Joe Biden

Biden Has a Plan for a New National 'Supply Commander'

No, we don’t need someone to “take command of the national supply chain for essential equipment, medications, and protective gear.”


This week, President-elect Joe Biden previewed several ways he plans to take bold action upon assuming office in January. Among the most immediately consequential would be his promise to appoint a "Supply Commander" to "take command of the national supply chain for essential equipment, medications, and protective gear."

Overburdened hospital capacity was one of the primary concerns cited by proponents of lockdowns as the COVID-19 pandemic gained steam in spring 2020. The system's continued potential vulnerability is now a doubly contentious issue. On one hand, there are renewed calls for stricter lockdowns; on the other, there is criticism that the system did not improve under incumbent President Donald Trump's watch.

"We can no longer leave this to the private sector," proclaims Biden's website. "The Supply Commander should work with every governor to determine their needs, and then coordinate production and delivery of those needs in a timely and efficient manner. And, the Supply Commander should direct the distribution of critical equipment as cases peak at different times in different states or territories."

In reality, the health care industry uniquely confounds both sides of the oversimplified "market vs. government" debate. Markets are essential to allocate resources in a complex modern society, but the U.S. health care system lacks the chief vehicle through which markets accomplish this end: reliable and responsive prices. 

The U.S. health care system's combination of large private insurers and government mandates and subsidies fuels a system where both doctors and patients rarely consider the cost of services when making decisions––hardly a free market. Reform allowing prices to act as reliable signals would require politicking, legislation, implementation, and learning by market participants that would long outlast the current pandemic.

This alone does not make the case for a command-driven medical supply chain, even in the very short run. Nor does the Trump administration's response truly leave supply to the private sector, as Biden seems to be claiming. White House trade and policy adviser Peter Navarro was among those sounding the alarm on overburdened supply chains early in the pandemic, albeit with undertones of the president's and his own economic nationalism.

While its approach has been hotly debated, the White House convened a supply chain task force by early April, and a Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) of health supplies has existed since the George W. Bush administration. In a September 2020 Harvard Business Review op-ed, three government officials involved with the task force wrote about their experience with the SNS and made recommendations for its improvement.

The three officials' recommendations (more visibility within government, more information, more expertise) reflect their desire for a hands-on government approach. However, a closer look at those recommendations coupled with the officials' experiences working with hospitals highlight many of the problems a centralized Supply Commander may worsen rather than solve.

The officials encountered exactly the pattern of individual behavior that defines many, if not most, shortages––hoarding: "Unsurprisingly, medical organizations, facing critical shortages, have been hoarding information as well as supplies. We observed hospitals that were reluctant to share any type of information on their material stocks. One hospital administrator we spoke with stated that the nursing staff was hiding PPE in cabinets, afraid the equipment would be taken away and sent to other hospitals." 

The SNS is also drowning in the massive bureaucracy of several large federal agencies. One wonders, when forced to move to a new supply chain built with unfamiliar technology from the top down and allocated medical supplies by command under the new president, how local hospitals will stay afloat in the bureaucracy Biden hopes to create.

Biden and Navarro both characterize shortages as a failure of total national production. But we also see some hospitals with surpluses of certain supplies while others run out. Economic adjustments are not instantaneous in the real world, and this allocation problem promises to be tenaciously vexing during a pandemic that strikes with a high degree of unpredictability and unevenness. 

Hoarding behavior suggests that medical professionals, likely in some degree of desperation, are holding onto supplies because they have lost confidence they'll be able to reacquire them if needed. The officials' instincts tend toward Biden-esque command when they propose a tech-heavy regime of surveillance including blockchain documentation, QR codes, and a virtual "control tower" to restore that confidence.

In a crisis where hospital workers have become adversarial to officials' tactics, imposing an all-seeing eye through cutting-edge technology carries risks. Instead of forcing hospital workers to adopt new technology in the middle of a crisis so that officials can better assess and reallocate excess supplies, hospitals must be autonomous actors in the supply chain for medical equipment. They are simply better-informed about their own circumstances than the state governors who Biden envisions as conduits of information to the Supply Commander.

Especially with pandemic-era time constraints, the medical supply chain may never function exactly as we hope. But adjustments that are responsive to the needs of hospitals could rebuild their confidence that new supplies are quickly obtainable even during unpredictable times. Until then, hoarding and shortages are all but guaranteed.

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  1. “We can no longer leave this to the private sector,”

    I expect we’ll be hearing a lot of that.

    1. This is probably a very true statement.

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        1. This is probably a very true statement.

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    2. The benefits of a biden presidency keep appearing. No way we could have seen these benefits until we voted for him.

      1. JesseSPAZ will keep right on lusting after piling more and more and MORE powers onto the Trumptatorshit, up till ??? Mid-Jan 2021 or later, and then, around January 20, 2021, be UTTERLY SURPRISED to see these new powers falling into the lap of Der BidenFuhrer!

        JesseSPAZ… PROBABLY smarter than a rock, but NO ONE knows for sure!

        1. Not a single new or novel executive power has been claimed or exercised by Trump you retarded fucking cunt. And the Trumptatorshit (holy fucking christ you’re clever!) never nationalized distribution of goods and services. It’s going to be fun watching you blame every new power grab by the short-lived Biden “transition team” until the fraudulent results get tossed by the courts though.

          1. A. SQRSLY didn’t say squat about nationalizing distribution of goods and services.

            B. Trump did invoke the Defense Production Act or whatever it is called, to force production of PPE. It was a collectivist central planning step, even if pretty puny.

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            2. He said “new or novel”. Trump has been exercising powers Presidents were already exercising. In many cases, powers they should never have been allowed, but he hasn’t been claiming NEW powers.

              Biden is going to be claiming so many new powers you won’t be able to keep up with it.

          2. I’m laughing at you delusional fucks who still think Trump is going to win. There is no widespread voter fraud. Get that through your pea brain, Trump dick sucker.

            1. the truckloads of harvested ballots have already been counted in PA, MI and WI, and won’t be thrown out.

            2. I’m laughing at you delusional fucks who still think Trump is going to win.

              I don’t know of any such “delusional fucks.” Are you laughing at the voices in your head, perhaps?

              1. You forgot lovedicks1789. Idiot.

                1. You are laughing at the voices in your head!

                  1. lovedicks1789 says Trump will.still be president on Jan. 21. Lol.

            3. “…Get that through your pea brain, Trump dick sucker.”

              Your head is up your ass, asking for some company. Stick your TDS up there with a running rusty chainsaw.

              1. I see your BDS.

                I have no TDS. I get a good chuckle out of President Lardass.

            4. “no widespread voter fraud” – – I bet you also use “fair share of taxes” a lot, but can’t define that either. Use of such copy-paste verbiage is a telltale sign that you simply download someone else’s opinions and repeat them. Everything is excused as a glitch or an isolated/rogue incident so long as it benefits the left. But hells-bells if someone actually asks for identification. Just don’t look for fraud.
              Nothing to see here cuz there’s nothing to see cuz there’s nothing to see… and if you say otherwise, it’s just sum raaacism or sumpin’.

