Pitched by: Joe Courtney – A Democrat
        Incorporated Provisions: (21) Democratic Pitches, (9) Republican Pitches.

        Even trying to pretend the [D] party isn’t the *MORE* spending party at this point is just obvious and blatant partisan ignorance.

        1. The gop has controlled 2.5 of 3 branches of government for 4 years. In that time we’ve seen record deficit spending, before corona and without any crisis to necessitate such drastic and irresponsible additions to our debt.

          Buddy, these are just facts. There is nothing to argue over here.

          1. Don’t you know? We live in a post-factual world.

          2. And yet, amazingly, that’s less than the Democrats wanted to spend. Right now we have to row as hard as we can just to reduce the boat’s rate of fall over the falls. But that’s still better than crashing harder.

          3. Here is where your lies begin – “GOP should stop *out* spending and out deficit spending democrats”.

            But you are correct about the GOP needs to get serious about limiting government especially in the UN-Constitutional spending/stealing habits. They should’ve gone fully against the Cares Act it was rather RINO for Trump not to veto that Obama-nation (lol…. or I mean Abomination) of a bill.

            1. No, they really have added more to our debt than democrats. Trump alone is quite the spike in deficit spending.

              I’d link the reports, but what’s the point? pearls before swine.

              1. It would be nice if they cared about cutting spending when there was an R in the White House.

                Of course, it would be nice if the Democrats cared about cutting spending at all.

                It be extra super nice if any of them would just spend what they actually confiscated in the previous year.

              2. No, they really have added more to our debt than democrats.

                You’re now so fucking desperate that you’re copying shreek’s talking points, cytotoxic?

                I’d link the reports, but what’s the point?

                Well, they don’t exist, but if they did, they would prove that you’re not a fucking piece of shit liar. Unfortunately for you, the reports say the exact opposite of what you claim, as do almost all of your ‘citations’, because you ARE a piece of shit liar.

                Democrats outspend Republicans in both nominal and baseline terms, and that’s even if we assume, contrary to fact, as you do, because you’re a fucking retard, that all spending is attributed to the president.

  24. https://twitter.com/brendankeefe/status/1332365200268341248?s=21

    Has Powell actually filed her suit in the state of Georgia? Maybe not.

    1. Who cares. It will be thomas, kavanaugh, barrett, gorsuch, and alito thatdecide Bidens loss based ln massive democrat election fraud in 2020.

      1. All I’m sayin’ is prepare your “TRUMP 2024!!!” ASCII art, just as backup.

  25. The GOP needs a really good training course is countering the plethora of accusations from the practitioners of leftism. It is not difficult. The leftists have only three accusations,” you are racist,” you are a . and “you are hateful.” The leftists when countered change the subject. At this point they are lost. So the conversation ignores the subject change for a few sentences of a civics lesson. The short lesson is very effective when heard often. When I was teaching, I was able to get basics of my subject matter presented effectively. I know because the students began to repeat my short lesson to me.

  26. This problem is broader than Cali; although, that Cali used to be a Republican power base with such electoral and economic heft, makes it the deepest cut. Nevada’s and Arizona’s turns away from the current brand of GOP and skepticism brewing in Utah, Montana, and Alaska shows this to be a broadly western acknowledgement that the GOP has turned away from the West and its innate sensibilities or has at best taken the West for granted.

    Western Republicanism is / was innately, if not dogmatically, individualist and libertarian. The current Republican Party’s turn to inherently collectivist and anti-libertarian populism / nationalism has opened this growing chasm between the GOP and the West.

    The Trumpy Right is an imported Euro or Slavic Right, that to much of the American West looks left of even much of the American Left.

    1. Agreed. Republicans need to dump Trump and find a new Barry Goldwater.

      1. So they can lose the presidency like Goldwater did, and take down Congress with him? Trump actually won, and that was his first run for any office!

        1. Trump ran several times before. Trump lost so quickly and completely that too few remember those runs, but his loony conspiracies and whining over this loss will ensure no one forgets that he is the biggest loser.

          1. Trump literally never ran for any elected office in his life you fucking moron. He formed an exploratory committee in 2000 to run on the Reform Party ticket and closed said committee 4 months later.

    2. It’s funny you mention “Western Republicanism”. From the context, I think you mean western U.S, not “western civilization”. Or maybe a mix of both.