              1. Cry more.

          3. Trump took funds allocated by Congress, per the USA Constitutional powers of Congress, that were allocated for military bases, and moved them to wall-building instead. And MANY more cases!


            1. That wall does relate to national defense. We can only hope they complete it.

              Now get back to your shit bucket.

              1. The wall is a waste of money that can easily be scaled, and it blows over during storms. The wall stops being but on Jan. 20. The end. You lose.

          4. JesseSPAZ lusts after always MORE-MORE-MORE powers for the Trumptatorshit!

            With reference to Trump, JesseAZ says…
            “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”

            Readers, beware! Do not be deceived by JesseAZ! JesseAZ does NOT believe that LIES are bad in ANY way! Only ACTIONS matter, ethically or morally! See
            “Words are words dumbfuck. Actions are where morals and ethics lie.”, says JesseAZ. When confronted with offers of hush money, illegal commands (from a commanding military officer), offers of murder for hire, libel, slander, lies in court, yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, inciting riots, fighting words, forged signatures, threatening to kill elected officials, false representations concerning products or services for sale… these are all “merely” cases of “using words”. Just like the Evil One (AKA “Father of Lies”), Jesse says lies are all A-OK and utterly harmless! So do NOT believe ANYTHING that you hear from JesseAZ!

            Also according to the same source, JesseAZ is TOTALLY on board with dictatorship (presumably so long as it is an “R” dictator that we are talking of).
            With reference to Trump, JesseAZ says…
            “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”

            I say again, this is important…
            “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”
            We need a BRILLIANTLY persuasive new movie from JesseAZ to “Wake Up, America!”, to flesh out the concept that “The Triumph of The Will of The Trump, Trumps All”! Including the USA Constitution. In fact, USA military personnel should start swearing allegiance to Trump, NOT to some stupid, moldering old piece of paper!
            Previous Powerful People have blazed a path for us to follow here, slackers!!!

            1. Justwow… should seek help for being overly obsessed with a single poster.

        2. I didn’t think someone could go more retard than you have previously… yet you continue to impress in that regard.

          1. Trump lost. Lol.

            1. Nope.

              1. Delusional, sad fuck.

                1. It sure looks like he’s going to lose, but nobody has crossed the finish line yet. Not one state has issued certified vote totals yet.

                  1. Irrelevant.

          2. Ethically, morally, and intellectually bankrupt JesseSPAZ has NOTHING left, other than empty-headed insults, to use to defend the ethically, morally, and intellectually bankrupt TrumpfenFuhrer! What a surprise, to learn that turds of a feather, fluck together!

        3. What a complete dick.

          You can hardly find an article from this rag without this partisan jerk off “Sqrlsy One” soiling the comments.

      2. Trumpkins gave us Biden. You have no one to blame but yourselves.

        I voted for Biden, despite disagreeing with him on many issues, because of the moronic douche he was up against.

        Lesson to Trumpkins: don’t nominate a compete piece of shit line Trump next time. Capisce?

        1. like Trump

          1. And you seem angry that the obvious authoritarianism of Biden is already being stated publicly. I cant help that you want to be coddled by government like you are a child.

            1. Say bye to the China tariffs. Protectionism is DEAD.

              1. Say bye to the China tariffs. Protectionism is DEAD.

                You still don’t understand the difference between a “trade war” and “protectionism”?

                1. They’re the exact same thing. Libertarians support unilateral free trade, and it works.

                  1. No, they are not the same thing. Do your homework.

                    1. Yes they are, moron. Tariffs are gone on Jan. 20. Nothing you can do about it, bitch.

                2. You lost. No point arguing the trade issue anymore. Elections have consequences, bitch.

                  1. Oh, I see your problem: you actually mistake Biden and Harris for liberals/libertarians, rather than the incompetent, corrupt left-wing authoritarians that they are.

                    Yes, elections have consequences: in this case, bad ones for the country, tempered somewhat by a divided government.

              2. “”Say bye to the China tariffs. Protectionism is DEAD.””

                That’s pretty funny. There were tariffs on Chinese products before Trump took office.

                “”“I will go anywhere in the world to open new markets for American products. And I will not stand by when our competitors don’t play by the rules. We’ve brought trade cases against China at nearly twice the rate as the last administration – and it’s made a difference. Over a thousand Americans are working today because we stopped a surge in Chinese tires. But we need to do more. It’s not right when another country lets our movies, music, and software be pirated. It’s not fair when foreign manufacturers have a leg up on ours only because they’re heavily subsidized.”

                -President Barack Obama, 1/24/2012″”


                1. The tariffs Trump.enscted are soon to be history.

                2. Trump enacted

                  1. To be quietly replaced by tariffs enabled by Biden.

                    Democrats have always been the party of protectionism, and will be so again

            2. Just wait for President Harris… she will really make the supply trains run on time.

        2. Trumpkins gave us Biden.

          No, the Democrats gave us Biden; apparently, that’s the best they could come up with.

          1. Yet he beat Trump. Lol.

            1. Sadly, a large part of the Democratic base seems to be immature kids like you who mistake elections for some kind of high school popularity contest.

              1. Biden is better than Trump. He’ll, a dog turd is better than Trump.

                1. I’ll take the dog turd, please. Would be the best president in decades.

        3. “Trumpkins gave us Biden.”

          Lefty shits with TDS gave us Biden, left shit with TDS.

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          2. Trump couldn’t even beat Biden. Lol.

            1. Well, oligarchs, propaganda, and divisiveness win elections even for the worst of candidates, in particular when a bit of fraud is thrown into the mix. That’s hardly news, Hitler already proved that a century ago.

              1. Call the WAAAAAAAAAAAAMBULANCE!

            2. “”Trump couldn’t even beat Biden. Lol.””

              So if Biden would have ran in 2016 we would not have had Trump?

              1. Maybe, maybe not. Trump was an unknown quantity in 2016; this time he had to run on his record.

          3. I don’t know, I think Trump himself didn’t help a lot. If he could have been a little more consistent on messaging about covid (I think he did OK, but people are idiots) and learned to shut up sometimes he would have won easily.

      3. One plus….Libertarians cannot whine about it. Particularly the ones who write for this site.

    3. LOL! Central planning! It worked so well in Soviet Russia, we need to do it too!

    4. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of companies bidding on becoming THE PPE supplier to the United States.

      1. Yes, but only big Biden donors really need to apply.

      2. And there will be billions of $$ of them sitting rotting in warehouses owned by Dem contributors.

    5. Yep, bring on them federal bureaucrats who have never run a company, manufactured anything, managed a supply chain or a distribution organization, lost a customer, treated a patient, or been judged by any standard except political compliance – and let them run it all from the top.

      That’s sure to work. Just ask the media – or watch them refuse to report on what really happens.

    6. That comes with giving the executive to the totalitarian Party.

    7. Especially from guys like Biden who have no experience outside government. Talk about a sure way to ***k it up-just let the US Government “help”.

    8. so we plan to put Elizabeth Warren in charge of it? how is that an improvement?

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    11. Much to the delight of the noodle-brained “libertarians” at reason magazine.

    12. Joe Biden appeared to clinch a victory on Saturday morning to become 46th president of the United States, closing out an election cycle that was dominated in the final months by debates around COVID-19, the economy, and police reform……….. VISIT HERE FOR FULL DETAIL .

    13. More idiocracy and communism. They just can’t wait. If they are so enamored with that system, why do they not just pack up and move to either Cuba, N Korea, mainland China, or Venezuela?

  2. Welcome, commisar!

    1. An essential [COVID restriction exempt] job for central planning. I believe those run about five years?

  3. I’m pretty sure doctors think about how much money they’re getting ahead of time.

  4. FEMA is such a rousing success of an administration that we should strive to model our entire medical system after it.

    1. So, making snap decisions in the time of a crisis (real or madeup) is not a good strategy? So we should plan ahead?
      How did those formaldehyde trailers work out?

      1. Again…. the crisis is what exactly? Last year in the course of a few months, 35M people got the flu. So far in 8 months, only 11M people have gotten COVID.

        Are you a prepper now? I bet I can name more potential crisis’ than you can. Let’s plan for them all. That way we may be destitute but at least our politicians will have their asses covered.

      2. “”How did those formaldehyde trailers work out?””

        Government work at its finest.

    2. No, the VA

  5. I can smell the libertarianism from here.

  6. Yeah, because it must have been “the market” that shipped tons of PPE to China at the start of the Covid outbreak. Likewise, it was clearly “the market” who couldn’t keep up with supply as people were locked down and not allowed to go to work.
    #FTD (Fuck They’re Dumb)

  7. When will the Committee will be issuing its first official Five-Year Plan?

    1. 8 year plan. Biden’s a shoo-in for two terms.

      1. Biden is barely a shoo-in for 8 months. And there’s very little chance of Harris winning a national election.

        1. Maybe they can preserve him like they did lenin.

        2. Depends how the votes are counted.

        3. Very good point. When flustered, and that happens a lot, she comes across as whiny and bitchy.

          1. Because she’s a harpy.

        4. And there’s very little chance of Harris winning a national election.

          Cute that you think national elections will continue. Or that even if they did, that Harris won’t win after nationwide mail-in-only balloting is mandated and upheld by the new 15-member SCOTUS with 6 justices appointed by President Harris, and the electoral college is dissolved in favor of a nationwide popular vote with the brand new states of Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico included.

        5. Agreed, lets hope the Republicans can recover and put up a sane candidate to whatever the Democrats put up.

          1. What did Trump do that was as insane as nationalizing the medical supply industry?

            1. Now that Obamacare is settled science, socializing the supply chains is just a difference of degree.

        6. There was no chance of Biden winning a national election, so they just changed the rules and rigged the count.
          Do yall relying on future elections to be “free and fair” not realize where we’re at? Do you all have a learning disability?
          They control the federal bureaucracy, Big Media, Big Tech, Corporate America, Education, and the courts. They could run a ham sandwich and have it win an electoral landslide, because anyone who questions the truth of the vote will be dismissed, silenced, and eventually imprisoned. And 90% of the country will have no idea.

          1. And even with all of that on their side, the Dems lost ground in this election, except at the top, because their wokeness is driving independents away.

            Biden has the charisma of a doorstop, but his record of nonachievement was bland enough that people still believed he is a moderate and won’t mess things up too much. They won’t be so gullible with Harris.

            1. The fuck they won’t be. The press will view her policies as being equivalent of what the Cleavers would’ve loved in the 1950’s,

              1. You mean a return to a decade of economic stagnation and authoritarian government?

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          2. Crybaby.

        7. Now that the Democrats have legalized voter fraud, I wouldn’t be so sure of that.

          1. Prove this voter fraud you speak of.

        8. “”And there’s very little chance of Harris winning a national election.””

          Never underestimate the ability of partisans to rally behind whoever has the right letter next to their name.

  8. It boggles the mind that the people who watched the government’s response to covid should run healthcare, but wow they are out in force lately.

    1. *think it should run healthcare

    2. The argument has been that it didn’t run healthcare hard enough.

    3. As long as there exists even a grain of freedom, it will get the blame.

    4. Ron Bailey on line 2…

  9. More economic activity directed by an authoritarian central government — what could go wrong?

    Maybe you could ask people who lived under Mao. The ones who didn’t starve to death, at least.

  10. I’ve said it before, many times:

    A free country has no need of czars.

    1. *looks around at shuttered businesses and people wearing masks*

      Where is this free country you’re referring to?

      1. North (South?) Dakota and Florida

    2. You do understand that the colloquialism “czar” in the US government context doesn’t actually refer to an emperor of Russia?

      1. Yes, but it will.

      2. Yes. Everyone understands that the colloquialism “czar” in the US government context doesn’t actually refer to an emperor of Russia.

        Now that that straw man is good and dead, why do we use that term for certain positions in the US Gov? What does it convey that we expect from those positions?

        1. There must always be a Caesar.

          1. Well, we should really have an Augustus or two, also.

        2. It was just cute terminology until a bunch of ratfucking Republicans decided to dip into the bottomless well of their supporters’ gullibility and make an issue of it.

          1. It was just cute terminology

            Cute terminology for. . . ?

            1. Their hopes and dreams.

            2. Point-person? I don’t know. It’s just a word.

              1. There’s a reason we had a Drug Czar and not a national “Drug Point-Person” and you know perfectly well what it is. You’re only pretending you don’t.

                1. Well, now I do. The media started using the metaphor in the 30s.

                  1. The media started using the metaphor in the 30s.

                    Metaphor for what?

                2. What exactly did the “Drug Czar” do? Beside get a paycheck. “Just say ‘NO'” campaign?

              2. Yeah words have meanings and that particular word is has had the same meaning for centuries. First time I’ve heard someone describe it as “cute” but no doubt Merriam Webster will update the definition.

                1. And backdate it to yesterday.

          2. You’re such a ratfucking partisan piece of shit.

            1. I didn’t imagine it, Republicans actually attacked Obama for having “czars,” because it was a scary-sounding word to their idiot voters.

              1. The term goes back to FDR, you dumb fuck.

                1. So Obama didn’t uniquely have a bunch of Russian emperors in his government? Are you suggesting that the ratfucking Republican scaremongering was indeed disingenuous just like I said?