      I was talking the other day with someone about how when I was a kid the U.S. had more of a West Coast-East Coast division than a Red State-Blue State division. Growing up on the West Coast, it never felt strange to travel from one western state to another, whether you were hanging out in a city or out in the country.

    3. Trump’s sore loser whining would be anathema to the tough-minded farmers and ranchers I knew in my childhood.

      1. The loggers, guides, and pilots of my childhood and present would agree about Trump’s whining, but might argue that it was clear from the start of Trump’s TV wrestling style fake manliness.

        1. Man, it’s amazing how you two effete urbanite faggots with no jobs who spend 15 hours a day posting on someone else’s blog with multiple sockpuppet accounts got along so well with those big, burly, muscled, manly, throbbing, sweaty men back in the good old days.

      2. What would they think of your 4 year bitchfest about Russian conspiracy theories based on an oppo dossier?

        1. I don’t think I’ve commented on the “Russian conspiracy theories” at all.

      3. I haven’t heard any winning from him, just pursuit of legal remedies for an obviously manipulated election

  27. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/federal-appeals-court-dismisses-trump-campaign-lawsuit-pennsylvania-voting-procedures

    “‘Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here,’ Judge Stephanos Bibas, a former law school professor, wrote in his ruling.”

    1. “Look at all of these anomalous events. Can we do basic discovery to gather evidence?”

      “You haven’t presented any evidence!”

      It’s a good thing the government gets to determine the rules of procedure for investigating the government.

      1. Bwaaaah hah hah! This is better’n hearing the Dems crying and whining. BTW, the Dems copied LP drug leniency and aren’t into bullying pregnant girls–unlike rednecks with green teeth. They also have no uninspected entry plank.

  28. All but a minute number of republicans need to grow a pair and quit being chickenshit cowards. I don’t hold out much hope….

    1. By getting the bloody snot beat out of them by the party that COPIED some libertarian positions, God’s Own Prohibitionists are getting a laboratory test demo of how well Libertarian spoiler votes work to change the laws. The Dems were the chickenshit coward lewsers 4 years ago… when we had 4 million supporters and no communist anarchists.

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  31. “English writers who consider Communism and Fascism to be THE SAME THING invariably hold that both are monstrous evils which must be fought to the death: on the other hand, any Englishman who believes Communism and Fascism to be opposites will feel that he ought to side with one or the other.–George Orwell. The Dems and GOP are THE SAME THING stuck in the same Groundhog day as Bert Hoover, Sleepy Joe Stalin and Franco-Mussolini-Hitler, yet they imagine the Venn bubble of communo-fascism contains all of reality.

    1. Well, given that you are a fascist, Hank, you should be hair with either party then.

  32. The Republicans could win in California since everyone was already tired of the Democrats. But for this, Republicans must mature and step up their game.
    For example, why is Prop15 was “bad”? Because businesses are good donors for CaGOP, this is why. There is no good reason to oppose tax equalization and the improvement of crumbling education. And everybody sees it that you are not principled people.
    Doesn’t matter what your values are, but you have to stand up for them.
    PS Going for an easy buck is not counted as the value.

  33. Most of you aren’t from California, and so your knowledge of California’s governors is lacking. You would expect the list to be a who’s who of left wing Governers, like our current Governer Newsom. Our previous Governer Jerry Brown was a Democrat, but was a popular Governer because he was fiscally conservative and held the cray cray legislature somewhat in line. Schwarzenegger was a Republican. Now I know you Trumptards probably hate him because those two got in a Twitter war over Arnold’s handling of the Apprentice, but come on! Gray Davis was a Democrat but despised and didn’t even last a full term. Wilson was a Republican. Deukmejen was a Republican. Brown served one term and was a more liberal Democrat than he was later, but it was the 70s. Before that, Ronald Reagan, a Republican who became the most popular Republican President in my lifetime. So, if you look at the track record, it is not unfeasible for the Republicans to win the Governership of California in 2022, especially given Nelson’s missteps and the backlash against all these closures.

  34. “Thanks to one-party control, California has the highest poverty rates in the nation, crummy schools, crumbling infrastructure, absurdly high housing prices, and high taxes and punitive regulations that send our residents fleeing to other states. ”

    This just shows you live in a state with takers not makers. The extreme wealthy love those dependents who vote liberal and their businesses get nice contracts, tax credits for saying the word green as often as possible. The poor accept their meager existence of dependency. The middle and upper middle class is being told to go f— themselves. You can blame republicans but you need to blame the takers and the high and low end of the income scale.

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