                  1. What’s your obsession with Obama?

                    1. Me, personally, the first “American Czar” I remember was US “Drug Czar” William Bennett.

                      This may be your way in – I’m talking about a Republican. Do you see what I mean now?

                    2. “A free country has no need of point-persons.” I calmly agree to disagree.

              2. Tony, you need to understand that democrats are the stupid ones.

                1. He’s too stoopid.

          3. “cute”? OK.

            Can you name any pro-freedom decisions made by any “czar” in our history?

          4. Well, it seems like we have an awful lot of “white nationalists” and nazis according to the self loathing left.

            Just more “cute terminology”?

            1. Obviously we need some sort of white supremacy czar

      3. Sounds like a pretty loud dogwhistle to me.

      4. Of course we do. We would use tsar if we meant an actual Russian emporer.

    3. This proposal is not for a “czar”. It is for a “commander”. Completely different concepts, you see.

  11. President-elect Joe Biden

    I, for one, did not realize the Electoral College had gathered and voted as of yet.

    Yeah, fuck off.

  12. Let me guess a democrat stooge who makes six figures takes lavish vacations shows up to work twice a week if that and gets to lord it over others.

    Yep sounds like the leftie oligarchs are work again.

    1. Sounds like a job for Hunter Biden.

      1. Wouldn’t it be a pay cut?

        1. Plus he would have to show up.

  13. A commissar by any other name…

  14. Do as your told, ‘Doctor ‘ Fauci says. Need to know any more. OH, and kiss my ass you bastard.

  15. Biden might be the best thing that ever happened to Trump for 2024. You increase your vote share by over 10 million despite being reviled by all mainstream media sources. You gain significant vote share in all the growing demographics (non-whites) and lose a bit among the whites. Alright, fair enough, here’s your alternative. Now people are going to see the fruit of Trump’s labors and the disaster that comes from having an elder care patient and California authoritarian calling the shots. Now you have 4 years to campaign and make up for your deficiencies while being proven correct on policy. During a time when people need help the most, Biden will have to wake up and smell the coffee. Trump wasn’t incompetent, he did listen to the experts, and now we have real vaccines, not touted by some egomaniacal jackass, but by the “experts” he supposedly ignored.

    The Democrats won the battle, but lost the war. The fact that they’re martyring Trump now makes the prospect of their 2024 comeuppance all the more sweeter.

    1. Wow, shades of Hillary past.
      How did Hillary do in 2020?
      About as good as Trump will do in 2024.

      I want a financially conservative Republican. Deficit spending IS a tax!

      1. You are Con-Fused….There are no financially conservative Republicans….

        If the “Powers that Be” and MSM were honest they would admit that this election is a battle for the return to…..Business as Usual…

    2. but Trump in 2024 will be as old as Biden is now.

  16. To be fair, neither a pandemic nor universal healthcare delivery are things a laissez-faire market could handle even in theory.

    If only we had elected a libertarian president, we could not do anything collectively to deal with a global pandemic, and we could let anyone who can’t afford healthcare die, because they deserve it.

    1. It’s called the price system, and it is the best means of allocating scarce goods. Problem is that people get mad when the resulting prices are more than they want to pay, so they demand that government “do something” which invariably makes things worse.

      1. Another way of saying “people too poor to afford healthcare deserve to die.” Oh, and if they’re contagious, try not to have one cough on you.

        You don’t really pay attention to prices when you seek healthcare. Healthcare usually isn’t optional. That’s why it tends to be paid for using an insurance model. But people still have to be able to afford that.

        There is a fundamental disconnect. Liberals think healthcare should be something like a public utility and libertarians think it should be a luxury.

        1. Healthcare usually isn’t optional.

          Actually a great deal of it is, which is the essence of the problem.

          1. The essence of what problem? A healthcare subsidy can simply not cover unnecessary procedures. A private market certainly does not incentivize fewer unnecessary procedures. Patients are a captive audience with limited knowledge, after all.

            1. The essence of what problem?

              The problem of which health care counts as a “right” and which health care is categorized as “you don’t need that, Citizen.”

              A healthcare subsidy can simply not cover unnecessary procedures.

              So simple!

              A private market certainly does not incentivize fewer unnecessary procedures.

              Yes, it does. As sarcasmic attempted to explain to you . . . again . . . a pricing system operating in a free market allocates scarce resources always more efficiently and rationally than a commission of super smart, educated bureaucrats with the best of intentions.

              “The Knowledge Problem” applies not just as vigorously to bureaucrats as it does to the patients seeking medical care, but more so.

              1. Which procedures count as a right and which would be left to the private sector can be decided by legislators as indicated by informed citizens. If the people want to collectively pay for plastic surgery for the Trumps, why can’t the people have that choice, and who could blame them?

                Bureaucrats meaning healthcare policy experts? The people by definition with the best knowledge?

                This is just not an issue on which libertarians have a leg to stand, because the US has the freest market in healthcare of all advanced economies, yet some of the worst outcomes and highest prices.

                1. Bureaucrats meaning healthcare policy experts? The people by definition with the best knowledge?

                  The people by definition with the best knowledge are you and your doctor. Not “healthcare policy experts,” and certainly not “The People.”

                  Just think about it for half a second. Who do you want serious advice on your healthcare from – a doctor, or a “policy expert?”

                  the US has the freest market in healthcare of all advanced economies, yet some of the worst outcomes and highest prices.

                  These are ignorant talking points. Have you ever talked to someone who’s lived in the UK and dealt with the NHS?

                  By “worst outcomes,” you mean by social metrics you’ve chosen for the purpose of making the “worst outcomes” argument, and you’ll tend to do things like game infant mortality rates (ignoring miscarriage rates) to make it look like the US has worse outcomes.

                  I have never, ever, ever met anyone ever who was happier with the government healthcare they got anywhere compared to the healthcare they got here.

                  And healthcare doesn’t come with the highest prices here – we spend more on healthcare because we get more – much of it voluntary and “unnecessary.” The UK spends less on healthcare per capita because UK citizens are allowed less healthcare per capita.

                  Healthcare in this country was 100% affordable back before the government decided that it needed to help everybody get healthcare.

                  1. It’s almost like massive government spending (in the trillions every year) to keep the terminal and elderly alive for as long as possible might affect the U.S.’s laissez-faire bona fides.

                    1. Shhh! We have anarchy! Anarchy I tell you!!

                    2. What’s with the right’s Soylent Green shit lately?

                2. TOP MEN!

                3. Which procedures count as a right and which would be left to the private sector can be decided by legislators as indicated by informed citizens.

                  The same politicians that keep trying to ban Uber regardless of what any actual customer thinks?

                  1. Same ones.
                    Amazing, isn’t it, how many people mistake authority for knowledge. Socialism talks a helluva good fight and people still believe it.

              2. You have far more patience for banging your head on the wall than I do, man. It’s Tony. Why bother?

                “Tony, I’m not explaining how you’re so fucking retarded yet again. Fuck off, slaver.”

                That’s really all anyone needs to say to him, the very first time he starts puling out his nonsense in some thread.

                1. +1000

            2. Define unnecessary. Are you including quality of life procedures? Have you thought beyond bumper stickers? Whats the cap? How many dollars per day saved?

              1. Details. You’re perilously close to the silly argument that governments ration healthcare but markets don’t. You understand that a universal healthcare subsidy does not preclude anyone from buying all the extra healthcare one desires?

                1. You’re perilously close to the silly argument that governments ration healthcare but markets don’t.

                  Markets ration rationally. Governments ration politically and incompetently.

                  1. Yes, rationally, which in a market context has nothing to do with human well-being.

                    1. It has to do with each individual’s well-being as according to them, which is vastly more important than some “policy expert’s” opinions about “human well-being.”

                    2. See the whole point of collectivizing basic needs is so that people are more free to make more choices in life. There are few thing more pro-capitalism than a social safety net.

                      The problem with libertarians is they seem to want a very basic, rudimentary form of capitalism rather than a robust, modern version. By modern I mean post-19th century.

                    3. Tony, you’re just quoting marxism at this point.

                    4. Yeah, real freedom is a 50% income tax.

                    5. A progressive once said to me, “I love the French health care system, and the Germans. I would move there, except the cost of living is so high.”

                      That doesn’t sound like freedom, and you’d think there’s be a teachable moment in that thought process: if the cost of living is too high with free healthcare, then what’s the point?

                      Of course he still bitches for the same healthcare as they have.

                      Progressives are people sure that their real, true happiness is just an election and a policy change away, and then they die angry, blaming their unhappiness on the people who just refused to pay enough taxes.

                      It’s definitely not an intelligent way of going about either efficient living or happiness.

                    6. Yes France and Germany, practically indistinguishable from a prison cell.

                      Try figuring out that freedom is not simply defined as a spectrum of tax rates.

                    7. And you can go ahead and move there, if you can afford the high cost of all that freedom. I know I could make it work, for sure, but I’m not sure about you.


                2. I’d rather the market ration for efficiency purposes than a dumbass government board. But I’m not an authoritarian asshole like you.

        2. It is weird you claim to care about poor people while advocating for policies that make energy more expensive. Cheap energy promoted more people out of poverty than any other thing in existence.

          1. You mean oil, I bet. Yes, cheap, once all the wars have been paid for. International government-controlling cartels for freedom yeehaw!

            1. Yeah but now we have fracking and energy independence. Oh wait. I mean wind and sunshine and unicorn farts.

            2. I said cheap energy. Go ask a remote village in Africa what they would like more than anything.

              1. “”Go ask a remote village in Africa what they would like more than anything.””

                Less predators bigger than them?

          2. It is weird you claim to care about poor people

            He only cares about poor people to the extent that they can be wielded against his political enemies. He’s the same way with climate change.

            1. I don’t care about poor people or climate change, I care about having a decent planet, country, and community to live in.

              1. I don’t care about poor people or climate change.

                Thank you.

                1. Sums it up nicely for Tony. He is a selfish hypocrite.

                2. They make great moral cudgels to wield against people with actual moral sensibilities.

              2. “No matter how much it costs the rest of you! I have rights!”

                Haha. What a doosh.

        3. Like everything else in this world, health care is scarce. That means there isn’t enough for everyone who wants it. This means it must be rationed. That’s is what prices are for. Yes it means not everyone gets everything they want, but that’s how this world works. Reality sucks.

          You are buying into the myth that government has god-like powers and can actually change reality and give everyone everything they want.

          Sorry dude, but reality isn’t optional.

          1. And you’re ludicrously pretending either that a) every other wealthy country in the world doesn’t already provide healthcare universally or b) that I want something more than what the rest of the civilized world has.

            1. You trust government bureaucrats to make your health care decisions? I sure don’t.

              1. But you trust insurance industry bureaucrats.

                1. No, he trusts the markets to fill in efficiency gaps unlike the government who creates more than they fill.

                  1. But not once in the history of mankind has any free market ever delivered universal healthcare. My goal is universal healthcare, not proving myself right about some lame heterodox economy hypothesis.

                    1. Government provides “universal” health care by using force to deny health care. You don’t see the irony in that?

                    2. Your goal is bitching on the internet for shits and giggles.

                    3. Neither has a government as you have ready stated here. They create a rationed care, not universal.

                    4. Tony is too stupid to understand what you’re trying to tell him. He’s just a progressive. It’s beyond them.

                2. They may refuse to pay for something, but that isn’t the same as refusing care. Can always try to find another means. Not so with government health care. They don’t refuse to pay; they refuse to treat. So you’re totally fucked. I doubt you will get the distinction though.

            2. They don’t provide universally fucktard. They ration. England literally has quality of expected life equations to exclude sick or elderly people from certain procedures. Youre really ignorant.

              1. How many elderly people could afford healthcare in the US without Medicare, do you suppose?

                If the stated conservatard position, and it very much seems to be lately, is to let the old die for the sake of the economy, you should say so.

                1. You complete ignored the fact that I posited… wonder why…. hmmm….

        4. how the FUCK do you get from a basic discussion of a pricing mechanism to “people too poor to afford healthcare deserve to die”.

          after you do some research on what a right is check back in. health care is only a “right” for those perfectly willing to force their will upon another. here is a basic truism of a right…if you have to resort to force to

    2. To be fair, neither a pandemic nor universal healthcare delivery are things a laissez-faire market could handle even in theory.

      In contrast to . . . ?

      1. A modern functioning government.

        1. Remind me which government conquered the pandemic?

          1. I have a feeling you’ve set up a straw man with “conquered,” but South Korea, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Finland (not Sweden), and many, many others that fared better than the US.

            1. “Fared better” in what sense?

              And is there some particular thing in common that all those governments did? Because if there is, I haven’t heard about it.

              1. Less illness and death. WTF?

                We have a pretty good, if imperfect, grasp on how to handle this particular disease. Those would be the measures Trumptards have disastrously decided to make into yet another partisan culture war issue. Because Grandma would want to die for your freedom to breathe virus on strangers.

                1. Less illness and death.

                  Typically you like to use total numbers rather than per capita numbers, because the per capita numbers tend to indicate that you don’t actually care about the truth of this at all. So I was just trying to clarify. Dodge noted.

                  1. I don’t know that per capita is the only useful measure for this type of thing. Maybe having a large population simply means we have that many more individual lives to protect. The US is still 7th worst.

                    1. I don’t know that per capita is the only useful measure for this type of thing.

                      It certainly completely undermines your point, anyway.

                2. Red states fare better than blue states, too.

                  1. At what, tobacco chawing and cousin fucking?

                  2. Yet your candidate and his entire family are fucking. Joe molested his daughter. Hunter fucks his niece, etc.. you democrats are a bunch of subhuman trash.

            2. How did those countries count deaths? Many only counted covid deaths when accompanied by a respiratory ailment. If the US uses this metric about 95k deaths would be the total.

              So clarify by what metrics.

            3. In Circle’s defense almost all of the viral talking points are about defeating the Corona virus.
              Vanquished is now the goal it seems…

            4. So Tony, all the people in other countries whose deaths were attributed to COVID – do their leaders have blood on their hands? You kept going on and on about OMB being responsible for every COVID death in the U.S.

              We already know what you’ll say, and it’s because you don’t actually give a shit about people dying.

              1. How about I blame him for the per capita cases higher than Canada’s rate? Fair?

                1. Cuomo would make far more sense.

                2. Canada counts deaths differeny dummy.

                3. Just as soon as you blame blue states for worse outcomes than red states.

          2. New Zeal(ot)land or was it Sweden.
            Conquered is a strong word. Tamed? Allowed to coexist maybe?

            1. Tamed? Allowed to coexist maybe?

              “Didn’t get hit as hard by the virus?”

    3. Funny how no one can take any action in a collective manner without the threat of death from government goons.

      Face it, Tony, you have a control fetish. Death by ventilator is too good for you.

    4. Yet somehow the free market handles universal food delivery and universal clothing delivery and universal toiletries delivery and universal cell phone delivery, etc. Everything that is plentiful and cheap and getting cheaper and better is delivered by the free market. Everything that is expensive and getting more expensive (think health care and higher education) is in areas where the government is “helping out”.

    5. To be fair, neither a pandemic nor universal healthcare delivery are things a laissez-faire market could handle even in theory.

      Neither can governments “handle” those, even in theory.

      But in practice, laissez-faire markets come a lot closer to handling those issues than governments.

    DHS boss Chad Wolf defies Trump order to fire cyber chief Chris Krebs

    How often has this kind of shit happened? I’ve never heard this happening to any other president.

    1. Worst dictator ever.

    2. Nope, no loser of the presidential election has ever refused to concede and used phony fraud claims to justify it.

      1. 2000 wasn’t THAT long ago.

        1. Mischaracterization of an opponent’s position in order to argue that two wrongs make a right. I can’t get enough of the high level of discourse here.

          1. Wow. You don’t believe gore fought for 39 days. Kudos. Next you’ll say trump Russia was fake.

            1. Bush fought it too. There was no clear winner. It was 500 votes in one state.

              1. Actually there was a clear winner, and he was president for 8 years.

            2. And fraud wasn’t alleged. Just hanging chads.

              1. And fraud wasn’t alleged.

                Yes it was. Remember the meme about all the old Jewish women who voted for Bush?

                1. Oh, the Republicans undoubtedly stole that election. They even employed a slim partisan majority on the supreme court to help them. If that had been done for a Democrat who also lost the popular vote, I’d expect riots.

                  1. Wow. Hilarious. Tony belittled his own point.

                    1. I feel that you’re missing the travesty of democracy for the trees.

                    2. I have a feeling youre so ignorant you don’t see when you contradict yourself.

      2. True, no president had spied on a duly-elected president and whipped up a media frenzy that a foreign government had installed his successor.

        1. Wouldn’t you want to know if the president was a foreign asset hellbent on destroying your free society? I thought you were libertarians around here.

          1. Wouldn’t you want to know if the president was a foreign asset hellbent on destroying your free society?

            Look who’s interested in Hunter Biden all of a sudden!

          2. If we’re going to start basing investigations on the neurotics of the accusations, then we’re going to end up with a lot of investigations to do.

            I’d rather discourage that sort of thing, and I would think you’d agree, since it’s Biden’s turn now, but whatever makes you ultimately most happy.

      3. PLEASE stop eating Binen’s ass so much. It’s making you retarded.

  18.  National ‘Supply Commander’

    Good. He’ll make sure you are well-stocked on all supplies, except for lube

    1. No, that will be supplied in abundance.

  19. Biden is also gearing up for his war on guns–and putting together a task force to take on right wing extremism.

    “WASHINGTON—President-elect Joe Biden, who has said he plans to make a priority of passing a law against domestic terrorism, has also been urged to create a White House post overseeing the fight against ideologically inspired violent extremists and increasing funding to combat them, according to people who have advised his team.

    A proposal for the Biden presidency’s first 100 days, now with Mr. Biden’s transition team for consideration, also calls for passing more red-flag laws, which allow authorities to temporarily take guns from people deemed dangerous, some of the people said.”

    It’s almost like the militia movement, Randy Weaver, Waco, and Timothy McVeigh never happened! Why learn from the mistakes of the past when you can relive them all over again?

    1. I think we should use de-escalation techniques. Just abandon a police precinct for a few weeks.

      1. The good news is that he hasn’t decided to invade the Middle East yet.

        The bad news is that he’s seriously thinking about invading the Midwest.

        1. He has decided, just not announced – – – – – – – –

      2. Funny how we’re supposed to send EMS with tazers to deal with psychos having mental breakdowns, but use the full force of the government and alphabet soup agencies to chase after thought criminals.

        1. Welcome to totalitarianism

    2. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone in Biden’s camp who feels Ruby Ridge and Waco were handled mistakenly.

    3. funding to combat ideological extremists? as opposed to bailing them out like Harris does?

  20. Breaking, I’m getting word they called North Carolina for Trump.

    1. I Loled @ the NYT headline

      “Biden wins Georgia and Trump wins North Carolina”

      The recount must have been really easy after they learned that this was the most secure election of all time. So they simply had to look at the numbers they already wrote down before.

  21. This will just the first step in making this a dictatorship. Take over the distribution of this pandemic medication and then controlling the price is just the start. But even with this medication I don’t think that the pandemic will be over because in the time of upheaval and unrest and unemployment it is the time that politicians will try to take over a government without elections.

    1. Sorry, the first step was taken long ago with the militarization of police forces. The second was features of the Patriot Act.

      I bet others here can add a third and forth step before this one.

      1. Well it’s too bad Trump pulled a fast one and refused to reauthorize the Patriot Act. Huh, what a dictator!

        1. The infrastructure and bureaucracy for widespread spying on Americans is still in place. They just are not as authorized to do it.

          The machinery for a police state has been put in place over decades. The political structure has not yet allowed/taken full advantage of it, yet.

          Biden’s supply czar is only another step. Step by step, slowly it turns.

    2. I thought Trump was the dictator. I just can’t keep up anymore.

  22. Ayn Rand did have a crystal ball.

  23. And the slide towards communism continues.

    That sure didn’t take long.

  24. This is literally right out of the book on how not to do things. That lefties continue to believe in government top down control and not markets is astounding. But they are so fucking stupid arrogant and self righteous they cannot see it.

    1. If markets could handle the covid pandemic, then why is there still a covid pandemic?

      1. But is there really still a pandemic? People are still catching the thing, it seems, but how much damage is it really doing at this point?

        1. About 1,000 deaths per day in the US and going up.

          Of course it’s harder to quantify the countless permanent disabilities this illness sometimes causes.

          1. Died with. Now do died of.

            1. If you’re going to use horseshit talking points and lies, I insist that you use new ones.

              1. Horseshit? Exain why countries like Singapore only count deaths if they include respiratory issues.

                1. Because it adheres strictly to the WHO case definition. It’s not clear that Singapore’s count would go up significantly if the WHO changed that.

                  But since the only reason you know this little factoid is because you want reasons to defend Trump, we can just count the 300,000 excess deaths in the US and blame them all on him regardless of cause.

                  1. And how does the US define them stupid? They do not count the same way. Deaths don’t change depending on how someone chooses to count a cause retard. Just the definition of cause of death does.

                    Youre quite the dummy.

                    1. There are more than 300,000 excess deaths in America in 2020. One might assume that covid has something to do with it, but whatever it is, Trump was president when it happened. So fuck him.

          2. Does that include car accident fatalities “with covid”?

      2. If governments can control the weather, then why is there still weather?

          1. How was what I said any less sensical than what you said?

            1. The analogy would be weather-related natural disasters. And civilized governments not only try to prevent and mitigate the harm those cause, people get outraged when they don’t.

              1. And civilized governments not only try to prevent and mitigate the harm those cause, people get outraged when they don’t.

                Which is why people are no longer harmed by natural disasters in places that have governments.

                (Psst – stop digging.)

                1. People are very much far, far safer in civilized countries that have complex natural disaster responses in place than they are in poorly governed shitholes with no such capacity. It’s practically definitional.

                  1. The people in California who have suffered through some of the worst fires in our country’s history would beg to differ with you. Government prevents logging, controlled fires and any attempt to clear out the deadwood & brush.

                    1. Really? You gotta rake the forests? From noted forest expert Donald Trump?

                      This planet could be a blinking cinder in space and you people would be there, blaming it on anyone or anything but the reckless psychopaths who pushed the button.

                  2. I’m from the government and I’m here to help. The 9 most terrifying words in the English language.

        1. Also, a pharmaceutical company has apparently come up with a 90% effective vaccine. So it’s like the market, despite massive interference from government, has responded to it.

          Maybe the market doesn’t do shit instantly or perfectly, and that’s the problem? But the government surely doesn’t fix things instantly or perfectly, so I’m happy with settling for the best we can do.

          1. Also, a pharmaceutical company has apparently come up with a 90% effective vaccine. So it’s like the market, despite massive interference from government, has responded to it.

            Indeed. It’s a little bit hard to come up with what the government has done for us re: the pandemic other than get in people’s way and give a lot of bad advice.

          2. And is that company going to freely give it out to enough people to cause general immunity? Or is maybe the government going to buy a bunch of it and handle that itself, since there are no market incentives to create general immunity to a pandemic?

            1. no market incentives to create general immunity to a pandemic?

              Really? You can’t think of even one? Not even the low-hanging fruit of “greed?”

              1. Will they price it so that every single poor person can afford it, or will they maybe price it higher than that?

      3. How many companies switched to making PPE without government forcing them to?

      4. Where in the world are markets allowed to operate freely?

        1. Occupy Wall Street protests.

          1. Sure. In the heroin and rape markets.

            1. You can practically smell the freedom.

      5. There is no pandemic. There’s a casedemic using an unreliable PCR machine.

        You’re all criminals if you support lockdowns.

      6. Looks to me like the markets did a pretty good job of catching up with the results of hoarding. Flour, toilet paper, isopropanol are all in ready supply. Of course, if Biden were in charge, I’m sure that by next spring, our ration of toilet paper would be back to about 1/3 of what people were using in February of 2020. Cause, you know, he knows best.

        1. “Nobody needs 23 rolls of toilet paper.”

      7. “”If markets could handle the covid pandemic, then why is there still a covid pandemic?””

        That’s a pretty stupid question. Dealing with pandemics take time. I guess your head is too far up your ass to pay attention to current vaccine breakthroughs.

    2. You would think a bunch of humanities majors would have studied history.

      1. They started to study history but it offended them, so they revised it.

  25. “Mr. Koch is now trying to work together with Democrats and liberals on issues such as immigration, criminal-justice reform and limiting U.S. intervention abroad, where he thinks common ground can be found. He has partnered with organizations including the LeBron James Family Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union and even a handful of Democratic state legislative campaigns. In 2019, he renamed the Koch network of about 700 donors as Stand Together.”

    Could any of you guys have guessed that Charles Koch might be leaning to the left these days?

    1. He probably watched Dave Rubin make an ass of himself every time he spoke and decided he’d made a terrible investment.

      1. Wait, are the Kochs the good guys now? Maybe he’s just trying to pull the left back from the ledge.

        1. It’s just the one now.

    2. I couldn’t tell from ENB’s hot takes.

      So Reason will transition into a left-wing rag while posing as a ‘reasoned libertarian’ mag.

      Sounds like something I want to give me money to.

      The first mass exodus of commenters already happened. The second batch of hold outs may be next.

      All you’ll left with are Tony, Arthur, Left+Right = retard, and the rest of the gang….Potsie, Richie, Ralph Malph and Joe Rockhead.

      1. you’ll be left with

        1. All the Jeff’s would stay.

      2. It’s unbelievable, isn’t it!!!

        Who would have thought the good Monsieur Koch might be leaning to the left these days?

      3. And if they helped drive the Jorgensen vote, he got his money’s worth, too.

  26. Let’s hope every hospital has a Radar that can horse trade with Sparky for the supplies Hawkeye needs.

  27. Top of the mornin’ lads, I’m your Leprechaun King O’Biden!

    This guy has ZERO credibility. A real zero.

    And his sidekick a negative integer of sub-mediocrity.

    Joe Biden. Lol. GTFOH.

  28. It’s not communism. It’s centrally planned and state commanded capitalism! This has never turned out badly for any country ever before.

  29. We elected trump…and now Biden…WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH IS?

    1. Nobody elected Biden.

  30. “We can no longer leave this to the private sector,” proclaims Biden’s website.

    And the first step towards the nationalization of healthcare is taken.

  31. Elect a fascist, and get fascism; how strange.

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  33. So he is calling this “commander”? Has “czar” fallen out of favor with the Newspeak Dictionary editors?

  34. Soon we will need a “Commander Czar”, to keep track of all the other commanders and czars! Interesting Biden wants to call them Commanders and not Czars. The play on words makes no difference though, they are the same thing.

    1. Then it becomes Czar Commander Czar and eventually just Czar Czar. A post Mr. Binks will hold.

  35. Queue Albert Spear

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  37. Told ya so….

  38. “…On one hand, there are renewed calls for stricter lockdowns; on the other, there is criticism that the system did not improve under incumbent President Donald Trump’s watch…”

    Man, the TDS and fake news are just not going to end, are they?
    Hint: Trump had NOTHING to do with the lockdowns.

    1. Reason is written by the best and brightest, no?

      Weird, THIS SITE explained how Trump has no power to do it…yet they STILL blame him for them.

    2. Trump is a fraud and a loser. How much of a loser? A one-term president level loser. Jesus fuck, that’s a loser.

      Also possibly the single person who’s lost the most amount of money in American history. I mean who could write this crap?

      Also fat, ugly, really fucking stupid. The emperor with no clothes, and you’re there to tell him how big his cock is. What does that make you?

      1. Biden was an active member of the regime that drone-bombed weddings and funerals, had seven stupid hot wars going on, destroyed two or three countries, out-murdered the Bush regime, and created a million war refugees.

        While Trump was honoring Muhammad Ali and Rosa Parks, Biden was honoring a KKK Grand Kleagle.

        Trump is not the moral inferior of the DNC candidates.

        And has tony gone queer for trump’s genitals?

      2. A one-term president level loser.

        So far. Hayes served two non-consecutive terms and Trump would be Bidens age now in 2024. Seriously, Trump was more popular in 2020 than he was in 2016. Especially among minorities of every intersectionality. The plurality that SJWs have been talking about for a decade? Biden has managed to turn a significant portion of them in *Trump’s* favor and shows no signs of doing anything except doubling down on the stupidity. It’s gonna suck to be the first female Presdient pro tem in the post-social justice era.

        1. And this period of history is just weird enough that I’d give it a good bet.

          What’s funny is I’d been tweaking liberals before the election saying not only MAGA2020, it’s eventually going to be MAGA2024.

        2. Cleveland served two nonconsecutive terms.

          Trump cannot be president in prison.

          1. Correct on Cleveland, incorrect on felon presidency. Again, I don’t think it’s very likely he’ll run again, I think it’s even less likley he’ll be tried, let alone convicted, of anything, but facts on the ground, he *can* still run and serve in 2024 even if convicted. There’s even a case that, depending on what he’s convicted of, a conviction would make him more popular in 2024.

            1. I didn’t mean to say he legally can’t run for president from prison, just that he’d have no realistic shot at winning at that point.

      3. ounds like a job for hunter then it will be 15% for the big guy, virtual team building

    3. indeed…the various governors CLEARLY HATE their electorate. and it appears the worst of the worst damage is in democrat strongholds like new york, new jersey, hawaii and california but, hey, lets’ not let reality intrude on our feels and narrative.

  39. Given that DoD bureaucrats ignored Trump’s order to pull troops out of Syria (and ratfucker James Mattis did the same for Afghanistan), can THOSE people be tried for negligent homicide for any troop killed? I mean, they went against expressed US government policy, so it’s hard to claim QI for that.

    1. The Biden regime will rely on those same fuckers to help promote a return to the openly-aggressive military interventionism of the Bush/Clinton/Obama era.

    2. It’s legal when Democrats do it.

  40. sounds like a job for hunter then it will be 15% for the big guy,

    very few things can big govt do better then the public sector, if he wants to go there let the military handle it, Trump was smart enough to tap the military for a distribution system for drugs and vaccines.

    1. that’s not their job. it’s also a slippery slope. the military has NO business dealing within national borders

  41. From fake Hitler Trump to an actual uber-fascist Biden, who has a perfect Stalinist-type enforcer for a VP.

    1. Cheered on by Ante-fa trash.

  42. Gosh ….. who could have guessed Joe and his Ho were socialists? Who?

    1. The left is just hell bent on proving the right wing extremists right… AGAIN.

  43. “take command of the national supply chain”

    There is NO national supply chain. There are private businesses making products and providing services to paying customers. Government can’t run any of that, certainly not efficiently.

    1. “There is NO national supply chain…”
      Give ’em time…

  44. a supply chain Komander? sounds fascist. oh wait…we redefined fascist for use on trump. i noticed i gets used instead of asshole, which simply sounds mean. and using words like “fascist” makes the insult hurler sound smart even if they dimwitted

  45. Behold the candidate that Reason proclaimed to be the sensible rebuke of extreme socialism.

  46. Enjoy him Reason.

    You stupid fucken idiots.

  47. Just how does all that food find its way to Manhattan every day? Maybe we should try whatever does that.

  48. Government allocation of resources always works so well.

    The Ministry of Chicken will ensure a fair and even distribution of this vital commodity across our nation if and when such shortages may occur.

    Chicken and avian pandemics have and will again occur. We must be prepared.

    1. “We must be prepared.”

      You are pretty fucking tiresome, shitbag.

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  51. I’m looking forward to hearing the explanations next Spring if this virus is still going and deaths are still rising.
    ‘Listen to the Scientists’ makes a good bumper sticker, but not necessarily good public policy.

  52. As a french I can say without any doubt that this is a very bad idea…Our government control is total since the begining and the results are abysmal.

  53. Just imagine, if this post existed in January, we would have possibly had hundreds of thousands of ventilators (produced in factories with fast-tracked sanitation inspections) rolling out of factories just in time for the docs to find out that using ventilators as a treatment for Covid actually does a lot more harm than good, and that simple supplementary O2 for patients requiring hospitalization was suffcient treatment to keep 95% of them from ever getting to the point of appearing to need a vent in the first place.

    What could be more useful than having a central bureaucrat (who, by definition, will pretty much always be looking to prepare for the last crisis we faced) with the authority to redirect the national supply chain. Central planning has such a great track record of creating prosperity and success throughout history, why not impose it on the most prosperous economy in human history?

    Maybe they could ask all those poly-sci academics one more time about whether or not this is authoritarian?

    1. So, your response is:
      *NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, YOU FUCKING IDIOTS*, do I have that right?

      1. Pretty much the only sane response.


  55. Biden’s Cancer Non-Profit spent 3 million on salaries; zero on actual research. That will be the name of the game in his Administration; bureaucrats collecting salaries, but not much in the way of accomplishment. The tone of incoming team bears an uncanny resemblance to the fictional group that was running the Country in Atlas Shrugged, just prior to The Strike.

  56. This is fucking horrifying.

    Even some of my Bernie supporting friends are saying they would rather Trump had been reelected.

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  57. It’s odd. I know multiple people that I otherwise consider intelligent vote for Biden over Trump because they thought Trump was fascist. However, Biden is proposing government control of entire private sectors, the dictionary definition of fascism. What is wrong with people?

  58. We have had “czars”. Now Joe wants to call them “commanders.” Why not call them what they really are…”commissars.”

    1. Because they can’t. If the words ‘Supply Chain Commissar’ were to come out of Joe Biden’s mouth, even the slightest shred of evidence of Chinese and/or Russian/Ukrainian money would be enough to impeach, even if he only said it on accident.

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